The United Nations Job Application That Should Alarm EVERYONE!

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    This article was originally published by Jason Bermas at Activist Post. 

    Why is the United Nations looking for “Disarmament Officers” in the U.S.?

    Jason takes a look at the job listing and why the language is extremely concerning.


    Click the link below to read the job description. This is the link explaining what a DDR officer is and where they are doing it.

    It sure looks like all those crazy conspiracy theorists were right. When will people realize that no other human has the right to own you or use force against you?

    Oh, and the Department of Peace Operations? Nothing says peace like using force and violence to disarm innocent people so they can no longer defend themselves against the increasing levels of tyranny.


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      1. I see a blue helmet….nothing but mist!

      2. If I can disarm the police, and military, I’m in.

      3. Fear mongering. A job description has gone viral. It appears to be a job opening for one person having a masters degree or higher and preferable female. Anyone feeling threatened by that should immediately seek a safe space.

      4. In boring-as-hell cable tv marathons, public access television, the bargain dvd bin at the dollar store and gas station… anyone with way too much time on his hands could watch you policing the outside world, for hours and hours.

        Your key focus was civilian disarmament.

        Now, this is some kind of crazy accusation, that hurts ‘muh morale’.

      5. Some people seem to want to live in fear without actually investigating what they are afraid of.

      6. Jason,

        It’s dis-arm-A-ment. Four syllables, not three. FYI

      7. Oddly and just a thought, Moa, Hitler and Stalin all started very small. When it becomes more important to watch dancing with the stars and football and basket ball rather than to pay attention to ones Country, well at that point We don’t have a country we have a Reservation, Plantation, or Worse.

        Does anyone really think that those in dc and their masters really do anything that is for US?

        I don’t think So……

      8. I don’t want to be seen as someone carrying water for the UN here (not my favorite institution), but I can’t help commenting.

        “Why is the United Nations looking for “Disarmament Officers” in the U.S.?” We’re getting into “tin hat,”, not Blue Helmet conspiracy theory territory here.

        New York is the headquarters for the UN, in case you haven’t heard. English is the lingua franca of the world. An applicant who speaks only a tribal language in Burundi is not going to get hired.

        I could comment in greater depth, but it will not deter purple Kool-Aid drinking conspiracy theorists, so I’ll stop right here. Have fun with your conspiracy.

        • What language would be spoken in the foreign theater, and why are we disarming the civilians so geographically separated from us.

      9. Can’t find the actual job posting on the UN job site. Has anyone else been able the find it? Please do not cite the YouTube video. Post actual link. Thanks!!!

      10. I just got back from traveling around half of this nation including VA. Civil war 2 is about to break out there. When I see any blue helmets it’s GAME ON.

      11. Montana Guy, You are correct sir. But I have to ask myself, who will be working under this female with a masters degree or higher?
        Because honestly, it sounds like a leadership position to me.

      12. The Job position has to do with WMDs such as Nuclear disarmament of other nations. The requirements alone for the position (Masters degree in the disarmament field) should have been enough to let the readers know that this is not some blue helmet, gun grabbing positions held by Joe bag that rag man.

      13. Since I first read this article I’ve been trying to find the original, complete job posting. I have had no luck.
        Without seeing it, I will not post more speculation.
        However with just what I read,I have developed my own opinion. I will keep it to myself until I see more information regarding this.
        But for now,I’ll keep my eyes on the horizon and my ear to the ground.

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