The World Is Sadder And Angrier Than Ever

by | Apr 29, 2019 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    In this day and age when most people have everything they could possibly need and then some, the world is sadder and angrier than ever before. The standard of living around the globe has never been higher, but neither has the discontentment.

    According to a major analysis of global well-being, the world really is getting more miserable. Human beings worldwide are sadder, angrier and more fearful than they have ever been before.  Something just isn’t right on Earth. In Gallup’s annual Global State of Emotions report, all three emotions (sadness, anger, and fear) rose to record levels in 2018, for the second consecutive year.

    Chad took the undesirable honor of being the world’s most negative country. Wrought with war, political crisis, and human rights violations, the country is the world’s worst in terms of emotional health, according to CNN.

    Gallup charted humanity’s prolonged slump by holding 151,000 interviews in 2018 with adults in more than 140 countries. It has measured emotions annually since 2006.

    In 2018, about 4 in 10 people said they experienced a lot of worry the day before the interview, while a third said they were stressed and nearly 3 in 10 said they felt a lot of physical pain. A quarter experienced sadness, and 22% were angry. –CNN

    Futurism reported that the researchers who conducted this study found that the number of people who said they’d experienced anger increased by two percentage points over the previous year, while both worry and sadness increased by one percentage point which is setting new record highs for all three negative emotions.

    Research has noted the impact negative feelings can have on a person’s physical health — studies have linked angerto an elevated risk of heart attack and stroke, while chronic worry and sadness can be signs of anxiety disorders and depression, which carry an increased risk of heart disease.

    If people continue to experience these negative emotions in greater numbers, we could be headed toward a future in which the global population is increasingly unhealthy — a situation that carries its own troubling side effects. –Futurism

    Research has indicated that stress and other negative emotions can wear on the body and even manifest in the form of health problems. According to the people living on the Earth, the world is just not that happy of a place. But there are ways to improve our happiness.

    Alcoholism and other addictive behaviors and suicides are also on the rise in the United States. Feelings of hopelessness and despair are overwhelming far too many in the U.S. So much so, that people are turning to alcohol, drugs, and suicide to numb the pain of their lives.  Government enslavement and the stranglehold on the economy are making life even more difficult on those already struggling to get by. And this is seen in new “death” numbers released.

    This isn’t the best news for any of us, but there are things we can do about it.



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      1. I’ll admit that I’m not sad one bit. Angry at times, sure. Mostly do the pinheadedness I witness in the society surrounding me. But I step back and realize I can’t save a one of them. About the only thing I lack is a good woman… if such a creature can be found. Had my share of drunks, druggies and typical gals filled with vanity and keep-up-with-the-Joneses…. would surely enjoy a female who actually had her head on straight. But… that’s my Don Quixote quest. ‘gidd-dee-up Rocinante, gidd-dee-up, we’ve got miles to go I fear’.

      2. Anecdotally, I see this problem of people’s emotional problems correlating to the rise of large cities. I know I’d be a lot happier and less angry if most of America’s large Democrat cities didn’t exist anymore.

      3. It’s all Eddie Bernay’s fault. Too much propaganda and advertising starting with magazines, to radio, to teevee, to social media. He wrote the book on how to enslave the people to the rat race of consumerism.

        People are unhappy if they can’t catch up to the “beautiful people”. You know, the Joneses.

        • Indeed USA has become far too materialistic to an extreme. Everybody is looking to the outside world for their fix of feel good and few realize looking inside is far more important and productive ! That is also why our society is quite sickly, both mentally and physically.with 75% fat or obese and very sickly to say the least. 90% of all maladies or what we call diseases stem from over weight and obese.conditions. The solution is very simple ! When you constantly look outside you will be sick and miserable and suffer considerably. Nothing new at all ! The solutions to all of it are already with you.

          • DET…agree I am very materialistic. Between the AR’s, AK’s, ammo, gold and silver, and my preps… yeah I am. I consider this a good thing. After living in the Bay Area for 5 years… I think target practice is appropriate.

      4. In white dominated countries, like here and Europe, the influx of millions of 8th century primitives who are hostile, demanding, and ungrateful hasn’t helped.

      5. This story makes me sad and angry. I like the happy meteor story better.

      6. I’m not sad or angry unless someone sticks their nose in my business and starts telling me how to live. Gallup does not have much credibility to me when it comes to polls in the US, let alone the world. I’m just surprised they didn’t come up with a way to blame it on Trump.

      7. Too much free time to feel sorry for ourselves.
        Personally, I have my ups and downs but on the whole I know how blessed I am and praise G_D daily for his Blessings, Mercy and Grace

      8. All of this means Jesus is coming. His will be done.

      9. I’m happy…so leave me the hell alone!

      10. Been told I’m a negative person. I’m not I’m brutally honest. It come off as negative. Truth is as the years go behind me I compare what has been lost in terms of freedom and privacy from when I was young before cell phones and smart phones. Life was simple years ago the news was on just for an hour local and world. You didn’t have the president tweeting. You didn’t have everyone becoming an advocate for medical conditions just cus they have it. Go fund me didn’t exist. There were so many jobs you could show up on a Monday morning and start working. Now we are lied to about the employment numbers. You would talk to your neighbors now they just come and go to busy to shoot the shit. You used to know everyone in your community now there are so many people some here illegally. There was no gun hysteria. People had more common sense. Drugs have ruined countless lives. If speaking truth as I see it is negative then I’m guilty. People say times have changed I say people have changed. I could go on and on about the things that have been lost

      11. I hate you
        You hate me
        Were as angry as can be
        la la la la lol

        The only thing bugging me right now is my doggies life jacket hasn’t arrived yet. Got my stuff to convert the peddle boat to solar motorboat! Had to register it to have a motor on it GRRRRRR. <<<< Dammit now I'm angry about that geeez. Gonna put a 130 watt solar panel on the canopy to charge a 100Ah battery. A small 30lb. thrust motor should putt me around all day. I figger on the lowest setting it will use about 5-7 amps which is the output of the panel. Nothin like free cruisin'! Later I will add power outlets and lights. Maybe I will set sail and go visit relik and nailbanger lol 😛

      12. The top 80% are happy and are enjoying life.

        The trouble is the bottom 20% that are living off the taxpayer, and it is never enough.

        Where is my free food, housing, medical, drugs, education?

        Where is my get out of jail free card, or my card allowing me to break laws and ordinances due to my status?

        Many on the bottom own [a very modest] home, a car, and haven’t worked a single job in their entire life! We all know someone who golfs the entire summer while collecting a government check for some sort of bullshit disability.

        Most on the bottom wouldn’t have it any other way if it required them to get a job.

      13. Have to say, I’d be fat and happy if I didn’t watch my weight and do three hundred push-ups a week. My doctor said, I wish my patients half your age had your blood pressure levels. He took it twice not believing what the nurse reported.

        I hired painters, they sent what I suspect were three illegals. The biggest guy must have been 5′ 7″. When it was time to move the piano I asked for a helper, he was the biggest guy of the group. He looked at the piano in disbelief. I said I will lift the whole thing, you just slide the movers truck under it, he did, off centered. I fixed it. Off we went.

        At this point I’m older than dirt and can still move a three hundred pound piano myself without rolling on its wheels. WTF have people become this wimpy? Really people, you need to stay in shape, you never know when you will need to move 300 pounds of dead weight.

        A little PS, I have never been in a situation where God didn’t give me the extra strength to handle any situation. I suggest people always be right with the lord. I do try. He has always been there for me.

      14. Turn Off -your TV (TelLieVision).
        Turn Off -24 hour made up “news” lie channels.
        Turn Off -Talk radio
        Turn Off -ALL the Liar/Thief Politicians and liar Media about politics.
        Turn Off/Avoid/Limit -downer Debbie, “End of the world everydamn day” web sites like shtfplan and others.
        CANCEL your cable TV. (Buy gold/silver with savings.)

        CANCEL ALL Social Media like FarceBook, Twitter, etc.
        you have more time for useful projects and useful education activities.

        Like magic I have made you MUCH less angry, more positive.
        Like magic your Blood pressure is lower. No meds required.

        CANCEL/Opt out/Avoid
        Anything and anyone that brings no tangible value to your life.
        There is Positive. Find it.
        There is Negative. Remove the negative from your life.

        Media/TV/Movie scripts are a Psyop of Negativity and mind control. Stay away from it. Avoid.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

        Want downer? Open those eyes:
        Free Speech no longer fashionable.
        Censorship, being banned, Facial Recognition snooping, being groped and assaulted to board a plane, Treated as a criminal, shot and murdered by Police while you are unarmed. Police shooting children in Oklahoma. police shooting family pets. Welcome to your New “normal”.

        FBI arresting Martha Stewart and arresting Americans defending the US border. But FBI allows drug cartel, gangs, muslim terrorist, china intelligence operators, to cross into America freely. This is your government at work.

        How are you liking your “Free” country?
        You people will put up with anything.

        • Forgot to add:
          FBI ALLOWED nutjobs attack in Texas at art contest.
          They were in vehicle behind nutjobs and did NOTHING to prevent the nutjobs attempt at violence.

          Local police officer dropped the “not so peaceful” muslim nutjob followers. His side arm against AK longarms. Outstanding marksmanship and guts on the officers part.

          But no one explains why FBI did NOT one damn thing. I think they WANTED bad things to happen.

          FBI allows ms-13, cartels, to CONTROL politicians and Police depts., in south Texas and other places. FBI allows immigrant mosks that are a cover for terrorism evil doers. FBI arrests Americans trying to stop immigrant INVASION.

          What does FBI work on? Rich soccer mom’s who bribe their spoiled children into college. Really? They have nothing better to do? Guess National security does not matter to FBI.

          Justice dept tied up with a coup/witch hunt, against our elected President Trump.

          Why not one damn article on these FACTS?

      15. If you seek happiness, it will escape you. Instead of happiness, which is a byproduct of doing the right things, overcoming obstacles, working toward a goal, having a meaningful purpose.

        Seek rather to be one with the Divinity within and put your attention outside of yourself.

        Be always in tune with nature. Hear the song of the nightingale and of the wind. Observe the beauty of creation and be always in awe of its artistry.

        Do not take for granted the love you are given. And do not be stingy in giving away your love, regardless of whether or not anyone appreciates what they receive.

        Sing and hear the music of life. All is electric energy emanating from us in a dance with Divinity. We are spiritual beings only temporarily in a body. Spirit is eternal and neither can it be killed nor can it feel pain nor can it be harmed in any way. Know yourself.

        You are strong. You are courageous. You are adventurous. For that is the reason for your existence in this material world: to experience life in all its savage glory.

        God bless the agnostics and the atheists.


      16. Pretty much every religion in the world( except Islam which is a cult) has one concept in common. Happiness is found in service to others. I, m not talking about mandated charity, I am talking about choosing to help your fellow man. Doing it voluntarily at whom and where you choose. We are so unhappy as a world because self and greed have replaced this universal concept. It is so obvious to see in our world today. As a prepper many say I must be self reliant and I agree with this but the day I can’t help my fellow man as a choice of free will is the day I condemn myself to misery and unhappiness. I don’t have to help anyone in this world, I CHOOSE to help those I believe in because without that spark of humanity, what do I become. I suppose there may be some on this sight that are of sufficient “strength “ to have never needed anyone’s help to get by in this world, I have not found this to be true for me. If I am unwilling to try to improve the world I live in , to help those I love then what have I become, not sure surviving in such a world would be that desirable

      17. Not me. I’m pretty happy. But then I don’t depend on other people for it.

      18. lots of talk, but no one actually does anything. Millions of vets who swore to defend the Constitution sit and do nothing. What is it going to take ?

      19. Helping others is key but also being the person who is in charge of their life is also key. When you get up in the morning, who ya gonna work for?

        If you are in charge of your life, you can do more for others and reap the pleasure of being helpful.

        Also surround yourself with people you give a sh#t about. I am careful who I work with. I am not going to stress out trying to make something work that will never work, ie: getting a conservative Muslim to care about the LGBT hiring policies. Or getting a black person to read a book.

        Help those who want to help themselves and improve their situation. As an example, lots of dummies go to places like Afghanistan hoping to help them. But you cannot help people who have no interest in education, or the benefits of modern life like clean water. If they are trying to kill you, don’t waste your time trying to help them. Whereas, there are many places (The Philippines, Bhutan, etc.) where people will want your help and won’t try and kill you. Go there.

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