TSA Long Lines Part Of Scheme to Move Americans to Mandatory “Biometic Background Pre-Check System”

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 35 comments

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    In a very classic sense, it is a strategy for acquiring more power.

    Problem. Reaction. Solution.

    Though the TSA has never been effective at catching or reducing terrorism, it has become very good at inconveniencing Americans.

    Rifling through their things, herding them through x-ray machines reminiscent of Nazi policies, forcing people to withstand increasingly long lines, with many people even losing out on flights. All in the name of security.

    After wait times across the country have made headlines and left airport travelers stranded and fed up, Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson, whose agency overseas the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), is calling for a solution based in… what else… greater security.

    Secretary Johnson is using the 2016 travel crisis to push for more sign-ups in its Pre-Check program, in which applicants undergo a rigorous background check and pay an $85 fee for speedy TSA screenings. Johnson dubbed it “the E-ZPass of airports.”

    As CBS News reports:

    As the TSA struggles to fix the airport security gridlock, airlines are jumping in to help.

    Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport is experimenting with a new system to expedite the process with new automated security lanes, which Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson describes as “the E-ZPass of airports.”

    [Johnson told “CBS This Morning”] that becoming a TSA PreCheck member would help cut the wait down to an average of five minutes or less.


    But Johnson said that even “in the face of increased travel volume, we are not going to compromise aviation security.”

    Anything to avoid a long line and a pat down, eh?

    Johnson’s comments gave a strong indication that the controversial agency had no plans of backing down, despite long lines, vowing not to “compromise on security.”

    In other words, those not willing to sign up for the additional background check program will be left waiting.

    For now, this Pre-Check system is an elite path to bypassing the rigor and discomfort of TSA screenings and speed up the hassle of traveling.

    In the long run, it is part of the biometic ID grid that will place everyone under preemptive suspicion and real-time, global surveillance and monitoring.

    Those who seek greater control are using the problem of long airport lines to whip the public into compliance with its new security systems (which have been active for many years, but so far only adopted by a few).

    If people don’t sign-up now, can they expect more terrorism to speed the recruitment effort?

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      1. Excepting a family emergency will not fly anymore.I will not pay even more money to fund fast food rejected workers and at least in a vehicle traveling can be prepared things go south while on the road.Sure,can say have some basic preps and even if willing to go thru rigmarole have a firearm and ammo on checked baggage depending on landing grounds.Yah,like they would hand you your stuff idf the SHTF while your traveling .I get that some have to for work.I have a friend when on business am willing to get his wife/daughter to his brothers place if at all possible things go wrong,but,would rather not have that burden and have him be with family first signs of trouble,in area might join him for the ride!

        • I wont fly, refuse to be subject to scrutiny by government crap, i have no need to fly anyway, where the hell would i need to go?

          • The result will not be what they what. More businesses will use conference calls, Face time technology, and work from home type systems. The result will be a bankruptcy in the airline industry, both travel, and production. Stupid Fools. The airports that do not use TSA have just as good track record in preventing toothpaste and deodorant from being transported….because thats all they do.

        • In other words, those who don’t sign up “are responsible for the long lines, not us.”

          Victim blaming and pointing the finger. Classy.

      2. A scam that started long ago just after 9/11. I’m guessing similar to a mafia shake down

        • This is Sooo Obvious. They Zionist Run TSA and Security Want to keep this captured Crowd at the airport to spend more money on concessions. They wont let you in with your own water, and have to wait 3 to 4 hours, so you have to buy their approved water and food, and BS. It is a total set up for profit, and pissing off Americans to get them conditioned to the Zionist New World Order. Imagine waiting in line for 4 hours to get to buy groceries. You wonder why the Zionists led coalition like the Bloomberg’s want to disarm Americans???. They want total slaves. And a disarmed population is a Helpless Slave Population. Put me on the Nightly News, I will get some attention telling every American the truth of the BS we got ourselves into. America has been Hijacked by the Zionists. Start shooting when they fuck with you.


      3. It’s all about the money. It’s always about the money.

        • I say lets put an Ankle Bracelet Tracking Device on Every Jew in America. Oh you don’t like that, then go the fuck back to Israehell.


      4. Terrorism, real or mostly staged is the gift that keeps on giving to monsters controlling the means to eradicate American freedoms and livlihoods. Two really good articles are at veteranstoday.com, #1 is titled: Zionists push for multi national Firing Squad aimed at Internet Hate Speech. Here comes eliminating Internet free speech that incites hatred for any group, also including anti semitism, this is being pushed by Israel, no doubt this is going to go worldwide. #2 is titled: Time to Hunt Down and Capture the World’s Biggest Terrorists. This deals with the evil running the whole show and Americans to their end.

        • Aljamo, BRAVO! The ‘tribe’ can take their censorship and stuff it. I won’t follow it. TSA is bogus just like the rest of DHS. I don’t fly anyway. If I can’t get to someplace by driving myself to it, then I don’t go.

      5. Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. had a “Beck Blitz” from last friday where he filled in for Glenn and says it doesn’t work. He applied. He still had to take his shoes and belt off and go through the porn scanner.

      6. You go through an x ray machine only to be patted down anyway by people that are the dregs of society. They have missed 95% of weapons going through the scanners that TSA planted. Why bother, you might as well take your chances. the employees are under payed,belong to a union that could care less about safety. most employees are part time with hours between shifts. One guy I know spends 3 hours each way to work,works 5 hours,goes on break for 4 hours and comes back for a 4 hour shift. Add it up its a long day and a lot of gas money. 10.00 an hour! Would you do that job?

        • Jim, 1. I wouldn’t take that particular job and, 2. There’s no federal job I would ever accept anyway. OH and, 3. I wouldn’t have any part of violating someone’s privacy. I don’t have the kind of attitude toward the public that govt. employees have.

        • I’m pretty sure they’re still non union. Becoming unionized .gov employees would make the situation much worse.

      7. The pre check system is another way to make money. If you fly a lot its worth it. If you fly once or twice its a ripoff. TSA wanted 10 million. They only got 3 million. The system should go private for better and faster results. PROFILE! Its just another program that the government has screwed up.

      8. I’m pretty sure their answer to long lines, is either more long lines or longer lines. Maybe both.

        Fifteen years on, and they still haven’t found the 4th Amendment. Sad.

        Maybe they should look in the Constitution instead of in our pants?

        /Repeal the f-ing ‘Patriot Act,’ now.

        • Too many STUPID people who think the government keeps them safe,,,
          Government is the terrorist and the root of our biggest problems in this country.

      9. Because of Geography, I’m kind of screwed when traveling in America, but If I were on the continental US, I would NEVER Fly.
        I dearly love airplanes, helped make them for over twenty years, and have flown on them since I was 3 years old. But this security BS we have to go through is way out of line. You are a fool if you think the crap they put you through makes you safer. The biggest threat to safe flying today is letting a Moslem on or working around an aircraft, Number two is the armored cockpit door, Number three is an un-armed aircrew. These are things you cannot fix easily and certainly TSA is useless, at even a start at prevention.
        Happy flying, fools.

        • It can almost be argued that anyone that submits to this is a traitor. Unwilling to be inconvenienced by taking a train in the defense of freedom? But we have all their names on record so everything will work out. And we need to depopulate anyway . That’s what all our top scientists say . And they can’t be wrong. It might even be fun?

      10. TSA


        These must be the jobs that they are bragging about adding to the economy, nothing but pure bullsh…t..lets see how many of these sick rapist, pedofile assholes will be taken care of by their handlers post shtf. Makes my stomach sick how women have to put up with humiliation and other bullshit getting their asses and breast grabbed by these phucking sickos in public..


        Agency ass clown super moderator.

      11. Has anyone seen the video of the dea agent . That shoots himself in the foot in the kids gun safety class.

      12. HCKS, BRAVO! If I can’t get to someplace by ground transportation, then I just don’t go. Braveheart never flies, period!

      13. I’m surprised you don’t have to tell them how much $ your taking out of the state. You do for int flights why not domestic too. I don’t fly anymore cause of tsa. I’m not afraid and don’t feel I need my ass fondled to go somewhere.

      14. SW Air gave me precheck status on the boarding pass I printed out on Monday. I never applied with the feds for it. Maybe because SW has their own seperate concourse there at Hobby TX and I signed up for their air miles thing. I have no idea, but got right thru- just metal detector, no scan tube. And one of the TSA scanner gals was wearing a religious looking headscarf wrap.
        TSA in TX seems pretty efficient to me.

        btw- Your passport has a chip in it if it has a little chip symbol on the front cover. I got a rf sleeve for mine.

      15. Last time I flew I was frisked by a TSA agent that I swear grew up on a farm milking cows if you catch my drift.

        I have been searched by police for weapons and what TSA pigs are doing bears no resemblance to anything I have otherwise experienced with law enforcement!

      16. My son was detained by these freaks for hours when he flew in to visit. I had to go to the airport and say I am his mother. He looks Italian… also known as Mideasterner????? Native English speaker. After many hours he was released. He took it better than I did.

      17. Give them an inch, they take a yard.

        Every time these control freaks get away with some outrageous infringement of our rights, they push a little further until it gets so bad and we are so under their thumb that they won’t just be patting us down. They will rape your mothers and daughters in front of you. That is were this kind of crap leads.


      18. Men in Americia have become sheep and the brown coats that jump the queues using Biometic Check’s need to be more than just named and shamed.


      19. I have flown twice in my life, to and from Vietnam, the last time in March 1972. Never again. You could not pay me to get on a plane now. I guess for the business class that flit from place to place that $85 is just pocket change. I can’t believe travelers actually put up with the invasive process to even get on the plane, that’s pathetic. At least you feel safe that the wack job is not one of the passengers, or is he or her. Hope the plane don’t crash.

        • Alijamo:

          That price will go up until only the “elite” will be able to fly. Then they will discontinue the pat downs.

          We will be kept landlocked.

        • You see this does not affect the 1% Elite, They fly their own Aircraft or Corporate Jet Club. They take their Limo from their House right onto the Tarmac and within steps, on to their plane. You put one of those CEO, or Rich Elite people to the back of the TSA lines in order to get on their private jets and this shit would not be happening. Out of Chaos, The New World Order, Get used to it, or create change.


      20. never signed up for Pre-Check but for some reason a few years ago when it 1st started I was Pre-Check qualified? We fly once a year for business. Pre_Check is not just walk thru!! Every time I go thru I still have to take off Shoes, Belt empty pockets etc. The only reason it is fater is because there is usually no one in that line. So when everyone signs up for Pre-Check the system will be back to square 1 where it is now, long lines, 3 hour waits etc. we have decided this year to drive to our yearly destination. 2200 miles 1 way but with he price of Airline tickets just for coach we paid $1200.00 RT had to drive 2 hours to airport. Arrive 2 Hours early so by the time we arrived at our Hotel we had 12 hours + plus traveling. Then the Taxi costs and other costs total over $1440 just to get there and back.

      21. My reply to Jeh- GFY. I’ve already given up my prints once to join the military. Want them? Call DOD, a55hole.

      22. Has it occurred to anyone that TSA simply wants to keep the bombers as far away from TSA as they can.

        In France the bombers pushed carts of explosives right up to check in counters and security check points and killed them all.

        US TSA has created massive cues of bodies between them and potential bombers. If a bomber hits a US airport the loss of life will be staggering with the huge concentrations of passengers in tight Disney like cues, but it will happen a long way off from the TSA check point.

        The FED TSA creeps will be just fine.

        The Cowards will kill thousands.

      23. We live in Canada and like to drive to the nearby border into WA State just because we like it there. To avoid long line-ups at the land border we opted for NEXUS cards allowing us to fast-track through the border. To receive the card US authorities required all kinds of info in the application, we had numerous interviews, iris scans, fingerprints, records check, etc. And, we still have to carry our chipped Passport besides the high security card with screening. They aren’t just gathering info on US citizens but on anyone visiting the US as well. Wish I hadn’t opted to do that. On the other hand, many US citizens are saying they won’t fly anymore. Maybe that is the greater plan. By making travel so difficult they are keeping you at home. That is a way to isolate you, also keep you dummied down and out of touch with your neighboring States and countries. I would say, travel as much as you like, don’t let them keep you from the rest of the world.

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