The Ultimate Call: Will Federal Reserve Be Caught Without Gold in ‘Repatriation Rush’?

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    Gold accumulation is happening at a very astounding rate – and the repatriation of gold by foreign nations, and now states, is setting a tense deadline for the most massive currency war ever seen on a global scale.

    A game of musical chairs has begun, and someone will be left standing when the music stops.

    Texas has just taken it up a notch, with a high profile move to keep its gold holdings at home for safe keeping and strong collateral. The state legislature is making moves to allow housing the more than $1 billion investment in bullion gold by UTIMCO (the University of Texas Investment Management Company, whose directors are appointed to represent multiple university systems and other assets.

    Texas — long known for cattle, cowboys and oil — could soon be on the map for something much different.


    State Rep. Giovanni Capriglione asked the Legislature to create a Texas Bullion Depository, where Texas could store its gold, which is now in New York, and where others could keep their precious metals.


    The goal is to create a secure facility that would allow the state to bring home more than $1 billion in gold bars that are owned by the University of Texas Investment Management Co. and are now housed at the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank in New York. (source)

    Texas is just latest in a serious move back towards gold and other “solid” investments. But symbolically, it signals a shift away from the old line establishment, and a loss of confidence in the fiat petrodollar pumped out by a declining empire.

    China’s currency has just been reevaluated for entry into global reserve currency status, signaling enormous changes for the once all-powerful U.S. petrodollar. With China’s rise, it has been stockpiling gold at perhaps the fastest rate ever observed.

    Theoretically, China’s gold reserves are swiftly approaching par with the U.S. gold reserves, held by the Federal Reserve.

    With the central banks now buying gold… which is quite unique… we haven’t seen that  in our lifetimes… they’ve always been sellers of gold and now they’re buyers of gold… I think there will be a reset of the financial industry… 

    I think China is being allowed to accumulate gold purposefully by the American government… I believe that the Chinese need to own at least the same amount as the U.S. owns before this reset occurs. I think that there’s some kind of deal that’s being made between all the central banks behind the scenes and that’s why you’re seeing governments accumulating the metal. (source)

    Only, everybody knows the gold isn’t there. There are hints and signals as to its whereabouts, but the practical fact remains the the NY Fed isn’t holding what is supposed to, and the Fed will have to obtain the gold before it can return bullion to those for whom it has been safekeeping it.

    To compound this issue, China is likely much closer to parity, or at least a significant milestone, than its official holdings would indicate. SGT Report states:

    As we note, Bloomberg’s mockingbird journalist Nicholas Larkin recently wrote that if China could obtain 10,000 TONS of gold, it would justify a re-pricing of gold to $64,000 ounce. However, Larkin argues that China has well under 2,000 tons by referencing the nation’s last official report from 2009. Steve and I discuss how it’s far more likely that China already has 10,000 Tons of gold NOW! So… what happens to the gold price once China officially updates its six year old “official” number… huh Bloomberg?!

    Essentially, that means a race is on to reclaim gold before it isn’t redeemable, and have something at the table as collateral for its place in the global reserve currency. Though these are enormous moves, the timeframe is one that will not capture the attention of the general public.

    Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and numerous other countries in Latin America and the Middle East are all demanding the return of their gold. Which countries will be left holding the bag? And which countries will be at the mercy of the accepted value of the offered reserve currency, perhaps in the form an SDR?:

    The German’s are demanding that the U.S. return all of the 374 tons of gold held by the Bank of France, and 300 tons of the 1500 tons of bullion held by the New York Federal Reserve.

    Some say that Germany is only demanding repatriation of its gold due to internal political pressures, and that no other countries will do so.

    But Pimco co-CEO El Erian says:

    In the first instance, it could translate into pressures on other countries to also repatriate part of their gold holdings. After all, if you can safely store your gold at home — a big if for some countries — no government would wish to be seen as one of the last to outsource all of this activity to foreign central banks.

    German repatriation has taken much longer than anticipated… the Fed calmly says they are accommodating their request at a reasonable pace.

    There are even rumors that it is buying gold off the street to meet demands for withdrawal, or that it might have to in the near future.

    Some central banks lend out their gold to speculators and gold miners (who borrow the gold to finance mines—basically, a risk-free hedged loan since the borrowed gold can be repaid with newly mined gold, regardless of what happens to the price of gold on the market), which can be a somewhat profitable activity—especially when the alternative is just letting it sit around doing nothing but fluctuating in value with the market price. But, as far as we know, this isn’t something the Bundesbank or the Fed does. (source)

    As SHTF reported:

    Despite a 2012 decision in Germany to repatriate more than 600 tons of gold being held by the New York Federal Reserve, only 5 tons had actually been transferred across the Atlantic at the start of 2014, with the Bundesbank reassuring the German people that all is well, despite delays in the process.

    Was their gold actually there, or have the delays been due to the need to buy back physical gold to meet demands on their ‘call’?

    Now Texas wants its gold back, and stands ready to stop accepting bullion deposits of its own for safe keeping.

    Before there can be panic, big players are running for the exits.

    If all the nations across the world, (and other entities as well) demand return of their gold all at once or in short succession, someone is going to notice that the game is up.

    And then what?

    Is that how the dollar dies, in a stick up?

    Caught in its own devilish demise…


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      1. The idiot masses might not think this is very important, but you can bet your ass the central planners do…that’s why they want their gold back, everyone knows the game is up….

        • The Feds have run the ultimate Ponzi scheme. Their directors are NO different than Bernie Madoff and should receive the same jail sentence as he did — immediately.

          • The only gold the federal reserve has
            is their golden tongues they use to
            lick the asses of those who think they
            are going to get any of their gold
            returned to them.
            Once bitten, twice stupid.
            Deliverance denied.

            • The FEDERAL RESERVE has no gold. American gold is owned by the American people (the US Treasury) and held in FT Knox. The gold is there.

              Should there be more transparency? Yes.

              Eventually, metals will back money again, but not this year or the next. Those with excess funds should own all the gold and pgm’s they can afford. 🙂

              • Beat me to it…


              • DK-
                How the hell do we know that there is ANY gold in Fort Konx anyway , when was the last audit ? HMMMMM ?
                I think theres a malfunction……….

                • The gold quality swaps awhile back swept the corners of the fort clean. It could only have been Roosevelt’s confiscated gold otherwise it would have had quartz in it. The proof is in the pudding. Walmarts have better defense than Ft Knox.

                  • “Walmarts have better defense than Ft Knox.”

                    Not true Grandpa. Approach the big black wrought iron front gate, tell them you want to see the gold, and you will trigger two huge battle tanks that will emerge from either side of the building.

                    The building itself sits about 100 yards away with a free, treeless, field of fire, surrounded by that wrought iron fence, which as I remember, is about eight feet tall.

                    Police state? Breach that fence and find out. 🙁

              • DK,
                remember 911 ? well remember the vaults under the towers and the pictures of the vaults with the DOORS OPEN and they were empty! there is NO WAY the gold could have been moved unless it was done BEFORE the incident, everybody seems to forget that and there is information about trucks and planes taking trips to a airforce base in california about a month BEFORE 911. lots of mystery or should i say BS happened and is still happening, unless there is a full AUDIT done with independent people we will not know IF there is any gold left and or how much!

                • Apache: Public gold, American gold is held at Ft Knox. The 911 gold was private gold and yes, it was probably looted by the Mossad prior to the destruction of the towers as part of the overall plan.

                  Actually American gold is audited and published in a US Treasury report. The last number I saw said 6200+ tonnes of gold, not 8200. Sorry I don’t have that link handy for you but you can probably find that report if you look hard enough.

                  The USA is blessed with enormous amounts of gold that could be mined if gold were to become a national priority. Don’t lose any sleep over this article; nothing to see here. Buy gold if you can afford it, if you cannot afford it, buy a good metal detector.

                  I look forward to Texas establishing an official bullion depository for its citizens gold. I hope other States follow suite. This would be a good first step.

                  NO country is going to back its currency with gold anytime soon. Not even China. Why would they when the people can be forced to use paper; or seashells? 🙁

                  • So the gov tells you the gold is there and you believe them? Wow.

                    • Yes. Nixon decoupled the dollar from gold because the GOVERNMENT thought that gold was too valuable to allow France and other nations to swap their dollars for American gold.

                      As for rehypothecation of American gold or leases of American gold, why would they when they can just print dollars and lend them to the IMF, so that the IMF can exploit third world nations?

                      Think people. Use your heads for more than a hat rack. 🙂

                    • The last audit of Fort Knox occurred in 1953, right after President Eisenhower’s inauguration. Except no outside experts were permitted, and only about 5% of the gold was tested. So there’s been no full audit in over 60 years!

                      How anyone could trust the government to tell the truth about anything is simply mind boggling.

                    • Yes-man
                      noun informal

                      A weak person who always agrees with their political leader or their superior at work.

                      synonyms: sycophant, toady, fawner, flatterer, lickspittle, minion, puppet, cat’s paw, doormat, trained seal.

                    • YMWW: Sure, I would welcome a complete audit of the gold in Ft Knox, and the FEDERAL RESERVE.

                      I would also like to see the text of the Obola Trade Agreements under lock n key in the basement of the Capitol Building too, but as you know Congress must pass it before we can read it. 🙂

                    • @DK Funny stuff dk. I love your sence of humor. Its dry and insiteful. Keep it coming.

                    • So why hasn’t there been an audit of Fort Knox gold?

                      Here are a few reasons:

                      1. The government might not want an audit because it would lend importance to an asset that it swears is unimportant.

                      2. An audit would raise more questions than it answers. Like, if the gold is really there, and does it really all belong to the government?

                      3. An audit might reveal that Fort Knox is littered with gold-painted tungsten.

                      Trust, but verify: “A form of advice given which recommends that while a source of information might be considered reliable, one should perform additional research to verify that such information is accurate, or trustworthy.”

                      Your so-called government will never allow an audit of Fort Knox!

                      “Trust but verify” will never happen sans a gunfight!!

                      “Sad But True.”


              • Why hasn’t there been an audit at Ft Knox since the 70’s then?

                • Because, as a Rule of Thumb, the ’70’s were the last time that our elected Representatives followed the wishes of the electorate.

                  Engage your employees or be impoverished by them one Free Trade Agreement at a time. 🙁

                  • Paddlefoot says:

                    “Engage your employees or be impoverished by them one Free Trade Agreement at a time.”

                    What up DK???

                    • YMWW: You outed me!!! LMAO!!! Hey find the others!!! 🙂

                      Look I’m all for a regular audit, say every four years: a full core drill audit, the bars re smelted, assayed, and re numbered with each change in Administration. The new Administration confirming that the outgoing Administration securely kept the gold in trust for the American people.

                      But suppose, just suppose, the gold is really there. What would be the point from the governments point of view to audit the gold once it is locked away in Ft Knox?

                      The American people however should require a full audit as described, the doors to each vault sealed with a special seal, under 24 hour video and other security features. Special spectrometers could analyze the bars for gold content too.

                      Then there would be no reason to core drill, smelt, and assay the bars every four years. That’s a lot of work and it would get very expensive very quickly. 🙁

                    • @Mac:

                      Why do you censor my posts?

                      Do I need to change my IP and location??

                      Easily done…

          • Why should WE have to feed them.

            Hang them all.

        • Its gonna be the world wide find the pea, shell game. Here sheeple. Rehypothification. Selling the same gold over and over. And those buying paper gold on margin. Oh my…..

      2. We have no gold in Ft. Knox. The govt has “lost” the last 7 audits.

      3. If jade helm kicks off for the worse you will have to make a decision to either engage or not. The city highways and main roads will be blocked off. You will be detained and arrested if you have a weapon on you, so you must understand you can’t stop at a roadblock during a crisis. They will confiscate your guns and you and your property that you own and you WILL NEVER get them back. Do you think they will tag your guns and give them back when its over. NO Make sure you have multiple people with you if you travel to defend yourself against unconstitutional stops. This is war on us if this happens. Get a cargo net or steel wire and carabeener them to hooks in your hallways in your home so a group of people could not flashbang you and come rushing in quickly. If there is a cargo net in the way, they will have to remove it and that will take major time to get to you. Use your imagination. That buys you time to defend yourself. A team of people can’t come rushing in, they will not expect that. Anything to give you time. Again hope this never happens but we have to protect ourselves.

        • I have a 100 ft roll of chain link fence for that instead of netting

        • Great advice. I have eye bolts in studs for the netting as well. I also have eye bolts at the corners of all Windows. They are for precut panels of 2×2 steel cloth. Should at least keep out a smash and toss flash bang or tear grenade. I went with 2×2 so I could shoot through it easier. I’m a paranoid type, so the window panels go up every night. With the shades in front, they can’t be seen from outside. It works, a neighbor kid a hit a baseball through the window, but the mesh stopped it.

          • Simon, its time to empty your ashtrays and move. What you live where? downtown Detroit?

          • Simon. Stop talking so kinky, you may awaken Acid…

        • Yep. Done something similar too. I’ve been working on home fortification for the last year and a half (on and off, whenever I have time). I’ve got all the material I need now, most from the hardware store + got Armorcore panels bolted to most of the walls (level 3 – bulletproof up to .44 cal)! Anyone tries to enter my property on foot, they’re dead meat! Traps are set up (can’t reveal too much detail there). May doors are katy-bared and the studs are re-enforced with steal, from TOP to BOTTOM (making my doors batting-ram proof!) Got years of food stocked up, access to water, plus all the guns and ammo I need for defense. Gold/silver storage hidded well. Now it’s time to work on the ‘underground bunker’ (aka my basement). I plan to re-locate a lot of the most important assets below the ground. Everyone thinks I’m nuts … but if that’s a fact it will rotate 180 degrees once SHTF and they’re the ones starving and attempting to loot.

          BTW, fuck Obama’s so called new gun control EOs !!!! I’m not even paying attention to that anymore, that turd and all his fascist commie friends can go fuck themselves!!!

          When the dust settles, the commies will have all died by then and only the rebels and preppers will be left standing – armed.

          • apache and killcen im right with you too. I had to google your method of katy-bared your doors. I need to learn exactly what that means. thanks for sharing that. I like hearing ideas on here and tricks. Some may say “don’t give away our tricks.” There is simply to many and we are just a few hundred or less out of close to a billion people in the USA averaged up.

            • Ummm theres not even close to a billion people in america and more than a few hundred…..

              As far as Killcen goes… 44 cal is NOTHING AND A WASTE OF MONEY…. first rifle round that is aimed at your house is through the walls… and so is the 2nd and 3rd…..

              Between drywall and either plywood or steel hurricane panels 6 inches of sand is what you need… will stop a 308 rifle round which has more than 2000 lbs more than a 44 cal round… and sand fills in where a round hits… much cheaper i bet also….. and works.

              • 2000 ft lbs more than a 44 cal round.

                308 is 2600 ft lbs and 44 cal is about 400 ft lbs..

                And mostly youll face rifle rounds.

              • in science you round up at 5 so 500 million rounded to a billion. And as for a few hundred of us on this site not preppers or anything else.

                • Since there is 320 million people in the USA as of 2015 should we round that down to zero then?

          • Sadly this is pipe dreams – so the power goes out and everybody is fighting everybody for resources and after 2 weeks most people dont have food for that long and once all the famine and ebola and h1n1 have killed most the people and your ass is all tired out Then they will show and just gas or drone you if fighting you isnt fun anymore…

        • Clint!
          I am right beside you and, i hope it doesn’t happen BUT if it does, well won’t be a pretty sight for a LONG time!

        • @clinthospo…

          Cargo net? Seriously?

          They will just shoot through the walls….or better yet, have a drone send a missile through your bedroom window.

          • Cargo net for stopping a flash bang or tear gas…..

            You all need to think about fire bombs and stopping them

          • it doesn’t stop bullets silly. It stops them from rushing into your home at 3am while your asleep. They will not be able to perform their CQB tactics as trained and have to wing it and that point. Of course bullets go thru walls. This is simply to stop them to give you a chance to shoot thru the walls as well or whatever you want to do. It buys you time!! That is it. SO without a net burglars could come shooting in and get you within 10 sec or give you maybe a min. I think people that are trying understand and people that just want to prove their right all the time or don’t fully understand the situation as a whole. If you have read my posts years ago I have mentioned fire bombs many times and talked about burning down whole cities. We don’t argue here we come up with real ideas and help each other

            • And everyone’s home is different their layout and how far etc. Do what you want and what works for you. Police normally don’t start firing thru the walls at you once they first see a net. They don’t come in and start shooting in your walls. The first thing they would see is a net and have to disable it. You could be in any room and children could be in any room. They might have intel where you are but in a mass collapse they will not know. They will not have time to prep each homes layout. Sure police have radar that can see thru walls etc. SO what, it won’t show a net. So they will plan on coming into the home quickly and that will throw them off. use your imagination please. Not arguing just making you see the light. Its actually a great tactic if you think about it.

      4. Oh sure, the Feds are quitely buying gold off of the street, an ounce here and an ounce there and pretty soon you have gathered up that 600 tons of gold you owe Germany. Supply and demand still holds true for gold, and the price of gold as we speak sure doesn’t indicate that the world is in any rush to call it in. Another Farce. Trekker Out.

        • So you think Ft. Knox is brimming with gold?

        • not when there’s THOUSANDS of tons of “paper gold” out there to satisfy the dumb-masses’ thirst for gold…the jig will be up soon

      5. The dollar will die because Americans past and present didn’t do a thing to keep freedom. We allowed criminals to take over government. The facts are plain and simple.

        • The value of any currency is determined by the confidence people have that someone of value can be gotten in exchange for the currency and that usually requires an honest and faithful government. Any claim through that currency on the productive capacity of the nation has to be faithfully honored.

          That’s why currencies are so fragile. They depend on a moral, faithful, and honest government and those at times are hard to find.

          Of course gold is always honest. Gold remains gold no matter what a government says or does. The only thing a government can do is outlaw gold.

          That we’re even discussing all this is tragic though. Fiat money when backed by an honest and faithful government of a productive community is one of man’s most powerful inventions.

          When governments treat money creation (and the related property rights) carelessly, they threaten one of the foundations of modern society.

          • er, “someone” –> “something”. Uhg.

        • You bet Gold theft will increase on a large scale. Yep somebody stole it. Lost it in that boat accident. Buy up silver… its still ripe for the picking. I prefer buys below $16 range. Closed @$16.53 today.
          Let er’ Rip!! WWTI~

        • + 500 thumbs up Kfilly – everything the Government has done in and around this takeover in the eyes of their laws is Null and Fk’n Void. “do this, do that, pay this, pay that”. I say the hell with it, only thing they will leave us to do is become disobedient to a rogue, unethical System called AmeriKa.

        • The criminals took over well before your great grand father was around….

      6. To whom this may concern: We will not go quietly into the night, we will not give up without a fight!

      7. gold teeth are in danger…and that gold watch I recieved when I retired. Crap!

      8. More and More Countries Join the War on Cash…

        ht tp://

        “The most important thing I want you to focus on is how lies and propaganda were spread for months leading up to the collapse. Then in the space of a single weekend, the whole mess came unhinged and accounts were frozen.

        One weekend. The process was not gradual. It was sudden and it was total: once it began in earnest, the banks were closed and you couldn’t get your money out (more on this in a moment).”

        • Countries change their currency all the time. Mexican Peso 3 times in my lifetime. Its all to enrich the connected. Indeed it will happen over a long weekend. And all ATMs will be shut off. Monday Morning you go to your bank and your wealth is cut to 1/5th and you are issued a new currency. A few months to trade in your old bills. Or loose it. Gold, silver and food prices will rise. Inflation. This is how the Govnt will steal Trillions of our wealth to pay their debts.

      9. They used the gold as a derivative. In other words, they loaned it out at a rate 100 times the amount they possessed. Many central banks are already demanding repatriation. There simply isn’t enough gold to cover the derivatives. Same old same old.

      10. The gold was gone by 1933. That’s why FDR wanted the gold coins and bullion. After WW2, we offered to “safe guard” everybody’s gold…It’s been a ponzi scheme for so long, we of this era never had a clue…

      11. Fort Knox has one vault full of gold, and probably another partially filled. The rest is gone. The NY Fed probably only has a few hundred tons on hand.

        The main reason is that countries like the US used to try to balance budgets, and had to pay for national debt and balance of trade deficits with gold. The US imploded in the early 1970’s with overspending on Vietnam, the Lunar Landing, and the Great Society. This was all funded out of Fort Knox gold from the mid-1960s until Nixon ended the gold standard. Follow this up with Central Bankers into the 1980’s who basically trashed gold as a barbaric relic — debt became king and debts were not longer paid (or paid in gold) — instead they were paid with more debt. At that point gold became useless to Central Banks, so countries like England sold their hoard. Don’t think for a minute that the US did not do the same. Any remaining gold not directly sold was leased — and why not — lease it to as many people as want it. Thus the US either does not have much gold, or the gold that it has is leased out to a number of different entities that think they own it.

      12. Of course there is NO gold, but our collapsing country has plenty of mindless entertainment, sports, poisonous toxic fake food, booze, Big Pharma toxic garbage, and a vast array of diversions, so the COWARD ZOMBIES can run around waving a fascist flag, singing a fascist boot licking anthem, and telling everyone the complete INSANITY of they live in the “Land of the Free..Home of the Brave”. The COWARD ZOMBIES hybrid humans are simply not going to wake up, they have no ability to wake up. The genocidal Corporatist Globalist fascist monsters have destroyed any instinct they have left to even understand the GENOCIDAL fascist Orwellian Police State horror they are living in RIGHT NOW. It is not coming, it is not in the future, in is not on the way, the fascist Orwellian Police State is here RIGHT NOW in our faces and lives daily. The children of today will spit, piss, and shit on the graves of their COWARD ZOMBIE parents for this Corporatist Globalist controlled fascist Orwellian Police State nightmare they are leaving them. They will curse their names for not standing up to these evil Corporatist Fascist Globalist GENOCIDAL monsters destroying their lives and future, that is if they even survive this NWO genocidal culling.

      13. It has been said many times, Audit the Fed.

      14. You know they don’t have it. TPTB have stashed it all over so when the fall comes they will use it to keep their kingdoms.

        Wait till China, Russia, India finds out some of their gold is not more than coated bars.

        The guy I buy my Silver from showed me a bar that was silver coated and the person that bought was told it 99.9% pure silver. All the Gold that these country have bought you that they can’t check every bar.

        When people who have paper gold and countries that have been skunked find out it is going to be a show.


        Going back to Silver just picked up some more today and it is going in my safe. Like I have always said it is better to have it in hand, than on paper.

        OFF TOPIC!
        Just wondering how your gardens where going. Mine is coming on strong. The Good Lord must be watching over it. Man I love getting dirt under my nails.


        • Sgt. Dale, just got all my plants in. Two fifty ft. rows of Doc Martin Lima (pole beans) in. Twenty-four Big beef tomato plants, three “sweet 100” cherry tomatoes, 19 cukes and trellis(market mores) 17 straight neck squash, 3 Aristocrat Zukes, 2 Hills of Hearts of Gold cantelope, 1 hill of Crimsom Sweet watermelon. Six (50 ft) rows of Blue lake string beans, four-50 ft rows of yellow onion sets (for dehydrating and spring onions),5 habanero pepper plants and 15 jalepeno plants, Two 50 foot rows of peanuts/goober peas…first year of trying them.

          • wow!

            THAT’S a garden!

          • “Po’d P”
            3 rows of two types of Peas 40Ft.
            5 rows of five kinds of beans 40Ft.
            20 hills of two types of potatoes
            15 hills of Sweet Potatoes
            10 Tom. plants (still have some that where canned two years back.)
            2 Cherry Tom. plants.
            3 rows of three types of onions (dehydrating them)
            4 Bell pepper plants
            2 sweet banana plants.
            1 row of Acorn Squash 40Ft.
            1 row of winter squash 40Ft.
            2 sets of watermelon.
            2 Cantaloupe

            I still have several types of beans corn and other things canned from years back.

            • Sarge, sounds like you got a heck of a garden going on. Congrats! This will be the first year in fifteen years that I didn’t plant any Red Pontiac taters. I lost all of them last year due to the large amount of rains we had last spring (rotted right in the ground). I planted the two rows of peanuts to see what they would do (first time). My best year of potatoes was 425 pounds out of 25 pounds of seed (hilled up three times and side dressed). My Doc Martin pole beans was the first time last year. google them up. I had a good year/harvest off one 50′ row and froze a lot. I kept quite a few pods for seed this year as the seed goes for a buck a each. I started the seeds indoors this year and potted those that sprouted and placed them in my “cold frame” then transplanted them when the ground got warmer. So far so good. Have had to dust the plants due aphids cutting hole in the leaves. Always something going on……

            • Sarge I keep a journal of every year of what and when I plant in the garden. I make notes of dates, spacing, weather and yield of each as well as diagram of the entire garden. That way I’m sure of rotation.


          Last year my potato plant died for some strange reason, so I just tossed some newspaper over the pot and set it aside, figuring I’d plant something else this year.

          While I was reorganizing things outside today, I noticed green shoots peeking out from under the pile of paper. I moved the paper and there were new shoots struggling to get to the sunshine! Well, I immediately threw some water on them and moved them into the sunshine.

          I was pleasantly surprised and humbled by the tenacity and determination of one potato plant to survive and thrive.

          I pray that I could have the strength of that one lonely little plant, that like it, I will do whatever it takes to survive.

          • We plough the fields and scatter the good seed on the land. But it is fed and watered by God’s almighty hand.

        • @Sgt:

          Already happened. China bought gold from an African dealer, oh, maybe six months ago or so and found out that many of the bars were gold coated tungsten when they opened the crates back in China.

          Lesson for the common man, buy from reputable dealers to minimize risk! Avoid eBay and other auction sites. Caveat emptor…


          • “MR”
            Thanks for the4 info!

        • Sgt. Dale

          Good warning about counterfeit gold and silver. It is a problem. There are some good YouTubes on the subject, buyer beware.

          The best counterfeit gold bars contain tungsten cores, which is a very hard metal to work with a density very close to gold. It’s very difficult to form gold around small tungsten filler blanks, so gold coin counterfeits are near impossible to make with it. Gold coin counterfeits made with other alloys can generally be detected by accurate measurements of weight and size, also check your coins with a magnet, stand the coin on edge and insure a magnet doesn’t affect it. The clang they make when dropped on a table is off as well. China is producing very good counterfeits, including counterfeit US gold coins. Near perfect gold bars are being made with tungsten cores, and even the Bank of England has been fooled by these.

          Silver’s density and color would be easier to counterfeit. but because it is such a great conductor of electricity, it has some unusual properties around magnets. Pure silver is not magnetic, but because of its conductivity it strongly resists the movement of a magnetic field passing through it (induced currents). So make a thin plastic slide and glue a row of strong magnets to the back. When a silver coin is slid down the slide it will go in slow motion. Counterfeits depending on the alloy, will either stick to the magnets or slide unimpeded, full speed down the slide. The conductivity of silver can’t be counterfeited, though coins should also be measured and weighed to insure they are as advertised. The magnetic slide works on old 90% silver US coins as well, but the slide rate won’t be as slow as a 99.99% pure silver round.

        • Sgt, it’s been so wet here I haven’t been able to get it all in the ground yet. Good lord willing, sometime in the next few days it will finally be all planted

      15. At this time those here @ the PO’d Patriot ranchero, we wouldn’t give two squirts of owl shit whether the Feds physically have the gold or not. Every now and again I like to take my gold and silver dinero, throw it up in the air above my bed then jump on top of it and roll around some in it (giggling).

      16. Here’s a question all you patriots. How and Where, are you going to dispose of all the Dead Bodies in SHTF?? You do not want to attract flies and disease. Lye or some say lime. Is what you pour over the dead corpse.

        • We have turkey buzzards to take care of road kill around here.

      17. BTW, If Texas was that frikken stupid to give a BANK or some other financial institution their gold to have it in a safe place, ought to have it stolen. What a bunch of MAROONS! If they had all that gold, why didn’t they build the secure facility in the first place to store it in. Boo-hoo, cry me a river Texas…but not over Houston.

      18. I have a question. If one wanted to buy 1 ounce of gold, how much over spot would one pay on average?

        • “A”
          I don’t know about gold, but I do buy silver, so I would think it would be close.
          Let say silver is at $20.00 an Oz. 1 Troy oz. cost me around $24.00 from my dealer. (like I said it is in my hand!) Saying this it would be around 3 to 5% over spot. The guys that are selling it have to make money too.
          Good luck. See if you can find a dealer in your area and talk to them.

          • You did well, my local dealer charges me 15 %.

            • I have purchased a lot of silver most of the time I pay 1-2 dollars over spot out of Texas gold between 20.and25. dollars on gold that’s the best I ever done

          • Dale @ 20$ and you pay 24$…that’s 20% over.

            • lol

        • A gold American Eagle might be your best value at one ounce. You should expect to pay 10-15% over spot.

          Depending on who you are buying from, you might have sales tax tacked on.

          You might consider buying ten 10th ounce AGE instead of one ounce gold gold eagle.

          Let’s say you at the coin shop, and they have one ounce gold eagle. Spot is at $1200, they will sell to you for $1380.

          If they have ten, 10th oz GAE, they might charge you $150 per coin… =$1500 per ounce.

          I haven’t been to my coin shop since about 2011. I sold them a bunch of old 14K chains and such, and silver that I wasn’t in love with (englehard bars, prospector rounds, etc).

          The process worked in reverse. I got spot less 20% on the jewelry, and spot less 15% on the silver.

          The margins are the cost of the business providing you a safe environment to deal, and profit.

          Private sellers might offer a better deal on craigs list, but there is a risk factor involved.

        • Somewhat over a hundred would be a good price for most 1 oz gold bullion coins (collectables obviously higher both in base price and markup). Most dealers are going to try to get more than that but since they can be found at that premium I am unwilling to pay much more unless there is some special reason to.

          An overlooked bargain in gold coins is the Mexican 50 Peso: 1.2 oz gold and frequently available at the same premium as a 1 oz anything else. Don’t let anyone try to sell you an uncirculated one at a higher price, every “uncirculated” one I’ve ever seen has just been a good condition circulated one one that has been polished and prettied up – even if it were uncirculated, with rare exceptions there is no collector market for it so it isn’t worth more than bullion coin price.

      19. I’ve said this before, Money is not wealth, it is a means to transfer wealth. Be that paper, or precious metals, or jewels, these things beyond practical/industrial uses have no value. You can’t eat a gold coin. You can’t keep warm and dry with silver bullion. You can’t drink a dollar. In this sense all money, PM, and jewels are worthless.
        If China were to buy all the gold and silver in the world, how would that affect you and I? Not a bit, we are “preppers”.
        So what is valuable? Cheap crappy commodities, or gold?
        Most of use just have to look at our shoes to figure that out.
        I wear Bates instead of Danners.
        If the entire Macro economic system fails, we are left with the micro economic. That will be geographically local systems using trade, barter, or some dollars for useful goods and services.

        • I just traded a 1oz silver eagle for 5 dozen farm fresh large eggs. They normally sell here for $6 for an 18-pack.

          They’re almost still warm…

          • paid 6$ for 18 eggs if your eagle was worth 20$ and you got 60 eggs for it. A fair trade, but at regular store price.

            • 1oz is running about 17 bucks (not counting spot), and don’t forget I got my eggs delivered to my door step, fresh from the coup. I feel more justified paying regular price to my local neighbors for fresh, hand-selected eggs, rather than to big box inc. for whatever crap they stuff in a carton.

              • what??? you don’t like Monsanto fed gmo hormone fortified eggs? We have chickens too. With all the estrogen they put into chickens, soon everyone will Jenner out. Too bad you couldn’t hide a hen in your front yard, but that bitch next door would steal it.

          • If eggs were 12 cents a dozen, how many eggs could you buy for a dollar?

          • Wow Six, eggs go for about 2$ a dz here, I sell mine for 1.50$. Lots of competition here it keeps the price low I guess.

      20. Tungsten bars and Krylon spray paint, baby.

        • You’re a fool if you buy silver bars that are not from a reputable mint.

          Better still….buy Eagles or Maple Leafs. All you need to verify if the coin or bar is legit is a set of calipers and a scale.

          If the weight does not match the proper dimensions of the coin, it is fake….period. If it does match, then it’s real. All elements have a specific weight. A tungsten bar of a specific size will not weigh the same as silver or gold bar of the same exact dimensions.

          • Silver yes (tungsten is significantly heavier) but gold no (almost exactly the same weight).

            An article about fake gold here: ht tp://

            There are many others as well.

            About the only way you can actually detect a tungsten cored bar is by drilling and assaying it. A kilogram bar with a half kilogram core would most likely remain undetected till someone tried to melt it down to use or recast it.

            • One more fact on gold and silver.

              The IRS requires a 1099 when selling many gold and silver products. You can Google and find out which gold and silver products don’t currently require a 1099 to buy or sell.

              I suggest buying those, so gov records are minimal.

              Gold and silver never actually gain value except in extreme market moves. All it does is retain value against inflation and currency devaluations.

              If I took $5,000 in gold in 1975 that would have bought one standard sized car, and put it in my mattress. Today it would buy one standard sized car, that goes for $30,000 dollars. The IRS of course would see it differently and want to tax you on $25,000 in capital gains.

              Beware the government gold goblins! If there is sufficient government turmoil during a dollar collapse, and you have gold, there will always be a market! To convert it to the new currency of the day!

      21. Kids, I have no idea where you are buying your silver but I have bought eagles under $20 per ounce and 1 oz bars at under $17 an ounce. Granted I bought 20 of each but not at the same time. Check ebay.

      22. Enter your digits.

        There will be no 500 dollar silver. Silver and Gold are over.

        You can talk all you want about history, or industrial uses. You can regurgitate those matters until you turn blue. China is hoarding gold. How wonderful.

        Credit cards are everywhere.

        “I get cash back!” I get 3 percent, I get 2 percent, I get 5 percent….

        And soon enough, I get 30 percent, I get 20 percent, I get 50 percent!

        Your PM’s are not in that system. They will not be able to compete.

        Actual cash is not in that system. It too will soon be unable to compete….

        I went into a Citibank on the 1st of June. I handed the teller cash, and an account number. “Deposit, please.”

        She told me that the rules had changed and that if I wanted to deposit any cash (into my landlord’s account), I would need to provide my name, address, DOB, SSN, the name of my employer, and my annual income – along with valid ID, of course.

        (I guess I could have avoided that by ‘just’ doing a digital transfer….)

        Cash is not accepted in the new system. The record-keeping requirements for PM ownership and transfer will be… (you fill in the blank).

        Do you think they are stupid?

        Amazon, landlords, grocery stores: “Enter your digits.”

      23. @maxheadtroll, while u may be 1st in line waiting for a chip implant when the new system is unveiled, because your employer the nsa troll department only pays via digital debt units, and your monsanto prepackaged “nourishment pouches, (of roundup ready POISON pouches)”, may only be purchased using digital debt units (DDUs). You Can keep lying to yourself how ever you’d like sir. its scientific fact that the more one actively uses their ever depleting brain cells, the slower the rate of cell die off occurs. That Said, letting your mind constantly run wild inventing less and less logical “rationale” you then justify to yourself as to why your continued participation in government crimes is the Best! cognitive dissonance. ignoring physical truths that can be standing right in front of your face, screaming at you. its almost like a form of stockholm syndrome. the definition of insanity, doing the same thing repeatedly yet expecting different results. knowing that 2 different realities are physically impossible existing at the sametime, yet still believing that both currently do exist in your “reality”. SO YES, KEEP TELLING YOURSELF THAT PM’S ARE WORTHLESS BLOCKS OF METAL, WHILE READING ABOUT HOW THE BIGGEST BANKS AND THE ELITIST ELITES ARE ACCUMULATING AT UNPRECEDENTED LEVELS. KEEP REPEATING TO YOURSELF HOW GREAT OF A DEAL YOU ARE RECEIVING BY THE PRIVILEGE OF PAYING FEES TO BE ABLE TO SPEND YOUR OWN MONEY! KEEP BELIEVING THAT YOU ARE FAR MORE INTELLIGENT THAN EVERY HUMAN TO HAVE LIVED ON EARTH IN THE LAST 5000 YEARS WHO USED AND STILL USE GOLD AND SILVER AS VALUED CURRENCY! keep ignoring the relevant facts, such as 6 pack’s original point that he’s CURRENTLY ABLE TO EXCHANGE PHYSICAL SILVER WITHIN HIS LOCAL COMMUNITY FOR ORGANIC, LOCALLY PRODUCED FOOD!!!!!! WHICH IS CLEARLY ILLUSTRATING 2 important facts; a) local populations ALWAYS, (and its documented throughout the entirety of humanity’s existence), AND I MEAN ALWAYS, trade amongst themselves with their locally produced goods and services of each individual’s unique and specialized skill set. The majority of the time not evening needing a currency to middle the exchange or to determine value of the products. PMs remaining as a valued “product” throughout history regardless of whether that society “sees it as currency”. Meanwhile you’re going along stating undeniable fictional stories such gold and silver being OVER?!?!? bahahahaha

        • You might be missing the bigger picture there, BernCron. Very cool about them eggs, though; I like organic.

          I did not capitulate to Citi; in fact, I laughed and walked out. I called my landlord (landlady, in fact – she lives in Canada, I live in the U.S.) and I explained what happened at Citi. She suggested Chase. I told her right away, “No, Chase does the same thing.” She then suggested PNC. I said I didn’t know. She called them and then she called me back. “Yes”, she said, “they’ll take cash (without documents)”. So I went to PNC and paid two months, just in case.

          I don’t like banks (though, I must admit, PNC seemed friendly and cozy). I have not had a bank account for 20 years. I cut my credit cards in half that many years ago. I pay electric and water with money orders. My ‘banking’ costs are 20 bucks a year, postage included.

          But I need digits.

          Because I don’t know of anyone local who wants silver for a tent, or hiking boots, or coconut oil, or cinnamon. So, I shop at Amazon. I bicycle to the mall (I don’t drive) and I exchange cash for a pre-paid Visa card, and then I get on Amazon and I shop ‘til I drop for wool socks, and camera lenses.

          I understand what you’re saying but I don’t think that you quite understand what I’m saying.

          At any point in time, the Simon Gift Card desk at my local mall could ask me for my I.D. (just like Chase, just like Citi). And then I’d be cut off, because I wouldn’t give it to them.

          It’s something to think about, bro.

          Silver for eggs? It’s cool, man. I respect that, tremendously. (And I could get me a gross of them, that way, by the way.)

          My point is: rules are rules.

          And the bankers (and the ‘elites’ as you called them) make the rules.

          Thanks for replying B.C. It’s an A.D. (one more D?) world.


      24. Note….UK not buying gold.

        It is bankrupt.
        And it flogged off all its gold reserves at market bottom.

      25. You might be missing the bigger picture there, BernCron. Very cool about them eggs, though; I like organic.

        I did not capitulate to Citi; in fact, I laughed and walked out. I called my landlord (landlady, in fact – she lives in Canada, I live in the U.S.) and I explained what happened at Citi. She suggested Chase. I told her right away, “No, Chase does the same thing.” She then suggested PNC. I said I didn’t know. She called them and then she called me back. “Yes”, she said, “they’ll take cash (without documents)”. So I went to PNC and paid two months, just in case.

        I don’t like banks (though, I must admit, PNC seemed friendly and cozy). I have not had a bank account for 20 years. I cut my credit cards in half that many years ago. I pay electric and water with money orders. My ‘banking’ costs are 20 bucks a year, postage included.

        But I need digits.

        Because I don’t know of anyone local who wants silver for a tent, or hiking boots, or coconut oil, or cinnamon. So, I shop at Amazon. I bicycle to the mall (I don’t drive) and I exchange cash for a pre-paid Visa card, and then I get on Amazon and I shop ‘til I drop for wool socks, and camera lenses.

        I understand what you’re saying but I don’t think that you quite understand what I’m saying.

        At any point in time, the Simon Gift Card desk at my local mall could ask me for my I.D. (just like Chase, just like Citi). And then I’d be cut off, because I wouldn’t give it to them.

        It’s something to think about, bro.

        Silver for eggs? It’s cool, man. I respect that, tremendously. (And I could get me a gross of them, that way, by the way.)

        My point is: rules are rules.

        And the bankers (and the ‘elites’ as you called them) make the rules.

        Thanks for replying B.C. It’s an A.D. (one more D?) world.


      26. I forget the hr. long voideo I saw it on but sometime ago when there was no national currency people would leave thier gold in so called banks and given a certificates to barter with and and banks printed more than the gold on deposit and when people withdrew %7 of what the banks had printed they would close and skip ,then states issued thier own money ect and the feds opposed it and it went on and on till what we have now ,but banks have went bankrupt about 3 times before the 1900’s at which time ,we were put on the fed reserve,tax laws and even the draft started then

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