“There is a plan to steal the election from the American people and Trump” — C.I.A. pushing for new election?

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Headline News | 87 comments

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    This report was originally published by Alex Thomas at Intellihub.com


    With the recent Friday night disinformation surprise, the corporate media and elements of both the C.I.A. and the White House are openly positioning to directly stop Donald Trump from becoming president.

    The late Friday news published by both the Washington Post and New York Times claims that a secret C.I.A. assessment has confirmed that Russia not only meddled in the U.S. election but directly did so in order to help Trump win the presidency.

    The reports, completely based on the claims of unnamed U.S. officials and therefore almost impossible to confirm or debunk, have set off a firestorm in the corporate media and have led to a direct call by a left leaning C.I.A. agent for a second election.

    Appearing on the openly anti-Trump cable news network CNN, “former” C.I.A. agent Bob Baer called for a second Presidential election. His reasoning? The unproven claims by unnamed U.S. officials that the C.I.A. has concluded that the election was tampered with by Russia. (It’s important to note here that the FBI does not believe this to be the case.)

    “Having worked in the C.I.A., if we had been caught interfering in European elections, or Asian elections or anywhere in the world, those countries would call for new elections, and any democracy would,” Baer claimed. And I do not see it any other way, the Electoral College, before the 19th, has got to know whether the Russians had affected American opinion.”

    After being pressed by the show host, Baer continued, “When a foreign country interferes in your election and the outcome is in doubt, and the legitimacy of the government is in doubt, if the evidence is there, I don’t see any other way than to vote again as an American citizen.”

    Unbelievably, this call for a new election which has already been enthusiastically agreed on by many on the left, is all based off what The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald has called, “classic American journalism of the worst sort: The key claims are based exclusively on the unverified assertions of anonymous officials, who in turn are disseminating their own claims about what the C.I.A. purportedly believes, all based on evidence that remains completely secret.”

    Responding to this C.I.A. call for a new election and detailing all the threats against Trump becoming president (which I highlighted in my reporting late last week) Infowars Alex Jones released an emergency update Sunday that made clear that there is indeed a direct plan to stop Donald Trump from becoming the next president.

    Over the last week we have seen plans for mass protests to shut down Trump’s inauguration, threats by Electoral College voters, calls by leftist talking heads to do something in the next six weeks, and 24/7 anti-Trump corporate media coverage.

    Now, we see it all coming together under the umbrella of a C.I.A. assessment of “Russia hacking”.

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      1. Get ready to fight for real. Got targets?

        • Locked and loaded…been ready for a long time. Let’s get’r done!.

          Same shit, looking for a new day.


          • *Wisconsin Recount Final Tally, Trump gains 131 more Votes over Hillary. So that’s it for Wisconsin.
            *PA refused to do a recount, And
            *Michigan just got the Jill Stein Money to do a recount. Its all BS. Trump Wins, Trump Wins.

          • When did ANY bureaucracy (including the CIA) become bigger than than an elected representative government? If we allow these bureaucrats to push elected servants around, then it is the bureaucrats who actually become our government, not those whom we elect. And as such, they will never be answerable to the people.

            • CIA, is out of control and has been for a LONG time and just like some fed entities needs to be scaled down and brought under control!!

            • Hence the 2A

            • This is a coup by the CIA, or at least an attempted coup. This is what happens when intelligence agencies are allowed to get too big and powerful. They get to the point that they answer to no one, and no one is able to control them.

              Langley should be the first place that Donald Trump drains the swamp. We’re dealing with some extremely wicked and ruthless demons. He has no choice now but to battle the old guard and cut off the head of the snake that is poisoning this nation.

            • What do you think the UN is? Or the EU? Unelected lifetime bureaucrats who make international ‘law’ that everyone else is expected to follow or else.

          • If I’m not wrong didn’t Obama interfere with the Isreali election? Seems to me turnaround is fair play.

            • Yes he did, but thankfully it didn’t work.

        • Locally:
          Anyone that steps on the property announcing they are here to help me ( because I obviously have a problem with reality and can’t be trusted ).

          Everywhere else:
          Let’s just say, opportunity has its merits.


        • Got my perimeter defined and booby trap positions defined. When and “IF” they come to town to eliminate the patriots, they will have a sticky time of it.

        • Menzo, there’s a WORLD full of targets! MOLON LABE

        • Since when does a “former” CIA employee make statements on behalf of our government?
          First of all, any investigative reports regarding our election needs to be proven, not speculated.
          I hereby claim that Obumbo was never a Citizen and his entire 8 years as President needs to be deleted from the history books and we need a new Election for the 2012 Presidential election!!

        • My Evaluation Concurs:
          “It’s about undermining Trump, that’s what it is. It’s called information operations, information warfare, and that’s what I believe is going on.”

          An Intel agency loyal to Obama, Openly discrediting an incoming ELECTED President.
          This is an attempted coup on American Soil. Do you understand that?

          I’m curious to how you Trump zombies will react when the difficult choices are made by Mr. Trump? Will you love President Trump then?

          If you are a Praying man/woman, you might send prayers Trumps way.
          If Not a Praying man/woman, you might start praying. He needs God’s help.

          Because we are in for a Interesting ride Sports Fan’s.
          “We Live in Interesting Times.”

          Men in political office, Friends, Girlfriends/Wives, Weather Reports, and Lottery tickets Often disappoint. Trump will also disappoint. So ready yourselves now.

          God of Jesus Christ is your Only Hope and Refuge.

          • You wacko lefties can just not accept that we now have a real American in the white house to replace the muslim fraud you fools love so much. The next 4 years will be very positive uncle tony cause that hope and change obuma promised and never delivered will start in January.
            I will be praying for his success as any real American should do.

          • Dude, you need to be hit on the head with a reality break!!

        • This is old news Trump is in this guy is so stupid and all recounts are done Trumps wins killary loses.Trump will be in the white house on jan 20 2017 end of story.

        • LMAO. Remember the Bay of Pigs CIA operation on Cuba that ended up a massive failure and the drug runs that exposed their corruption ??? The CIA needs to be closed down along with the IRS, EPA, BLM, NLRB, DOE, NIH and other criminal enterprises with in our federal bureaucracy. The agencies that are left need to be put on notice for extinction. Cut the federal budget by at least 10% for two years, then if that doesn’t work, do it again. We need a zero base budget, Monies out = monies in. Pretty simple, no PhD or rocket science needed.

      2. Things starting to happen. Not as certain as it was before. Weapons check.

        • The CIA is out of control. They are freaking out because Trump thinks war is a waste of money, since nothing ever seems to be gained by it. The CIA Hilary Shill Mike Morrell is now found to be connected to the Clinton Foundation.

          Catherine Herridge of Fox News is all over new evidence that former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morrell was responsible for editing the Benghazi talking points, while attempting to blame the FBI.

          The CIA is looking for a Boogie man to justify their budget and existence. Its all a Fraud. They know they would run free as they want under Hillary, but that is not going to stand under a Trump Presidency.

          So who’s the enemy? Hint, your Federal Taxes are paying these shills paychecks.

        • Been checking my rig for the last 8 years. I cannot be more prepared.

      3. Nothing surprises me any more.

      4. I think, rather, that we need a new CIA.

        • I think we need NO CIA…it was created by staffing it with the NAZIs we imported after WWII to obtain their weapons secrets and rocket technology.

          Ronnie RayGun once said that ‘government is the problem’ I vote for less, or preferably none.

          Same defecation, new moment of decision.


          • GMAFB, I agree. NO MORE CIA. That will solve a lot of problems.

            • Since the federals are on the verge of collapsing our financial system after asset-stripping the country for 8 years — we need to dissolve the federal government. All of it, including the three letter organizations too. And a good many commie-states too.

              The world simply does not need this rabid, rotten, corrupt federal monster.

            • CIA “Did Not see this coming”.
              Tells you a LOT about the CIA.
              Once you “Step in deep doodoo” you don’t continue in that particular direction. If you ever had a horse, cow or donkey, you know to watch where you are stepping.

        • It should be located in New York and teach cooking

      5. Translation, the Russians and Chinese desiring the US to maintain unconventional warfare focus through the war on terror that the War College itself states a war between unconventional US warfare focus V Conventional Russian-Sino warfare focus makes war with either or both a lose-lose proposition.
        Clearly, Moscow and Beijing whose military pacts expands over 3 continents cannot allow this to happen in which case espionage is being pursued to attempt getting a Progressive Democrat or Republican aka reconciled Democratic-Republican Party (Uniparty) elected to office of the President.

      6. Boys you can almost smell it.The fourth turning is barreling down on us. I was 18 when Kennedy was shot. Thought the Russians did it. Joined the Army Jan, 64. No Russians, Backed our ass into Nam. Now I’m an old man and think the CIA probably did Kennedy On the bankers orders because of the silver backed money he had the treasury print. Think we are going to get even or get dead. Maybe both.

      7. Grass Roots Protection for the Inauguration…2MM bikers.
        ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IsQjR7wvPY
        Whatever it takes we need to pay the price.

        • Right on.

      8. If there is another Election it will be stolen from Trump. If there is another election and Hitlery gets in just watch there will be a Civil War!!!! Left VS Right.
        If something happens to Trump get ready the Shit Will Hit The Fan!!!!!! I’m going to turn the Fan on and start shoveling!

      9. Mac:
        For God sake take down the Demons picture, Hitlery makes me sick. PLEASE MAC!

        • O God!!! The picture of her makes me sick TOO!!!!!

      10. I predict one of three possibilities and these are not in order of probability.

        1. Trump becomes the most successful President in modern times.

        2. Trump is removed from office. Causes are variable but none are accidental.

        3. TPTB crash the economy, Trump is blamed, he is politically destroyed.

        • K2
          Very good insight.
          I think it will be more than likely #3.
          God help us if they do!

          Now If #1 comes to pass my prayers were answered.

          If #2 comes to pass be ready to fight!!!!


          • Sgt Dale

            If #2 occurs it will cause #3 anyway. This would be a “Black Swan Event” that by definition is an occurrence coming out of the clear blue that has an extreme impact. In this event there will be people that have the timing and hence will handsomely profit off of it like Joe Kennedy pulling out of the Stock Market just before the Crash of 29. It is therefore not a real “Black Swan Event”. The secondary advantage for TPTB is that the public faced with this economic fall will be far too concerned with it than to put forth any meaningful opposition of Trump being stopped from obtaining the Presidency.

            This will be repeated over and over.
            “ITS FOR OUR OWN GOOD”.

            • Sgt Dale

              Want to line up another duck? Its logical that if its ‘proven” that the Russians hacked the election then they “obviously” have influence over the Alternate Web Sites. There is no logical sense going after the election issue and not simultaneously addressing this, “Threat To The Nation”.

              Three words ; “Don’t Look Good”.

            • Kevin2, that’s a plausible scenario and let’s hope it NEVER happens.

        • How about #4: Provoke Russia, Iran in Syria and start the WWIII.

          • That comes later

      11. ““Having worked in the C.I.A., if we had been caught interfering in European elections, or Asian elections or anywhere in the world, those countries would call for new elections, and any democracy would…”

        Does this mean that all those MANY leftists elected with vile, evil, despicable George Soros’s money should stand for another vote? Does this mean all those illegals voting for Hilary should be rounded up, sent packing and have their votes canceled?

        It is hard to understand how the vile, filthy, evil globalists could actually stand to look at themselves in the mirror for even a single day. These people are actually the very face of evil. How so? Simple: When socialist globalism reigns, we will have dystopia of either Orwell’s or, as best, Huxley’s – BOTH ANTI-HUMAN. There will be no market forces adjusting/no price discovery, and the world will be one big Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Greece, Pol Pot Cambodia or yes, Nazi Germany. As you now know, the Nazis – National SOCIALISTS – adopted explicitly socialist planks Feb. 1920 in Munich. Just google “Nazi political planks” and learn for yourself.

        • TEST

          “““Having worked in the C.I.A., if we had been caught interfering in European elections, or Asian elections or anywhere in the world, those countries would call for new elections, and any democracy would…”

          The CIA is the master at throwing elections. Been caught? By who? Those that were put in office? Utter bullshit this clown uttered. Beyond laughable.

          • I thought the same thing. How many foreign elections have the CIA been involved in since their inception? I would wager to say it is more than anyone would believe.

      12. As I believe it was Lincoln said, anyone over the age of 40 is responsible for their own face. Look at this speaker’s face. The face of Hell is written all over it. His forebears in the OSS, who fought fascism, would be utterly and completely disgusted.

        You want “foreign interference in our elections?” Look no further the George Soros. A whole bunch of words my mother didn’t teach me come to mind watching this utter jackass, but I will refrain.

      13. Looks like that is what is happening Trumpbots, looks like the treasonous CIA controlled by psychopaths, the treasonous Republican/Democrat Globalist Corporatist Fascist Machine, and the treasonous Corporate Fascist criminal Fake News Media have a FULL COURT PRESS going on right now pushing the Russia and alternative media “Fake News” narrative responsible for Trumps election, so now we get to watch a civil war unfold between the left wing Corporatist Fascists and the right wing Corporatist Fascists for control of the collapsing Police State hell on earth!!!! God help us all!!!!!

      14. (Clown’s in action) better known as cia we can bet pres. Trump will cut back on the black ops funding these boy’s and girls are hiding..ha..ha.!

      15. The Washington Post breathlessly informed us “the CIA has concluded in a secret assessment that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump win the presidency, rather than just to undermine confidence in the U.S. electoral system.” And what evidence did the Post cite to back up this scandalous assertion? Zilch. “The key claims,” Greenwald wrote, “are based exclusively on the unverified assertions of anonymous officials, who in turn are disseminating their own claims about what the CIA purportedly believes, all based on evidence that remains completely secret.” – 5 Min. Forecast, 12/12/16

        Fake news. Think Pulitzer winner Walter “I don’t see no stinkin’ starving kulaks in Stalin’s Ukraine” Duranty, or Lincoln “I have seen the future in Stalin’s USSR and it works” Steffens, NY Times fiction writer Jayson Blair, all the breathless lamestream types lauding fake Nobel Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu; Dan “I found a memo, Mike Mann’s fake global warming hockey stick exposed in Climategate releases, Brian Williams lies about being fired on, etc. etc. etc.

        • That’s what I say. We don’t know what the CIA has concluded, or even if they’ve concluded anything at all. We just have the word of a couple of newspapers that have lied repeatedly in the past.

          If we really have 17 separate intelligence agencies, then I think we need to shut down at least a dozen of them, including the entire CIA down to the last man.

        • The Washington Compost originated the Russia / Trump / Election story, the same paper that just retracted their fake story about fake news.

          The masters of fake news are the people who are accusing reporters of the Truth of producing fake news. It’s like being called a liar by the devil. The Truth is hate speech to those who hate the Truth.

      16. “I expect the Republicans to call a Saturday session on Jan. 21st and start enacting an assembly line of legislation, passing bills into law by voice vote, and rushing them up Pennsylvania Ave. for Trump’s signature. This impending disaster requires everyone to get involved now — all hands on deck! This is not a drill!”
        Michael Moore…. Or you might know him by his Indian name “Five Chins”

      17. Daisy, I’ve always called him Michael MORON.

      18. The cat’s out of the bag. Their plot to steal the government from the People will be hard fought. http://conservativetribune.com/ambassador-comes-forward/
        Curious that the possible source of the leaks was assassinated on the mean streets of D.C.

      19. power on paper only. projecting power is where the elite will have difficulty and need to create terrorists out of all who question the govt narrative. more false flags will need to be done to ratchet up panic and divide along lines.
        those who live in holes will have to have exhaust for the generators. locate exhaust and clog them…..

        • Nuclear generators don’t have exhaust. I’m pretty sure the very top elite will have nuclear power in their bunkers, if they actually use bunkers. I suspect that the very top elite will be living in some out-of-the-way paradise in some other part of the world that we can’t find or get to.

      20. Wow! I hadn’t realized before this article that the CIA gets to run this country. And all along, I had thought it was the banksters. My bad.

      21. This is just fear porn, what is known as disinformation. It’s coming straight from the DNC and the Obama administration in order to discount the Trump administration in the eyes of the American people before they even take office.

        The recounts didn’t work, and this Russian hacking sob story is it’s replacement. Next week you’ll hear from some faithless Electors, prior to the college vote the week after. In January, expect serious resistance to every single one of Trump’s cabinet nominees and delays in getting them into office.

        We’re being played, alright, but it’s not the Russians. It’s the Democrats.

        • And some Republicans as well.


      22. Tread lightly, you may not like the results of an attempt to over turn the election.

      23. Ready to go in the North… CUCV with radio package ready various friends with their rigs ready as well. The Chair is against the wall.

      24. Being a senior citizen has its benefits. If there is Any truth to this article dying might be more desired than living. If war comes to this land.
        I do not & cannot grasp why anyone would want to destroy america. Our leaders though seem deeply corrupt & arrogant. May God have mercy on us all.


      26. So bite me. let the Jill Franken Steins waste billions and flush their money down the crapper. everytime they try to dump on Trump their dirty diapers land on their own buttheads. nothing they can do to stop the donald and the movement to take America back

      27. Conceded the election she did its over!……..

      28. The CIA needs to be done away with. They’re nothing but a bunch of lying , deceitful, common thugs. And who are the whining babies now ? Who are the ones trying in everyway to get their choice killery elected ? What does it take to get through these thick headed idiots that the people of these United States have spoken , and these same voters are willing to go further to see that the results of the election stands ? The people have watched killery for thirty years as the body count rose everywhere she went. We don’t want an evil demon like her in charge of this country continuing to take the USA down a path of destruction as Obummer has for eight years. We the people of these United States are willing to die to preserve this country , and we will do just that. They’re to dumb to realize what a fight they’re going to have on their hands. We don’t need Russia to influence us because we can see who are the traitors.

      29. Hey Trump:

        How about starting your own news station. You could call it “THE GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA STATION”.

        You know the left will just call it Propaganda anyway.


        • Trump could order Attorney General Sessions and his National Security Director Michael Flynn to investigate whether the NY Slimes, the Clinton/Commie News Network, and the rest are being influenced by foreign entities, plus launch a full investigation into George Soros and how much he has interfered in American elections. And then include any money and influence coming from the Saudis.

          Go ahead and sign the bill, Barry Soetoro, you fake President with the fake birth certificate, so Trump can use it to go after all the fakes and lies. How about the money that came into the Kenyan’s campaign from the Middle East in 2008 – foreign money to influence the election. What about an investigation of the mslm bros, another foreign entity influencing American elections.

          We also need to have an investigation of Lindsey Graham and John McCain’s involvement with ISIS. Not to mention that fake birth certificate that barry soetoro put on a gvmnt computer system. Take it apart layer by layer and prove to the American People that it is fake. We’re just getting started exposing fake news.

          • Nobody mentions anything about the $250,000,000 Saudi Arabia gave to Clinton as a means to influence the election now do they?


      30. try them all as traitors

      31. I used to like Bob Baer. He named names re: 9/11 and the Saudis/Bush connex.

      32. CIA has No jurisdiction within the United States.

        • “CIA has No jurisdiction within the United States.”

          Says who? Congress? Statute? Since when has either been of any significance with these supra national agencies.

      33. It is not going to happen! FAIL.

      34. Talk about interfering with elections, what the hell was barry doing in Britain when the brexit vote was going on!

      35. The CIA—–the same guys who gave us a dead JFK……..yea I believe them

      36. The so called CIA report is unsubstantiated. It is a last gasp attempt by the Democrats to seize power. If they manage to do so, then this country is doomed to revolution. I would expect a military coup, a joining of all the militias and then a shooting war to begin. Trump needs to investigate and then indict each and every one of the liberal’s who have been involved in this mess. I for one would vote that we punish them as do the South American’s do. Stand them up against a wall and shoot them.

      37. electing someone to the presidential office or any other government official is pointless . we have tried that for years and slowly but surely corruption has crept into every facet of our government so we are past the point of voting to fix a problem . the only fix to the current status of our country and government is all out revolution the same as what the first thirteen colonies had against England . lest we forget that was how our country was founded and all the freedoms we used to enjoy .

      38. Seems to me didn’t Obama interfere with the election in Israel? I remember reading something about it.

      39. New elections na now, Trump is a facist scum bag and not fit to be President, y’all are conned and y’all enjoy paying high taxes in your shitty fascist redneck homes.

      40. Donald J. Trump [DJT] is the *REAL* *DEAL*. I have been monitoring hundreds of “patriot websites”, and the consensus is that *for* *any* *reason* if DJT is not sworn in on January 20th, then there will be a full-on armed “hot” revolution in the USA. “They” are trying to steal the office away from Trump [and from The People], and if “They” succeed, then there will be Real Trouble. Wow, these are very interesting and dangerous times my friends…

      41. Didn’t O interfere in the last election for Israel? What about sending a bunch of liberals to help in the Canadian election? Who is he to talk? Looks like the whole CIA needs to be replaced.

      42. The Russians caused Trump to win! There were thousands of them lined up at the voting booths… almost as many as illegals and the resurrected dead who voted for the hag! (Sarcasm)

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