The United States Lifted Own Ban On Funding Research To Engineer Deadly Viruses In A Lab

by | Dec 20, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 26 comments

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    Viruses and red blood cells , contaminated blood

    The US government may now fund research that looks into engineering a virus to be more deadly and transmittable after lifting a ban they previously placed on themselves.

    According to Science Alert, the moratorium, which was imposed three years ago, froze funding for what’s called “gain of function” research: controversial experiments seeking to alter pathogens and make them even more dangerous. Now, the money is back on the table, giving those trials the green light once more.

    The director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Francis S. Collins, announced the lifting of the moratorium on Tuesday.  Collins said “gain of function” or GOF research with viruses like influenza, MERS, and SARS could help us “identify, understand, and develop strategies and effective countermeasures against rapidly evolving pathogens that pose a threat to public health.”

    But not everyone thinks this is a good idea.  In fact, most are concerned.  It isn’t that this research wasn’t being conducted before, there’s a good chance it was.  But once the federal government shows interest in something of this magnitude, it’s time to worry. Some are concerned that the new flow of funding heightens the risk that unseen breeds of deadly engineered pathogens could escape lab containment, which would then make their way to the public, or into the wrong people’s (the government’s) hands.

    I am not persuaded that the work is of greater potential benefit than potential harm,” molecular biologist Richard Ebright from Rutgers University told STATNews.

    The NIH has revealed the new framework to regulate funding approval for pathogen research. Now, panels will consider the scientific merits and potential benefits of proposed studies, “as well as the potential to create, transfer, or use an enhanced potential pandemic pathogen.” Collins said that the improved framework for regulation of funding approval is the right thing to do. “We see this as a rigorous policy,” Collins told The New York Times. “We want to be sure we’re doing this right.”

    To secure funding through the new process, researchers will have to demonstrate that they have the capacity to conduct their pathogen research in safe and secure facilities. They will also be required to have backup plans to mitigate issues stemming from things like “laboratory accidents, lapses in protocol and procedures, and potential security breaches.” But that still doesn’t calm the nerves of most.

    Critics are correct in assuming that no matter how rigorously designed the new policy is supposed to be, the weakest link in all this (human error) remains unchanged.  “A human is better at spreading viruses than an aerosol,” epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health told STAT. “The engineering is not what I’m worried about. Accident after accident has been the result of human mistakes.


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      1. What could go wrong…..Resident Evil Walking Dead or Outbreak anyone?

        Remember the media has been priming the people for the false flag “accident” to come…..see article below on SHTFPlan.

        “Is the Coming DHS Biowarfare test on U.S. Citizens a False-Flag Warning?”

        Couldn’t be more obvious.. and Drudge linked to a story now with yet another hype story about North Korea is testing warheads with Anthrax..

        So so so predictable. Oh well.. lets get this depopulation crap done with….

        • ht tp://

          We can


          they can’t??

          prep your souls !

          • What is the only vaccination no one gets these days? Smallpox. (You have to be over the age of 45 or 50 to have been vaccinated for smallpox. Or have a government, or military, job working around this pathogen).

            Pneumonic Plague is loose in Madagascar. You can survive it. As long as you have access to antibiotics. What happens if antibiotics are not available? The death rate for untreated pneumonic plague is almost 100% according to CDC (you folks are smart, you can find the link). And that doesn’t include the type that has been genetically modified to be antibiotic resistant or more deadly than the natural strain.

        • Good hopefully they will improve and perfect HIV to finally exterminate all the faggots.

      2. Good way to kill people without destroying infrastructure. Evil bastards.

        • Menzoberranzan

          Add in some DNA selectivity or a vaccination for the chosen few and I’ll be surprised if its not used.

          Evil …….. pure evil.

          • And it will be extremely difficult if not impossible to defend ourselves against this type of warfare, Kevin2.

            • The best offense is a good defense.

              What do I mean? Good basic hygiene protocols. Bleach. Masks. Gloves. Quarantine, even self quarantine. Good idea to have signage on hand to warn off nosey neighbor’s. The “thanks but no thanks” kinda signs. Said this before but spray paint in orange or red is good to have on hand in an emergency to mark your house (from the roof or from the street). If the only thing you have to spray paint is a tarp, paint the tarp.

              Should be a basic biohazard sign you can put up on at your driveway / roof / front door to warn people off. Isolation will be critical to surviving an epidemic that is airborne or a bioweapon.

              For Ebola they uses bleach stations where people had to wash even their shoes. Standard practice when hoof-and-mouth infects an area, too. Bleach, bleach, and more bleach!

              Hand washing and other sanitary protocols are necessary. Is your water source protected from contamination? (Think cholera which comes from fecal matter being introduced to the water supply). Can you boil your water? Can you filter your water?

              Signage, masks, bleach, filters, quarantine are time-tested protocols for dealing with disease.

              Body disposal is another issue that can result in contamination of the living and water sources.

              it goes without saying you need to live in a rural area or have adequate food and water for an extended period of time.

              I am not a quitter. I plan on surviving. Do you?

        • The premise in the title – speaking as if it had ever actually had a ban on research into deadly viruses is false. It’s hard to read knowing that. For what follows is simply notification that what’s coming isn’t going to be pretty. The reality? No weapon ever devised by man has not been used on other men.

        • The time to truly worry is when a 20 year colony on Mars is established.

          This town needs an enema.

      3. If you read through the story headlines on this site and in the “news” and don’t come to the conclusion that the human race is so so desperately mentally ill and psychotically pursuing what amounts to being a homicidal suicide pact, I don’t know what reality you are living in. Its blatantly obvious that the human race is full on suicidal. You can’t prep for that.

        • Prep your souls

          Heaven is that good

      4. One word you do NOT want to hear coming from inside the lab walls:


        This is both facetious, and *not* facetious….

        • Kids in the day before “virtual” everything played with jury rigged fireworks. The very unlucky ones lost a finger or eye. Here an oops can kill off a segment of the human race with cascading effects. If it did happen by accident do you think the government will claim ownership and feel the public backlash? Not hardly. Guaranteed not letting as they say, “a crisis go to waste” and to blame anyone but them a false flag would rise from the ashes. Name the enemy and they’re to blame. This can have dynamic unintended consequences.

      5. Lifted ban??? Like we, the sheeple, don’t know it’s been done in private labs already.

        • J J

      6. Just read N.K. is trying to mate Anthrax to its ICBM’s

        • Sgt. Dale

          Either (A) We have a terrific intelligence network (B) North Korea has terrible operational security (C) The US is creating “news” to mold public opinion.

          If its (A) North Korea would be tipped off that we know what was going on and at least attempt to close that loop. The US kept Code Talkers secret two decades after WWII. For this reason I think (A) is unlikely. North Korea is a secretive place.

          If its (B) North Korea would revert to (A) above. This is unlikely too.

          Process of elimination is (C) is the most likely.

          • There is one more possibility. North Korea may want the US to know. This would infer that North Korea wants to exploit intimidation not actual use.

        • “Just read N.K. is trying to mate Anthrax to its ICBM’s”


          (A) FOX,CNN,MSNBC,BBC,CBS,ABC..etc.

          (B) F.B.I

          (C) C.I.A

          (D) The Israeli News Network (

          (E) ALL OF ABOVE

          ANSWER: E

          • FTW

            No surprise. Dove tail fits my posting 3770923

      7. We need laws in place that if you screw up and kill off many people. Your life is forfeit.

        • SD, In that case the US military would be executed. Same with their masters the IDF.

        • Thats difficult to do especially in a work environment. I have seen employers put workers in situations that are down right dangerous. When the 5 stars line up and create a Blue Water Horizon or similar (and there has been mankind even more very close calls) who is blamed? The corporate CEO that dramatically cut the maintenance budget? The mid level supervisor who understands but doesn’t fully appreciate the risk? The low level supervisor who knows that there is a chance of catastrophe of say 10 – 20% but he has seen it work before? The worker that knows that they’ll be fired for refusing to do it? In the end shit rolls down hill.

          Union Carbide killed 6000 people in India with insignificant repercussions.

          I did my entire adult working life in this type environment. Some companies are better, some worse.

      8. Oh no worries, what could possibly go wrong and get out of control on the American citizens, hmmmm like EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!! WTF is seriously going on here my fellow patriots??

      9. Little late to use it on Fatboy.

        But I guess better late than never.

        Mumble closed borders…

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