The U.S. Is A Banana Republic: “We Are All Screwed!”

by | Oct 29, 2019 | Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 15 comments

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    One money manager is warning that the United States is incredibly similar to a banana republic and because of that, “we are all screwed.” Michael Pento says that the central bank is panicking and if they happen to stop “juicing” the system, the entire thing would collapse in an economic depression.

    “It’s not that it’s QE. It’s QE on steroids,” Pento said of the Federal Reserve’s actions. “Everybody knows that this QE is permanent just like any banana republic would do, or has done.”  According to a report by Market Watch, the Federal Reserve is expected to once again lower its benchmark interest rate this week by 25 basis points. This would be the third such cut in three months. According to the minutes from the Sept.ember 17-18 meeting, “downside risks had become more pronounced since July,” yet “several participants” wanted the Fed to provide more clarity on when the response to those risks, including “trade uncertainty,” would end.

    With all the imbalances in the system, Pento says the Fed is well aware the next recession won’t be a mild one, so it keeps pumping to avoid that fate. “The plunge in the stock market would be huge and from a much higher level,” he said. “Back in the Great Recession, unemployment claims spiked. We had millions of people laid off, and the same thing would happen today only… much worse.”

    Below is the full interview:

    With all of the instability lurking in the U.S.’s debt-based system, it’s important to prepare for the inevitable, even if it’s still years away. Michael Pento is the author of The Coming Bond Market Collapse: How to Survive the Demise of the U.S. Debt Market. In this book, Pento, a noted adherent of the Austrian School of Economics theories, advances the thesis that the United States is fast approaching the end stage of the biggest asset bubble in history. He describes how the bursting of the bubble will cause a massive interest rate shock that will send the US consumer economy and the US government—pumped up by massive Treasury debt—into bankruptcy, an event that will send shockwaves throughout the global economy. Michael Pento examines how policies followed by both the Federal Reserve and private industry have contributed to the impending interest rate disaster and highlights the similarities between the US and European debt crisis. But the book isn’t all doom and gloom. Pento also provides well-reasoned solutions that, government, industry, and individuals can take to insulate themselves against the coming crisis.

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      1. “Banana Republic”,

        An apt description IMHO.
        Is it just me, or are any of you beginning to feel a sense of anticipation for what is now just around the corner? Most – if not all here, especially the ‘old timers’ – are surely beginhing to sense the imminence of what the HoR’s (House of Representatives…) are on the verge of commiting…with a certain amount of relief I suspect. Most assureadley, I am.

        This ‘Shite’, phrasing that in German here has drug on so interminably that me and mine considered it to be akin to an episode of the Twilight Zone; something Mephistoplean by design…endlessly watching the razor-edged Pendulum swinging lower and lower yet never completing the grissly task for which it was engineered.

        Thankfully, now…we are on the cusp of finality. For that – frankly – I feel a sense of relief…tis been LONG in coming, no?

        To be clear here…the moment that the HoR’s execute thier stated goal and render up Articles of Impeachment against Donald Trump then – effectively – Federal governance, indeed, the entire Federal edifice is rendered null and void.

        Thank God. Now, the foresighted amongst you might wish to contemplate what we are – neccessarily – going to replace the current monstrousity with. Ideally, there wouldn’t be any centralized ‘anything’ in a post-Federal World however, that is effectively just another form of Anarchy given the current global geopolitical landscape, so no…think again.

        Dwell on it for a bit in the silences of your Soul and see what is there to be seen…the Future depends on it, rest assured.

        Be well, be safe and be Blessed Brothers and Sisters…and THINK.


        • Long time coming? Minimally since 1976, I was vaguely aware by then and it was already an obvious clown show.

          What will replace it? What always replaces it. Dictatorship and feudalism. Except I think that’s going to take an oddly long time to occur. I think it’s going to be 2-3 decades of flailing around in vomitus first.

          How the US society was portrayed in the movie Looper comes to mind.

          • Funny that you should mention ’76…that’s the same year I wised up.
            Looking around I saw everyone – including my own parents – scrambling for crumbs from the tables of the truly ‘entitled’ among us. I had ‘friends’ (acquaitances really) among that class and it became evident all too quickly once I was exposed to how ‘they’ lived what everyone else’s lot in this world actually was.
            In a word, ‘Pathetic’.
            Interestingly enough, the Hopi indians have a soecific prophecy cincerning such…that near the End, “Those in High places will be hunted. But those will turn upon those hunting them…and it WILL get out of hand.”
            I’d say that THAT might nearly be the case at this point. Let’s see here…a Congress become so venally self-serving that the Founders ARE rolling in thier graves…a Military so bloated that the phrase ‘beyond the dreams of Avarice” is a matter of profound understatement…an ‘Entitled’ class the geads of which sold every man, woman and child in this once proud country down the river to destitution…it goes on and on as you are WELL aware.
            Soooo…bring it on, IMHO. Clean the slate as it were. My only regret is the 6 Billion people who will lose thier meager existences once that begins. Me and mine will not be accounted amongst those however. This has long been evident for anyone with the eyes to see. Hence, the 100+ of whom we now consist removed ourselves years ago – way, way removed, I might here clarify – and set on building both a self-sufficient community AND all the infrastructure appertaining thereto.
            May God have Mercy on all others…they’ll need it presently. Once the Democratic party IMPLODES like a multi-solar mass at the end of it’s life, I expect CW II to be the likeliest immediate consequence (roughly overnight, IMHO); the bulk of mainstream America is going to absolutely go berserk if they actually successfully vote through Articles of Impeachment against Trump.
            “May your children live in interesting times.”, eh?


            • Agree 100%. The Fabian Society and the Frankfurt School, with their Critical Theory, have done their jobs, achieved its purpose. There us no going back, reclaiming what was good, great about our Nation. Now, it must go through constructive destruction. Burn it all down. Start over. Take what the Founders gave us and adjust to avoid the pitfalls we see through hindsight. We allowed the enemy to subvert our system by using the liberty our system was made to give. Can we have a system that gives us liberty while avoiding the problems, the attacks we suffered because of the liberty? I don’t know. We fight human nature, those of us who prefer Dangerous Freedom to Safety.

              We live in interesting times. I fear the type of world the children of today will be forced to endure if we are unsuccessful. If we do nothing, they will curse our names.

      2. Pento sounds like a paid advertisement.
        He should team up with Glenn Beck.
        They could REALLY sell some wolf tickets together.
        We all know whats coming will be nasty.

      3. Your SITREP: Are you paying attention to what is going on?

        1. Censorship. No free speech. Not even comedy allowed. Just communist style political correctness social control.
        Shadow Banning. No Free Speech. This website is censored too. No Internet Speech: DePlatforming anyone not NWO Agenda 21/2030 Communist Globalist.
        2. ALL of USA Media are antiAmerican communist. ALL media now owned by foreigners. Whistle blowers tortured, arrested, jailed by government. No more journalism.
        3. No Border Security. Demographics will nullify your vote. You will be out bred. No National Security
        4. Beto Odork type politicians NO RESPECT for constitution.
        No Constitutuion. Delusional Beto thinks he can, “take your guns.”
        5. 5g Surviellence and KILL Military grade weapon deployed across US to control and Murder Americans.
        6. A I. –No jobs. humans controlled by machines.
        7. Robots. –No Jobs. Robots work cheap.( Like China prison labor goods currently produced for anti 2nd WalMart.)
        8. Technological control grid camera tracking matrix deployed across Amerikka. Cameras in your face everywhere. You will be microchipped via vaccines. RFID. Mark of the Beast.
        9. Economy house of cards. Yes it will fall hard.
        10. War monger politicians keep ramping up to WW3. Nuclear destruction. Japan has deployed troops to Suez canal.
        11. ZeroHedge article says, “Less wheat being planted now than in last 110 years”. (read article if interested.)
        FAMINE Intentionally Engineered. Famine is favorite control tool by government Tyrants.

        And it goes on and on and on. This is the clown world the Insane and Godless have made. How do you like your “change”.

        How do you communist californians like your blackouts? UN Agenda 2030 at work. Are you still going to vote in communist? Of course you will.

        May Jesus Christ return soon. Glory to Jesus. I sleep like a well fed, warm, happy, well cared for baby. Because I know the Father is coming home. And Daddy will bring the belt.

        There are few atheist in combat zones. Our country and the world seems to be a War zone. Evil seems to be winning. Illusion. Good vs. Demons
        God vs the Evil. God wins.
        The strength of Evil is an Illusion.
        God wins. So be of good cheer. Pray.
        Jesus Christ wins in the end.

        • John, a good example of #1 Censorship is Greg Hunter and his USAWatchdog which produced this video. I posted no differently than I do here on shtfplan yet Hunter banned me. If folks think only the Left censors they are sadly mistaken. Hunter, like many fake Christians and fake conservatives is purely agenda-driven.


        • John, what amazes me is the number of people that are walking around with their heads up their rectums.
          The liberals, the socialist, the new wold order dopes, and their megaphone MSM are all enemies of the American patriots and the USA.
          I hope and pray there are enough of us thinking folks that can stop this insanity

          They are so upset that Trump won and has put a bump into their plans. I pray for the safety of our duly elected president – These people are truly NUTS!

        • What a great commentary!! We are in an economic and moral catch 22. No institutions are for us. Not the church, government, schools, media. All against our temporal and eternal destiny..

          Prayer is the answer. The power is incomprehensible!

          God have mercy on your orphans!!

      4. A few of the ways they control you:
        * Fear is the Primary Control Mechanism.
        * Herd Mentality. Peer Pressure. Group think.
        * Normalcy Bias.
        * Media Lies CONSTANTLY Repeated
        * Politician Lies Repeated
        * Distractions. Deceptions. Entertainment.
        * Confusion. Chaos.

        Go to YouTube. “Find Alan Watt, “Cutting through the Matrix”
        Find his website by same name. Listen while you make preps, exercise, or reload ammo.
        Critical Thinking is required to survive what is coming.
        Do Not be Decieved.


        The US Constitution Matters
        Black Rifles Matter
        Blue Lives Matter
        Border Security Matters

        Be Frosty.

      5. You all crazy…

      6. “How do you communist californians like your blackouts?”

        “And Daddy will bring the belt.”

        With any luck. I will sadly be taking one for the team on that one, but… frankly… justice needs to happen.


        printing money from thin air, liabilities that the country cannot pay for of its own, over 1/3 of the country doesn’t speak English at home, 30 million here that no one can account for and parents told to allow their children to have sex changes before puberty.

        how is this not a bannanna republic already.

        the usa is dead as founded, it just hasn’t realized it yet; but that day is not far off. texas is going to become a swing state by 2028 and many other swing states will be democrat states before then; that’s when the tolitarian democrats show the people what the country is and how the people will be treated who even think of dissenting.

        enjoy the last days and trump’s days while you can, these are the last lap arund the track for the usa you or your parents grew up in.

      8. I weap for our country. Why things haven’t already gone hot is beyond me.

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