There Is Now a 100% Chance of a Market Collapse

by | May 23, 2013 | Headline News | 161 comments

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    This article has been reprinted with permission from Stansberry and Associates and appeared at The Daily Crux.

    From Porter Stansberry in The S&A Digest:

    As you undoubtedly know, financial newsletter writers get paid to make bold, exciting predictions. Judging by the hyperbole in our industry’s sales letters, you’d have to imagine that we’re all bipolar. After all, according to newsletter writers, the world is always either about to end… or about to boom.

    Today’s Friday Digest is no different. In fact, what I would like to show you today is without a doubt the single greatest threat to your wealth you will ever face. Even so, I’m confident almost all of you will ignore this warning until it is far, far too late. And that’s at least partly my fault. So before we get to the finance, I’d like to share something about my own company that I don’t like and wish I could change.

    The reality is, the terrible things and incredible booms we predict (almost every day) in the sales presentations for our newsletter business rarely come to pass. I’d like to think our sales presentations are better than my fellow publishers… but truthfully, I’m pretty sure an outsider wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. So how can you tell when a newsletter writer’s dire warnings or emphatic recommendations are real… or at least likely to turn out to be right?

    As you would imagine, I have some insight into this question. After all, I have written some of the most famously hyperbolic headlines of all time in our industry. Some of these predictions turned out to be right, like when I predicted Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were going to zero.

    New subscribers might rightfully wonder why a newsletter publisher (like me) would write such things about his own work and draw attention to the occasional excesses in his company’s marketing. Why would I remind our clients of the single biggest weakness of our business model – our need for hyperbolic sales pitches?

    What can I say? I can’t help myself. I feel an obligation to tell you what I’d like you to tell me, were our roles reversed. That’s why I write the Friday Digest. I firmly believe that if you combine the strategies I explain in these notes with our investment research, you will excel as an investor. And then you’ll forgive us for the hyperbole required for our marketing.

    In fact, I know thousands and thousands of investors around the world have used our work to become world-class investors. They depend on us for reliable and profitable ideas. When I meet them, they always ask… “Why do you people use such terrible marketing?” Well, we use what works. We assume, were you in our shoes, you’d do the same.

    Sadly, though… perhaps because of our marketing, most of the people who try one of our investment newsletters either demand a refund or simply allow their subscription to lapse. The main reason that happens is because the reason they subscribed – the original hyperbolic headline – did not pan out the way they expected. (Or at least it didn’t pan out soon enough to suit their desires for the end of the world or the beginning of a new boom.)

    Even worse… when the facts change, we’re likely to change our minds. But… nothing costs you more in publishing. That’s a fact. I can’t explain it… but it is the truth. Likewise, nobody wants to read that their cherished financial nonsense is going to come to a bad end. I can’t count the number of Peak Oil believers who’ve sent me angry demands for a refund – never mind the soaring oil and gas production numbers. Or the latest craze: digital currency Bitcoin. Just mentioning that Bitcoin might turn out badly will likely cost me several thousand subscribers. I’m not kidding.

    So… how can you know when a newsletter writer is going to be right about an outlandish prediction… perhaps one that goes against your own beliefs about the market? In my opinion, the best guide is history. When history says the prices in a market have gotten completely out of whack, the newsletter writer is going to be right every time. If history isn’t your bag, you can look at the data and the trends and remember your statistics lessons: the central tendency, reversion to the mean. Let me give you one recent example from these pages.

    About a year ago, I made an “outlandish” prediction – that natural gas prices were going to go up and oil prices were going to come down…

    There are few things in life I know with certainty… But I know this: Barring the end of the world, the price of oil is going to fall and the price of natural gas is going to rise.

    At the time, natural gas producer Chesapeake was collapsing because of low natural gas prices and nearly everyone on Wall Street was short natural gas. I recommended buying Chesapeake bonds and its competitor, Devon, and I predicted a huge rebound in natural gas prices.

    In fact… I guaranteed that natural gas would soar because I knew it was certain – a 100% chance – that natural gas couldn’t continue to trade for less than $2 per thousand cubic feet (MCF). A year later, the price of gas has doubled. How did I know?

    A barrel of oil contains 5.825 million British thermal units (Btu) of energy. One thousand cubic feet of gas contains just a little more than 1 million Btu. Thus, a barrel of oil has approximately six times more energy than 1 million cubic feet of gas. On an energy-equivalent basis, you would expect natural gas to trade for one-sixth the price of oil. But of course, oil is more highly prized as a fuel source. It’s more easily portable and thus is a better fuel for transportation.

    Historically, looking at the two commodities, the average multiple of gas to oil was about 10x. That is, a barrel of oil was, on average, 10 times more expensive than one thousand cubic feet of gas. By last April, that premium had reached an all-time high of 55 times.

    There was no way that kind of price relationship could have lasted. A reversion to the mean was 100% certain. And that’s what happened. Today, with West Texas Intermediate crude oil at $95 per barrel and natural gas at around $4, the ratio is still wide, at almost 24 times. But it’s half as wide as last year. You should expect oil prices to continue to decline and gas prices to continue to rise. I believe the future 10x equilibrium will be reached when gas is around $6 and oil is around $60.

    Now… let me give you another “outlandish” prediction. The U.S. bond market – particularly junk bonds – is going to crash. When this crash occurs, it will be the largest destruction of wealth in history. There has never been a bigger bubble in U.S. bonds.

    How do I know? It’s simple. Junk bonds (aka high-yield bonds issued by less creditworthy companies) have never yielded less than 5% annually. But they do today. Likewise, the difference between the yields on junk bonds and the yields on investment-grade bonds has almost never been smaller. That means credit is more available today than almost ever before for small, less-than-investment-grade firms. The last time credit was this widely available – and at such low costs – was in 2007. And you know how that turned out…

    The coming collapse in the bond market will be far worse than it was last time, too. This time, the Federal Reserve’s actions have driven forward the huge bull market in bonds. The Fed is printing up almost $100 billion per month and buying bonds. That has forced the other buyers of bonds to buy riskier debt that, historically, offered much higher yields.

    Today, those yields have been incredibly “compressed.” You can imagine the high-yield segment of the bond market to be like a spring whose coils have been driven together by the force of the Federal Reserve’s market manipulation. As soon as the Fed’s buying stops (and it must stop one day, or else it will trigger hyperinflation), the yields on those riskier bonds will soar again. As bond yields rise, the price of bonds will fall sharply.

    To give you a specific example, car manufacturer General Motors recently issued bonds to investors. The yield on these securities was only 3.25%. I’m fairly certain that inflation in our economy will exceed that rate.

    That’s why a company that went bankrupt in the last five years… that operates in a highly competitive market… and still suffers from massive overcapacity… is paying essentially nothing for capital. That doesn’t make any sense. Investors are being paid nothing, in real terms, for their savings – or to accept the real risk that GM could default. Investors ought to be getting at least 7.5% on these bonds, a yield that would cause the price of these bonds to fall 50%.

    I believe we’ll see a real panic in the corporate bond market at some point in the next year. I expect the average price of non-investment-grade debt (aka junk bonds) to fall 50%. Investment-grade bonds will fall substantially, too. (I’d estimate something around 25%.) This is going to wipe out a huge amount of capital… and believe me… it’s 100% guaranteed to happen.

    The Daily Crux Note: Porter recently released a report he’s been working on for the past ten years… and if you own gold – or are considering buying it today – you should drop everything and read it now. In short, he says you could become “unbelievably rich” or “disastrously poor,” based on one simple gold decision almost everyone gets wrong. Click here to see the full report for yourself.



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      1. There’s a 100% assurance not chance of a market collapse. Not trying to rain in on the messanger but Obama, in the beginning (2004) was saying what would happen to energy under him. Almost everything is predicated on oil/fuel.

        • It will happen all of a sudden without much warning…..
          that’s why they call it a crash.

          • With the long weekend coming up it’s got me thinking… that hurts!

            Standing by in SC out!

            • Porter Stansberry…lol.

              • Yea, my thoughts exactly, how many times has he cried wolf !!!

        • We can only assume it will happen on Obama’s watch. After all he is doing everything possible to make it happen.

          • Yeah. Good thing he’s a lazy ^&%%#&! who golfs and vacations all the time. If he was a work-a-holic we’d already all be dead.

          • It would benefit the statists more to set it all up so they can blame the other side when it happens on their watch. TPTB are much better at planning than any libertarian or conservative b/c the latter two pretty much just want to be left alone while the statist has an ever expanding agenda. The answer, regardless of the question, will always be more Government.

          • I know nothing about Bonds he speaks of. Can anybody please explain to me in Simple terms, why if the price of intrest to the bond buyer rises like he stated, IE: if it jumps from 3.5% to 7% the actual price of bond Falls By 50%?

            Call me stupid, but shouldn’t the bonds buy price go UP if the rate in intrest paid out also goes Up?

            I do not get it? Thanks in advance if someone here can educate me and do so in an easy to comprehend manner!

            It just seems it should be the exact Opposite results to me is all. Raise intrest rate and cost to buy bond goes Up right? Yet he says No. A Confused Them Guys.

            • Let’s suppose you hold some bonds paying 3% and the issuer then starts offering bonds that pay %5. Then suppose you were looking to sell your bonds. Why would a buyer want your 3% bonds? They wouldn’t, unless you sold them at a discount to the 5% bonds. In other words, unless you hold them to maturity, your bonds have lost value.

              • @ Me: Thanks for the answer on Bonds and intrest issues I asked about. NOW I get it! My mistake was in thinking Bonds were the same or similar to CD’s banks offer to you.

                Man now I see how a person can get really screwed from Bonds. I guess cd’s can screw us the same way though if banks sell a cd then offer newer cds at better rate paid out. I will stick to avoiding all the swidnles. Preps & ammo etc has always worked out better I think.

                Thanks again for the great answer and so easy to understand. Them Guys

        • NOTE: this is by Porter Stansbury, you might remember him as the guy who made the video available on the internet last year predicting that 2012 would be the year everything fell apart. Well, it didn’t, just like Celente’s numerous predictions, they didn’t either. Of course, make enough predictions and your bound to be right eventually. This “100% Chance of a Market Collapse” reminds me of the motto of ZeroHedge, “On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero” In the case of Stansbury, “On a long enough timeline there’s a 100% chance of a market collapse”

          Stansbury has something to sell and needs the drama.

          • Celente doesnt give timlines, he gives trends, which is completely different…and most of what he has siad has come about….currency wars, trade wars, world wars…that is his progression..And its happening

        • Porter Stansberry??? Shouldn’t this be in the advertising section with the 45-minute videos of blather that end with “Buy our newsletter for $99”?

        • Years ago I subscribed to Stansberry’s newsletter. His newsletter said buy. The stock went up the same day and then turned lower. The newsletter said HOLD at a loss but the advertisement for the newsletter showed Stansberry got out at a profit at the high for the day. All newsletter subscribers are buying in and the stock rises. I do not know if Stansberry sold that day but his newsletter said hold. A sales pitch not to be trusted. Making money of your dime. Not real returns. I do not trust.

      2. 3 yes ago Porter said the dollar would not survive the year, NO ONE knows when its going down.

        • If you look at the world events, and this is truly what I believe will torpedo the economies of the world. Syria is a bubbling cauldron ready to break loose. One just has to look at the Israeli news to see the fear of all out war is ready to develop. The fear with Israel is of course biological and chemical weapons on the tips of the hundreds of thousands of rockets and missiles that Hezbollah has. Russia and China have a huge interest in the Middle East and as I have said before, Russia will not lose any further territory, and that includes their reamining satellite states like Syria and somewhat Iran.

          These a-holes can continue to juggle the books as long as no country calls the U.S. or other sources for the money owed. Right now really only China would be the one whom would crash the U.S. economy demanding to be paid. It can go on for awhile as long as nothing major happens in the world. Oil and other sources of energy could and would be that event that could collapse the economy within a week easy.

          The U.S. dollar is so dependent on oil to back it up, and likely the reason why Iran would be attacked on the excuse of it developing nukes. Iran is selling much of its oil using other currencies including precious metals. Other OPEC nations get this idea that they can make a better profit selling their oil for REAL money and the the U.S. dollar is in deep trouble.

          There is an old saying, when everyone is poor the misery of being flat busted is easier to handle. As long as the U.S. is in the same boat with everyone else, it is likely that this show will go on for a time before the dominoes begin falling. If more countries on top of China pull out of the depression and the U.S. doesn’t, LOOK OUT. I honestly feel that the economy is in deep trouble, but I truly feel it is from a massive physical event coming, such as the wrong location getting hit with a mega quake, a killer virus, some manmade calamity, something that will finally pierce the hull of the U.S. ship enough to cause it to sink faster than the Titantic.

          • another dark horse to consider is israeli housing bubble collapse most housing units in israel are priced far to high for most israelis to afford & therefore bought by US other jews as an offshore investment or for sentimental reasons ie having piece of the so called holy land these units are then rented out to the never ending aliya jew who are then subsidised by the US taxpayers along with the giving israel dollars to buy US weapons, when that whole region goes totally hot in the very near future who is gonna carry all those morgage defaults

          • You do know china holds less than 5% of the US debt right?

            • Sam great point! also chinsa gdp is way lower, like 5% less than a year ago I think it was. Chinas economy is worse than usa is now. plus china has major internal problems and worries of inner turmoil or riots etc.

              Plus ANY New’s type issues or info comming from ANY israel or US jewish nespapers or other sources should be Highly suspect for factual truth. Remember the Motto of the israeli Mossad(like usa cia) is “Thru Deception(Lies/propaganda) we Shall Cause Wars”!

              Anyone think Their newspapers or online or other news sources don’t assist Their Mossad agency?(if you say No, You will likly buy a bridge in some desert too).

              BI: if any mid east war occures, why won’t That cause usa economy to Gain as it did in WWII as opposed to instant crashing? Isn’t just the nation where the actual war is at that suffers bad economy?

              ps, last I heard that debt we supossedly Owe is mainly debt to Fed Reserve banksters…Like aprox 85% of it all. Not much banksters can do to screw usa without screwing themselves right. If they can do something that bad for us or crash it all down, think ANY banksters or wall street clowns can go on life as normal while living Here in the usa still? I sure don’t think so.

              This aint 1929 where 99% of us citizens Trusted fed govnt and bankster fed res persons. Today its more like 10-20% has such trust. The other mass majority is very likly to “get Even” if need be.

              It don’t make no sense for tptb to spend the last 400 yrs planning all we see unfolding today rapidly, just so moments prior to full completion, they crash it all…And Then do what? In all the plans of their’s I discovered and researched, Never have I seen any of Their plans that discuss Them Losing. Crashing the usa will be a bad move on their part at least untill their NWO plans are done.

              Actually it is Ironic, yet all the turmoil and troubles we se in mid east regions due to arab and persian folks totally Rejecting the NWO zionist plans, is Good as far as that is a Major thing yet to overcome for the evil nwo persons and plans.

              In other words That muslim resistance to nwo stuff is akin to Our BOR and 2nd ammendt in how it wrecks or hinders the nwo plans. Their NWO stuff will be far worse even than the current muslim threats we “may” face here at home in usa. US Muslims total numbers here are way eaiser to thwart if need be as compared to going against the govnt. Only a few million live in usa. If they tried jihad here? I doubt it will last very long before reaching a very bad ending. Our real concerns need to focus far more on already existing Home based Kommie threats I think.

              Remember They all had us at constant alert status our entire lives since we were 5yrs old. Alwyas on wide alert for kommies comming from “Over There”(its what we was told as reasons to go to Nam etc) yet now we Know while we kept eyes glued to Over There….Kommies already HERE worked overtime destroying america and us, while bringing in more kommies too. Maybe This time we need eyes glued to Here at Home.

              • Communism is controlling fiat money through central banks using the military, the police state, guns and now drones for total control. In this country communism started in earnest in 1913 with the federal reserve fractional banking system, led by the progressive-commie, Wilson. The federal reserve is neither federal, nor do they have reserves other than control of the printing press and fiat slop-feeding the military industrial complex, the stock market, bankers and other commies in a country overrun with commies.

                Stalinist commies everywhere.

          • BE I; 5.7 Northern Cal???

          • yup so easy to be broke doesn’t worry me at all about dollars falling I don’t have any gave them all away with all my food and weapons and ammo now I`m happy as a pig in sh%t just fish everyday,,


        • porter stansberry has been saying shit like this for years now.
          two years ago he was saying there is no future for the USA and we all had better get out of the country he claims to have a boat on the Florida coast or the gulf and says hes heading to south America or Argentina.

          the he came out with a cock and bull story about how maybe the U.S.A might be saved if a new field of Natural gas could be exploited that was discovered.

          basically all he does is play on people fears and sell his highly over priced news e letter.
          i count him among the other snake oil salesmen slithering around.

          his stock in trade is $200.00 Tip e news letters and $1,300.00 letters about undiscovered mining stocks etc.

          none of which actually are much good but i will say my wife made a good deal with one such deal till the company was bought out by a bigger co.

          That’s Porter Stansberry for ya

          take it for what its worth

          skittle shittin unicorn

          • Yup.
            Not to pile on (well, maybe), but I would add this, and direct it to Porter himself: As a former one-time subscriber, your “marketing” is awful. You take 5 times too long to explain your point than you need, you repeat yourself ad nauseum, and what is the deal with not providing someone with a way to pause or exit your video??? The simple fact is that you ARE hyperbolic, and your analyses are no more cogent or erudite than what I can find regularly in the comments sections here or on ZH.

            Relax, pare it down, and start listening to others, rather than trying to be “right” all the time.

            • Nehweh such big words, but how right you are, if I knew what you said. Anyway you would be better off listening to Porter Waggoner if he were still around. You know that saying, fool me once and it’s your fault, fool me twice and it’s my fault, well I listened to his BS twice for 45 mins. to an hour, thought maybe he had something different to say, but it was the same old stuff. Guess I know who the the dummy is, but at least I didn’t subscribe. But I did feel like I wasted a couple of hours out of my life. Could have got better advice right here on this blog from many who comment here. Trekker Out. Keep Your Money Close, But Your Guns Closer!

              • Thanks MT. Sorry, I can get wordy myself.

              • Good one, Mountain T.
                M1 Garand, don’t leave home without it.

        • “NO One knows when”…..

          Correct you are.

          We have always heard that two things are certainly gonna happen…. Death and Taxes.

          We know that taxes are here to stay, everyday in fact.
          We don’t know when death of the flesh will occur, but it is certain for everyone.

          A third certainty is seldom mentioned, the return of Jesus H. Christ, but it will happen during this generation.

          I feel more confident at predicting the “season” of His return, than my own death or the collapse of the market.

          There is a “time” marker for the collapse of the economy in the near future. It could come sooner for some, but it will be felt by everyone within the next 24 months, “IF”, America doesn’t make some big changes.

          And some say; WTF do you know?

          I know by looking at the previous “markers”, and “harbingers”. As one who has studied prophecy and current events for the past 15 years, the time clock has been in motion since 9-11,and before.

          Anyone wanting to see more proof, needs to read Jonathan Cahn’s, The Harbinger. His prophetic word is aligning with God’s Word and prophecies.

          The definitive “seven year” periods of “spiritual” completeness is important and will happen.

          In a recent work I’m doing, I have laid out many things to see the past and future events on seven year cycles.
          Recently, the final nail in the coffin of the economy, was confirmed by heeding to the words of Jonathan Cahn’s Harbinger.

          To many, it may be just a series of coincidences. To me and others it is a confirmation of events and times.

          Am i preparing or doing anything different based on this study and observation? Very little, because I’ve seen the writing on the wall for many years now. I’ve prepared and planned for it to consummate the end of this age before the end of Odrama’s term.

          Only God knows the exact day and hour, but I’m forewarned to be a “watchman” and know the season, so there will be no surprises for me and mine.

          If God “tarries” for some reason, it doesn’t really matter to me because i’m not looking for a “backside” to the collapse for financial gain or improvements in my worldly life.

          Everyone has to sail their own ship, but the stormy waters of predictability won’t have any effect/affect either way.

          He comes like a thief in the night. The important thing to know and understand is who comes first.

          Get ready!

          • Hope your right!

          • I have been getting ready also don’t tread…

            Frankly, I don’t give a damn how it happens. God and his earth will rectify all is good and well the rest…

            Speaking for myself, throughout my whole life, I have been groomed to be a part of what is coming. At 50+, I only just figured it out 5 years ago.

            I already know friends and foe. They are easy to spot, one just has to watch a few things about them and ask one simple question…Could they survive absolutely on their own without any help from anyone else.

            Like you, I’m not looking for a “backside” either.

            I just want to live with my friends and family and be ltf alone in our local community…the globalists will not like what is coming.

            …and that really makes me smile. God bless you all.

      3. I believe a collapse is coming. It is not a matter of if, but when.

      4. Let’s start a pool – closest to the bubble bursting date wins. We all pay Mac with Pay Pal and select a date and three closest to the date are winners.

        Y’all Beware! Beats doing nothing. Start Smilin’ we need a winner!

        • But if we bet money and we’re correct and money becomes worthless we essentially win nothing. Therefore I’ll bet a case of B&W Baked Beans and a brick of 22s.

          • K2 – you are on!

            Y’all Beware! Pick a date and we log it by comment ID #
            Maybe preps are much better than Pay Pal $$

        • Closest to the date? Don’t hold your breath. While the market will decline when and in relation to the Corporate price/earnings ratio that sustains it, conditions can and will continue as is for years.

          War creates Chaos. Chaos has unintended consequences.

          • dk,

            I don’t intend to hold my breath, it’s for smiles and fun!!

            So, y’all determine what constitutes or makes this bubble burst. I will guarantee my bet is on TPTB!!

            Y’all Beware! Sure is a Bitch when havin’ fun!!!!

            • Consider my “bet” a leverage because I haven’t taken possession of the brick of 22s yet.

              • Wow… we can then start and expand a whole derivatives market with default swaps and all the other goodies… yea!!! I’M in… Anyone have a case of tuna to loan me…
                I’ll pay for it with half of Kevin2’s brick of 22’s after he gets, from Kuda……………


                • sorry KuLa

          • Wishful thinking?
            Sorry dk, politics, especially geopolitics, trumps economics or finance.
            The BRICS and SCO are going to put us down like a dog with rabies… which, we are.
            Or haven’t you heard about the “Dollar kill switch”, that they will throw when it is to their advantage.

            • PM: The Bricks are not putting US down. I suppose you believe in the “China Miracle” too! Their success is, has been, and will be to OUR detriment, because it is planned that way by DC and executed by the GB’s on behalf of the Global Investment Class. Read NWO.

              OUR leadership is working against US.

              • No, no miracles my friend. I think we become obsessed by our leadership, as if we are still the big dog. We cannot see the writing on the wall because of our provincial thinking. The dollar will be killed, because foreigners will need to defend themselves from it and when that happens, our thinking will revert to the new paradigm. If we survive.

                I was speaking of the new gold backed currency and the BRICS Development bank, that is being setup to bypass the SWIFT system. Effectively bypassing the international banks for trade, destroying the dollar and isolating us. Once they have their ducks in a row.

                Now, of course our leadership is working against us, I agree with all you said except that China is ‘with’ them as far as the NWO. I think they are working only for themselves, that is what ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ is all about. Nobody knows the end game specifics or the details of the plan, but we can see the moves on the board. I just wonder if there is more than one money faction fighting for control. I don’t think China or the BRICS are ‘on board’ with the western Masters of the Universe.

                Machiavelli rules in this world, and I would expect a nice shiv up the western ‘team’s backsides…

              • DK

                Actually it was executed by Bill Clinton at the end of this second term when he signed the China Free Trade agreement.

                Their all guilty as sin.

        • I believe there is a 90% chance we already saw the highs in the stock market.

          • Your stats are as funny as the article. 90% huh? Based on what? The writer does not explain much less understand statistics. Throws out numbers. Just like you.

            • The last two big bubble crashes: dot-com and mortgages both burst when the Dow was at 15,000. The next bubble is the Dow itself, since there are no more big bubbles left to crash.
              The only reason the Dow is this high is because all the big companies have already laid off everyone they can and still operate in order to pay out dividends to shareholders. That money will run out very fast. Maybe the inflation rate may make the Dow bubble last until 16,000 this time, but everyone needs to get their money out NOW and use it to buy silver/gold/food/etc before the crash.

              • the market is high because of foreign investor having know where else to go. The dollar is high for the same reason. Market volume is extremely low.

                There is a lot of big money in the area where I live…most of them are out and in cash, farmland, other RE, or “tangibles”…

                There is already a run worldwide for “tangibles” of all kinds. Those that go to the post office to get their “living” dgaf as long as it keeps coming. Only a few sources, mostly sites like this discuss it.

                A complete and total reset is the only way out.

                “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

            • sorry POP…but I think that was his point…

          • It will likely take another leg up, but I believe the high surpassed the previous high. Typically the run will continue for a bit longer establishing an all time high well above the current previous high.

            After that expect a major correction; that’s the way the cycle works. But to call a “collapse in the market sometime in the next YEAR”, is more than just a little bit disengeneous by the author so that next time around, he can claim he “called the downturn” to sell you his monthly newsletter.

            A TOTAL crock of shit!

            I haven’t seen a less than prescientiant prediction since Daniel called a years supply of silver above ground as a “shortage”.


        • Haha, great idea but if the bubble really bursts I dont think anyone will feel like a “winner”.

          But who knows! 🙂

          • Who would want fiat funny money, totally controlled by commies, to be one’s link to life, liberty and property?

            A box of .22 shorts are worth one silver dime where the federal reserve system has burned in a pile of fiat ass wipe taking commies with its burning.

            Commies believe they can fine tune fiat like a cultist walking bare foot on coals.

      5. Speaking of relationships….Gold to Silver price is still out of line of the historical norm. Silver needs to rise or Gold needs to decline or some combination of the two.

        If you use Natural Gas and get a chance lock in your price. We locked in for two years last month.

        If you are in the market it should only be your fun money. You know the amount you spend on entertainment. Currently it is like betting one number at the Roulette table.

        • The historical relationship between gold and silver no longer applies. Use that relationship as a measure and you will get hosed every time!

          • If the FED/CORP ever quits printing money and quits selling naked shorts in Gold and Silver you will see that relationship move towards historical norms. The problem is that there are multiple directions to get to the norm. I mentioned that relationship because the article talked about the messed up relationship of Oil and Natural Gas. There are other messed up relationships in this world like the CPI, but all point to the fact that the market will crash.

            • Shootit: The relationship between gold and silver was broken when Nixon took US off the gold standard and silver was eliminated from OUR coins.

              That relationship had been artificially FIXED to coincide with the natural relationship between their occurrence in the earth for the benefit of the Big Miners.

              Now the MARKET determines that relationship (to the extent that the FED allows) and the market relationship is about 50 to 1; gold to silver.

              While the CPI has been corrupted, it does not affect the (stock) MARKET in any direct relationship. It only mirrors some economic conditions, but in the aggregate is a poor indicator of anything now. It is primarily a propaganda tool, not a financial tool for investors.

              The stock market is fundamentally determined by a PE ratio based upon a company’s earnings. As corporate earnings fall, they are collectively reflected in the DOW and S&P 500 levels according to the risk/reward requirements of millions of investors.

              • No CRASH. WE had the crash. Expect a 50% DECLINE later this year, from the top: whatever that top is, whenever that top occurs.

      6. I read the article and went to his site for the free report. Spoiler Alert: I’ll give you the Cliff notes. PM’s: IF YOU CAN’T HOLD IT, YOU DON’T OWN IT. End of story.

        • I listened to One video with sound only. It went kinda like this…”Ok Ok! Now I know you who are listening to this guys taped voice by now are saying, wtf been listening for 1/2 hr now and all this guys does is repeat what he said a dozen times!….Yes but HOLD ON! Please give me strict atten for a few more moments I promice it will be worth it all…Ok now, let me start at the Very begining again so we all understand just how important and Valid My secret info is! Now where were we…Oh yeah in the begining I told you all……………..!

          And the very ending= So I can’t say more here BUT BUY MY $200 e letters alerts so You can make a fortune while all others lose big. Oh and Buy Gold and silver too!

      7. The similarities to the 1929 collapse are amazing. Look it up and you’ll be shocked.
        Before 1929, Manufacturers knew their stocks were overpriced and demand was dropping, and cut production. There was rising unemployment as a result. Meanwhile, the stock market just kept zooming up and up.
        Right now, production in France, Germany and the US nosedived a few months ago. Unemployment is rising. But the Dow just hit 15000 regardless.

        No wonder some are calling it the biggest bubble in history. It’s definitely going to burst.
        We really are in for trouble.

        • Brian, I think the dow will get close to 17000 before we have a market correction? (THEFT) But on a side note,i rarely hear anything about this fund.(The Wilshire 5000) gained approximately $2.5 trillion in market value during the first 11 months of 2009[3] while the index rose 2,105 points. Therefore, as of November 2009, each index point represented about $1.2 billion in market value.
          The index achieved its highest yearly close on December 31, 2012, a few percent above those of 1999 and 2007, but failed to do so above the 15,000 level (after achieving it intraday) by fewer than 5 points, closing with 14,995.11 points. However, it continued to rise in the short term such that, on February 8, 2013, the index surpassed the 16,000 level for the first time. It continued its climb over the next three months, and on May 17, 2013, the index closed above 17,000 for the first time, finishing at 17,599.00. todays value 17,405.00
          there is a lot of paper money everywhere to be lost.

        • In ’29 money was still specie.

          Now the backing of fiat is gone except for the total confiscation of all GNP including natural wealth of the country and the service of all serfs. That is, your fiat is as good as the full faith and credit of your commie government and faith is what backs fiat.
          Stalinist commies everywhere and they’ve played functionally illiterates like a deliverance banjo.

      8. This is off topic, and maybe old news to some, but since this site is read by many, I just want to get the word out about something that affects us as gun owners and members of the NRA. I am sure that there are many who come to this site that are members of the NRA as I am, and are not aware of the danger that lurks within our Org. I am a Patron member of the NRA and belong to no other ProGun group, so I’m not trying to make a picth for any other Org. The subject I am talking about is a director member of the NRA that has been on the board of directors for some time. The election of director is past and I don’t know if he was reelected or not, but the board member I am talking about is Joaquin Jackson, saw him on Texas Monthly Talks, and he said that only the Military and the Police should have assualt weapons and that civilians should be restricted to 5 round magazines, with his view on gun issues it makes me wonder how many others within the NRA are looking out for our rights. We need to let the NRA know that we won’t tolerate this kind of person in a leadership role’s in the NRA. It wouldn’t be so bad, but there were 53 names recommended by the membership and 28 were selected by the nominating committee and he is one that they selected. But hey, you can’t beat celebrities, I’ve heard his name mentioned many times in hunting magazines by Bart Skelton. Any how, let the NRA know that you want this guy and any others like him out of any Leadership position. Trekker Out.

        • i dont own an assault weapon , except my hammer.

          my gun is semi-auto .

          • Yes Anon, I think he was talking about hammers, I’m sure he wasn’t talking about our semi auto’s. He just as I, probably ain’t really aware of what is technically called an assault weapon.Trekker Out.

        • Who gives a crap if he is a celebrity, in fact that makes him MORE undesireable,
          Anyone who would put our ability to own any particular firearm is no friend of the second amendment, time for some research and letter writing, or rescind my contributions to them.
          MOLON LABE

          • The NRA is peopled by 50% commies and many of the rest, cowards. The NRA believes it can fine tune communism to where the police state is King. The NRA loves police power, SWAT teams and other goons and they support police chief’s gun control. The NRA has never worked to revoke the thousands of unconstitutional gun laws. On the contrary, the NRA has worked to sponser unconstitutional gun laws.
            The NRA supports common-sense gun control, responsible gun ownership and Eddie Eagle. Eddie Eagle is probabaly OK, so long as Eddie doesn’t go like the Boy Scout’s boy hugging.

            Commies everywhere.

        • Mt Trekker: This is why we quit the NRA years ago, and joined other 2d amend groups like 2d amend. fnd., etc. Someone no doubt paid him off to promote that agenda. Most org. are infiltrated over time, or paid off to subvert the org. The JBS in the ’70’s is a good example (my parents quit them when scandals broke out then) and I “Q” Eagle Forum and the Heritage fnd. as being trojan horses also. If these patriot org.- some around for over fifty years were producing results instead of failing over decades, then I wouldn’t be so skeptical about them.

        • And isn’t it someone from NRA that owns the proprietary tech for the firing pin stamps?
          I caught a glimpse of that somewhere…can’t remember where though…
          Makes me wonder about them too…

        • Howdy MT,

          To be truthful here, I have been wondering just how long it would be before the NRA got presured to ‘Roll-Over’ on it’s members – in one way or another…it’s the ‘MONEY’ thing…the SAME SHIT no matter where you go. Sooner or later someone – behind the scenes – BUYS someone else out…and V’iola, a SUDDEN VERY PUBLIC ‘epiphany’ occurs to them and NOW it’s ‘Only right THAT ONLY the Miliary and LEO can have more than a ‘pea-shooter’.

          I SWEAR before Him above…I don’t trust ANY of the ‘Scumbags’ who’ve gotten to be ‘In-charge’….ANYWHERE,



          • Amen brother

          • The Boy Scouts just rolled over on their members.

        • The nra is a lobby…that is all you need to know.

          fuck them.

      9. Just 3 things to look for,,,,,,3 THINGS…Pay attention folks.

        • I say just 2 things to look for….2 things.

      10. This P.S. claimed he warned people before the housing bubble. There are real indivuals that did warn of the 2008 issue, but they were lauded. This guy was not one of these. It kinda bothers me that this charlatans info is allowed on this site.

        • I digress, he did warn of one issue days before it broke to MSM. He basically told use to get the bilge pump out because where sinking. He in no way was ahead of this 2008-09 bubble. The real indivuals/groups started warning in late 2005-2006, but the MSM basically called them crazy people. There are advisory groups that are well run forward projectors. Do I personally think we’re close to the end of a dark scary road to find out what the monster truly looks like, yes I do. I think at best, this is going to be hard for all of us. The sad part is, we have been put in a position with few options. I just want to mind my own business, but that’s not reality anymore. It’s sad that we will have to go through this, but this will not go away, it will only get worse. I don’t know how much time we have, but it doesn’t look good. Do what you can each day to improve your situation and mentally prepare.

          Good Luck

          • All of these financial strategist and planners or managers are basicly just out to separate people from their money, they dont know much more than any other joe on the street when anything will definitely happen, get lucky sometimes? Shure, know whats going to happen? No way, is all speculative.

        • Jim Willie called it, and to the month… September.
          He has also been revealing the machinations of China, the SCO and BRICS to set up an alternative gold certificate currency system for international trade. He calls it the ‘Dollar Kill switch’.
          If/when the switch is thrown, the S hits the F.

          Porter Stansberry has been wrong, wrong, and wrong.
          His missive above, to me, sounds like whining….

          • If one should put faith in anyone it would be someone who is an expert in statistics…math never lies.

            Jim is a good bet, along with John Williams.

            Real math can only be manipulated for so long as it is a real function of how the earth works.

            Everyone really needs to think about that for a few minutes.

            God bless you PM.

      11. Indeed, such as this has been my contention for some time..

        Aside from the article here..Has ANYONE noticed how FAST Mac has been CRANKING out the news for us lately? I have, and I think EVEYONE here is about due to give our ‘Gracious Host’ a round of APPLAUSE! 🙂

        Many, many Thanks Mac Slavo…for what I KNOW is an IMMENSE amount of work ‘behind the scenes’ to produce what we here take for granted every day…”Danke Schon, Herr Oberst…Veilen Danke!!!”


        • Agree, Mac is really providing good info. Soon as I get home I login to see what Mac has put up and what the good folks are saying!

          • Its all like a big family
            Maybe dysfunctional,
            But family,,,,,”

            • 🙂


      12. Japan has a debt to GDP ratio of 230 % and they own 912 billion in US treasury’s. Second only to China at 1.2 Trillion. They are printing money faster than we are, and have a huge problem with the aging population. They have no oil at all, and are dependent on imports for every drop.

        If for some reason they have to start selling their US bonds the exits will get full very quick.

        It wont be China that will bring us down, it will be Japan with their massive debt load.

        My 2 cents.

        • Howdy Clyde,

          Actually, that’s NOW reversed..the Hedge was reporting some – Oh say, 4 month ago – that China was down to JUST a mere ‘tad’ over 1T, while Japan had already surpassed them, to the 1.12T mark…the times, they ARE a Changin’

          Get’s HARD to KNOW just WHO we OWE our asses to nowadays..

          Oh…and while I’m here, HAS anyone heard tat JAPAN is about to RESTART it’s Nuclear Reactor’s again?! Seems TEPCO didn’t do a ‘Good Enough’ job of poisoning the World the first time around…so LET’S GIVE THEM ANOTHER CHANCE…Gee, ain’t it GREAT to live in such a ‘Nice’ World. (Apparently, the ongoing financial probelms there are CRUSHING thier ability to buy Liquid Natural Gas open market…)

          See ya when we ALL Glow in the Dark!!!


        • People that hold their trust with any countries that are predominately atheistic and secular are walking thru the financal mine fields. Not to mention the communistic side.

          We have been putting the ole eggs in two few baskets. What goes around, comes around; and the coming back around may bring the ole hammer down on USA.

          Since we can’t “legally” repay the debt owed to the Asian Banksters, they may just accept more American soil.

          Anyone for Moo Goo Gai Pan? It’s OK, if the sauce isn’t too blue.

      13. Knowledge of economics has never been one of my strong points, but I know this economy will lay down and die eventually. It’s only a question of when and how. So i just keep investing my FRNs in preps; the things I know will keep me alive. Anyone noticed there is still no Eisen? We’re having a nice break from his stupidity. braveheart

        • I think I passed him on his skateboard going down
          I-90 wearing a t- shirt that said something like
          “fuck all you old people—adolescence forever!)

        • Now if we could only not hear anything pertaining to being on the “F@UCKIN RAZORS edge” or being robbed by mutant French rabbid Chimpanzees in Memphis , we will do fine ….Huh Braveheart ?

        • braveheart – HA!, LOL, that might of been who I saw at Barnes & Noble parking lot, the skinny OWS dracula with purple hair and some hardware junk hanging on his ear lobe.

          I needed the laugh ! Thanks

      14. FKN bring it already. I’m tired of waiting.

      15. My local chinese grocery store gives 15% off case quantity canned goods. $57 per 100 can case of 6oz sardines in tomato sauce in awfully cost effective. Add that to these cheap 5 pound bricks of heavy duty vacuum packed multi-grains and rice and that’s some serious survival rations.

      16. Brain Dead is right. I would believe an Onion article more than “subscribe to my newsletter” Porter Stansbury. Sure, NG will rise in price. There is a glut of it on the market. There is also tremendous NG infrastructure being built out right now. NG shale wells have a big decline in production in the first couple of years. If the new wells are not continually drilled, production will not keep up with demand in the coming years. You can’t outrun the Red Queen. NG will be priced as high as Europe in a couple years. And, no, oil will not continue to drop in price. If it does, the tight oil wells will stop being drilled and it will stay in the ground. EROEI is a bitch. Don’t invest in NG scams…you will lose money. Buy a stripper well and operate it yourself if you can afford one.

        • Exactly right JRS. The Red Queen problem.
          The way I understand it, these new fracked wells, require constant drilling and financing of said drilling, because the EROEI isn’t high enough for the installations to finance future production. Add in the necessary steel, and transport that uses oil… duh… and its a very temporary ‘boom’. Mostly a desperation move to pretend peak oil is a ‘myth’.

        • EROI…give that man a gold coin.

          At what point do these dbags finally include how much fresh, clean water that is destroyed forever in the quest for more…but hey who needs fresh, clean water?

        • JRS
          I don’t know who you are and I don’t want you to tell me, but you’re dead on. Things aren’t perfect, but that leaves a decision for each of us.

          We live in a life of bs.

          Take care

      17. Come on, Space Rock!

      18. “100% Chance” makes no sense. If it is 100% certain, where is the “chance”?

        • Good point.

      19. Boy oh boy is this guy’s math and assumptions screwed up.

        He sez: A barrel of oil contains 5.825 million British thermal units (Btu) of energy. One thousand cubic feet of gas contains just a little more than 1 million Btu. Thus, a barrel of oil has approximately six times more energy than 1 million cubic feet of gas. On an energy-equivalent basis, you would expect natural gas to trade for one-sixth the price of oil. But of course, oil is more highly prized as a fuel source. It’s more easily portable and thus is a better fuel for transportation.

        First it’s a thousand cubic feet then it’s a million? Why does he pick 1000 cubic feet to compare to 1 barrel of oil? It’s apples and oranges.

      20. Someday. . . . . SOMEDAY, ol’ Porter will eventually be proven right. Someday.

      21. Genius or charlatan? Stansberry has made more in a year selling fear than I’ll make in a lifetime.

      22. I specifically would like to request that 24 May 2013 be a (PLEASE STFU Braveheart DAY)………..any takers….? If not , could we please be spared CUBAN History and discuss “OUR HOUSE” instead ? Thanks Mom !

        • GGGP,Is that you Eisenkraut! Trekker Out.

      23. Well, my husband pulled the money out of his 401k today. 🙂 Finally , I am so happy he did, the market is still high now so this is the perfect time. It took me quite some time to convince him to do it. So when it does happen I won’t have to tell him he should have listened to me.

        • JL: we are now retired; if we did what you did (unless you inherited a wad of money) he’d still be working at 71. Our 401 is all in gov bonds now while getting monthly pay outs. You didn’t give your age so if you are in retirement now you probably invested in preps, etc. and living on SS checks or other income like us.

          • I’m 32 and he is 34, the money is not safe in the 401k plan he is in. In 2008 he lost half of it, we both agree that if you can’t hold it you don’t own it. We know exactly what we are doing with the money. Both of us feel by the time we hit retirement age the government will have seized retirement accounts and social security will be gone.

        • I just dumped my annuity yesterday too. Took big penalties but im done with this shell game by the Feds. I agree that my money won’t be there for my retirement. It’s paper. It’s crap. Wall Street and the Feds can’t be trusted anymore.

      24. Avid Reader, let’s see someone try to do a home invasion on you and see what kind of song you sing then. I was just lucky that their attempt failed and nothing was missing from my home. Plus, i’m ot the only one on razor’s efge with everything that’s been happening since Election Day and we’re not out of the woods yet, not by a long shot. So go away and go f@#$ yourself!

        • braveheart

          My business was broken into and ransacked five times
          and my personal dwelling twice. I’m very familiar
          with that razor’s edge. My 12 gauge riot shotgun is
          always close at hand and the magazine loaded with
          “Blue Whistlers” (00 Buck).

          People that don’t like to hear it can go drink gasoline
          and piss on a brushfire.

          • Braveheart n Outwest,
            And that was before the S REALLY HTF
            Vigilance is ALWAYS the best policy,
            Mossy 590A1 stacked with hot #F steel big waterfowl handloads.
            Theres 60 .22 cal steel ballbearings in each shot flying at 1650 FPS
            According to the load data from BP kermudgeom
            If it will knock down a big fat honker at long range i imagine it will be quite effective at 20-50′
            100 % agreement on the drink gasoline statement!

            • Kulafarmer,

              Roger that – knocking down a big fat honker!!

              I like my last load – big ass rifled slug.

              Y’all Beware! Mossy 590 – one versatile shooter and makes you smile!

        • @Bravehart— my my…. you were not able to take down the home invaders to save your preps? Someone is slipping.
          Potty Mouth too!

          • What’s wrong with you sallie? Kicking someone when they are down. Braveheart has contributed with insightful comments on this site for months now. Have you given anything? You attacked Mac and got just about the highest red thumbs in awhile, even way past ncjoker. Mac’s comment got about 200 green thumbs and one red thumb, guess I knew where that one came from. Mac allows trolls of all sorts to peddle their wares and you have not given anything to the site, only caused people to hate you and become upset. That is real nice of you to upset people in such a stressful world.

            You have comments, fine, this is a FREE site. Attacking people over and over again, well what’s the point? You should take a new career look and see there are better positions that working for BO’s bashing goon squad. You will find out one day that the people here would have helped even you to attempt to prepare for what is coming. Likely more than planetary earthquakes is world war or some natural runaway virus out of some hell hole in some tropical moist area. There are more than several individuals that can put you down and make you look terrible, “Mac really did the s(Mac)kdown on you”. It is up to you if you want more or decide to attempt to carry on a decent conversation. The choice is yours.

            • Howdy BI,

              Awww…Ease up on ‘Sally/Allie’ there Friend…she’s got ‘Contribution Envy’…you KNOW that makes the weak-minded CRANKY…



              • Dang it JOG

                It was your turn to watch her.
                Did you go and leave her cage unlocked again. (Snark)

            • BI
              How did ya like that 7.4 in Figi

            • BI,
              Sallie has green thumb envy…

            • I agree Bi, I was sittin on the throne finishin off a half Quart of warm Colt 45 and two Fiber One bars and all of the sudden my cat runs full speed into the shithouse door and knocks himself out ! All of the sudden my radio kicks on and they say that an 8.3 just took place here in Greenbow Alabama………My comode split in two…….Whats one to Do …!

              • Keep your eye on your cat, mine became alert several seconds before I could feel two local tremors here, a 3.8 and 3.2, couple of years apart. The second time, I knew what was up. Guess it’s some kind of long wave or micro tremor thing cats can sense before we do.

            • @B.I——– I don’t ever thumb anything down, or up.

              If you read through my abrasiveness, there us usually a valid messsage in it.

              You too, pick and choose what you respond to. A man made a comment on your earthquake forecasting as being bogus and stupid. I just read it in one of the other threads….may have been one about CNBC actually…not sure. Did you answer him? Nope.

              I think your earthquake shit is obsessiveness beyond healthy. Whether it is true or not, I honestly couldn’t say.

              You are like gerald celente with your same predictions over and over…like i said… I suppose one day you will be right but you seem to ENJOY that the word can break apart. Talking about kicking people when they are down. You probably drive SOME people away by scaring the shit out of them, or simply just not wanting to read about earthquakes in a post that has nothing to do about them.

              All the red thumbs I get are compliments. They insure that everyone reads the comments. The “hidden” ones probably get read the most.

              OK… now go back and play with your quake models.

          • I’ll bet you drive a Subaru.

            • amen brother Bill! lmfao…

      25. Porter Stansberry, in my opinion is a fast talking con artist. He makes his living scaring the shit out of people to get them to buy his stupid news letter. He talks like a stupid politician. 100% chance is total double speak bullshit. The world is a perilous place to live without having to listen to the likes of Porter Stansberry toot his snoot about how smart he is and how many things he predicted that came true. He’s like the weatherman that predicts rain and then one day it actually rains so he can feel so smug and tell all his friends that his prediction came true.

        • I tried to give a green check, it didn’t work out that way.

      26. DJIA TO THE MOON!

        • @ Wishful Thinker. So will also follow the prices of every commodity, food items, and every other necessity to the Moon. The DJIA has to follow the TRUE status of the economy, not just a helicopter ben type of illusional bubble from flooding the market with currency. Tar and feathers fits helicopter ben like mustard on a hot dog. IF the DJIA matched the price of precious metals and followed it, then the true prosperity would be there. Otherwise it is a balloon ready to blow up and crash like the Hindenberg.

      27. And there’s a 20% chance of afternoon showers next Tuesday.

      28. Wasn’t this this the same snake oil charmer who used Alex Jones’s voice for Americacollapse2011..or some such moniker a few years back?

        Jeese,I ‘ve heard enough of all these fucking experts predicting every calamity under the sun for way too many years..meanwhile..they laugh all the way to the bank..just as Al gore did with the global warming megachurch of koolaid drinkers..

        Way too many live day to day worrying over situations that are completely contrived and manufactured..or will never come to pass.
        Just like the precious metals gurus predicting gold and silver shooting to the moon..
        Depression and collapse anyday now
        Chicoms and Russians at the borders ready to invade the U.S.

        Surely some of you have the intelligence and common sense to see through all this mania..?


        As pt barnum said..there’s a sucker born every minute..

      29. This guys a “NUT” You believe him? Put your money where his mouth is. Where is that. Who in the hell knows.

        • Remember the ads on the radio for the end of This guy wants to sell you something that he will make money off of. Glorified add, nothing more, sort of a scam actually. He has been pushing this crap for at least three years now and every year it is the year it will happen. Don’t waste your time, he is a smooth talker but full of crap. Sure things will go bust but even an idiot should be able to predict that now.

      30. Holder to investigate Holder…

        hmmm. This should be an interesting ‘investigation’.

        Obama orders DOJ review of leak investigations
        abc news dot com

        • Howdy KY!

          Haa! this should be intersting to WATCH…I’ve NEVER seen someone ‘Jump through Hoops’ while beinmg the one HOLDING THEM at the same time….seem a violation of basic physcis here…

          …But then again, THAT’s what our ENTIRE Government is All about nowadays….it’ ALL ‘FM’…’$&@*-ing MAGIC’, Eh?


          • They do that on Cirque du soleil!

      31. Howdy, Possee, and yes, I remember that dog and pony show with Jones. I spend my money on preps; the one sure and dependable investment. I don’t have money for these f#$%in con artists. Isn’t it nice not having Eisen stinking up our site for a change? braveheart

        • Yes it is Braveheart.

          For a while we had quite a few fools muddying up the waters appears we are back to a relative norm where we can all agree to disagree with some respect..

          As far the likes of snake oil salesmen..they are everywhere and have been forever..

          Buyer beware..

          I’ you, stick to the basics..


      32. There is a 60 percent chance that 90% of statistics are made up. This 100% writer is a moron. Go back and give 110% and try writing again.

      33. I have seen my share of Doomsaying Financial advisers. If they are trying to sell you on how you can make a fortune on the collapse. A pox on them.

        If the financial person isn’t talking about stocking up on food and water. He isn’t worth is a wooden nickel with termites.

        • AIRBONE!!

          Oh CRAP!!….Folks, I was JUST reading an article elsewhere that said that the H7N9 was still mutating very rapidly through the current ‘Host’ population (The Chinese) and that it HAD already made several of the neccesary protein substitutions required to make it FULLY human-compatible…I GUESS it’s finally made the last few, ergo, it’s made the ‘jump’ T’anks Satori, much obliged!


      34. Still think the Cops are there to protect you ?!

        Still want to give up your U.S. Constitution 2nd Amendment Gun Rights to Bear Arms and Right to Defend yourself ?!



      35. Reading up on stuff… it is really interesting that hard assets/commodities are being suppressed in price while derivatives/crap paper are going up in price. A lot of the smaller miners are being squeezed out of business because of the paper suppression of metals pricing, yet the demand for the metals is way up.
        The truth of the matter is the futures/stock markets are a farce.
        The collapse will probably come when the Eurozone finally collapses. The Great Depression happened when the European stock markets crashed, followed by the American stock market. It doesn’t matter which side of the Atlantic collapses first.

        • Bernake admited in a us reps congress hearings that YES it WAS the fed reserve that caused the great depression to happen. So as usual it was zio banksters did it.

      36. TRUTH ~

        Eric Holder is a PIECE OF HUMAN SHEEIT







        N.O. ;0p

      37. No one knows of they are going to slip in the tub and break their neck in the morning.. Or step in front of a speeding bus while crossing the street.. So a total collapse is 100% as likely to happen..

        This is why anxiety is so prevent in us preppers!!

        Go on.. Live your life.. Your only given 1 to live.. And time flys!!

      38. I’m waiting for the war on Muslims riot in London. Them blokes really know how to bang heads after the Pub visit.

      39. I know this is off topic and im sorry i just dont know where else to put this. Today I saw my first chem trail right out side my window and it was disgusting and it was sprayed by 4 planes and they did it 4 times.

        Now on topic I believe there will be a market crash, however when it will be depends on several factors that i dont believe any of us can control. For example TPTB, if it makes them more money to crash it to some extent then that might be one factor. The second factor might be the dollar losing its reserve currency status. Those are just a few of the factors that I believe could cause the market to start to collapse. Again those are just what I think could be factors, I could be wrong because I thought we would lose are reserve status if we lost are AAA rating, boy was I wrong. Things are far more interwoven then I thought, it might be that way with the markets and the reserve currency.

      40. quote :

        ‘ There Is Now a 100% Chance of a Market Collapse !’

        ‘ Gee Ya’ Tink ?!’

        here’s a hint for you …



        FALL 2008

        * everything financial since then has been falsely reported and created by the Very Real Illuminati Shadow Wallstreet Government which really controls AmeriKa , to make the falsely propped up body of the dead zog amerikan dollar appear viable !


        Stupid Monkey’s

        ‘ GOT PHYZZ ?!’


      41. A serious “Cleaning House” is necessary.
        London is a good start.

        • I would think one of the things the fed govnt of usa aint told us about, is that it is very proboble our fed govnt has told all other nations if any nation screws with us dollar world reserve status it will be the exact same as a declaration of War against the usa.

          And any nation that did that is likly to get nuked for destroying the usa. Theres not alot of difference between direct war invasion boots on ground of a foriegn nation Here on our usa soil, as compared to an economic collapse caused by another or group of nations right. Either way it can destroy us. What would You do as prez?

          As for those BRICS, havent they been at it over 20-25 yrs now? I’d think if they really can stop us dollar use they’d have done so already. I think most of such stuff is just fear talk to cause us to invest in whatever others are selling, or cause general anxiety in americans to keep us off kilter. Nobody can simply cause any instant crash as if it was a light switch waiting for some fool to switch the switch to OFF.

          No matter what does or does Not happen, we can survive basically. At least till we are dead and gone.

      42. And another sign seems to be in the precious metals market, where all the big investors (but not smaller ones or individuals) get to redeem their pieces of paper for physical metal, drying out a market that has become a fiat just like currency.

        Most of the gold and silver in hands like George Soros is a scary thought. Especially when that particular one as been behind every major financial crap-out for better than 20 years, finances gun control lobbies around the world and is responsible for installing an untold number of politicians and senior civil servants in key positions around the world.

        I would even venture he is the most powerful man in the world.

        • I read at another site that the largest pure Gold storage is at the BIS bank in england. Thats the “Bank of International Settlements” if I recall right.

          It is the Banksters-Main Bank! and that is where they been transfering the Gold to. Rothchild and Tribe is who control Soros. As well as most everything else they control worldwide. Soros=Billionaire…Rothchild= TRILLIONAIRE’s…Funny each years edition of Forbes Top wealthiest folks on planet NEVER includes nor even makes meere mention of any Rothchild family eh?

      43. The market will crash because the market fundamentals are so bad. And more importantly, the dollar is dying. So is the economy. You shouldn’t have your savings in paper.

      44. put your extra cash into junk US silver coins…

      45. I read the headline to this article and was thinking, why is the world always about to end, only to read something 10 minutes later where we are on the cusp of the greatest economic boom in history.

        Then in your first paragraph I read “the world is always either about to end… or about to boom.”

        So ok, I am not the only one that thought this 🙂

      46. Here’s my problem.. you started out fine with the oil barrel and natgas thing .. 1000 cubic feet = million BTU and a Barrel of oil at 5.8 million, about 6 times that of 1 cubic K of nat gas .. so..

        @$2 per mcf X6 =$12 to a $95 barrel energy for energy the barrel has about 8 times the price for the same energy and @$4 mcf x 6 = roughly 4 times the price.. I mean it is a good point but you were throwing around X10 and X24 because you conflated the price of 1 mcf ( although at one point your were saying a million cubic feet instead of a thousand)instead of 5.8 mcf with a barrel of oil. Which is why your multiples were so high… as much as you seem to worry about hype and hyperbole .. it might be your math that costs credibility.

        I get you point, equivalent amounts of energy in a free market will trend to the same cost and an arbitrage exists that can be exploited .. just not as big as your faulty math indicates…

        and yes bonds are at the extreme end of one swing and really can’t go much farther up in price, so the likely move is down, or inflation if the fed preservers .. it is only Fiat, they seem to be making things up as they go , but it isn’t about math and economics any more anyway.. all that matters is how many rabbits are in that hat.. they have already pulled out more rabbits than I thought possible …so once we cross over to magic and mirrors, I don’t think either physics or economics or metrics of any kind apply.

        That is the difference between hard commodity and the current understanding of fiat.

        And that is why I am tenuous about your bond prediction, not because of your prediction per se , but because a concrete example of a commodity arbitrage can’t really extend to apply to Fiat Magic.. I stay out of bonds because Bonds are fiat.. they can always print more of them and at these rates they can cover a lot of them with fiat paper. They can always find more commodity ( or morebettercheapertech to recover/exploit a commodity up to a finite point) and I count on finite in an infinite fiat universe.

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