The World’s Purest Silver Producer Just Made A Stunning Forecast: Gold Could Go To $8000 Per Ounce, Silver To $200

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    As stock markets around the world crashed in early January of this year amid panic selling, investors seeking safety began allocating their portfolios towards precious metals assets. While prices in almost every other asset class dropped precipitously, physical gold and silver, as well as the publicly traded companies that mine them, exploded to the upside. It was exactly the confirmation those on the sidelines had been looking for, as it proved that in the heat of crisis and confusion, money would flow to historical safe haven assets of last resort.

    At the time, Keith Neumeyer, the CEO of the world’s top primary silver producer boldly predicted that silver would rise to $20 by the end of the year, which would mean a 40% rise. Neumeyer’s prediction came to pass in half the time and along with it came a 600% increase in the price of shares for his company First Majestic Silver, further confirming his assessment that investing in precious metals producers is a powerful way to leverage rising prices in the physical metals.

    Now Neumeyer, who is also the Chairman of  gold-focused mineral bank First Mining Finance (which has seen a 220% increase this year), has another bold prediction. With his insider understanding of the resource market and close relationships with many in the industry, Neumeyer says we should prepare ourselves for gold to rise to a possible high of $8,000 per ounce, which would mean at least at least $200 for silver, with the potential to go significantly higher. Even Neumeyer himself notes in an interview with Future Money Trends that some who hear his latest forecast may consider it “far-fetched.” But make no mistake, the supply fundamentals, increased demand from the tech industry, and the generally panicked investment environment around the world, suggest Neumeyer is once again right on target.

    We’re starting to see some new buyers come into this market… We’re seeing some very, very high net worth people come into gold… some huge institutions that didn’t even touch the metal before are now advocating that you have to own gold… I listen daily now to new people getting on to the gold story… I think that’s going to change the demand dynamics of the metal going forward.

    We got down to a level of $1050 [in December of 2015]. If we have the same type of move that we did before [in 2011] from $250 to $1900, that’s going to give us $8,000 gold… what does that give you for silver? That’s a couple hundred dollars or even more. It’s hard to imagine silver prices at those kind of numbers but it’s not far-fetched to believe that can happen.

    (Watch At Youtube)

     Neumeyer continues:

    We only have a couple companies on the planet that can call themselves true silver companies and that tells me silver mines are way rarer than people actually think they are and that’s still not priced into the market.

    We’re mining 9-to-1… So for every ounce of gold we’re mining nine ounces of silver… and we’re trading somewhere in the low 60-to-1 range and that, to me, is absolutely ridiculous. I think we will see much, much lower ratios closer to the ratio where we’re currently mining.

    Keeping in mind that Keith Neumeyer is the CEO of the world’s leading primary silver producer, the fact that they are mining nine ounces of silver for every ounce of gold, and with the current trading ratio at about 60-to-1, current prices are completely disconnected from reality.

    In essence, what this ratio means is that, at current prices, either gold needs to drop to $180 per ounce, or silver needs to rise to about $140.

    Given the state of affairs globally, we can safely say that gold isn’t going to drop that low, which leaves only one real possibility and that is that silver will continue to rise in coming months and years.

    And with silver rising and gold likely to continue doing so, Neumeyer says everyone should have some physical gold and silver in their portfolios as insurance for continued central bank currency destruction and economic calamity.

    From an investment standpoint, however, he says owning resource mining stocks will significantly leverage any upside moves in precious metals:

    I think it’s the best time to be investing gold mining stocks and silver mining stocks.

    Mining stocks as a whole outperform the metal by a factor of two or three to one. So, of course you should have physical metal in your portfolio. I think everyone should have a little bit of silver and a little bit of gold. But at the same time, if you really want to make serious money investing in this sector you’ve got to buy good quality stocks run by good management teams like in the case of First Mining Finance and of course First Majestic Silver.

    We have already seen what happens with physical precious metals prices and their producers when capital shifts out of broader stocks as it flees to safety on two occasions this year. Those stock corrections were minor compared to what’s coming.

    Within this context, consider what gold, silver and resource stocks will do when that next wave of wealth destruction happens.


    Click here to learn more about Keith Neumeyer’s gold-focused mineral bank

    For more interview like the one you just saw visit Future Money Trends

    Also From Keith Neumeyer:

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      1. Good information, thanks for posting.

        The gold-silver ratio definitely implies a market disconnect of some kind. If the real-world mining ratio is now 9 to 1 like Keith Neumeyer says then this could be Yuge!

        I’ll just keep stackin’ until such time a bubble forms.

        • Got my food, guns and gold.

          Standing by with my Whirly Pop and Off-grid stove.

          • Ya buy stocks so your money is up for grabs by every shark on earth (irs, lawsuits, judgements, etc.) Not to mention they will install a windfall profit tax of oh say 90%. If you don’t hold it, you don’t have it. They would probably nationalize the mines also and outlaw ownership (gold not silver). Better think it through first. Do you really want your money up for grabs and the govt. knowing all about it? Be a wise grasshopper!

            • Lets just break this one paragraph down.

              “Keeping in mind that Keith Neumeyer is the CEO of the world’s leading primary silver producer, the fact that they are mining nine ounces of silver for every ounce of gold, and with the current trading ratio at about 60-to-1, current prices are completely disconnected from reality.”

              *So Neumeyer is predicting $200 Silver? Gee no conflict of interest there, Pump and dump BS Pie in the Sky. I said $26.50 by end of July, and when that did not happen oh my….

              *The Current Silver to Gold trading Ratio is not 60 to 1, it is $67.88 as I write this. Has not been 60 to 1 since. Nov 2013. However the natural trend is to keep dropping to a bottom out of about 47 to 1. Which historical trends say by this Sept to Dec timeframe, that may happen, or Not, however the Manipulators are keeping PM’s depressed to what ever level the want to keep it at. That too is a fact. So we are just hitching a ride on their train and just knowing when to jump off regardless if it’s at a train station or not. Then get out.

              *Penny stocks are a shot in the dark. What goes up fast drops even faster when you are not looking. Look at the Tech Bubble. Lots of High flyers went to ZERO. How about post this Guys Insider Stock trading of his own stock, and then please report back to us again when he begins to sell his own companies stock. That is a indicator it has peaked.

              The Real Disconnect is, that the Mining Ratio 9 to 1 has not a Friggin thing to do with the Price Ratio for Silver to Gold which is 67 to 1. Like WTF is that have to do with anything? It would be like me saying, since I put 20 Gallons of Gas in my car for $40, the price of Milk should be $3 a gallon. Its not even relative to a single friggin thing. Or,… So like I found $4 dollars on the side of the road, that should make the change in my pocket worth less than face value. Huh?

              Paper stocks are just that, IOU’s for some future cashout or NOT. Physical in your hand beats 2 Paper IOU’s.

              Remember the ENRON’s Kenny Boy Lay telling his Employees to go “ALL IN” to by ENRON Stock, as he and his insiders were getting “ALL OUT” at a massive pace. You see, you can’t get out, unless you have a sucker to buy your “IN Position.” Its called Ask and Bid. Well look what happened to Enron… Big FAT ZERO.. And many people lost everything. Caveat emptor ~ Buyer Beware.


              • Well said who knows, this article is complete bull. The “could go up to 8k and 200 for silver is a way of distancing from the truth. The word “could” is telling and the Internet is awash in similar articles. Some use the “economist” who predicts the sky rocketing of an asset class. If people in the know really believed this crap, we wouldn’t be able to buy gold or silver from web sites because the pundits would be hoarding it. My prediction is that silver won’t be high enough in the next year to cover the 15% spread when you buy and the 15% spread when you sell.

                • Tuncuf.. Well I was paying about .75 per OZ commission on a $16.75 price. That’s only about .95 percent less than 1 percent. I found a local gold silver buyer in my area that told me when I am ready to sell he will buy it for cash at $1.00 under spot. That’s pretty good if it gets up to $40 an OZ. I am not being negative on the wishy hopey price of Sky High silver, but just realistic. And I am in a long position and looking for it to double, from here at $20.

                  Watch out for the Carnival Hucksters, selling a “Take a peek at the 2 headed Snake Woman” for $5 bucks.


                • Well, like other things that have increased with time, I started to buy in bulk when silver was $4.25 an ounce in early 2002. That’s 400% + in 14 years. So, I am comfortable waiting another 14 years for it to increase whatever amount above from where it is now. So much better then my 401K and IRA’s.

                  • If your 401(k) and IRA allow you to invest in TGLDX (Tocqueville Gold Fund), then you CAN invest in gold and miners through both of those savings plans.


                    “Tocqueville Gold Strategy Investor Letter

                    Weeks Where Decades Happen

                    The precious metals markets have clearly turned the corner, becoming flat-out bullish following the extensive and painful correction from August 2011 to year-end 2015. Year-to-date through June 30, the US dollar gold price has increased 24.57 percent, while the XAU (Philadelphia index of gold and silver stocks) benchmark has increased 116.16 percent. Positive gold cycles have historically lasted for at least three to five years, and some longer. Despite the impressive year-to-date advance, we believe this cycle is still in its infancy, and that it promises to be extremely powerful.

                    We believe that fiscal and monetary policy in all developed countries has reached a dead end, and is all but bankrupt. More important, we maintain that the persistent application of and adherence to idiotic/unproductive public policies have substantially ramped up systemic risk. Investors are beginning to look to gold, fearing that the purchasing power of all paper currency – including the US dollar – is imperiled. The three-decade low in the pound sterling following the Brexit vote is a warning that the practice of central-bank-managed currency exchange rates is unravelling. Mainstream economists are beginning to express concern:

                    Brexit is a shock to an already fragile system…. The situation is extremely unstable and if not taken seriously quickly enough could end up setting the European recovery back substantially, threatening the political sustainability of the single currency project. (Note by Torsten Slok, chief economist, Deutsche Bank Securities, 7/5/16)

                    According to a June 25, 2016, Financial Times commentary, “The Fed is fast becoming a sideshow as forces work against a rate rise.” In our view, interest rates will rise, and cannot be normalized without another financial crisis that would mirror or exceed the intensity of the 2008 global credit meltdown. Super-easy money has, in our opinion, reached the end of the road as a credible palliative for economic underperformance. What comes next is anybody’s guess, but under almost any imaginable scenario, gold benefits.

                    With popular market averages hovering near all-time highs, complacency seems to rule the financial markets. Confidence seems to rest on the belief that a return to a normal interest-rate structure is achievable, and that the exit from radical monetary policy can be painless. However, ultralow interest rates – the lowest in 5,000 years, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Michael Hartnett (MarketWatch, 6/14/16) – have inflated asset values while failing to trigger economic growth. A return to normal interest rates cannot in our opinion occur without damage to financial markets. According to Citibank, negative rates are “poison to the financial system,” threatening the viability of the capital-formation process and institutions at the core of the financial system.

                    We agree with Stephanie Pomboy of MacroMavens that the lesson of Brexit is that political and financial elites are clueless as to fundamental realities: “The markets never could truly embrace polls suggesting a possibility of a vote to leave because they see no problem with the status quo in the first place.” However, she concludes, “Things aren’t nearly as good as non-GAAP earnings and sell-side assurances would have them believe.” For example, consumer goods orders have had negative comparisons in 21 of the last 22 months; orders ex transportation have been down 17 months in a row on a year-over-year basis; factory orders have been down 10 months in a row on a year-over-year basis.

                    It is difficult to square these and other economic reports with market averages hovering near all-time highs, unless one were to hypothesize central-bank manipulation of these averages for optical purposes to affect consumer and business behavior.

                    It is impossible to know what headlines, and when, will drive more investors to acquire gold. We believe that the market situation for precious metals is identical to the 1999 bottom, which preceded a 12-year advance of 615 percent. Apparent then, and again at year-end 2015, was nearly universal negativity for gold’s prospects. To pinpoint future reasons for a reversal of sentiment is analogous to guessing which snowflake will trigger the avalanche. What should be obvious to the residents in the valley below is the buildup of the cornice (systemic risk). As Lenin said, “There are decades when nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.” It is the nature of bull markets to leave most investors on the sidelines, scratching their heads as to what has changed. The upsurge in gold could be a warning of seismic shifts in financial markets.

                    As we have noted in Paper Gold: Utopia for Alchemists and our Fourth Quarter 2015 Investor Letter, physical gold is in extremely short supply relative to the potential demand that could be activated by a shift in sentiment. That is because 99 percent of the gold traded is in the form of paper contracts (futures, ETFs, derivatives, etc.) that are settled for cash instead of for physical metal. In a financial crisis, counterparty risk is likely to become a paramount concern, leading to a run on the credit-based, cash-settled system of gold trading. Flows into gold ETFs, which must translate inflows into physical holdings, are likely to trigger an outsized gain in the gold price because of the scarcity of physical gold.

                    Mining stocks are likely to outpace gains in the metal in the years ahead. Since December 2015, they have done so by a factor of 4 to 1. The mining industry has cut costs, focused on cash generation, and observed financial discipline that was lacking preceding the 2011 market top. The XAU index of gold and silver mining equities was launched 37 years ago at a value of 100. As of June 30, 2016, it printed at 97.64, which suggests to us that there is ample upside potential. According to the 6/27/16 Belkin Report, “Gold assets are long-term depressed, negatively correlated to the stock market, and have completed a bear market; while stock indexes have entered a bear market….switch out of overvalued equities as global economies contract – into gold-mining equities.”

                    Gold, having been written out of the monetary script in the years following President Nixon’s closing of the gold window in 1971, appears set to return to center stage. It has recently received serious consideration from noteworthy academic and policy thought-leaders. In a May 3 commentary (“Emerging Markets Should Go For The Gold”), Harvard economics professor Kenneth Rogoff argued that emerging-market central banks should allocate as much as 10 percent of their reserves to gold and away from sovereign debt of wealthy nations:

                    Why would the system work better with a larger share of gold reserves? The problem with the status quo is that emerging markets as a group are competing for rich-country bonds, which is helping to drive down the interest rates they receive. With interest rates stuck near zero, rich-country bond prices cannot drop much more than they already have, while the supply of advanced-country debt is limited by tax capacity and risk tolerance.

                    Gold, despite being in nearly fixed supply, does not have this problem, because there is no limit on its price. Moreover, there is a case to be made that gold is an extremely low-risk asset with average real returns comparable to very short-term debt. And, because gold is a highly liquid asset – a key criterion for a reserve asset – central banks can afford to look past its short-term volatility to longer-run average returns.

                    In a June 27, 2016 Bloomberg interview, Alan Greenspan stated that as a result of Brexit, “we are in the early days of a crisis which has got a way to go,” and that the best solution would be a return to the gold standard that was the basis for international finance from 1870 to 1913. The former Fed chairman (1987-2006) was, in our opinion, an architect and intellectual predecessor for current radical central-banking activism. For him to make such a statement is an eye-opener, suggesting that this former policy insider no longer believes that the dollar-centric fiat currency system is workable.

                    It seems to us that we have entered a momentous period for gold: “weeks where decades happen.” The rewards of gold exposure, in our opinion, promise to be of historic magnitude. At such a moment, it would be counterproductive for investors to dwell upon issues of market timing. Gold is extremely under-owned, and therefore likely to react dynamically to even modest inflows. Despite strong recent gains, we believe that the current alignment of political and economic factors is unusually compelling. In our view, substantial gains lie ahead.”

              • Metals, like everything else, are 100% about timing in all markets. Physical is another matter entirely. There will be many fortunes made in metals in the next few years, especially with options on producers.n Right now is the perfect time to put on some leaps or long dated spreads. I think owning stocks is NOT a good way to acquire wealth easily and I say that from many years experience and working for the biggest trading houses on the planet. There is always a better way to live and think than the masses ever realize.

          • You mean you temporary got your food, guns and gold. The Government is coming because you need to share the wealth.

        • PM stocks have been on fire for the last six months. Small pull backs here and there but they continue to rocket higher. If you bought at the cyclical low in December/January you made a killing.

          Back in the Great Depression we saw similar moves. As the Dow Jones crashed mining companies went crazy.

          See this for stats:

          It looks like the very same situation is playing out now.

          $8000 gold? I can believe it with all the b.s. from governments and central banks. If we do see $8000 dollar gold it will definitely mean the shit has hit the fan.

          I have been stacking since about 2007. Lot’s of swings since then but I am way ahead of the game right now.

          • Heads up…

            Deposit Bail-in Warning In Ireland – Bail-in Risk In UK Very High

            “Revelations regarding deposit bail-in risks came in the wake of warnings of a new property crash centered on the housing market in Ireland.

            The former deputy governor of the Central Bank warned in an op-ed in a leading international financial publication, Project Syndicate, that Ireland is at risk of another housing market crash.”

            ht tp://

            • $200 Silver??? Bwhahahahahahahaaaa Tell that to the hedge funds still shorting the crap out of it.

              Todays Opening.
              19.68 Bid 19.78 Ask

              You gots a long way to go Baby!!! And there Never was 9 to 1 Silver to Gold Ratio ever in the history of the planet..


            • Any crash involving Ireland is usually a DWI….

              One night, Mrs McMillen answers the door to see her husbands best friend, Paddy, standing on the doorstep.

              “Hello Paddy, but where is my husband? He went with you to the beer factory”

              Paddy shook his head. “Ah Mrs McMillen, there was a terrible accident at the beer factory, your husband fell into a vat of Guinness stout and drowned”

              Mrs McMillen starts crying. “Oh don’t tell me that, did he at least go quickly?”

              Paddy shakes his head. “Not really – he got out 3 times to pee!”

          • Run for cover. A killing?? What are you talking about? Maybe a buck an ounce after the premiums. Maybe 5 percent of you timed it perfectly. Not a bad return but hardly a killing.

        • The “ratio” of silver to gold is IRRELEVANT to today’s new normal. The historic ratio between gold and silver DOES NOT have to seek that mean because “market prices” are set by the “market”, such that it is, if free to seek its own level without manipulation.

          That has yet to be seen.

          If silver reaches $100 an ounce this asshat might have some credibility as an analyst promoting $200 an ounce for silver. Until then he is just a promoter pushing his product on an unwary public through fear porn.

          Another PUMP N DUMP !!! 🙁

          • ” Until then he is just a promoter pushing his product on an unwary public through fear porn. Another PUMP N DUMP !!! 🙁 ”

            This is how you can tell someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

            • Chart the history of Daniel’s promotions on this site for the last couple of years and at other Alt Media sites and you will see the classic PUMP N DUMP pattern in the price action of silver. I have pointed this out many times for the members of this community. I have yet to see anyone call me a liar about it. The data is self evident.

              You should change your moniker to “dumber than a mud fence” 🙂

          • durangokidd says

            I think you are correct about there is NOTHING that is normal, the ONLY thing now days is that NORMAL means there is NO normal, and that is all you can expect!!

          • “market prices” are set by the “market” the flaw in your thesis is that we do not have any real or unaltered or non-manipulated markets any longer. So the prices are not set by the markets or what used to be free markets, they are set by the manipulators at least for now ? JPM and a few others are the main players who create the prices. But it cannot last forever and it is changing now as central banks world wide are being exposed for insane policies and monetary imbalances as massive debt has run its course. We are now in a debt bubble and there will be a reset. That is why we are seeing metals firm up. Markets are peaked plus on the cyber dollars created enmasse , and that only leaves a few assets worth having. It is already in motion and will only gain steam going forward. And outlier events can ramp it all up even more, even if this fellow is selling his own book, the overall dynamics are still in motion and will continue. In fact it is just getting started.









          • Roosh says it best:


            “In the past year we’ve been the target of establishment attacks. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of speaking with insiders who understand the globalist master plan. Combining my own analysis with those discussions lead me to conclude that if Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 Presidential election, attacks against us and ideologically similar right-wing groups will explode in number, with the goal of shutting down our counter-narrative platforms and ensuring a Donald Trump figure never gets populist support again.

            It’s easy to stay apolitical as long as political forces leave you alone, but the second you become a threat to the existing order, politics will become a painful part of your daily existence as pressure increases on your speech and behavior. Many young men in universities are finding this out right now as false rape and harassment charges ruin their lives before it gets started while men working in corporate America are already aware that they are one “sexist” or “homophobic” statement away from losing their livelihoods. The fact that many men are now recording their consensual sex encounters shows how badly men are being targeted.

            If Hillary Clinton wins, there will be a huge increase in “acute” attacks against individuals and groups. At the same time, there will be a rapid introduction of dystopian new laws that serve as the leading edge of the “chronic” front. All men will be negatively affected under a Hillary presidency in one way or another, meaning that the globalist boot is fast approaching our faces.

            The acute attacks will be witch hunts from the media, local politicians, and the Federal Government. They will target us, the alt right, alternative media, patriot groups, survivalists, traditionally conservative groups, and anyone else who strongly supports Donald Trump, tradition, or masculinity. The purpose of acute attacks is to psychologically break down, impoverish, and imprison those who have a powerful ability to counter the narrative or those who have the strength and organizational skill to resist tyranny with arms.

            If the media can’t take someone down through their focused lies and distortions, like with what happened to me in February with the meetup outrage, the task will then be handed off to the Federal Government to pursue bogus “hate speech,” “extremist speech,” and “incitement to violence” charges, as is already being done in Europe (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). The IRS will be involved to wear down groups with targeted audits, like they did with the Tea Party, while the FBI will infiltrate and subvert groups that are meeting physically using COINTELPRO tactics.

            The chronic attack phase will include passage of unconstitutional hate speech laws (or malicious interpretations of previously banal laws) that a compromised Supreme Court will not stop. A stricter variant of “Yes means yes” laws will be passed nationally, making every man who has consensual sex guilty of rape until he can definitively prove otherwise. Just as globalist insider Ezra Klein stated, the goal is for you to feel a “cold spike of fear” when interacting with women. So it shall be done.”







          • Great information, Acid Etch. Thanks. Now, if we can just accept the fact that the Christian religion is a primitive, unconscionable fraud, we’ll be even closer to having a more completely enabling attitude.

            • In point of fact, the truly and authentically lived Christian faith is an active, dynamic, and life-transforming dynamism.

              Sure, each human being is flawed and sins and Christians are no different.

              At 2,000+ years of age, though, Christianity is far from primitive.

              However, on the other hand those who would plan tens of thousands of wars AND sell weapons to both sides to PROFIT from said carnages, and send their youth to die, as the old world disorder has the past one-hundred+ years, would more properly be described as “primitive”.

              – the Lone Ranger

              “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.” – Gandhi
              “Truth needs to

        • Good!

      2. If gold makes a major jump, and silver seems like it will soon after that move to the 9 to 1 ratio, it might be good at that time to sell some gold and put the money into silver. Unless you have tons of money, I think silver is more useful than gold for storing your extra wealth until after SHTF and things settle down.

        • Archivist, i would have to agree with you because it seems that it makes the most sense. But at this point, the gap between silver and gold is unnaturally wide, about 70 to 1?, I would think that that difference should be much less given the industrial uses for silver and that it’s also a precious metal that was and possibly will be again, used as money. With tptb suppressing both those PM’s values, who the hell knows where it’s gonna go. Neumeyer is only trying to jack up his stock. And considering this economy’s fragile health, I hope that the PM’s value finds their rightful places.
          Stay quiet Be smart

        • How about we present some real Facts here instead of BS eh? Here is the last 100 Year historical chart of Silver to Gold Price Ratio.

          ht tp://

          Show me one time on this Historical PR Chart where Silver to Gold Ration was 9 to 1?? Never Friggin happened ever, not even close, and in fact, if it gets down to 47 to 1, it will be the usual Normal Bottom out price ratio, where that happened only 3 other times, in the last 20 years, Besides the big manipulation in Feb 2011, where it went shot down to $31 to 1 for a month, and when Silver spiked up to $48 an Ounce briefly.

          I was paying attention then and sold all my silver at $42 an OZ and laughed all the way out of the Jewelry store. Now back in at $16.74 averaged in.

          So stick to Fact, not BS Hype Pump and Dump. Remember Paper stocks can go to ZERO.. Physical in your hand will always have value.


      3. The value ratio between gold and silver is meaningless unless it’s being used as money. Silver is always better as a medium of exchange.

      4. Hmm, haven’t we been hearing these predictions for the last 5 year?

        • At least once a month to support his company’s stock price. He and Daniel have probably loaded up with options, and are now promoting a higher silver price in Alt Media to get a boost so that they can cash out their options for a profit.

          Then the silver price will crash, they will reload, flood Alt Media with fear porn, push the price up and dump their options again. Its a never ending cycle that can be confirmed by watching them closely.

          I still remember the classic Daniel silver call that saw the price drop 25% in less than a week after a similar promotion here at SHTF.

          They think the audience is stupid. Are you ??? 🙁

          • Good Call DK, This Website SHTFPlan is a “NO BS Zone Website.” Too many informed eyes watching this go down. You claim stuff that’s bigger than life, you will get called out every time, and get you ass handed to you. Right eppe?


            • Wrong again, only in your messed up mind…

        • Rodster, we’ve been hearing these kinds of ‘predictions’ for a lot longer than just the last 5 years. Bob Chapman, now deceased, who was the guy behind The International Forecaster – used to appear on the RBN radio show every Tuesday with John Stadtmiller and Roby Noel – and he was floating the same kind of fanciful predictions as far back as 2001, 2002 and thereabouts.

          I suspect a great deal of this talk is nothing more than hype coming from the seedier elements within the precious metals market – who are eager to sucker the goyim who’ve pulled their money out of the crooked Stock Market so swindlers like Bernie Madoff can’t steal it.

          I’m not saying that its not a good idea to have some precious metals in your investment portfolio, because it certain is a good idea. But, remember this rule:

          Always take possession of the metal. Stay away from these scams where some con artist will want to sell you gold or silver, and then he ‘volunteers’ to store it for you and he sends you a slip paper and maybe a photograph of what he claims is your gold or silver and that slip of paper is your ‘ownership proof & certification’.

          Apparently, there are people who are stupid and gullible enough to fall for this scam – or else we wouldn’t be hearing so many of these precious metal sales sharks pushing this clearly risky scam.

          • Let’s not forget Howard Ruff in that mix. LMAO!!! 🙂

            Look folks, the price of silver will fluctuate at a greater percentage than the price movement of gold, so it makes for good speculation, but as long as the PTB use minute amounts of silver to make ENORMOUS profits on molded plastic phones, the price of silver will have its limits.

            That’s reality. $200/oz silver is not. 🙂

      5. gold silver platinum

        all precious metals , are simply a means to physically store your personal wealth against SHTF or corrupt FIAT MONEY banking systems.

        beyond that train of thought; you are playing into the global bankers fiat money control scheme.

        the only way to WIN their game … is not to play it.

        by precious metals simply to store your personal wealth.

        • Yes agree but it is playing there game as people chase prices up because they are fooled into thinking they can get rich quick and prices will only go up from here onwards.

          I will only buy more if/when the prices hits $12oz because I like bets that are likly to pay off and are not pie in the sky and that is how i beat the banksters and is why i have more metal than a lot of people here.

      6. Inevitably, somebody will chime in that you can’t eat gold/silver, but for people that already have their food and preps largely squared away, remember this about the PM’s…

        Most people you might discover that you’d need something from in an emergency, regardless of how well you’d prepped; the doctor, dentist, pharmacist, black market fuel, somebody to bribe for passage or other favors, etc., most of these people, because of their positions and pay off’s already accrued, may already have all the food they personally need, or are confident they can get more, as needed, easily enough.

        Point is, even when most are starving, if any non-preppers are not, they are often the people in power or in high demand for some other essential you might someday desperately need.

        The only way you might get to the front of any very long lines for them then, might take something like gold and/or silver.

        While you can state you’d never trade anything you’ve got, much less food, for gold, silver, you can’t insist another take something else if they insist that’s all that would ever interest them.

        So, yes, first load up on food and establish the means to produce more and everything else regarding prepping, but if you see you might have a fair amount of cash and/or investments remaining when done, it might be prudent then to diversify out of some of that remaining paper wealth into some precious metals and other things that might be seen as valuable to a few key others, even if not so much to yourself or anybody starving.

        – Shane

        • I’ll go one better Shane…
          What are you gonna redeem your PM for?….worthless Fiat currency?
          Flashing gold around so you can get priority over those that don’t…will more than likely get you killed .

          Live Free or Die…and you can’t eat gold.

          • No, gold/silver for what I described above was in discreet barter, if doctor, dentist or pharmacist won’t take anything else to get your deathly ill kid seen earlier. Or, somebody needs to bribed, which was the only thing that’s worked for some in the worst of situations.

            You never know what another will demand and value, and having some gold/silver then, for just such occasions, might be just the ticket when all others only have worthless fiat none want.

            Being prepared means being ready for anything and that might include stocking up on few barter items you don’t normally value, like booze, cigs and even some few gold/silver coins.

            Make sense?

      7. I promote my own interests too.

      8. Yeah and i sell beer and thats going to go upto £40.10 a pint so come get you’re now.

        The last time I looked silver was heading back down now that the bankers have done a bit of profit taking but they don’t want to wipe you out or else you won’t play next time when they fix the digits again.

        $12oz silver anyone 🙂

      9. Mr. smith, I think you will be waiting a very long time before silver hits 12$ an ounce. In fact I think you missed the boat and that ship has sailed. You nay say’ers may have been right about the 13$ bottom but I believe it will never be that low again.

        Keep stacking and get your preps in order, and start familiarizing yourself with medicinal herbs.

      10. He may well be correct. Can you imagine how bad things will be?

      11. when the city is on fire good luck getting the fire dept to come to your blaze. Pick up some fire extinguishers not those little ones but real ones that can be recharged. Someone throws a Molotov through your window and you don’t react you could lose your home. Burning the city down is just as destructive as shelling it. If multiple buildings and homes throughout the city are burning the fire dept won’t be able to handle it even with help from other departments. An incindiary thrown at your home should be taken as a declaration of war. Teach your family how to put down a fire with a fire extinguisher. A man was on tv one day and he lived where the wildfires are and his home was under constant threat. He went out and bought a 3 inch hose and nozzle to wet his home down ultimately saving it from fire. If you have a compound of multiple buildings you need to have a way to put out fire. Extinguishers are the minimum.

      12. The dollar is worth $.03 cents. If gold goes up to $8,000.00 per ounce then the value of the dollar would nosedive say from a value of three cents all the way down to a mere penny. What in the world will I do without my two cents???


      13. Anybody can make an outlandish statement like $200 Kazillion Silver, does that mean they deserve to be published? Or as any legitimate credible source, especially when they have a special interest in selling the same product they are pumping?

        It would be like Smith and Wesson saying their Handguns will be worth a Million dollars each so come buy one today when its cheap. Everybody would laugh at them.

        Are you also aware Pension Funds are banned from buying Gold or Silver in their Portfolios? More manipulation to keep them hooked on soon to be worthless paper stocks. Another heavily manipulated market.


      14. I know it’ not the opinion of everyone here but a couple of years ago I mentioned on a post that we had some exposure to the markets. A number of other posters piled on and informed me that the “fundamentals”, were no good and the markets were a myth. Any idea how much money has been made since then? It has changed the way that I think about all investments. I don’t think the markets will one day plummet, I know they will. If you take profits as you go and one day your original investment shrinks drastically, are you behind? I’ve got some stored food that is getting pretty close to the useful life span. If it wastes I won’t think that having stored food is stupid.

        • I agree with your views on this Skeptic. The core preparedness plan must be in place and include things like food, medicine, shelter, self defense, and barter items. And of course, one can continue to add to these emergency stockpiles over time. But for many of those that read this web site, there are also other considerations. Kids have college funds, adults have retirement funds like IRA and 401k. What does one do with THOSE assets?

          It would be unrealistic to say ‘sell everything and buy more freeze dried food’ because the purpose of those investments and plans is different from the preparedness planning (generally speaking). That being said, if we have a fairly decent idea of certain trends being in play (continued monetary easing, for example), then why not take advantage of that rather being wiped out in 401k’s that hold companies which are at near all-time valuations based on nothing but fuzzy accounting, stock buybacks, and B.S. economic outlooks?

          In December and January, when gold/silver prices were trading at the bottom of a cycle we noted on numerous occasions that the cyclical outlook appeared to be in favor of precious metals. Since then we have seen the physical prices rise consistently. The stocks that produce these metals saw a dramatic increase.

          I hate to say it this way, but there is indeed opportunity in crisis.

          I understand I may get slammed for the suggestion that one should consider stocks. Specifically, the argument is that in the event of a serious collapse – the kind that takes down the grid or leads to a government-sponsored financial lock-down, those assets will be lost.

          I agree with this — it CAN happen. And it HAS happened in the past. And many of us are prepping for these very scenarios.

          However, the mathematical probability of those scenarios must also be considered. While I am certain that we will continue to see economic degradation and continued wealth destruction across the middle class, the worst-case scenario of a total Mad Max style collapse remains a low percentage probability. I understand that cyber attack, grid down, solar event, war, etc. etc. can instantly destroy any semblance of financial markets and the economy. But I simply can’t put all of my eggs in that specific basket because my current reality is that I have to pay the mortgage, and consider college or continued education for the kids, or my own retirement, etc.

          There are a lot of factors at play here and that’s why I have long advocated that preppers diversify their “investments” wherever possible, especially as it relates to those who have the aforementioned retirement accounts and such. The trend right now looks good for gold and silver, but some day, when it does bubble, it will no longer be an investment with growth potential, at which point one needs to rebalance that portfolio (just like we might do when we consume our emergency stockpiles over time and replace them with new foods or innovative tools).

          In any case, Skeptic, I just wanted to add to what you mentioned in your post. There are so many variables that it would be close-minded to say that there is only one approach to preparing for crisis and for the long-term trends we know are coming. We all have different personal circumstances and financial capabilities and need to adjust our strategy for these variables.

          Thanks for the comment — definitely great food for thought.


          • Wow ,MAC , YA took the long road to get there , but i get the point , haha.
            I prep for winter every year , its all i have the ability to do , so yes , its different for everyone.
            In a very big way too .

            • I moved out on to my BOL with about a year and a half of food supply, much of it in cans with sharpie labeled exp dates on the lids. I split up all my food in separate bins according to expiration date, and ate the food that was to expire first. I slowly ate away at it, and kept adding to it here and there. But the canned food is now down to about 3 months of supply and I need to get stocked back up again, yet I still have beans and rice in mylar bags for the long term SHTF situation packed away in 5 Gal buckets.

              It was a great move coming out here, and not having to think about buying food for months while I was clearing land and setting up camp. Some days I was so tired that I just opened up the can and ate the vegies or meals without heating it up, right out of the can. Canned food already is precooked, and it is a great way to go for months in food preps. Just have a good can opener. I am about ready for a new opener, as the edge is loosing its cutting ability. I have a hand full of P52 openers. I had no refrigeration for 6 months, try that for the fun of it. I did not drink beer during that time as it is a high maintenance/ ice needed beverage. I may have bought ICE one time in the first 6 months. Instead I stocked up on good bottles of wed wine, which requires no refrigeration for a nice libation. Pour a glass put the cork in and ready for the next time.

              It has been a fun challenge starting out with nothing basically, on raw land camping, and every task or project completed was just another luxury added to the mix. Just having shelves in the beginning to put things on, instead of digging out of a bag is a huge deal. What is really good is that, things you are accustomed to living in the city, or a regular house, is that there are many tings you don’t really need to exist or survive with. You really don’t need plumbing or a septic, and you can use a porta-pottie, dump the waste in a lined garbage can with a lid, and then bury the waste every few months on the designated outskirts of your property opposite of where My well will be going. It will break down just like any other inground septic system. Note I am doing this SOLO, so my human foot print I pretty small. If you have a family, then you probably need some sort of real septic put in. My place is still a work in progress and will take about 2 to 2.5 years to get most everything in place. So don’t expect things to happen fast, or get frustrated, as you just need to roll with it.

              I now have a flock of 14 turkeys come in twice a day First thing in the AM and later on in the PM. They come right to my Cottage porch, and wait for me to come out to throw some cracked corn on the ground. They come as close as a yard away, and I think they look at me like I am their new friend. I sit on the porch and make subtle noises like cooing back at them which keeps them calm and relaxed. I will tell you that that kind of experience being one with nature is truly rewarding. I will take real unpretentious nature and animals any day over lying scumbag human savages. Its all real and in my face. Get out of the Cities people, there is a lot of living to do out here. Clean, no pollution, quiet, peaceful, real, and loads of great nature.


        • Skeptic: If history is any indication, the bull run is just about up because Morgan Stanley has asked the question, “Who is buying stocks?” when the smart money has been selling.

          They answered, “Retail;investors”.

          This is a sure sign that a serious correction is neigh at hand and that Joe and Jane America is about to be fleeced.
          That’s the process.It happens every time.

          Last year I told this community that one of the major signs of the end of a bull market in equities is the rush by retail investors into equities. Its like clockwork.

          So the clock is ticking. 🙁

      15. I’ve come into quite a lot of money for the first time in my life after the death of my Uncle, mom and father, RIP.
        I would hate to squander my inheritance.

        Should I buy gold, silver or food?

        • YES.

        • Food and shelter first… every thing else is a distant second. Save a really large portion for the good future that just might accidentally happen..

          • Thank you both for your reply.

            I’m going for the food option first, and also, some sort of water purification kit… The gold & silver can wait until I know what I’m getting myself into and who I’m dealing with.

            You know what… You gain a whole lot of new “friends” when they hear you’ve come into money!


      16. Great setting on 50 lbs. COOL!!!!

        • Sarge;
          Are you talking about your bow?

      17. I am stockpiling silver because when I run out of lead, well just remember the lone ranger and silver bullets.

      18. They have been saying the same crap for 8yrs, get back to us when you really know something!

      19. Oh no, not this shit again….

        I’m soooo tired from counting my $5K gold over the last few years I don’t know if I have the energy to count my $8K gold.

        Still a 40:1 GSR.

      20. Wow… Keith Nuemeyer must be one really nice man… he’s certain that silver / gold will skyrocket; yet he is still willing to sell it for the paltry amounts that it is commanding today !!! What a guy !!! Such a humanitarian !!! He should win the Nobel Prize !! Why not ? Obama did and apparently just for having a really nice tan …

        • Ouch, You know there have been some Miners hording a 30 day supply of the Silver, to help tighten up the market and to possibly create a shortage. When it becomes hard to find anybody selling Silver, then hold on cause it is going up. This pause in the $20 range for as much as 6 months has happened if you look at the 5 year silver price chart. I think the Manipulators are paper shorting it down, to pick up the physical metals on the cheap. And look at what happened when this was going on in the $15 to $16 range, Boom, it shot up to $21 in a month or so. This same even could be ready to spring up again to the $25 to $26 range from $20 here.

          This article Author claims Gold to Silver is at 60 to 1. He is wrong because Silver is not at $22 and Ounce right now compared to Gold Prices, is it? It is trending in that direction though, after this pause dance. I still see $28 to $30 by Sept to Dec 2016. So keep stacking like the pros. You will be rewarded.


      21. If its not in your hand your screwed.

      22. B from CA… you mean the dollar will be worth less than a copper cent? Well a nickel candy bar when I was a kid is now a dollar. Penny candy then is now a quarter. A cup of coffee was about a nickel with free refills at an eatery, now to drink it outside the home it is outrageously priced. Auto gas was 24 cent a gallon with stations having gas wars driving prices down into the high teens. The kids today and some into their early 40’s never knew those prices, so to complain about today’s prices to them brings a blank stare and a shrug of the shoulders. These days we have gouging collusion. Not funny how that works.

      23. There’s two things everyone dealing in the gold an silver market on any large scale needs to know (and almost always does if they’re at all successful).

        When you’re buying talk it down.

        When you’re selling talk it up.

        That’s how you make money off the rubes that listen to you.

        As for me, I say it’s going to go through the roof soon, buy as much as you can as fast as you can.

      24. So the guy who makes his living selling a shinny metal is telling you to buy as much of that mostly useless shinny metal because things are bad? And that the value of the mostly useless shinny metal is going to go up? And you believe it?

      25. Fiat currency is worthless. If you send me $200 in worthless fiat currency, I will tell you how to make millions from gold and silver. Visit

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