The United Nations Agendas: A Totalitarian Map

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    This article was originally published by Rosanne Lindsay at Activist Post.

    If you connected all the dots to the various United Nations (U.N.) Agendas, would you create a map of mass regionalization and an eventual Totalitarian State?

    Let us count the ways…

    Agenda 21: Global Regional Plans Implemented Locally

    According to the author of Behind the Green Mask, Rosa Koire says that “U.N. Agenda 21 is an agenda for the 21st century. It  is an inventory and control plan; inventory of all land, water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all food, all energy, all information, and all human beings in the world.” It’s about moving populations into concentrated city centers and clearing them out of rural areas under “Smart Growth.” Under the guise of “Sustainability,” Agenda 21 is the hijacking of the environmental movement.

    Agenda 21 is a top-down hierarchy, moving away from current government structure based on elected positions in Federal-State-County-City, to a global-regional-neighborhood structure without elections. Currently hundreds of millions of federal dollars are going to cities to create regional plans to give over control of land, and land use, to corporations. For instance, the federal government gave the Telecom Industry new powers to sidestep over the public right-of-way for the rollout of 5G technology by removing regulatory barriers that might prevent infrastructure.

    In an order last year by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), If Verizon wants to build a 5G network in a city, the local government is limited in how much it can charge in application fees, and is pushed to approve permits quickly. These rules also mean cities are limited in how they can respond to residents who are upset about equipment going up near them. Many local leaders have spoken out against the FCC’s rules, dozens of whom have banded together to file a lawsuit to overturn it, which has advanced to the Tenth Circuit.

    “[T]he FCC is forcing cities to race to the courthouse to defend the most basic of local government rights—the authority to manage and seek fair compensation from private users that seek to employ public assets,” Tom Cochran, the CEO and executive director of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, said in a statement.

    Sustainable Development Agenda

    U.N. Sustainable Development Agenda seeks to redistribute wealth away from the middle class to lower the standard of living and, at the same time, reduce the population. The 17 sustainable development goals include goal #2: End hunger through the control of all food production. See my article on how the U.N. seeks to feed the world with crickets.

    Sustainability is fomented through a crisis, artificial scarcity, and forced conservation known as rationing. It is the excuse to partner science with religion to combat Climate Change, as the Pope described in his June 2015 encyclical.  Climate Change legislation in California is tied directly to international influences of U.N. Agendas 21 and 2030 for Sustainable Development. Yet, impacts from the government’s cloud seeding and geo-engineering programs continue unabated. Smart Cities will design growth patterns, redesign cities, and herd people into stackable housing through behavior modification, zoning and land use controls, and tax on toll roads.

    Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

    The 5G rollout is necessary for “The Internet of Things” in a future of A.I. where techie geeks are thinking up new ways to make you, and the things around you, smarter. For those that missed it, there is a new Church of The A.I. god. The latest god-bot religion is founded by former Google executive Anthony Levandowski, and comes with a website called As if to drive this message home, Google’s director of engineering, Ray Kurzweil, believes humans will be robot hybrids by 2030. This reflects a Transhumanist Agenda.

    Humans will never be the same again, partly because for years, scientists have been using CRISPR gene-editing technology to alter DNA through vaccines and drug therapies. They hope to be able to bring extinct species back from the dead as one of their marvel feats.

    The U.N. Agendas pave the way for a seamless transition from the individual to the group mindset as part of the A.I. Agenda. There will be no need for voting since there is no need for the individual voter. A Totalitarian, Transhumanist, state is being developed worldwide under a few select corporations: a fascist Corporatocracy. Agenda 21 and 2030 represents a world without borders to allow the free movement of workers, goods and services, all while reducing wages.  The politically correct name for this movement?

    Social Equity.

    However, not your social equity, but equity for corporations to exploit, manage, surveil and control individuals in tightly packed dense “stack and pack” cities.  Control is a vital part of the plan.

    What is at stake?

    Individuality and individual sovereignty. The most important private property is your body.  Lost identity falls under the mask of “unity” rhetoric. Unity, under the guise of uniformity and conformity, looks like a genderless society. Genderless means males and females no longer exist. When males and females no longer exist, there is no procreation of the human species. The agenda is depicted as U.N. Goal #5 Gender Equality. The U.N. message is this:  Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. 

    The U.N. is implementing “new legal frameworks” to grant “new rights” to groups, to end gender-based discrimination in every country. Government granted rights are merely privileges. What the U.N giveth, it can taketh away. What does the U.N goal look like in reality?  The answer is disclosed in the news headlines, which are codes that set the stage for the outcome. The UN counts on you not seeing the Big Picture to connect the dots to the loss of your identity from non-gender, inter-sex birth certificates to driver’s licenses to tax-subsidized surgeries for those who want to change their gender.

    5o+ years of U.N. Weather Modification Projects

    Climateviewer 3D, maps

    While the UN claims that Chemtrails are imaginary, they have been tracing weather modification projects worldwide between the years 1952 and 1999 as recorded by the United Nations World Meteorological Organization. Cloudseeding enhances and targets precipitation, and has been going on since the 1800s.  Need a deeper snowpack for ski resorts? Click on Utah and find out that they can increase the snowpack. Have a fire to put out? Call the companies that will cause it to rain and charge you for it! China spent hundreds of millions of dollars to control the weather during the Beijing Olympics. But don’t expect them to take the blame for causing floods.

    The Weather Modification map includes data on the apparatus involved, agents applied and the techniques used in each event. It also includes both positive and negative results of some of the completed projects, funding sources such as government agencies and private companies. It even includes expert opinions and law cases on the topic in order for you to get a complete picture of the benefits and drawbacks of such programs.

    Seize The Opportunity

    Rosa Koire, in her video interview UN Agenda 2030 Exposed, suggests that there is an opportunity now to:

    • Stand up
    • Speak out
    • refuse to collaborate
    • refuse to cooperate
    • expose collaborators
    • work together to defund these plans
    • demand what it is the corporations want to give us.

    As this is happening worldwide, most know nothing about it since the mainstream press is owned by five corporations.

    You are not going to get this information from the mainstream press. So you need to be your own press. You need to educate yourself. You need to get out there and educate your neighbor, your community, your real community. You need to help your children understand that they are being indoctrinated from pre-kindergarten to post graduate school…

    All of us have a responsibility to ourselves and to others. This is true community, to work for personal freedom. And always remember even if we do work as a group, we’re all individuals in those groups and we answer only to ourselves.  This is essential. As free human beings are free and we need to continue to be free. –Rosa Koire


    The United States has surrendered to a foreign power! Impossible! But true! Agenda 21 is a United Nations program, inaugurated in 1992 and signed by our delegates. It became our law through executive order 12858 issued by Bill Clinton. The Obama administration is working feverishly to carry out this program through more than 900 executive orders designed by the fifty plus czars. Most people have never heard of Agenda 21. This administration is quietly at work turning us into a socialist state. To save our freedoms we must know what is being foisted on us even as you read this. Living with Agenda 21: Surrendering Our Freedoms, book descritpion.


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      1. Well this is certainly a crock of crap. Humans and half robot. Guess I better put in another order of green tip and 7.62. Can’t have dented up and crippled AI humabots running around. Need to be able to either get the flesh part in the crosshairs or be able to penetrate the metal. I wonder it they’ll get to flopping around kickin’ like a chicken?

        • And while yer at it, get some steel beams and the welder out and make your truck into a tank like crushing machine! I love playing smash up derby! Might as well have some fun eh!

      2. Those blue helmets worn by UN troops will come into the crosshairs of my scope and will be fair game. A lot of those foreign scum will never see their homes again.

        • Everyone is waitin’ for them blue helmets, while men in dockers and business attire are confiscating guns and ammo under GOP approved Red Flag orders. At the crack of dawn, watch the SWAT teams, made up of those great Amurricans that are worshipped every 4th. They get to point automatic weapons at your kids and wife and dog! Keyboard warriors of the world UNITE and deceive yourselves with Rambospeak!

          • Exactly. Check out “Rules of engagement” about the Waco Tragedy. Watch all the Good Ol’ Boy’s chomping at the bit to cut the Davidians to pieces. American on American. Real eye opener.

            For those who don’t think our Military will ever harm us, just think on one thing, they can be fired and ones who will fire on us hired in their place. See what the DOJ did to overthrow an elected president, we caught them red handed and how many of them have been frog-marched to prison? Exactly none of them.

            We need secessions now.

            They’re coming.. Hordes of socialists and commies, wanting everything ou have.. Your guns, your land, you healthcare, your money, your stuff, your freedom, your kids, your very lives.

            The Left just doesn’t want to rule, they want us dead. To them, we’re just occupying space they wanna give to foreigners, people who they think are more worthy of their “Utopia”..

      3. Heard on the radio last night and saw an article today where the country of Sweden is going cashless and people are having their hands implanted with a Chip, which works as a substitute credit card.

        ” The Mark of The Beast” right out of the last book of The Bible, Revelation. Read it for yourself.

      4. Mac, I just realized this is my seventh anniversary here. My first posting was July 17, 2012 on this site. Not as many comments getting posted on these articles these days. Most of the best posters have already been long gone but I’m still hanging in here.

        • DR, since now you have to refresh the main page to see if there are new comments and then click the article then refresh that to get new comments to show up I think there will be a lot less than we already have. I’m hanging in too but man is that a fooked up mess!

          • Genius, it’s hard to stick with something you love even when it’s screwed up.

        • @DR:

          I will always be proud to stand with my Brothers.

          Long Live Braveheart.

          Long Live Mushroom.

          Long Live NinaO.

          …..just sayin’

          Be safe……Livr Free…..BA.

          • BadAmerican, thanks for that and I salute you and all the other great posters from years past. AIM SMALL MISS SMALL! MOLON LABE!

          • and…

            Be I… Warchild… Sixpack… KY Mama… Sgt. Dale…

            B/C of Doom…

            and Eppe

          • That’s all we can ask people to do, stand with each other.

        • The UN Agenda and programs like “Agenda21” can pack sand. The great Patriots on this site, and eventually many others, will not cede our sovereignty to blue helmets. Our forefathers sacrificed much to establish a country that recognizes the RIGHTS OF THE INDIVIDUAL. We will not be corralled into a socialist/communist hellhole ruled by blue helmets. Yeah, our country has problems but they can all be solved if we return to the RESTRICTIONS ON GOVERNMENT PROVIDED BY THE CONSTITUTION.

        • DR,
          I think I’ve been here longer than you, and I’ve also noted the lower number of comments compared to past years.
          I’m still learning, for example Genius gives good advice on solar. Nailbanger( ex- Kulafarmer) is great for growing advice for Hawaii conditions. Ketchupondemand is a good source for dealing with a completely broken infrastructure after a hurricane.
          a lot of other people are mentioned by other commenters on this thread.
          Hang in there friend.

      5. Seminole Wind, are you serious? If it’s true then the globalists are really ramping things up. May not even have an election next year.

        • Yup, the article was at Zero Hedge but I am certain that you can find it on the web. Kim Commando featured the story last night on Mark Levin’s show.

        • The Deplorable Renegade

          Certainly the’ll have elections, they’re the illusion to continue the charade of self government. TPTB own both horses in the two horse race. In the unusual circumstance that one can’t be corralled they tame or marginalize them into ineffectiveness. We’re schooled, or at least were, “back in the day”, regarding the three legs of government, Executive, Legislative and Judicial. The fourth leg, unelected, the Bureaucracy, has tremendous power; need I say J Edgar Hoover. The IRS is notorious for its use as a political weapon. None reach a higher zenith than the privately owned and so very loosely government regulated (in show rather than substance) central bank, the Federal Reserve. Interestingly the last remaining power of the Presidency is their role of CIC which has shockingly expanded beyond the intent and wording of Article 1 Section 8 the War Powers Clause by renaming, redefining the word war.

          • A Conflict is a disagreement with a neighbor over grass clippings blown into a yard; this may or may not involve into a Police Action. When military aircraft drop bombs it’s a War.

      6. Slow incremental tyrannical change works like a charm. No real opposition facilitates the ease of the undertaking. People will cast their votes again for their eventual loss of all freedom like sheep lead to the slaughter.

      7. trump is in on the agenda. he signed a bill to get broadband into the most remote rural areas. you know the places people move to be left alone and stay free as possible. trump said the gov couldnt leave the rural folks behind. to control all means of production you would have to control every person. you couldnt have them producing their own food and having plenty of it while everyone else is rationed. rural folks are in for a rude awakening. there isnt alot of farm land around here. most farms are under 10acres a few are 50 or more. the taxes on a ten acre property is way more than a working person can afford. people have been selling the farm and moving to the burbs for years now. the rich move into the rural areas and complain about the manure smell from the horse farm next door that been there for 100years. the town comes out and fines the horse farm owner. the agenda is to steal peoples farms through taxation and force farm owners to sell. they arent making acres of raw land anymore. everything is being subdivided. its said young people dont want to take over their parents farm so they sell it. i call bullshit its an excuse for the theft of land that has been in families for generations. land is everything and the rich know it.

      8. The old America is dead. The US is a global empire with super controller power over earth. Using geospatial, naval and connectivity supremacy, the US runs the world.

        Its corporations no longer need most Americans. US companies can choose the best people and pay the market price for them. That’s the reality.

        The UN’s job is to back all that up and smooth the sharp angles.

        The guns, beans and ragged constitution is dead, just most Americans have not woken up to that yet.

        • Frank,
          “The old America is dead”
          Reluctantly, I agree with you on that

          • It’s more than likely that it’s been dead from its Preamble “mission statement”, for some time. Looking with 20/20 hindsight it’s difficult, down right impossible to understand how US policy throughout the 20th century was to benefit the US citizenry.

      9. TPTB throughout the world want a borderless world. They also want a world where they are part of a more or less united oligarchy, ruling ruthlessly and totally over the globe with a population lower than today.
        Much of officialdom in the US supports this, they are subordinating our laws and Constitution to their global Marxist ideology. For example, many elected federal officials have openly endorsed and even assist illegal immigration by defying national law. The absolute highest goal of TPTB and their minions in gov’t is to permanently alter the American demography and culture to be more like a 2nd or 3rd world. Where the masses are unaccustomed to personal rights and individual liberties. The present PTB believe once there is a majority of voters with 2nd and 3rd world mentality they will obediently vote to have chains placed on themselves, and just merely accept all gov’t edicts.
        Todays representatives have forgotten they are our servants to rule solely by the consent of the people, not our masters.
        Today, our gov’t is an instrument of officialdom who primarily adhere to statist ideology, and highly centralized authority. Therefore, they ARE NOT legitimate. They believe whatever they do is legitimate because they were voted into office by the people, or was appointed by those in elected office. It is plainly un-Constitutional when they exercise arbitrary power over ANY part of our lives, our liberty, and our property. They violate their oath, but they believe global Marxist ideology supersedes their oath to office. Some even say so!
        Expect future administrations to invite foreign troops into the US, openly allow foreign laws to supersede our own, over rule elections, totally negate all states rights, and try to suppress what remains of our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. But, I believe the good news is their grab for total power won’t last long, there are still many, many millions in this country who won’t standby and see it all go voluntarily.

      10. Some of article seems funny,but Ireland just last month said they wanted more cities with housing complexes and stores,jobs all there so they can ditch autos!there goal was by 2030, so anyone that thinks this is conspiracy tin hat stuff is wrong,they said those who still don’t get on board in urban and country settings would be taxed our!

      11. Deborah Tavares at Stop the has some pretty good info on Agenda 21,now Agenda 30. They’ve been stealing peoples land in Commiefornia already. Take a few of the bast#@d’s out when they show up,or enjoy the 120 square ft Smart Apartment they herd ya too.

      12. why were there so many assasinations in the 1960s but not today ? I dont get it.

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