The U.S. In 2022: Producers Say To Prepare For Inflation

by | Feb 6, 2022 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    Based on the simple fact that we have all noticed just how much our grocery bills have gone up, it should not be shocking to hear producers claim inflation is going to be running theme in 2022. But one month into this year, many think it’ll just “get better.”

    Major consumer product makers in the United States announced this week they will raise prices more than previously proposed in 2022, announcing the news during post-earnings calls on fourth-quarter results.

    “We stand prepared to take more pricing [action] if necessary. We want to see how inflation will play out this fiscal year [which ends on June 30],” the CFO of Clorox, Kevin Jacobsen said, as cited by Reuters and reported by RT. He added that Clorox is in active talks with retailers regarding the size and frequency of the price hikes, and pointed to an “extreme level of cost inflation” as the reason for the price boost. The firm also cut its full-year earnings forecast, with Jacobsen noting that “it’s going to take several years for us to rebuild margin [to pre-pandemic levels].”

    After announcing that the firing of the un”vaccinated” will begin at Hershey, the chocolate maker also signaled further price increases in the first half of the year, while previously adopted price hikes are to go into effect before March 31. The firm unveiled a somewhat pessimistic forecast for 2022, with executives expecting gross profit margins to drop despite the price increases. But the pessimism could be over attempts to force their employees to be injected with an mRNA drug.

    Hershey Company Begins Firing Unvaccinated Employees

    If you can actually find the products you need or want in your local expect them to cost more each time you go. People will lay back and take this in the shorts too until they literally cannot afford to eat. When that happens, all bets are off. Hopefully, you are prepared for the shelves to be empty and for what’s on them to cost much more than you are willing to pay.



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      1. “Every society is three meals away from chaos.”
        ― Vladimir Lenin

        Modern adaptation:
        “Every society is nine meals away from chaos.”

        Guess back in Lenin’s’ time you were considered lucky to get one meal a day. But now days, we’ve bumped that up to three.

        • No exaggeration —
          EBT riots within 20ish minutes.

          • People with EBT cards will do just fine. It is people with worthless fiat money that will be in trouble.

            • I agree. But there are snap/ebt recipients who are helping those who can’t afford it. They’ll buy some food and then give it to others in need.. You would be surprised. Dont take my word for it, just ask if you know anyone

      2. When I get hungry enough I ll be slaughtering the elites horses! I hear they taste like chicken! When all else fails there’s always eating the elites! Yum yum give me some!

        • Soylent™ Green is people!

          Yes, Soylent is a company. And yes, it promotes food products… and it’s website shows a ‘Green’ theme.

          Life. Sometimes it’s stranger than fiction.

      3. The Earth is Dying so are We……….
        Drop me off in the Pleiadian Galaxy.
        I want to GTFOOH.

      4. So they’re saying to prepare for something that’s already here? So glad to see they have our best interest in mind. IMHO, in 6 months to a year it’ll be much worse than it is now. And I mean much worse

      5. All the fired people should start making all their own candy and begin stores lor slowly. I hate all the candy that’s on the market right now because it has so much crap in it

        • Especially Wokershey that fires 1400 unvaccinated workers!

      6. I see all this stuff about shortages. I live near and shop in Terre Haute, Indiana. There are NO shortages. While some aisles are a little on the “lite” side, nothing is in short supply except for labor to fill jobs. Just about every single place of business is hiring.

        Why is this? I don’t think others are lying about this, but, here in the middle of the midwest, we’re doing fine.


        • There’s are shortage of Tyrants on federal death row!

      7. Went to the local gorcey store yesterday and picked up 6 items for a total of $38. These same items a week or so ago ran me about $ 34 and a year and half ago, the cost was between $20 and $25. Diesel for my truck use to cost me in or about $ 2 a gallon, depending on where I bought it, now it is running at $ 1. 50 to $1. 80 higher, Yesterday the price was $ 3.60 a gallon. Will somebody out there please tell me how Mr Biden’s economic plan is helping me out, saving me money ? Making my life better ? The propane for heating my house use to cost me a little over a dollar ( if that much ) a gallon, now it cost me a few cents over $ 2 a gallon ( thankfully, we’ve had a fairly mild winter ), so please Mr Biden or somebody, tell me how good a shape I’m in, what a good deal I’m getting. How I’m not getting a royal loving. Another example, I used to buy coffee grounds in the 3 lb red container, now I’ve switched to the store brand in the metal container, same size for $5, a savings fo $ 3, but it doesn’t taste as good. but then again, like Mr Biden has said ” everyone has to make sacrifices “. I wonder if he is making any sacrifices,

        • Alfie, Biden is making sacrifices. He’s sacrificing America, and her people.

          • As a good Catholic Biden will sacrifice for Lent. He will give up ice cream for lent.

      8. I’m a giant in brownsvilles, avg sized where there are plenty of affluent whites.

        I have never reliably been able to find clothes or shoes in public, since about middle school age, without ordering-out. You have to go to a special market for durable tools and parts, wholesale and quality foods — even in my overdeveloped, blue state.

        Working for you was non remunerative.

        I hope there is truth in the conspiracy theory about the swarms of Black Friday, going to a sleepaway camp in the strip malls with the railroad track and guard towers.

      9. Imagine if all truckers walk off the job ? The inflation would be Weimar style! Let go Brandeau!

      10. I used to be able to walk into the store with a dime in my pocket and walk out with a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, and a pound of burger.

        Now they have those dang cameras everywhere.

        • Ha ha good one.

        • Um in California shoplifting below $950 is NOT BEING PROSECUTED or arrested. Saw the video some dude on a bike emptying the shelves into a black garbage bag the color of his skin. Cops literally did nothing.

      11. Inflation allows us to pay off our debts with money that is worth far less than that which we borrowed in the first place.

        It’s just a way of dealing with debt.

        • False, the debt is increasing faster than it is being paid off. 30 trillion and growing FASTER EVERY DAY can never be paid off. A war will have to settle it.

      12. Hi I love in California. My family are conservative. We have 3 generations here. We are leaving and moving to Wyoming. The state is turning into a crime trash infested hellhole. I will miss the beautiful weather and what used to clean beaches and highways, no littered with every kind of trash imaginable 🙁

        • Sad but true. The modern day Newsome-villes of homeless folks with no sanitation or enforcement of vagrancy laws is indicative of a failed state. Scofflaws that snuck into the state continue to ignore the rest of our laws. Tolerance, at the expense of common sense, has severe consequences. The exodus from CA continues.

      13. Are they selling shelves in that store.

      14. Kind of reminds me of the song SKIP A ROPE by Henson Gargill

      15. All the numbers are manipulated and have been since 2001. Look at precious metal values as an example. No manipulation there lol they control all the numbers and change them as needed.

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