The World’s First Space Nation Now Has A Satellite Flying Above The Earth

by | Nov 16, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 15 comments

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    On November 12, Asgardia cemented its presence in outer space by launching the Asgardia-1 satellite.  The nation is slowing coming to fruition.

    The “nanosat”  is roughly the size of a loaf of bread and undertook a two-day journey from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, the United States, to the International Space Station (ISS). It contains 0.5 TB of data belonging to 18,000 of Asgardia’s citizens, such as family photographs, as well as digital representations of the space nation’s flag, coat of arms, and constitution. While Asgardia’s citizens will remain based on earth, for the time being, the satellite launch brings the nation one step closer to space.
    Asgardia-1 made its journey to the ISS aboard the OA-8 Antares-Cygnus, a NASA commercial cargo vehicle.
    Now it must wait for about three weeks as vital supplies and scientific equipment are transferred from the NASA ship to the six people currently living at the ISS. The nanosat will then be detached from the NASA vehicle and begin its own orbital journey around the earth. Citizens’ data will remain in orbit for between five and 18 months, the typical lifespan of this type of satellite. It will then burn out and disappear.
    Russian scientist Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli founded the world’s first independent nation to operate in outer space in October 2016. Named after a Norse mythological city of the skies, Asgardia is free to join and so far, about 114,000 people have signed up. Within 40 hours of the project being announced in 2016, over 100,000 people had applied for citizenship on Asgardia’s website. After three weeks, Asgardia had 500,000 applicants. Anyone over 18 years old, with an email address, regardless of gender, nationality, race, religion, and financial standing can apply for citizenship — including ex-convicts, provided they are clear of charges at the time of application

    According to CNN,  Ashurbeyli says the project’s mission is to provide a “peaceful society,” offer easier access to space technologies and protect Earth from space threats, such as asteroids and man-made debris in space.

    For Ashurbeyli, the launch fulfills a pledge he made when establishing the “space nation” to take its citizens to space via their data. “I promised there would be a launch,” he says. “We selected NASA as a reliable partner … because we have to meet the commitments that I made 13 months ago.”
    “I was interested in doing something unusual that nobody else was doing,” Ashurbeyli told CNN. “It was my dream to create an independent country.” That ambition became more concrete after Ashurbeyli gave a speech at a conference on space law at McGill University in Montreal in 2016, where he was inspired by a discussion about the laws governing murder, marriage, and divorce in space. “I thought: ‘Why not organize a country?’ Not only for lawyers. But for technicians, for engineers, for every human … because he’s currently restricted by the laws of the country he was born in.”


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      1. It’s not a nation!
        +Nobody lives there.

        It’s not real!

        🙁 Guess I just don’t get this…

        It’s not a nation.

        definition of nation=a large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.

        that’s people. not numbers or photos. PEOPLE.

        • Virtual people that burn out in 18 months. It is getting increasingly difficult to be a realist these days. A dependence on the fragility of digital technology will cause mankind great problems. Analog technology will return to be the root of our corrective action after digital fails the durability test. Power and control is the heart of digits. Physical reality is the heart of analog. Imagine an electric ambulance in an arctic winter. The planned robot soldier will freeze up too. Russian soldiers, not so much. They stay warm through laughter at our Xbox controlled submarines. Software is for soft minds. Ever had to replace your computer? My slide rule here only needs light to see it. But lately I seem to need a magnifying glass. Reality can bite at times but it is all we have in the end. Like the reality of gravity on a virtual space nation.

        • Then, there are no nations left on Earth.

      2. @grandee

        You don’t get it.

        Part of the destruction of the current order is the purposeful destruction of meaning.

        The political Left has led the way in this.

        “Words mean what we want them to mean in service of our agenda” said some famous Lefty sometime….


        • bb/GA…

          Somewhat/half-assed correct..but, always remember that civil war/revolution & wars in general..
          ..always begin, not with bullets/shots/bombs etc, etc…but something much more mundane, methinks.

          ..they begin with WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!
          ..then actions predicated upon said WORDS!!!!

          Think about it..real hard. Then extrapolate the above versus the reality we are confronting…NOW!!!!!!!

          Funny, how we’re currently at the stage defined as..BFYTW* as a society.


          BFYTW = because f**k you, that’s why!!!


          Go here for the hard-ass approach & absorb/browse much:

          ..enjoy much y’all..hopefully, this post makes it past the gatekeepers at Mac’s site. -(deep sigh)-

      3. Oh for goodness’ sake. It is a lark, a funny. Not everything is a serious political statement.

      4. That is almost as funny as my little Opie, they make me laugh.

      5. North Korea supposedly has 2 satellites hovering above us with EMP weapons that they can activate any time Porky gives the order. We supposedly have some kind of weapons that can destroy those satellites. Why not destroy those satellites and get it over with? That would eliminate ONE EMP threat.

      6. Nothing else matters when people are financially unable to afford the cost of food, shelter and a degree of healthcare. Trumps tax cuts for the wealthy and unlimited war spending is pure treason. The people remain stuck in the mud without a collective clue to go about changing anything. This prison police state was built above what I call a whimper of opposition. People only care about themselves big pharma style.

      7. What’s the tax rate in that country? Can you see the implications? Not off shore, but off planet tax exemptions.

      8. WTF is the point of this non-story? Good lord, I’m going to RT….

        • LIKE!

      9. If I get arrested, I will claim that I am a citizen of Asgardia and I have diplomatic immunity. My tax status is defined by the laws of Asgardia and my financial assets are owned by a corporate entity that is based in Asgardia.

      10. Sorry, there are no satellites and definitely no space stations on our flat earth. The firmament prevents them from leaving low earth orbit, as Nasa already reported. Research flat earth.

      11. Can I set up a corporate address?

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