The White House Just DISQUALIFIED Donald Trump From Being President (Seriously)

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Headline News | 237 comments

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    According to the White House, Donald Trump’s latest idea to pause immigration from Middle East countries, specifically by Muslim migrants, is so extreme that he no longer qualifies for the Presidency.

    In a Tuesday press briefing White House spokesman Josh Earnest directly addressed Trump’s purported Muslim ban:

    “The fact is the first thing a President does when he or she takes the oath of office is to swear an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. And the fact is that what Donald Trump said yesterday disqualifies him from serving as President.”

    Though Trump’s comments on restricting immigration for Muslims until the government is able to sort out appropriate vetting processes may be radical, the true fact is that millions of Americans sitting at their dinner tables are thinking exactly the same thing, and if they could say it in public without being vilified as being bigots or racists they would.

    Obama administration policies over the last seven years have made it possible for Islamic extremists to enter our country without so much as obtaining an ID card. Now we have people being killed in Jihad attacks on American soil and when a candidate proposes a solution that doesn’t involve disarming the citizenry or nullifying the Second Amendment he is lambasted for it and accused of being a fascist.

    Half of the American people already put a Communist in office – the very antithesis of preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States. But somehow being a proponent of Marxism is not worthy of disqualification for the Executive Office of the President of the United States.

    If nothing else, Donald Trump has opened a REAL discussion on commonsense ideas rather than the failed policies of both Republicans and Democrats over the last two decades.

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      1. Looks like Trump rang someone’s bell…


          • The first thing Obama did when he was elected was wipe his ass with the Constitution. Now he has the gall to say this!

            Just when you think Obama cant get more absurd, he surprises us all.

            • If Obama wiped his ass with the Constitution, it was not the first thing he did. The FIRST thing he did was give the US Treasury to Goldman Sachs. He is owned by the bankster who bought the Presidency for him and yapping commie commie commie is a very young age conversation.

              • Panic!!!! Seeing the Pubs freak out is one thing…but the democrats? They must sense that ol’ Donny is gunna give Hillary Cluntin the beat down at the ballot box.

                • Off Topic:..just want to say for the record #1 I did NOT post that quote under screen name of smokey.

                  And I Did submit a reply back to smokey and the newbee troll carbon 14…But it seems we here has Two moderators.

                  it seems that when Mac is moderator my replies usually get posted up.

                  However it also seems that as I recall TEST admit to awhile back, that Test has moderator control when Mac aint around…And also Test told folks that replies test don’t like or agree fully with he simply Deletes them and even deletes entire series of replies from anybody Test does not approve of.

                  So Now it works great for smokey and Test and even the Two newest trolls carbon 14 and some idiot “cannon” was it?

                  For their nasty personal attacks upon me or anybody else will get posted up pronto…But then when I or I assume others also try to reply or defend their self and deny what I was accused of That will get deleted so others can never read My reply.

                  Not sure whats going on lately?

                  However I do Know that I been posting here at least three years or more, and right up untill TEST got his super moderator “decider” of whats good or not powers to simply do as I have outlined and Test admitted hes doing.

                  That this webiste forum “Used” to be about the best and had far more Read only Hits, averaging about 100,000 to at times 300,000 thats Thousands! Reader only hits PER article.

                  And the normal usual per article on Forum reply Hits was a consistant number of about a LOW of 500 replies to oft times exceeded 1200-replies per article.

                  I also believe that the MAIN reason for such a dramatic drop off and how it happened all a sudden almost was Precicely due to the fact that obviously Test was serious in hid admitting of total deleting them he disagrees with, and ever since this site has Lost a huge number of former long time folks which shows in latest low pathetic numbers when compared to prior to TEST arrival.

                  I got nothing against anybody here, not smokey nor test et al…But to allow for a small number of folks or even just ONE Main Dictator of proper replies etc as Test has been…Well at least stop promoting this site as some type free speech libertarian joy to behold eh.

                  If Far greater hits numbers is the Goal in Both ad profits, and overall online rateings etc?

                  if I were test and Mac I’d be right now begging them folks Test deleted for good to please return here!

                  But if like test also admitted the other day on a reply back to somebody calls self “Make My Day”…he basically admits that hes okay with his own(tests) replies being 1/2-truth since its Macs site not his!!

                  Man if that aint a typical “Former Lib” per test, attitude…What is?

                  Spin it, switch it, Delete it all! and just leave in parts with 1/2 truths eh…Yeah That sure sounds like a 100% true real “truther” site of facts like no others.

                  And then Top it all Off with grant One guy power of decision to allow his like minded pals(smokey and a few others) to post vile personal attacks and name calling of the greesiest types designed to stiffle speech..

                  But at same time delete the affected persons ability to reply back and defend himself!

                  Whats next? perhaps Test himself can write an article on the greatness of 2nd ammendt gun rights combined with BOR rights of SELF DEFENCE! and how thats what seperates usa from others?…unless you wish to defend self HERE after smokey and a couple others has Their say right?

                  I suppose this too shall get deleted?…or does it hinge upon weather Mac instead of Test is at the great decider helm?

                  Mac I do believe you Must agree that your sites massive Loss of hits coincided with massive Loss of so Many former folks and all due to a small few others here just cannot accept or handle Real truth if its about that “J” Taboo issues they so Fear to learn or mention eh.

                  I recall You saying of folks complained etc sometimes. But “IF” those complaints came from any sizeable bunch? Then the Proof Should show Via this site going Back to huge Hits numbers again as soon as Test or You got rid of whomever you were told is a problem…But that didn’t happen eh…Those numbers never yet returned, while even More regular posters here disappear and hits go even Lower…ONE main issue coincides with that…Since Test got Moderator/Decider power over others…There can be zero denials of that fact…Coincidence? perhaps..but I do not believe so. More like a small few complainers VS many more that Used to come here and also compliment many posters now deleted.

                  Any who doubt it check archives and see how many folks came here and also how they joined in with discussions etc and except for a small few agitators, probably of the big Taboo bunch, Most here posted often how swell it was going and how Much new and important info or knowledges they gained here. Many even admitted that reading Here at This forum, Taught them far more truth than they “Thought” they knew after 40-50 years of being taught mostly Lies Via MSM-Fed Gov-Public school History class!

                  Now weather or not smokey or those two troll type whiners wish to believe me that I did NOT post Under a phony smokey screen name…matters little to me.

                  I am simply AGAIN trying to state for record I didnt post it period. And if mac allows THIS reply to post Up??

                  Then whomever it may concern will know my side of it.

                  Thank You Mac if you do post this up..Them Guys, aka the Only screen name I use since first use of it long ago.

                  • Tg, it proves that you’re living up to your Nazi standards, when all else fails, cry like a little girl and maybe you’ll get some sympathy and pity parties. After all, that’s the ONLY thing you’re good at.

                    • Canon and smokey, The two of you could never come up with ANY REFUTAL to what TG says! You stupid fags know what MSM tells you and thats about it. Instead of whining like a fuckin baby why don’t you show your non existent brains and refute his posts? I DARE YOU IMBICILES TO REFUTE IT! Ok Im waiting go ahead say something smart lol. Watch this folks, they can’t. And don’t change the subject you mental midgets, stick to the FACTS!

                  • Keep on posting your lie, Them Guys. The person responsible for ‘smokey.says’ posts is you, and you only.

                    Do you really think you can hide the origin of a post?

                    • One thing about Themguys, Smokey. He doesn’t give a damn whether people like him or hate him.

                      He has no reason to hide behind any other name on this blog. Only Mac and his moderators know the IP address that that controversial post came from.

                      Unless you have been given inside information from the owners of this site (which I don’t believe is happening) then you are bashing someone with just YOUR guess.

                      If you are wrong, then YOU will be the one telling the LIE…..

                    • make/day,

                      You’re likely correct about the asshole them guys, he’s probably been hated by everybody who ever knew him so he’s got no reason to care about it anymore.

                    • If I’m wrong, I’ll apologize to TG, but I’m not wrong. A 5-year old can recognize his posting style.

                      If Mac wants to clear this up, he’s welcome to post the last couple digits of my IP right here for any to see, as well as those of TG and smokey.says. No identity issues, just a couple of digits, not a problem.

                  • Them Guys,

                    This proves beyond any doubt you are a lying sack of shit. Look back in the archives moron, where you used the handle ” condor; day four” and joked about how you had to use that name because you couldn’t post as them guys without your posts automatically being rejected { because you’re such a piece of shit} You’re really fucking stupid as well a lying douchebag crybaby.

                  • Them Guys

                    Just an upvote for your posts in the past.

                    I don’t post very often, mostly just lurking.
                    In the past year or so I’ve slacked off on reading all the comments. (I don’t have that kind of extra time.) I don’t see how anyone does if they are that serious about preparing for the future that may be in store for us all.

                    Any who… I do miss BI and JOG and some others.
                    (miss the thumbs up/down the most) 🙂

                    Just wanted to chime in on what you have said in the past and the links to back up what was said.

                    There are those of us who do keep an open mind, and NO… I don’t believe everything on the net till I find/do it myself.

                    Try to enjoy your day. 🙂

                    hillbilly SC

                    • Ya like the twin buttlicks that can’t PROVE Them guys did any of that! How the fuck do you idiots know he said that? Go suck some kosher dick morons.

                  • Them Guys:

                    Good post. I have been getting censored a lot.
                    I have been posting long enough that controversy
                    Should be welcomed unless you want a for shit
                    boring bunch of politically correct lies which I can
                    find on the TV CNN History Channel.

                    My reality is different today than yesterday because
                    I learned something I didn’t know yesterday.

                    • B from CA and Hillbilly: Thanks and yes I know you two been here awhile now…And that you guys are wized up etc and love truth regardless what issue it is about.

                      I also realize some certain folks, smokey being a prime example here, have a lifetime of what many including me calls a scofield bible version problem. That scofield problem manifests itself much the same way as antigun attitudes does in liberals…Once their minds made up do Not confuse it with Facts period.

                      And like I stated prior I didn’t expect smokey or the other troll types here to believe me when I insist I never posted under any name other than them guys.

                      As to “Bob” there…You Must know I wasn’t refering to replies I did TWO years ago foolsih one…You Must know it refered to a recent post a DAY ago that some idiot used name smokey and added a period/dot after name.

                      In fact I at first never noticed that “dot/period” added and assumed it was orig smokey that Re-posted a quote I did a couple days ago..

                      So believe whatever you care to…For I and many others here know there are quite the number of otherwise intelligent folks here, that for some ironic anomoly of sorts are so UN-able to handle Real Truths, when its about that forbidden Taboo J topic.

                      IMHO It somehow has affected the inner deep minds of folks much the same as cultural marxism has done…Then once a persons minds so messed up that any issue or topic which Dares name or mention the Taboo-J words….Thats when these otherwise normal sound sane folk simply go ape shit lunatic in abject knee jerk defense and unquestioned support for that group of Taboo J membership.

                      Its probably closer even to a messed up person Spiritually along with their mental part involved in it all…

                      This is where I DO give Massive credit to the forbidden to name tribe folk…For when it comes to demonic ability to derange Goyim minds so badly, no other group compares, except of course for Kommies and that too is an invention By the Same taboo group!

                      If Pulitzer and Nobel Prize awards got handed out for: Derangeing Goys minds…and for…Remaining fully Hidden in plain sight while doing evils…and..for inventing and use of Communism to create and cause the worlds worst ever disasters and greatest mass numbers of Human goy deaths in One centurys time frame….

                      Then believe it or not, but If I were the one that voted on whom gets that Pulitzer or a Nobel Prize award?

                      I’d 100% always hand My Vote UNquestioned! To that Taboo to name group no problem…Which just proves I am No hater per se…No need to reply and tell me how confused you Now are fool trolls…I understand You types.

                    • TG, I love the truth and embrace it. Not like some troglidites here. Keep up the good work and to you kazar suckers, may you choke on it! lol 😛

                  • i thought sensorship was against the constitutional laws.

                • This change is due to the immigration policies of this administration. I am sure it was part of the “plan”.

                  “It Finally Happened”: Millennials Surpass Boomers As Largest Share Of US Voters

                  “15% of this age group are foreign born.”

                  “This generation continues to GROW because of immigration.”

                  “Weighed down by a $1.3 trillion mountain of student debt, a labor market that churns out waiters and bartenders at the expense of breadwinner jobs, an inexorable increase in the cost of housing, and an economic “recovery” that never really materialized, more and more young Americans are becoming disillusioned with the “American Dream.”

                  Indeed nearly a third of those aged 18-35 now say the “American Dream” is “not alive”…”

                  “This generation leans strongly Democratic but on the issues, millennials aren’t predictably liberal. On marijuana legalization and same-sex marriage, they’re left of center. They’ve shifted right on gun policy.”

                  “They will form the largest share of the voting-age population for decades, beginning this year [and] they have the power to swing the presidential election by turning out to vote — or crush a candidate by staying home.”


                • After 7 years of on-the-job training, the current resident of the whitehouse is still not competent for the position.

                  The only way that could be possible if it was never his intention to uphold the consitution in the first place.

                  • Never heard of this rag . To publish an article like this leaves me speachless. How much did the White House pay you to write this garbage. They have nothing to say about who runs for President. We have a Muslim in our White House, who the hell are they to say anything

              • Bush and Paulson had already the keys to the kingdom.

                Watch for a desperate move. The Opussy (people are unafraid to say it on TV now) gang have painted themselves into a corner. A large false flag will galvanize Americans against the present government. Crippling the US economy, even for a short time will cause a flight from the dollar, and even if the present government regains control, confidence will be lost. The younger generation will lash out at us oldsters, correctly blaming us for causing the mess. Face it, us boomers are too old to fix things. At best we are cannon fodder for the younger set trying to salvage a part of USA. Those of us with growing children must try to hold on until they are grown.

                • Well put…

                • One thing you NEED to do with the upcoming generation? Make 2A advocates out of em….. As SOON as possible! I had both of my daughters shooting by age 11. Both are late teens now, and are as adamant in defense of the 2A as their father.
                  Firearms and the ability to protect ourselves, PLUS the ability to keep an aggressive govt in check will be key to our preservation.
                  As the citizens of Britain and Australia will lament to you…. Once the right to bear arms is nullified, reinstating that right is damned near impossible. That said, this govt isn’t getting SHEE-IT from 2A advocates. If they want em, they’re gonna have to come get em the HARD way….

                  • Won’t ever happen, imho. No way are ‘they’ so foolish as to even remotely think they’d be successful at a national “gun grab” …lol, hell, everyone sent out to do the grabbing would be dead considering they are going to be facing well over 100,000,000 pistols, rifles and such …and nobody wielding them will be happy. “They” will try to “starve us out” (we’ll trade you food and medicines for your guns and ammo …shit along those lines). So, stand by for a small drop as we fall into a 3rd-world state of affairs (but a short one as it won’t take us long to replenish medicines or use alternatives). No alternative means you are deeply in trouble …possibly. (nobody has any idea, including them, exactly what to do so that we are convinced giving up our guns would be a wise thing to do. (gimme a break)!
                    Keep prepping, there HAS to be a few months left before matters start getting overly ‘heated’ and then “drop into war zones” (Obama would love to start a civil uprising asap …so don’t let him or we’ll be dealing with Martial Law …and only 50% intend to observe it IF instated)! lol… Everyone is getting a bit “edgy” and that exactly what they want your mind to be doing. You wish to survive, and thus need ALL of your mind. Don’t listen to others in these matters as survival is an inbred-instinct. Kill or be killed whether you have nukes or rocks, Glocks or ‘hand-to-hand’ combat. Is it coming? Oh yes …without a doubt. Real soon? I “have a feeling” (a very ‘nagging’ one), that every larger pieces of poop are going to keep hitting the fans until one is launched that is so large the fan just flat-stops spinning, overheats and everything as we know it will simply end …until we are able to “fight to restore” everything that may be destroyed. (Anything can be fixed with time right)? Hope so …cuz many things are going to be ‘fubar’ed’.

                    • I agree …. hope others will see they’re cooking up all kinds of schemes to…. divide the masses –

                    • There will be a TREMENDOUS LOT to do to even begin returning the U.S. to functionality. Cell phones will be essentially useless save maybe as short-range walkie-talkies. The power grid has been let go for so long it will likely need to be rebuilt from the ground up. Water, especially in dry areas, is going to be a REAL problem. Between fracking and other deliberate sabotage, then add in the sewer systems not working… It’s going to be a serious mess. Americans have had electricity, running water and so on for such a long time most won’t have a clue what to do – and what NOT to do.

                      The obviousness of the D.C. “government’s” action is almost insulting, the tings they do for false-flag ops, blame it on “homegrown terrorists”, Islamic terrorists… they harp on that word “terror” every chance they get. Some folks think there are so many terrorists in the country they’re tripping over each other! The word IS being overused because it’s the qualifier that triggers most of the newer legislation (illegal) that renders individuals vulnerable to terrorism charges. Almost anything D.C. doesn’t like can get your charged with it and, despite (as always lately) the Constitution, in essence those so charged lose their rights!

                      If it was legal for the President to create laws as this one supposedly does, the Constitution would have been written differently. It says that the power to write and pass laws rests with the Congress – NOT the President! I’ve seen members of Congress sign their names to things of late though that I’d have bet they’d NEVER agree to, as well. It’s as though they’ve all got guns to their heads! Yes, there are some who’d make a corporation king, and who would make it illegal to offend any “corporate person”, but especially under these conditions, those were never that many! It looks to me like they’re AFRAID. And if THEY are, what should We the People be doing..?

                    • Look back at Katrina – local cops and, no matter WHAT is being said now, also the National Guard confiscated guns. When they DEMANDED any firearms, a little older gal tried to hand them the one pistol she had – unmaintained, not loaded, held out on the flat of her palm… and they beat the crap out of her after TACKLING HER! Look at Jade Helm worked out, too. If they go quietly to one area at a time, and ESPECIALLY if they have help from U.N. (I still say it ought to be flushed down the New York sewer system…) and others, they can cut communication, and they’d HAVE most of the guns – plus a lot of dead on both sides – before many could act. Obama is running out of time, and his “elite” owners know that any attempt to extend his tenure would turn out really, really badly. We’re ALL almost out of time, and most of us (or too damned many) haven’t a clue as to the weapons they can bring to bear now against the populace… People are too worried about this doomed (deliberately) economy and about trying to survive in it.

                  • well said

              • Yes, but Bush preceded zero in that regard. Think Henry Paulson, Clinton with his Treasury secretary, they all worked at GS.

            • Trump is right postpone the flood of muslims or America needs to start dipping bullets in pig fat.

          • not qualified, I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself.

          • Acid Etch


            Probably the most truthful statement I read on the BB.

          • The question that comes to my mind is, since when do prospective immigrants that aren’t even in the country yet have constitutional protections? Only in a mind that sees a global community.

            • True, Sean– but the problem(not to them, you understand… just to us) is that with the ‘global government’ thing there is no constitution… so, as usual, they play it both ways. We get the “Constitutional” shaft, and the globalists do whatever they want.

          • are you serious? Sober up.






          WE DONT

          • We’re did the word bigot come from. Rats trying to defend themselves.

            • word bro!

        • Obola isn’t qualified but he got elected, not once but twice. Therefore Micky Mouse could be POTUS.

          • At least Mickey was vetted and actually became a rousing success story. Too bad the Presirat didn’t learn from Mickey’s tutelage.

          • I have to agree! What needs to happen is that first Americans MUST wake up to the fact that Washington D.C. is a group of three corporations owned by the Rothschilds & Co.; it is NOT the legitimate government or the true seat thereof, and no agency there has any power that reaches beyond the borders of D.C.! Not LEGALLY, anyway. Obama is a CEO, not the POTUS. Americans at this point have been lied to so many times about so many things that too damned many don’t know WHAT’S going on!

            As for Trump having disqualified himself, bullfeathers! I don’t see or recall ANYTHING in the Constitution about not blocking people from entering the U.S. who are from a country and/or are part of a “religion” (I now have my doubts about that too) that has declared WAR on this country! We see how they overran cities in France, attacking vulnerable women – correction: “females”, who apparently need not be sexually mature – all along the way. “We will out-breed you by breeding your enemies on your own women!” they shouted, gloating, as they forced entry into private homes (which they trashed), attacked the vulnerable of all ages, beat the men, stole anything not nailed down and raped the women, young and old. (I hear they view all this as a “Holy War”).

            Long ago the Arab world rescued science and other knowledge and even furthered it, holding it all safe until the West recovered somewhat more of it’s sanity. That was a time when the Western World had gone backward, turning the gentle teachings of Jesus into a monster of bloody-handed murder of innocents and guilty alike. The Catholic Church was burning and torturing in other ways anyone who understood and/or tried to teach mathematics, astronomy or other knowledge. Now the Arabs in their own turn have gone backward while the real rulers of the West hide the technology they do not wish us to have, murdering scientists, doctors and any others who rediscover any of that vast store of technology and wisdom that we may not have. After all, it could save us AND the planet. Can’t have THAT!

            Meanwhile “President” Obama/Barry Soetoro/??? or whoever he is has sliced open America’s borders and allowed any numbers of any people – gang members welcome – into the country without checks, without teaching, without an oath, and he gives them money, homes, transportation, and all the other things that have been slowly leeched away from we who were born here, we who served this country with the offer of our lives, we who ARE America. Knowing that some if not most of those “refugees” HATE us and our country and fully intend to destroy it from within, Obama pursues other interests, like turning us over to the world’s corporations and their “elite” owners with the TPP, helping to devalue the dollar and so on. The NSA, DEA and other agencies continue to fill the prisons with people who have done no harm, while our food, water, air, medicines, education, job market, television (especially “news”) and everything else we come into contact with are all continuously poisoned one way or ten others, all of which Obama privately abets and publicly ignores.

            And he insists Mr. TRUMP is “disqualified” because he DARED say we need to keep the Muslims out for a necessary time with their savage, pedophilic, woman beating, Christianity (and all other religions but theirs) hating, lying (but it’s taqiyya so it’s ok), ignorant, destructive, thieving rape culture so we can get a handle on just how TO handle this mess, preferably WITHOUT having to resort to the real temptation of simple mass murder. Mr. Trump DARED to suggest that the President PROTECT this country (wasn’t there an oath about that somewhere?), that he put America’s interests and increasingly DESPERATE NEEDS and stop the flow of unquestioned violent criminals crossing the border without hindrance. To see something clearly and call it what it is is NOT “race hatred” or anything of the sort! It’s called “sanity”.

            • The Bible says in the last days that which is considered right will be wrong and that which is considered wrong will be right. Is that not happening now in the world today? I am afraid it is going to get much worse friends.






          • I (speaking as a Brit who hates the EU) have long said Farage is a fraud; his party supports the gay agenda, which means he’s as mainstream at the core as all the others are. So it should be no big shock to see him stick the boot into Trump.

            Trump, however, has more testosterone in his little finger than the entire US and UK political establishments have in their collective bodies. In other words, I don’t expect him to care what these sell-out merchants and peddlers of political correctness think, since they are all morally bankrupt and have nothing to offer us but yet more destruction of our way of life.








          • Don’t forget just who created ISIS (and CONTINUES TO SUPPLY THEM!) in the first place: Obama, with the help of the C.I.A.!

          • Don’t forget just who created ISIS (and CONTINUES TO SUPPLY THEM!) in the first place: Obama, with the help of the C.I.A.!

          • Don’t forget just who created ISIS (and CONTINUES TO SUPPLY THEM!) in the first place: Obama, with the help of the C.I.A.!

          • Don’t forget just who created ISIS (and CONTINUES TO SUPPLY THEM!) in the first place: Obama, with the help of the C.I.A.!

          • Don’t forget just who created ISIS (and CONTINUES TO SUPPLY THEM!) in the first place: Obama, with the help of the C.I.A.!

            • Sorry folks! Iv’e NO idea why this repetition keeps happening. My apologies, though. It could be this thrown-together computer.


        • An illegitimate to hold office, piece of shit, muslim, half- breed nigg er – fagg ot telling someone else that they are disqualified and people actually agree. America, land of the doomed and soon home to a bloodbath.

          • Hopefully not our blood and hopefuly Trumps gets elected and then does what needs to be done to Obamanation and Hilary. Both are criminals.

        • Yah he did and he is the only one that has the balls to say what needs to be said. It is about time we had a president that was for the people instead of for their party and a puppet of the Globalist satanic bunch. GO TRUMP!!! I’m voting for Trump and Josh earnest can just eat a bugger.

        • Someone sure did! Most are not old enough to remember but durning 1979 hostess crisis with Iran, President Jimmy Carter banned all Iranians from coming to America unless a medical emergency. Foreign students had to Report to immigration office to make sure visa legal. There were roughly 15,000 Iranians deported because of visa invalid etc. I suggest looking up if one wants more info on subject. Thanks.

          • Yep, Title 18 U.S.C. says the President can designate a category of undesirable alien anytime he wants. Been on the books since 1952.

        Maybe they should dig up FDR and ask for his opinion.
        The left always drags him around , why not now ?

        • Hammerhead

          We have nothing to fear from Muslims, but fear itself.

          Until the next terrorist attack.

          • There have been numerous terrorist attacks that the opussy gang have gotten away with labeling ‘mass shootings’.

            • Eventually, Americans stuck in the midst of yet ANOTHER of these “attacks” are suddenly going to remember who and what they are, stand up on their hind legs and remind these displaced denizens of the stone age where the money for all that oil – AND the technology that created the need for it – that made their OWNERS sitting safely at home so rich came from in the first place! I hope they realize that the first IED that kills a mother driving her five young children to school along with innocent kids standing near, or the first concerted mob attack like those in the E.U. on a township or a city here could spark that memory! Such a spark could light the now very short fuse that FORCES Americans to remember the two world wars our parents and THEIR parents fought. They were wholly unlike the corporate international liquor store robberies by comparison the so-called “elites” have fostered in the recent past. Americans fought whole-heartedly because they LOVED and BELIEVED in this country! I believe that more of us still do than the rest of the world realizes, than even WE OURSELVES realize. We are close, though, to being forcefully reminded of it. Japan awakened that “sleeping giant” and lived (barely) to regret it. Even sick from the “elite’s” many poisons and damaged by stealth in many other ways, America is a powerful country, a caring country with a great, still strong heart! Just ONCE show enough of us the Big Picture of lies, manipulation, the money-driven murders and the robbery of our and our children’s futures, the sheer EVIL that has plagued us for much too long and all the rest… Light that fire and a great MANY may well fail to survive the backlash, the LASHING OUT that follows that awakening! In a righteous war against real, visible Evil standing bloody-handed right there before us, those of us who fall will do so gladly knowing that the Enemy they took with them leaves that number fewer for those who fought beside them. Finding themselves enmeshed in something like THAT is the worst nightmare of the so-called “super elites”. Stuck out in front and known for who and what they truly are and for what they’ve done is just NOT their sort of fight; they work from behind, from the shadows, and kill with the hands of others, of dupes. A frustrated sex drive in males not allowed to talk with, much less touch women at home is what seems to drive the young men of Islam, more than any love for a dour and demanding god. Using those young men in this way, in THIS country, may well be the worst, and LAST, error the “elites” ever make.

          • Or dig up Reagan. Seems you have bought the bullshit. Both parties are exactly alike and prey on idiots.

      3. Yeah, Most likely the sodomite in chief..

        • Yeah I heard somewhere his wife was a transvestite. He is queer as a three dollar bill and doing a lovely job of kissing the globalist asses and taking the country down from within.

          • If you heard it somewhere it has got to be the truth.

          • You must be an Xtian .

      4. Because this current administration is so concerned about upholding and defending the constitution. I needed a good laugh today.

      5. Do the rounds laying by the pistol in the above story look proper?

      6. Oh, pardon me, I went back to look at again and there was some other bullshit vote on this image up there. What the fuck is going on here?

      7. Obamas term in office ends and trump takes over how does Obummer have anyway over that. I think he’s not gonna leave office if trump wins if hitlery wins yes but not for trump. Obummer the supreme leader better get used to it folks. I just don’t see why pausing middle eastern immigrants from coming in is so bad. They need to be checked out and there is no process to do it yet. Why don’t these Syrians go back to their own land and fight for it. They are not wanted here and aren’t gonna be able to make it here. Obummer is a sorry ass excuse for a pres. He doesn’t do what the American people he serves want. Congress should not pass anything he puts out there even if they agree. Make his presidency a total failure. What has he done for us citizens he does more for illegals. i don’t like the muzzies at all don’t want them here and I will say it.

        • Anyone with an ounce of sense will say it! And as for “sense”: When a Muslim shoots an innocent passerby, Obama wants to take firearms away from US citizens. I’d bet money though that when the shooting is in the other direction, he’ll twist it around so it’s STILL an excuse to void the Second Amendment! HE is so CLEARLY determined to ILLEGALLY alter or void it, I’m sure that these attempts are illegal enough to be included in any charges. And in fact, his assaults against the Constitution are so MANY by now… How many charges of High Treason and malfeasance in office does it TAKE before he gets charged??

        • Anyone with an ounce of sense will say it! And as for “sense”: When a Muslim shoots an innocent passerby, Obama wants to take firearms away from US citizens. I’d bet money though that when the shooting is in the other direction, he’ll twist it around so it’s STILL an excuse to void the Second Amendment! HE is so CLEARLY determined to ILLEGALLY alter or void it, I’m sure that these attempts are illegal enough to be included in any charges. And in fact, his assaults against the Constitution are so MANY by now… How many charges of High Treason and malfeasance in office does it TAKE before he gets charged??

          • Where are the “thumbs up” when you need them…

            • Obama’s masters want gun control because they fear us. Of course he will twist everything he can. It is schizo to use fear to control us and keep the money flowing to the military-industrial complex and banksters… then freak out because in our fear we want to protect ouse lives and our families. If they want this country to settle down then they need to quit selling us out.

              • the current goings-on in the SPITEHOUSE is the reason why we HAVE a second amendment.

        • Amen Brother and more people should stand up like you are and speak their mind and do something to take this country back from the liars and thieves that are in control The politicians do not like trump because they cannot control him, When has there ever been a person running for president that did not need the money to do it therefore cannot be controlled because of it. I am 57 yrs old and I cannot think of anyone who has done this.

      8. Ha! For anyone in this fake administration to say somebody else is not qualified, why that’s like the pot calling the kettle black! What a bunch of maroons!
        You wanna talk about UNqualified? How about a non-citizen marxist muslim faggot for prez? Or how about a racist gangster crook for Attorney general… or a tax evader in charge of the treasury Dept… Or a sleaze bag dripping puddles of corruption ooze behind him as press secretary- Oh, wait, he moved on to be mayor somewhere didn’t he?

        • S,O
          You are telling the truth. This turd we have in office now should be out on his ass.

          They just don’t like that white boy with his blond hair speaking what every good Patriot is thinking and saying.


          • I’d like to beat that little fucking worm with a baseball bat. Smash his teeth right out through the back of his head when I swing for the bleachers. How he could keep a straight face while spewing his master’s bullshit is astounding.

          • Amen, Sarge… I am fed up with the lame stream media telling me what to think…have been for a long time. THANK GOD Trump can fund himself! He doesn’t owe those beurocrats in DC nothing! I hope all representatives in DC rot in prison, no matter what party affiliation…

        • SmokinOkie, I think you’re talking about Rahm Emanuel who was WH chief of staff and is now mayor of shitcago, that ‘dual citizen’.

      9. totally untrue, jimmy carter banned iranians from entering the country during the hostage crisis

        • Yes he did Tom. Also Public Law 414 Chapter 2 Section 212 passed on 6/27/1957 states that any persons or groups who have an intent to cause harm to the United States of America can be prohibited from entering the country. Ignorant politicians don’t even know the laws they passed.


          • There have been numerous times in the last 100 years that the US did not allow immigrants from certain countries to enter this country. During WWI Ellis Island was closed to Germans and Asians. Not to mention that during WWII not only did we ban Japs and Germans from entering, we put the Japanese into internment camps! It’s totally reasonable that we put a hold on immigrants until we get our own shit together (if that will ever happen). This time, if we allow USA to become a Muslim nation, guess who will end up in the internment camps? I agree with Trump on this, not because I’m a bigot, because it’s the right thing sometimes to do nothing until you’ve thought of all the consequences your actions might incur.

            • THe only reason it is being allowed now is because the Globalist want to make the USA a third world country and take our guns, rape our women using the radicals, and just plain old serve us shit sandwiches and expect us to eat them. I like Alex Jones tells the real news not what the bought and paid for media tells today.

          • Here is what I could find (tho PUBLIC LAW 414-JUNE 27, 1952):

            ht tp://

            go to pg.182 of the publication (not PDF pg.)


            There is a WHOLE list of who can’t come in to the USofA.

            BigB, if you have a site for the year 1957 could you put it out here for us?

            Also I found several confirmation sites for Pres Carter and the Iranians. Seems he did take that step.

            Also found this item:
            ht tp://

            Followers of Islam, by law, are prohibited from US immigration
            by Bill Wilson – Daily Jot
            *post #3 11-21-15@9:49am

            Thanks BigB for this info. Do you know if any of that 1957 (or’52) has been changed over the past 58 years or so?

            We should all have this info in our back pocket, so to speak, ready to lay it out for the general public.

            Or maybe Mac could do a post on it?

            • The following from Wikipedia:
              Parts of the Act remain in place today, but it has been amended many times and was modified substantially by the Immigration and Nationality Services Act of 1965.
              When regulations issued under the authority of the Passport Act of 1926 were challenged in Haig v. Agee, Congress enacted section § 707(b) of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 1979 (Pub.L. 95–426, 92 Stat. 993, enacted October 7, 1978), amending § 215 of the Immigration and Nationality Act making it unlawful to travel abroad without a passport. Until that legislation, under the Travel Control Act of 1918, the president had the authority to require passports for foreign travel only in time of war.
              As a result of the September 11, 2001 attacks, the Act underwent a major restructuring beginning in March 2003 and its provisions regarding the admissibility and removability of terrorist suspects have received much media and scholarly attention.

              • Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965

                ht tps://

                This is a good read with many follow up info if you want to take the time to search it out.

                I gotta go can bacon 🙂

        • Carter cut all ties with Iran, making it so Iranians couldn’t immigrate. Small difference but important. Carter didn’t say that Iranians couldn’t come. He just made it impossible.

      10. Sad thing is…. The Koolaid Drinkers will guzzle it down & want more. Fucking liberal pukes. GOD HELP US ALL ! ! !

      11. also…from another site

        by law, is prohibited from US immigration!

        The Immigration and Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 revised the laws
        relating to immigration, naturalization, and nationality for the United States.
        That act, which became Public Law 414, established both the law and the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of Aliens to the US and remains
        in effect today. Among the many issues it covers, one in particular, found in
        Chapter 2 Section 212, is the prohibition of entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by “force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.” This, by its very definition, rules out Islamic immigration to the United States, but this law is
        being ignored by the White House. Islamic immigration to the US would be prohibited under this law because the Koran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam, which is antithetical to the US
        government, the Constitution, and to the Republic. All Muslims who attest that
        the Koran is their life’s guiding principal subscribe to submission to Islam
        and its form of government. Now the political correct crowd would say that
        Islamists cannot be prohibited from entering the US because Islam is a religion.

        Whether it is a religion is immaterial because the law states that Aliens who
        are affiliated with any “organization” that advocates the overthrow
        of our government are prohibited.

        • You got that right Tom ! Good research , saw that posted in my Facebook earlier today by a friend

          • “WE” did no such thing, Prepper1 – Obama did that himself! It’s really concerning me that despite ALL of the many agencies and the self-proclaimed “patriots” in this so-called “government” NO ONE has the cojones to call the President on what he’s been doing, never mind obeying the law and having Obama arrested on multiple charges of… Oh Hell; it’d take me week just to type ’em all. He’s a criminal so many times over it’s flat crazy that he’s still in office. Or it would be if D.C. was the legitimate government, which it ISN’T. They have the clandestine services to help them make sure, though, that no one who knows this gets any traction. Somehow it’s GOT to get out there and Americans MUST ACT in our own self-interest!

        • The real problem is we have already let too many of them in. One occupies the white house, another is his top adviser. Many many more in the Dept. Of Justice, DHS, FEMA, and almost every other federal agency. Folks, the enemy is already at the gates. In fact the enemy is the gatekeeper.

          • Got that right !

          • Which is why we need to rise up and take the country back by putting those kinds of people out of office

        • WAY TO GO TOM !! YOU NAILED IT ! I am with you , follow the law.

        • Better keep this ‘constitutional’ and not USC type stuff. We are not, our laws, living with ‘man-made’ laws nearly as much as we are living under Common Law and ‘God-given rights’ (many of them are inbred, like self-defense, breathing, ‘fight or flight’, etc).
          I could care less if it is legal or not. Just frigging do it, clean them out and lessen their propensity for killing us …or at least their abilities to do so. (Although, one giant mass murder ‘thing’ has its merits)…

      12. Trump would be the next president if the lazy white people get out and vote,but they won’t, they will sit back and say my vote doesn’t count, or just to lazy nursing their beer belly.or vote what their union tells them

      13. They will try to eliminate the threat any way they can. Nothing new here.

      14. Support the Constitution. The last seven years we have seen the Constitution not supported changed by executive orders. So why in the Hell isn’t Obullshit out of office????


        • our country is broke….and BROKEN.

      15. the same thing could be said about Obama and the second amendment
        …. pick and choose…

      16. I don’t know if Trump, if elected, would really be the conservative he sounds like or, if he is for-real, if he’d ever be allowed to get a shot at turning things around without being shot first, BUT I sure do love the guy for how horrified he’s got the establishment RINO’s, Demoncrats and media riled up at the mere thought of a President Trump. He’s exposed them all, for many more to see clearly, that they are all the same in never putting America first.

      17. The White House has no authority to do anything especially since we have a fraud in office with no experience , no class, and isn’t using his legal name. It’s laughable that he would even say such a lampoon thing being the disaster as president, he has been. lolol

        • Yep…..the “Chimp-in-Charge”.

          In charge of what? Not our federal government for sure. That has been left to AIPAC.

          The “Chimp” is a lot lower on the rungs. Actually he is on the level of some kind of waitress:

          Asking AIPAC “May I take your orders, please”?

      18. Western civilization is hanging by a thread. Its strengths have secured it for many generations even though 5th column invaders have been cutting away at it since the beginning. We are at a precipice my fellow countrymen and your enemies are cutting fast and hard seething at your fall. Gird your loins, get ready and prepare the HOST for it is going to get very real. Most will not survive, but only for those few who are destined to the glory laid down for them from the foundations of the earth.

        • Trump will not win if he declares himself as an independent, the gop candidate will not win and hillary will get in. This is what the gop WANTS HIm to do, imo.

          • Martha, I don’t think we have to worry about that because I don’t think Trump is that stupid. If the American people wake up and I say if ….. then Trump should win and he better win or we are in for some very deep dodo ahead.

      19. Hahahahahaha!

        And Marky wants his Maypo!

      20. My Predictions for 2016

        The attack of Trump will step up 10 fold leading into the primaries
        Trump will grow tired of getting attacked by both liberal and the republican establishment
        Trump will declare third-party
        Some time towards the end of the primary process, if it does not look good for Hillary a series of attacks will occur within the United States
        Call it False Flag terrorist attacks, but it will be massive and debilitating
        obama will declare Martial law
        obama will put on hold the election process
        obama will begin to confiscate weapons
        There will be crack downs on citizens who believe in upholding Constitutional principles and they will be rounded up
        Anyone viewed as a “threat” will be incarcerated
        obama will be the chairman for an indefinite time only until after “things have cooled down”
        What comes out the other end, I have no idea, but I don’t see this turd POTUS leaving any time soon.

        • We will see how that works out Stan. To incarcerate that many people your going to have camps and they ain’t happening with out a whole lot of stuff going down.


        • If you guys weren’t so dangerous it would be laughable. I could go on with a lengthly explanation as to why but I feel it would fall on deaf ears.
          Lord God bless the USA and protect us from the ignorant dumbasses of this sight.

        • I have been saying that for a long time, Stan. This election is a joke, because I don’t think it will ever take place. Actually, I don’t think it will have anything to do with the political standing of either side’s candidate. Obastard will make this happen just as you laid it out.

      21. White House has a bunch of fucking idiots running around with a thumb up there ass! President Carter banned Iranings from coming to America during the hostage crisis! Fucking two faced idiots those libtards are

      22. Trump disqualified, all republicans disqualified….guess ol’barry will just have to take one for the team and stay (extreme sarcasm and disgust)

      23. Trump is getting to all of them, the RNC, DNC and the media!! They are wigging out and Trump is sucking up all the air time, he’s playing them like a fiddle. Trump however has a long memory and will pay back everyone who has knifed him in the back.

        By the time we get done with the first 5 primaries we should have a republican nominee. As for Trump he may be the first candidate to never spend a dime to get elected. A true public servant is indebted to no one.

        • Personally i hope Trump gets in, mostly because it will irk the hell out of the pussy establishment politicians of both left and right….

      24. Huge false flag operations on the horizon. Obummer will use these false flag operations to justify national gun confiscations. See something say something will be enhanced w reward money…. freshly printed by the fed.$$$28,000 dollars buys a lot of semi auto rifles and pipe bombs. We will see more San Bernardino type events. Better get trained up by qualified light infantry types before those vets are rounded up by uncle suger. Keep your powder dry and do some fucking P.T you chair borne rangers.

        • My hands are actually still shaking from the kettlebell workout my wife and I just put in. I think it’s really good practice to see how hard you can push yourself and still be able to place your shots on target.

          I think this is similar in concept to shooting with your adrenaline pumping where you lose fine motor skills and are much more reliant on muscle memory and gross motor skills.

      25. Like I was told the election will be cancelled by design leaving the person in the white house..then martial law Declared, followed by the state of the second American Revolution..then ww3 and then Nibiru and environmental destruction and planetary calapse , resulting in it 3-5,000,000 survivors and then 10,000 per state.with women now extinct.



      26. The bassturds are probably freaking out and mad as hell. The puppets and their masters will not allow trump in – if he really is the real deal, which I’m apprehensive of in the first place, but one can only hope.

        Perhaps they let him in and then pull the trigger on the SHTF – “hey this is what he did for you” they’ll say.

      27. For a country built on land owned by native Indians, i lack to see the moral standing point.. America has been colonized the longest with visitors making it look like they own the world. Anyway, each to his or her own..

        • we’ve been over this before Wayne.
          Native Indians weren’t native. They came from Siberia via the land bridge, made war on each other (tribes), made moccasins out of the skin off the backs of their “brothers”, and those were the nice things they did.
          Likewise, Africa. Settle by whites, originally. 50,000 years did it take until their skin turned dark as it is today. (source, Nat. Geographic)
          Mexico, natives were from Spain mostly. They have zero claim to the American southwest.
          Be informed when you speak of “native” peoples.

      28. Hey Earnest, kindly go FK yourself. I hope I run into you after shtf so I can put a steel toe in your teeth you worthless puppet whore.

      29. donald trumps brain disqualifies him from presidency. as well as all the others.who are the leaders and not the talkers. i met 3 leaders in the army in 7 years. that is i would do what they ordered and felt like if they had to it they would. the rest were just people talking. the thousands of preppers are individuals without a leader. no coordination no defense. wolverines

      30. 72 on terror watchlist working in DHS???

        I don’t know how we’re not crash and burning as a country??? Oh wait????…

        Trump has my vote!

        The government doesn’t know whether to take a sh*t or go blind over Trump!!!

      31. donald trumps brain disqualifies him from presidency. as well as all the others. where are the leaders and not the talkers. no leadership no resistance. shit has really got to get bad for the 3% to revolt. but the 3% wins. WOLVERINES.

        • Do we really know what Trump stands for. We love what he says,but is that really what he would do. We know he would use government to take your land if he wanted to put up a building. Just remember before Trump “Declared” Ted Cruz was the one the Republican Party Machine really hated. It seems Trump took the heat off of Ted. So Ted, just keep on “Drafting” you’ll come out in the home stretch. Trekker Out.

          • Goldman Sachs would love to see Cruz cruise into the Whitehouse.

            Wifey Cruz works for them and was/is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

            Not hard to find that they are Washington insiders; wonder why such intelligent? people like Glen Beck has not ferreted out that truth.

            Controlled opposition….Glen Beck and Faux News.

            And someone posted that “just because wifey leans liberal left doesn’t mean Ted is on the same page”.

            Yah, right!

      32. “The fact is the first thing a President does when he or she takes the oath of office is to swear an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” And the 2nd thing Obama did after swearing that Oath was to break it. WTF is this a joke?

      33. Insulting Muslims NOT good! Killing them with drones, refusing them visas much better…form Obama’s mouth.

        • Insulting an entire race or killing select terrorist. No O fan but good god keep it real.

      34. Message to the US (Titanic)……. radical Islamic terror (iceberg)……. dead ahead, …….reverse engines (refugees return to country ,safe zone) ……..if we take on water into the compartments
        (flood the US with Islam)………we shall have to man the lifeboats(slavery dead ahead)……..will
        Go down by the bow(sink)……….as our captain ignores our laws( we go down with the ship)…….
        Oh look in the lifeboat! ………Yep you know who is in them……yet another boating accident…… 🙂

      35. Um…

        Hey Emperor Palpatine?

        You CAN’T disqualify him. But nice try.

        That’s OUR job, not yours.

      36. Trump has already won the argument for the next election with this move. They may very well ban him from Europe and ban him from running for President, but by doing that, they will hand him martyr status. And the issue will not go away. Throw in even more brutal attacks by IS, and the general public will be in a fighting mood.

        Mainstream politicians gain power by lulling the public into not paying attention to politics. They (falsely) pretend to be for everyone and are objective arbiters of public discourse and tensions, but in reality they are out for themselves and act on the wishes of corporate lobbyists. Trump has called BS on this and has polarized and awakened the electorate in one move. US politics will not be the same again.

      37. Am I wrong to say that this is NOT unconstitional because people outside the country are not protected by the constitution? Would love to here feedback.

        • Think you are right on that one.

          If not we’re still covered it seems:
          see above grandee says:
          Comment ID: 3485032

      38. It’s scary that Obama is using the White House platform for his political agenda. It’s wrong too. Unbelievable how frightened I am of what Obama will do to this country before he’s finished.

        • EXACTLY! I’m not afraid of ISIS at all. I’m afraid of my Government!!!

      39. I find it hilarious that so many people fall for the Kabuki Theater.

      40. Not only stop them from coming in , but send some of them back.

      41. trump=rosspurot=truth

      42. my question is how much more tyranny will americans take or will they ever stop taking

        • charlie2dogs

          There you have it. How much will we endure?
          I figure that a large portion of our country will have to become destitute. The flow of money keeps our economy and jobs buoyant and so external factors are not of major concern to most people,”At This Time”. There are plenty of problems going around and we might get a double dose at one time and that will shake the country to its knees. When it gets bad, the people will accept any form of government. Hell people could not tell you what form of government we have now. Tyranny will be accepted with open arms by many.

      43. I may be an old, retired Vet, but I can promise you that the last thing to go will be my Trigger Finger!

      44. It’s a sad day when the US government believes that being politically correct is more important than the protection and safety of its American citizens. It was never planned that politicians run this country, rather the American people run this country. Like Mr. Trump says, “Make America Great Again”. Those that criticize him are the same people that want to keep the Sheeple believing that this country is the greatest, while crushing our liberties and once proud freedoms.

        If Mr. Obama thought and cared more for the American people than he does for his brothers, this could have been a great country again. He had his chance and failed miserably. The Muslims didn’t put him in office, the American people put him there. It’s time for the politicians to remember that. Since when does Mr. Obama care about the Constitution?

      45. This is so much BS. There is no Constitutional Right to immigrate to the USA.

      46. it’s like the convicted pedaphile being given the job of hiring a playground supervisor ….

        if it wasn’t sooo serious it’d be a real laugher ….

      47. Like that sleeper-cell, terrorist, Muslim mutt son of a bitch curios George, “NoBoma” has any room to talk about the US Constitution. That negro would use it to wipe his muslim ass is he could literally put his filthy dirty, grubbing hands on it…

        ***Wake the hell up America before it is too late for us all*** Wake up white people – we, we the whites are at the bottom of the food chain anymore, my God……

      48. How a worthless pos like Josh is able to even lay down and sleep at night, is beyond belief!

      49. Ed Dames is right. My scientist buddy is right. Now 2016 election is going to take place. If they disqualify Trump, with the masses of supporters, then something really huge is about to take place. Now it snot looking good..the American People is not going to accept that decision form the administration..I am getring this sick sensation in my stomach telling me that they are going to throw into shtf, by with EMP or war,or something Trump not being in race is telling me that a total talked over of the government has taken place and that what Alex Jones has been saying is indeed a fact of life..



        Open discussions today. Phuck moderation and phuck me. Let it rip.

      50. Right….there will be no election. A major coordinated attack is coming. Then Marshal Law. Of course they wont call it that. They will call it “shelter-in-place”, or some other fancy phrase. The will NOT go for gun confiscation. But, they will basically make it impossible for you to use a gun with draconian shelter-in-place laws….just like they did in New Orleans and Boston. (you can keep your gun, but don’t you dare use it.!!!). So you all will be disarmed by default. That’s the plan.

      51. If Trump really awakens the American people, look for them to Huey Long him.

        • Presidential Candidate
          1934 to 1935
          Huey’s Share Our Wealth movement swept the nation, and he prepared to run for president in 1936.

          September 1935
          Huey was assassinated by a political enemy, shocking the nation.

      52. the White House cant disqualify any one or anything
        1st of all WORDS have meanings and a House cant do shit but sit and rot
        2nd of all it is WE the people who disqualify anyone running
        this sounds like someone running scared , maybe because even though Trump is a shill, he is still a threat to the current status quo

        stir the shit , its getting really stinky in DC

        • Needs more stirring,

      53. So our Constitution applies to non-citizens, insurgents, foreigners, terrorists??

        Oh yeah, latest on firecrackers, photo shops(look at the mother’s hand compared to father’s, octopus arms), lying/fake/acting children….just watch, Anderson Cooper, another oscar-winning performance!!:

        ht tp://

        just close space in ht tp, this is a must see.
        This is what happens when the public DOES NOT demand to see the bodies of Sandy Hook victims!!!!

        • The Constitution applies to anyone within our borders in certain basic rights – human rights. Only citizens have FULL rights under the Constitution, however – such as being able to run for high office, for instance. Obama has been CLEARLY SHOWN not to have been born here, and STILL he sits in the Oval Office. Every illegal thing about him has been/is being ignored, passed over; NONE OF IT can gain the traction it ought to have automatically! And now, with the full power of the Presidency, he’s hidden his OWN information so deep you’d need a pass through the deepest pits in Hell to get TO it! THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is NOT the act(s) of a man who has nothing to hide; quite the opposite! That act ALONE should get him investigated, and meanwhile held, and not permitted the use of the office he illegally holds. And the fact that anyone who DOES try to dig too deep instantly has major problems, and any information that surfaces is ignored and buried, often along with those who made the accusation… There’s MORE THAN ENOUGH evidence to charge him and to investigate him, and there should be multiple charges – High Treason (he DID take the Oath), usurpation, sabotage, lying to Congress, lying under Oath… and those are just the obvious charges, each multiple, from a man half-asleep! Face it: Obama has a solid, deadly shield around him now, and it’s made up of our OWN agents, that HUGE bunch of alphabet agencies, officers, hidden high-tech gear high-tech behavior mod (long since in use against us), and no one knows what else..!

          I say we need to re-open Philly as the Capital, and convene an emergency government THERE. The one in D.C. is TOTALLY UNRESPONSIVE to We the People and to legitimate Constitutional authority, and that ALONE makes it illegitimate. If he refuses to abide by the Law of the Land that makes him… Come on now, you know the word… and so does HE.

      54. Barack Obama wanted 15 minutes of airtime on Sunday night, the most heavily watched night of the week, to speak to the nation about the San Bernardino shooting. It was appropriate for the president to request it, and for the networks to grant it, but everyone knew he would say nothing new of substance. On the matter of Islamic terrorism, he never does.

        • Enemy – I’d say pretty much everything he says/does either evokes anxiety and drains our energy or inspires anger, fear, disappointment, sadness and/or frustration. Nothing good or positive or helpful. And that, my shtf friends, is my official definition of a ‘Piece of Crap.’

      55. Someone on the Net had a site listing all of Obama’s crimes while in office as well as all while a civilian that would have affected his eligibility to run for or hold high office. I can’t locate it anymore. Anyone have a clue? These ongoing attempts against the Constitution have GOT to count as well, don’t they?

        • Ian – They’re gone. Poof! It was scrubbed.

          Unless that info gets re-posted and you happen to notice it before it gets removed again (because it will) you’re sol.

      56. It is a shame no one from a conservative standpoint has the guts to organize rally’s and million man marches for what the GOP feels is right. All other subgroups rally March etc…

        All of this is our fault for not standing up for what is right. Other groups have lots of talk with lots of protests. No one from the GOP or citizens organize. They just sit quietly.

        • PJ O’Rourke had the best response ever to that:

          When asked why Libertarians, if they actually cared so much about their causes, couldn’t march and hold rallies like liberals always do PJ replied:
          “We have jobs.”

        • Have you failed to notice what happens, even to people with permits who are obeying the law? The Law enforcers themselves VIOLATE the law to attack them! If any movement gets too big, if speakers are TOO accurate and their information too damning, that gathering is suddenly “illegal”. The cops run their own false-flags, then go after the crowds for them. It’s happened over and over again, and it’s been made plain to us ALL that no protests against the government or the President will be tolerated, especially really large, effective ones!

          • Occupy Wall Street was a legitimate protest by millions of middle class citizens against bankster and corporate rule. Media vilified it and police brutalized citizens. Too many right wing schmucks went along without even bothering with facts. You protest and they will do the same to you. Instant martial law almost happened with Occupy movement. Smell the roses next time. Even BLM is protesting the very police brutality you fear… but you like it when they come after the ni@@ers. You cannot have a people’s movement without people. You are the ones who side with oppression every time. Not me.

            • I assume, Rebecca, that your comment was aimed at someone other than me..? I’m afraid I’m colorblind when it comes to human beings. And you’re right about Occupy – that was one of the main ones I had in mind with that comment. They obeyed the law, they had legitimate grievances, they presented them peacefully – so the cops initiated violence, while Occupy got the blame. When the MSM is owned by the “elites”, we’re NEVER going to get much truth from that quarter. And in fact, police were caught several times running false-flags against protesters who were acting with the law and within their rights. This is an increasingly totalitarian “government” – they dislike criticism. And critics.

        • Actually, several groups made the attempt. They were stopped, very quickly, and there was NO media coverage. Over and GONE in an instant, and without MSM coverage no one heard a damned thing except those who saw the initial post on the Net. Which disappeared pdq.

        • Actually, several groups made the attempt. They were stopped, very quickly, and there was NO media coverage. Over and GONE in an instant, and without MSM coverage no one heard a damned thing except those who saw the initial post on the Net. Which disappeared pdq.

      57. Barack is the name of Mohamed’s white horse . Iightning. The rider on the white horse . As lightning from on high. It’s getting pretty obvious even to an idiot.

      58. Rahm Emanuel in Chicago should be impeached,the city is in a terrible state would be afraid to
        Visit Chicago and have many times in the past……….

      59. I like cheap oil,like the cheap gas BUT oil is being manipulated FOR THE BENEFIT OF AN
        ELECTION. Watch what happens to it after a year goes by along with the price of everything
        Else if we have one!

      60. OK White House, go ahead and disqualify Trump. You will see the REAL REASON for the 2nd Amendment.

      61. The entire establishment is filled with traitors, to the point where traitor means nothing anymore. To even suggest that they are such, would make YOU a far-right radical and the traitor…..Same w/ the Constitution. It is essentially obsolete. Case in point: Since when does denying a non-citizen the right to enter the country become a violation of the Constitution.!!!!
        After these latest attacks on trump, and Loretta Lynch’s statement that offending Muslims would be considered “hate speech” and be prosecuted for such….it’s very clear this Country is finished.!!!!

        • J – I agree, “Traitor means nothing anymore”…it’s not looked down upon as it used to be. It’s called desensitization and over the years we’ve all been desensitized… just one of TPTB/psychopaths many tactics.

        • I DISAGREE! It’s only the fake “government” in Washington D.C. that’s finished. They have NO credibility anymore as far as appearing legitimate; they ignore or deny anything that inconveniences them no matter it’s legality. What they DO have is the power of the “alphabet agencies” and space-age weapons they don’t hesitate to use against We the People. What does that make them, anyway, when they deny us the RIGHT to protest our own abuse by this government “of, by and for the People”? What do you suppose we’d see if somehow, someone could get ALL the information on behavior mod and mind-control, poisoning, etc., all practiced against us and make it very, very public?

      62. “…But wait, there’s more! The president enjoys that actual power right now without consulting with Congress in the slightest.

        … the Trump proposal requires an act of Congress, but that act has already been enacted. Title 8, Section 1182 of the U.S. Code provides in relevant part:

        Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.

        So that’s that.”

        — Donald Sensing

      63. Obama is Goldman Sachs is Israel

        • Yep… Obama is not a dictator, he’s a corporate-owned goon. Bankster owned, no opinion of his own.

      64. This President is irrelevant. His condemnation of a candidate is really a huge endorsement for Trump. Josh Earnest (The Prez’ liar to the media) should know that the Bill of Rights forbids a qualification-for-President TEST based on anything someone says. Get the current lame duck out of Washington and lets see if anyone can clean up the cess pool.

      65. This entire debate is so Bazaar, congress by law set limits on immigration (Quotas) that Obama is directly contravening. Obama is not only ignoring this law with his policies he is breaking many laws as well as illegally diverting funds to further his human trafficking plans.

        The mere fact that Obama has totally exceeded the number of allowable legal immigrants, means there should be a total moritoium on all immigration immediately. I don’t like Trump and will not vote for him, but under US law there is nothing he said that us unconstitutional or illegal.

        Obama is the one committing impeachable offenses.

        • This entire debate is so Bazaar, congress by law…….

          STOP right there–you’re speaking about a congress that for days questioned a baseball player about steroid use!!
          THAT same congress!! Psst!!

      66. Even if Trump is owned by the Rothschild cabal, at least he is saying what should be said. All this is just rearranging the deckchairs on the USS United States….

      67. Oh, s*it! remove the damned space!!

        ht tp://

      68. I don’t believe a word that comes out of Trump’s mouth. He is no better than the rest of the sorry lot that pander to corporate dictates. He has offered nothing of substance that the American people demand. The fact that he is even in the race getting msm coverage shows he is an acceptable candidate to the establishment. He is the perfect psyop to make people believe they have a legitimate choice and someone worthy of their vote. Trump is the king of assholes. I still say his whole gig is to divert attention away from the criminal deeds of mostly Clinton and to a lesser extent Jeb! Like the rest Trump is 100% a chronic liar.

        • Media ignored Bernie Sanders and gave Trump a free campaign. Corporate-owned media does that because… I know you can fill in the blanks here.


      70. All we can do is inform and educate. Hopefully information on justice and freedom we email out or post will get out into the ‘wild’ where the common folks will read it. That is our only hope. Maybe our Quixotic quest won’t be successful, maybe it will. I am reminded of the Battle of Midway (just google for full details). Basically the tide turned when a squadron of American planes, almost out of gas, was about to turn back. But they had courage and commitment, and gave it one more go just before they knew they would get back only on fumes, if that. By “chance” they spotted a Japanese destroyer returning to the main fleet after chasing a US sub. They followed it and attacked. The rest is history. Well, almost. Just before that, US torpedo planes had attacked, and almost all of them were shot down. Shot down… kinda like our blogging and emailing. However, the Zeroes were forced to come down from high altitude where they had been to help shoot these torpedo planes down, and thus no one was left “up top” when the US dive bombers showed up. The torpedo pilots went to their deaths, thinking they failed. Except that their courage and stick-to-it-ivness paved the way for the dive bomb attack, which in turn changed the battle, and in turn changed the war.

        In a similar vein, the Bismark was attacked by British ***biplanes*** – the Fairey Swordfish. I.e., the most modern, powerful battleship in the world at the time, attacked by biplanes… no doubt, piloted by Snoopy from Peanuts. Pretty much a disaster… except one of the Swordfish torpedoes hit the Bismark’s rudder, and as it could not be repaired in a timely manner… to it sailed in a circle, and was a sitting duck, and sunk.

        So… just maybe our attempt at communicating is “nothing more” than those torpedo bomber pilots, or Fairey Swordfish pilots. But you just never know when Providence will get sick of the arrogance and proud, and use our puny little efforts to some greater good.

        We need to show up. The rest is up to God. Showing up in the old days meant spilling blood. Today it just means people thinking you are an idiot and pressing DEL on your emails. Can’t be helped.

      71. If that’s what the people want, then you have no say! This isn’t a dictatorship, this is a democracy white house. Our Country is in trouble and Trump knows what needs to be done.

      72. What the fuck? You’re actually supporting BANNING muslims from America? DO you realize how utterly retarded it is? 99% of muslims aren’t fucking terrorists, stop discriminating them. For that 1% lets hope the goat fuckers get what they deserve.

      73. when a guy who still has his balls and pecker can be, with a straight face, called a woman, then you know the nation is living in fucking la la land. More interestingly, now you see someone saying the emperor from Kenya has no clothes. Just by saying Islam is not terrorism, they swallow it, but Trump is channeling all of us in America who still have two brain cells to rub together.
        They want to call us stupid and rubes and bigoted, fine, they are going to have a big, big problem on their hands when the TRUTH wipes out a big city.

      74. I don’t know if the country can survive until the end of Obama’s reign. I am betting before he leaves office he will sign some of those executive orders making assault rifles and other weapons illegal except for law enforcement. As was already said he is the one who has no regard for laws he does not like.

      75. If anyone was disqualified to be president it was Barack Hussein Obama! He was a fraud from the start and his run for the president began with rigged caucus votes in Iowa in the 2007 primaries….
        Some excerpts—
        “President Obama was cultivated and created as a candidate since the early 1990s by Jewish capital to serve Zionist interests, something I have written a great deal about. It is remarkable that this controversial billboard (( see below: )) appeared in Iowa, the same state where the dark horse candidate Obama came from behind to win – after the rigged caucus in which the caucus votes were tallied by Voxeo, a company connected to Israeli military intelligence.”
        (( Bollyn, Christopher, “ELRON – VOXEO: The Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies the Iowa Caucus”, December 31, 2007 ))
        ” ‘The Obama-Hitler-Lenin billboard of the North Iowa Tea Party’ was papered over one day after it was posted. Did it get too close to the truth?”
        “Is the Obama-Hitler Billboard Correct?” (June 15, 2010)
        “A controversial billboard comparing the “change” of U.S. President Barack Obama with Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin raised eyebrows before it was papered over one day after it appeared in Mason City, Iowa. The billboard suggest(ed) that Obama is a radical socialist leader similar to Hitler and Lenin. This is, in fact, a true comparison, which is probably why it was papered over so quickly. Obama, Hitler, and Lenin were all initially financed by Rothschild money. If we look at the historical records, we can clearly see that all three leaders were originally puppets of the House of Rothschild.”

        Trump is far more qualified than Obama ever was!!

      76. Just google up
        “Public Law 414”
        and you will see that Mr. Trump’s proposed exclusions are the law of the land and have been for 63 yrs.

      77. Wasn’t that Rand Paul’s idea?

        • Yes! and Paul is a double headed Snake.

      78. Obama’s handlers hijacked the presidency when the evidence could not be any more clear that Obama was not born in this country and now HE has the audacity to disqualify a natural born citizen from becoming president for simply exercising his first amendment right? Obama has not voice in this, let the people decide.

      79. This POS Josh Earnest thinks that the Anti-American Commie Muslim Terrorist Boy in the WH trying to destroy the Constitution and the American People is qualified to be President. They both should not be breathing America’s Free Air.

      80. Obama and the horse he rode in on (Goldman Sachs), knows that facts are irrevalent. He is
        as always appealing to a subconscious emotional response to trigger the desired result.

        TV uses brainwashing techniques. Get it out of your life and away from your children. The reason for Europe’s suicidal actions is the same as America’s. Their media is owned and operated by a foreign enemy hellbent on genocide. Not victims, they are victimizers.

        • Got rid of my television almost 40 years ago. Makes it easier to think.

          • Good show! Got rid of mine years ago, too. The effects are obvious once you look for the causes of certain behaviors. Flicker rate modification is just ONE thing the blasted babblebox does, too, and list of effects seems almost endless.

            • I hear ya! I gave my TV up because I had to work and didn’t need the boob tube between me and my young son. It made even more difference than that. He is almost 40 with his own children and they ration TV to chosen movies. He has a much stronger relationship with his children and wife for it.

      81. The White House has NO POWER to disqualify any political candidate. I’m no fan of Donald Trump, but Donald Trump has said things that many people here in the United States have long thought. Also, there is NO RIGHT to come to the United States. The Immigration and Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 revised the laws relating to immigration, naturalization, and nationality for the United States. That act, which became Public Law 414, established both the law and the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of Aliens to the United States and remains in effect today. Among the many issues it covers, one in particular, found in Chapter 2 Section 212, is the prohibition of entry to the United States, if the Alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by “force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.” This, by its very definition, rules out Islamic immigration to the United States, but this law is being ignored by the White House. Islamic immigration to the United States would be prohibited under this law because the Qu’ran (Koran), Sharia Law, and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam, which is antithetical to the United States government, the United States Constitution, and to the Republic. All Muslims who attest that the Qu’ran (Koran)is their life’s guiding principal subscribe to submission to Islam and its form of government. Now the “political correct” crowd would say that Islamists cannot be prohibited from entering the United States because Islam is “a religion.” Whether it is “a religion” is immaterial. Why???? Because the law states that Aliens who are affiliated with any “organization” (that includes “a religion”)that advocates the overthrow of our Government are prohibited.

      82. Hmmm

        There isn’t a damn thing in the Constitution that requires the Government in general, or the President in particular to allow ANYONE TO IMMIGRATE into the US. In fact there are no constitutional restrictions preventing the government from shutting down immigration completely for an indefinite time period. The President of the United States and a whole host of scumbags in Congress are lying plain and simple.

        What does “disqualify” one for President and Congress is someone willing to misuse the power of the oval office to issue Presidential signing “orders” that contravene established law and/or the Constitution. And a sitting President who did that should be impeached. Which begs the question why hasn’t Obama and every single member of Congress who supports these action been impeached and charged with treason yet?

        It is interesting how certain parties effectively derailed the discussion about the clear Constitutional issues surrounding gun control.

      83. If this were true. It would start a new civle war.

      84. obama does not have the authority to disqualify Trump from being President. Actually, his plan would protect the citizens of America which is something obama would know nothing about as the only thing he cares about is getting his brother muslim jihadists in our country and helping them take over America. We are so close to that today that people better start getting prepared for a massacre like they have never seen or heard of before.

        • obama should be tried for treason.

      85. Obama is a hypocrite. He has had 4 attempts at the ‘oath of office’ and failed on each occasion. Joe Biden has been the POTUS since 2008 !!

      86. Obama should just make it simple. If you were born here and you don’t want our country to be overthrown, he wants you to shoot yourself in the head and make it easy for him.

      87. Obama did not disqualify Trump but three fuel on the fire stated trump has disqualified himself. Regardless it isn’t difficult to see the end game. Democrats stir the pot and make sure the republicans have to denounce trump. Then trump gets pissed and starts his 3rd party bid and HC wins. It will be Rubio/kacish ticket against Clinton and whoever. It will be close unless trump wants more attention and joins in. HC in a landslide if trump joins in.
        Trump is a fuckstick. He is not self made and not all that great at business. Poor Donald only had a small million dollar loan (way back when a million was a whole lot of money). He then took advantage of bankruptcy laws 4 separate times. He is really good at selling himself and his billion dollar image. Trump is old and sad. He thrives on attention and appears to be bored with life. The republicans will kiss his ass as this election cycle continues and it will beard to watch.

        • Trump started out with a established real estate co his Dad began and trump and his siblings took it over at death of father and it Then was worth $200-Million.

          Indeed hes NO self made man nor millionaire etc…More like born with Platnium Spoon eh!

          Trump also said in an MSM Live interview for some TV show that when it comes to Israel and NuttyYahoo…

          TRUMP:..”I stand for and with Israel 1000% and thats Ten times better than Their 100% stance! and as for Bibi Nuttysatan, I count Bibi in israel as MY number ONE best personal friend!”

          So just whom is the real true “independant”minded candidate?…NONE ARE!

          Marco Joobio as is Chaz as is boby jindahl as is that women state govner of S carolina is it?…ALL are NOT Natural Born legit citizens and Disqualified to run for usa Prez.

          Now we know reason every neocon repub and fox tv neocons were so adamantly opposed to discussing Hobammys Birth Cert issues eh!

          The current crop of seeds planted by israel and goldman sachs to run, are ALL duped Pawns and agents of AIPAC period…

          Trumps daughter recently married a jewish NY Real estate Oligarch with billionaire daddy…Trump was very very happy on that marriage.

          indeed once all arabs and muslims gets killed off or refugeed into Other nations of EU and USA and Nuttyahoo Cabal of Land theft wheeler dealers rolls in giant D-10 Cat Dozers perhaps the “Donald” has lucrative Israel Land deals in real estate planned for mid east regions eh?

          With his daughter Now resideing in Israel and NY as dual citizen like her hubby and his daddy…What can go wrong?

          There is Always far More hidden behind that Bagel than we are privy to.

          • Hey tg, weenie genie has your room all set for your little Nazi homo sex party, he said for you to bring the BIG butt plug this time lol!

      88. You people really are idiots with no regard for the truth. First, the white house cannot and did not “disqualify” Trump. It merely stated Trump was not qualified to be president. A valid opinion that the white house was exercising it liberty of free speech to make. I see no difference in this statement and statements made questioning the qualifications of Obama. They are all the same thing; an exercise in liberty to express oneself freely. Unfortunately, as we see here, some use that liberty to spew outright lies while smugly thinking they are somehow being patriotic but are in reality a danger to individual liberty.

        • I hear ya. No freedom of speech allowed if you are a black president.

      89. This evidently will be some sort of civil war. To turn U.S.A. back to true citizens.And TRUMP shall be our commander and chief. Lock and load true fellow American’s.

      90. Only Trump is real President like Putin just as strong.

      91. Reminder: Jimmy Carter banned all Iranians from entering US

        During the Iranian hostage crisis, Carter issued a number of orders to put pressure on Iran. Among these, Iranians were banned from entering the United States unless they opposed the Shiite Islamist regime or had a medical emergency.

        Reminder: Jimmy Carter banned all Iranians from entering US

        Here’s Jimmy Carter saying it back in 1979.

        Fourth, the Secretary of Treasury [State] and the Attorney General will invalidate all visas issued to Iranian citizens for future entry into the United States, effective today. We will not reissue visas, nor will we issue new visas, except for compelling and proven humanitarian reasons or where the national interest of our own country requires. This directive will be interpreted very strictly.

        Apparently barring people from a terrorist country is not against “our values” after all. It may even be “who we are”. At least Trump,just like Carter, had enough balls , and common sense to say what needs to be said , and then acted upon !

        Meanwhile here’s how the Iranian students in the US were treated.

        Carter orders 50,000 Iranian students in US to report to immigration office with view to deporting those in violation of their visas. On 27 December 1979, US appeals court allows deportation of Iranian students found in violation.

        In November 1979, the Attorney General had given all Iranian students one month to report to the local immigration office. Around 7,000 were found in violation of their visas. Around 15,000 Iranians were forced to leave the US.

        I’m not a Depublican,or a Remocrap, I’m an AMERICAN and proud of it !

        islam with a little i is the most blood thirsty murderous ideology in world history ! Read World History, the quran and hadith, it lays it all out for you . Also look up TAQIYYA and KITMAN,
        There are two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, Taqiyya and Kitman. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.

        There is NO SUCH THING as moderate peaceful islam , never has been,never will be! Educate yourselves. Don’t listen to the politically correct talking heads .

        Right now, as I type this, islam is destroying,murdering,stealing, gang raping, burning down Churches,Synagogues, Temples around the world, killing women and children, Old people,and those who can’t fight back, and now ,in America. THAT’S THE WAY OF islam, Always has been, always will be,EDUCATE YOURSELF, and if something D. Trump said offends you or pisses you off I’ll personally buy you a one way plane ticket to the closest muslim nation of your choosing.

        In every country that muslims are a minority, they are obsessed with minority rights.
        In every country with a muslim majority There are NO minority rights !

        If America ever goes down, her grave stone will read IGNORANCE, APATHY, and POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, Seems to be a lot of that around these days!


      92. Here is someone who violates the Constitution every minute of every day and he thinks Trump is not qualified because of a comment?! That is absolutely absurd!!! If he wants to disqualify someone, all he needs to do is look in the nearest mirror.

        • Buy the ticket for yourself. I don’t have to think Donald Chump is anything but the narcissistic ditwad he has always been. If he is your hero… it is on your head.

          • Hi Rebecca, you’re 100% right, you don’t have to think anything about D.Trump at all. As a matter of fact ,{you don’t even have to think if you don’t want to},or,you can think he’s a narcissistic ditwad. This is America, and I would fight for your right to do so ! My Apologies For the plane ticket remark. Although,{IF, and I said IF,} you are one of those unfortunate, dumbed down , bleeding heart,global warming, tree hugging , propagandized, every thing’s whities fault liberals,-
            -“You” declare your own incapacity to carry on an intelligent conversation, and your opinion has become irrelevant at this point ! Also , don’t try that race card BS , That’s worn out with no basis in truth whatsoever. There’s only one race ,The Human Race, and I’ll assume that you are way smarter than that !

            Sure D.Trump blows his own horn, {name anyone running that isn’t,} Republican, or Democrat.

            Politics,and Business,are likened to a product.{EVERYONE’S} selling his,or her own wares !

            Thoughts,Plans,Beliefs,Products, Skills. That’s how it works, It’s called {Marketing.} This is America !

            Can you imagine the success of any company, politician, or individual that wouldn’t ?

            I suspect, that you really don’t like, Donald Trumps success. If I’m wrong, I stand corrected, and I’m sorry.

            The man legally created a multi-{billion} dollar business from a million dollar loan from his Father. What’s wrong with that ? This is America, Remember? Hard work,Investment in ones self,and others. The knowledge that you can go as high as you want,and be who you want to be, if you’ll work hard,follow your dreams,and reach for the prize. That’s what we do in America !
            I guess Mr. Trump should have saw to it that he was born to poorer parents!
            Imagine that , The audacity of that man,to be born into a well to do family !
            By the way, his Daddy {WORKED {VERY} HARD} for every thing he ever made,SO DID DONALD!

            Let me guess,if your Father or Mother offered to loan you 1 million dollars,and said here, go make something out of yourself,you wouldn’t take it ?
            {Come on} You would take the loan.And then if you did,and were successful,and decided to run for the highest office in the land, you would be calling attention to the {Fact} that you know Finance,
            Especially if the country you were running in was on the edge of total financial collapse!

            Concerning those times Mr. Trump suffered some adversity, what happened ? He fought on ! He kept on believing in his vision, He legally reorganized his business and flourished , the same way he wants America to flourish! What’s wrong with that ? This is America .
            Mr. Trump has more financial expertise in one split end of his real hair than all of the other candidates put together!

            What are you wanting ? More of the same ole,same ole,followed by total economic destruction ? Or maybe we should bring every muslim in the world to the USA, I mean after all, they’ve demonstrated just how peaceful they really are since the time of mohammed, just read History,JUST LOOK AROUND.

            While were at it, let’s try to disarm every peace loving citizen,and allow only muslims, illegal immigrants, street gangs,or other subversives to possess firearms. I pray they never try, I fear they might cause the Bloodiest Civil War in World History, and nobody wants that . Or I know, let’s just tear down all the borders, and do away with our National Sovereignty. While were at it, let’s further decimate the US Military, After all, they’ve been the greatest, and only deterrent to WW 3
            since the last one ! Who’s afraid of a toothless dog ?

            Let’s keep teaching Our Children there’s no GOD,no Accountability, to have no love for GOD,Family,or Country,to be Sexual Deviants,Drug Addicts, that MURDERING Unborn Children is alright if you call it
            a womans right to choose. NO,let’s call that what it is, THE RIGHT TO MURDER THEIR UNBORN CHILD !

            Let’s teach them nothing about the Bible,the Constitution,the Bill of Rights,{NOT requests}, and
            just {WHO} gives us those rights ! CLUE, It’s not the Feds, or the Supreme Court,or Senators, or Congressmen, and man have they fallen WAY out of line with our form of Government! Let’s not teach them about our form of government, each branch,and what they legally can, or can not do. Let’s see to it that our children, and their children, and so on,are slaves to the debt that these fiscal looting monsters and special interests in DC have created.
            Let’s not tell them that the Federal Reserve, is not Federal, or a Reserve at all, but a Banking Cartel that creates money out of nothing , and then charges huge amounts of interest to the American People further enslaving us,and future generations of Americans.
            Yes Rebecca, we’re all still on the Plantation, and the Fed is our Masters,all because we turned away from the American form of government and rule of law.

            Let’s just be politically correct,tiny,pathetic,weak,scared,little non-men,and non-women who are so concerned with being elected, or re-elected that we can no longer critically think ,or govern.

            Freedom of speech is for people who believe in freedom of speech! NOT for people to come into our country, and recruit for Isisholes, and Al-Stupida !
            Our Constitution , and Bill of Rights extend to American Citizens,not the rest of the world ! If you don’t believe that,read the unrevised history of our country, and the founding documents if it really does matter to you.
            Our Constitution in no way mandates National Suicide, as many in high office , and the media would try to have you believe.

            America does NOT owe every one, every where,every thing,every time, including non-vetted access to our country. We already have more people than the rest of the world combined coming here every year!

            I’m all for legal,properly vetted immigration,where people plan on assimilating and being part of Our Culture and Society, but you HAVE TO HAVE COMMON SENSE ! In an age of Miniaturized Nuclear Weapons, Biological and Chemical Weapons ,islamic TERRORISM, and GOD only knows what all, someone’s going to tell me that I have be be careful that I don’t offend a muslim ? They’re killing
            our women, children, old people, destroying Holy Sites all over the world, and we have to be careful to not offend them ?
            THIS IS PURE INSANITY ! INSANITY at its best, and possibly a 2015 version of the TROJAN HORSE being
            operated right out of DC itself, at its worst .

            Can you believe that I heard John Roberts of FOX news say that some are worried about Trumps TEMPORARY moratorium on muslim immigration ? The muslims might be able to recruit more fighters because they don’t like it? NEWS FLASH , They’ve been killing us for centuries, Us being the People of the world !

            Here’s the PC rules , they kill our women, children, old people, destroy our Holy Sites, literally cut off heads,and hands, burn and bury people alive, right now they’re commiting the greatest genocide of Christians in the Middle East, and Africa, possibly in world history, and they’re starting here ,and the best the PC police can come up with is don’t say anything about stopping the
            inflow of muslims untill we get our act together, it might offend them ? Whaaa ?

            Do you know what that means? “THEY WIN”, It means they control Homeland Security Policy for the USA!They decide Foriegn Policy,what can be said on the news,and what can’t, IT’S Already Happening,
            What the —- Tell ya what , if you ever meet a muslim terrorist , hand him or her a frickin Smoors, and try to get em to sing campfire songs with you, see where that gets you, Cut, Shot, Raped , Maimed,maybe all 4, but don’t say anything to the little devil, you might upset him,or her. Wake Up!


            Back to Success. I hear a few people down on Trump,but {the Vast Majority are for him} and, I’ll tell you this . If you keep doing the same things over, and over again, expecting a different result,—–don’t get around any squirrels,you’re nuts !

            What has business as usual done for us in the last 16 years ?
            The reason the media and both so-called parties are down on Trump is simple ,The Globalists Can’t Buy Him.
            They Can’t Dictate Policy,Foreign or Domestic,they Can’t Control Him, and HE STILL BELIEVES in AMERICA, and a Strong America would never give up her Independence !
            To attack TRUMP for being SUCCESSFUL, Thats like tearing a chapter out of Oblah blah,blahmas new book , you know, The Midas Touch,–How to turn everything you touch to shi#. Please wake up !

            Right now, America’s going down a path trodden by the likes of Aleister Crowley,and Anton Lavey,-
            DO WHAT THOU WILT SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW, and there is no law and order in DC anymore!
            LAWLESSNESS has overtaken OUR REPUBLIC ! They act like the Constitution, and Bill of Rights belong on a little roll on the bathroom wall.

            You can tell I’m a Conservative Constitutionalist, and I love my country,and this election cycle will go down as the most important in American History ! Let’s all get busy,and take our country back.
            Man , I would love to see a TRUMP, CRUZ Ticket, or, a CRUZ ,TRUMP Ticket, either way, I think it would be a power House !

            I’ve been a Republican for most of my adult life,- {after I grew up.} {The 60’s,ended a long time ago} Do you remember the song we won’t get fooled again by the Who ? came out in 71.
            Well, WE SURE GOT FOOLED AGAIN ! Man we didn’t see this one coming did we ? Change we could all believe in ,sure, I guess so, in a democrat, progressive, socialist, headed for communist,racially divisive, fallin out the rainbow kinda way.An absolute date with national destruction,if our course doesn’t change.

            Lets NOT get fooled again! NOT this time, Anytime any politician starts that PC bullshirt, squaking puke ,please reject them immediately ,they’re going to get a bunch, if not all of us killed someday!
            If we don’t get men and women of character, and courage elected all will be lost !
            Also, Republican Party, please keep your word to D. Trump, Only you, and you alone will demonstrate whether or not your word is honest enough to lead us through these troubling times and what lies ahead !

            It wasn’t Globalisim that made America the greatest nation in world history, it wasn’t the European model for government,It wasn’t Political Correctness, it wasn’t do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law !
            It absolutely was Judeo,Christian,Values, coupled with the Constitution, and Bill of Rights,Free Market Capitalism and the desire to do what is right before GOD and Man, plus good Old Fashioned Common Sense. We desperately need to get back to those very principles again,and Those values, had Nothing to do with Political
            Correctness and an Insane Drive to National Suicide !

            At this time in 2015, I can only hope and pray,that there’s still enough of us to stand up, and demonstrate that WE ,THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, will NOT go quietly into histories dark night,that OUR COUNTRY will NOT be disarmed,or continue to be subverted,and overthrown from within,and that politicians WILL UNDERSTAND that they are PUBLIC SERVANTS, not some kind of elitist overlords who
            ignore the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the will of the American people !






            • I didn’t mean to get you started on a rant. Donald Trump not only got a million dollar loan, but inherited even more. Over the years he has bankrupted 4 times and left other people holding the bag. He Jacks contractors and workers out of money. He gets corporate welfare, he has endless tax deductions, and after decades of hog waller in the dumb cheat is worth maybe 4 million? That is pretty lame during one of the biggest run ups in history. Me, a simple paralegal, starting from zero with a kid to support, bought, fixed up, and sold low end houses, and pushed my new to $1.3 million. I am supposed to be impressed by that bankrupt but fck? I guess you are. Go for that loser.

              • My son is now worth about the same as The Chump… with only a bachelor’s degree paid for by me… and a million dollar “first account” in his bank. He went up to VPN then bought a business. I still have the money and he only needed the notice from his bosses. Chump is a serious loser. I worked full time in a crappie law firm and worked my way out. My son is an admirable man who is a good family man and hard worker. He isn’t out chasing two bit hoes and marrying trash that are just for his money. Loser all the way around.

      93. well said and have to agree

      94. But it’s ok to eliminate the right to bear arms?


        • Pretty low standard for Trump. Cruz was born in Canada.

      96. I came here to read about the W.H. crying about Trump,but seems you have your own cry baby’s here too! I am talking about only the ones saying ( you won,t post my reply’s WAHHHHH!or we won,t post because we don,t want too ! WAHHHHHH) and on and on from the cry baby’s! Sure makes the rest of us wonder what the heck we walked into! It looks like a good site with good people until the cry baby’s start WAHHHHHHHing Guess the SHTF here before we thought it would!I am out of here WAHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh!!!

      97. The corruption of both Democrats/Republicans in the White House is unspeakable and if anyone needs to be not only removed from our White House, but hung in the town square is the fraud and phony Barry Sotoroe; aka Liar obuma, Mr.Trump is an American citizen who is running for president, and has every right to say what he damn well pleases just as any American can. Are you listening Lorreta, He has not taken the oath, and yet all the cry Babies in the GOP who like Obozo are as crooked as he is. We need Mr. Trump in office to clean house, every single politician attacking Mr. Trump should join Obozo in the town square.
        Rand Paul is not on America’s side and does not have America’s best interest, Jeb Busch kisses butt and play’s both side’s of the fence. We the People decide who we want for president, though you devil worshipers bowing to Evil or obuma which ever you choose, need to look at what’s happening to our Country.

      98. PEOPLE!! Listen to the man who can inform you > once and for all about ISLAM’s political aims and the overthrow of the USA and EUROPE by infiltration and exercising an all consuming hate by erasing every other ‘faith’ on earth! Search you tube for the name of scientist and erudite speaker Dr. Bill Warner PhD! Listen to his personal lectures on ISLAM, the interviews by other respected Americans with Dr Warner, and better yet investigate and read Dr Warners excellent books concerning the political aims of ISLAM and the truth not only regarding the man – Muhammed – a renegade soldier and self professed ‘prophet’ and his invented and hateful ‘god’ called allah, the1400 years of vicious revenge exacted on Christians, Jews, others not considered worthy….You will be enlightened to learn real truth, the need for logic and not be stalemated by fear, political correctness, and deliberate deception! And with knowledge and true faith this nation will once again be blessed.

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