Ultimate Prepping: “How To Survive When The Cities Burn”

by | Mar 15, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 147 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Cities Will Collapse

    We all know the major scenarios.

    But will you know what to do in when the real thing happens?

    First and foremost, you need the basics: the ability to bug-out and survive for at least three days with food, water, fire starters, emergency shelter, etc. You also need the necessities to stay in place or in your redoubt for at least two weeks. But that’s just for starters.

    There are so many factors at hand, that you have to become a second order prepper.

    That means Plan B and so much more. It means thinking ahead to the many pitfalls that could end your survival bid. Take yourself down the path you would go time, and time over again. Think it through until you find the flaws in your thinking. Know before you go, and avoid situations before you even get into them.

    Get rid of fantasy and unrealistic notions, and figure out a realistic strategy for long term survival, particularly in case of prolonged collapse.

    Check out this fundamental and thoughtful video especially for city preppers – and get ready to get out if necessary.

    Brad Harris of Full Spectrum Survival talks with YouTuber City Prepping in a conversation you don’t want to miss:

    What will you do when the cities begin to burn? Will a great exodus push millions from the populated regions of the world into the more rural areas where food and greens are plentiful?

    Will you stay behind and shelter in place or be one of the first to leave? We talk with City Prepping, who has considered this in great detail and gives his opinion on why it’s better or worse to remain in the city when a disaster strikes!

    Expanding your personal experience, and spending time getting ready for all eventualities may be your best tool in the box.

    When the world turns to hell, you may feel completely out of your element. But having a prepared mindset can steady any crisis.

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    The Top 50 Excuses For Not Prepping


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      1. I recently read “urban emergency survival plan” at the urging of someone’s post here. I thought it had a lot of great ideas. The one I just bought was the “waterBOB”. It turns your bath tub into a 100 gallon water reservoir. It cost about $23 bucks. Anther one I may do soon is buy black contractors landscape fabric to cover windows so light in the room does not shine out and attract some bad guy…




          THIS FUCKING STINKS LIKE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



          • Look up “(that guy from Germany)’s election speech in Eberswalde on youtube. It will mostly explain what happened with the Dutch. What also happened was that the Muslims voted for the guy that was owned, and wanted to keep the Muslims overrunning the country. While the Dutch people also, to show how wonderful they are, also voted like the Muslims to keep their country being overrun. Though they are insanely voting for their own genocide. This disease of the mind is the plague of Europe now. But it’s here too. And the video might just explain that too.

        • Rabbittione,a drain plug with a wing nut expansion will make the tub a leak proof(barring bullet holes ect.)holding tank for about 2 bucks at any hardware/bigbox store.As for light shining,well,leave em off for most part things that rabbity.

          I fortunately do not live in city and even if a long walk in there for some reason things go wrong will walk a 100 miles.I would though leave at first signs of things going wrong,will not completely explode openly for at least a day following a major event either man made or natural.Will walk out of largest populated area well before the insanity became full blown.

          • Roman soldiers would march over 20 miles a day in sandals. Imagine if they had some
            better footwear.

            • Better feet trumps better footwear everytime.
              Better feet come from NOT wearing shoes.


          • I’m not sure about the bathtub plug. Even if the tub is scrubbed nice and clean…dust or flies or whatever can get into the tub. I had a basket hanging over the tub and my cat jumped into the basket and knocked down a couple of bars of soap in the tub. I like the waterbob idea. It’s not a bad price. I would like to do that. Great idea and cheap.

        • Assault rifles with piston actuation are far superior to direct gas impingement for preppers because they are infinitely cleaner and thus less hard on the gun parts.

          Dont give me that fucking horseshit about the piston wearing down. You think that fucking shit is more damaging than bullet grit?

          I also think the chrome barrel is the option for preppers to get. The difference in accuracy is negligible and it does seem to extend barrel life considerably.

          Some preppers buy two barrels for their AR, a 16″ and a 20″. I dont agree. You need a proper battle rifle, high caliber. I actually prefer the bolt action without pistol grips for my battle rifle.

          I dont recommend you own more than 4 guns: pistol, battle rifle, assault rifle, and shotgun. Practice often and dont switch your concealed. It should be a second hand.

          • Eisen, don’t tell us YOU have access to guns? Now I know we’re in trouble.

          • There you go folks – yet another treatise on the type of guns you should own from yet another “expert” who doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.

            “piston wearing down”

            “bullet grit”

            “I actually prefer the bolt action without pistol grips for my battle rifle.”

            “I don’t recommend”

            Your opinions on these grave issues are duly noted, Eisenkreutz. Now do be a good little know-it-all and bugger off to your “tropical island”; or, better yet, smoke another one.

          • I wonder if being quiet will be the most important thing? Almost like the show walking dead is getting us ready? The canibles hear shooting and come looking .. A 22 pistol with a plastic bottle taped to the barrel . ? Sights will be the problem . High red dots to see over the bottle need batteries. ? Practice point shooting . Point shooting a 22 pistol to make head shots? That will also defeat the new vests that will stop a 308? Sometimes I almost think forget everything . Get rid of all my loud stuff it will be suicidal to make noise? Just practice until I can point shoot head shots with a 22pistol at 100 yards? With target grade pistol and ammo maybe impossible? And six inch barrels make standard high velocity 22s subsonic? Many say Rugers are the most reliable ? I like browning buck marks”

            • Quite quiet..odorless and unseen…

          • very spot on eisen…mak-90 is king unless you can afford the true russian ak . mossberg 590a1 if you can and consider a vepr semi in 7.62x54r . chrome lined so you can spew the cheap corrosive . fuck the ar’s but if you just have to stay with that platform go with ar10 in 338 lapua . ammo is ridiculous priced but will stop a train and then some .




          • i highly considered that then realized, i’m now even easier to find than ever. i can’t run to the wilderness on an island. not even that 35,000 acre island off the tip of baja mexico for 20 million. it’s 16 miles long btw. still, they know you’re there somewhere. i was looking at some 20-100+ acre islands in the bahamas and central america.
            i think i’ve given up. easier to hide in the wilderness than on an island with you as the registered owner. though there are many benefits to an island- no predators, no damn gophers in my garden any more. plenty of ocean resources so long as you’re not in the pacific that’s polluted with radiation.

            • Hurricanes. Do not use an island in the gulf of Mexico,period. Plus,salt water intrusion to the underground water. So you are completely dependent on rain.

          • Because bugging out is MOSTLY a really stupid notion.

            Congrats on accomplishing …something stupid

            • He said bug out., but to where? We can’t just be a refugee. We must have someplace to go. Where are the city people going to bug out to? The country? I read that the city will put up those large concrete dividers on the main rds so people can’t get out. That’s scary. I do live in the country. Sometimes i hate it cuz it’s so isolated especially in winter. I just hope i didn’t move here for nothin. I’ve been waiting 17 yrs for doom and nothing yet. I moved here cuz of y2k and here i sit all alone…waiting.








          • Eisen


            How do you people become so short sighted in making statements like that.

            How about Life Saving Information? 0ne ounce of Gold.

            How about use of a life saving skill? Two ounces of Gold.

            I make the price you decide to pay or not. How bad do you want it.

            It’s only metal and you can’t eat it, RIGHT? But you can’t say it will NOT have a PLACE in a SHTF event.

            In a world that will have tangible and intangible material there will those like myself that will exploit that niche I wish to partake in. I know I will not be the only one to barter in this manner.

            Count SILVER in also.

            • Most of the imbeciles I’ve had the pleasure of talking to that say really stupid shit like ‘Gold and Silver have no place’, are the same imbeciles that think trading ammo would be a good thing in that situation.

              How f-ing stupid do you have to be trading something in a situation that’s a direct risk to your life.

          • Most White people will refuse to face the blunt truth, even to the end…

          • They will throw there silver and gold in the streets. ? Silver and gold or brass and lead?

          • Eisen


            How do you people become so short sighted in making statements like that.

            How about Life Saving Information? 0ne ounce of Gold.

            How about use of a life saving skill? Two ounces of Gold.

            I make the price you decide to pay or not. How bad do you want it.

            It’s only metal and you can’t eat it, RIGHT? But you can’t say it will NOT have a PLACE in a SHTF event.

            In a world that will have tangible and intangible material there will those like myself that will exploit that niche I wish to partake in. I know I will not be the only one to barter in this manner.

            Count SILVER in also.

          • Spot on man. Precious metals are going to mean little when people are starving. All sense of civility nobility and decency is gone once people realize the Rule of Law is meaningless when all are scrabbling for bread crumbs and clean water.

            • mmm, no. Civilization isn’t going to just shut down and lock the doors, therefore your notions on PMs is really ridiculous. Civilization isn’t going to devolve into starvation subsistence unless there’s a full on nuclear war.

              you people have been watching too much Walking Dead.

              • And it is certainly not going back to the Stone Age as we are often led to believe.

              • Actually, the walking dead scenario isn’t too outlandish in the case of a true SHTF event. You obviously haven’t observed the behavior of people that haven’t eaten in a week or more. They act just like zombies shuffling along in a daze. Upon, even the smell of food will evoke a berserk violent reaction to find and eat it. Food and ammo will be the only currency for at least the first year and food will be the biggest weapon used against the public. Not going to be many that will refuse that bus ride to the camp if they have been starving.

            • The best survival lies in cooperation, not in stubborn (or even rugged) individualism, or having to fight for resources.

              So if we start from there, the question needs to be askedl how do we get cooperation?

              We all know there are some who would get it through violence, threats, and coercion. That’s not real cooperation, it’s enforced and will change into something else as soon as an opportunity arrives.

              IMHO a good way would be trying to make your neighbors see the rationality of being able to cooperate in dire circumstances, and do this long before TSHTF.

              Have talks with your neighbors, try to make them see reason and get agreements such as how long you will have to wait before you scavenge their house if they haven’t shown up for some time.

              All this has to be faced, and it is better to face those things in times when it is easier to face them.

              You will be building up a network of such agreements, and this is probably the best protection after TSHTF.

        • Where are you going to go?
          “Bug Out to WHERE? You will not be welcome ANYWHERE.
          Have any of you seen a SEVERE collapse? Street fighting.
          I have. It is damn ugly. Also those people took it much better than soft, babied, overfed, over technologically dependent, Americans will.
          Americans will LOOSE IT!!! They will not react well. Government will not react well.
          When the EBT cards stop working there will be ANARCHY-Riots-Burning-Looting.
          You will not have enough ammo to save your now worthless TV from the looters.
          The want something for nothing entitled class will overwhelm your position.
          There will be no where to “bug out” to.

          1. Leave America. Amerikka will be hell after Trump leaves or is impeached by NWO UN communist. Leave while Trump is in office. Trump is the last American Adult President. The spoiled clueless children will be back in charge after Trump. And they will throw a tantrum. They will take your small arms and send you to FEMA camp. Guaranteed.
          2. At least get out of the city NOW. City is DEATH.

          Bug out is stupid. “Stupid is stupid does.” as per Momma.

          I learned to HIDE. You hide. Don’t go out. We hid for two years. We are alive.
          Snipers are a real bitch. Never go out. Just do without. Play dominos and chess.
          Government are a real bitch. Hide.
          Troops are a real bitch. You loose. So hide.
          Thugs you can deal with. Just do it quietly. With discretion.

          Bug out is idiotic. LEAVE NOW. WHILE YOU CAN. Be where you feel your best chance is. Be somewhere that you can HIDE. Be a mouse among the many many cats, ALL are after YOU for lunch.

          YOU are a Free Meal for Troops-Thugs-Government-Militia-Security Force.
          Your life means NOTHING to Any of them. They will kill you.
          They will all Take then Rape. Then kill.

          Leave Amerikka. Hide. Be very quite. Trust NO ONE.

          • I agree with Now American. Yep. Very well said and true.
            They won’t care about us…rape, steal and kill…the troops will and the ones on the Left will. The young ones on the Left who are doing all the protests…they will be the first to die as they have NO idea how to survive. So i guess we shouldn’t worry about them too much. I read lots of them don’t even want to drive a car cuz they can take city transport and uber. They won’t be able to walk 50-100 miles out to the country. They have no muscles. All they do is sit at the computer or on their smart phone.

        • ” buy black contractors landscape fabric ”

          Landscape fabric is full of tiny holes and would be a light discipline waste of time and money.

          Just get a thick black plastic tarp. IT’s cheaper than LS fabric too.

          • You know, in a pinch those large trash or leaf black bags will work just as good on the windows. Use duk tape to tape them. Works good. I tried it once. Just buy a box and put away for the future. And only use one candle per room to ration the candles. I see movies where people are using a whole bunch of candles in one room. Very wasteful. I like going low tech. Tea candles are real good. Get em cheap at Dollar Tree or Walmart. Don’t forget the matches.

        • “City Prepping” is located in SoCal. Survival, like real estate, is all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. For all of his intelligence, knowledge, and effort; none of these will compensate for being at the epicenter of the BIG ONE.

          Unfortunately, this guy AND his family will be toast: his preps in vain. In fact, the preps this guy makes will only extend the fear and agony of his wife and kids prior to their death.

          BE THERE TO GET THERE !!! 🙂

          • The guy didn’t even say where he was gonna bug out to. I don’t think he had a place. You’re right. He probably won’t survive long.

      2. The best way is to get the HELL out now!!!

        For me. Thank God I’m a Country Boy!!!

        The turds come out of the Big City and start trying to take my stuff, May God have mercy on their souls, because I won’t!!!


        • The Big Myth about Hell – It was invented in about 2181 BC, to keep people in line and in fear to keep them paying taxes to the Pharoah in Egypt. Amazing how much this Religious Superstition BS carries on from Generation to Generation, duping the masses from their wealth and dignity all out of Phony Fear and mythology.

          Article: THE TRUTH ABOUT HELL
          Written by Paul Rosenberg Date: 03-14-2017

          “Hell” was an innovation of Egypt’s Middle Kingdom, after the Old Kingdom (the bosses who built the pyramids) broke down in 2181 BC. The priests needed a better set of mythologies to keep people paying their taxes and obeying the pharaoh, and this story worked. A group of texts from this period (the Coffin Texts) describe an underworld as containing fiery rivers and lakes, as well as fire demons who threatened the wicked.

          Link to full article: http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Article/214477-2017-03-14-the-truth-about-hell.htm?From=News

          Also if any of your religious freaks out there, can prove you get “Everlasting Life” John 3:16 if you Truly Believe, then bring them forward as Living proof. There must be a few crusty 400-800 YO priests somewhere who were true believer right? The Facts is, “Nobody has ever been saved period,” you stooped sheep.

          • and wht the hell does PaulRosenberg know? and how the hell does he know????????? ??????????????

            • All religion is subtle mind control through fear, and all of it is complete bullshit. How a person can focus at all on surviving while walling off their own minds through artificial barriers created by religion…Please do hesitate for one or two seconds, and I will exploit it against you. If you don’t know yourself and your own sense of morals, the wrong time to reconsider them is when you are two seconds from dying because you need to iron it out in your mind first….It doesn’t make you peaceful, it makes you dead and worm food.

            • Just read that article, and you will know how Paul Rosenberg knows.

          • Zeus. Welcome to the age of bullshit.

          • Yep. The bible has been used to enslave people buy people. And John 8:44, Rev. 2:9 and 3:9 tells us who? But the book of revelation has so many things like the eyes melting before there bodies hit the ground just like Hiroshima eye witness accounts. And the 200 million man army from the east. An in one hour all heaped up wealth becomes nothing . Matthew 25 the wheat and the Tares growing together then in the endtimes the Tares are separated and burned. Matthew 25 the foolish virgins were believers but because they didn’t prep the door is shut on them .Jesus whipping the money changers and hawkers . Bankers and speculators from the temple . Yes Jesus used violence and whipped people God burnt alive all the men women and children of soddom and Gomorrah for allowing the perversion that we are allowing now? I guess if he’s fair we will be burnt too just as written . And the coming Mesiah Rev. 19:15 will rule with an iron rod and his robe will be red with blood. Sounds like our kind of guy? With the army of survivors of the tribulation ( preppers ) Smart virgins? This is suppose to be the biggest event in all history . The new begining where our true situation in this universe is revealed. The Tares will be burnt. Along with the foolish virgins ( Luke warm Cristian’s ) . And the true believers ( The ones who took the bible seriously and prepped for the tribulation ) Will inherit a new and rebuilt world as promised. We can say it’s all fantasy and a big lie . But we better hope not?

          • O and 2 Peter 3:10 . About the elements melting with great heat. Uranium is an element? Nuclear war? There seems to be many coincidences ? But remember it must be like this so the Tares can’t figure it out and prep and survive. This is all about getting rid of them. Matthew 13:24 Letting the wheat and Tares ( weeds ) grow together . Then separating them and burning the Tares in the endtimes.Even the foolish virgins though believers get shut out. Why ? they weren’t ready they didn’t bring extra oil. ( preps ). Why is prepping so important that God shuts the door on believers who didn’t prep Who knows? But we can all feel it deep down. Something big is coming. Just as the book of Revelation says. Like no other. We just don’t know the day or the hour .why dosent he tell us? To catch the Tares off guard? To get the foolish virgins bored and loose interest To separate the wheat from the Tares.To separate The true believers from the Luke warm Cristian’s ? I bet ya.

            • The elements melting with fervent heat sounds exactly like a nuclear war. They didn’t have that way back then, so it must pertain to our era. Somewhere in the bible it says about a third of all the green grass was burnt up. Where is that? Revelation?

              • Usually you can’t burn green grass it’s too wet. But the heat from a nuke will dry it then burn it. Something that’s hard to do without a nuke or maybe napalm? And a third of the trees could mean one third of a tree . The leaves and small branches but not the trunk? Just like the heat from a momentary blast of heat might do? It would probably be impossible ? To explan every detail in one book . And lost in translation? But most can get it? But again we don’t want the Tares to figure it out and prep. This is all about getting rid of them.

                • I do believe that the fervent heat in the Bible pertains to a nuclear war and that would put the time period in this century. Scary.

          • Imbeciles like you that yammer about ‘sky daddy’ and all your other garbage are usually the same imbeciles that believe govt is actually Santa Claus and conflate unproven theory as fact.

            • State some reasons or facts for your yammering. Unproven theory ? How do you prove theory ? Who’s the imbecile? And how many things were ounce believed impossible? And that garbage is the only hope that we aren’t just the futures fertilizer . Unless you are a Tare. Then you go bye bye. And that’s all we can hope for.

          • I have been out of the body. More than once. I promise all of you that we are spiritual beings first, physical beings second. I can tell anyone who will listen that both heaven and hell exist; as do both angels and demons.

            Hell is a lot like NYC: very pretty in the dark with lots of twinkling lights, but in the light of the SON you can see the dirt, the filth, and the vermin.


        • If your still in the BIG cities when SHTF, IF the mobs don’t get you the Military WILL when they come in to stop the riots. YOUR odds of survival will be very low! IF you cannot get out then do the best you can to make it look like NO-ONE lives at you house and make it look so scummy they won’t want to look for anything of value, like FOOD etc. etc.

          • Apache54 you should look at the numbers before they make general statements like the “…IF the mobs don’t get you the Military WILL when they come in to stop the riots. YOUR odds of survival will be very low!…”. We have over 326 million people in this country. With 82.9 % of the population is urban (270,683,202 people in 2017). If you add up all of the active U.S. military (2.5 million), national guard, police, Fema etc…I estimate it is around 5 million total.

            So let me get this straight these 5 million people are going to control 270 million people on a house to house basis during the SHTF? I don’t think so. Of the 5 million which I believe is going to be closer to 3 or 4 million after defectors are going to trying to keep rioters under control?

            Then let us look at rioters. I read a few years back in CNSnews.com there are 109,631,000 living in households taking federal welfare benefits as of the end of 2012. So what do these number tell you? Do the math (109 million on welfare X 82.9% in cities) says on average about 90 million people live on welfare in our cites. So those not on welfare are about 180 million people (270 million -90 million). If stats are right on gun ownership is half of the 180 million or 90 million around the cities in suburbs have access to a firearm.

            So if the SHTF we will have 90 million poorly armed welfare people rioting against 90 million suburbanites who are armed to the teeth trying defending their property. Now I admit every urban area is not this equal. If you live on the coasts I would bug out or buy a BOL today. However in many red state urban locations the suburbs are a huge armed camp compared to the big cities.

            I have the option either way. Survive in the city or go to my BOL. However, the last thing I want to have happen at 71 years old is to be stuck on roadway back up 10 miles long in the middle of no where trying to get to my BOL….

            • I’ll be 71 in a few weeks. I’m not going anywhere. I live in a nice retirement community that is 12 miles from city center and nothing but open desert for 200 miles on two sides.

              There’s only four ways to get into the area I live in. They could be easily blocked with cars, allowing residents only to enter.

              I see a lot of NRA bumper stickers and American flags around. I’m sure a lot of us old timers will be heavily armed.

              If the SHTF I’ll make my last stand here. I ain’t going to live forever. Like you, I don’t want to be caught out on the middle of nowhere. Besides, many of the small desert communities around here are not going to welcome outsiders.

              • I am in my late 60’s too. I so wish i was younger. I think i will die before doom hits and people will just throw out my preps! That is what i worry about…prepping for nothing and then i die and it all goes to waste. I have no family and no friends. Most moved far away or died. My only son lives in the city and laughs at me. So all my preps will probably be thrown in the trash. I think i worry about that more.

                • I know how you feel. I put a lot of effort into my preps.

                  But look at it this way. It’s like car and home insurance. We spend a fortune on it over the years and hope we never have to use it. If something does happen then it’s there to use.

                  I’d really hate to be in a real SHTF situation but at least I can shelter in place with my preps and hopefully ride it out.

                • Marie. Maybe your preps are Gods plan to save someone else. Your not a foolish virgin and that’s all that matters. Your preps may save a prepper family that had to run and leave there’s . To fear death is like telling God you don’t believe in his words of eternal life for true believers. Read Matthew 25 over and over until you figure that just believing isn’t good enough. You must have EXTRA oil. Or the door will be shut. And he won’t even recognize you. No matter how much you believe. Why ? Who knows. But we better recognize .

            • rabbitone

              Yup, don’t get stuck on the road. More accidents on the interstates than ever that stop traffic for many hours. They way people drive today only gets worse tomorrow.

              Why have stop signs, red lights, speedometers, turn signals, yield or speed limit signs? People don’t pay attention to them.

            • rabbitone,
              YES I understand the numbers, what you may or may not be taking into accord is HOW many of those people can or will do anything? IF you wish numbers look at the population numbers during the overthrow of the British in this country HOW many citizens stood aginst the British? the percents of people who actaully did anything were VERY low, so there are LOTS of wannabees, and DURING the critical time of the FIRST large gang type riots people WILL NOT want to do much they will sit back and wait to see what happens (human nature and current mind programing) so WHAT I AM saying is your ODDS of survival duriing this period of time will be LOW IF your home becomes a target! UNLESS you have a large neighborhood group of people to form a small army to resist, also when the Military moves in, they WILL force everyone they can find to leave! which makes you vulnerable again. I know there will be a few exeptions to what i am saying but for the most part, I am correct! NO I don’t wish to be correct, what i wish for is citizens like YOU to be safe and survive to be able to come out and remove the scumbags and rebuild this country! I only wish to keep your eyes OPEN to reality and thus improve your survival odds!! I hope this clarfies what my intention was and is!!

        • Sarge, I’ve got another trip to the BOL scheduled for April. In addition to the internet, I also keep my eyes and ears open locally 24/7/365. I have ‘sources’ who occasionally tell me of things going on ‘behind the scenes’ in my area. So I’m ALWAYS able to determine when/if I should bugout early. I went to the BOL 5 days before election day and then a week before inauguration day. At both times there was some possibility of someone taking serious action against Trump, but thankfully, nothing happened. I’ll also say God have mercy on any turds who come to my family’s area because the family won’t! And I don’t even know of everything they have!

      3. “Get rid of fantasy and unrealistic notions…”

        Yes, that means forget about prancing around with pockets full of silver and gold coins thinking everything will be peachy and you’ll be able to gleefully engage in fair trade for things like milk, bread (or car insurance like one pansy on here commented about earlier) when TSHTF.

        • I’ll trade you 5 mercury dimes and 5 .22LR shells for that nasty Chicken Ala King MRE you
          don’t want to eat. 🙂

          • JBODAB

            I have a comment to EISEN that is in moderation. Along the same line of thinking.

          • How much is an old C-Rat can of Ham and Lima beans worth to you? Say, if you have’nt eaten in 4 days…

            • Just Me

              How about a can of dog or cat food. Could you choke it down.

              • If you haven’t eaten in 4 days, you will wolf it down. You will LOVE it.

              • Many yrs ago about 30 i met an old lady in the supermarket and she said she was buying the can cat food for her to eat.
                She said it was not bad tasting, but back then it was real cheap.

            • Only if you throw in the can of cheese to mix in with it. That made the lima beans and ham palatable.

          • cool. Beware, because whoever you give that ammo to is going to turn around and shoot your dumb ass with it.

            Trading ammo in SHTF situation is a really stupid f-ing idea unless you’re trading with your BFF, and then, why the F are you trading?

        • BlackMoe

          There will be items that I will only trade for gold. If You don’t have it, you are shit out of luck.

          • The description of those still living in large cities:
            Idiots, morons, snowflakes, those in denial, those asleep or in a coma, those who are upside down on their mortgages, those debt strapped, those who think they can bug out in SHTF. Those who are greedy and stay for that rat race job, government employees required to live in the cities, Liberals, Those unprepared, those who like Cable Lie TV and Procrastinators.

            Who did I leave out of this list?

            • You forgot soddomites?

            • I think you left out a very realistic description of those that bugout.

              It’s easy to remember tho. Dead.

            • Yeah… the THOUSANDS OF THEM RIOTING across the USA and taking on armed police and anyone with a Trump hat.

        • City Prepper thinks he will survive all of the sudden planting seeds in buckets on an apartment Balcony and that will some how feed and sustain himself. Talk about delusional. You need at least a 1 full acre for 2 people to survive, and that is not everything, just some veggies and salads and it will take months for these plants to bear any fruit. You need meat, like dozens of chickens and some other livestock and a good fishpond. Besides wild game that may wander in that you can harvest. None of that is located in the City. “City Prepper” is an Armchair prepper on paper, in all out batshit delusion giving advice to other City Sheep.

          I planted a city garden, about 12 x 20 feet long for a test run. Only about half of what did survive, was string beans. After all season of growing, I picked them all and it added up to just one medium size pan that lasted 1 meal. No one will sustain themselves with a few box planters on a balcony. Too Funny!!

          • “Talk about delusional”

            Said the imbecile that thinks he’s going to just take up residence out in the wilderness somewhere or under the same conditions his little subsistence farm is somehow immune from predation.

            Too funny!!

        • BlackMoe, someone was actually thinking of CAR INSURANCE IN A POST-SHTF SCENARIO? GMAFB! Most likely cars won’t even be running in SHTF.

      4. Yeah, bugging out. It’s sounds like a new dance. Like the dance that was done during an after Katrina. And then they took the little buggers to places they should have never been introduced to, to do what they do best there. That my be the best foresight into what bugging out might look like.
        I believe that Katrina was steered into N.O.. The government then said that it was steered there too. I think I saw them say that on the Rewriting History Channel. The part that they rewrote was that they said “the Russians did it”, not them, and that was then the excuse to build and justify the US H.A.A.R.P. system. ( yeah I know ) I think that they accomplished what they wanted to do in both experiments.

      5. A lot of people are in for a very rude awakening very soon. Too many in denial.

      6. Top 50 reasons not to prep. In the read more section. Not much has changed.

        • “Not much has changed.”

          Which planet are you living on? That’s ridiculously ignorant.

      7. I’m not one to say where it’s best to be after shtf. I’m staying in suburbs because it give you best of both worlds. The city is where any and all relief will be going. country is where the huntin is. Most rural folks are afraid of the city I think this is a disadvantage to them. I grew up in the streets so it don’t bother me I know how to get what I need done there. The attitude that your finished if you live in the city just don’t fly with me. I think it would be harder to attack someone’s third floor apartment than a small farm that can be attacked easily with a small squad of gang bangers who know how to use guns against people unlike country folks who only know how to kill deer and hogs. I’d put my $ on the thugs getting what they want crime is their way of life now and after shtf the opportunities will be greater.

        • Most “country folk” I know spent some time overseas hunting more than just deer and hogs. Everywhere from Vietnam to Afghanistan.

      8. Rabbitone I thought about getting a water bob they are cheap. I just didn’t want to lose the use of my tub. My kids have this kiddie pool probably holds 4times what a tub holds. Figure I will fill it up near the back yard faucet then cover with a piec of plywood to keep junk out of the water. The water bob is a good option you could build some kind of wooden crate out of old pallets to act as a bathtub possibly stacking more than 1 water bob. Could put it in your garage. This could be done cheaply with just a little labor and some free pallets. Maybe tap into the gutter to collect water after if need be.

      9. This guy in the Video- City Prepper does not seem to bright if he is still living in the city. He ponders the question when it the best time to leave the city.

        My Answer “Years ago” about 2010 for me, when I woke up on this issue about prepping. When I first figured this out, what societal collapse will look like when the Food runs out and the Stores will be wiped out within 3 days, and there will not be any supply trucks coming into the cities to the grocery stores to restock the shelves. And the populace is 9 meals away from anarchy. Hello, that was your wake up call. If you are still pondering over this, you are a dumbshit.

        • “does not seem to bright if he is still living in the city”

          Thinking that some imaginary boundary between city and your little wilderness utopia seems to be really dumbshit too.

          Back in reality, the cities and civilization aren’t shutting down and your insistence that all things city is stupid, is really f-ing stupid.

      10. And you City Folks who think they will just go Bug Out into the country and squat and live off our land, we have a strong message for you. We already have plenty of Brass Nuggets filled with Lead Nutients here waiting for you. And after you are dead, we will steal your preps and your women. And forget about calling 9-11, which will take hours for them to even come out to look for you, and that is in peaceful times. In bad times it may take days or weeks for them to respond. Comprende’ Poncho City Preppers?

        • Stealing and kidnapping?

        • Stupid internet TUFF GUY thinks his little pewpew is unbeatable.

          LMFAO! Not so much poopy pants.

      11. As much of a Donald Trump supporter, lover that I am. Like I said, I don’t think a damn thing has changed, and now its looking like Kim dung yang is getting ready to drop the bomb and what a strange occurrence and coincidence that china just threated a first strike on the US? You see, from what I was told, North Korea is not who is attacking south Korea. Its china who is attacking with North Korea. The latest that I hear from my source is that china is getting ready to invade Mallasia. This info is not even on these sites, just telling your all what I heard.


        • “Kim Dung Yang” … LOL!

      12. If Venezuela and the Great Depression is any example, the crash is a fifteen to twenty year process. That is a huge window, through it conditions and rules will be constantly changing.

        Huge numbers of people will migrate to where there is work, or to where the best benifits are being handed out. Parasites will also migrate to places that have resources for them to steal.

        Yes, we could have an overnight crash, but I see the progressives and globalists as the threat that will take down the US. Inteligent thieves know better than to burn down the bank before they rob it, and robbery is their main motive.

        We will always face local disasters, and in many of the worst, authorities just blockade and contain. Bugging out is rarely possible, unless you get out before the event at first warning.

        • The collapse of the American empire has been ongoing for some time, at least since 2008. There will be numerous “events” followed by somewhat more stable periods when people will be glad “its over”.

          As rough as it will be, USA needs a major reset if it is to survive in ANY form. We are reaping the benefits of our obsession with “diversity” and now “inclusion”. Both of these stupid ideologies are centered around the advancement of totally unqualified people into leadership rolls. USA cannot survive based on such nonsense. The reality is that white people have built this world, and non-whites and sexual perverts can’t even maintain it for long.

      13. The thing is, we don’t know what actions will ultimately work best. Dumb luck beats smarts and preps. The government may choose to go to isolated farms before bothering with the cities. Look at the advantages. One isolated family can be dealt with by a professional team equipped with all manner of equipment. Recall the Branch Dividians and other isolated people. Once the family is either subdued or dead, the government (or foreigners) can either take your preps, food and livestock, or simply take over and either evict the family or relegate them to servants. This is what occupying armies do. America is already an occupied land. The invaders came one by one so we hardly noticed.


      14. A lot of posters on this site fantasize about a collapse, hoping they will get to shoot people. They really want to see misery, pain, hunger, and despair on a large scale. That way, these people oddly enough will feel a sense of satisfaction. Their thinking is since they prepped, and many others did not, the people who did not prep will suffer badly for it (and they will). Then they will be pleased with themselves, the more suffering they see the more they”ll feel validated. How about this instead; continue to prep and help others to prep. Then pray you won’t need it. But no, they want to see the worst happen so as to not be deprived of the joy of pistol whipping starving and sick children to turn them away, maybe even feel entitled to gleefully shoot a few.
        I prep myself, but I also live for other things and enjoy life, the central focus of my life is not just prepping. Whereas for many others all they want is to do is drown in gloom and doom, find the worst news and dwell on it, and to only desire the worst to occur. They are angry and depressed the crash has not occurred yet. They keep telling themselves “Please G*D, make everything crash now because my life doesn’t have any purpose or meaning, and I don’t want to wait anymore, I have nothing else to live for.”

        • “It’s like a jungle sometimes. It makes me wonder how I keep from going under.”
          Google that.

        • Bill

          Do you think this country is going to get any better?

          Chances are slim and the odds high that it won’t. But I will tell you that because of the tremendous amount of STUPIDITY, the cost to right this ship, will have to be payed for with a Pound of Flesh.

        • Most of the ones that pray to shoot people have never had to do it. They should be praying that they never have too. I believe whole heartedly that society in general needs a reset. But once you pull the trigger the first time there’s no coming back from it and it changes you.
          Just my opinion.

        • Many think the book of revelation is true and the smart virgins who prepped will survive the tribulation ( tri ) means three as in Third World War . And see the new world . The new begining . We know it will be the worse thing that ever happened to this planet . But as written we say. Even so come soon.

        • Bill: Do you realize that this formerly 90 plus percent, socially, culturally, racially, spiritually and ideologically cohesive White majority nation – has been so effectively subverted and corrupted by the left – that approximately half of this nation’s current population were willing to vote to put the most evil and corrupt and criminally treasonous leftist bitch in this nation’s entire history into the White House?

          Granted, while I voted for Trump – I will admit that I have a number of fairly major disagreements with the guy, but at least the guy seems to want to put the interests and the concerns of native born American citizens first and try to put a screeching halt to the globalists agenda to destroy White Western Civilization. But, with the Hildebeast – that vile witch would have completely destroyed what is left of this nation and turned the USA into a miserable, turd world blood sucking parasite infested, totalitarian shit hole and with that bitch picking Supreme Court judges, the First and the Second Amendment would have been abolished inside of her first term in office.

          Thus, you may chide the people who visit this website and fantasize about how much fun CW2/SHTF Day would be – because, in your words, they look forward to being able to finally shoot these nation wrecking liberal termites – but the sad and ugly fact remains that there are a LOT of enemies inside this nation who are going to have to be dealt with sooner or later.

          Considering the fact that they are breeding like cockroaches and forcing the Red State, mostly White tax payers, to foot the bill for their irresponsible breeding habits – I would venture the idea that expunging these cockroaches had better happen sooner rather than later, or else these leeches will outnumber us.

          • Pffff… If the GLOBALISTS that control the USA did not WANT TRUMP as President.. He would NOT BE PRESIDENT.
            He is Hillary, or Obama, or GWB, or Reagan….
            With Orange Hair.

      15. Some SHEEPLE are Patriots, living their life not knowing what is really happening. Many of them are focused on their families. They will; wake up when the SHTF, but they will be stuck in place. The Patriots will have to take back our cities at some point……Make sure you all have plenty of lead……

      16. HCKS: do you mean Malaysia? Please keep us informed as to what you are hearing.

        I would not be surprised to see Beijing take out Kim and the leadership (if one can call it that). My main concern about Korea are the two NK “recon” sats in 300 mile high polar orbit that may well contain small nukes designed to max the EMP. Dr. Pry over at http://www.allnewspipeline.com has pieces on this that are must read. IF an EMP attack happens, no one staying in any city has the chance of frozen dihydrogen oxide in the nether underworld.

      17. How to survive???????

        DON’T BE IN ONE!

        • Get off the “X” for starters.

          Cities= X

      18. We’ve been out of the metro for 2 and 1/2 years now, and cannot begin to say how much peace I have about that. I know that many people are forced to live in or near the city due to work and other obligations, but if you are not building steam to escape in the near future, you are fooling yourself. Even if the s doesn’t htf in an apocalyptic sense,urban life is just going to get gnarlier and more dangerous on an everyday basis.

        So… IF we still had to live in town, I would want a motorcycle or scooter to get through traffic before the roads became parking lots (big 3 wheeler would be my choice). I’d want a food, water, clothes cache about 50 miles out… and a bol and another vehicle another 40 to 100 miles further.

        Just having a cache is a very reasonable first step.

        • I wonder if the railroad tracks will be a good way out on foot or mountain bike?

          • Do a test run. I’d want at least a moped if I wanted to get 20 or more miles out. It’s only going to take 5-24 hours for people to really panic. How far can you get in 5 hours? A good weekend project.

      19. Why do local governments continue using tax dollars attempting to breath life into downtown areas?

        Hell even the Brookings Institute has said in the past that it’s a bad idea and they’re as liberal as they come.

        All one has to do is look at why people left downtown areas to begin with and know history will repeat itself.

        They can conjure up all the visuals of rooftop gardens they want to but hey dipshtt the skyscrapers block the sun.

      20. Been through a Florida hurricane evacuation . No gas at any station along highway. Diesel yes. There are three rules of evacuations they are easy to remember cause they are all the same. Don’t get on the highway. Surface streets will have gas and ways to get around accidents. Packing up enough food and heading for a water source is the road to hell. Suicidal desperate people with starving kids we all be there. Try cooking some beans with them watching. You can only get with your neighbors that can feed themselves the others you must shoot or risk them sneaking back and ambushing you when they turn into vicious animals because of starvation. If you have limited storage space get powdered protein. If limited money 20 pound bags of beans and rice. And a water filter. Or activated carbon from fish pet store coffee filters and long funnel. Even fine sand will filter water or 8 hours of sun in clear bottle. In extreme conditions beans and rice can just be soaked in water over night and eaten. Starving people and their dogs can smell food cooking miles away. Needless to say you will have to defend yourself from roving gangs of canibles It seems that Hollywood zombies are just starving desperate canibles .You might find yourself in a walking dead scenario . Plus dodging military troops looking for food. Watch the old movie Threads, Testament, or even the Grapes of wrath. To get the starvation part of war. Your on your back in two weeks and dead in one month. Don’t be a foolish virgin.

        • That’s about as realistic as it gets.

        • or risk them sneaking back and ambushing you when they turn into vicious animals because of starvation.

          You need to establish a community defense group to avoid being ambushed.

        • Traitor Hator:

          About just soaking beans and eating them without cooking:

          Cranberry beans are healthy and very satisfying and filling
          when fully cooked. However they are toxic when eaten raw.
          As far as I know, the cranberry bean is the only bean which is toxic
          when eaten uncooked.


          • Yes B . Soaked beans won’t be fun. But better than nothing?

        • Are you saying that we can soak raw beans and rice over nite and eat it without cooking? Are you sure? That would be great if we can’t cook cuz the smells will travel far. So can we eat them raw if they are soaked over nite???

          • Try it . The beans are grind able . And chewable. But you won’t like it. Best to mash them up first after soaking kind of like refried beans? If you can afford paraboiled rice it’s better . scientists say rice and beans are a complete protein . All 8 essential amino acids. And rice is usually vitamin A and D fortified if you don’t drain it. Beans rice cooking oil salt vitamins . The bare nessesities? Protein carbs fat salt vitamins. Walmart vitamins year supply for what ten dollars? A 20 pound bag of beans and rice 20 dollars , salt one dollar , cooking oil gallon ten dollars , vitamins for two months 2 dollars 35 dollars for 2 months food? All fits in a grey plastic box for 5 dollars. If you shop wisely. 15 dollars per months food .12 months . 180 dollars for a years food . That’s a little over a pound of food a day. Plus what you can scrounge. Won’t be fun .

            • So some salt on the beans would help., and i like to buy those small bottles of garlic pd for a dollar at Savelot or even Dollar General. I have a grinder. Is white rice mixed with beans good for the complete protein? Brown rice will not store long. I am short on cooking oil. How long will it store? That’s why i don’t have a lot cuz i think it does not store long, and yet we really need the oil. Peanut butter is good too. Problem is now they are all in plastic jars and i don’t know how long that will store….?

      21. Let em burn,,, ill dance

      22. test

        • On the gold and silver.

          I have a scale, Large chisel and a heavy hammer to cut your ounces of silver and gold for payment.

          Some comments in mod. This may be one also.

          • I did a lot of metal detecting in VA. Was at Salem Church in Alexandria, VA & found the old colonial road in back of the Church. My detector went off with a blast, it took me a few minutes to find the object, it was a Quarter of a Spanish Silver Reale! I was looking for Civil War relics, and found many over the years. Fond memories.

      23. The only thing about prepping is how long can you hold out?
        How will you cope when the NWO hunts down
        all opposition?
        Preppers will be the outsiders.
        All anti-NWO will be the bad guys.
        This isn’t the Hollywood movies.
        It hurts being shot and you won’t just walk it off.
        It’s better to fight togather while you still have a chance America.
        Now is the time and time is running out…

      24. Silver and gold will work in the begining . Brass and lead later on?

      25. As far as shooting wild game . Shoot twice and they know were you are. Shoot ounce and they might find you. They will use dogs to find you. Seems bugging in well prepped might be the way to go for the first month? After the inishall die off its canible time . Have you seen the movie The Colony ? Super preditors traveling in gangs burning people out of their homes to eat them . Your last meal might be a bullet?

        • I tried getting The Colony on netflix but it’s not available yet darn.

          • The Colony . With Lawrence fishbourne and Kevin Zegers and Bill Paxton . Good prepper movie.

      26. I think suburban living has many advantages even in SHTF if you make a few changes. First consideration is water. When it rains, you want to catch the water and use it to water your property. By having a system in place, your system will provide your drinking water. You’ll use a series of filters or you will Distill it yourself. There are a number of videos on hooking up your own water distillation system. You can also by distillers off Amazon.

        Defending your property is essential. Guns are only a last resort. Proper preparation is creating a space that is undesirable to thieves and bad sorts. Wood fences provide privacy for your barbecue and or swim party. It gives you some protection from an intruder. A mastif or German Shepard, is going to discourage most people. Generally bad people look for soft targets. Bars on windows can be painted pink and look less like a prison, but they are very good protection. Doors should have reinforced arches with solid double bolts and solid metal security doors, that are always locked and bolted.

        Having cameras on your porch is good, too. But in SHTF it may be useless. What is important in the suburbs is to know your neighbors and to mind your own business, but not to the point that you don’t watch out for each other. In SHTF neighbors will pull together or they will be at each other. That is why it is so important to nurture positive interconnected relationships before an event.

        Suburbs allow for gardens. Plant things that are edible between your flowers. Gradually replace plants with edibles. Trees, schrubs, vines, flowers, can be beautiful, fragrant, and edible.
        Your front yard does not have to look like you are a farmer, unless that’s what you want. But don’t wait until you are forced to grow your own food. There is a learning curve. And it takes time for trees to mature.

        Rabbits are quiet. Chickens aren’t that noisy, but they might be more than a neighbor wants. So, you decide. Bees are great for pollinating your trees and honey is extremely useful and beneficial. You need a large yard and a shelter for goats. You need to find out if chickens and goats are ok in your zone. You can find instructions on making cheese and butter on the Internet. You don’t have to have a cow or goat. Buy milk and experiment.


        • Easy soft cheese. One gallon whole milk. Bring to a boil. Turn off. Add half cup either acv or lemon juice. Stir with a long wooden spoon until it separates. Keep stirring gently. About ten minutes. Then put a pot in the sink. Put a strainer over it, line strainer with cheese cloth or thin dish towel. Gently pour pot mix into it. The cheese will stay in the strainer. The whey will go into the other pot. You can use the whey to make soup. Nutritious. This is called soft curd cheese. Take the cheese cloth/towel and tie a twist tie or clothepin on it. Keep it overnite so that any liquid will drain. You can add salt and garlic pd or pepper or other spice. Put in fridge. Easy cheese. You can squeese it now and then to get more liquid out of it. Yummy.

      27. Bug out, bug out, bs. Really think about bugging out you have left all your possessions and your home to drive as far as you can or hike to whatever undisclosed location you have in mind. Think, do you know on a personal level every single person in every single hose you will be passing? If not you may be in serious trouble because in the country side you are likely to travel through there will be those who refuse to run from anything and will be ready to defend their area or even supplement their supply chain. This means you will likely die trying to get to your
        vacation home in the hills. This whole bug out idea is a fantasy you would be literally running the gauntlet.
        Just a note those of us who will not run are heavily defended against outsiders from the concrete jungle.

        • When New Orleans went underwater in the hurricane, the sherif in the next parish put up a roadblock on the only unfooded passable road, and allowed no one from New Orleans to leave. He felt the hurricane refugees were too much of a danger to his town.

          Unless people evacuated before the storm, they didn’t get out. Instead they ended up refugees trapped on the road, they couldn’t go forward or backward.

          On 911 we had a friend who lived in Jersey City, on the NJ side across the river from NY City. They worked in western NJ. After work they tried for four hours to get home. They just kept running into police roadblocks that turned them back, no information available. All roads, local state, and even interstate highways were roadblocked. Turns out local police out of an abundance of caution just decided to roadblock all roads into and out of their towns. It didn’t matter if you were a resident, they let no one in or out. This woman showed up on a friends doorstep because she had no where else to go. Once she left work, she became a homeless refugee. All because of authoritarian police acting off script over a terrorist incident that happened in the next state.

          Bugging out is often not an option. Have other plans and backup plans.

      28. Today is another Great “Shit Hits the Fan Plan” Day.
        Going to get more solid stone bricks and PT 2x4x8 for future work projects. Have to fill the last sandbags. Keeping some empty bags as replacement wall repair.

        Keep prepping.

        • Old tires . people will pay you to take them . I’ve seen people fill them with dirt and stack them linked to build bullet proof walls . Fairly fire proof also. And they pay you to take them . It’s better then free.? And they make 2 foot thick steel belted walls. A real pain to fill though.

      29. How to stay safe when the cities burn? You mean don’t get burned while lighting fires? Use longer cannon fuse?

      30. Anyone still in the cities is a fool. As for ‘bugging out’, it makes for great novels and sells a lot of stuff, but the whole concept is fatally flawed. Live at your redoubt!

      31. WOW

        What are you blow hards going to do with all your guns and food when rioters start throwing firebombs at your house?

        Call the police and fire dept. ?????

        RIGHT !!!!!

        • They’ll have to get through a hail storm of 5.56 first.

        • GRs right it will be hard keeping them out of throwing distance expecialy at night. Chain link fences can be cut. Chicken wire over Windows ? What’s throwing distance for a bottle of gas? Lighting it will give them away but you better be fast. Stucco house with steel roof? Chicken wire over Windows . Lots of fire extinguishers. Super soakers? Hopefully they will run out of gas soon.

          • Ay yi yi. Either you live in a big liberal city where gun ownership is almost impossible or you have a gun and are reluctant to use it. You only have one life to live so fight for it. One thing rioters are great at is running in the opposite direction from the sound of gun shots.

      32. Actually….China knows she has a window of opportunity to destroy America. With Trump in office, and the re-vamping of the military (which Obama decimated w/ purges and defunding), they know that window will be closing. Now is the time; and they will use N. Korea as the scapegoat. Your going to see an all out cyber-attack on the grid coupled with multiple EMP detonations. This will completely destroy our power grid, and plunge us into a total collapse. It will all be blamed on N. Korea, and no way to prove otherwise. The retaliatory strategic nuclear strike will obliterate N. Korea, paving the way for an invasion from the Red Army into the Korean Penninsula. With America eliminated, the Chinese will be poised to conquer all of SE Asia, including Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia. As for US……it will be doomsday. prep and Prey.!!!!!!

        • J I agree 100%

        • Re-Vamping? Huh??
          We spend MORE on our “military” than ALL other countries combined.
          Russia and China have TWO operational aircraft carriers. We have 14 aircraft carrier BATTLE groups plus numerous helicopter and VTOL carriers as well.
          Our “military” is worthless against nukes and is spread around the globe in over 170 bases.
          The US military complex is public enemy #1.
          E-7 Ret.

      33. The fact is prepping may seem wise but it really is a defeatist strategy.
        I’m not tolling here.
        Many people have posted some relevant facts when it comes to being realistic about SHTF. Even great plans fail to work as devised.
        Prepping assumes a every man for himself mindset and that will not stop the NWO from turning the U.S. into part of The North Pacific Union.
        The very few preppers who will be spread out across America will not stop the NWO.
        That’s assuming that the preppers were even able to make it to the BOL.
        The fight would be much easier by standing
        togather now while you still have a chance.
        Fight now before the Zionists have dwindled your ability to sustain yourself to nothing.
        The Zionist backed U.S. government can’t
        stop the entire population of America from marching on Washington and taking the trash out.
        Now is the time to put aside petty differences and unite to fight the real enemy.
        This anti-left vs conservative, gay vs straight, Christian vs Muslim, and this ethnicity vs others must stop.
        Strength in numbers.
        Divided and America will fall. The NWO is betting on this.

      34. Many say that’s why they are promoting gay ,Muslim, third world imigration . To devide us. In unity we stand. In diversity we fall. How can conservative Cristian’s possibly unite with gays ,Muslems . ,or third world nation wreckers . Are there any intellectuals in Mexico trying to improve the conditions . If so they seem to be totaly incompetent. Why do we find it so hard to believe that an entire group of people can be curupt? OK only 95% of them are garbage . Yea their are some good ones. Who stated that if you had a bowl of jelly beans and only one % were poisoned would you throw them all out or take a chance and eat some? Why are we taking a chance ? We don’t need them . The domestic enemy is hard at work and we all know it.

      35. Parts of Detroit are now, reportedly, overrun by useful wildlife. (No, not the kind you were thinking.)

        The abandoned lawns are supposed to be arable.

      36. to the deniers of the lord god almighty, the belief in heaven, hell, god, and satan, is what has kept the world going. regardless of WHO god is to you, beit yahweh, or allah or budda, or whoever. this slow erosion into chaos is because of non believers like some present here. who believe that since god didnt personally kiss my ass there must be no god. heres the thing, if god exists christ will return and we will all be executed out of hand, or if christ does not return and you are found to not believe in the pureness and goodness of a higher power that will cause you to discipline yourself and take the moral highroad, myself and like minded individuals will execute you out of hand. your choice. choose wisely.

      37. It seems that if there wasn’t a God. Or master gardener the world would of long ago been covered by an inedible indestructible weed. Survival of the fittest ?

      38. In a real collapse, America will go to the dark ages quickly. America would grind to a complete halt, the electric grid and fuel supplies would not work anymore. The cities only have about a three day supply of food and pets to eat, after a few weeks the ones left will be eating other people. In the rural country few people garden anyplace but the nearest towns’ big box store. All those green trees and grass are tough to eat. The big farms that produce foods would be picked clean and not operating shortly. America would starve down by three quarters in a year and possibly over ran by China and other enemies’. Let us hope this gloom and doom never comes true.

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