“The Truth is We’re Freakin’ Finished”

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    While Bob from Drinking With Bob may be a little bit emotionally driven he does a pretty good job of getting his point across. In the following video Bob rants about the failing public services sector in New York and points out what many of us already know:

    (Video follows excerpt and commentary)

    The truth is we’re freakin’ finished. The government has bankrupted this city, this state, and this freakin’ country. Meanwhile, they keep freakin’ taxing us. New York City is charging for services they can no longer provide. It’s like charging you for a movie they’re not going to make, or charging you a toll to go over a bridge that doesn’t freakin’ exist.

    New York is just a microcosm of the greater problem facing the nation. As we reported in Doomsday Fear Mongers Get It Right Again, the cities and states are facing extremely serious budget problems which will eventually lead to a federal fiscal crisis unlike anything we’ve ever seen in America.

    Bob discusses the problems New York is having with the lack of sufficient emergency personnel and law enforcement – and this trend is only going to continue to expand. Just about every state and major city in the country will be forced into the same cuts. They simply do not have the money to pay for these services anymore. Financial analyst Meredith Whitney stated in mid-2010 that the public sector will have to lay off 2 million workers over the coming 24 months – and that won’t even help them to break even, that’s just to keep operations going.

    Currently, the focus is on the aforementioned public sector jobs, but consider what will happen as states can no longer afford public pension funds or health and human services like Medicaid and Medicare. Eventually, the contagion spreads to the Federal level.

    The billions of dollars in services on which many Americans depend will start being reduced. This is going to hit Americans like an 8 pound sledgehammer.

    We’ve become so dependent on entitlement programs, that the majority of people on those soon to be cut services will be left with nowhere to turn.

    As early as the first quarter of 2011 we can expect to see massive protests, potentially even riots, as public pensioners and employees hit the streets because Republicans are now prepared to pass new legislation that will force states into bankruptcy – no more borrowing – which means states are going to have to make significant cuts to those pension funds.

    Over the course of the next couple years, the outrage against forced austerity will continue to spread and will include all of those who have become accustomed to free government handouts, including those on welfare, health care, food stamps and unemployment. It’s not going to be pretty.

    All the while, as government pulls services, they will move to raise taxes, either overtly or under the cover of doublespeak legislation or inflationary monetary policy.

    Bob on the incompetence of Mayor Bloomberg and the state of affairs in America:


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      1. somebody needs to switch to decaf.

      2. Yes but the play hasn’t started yet.  We’re still watching the previews for the future.

      3. The Republicans aren’t going to cut anything.  They’re just the other side of the same Socialist coin.   They aren’t about to do anything to change the course of the nation.  We’re going off the cliff no matter which criminal gang has its foot on the accelerator.

      4. Is this a Max Keiser soundalike competition?

      5. He needs to buy a pack of NY city smokes!  What’s next?  City officials hide on vacation…… and don’t come back.  Katrina?  Are most New Yankers like this?  You got insurance, right?

      6. Comments….. jobless claims are down, retail sales are up. Economy is starting to shown signs of strength.

      7. 1. jobless claims are down as people ‘fall off the edge’
        2. retail sales are up a) inflation b) christmas sales & c) people living off their credit cards. increased sales don’t neccessarily mean increased PROFITS for the retailers, and THAT’S the key.
        3. Any signs of the ‘economy’ improving are being dashed as gas goes over $3/gal, and projected to hit $5/gal by summer. How much will bread cost then?

        \Where I live, gas jumped $.17/gal just since christmas eve!

      8. Comments…..LOL!  That’s what socialism does for you – nothing! Why do you live in a city where it snows and services are rendered useless Bob?  I heard that there’s a tax on getting a bagel sliced – like 8 cent tax.  Why do you livre there Bob or anyone else who wants to complain that their social serves aren’t being met?  That rich Mr. Bloomberg doesn’t give a rats ass whether you get to work or not.  Heh Bob, watch this, your SUV is getting trashed by a unionized public employee!  LOL!  Chill out Bob!


      9. The only logical answers to these problems are:

        1.  States and Cities should default on their debts and start fresh. Citizens should not have to pay for the corrupt and stupid practices of government officials.   The sooner this happens, the sooner the recovery can begin.
        2.  The Big Bankrupt Zombie Banks should be forced to value their toxic assets at market value with no more transfusions from the Fed into these blood-sucking corpses, and forced into receivership and broken up forever.  
        3.  Abolish the Fed.  The Government can print (coin) their own money – it is a scam and a crime to borrow money for our Republic from a private banking cartel bent on destroying our money and our country through pernicious inflation and bailouts.
        4.  Anyone who engaged in fraud, perjury, theft, etc. on Wall Street, the US Government, or the Zombie Banks should be arrested, tried and thrown into a dark dungeon.

        Bottom line:  Until the Zombie banks are broken up, the toxic waste is cleared from the system, the debts defaulted upon, and the criminals go to jail, there WILL BE NO RECOVERY.  Instead, the criminals in Washington and on Wall Street (and other levels of government) will try to put these unjust burdens on the people.  

        If the people allow it, the people deserve what they get.

      10. Last guy out, turn off the lights.

      11. 67 yr. old grandpa with a gun won’t like the default on his pension & SS.  First one that yells fire while watching the fireworks inside a styrofoam room gets helped out & down the stairs.  Banana Nanner Republic with nukes.  “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.”  May you survive in interesting times.

      12. XUSMC268

        You sir , are exactly right!     Let’s pray we don’t have to use  our guns.

      13. I was building a house. Will Munny: ””Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it.

      14. I’m waiting for the signs that say, “We sell gold & silver”.  Then other hard items can be purchased with PM’s.

      15. These pension funds are $tens and even $hundreds of billions in the whole, and some are absolutely silly – 6 figures, retire at 50, etc.   Grandpa can go take it out on the corrupt cretins who fished them in with pie-in-the-sky untenable promises.     Blame the administrators of your pensions who STUPIDLY invested in now-worthless fraudulent Mortgage-Backed-Securities (MBS).  

        Government pensioners, employees, etc., will have to suffer like everyone else!  What makes them so special?   I know I’ll never collect on MY social security and I would be stupid to think I could at this point.  The country is freakin bankrupt!     No one can escape the pain and that includes Grandpa the retired gubament worker.

        People who put their faith in the government to take care of them in their old age are, sadly, putting their faith in a perverse and corrupt patron.

        Learn this Truth:   Government cannot protect people from all the dangers in life.   Bad things happen.  Put your faith in God, the only one who can protect you.   If you don’t believe in God, then I guess you will be screwed by the government god.

      16. We’re freakin’ finished, it’s true – if you are counting on the govt to help you out or provide anything at all.

        Plus, there’s an ice age coming, so better bust out the snowshoes & long johns…and move closer to the equator – especially those in Europe, you should get out before the giant migration, as you will have a better chance of settling somewhere decent before all the countries with decent climates in the ice age close their borders due to overcrowding/inability to feed who’s already there:

      17. NYC isn’t the only place that this is happening. Services being cut, taxes being raised, public sector employees being laid-off, public employees having their wages cut …. it’s happening in a lot of places all across the country.

        TPTB, banksters. stock-marketeers, congress-critters, senatorial-sapsuckers and our beloved Dear Leader, President Barkie Obungle can attempt to cook the books, juggle the numbers and spin the facts anyway they care to ….. the truth is that we, as a country, are f–king broke!!!

        How this all plays out in the future is anyone’s guess. I may be wrong, but I personally feel that this is all happening by design. The elites will us this worldwide economic disaster in order to usher in their long hoped for One-World-Government and “New World Economic Order”.

        It’s going to get interesting out there ….. very soon.

      18. Comments…..Things are starting to come apart all over America.  Those that couldn’t see this before, are sure starting to see it now!

        I can believe that many Americans are starting to panic over not having any preps for this economic disaster.  It is still not too late.  Get your self down to Costco/Sams Club and get some food stores put up.

        This is just the beginning.  There is so much worse to come.  Start investigating US collapse on the internet and get prepared.

        Good luck to all.

      19. Michelle, what are you going to do about the hurricanes, tornadoes & droughts next summer? You wouldn’t know weather if you had a choice.

      20. Look, the dude who screams on the video is unwatchable.  the dude who constantly sceams for “crisp new 10 dollar bills” is an idiot.  Get someone who can  be rational. 

      21. The US, economy is no where near failing. Just look at the restaurants at night full . I just came back from my winter vacation, and most of the hotels are half full. People are out shopping and eating, we have a long way to go. I know people are hurting, but the US, economy is moving ahead. So you can put your guns up .

      22. Comments…..thanks stan- you are right on the money about the guy with the tenners-i think he is an idiot too.  about these folks who are complaining about services their tax dollars pay for and they are not getting…how about someone out there try thinking outta the box or for themselves for a change. if the trashman is on strike…find out where the nearest dump/landfill is and take your trash there yourself. snowed in and cant move the car or shovel the sidewalks..invest in a big bag of rocksalt or go to the feedstore and get a bag of crushed salt that is given to livestock. buses are’nt moving-buy a bike and a basket to put on it as well as a bike lock. the problem as i see it is that folks have forgotten or have not learned to do for themselves.  the red cross first aid course that highschoolers in the 60’s and 70’s took would have been handy when that baby died in nyc because the ambulance could not get through..hell, that course even tells how to deliver and care for a preemie if needed. if more folks would do for themselves and prepare for the worse in their lives taxes would not be so high and they would’nt be dependent upon entitlements that will soon no longer exist.

      23. Comments….. Did anyone hear John Gibson’s rant today?  Fire em’ ALL.  Fire em’ ALL!  Out law ALL Public worker Unions! 

        Ah Ha Ha Ha!  It was rich!

      24. poser child for prozac..take a lude, dude..lol

        i cant even say seriously what i want to say about the debacle of this all ..because of this clown..good points..but bad delivery?

      25. Comments…..hahahah “poser” child…. i ment poster child..it still sounds appropriate

      26. Goldenfox – That’s a great video.  Pretty amazing they let that idiot loose with something like that

      27. Hi Bill

      28. Caryn, well said. 

      29. Personally, I love “Drinking With BoB” and have him on my favorites bar between SHTFPlan and SHTF America. He’s great! Check his other rants.


      30. Comments…..You bring the end of the world, I will bring the popcorn and we can all watch it on the television tonight…it should be a great show with lots of emotional releases and excitment..perhaps even some shoot-outs and perhaps good guys wearing white hats….bull…we are screwed…just accept it..OK so how bad will it get…lets assume that we end up with 25% of what we have now as a nation for wealth, earnings, resources ect…We will still be far better off than most of the worlds people… If you really look at the stuff Americans throw away or give away to charities to compensate for their social guilt or fear of punishment by God, for the lives or lifestyles they lead, you would see it… One of you mentioned the resteraunts and hotels still doing a brisk business…yup…these are luxuries not necessities so there are still lots of people tossing money around… Where the movie will get interesting is when a family making say..$50K cannot afford balony sandwiches AND gasoline at the same time…or how about when the government checks stop rolling in to pay for grandpa, the sick, the disadvantaged, the poor and everybody else and these people have to take care of themselves for a change… then we could start seeing the exciting parts of the movie that involves car chases, explosions or who knows what happening…I cannot wait…Who is going to bring the pepsi to our little movie party?

      31. Witness culling the human herd, a natural process to weed the non-productive eaters.

        Thanks to a low class culture the promotes single motherhood, public schools and welfare programs, the useless uneducated masses will end up in a rendering plant.   Those with an education and retain what was once mainstream traditional values will do fine.  Look around and take stock, the line is becoming very clear between the taxpayer and the tax eaters. 

        The majority of the population still goes to work each day, pays their debt and provides for their family.  If you want to be successful, follow their lead, not the tax eaters sitting on their collective fat asses looking for their next handout.

      32. Several comments:  All government workers, since 1985, are under social security for a third of their retirement.  The other two thirds are a federal retirement and money we put into TSP.  I pay into SS just like any other employed person.  If Social Security is an entitlement then anyone that has PAID into to it should be ENTITLED. 
        When the Welfare System was set up it should have been set up with a two year maximum lifetime cap.  It was never intended to be a retirement fund for life.  Everyone that is so damn pissed off about government workers getting to retire at 55 (which is the old system mainly) should be pissed off that the lazy, welfare class retired at age 13 or whenever they had their first child.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE?
        Of course, we have ignorant people who get off on watching reality TV which encourages trash.  Why anyone would watch a show called Pregnant and 16 is beyond me.  Reality shows by and large promote trash.  Besides real life is entertaining enough and right now is scarier than any horror show.  If you are functioning in this life you should be preparing to feed your family and learning all you can from blogs like this one.  There is no time to waste watching “trash TV.
        I don’t see the Republicans having the gonads to make any changes to the “Entitlement” class of people.  So tax the working people just to send money to the “non working” people.  There should be rioting in the streets.  I for one am sick and tired of working and being a good steward of my money to have it given to non productive people.  Changes to welfare and food stamps are a must! 
        I would like to see all of Congress, Senate and PresBo get on TV and admit this country is in bad shape.  Then make the announcement that all illegals have 30 days to leave this country.  If you do not have the money to leave we will pay for your trip.  Anyone still in this country illegal after 30 days will be put in prison.  If you come back to this country illegally you will be arrested and sent to prison.  You can apply for legal citizenship to come back to this country when we are in better shape.  Can I get an amen?

      33. Amen & pass the ammo…it should be huntin’ season on the border.

      34. Hahahahaha. But, I laugh. Finished? Bullshit.

        What *IS* finished is this easy, irresponsible, socialistic, I can live and eat and not produce anything, live off the government, suck gov nipple, don’t know nothin’, don’t do nothin’ lifestyle. *THAT* is coming to an end.

        …of course I never did live that way. In fact, the only credit I’ve ever had never topped more than about $20,000 at any given time. The bank employees look at you really weird when you borrow money and say, “Well, I want to pay a bunch down and then make the payments as high as I can afford.” They always say, “Why would you want to do that?” When you tell them that you don’t like debt because debt is essentially slavery they just look at you like, “Well, yeah. Duh! Thats why we in the banking industry recommend that the 18,000 dollar loan we’re giving you should be paid back in 25 years!!!”

        The credit socialist lifestyle is done. Over! Kaput! Fini! It is time for Americans to start earning their keep. Maybe YOU should raise your kids and not the daycare and school system. Maybe YOU should work for your food and housing, not the rest of us. Maybe YOU should take responsibility for your life and YOUR OWN MISTAKES instead of trying to get others to bear the burden of restoring you.

        …and I, for one, am thinking its about time! I am ready for the whining to stop and the work to begin. Instead of all the garbage we think we need, maybe we should be happy with a warm house, food to eat and a place to lay our heads. Maybe we should appreciate our family and our friends.

        As we get closer to that time when the freeloaders of our society are forced into submission by their growling bellies, I’ve been preparing. I have few worries. I’m ready for the reset.

      35. No worries, Net Ranger – the lazy fat tax eaters will die off as soon as tv goes dark and Safeway locks down.  Things will get smelly until the couch whales are hauled out and burned, but things will improve very quickly.

      36. GRITS – Big Amen!!  AA++ to you.

      37. “The credit socialist lifestyle is done” – NetRanger, FYI private borrowing is a normal component of free markets. It exists as long as people have differening time preferences. Your aversion to debt is only a subjective preference, not a law of economic science.

        “Amen & pass the ammo…it should be huntin’ season on the border.” – Prophet, wouldn’t it be better for you to patrol the borders of your own property? Why would you want to give free security services to USSA by patroling the border of its (stolen) property?

      38. “When the Welfare System was set up it should have been set up with a two year maximum lifetime cap. ”

        Actually, it should not have been “set up” at all. Unless you also think it’s OK for someone to break into your house and steal stuff for “charity” purposes.

        “Then make the announcement that all illegals have 30 days to leave this country. ”

        Yeah, forcibly expelling able-bodied laborers and valued customers will improve the economy.  When that doesn’t work, let’s shift the blame to some other ethnic group or stick them in ovens. I guess if you don’t understand the Ricardian law of comparative advantage, and if you have no respect for others’ property rights, then that would make sense.

        “Of course, we have ignorant people who get off on watching reality TV which encourages trash. ”

        I’m not sure why you are attacking TV-watching, which is a perfectly moral activity. Unlike the welfare programs and immigration laws you support.

      39. 2011, will be better than the last two years. Things are getting beeter. The US, will not break apart this year. Sorry.

      40. Comments…..I do love to get a conversation going…how about this idea…lets do nothing but cheer the government on and tell them as loudly as we can…spend more, borrow more and print more money..tell Bernanke to actually throw it out of helocopters to people…Heck socialize everything, give everybody a minimum happiness check everymonth and buy as much foreign made crap as we can each month with bundles of worthless green paper for as long as we can until they wise up and realize that all of those green IOU’s are worthless and uncollectable debt instruments…
        The best way to fix the mess we are in is by doing the right thing..we are all talking about using a bandaid to treat a crushed and rotting leg…baby steps and small measures will not work..the only way to fix it is amputation…the only way that that will ever happen which does not involve an illegal and potentially horrible civil war or revolt, is to let the system destroy itself…
        We cannot apply little patches to fix this…we cannot effect any change in Washington DC since the elite have bought and paid for both political parties and the media…therefore..forget the tea-bagger movement and elections in general at any but the local level….it won’t work…real power will stay where it always has been..just follow the money… You will not change anything concerning the illegal immigration problem…they are wanted here by the elite to be used like scabs were to break unions during the 30’s.. work harder for less amerikan sheeple…or we can replace you with an illegal…then you will be unemployed and you will die…haa haa haa…why fight the illegal immigrants they are being used too.. If we help the government to screw up everything and the dollar collapses, if the bond and housing markets really crash and the unemployment rate goes to 101%…then the illegals will flee from this hellhole back to a nice place like Nicaragua…all for free…they follow the money too… You want to have no more national or public debts…default on it..not only are your debts wiped clean, but there will NEVER be a banker or foreign government that will lend a dime to this country again…(then we do not need ammendments to the constitution).. We would be forced to pay as we go…
        If all of you sheep wake up and stop fighting each other, or beating your sticks against the windmills trying to fight the impossible fight…you can come out ahead..ignore the noise and focus on the truth…this nation is screwed…embrace this knowledge and work to make the times a coming…better for yourself…Trust me, when allthe SHTF, relying on government or anybody but yourself for anything would be a potentially fatal error…

      41. Comments…..Oh I forgot one…pay for all elections for all people involved with public tax dollars ONLY… Take away all financial worries from our political leaders too…while in office, all their bills are paid using a government charge card..(we can give them a $5 bill evey morning for lunch too)  they will also never be allowed to work or collect a dime from anybody for anybody for the rest of their lives..all expenses will be paid for them instead…They will be carefully monitored for payoffs bribes or profits of any sort at many random points in time for the rest of their lives…and will have to repay everything they have ever recieved in their lives if they get caught..or perhaps we allow the death penalty for corrupt federal workers…
        Shoot…If we cut each of these bums in Washington a check for a BILLION dollars a year as long as they promise to work for only the best interests of the American people, we would end up way ahead of the cesspool of corruption and payoffs here

      42. The human-induced global predicament that looms before the human family today has been allowed to rampantly grow in my lifetime from a challenge that was manageable to a leviathan of a much more forbidding size. With every passing day, the worldwide challenges resulting from, and driven by, the overconsumption, overproduction and overpopulation activities of the human species become larger, more formidable and much more difficult to address and overcome. The demand characteristics of this unprecedented situation appear to require the active involvement of “all hands on deck”. We have to stop denying what is visible to naked eyes as well as ignoring that which we need to confront, and immediately begin changing the ‘trajectory’ of the predominant civilization from what is soon to become patently unsustainable to an alternate path marked by sustainable lifestyles and right-sized human enterprises.

      43. Off with their heads. All of them.

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