The U.S.’s “Nuclear Coffin” Is Likely Leaking Radioactive Sludge Into The Ocean

by | May 20, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 28 comments

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    The United States’ “nuclear coffin” could be leaking radioactive sludge into the Pacific Ocean.  The coffin holds the radioactive waste from testing nuclear weapons during the Cold War and could be causing untold damage to the ecology and marine life in the sea.

    According to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, a concrete dome that was built on Runit Island in the late 1970s to contain waste from massive atomic bomb tests conducted after World War II could be leaking toxic sludge into the sea. “The Pacific was victimized in the past as we all know,” Guterres said, according to AFP as reported by Fox News. Guterres was referring to nuclear explosions carried out by the United States and France in the region.

    Guterres has sounded the alarm over the giant concrete dome built 40 years ago in the Marshall Islands, specifically on Runit Island, to contain radioactive waste from Cold War-era atomic tests.  A little over a year ago, these same warnings were blared.

    Between 1948 and 1958, the Enewetak Atoll was used by the U.S. government to test 30 megatons of nuclear weapons, which is the equivalent to 2,000 Hiroshima blasts. More than 8,000 people later worked hard to clean up that island, shifting 110,000 cubic yards of radioactive debris into a 30-foot-deep crater, which was later sealed in a concrete dome to prevent contamination.

    Paul Griego, who took part in the cleanup and blames the radiation for a host of health problems, said the dome was never fit for the purpose of containing radioactive waste. Although the dome is 16 inches thick, and 350 feet across, Griego says it’s nothing more than a “gigantic radioactive toilet.”

    “We were given an impossible task – cleaning up the radioactive fallout from 43 nuclear bombs. When I first arrived, the dome’s blast crater was open to the ocean – it continued to be full of sea water even after it was sealed off from the ocean. During my 10-hour work day, I witnessed the water level in the crater rise and lower as the tide came in and out,” says Griego. –SHTFPlan

    Cracks have developed in the concrete and there are fears that it could break apart in the event of a tropical cyclone. “The United States Government has acknowledged that a major typhoon could break it apart and cause all of the radiation in it to disperse,” said Columbia University’s Michael Gerrard.

    The “nuclear coffin” was seen as a temporary fix at the time the U.S. government needed to dispose of massive amounts of radioactive waste. “I’ve just been with the president of the Marshall Islands [Hilda Heine], who is very worried because there is a risk of leaking of radioactive materials that are contained in a kind of coffin in the area,” Guterres, who is touring the South Pacific to raise awareness about climate change, told AFP.

    Guterres did not propose a fix but declared he’s worried about the situation.



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      1. little late to do anything now.

        • Gad, that picture of Pisslosi….such a horrid wretch. And the thought of her peeling all that bondo off her mug would make the neighborhood dogs howl.

        • We could kill several thousand scum illegals or scum muslims and stuff their stinking corpses in and around the leaking coffin to slow the flow. Perhaps in death, these vermin could be useful. Just daydreaming a nice little dream.

          • OLD news, When I worked at DOE 20 years ago this was old news.. It’s also mostly BS. Try to remember that only about 10% of a bombs energy is longer term radiation, half of that is gone in an hour. Total radiation left after this much time is very little, Pacific is huge, isn’t a problem. All the dirt and stuff from the crater is scattered to the wind.

            • Paranoid,
              Finally an informed, non-emotional comment on radiation in the Pacific ocean. I live in the middle of that ocean and all the anti-radiation guys that constantly monitor our water and air, haven’t detected any increases. Good comment.

            • Mean while back at the ranch Tonto disguised as a door knob comes off in the Rangers hand…….

              OK, bad joke but what they want no one to think about is the entire Pacific Ocean is dying because of FREAKING FUKASHIMA, OK, I said it. And yes, those melted down reactors are still running out of control, and leaking into the Pacific.

              Fukushima is leaking daily more than that nuclear coffin contains. The entire bearing straight fisheries are dying, all the way to the California coast, as in don’t eat seafood, it will kill you. Japan exports all the most contaminated seafood to protect their own people. People need to absolutely avoid ocean apex predators like Tuna Fish, and my favorite swordfish. I haven’t eaten swordfish in twenty years. Last one to die from cancer wins!

              This is just another case of the owned media saying, look over there, a butterfly.

              As a teen I got to body surf and walk the beaches of Lagoona beach, Cal. They had the most fascinating tidal pools. While I was there I saw a guy handling an octopus. I read in the paper days later he died, because it bit him. Yup, octopus have a poisonous bite, never play with octopus. Now all those wondrous tidal pools are dead. All of them!

              There’s nothing in them anymore. It wasn’t oil spills, it wasn’t polution or global warming, it was FREAKING FUKASHIMA.

              • Thumbs up!

          • Menzo, I wish we could send ALL OF OUR LEFTISTS over there. Sure would help make life go better.

      2. Fukashima, Military exercises, Nuke plants, Leaking waste, The pacific ocean is slated for death. I don’t eat anything from the pacific or the gulf. With the current population , when it all dies off, imagine the starvation and death that is going to ensue. Tell your kids they are going to live in hell before long.

      3. The average person has approximately 500,000 nuclear events in our bodies every minute. About half is from the Carbon 14 that is integral to our system, the other half is from the Potassium 40 that is also a necessary ingredient. The distant third is from a small amount of a lead isotope. Then there is Radon, cosmic rays and a whole zoo of other rare and random exposures that we all face being on this planet. Then there are the contaminants that we have ingested or otherwise collected from the above and below ground nuclear test that have been performed for the last decades (Strontiums, Cesiums &c). Also (depending where you have lived) there are the nuclear reactor accidents that have put an additional (though small) burden on our bodies. American, Russian, Japanese (and other) known and hidden accidents which are still leaking into the environment are slowly adding to our burden. However, these burdens are small and unless you have ingested and not expelled one of more highly radioactive particles from one of these sources (unlikely unless you are close by) your calculated body burden is not increased significantly enough to add to your morbidity value. You can actually calculate the body burden contributed by this leaking “Coffin” to anybody on the planet, if you do the research. There are also a huge number of other known and hidden nuclear waste dumps all around the world (the Farallon Islands near San Francisco is only one of many). These also add to our body burdens, but because many are hidden or forgotten, our exposure can be much greater. If you don’t know you are being irradiated, then how can you mitigate it? Today we have the ability to measure extremely small amount of radiation. I know someone who worked at Lawrence Livermore Labs for most of his life. He told be a story of one of his co-workers triggering the radiation alarms when he showed up for work one morning. This caused a furor and immediate shutdown of the facility and the investigation teams were brought out. They were able to track the radiation to one of his shoes, his path back to his car and the carpet in the car. His morning history was taken and they trouped over to the restaurant he stopped at for coffee and to use the restroom. He had stepped in a single drop of urine on the floor in front of one of the urinals in the restroom. Someone who had pissed there earlier was being treated with radioactive iodine for a thyroid condition. A search of nearby hospitals lead them to the individual who admitted using the urinal that morning. They take radiation seriously at LL and their technology is extremely good.
        As a side note, if you live in California your chance of getting cancer from the Arsenic in the drinking water is Much greater than your cancer risk from all this radiation.

      4. I’ve read that Hitler had the science and the scientists to create and to use an atomic bomb. But when he was informed of the ultimate destructive potential to mankind both from the explosion and the later pollution of the environment, Hitler stopped working toward nuclear weapons. National Socialism was keenly involved in protecting the environment and created the first environmental protection laws. So much for evil nazi fantasies. Einstein promoted the bomb to Roosevelt but later admitted that it was the biggest mistake of his life.


        • Nuclear weapons to date have been the greatest facilitator of peace ever in history. War between major industrial powers, a given every 30-50 years has been avoided out of fear. Nuclear weapons have made the very people who decide war vulnerable to its effects. Amazingly this reality sobers the decision making. Unfortunately all of the preceding has over time been tested bringing politics ever closer to the precipice of major war, in effect teasing the “junkyard dog”.

          • K2,
            What should scare everybody, is that they are “tweaking” those weapon systems to point where they can be used tactically and that is scary. I’m not anti-nuke weapons, heck, I was crawling around AGM-69’s with W69 warheads, when I was 18 years old.
            But today they are making the use of nukes a much easier option.
            Many small accurate bombs are much better than one big one.

            • rellik

              The more years that pass from Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the more close calls that never graduated into thermonuclear war the closer they push the envelope towards it.

          • Keven2,
            I read a great article in Physics Today a life time ago that talked about what the Physics community understood about atomic bombs and they conspired to misdirect Hitlers research efforts.

            There were German scientists who could have handed Hitler a nuclear bomb, and likely won a Nobel prize in the process, but didn’t.

            Thus all the stories of Hitlers bomb program chasing heavy water experiments. All the while mysterious leaks let allies blow up shipments of heavy water. All the while carbon moderators were the best path to plutonium.

            Hitlers scientists were actually ahead of the US, but through a program of misdirection by the physics community. Hitler never got the bomb. We could have now been speaking German, if not for the misdirection.

      5. Earth oceans exceed 352,670,000,000,000,000,000 gallons of water.

        Even if a BILLION GALLONS of waste leaks it is negligible.
        1/352.6 billionth

        No I’m not pro Nuke,
        I also am not pro “sky is falling Henny Penny.”

        The obesity epidemic should be the focus. Just treatment and meds will cost the US taxpayers trillion annually soon. Yet the stories here are all picayune tripe.

      6. Earth oceans exceed 352,670,000,000,000,000,000 gallons of water.

        Even if a BILLION GALLONS of waste leaks it is negligible.
        1/352.6 billionth

        No I’m not pro Nuke,
        I also am not pro “sky is falling Henny Penny.”

        The obesity epidemic should be the focus. Just treatment and meds will cost the US taxpayers trillion annually soon. Yet the stories here are all picayune tripe.

        • And how many particles of cesium does it take to cause a tumor? How many gallons of water is say a tuna fish exposed to during its life? Why are so many pacific marine animals dying? Might want to rethink that one….

          • The US Navy got permission to kill up to 62 MILLION marine mammals, that is a FACT. It was even in the newspaper in Crescent City, CA about 7 years ago. Do you really think they are counting? Do you think they know their limits? Do you think the cocksucking govt. gives a damn???

          • Gen,
            “Cesium as a result of radioactive fallout could be a major concern, however, little data is available on this matter.”
            “The biological half life of Cesium in humans ranges from 15 days in infants to 100-150 days in adults. ”
            “Target organs of Cesium toxicity are the liver, intestine, heart, and kidneys.”
            ht tp://
            I’ll keep eating my seafood since I don’t eat livers, intestines, or kidneys.

      7. Ok but it is flowing non stop and has been since 2011. It isn’t going away anytime this century. It is being dumped in the ocean in even larger amounts as time passes. The overpopulating asians overfish the crap out of the ocean to feed the masses. The pacific will die, I will die and you will die, then yer kids will die even sooner than us. It was fun while it lasted though!

        • I meant your kids will die younger than us.

      8. Could be? Might be? May be?

        Call me when you have a story.

      9. OH NO Godzilla is coming!!!!

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