The Ugly Face of Tyranny: Feinstein Comes For Your Right To Speak Freely Online

by | Sep 26, 2013 | Headline News | 368 comments

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    Senator Diane Feinstein has taken up the fight for truth and liberty, just as she has done for health care and the widespread disarmament of American citizens.

    This month Congess has been debating a new media shield law, which according to its authors, aims to protect journalists and bloggers from being forced to testify about their work should their sources or information come into question.

    But Diane Feinstein has refused to support the bill, noting that the law would essentially grant this shield privilege to anyone who chooses to share their opinion on the internet (including those pajama sporting bloggers and news aggregators working out of their basements).

    But because freedom of speech, as interpreted by Feinstein, is nothing more than a privilege granted to us by her and her ilk in Congress, she has taken steps to ensure that only those journalists sanctioned by the government will be protected by the new shield laws.

    The final hurdle for the Judiciary Committee was defining who is a journalist in the digital era.

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) insisted on limiting the legal protection to “real reporters” and not, she said, a 17-year-old with his own website.

    I can’t support it if everyone who has a blog has a special privilege … or if Edward Snowden were to sit down and write this stuff, he would have a privilege. I’m not going to go there,” she said.

    Feinstein introduced an amendment that defines a “covered journalist” as someone who gathers and reports news for “an entity or service that disseminates news and information.”

    The definition includes freelancers, part-timers and student journalists, and it permits a judge to go further and extend the protections to any “legitimate news-gathering activities.”

    As noted by Dave Hodges at The Common Sense Show, this very report, for example, is being published by an unlicensed and unofficial news-related web site, and therefore, would not meet the stringent guidelines set forth by Feinstein’s new amendment.

    In the definition introduced in Feinstein’s amendment, somebody writing for a small town paper with a circulation of 30 would receive First Amendment protections, but quality news people such as Steve Quayle, John Stadtmiller, Jeff Rense, Doug Hagmann, Stan Deyo, Michael Edwards, Alex Jones, George Noory and Matt Drudge would not be considered journalists and therefore, the First Amendment would not apply to this group of aforementioned newsmen.

    With the passage of this amendment, our sources would not be privileged and many of our sources would dry up. But Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper can take bribes from the CIA to not cover certain stories, yet Feinstein thinks they deserve protection as authentic journalists.

    And for those out there who don’t have a blog or web site where they share news, videos, information and criticisms of government, consider that the Feinstein amendment doesn’t refer to just web sites. It covers all internet venues. It’s not about how the information gets out there, it’s about the individual or organization disseminating it.

    So, should you choose to share an opinion in the comments section on this web site or post on your Facebook or Twitter page, you would, just as this author, fall outside of the Constitutional protections of the First Amendment.

    Your comments, if critical of government or big business interests, would not be protected by shield laws. You see, you’re not capable of forming an opinion or citing appropriate references for your argument. To do that, you must be licensed by the State or approved by a court.

    But the government can’t do that, right?

    They’ve already tried and failed on their first attempt, but what if this law would have passed?!

    John McCain previously introduced a bill that would fine bloggers up to $300,000 for “offensive statements, photos and videos posted by visitors on comment boards”.

    If the bill would have been successful, this legislation would have marked the end for previously unrestrained opinions. Hiding behind the pretense of protecting our children, McCain’s legislation was referred to as the “Stop the Online Exploitation of Our Children Act.” The legislation demands that a Stalinist-type army of informants and spies will browse various websites looking for inappropriate internet material which might pose a threat to children. McCain’s internet army would then pass the information on to the relevant police authorities and subsequent bloggers could be fined $300,000 or have faced jail time.

    Anyone who has participated in online comment boards is keenly aware that they are very difficult to moderate. Some articles and news events may receive thousands of comments. Yet, one oversight by the moderator, one day off from the internet, could spell doom for the financial future of a blogger. What citizen can afford to take that chance? Hence, your right to self-expression has been sacrificed. Your first amendment right to self-expression is technically still intact. However, the personal affordability to exercise free speech would have been severely jeopardized

    Common Sense Show

    While McCain’s bill died a horrible death, and rightly so, Feinstein’s amendment essentially aims to do the same thing, though monetary fines for journalistic transgressions are as of yet undefined.

    You see, as is always the case with our Congressional benefactors, the devil is in the details.

    Take, for example, health care. For years the establishment pushed for universal, affordable health care for all Americans. The efforts really started back in the 1990’s with the failed Hillary-care movement. But it didn’t really die. In fact, calls for free health care got louder and louder, and in 2008 they came to a head with the election of Barack Obama, who promised just that for Americans. It took nearly 20 years, but they did it, and millions of Americans thought they had won a victory.

    But, lo and behold, after legislation to cheapen and improve our health care was passed, we began to see the fine print come to fruition. And all those folks who vehemently supported an affordable care option are now wondering what the hell happened. As was revealed in recent days, costs aren’t going down. Just the opposite, in fact. For many Americans who rallied behind the President those costs are going to double, triple, or quadruple!

    Now they are pushing forward with new restrictions on speech. And just as no one thought they’d actually be paying more for health care after the legislation was passed, no one really believes the government would go so far as to eliminate our ability to open discourse.

    As with Obamacare, it’s all in the details – the fine print and the complementary regulations to follow.

    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is government double-speak for, “you’re about to get screwed.”

    Guess what Feinstein’s version of the Media Shield Law is going to do.

    Disclosure: This report has been published by an unlicensed and unregistered journalist-blogger-commentator. It has not been sanctioned by the United States government. Under new legislation pending in Congress, this report, as well as those who comment and share it online may be determined by a future court to be criminalistic or terroristic in nature and subject to penalties under U.S. Law. 

    Hattip to the following outlaw alternatve media outlets: The Common Sense Show, The Organic Prepper, The Daily Sheeple


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      1. That Ugly Bitch scares the Shit out of me…

        • She scares everyone. The problem with these senators is that are extrordinarly wealthy. I wish I could remember the site that carried the story but I can’t right now, is that the “poorest” of the senators make a seven figure salary and they get the bennies for life. She doesn’t give a rat’s tail about America or our people, she wants control now, pure and simple. She got (like the rest of them) more money than God and it is not enough…they want to squash us like bugs under their black boots. I really don’t believe the likes of her or Reid were voted back in by they people. They BOUGHT their seats at the senate. She rattles on like a Harpie on how we need gun control, internet control all the while they are raking in millions from big corporations and multi-nationals. Follow the money my friends…

          • She sure gives new meaning to Butt ugly.

            • Her attitude towards the American people is uglier than the pic of her. Bet she never looks in the mirror.

              • Zionist Jews Are At The Forefront Of Advancing Gun Control In The United States


                Yes, those who believe they are the Master Race need to disarm you and shut you up before they kill or enslave you.

                  • feinstein the horror show she is and government is trying to control us more and more and is losing control of us one by one, the control gets greater and the resistance by us will increase until we meet at a cross point and then all hell will break lose and our freedoms will be tested.

                  • Did you know that a bullet to the brain pan goes SQUISH!!! Just saying!


                • Those who believe the evil Jews are in control, have drank too much of the kool aid of the true masters of the globe.

                  The Ten horns, who want you to believe that.

                  • Death to the New World Order. 🙂

                  • Piper Micheal, I have a load of respect for you.

                    Read George Armstrongs “Rothschild Money Trust” written in 1939. The protocols of zion is their bible.

                    Our govt is full of these zionist bastards and they are not the same as “Gods chosen people”.

                    Let’s send them back to hell on fucking fire.

                    No kool aid drank here.

                  • Piper makes sense on some issues, but his secret gnostic exegesis is not among them.

                  • John Q Public,
                    You, should read more, and listen to less preacher men.
                    God is the Intelligent Designer of the Universe, not, just, God of Earth.
                    But, ridicule on brother, your ridicule makes me stronger.

                  • @lastmanstanding,
                    Yes sir, and who exactly, do you think wrote all the hit pieces?

                    The protocols again, their provenance is highly tainted.
                    But jew haters don’t need facts, propaganda will do fine.
                    If Rockefeller is a Jew, I’ll eat my hat.

                  • John Q Public: once again we see proof of the absolute wisdom in the words of Christ and the bible. I am speakig of the bible verse that says something about “They learn all types of “knowledge” of the World and the Flesh ways. Untill they learn so much of worldly ways and knowledges, they profess themselves to be wise ones, yet in reality they have become no more than total Fools.”

                    Observing several folks ongoing reply posts is akin to watching a liberal that has dug themselves in too deep untill they find they are trapped in a too deep to escape from Hole they dug their self into. Then as a display of their Vast knowledges and expertize, they continue to keep digging furiously deeper and deeper in attempting to dig themself Out of the already too deep hole they dug themself into.

                    I notice thats the exact same method most liberal dems use rather them to simply admit to all that they are wrong. Just Keep digging harder and faster boys! We gotta dig our way Out sooner or later!

                    While their fellow traveler red thumb brigades grab Their shovels and Dig In!..”Keep digging deeper and we will show them whos right boys!”

                  • So I guess that you are not up for the read…

                    Best of luck and thank you for your service to our country.

                    Rockefellers are communists.

                  • Piper, this is certainly applicable to your secret gnosis and conceits:

                    Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil: that put darkness for light, and light for darkness: that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.

                    Woe to you that are wise in your own eyes, and prudent in your own conceits.

                    Isaias 5:20-21

                    What part of “woe” don’t you understand?

                • You are such an antisemitic Nazi that as the Muslims are cutting your throat you will be blaming the Jews and Zionists.

                  • Not Paul, but Saul.

                    Let us pray you are on the road to Damascus.

                  • And you are such a buffoon you let the Jews and Zionists cut our throats and tell fools like you it was the Muslims.

                • Anonymous morons are at the forefront of advancing stupidities in the United States,

              • As a Scotswoman I am *mooning* her!

              • She’s also a complete hypocrite…. she campaigns for gun restrictions while she has a conceal carry permit…. good for her, but not for us.

                I’ve lived in So Cal since 1969 and have witnessed a total decline in my once beloved state of kalifornia. This place is lost. I question which will crumble first…. the State of Kalifornia, or the United States….

                • Let’s not forget that virtually EVERY nasty piece of control legislation they pass for US, they EXEMPT themselves from it…ALL OF THEM, NOT JUST THIS BITCH.

                  • Yep, they give themselves more and more freedom to do whatever the hell they like, while they restrict us more and more– blatantly going against the Constitution.

                    they are pushing us to the wall…

                    God says something about separating the wheat from the shaff (sp?) in the Bible. I think this is what is coming about now.

              • I had a terrible dream the other night; a bus with Feinstein, Boxer, Reid, and Schumer went over a cliff and I cried. I cried at the waste; the bus had a few empty seats on it!

              • Anytime she has tried, I’m sure there has been no reflection….

            • If you have any family members who still have large amounts of money in the bank, please show them this.

              Cyprus-Style Wealth Confiscation Is Starting All Over The World

              “Now that “bail-ins” have become accepted practice all over the planet, no bank account and no pension fund will ever be 100% safe again. In fact, Cyprus-style wealth confiscation is already starting to happen all around the world.

              As you will read about below, private pension funds were just raided by the government in Poland, and a “bail-in” is being organized for one of the largest banks in Italy. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning.

              The precedent that was set in Cyprus is being used as a template for establishing bail-in procedures in New Zealand, Canada and all over Europe. It is only a matter of time before we see this exact same type of thing happen in the United States as well.

              From now on, anyone that keeps a large amount of money in any single bank account or retirement fund is being incredibly foolish.”


              • Just read an article about the National Bank of Panama having a bank holiday until next Tuesday. They never even told the people of Panama that they would be doing this. The article also stated that most of the Panama citizens get paid this weekend, so no doe for you until Tuesday. Seems rather fishy to me???

                By the way, does anyone think just maybe that pure evil looking piece of excrement, might just be not of this world?
                In the immortal words of Monty Pythons Holy Grail, “run away, run away”!

                B Aware B Awake B Alive

                • She sure gives credence to David Icke’s reptilian theory. Anyone doesn’t believe this, just look at the faces of our world’s biggest oppressors. They all look the same as Feinstein. Their brains are not wired the same way ours are. They truly have no empathy and feel that they are genetically superior to the rest of us. In fact, they really do look at us as a resource to be controlled and harvested, just like we’re livestock.

                  • Like we are livestock to Them, Indeed! and how much More proof can a person possibly need of this as fact? Other than a quick look at their Kabalistic Talmudic mandated methods of Kosher Bolshevik Slaughter. Which combine a falsified ‘religion” with a set of cabalistic Black Majik evils, that create a system mandating that for maximum benifit every individual that they slaughter, Must be Killed in the worst, most Painfull manner, and with the longest lasting path of suffering prior to a final Death of the individual Person/Goyim/Animal/Gentile.

                    Fore as per cabalist practices within the realm of evil satanic Black majik art, combined with master race talmudic beliefs, each Victim of the kosher method of Killing All not Of the “Tribe”(jewish tribe) Must always shed the maximun amount of fresh Blood, and must also Suffer as Horrendous of a death as possible, at the hands of the master race tribal Butchers.

                    And unless such a strict code and method is closely followed with every goyim’s death at the hands of those master Butchers. It will be as if never performed and unacceptable to the Luciferian god they so worship by such mass shedding of innocent human cattle Goyim gentiles Blood, and final Prolonged Death.

                    Ironic how well they were able to keep these things so hidden for almost 1900 yrs,and they Never expected that the masses of Goyim gentiles would ever be privy to and learn of their secret ways and beliefs…And yet! over the last century, the 20th cent, Hundreds of Millions of their potential sacraficial goyims have awoken to such pure evil satanic, luciferian practices.

                    Who could possibly wish to be in their shoes once those goyim awake numbers widen massively untill by their combined sheer weight, those goyim gentiles shall turn the tables, and Crush these evil bastards from Hell on Gods Own universal scales of Justice!

                    Woe Be to those satanic murderous man killers from Hells lowest Pit where they dwelled prior, and soon shall again when they are rejoined with their father Satan and sent back to dwell in hells lowest Pit, this time for All eternity!!! Praise the Lord!

                • No, they did tell people in Panama. It was only one bank, and they did it to upgrade their computer system. It didn’t cause any unrest. No other banks in Panama were affected.

                  HOWEVER, the US and Panama have been having talks about Panama giving up data on American expats’ deposits, so if you have money down there you might want to figure out if there’s anything you need to do.

              • KY Mom, I am waiting for them to declare any gold backed currency a threat to national security. Isn’t “bailing in” surely doomed to sink the boat? Guess where I would like to stick the bilge tube. I remember my own grandfather talking about his gold confiscated during the thirties. He hadn’t told a sole that it was in his bank deposit box but they took it anyway. He died still wanting a personal discussion with the person who opened his deposit box. We, collectively, need to take up that discussion. Not for his sake, for ours.

                • and for our children, who end up being beneficiaries…IF anything is left, that is.

            • When I first opened up the page and her face was right there staring at me…. OMG…. don’t think I want any dinner anymore. She reminds me of some teacher I had back in early grade school. Some reason teachers didn’t like me very much..

              • Maybe they didn’t like you because you were one of those wicked little troublemakers who liked to think for yourself? Oh- wait…maybe that was my school days I was thinking of.

              • That mug would look good on a roll of toilet paper or as a urinal mat. Strange thing is that many years ago when she was mayor of Frisco she did a pretty good job. Wonder what happened.

                • John W. That’s a real money maker you’ve got there; liberal toilet paper and urinal mats. As for mayor, she was a real f*ck up. The serial killer Richard Ramirez (The Night Stalker) was being hunted by law enforcement on the entire west coast, led primarily by the L.A. Sheriff’s Dept. He was in the S.F. area and that idiot Feinstein thought it was a good idea to tell/warn everyone, against law enforcement’s advice. This spooked Ramirez and allowed him to escape the bay area and elude capture for awhile longer. Yeah, Feinstein is a first class moron with nothing more than a cold cat turd for a brain. But, hey, we all knew this.

                • How about a kitty litter pan liner?

            • A psychologist friend of mine told me something quite interesting a while back. He said that you could see who a person really was by looking at a front on picture of them, then take your hand and cover half of their face from the middle of the nose over. Study each half separately while your hand blocks the other half. I find myself doing this quite frequently and what you will see if frightening. If you cover the right half of Feinstein’s face and look at her left eye you will see pure evil. The eyes are the window to the soul.

              We all have the potential to be good and bad but some mask the bad with a smile. The most amazing part of this is the fact that even a smile can not hide a truly bad person.

              I know it may sound kooky but it does work and to me it makes perfect sense.

              • @ Swinging on a Star ~ I do that all the time.
                I have been for years. I think I learned that in art class. I do that a lot with actors I like, esp. Daniel Radcliffe. You can tell if he is tired, giving a sincere or fake smile, and many other aspects upon ones face. I can’t do that with Feinstein though. For the many reasons listed above.

                • I can’t bring myself to look at her for that long, without having to vomit.

              • Swinging on a Star.

                There eyes are dead. No glint and agree their smile can not hide the evil inside. Their aura permeates death and draws life from your own. Their body movements are those of a Demonic presence.

              • No need to do that to see the pure malevolence in her, she reeks of it. Interesting technique, though.

                Another day, another affront to Freedom. When is enough, enough?

              • Actually, the technique is to mirror both halves of the face to create two complete faces. The further the two images are from matching, the greater the degree of duplicity that person has been guilty of.

                Hence the phrase “two faced”.

                It is interesting to watch politicians faces after they gain office and get the briefings.

                • eagle eye,

                  Exactly right, also notice her feeble attempt at a grin on the left side of her face, your right side looking at her. Her right side betrays her left side by showing the opposite of a grin. She is one scary bitch.

                  • She is also eighty years old. You would think she would have had enough of politics and all the power games by now.

                • I have a really lopsided face, one side is quite plain compared to the other, and there’s not much I can do about it. One of my eyes is noticeably lower than the other and is more hooded. But I’m not a lizard person, I guarantee!! Most people’s faces are asymmetrical. There is also something that women are now calling “bitchy resting face” which is when your face is relaxed, it looks bitchy even though you don’t feel bitchy.

                  But yeah, she looks malevolent pretty much all the time. She looks like Delores Umbridge from the Harry Potter movie.

              • Thanks for that interesting tip. She is a scary woman indeed. There is nothing feminine in her. Power corrupts and you can see it in her face and in her eyes. She is consumed by power and is being consumed by it. It has been said, “What does it gain a man (woman) if he gains the world but loses his soul?”

              • No offense, Swinnging on a Star, but she looks scary enough as it is! I don’t think I’ll try your technique. Hell, we already know the woman (woman?) is evil as hell.

            • OutWest she looks like she hasn’t been layed in about
              thirty years

              • who in the hell would want to

              • You volunteering?

              • i wish she would put a hat on ,i cant tell if thats her ass or her face ,in RE: to the health care ,i pray that obama shoves his fist so far up the ass of those that voted for him ,that they can feel his class ring on the back of there tongue ,im sick of hearing them say yea i voted for him but i didnt expect him to do this ,i say to them people ,your a moron ,you were born a moron ,and you will always be a moron ,you should walk out to the shed and smash your nuts flat

                • Lower 40, I voted for him (first election but not the last) and I don’t apologize. Who did YOU vote for, a Republican? Look at Bush, he is just as corrupt as Obummer! NEITHER PARTY is legitimate– the whole system reeks of corruption! And if you think voting for Repulipukes would have a difference, they YOU, SIR, ARE THE MORON!

                  • i didnt vote for neither ,but you can bet your ass if i had voted for obama the first time around ,i would have hoped that one of my family members that loved me would of smothered me while i was a sleep ,and you say you dont apologize ,then you sir ARE A MORON because you helped give us the N.D.A.A.(first term) , so what ever you get you deserve ,because he’s your boy ,you helped put him on his path

                  • May I remind you, Lower 40, that McCain introduced some equally heinous bills, one of which would have stripped citizenship from any American accused of terrorism, regardless of where they were born. If you didn’t have a country to be deported to, then you would end up being held indefinitely in an ICE prison. I have read about these prisons. They are kept very cold, they take everything from you and give you a thin uniform. You have to have people on the outside pay for every one of your comforts including your toothbrush and undergarments, and the lighting is designed to mess with people’s heads. Not knowing much about his track record, I voted for him in ’08.

                    As much as I hate the idea of 0. wrecking this country, I think McCain would have done the same, and Romney as well. I voted for Gary Johnson in the ’12 election. I’m not going to vote for a “lesser evil” because the one I really want “isn’t going to win”. That’s how a third party never wins, because people are afraid to vote their conscience. Screw that.

            • As my friend used to say: “She’s so UGLY, she could make a train take a dirt road” 🙂 Halloween sure came early this year!

            • I think the appropriate term is “Fugly”. Calling it “Ugly” is an insult to millions of very much more attractive “people” than her.

              • I agree shes a mess…but what the heck is wrong with mclame?…that’s a rhetorical question…..but I mean wow hes really started showing his true colors as of late hasnt he?…someone get a shovel!

            • I got a spot in the woods for her, where she can do some meditating and have some quite time away from all those pressures she is under.

            • I resent that comment… You need to apologize to my Butt!!

            • HA HA !! But on the bright side , her face will make the Scariest Mask on HALLOWEEN !! That mug would STOP a Mac Truck !! So I guess I’m gonna get fined NOW!!?? My # is BR-549 !!………mm

            • Janet Butter face……

          • she is worth 200 million and all of it was do to her corruption and miss use of her office, she needs to be tried for treason and racketeering!

            • Knowing that makes me sicker than lookn at her face.

              • Not much justice is there!

            • well if she’s worth 2 million ,then you’d think she could spend 50 cents for a bag to cover that nasty thing she calls her face

          • “God” doesn’t have money. She deals in karma. Peace.

          • she obvoiusly didnt scare her voters. they continue to reinstate her for decades. THEY are scarier then, than she is.
            if they arent doing anything wrong- why should they mind us watching and assessing them? — as they like to say to us when they steal more of our rights.

            ever notice how some of the worst tyrants are the jews? alot of this stuff is to protect zionist crimnial indemnity and stop exposure of them. the NWO is the culmination of the talmudic khazar agenda. this info needs to be halted.

          • It is already like the book/movie ,”HUNGER GAMES”, where the population lives in absolute poverty/slavery to support the lavish lifestyles of the rulers in the capitol.

          • we tried to get rid of Dingy harry a couple years ago but the unions put him back in. also the F*&%ing illegals voted twice.

            Reid bought his seat by pandering too the mexicans in NV and AZ and Ca ” put me back and in will see that your children are all protected” hence The Dream Act

            Troll killer

        • The only way my speech will be affected is if someone comes to me and sticks their hand over my mouth. That, of course, would present a whole new set of problems for whoever chose to do that.

          My rights do not come from the corp, and I refuse it’s privileges. Thus, there is nothing they can do to me without waging a personal, physical attack against me in effort to stop me.

          Good luck with that.

          • Thank you for posting the orgress’ picture, now we all risk turning to stone? 😉 That Medusa is after ANYONE and EVERYONE that would dare to speak out against BO, in support of the Constitution, pro freedom, pro personal rights as a sentient human being with freedom and FREE thoughts of their very own. The second that our free speech is gone, the USA is completely dead and you might as well turn it over to China. I for one think that a world in which you have to watch everything you say, where mind control rules, and Lamias like that bashee fiensteinless rule over everyone and everything is worse than the aftermath of a global nuclear war.

            Mac, I am sending you something about how totally irritated I was over watching BO and his glorification of BO care. I hope you like it.

            • Obobo looks down and yells, “Release the Kraken!!!” **POP** Out comes the ugliest piece of flesh imaginable!!!

              I think Medusa would take offense at being referenced to this piece of work..need to find a photo of the Kraken and super-impose it over her face…spitting image..beady eyes and all..

              Anybody up to doing this and posting it?? ^o^

            • Howdy, BI, and once again, you’re on target [pun intended]. We still have all the rights listed in the Bill of Rights that were granted to us by GOD, NOT BY ANY MANMADE GOVERNMENT. I still claim those rights for myself; I don’t care what anyone in DC or anywhere else says. Nobody’s shutting me up, and that’s it. braveheart

            • BI. The Chinese own 25 trillion $ worth of American assets. Our whole stock market is worth only about 19 trillion $. They just keep cashing their US Bonds and buying hard assets. Pretty soon they will own us outright. You will be working for the chinese and paying rent to them. People who work for Smithfield the largest meat processor in the USA now work for China. Several other American businesses are in the same boat. If we won’t work their factories they will just ship some chinese over to fill the jobs. I’ll bet you won’t be able to draw unemployement, just a number and a bullet.

              • Thats like the Japanese here in the islands back in the late 80s
                The joke was they couldnt bomb us out so they bought us out!

              • @ Lanny. There was video of this tsunami reaching almost 80 feet tall. The amount of energy to create something this massive would either be an earthquake in the 9 range or an asteroid impact. Unless mankind has anti-matter bombs in the gigaton range, there is nothing that humans have that can create something like this. I have gotten very upset about the misnomers about the Canary Islands myth because there is no way enough kinetic energy there to create such a mega tsunami. It would be going 400 times too slow. This is total misinformation about this link. Someone that doesn’t understand about earthquakes and the mass of water that is moved by earthquakes.

                Fukushima was not protected like it should have been. A Japanese individual had a very expensive flood wall built 20 years before this tsunami and that city was saved because of it. Utter cheapness ruled with not protecting the nuke plants. People talk about tsunami bombs without realizing just how heavy water is and how much shear force it takes to set it into motion. Seismographs around the world recorded this as 8.8-9.1. Japan has built its skyscrapers to sway, but this was a thrust fault meaning that there would be more vertical uplift than the common strike slip side to side motion like the San Andreas will be. The distance is another huge issue. I would delete this link if you bookmarked it, this is total nonsense. I am just sorry that such misinformation like this is floating around out there.

                • Thank You BI! The one thing that throws me is the seismic recordings were higher inland than towards the coast which would put the epicenter inland causing the shockwave to pulse out to sea instead of the other way around. Maybe the map shown isn’t correct? Thanks again… L

                • Oh and one more thing; why weren’t the buildings damaged before the tsunami if there was such a powerful quake?

          • She needs a Panty Shield stuffed in her ugly yap.

            This is an attack on both the first and second

            Without the 2nd amendment to Protect our freedom
            of speech, and without the 1st amendment to Voice
            our dissent on the right to bear arms, they will
            have us all corralled. Without the protection of
            the first two amendments, the rest become only a
            moot point.

            • The solution is to simply ignore the dictates of the criminals and deny their power over you.

              Your right to bear arms and speak do not come from them, nor the Constitution. They come from God, and to exercise them is you obligation to Him.

              No matter what they may believe, the only power the Feinsteins of the world can wield is what you give them. I give them none and don’t care what they call law. I get mine from a higher authority.

              • Her true ugliness is within, not on the outside.

                This TNUC (remember grand funk?) should be found floating tits up in the bay.

                • She looks like something that I flushed in my toilet earlier in the day.

                  • Or reflected in your mirror.

                • Bullshit! That bitch is MFing butt ugly inside and out!

              • AMEN!

              • GC, AMEN to your comments; same here with me. If someone wants to try to penalize me over my speech, they make the attempt at their own peril. braveheart

                • @Braveheart
                  So how are we all going to alert each other if things start getting dicey?
                  Any ideas?

              • “No matter what they may believe, the only power the Feinsteins of the world can wield is what you give them. I give them none and don’t care what they call law. I get mine from a higher authority.”

                That’s similar to the line most of the criminals currently in prison offered as their excuse for breaking the law. My point is, what you suggest, ignoring laws we don’t agree with is THE SAME BEHAVIOR THAT HAS LANDED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE BEHIND BARS.

                ..and it may ultimately land YOU there as well. It takes more than just ignoring laws we don’t think apply to us, THEY ALL APPLY TO US, and TPTB will have NO PROBLEM REMINDING US OF THAT FACT.

                • “””That’s similar to the line most of the criminals currently in prison offered as their excuse for breaking the law. “”

                  No, most are there because they did not have the knowledge to fight the beast and took a plea bargain as the easiest way out.

                  They made no CHOICE concerning the law, and allowed the corp to make that choice for them. You seem very content to do the same, so your choice is to claim incompetence to choose and defer it to someone else.

                  The corp counts on that. It must still honor the laws of commerce because if it did not the banksters would start screwing each other.

                  If you are ever “arrested” and forced to “appear” in court, the very first thing you must do is get sworn in an enter YOUR choice of law in the matter into evidence as THE law your case is to be decided on.

                  The courts recognize only contract law, which requires a contract. In the absence of a contract, your choice of law prevails.

                  No, people are not in prison for ignoring laws they think did not apply to them. They are there for their ignorance of the laws of commerce under which the courts act through presumption.

                  You have choice of law, and a choice in everything else. Failure to make your choices known gives others the power to make them for you.

                  • If only that approach worked in the real world. It doesn’t. You can’t beat speeding tickets by spouting commerce law and arguing that private vehicles are exempt from laws created to control commercial vehicles either.


                  • Sixpack,

                    If you appear in their courts you WILL almost certainly lose because jurisdiction is settled when you walk in. You have surrendered your rights at the door.

                    If you refuse to plea without a contract in the record, it can still be done. But they will keep you until after they have screwed everybody else and no one is left but you, the judge, and the criminal cop. At the end of the day, they will dismiss the case.

                    To win outright, you must force them to drop the bogus charges BEFORE the court date. They would rather let you go than answer questions about their fraud.

                    Forgive them not, for they know what they do. That is actually what Jesus said before King James changed it.

            • I was thinking more like an ELF gun!

          • @ GC –

            The closer that we get to the END, the crazier things are going to get in the world around us. The rotting, nearly dead body of our once great country is experiencing it’s “death-throes”. It is shaking itself to pieces, thrashing around uncontrollably while shitting and pissing itself. Sad.

            We, as a country, passed that dreaded ‘point-of-no-return’ 20 – 30 years ago; it’s been a long, drawn-out, downhill slide since then to where we are today. There is no ‘going-back’ or ‘do-overs’ for this.

            Take care, God Bless & keep your friends and family close.

        • She definitely needs to go crawl back under her rock. Her and Mccain are out of touch with reality and now are nothing but a disservice to freedom.

        • SHTF owes me a New Keyboard. One look at Feinstein and I Hacked all over mine!

          • If I had a dog that looked like her,
            I would shoot it to put it out of it’s misery.

            She should wear a ski mask as a public service.

            • She must have to work at being that ugly, because I don’t think anyone could just be naturally ugly like that. It is pretty scary looking.

            • If my dog looked like her I would shave it’s ass and teach it to walk backwards.

            • I would shave his ass and make it walk backwards!

              • I honestly believe that the Ammonia vapor from her depends is what’s causing this bitch to say and do stupid stuff !

              • OH crap my dog just PEEEEEDDDD all over my screen!!!

            • If I had a dog that looked like that I would shave it’s ass and teach it to walk backwards!

              • Sorry. I should have scrolled down and saw that Gods Creation read my mind!

                • A face that would make a freight train take a dirt road.

            • Id shoot it to put me out of my misery 🙂 .. dang bullet would probably miss for fear of touching her…

        • I agree!

          You know just when you have some hope, then you see the other side and lose it all….

        • What scares me more than that waste of oxygen, is the serfs that vote for her (it?) and keep her in government.

          • Kalifornia,
            The land of fruits and nuts,
            Both literally and figuratively.

            • Several years ago the Stupid party had a chance to beat her. They nominated Dan Lundgren who sounded like a conservative. two weeks into his campaign he comes out all for hard core gun control. He lost.

          • Yep very Ironic that she and so many like her get elected over and over in The Nation America that was orig founded as a Christian nation based on christian and Christ taught principals.

            And where even today america still has a massive aprox 87% of all peoples that in every poll taken reveals that 87% claims to be christians.

            Yet either polls are phony? OR most of that 87% are Lying. Because if they were even marginaly beginner christians by now they would have learned the very words and verses Jesus spoke that are recorded in the book of Revelation ch 2 vs 9, and ch 3 vs 9…And also what the Apostle John wrote in Chapter 8 vs 44.

            How can any nation with 87% christians present vote for the Very peoples that Christ taught us about?

            “You Are of your father Satan and his lusts you will Do…he was a Liar-Theif-and Murderer from the beginning and all he speaks is a lie as he is the father or lies”

            The new testement is filled with verses that Verify that Jesus and Apostle John Were speaking of the same tribe Finestien-schumer-bloomberg-boxer-and Many more current political elected officials, and even more that are Appointed to many varied positions of Power all throughout Fed Govnt in every branch-agency-aides-staffers etc etc. are from.

            So How is it even remotely possible in a nation of 87% of people claim to be christians keep electing these lying, thieving, murdering, Zionistic Kommie jews?

            Worse yet is how many who claim to be christian so reject everything told or written by others to alert or warn them of regarding these vile evil tribal entities.

            When Frankfurt school, Cultural communisim was taught to and accepted by the Vast majority of pastors and churches across our nation, and they then taught it from their Pulpits is the only explaination that makes any sense as to how this can continue unabated if that 87% who profess to be christians actually are.

            But that still wont explain why such foolsih ignorant delusional christians keep rejecting all efforts by so many today attempting to awaken them to the simple Truths Christ Himself taught and was written as His testimony for All to read and see.

            I think they Fear truth, Fear facts, and enjoy being deluded fools. Seek and Learn Truth Is the basic fundemental message in the new testement.

            There cannot be a true 87% of americans that are christian when a vast majority reject truth at every oportunity. While they Gladly accept and promote and defend the very sons and daughters of satan Christ warned them about!

          • Of Voters Consider This point. Most of the entire world has heard of or knows the words to Christianitys most Famous Prayer, the Lords Prayer aka the, Our Father who art in heaven etc etc Right?

            Yet How many actually are even remotely aware of Finstiens tribal religious Prayer of “KOL NIDRE”?

            Kol Nidre is the main prayer recited in Every Synagouge, By Every Jews worldwide on their Most holy day of “YOM KIPPER” aka jewish new year day. Which just occured a week ago!

            Why is this important? What does Kol Nidre jewish prayers have to do with Voters and voting? I will Tell you!

            That prayer recited by them all every yom kipper aka jewish new years day is a Prayer that They believe once recited in the synagouge of their choice to attend, Totally and FULLY Absolves that jewish believer of every OATH sworn to(like uphold and Defend the us constitution! when sworn into office) and ALL promices Made by them to any gentile such oaths or promices were made to.

            Who equals the Largest block of voters nationwide in all combined political parties? I will tell you.

            Goyim GENTILE-Voters are 98% of potential usa voters.

            The Very same gentiles that after a jew prays the KOL Nidre prayer on Yom Kipper day, he or she, jewish politition is fully absolved of ALL oaths and promices made and taken for or to gentiles.

            AND realize that, such absolution and ability to reject all such Oaths and promices made-taken-Sworn to Obey-by that jewish politition keeps working for the NEXT 365 day year In Advance once the kol nidre prayer is recited!

            Last week, sept 14 or 16th was Yom Kipper day for all worlds jews. Whichever jew recited kol nidre prayers IS Now able to LIE to gentiles freely, swear to obey multitudes of oaths, make dozens, hundreds of promices to goyim gentiles, and Instantly after doing so…Refuse to Obey ANY oaths or promices sworn to obey!

            That also Includes if sworn in as a WITNESS in a Court Case! They can place their Hand on the bible, swear to tell the truth, whole tuth and Nothing But the whole truth…Then instantly rely on Kol Nider prayer and LIE on a witness stand! Even in a Felony or Murder case!

            Who can possibly Trust any other person who suscribes to Kol Nidre prayer beliefs, to remain Honest? NOBODY Sane can nor shall if they are Wized up to this issue!

            What do we keep seeing happen daily and weekly year in and year out by most every jewish elected person? I will Tell you…We all observe that they represent the Lyingist, swindleingist, scammingist, group of elected officials America has ever yet endured!

            A Famous quote said: “The jews are Our Misfortune” after learning of Kol Nidre prayer, I agree!

            Who thinks such vast majorities of usa voters would actually keep electing or re electing Any jewish person to Any high or Low office nationwide “IF” such voters were Made Aware of this Factoid about Jews Kol Nidre prayers?…I’d wager, Many current voters regardless of political party etc would Never again consider to vote for any jewish politition period. IF they knew of that jewish prayer kol nidre on yom kipper day.

            Whos Main Fault is this, that barely any americans are even aware of it yet? I will tell you.

            The Major main Fault lies squarly upon Two main groups.

            #1= MSM media’s aka TV news and Newspapers who ALL Refuse to discuss such jewish issues or Prayers!

            #2= The number ONE Worst decievers and abject Failures in performing Their main Duty…USA-PASTORS! For most every pastor today nationwide, regardles of denomination, Never Ever even mention that prayer of the jews called Kol Nidre!…Why do preachermen fail their duty to educate and wise up christians while professing to be “men of God” or “Anointed Pastors of God”???

            Because they are ALL COWARDS! who All FEAR violating jewish invented PC correctness ‘rules” and Loss of 501c IRS tax FREE stats thats why.

            What would happen If NEXT Sunday christians nationwide across the vast lands of america asked and demanded THEIR church’s pastor begin to research the valid truth of what I am saying here, and Then begin to PREACH the Truth of Kol Nidre prayers and How Jews believe its OK for them to violate any Oath sworn to obey as well as break all promices made to goyim Gentiles(Thats You if a non jew)?

            Try it Sunday after services folks see what happens. Either Your pastor is a Man of God teaching truth? or A filthy Coward not worthy to be called “Pastor” again.

            Want Change for the Better in usa? Want HONEST polititions? Then Alert folks everywheres about kol nidre jewish prayer of Yom kipper day and all it entails in Destroying gentiles and christians who like sheeps keep ignorantly electing jewish polititions regardless what party it is. Once such Dishonest jew pols are outted and replaced for this reason…Next is gentile Polititions who once seeing voters no longer approve of Lying Kol Nidre reciting jews as officials, will soon realize they too must stop disobeying their OATHS and promices to us and Our nations us const etc!

            Lets see how many christians here report Back in a week to post a reply as to what Their Pastor said ater they alerted him of His DUTY to his Flock!

            This IS a simple Easy to do, NON violent method to begin on the Path to Honest Polititions and an End of Oath violaters nationwide! None but true fools will disagree as it harms nobody, and IS something that Can work swell.

            If asking your pastors to teach truth such as This is not a right thing to do? Explain why so please. And remember it is a jewish prayer recited BY jews so They have zero legs to stand on in any form of complaints for simply telling Others about jews prayers.

            I am NOT ashamed of MY christian Prayer the Lords Prayer aka the OUR father. So jews shoukd also NOT be ashamed for gentile goyim christians and all gentiles to learn of that jewish prayer, right…yes I Am correct, even those naysayers and foolish defenders of all issues jewish Know I am right. And no amount of name calling will shut me up on the issue that so destroys america and Our 98% of the population of americans. Liars and Oath Breakers even God Condemns! So should You!

        • Fortunately when Govts are run like Empires such as the US, eventually they fail and collapse. It’s only a matter of time before these criminal, incompetent politicians are out on the street begging for food like the rest of us.

          That’s when we kick their ass ! 🙂

          • Naw, they’ll take their millions to the Cayman’s and live quite nicely.

            • Cayman is not very far.

              • agreed.

        • Ugh… to see that face on this site… it freezes the blood… and I think I threw up a little in my mouth…

          The 2nd amendment was second for a reason…
          It protects all the amendments, but, primarily…
          The FIRST amendment.
          The voice of tyranny is coming, can you hear it? Are your eyes opened wide?
          Then understand, that without the First, the second is meaningless.
          This should be a line in the sand, worthy of death to tyrants.
          Disobedience to tyranny, is obedience to God.

          Where is our Black Robed Regiment? Oh… I forgot… they sold themselves to the government for 30 pieces of tax free silver.

          The Mother of Harlots rides the Beast.
          There are only a few voices left that remember what righteousness is all about. It is salt, not sugar.
          Salt for the wounds inflicted by tyrants, salt that heals and strengthens, salt that makes hard, not sugar that rots the Body.
          The voice of tyrants are the words of sugar;
          “Sweet words on the tongue, grow bitter in the belly.”
          “Its for The Children?” Really?

          Something wicked this way comes…
          and it is indeed, ugly.

          • ” Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for the ” E.A.Poe.
            The principals for which America once stood are being replaced with, political correctness, affirmative action, and acts of treason by our POTUS. Hang on kids were in for a hell of a ride !

        • So she is saying I don’t have the right to tell her to shut the fuck up and go to hell? I just did and may you rot there for the evil you have portrayed on millions

          • I’m hoping justice is a lot swifter in most of these cases.

        • God Bless You Feinstein…Bless Your Enemies and offer them a cold glass of ice water…

          • ya… a big cold glass…big enough to drown her in… 🙁

        • First they took God and the Ten Commandments away from the schools,public buildings and courts.

          Then they indoctrinated our precious children to stupify them..

          Then they poisoned the waters, air, earth and food to further disable those of us who knew…and prevent us from further knowledge of the truth..

          Then they taxed and lead us to inevitable serfdom forever and a day…

          Now they come after our rights to protect our families and speak the truth..

          When..oh when will anyone of us rise and face these luciferian fucks and eliminate them from the face of the earth?

          I fear it might be never my friends,, as they have vanquished those who arise since the beginning..

          Perhaps it is time to rise up and end them all..without politics,without fear of death as none of us leave alive anyways,but by the sword..and face the inevitable by standing up one more time and vanquish them from this earth…


          • @ possee

            That was put so eloquently, thank you.

          • I think there was a guy named… DORNER, who did just that, didn’t he? What they did to him was a message to anyone else who thought about doing it too.

          • The people will rise following the first great massacre of citizens by our government. Probably not before then.

          • I’m with you Possee…

            patience…just a bit more patience.

            they will make the final fuck up…and then we will finish it.

            That is what I believe.

        • SWINESTEIN!!!

        • She doesn’t scare me. She is just a Ugly Bitch. Last time I looked she does not have the power to rewrite the Constitution. Let’s see her amend it.

        • Chilled to the Bone

          The blood moon is rising.
          The ocean is high tiding.
          Until it turns to a flood.
          Until there is nowhere to run.

          It’s too late to change the tone
          On their satellite phone.
          It’s too late to change the tone,
          And I am chilled to the bone.

          Open fire on civilians.
          You know what is best for them.

          They have become overhead,
          They would be better off dead.
          Too late to change the tone
          On their satellite phones,
          Too late to change the tone
          And I am chilled to the bone.

          Say goodbye to the expendable,
          Unfriend the unfriendable.

          Too late to change the tone
          On their satellite phone.
          Too late to change the tone,
          You may never get home.
          Too late to change the tone,
          And I am chilled to the bone.

          From “whispers in a silent universe” on amazon

        • You got that right– about the ugly face of tyranny. Doesn’t the bitch remind you of a female (female?) version of Hitler? Her face says, “show no mercy!”

          As far as commenting– I’m sure I’m already on their list. (I know what’s happening– I’m not a sheep).

        • What scares many people, is the evil spirit, that is around her.

        • She’s an ABSOLUTE DEMON!!!!

        • You can’t blame the ‘ugly bitch’… blame the idiot libtards of California for repeatedly and blindly voting this former housewife into an office of power.

      2. the pendulum is swinging far to the left , but as an eternal optomist , I believe that it is slowing and soon to swing back people like fienstien and Mcain are gonna get want they deserve.
        the American people are waking up to their socialist tendencies and are not gonna stand for it much longer.
        I think everything will be fine in the long term .
        BUT lets keep on pushin bastards till then..

        • If she tries this, this might be the one that gets her fat ass voted out of California. Seriously, the screaming assed left off of the cliff liberals in this state won’t want this. Let’s hope she gives it a go we can finally get rid of her.

          • you can bet it will !!
            Be safe out there on the left coast .

          • She will get re-elected. California has the highest welfare benefits in the nation and the majority of them vote. We are out numbered.

            • Actually her power base is in the ultra rich of San Francisco and Lost Angeles. Her husband has made a fortune off dealings with China and govt. contracts. Imagine that.

      3. Seriously,f#$k em all!This kind of nonsense when the country is going thru trying times is just BS!I will continue to write as I please on sites in regards to the soon to be gone overlords!I think will do a little more “prepping”while listening to “Anthrax”!

      4. At what point do we say enough? When we have nothing left to lose? I was raised up during the cold war against the commies and now the commies are here out in the open. I would rather die then live like a subject.

        • That point was missed some time ago…

          The point was just before the time that the takers outnumbered the producers…and voted themselves “more”.

          It’s too late now…find a crew that thinks like you, prepare, and hunker down…it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

          • Right, Wy. There will be no “taking back America”. There are too many in the FSA. The country we remember no longer exists.

      5. Ugly does not come close to accurately describing that face.

        • She could probably make a lot of people shut up if she posted her face everywhere. It’s not easy to talk when you are vomiting.

          • GC, she could break every mirror she looks into with that face.

        • I agree!

        • Calling feinswine ugly is demeaning to ugly chucks everywhere.

      6. This Commi BITCH should be in jail for TREASON. She took an oath to protect the Constitution.
        She wants to take away FREE Speech, Our Firearms. What is next my Freedom of Worship?
        This clown wouldn’t last a day if the SHTF. Oh God bring on SHTF. I would love to see her squirm.

        • Sgt

          As bad as SHTF would be I believe I agree with you, many good people will die and that is unfortunate, but knowing scum like this hag and many other progressives will die would make my own sacrifice worth it.

        • Howdy, Sarge. I’m right there with you. first, she wants to take our guns, now she’s trying to stifle our speech. Well, I say to her and everyone else in DC: I live by a set of rules known as the Bill of Rights, NOT THE BILL OF PRIVELEGES. FREE SPEECH IS A RIGHT, NOT A PRIVELEGE. I don’t follow that or any other draconian legislation coming out of the DC cesspool. None of those POS in DC have a leg to stand on. Who is she to determine who a real journalist? In my mind, bloggers and everyone else in the alternative media ARE real journalists. The MSM only has propaganda mouthpieces they have the nerve to call journalists. If they want to try to penalize me, bring it on, only at their peril. braveheart

        • Sarge, o/t, but where can I find the answers you left me for those 2 questions?

          • Look up2323955

      7. TPTB realize that communication is the key to knowledge transfer and they cannot have that! If people wake up and spread the word, albeit knowledge, ideas or dissent…it endangers their very existence. So if you crush the spread if ideas and information you crush the possibility of people organizing and sharing needed information. Only the government sponsored terrorists, er, journalists could operate and force feed you the MSM poison. People need to realize that the 2nd amendment is the only one that guarantees all the others, period. It’s also the only one you need when they take away the others. I’d say that’s as close to perfect planning as you can get. Thank you founding fathers!

      8. The First Amendment is not just about freedom of the press, but also prohibits Congress from passing any law abridging free speech. In our modern Internet world, we are all journalists for God’s sake. Our corporotacracy press sure as hell isn’t getting anything out there remotely resembling the truth. But a few brave souls like Alex Jones and Drudge among others are digging deep and figuring it out, and this has to scare the hell out of our sell- out Congress and their globalist backers.

        Feinstein is no American. Not any more. How dare she swear to uphold the Constitution, then do this. This crap will not stand. Too many of us are waking up, and are plenty pissed!

        • Wouldn’t be nice if during her swearing ceremony as she swore to uphold and defend the Constitution, a couple of US marshals would walk up on the stage, pull out hand cuffs, read her Miranda Rights and arrest her for treason?

        • …you said it…WE ARE ALL JOURNALISTS…the founders saw all men as having the rights of the press and free speech…no legitimite government has a say in the rights of Gods creations to speak and to write their mind!

      9. I know this is a horrible word and sorry for offending anyone. But this lady is a CUNT. Plain and simple. The only time I drop the C word is for her.

        Time for action.

        • Yes she is. How long does this bitch go on for… I’ve been hearing about her since I was like 17 or something. I didn’t know you got elected Ceasar…

          As for the word “cunt”… you know what, if it applies it applies. How is it more horrible than calling McCain a dick?

        • Jezebel Krakenstein may be the best term for her. She does have the effect of chilling the spine. With respect to all women, the ‘C’ word is too good for her. Dogfood is what Jezebel is!

      10. “But Diane Feinstein has refused to support the bill, noting that the law would essentially grant this shield privilege to anyone who chooses to share their opinion on the internet (including those pajama sporting bloggers and news aggregators working out of their basements).”

        “So, should you choose to share an opinion in the comments section on this web site or post on your Facebook or Twitter page, you would, just as this author, fall outside of the Constitutional protections of the First Amendment.

        Your comments, if critical of government or big business interests, would not be protected by shield laws. You see, you’re not capable of forming an opinion or citing appropriate references for your argument. To do that, you must be licensed by the State or approved by a court.”

        It’s about creating a mechanism to financially or physically remove contrary or opposition ideas and viewpoints from public discourse; thus, it removes and prevents people from choosing to accept or decline doubt or a re-evaluation of their views.
        It also prevents people from objectively analyzing the information and creating a viable solution in opposition to centralized or Bismarkian organized solutions.

      11. This hag of a woman is a walking negative that stands in direct opposition to the freedom of the American people.

        The lefts agenda is so diametrically opposed to that of the average citizen it should bewilder anyone with an ounce of common sense, the fact that any of this could gain traction is beyond me and truly makes me sad for our country.

        • y99

          That is the problem there is no common sense left. Most every one is so self absorbed and only care about the little bubble that they live in. And this is why we need to fall, no I don’t really want to fall because it is going to be hard and ugly but I think we are so far gone that a reset is what is needs to happen. There is so much evil in our country, especially in Washington and the common people just accept it no matter how bad it is, if it don’t effect them they don’t care. As you say it is so sad for our country to be where we are.
          Keep prepping things seem to be speeding up every day brings more and more stupid.

          • Rancher’s wife,
            I’m sorry to say I agree with you, for the most part most don’t even know what introspection means, and for to many Americans finding themselves has become a digital exercise in narcissism (facebook), they’ve discovered that it’s easier to become part of the collective because it allows them a false sense of power/self. They’ve been given tools (technology) that make them believe they are part of the process, but it’s too often used to fill a hole in their souls rather than a search for consciousness. Too many people can’t conceptualize and come to terms with the fact that they are made small and incomplete as part of a mass-movement/mass-mindedness.

            • My only hope is that during the fall, we purge ourselves of the globalists and the families who own them. ONLY THEN MAY WE BE FREE.

          • Rancher’s wife,
            I’m sorry to say I agree with you, for the most part most don’t even know what introspection means, and for to many Americans finding themselves has become a digital exercise in narcissism (facebook), they’ve discovered that it’s easier to become part of the collective because it allows them a false sense of power/self. They’ve been given tools (technology) that make them believe they are part of the process, but it’s too often used to fill a hole in their souls rather than a search for consciousness. Too many people can’t conceptualize and come to terms with the fact that they are made small and incomplete as part of a mass-movement/mass-mindedness.

        • Babs Boxer is just as hideous. Two yentas.

      12. Ugly cannot describe it. How about–

        This is the Putrid Face of Tyranny.

        That sounds better….

        • Ugly, agreed

          And with each compromise of our freedoms evil gains another foothold on the spirit of man, this bitch is pure poison and yes one of the many faces of tyranny in today’s political theater.

          Nudge, shove, shoot is the goal of these traitors and we’re past them shoving, and at some point a shot will spark something evil that will be good for no one.

        • UGLY , she looks like what i scrape of my boots
          after i feed the cows.
          But really it is her ideology that truly makes her ugly.
          Anyone that thinks regulating free speach in a country that listed free speech as “#1 right” in a bill of rights is insane .
          these asshats are banging on too many doors at once , they are overloading their own system by waking up the sleeping villagers.
          Soon the villagers will haul out the pitchforks and rope.

      13. Who appointed this bitch GOD?

        • Hey YD Lucifer himself.That disgusting sack of well you know is one of his offspring. YUCK

      14. I throw up every time I hear a politico talking about the rights and privileges we have from the Constitution. We are bestowed with our rights from our Creator. The Declaration of Independence makes that abundantly clear, and the Constitution’s Bill of Rights is a deliberate limitation on the power of the new federal government. Read the Bill of Rights. The rights are simply acknowledged to exist already, and the government cannot infringe on them. Four of the original 13 states refused to ratify until AFTER the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution. The 1st Amendment is powerless without the 2nd.

      15. Where are the “TERM LIMITS” when you need them!


        • John, she’s soooo ugly, I wouldn’t **** her with you’re dick!

          • I always knew California was a leper colony,
            but when did they start letting the lepers loose?

            She could play a zombie in the “Walking Dead”
            without makeup.

      17. If my dog was as ugly as her I would shave his ass and teach him to walk backwards.

      18. Fuck that bitch, I’m tired of all these fucking politicians, making millions on us and trying to tell us what the hell to do.We need the people to stand up and fight for there rights, BE AMERICAA, OOH RAH MARINE CORPS

      19. Hope that Jewish biatch will rotten in hell for all the damage she did for the US.

      20. Ain’t cha wanna play doctor with Nurse Ratched? She say you da Enema of the State, but she clean ya fo free, courtesy Obamacare. A little ditty, ’bout Barack & Diane, two American kids blowin’ up da heartland. Jus’ turn yo head, and let ’em grab hold and do their thing, why you be politrippin’?

      21. TERRORISTIC……is she fucking kidding ????
        What will it take …..what will it take …….WHAT WILL IT TAKE ??????
        They just roll them out …one bill at a time on a conveyor belt !!!
        I’m sorry but we have no chance anymore ……there is no use reading about what’s going on anymore because WE ALREADY KNOW THE FUCKIN PATH but we ALL sit idly by and complain about it .
        We are the proverbial sheep on line heading towards the slaughterhouse all the while complaining about it
        At this point it pointless

        • Lead the way.

          • Unfortunately its not in my personality besides where I live most people have their blinders on

            • Most people all over have their blinders on…

        • Rich99, I agree she’s full of it, just like everyone else in DC. Time to stand up and fight. they’ll hurt you ONLY if you let them. braveheart

          • Let’s not forget that John Kerry JUST SIGNED THE UN SMALL ARMS TREATY.

      22. She’s as evil and ugly on the inside as she is on the outside. Corruption and greed are her values.

      23. She looks like one of those effed-up Chinese crested dogs that always win the “ugliest dog” contests. Damnn

        • C’mon now! You’re insulting Chinese crested dogs!

      24. I honestly never thought i would see the day when we couldnt speak freely, write or print whatever we want, and basicly be patriots!
        The country i was taught to be proud of is being destroyed, and most people dont even get it.
        Sorta frustrating i gotta tell you.

        • Sorta?

          • Yea your right,
            Its REAL frustrating,

        • There will come that point, then the shit will be set free. Gonna be ugly.

      25. Sounds like we will have to code our messages, such as:


        • Yes, she is.

      26. That bitch is going to live to be a hundred and twenty years old and will still be spouting shit from her mouth with her dying breath.

        • ..her dying breath? She is a zoombie, watch WW-Z. And nothing living can be that ugly.

        • Slingshot, she won’t live to be 120, somebody has to take her outside at some time to go to the bathroom.

      27. I haven’t read the article yet.. still trying to clear the taste of vomit from my throat caused by unprepared viewing of her picture.. HOLY CRAP !! That is ONE ugly woman ( ? ) No, I would not agree to perform the Crocodile Dundee test on it.

      28. Does she expect us to not notice that the only “approved” journalists are to be those who are a leash?

        • That’s exactly what they expect. Nero was right, you know; give most people their Panem Et Circences, and will tolerate anything…

      29. Yikes! That’s certainly one, ugly ass human pile, of excrement. She better find a place to hide when things turn sour cause they’ll be a bounty on her.

      30. Where does California get so many evil bitches??

        • Nevada.

          • Even brothels have standards.

        • Drugs, anymore questions? See Pelosi for a brain on drugs.

        • They pipe them in from hell. Constant positive flow I hear.

          • @ slingshot: Actually, that observation is “dead on”. Granted the “skin suits” are already here, but the “entity” occupying said suit is without question STRAIGHT OUT OF HELL!

            HER religious affiliation/persuasion is certainly nothing more than a coincidence in this country RULED BY DUAL CITIZEN DEMAGOGUES and “special interest groups” that coincidentally are also of the same religious affiliation/persuasion. AIPAC is simply an innocuous “political influence” group with absolutely NO POWER in this country. (Sarc off)

            And I’m the “Fart Fairy”! There is a “mixture” of commentary HERE that will proclaim racist, “jew” hater, KKK, Nazi, etc, every time the truth about the Zionist Imposters is exposed for what it truly represents.

            The TRUTH stands regardless of individual inability to accept or endorse it. The ROOT that “the deniers accept” as UNTOUCHABLE…consider you much less than human. You continue to support the PRIMARY enemy of “your” future each and every time “you” denounce those that KNOW THE TRUTH!

            If “your pastor, priest, or teacher” says otherwise…THEY LIE!

        • Israel.

      31. Is it because the internet is the only place that exposes the Jews as the Marxist, criminal, satanist group that they really are?

      32. I would be interested in seeing the proposed legislation in its entirety. As it is quoted in the article, I’m not sure this would be prohibited communication. This site is a news-gathering/editorial organization and the proposed definitions, as reported here, seem very broad. Is there a cite for the proposed bill?

      33. I just don’t understand why everyone is so angry with Diane AKA “the ugly bitch”. She is just trying to enforce the AIPAC agenda little by little. Remember these folks are after total power to control everyone and by everyone I mean the planet. However the end results will be total surprise to these pigs.

      34. What our nation needs is a retired marine corp sniper who can help us remove the NeoNazis currently in Congress. The corruption of the institution might be cleansed if this took out the worsy offenders.

        • That you call them “neo nazis”, shows that you do not know who these parasites, and their lackies are. It gets rather tiring to see this over and over and over, it seems Americans are conditioned well to babble about “the nazis”, but refuse to face who is really running the show. When they make their big play, you will wish they were ONLY nazis…

          • JustMe….well said.

            • Ditto! Well said! So many are so well Trained to name nazis or hitler or neonazis as a spontaneous kneejerk reply. Yet if they will just Read some factual History of WWI and WWII events then they will learn that it was Germans and nazis in 1933 that Booted these very same kommies Out of germany after the exact same nation wreckings were done There and BY the same group of jewish kommies and bolsheviks.

              There are Two basic groups. The first ones began to FLOOD into usa from Late 1880’s non stop untill congress finally halted that flood in mid 1920’s.

              That Flood of first boat loads to arrive here came directly From Russia and Poland mainly. Once at ellis island being processed as fresh immigrants to america many/most were Unable to write or read. So US customs and immigrations officers told then to sign an X for their name. being jews they complained and refused to use an X as it too closely resembled the christians Cross of Jesus!

              Thats when they began to sign their names with an O instead. The Letter O in Yiddish means KIKLE.

              Thats how jews came to be called “KIKES”! True Facts no shit!

              Then the 2nd group to arrive here came when they got Booted from Germany in 1933 era mainly. Thats when a vast majority of the educated “Intelectuals” types came to usa. They were steeped in schooling of the Tavistock teachings and the especially the “FRANKFURT” school that taught what today is called “Cultural Marxisim”.

              Cultural marxisim is none other than a replica duplicate of Rusian revoultion bolshevik jewish communisim…MINUS the violent bloodshed(yet!).

              All of this is well Documented as Yental said. Yet there is an certain “element” of folks HERE this site, who remain adamently opposed to acceptance of any facts or truths that reveals the facts surrounding the major jewish involvements in Their invention of communisim, Frankfurt teachings, protocals of elders of Zion etc.

              The actual “Current” sons of Satan heading up and ruleing the entire worlds govnts Today and for the past aprox 300 yrs is the Rothschilds along with their main group of anout “300” Top Satanic Demonic Jews. Also known as “Elders of Zion”.(the current crop).

              Once one studies enough one then concludes that the main reason for an avg always of 86+% of jew votes goes to dems every election is due to the facts that there is NO real differences from a “jewish” folks to a Zionist jew folks.(Blacks are the Only group that has higher percentages of voters who always vote for dems).

              They ALL adhere to their Talmudic Judiac beliefs period. Except of course for that small “Few” who have sincerally and faithfully Converted to Christianity. Although 2000 yrs of history documents and proves that Many were/are False converts for various self serving reasons.

              They have also several times in the past 1500 yrs assisted Islamic Muslims to destroy christians and christian white nations. Spain coined the phrase for such False converts as “Conversios”. Converts to catholic, yet in their Heads and especially Hearts Remained a Jew 100%.

              Jesus was NOT joking when he warned us several times in the Red Letters that show it as actual quoted words he spoke in the bible. Rev. 2:9 “I Know those amoung you that call themselves Jews, but they are NOT jews! Rather they Are Imposters who call themselves jews, but they are Really of the Synagouge of SATAN!”

              And again in John8:44 “You are Of your father the devil(satan) and his LUSTS You(jews) will DO! he satan was a Liar a theif and a Murderer”

              Documented history proves Both Christ and John Correct as can be. And in the 20th century alone bolshevik russian and polish jews has mass exterminated MORE people than any event or era of all world history ever before recorded. Upwards of 1/3rd of a BILLION Deaths directly or Indirectly due because of their invention of communisim. Thats NOT counting the Prior 19 centuries before the 20th cent era. aka 1900 till 2000 ad.

              I have concluded that most folks who reject all such truth and documentation are never going to admit to it nor believe it no matter what we say. They do NOT care period. Their major attitude is “I got Mine so screw all others” and they will wait in some cave or basement hiddy holes till they can emerge unscathed and “Rebuild” the world as they deem proper. Sounds alot like Lib kommies no?….Fools every one of them. Delusional refuseniks ready to Pounce on every truth teller like some of Us here are. But wait till they find out how it all ends and they wont be so Proud of their delusional worship of all issues jew or israel then eh.

              Just remember it Well, that all such Enablers are 100% as Evil and wrong as those they fanatically defend and worship as some form of chozens that God overlooks all such evils done by their group and individuals constantly since their Human father CAIN did the first murder.

              Research “kennites” see how it really happened in the garden of Eden with the serphant/satan etc et al.

      35. “To the future or to the past, or to a time when thought is free, when men are different from one another and do not live alone- to a time when truth exists and what is done cannot be undone: From the age of uniformity, from the age of solitude, from the age of big brother, from the age of doublespeak–greetings” 1984
        ” Thoughtcrime does not entail death,thoughtcrime IS death”1984

      36. Boxer, Feinstein, Pelosi and H. Clinton.

        Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in Drag.

        • No I believe Jesus unleashed the four horsemen when he opened the seal on the scroll. The California Girls are the bad judging the good.

        • So ugly even Hillary won’t hit on her.

      37. Right, this shit is not going to shut me up.

        ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
        ……….”…\………. _.·´

        • WoW !! Impressive keyboard skills ! 🙂

          • copy it to a text file and paste it when you need it, just like any other text.

        • Joe, I’m stealing this. It rocks and so do you! Peace, Clay

        • Good one bud, hope its ok to copy and paste, sticking it in my library!

          • Me too.. already forwarded it to some friends so they could put it into their “files”

        • You guys like that one? Well, it’s not mine, I stole it too.

          And here’s one I didn’t steal, but did use a familiar image and converted it to text. It’s what I think of just about everyone in the District of criminals suffers from.

          #####################@.“ ““ .#@####################
          #################### “ ` ` “` `’###################
          ###################` ,;###+’+’;’. `,+#################
          #################@ #+’++++++”’++#+,`#################
          #############@###`#;::,,,::;;::::;’+:` ‘##############
          ###########: .;:::::::,,::::::::::+` ;############
          ########## ` ` :::,::::::::::::::::;;#“` ######+####
          ########` “`::::,::::::::::::::::::;: ###+#####
          ###+##: ` ::::::::::::::::::::::::;;; “:+######
          ##### “`;::::::::::::;:::::::::::;; ` `:######
          ####+` ` ,`;:::::::;:;;;;;;;;;;::;::;”’“` “######
          #####` “`,:;;::;;:’;;;’;’;;;;;;;;;;;;’:` “.####@#
          #####. “`#+’;::;;;;””’+”””’;’;;’+,` “######
          #####,` ““,+”;’+’;’+++++#++++”’;;”#:“““`######
          #####;“ ““”””’++’+#+##+##+”;’#’+’.“““`######
          #####+.` “`.++”’+++####@@@##++#+’+++.“““`,######
          ######;` ““`,+’+++####@@@@@@###++++’.“` “ `#######
          #######“` “`.,#++####@######@#+##+’,““`..,,#######
          ######+;.` ““.,:’###’:::;”####’,.“ “`..:’#######
          ######;;, ““.““.;;:.,,,:;’+#+++,“““.:,+’#######

          Hopefully the translation shines through to a guy with his head up his ass.

          • Yep, butchered. Oh well.

            • I’m so confused.

              / _____________________ /|
              / / ___________________/ / |
              / / /| | / / |
              / / / | | / / . |
              / / /| | | / / /| |
              / / / | | | / / / | |
              / / / | | | / / /| | |
              / /_/___| | |__________/ / / | | |
              /________| | |___________/ / | | |
              | _______| | |__________ | | | | |
              | | | | | |_________| | |__| | |
              | | | | |___________| | |____| |
              | | | / / ___________| | |_ / /
              | | | / / / | | |/ / /
              | | | / / / | | | / /
              | | |/ / / | | |/ /
              | | | / / | | ‘ /
              | | |/_/_______________| | /
              | |____________________| | /

      38. She disgusts me on every possible level. Commie Californian trying to impose her “brilliant ideas” on the rest of us. Go pound sand, Diane.

      39. Can any one say TERM LIMITS!!! WHEN THEY GET THIS OLD AND UGLY, AND STUPID KICK THEM OUT. This goes for Dems and Reps. House 4 terms= 8 years Senate 2 terms=12 years Pres. 2 terms=8 years. And you can’t be a lobbyist or run again for 10 years for any federal office. Only get 1/4 your salary if you limit out on term limits. Can I get an AMEN!!!!

        • You’re waaay too kind.

        • Sarge, you can have an AMEN from me anytime you want it. braveheart

      40. Hurry Jesus!!!!

        We call out your name everyday to heal our land. We are in big, big trouble and beg for your firmer hands upon us, and soon!


        • Amen! A dark cloud is gaining strength over this once blessed nation. Stay in the Light. Empower us Lord to not be over come with evil and repent as a nation and be healed by You.

      41. Put that photo in your corn crib and it will keep the rats out. And they’ll bring back what they took last year!

        That’s a face that would make a train take a dirt road.

        She’s so ugly, just after she was born, her mother said “What a treasure!” and her father said “Yes, let’s go bury it.”

        She’s so ugly, when she walks into a bank, they turn off the surveillance cameras.

        • Archivist — I might add:

          My Grandad said a face like that
          would knock a maggot off a gut wagon.

          • Outwest, my grandad had one that suits her. “useless as hen shit on a pump handle”. But he wouldn’t have put it so nice.

          • …ya, you ever seen a barfing maggot?…it aint pretty…

      42. Di is a tyrant, as for Sen. Johnny McAmnesty, life has its regrets and I regret voting for him in 2008, not that I would have voted for Barry Sotero. Hint to GOP another statist nominee like DoleBushMcAmnestyRomney and your party will die, and it should.

        • If those clowns delay Obamacare by a year they will die as a party. They need to get the pain out there as soon as possible. The sooner people get to have their finances ruined by this POS law the better. I wonder what the NSA has on so many of the Stupid Party.

      43. Ted Cruz for President….

      44. OFF were warned.
        The company that put thousands of small businesses out of business (through undercutting prices AND selling foreign-made goods) is complaining??
        What goes around comes around?????

        ******Wal-Mart Shoppers Clobbered By Fed Policies, Warren Buffett And His Ilk Thank The Fed

        How much have Americans received of the nearly $3 trillion that the Fed printed since the financial crisis and that it handed to its primary dealers, and of the additional trillions it loaned the biggest banks to keep them from collapsing? The recipients included the likes of JPMorgan, now in discussions with Federal and state agencies to settle its various mortgage scams for $11 billion; it made $53.2 billion in net profits over the last three years.

        American consumers weren’t so lucky – at least those not on the receiving end of Wall Street bonuses or any of the asset bubbles. They didn’t even get the crumbs. As Wal-Mart, where many of them shop, is finding out on a continual basis this year. These folks are strung out. They’re not earning enough, the lucky ones who have jobs. Their pay has been cut, and if they were laid off and found new jobs, they likely earn less than before. Many of them are working part-time because full-time jobs have become elusive for them. Inflation is eating into their paychecks. They’re struggling.

        And they’re cutting back at Wal-Mart.*****

        • In that video back in the food stamp article, it stated that 80% of Wallyworld’s workers were on the program. When wallyworld is hurting, you know we’re in deep kimchi. braveheart

          • braveheart–I know this to be true–when employed at chinamart for minimum wage, they teach and help you fill out EBT and govt. assistance forms.
            Are they culpable? Hell yes!!

            • Howdy, JayJay. I’ve heard it from a few former wallyworld employees I knew before I even saw the video. So wallyworld actually helps people get on the public dole. Interesting, but still sad.

              • Well, how do you think they stay in business??
                Low wages, and do you see upper class at chinamart??
                I read they push legislators to raise EBT cards amts. and we know it isn’t for the recipient’s welfare, but theirs.

                • I also heard and read from many–the insurance there is next to nothing; the worst ever.
                  Covers nothing.

      45. MAC in the future please wait till after supper before
        you post a face like that thanks SWAMPRATT

      46. OH WOW , we are gettin this conversation way outta hand.
        While i agree (see above) that this fienstien woman is an unattractive woman , i think we all should reconsider our comments.
        #1 unsuppoted adhominem personal attacks make everyone sound stupid.
        #2 we really need to voice our dissagreement with the proposed legislation in a better format.
        IE; I disagre with ANY legislation that is unconstitutional , and this IS .
        #3 the left loves to use these sort of personal attack comments to make us all look like extremist idiots.

        just my observation , no real value attached as i am not a certified journalist , nor a princeton grad , i have never been to college nor have i ever written teleprompter speaches for Obama .
        that being said my opionion is worthless and may be liable to a defimation of character lawsuit.

        may not be taken with any other medication and may cause an erection lasting for more that four hours , do not read or type with alchohol as it may produce breasts in some individuals , rash and swelling common and may be accompanied by stomach cramps and irritation .

        • hammer

          I agree with ya but its so dang fun.


          • Hammerhead — you’re dreaming

            When they are relentlessly putting the screws to
            us, you want us to bend over and ask for more?

            These barracuda have no scruples, compassion or
            even a passing thought toward improving the health
            and welfare of the people of this country. What
            are you thinking?

            Just like the trolls on this site, the kinder we
            are to them, the more they come back to bite us.
            As some like to say here — NOMI

            • i agree , not one mre inch………
              However , I do not meed to stoop to their level
              to estabish my point .
              Name calling and slander gets us nowhere.

              BUT I do enjoy bashing them anyway 🙂

              Really the only way is CLEAR debate and that is a battle that SMART

              • i dont know what happened…………..

                Really the only way is CLEAR debate and that is a battle that SMART people LIKE US can win .

                We dont need to stoop to the level of name calling and such.

                • You cannot DEBATE liars who use emotions that turn every debate into an argument…
                  When the public school system turns out idiots who only understand nonsense, nonsense wins…

        • Ridicule is the left’s first weapon of choice. By backing off from it, you allow them to dictate dialog, and accept their standard of speech.

          Twisted rightiousness is their second weapon of choice. It is pointless to try and look acceptable in their eyes, to seek their approval by pc speech.

          They have already declared you their enemy, and declared war upon you. Nothing you say, even if you surrender, will ever be good enough, or end their declaration of war against you.

      47. Take your lawless laws and slide them into your festering twat.

      48. Feinstein is an ugly joke on California and the rest of America. All of these senators are enemies of the people along with most of the house of representatives. Take Bill Young R-Fl, for 42 years this criminal warmonger has enriched himself helping defense contractors fleece taxpayers for overkill military hardware. Free speech won’t exist on alternative journalist sites if the government gets its way. Feinstein leads this attack. In his speech before the u.n., Obama said the u.s. is fighting over there to protect freedom of dissent. What a lying piece of shit.

      49. First thought. There is not enough browns bags or alcohol to get me to wake up next to that the next day. Woof! Just saying. Secondly, this just goes to prove how far out of touch with reality far too many are. The Truth hurts. Suck it up D.C.! We The People, can see through your lies.

        • No kidding. I would have to mix vodka with my oly and still not fall in love. You cannot hide nor fake evil. Evil expresses itself.

          • She is Ted Kennedy without nuts. Just as evil.

      50. Shtf, I can still remember my first post on here and it was eirther BI or JOG schooled me on the word Elite, and I have learned Sense then that a lot of people that I just couldnt get along with is because they are Liberals, and I can pick them out in a Minute now.There is something very wrong with their thinking wanting to distroy any thing good.Tptb are Mentally Unstable I wish somebody could school me on what could be going on in their heads, as much as I’ve read on here I cant figure it out, this is be on power. Theres noway any of these Evil things have ever been in church, their SICK people.

        • The only thing in their heads is a paranoid lust for power, all else is peripheral to that, and/or a tool to get what they want. They are the ultimate form of parasite on Earth.

      51. With all due respect Sarge, maybe you haven’t noticed the trend. Term limits won’t change anything. Once a current turd is out of office, a new, smellier turd drops into its place, stinking up the place even worse. Blue Team and Red Team are the same Team. They are just wearing practice jerseys on a non game day. It’s theatre of the worst kind. The whole thing needs to be replaced by a citizen government which can’t be corrupted because the corrupt will be locked up. That’s the way it should be. Peace.

        • Turding:
          The process of replacing one politician for another.

      52. So Mac, If you were to compile your stories into say a pdf twice a month and I circulated 30 free copies by printing dropping them off at my local laundry mats, car washes and bulletin boards in grocery stores, you would have a readership outside the Internet. Would you then be protected. I would do it for you! I bet I’m not the only one. Peace Clay

        • clay , i am in !
          its only ink.
          lottsa ink.
          but i am in .

          • Cool, Any other ideas of where to distribute. My local garage is cool too! I’m sure they would do it. Clay

            • I would be more then happy to spread the articles in paper form around.My only stipulation is would like my remarks on politicians and govt. to be included,the minute a bill like this passes the minute I start breaking the law!

        • This is a good idea, and works too! We have been printing articles for awhile now and sharing w ppl. Alex Jones has also started a print magazine. I take copies and leave them around places.

      53. Tell them I said to print off all my comments on here and I’ll defend each and everyone. I don’t apologize for being a Christian, a family man, a WASP, a gun lover, and being a part of resistance to tyranny!!!

        This is the only place I can talk about this stuff because my wife has a IDK attitude and says I get too worked up over this stuff.

        • Indy sorry to here it. I got my wife into prepping by using the kids. The idea of the kids going hungry or without medical treatment did the trick. After that, it was easy enough turn her away from the darkside of American politics. Good luck and don’t give up! Peace Clay

          • She doesn’t give me crap over prepping but when I tell her about stuff like this; she says it makes me angry. Last Sat I was telling her about the China flag thing and she said it’s happening here so why do you care. I tried to explain the thing about if we don’t fight for each other but she said I need to just chill. I conceeded to never discuss these things with her again.

            • I’d quote about hang together or we shall surely hang seperatly but I’ve lost most of my family due to normalcy bias.
              Living with it must be difficult. If it were me, knowing I can’t live any other way than preparing now, I would just pray for and with her and keep your head down when doing your due dilligence. You have us. We’re your family and understand just about anything you throw our way. When you get frustrated…vent away!! I’ll be here as will 99% of this motley crue.

              • @offthegrid

                Thanks for you comments and I know this community is a crew of true patroits. I have no remorse for being awake. She doesn’t like static and I can respect that. She’s a good wife and she doesn’t raise hell with me over anything really.

                • Indy, does your wife profess to be a Christian? Then tell her that Jesus Himself said ” you’re either with Me or against Me.” In Rev.3, He said I wish that you were hot or cold, since you’re neither I’ll spit you out of My mouth (paraphrasing).
                  If you can’t stand for truth, you’ll fall for a lie.
                  What happened in Jerusalem 2000 years ago has an effect even today at over 2,000 miles away.

            • Amerikans have had it waaay too soft, for waaay too long…

            • INDY, Fucking MORONS like your wife are the reason politicians like this can get away with what they do…

              Don’t worry honey… chill out…. its only the first amendment…

              I would lose the bitch if I were you.

              • Rich98, you crossed a line attacking the man’s wife like that, even if there’s trouble between them. I don’t care for anything the politicians do either, but you went too far.

                • Thanks Braveheart, I don’t worry about what trolls say on here. They are sent to disrupt our adult conversations. Have a good Friday.

              • You really shouldn’t say anything on here that you wouldn’t be willing to say face to face. If you do, you are a coward and you should be ashamed.

      54. Scared of this old bitch? Why? At her age she’s closer to hell than most of her colleagues. Grow a pair would you?

        • Crecer algunas bolas, perra!


        • This just in… They don’t actually get into office by being voted in, they are selected and assigned. “Voting” is there just to make you think there is a democracy and to make you feel empowered. Psyche. Peace.

      56. They can all suck my Dick. Oh she actually might want to refrain from doing so. She might shoot her eye out!

      57. seriously whether people believe in the reptilian race or not. Take a good long look at her face. I do not lie and if I said she did not scare me some I would be lying. I don not make threats online but I will tell you for certain, if that ever showed up at my door for any reason, I think most can fill in the blanks. Makes me think of the old timers when they did not trust banks and kept money in the mattress, buried it, or used the cookie jar. They were the crazy old people. Not sounding like crazy people now are they? Besides not too long from now that is what all fiat currency will be good for, starting fires and stuffing your mattress. God Bless ya’ll keep your eyes upon the Lord and keep prepping.


      58. Be sure to share with her and her ilk that America is Exceptional and if it were not, her and her ilk would have no power, no voice, and no chance of controlling the masses.

      59. Man she is so ugly they have to feed her with a slingshot! I thought the 1st amendment guarenteed everybody the right to free speech not just journalists!

      60. She is the poster child for Term Limits.

      61. Thats a man Basil!!

      62. People think that their VOTE COUNTS, I say Bull Shit the elections are rigged, all you have to do is look. One box remains and it must be used soon or that to will be useless. It’s time to call their buff like Putin did. It’s time to stand up.

      63. How can the common person ignore the attack by government upon rights enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Even those on the left are uncomfortable with the disclosure of NSA spying. It takes very little brainpower to see that attacks upon the First and Second Amendments along with the Forth are occurring simultaneously. To individually rather than collectively look at these increasing restrictions upon rights which are supposedly guaranteed requires one to intentionally ignore reality. The big picture cannot be seen if you focus on only on part of it.

      64. Fuck her and the broom she rode in on.

        • She don’t wear panties either, so she can get a better grip on the handle.

      65. MAC — Is there a problem with the thumbs up/down?
        Can’t get either to register.

        Feinstein got her fingers in the pie?

      66. So… why hasn’t anyone taken a pot-shot at her, yet?

        • We ain’t Bankers. We believe in Jesus and waiting til we see the whites of their eyes!

        • I downvoted you.


      68. old geezer says I bet when she was a young girl her parents tied a pork chop around her neck, to get the family dog to play with her.

        • She’s jewish and they don’t eat pork. Allegedly. May have been beef jerky tied around her neck. It appears to have fused with her face.

      69. Freedom of speech and press is for ALL of us, not just who the ‘nobles’ ‘christen’ with their traitorous ‘laws.’

      70. I wonder if I would get in trouble as an unlicensed poster if I said fuck you to Feinstein you commie bitch. Or maybe if I said McCain suck’s Obama’s thingy. Oh well I’ve been a criminal since birth for not buying health care insurance so guess I’ll pile them up. Anyone else had enough yet? When will the sheeple say fuck you to all of them? These fiscal Pedophiles are raping our children and grandchildren and rotting our country from the inside out. What a bunch of shitbags.

      71. @ braveheart. Now he is the 64,000 dollar question. Can feinsteinless get any uglier? I mean that ghoul turns my stomach and I have to look away from it. I can’t even look at that harpy for more than 1-2 seconds without gagging. I can only imagine if the true ugliness from inside started to really show itself outside. Gross and yuck doesn’t do justice to the pure hideous feelings for freedom that Medusa has.

        • BI, I actually threw up a snack I was having when I first saw that picture earlier today. I think I’ll print some of those pictures for skeet shooting. PULL!

        • Redd Foxx said “Beauty may be skin deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone.”

      72. Frankenstein would look great with a little square moustache!

      73. According to a Senior Obama Advisor. Republicans are now, Terrorist, Kidnappers and Arsonists.

        On Drudge.

        Let the Name Calling Begin. Or continue.

      74. Spot A Liar
        Learning to spot a liar can come in handy during a wide variety of situations after a major disaster. There may come a time when you need to ask another for assistance or someone from outside your group comes in from the wastelands seeking help. Being able to determine when you can and can’t trust a person is critical to continued survival when dealing with others… especially when you are relying on the truth to keep you alive.

        Eye contact – It’s natural for the eyes to flutter and wander around a little during the course of a conversation, but it’s unnatural for them to jog wildly about while attempting to converse. Equally telling is overly steady and direct eye contact. When a gaze is too constant, they either aren’t listening or they are overly focused on “earning” your trust.

        Inconsistent speech pattern – Speech that bounces back and forth between rapid and slow, or detailed and suddenly clipped, signals that a person is uncomfortable and trying to create or cover lies they may have already been told.

        Inconsistent story – Remembering the truth is much easier than attempting to create and recall a lie. Asking an individual the same question repeatedly and probing for details is a great way to discover when there is a lack of truth to a story.

        Hiding the mouth – When lying, many people suddenly develop chronic coughs and the need to clear their throats frequently. In addition the these signals, a person actively and unnecessarily covering their mouth, is likely trying to cover the truth.

        Keep in mind that some people really are just skittish and uncomfortable when dealing with confrontations… on their own.

      75. Plutocrats want to destroy everything that we use to protect ourselves and our country, such as GUNS and our CURRENCY. 🙁

        And now they want to destroy our freedom of speech, so we can not voice our concerns. 🙁 What kind of society do we live in???

        Civilize or Uncivilized society???
        This is the 21st century, and definitely not during the time of the Huns.

        Safety, Justice and Happiness for the Real Americans. 🙂

      76. History Repeats Itself
        If you’re anything like the rest of Humanity, you’ve made a few mistakes throughout your lifetime… no matter how long you’ve been upon this Earth. Looking back and learning from the past is one of the best things you can do as a survivor. Learn from every moment every day, always working towards a better and brighter future, and you’re on the right path to real survival.
        No matter who you are or what you’re doing, you have a history to look back to. Back before you were born, and even further into the annals of history. Look to your parents, their parents and beyond. Look to the world around you and everything it’s people have been through. Learn from the wars, the weather and the ages. Learn from the good deeds and the bad. Follow the origin of existence all the way back to the moment you are standing in now… and change it for the better.
        Look back to before and you can almost always walk away with new idea’s and solutions for almost any situation that presents itself.
        Remember, no matter who you are or where you’ve been in life, there is always a lesson to be learned. Whether it takes looking back 10 minutes or 10 years is up to you. So while it’s important to think ahead, don’t forget to look behind… or you never know what lessons you might have missed along the way.

      77. Never Give Up

        When everything you know has crumbled around you, turned to dust, blown away in the wind, and there’s no where else to go. When you’re lost, lonely, starving and on the brink of exhaustion. When you’re the last person on earth, there’s no more room in hell, and you no longer believe in heaven. Whatever you do don’t give up.
        When all else has failed and there are no options before, give it just one more go. Take one more step, and then another, and another, until it becomes second nature again. Remember what you’re fighting for. Your life, freedom and future depend on you and how hard you’re willing to work for it.
        Even when things are at the worst. Remember that you’re alive, then and there, in the now. Only when you give up and stop fighting will you lose the war. Strive on fellow survivors, strive on.

      78. So in summary, my takeaways are she is fugly shaved dog that takes trains backwards down dirt roads, with a panty shield in her mouth, and even McCain wouldn’t dick her without vomiting even if she had a porkchop slingshot into her treasonous ass.

        I agree with all that; please correct me I didn’t get it quite right. Thanks in advance.

      79. Not the first illegal thing I’ve done…
        nor the last…

      80. This whole thing with Feinstein is just a smoke screen. When are the people on this site going to learn that most of what goes on in DC is just smoke and mirrors to keep us occupied while they enslave us. China already owns 25 Trillion dollars worth of American industry, and they are cashing their US bonds to buy more hard assets. Won’t be long before you will work for China if you have a job. China just bought Smithfield which is the largest meat packer in the USA. How long do you think welfare will last when the chinese are in control of the economy? In fact with the lax immigration laws they will probably just send a few million chinese over to work the jobs that Americans have now. Open you eyes instead of running your mouth with idle threats. The opportunity to regain control of this country is all but gone. As long as the establishment keeps everyone in a defensive mode they are not at all worried. Some day very soon there has to be an offensive movement to take this country back. How many of you will join the movement? Most of you will just keep running you bluster comments on this site and fade away. My call is that when they take control of the internet that is a call to arms.

        • Cowdoc

          Been waiting for someone to talk like this. America is already gone. The current country looks nothing like even 10 yrs ago. Its way past anything I have ever been willing to accept. Just haven’t been able to find anyone to stand up. To many run their mouth and then go back and sit on the couch. If your serious about picking up arms when the time comes, hope we’ll run into each other. I’m afraid their are to many arm chair patriots. Hope I’m wrong our posterity is depending on us for their freedom.

      81. I saw this photo on in the comments section they kept talking about how Feinstein looks like the evil emperor from Star Wars and then quoting from the movies… hilarious.
        Yes… beauty is only skin deep, but reptilian evil is ugly to the bone!

      82. I’m with Hammered- we can ridicule the left without the degenerate and juvenile obscenities.

        Of course, at this point I am so tuckered out by quiet rage at the simmering tyranny of the hard left; the petty vindictiveness of the RINOs; and the impermeable shield of apathy around most of the American public that I have no energy for verbal jousting tonight. All I can offer is an “Amen, maranatha” to those crying out to Jesus on this and similar boards. Good night!

      83. Possible repeat here Mac…i the firest try got it through, then delete this one Brother, please.

        Whoo-ey! Mac sure is a busy boy lately…ain’t he!

        Out of respect for our illustrious provider here, I’ll post this HERE…and NOT in the newest, yet unpopulated forum (this one is a BIT long-ish), therefor Friends…

        Good Evening Friends…One and All!

        Whew!!…Where to begin? For starters here, please forgive the length of this post;
        there is SO MUCH to tell you all…both now – here – and later as well. Therefor,
        I beg your Pardon(s) collectively…

        A few weeks ago I messaged Mac to let him know that all was well here…. I’m
        not sure whether he had the time to pass along what I communicated in that missive
        or not. Thank you for your warm greetings!!! It is flattering to feel so welcomed
        back, and ater a fashion feels mch like ‘coming Home’ might; I have missed you all
        more than I can easily put to words (something which only happens almost never with me,
        as you all are well-aware 😉 …whensoever I rested from our labors – here – ever
        where you all near to my mind and my thought; as well I have worried about
        each and every one of you; BI, BigB, Kula-Bro’ Kindle, braveheart, slinshot,
        Ghost Rider (Who I see caught on to me VERY quickly indeed!! Kudos therefor!…Gee
        AM I THAT recognizeable?! ) as well as many, many others. I dearly
        hope all of you are well…and preparing still. As you might expect – given my
        particular circumstance – I am (and have been) somewhat ‘out of the loop’ ‘Lo,
        these last few months by virtue of my ‘preoccupation’ and thus I am not current
        as to what is transpiring in the Greater World…though I cannot beleive that there
        has been any ‘miraculous improvement’ since my departure. 🙁 In scannning the
        headlines here – and elsewhere – I see nothing which sways me to beleive that any
        improvement has occurred in my absence; quite the contrary, in fact.

        Before beginning to describe what has occupied me (as well, those with me, here)
        I want to make something perectly clear to EVERYONE in this place: It IS completely
        POSSIBLE to REMOVE oneself from the World-AT-LARGE (successfully!!)…TRULY!!! Pay
        CLOSE attention to the ‘small details’ in your planning; it IS the little things
        that will ‘bite you in the ass’ if and when you attempt to do so. Specifically,
        the old ‘saw’, “Two is One…and ONE is NONE” is wholly applicable here: Redundancy
        is the KEY to any successful flight from ‘Civilization’…THIS point is CENTRAL to
        all that you will do, and inescapably so.

        Things are well here…MUCH has transpired since I last spoke to you all, very
        much indeed. Thus far our progress is simply “perfect”…those who initially
        accompanied me to this place (my niece and my nephews) have EARNED my undying,
        life-long affections and my profound, complete respect; words simply do not here
        suffice to communicate how PROUD I am of them all; Loved and beloved, each and
        every one! Merciful Father…Thank you so much for such WONDERFUL ‘help-meets’!!

        As said, this place is amazing…I wake every day, stiff and sore, yet
        absolutely happy!…a state of being I had all but forgotten in the passage of
        time (that alone, in the final analysis, stands as being my final, ultimate
        condemnation of ‘Civilization’ as it is now, today) The water here is pure
        and clean…utterly crystalline in appearance; the air is utterly pristine;
        the vistas I see everywhere around me – day upon day – stir my soul to it’s
        nethermost reaches. I will admit, – here, to you all – that both before and
        during the initial period after we had arrived I harbored doubts; no small
        measure of uncertainty, as to whether the decision to do as we have done
        was the RIGHT one. My doubts are now – finally – resolved; and my final
        estimnation of that decision WAS – at last – correct. T’would seem my Father
        has not finished with me here on the Earthly plane….that there remains
        something yet for which I am needed. Seemingly, I have been given a new
        lease ‘pon the Life I hold here and daily I am becoming – for want of a
        better word – “Rejuvenated”. To conclude this thought, I have come to
        view ‘Civilization’ as utterly poisonous: Only after having left it did
        I discover how truly toxic it was by virtue of it’s removal from my existemce.
        So removed, I am becoming the self I was 30 years ago, the self I once was;
        Life has MEANING again!!…and even shoild it chance that I am suddenly
        removed from this World by the will of my Father; ALL OF IT has been
        ‘worth-while’ and even if I “shuffle off of this mortal coil” this very
        night I WILL stand in the company of my forbearers unashamed…and suitably
        vindicated by my last actions. I assert to everyone here, unequivocably this:
        There IS yet JOy to be had in this Life …but NOT within the poisonous
        confines of the ‘Modern World’…Dwell upon that, I pray you all. If ever
        you should accept guidance for someone other than yourselves, let it be
        this one time that you take heed of what is said.

        Our current status is this: The main residence is now functionally complete;
        designed to house 30+…two of the three out-buildings are completed as well;
        while the third is nearing completion. Just lately, we are lately able to
        utilize our generator capacity for things other than basic neccesities, though
        we do limit our usage due to fuel considerations: it IS very difficult to
        portage fuel to this location and it will be a long while (perhaps the later
        part of next year) until we can establish the neccesary co-generation that
        will be our permanent source of power (Hydro, of course).

        During the first several weeks here we were primarily involved with basic
        portage of materials to site and site preparation and initial construction;
        constructing foundations, thereafter felling timber (which is SUPER-ABUNDANT
        here!) and preparing from those, the neccessary lumber. Thereafter, we concerned
        ourselves primarily with construction of the main residence, as well as
        multiple out-buildings. One of my nephews is a jouneyman stone-mason, (more on
        THAT later, several points there to illuminate; important ones!!) and as you
        might expect his skills have been invaluable to us thus far, including the
        proper setting of the cobble-stone foundations as well as our primary winter
        heat sources; the hearth’s around which most of our construction is centered;
        stone chimney’s. As a matter of advice to any who are travelling the same road
        as are we, look up on-line, “Head-rigs”. Essentially, this is a large-throat,
        industrial band-saw, capable of easily slicing timber up to 36 inches width;
        planks, beams, poles of every sort and of arbitrary dimensions are easily
        fabricated when one has such available. The main residence has been constructed
        with 16’ walls, providing an effective R-value that is simply unbelieveable.
        Several very good text on log-cabin construction methods are readily available
        through Amazon…pay close attention to the ‘spike method’ of securing the
        timbers in place, in unitary fashion (Monolithic construction, which prevents
        later warpage).Also, I must tell you of another article we have brought with
        us here, which has proved to be infintely useful; deisel ATV’s…yep, I said

        The units we have are made by Arctic Cat – the ONLY manufacturer of such that
        I am aware of – and these are SUPREMELY capable units with truly astonishing
        fuel economy; nearly 60 miles per gallon, now that they are past the break-in
        period (If you do get one of these – new – be VERY careful as to the
        manufacturer’s break-in recommendation….do NOT deviate from that;
        ‘unpleasantness’ WILL follow otherwise). For these units , there are a wide
        variety of ‘farm implements’ broadly available including farrows, seeders,
        disk, plows, scarifers (for shredding/removal of roots) as well as wagons
        (extreme heavy duty variety’s are available which are exactly what we used
        when accomplishing the intial portage of materials, tools and sundy’s to the
        site). Fully, the unit’s are more than capable of extreme-duty usage…just
        sayin’ here.

        Additionally, there exist ‘track kits’ for these that enable one to convert
        the Arctic Cat deisels to something that most closely resembles the ‘Scorpions’
        portrayed in the Microsoft/Bungee ‘Halo’series of games. Those allow one to
        have a SINGLE unit that takes the place of seperate ATV’s AND snowmobile’s.
        “How does that perform?” you might ask, well…suffice it to say that – when
        so rigged – you have almost 3 TIMES the surface area on the ground that you
        would have with a snowmobile! Impressive, No? And if that is not enough, then
        conisder this; multiple manufacturers have produced ‘3-point hitches’ for these
        …some of which allow for true ‘downforce’ equal to the Cat’s nearly 800 lb
        weight!! Please note that there are TWO seperate models of Deisel Cat available
        ..I STRONGLY recomnmend the ‘Super Duty’ variety as that one comes with a 3000
        lb winch manufactured by ‘Warn’as STANDARD equiptment… something that we have
        used almost daily hereabouts. One addtional feature of the ‘Super Duty’ model
        which some might overlook is this: ONLY the ‘Super Duty 700’ comes with STEEL
        rims/Wheels as standard equiptment…not those Damn ‘alloy’ wheels…which WILL
        shatter if they are abused (either in-use or when changing a tire); believe me,
        this ONE POINT is CRITICAL for anyone who is ‘hell and gone’ from ‘Civilization’
        …or if said ‘Civilization’ simply wasn’t there any more! I reiterate here:
        STEEL wheels do NOT SHATTER as do the ‘pretty’ alloy ones, remember that without

        At this point you might well be contemplating ‘How MUCH did all this stuff
        cost?” and rightly so. The answer is: A LOT. However, as I have become
        ‘accustomed to the HABIT of LIVING’ I do not find the expenditures to be
        anything with which I will overmuch concern myself into the forseeable future.
        Folks…it’s NOT about the charade which is ‘Money’: THAT is little more than
        a shitty construct of WARPED minds who have lost sight of what LIVNG actually
        means…Life is for the LIVING,,,for those willing to LIVE it amd not for the
        ‘bean-counters’! THIS I have only recently rediscovered, in it’s fullest form
        ..through – and only by – the Grace of my Loving Father, of whose Children I
        account myself least-most…and before whom I WILL joyfully humble myself…and
        all that I am, as well…Amen.

        I urge you therefor tarry yourselves no longer…all of you who are the
        Children of my Father; all of you who HEAR His voice when He calls to you Heart tells me that the time of the ‘Reckoning’ is near to hand, act
        now whist yet you can, while yet there IS ime to do so. My good wishes and
        profound affections upon you all: I AM well-pleased to be – again – amongst
        your “good company”. May He be with you in all that you do…ask for His
        guidance, daily….I DO. Till later, my Friends…

        Incidentally, my net access is a bit ‘quirky’…I expect to iron out those
        issues in relatively short order but be patient for a time, please. Lastly
        there is SO MUCH much to tell you; i promise that I will do so unhesitatingly,
        only restricting that which serves to identify my actual location. All the
        details which we are here becoming privy to on a daily basis I WILL gladly
        share with those here. Should you wonder what my motivation to do so is,
        allow me to be plain here: IF what I beleive is coming – and what others
        here fear as well- ACTUALLY arrives, then I fear for ALL Humankind…it IS
        possible that whatever remains of the species will be so fragmented that
        there will NOT be enough ‘genetic diversity’ in any one single place such
        that ‘recessive multiplication’ does not become an unstoppable force,
        leading to an END for everyone, everyhwere.

        ANY who can be persuaded to act – in fullness – to preserve themselves
        also serve to PRESERVE us ALL…as a species. Thusly, NOW you are fully aware
        of my most basic motivations; it IS in my ‘Best Interests’ for ALL of you to
        weather the coming storm, safely, with all of yours ‘safed’ as well. Any here
        who find this notion less than credible might chance to look at the latest
        ‘genetic divesity assays’ which have become avaliable only recently…those
        suggest that as little as only a few hundred thousand years ago Hmankind was
        REDUCED top only a few actual ‘breeding pairs’.
        “Sobering?”…No…TERRIFYING, YES.


        PS: Yes, I have a ‘new’ handle from this time forth…mayhaps, for brevity’s
        sake, you might address me henceforth as simply ‘Voice’: such was needed,
        for now I AM ‘changed’….Thank God Almighty!

        • JOG.

          All I can say is congrats. Wish things go well, wherever you are.


        • What i wouldnt give to be able to be a part of your adventure and extended family!
          Sounds absolutely awesome!

          • If you need another hand i can more than earn my keep

        • Good morning to you …The Voice; It sounds like you have truly been through an amazing journey and transformation. I (we) are glad to find you well. Looking forward to having you back on this site.


        • All I can say is amen and well done… 🙂

      84. This bitch and her “ilk” can kiss my Red White and Blue ass!!!

      85. Voice.

        Way to go. Headed to the woods tomorrow for a few days.


      86. Makes strait men gay. Makes lesbians strait.

        • OOPS, I feel a tingling sensation.

          I hope your analysis is not coming through, ohmygosh!

      87. I am afraid that the only thing to restore America will be bloodshed on a massive scale. Politicians have no fear of reprisal for any of their actions, thus they will vote for any and all laws, rules and edicts that weaken American and her people. In the good old days elected officials wanted to strengthen America, now they seek to destroy it. The average America is so dumbed down that they will just stand by and allow the destruction of our nation to occur. The PTB want to take your weapons,take your right to speak up,take your jobs, and then give you a food stamp, card. Then those same PTB permit an unarmed invasion from south of the border
        to totally third worldize America.

      88. The 2000 goyim slaves prophesied about in the Chosen Ones religion will not be attainable if the goyim are allowed to have their own media.

      89. Leave it to a filthy jewess to want to crack down on ‘goyim’ speaking out freely.

      90. why do Californian’s support this politician?? Amazing how these politicians forget who put them into office in the first place. they turn on the people just like the rest of them. I freaking Hate Democrats… or should I say Demo-Rats!

      91. Regarding Jews don’t eat pork.
        The hidden truth is Jews don’t eat pork, because it clogs the arteries.

        Jews are very wealthy, and they can afford steaks (aka Kosher food); but you and I can’t. 🙁

          • @John Q. Public,

            Good info and I am glad you brought it up.
            Why pay more??? There are two kinds, the raw type and the processed type.

            The one you talk about is the PROCESSED TYPE.
            The processed type is full of harmful ADDITIVES (color, sugar, monosodium, etc..) and is over processed. 🙁

            This food only fills you stomach, but gives you low nutrients and no or litter energy; that’s why you feel tired.

            I’ve seen them alot in the Gentile markets. I don’t eat Kosher food, it actually COSTS MORE and has NO added benefit at all.

            The RAW type is either homemade or from the expensive restaurants, which I talked about, such as main lobster, caviar, lean beef (not poison horsemeat). And we all know Jews can afford the best.

            • Sorry about my typos.

              I meant to say “your stomach” and “little energy”.

      92. Just gotta say, having more fun and guffaws than anyone deserves reading these responses today. Too funny, Too bad she’s a pathetically wicked, hormonally compromised traitor to her country, and more.
        pathetic yet, that people unthinkingly voted her into office.

      93. What can one ËXPECT”from this “PUTRIED SEPTIC VOMET OUT OF HELL????

      94. Got to keep the little people under control….

      95. Hey Mac you know what, if this kills the first amendment for you, you say the word and I will hand your commentary out on the street and forward via email to anyone I know!

        Some of us Americans dont subscribe to tyranny!

      96. The truth threatens the media that is in their pocket. Step back and look at what ia going on. You will see how desperate they have become, because peoplw are seeing through the lies…

      97. So is the fifth amendment next? Amazing how it is these “older” Senators who want this. They want to go back to the old days when they could call a paper or magazine editor and just make veiled threats to prevent information from coming out. Those days are long gone and they do not like it. Also shows once again how their is no real difference between the demos(Feinstein) and Repubs(McCain) All this stuff on the news about the shutdown etc. is all theater of the absurd for the sheeple!

      98. Perhaps only when the government goes this far, the people will wake up enough to cause meaningful change. It saddens me to see that America is going the way of all the other countries.

        With the dollar collapse on the horizon, I cant stress enough the need to prepare. I saw an ad for this game on this website a few days ago, bought it, and played it with my friends and family. I definitely recommend it to any prepper or survivalist, you cant go wrong, the questions here are the ones everyone avoids.

      99. This ugly Ogre should also be in prison!

      100. The “UGLY FACE” referring to Franken-Cu*t-stein in the title should be replaced with “DIABOLICAL SHIT STAIN”

        I see that freak’s face and I have to resist the impluse to destroy my monitor every time.

      101. A finestain in Congress.

      102. FineStain would easily become a poster child for term limits.

      103. Everyone will still know she’s a powerful Gangster Princess even after they make it illegal to say so.

      104. Her lifeless eyes are puuuure EVIL. ZioKhazars like her give ME the Hebe-y jeebies…

      105. mike prince said, “Makes strait men gay. Makes lesbians strait.”

        I am with the majority of Christians & non-Christians favoring the traditional Adam and Eve (not Adam & Steve), which lasted over 10,000 years. 🙂

        So what happens to the current bureaucrat Pope Francis & Vatican N#2 man, Rio de Janeiro? Did he see Feinstein before he was in charge of the “revolutionized” Argentine church? Starting approval of homosexuality and promoting Gays.

        It’s so clear the Roman Catholic church is continued part II of pope J. Paul II’s liberation theory. 🙁


        Didn’t we hear the main reason that rocked the Catholic Church, because of GAY activities in the Vatican???

        And as a result the Holy Father Benedict VI had to resign to save the church; otherwise they would release the gay and sexual activities within the Vatican???

        Because of the threats about the homosexual activity, John Paul and Francis’ group forced the last Holy father OUT (former Pope Benedict VI) and John Paul’s man (Jesuit Francis) is now back in charge.


      106. Am I missing something here!? All laws that are REPUGNANT to the Constitution of NULL & VOID! So regardless if the constitution died long ago ((1871)) we all Act accordingly, which is to ignore these illegal laws, rules & regulations. F’ Em’!

      107. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

      108. Have y’all ever walked by a garbage can in the middle of the night and spotted a possum hanging his mug over the edge, just sitting there staring at you? I have. And believe me, that is exactly what came to mind when I saw this ugly Commie bitch’s face at the header of this article.

      109. Don’t fear my gun….fear my bow!
        It’s silent and the arrows just will keep coming.

        All one would hear are the screams.

        Imagine being shot by an arrow.

        Not pretty.

        Ninja style.

      110. Now more than ever….

        First by the vote, peacefully.
        I hope it only goes this far.
        No tough talk here…just two realities…the vote and the gun.

        Know who the traitors of the United States are and vote them out of office.

        We are not murderers but peaceful armed citizens.

        As long as we all have guns at the ready…
        The United States will always be free.

      111. with this many responses, who the hell put her into office

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