The Trigger: If This Ever Happens You Know You’re Days Away From Nuclear War

by | Feb 10, 2014 | Headline News, Strategic Relocation | 531 comments

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    It’s no secret that the world is on the brink of a significant paradigm shift. With the economy in shambles and the United States, Europe, China and Russia vying for hegemony over global affairs, it is only a matter of time before the powder keg goes critical.

    As was the case with World Wars I and II, the chess pieces are being positioned well in advance. It’s happening on all levels – monetary, financial, economic, geo-political. Lines are being drawn. Alliances are being cemented.

    We know that a widespread depression is sweeping across just about every nation on earth. The complete collapse of the world we have come to know as it relates to commerce and consumption is a foregone conclusion. We may not know exactly when or how the final nail is driven into the coffin, but we know it’s happening right before our eyes.

    Throughout history, when countries have fallen into destitution and despair, their leaders have often resolved their domestic plights by finding foreign scapegoats. This time will be no different – for all parties involved.

    In the following interview with Infowars’ Alex Jones, Joel Skousen of World Affairs Brief  leaves nothing to the imagination and outlines what we can expect as East and West face off in coming years.

    The trigger is clear. What will follow is nothing short of thermo-nuclear warfare on a massive scale.

    The trigger event has to be North Korea… North Korea is the most rogue element in the world and yet it’s been given a pass by the U.S… We don’t do anything to stop its nuclear progress, unlike Iran.

    Russia and China… it’s too early… they’re not ready to go to a third world war over Iran…

    When you see a North Korean launch against the South… and they do some minor military attack every year, so you’ve got to be careful not to confuse those with a major artillery barrage on Seoul. If this ever starts you know you’re days away from nuclear war. People ought to get out of major cities that are major nuclear targets.

    There has to be a reason why North Korea has been preserved… It can only be because the globalists know that they are the puppets of China and that they will be the trigger.

    Here’s how I think it’s going down. I think there will be an attack against South Korea. The North Koreans have over two million troops… 20,000 artillery… they can level Seoul in a matter of three or four days. The only way the U.S. can stop that attack is using tactical nuclear weapons.

    And that would give China the excuse to nuke the United States. U.S. is guilty of first-use, the U.S. is the bully of the world, Russia and Chinese unite to launch against U.S. military targets. Not civilian targets per say. There will be about 12 or 15 cities that are inextricably connected with the military that are going to get hit that I mentioned in Strategic Relocation… you don’t want to be in those cities.

    You may have two days notice when that attack in Korea starts, before China launches on the United States.

    And if you ever see everything blackout, because both Russia and China will use a preemptive nuclear EMP strike to take down the grid… before the nukes actually fall… anytime you see all electricity out, no news, nothing at all… that’s the time you need to be getting out of cities before the panic hits.

    In his documentary Strategic Relocation, Skousen notes that the reason Russia and China have yet to take action is because they are not ready. But as current events suggest, they are making haste. Iran has apparently deployed warships near US borders and China has continually balked at internationally established air zones, encroaching on U.S. interests. North Korea continues to do whatever it wants, even after sanctions issued again their nuclear development plans by the United Nations. And, given President Obama’s refusal to attend the Olympic games with other world leaders that include Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, it should be obvious that the relationship between the world’s super powers are strained.

    No one is willing to back down. And as we saw in the 20th century, that kind of diplomacy ends with the deaths of millions of people.

    No one believed it could happen in the early 1910’s and again in the late 1930’s.

    And with a Nobel Peace Prize winner at the helm of the freest nation on earth, not many Americans think it can happen in today’s modern and interconnected world.

    But what if history rhymes once again?

    Are we really to dismiss the warnings of Joel Skousen simply because it is such an outlier that it is impossible to imagine for most? Or do we look at history, see how such situations have unfolded over the last 5,000 years, and conclude that it is, in fact, possible that it happens again?

    The lives of hundreds of millions of people are in the balance. That’s a sobering thought for average people, but mere chess pieces to the elite who sit behind the curtains with their fingers on the buttons.

    As before, when the circumstances suit them and the time is right, they will invariably push those red buttons as their predecessors did before them.

    Those in target cities in the U.S., Russia, China and Europe will become nothing more than statistics for the history books.

    But if you know the warning signs, then perhaps at the very least, you stand a chance.

    If you ever wake up one morning and your TV doesn’t work, the internet is down, and your cell phone is off, then you need to assume that your city or region was hit by a super EMP weapon, such as those being developed and tested in North Korea, Russia and China.

    As Skousen warns, in such a scenario you’ll have about two days to get out of major cities to a safe location outside of the blast radius. We recommend a number of resources, including Skousen’s Strategic Relocation and Holly Deyo’s Prudent Places, both of which outline safe areas in the United States based on various factors like population density, location of thoroughfares and resource availability.

    When it starts all avenues for obtaining critical supplies will be unavailable. Therefore, wherever you are, prepare for the worst by stockpiling reserve food and water. Given the scenario outlined by Skousen, nations may well engage in conventional warfare after the nukes drop, meaning that you’ll need to be prepared to adapt to changing circumstances and know, at the very least, basic military strategies and tactics to evade, defend and attack.

    It’s an outlier to be sure. But it’s one that has been experienced by every second or third generation on this planet since the dawn of human civilization.

    It may well be our turn very soon.


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      1. War has always been used to hide TPTB failures and to advance their control in the past and we should expect it to continue now.

          • The real issue here is that each country will use their top weapon against their enemy. Unless they have some secret NEW weapon, then that top weapon will be the hydrogen bomb. In a battle, small scale to world wide, you always use your best6 weapon to ensure victory. I know this sounds doom and gloom, but this is a fact. If any one of you were being attacked in a SHTF event you would use the best means of self defense possible to save yourselves. Large scale war is no different.

            China has had nukes since 1964. This is 50 years to build up a hell of an arsenal. Just like in WW2, the U.S. was able to continue to replenish itself becausethe manufacturing base remained intact. This will not happen with WW3. The U.S. will be hit severely by not just EMP strikes, but nuclear air bursts all over EVERY manufacturing base in this country. IF there is warning then getting away from first, secondary, and the targets such as airfields over 7500 feet in length, oil refinery spots, anything thaty can support the military. Any areas downwind of hardened targets such as missile silos where ground bursting will be used that will spread massive fallout. Remember the military has EMP hardened sites everywhere. Nukes will hit this country, lots of them with WW3.

            • Nope, NO WAY!

              1. Because it’s been predicted to be N Korea against S Korea… won’t be.
              2.Because AJ is involved… won’t be.
              3. The only friend China had in N Korea, was Kim’s uncle and he fed his ass to the dogs….China and N Korea are NOT real allies……so it won’t be!


                If any of you still think those in an american uniform will do the right thing and honor their oath….think again!

                If you wear an american uniform and you took an oath, yet you even partake in this, or don’t stand up and say something and do something against it….your uniform just became an enemy uniform, an enemy to the constitution of 1789, an enemy to the bill of rights, an enemy to the declaration of independance, and enemy to freedom, an enemy to true american patriotism, an enemy to liberty and an enemy to God and the risen Christ.

                • BJ
                  You know that they were using them to set up a FALSE FLAG down the road. Just like the power station that got shot up in Kommifornia.

                  • Just goes to show that if the SHTF there is nothing reasonable you can do. If you leave the big cities you better have somewhere to go. Do not come to my rural location! I am not going underground so I’ll just get out that special bottle I have and watch it happen. Maybe from the deck of the used cabin cruiser I am buying. Hope to use it some before it happens.
                    I am moderately prepared for most stuff but for this not so much. This is a “it is what it is” type of thing so I am still going to sleep well. I know that this is counter to a lot of thought here, but, I am having a good time right now planning for summer with boat and enjoying what time I have left. After all I am 67 and have had a pretty good life. Just my .02. God Bless James

                  • “””And with a Nobel Peace Prize winner at the helm of the freest nation on earth, “””

                    Who on earth is this referring to? It can’t be the US.

                    Obama was given a Nobel Peace Prize, but did not win one for his acts. And the last thing the US is is a free nation.

                    A part of me wishes the nukes would fly, first at DC and New York city, then on to California.

                    The sooner the corp power centers are destroyed, the sooner freedom can return to the People of this country (which is not a nation).

                  • Slim chance that it will be Korea. More likely World War 3 will be started by the same tribe that started World war 1 and World War 2, the same nuclear-armed tribe that WANTS World War 3, the same tribe that instigated the deaths of nearly ¼ BILLION people in the 20th century.

                    The tribe (Gavril Princeps and his co-assassins) started World War ONE—25 million died.

                    The tribe (the 1933 Declaration of War of World Jewry against Germany) started World War TWO—60 to 80 million died.

                    The tribe created (Rabbi Moses Hess and his disciple Marx), financed (Rosenwald, Kuhn, Loeb, Schiff, etc.), propagandized (Ehrenburg, Mikhoels, Khaldei, etc.) exported (Kun, Eisner, Zimanas, Rozanski, Pijade, Rakosi, Olszewsi, etc.), and mostly ran (Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Sverdlov, Litvinov, Andropov, etc.) Communism, their secret police (Beria, Yagoda, Bronstein, Yurovsky, Pauker, Slutsky, Gay, Speigelglas, Babel, etc.), and gulags (the Kaganovich family, Berman, Frenkel, Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk, etc.)—60 million died in the USSR; if you blame Hess and Marx for Mao, add another 75 million dead.

                    The synagogue of Satan is responsible, directly and indirectly, for the murder of nearly a QUARTER BILLION PEOPLE in the 20th century.

                    How many will you let that tribe kill in the 21st century?

                  • Besides… who can trust analysis by a man that writes “per say” instead of per se?

                • @ BJ. Has nothing to do with China and North Korea being allies or not. Just like the Monroe Doctrine with the U.S. it has to do with the borders of China never falling into U.S. friendly hands.

                  • ….and no matter what happens,
                    the stock market will still rise.
                    We are beyond insane.

                  • OutWest….I sure as heck wish they would of put a date to it as well. Because I would take every penny I have, sell everything I have and put it all down on a las vegas bet that NOTHING would happen on THAT day.

                  • Straight up. Sometimes war just starts because of stupidity or from miscalculations, or from mistake. This is why the Atomic Scientists move the minutes to nuclear doomsday closer when everyone is on a hair trigger, far easier for any error to cascade into full blown war.

              • BJ, I’m with you in regards to AJ, also, why would there be a two day window after an EMP attack? Makes absolutely no sense, an emp is the spearpoint of the attack with the rest of the shaft right behind it. Why would an enemy give us two days, we’d level them and turn their region of the world into a glass crater, stupid fear porn article.

                If there was an electronic blackout lasting longer than two days, I would put my bets on that there’s an internal cause. A coup or a declaration of dictatorship or a total economic collapse with the rats shutting everything down in order to buy enough time to jump ship and offer up a scapegoat.

                • The Emperor speaks…

                  Obama: ‘That’s the Good Thing as a President, I Can Do Whatever I Want’

                  White House delays health insurance mandate for medium-sized employers until 2016

                  “The Obama administration announced Monday it would give medium-sized employers an extra year, until 2016, before they must offer health insurance to their full-time workers.”

                  OBAMA Exempts Corporations from Obamacare, Not Families…

                  • bo is nothing but another evil turd in a sea of turds, he and his likes are the least of the evil problem turds.

                    The real evil turds are the one at the top of the dung pile….the international money changers, the real power brokers who rule the world through corp’s and govt’s.

                    Then the next in line would be the sheeple, the idiot public who continue to allow corp’s and govt’s to do what they do.

                    So #1 evil turd are the behind the scenes international money changer families.

                    #2 evil turd would be the stupid sheeple public who continue to allow them to get away with it and keep voting them back in office or continue giving them their money.

                    #3 evil turd are the politicians….ALL of them, because inside and behind closed doors, they are all one in the same and exactly alike.

                • You will have 24 72 hours. 85% of the people will not have the intelligence to figure it out. The firts 24-48 hours are very important as to get whatever you can and get out. After 72 hours the looting and riots will began for food.

              • @BJ
                You are wrong. China will not give up on N Korea. You don’t know them. China involved Korean War in 1950, because 16 countries joined to S Korea and fought against N Korea.

                • We live in an upside down world.

                  WaPo Praises The Joy Of Being “Untethered” And “Unleashed” From A Job, The “Freedom” Of Unemployment

                  “They quit their jobs, thanks to health-care law” which does largely as its name suggests: highlights just how “enabling” and “liberating” Obamacare is for one’s life, once a person is no longer burdened by something as trivial as a job.”

                  “Of course, it is up to the likes of the Bezos Washington Post to make it appear that this is all not only perfectly normal, but noble and dignified.
                  Alas, as smarter people than us have pointed out, being untethered and unleashed only works as long as the system has other people’s money to distribute to those who chose not to work and pay taxes. Once said money runs out , complete social collapse and revolution usually follows.”

                  When Work is Punished: The Tragedy of America’s Welfare State

                  “In entitlement America, the head of a household of four making minimum wage has more disposable income than a family making $60,000 a year.”

              • Think about this, nothing will happen until one person is out of the way, my opinion, Edward Snowden. He holds the keys to the kingdom, HE IS THE KEY MASTER….. The most powerful people in the world are sweating because of the information he holds. As of this moment he is the most powerful person on the planet. He holds all information on every person that works for all governments of the so called free world. Especially the United States. Don’t know if Obama is worried about it or not, should be.

              • Hillary is a lizard person from the show V. You are the resistance.

                • @ Shooter. I never thought of that but hillary does look like a monitor lizard, even more so after she got fatter. Bad face lifts added to the lizard apparance also.

                • SHOOTIST:
                  I THINK SHE IS THE ANTI CHRIST!!!!

                  • I remember telling people back in the 90’s that Bill was nothing compared to her, that she was the definition of evil and he was nothing but a puppet.

            • Why go to war over North Korea, but not Iran? That doesn’t make sense. Iran is loaded with 80 million potential consumers with a taste for cheap Chinese goods and it is overflowing with UNTAPPED oil & gas fields. Both of which create a natural infinity for China.

              No country except the USA has as much or more to lose than China in WW III and this was the intent of the gangster banksters when they made them full partners in global financial domination.

              A nuclear North Korea and a belligerent China in the East China Sea, justifies a re-militarized, and nuclear Japan. That would be China’s worse nightmare. can you say, “the Rape of Nanking?” Therefore they do not want a North Korean nuclear capability.

              If anyone thinks Iran could be nuclear in six weeks, how fast could Japan and South Korea develop a nuclear option that would threaten China, not to mention North Korea? Let’s remember that the US “accidentally” shipped nuclear triggers to South Korea a number of years ago. Both countries would need about three days.

              Neither China, nor Russia really want a nuclear North Korea. This justifies the acquisition of nuclear weapons for much smaller nations and makes those smaller nations a real threat.

              Those smaller nations would lose any confrontation with either Russia or China in an offensive attack, but serious damage could be done. Russia does not want a nuclear Iran because it has a serious problem with Jihadists along its Southern border.

              As it stands, America can intervene in North Korea anytime it wishes, and WE have the capacity to shoot down any NK missiles that might be fired our way and then respond with overwhelming force.

              The real flash point is the Persian Gulf. O’Bummer, to his credit has removed the USA as the enforcer for Iranian aspirations for nuclear weapons and has passed that mantle to Israel. After all, it is Israel at stake, not the USA. WE lived with a nuclear Soviet Union and a nuclear Red China, We can live with a nuclear Iran …. to a point.

              Israel cannot. Israel will not. Israel will launch a First Strike against Iran later this year. Iranian Guard Commanders will retaliate against American interests in the Persian Gulf and that will seal the Ayatollahs fate.

              Read your Bibles. Nuclear war does not come until after significant Earth Changes and nations realign. Nibiru is real and it is moving this way. Dig a hole and crawl in it. 🙁

              • I think historically China follows the way of Sun Tzu and the game of Go. Use subtle maneuvering to gain territory and resources. Control your enemies by making them dependent on your goods and trinkets. Use military might sparingly and only from a position of power.

                On the other hand, they have decades of building up nuclear weapons with zero international oversight. They have built miles of underground facilities and shelters. And they have a large population of young males with a shortage of females. All these point to a larger likelihood of violence. All we can do is to watch and try to be prepared.

                • There is no real shortage of females in China or elsewhere in Asia looking for males. Males in China and elsewhere in Asia are not unlike males around the world who do not want the financial responsibility of a family. The number of beautiful women around the world who cannot find a man who will marry them is STAGGERING!

                  Why buy the cow when the milk is free? 🙂

                  • You’re wrong, Durango! I have had several food Chinese friends and I can tell you that the people there are very strongly rooted in tradition! They highly respect their elders, are very chaste and moral.

                  • All our Asian friends are very monogamous (although while some Hmong do practice polygamy, it is actually frowned upon by their peers), and in the Chinese culture, if the woman is not married by 22-23, she is considered an old maid…AND they still pay dowries for the bride.

                    The potential groom gives the bride’s parents a dowry and said in-laws (at least the ones who are well-to-do) usually return the dowry to the couple as a wedding present. The Chinese families do NOT let their women go to the potential bridegroom prior to the wedding UNLESS the dowry has been paid and they are officially engaged.

                    It is all about honor…and they honor their elders exceptionally.

                  • Wrong..In China for many years, with the one child policy, couples were aborting girls and keeping boys.

                  • ANON: Yes, unlike much of the West, the Chinese traditionally value home and family and respect their elders as this was ingrained into them, as it use to be in America in the “50’s. That is rapidly changing.

                    Chaste and moral? LMAO! 🙂

                    Young Chinese women and men are rapidly changing their moral values as they embrace everything produced by Hollywood: especially media,mores,and lifestyles. Corruption is rampant throughout Chinese society at every level.

                    I suggest that you go to Asian Date for example, or other social media sites in China and read through thousands of profiles, and I believe that you will have a different perception of young women in Asia.

                    While it is still possible to find a virgin from a nice family over the age of 21, it is also true that the young women in China are quickly becoming little Ho’s like their young American counterparts.

                    China is not the most populous nation on earth because their women are especially virtuous. I can promise you that they are not, and no different than women everywhere else in the world that I have ever been too: they want to love and be loved, in an out of marriage.

                    It is nature; raw, pure, and simple. 🙂

                  • As an extra note, it is NOT until their kids are Westernized that their morals go out the window.

                  • Regarding aborting girls, etc., it depends on the financial wherewithal of the family. It is easy for us to be arrogant and say, “oh how horrible!,” but if your culture for thousands of years has been shaped this way and now your culture consists of the BOYS staying with their families and the girls going away to live with the in-laws…and you were allowed only ONE child…again, it’s easy for somebody who doesn’t live in that society to throw stones.

                    I also know a Chinese family from China who had 5 children. They paid fines for every child over 1. They had 4 girls…did NOT abort any…but found relatives who would take the extra children in. They finally had a boy after they came to America and brought their girls over here.

                • JayJay: Yes, I know and I agree, but there are many millions of eligible single women all over SE Asia and populations are mobile. My point is that Asian men do not want to commit to marriage any more than they do elsewhere.

                  Consider Ukraine.

                  The women there are incredibly beautiful; fashion model quality, whose biological clocks are ticking incessantly, who are looking for eligible men for marriage and family and can’t find them. I have women emailing me that compare to Cindy Crawford or Christie Brinkley in their prime.

                  Its sad, really, to see these truly beautiful women without men, but given the U economy what man wants to commit himself? It tells you about the state of the world when women like that go BEGGING! 🙁

                  • DK: You must have an interesting internet life…LOL!!

                  • Why would men want to commit, tell me that one.

                    Divorce rate: >50%
                    Of those, divorces initiated by women: >70%

                    Who gets all the money in a divorce… yes you guessed it.


                    Add to that the “little Ho’s” part (which is infuriatingly accurate) and tell me why you think you are more special to them than the last… several.. dozen… guys?

                    I mean that’s all flattering to think that of yourself and all but it’s not based in reality…

                    Hmm. Sloppy 352nds? No thanks…

                • Traditionally, Confucius is the teacher who’s thought and values have survived even Communism in China. 🙂

            • So, is it time to order more K103 and Thyroshield or no help??

              • I’m prepared for almost any scenario except thermonuclear war. I don’t know how to fully prepare for heat like the surface of the sun or massive radiation. Nuclear power plants and warheads scare the shit out of me and I’m one cool SOB.

                • Come on now Faith of the fallen, sure you do. Just tuck yourself into a ball and roll. Before you come out of your pike, give your ass a kiss goodbye.

            • China wants American land to produce food and to get easy access to minerals. They will not contaminate the land; kill Americans-yes, but they want to preserve the land. They will use what ever means to destroy DC and military areas but will keep it compact so as not to contaminate the heartland.

              • The Chinese want American brides .
                One foot on US soil and its on .

                • Why would the Chinese want American women? It’s my understanding that they see us as willful and independent, and therefore, uncontrollable. Their women in their country are much more “subservient” than we.

                  • The better question is why would an American woman want one of those short dicked weirdos that eat cats and dogs and anything else they think will make their little boy dick bigger.

                  • Willful and independent…. meaning arrogant and spoiled.
                    ‘Subservient’ has nothing to do with it.
                    How about simply being a nice person, rather than an uptight, prescription drug addled, suspicious, masculine,vile bit**.
                    Nobody wants American women, including American men.
                    In fact I’m not even sure that American females ought to be allowed to use the description woman.
                    As long as you have affirmative action (token status) ‘protection’, then I suppose you can continue pretending that you are ‘awesome’, ‘amazing’ and ‘capable’.
                    Just don’t expect me, or American men in general, to pretend with you.

                  • Willful and uncontrollable?

                    …well, if the shit fits… wear it I say…

                  • Truth be told: you nail it, good Sir.

                    Right smack in the bullseye.

                    Didn’t think I’d see such blunt straight up truth on this particular subject around here. Bravo.

                • Hell let them have our spoiled women. One wal mart special can service a dozen Chinese.

                • Where the white women at?

                  • White women? Try the Ukraine.

                • The Chinese want American brides???

                  Hankerin for a hunk of STD’s that bad, are they?

                  Well my friend, if they’re that stupid? Better them than me…

                • American bimbos = too much grief, let ’em have them….

              • Maybe that’s why Iran is sending warships to the Atlantic, as close to the US border as they have ever been? The play chicken we strike, EMP dog pile and then everyone flows in from every angle to defeat us. Lots of ways to ‘war game’ current events and possibilities.

                • Ask Russia how swarming in on a heavily armed Finland worked out. Armies don’t do well against an armed populace. Maybe some emp’s if they work as well as everyone thinks, but even if there are 10% left that is STILL 30 million really heavily armed battle hardened individuals left. Going to be a big bite to chew as Canada above us is not about to lay down either and we all know what happened when the US decided to whip some weak Frenchies and Indians up north. Ended up with DC on fire. Germany thought about invading the Swiss until the got a look at the Swiss rifles accuracy and decided the cost would be too heavy. Same thing in America, the cost would be too high as there is nothing worse for an armies moral then being under constant sniper fire. Foreign invasion? I don’t think so.

                  • .02
                    You make some very good points. And I agree with you, but you are thinking! They don’t think they just do. Ground invasion YES, but they WILL GET THIER ASSES KICK. They will learn a lesson that will take 100’s of years to forget. You see they are playing in my back yard and I know every tree every rock and stream, and they don’t!
                    As for our Canadian Brothers. They will fight along side us (We will have to give them some guns, and I would be happy to help out.) They know what happens to the Good Old USA happens to them.
                    Stay warm my friend, and there is more snow on the way.

                  • I don’t know Sgt, Japan didn’t even consider it and that was before the Americans started this crazy gun/ammo buying spree.

                  • .02
                    You make a good point. Remember Japan was in china, and most of the East at that time. They didn’t have the man power to invade the USA, and if they did they would be looking a gun behind every blade of grass.
                    China has more in there army than we have in our population. They are not spread all over the area. China has the man power to invade, but if they do they will get their asses kick and will learn a very punishing lesson.
                    AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

              • Oldwhatshisname:

                They can want whatever they want…they don’t have a navy that can project power. The idea of the Chinese invading the US is completely ridiculous.

                I like some of Skousen’s stuff. I am an old jarhead myself and I think his Strategic Relocation is a useful resource for some folks.

                I just don’t think he has a very good bead on Korea at all, to say nothing of understating the ability of the US nuclear triad to respond effectively if deterrence fails.

                This is classic AJ doom porn at best and bullshit at worst.

            • And let’s not forget the true meaning of “encroaching on U.S. interests”… TPTB consider virtually EVERYTHING on this planet as one of “their” interests. There is no escape.

            • They did not have a delivery system until Bill. Go find the clintons and have him fix this mess.

              • Maybe they can fix it by throwing a lamp or getting a Monica Lewinsky……..

                • moronica suckedoutski

              • More accurately, they did not have MIRV capability until Bernie Schwartz (tribal loyalist) of LORAL gave that technology to the PRC. Clinton (tribal puppet) merely rubber-stamped the profitable (to the tribe) transaction.

                • That should have been a act of Treason worth the death penalty.

                  • I do believe that Nuremberg 2 is coming.

                    Prosecute the guilty—ALL of them—and leave the innocent alone.

            • The reason we haven’t attacked N.Korea yet?
              N. Korea leads the world in genetically ethnically targeted bio-weapons research.

              Some communities are more vulnerable to these weapons than others. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the more wide a groups gene pool is – the higher their chances of survival. The most vulnerable groups are those with the highest in-breeding coefficient. The elite know this and leave N.Korea the hell alone.

              The fore runner to these ethnically targeted lethal viral and bacterial plagues are the small pox infected blankets that helped wipe out the First Nations of the Americas.

              Most wars throughout history have had at their core – a fight for resources. This includes farmland and water rights. China, Russia etc all have suffered population reducing famines in living memory. Given the choice they’ll wipe out their enemies populations but leave any infrastructure and the ecosystem intact so as to derive the greatest benefit from their victory.

              In the sandbox we aimed to retain the oil-producing infrastructure as much as we could while engineering regime change.

              A nuclear winter benefits nobody, and there are alternative, far more efficient weapons at the elite’s disposal to use first. I fear nuclear disaster as an unintended accidental consequence of an emp, or bio-plague weapon, but I do not think it will be an initial offensive tool of hostilities between nations. The only exception to this, is if Is-ra-hell opts for the “Samson option”, yet so far only one nation has ever been crazy to make this threat, and I still have hope that it can be contained.

              Chernobyl & Fukishama are likely to be repeated once the engineers running existing power plants cannot report for work, due to a variety of causes from natural disaster to emp attack.

            • I find it disgusting that we spend more than ever on defence and we even consider NK or China a threat. Looks like it’s time to put some bombs back together.

            • BI Im of the opinion Nukes will be used as a last resort. I believe it will be a dirty bomb that spreads disease or a newtron bomb that kills the living and leaves infrastructure intact. The reason why I think that is because the UN NWO and Agenda 21 has a goal to reduce the world population by several billion.

              • O G.
                I agree with you!
                Why would you use a dirty bomb with you have a clean one (if you know had I mean.) The live would be gone and with in a few weeks (if my memory serves) you can go into the area.
                EMP would knock out the power grid and you know how we are without power.

                I have a QUESTION.
                Dose anyone know if an EMP is just a blast for a couple of seconds and then clears up or does it stay around for days, weeks, years,?

            • It’s not your best weapon though.

              Not against anyone with 300 Fukushimas in their back yard… just ready and waiting to pop…

              Why you think Iran wants a nuclear power plant?

              Hit them and instant ecological disaster.

              I’d venture to say (though no one told me at the time) that nukes were obsolete to anyone with the ability to think this through well… circa Jimmy Carter administration.

              Go ahead, launch. You’ll all be dead inside of three years…

            • Scalar weapons make nukes look like firecrackers.

            • you can save your radios and other electronic equipment by building faraday cages. all you need is heavy aluminum foil, cardboard boxes and metal tape.
              google faraday cage

          • Please maddog, what are you doing? Responding to blogs from self appointed writers is hardly doing anything- get off the computer! Grandchildren- I was awake by reading fantasy and writing comments. FYI only military positions such as generals and above can change the course of history at this point

        • Trigger event will be Israel and blamed on whomever. It may never come to light as the world will be wiped, but if it happens I can guarantee it will be Israel as the culprit.

        • And lets not forget war is profitable. Question is, will Yellen print more $ or will war provide what we need.

          I vote we call the CIA phone bank tomorrow and ask them what the plan is.

          • Declaring martial law and then sending men and women off to fight a war overseas would enable the govt. to control the “education” of the next generation.

            I don’t think they will be able to continue to push the “recovery” sham much longer.

            Update on the Obama “recovery”…

            January 2014
            – 2.9 Million Jobs LOST

            – 113K jobs “created”

            – “Official” unemployment DROPS to 6.6%


            • Why would they have to attack us when shortly the country will be delivered up all gift wrapped. You all better be spending more time worrying about what will be done with the existing population of the US. Somehow I don’t think food stamps and other goodies are in the equation but more likely work camps where the goal is death. Americans are the dumbest people in the world to think that things will just continue on as before only with a new group in charge. All you clowns who like to mouth off about how you will not go without a fight will have a chance to show just how tough you are. Not as tough as Chinese troops I would bet.

              • That’s similar to my thoughts on my more pessimistic days

                – given the moral and fiscal degeneracy of Western Civilisation, and the fact that the Oriental nations traditionally plan their moves on the chess board in terms of generations, not four yearly elections ……

                – won’t they just continue to do what they’ve been doing the last few decades and sit and watch us implode?

        • IMO it appears the fuse will be lit in the middle east and not NK. Those guys are irrelevant at this point. It could have been Syria but wisely enough the people around the world told their leaders “HELL NO”.

          If their is going to be a thermo nuclear war, it will be because of the shitty economies and someone wants to knock the top dog i.e. USA from the petro-dollar.

          • They have to find a way to switch from current usa ruleing status nation, TO…Israel and a 3rd Temple ruling King aka antichrist.

            It’s all outlined in the tribes Many books and writings. One need but only research talmud-Protocols of elders-Kabala-Zohar etc…Compare it all to past events and especially current and near-future events likley to occure at this point.

            Just don’t be halted by false claims or crys of forgery when you begin researching tribal books etc…They always whine or cry stuff like forgery…but Never, Ever do any of them actually Debate nor discuss the Issues or facts written of in such materials…Its a scam designed to thwart all folks from the Truth!

            Better method is simply read it then Compare to what has Already occured in, say, past 100 years or so…That sure aint no forgery eh!

        • Diesel powered Samurai (all mechanical injection) that will run on vegge oil too…. Check, Off the grid wind and solar with back up solar panels in the basement (along with a two meter and ten meter radio) check, 1.5 five years’ worth of food check, Baja bug (carbureted) check, Multiple firearms with thousands of rounds of ammo check, Multiple team members including two doctors and several nurses equipped as well as me check, nine cords of wood and multiple axe’s and chainsaws check, two side by sides and two ATV’s check, multiple caches and bug out bags check, four years training for these and other scenarios check, two hundred gallons of gas and diesel each on property check, one – two years supply of propane check, I could go on but you get the point…… PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS…. And buy what you need not what you want.

          • And you will end up stepping on some nasty nail and getting tetanus??!!

            • Remeber the doctors we have on our team… they are well supplied… and I were Daner Boots…. Nails are not an issue…

              • It’s the Verbatim soles which do the protection and you can get those with other brands. Danner sold out to a Japanese company 2 years ago so if you are counting on their lifetime warranty and repairs, you might want to check on that every now and then.

                • Just had a pair redone last month….. oh so comphy….

                • Nicks Boots right here is Spokane, custom fit, expensive as hell, but worth every penny.

                  • I might check them out… sounds like some nice foot homes….. I like american made craftsman stuff…

              • Good…can I be on your team?? 6 years teaching public school and 4 years home based preschool/daycare.

            • Soak your foot in kerosene.

          • Oh, yeah–thought I had one year of propane stored and how’d that work out for me? 🙁

            • What happend… overuse or theft…

              • Yep–Kentucky has never had such cold weather and I didn’t fill when I should have(my bad)–Northern states depleted the supply.
                I’m okay though–I WILL NOT PAY $4 A GALLON UNTIL I REALLY HAVE TO.:-(
                Still 28% in the tank here.
                $1.50 a gallon in the summer is motivating to seal off rooms and heat just the ones you are in!! 🙂

          • unless its a small cabin, or you live in the south, your going to need more wood. not trying to be a dick, just advice. I went through 10 cords since mid october

            • We went through a full winter supply by jan 9th. Already using the extra we had getting seasoned for next year

        • this site is so full of it…pure marketing to sell products for advertisers…by fear tactics…

          • CBSU, in case you didn’t notice, it does cost money to run a website so the owner has to sell advertising in order to pay the bills; DUH!

        • Mac, and All, Personally, having travelled in China and in Russia, I cannot see either of them attempting to nuke the US at this point in time. They are not airheads or that foolish. Sure, they have been flexing their muscles but that is more for the benefit of the smaller nations that they want to influence and intimidate.

          Don’t get me wrong, they (the Russians and the Chinese) do not have our back, nor are they looking out for American interestes. But, they know that any attack by them on the US would surely lead to mutual destruction and even annihilation. We, as a nation, are more likely to fare better after a nuclear attack than they would. Many people will die with the immediate detonation of the bombs and countless more will die in the aftermath, weeks, months, and years later. It is doubtful that they could launch a ground war against the US, but the US with her Allies could possibly launch counter attacks from the ground and the oceans surrounding those countries and cause incredible damage and destruction.

          The countries to worry about, especially with a weak, indecisive, mamby pamby president like the one in the WH today, would be countries like Iran and North Korea who are trying to outdo each other in thumbing their noses at the US. Those countries could wreak havoc before they are completely annihilated by the US. The Jihadists also could conceivably obtain nuclear weapons and detonate them in one of our major cities and bring about significant damage and suffering.

          Personally, it is hard to conceive how we as individuals and with limited resources could prepare adequately on a scale necessary for such a contingency as described in the article. Really, this needs to be done at the Government level in cooperation with the population, the people of the United States. Unfortunately, at the rate we are going, we have a Kenyan in the WH who hates America and what it stood for and is working hard to grant amnesty to all the people illegally in the country.

          Both the Republicans and the Demonrats are doing all they can to support the Kenyan usurper, and the American people are left slavishly holding the bag and paying for their lavish parties, and plans for total domination. While prepping, preparing, training, etc., we really need to support those individuals who love this country and the Constitution in the up coming elections. I think we need to corporately get down on our knees and seek God’s help and wisdom, repent from our pride and arrogance, and do something to change the course this country is being taken by its current leadership. The whole world depends on it. Nuclear conflagration is not an option! Elections do mean something, the scoundrels must be voted out!

          • By the time Obama leaves office will this nation still have a nuclear arsenal and does it matter anyway considering the govt. is severely compromised and infected with foreign agents. I would guess we are rapidly approaching check with mate not far behind.

        • Until this happens I’m just concerned with surviving the little disasters. As usual I’m a little slow about finding out about things, just found out about a standby generator called “Generac” that can be hooked up to your homes fuel source and comes on automatically when needed. This has probably been discussed on this site before, but just wondering if anyone has one of these and how they work. I have propane as a heating fuel and it seems this would be better than having to use a gas generator in a power outage. What I have read it seems the Generac uses quite a bit of fuel. Any advice appreciated. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

          • mountain , thats a good setup , but ya , they like the fuel. Around here standby power is common and alot easier than draggin out a genny and pluggin it in.
            And for those old folks and medical device dependant it is almost a mandatory setup . good luck 1

          • Trekker… it’s funny you mention this as I have my eye on this as well and getting ready to push the button on the purchase. I only wish I didn’t put it off as I now have a major storm approaching. I have NG as a heating source so in that regard it would be unlimited provided the supplier doesn’t go down. This is a MUCH more reliable system in a long term outage… my opinion is… go for it !!

          • “Generac” that can be hooked up to your homes fuel source

            And when there is no gas or propane?? 🙁

            • I’m looking for a power source that will take me through a week or two in an emergency situation. Yes Jay Jay, when there is no gas or propane the Generac or no other device is going to work. No one can store enough energy to last forever. Trekker Out.

              • I hear ya.
                Why I have a solar oven in the attic.
                Even with that, mother nature is showing me to have many back ups for cooking.

          • thought about that as well (generac), but I am deciding against it for the fact that propane recently wouldn’t be delivered in my area (Midwest) for less than $7.00 a gallon, if you could get it. taking into account .5 gallons of fuel per hour (average consumption for average 15kw generator), your looking at a 500 gallon propane tank lasting you about 40 days. even if you stretched it out to 90 days.. running only certain hours, your still looking at a lot of $ for short term. I am currently looking into wind energy as an alternative, with large battery block. I think initial investment will be similar around $7k or so, but will retrieve some money back from captured energy compared to just being stand-by. I have nothing against solar energy, just wind would work better in my area, so your situation may be entirely diff.
            so.. generac, as short term’ sure would be nice, but long term, I think would be useless

        • You are quite right. The only problem with the article is the narrow scope; it’s been repeatedly pointed out that India and Pakistan are routinely shelling each other and could easily escalate, with an opportunistic China joining Pakistan, things getting out of hand quickly. Also, the Zionists routinely murdering outside of their borders (stolen, of course)as well as in,and pursuing a murderous policy of subversion all over doesn’t bode very well at all.

      2. Lord, I pray this never happens.

        Mankind at it’s stupidest.

        • It already has happened, and it will again.

        • If ever there has been a greater argument for creationism i haven’t found it. Even monkeys look at what we’re doing to ourselves and saying “Hell no they didn’t come from us”

        • God said he will have to intervene….

      3. As much as the nuclear card seems possible, I do not believe it to be viable. People seem to forget that the U.S. has over 104 nuclear reactors that will only run for 1-2 weeks *with* emergency generator power…if they work. No enemy wants to occupy a nation that has radioactive fallout and devastation 100x than Fuk-US hima! Neutron bomb and Bio weapons seem to be a more plausible scenario as the infrastructure is largely intact.

        If key cities are wiped in Mega ton nuclear exchanges, it all comes down. With resources as limited as they are nowadays (including the largest amount of *fresh* water in the northern hemisphere, they will not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Our resources are far too valuable, IMO

        • Haven’t you hear Soc, we humans are mass suicidal.

        • I think you said about the same in the last post. I happen to agree w/ you. Its not just analyzing w/ common sense but w/ some of the intel that working class has put together.

        • China and Russia don’t want to occupy America. They want to occupy lands connected to their borders like Europe and Asia. In order to do that they have to wipe our military might off the map so we can’t come to the rescue like we did in WW1 and WW2.

          • Maybe one of these days, we’ll learn the value of MINDING OUR OWN BUSINESS…

            • sixpack

              That would be swell but we all know it will never happen.

              • not as long as minding everybody else’s business is so profitable.

            • Cant build an empire that way 6

              • We had already built one of the greatest “empires” in history—THEN WE FUCKED IT UP, by allowing foreign interests to infiltrate us and destroy us from within.

                We had our chance, and we blew it.

          • NOPE! Their leaders have openly stated that when there’s no more room… they’re coming here.

        • Look up scram the reactor to learn what actually happens to usa reactors when power dies. Theres a reason usa is the greatest nation on earth you know.

          • @nonymouse

            Having worked in Nuclear power plants (on the refuel floor, spent fuel pool and torus), I actually DO know something about nuclear power. I also know that a SCRAM event only takes care of the reactor, not the spent fuel pools. They *require* constantly circulating water to keep the spent fuel rods submerged (away from air) and also cooled. As the pumped water circulates, it wicks away radiated heat emissions. Once the power plants lose power, the emergency onsite backup generators are supposed to kick in. Problem is, the circuitry used in the starters for the generators is NOT EMP hardened. There is also only about 2 weeks diesel fuel onsite to run the backup generator.

            How it melts down:

            -You lose power due to whatever reason.
            -Reactor SCRAM event kicks in.
            -Backup genset runs for as long as it can, then runs out of fuel
            -Coolant stops circulating to spent fuel pool(s)
            – temperature rises over 72 hrs. in spent fuel pool till coolant begins to boil off
            – Water boils away and rods are exposed to air
            -chain reaction builds until they critical superheat catch fire and melt down
            -Surrounding area is uninhabitable for hundreds of years.

            I have laid out the whole process for everyone’s information- even yours. I have already reviewed all the government documents and congressional reports on the dangers inherent to mass power loss, have you?

            As I stated, IF the U.S. gets nuked and we lose our nuclear power plants, the radiation and fallout will NOT be like a short-lived flash event from a nuke yield detonation, but will be killing the entire planet for years. Our spent fuel pools are much larger (and we have a lot more of them)than Japan.

            • How it melts down – was that a pun?
              I like your precise explanation.
              I have been saying similar things on blogs since Fuku Fuked us!
              A complete loss of power for an extended time is bye bye humans in the long run.
              We can eat contaminated food for a while, we are doing that all ready.
              And some mutations may evolve or survive for a while…
              but sterility will eventually claim most species.
              My solution?
              Hope it does not happen and enjoy the world while we got it!
              We may not have it for much longer…

      4. You can be absolutely certain that sooner or later they will be used..Man has never invented weapons that were not used.Harry Truman who wasn’t even privy to the Manhatten project as VP, upon taking the reins from FDR, and having to make the decision to drop the big one said…WELL, WE SPENT ALL THAT MONEY ON THEM I GUESS WE WILL HAVE TO USE THEM!!!! Cherrio…

        • Agreed — the idea of international nuclear disarmament is laughable.

          These weapons will be used and odds are it will be during our lifetimes.

          All it takes is ONE madman…. the rest will follow.

          • @ Mac. EVERY weapon has been used by the military in war, at least what we know about, except for the hydrogen bomb. This is something that throughout history has failed to remain constant. Every weapon.

          • Or mad MOOOOLASS…

          • I say it will be over water…maybe India and China fighting over the water from the Himilayas… or Israel fighting for water (I’ve heard they are having a lot of water problems and that’s the real reason they want to cut Iran’s throat)>

            • What does Irans’ water have to do with anything? Look at a map and get a clue as to how far away Iran is from Israel.

        • butch , it was easy for truman to pull that trigger.
          today we have the threat of mutual destruction, if this happens there are no winners.
          the only senario i can see is if somebody gets it wrong , sends the wrong message and a mistake is made.
          but who knows , how can you prepare for the end of humanity ?

          • “How can you prepare for the end of humanity?”
            IMHO, the same way you prep for any other scenario:
            Get right with God through Jesus Christ. Then, do what you can to provide for you and yours to live through a siege, but also learn how to live with nothing you can call your own. And to quote Man in the Inside- form teams. Between the spiritual, material, mental and social preps you will have done the best you can.

            • two thumbs up sigi – get right with jesus , after that its all a gift.
              Aint nobody gonna live through a major nuke exchange .
              That pretty much ends any debate .

          • Ten more years of mass immigration from the third world and it is all over. The immigration will reach three million a year if the open borders traitors get their way. If that happens it is over get used to being a stranger in your own land.

            • yea , john communism has killed more people in this world than nukes ever will .
              I doubt we see a mass exchange of nukes , i think communism will kill the US .

      5. My friend, I am afraid you are right, we are living in the last days, things are about to get real interesting. You are almost out of time to prepare!

      6. Look up Operation Able Archer November 1983.

        • Charles ,
          I remember that scared the hell out of a lot of people, we got ousted in the middle of the night 03:00 am at camp lejune told to gear up and go to the line loke now we had about 15 min. , no one knew what was going on , we were met by sea knight helio’s and we told to board double time they came in waves and did not shut down when on the ground. We flew east out over Atlantic flying nape of the earth (sea) to assault ships that were out there. The flight crew looked extremely concerned and knew about as much as we did. Only later did we learn that the US nuclear forces were put on alert due to troop movements in Germany by the Soviets and a possible first strike was underway on CONUS.
          Scary times.

          Semper Fi 8541

      7. Revelation describes it to a tee, right down to the melting eye sockets.

        • That is precisely the results of a neutron device…God will turn this nation away, as well as all nations that forgot HIM
          The arc is the symbol of Salvation…Trust Him, and Him alone as savior , while is yet time. Suddenly indeed there will be no more time for that decision. We will enter the seventh dispensation where a sacrifice is once again required…Hence known as the tribulation saints… martered for their faith. This is the only way to be saved after the rapture of the church (believers) are taken

      8. And with a Nobel Peace Prize winner at the helm of the freest nation on earth: Excuse me while I go puke. Freest nation on earth? Oh Gawd.

        • “And with a Nobel Peace Prize winner at the helm of the freest nation on earth”…not like there’s any IRONY in that statement…just sayin’

          • I agree. There is IRONY in that statement.

            The Presidential oath: “I shall faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States” and “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

            Barack Obama before election, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

            Obama’s Imperial Presidency

            Obama’s Imperial Presidency, Part II
            “The Obama Administration hasn’t needed Congress to enact new regulations on the Internet, businesses, energy production, and religious institutions. It has used its power to give struggling labor unions a new edge. It has granted amnesty to illegal immigrants.”

            “It is critical that Americans understand the Obama Administration’s mode of operation. The law has not stood in its way. Congress has not stood in its way. It seems to recognize no authority but its own.”

            Barack Obama’s Transformational Moment
            “President Barack Obama said he did not want just to be president but a “transformational president,” and as he starts his sixth year in office, one must acknowledge how he has transformed both the presidency and America itself.”

            Obama promised “to enlarge his use of presidential decrees.”

            “Indeed, President Obama acted as if he were Chief Justice Obama as well as House Obama and Senate Obama, by invalidating laws or parts of law passed by Congress — such as parts of the immigration statutes and the new healthcare law, among many others.”

            “At home, Obama changed the eagle into an opportunistic vulture, scavenging off the working class, the young and the wealthy, without helping the poor and elderly.”

            • Ky Mom… That presidential oath is followed by an out or a excuse, “to the best of my ability”. How convenient. Were those words always in the oath?

              • They probably were in the original oath, created back when men had some honor and dignity, and really would do their best out of love for their country. Now, it’s only words.

      9. Me thinks his Depends are full of it. He’s leaving out one small matter….Isreal. Things sure are getting interesting. Picked up a new MARPAT assault pack today. Been filling it, going over mags and pouches, picked up some Blackhawk Serpa holsters for the 1911’s and glocks. Gonna order in more 9mm rounds and crank up the reloaders for .308,.45acp and .357 fodder. Need to pick up another camelback. Y’all stay alert, stay safe.

        • Have G.I. Joe fantasies eh? Just who are you going to assault? A pair of running away shoes might be more useful.

          • Your mother, for giving birth to such a fucktard!

      10. If EMP takes out the grid, there won’t actually be any need to drop bombs. Dozens of Fukishima style events will make the US virtually uninhabitable when the backup diesel generators run out of fuel and the spent fuel rods run out of cooling water.

        If I were NK, or Iran, or anybody else pissed off at the US, I’d work on launching a “weather/com/whatever” satellite with a couple of EMP weapons on board, and drop them out the door while passing over the US one day.

        • Wouldn’t EMP be more prudent?? It leaves the soil(what chemtrails and Monsanto hasn’t destroyed), trees, agriculture– food and animals intact.

        • TnAndy, I say the same thing every time there’s an EMP discussion on this site, EMP = slow and painful death for just about everyone,nuclear power plants melting down everywhere! Hell, just with the electric out most people couldn’t even handle that, been watching folks on the news as well as Facebook whine about being without power from this last ice storm, some idiots throwing out everything in their fridge and freezers, really? How about placing it outside in the garage or in a cooler since the temps haven’t gone above 30 degrees. Stupid stupid sheeple! No secondary heat source,no plan, no idea about how to be prepared, then thinking they could go a purchase a generator and wonder why there’s none left. Just think, when you lose power because of a storm you can always go out to eat, or get a hotel room where there is electric…but an EMP, they’ll say, what do I do? Where’s the government? Who’s going to help us? There will be a lot of stupid,desperate people you’re going to have to shoot!

        • After an EMP event. There won’t be an invasion as some fear. They will sit back and let the die-off run it’s course.

      11. We are living in the times of evil ! Going to get much worse in the future !!!

      12. We almost had a world war over Syria last fall. There’s still the danger of a nuclear false flag attack on America.

        Iran’s government believes that the US and Israel need to be destroyed before the 12th imam can return. He’s the leader that will usher in a worldwide islamic government. Iran doesn’t have a problem with committing national suicide to achieve that. The most powerful person in the Obama administration is Valerie Jarrett who has dual Iranian citizenship and ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Who’s to say that Obama wouldn’t arrange for Iran to fire short range nuclear missiles at US cities or allow an EMP strike over the middle of the continental US?

        • Barncat, that’s a plausible scenario, especially since 2 Iranian Navy vessels are in the Atlantic Ocean headed for our east coast. Who wants to bet one of those ships has a nuclear-armed missile on board ready to launch at us? Sounds like we need one of our attack subs near those 2 ships when they get in our vicinity.

          • That is probably exactly what they want. All it takes is an excuse and it won’t matter if nuclear states are Sunni or Shi’a, they will attack us for fighting with Muslims.

          • You can unfortunately bet total insanity is at hand

          • If Iran launches nuclear missiles at us they would most likely fire them from container ships flying the flag of a neutral country. Then we wouldn’t know for sure which country fired the missiles.

            • Unless the are trying to draw our fire with the navy ships for an excuse to attack. Then again, those ships may be window dressing with the real strike to come form somewhere else.

        • This article is a few years old but it’s worth repeating:

          Aug. 22, Lewis said, could provide an opportune moment for Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to set in motion the return of the 12th Imam, whom Shiites believe will forever end the struggle between good and evil in the last days.

          “Mr. Ahmadinejad and his followers clearly believe that this time is now, and that the terminal struggle has already begun and is indeed well advanced,” Lewis wrote in The Wall Street Journal Aug. 8. “It may even have a date, indicated by several references by the Iranian president to giving his final answer to the U.S. about nuclear development by Aug. 22.”

          The United Nations Security Council has asked Iran to stop all uranium enrichment by the end of August, but Iran has refused. Western nations, led by the United States, believe Iran is using its nuclear program as a cover for developing atomic weapons while Iran says the program is for generating electricity with nuclear reactors.

          Ahmadinejad repeatedly has said he believes Israel should be obliterated, and he is a clear foe of the U.S. government, which he contends is against Islam and is the strongest threat to his Shiite goal of Middle East domination.

          Lewis identifies another key reason Ahmadinejad is an imminent nuclear threat, based on an concept that kept nations from nuclear attacks during the Cold War — mutual assured destruction.

          “There is a radical difference between the Islamic Republic of Iran and other governments with nuclear weapons,” Lewis noted. “This difference is expressed in what can only be described as the apocalyptic worldview of Iran’s present rulers.”

          In other words, Iran doesn’t fear retaliation if they attack Israel or the United States because a final global struggle against an evil enemy will present them with the privileges of martyrdom as taught in Islam, Lewis wrote. Death is not a deterrent.

          “It is far from certain that Mr. Ahmadinejad plans any such cataclysmic events precisely for Aug. 22. But it would be wise to bear the possibility in mind,” Lewis wrote.

          Ahmadinejad Obsessed with Return of 12th Imam

          Kairos Journal, which seeks to equip church leaders as they engage the culture for Christ and has several leading Southern Baptists on its editorial team, has taken a look at Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s fascination with the return of Shiite Muslims’ messiah and what that means if Ahmadinejad is armed with nuclear weapons.

          “Ahmadinejad belongs to the mainstream of Shi’a Islam, known as ‘Twelvers,’” an article posted at stated. “They recognize a historical succession of Imams, connected by family ties, commencing with Muhammad and concluding with the 12th Imam.”

          The 12th Imam was born around 868 A.D. at a time of great persecution of Shiites, the journal explained, and in order to protect him, his father, the 11th Imam, sent him into hiding. He appeared in public briefly at the age of 6 when his father died but then went back into obscurity. Shiites believe he continues to guide Muslims, and they expect his “messianic” return to bring order from chaos and righteousness from unbelief, Kairos said.

          “President Ahmadinejad seems to think that the time is ripe for the 12th Imam’s reappearance and that, as president, he should play a role in opening the way for his return,” the journal said. “He is reported to have said in one of his cabinet sessions, ‘We have to turn Iran into a modern and divine country to be the model for all nations, and which will also serve as the basis for the return of the 12th Imam.’”

          Like Bernard Lewis of Princeton, the Kairos authors said Ahmadinejad seems to believe “that the hand of God is guiding him to trigger a series of cataclysmic events which could precipitate the return of the 12th Imam. Only time will tell if this is his true conviction; but if he does hold such a view, his possession of nuclear weapons is a particularly scary prospect.”

          • I thought the “Ithna Asharia” weren’t mainstream Shi’a. Thanks to your post I double checked and now I know better 80%! Scary.

            • SO: If thats the case, why then don’t Karios and sounthern baptists pastors orgs think its even More scarry that Israel DOES have Nukes? As Many as 300 Nukes!

              And Are those so concerned, worried enough to even take a quick look-see-gandler at what exactly does the jewish babylonian Talmudic judaic religious beliefs consist of regarding Christians and christian nations?

              Because if these folks were Honest(doubtfull at best) they would stop Ignoreing the vast overload of talmudic verses that incesantly Bash christians and Jesus in the worst, most perverted ways.

              Along with more talmudic teaching verses advising jews to Rob-Lie to-Kill even the Best of the gentile goyims. Then they can Count!

              Or a very RECENT Book written In Israel, BY one of israels Most highly esteemed Rabbis, who’s book from about 2010, was all about “When Is it Okay for jews to Kill/Murder Goyim Gentiles?

              His vile hatefull book was so over the top, even several jews IN israel loudly complained!…but the vast Majority there never uttered a single word of protest at his book on, why and when jews need to kill gentiles…even new borns and 1 yr old babies!

              That rabbis thinking is:…”Jews need to, and should Kill even small goyim babies and small kids, since they will grow to adulthood soon, and then be Harder to kill off! and rabbi said jews should figure ALL gentiles will grow up to be jew-killing-goyims”…SO…That reasoning is what he says gives jews a right to kill off gentiles with zero charges of criminality or sinfullness!

              And where Are all those esteemed southern baptists orgs who are so concerned or worring of Our demise at the hands of Our enemys?…They are In BED with the very zionist jews and talmudic enemys of christianity is where!

              And they shall Remain Glued in place with those zio jews who hate us christians, as long as jewish Cash $$$$$ Continues to flow into their deep pockets same as jewish cash flows into deep politition pockets in america!

              Unless and Untill enough Reg Avg christians wake up and Stop all support and all Cash donations to such workermen of inequity and Sin!

              Perhaps them preachers need remove there noses from that cyrus scofield falehoods filled bible, and READ some Babylonian Talmudic teaching verses eh…And RE-Think just who is really our enemys that need watching?

              BOTH: Islam AND Babylonian Judaisim is and always has been christianitys worst mortal enemys…Its just that so far, Talmudic judaics have Mass Exterminated way MORE innocent whites and christians than has them islamics.

              Thats hsitorical Facts. One would think such educated pastors and orgs would know of these things no?

              Well remember same as govnt Need folks money to remain viable…So too does church orgs like those pastors are from!…Why keep Funding Your Own destruction?

              You do not think they are going to invite You aboard their Private jet Planes now does ya?!!

              • Isreal is one of the smallest nations on earth and the Jewish people are one of the least in population. And Satan and the whole world hate, and have been trying to destroy them for thousands of years. Wonder why they can’t get the job done? I didn’t read this in a book, but seems you and the devil have your hands full. Resistance to God is futile! Trekker Out. I’ll Not Respond!

              • I can see that Satan has done his work in you. Nobody who loves God hates the Jews or hates anybody.

                • Barn Cat,

                  That turd had to defend the muslims because he knows that is the real reason for his jew hate. I suspect he’s one of those muslims that will tell Christians we serve the same GOD…. WRONG!!

          • I hope that many were able to intellectually read this one..I found it interesting. I use it to further tie together Bible prophecies.These are indeed exciting times to be alive…Christians are to be found busy witnessing as time is of essesence,Yes, we are aware of many that highly doubt prophecy. It is only the projected forshadowing of truth to come.

          • I’ll put this 12th Imam thing in context— There is not one single mainstream religion, that does not want to spread itself around the world. Absolutely EVERY big religion expects to be THE world religion, and THEY ALL believe that it is somehow THEIR DESTINY. THEY ALL BELIEVE THEY ARE “THE CHOSEN ONES” and they all have hundreds or thousands of years of church doctrine and ancient texts to that effect.

            The problem isn’t just muslims.

            • Simply simplified.
              Simply wrong.

              • How so am I wrong? Please name a major religion that is not actively trying to “freshen” it’s ranks by getting more people to join them.

                • Then name some major religions that DON’T see their views as the “correct” ones. You can’t honestly do that, can you, because one has to BELIEVE that their chosen religious view is the “right path” or they couldn’t devote themselves to it.

                  Religion as a whole would become meaningless… nothing more than a social club with it’s own book.

                  • Skip the first four and check the fifth. It discourages conversion, advising one to be a good practioner of any religion selected by oneself. Trying learning more before issuing blanket statements like the ones above. If you are Christian, then please be a good Christian. Ditto for all you Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Bhudists…

            • The problem is with this particular sect of Muslims who believe that creating worldwide chaos will bring about the end times. Since you spoke of mainstream religions (as opposed to sects, cult and splinters) none of the other mainstream religions have that sort of a vested interest in bloodshed and chaos. They are not the same sort of a threat whatsoever.

            • Islam has always been spread by the sword. True Christianity has never used or condoned violence. Jesus said to love your enemies. The Koran says to befriend your enemies until you can enslave them.

              • I beg to differ with you Barn Cat. The Holy Bible is one of the bloodiest books I’ve ever read.

                In The Bible, entire nations were wiped out “by the sword”. Let’s not forget that God got miffed by his own works and wiped EVERY LIVING THING off the face of the earth, save Noah and his chosen few. Babylon wasn’t exactly a cake walk either. There was Cain and Abel, one brother murdering the other…

                Are you familiar with THE CRUSADES”? I defy you to frame the crusades as an example of Christian “peace and love to your fellow man”.

                Or perhaps something a little more recent, like the Salem witch trials, where people suspected of being in league with demons or the Devil were torture horribly and then mostly burned alive. Is that an example of Christian love and forgiveness to you?

                Make no mistake— I AM A CHRISTIAN. But I chose to read THE ENTIRE HOLY BIBLE, not just pick through it for passages that suited my views.

            • Not!

        • The 12th Imam is in the Whitehouse.

          • McD
            Hillary is the ANTI CHRIST!!!!

            • Well, I don’t know that to be true, but I’m not in love with her. But then again, I like women. Just sayin’

        • Barn Cat,

          You have been watching waaaaaay too much talmudvision.

          • talmudvision.the more you watch, the stupider you get.

        • Jerrets a Jew from her mothers side of family. by Israeli Talmudic law rules that makes her 100% jewish…And she & hobammy go back to when each were aprox 7 yrs old kids! They were childhood Pals! Jarrets parents were fellow kommie travelers With Hobammys white jewish bolshevik grandparents is how she and he first met as small age 7 yr old kids…Look it up if you doubt it!

          Why are we told by tv msms that for islamic govnt rule its bad…But for state of israel to also be ruled BY the tribes tlmudic religious Laws rule Over state govnt thats good?

          Why does most Every jewish politition in usa claim white folks in america are evil nazi seperatists for desireing a Return to a white run christian based nation, yet those same jewish dems and neocons DEMAND an ONLY 100% Jewish State in israel?

          Why are They not called evil raicist seperatists for that fact?…And why does so many delusional americans so unquestionally defend israel-jews-and such insane policies etc?

          EVERY War and war like conflict since at least french revolt was the dirty evil work of jewish and zionist sources.

          Communisim was funded by and made possible BY american Jewish NY banksters and polititions of Both parties.

          Ever wonder why did usa be such staunch allies with Kommie jewish bolshevik Russia in BOTH world wars…Yet barely two years after WWII ended, all of a sudden Russia and commies were americans worst mortal enemys of all time?….Maybe You Should wonder or ask such questions and broaden your horizons a bit no?

          What “IF” as in a dozen past eras over the past 1400 years, BOTH Islam, and, Babylonian Talmudic Judaism are/were Christans and white folks absolute worst evil enemys?

          Research: 1492 AD Spain…IE: After 600 yrs of spain ruled BY muslims, DUE to False convert-catholic JEWS, who secretly Helped Islamic muslims gain Entry into Spain, to destroy and Kill Spains christians and overtake Spain.

          Untill in 1492, Spains Queen finally wized up and Booted jews from Spain and restored christian rule again.

          research that there are aprox a Dozen Other times the exact same scenario occured…IE: When Jews be they false convert christians or simply just talmudic judaics, they Joined forces WITH Muslims in efforts to destroy what Talmudic jews Hate most aka Christianity and its peoples.

          After 2000 yrs of vile hatered of christians and Jesus Christ…Why does so many americans, christians especially, today think things have changed and Now israel and talmudic judaisim is somehow our allies or friends?

          Perhaps some christians and non religious alike need take a Break from biblical studies and instead study some Talmudic verses for a Better picture of what we are up against and what the Tribes talmudic beliefs teach about Us christian based nations folks eh.

          Then you can Graduate from being “Eyes & ears that see and hear NOT” Into “Those with eyes and ears that SEE & HEAR truth!”….Thats a plan we all can benifit from!

          PS: for a better outline of what Irans like?…View Yutube videos like “Persian Nites” and a few More by same video maker persons…20 Minits video of the absolute whitest-blondest-red heads-Bluest-Greenest Eyed and beautifull people You ever laid eyes upon…White blue and green eyed Irainain women give victorias secret Models a run for the money!…

          One or two of said iran videos shows nothing but photo after photo of White blonde and red headed blue or green eyed ladies and men and kidds that look more like Us white folks than we do!

          Perhaps since the nwo-Jwo real war is against whites mainly…Maybe Thats the Main major reason for recent spew against Iran eh…Look Whos spewing the vast majority of that Hatred…Israelies and nuttyahoo et al, and jews here in elected or TV news positions…

          Just a few issues to consider is all…Issues NOT from typical MSM or govnt factions, but from a fellow patriot who has done some homework on these issues.

          • Them Guys,

            This is all lies. Jarrett is from Iran and her parents were black doctors from american. The only jewish tie she has is a great grandmother. Wikipedia anyone?

            But I guess in your mind everything you say is fact. Pancakes served with some hate syrup is your daily breakfast.

            • Obama advisor reveals Jewish roots
              Valerie Jarrett tells Jewish Council for Public Affairs conference her great-grandfather was Jewish
              Yitzhak Benhorin
              Published: 03.09.11, 12:26 / Israel News


            • I often wish I could believe anything on wikipedia, but since virtually ANYONE can log in and edit the information on ANY page, it’s just not possible to take wiki seriously.

              • The worse problem with Wikipedia is the armies of workers and bots who censor to protect the official party line.

                Ever try to correct errors on Wikipedia on any controversial subject?

                Within milliseconds Wikipedia reverts to the party line.

      13. Interesting thought Barn Cat !

      14. Obviously this is a sales pitch for the various ‘products’ mentioned (Skousen’s and Deyo’s). Not that they don’t have good ideas; anyone living in, or close to, even a medium size city is nuts. But the analysis is all wrong. The main reason that N. Korea is still in existence is because of S. Korea. I spent many deployments to S. Korea for war games and I got to know many S. Koreans. Most of the folks in the South still have relatives in the North and would very much like to meet up with them someday. I’ve seen several news stories where defectors from the North have made their way down South and the outpouring of emotions was incredible at each reunion. The South hates the government of the North but they love their families still trapped up there. The North may have a larger army (foot soldiers) but they are no match for the combined forces of the South and the U.S. The North’s equipment and training is ragged at best.

      15. North Korea is not the trigger.Why would Kim III want to start a war?
        MAD will continue to be the check.

        • NK is very isolated. They appear to have a very bizarre view of the world. If anybody is crazy enough to start a nuclear war it’s them.

          • One could very easily tender the same sentiment about us “preppers”. Please rethink this remark.

            • To anyone who thumbed this comment down, please refer to the MIAC report…’nuf said.

      16. WAs home with a bad back for a couple of days…stuck on the couch, found the show Jericho on Netflix. Got me thinking a lot lately about nuclear attack.
        As a former electronics technician on Pershing II intermediate range tactical missles back in the 80’s, we we’re told that it was virtually impossible that opposing governments would bring out the big guns i.e. ICBM’s. All parties concerned knew that was and End-of-Human Civilization reality that no one wanted(the MAD theory). ICBM’s with moderate yields could be used as very effective EMP devices, though, as a means of depopulation in a certain geographical area. The EMP doesn’t get ya, it’s lack of modern infrastructure that ensures a gradual mass die-off. Leaves the geographic area intact for “new” occupants.
        What I just stated, though, doesn’t in any way address the reality of whack-jobs like Kim Jong Un, who doesn’t subscribe to the MAD theory.
        Every morning that the alarm clock wakes me up I think “Well, they didn’t pull the plug last night.”

        • WNC;
          Hope you are getting better.
          I watch Jericho when it first came out. I have both seasons on DVD, I have my group watch it and tell them that it is only a TV program but it shows how well if people work together things can get done.
          I wish it would have had the third season on they air to show how hard it would be to rebuild the Nation. But CBS got to politically correct, and took it off.
          This was one of the best shows on TV.
          I just hope it wasn’t one of the shows that is showing us what they are going to do in the near future.
          An EMP in the right spot would be a BI%^H!!!

          • Missed it when it came out in ’06, but sat on the couch for two days and watched all 27 episodes back to back!
            Great screenplay, writing, acting…enjoyed it thoroughly. At least when they cancelled it NBC allowed the writers to get it somewhat to a point of closure!

            Was intrigued by the idea of a multi-billion dollar, multi-national corp. clandestinely taking over the country.

            Not too far off the mark, considering the current Federal Government is more a Corporation for special interests that a servant of the People!

          • @Sgt Dale….I was thinking along those same lines last night when I watched the movie’Core’….

            Apparently the core of the earth stopped ‘spinning’ (because the military/or govn’t) had used the weapon (destiny) and screwed up the earths’ core……anyway, Hillary Swank and her partner went in and saved the day!! Thank God…I know it was only a movie, but ANYTHING seems to be plausable these days….

            A lot of scarey shows/movies on the tube lately, is someone trying to tell us something?? Take care, CC


          • AMEN, Brother!

      17. All out NUCLEAR war will never happen because these nutjobs still have to live on this planet

        • @ RICH99. Quote from Star Trek. Since when have human beings ever been considered logical.

          • Peace and long life, B.I.!

          • B.I.
            Live long and prosper.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • BI
            Remember the Star Trek episode Where the Yangs were at war with Coems?
            The USA won but it took a while they were pushed all the back to the stone age. This is what would happen with WWIII.
            Just thinking about this makes me think that EMPs would be the only way WWIII could be fought, and still our Grate, Grate, Grate, Grandchildren would be fighting it. I guess it would be OK if the USA won. Or would there be any winners?

          • BI, Live long and prosper!

        • R 99
          You do make a good point. Maybe they will live in all the under ground bunkers that they have built in the last few years.

          • SGT. …for how long…..100 years ….50 years …..They will want out after a month ESPECIALLY if they have kids with them . It makes no sense !!!
            They will have to live under ground for at least 25 years and that just isn’t happening… I don’t care what they have down there

            • Absolutely true 99, but a good bio-weapon would clear the area much quicker and yield just about the same results.

              • It is written out what happens people, read the last book of the New Testament. It is going to be man and nature against everyone else, right down to the dogs and cats attacking us. The human population gets cleaved by thirds a bunch of times, disease, nukes and or meteors, earthquakes like never before EVER, water going bad, humans eating each other, volcanoes, war war war. And not to mention in the end days it will be like the days of Noah and there were giants in those days so I suppose the greys and reptilians show up as well with hearts failing them when they unleash the monsters of genetic crosses. Until one REALLY wraps their head around Revelation in the Bible, then one will see what is truly in store for mankind. Ugly? You cant even begin to imagine.

                • .02 here is some supporting documentation.

                  Matthew 24:5-7 “For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many. 6″You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end. 7″For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes.…

                  Revelation 6:4 Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other. To him was given a large sword.

                  Luke 21:11, 12 Then He continued by saying to them, “Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, 11and there will be great earthquakes, and in various places plagues and famines; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven. 12″But before all these things, they will lay their hands on you and will persecute you, delivering you to the synagogues and prisons, bringing you before kings and governors for My name’s sake.…

                  • Here is one for thumbs down crowd on God.

                    2 Peter 3:3 …..’Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts.’

                  • Luke 21: 36…important verse, no??
                    Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.”

                  • no??

                    All verses are important.

                  • Amen!

                  • There you go all You stupid jew firsters and those who defend everything done by israel or jews and zionists..

                    WHY would “THEY”(jews and their enablers) Deliver You(christians and probobly patriots who reject jew master race nwo plans) TO THEIR SYNAGOUGES??!!!

                    “IF” You fools were correct that israel and zionists jews are so friendly and such great allies…WHY are They going to Deliver You To Their Synagouges of Satan?(as Christ named them in REV 2:9)…

                    I guess some real “Thinking” as opposed to stupid name calling, and Ad Hominin attacks whenever You are Unable to discuss Facts as I posted, is the best you foolish delusional jew-worshipers are capable of eh.

                    And to rely on wikipedia aka Jew run pedia is absured. Armys of israeli jews-zionists-usa jews run and control that site…And that “party Line” that John Q Public refered to is the Pro jewish, pro israel Line period.

                    Man oh man a lifetime of baptist hillbilly pastors like Hagee et al has truely warped many minds it seems.

                    And as for that other prophecy of “Many will come in My name(Christs) saying…….Well there you go. Thats proven as truthfull BY such Fraud preachers and money/jew worshipers like John Hagee, Jerry Fallwell, Pat Robertson, and the ENTIRE crew at TV station “TBN” or whatever Paul and Jan Crouch’s TV station is called..

                    How can ANY real thinking christian person allow such Pure Filth as they produce and promote daily 24/7 into Your home thru your TV set(talmudvision set)?

                    Folks really Wonder why christianity todays gets so bad a rap? So bad a reputation?…Just view 5 minits of that TV stations 24/7 constant perversions called christian broadcasting shows!

                    Constant Begging for more money, while they fly the Globe in Private jet planes several have been “Gifted” for FREE FROM usa-jews and state of Israel, Jet Planes & Cash!

                    Indeed we today Are seeing prophecy fullfilled in what those fake preachers and Judiazering Frauds promote.

                    Very Sad so many otherwise smart folks Here have so Fallen for such blatent falsehoods and believe such nonsense is actually christian.

                    I guess its rather made easy once they Ignore EVERY biblical verse, and every secular factual source that names or mentions Israel or jews in any negative ways.

                    Then these fools have the audacity to call me and a few others here Un christian?

                    by Their furious use of name calling it shows how immature they truely are I rekon eh…

                    my Mother always warned me that one has a tendency to become Like whoever they hang out with or support etc…

                    She was correct and the way some folks cling to jewish subversion and falshoods taught by fraudulent phony preachers, and their asinine “end tines prophetic” vids or books, shows Mom correct, as just observe how close thses foolish ones Mirror the very zionists and Babylonian Talmudic judaics they so admire and Obey.

                    Let’s see how swell That works out when They are taken to those “SYNAGOUGES”!…No wonder why so many are going to Fall for antichrist…All it will take is a couple zio jews demands that they accept Their jewish messiahboy wonder aka THE Antichrist jew leader/king.

                    I bet they also believe Gods gonna bless and honor them for also Funding a 3rd temple so that man of Sin tamludic has a place to run it from eh?…Delusional to the max.

                    God is NOT the author of confusion right…So then why are so many pastors today so confused and deluding Their patrons and church members?

                    Just one video or book or TV show by Jack Van Impe or Hagee et al proves how confused and wrong they are, have been and shall continue to remain, as long as they cling to false propaganda regarding jews and israel…

                    Better to research Khazars since Thats whom near all jews in israel, and everywheres else today really are decended from…Eastern european Khazars..Converts to babylonian Talmudic judisim in 750 AD…ZERO DNA and ZERO true bloodline to ANY of the 12 israel orig tribes of old.

                    That IS proven Facts, even proven by a top DNA scientist, dec 2012, Published by John Hopkins and hebrew univ in Israel! from/By a jewish scientist…Also a few Israeli jewish history professors have also admited to it and wrote several books on this..

                    READ: “The Wandering..WHO?” Book, BY a jew prof of history, considered the TOP historian IN israel. Whose book Verifies all I wrote of Khazars and zero ties to 12 orig tribes etc.

                    READ also: Gilad Atzmon, Jewish, webiste writer, well known Musician(plays jazz bands at famous venues, has several albums etc)…READ His writings about what frauds todays “jewish people” are and how they are Khazars NOT actual “israel 12 tribed decendants” etc…

                    Then You can call Them jews vile names also and show us all how childish and idiotic you truely are.

            • R 99
              I don’t know, But we do know that they have been building these hot and heavy for several years now.
              You are right it makes no sense. I couldn’t do it.

            • You might want to check out Mt Weather. The fact that we think they couldn’t survive or last enough years is irrevelant. A long as those who are going in there think they can survive. If they believe they can make it them its not unthinkable any longer.

        • That’s what their underground network is for.

          • And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:For the great day of his wrath has come; and who shall be able to stand?

            So yes they go into hiding but it is all for naught as things spiral way out of control.

            Something HUGE is coming and it is NOT what most people think it is.

            • Underground bunkers built with our taxes and can account for the 3 trillion missing from defense funds in 2002 and the 3 trillion missing last year??

              I interpret scripture that God will send his wrath and even those in caves and rocks will experience His judgment.

              • Those trillions spent on underground cities is an abomination to God.
                What could those dollars have done for the world in terms of the hungry, the poor, the sick?

                • AMEN.

                  • …perhaps that’s why selfishness and greed are sins…

            • .02, and All, Thanks. Great quote from the Bible. I am very interested and intrigued by the Biblical prophesies of the End Times and appreciate all the Scriptures being brought to our attention. Time to really study, prepare, prep, watch and pray. It sure can get confusing at times.

        • Rich is correct. MAD is correct. One thing that will keep psychopaths in check is the consequences of their actions. Especially if it’s going to kill them. They have a strong sense of self preservation.

          • And BO is purposely destroying the U.S. MAD by decommissoning everything possible. While China continues to build up theirs like ants. I can see where this is going.

        • Israel has said “If they go, every one will go” Nice fucking people, NOT

      18. I would normally reference my quote [by GIVE EM HELL HARRY], I read it a long time ago in the old TIME-LIFE history series books [ Complete volume of WW11 ]….if you ever run across it at a garage sale, BUY IT….priceless….anyhoo….if she goes down that way I’m getting out the barby and a bottle of Jack, sit on the deck….and watch the fireworks…what else are you going to do???? ..Cherrio…

      19. I always keep the G4 topped off to keep moisture out of the tank & Tabasco Slim Jims in the crystal for Okie.

      20. With this a given, it is even more important that Americans be disarmed! Soon enough, Senator Feinstein, the pre-embalmed she-bitch of California and others of her Tribe must commence their latest assault on our God given rights by attacking once more the Constitutional restrictions on government contained in the second amendment of that constitution. As the hope of the world as Americans have always been, we must commit to warring against the “Bastards of Banking”, aka the “Banking Bastards” for if a major war should start, it is they and they alone who will start it. They must clearly understand that unlike other wars they have created, this time the people of this planet know who they are and that no where on the surface of Earth will they be allowed to exist! This time,….this time, we will destroy the Bastards for all time along with their whore politicians and never again allow such fraudulent, wicked banking practices to exist. Though the cost may be in the billions of people worldwide, this will be the last war these “Bastards of Banking” ever start.

        • In Other words: Them Germans was right after all eh!

          They all tie in together…Banksters-Tribe-Babylonian Pharisitical Rabinical Tamludic Judisim- Communisim/Marxisim- Russian revolution-Prior to russia, French revolution(zio talmudics & Masonery run by Bani’Birith” jewsih-Only mason membership HQ for all masonery)…WWI-WWII…the UN-and every Post WWII War or conflict right up to todays arab al queda “springs” events!

          ALL made possible by: Crooked usa and british polititions, allowing for jewish banksters control of the $$$$$…..Along with the past 100 yrs or so, especially the past 50 yrs of total Falsehoods being preached from “Most” every pulpit across the nation.

          What MSM TV is NOT allowed to spew, or refuses to spew…That slack has been taken up by said preachers.

          Those preachers and related orgs have grown larger and more wealthy than even both political parties in america.

          That vast wealth of Easy Cash, tax free 501C orgs rules, FREE Private Jet planes for the several biggest swindler pastors(hagee-Falwell Sr.and maybe Pat Robertsons jet too(?) along with huge $10 million dollar mansions to reside in(also tax free entities of their churches) along with similar housings for each of their kids….

          Has caused the rest(Most, not all) of americas pastors to Copy whatever those very wealthy preachermen did to get so rich! ( so they too can be so rich)

          And what they did was basically agree to adopt the zionists jewish talmudic ways/ideals/methods/ and efforts to gain a NWO-Jwo for said zio talmudics…

          Can anybody say APOSTACY? How about BLASPHEMERS?

          And same as political party evils cannot continue without many avg citizen supporters…neither can such blasphemic apostocy continue without a Vast multi-million support base of christianity.

          Who have been fore Warned, in many scriptural verses, to Beware of False prophets! and False Teachers! and to, Test the spirits of they who claim “The Lord told me this or that to Tell You”!

          CONSIDER: There are also several biblicial verses that tell us that at the Judgement seat, there Will be Many who are stanig in that Goat line to the Lord’s left hand side…Opposite the right or sheep of the Lord side line.

          And They, the Gaot liners shall Cry out and say (after the Lord says to them Depart from Me! as I Never knew you!)..But! Lord Lord! we fed poor in Your name! We healed sickness in Your name! we Cast Out Demons in Your name Lord!….And again the Lord shall tell them “Depart from me all of You Wicked workers of Inequity(sin) as I never Knew you!” (and they shall have Their part in the Lake of Fire!)

          So one Must consider: just who will those folks be? It Has to speak about Preachermen and their so called christian followers right…Because what Other group any place worldwide has ever made such claims as healed sick and cast out demons etc other Than those very persons I am complaining of here?…No other folks or groups ever has claimed those claims BUT todays, deluded, Misled, christians and their leaders-pastors right…Hmmmmm…

          Only question left now is: Is it possible You or somebody You know of may be a member of or supporter of such phony apostacyzing Blasphemer preachermen and Their churchs or orgs?

          Most folks belobg to whatever prefered church or denomination etc due to “Its where my parents and grandparents always went to church!” Or “My pastors makes me feel so happy and swell inside!all Fuzzy warm and such!”…Good reasons? I think not.

          IF Satans the great Deciever(yes) and we are in the final era days(very likely) then is it not likley also what we hear Most often, constantly non stop just may be Deception by Satans Human workers of evils?(you betcha!)

          So what do we hear most often non stop?…I will Tell you what!

          We hear constant references from every TV news, Politition, and Pastors(not all just Most) that Israel and zionist talmudic judaics are ours and americas best friends and allies!…And we hear costany WAR Drums, telling Us “More Wars for jewish Israel!”

          And we hear constantly “Six-Million” and Evil Nazis(nazis are all dead now folks)…While all christian references to God-10 comandments-name of Jesus etc etc is Banned by PC crap rules or laws…

          Meanwhile that 95 foot Tall Minorah stand every xmass time has NOT been banned…Its re-erected every year across from front of whitehouse!

          And by now it should be quite obvious the tribes plans are to Replace Jesus’ Death on the Cross as the central Point of time in ALL of History….With….Their…HolyHoax and related swindle claims…Its due to talmudic beliefs that say “Only after 6 million jews get killed by a Firey Fire holocaust, which is the true meaning of word holacaust can jews regain land of Israel!” (did hitler really subscribe to talmudic beliefs and desire to assist jews?!! Riiiiight!)

          That in a Nut shell IS what the tribes HolyHoax and all related claims(most proven false now) was all about.
          (why else do they insist on Daily tv history chanell shows or msm mentions of their holyhoax event? Most folks rather Forget past bad stuff and remember it no more right?)(constant propaganda like holyhoax has become is known as Brainwashings!)

          Put the puzzle pieces together and see what is there.

          Out with christianity-Jesus etc and IN with the talmudics and the tribes holyhoax 6 million Majikal numbers! SEE Kabala books for more info. Wake up! use Your own Mind and Think it thru.

          • Them Guys, excellent! Jesus says to ALL THE CHURCHES on earth, “you lost your first love.” So what happened is the church STARTS with love in Christ, but as it grows and becomes a behemoth, the church itself and all that money replaces Christ. Happens every time. “So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth.” Remember this is the beginning of Revelation, and as you look at all the churches, you will see false doctrine in every one of them. They have ALL become cults.

            • ‘Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.’

          • Them Guys; Yes, my friend, the Germans were right but to say that is a tremendous stretch for the American mind, having been conditioned and propagandized from kindergarten on and the great question exists as to whether the Americans and the White race in general will ever recover! The brain is much like a computer and whatever is programmed is the truth and the only truth possible and if the ear hears Hitler wished the destruction of Communism, the mind hears only that Hitler wished the destruction of Jews! Hundreds of thousands of Jews perished, more on the orders of Eisenhower and his refusal to allow the Red Cross to go into the camps to feed and administer medical assistance to the inhabitants than was ever invisioned by the Hitler government. It must be remembered that Himmler pleaded with the Red Cross to help save “our Jews” but no help was forthcoming because bodies were necessary and bodies they got to help in the birth of Israel. The German government would never have even contemplated the horrific destruction of the entire race of Jews as put forward by the Jewdaic masters of western civilization. An excellent book that I’ve recently found is “The myth of German Villainy” by Benton L. Bradberry. I SHALL HOPE THAT EVERYONE SHALL GET ONE and see the absolute BULLSHIT that all of us are subjected to in this Zionist government we all live under!!!!

            • Aurelius: Thanks! it is swell to see yet one more like You who’s wide awake and very jewized-Up…Keep speaking Truth and wakeing more folks…Once enough awaken, all of these zio jew delusions and falshoods that have so decimated white americans, and also most blacks too, will continue to Lose its ability to delude folks.

              Slow but Sure that holyHoax, six million number, and all the rest of their wild fantasy claims against Germans is being fully exposed.

              Soon I predict the whole kit and caboodle is going to come back full circle, and like what some calls Karma, will Smack them lying-thieving-swindlering-Nation Wrecking jews and zionists upside their heads big time.

              Little by little their entire false facade and many lying Hoax frauds are comming so Unglued, that today we are seeing how the Biggest ever weapon international Jewery has perpetrated upon and against us folks, that of calling folks an…”Antisemite” has LOST near all of its former…”MOJOS”!!

              More folks today instead of acting like a coward, and cowering into some distant corner to Hide from such jewish vile name calls, is instead snapping Back!

              More folks today are directly Challenging such jew name calls and demanding proofs before they continue to go on with a Blind trust belief in any wild fantasy claims jews made or make anew…Just you wait!

              Nurenberg II as JQP always calls for is comming! Only This time around it WON’T be 100% Jew judges-jew prosecutors-jew witness’s-Jew False claims used as “evidence”!

              Because This time around it is going to be every Guilty nation wrecker-bankster-politition-MSM TV and newspaper persons ET AL-and EVERY Enabler knowingly enabeling these ziojew kommie nation wreckers…

              And being this Is americans being so shafted and screwed over by that evil and that tribes evil doers…I’d predict that this time it aint going to be a simple Booting Out, as was done prior in 109 Countries, for a grand total of almost 250 times booted out!

              Takes quite alot to really Piss off white americans…BUT!..Once awoke, and once truely pissed off enough to ACT…Act they will!

              Just everyone remember! as John Q Public posts always…ONLY Prosecute the GUILTY! and Leave the innocent alone!

              Although I do Hope JQP also has some real solid good advice as to How do we determine which are that Small Few innocents?…After all aint that precicely why every of those prior 109-countries before us in usa, ended up Booting Out every single one of that tribe when it finally went down?

              Perhaps this time they will create a first ever for jews and actually speak Out ahead of time and Name the guilty of Their OWN bunch/Tribe eh?

              Same story goes for Cops-Blacks-etc…How we going to know which is which?…Those innocent ones is who should really Know since it is of Their group and who knows better which are which BUT they of their groups?

              Either way I want every type or form nation wrecker GONE ASAP!…If “some” groups contain as many as 99% are in need of booting? So Be It!…They created this problem Not us. 3000+ years history proves it too!

      21. Circa 1992 and 1994, Yousef Bodansky, published 2 books regarding this. His timeline was way off, but the events he described have all come true. Bottom line is NK, Iran, and others will form a an alliance and initiate a multi-front war for the US. Good reads. I suggest you find them and read them. Since that time, I have watched NK very closely. Now that Iran is “almost” empowered, I do not think it will be long before they all become emboldened. Pray for peace, but prepare for war. Our POTUS will let it happen, so I see it coming before 2016, if not before our mid term elections.

        • Iran and North Korea have a secret bilateral treaty to assist each other in war against the US if either one of them are attacked.

          But if you ran one of those nations, could you trust the other? LMAO! 🙂

          • Uhmmmmmm……if you know about it, it’s not so secret anymore.

            Just sayin’…..

      22. I’ve always thought the Tampa Bay area is where one of these nukes will be exploded, right at McDill AFB in Tampa. This is and was the command center for the war in Iraq and other warmongering. I also believe all three countries, Russia, China and the U.S. are in fact all together in this plan. They all are part of the same central banking cartel. The people are waking up worldwide to the depravity and intent of the push for the NWO. Nuke them, blame someone else, problem solved. By consent or by conquest, total world control is on our doorstep.

        • The Russians are not part of the central banking cartel. Putin is smarter than that and a nationaist, which is why he is the odd man out. 🙂

          • Unless Putin is in on it and has been given the role to look like the man above it all. He can then be the hero who stands up to those evil Americans by sending them an EMP. He may look noble, but at heart he’s still KGB.

          • Yep. If we think back more carefully, EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY that has been on the U.S. “hit list” was resisting the banking cartel takeover with usury…every stinking one of them refused banking or the raping of their national resources. That’s some pretty powerful insight to me.

          • The KGB: had Two main sections..The Up front Public KGB like Putin was part of…And the Hidden Hand NON public Jewish bolshevik KGB part.

            The Hidden hand jewish membership were the true rulers and main controlers same as every soviet agency or system was since 1918 when jews took over russia etc…

            Aprox every 5 yrs or so, the jewish kgb members would do a “culling” process to eliminate the non jewish kgb members like Putin, due to they learned too much of the inner workings and secret jewish rulership roles etc…

            Putins non jewish group had many very smart folks within itself, and it was they who planned for the proper timeing when they along with other high placed russian non jews would be able to Boot out jewish billionaire olygarchs and banksters etc…IE as in Yukos Oil baron whom Putin arrested and placed into prison for his many swindles. Ironic that just a couple weeks ago Putin released that jewish swindler and anounced more soon to be let out of jail also….(once booted out of russia, they went to Israel, London England and the majority to USA-NY!!..Whenever MSM TV(Talmudvision) Talks of a “Russian Mafia” here in NY or usa…Thats “Code” for Jewish mafia members! Entire russian mafia IS jewish. MSM will Never tell you that..

            Theres alot of info Now available from millions of formerly sectreted kgb files, and way back to the original kgb percusor of “CHEKA” which is another Irony in that cheka each letter stands for a word…The sum of words cheka stands for are something like “Sacrafice of animals and those who do so”…Coincidence that soviet rule was jewish, cheka were animal exterminators, and talmudic hebrew or yiddish word of “Goyim” also means “Herd Animals” such as Cattle!?…I do not think it a meere coincidence they choose a name of “CHEKA” for the orig secret police eh.

        • yeah, it’s not like any govt actually gives a damn about it’s people…what’s a few thousand, or even million casualties compared to the banksters agenda of world financial dominance?

          • “the death of one is a tragedy, a million, a statistic.”

      23. EVERYBODY, remember your pledge to red thumb down trouble makers so we don’t have something like the other article in which there is people becoming upset over terrible comments. Counting on everyone to keep SHTFplan as focused on what counts the most, our survival. Calling everyone names deserves what any troll gets, their comment collapsed.

        • So fitting that doing this will create a collapse on this site. Who would of thought the first collapse would be the war on Eisens words.

        • Be
          If E puts out a good blog I will read it and give him a Thumbs up. But if he gets stupid and profane I will GLADLY give him a thumbs down.
          I believe in giving everybody a chance. You never know we MIGHT wake him up.

          • @ Sgt. Dale. This is why I said this right under an incredibly stupid comment that 95% of them are. I however can never give a green thumb to anyone for a long, long time that has demonstrated such blantant pure hatred for one age group. Of course that is just me, and many others I hope. Just doing what I promised to do to everyone like JayJay, old guy and others, not engage.

            • @BI

              How about this:

              If a troll ever says anything worthwhile, red thumb the troll, restate what the troll said, and have everyone act as though the reposter wrote it first. Yeah, it’s plagiarism, but this isn’t college, and what better way to frustrate a troll than to steal anything it says and pass it off as someone else’s?

              What are the trolls gonna do, take your birthday away?

              I haven’t done this, but do y’all think it’ll work?

            • BI
              E has been attacking you an other on this site. He has never attacked me. But when he dose attack you guys it p##ss me off and it is not right.
              as I stated if some one makes a good post I will give them a green thumb. if not a red thumb.
              I know he hated us old farts but that is because he doesn’t know us.
              BI when he attacks you I have always given him a red thumb.

              • @ Sgt. Dale. You are always all right in my book. Notice how I did not post this below the other post, it was below an attack on the people of this site. I was only trying to remind people of their pledge to red thumb asinine comments like they said they would do. I personally won’t give this person any green thumb until they show that they can refrain from calling the people here terrible names. I like to be fair also, but someone like this has not proven to be anything but someone like eppe says, a Sybil. I will keep my promise to Muady, JayJay, and others to not engage because I keep my promises. I though am not going to be afraid to post a comment about something I feel strongly about because I might flare up someone like this. Many people came down on me, braveheart, and many others for defending them. Then they suggested the red thumbs, which I and others said okay. Then they call it censorship when they were the ones that suggested it in the firstplace. Kind of crazy isn’t it?

                • You Keep repeating “IF all the others folks here will red thumb etc” and a couple similar statements..STOP makeing it about everybody Else BI…It is YOU and Braveheart that constantly Keep this “E” thing going.

                  I disagree on most what esiegn says..but Hes 100% correct that every post E makes is imeadiatly followed by either a nasty reply from braveheart Or BI or BOTH!

                  Why should what YOU do depend on other folks agreeing to do this or that regards eisgn’s postings?

                  No this particular problem is about THREE posters here…Esiegn-BI-Braveheart period…And NONE can dance without a partner eh.

                • @ Them Guys. You are right, life is way too short to worry about this garbage. There is much, much, much, much worse that the government and that stink BO and the puppet masters have planned for all of us.

        • be informed- as much as i hate a troll , i still respect the right to free speach.
          I will not try to muffle anyones voice.
          niether should you.

          • From the red thumbs I’m seeing on his posts it is clear not everyone is on board with the Nazi extermination mindset. I’m going to judge each post on it’s own merit as clearly that is the intent of the site.

            • @ Government Guy. Are you between 50 and 68? If you are, the character you are defending wants you exterminated like a nazi mindset. I am all for freedom of speech and I detest censorship, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. Freedom of speech does not cover someone yelling bomb in a crowd of people. Going around wishing death upon hundreds of millions or other pure hate is not speech, it is noise.

              • Says the man who’s comments just got collapsed !!

            • Govt Guy–What do you expect from a society of sheeples(not us here)?
              I mention chemtrails and folks look up and are surprised at the grids—hell, folks. How can one live without noticing the sky??
              Just one example–there are many as the folks here know.

          • @ hammerhead. The alternative to this is a bunch of wasted space arguing about issues that serves no purpose and gets others to leave the site. Mac has this red thumbs policy for a reason. If people don’t want the space taken up with hate for everyone born between 1946 to 1964 they can collapse the comment. This is NOT censorship because anyone can click to read it. Look at what happened before. I hate censorship, and opinions are one thing, and just rants about wanting people dead, calling people names, just like someone screaming and making noise. That is the difference between freedom of speech and just obnoxious noise. The difference between disturbing the peace like setting music at 135 decibels and someone just talking over something.

            If you or others have a better method of handling the site to get rid of obvious trolling or maniac psychopath rantings about wanting hundreds of millions of people dead without any substance then please forward them to Mac. Making the site as good as possible is always the aim of everyone.

            • Sounds like the wheels may be coming off of the love fest>Get off of your computers and practice what you preach.

            • BI – Its not my place to judge others comments.
              As a site user it is my responsibility to see that i support it . simple no ?

            • Did anyone ever tell you to shut up shutting up. Are you 5 years old?

              • The banter between E, BI, and BH at one point was pretty funny, now it just gets repetitive.

                Side note: I haven’t seen Facebook Page here recently. Anyone heard from him?


              • old guy , am i supposed to shut up ?
                explain …… hmmmm.
                BTW i’m 5×10.

      24. to survive ww3, in my opinion, will take a lot of luck.. like when a bus full of people crashes, and half are ejected, and theres that 1 person who only has a scratch- that’s the ww3 survivor. he will escape and say “wtf just happened”

      25. Here again I pray to God that this doesn’t happen!!!
        If it dose I HOPE, and PRAY none of us suffer.

        We need to get our radiation pills and try and find a place to live. Where ever that might be?

        This just goes to show that you have to prepare for more that one future. You can’t just say it is going to WWIII or terrorist attack. It could b e one or several together.
        That is why you need
        BAND AIDS
        GOLD & SILVER
        You do know that I left a lot out, but you get where I’m coming from.

        I believe that Obullshit has put the USA in a bad spot. He is degrading the US military, but Militarizing the Police. You talk about back words, Is there a method to his madness? Slick Willy sign a order that the USA would take a first strike. Then respond. Maybe he has an agreement with the Chinese or Russians to let them come into the country, and with a militarized police force maybe he thinks he can fight them off? Nice thinking but it ain’t going to happen, This Turd want the USA to fall.
        I know if I have any way of doing it I will turn the weapons that where given to us my the Gov. against any invading force.

        • Sgt. Dale, good evening, sir, and I agree with your analysis. Regardless of how all of this plays out, I am standing and fighting. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • Brave
            Hello my friend!!!
            Man I love you guys here. It makes me feel good to hear that there are still GREAT AMERICANS out here that are going to stand with me and fight to the last drop of blood and my last breath.

        • ***Psychobama is degrading the US military, but Militarizing the Police.***

          Which tells us what he is more afraid of??
          Don’t ya just love it.

          • JayJay, good evening, and I’m glad to see you’re still with us. I wish to apologize to you about my behavior on the last thread. You woke me up to something very important. I had become obsessed with the certain troublemaker you were talking about. You were right and I was wrong. the same troublemaker is back today and I have red-thumbing him to death per your advice. I will do that with all of the trolls from now on. When I looked at how much space was given to responses to the troll you mentioned, I almost fell out. That set a record. I’ve never seen any other troll get as much attention as he did. I became so ashamed and I knew I had to change course. once again, I’m truly sorry. I’ll never get obsessed with any troll like that again. They are not worth it.

            • braveheart–a history for us all is created with our posts.
              And that gives reason to just scroll past a few. 🙂

        • For any foreign army to step foot in the US…. Holy Jesus, we would make what the Afganis did to the USSR look like a Sunday picnic. That is precisely why it won’t happen.

      26. The illuminati will have the final say so. I think Israel will be destroyed first via a false flag. I do not think it will be a global nuke war. The UN will be ushered in and help declar martial law.

        • Paul makes some very important statements about who Israel really is. For example, “For they are not all Israel who are of Israel, nor are they all children because they are the seed of Abraham; but, ‘In Isaac your seed shall be called.’ That is , those who are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God; but the children of the promise are counted as the seed.” Romans 9:6-8. In 1 Corinthians 15:50 he makes a general statement that “flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God…” So the emphasis is on the spiritual, not the literal. He further states in Romans 2:28, 29: “For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, nor is that circumcision which is outward in the flesh; but he is a Jew who is one inwardly and circumcision is that of the heart, in the Spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not from men but from God.” Paul summarizes it nicely in Galatians 3:29: “And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.” So if you have accepted Christ as your Savior, then according to these texts you are the true “Jew” and part of the people who will receive the promises and inheritance.

          Does that mean that Jews can’t be saved? No, not at all. In Romans 12:1 Paul reminds us that he himself is a Jew. But his argument is that it is not his biological inheritance that entitles him to the promises and inheritance, but rather his spiritual inheritance that is determinative. That’s why Jesus told Nicodemus that he must be born again. His biological inheritance was no good. It would be his spiritual inheritance with a new spiritual Father that would now make the difference.

          But what about the Jewish state of Israel? There may be good political reasons, even moral ones, to support the state of Israel in the middle east, but not prophetic ones. Our policies toward Israel should not be based on Old Testament prophecies which are no longer valid for that nation now, according to the New Testament. Those have been transferred to God’s true people no matter where they are. Has the Christian church now taken Israel’s place? Not as an institution or denomination or even as a group simply called by that name. The Christian church through the centuries has not always lived up to Christ’s calling. It is rather applied now to all those people who are true followers of Jesus Christ no matter what organization they belong to (or even if they don’t), or where they reside. They are all over the world, and will one day be gathered together to meet the Lord in the air and reside with Him for eternity.

          • “And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.” So if you have accepted Christ as your Savior, then according to these texts you are the true “Jew” and part of the people who will receive the promises and inheritance.

            AMEN, brother/sister!!! Amen.
            I am a chosen one and I am special in the eyes of God.

      27. Just like a very wise person by the name of Norse Prepper said, take out the trash. Calling the good people here dumb asses, well it is time to take out the trash with a red thumb SALUTE to the trouble makers. Don’t forget about the red thum pledge to clean up the site for all those that want to discuss what matters.

        • BI.. looks like you are getting your share of red thumbs.. why dont you back off with the censorship and STFU.

          • @ gun. I am doing what many people suggested to do, lots of people. This is not censorship, if you want to read about someone calling the good people, including you, dumbasses and idiots all you have to do is click it on. Give us some workable method other than the red thumbs then. Why should thousands of people have to read pure hate unless they choose to by clicking on the tab to do so? I have been afraid to post a comment about a little conversation I had with someone because it might inflame the whole issue that was going on the other day. Why target just me, why don’t you go after all the people that suggested the red thumbs to make the site better.

            Hell, tell off Mac for having the red thumbs that he is censoring certain people by having this feature.

            • Its not your website. If you dont like it, start your own.

              • @ gun. You just said red thumbing is censorship. Then you say if you don’t like it start your own. WTF? I said I approve of Mac and what he has going. You are the one that hates the red thumbs. You should take your own advice above. I am puzzled by your comment as I just said IF you don’t like the red thumbs then you should go complain to Mac about it. I think the red thumbs are a good idea because someone can still read what someone wrote no matter how bad it is if they choose to.

                • You know what, this ain’t worth it. I really thought I was defending people out there from trolls. Then I promised JayJay and others to only red thumb people and mentioning it today I thought was a good reminder which was an awful decision. I don’t know what the answer is to making the site better. Back to earthquake forecasting.

                  Today there was a 5.0 SE of Easter Island. This had only 3 other times occurring 4 years ago, in 2004 and in 1994. There was a 6.5 in Fiji that followed in 1994, no earthquake occurred in 2004, and 4 years ago a 6.9 hit the China Russia border. This seems to be pointing to a quiet period. The next precursor quake will determine what will happen. The New Madrid is safe for right now. The Cascadia fault and California remain in danger for the next week or so. Alaska and Japan remain hot targets. New Guinea to Tonga also. South America and Central America even more so.

                • Lol, I am with you on this one BI. What the hell was that? You defend the site and get creamed doing it. I think people are losing their minds out there. How stupid was this? Gads.

                • @ BI…I think Gun is way out of line for telling you to stfu. By the way I agree with you in every sense. Personally, I feel you contribute way more useful information than most posters here anyway so don’t let them beat you down with non-sense. Remember…you got the bigger brain. I think people are red-thumbing you out of jealously. And for anyone out there that defends E, shame on you. That person has used and called us some of the most foul language I’ve seen. That person does not debate but resorts to horrible verbage and name-calling…if that person would be in front of our faces I could just imagine the screaming he would be doing in trying to get his point across. Much like in typing in all caps. If it were to come down to a survival situation or opsec, there is no way in hell I would let a trouble maker like E in my camp. The passive/aggressive behavior is the fastest way to tear apart like minded people who tend towards empathy for such folks as trouble makers who use passive/aggressive behavior to get their own way. Now BI, forget about E. All of the bottom posts from here on out have his comments hidden.

                • @ Npgh. I will leave the trolls alone. It is too bad that someone that uses the handle “gun” can’t comprehend the simplest definition of defending a really good site like this. Oh well. I am just going to leave the trolls alone, it is obvious that so many people don’t want any confrontation. My intentions were always for the betterment of everyone, too bad there are some of those too stupid and narrow minded to see this.

                  It does prove something I have said again and again. Be extremely careful whom you trust in your survival group, there are a lot of snakes that will back stab you even when you have their best interest at heart.

                • Be extremely careful whom you trust in your survival group, there are a lot of snakes that will back stab you even when you have their best interest at heart.

                  Amen Brother, no good deed goes unpunished.

                  Even tho it is a zombie type series, I have been watching The Walking Dead on AMC and it is pretty true to life that even tho the world is over run with flesh eating zombies, the worse threat are the humans that are left.

                • BI–I don’t do anything.. I just scroll by someone with a history of not adding to the topic.
                  And that isn’t you–I live in south central Kentucky, so read your post with interest.
                  I didn’t say I comprehend them–just read them. 🙂

      28. In the end, before any nuclear country would allow itself to lose a war they would launch their nukes.

        Would the US ever lose a world war and surrender before launching? Would Russia? China? Israel? Pakistan? India? Porky over in North Korea? United Kingdom? France? … OK, I’ll give you France.

        The US has provided nuclear weapons to Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey under NATO nuclear weapons sharing.

        South Africa produced six nuclear weapons in the 1980’s, but supposedly disassembled them in the 90’s.

        Who knows how many former Soviet states kept some of their nuclear weapons after the fall of the Soviet Union, or how many soviet bombs were “lost” or sold or stolen.

        Eventually some day someone with a trigger will pull it. It will escalate and that will be game over because of the nuclear reactors going Fukushima.

        I believe the article that North Korea could very easily be a tipping point. The US is under treaty to protect South Korea. If NK attacks the south, they very easily could attack Japan at the same time.

        This would necessitate the US taking all necessary steps. China would not just stand by and watch their neighbor and ally get bombed. They would be drawn in.

        The world is a powder keg. Eventually it will explode.

        Another likely scenario is Iran getting the bomb. If they have it they have already stated their goal is the destruction of Israel. If they even bomb Israel before they can counter attack Israel has nuclear subs that will retaliate.

        God Bless,

        • @ NP….. Have a friend, was in army back in 60’s…stationed in S. Korea…was attached to artillery unit up by demarcation line….main job he was trained for was this; the tactical nukes for the big howitzers were stored down by seol….shtf… his job was to drive deuce&1\2 down there asap and get them back up there pronto….he said if that happened he was just going to keep driving south until he hit the ocean and then try to steal a boat…don’t blame him…..point is, this is exactly what the retaliation will be if Porky makes the move…..the odds of that happening?….very very high…cherrio

          • Thanks for the input Butch. I love to hear stories of real world military experience. I’d trust a service man a million times before a politician.

            God Bless ya Butch,

            • Got damn, Norse Prepper. Not to discount Butch’s story any, but you really cannot elevate a military man above a politician, as Laurence M. Vance writes, here’s why:

              …”In order to begin going down the path to being a soldier, the first step one must take is not to think and reason, but to be willing to obey orders and submit to nearly total control over one’s life. As Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler, a two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, said about military service: “Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.””

              I think maybe Butch’s friend was the exception to the rule.

              • Average Guy,

                Where I do not know if a military person is telling the truth, I know if a politician is. When I wrote the post, I was thinking retired military person talking about their experiences compared to what we were hearing from our politicians.

                That being said, I do recognize and agree with your point that a current service member will follow orders as long as it does not violate his oath to protect the Constitution. Just following orders…

                Thanks AG,

        • A Frenchman with a thick accent came into the store the other day. i ask him if he spoke German. He said “no”. I said “You’re welcome.”

      29. I’ve been lurking the last few weeks, and havent posted. Watching the conversations flow. I’ve had a lot on my mind and at this point my mental state is F#CK the cause, and prepare as much as I can. I can’t perseverate over who why what when or how. Just do everything I can to protect myself and my family. No plan will be 100% on all fronts. That’s a fact. Unfortunately I don’t live in an area YET that I have neighbors who are like minded and community driven to join up with.

        I read posts from BI, Braveheart, Eppe, KY mom and so many many others and wish I had that kind of time to devote to research, etc. Right now my focus is on my father, and keeping my family ‘together’ 1300 miles apart and praying I don’t lose my job while making sure my father is in a safe situation.

        I do want to leave you guys with this, though….know that for many, be it your parents, brothers, sisters, or yourselves, there comes a time when even though you feel capable of handling firearms, and using your judgement, at times that good judgement is out of reach. And you may not remember the circumstances of what you’ve done. All of us have a responsibility when the time comes, to secure firearms from those who may act out even brief temporary delusions or hallucinations of dementia/Alzheimer’s. this past week, I’ve had to remove not only firearms from the house, but keys to the vehicles. This has been a very difficult time, and we should all discuss and grasp the concept that it could one day be US in this situation. I pray none of you have to walk in my shoes. Ever.

        Oh and for good measure, down thumbs to eisen 1000x for all those posts I skipped. Keep collapsing him.

        • No;
          I have walked in your shoes. I will keep you and yours in my prayers. This is one of the toughest thing I ever had to do. My dad has Alzhemer’s and I have had to watch a great strong man turn into a 7 or 8 year old child, that has to have someone watch him all the time. I had to take all his firearms away and his car keys and I have to talk to him now as if I was talking to one of my grandkids. Mom is still doing well with him but there are days she just want to screem. God luck my friend and stay the course. All I could do at one point was to go to my knees and ask for help from the Big Man upstairs and believe it or not he did help.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • Praying for you and your father. I have friends who care for dementia patients- I know you are on a hard road.

        • I don’t know if this helps or not because I just started reading about it myself. Someone posted on this site a while back about a book called “The One Minute Cure”, which lead me to the book “Flood Your Body With Oxygen”. There might be info in these books and on the authors websites about using this process for Alzheimer’s patients, as well as cancer patients and other ailments out there. Good luck and sorry you’re having to go through this.

        • NPPH-

          May the Creator assist you thru your difficult times.

          ..hope it works out for your family’s sake & the job..all the best to you/yours!

        • Nopittypartyhere,

          I am sorry to hear of the difficulties you are going through with your father.

          Praying for you – for strength and comfort.

          Take care!
          KY Mom

        • Hugs to you, and strength for the coming days…

        • Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and prayers. While I’m alone in dealing with this, I know I’m not really alone. My husband is my dearest friend in the world, and sometimes just a hug would do wonders for me….but his loving words across the miles and all of the encouragement and support from you guys keep me going. Later.

      30. that doesn’t mean government is indestructible, immune to chaos.. an EMP could disorganize them just like the survivalists.

        • “an EMP could disorganize them just like the survivalists”

          Not really, THEIR critical systems are highly protected with the best OUR money can buy.

          • critical systems, yes… im no expert on the subject, but I was thinking more like… no more red light cameras, street surveillance, cop cars, cop radios.
            we wouldn’t use our computers or cell phones (NSA becomes useless).
            as good as technology is, its also our slave-masters favorite tool.

            • Yeah buddy! That’s one of MY fondest dreams!

      31. Going nuke isn’t the way to go. Other nations would be better off anonymously EMPing the USA and then sitting back and waiting for the 90% die-off which will occur within one year. Then send their military in and do a sweep for survivors, who can be used as forced labor to clean up the bodies and looting debris. That’s how I’d handle it if I was an Illuminati, etc. wanting the USA’s land and resources.

        • I can’t easily see an “anonymous” EMP attack. First, anyone launches a missile capable of delivering that sort of payload and there’ll be all sorts of alarms going off all over the world; and that will mean immediate return fire with the same kind of weapons, because everyone will assume it is a nuke being launched. Second, the altitude required to set off a high-altitude nuke to create an EMP is far above the ceilings of commercial airliners.

          • @ Canadian Vet,
            I need more data on this high altitude nuke/EMP correlation. References?

            • Just a few quick Google searches. A high-altitude nuclear explosion would have to be around the 90 000 feet mark and the only inconspicuous way to deliver one I can think of, using a jet liner, wouldn’t work as their ceiling is usually around 40 000 feet.

              • I’ll have to look into this further.

      32. “…the chess pieces are being positioned well in advance.” You hit the nail on the head Salvo. Nothing happens in world events without someone behind the curtains pulling the strings.

        Run for the hills, Martha!!

      33. NO
        I feel for you my Brother We had to do the same thing with my Father. Just to let you know that I think I am walking in you shoes, and I don’t like the fit, but if you ever want to talk you know I will be here for you.
        I’m blessed with a brother and sister that I have to work with my father, And I thank God that my mother can also work with him.

        As far as family being far away. I have two daughters in Eastern Ohio. One north One south, Thank God they are married to great guys that are prepping. The also have a group to go to. I feel good there. My son lives only 3 miles away and he knows where to go WTSHTF. I have another daughter that has no Frigging clue. The only thing she knows is if it is broke take it to Dad. Se is in for a RUDE awaking when it does BREAK!!!

        Again I will keep you in my prays, Please do the same for me.

      34. Eisen

        My nephew works on an organic farm down in N Carolina. He wants to learn all he can and then move back home. Hope he makes it back home.

        • Crap! You’ll should all move there with him. Those mountains will protect you when the SHTF…

      35. instead of wasting money on all those expensive bombs, how about (they) just wait a few months and let our economic bomb go off. we’ll make it easy on them by just killing ourselves in the wake of panic. the 50 percent of us depending on gov’t handouts will be eating their big screen TV’s, another 45 percent will be raiding walgreens for Prozac’ like zombies at a headcheese factory. the remaining 5, well I guess that’s up to us, but I highly doubt we would trust each other. scary thoughts all around, but a correction is over due.

        • I think they realize that the numbers aren’t that easily in their favor. How many millions of gun owners are there in the US? I believe there was serious fraud in the last election and that 50% or more of this nation are mentally better off than you suppose. If anyone kills themselves- well, look at recent news. 3 bankers! If anything, waiting until after an economic collapse might mean that everyone with a gun is awake while everyone who might have been ready assets for them may already be dead from going on the attack against the armed, from ignorance, exposure, want, etc. Let’s be at least a little optimistic.

      36. Two days to get out after an EMP? WRONG! It would be closer to two minutes.

      37. nopitypartyhere-my heart goes out to you dealing with the effects of that cruel disease. Hoping you have the support you and your loved one need.

      38. IMHO…

        Joel is espousing traditional Cold War rhetoric… nonsense, I say!!

        Nukes let loose on North America in the numbers he’s stating will render the earths “breadbasket” uninhabitable.

        More likely it will be north Korean EMP’s ( yes that’s plural) delivered by iranian shahab2 or 3 missiles from boats in the Gulf and off the east coast…

        That is if we don’t have to rescue them in the south Atlantic… 🙂

      39. China, Russia, Syria, Iran, North Korea, some of the Russian Federation, (the “stans”) are all members of the SCO or Shanghi Cooperation Organization. This is the new Warsaw Pact, or NATO.

        They hold war games together and are pledged to defend each other. Why this is not commonly known I don’t know?

      40. No knows for sure. Or at least they’re not telling us. Recently, China moved a large military unit to the N. Korean border. Some say it’s to keep large numbers of N. Korean refugees out. Some rumors claim China is tired of N. Korean BS. And they are willing to split the North with South Korea.

      41. I scan a lot of websites every day. Most countries are really arming up. The entire middle east. India and Pak. SE asia. Central asia. Armenia and the Azeris. Turkmenistan. Philipines and Viet Nam. Places that wouldn’t normally buy large amounts or military hardware. Something is afoot. And it’s going to be expensive in money and blood.

        • I scan a lot of web sites too and there’s been a lot of conversation about hardtack lately. Another corroborating factoid perhaps?

          • I do enjoy some vintage hardtack. Best soaked in coffee.

      42. If someone just threatens to nuke us, Obama will surrender and stay in office as the newly appointed Prez for life.

      43. Kudos to all! “Operation Red Thumb” seems to be going quite well! LOL.

        • Now I am suffering the dreaded red thumb.

          • It just some chaffing. This too shall pass.

      44. come on up to mich. this summer eisen.
        I got lots of work , room and board , no more.
        Lots of folks DO learn alot , but real damn hard work.
        I promise not to be rough….

        No power, no gas for months.

        Assuming you have preps.
        Now if you’re in the north….cold is your big worry.

        SO.. Keep some good drywall knives handy.
        Then you cut up your home…or others..
        Pull all the insulation out. Then you super insulate one room if you have not done.
        Then….just add a few candles and a big dog…and all the bodies in the room might keep you warm. Also, arctic sleeping bags. Keep materials on hand to fabricate a room stove……to burn anything you can find.

        Go dry goods.

        I have no solutions for the radiation fall out. I do have gas masks..but they are only good for a few hours.

        If we run out of food… eat the fat boomers first.

        I do think we’ll see UN “peacekeepers”…really Russian and Chinese troops here.

        Things will change faster than you know when things go bad.

        Everyone on this site has been doing the mental exercises.
        Expect the sheeple to freak out.

        Strange world we live in.

        BTW… I still think our biggest issue is the bees dying off.
        I planted a garden a few years ago and noticed no bees.
        Not too many tomatoes.

        Your best thing is to get some super pails of beans, grains and rice from or some other place. Then date and tarp them in your basement.

        Then you are covered. They last a few decades. Shit…better to have them than not.

        Also… keep your fuck mouth shut about it. You just get labeled a crank.
        Fuck’em…let them starve.

        Not me and mine!

        You know people are brainwashed when they think you are a nut for having a backup food supply. It’s not logical.

        Also…..the next prep for me… divorce the fat bubba I married.

        Watch Obummer… I think before he leaves office he’s try and pull some shit.

        Beware of the “smooth talking beige man”.
        By that I mean..the “Kumbya” guy to unite the races..might be the most dangerous guy of all…look at all the exec. orders…gone unchallenged. Seems we’re all scared to stand up and hassle this guy…as you’d appear a “racist”.
        I just coined that. Have fun.

        • I read somewhere that when you don’t have enough bees use a feather duster to transfer pollen between plants.

          • CG, sorry but that won’t work. You need something as small as an “artist brush”. You need to get inside the bloom for the brush to pick up the pollen and then be able to dust it inside another bloom. If a feather duster would work the bees could be as large as a seagull. Think about it.

            • Q-tips work great!


          • I have bees and will be spliting them this spring. IT’s not a difficult hobby and VERY highly recommended! You will see an amazing difference in your produce!!! Talk about preparing for ANY SHTF, bees will make a tremendous difference in survival. There are beekeeping clubs all over, you just have to do some research!

            • Sounds interesting.

          • I read Chinese have jobs hand pollinating.

        • Oh mang, MAN CAVE, it’s too bad you feel you have to divorce the fat bubba you married.

          If you ask me, when my friends do that, it’s more a reflection of a failure on their part, more than anything. [Plus, they have no notion of the Primal/Paleo diet.]

          But I understand, some people are not open to reason or an explanation of the facts.

          I’m not sure what you mean by saying, “By that I mean..the “Kumbya” guy to unite the races..”

          Seems to me that’s exactly what many people at SHTFPlAN have been trying to do: unite everyone under the banner of individuality, freedom, liberty and general human rights while surviving anything the world throws at them. So, I don’t get what you’re saying there.

        • I GOTTA A NEED TO KNOW…..
          What wattage is needed (Solar Panels)for 120 Vac Queen sized heating blanket? I believe the power is pulsed so I don’t think I can measure it with my Kill O Watt meter. Maybe it’s possible by reading hourly usage….. Would a 12 Vdc blanket be a better solution power wise???? Anyone???

          • I just bought 0° sleeping bags!

          • 12v may be better, if available, as you wouldn’t need the inverter
            12vdc/12vac there is always some loss in the conversion. I like where you are going with this, but I don’t recall seeing a 12vdc blanket. Let me know if you find one.

            • Check your local truck stop. I’ve seen them @ Loves and places similar.

            • Sorry, that should read 12vdc/120vac

          • Wink
            You need to check what the AMP is on the blanket.
            You will need a battery/ies that is charged by the solar panel, and a inverter that runs off of your battery or batteries. The inverter will more that likely have to be over a 1000 w.
            The 12 Volt DC battery is the best idea. With the solar panel you still have to have the deep cycle battery but you don’t need the inverter.
            You can get more INFO off of YOU TUBE on this. Or GOOGLE

        • Go to Costco and pay for the beans and rice with cash. No paper trail and they come in nice strong bags. I have a bunch of sealed containers with sealed bags of beans rice and lentils etc. Next is you want to go to a store selling bulk foods and buy dehydrated vegetable flakes. Mix all together and bingo- you have protein and greens all in one balanced blend all sealed and resealed in the same container.

          • Or dry your own…Idaho potatoes in the dehydrator as I type!

            • With the price of water here I can still go buy it by the pound on sale cheaper than I can grow it with out all the growing hassles. I picked up a 15 pound bag of nice red potatoes for 1.59. I cant afford to weed that patch @ that price. And as far as dehydrated veggie flakes, by the pound out of Winco is so cheap I would be a fool to do it myself. I value my time over just about anything, when i work in the field operating equipment it is minimum 1200 take home a week, so buying these things is easy compared. That is why I sit on equipment, so I don’t have to brake my hump in the garden as I have raise food for years and it is hard work. I still put in a tomato and some peppers and what not, but I do not even consider trying to feed myself all winter from what I grow as I don’t have the time. When it is the season, it is balls out 6 days a week equipment operating and rest on the Sabbath.

            • I live near Idaho and I spoke with a potato farmer there once.
              He told me that he would never eat or feed his family the potatos that he grew for market.
              He said they are way too taxic with chemical sprays.
              He told me that he grows his in a patch in the garden near his house.
              Who’d a thunk it?

        • Great critical thinking post, Man cave.
          Many made fun of my military tent wood burning stove–but if my propane tank is empty with no refill in sight, and the power grid is down with no repair in sight, and my 12 gallons of Coleman gas is depleted, and my propane 4 gallon tanks are depleted, then that little heater goes in the attached two-car garage and we run those pipes out a window with duct tape and cardboard sealing the hole!!
          And Gene is in the woods most every day–we will have free wood.
          Oh, we have (12) 5 gallon gas cans filled in the shed. We will get to the woods!!

      46. Jericho anyone…

        • I wish they would have finished that series…

      47. Mac,

        If you read Apocalypse XIX and then factor in the massive amount of “alien-invasion” movie spewing out of Hollywood, it seems quite likely that if we spend our nukes on each other and we’re all destroyed, then who will be left to fight against Jesus Christ and His angels when they come down from heaven? There is no other way to interpret this passage. After 99.9% of mankind takes “the mark,” these people will right readily believe that Jesus Christ and His angels are the E.T.s’ from Independence Day.

        Which means exactly what, you may ask?

        At some point, perhaps when we’re right on the verge of nuclear annihilation, “peace and security” will be proclaimed as stated in II Thess, I believe, which goes on to say, “then sudden destruction will come upon them.”

        When the system collapses and a certain period of chaos runs rampant, there will be only one man who can get us to the “peace and security” stage, bread to fill our stomachs, etc…..and this is the Antichrist.

        One or two nukes might be dropped between now and then, but that’s it.

        All you gotta’ do is keep your eye on Rome…..and this is coming from a traditional Catholic.

        • That’s in 1 Thessalonians chapter 5:1-6 (in context)
          “Now as to the times and the epochs, brethren, you have no need of anything to be written to you. For you yourselves know full well that the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night. While they are saying, “Peace and safety!” then destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains upon a woman with child, and they will not escape. But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that the day would overtake you like a thief; for you are all sons of light and sons of day. We are not of night nor of darkness; so then let us not sleep as others do, but let us be alert and sober.”

          (The rest of the passage goes to verse 11 and is good stuff!)

          • Sigi,
            Thanks, I needed to be reminded of that.

        • Guns N Rosaries, the UFO’s have been messing with our nukes making them inoperable for a short period. If it is happening here, it is probably happening everywhere. So what I think is we will try to use them and maybe even launch them and when everything looks like it is going to blow, the “savior” will make them all duds and incomes ole scratch claiming he saved us from ourselves and he has the plan to keep us safe.

      48. More Alex Jones clickbait, nothing more.

        China controls Korea. A war there does nothing to benefit China. End of story.

        The “war” will be over Taiwan, and it won’t be nuclear. It will be a death by 1000 cuts. China learned from Japan’s mistake in the late ’30s. Japan pushed the USA too far, too fast, and got their oil supply cut off.

        In the present case, we don’t supply China directly, but we can stop China’s oil supply, since much of it comes from the Middle East in tankers through very dangerous waters off SE Asia, AFTER passing by India. Chinese warlords are evil, but they are not stupid. It will be many years before they can protect that supply line.

        Which is why they’re pressing for more control of the South China Sea, to gain access to offshore oil that might be there. I also think they may be behind our troubles in Afghanistan. China actually shares a border with Afghanistan, and while it’s pretty rugged country, a pipeline (and maybe rail) could be built there. That gets China a big chunk of a land route to Mideast and African oil and mineral resources. But they have a third party player there, and that’s Russia.

      49. Eisencrank is working? On a FARM? THIS I GOTTA SEE ! ! ! !

        • Yeah the funny farm where life is beautiful all day long. Woo hoo!

      50. Won’t be much to live for after a nuclear exchange. Might as well kiss your ass goodbye!

      51. If the nukes start flying and the U.S. is radiated then the rest of the world starves to death.
        There is no way there will be enough food to go around to feed the plant even if 2/3’s of the population is killed off. The radiation will flow on the jest stream and it will kill everything off.
        So h-bombs flying I dont’t think it will happen (I pray it does not happen).
        Now and large EMP attack for several days to shut the U.S. down, well that is posible. Then they could invade the U.S. Like in the remake of the movie Red Dawn. And North Korea troops could be used. They already think they are superior to the U.S. people. They have been taught this from birth.
        But they have not meet some of us Red neck, River Rats, Swamp jump’n, Hill Run’n, Tree Climb’n, Good Old Boy’s YET!!!!
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • Hey, Northern Reb. Why would the rest of the world starve to death? The unitedstate is a net importer of food. The farmers in america don’t feed the world like they used to.

          You say, “The radiation will flow on the jest stream and it will kill everything off.”

          But that didn’t happen when they did all those above ground atomic tests in the 1950’s. It surely didn’t happen when the unitedstate nuked Japan. Perhaps it’s a slow kill, I’ll give you that. But a mass die off? Uh, no.

          Anyway, it’s ironic that you say, “They already think they are superior to the U.S. people. They have been taught this from birth.” I could’ve swore you was talking about the uber brainwashed american’t’s there.

          Average Guy/slightly Red Neck/Hill Run’n,Tree Climb’n/River Rat – out.

          • Data please. Last I looked the USA was still on the plus side of that equation, but that was ten minutes ago, so things might have changed since then.

          • Hot Damn! I got me some red thumbs. Seems some people don’t like pickles on their hamburgers.

            It’d be nice to know, why.
            I imagine it’s because they whoreship empire.
            But who knows?

            • Do you guys think it’s because I’m an Average Guy/slightly Red Neck/Hill Run’n,Tree Climb’n/River Rat?

              I’m not making fun of Northern Reb, I’m really that.

              …Or is this just about the pickles?

              It’s surely not because of the empire whoreshipping comment, was it?

              If so. …I pity the fools.

              • There’s somebody that red thumbs everybody else, everyday. You could say it’s sunny today and you’d get a red thumb.

                • @ Maudy Frickett. This is strange. Even Norse Prepper, one of the nicest people on the site is getting nailed.

          • AVERAGE:
            The raidation that would flow on the jest stream and float across the world. The U.S. would be fried then it would get into the E.U. then Russia. then it would work its way south into the southern hemispher. There is an old movie that shows what would happen if the nukes fly.
            I don’t remember the mane of the movie but Gregory Peck stared in it.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • On The Beach

      52. Luke 21:28 King James Version (KJV)
        ” And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.”

      53. Hi

        Please provide the list of the cities that might be hit.



      54. Two words; Force Majeure

        We will declare it at approximately 11:30 am. EST and start the big sell off after the Euro markets close and before the Asian markets open. It will also mean your screwed too. If you don’t have physical possession of your assets they will be gone…

        Skousen is right, but I think his MAD scenario is of 80 vintage. In today’s world I think we could zap their weapons as soon as we saw them fueling.

        • “zap their weapons” – Ha! You mean like how the unitedstate zapped the guys in rags riding camels? As if that worked out super?

          I had a huge telephone bill once. An unjustly outrageous amount. So I called the telephone company to find out, what the hell.

          They told me my account was “in the zap”. And they said, “sorry” and corrected the mess.

          Anyway, I agree with you here: “If you don’t have physical possession of your assets they will be gone…”

          • AG one must have the technology to get zapped. You can’t blow the camel jockeys back into the Stone Age because they never left the Stone Age.

      55. A forewarning when this is going to happen will be…. When the “Elites” and their families suddenly leave town in the middle of the night or go on an “unannounced Vacation”…. They should be the ones who stay and bear the brunt of the apocalypse they have caused…..

        • Those who survive will hunt them down and exterminate them like the rats they are.

      56. GREAT POST, EISEN!! When all the fossil fuels are gone, we better know (ahead of time!) how to maintain a garden without all the chemicals.

        We used to have a garden– was the happiest time in my life!!

        • It is called hard labor.

      57. The US, Russia and China are not going to use nukes. It doesn’t fit into their plans. Israel might. Saudi Arabia might. Pakistan against India, maybe. There are better weapons. EMP, biological, economic, cyber.

      58. I dissent from Skousen. Who has military assets in 160 nations around the world? Who has always been at war somewhere the last 68 years? Who routinely murders brown skinned peasants by the thousands so their power elite can prosper? It isn’t Russia or China. It most certainly isn’t North Korea. The US is the world’s rogue state.

        Point Two: This “north” and “south” somewhere smacks of VN. Where foreign imperialists artificially divided a nation they occupied for their own purposes. What “everyone knows is true” is often inaccurate. Nothing more than assimilated propaganda that few have the time or integrity to question. Example; VN.

        If you look at the history [I haven’t this time, but I suspect given their location right next to China it’s much alike] you will see Korea occupied by China for centuries. And by Japan for perhaps ten years. One occupier replaces another. What can’t be allowed to happen is for an indigenous people to control their own destiny as long as we the West can still loot them. So trump up the malarkey to gain the acquiescence of the cannon fodder and let the looting continue. How dare its victims object?

        Point Three: Even if NK obliterated SK, their ethnic and blood brethren (why would they do that, except in perfervid DC wet dreams) what business is it of ours that is worth trading 100 million US lives for?

        This “But … but … but they’re R-R-Red” is a canard folks. Like other colonized people being looted by the banksters and their thugs, the brown skinned peasants are nationalists first. Who was it in 1776 who had the nerve to dare say they wanted to run their own nation rather than being run by outsiders?

        Point Four: Given the horrific losses the USSR suffered in their Great Patriotic War (europeon theatre, eastern front) the US lost something like 425,000 folk in the entire war. The USSR lost something like 30 MILLION. Every family lost someone, some families were totally wiped out. Those AREN’T people eager to see war again.
        And I don’t consider Skousen enough of “an expert” to care that he thinks otherwise.
        Other than having a website what relevant expertise does he have? He certainly knows less than worm dirt about Russia.

        Point Five: The days when the industrial and military balance was such that the US could dictate what is and what will be on all coasts of the Pacific are over. And our militarists and other assorted psychopaths in power just can’t stand it. The time for rational people to speak up, to prevent this potential scenario presented in this thread, is now. Exercise whatever influence you have to deter it.

        Point Six: Last and least. I live within 30 miles of the Whore-in-Chief’s House. And a few miles closer to the Pentagon. If some warring nation lobs nukes at them, and one is a fraction of a percent off-target from 8,000 miles away, my troubles are over.

        But I refuse to run and hide like a frightened mouse. If I survive, I will stand without retreat, without surrender to defend liberty and our (whomever survives with me) lives against any and all.

        While I would prefer to celebrate my 100th birthday I am not afraid to die. Some things are worse than dying. Slavery or dying dishonorably are two of them.

        • BEAUTIFUL! That is everything and more I was thinking. The Alex Jones angle in all this immediately raised a red flag for me.

          • Yep: And Point 7 is that skousen is a big honcho writer at WND website along with joe farrah…Both are tribe and fanatical pastor john hagee types of evangelicals..well Farrah is for sure, not certain if skousen is an evangelical like farrah?….Hagee even writes articles on a reg basis at WND!…Along with many Faux tv news “guests” write at wnd too…

            That webiste is like an online version of neocon israel firsters fox tv shows news etc.

            The major main Rabid wild loose dog threat in todays world is no doubt Nuke capable and nuke armed Israel.

            NO other nations clamor for more wars. NO other nuke nations has refused to sign that UN Nuke Non proliferation nuke treaty BUT for israel…That should raise red flags galore!

            Research what Amadeigne or whatever his name is of Iran, his statement was NOT that his great desire is to kill all israel jews…What he Did state is something like “He’d like to force all those Khazar fake jews out of israel since none has ever had a right to return since none has ancestors ever been there…Hes correct! Khazars ancestors were eastern european in the area Now called russia. Prior it was Kingdom of Khazarians…They Converted to Babylonian Talmudic Judaisim in around 750 AD, afterwards they began to call themselves…”jews” and “jewish”….This is proven factual evidence that 10 minits research will more than verify. Askanazi Khazars most of a german background…

            Folks need to stop all that phony prophecy stuff we all heard the past 30+ yrs from the usual suspects preachers and TV mega church clowns and READ whats really written biblically…READ all parts of old testement and new, those preachers Always ignore or pass over as insignificant…Everybodys heard a million times about jews taken captive to babylon right…How many have heard a pastor speak of what happened 145 yrs before that event? When the 10 northern tribes who were called Israel, were taken captive by Assyria?..Barely any have!

            Why is that so? What are them pastors afraid to speak out on?…or do they Fear You learning Real truth? and real jewish truths?…Bingo!

            I may be wrong, but far as I know of like joe farrah skousen is a total pro israel pro jewish israel firster, and therefore one more i think is just another controled opposition swindle.

            I Used to believe all that stuff hagee et al promote…Used to believe all that jews are always innocent victims stuff…Then I began to READ Other stuff…Alot of other stuff, 20 yrs worth…Then I awoke to truth they never speak of…Once one gets jewized up, and studies these issues without the usual Bias promoted by the usual suspects, msm tv news like fox, phony tv preachermen like hagee et al…Well one then sees the whole entire picture…Its alot different than the one They paint…Now it amazes me how can still so many otherwise smart folks be still so duped or deluded by that crowd of phonys?

            • This is just a tip of the Iceberg here. The whole “jew” thing is 100% convoluted.

              I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

              That’s why Jesus told Nicodemus that he must be born again. His biological inheritance was no good. It would be his spiritual inheritance with a new spiritual Father that would now make the difference.

              So in short, the end times will be against the Jews but the REAL JEWS are those in Christ, the Jews of today running everything (say they are Jews, and are not) are not with Christ, they are anti Christ.. This is why we spiritual jews dislike them as we see them for what they are, and also why they hate everything good and try to make everything evil as in degrading marriage, the gay agenda, moral less leaders, porn, destroying economies and starving Christian nations, on and on so forth and etc.

            • If Israel was such a ‘great’ country, why is it hated by EVERY nation bordering it??

        • John, the US government is currently killing brown skin peasants, as you point out, because they already killed the white people that would dare resist them. (Germans, Italians, Their allies, and we forget the Serbs). You make it sound as if the government only kills non-whites. The government had no problem (or conscience) fire bombing Dresden (A refugee city), and Hamburg. Waco was a smaller scale, but shows us they don’t care who they kill. They ain’t fussy.

          • Ye Gods, where to start with you people?

            The US has military personnel all over the world because from the end of WW2 we were 1.)the only country strong enough to keep the peace, and 2.)the only country strong enough to keep the Soviet Union from over-running all of Europe and the Middle East, not to mention Manchuria, Korea, and Japan.

            The reason that Korea got divided initially was that the Russkies occupied the north in the aftermath of the end of the Pacific war with Japan. They dismantled all the Japanese-installed factories and took them home with them, just as they did to Manchuria. They would have stayed in occupation but for some rather forceful diplomacy, backed by the fact that in 1946 we were far stronger in the western Pacific than they were. The compromise was a split nation. Then the beloved Mao took up the cudgel in 1950 to try to Communize the south, but we had to stop that, having undertaken to protect a demilitarized Japan. Look at a map, please.

            The US did less killing of non-combatants in WW2 than the Germans, or the Japanese, or the Soviet Communists, by several orders of magnitude. Stateside we did have internment camps. The Big Three simply killed unwanted civilians on the spot, starved them to death to save ammo, or sent them to Dachau and Belsen for later “disposal”. In Europe we fed them and gave them clothes and shelter wherever we found them. Read about “Operation Manna-Chowhound” sometime.

            This “killing of brown skinned peasants” is a flaming red herring. Didja notice what happened when we quit “killing brown skinned peasants” and left Vietnam? Watch what happens to Iraq in the next five years. Afghanistan is reverting to its’ old role as the prime source of opium in the world. Is that a GOOD thing? What would be the state of the Philippines without our help in suppressing the Mooslimbs who want to destroy Christianity there?

            There’s lots more, but I need to have a drink and relax or I’m likely to break my keyboard….

            • The US has military personnel all over the world because from the end of WW2 we were 1.)the only country strong enough to keep the peace,

              How nice of us to take on that job all by ourselves.(NOT!)

            • Oh, crap–old coach..really!!
              Afghanistan is reverting to its’ old role as the prime source of opium in the world

              Not without the CIA of America’s help! PUH–LEEZE.
              It has been stated the US would collapse tomorrow if the 500,000,000 (not street value) in drugs wasn’t shipped in, flown in, trucked in to support this economy.
              Where have you been.

          • MF,

            I agree. What is the Tom Cruise character’s answer to his former cavalry colonel in The Last Samurai (it’s priceless):

            “If you want me to kill Jappos I will kill Jappos. If you want me to kill the enemies of Jappos I will kill the enemies of Jappos. But don’t forget one thing … I will happily kill you for free.”

            Our loving government will happily kill any of us who dare stand against its tyranny.

            When that happens they better count on taking return fire.

        • I thought I was literate but I had to look up two of your words! Learned something tonight!

      59. Phew! If anyone thinks that the Iranian warships will be allowed to get anywhere near CONUS without being heavily shadowed/escorted had better think again. A whole lot of conjecture in this article and it almost feels like an advertisement for Skousen’s documentary.

        The fear porn is getting tiresome.

        • Dear, Any Mouse.

          Why would it matter if the Iranian ships are heavily shadowed/escorted? They’re still there. (Or will be.) It’s not like the empire has a way to stop them from launching something.
          Not that, that is their purpose.
          It’s just that being ‘shadowed’ means nothing, really.

          I dunno, it doesn’t seem like fear porn to me so much as it’s just reality. It’s all a ‘Face the facts, Jack’ kind of thing.

          Do you play chess?

          …Or football?

          Both games are about anticipating moves.

          That’s all this article is doing.

          It seems to me, that saying such contemplations is nothing more than ‘fear porn’ is much like sticking your head in the sand, or covering yourself with a blanket and saying “Fuck You, Thunder!” Eh?

          Just ignore that two ton heavy thing swinging your way?

          • This article is nothing more than an exercise in guesswork that shamelessly hawks Skousens product.

            “If you ever wake up one morning and your TV doesn’t work, the internet is down, and your cell phone is off, then you need to assume that your city or region was hit by a super EMP weapon, such as those being developed and tested in North Korea, Russia and China.”

            How is the above statement not fear/doom porn? It screams fear, doom, hide and be afraid. First off, I don’t have to ASSUME anything. Assumptions can get you killed. If there is an EMP blast that ACTUALLY shuts off my cell phone or affects any of my small electronics in a significant way, I probably won’t survive the initial blast, not that I would want to anyway.

            Why wouldn’t NK and Iran, amongst others, chafe at the demands placed upon them by us and the UN when all they want is an equal stake in the game.

            Instead they are vilified and demonized in an effort to galvanize the populous into ill informed action. This is propaganda at its finest.

            We, as a nation, through our policies and practices, have become the evil overlords that we claim to defend against. This is the inconvenient truth of things and its no wonder that much of the rest of the world hates us.

            • Instead they are vilified and demonized in an effort to galvanize the populous into ill informed action. This is propaganda at its finest.

              The big question is by whom??

      60. I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been both laying low and knee deep in shoveling snow and trying to stay warm, having lost power for days on end.

        I very much respect Skousen but I wasn’t born yesterday: I am QUITE skeptical that NO mention was made (by anyone) of our immense tactical SUBMARINE force located in every ocean, each sub having many nukes on it.

        My conclusion?

        Intended or not intended, this is a DIVERSION.

        What do I mean?

        – More snow has fallen on me in 15 days than in 15 years.

        Ok ok, not literally, but the point is that Extremely Aberrant Weather (EAW) continues to strike not just my region, but most of the U.S.

        So I am DEEPLY suspicious of ANY attempt to divert my attention to nukes. No one will survive a nuclear war. Oh, some people will, but it will inalterably change life on this planet– forever.

        – MORE snow is expected Wednesday into Thursday: one weather model says 1″, a second says 3″, a third says 20 inches!

        My Overall Conclusion is this: We are Already under attack by HAARP with all this aberrant weather. Snow fell where it never fell before: in Oregon!

        Do I agree we must be vigilantly aware of geopolitics ESPECIALLY as it bears on nuclear weapons, the threats to use them, and everything related to that?

        Of course.

        But to do so while AVOIDING discussion of HAARP-created weather wreaking CONSISTENT havoc across our country [key word here is not “bad” weather, but CONSISTENTLY bad weather, which is ABERRANT weather] in the midst of a national propane shortage, is irresponsible.

        The purpose of the aberrant weather?

        To keep us off our game.

        To keep us distracted.

        From what?

        Rising food prices.

        Riots on the horizon over both food and gas.

        AND from more and more foreign troops [eyewitness accounts abound online] now being positioned in key areas to strike us when the weather “lifts”.

        How convenient.

        Don’t just watch North Korea– at the same time, watch your damn six. Because when all this weather lifts, you must might be looking into the eyes of a so-called “martial law peacekeeping force” which is just a fancy name for a takeover.

        Keep counting all those executive orders that are described as leadership but are anything but.

        As our rights continue to be attacked make your voice HEARD loud and clear– online and offline.

        And think like a chess player.

        Don’t just have options. Multiply them.

        Stand up for the Constitution before it can no longer stand up for you.

        In the meantime, I’m busy trying to outthink the next deluge of snow coming my way.

        Stay warm.

        Stay sane.

        Up your Prep Game.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “All warfare is deception.” – Sun Tzu

        “If a nuclear conflict again occurs, the living will envy the dead.” – unknown

        • -Solar Heater-
          The Lone Ranger, hello and good morning. I figured before I’m off to preparing for the day, I’d pass along some advice.
          You can quite easily build an effective solar heater with minimal materials.

          Start by building a wooden box, size of your choice. Insolate the backs and side, and have a plexiglass or standard glass cover. Take several Soda pop cans, using a step bit, drill each of the tops and bottoms of the cans out. Stack them on top of one another until they fill the entire box. Spray paint the aluminum cans flat black (no gloss). At the top of the stack of cans, cut in an intake vent ( you can install a small 12v fan motor here if you choose) and at the bottom cut in an exhaust vent (a 12v fan can also be installed here if you choose). When aluminum cans are in place and painted, slide the clear cover over the box and you’re done. Not as powerful as your homes Heating unit, but during the day without power, it can easily raise the temperature in a single room, only thing to worry about is night.

          • You are absolutely right, Adamantium! Thank you.

            – the Lone Ranger

        • My Overall Conclusion is this: We are Already under attack by HAARP with all this aberrant weather. Snow fell where it never fell before: in Oregon!

          Never before? Lol 10,000 years ago Oregon was under 500 feet of ice.

          • And as I said in another post, 02, doesn’t that damn HAARP machine EVER break down!??

            – the Lone Ranger

        • Weather modification was/is designed for war games.

      61. Didn’t know you worked? You could have come and worked on my organic horse farm for me.

        • It means that I feed my horses organically produced hay and grain. Thus I can use their organic horse shit on my garden.

          • You must be thinking of pig shit. Horse poo is perfect once it has dried.

      62. You want to see a short term personal SHTF event that affects 19 to 21 miilion Americans each year, 1 out of 15? Makes you feel like hell for 1 to 3 days, can cause severe problems in the elderly, infants and those with weakened immune syatems and can even kill people. It is called the Noro virus and is spread through the stool and vomit of infected people.

        About 20 million people a year. That’s a lot. Yet the political correctness plague doesn’t allow much talk about one of the leading causes of exposure to infected stool. Sodomy. As I said before there are reasons why the Bible and other religions talk of this being a sin, disease spreading. The other reason is people too stupid and lazy to wash their hands with soap and water after going to the bathroom and then handling food and other instruments coming into contact with food such as dishes, forks, knives, spoons, etc.

        We are not being allowed to talk about anything that offends others, even science fact. This is how the anti-gunners are talking the 2nd Amendment completely out of schools and out of the picture for legitimate self defense. Don’t talk about something and it will just go away. This is the real problem in this country, that we can’t even discuss something that is factual and backed up by statistics like how all massacres occur in gun free zones. That is true censorship.

        • You know BI, I feel your pain. After lots of research and soul searching that would equal Plato or Socrates contemplating the meaning of life, I have come to the conclusion that the **** is not a sexual organ. Furthermore I find it curious that a males could be attracted to the ****. The biological function of sex is to procreate. Can’t be done via the ****. Given also, as you have stated, the spread of all kinds of diseases doing things this way, it makes you wonder why anyone would do this.
          When societies become affluent oddities like this have a tendency to become more prevalent. There is not as much penalty for doing these things when everyone isn’t paying attention. In a third world country they’ll drag a gay into the street. In a third world country they’ll drag a child molester into the street. Third world countries don’t have many gays or child molesters. In third world countries, gays spread disease and child molesters harm children. Both are socially unacceptable.
          This being said, as our country continues it’s economic decent, you will find tolerance will dry up for this type of behavior. Sexual deviants will go back into the closet or prolly face reprisals for their behavior.

        • There’s no specific treatment for norovirus. You don’t need to see your GP because your body should fight off the infection within a couple of days.
          But these help; Elderberry at first sign of virus, ginger root, oregano oil, Echinacea, and good ole peppermint which I know helps.

      63. Still the best book about survival and nuclear war: “Nuclear war Survival Skills” by Cesson H. Kearny. This will at least give anybody an idea on how to best prepare for nuclear war and the myths and truths about a global nuclear war. Much of the fear about nuclear war is because someone doesn’y know all the facts behind it. This book will help anyone learn more. Even build a simple radiation meter out of household supplies. Excellent book to have.

        • Let me tell you how I prepare for Nuclear War and for my own death.

          And forgive me for being personal here.

          And I am not suggesting everyone follow what I do but here is what I do to prepare. And this is not exact, as it is a rough summary of sorts and it’s not “exact”, it’s just a summary of how I think at times, and of how I pray. And by the way, I have always thought of myself as a lousy “pray-er”. I don’t think I’m too good at it. I never have. I might be decent at putting words together on paper but praying comes very hard for me. But I try. This is just a summary of different thoughts I have at times.

          “Bless me, God, for I have sinned, and forgive me, for I AM a sinner. I’m the most imperfect human being I know or have ever met. I’m so aware of my flaws that I’m sure You are too, especially of the ones I am not yet aware of. Let me tell you now how I sinned today against myself, my neighbor, and people I do not even know. [And then I will confess my sins]. You know, God, I do not know the future. As my late Uncle used to pray every day, ‘Use me, Lord’. Such a beautiful prayer, Lord. There’s so much happening in our world today, and in our own country. I have fears. And I have concerns. Please help me. And guide me. I want to be able to face you when it is my time to be judged by You. Don’t let me put off ’til tomorrow what I can do today to help somebody in whatever way. Don’t let me sell out to the devil, no matter how cleverly disguised he comes across. You know all my weaknesses. You know I get tempted easily. But with your grace I will press on. I’m also sorry for the talents I have squandered and not brought to fruition. You know I am sorry for having hurt others, especially when that was not even my intent. Thank you for everyone and everything. Thank you for all that has come my way, and I do mean all, even all the hurt and pain I have had to heal from. One last thing, Lord. There’s so much darkness in our world. That darkness gives rise to fear. That fear gives rise to crazy stuff. That crazy stuff makes me think of some really really horrible evil that could happen, that I could get caught up in, either as a victim or gosh forbid, as a participant. Please give me the courage and grace I need to do your Will, and not be a pawn of Satan, or tricked into saying something or doing something that he wants, because he wants my soul, and he wants it in hell. I want to make it into Heaven. But I get so Angry! at the darkness and the lies and the destructive stuff others do that hurt others. So angry. I do not want to break your Commandments. With all the thinking I do and all the posting I do and all the so called prepping one of my biggest mistakes if not sins is that I forget to trust in YOU! I actually forget to pray. I get so wrapped up in myself. And my thoughts. Because it could be all over in a flash. Or with a bullet. Or even in a death camp if I am not careful to elude evildoers who would try to put me and my loved ones and others there. I want to believe I am making a contribution. I want to believe I am helping in some small way. Yet I’m such an imperfect “love-er”. Things come hard for me. It’s not easy for me to be open to others. And I sin when instead of judging behavior I end up judging people. I commit that sin just about every day, if not every hour. And I know only You can truly judge. Help me to use the energy behind my anger for good, and not for bad.”

          That’s just a rough summary, and a very imperfect one because I really don’t pray that good. But certainly! the Lord’s Prayer (the Our Father) says it so much better!!!

          I also have to remember every morning to give MY will over to HIS will. It’s incredible what has happened to me (and the evil I became protected from) on the days I gave my will over to God or to the Lord. In AA and the other 12-step programs I think they call it trusting in your Higher Power.

          May I humbly suggest, as being one of the biggest sinners I know, that If not every day, then at least once a week, do your best, in your own way, as best you know how, to get right with God.

          Ultimately, God is in charge– not Putin, not Obama, not me, not you, nor anyone else. God gave each of us a free will. This site is about how some use their free will to hurt others, like through threatening war, or mandating GMO food. So let’s consider we each use our free will to help and befriend each other. And most of all, make your spiritual prepping or preparations first and foremost, every day.

          God bless you all. And may God keep you all in the palm of His gigantic Hand, and in His unfathomable heart.

          – the Lone Ranger

          “Every day of your life is a day less of it.” – Martin Heidegger, deceased philosopher

          “The root of all war is fear.” – Thomas Merton

          “For the sake of profit, many sin.” – Book of Proverbs, Old Testament

          “We make ourselves real by telling the truth.” – Thomas Merton

          “Judge not, that ye not be judged.” – Jesus

          “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” – Jesus

          • Lone Ranger, thank you. This has been the best post that I can remember reading on this or any site. I am always ashamed when I pray that I did not do as much as I can with the talents He gave me and fall infinitely far short of the example Christ gave us.

            Awesome post.

            God Bless,

          • And I thought I had it covered with ‘Dear God, in peace I lie and sleep, for You alone Lord, can make me dwell in safety.’

          • Lone Ranger:

            Wow…that was great!

            I felt like you were reading/writing my mind and my prayers….thank you for posting that.


      64. I noticed that many of us don’t know a lot about weapon systems. Some posters assume that all weapons are delivered by missile only. EMP and Nukes can be delivered by ground personnel. Just smaller versions. Some may already be prepositioned near their targets. If they are used there will be no warning. The very nature of EMP weapons will wipe out the system that was supposed to warn us. The only reason for someone to nuke us is retaliation. We can be shutdown by cyber war and EMPs. Can you imagine the chaos?

        • Maudy is correct as the USSR had an awful lot of suitcase nukes just for such war times delivered by individuals. However very large nukes, 200kt or more, are either delivered by missile or aircraft, too large.

      65. Having read “The winds of War”, many years ago I have watched what was going outbound with a very jaded eye.
        When China started buying all of our scrap metals I wanted to take a closer look into their own production and usage.
        Many times the steel and copper and aluminum are sent directly over there while the plastics and glass that they are supposed buying to recycle were simply put onto barges and dumped out at sea. I have delivered loads of recyclables to both kinds of facilities.
        Sure China is buying and driving up our prices to help their economy but they are also buying to pre-stage strategic materials. The after the fact denial of these local sources to us is a bonus.
        When countries who are controlled by leaders who see a real possibility of war or disruption these leaders stock up. Sure Japan was cut off from oil just before they attacked at Pearl Harbor but they stocked up on coal, steel and copper for years in anticipation.
        I worry when the orders stop.
        That is when the rulers of our world are holding their breath.

        • The Chinese are stockpiling a lot of copper and other metals. They have built complete cities that sit empty. When asked why they built cities that no one lives in, a Chinese General replied, “We expect America will destroy our occupied cities, so we wanted cities ready to live in when the time comes”.

      66. Nuclear war has always been my worst fear. For those people unlucky enough to not be in a blast zone, the horror will be unimaginable. If nuclear power plants have melt-downs the areas downwind will be unlivable. Starvation and disease will claim more lives than marauding bands.
        Maybe South America would be a sanctuary; don’t know.

        • @ J_Ct. 10 degrees north or south of the equator the air is almost constantly rising and spreading out away from the equator. At 30 degrees north or south that air circulation catches up with the rotational speed of the planet and sinks. It begins rising again at about 45-50 degrees. The highlands of South America not more than 10 degrees away from the equator would be a sanctuary for fallout. In college we use to make maps of the safest locations for fallout this was one of them. Also a really good spot is Tierra del Fuego on the southern tip of South America. Pueta Arenas is one of the cities down there with about 55,000 people living there. It is very cold and damp most of the year but there is lots of food from the sea and from what is grown on land.

          Another area in China is not occupying it is far south island New Zealand. Invercargill is a small town just against from Stewart Island world renouned for its famous chocolate. Many of the islands in the roaring 50’s, this being 50 degrees south would be safe from fallout but are difficult to live on because of the intense wind and other climate features. Why they call it the roaring 50’s. Wind generated energy would not be a problem and some of these islands have animals for game and plants do grow in most spots. Sunlight is rather hard to come by. Getting to these islands requires some real boating skills or a helicopter. Isolation would prevent someone from catching a deadly virus and from getting radiation fallout. Anything beyond about 55 degrees south would be an icy and rocky hell. I can’t think of too many spots north of 10 degree north that would be excessively safe in the long term because of the circulation of air around many of these targets. If everything was air bursts, still like mentioned above you have the fallout from all those nuclear power plants.

        • Yellowstone going off would be worse. Or about any super volcano.

      67. If a nuclear war breaks out im not so sure you would want to survive.

        • I don’t know, marty.

          I’ve mentioned it before. There was a guy who was at ground zero in Japan during WWII, twice (!) and he lived a very long life.

          YMMV, I suppose.

          • I remembered reading stories from a Japanese doctor, who was in Nagosaki after the bombs fell. He helped the majority of the nurses and residents in the hospital survived by promoting a macro biotic diet, heavy in grains. Apparently they were affective and staving of radiation and hunger 🙂

          • AG, if we went to Hiroshima or Nagasaki and looked around we couldn’t tell they were nuked. These are busy cities. Full of people. A couple of nukes isn’t the end of the world. Unless you’re at ground zero. Or in the neighborhood.

      68. Come on now.

        North Korea will attack South Korea, and then we will Nuke North Korea?

        That’s the logic here?

        • Matthew,

          We have a treaty signed to defend South Korea. If the North attacks, there is great potential that American soldiers will be killed.

          1. We are basically under contract to defend them.
          2. We have a large contingency of American forces on the ground in S. Korea.
          3. The US cannot permit the attack to happen in the first place, but if Porky does decide to attack South Korea, the US also cannot show weakness and allow it to go unpunished.

          I think if NK attacks SK, the US will defend them. Porky will not allow him to lose without using a Nuke because he is an absolute nutjob and doesn’t understand consequences for actions. If they use a nuke the US will retaliate. That’s my take.

          What do you believe will happen if NK attacks SK? Will we tear up the treaty and turn a blind eye with soldiers on the ground?

          Curious to hear your thoughts.

          God Bless,

        • I’m wondering the same thing. I can’t see the logic of basically going from zero to full blown nuclear at all.

      69. There is no hope but prayer…God is on the throne and in control.


      70. eisen,

        Now I know there are two of you. That post made total sense.

        • they must be switching cubicles on a regular basis.

      71. One year ago at 10:20 pm eastern time on February 14th the Chelyabinsk meteor hit in Russia. It will be interesting to see if at that time when the Earth passes through the same relative point in space if there are any other surprise meteors.

        If you recall, the world was waiting for a larger meteor that was to pass by the Earth 14 hours after the Chelyabinsk meteor struck. They were coming from opposite trajectories so the two were unrelated.

        Many times a meteor shower can be predicted by the Earth passing through a comet’s debris field or something similar to that. Was the Chelyabinsk meteor just a random rock flying by? Who knows. I just find it odd that there is nothing being mentioned about this and we are 3 days away from the 1 year anniversary.

        If this meteor was caused by the Earth moving through something there will be potential for a repeat, something more or something less. I tried to do some research on this recently, but have not really come to a conclusion.

        If JOG were here it would be great to hear his take on this. Hopefully it was just a random flying rock.

        God Bless and keep your ear to the ground and eyes to the sky’s,


        • @ Norse Prepper. There has been a little bit of movement of any field in space, so you can probably say 1 week before to 1 week after this anniversary date as the danger period of another hit.

          • @ BI…that’s exactly the information I was trying to ascertain. I should have known to ask you first! Thank you!

            So…We are currently under watch until February 21st.

            Thanks BI

            • @ Norse Prepper. About Feb.21 should do it. Maybe a week might be a little too long, but a week is a good ballpark figure. I am going to take JayJay’s advice and just leave everything alone in regards to trolls. I might sometimes respond with something to bring up a point, but it really is just not worth it. Expend too much energy. Rtaher spend time refining the earthquake predictions and figuring out better survival tactics or other more positive endeavors. I think this is a good idea don’t you?

              • Absolutely. I can honestly say I have never expended one thought on trolls that I didn’t want to. Life is too short.

                You add so much to this community that it makes no sense to spend time talking to trash. Keep up the good work and many of us appreciate your efforts.

                God Bless

                • I agree with what you say, Norse Prepper.

                  But at the same time, ignoring them kind of equals keeping silent.

                  I mean, don’t you ever want to pay the beggars at the off ramps to the Interstate to hold up a sign up like this?:

                  “Speaking of the TSA, our founding fathers would be shooting and/or hanging those bastards if they were alive today!”

                  • Ignoring those who genuinely need guidance is one things. Constantly falling into a provocatuer who is trying to frustrate you, either for his own entertainment or intentional derailment of the topic. Confronting you’re standard individual ideologically is healthy, confronting trolls only leads to more trolling.

                  • @ Average Guy. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I am going to stick with the topics at hand and try to contribute as much positive information I can to the site. I might bring up something that others might not agree with just like everyone, but I will not engage trolls again. It upsets the people here to do so, and wastes my energy. I might some time bring up a point to enlighten people’s thoughts in response to something brought up, but that is it. Adamantinum is absolutely correct, it only encourages more problems.

              • Just let me know when the Madrid is happening; I need my life jacket in place!!!!

                Seriously, I know I will not survive. But, what is it?
                Radiation on the west coast?? NOT.
                Tsunami on the east coast. NOT.
                Freezing in the upper north?? NOT.
                CorExit on the gulf coast? NOT.

                I’ll just stay put. Our days are numbered anyhow saith the good word.

                • @ JayJay. Watch the Nid Atlantic Ridge at between 14 and 20 degrees north, get anything over a 6 pointer here affects the New Madrid. Get anything over 7 and look out. Also watch the Caribbean plate and of course the central San Andreas as these all went off back in 1812 along with the New Madrid.

                  • I don’t have an idea where to watch these events.

      72. BULL CRAP !…….Everything is going to be fine! My shrink
        said so !

        • was that before or after the NWO ZOG V.A. SHRINK took away your guns ??? and put you on the ZOG DHS watch / no fly list ???



        “IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.

        The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,
        When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

        We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government.

        The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.”

        The Declaration of Independence, first two paragraphs.


        n.o. ;0p

      74. something to think about …

        if you want to be able to destroy whats on the other side of that wall ‘THAT IS TRYING TO KILL YOU’ …

        you are going to need a “BIGGER GUN”

        5.56 OR BELOW WONT STOP SHeeIT ;0p

        .300 WINMAG IS BEST ANTI-MATERIAL anti-brick-wall-barrier anti-vehicle RIFLE ROUND for Preppers in my opinion .

        .308 round with less mass and punch is more affordable though .

        just sayin you might want to have it as a ‘JUST IN CASE NWO ZOG FASCIST TYRANNY SHeeIT HAPPENS , as a FIX SHeeIT TOOL’ .

        … if ur’ unsure if it’s a threat to your life ‘KILL IT’ , you can say ‘your sorry’ after you go home to your family ‘who are dependent upon you for survival’ STILL ALIVE AND BREATHING .

        n.o. ;0p

      75. Rosie is back. The Sun knows you are a dike & fat libtard.

      76. Good article. Scary but true and the time is on its way. Time stops for no one.

      77. this will only end one-way … BADLY ;0p


        ‘bye bye American pie’



      78. What we need to do, is something that no one will entertain.

        We need a great leader to rise up and rescue this nation from the ‘professional politicians’ and ‘world bankers’. Sadly, no one will stand up, and even if they do, they wouldn’t last a day. You could tell their viability to save us, based on how fast they died after going public.

        This story has already been written – it’s time to just sit back and watch it fall. Nero had his fiddle. We’ve got our XBoxes. It really is no different.

        The saddest irony is ‘survivalism’. What are you wanting to ‘survive’? When Rome fell, it went through centuries of barbarian hordes, famines, plagues, to finally dissolve into nothing for another millenia.

        What are you trying to ‘survive’ to get to, thinking you are actually going to see ‘the other side’ of this tunnel?

        If anything, you are going to see this collapse and the rise of global enslavement. Better to fight now, than to run, hide, and try to out-wait it. Out-waiting it may take CENTURIES!


        SO WHO’S WITH ME ???

        i thought so…


      79. HELP ME, IRAN!
        HELP ME!

        My country has been taken over by zionist scum bag traitors!

        They honor isra-HELL first and foremost!

        THEY HAVE government money BRIBE systems in place called AIPAC!

        THEY (isra-HELL) BRIBE united Fascist states of MILITARY TERROR congressmen and women TO GIVE THEM MORE MONEY TO BUY MORE WEAPONS, and then sell them to China!

        “It is O.K., my American friend”, said Iran!

        We will rescue you from the brutal, evil, talmud-reading zionists that have BOUGHT your “free” government!

        Meet our allies, the BRICS!

        BRICS is preparing, AS A WHOLE entity, to “Attack” your country, both economically AND militarily.

        NOT JUST CHINA, but Russia (they have ALL the superior weapons and they have shared ALL with every one of their allies), Brazil, India, and South Africa!

        They comprise 80% of the worlds population and have 80% of ALL the know natural resources on this planet!

        They WILL destroy your evil, zionist and Fascist federal government (when done, it will no longer exist), break your evil country up “into about 5 different pieces” and then divide up the spoils of war (YOU) so you can be good little “wage slaves” for them!

        Look at a map of the world and notice, YOU ARE SURROUNDED!

        YOU RIPPED THEM OFF with your worthless Fiat currency and your CON-Game AAA securities scam (that in itself justifies a war) and they have let your country just “wear yourselves out”.

        Your military personal kills them selves at a rate of 1 per day! The morale is SO LOW you have naval personal that will NOT perform missions because THEY KNOW IT IS PURE suicide to go up against the ship-killers that all the BRICS have in their possession right now! THERE IS NO DEFENSE AGAINST THEM!

        That is why 5 of your “antique” aircraft carriers are in port RIGHT NOW! Hell, your boys and girls would rather “go to the Brigg” and live, rather than follow the orders of YOUR TRULY EVIL LEADERSHIP!

        And your air force is the exact same way. Why do you think the full push on developing remote control drones is on?

        Look what is in store for your “sitting duck” antique navy!

        MOSKIT – the best anti-ship missile in the world

        Your air force & ICBM’s ,
        MEET a new generation anti-aircraft MISSILES, MADE IN RUSSIA.
        S-400 «Triumph» ( SA-21 Growler )

        and, the Russians make the BEST subs in the World!
        Russian submarine TK-208 Dmitri Donskoi (06.06.2011)

        Attack Iran, and all 5 of these Countries WILL ATTACK YOUR disgusting united Fascists states of Military TERROR immediately!

        Do NOT worry, though, because your COWARDLY country NEVER attacks any country that could inflect much damage upon it!

        Fade away, now, United Fascist States of Military Terror, just fade away into the dust-bin of history!

        AND, prepare to become, FOR REAL, a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY economically!!!!!

        • uuummmm … i didn’t write that by the way … BUT IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD I HAD TO POST IT HERE !!!


      80. A top headline reads, “Is Barack Obama trying to shift alliances in the Middle East away from traditional allies and toward Iran?”

        Whoa, wouldn’t that get the Krugman’s of the world in a panty twist.

        Imagine if instead of nukes gong off, there was a bit of peace?

        Seems kinda biblical.

      81. Sorry

        I call bs on this as well..period.

        AJ and Skousen calling out likely nuclear scenarios?

        Please.. let’s get real folks.

        First of all,recent threats about Iran is about much of a threat as a neighbor 2 miles away hitting you with a rock..this is 100% fear porn X infinity..promulgated by the constant barrage by the 4th estate..much akin to the prior mantra of Iraq’s “weapons of mass destruction”..Same with North Korea..pure propaganda…

        Second of all,nuclear weapons are obsolete in the grand scheme of warfare..every single manned and un manned space flight/shuttles, etc were all military under the guise of NASA and space exploration for benefiting mankind..another fourth estate mantra.

        The technology hovering over us is skynet..sophisticated satellite weaponry so advanced that relegate nukes akin to muskets in comparison.NASA was shut down as mission was accomplished..all systems in place…

        We should be concerned and preparing for financial weapons of mass destruction..they have already been unleashed across the globe and well on the way for sustained “economic” fallout..

        The central planners and banks have it all in play..there’s still way too much residual wealth and resources to be extracted…


      82. Guys,

        I’m in Tokyo at the moment. I just returned from my first trip to Seoul South Korea.

        We landed at Seoul/Inchon airport last night at 2100 local time on runway 33 Right. The weather and in flight visibility was clear and quite cold, 0 Celsius on the ground.

        As we began our descent for landing we had a great view to the north, directly across the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) into North Korea. South of the DMZ, we saw thousands of lights illuminated throughout South Korea. Cars moving on highways, homes and business illuminated, airport lights could be seen in the distance. Marine ports, ships, etc.

        North of the DMZ, nothing. Not a single light, lamp, or lantern illuminated…nothing. Not so much as an outhouse with a light bulb. Just a giant black void where a country is supposed to be. To call the sight eerie is a gross understatement. It was downright chilling to think of people living in total darkness. Something about it seemed, inhuman.

        It’s one thing to see it on National Geographic. It’s entirely different seeing it in person.

        I’m glad to be back in Tokyo tonight and returning to the states tomorrow. The impression I came way from Korea with? If North Korea isn’t on full combat alert for imminent hostilities, they will be very soon. You don’t black out an entire nation just to lower the electric bill.

        I am hoping for the best, but planning for the worst. Here’s hoping.

        Cheers all.

        • I remember when I was a bit younger and running around in the bush with a rifle in my hand. 1978. There is dark, then there is third world dark. You ain’t seen dark until you sit in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a third world country at night. Can’t see a finger in front of your own eyeball. Baboons screeching at me to get off their hill. But you can’t see them. Hope a mamba doesn’t cuddle up to stay warm. Insects. Lots of insects. And dark.

          • Maudy, I know of what you speak…I did the same thing only there were howler monkeys yelling at me and they throw things….mosquitoes…big huge mosquitoes….

          • @ Maudy Frickett,

            I’ve been to a few Third World countries but I’ve never seen anything like North Korea. Granted I could only see the region near the demilitarized zone, but the contrast north and south of the 38th parallel border was absolutely incredible. Looking north was like looking at the dark side of the moon.

            I don’t know how South Koreans live with a crazed nuclear armed threat right on their doorstep, but I would not live there without a rifle, a pistol, and a heap of ammunition ready to go on a moments notice.

        • I was there 7 years ago to do a birth, and we did the USO tour of Panmunjom and other places…NK is creepy! I so feel for the people who live there. If you ever get a chance to go back to Seoul( I love that place!) go shopping at Namdamun! It’s wonderful! Yes, going to SK changed me forever….

          • @ Babycatcher55,

            I wasn’t there for a very long, less than a day, but the South Koreans were absolutely great to us. Very friendly, English proficient, and extremely helpful.

            Thanks for the shopping suggestion at Namdamun. I’m heading back to Seoul next month. It’s a very short layover there, but I’ll see if there’s time to visit Namdamun. Thanks again Babycatcher55.

        • Its been that way since at least 1975 that I know of.

      83. …And the rockets red flare, the bombs bursting in air. Gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there…

      84. Something is definitely up in the Koreas. When I was there US forces were plentiful and fully hyped up. Mini vans kept pulling up to whisk away uniformed women (when you have lots of women, you have lots of listening posts and surveillance).

        People seemed to be very busy and purposeful.

        North Korea is bat shit nuts but they have a reason to be paranoid: they were heavily destroyed in the Korean War and now have most of their defense infrastructure underground (that’s why you see little lit up above ground).

        As for the West, I would be worried that our governments (unlike Switzerland and Russia) make no effort to prepare the domestic population for these events or to make any provision for them to be sheltered. That says it all: you are going to be little nuke flakes on the elite’s Mocha-Frappaciono.

      85. You’ll never make it Eisen,you are too hard headed!

      86. WTF?? Eisen with 60 up arrows? This is unprecedented. Has the troll shown an instance of humanity? Amazing.

      87. if north korea fires nukes at south korea china will have no choice but to also attack north korea as china knows the rest of the world, will annihilate china if china launches nukes at the west!
        china is no fool, they don’t want to be destroyed!

      88. Don’t you all understand? Think of what would happen if we got nuked. Think about other countries when we’re in a recession. They hurt when we hurt. Now throw a nuke on us. I’m not saying the U.S. makes the world go round, but we sure play a BIG role in the world. We are a HUGE consumer.

      89. The ‘kill switch’ could be used (by government, hackers, etc.) to disable ALL phones.

        “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”
        -George Washington

        Proposed California Bill would REQUIRE ‘kill switch’ for smartphones

        Fox News

        • KY mom, would this work on regular phones like tracfone? We have a cheapy phone to keep around for emergencies and contacting family.

          • Anonymous Patriot,

            Good question.

            Would the kill switch disable tracfones and land lines also?

          • Anonymous patriot…it would depend on where the kill switch is “located” if it managers the server handling the gsm data transfer, then yes all phones. Which is likely

        • In any local emergency all family members need a ‘designated’ meeting place.
          Gene and I have one with more than 4 routes to reach it, do you??

      90. I think TPTB have their political puppets on to tight a string to allow a thermo-nuclear to break out on a large scale. That would destroy to much for them. A conventional war would , line their pockets, thin the herd and solidify control of the masses. Maybe one day a person of integrity will step up and begin to right this mess that we have, so far, allowed to continue.

        • Cogent thought,….and an excellent handle!

      91. henry said it best…
        Henry Kissinger: “If You Can’t Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf”

        By Alfred Heinz 27/11/2011 09:40:00

        Henry Kissinger, the most famous living practitioner of international statecraft

        NEW YORK – USA – In a remarkable admission by former Nixon era Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, reveals what is happening at the moment in the world and particularly the Middle East. Speaking from his luxurious Manhattan apartment, the elder statesman, who will be 89 in May, is all too forward with his analysis of the current situation in the world forum of Geo-politics and economics.

        “The United States is baiting China and Russia, and the final nail in the coffin will be Iran, which is, of course, the main target of Israel. We have allowed China to increase their military strength and Russia to recover from Sovietization, to give them a false sense of bravado, this will create an all together faster demise for them. We’re like the sharp shooter daring the noob to pick up the gun, and when they try, it’s bang bang.

        The coming war will be so severe that only one superpower can win, and that’s us folks.

        This is why the EU is in such a hurry to form a complete super state because they know what is coming, and to survive, Europe will have to be one whole cohesive state. Their urgency tells me that they know full well that the big showdown is upon us. O how I have dreamed of this delightful moment.”

        “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” Mr. Kissinger then added:

        “If you are an ordinary person, then you can prepare yourself for war by moving to the countryside and building a farm, but you must take guns with you, as the hordes of starving will be roaming. Also, even though the elite will have their safe havens and specialist shelters, they must be just as careful during the war as the ordinary civilians, because their shelters can still be compromised.”

        After pausing for a few minutes to collect his thoughts, Mr. Kissinger, carried on: “We told the military that we would have to take over seven Middle Eastern countries for their resources and they have nearly completed their job. We all know what I think of the military, but I have to say they have obeyed orders superfluously this time.

        It is just that last stepping-stone, i.e. Iran that will really tip the balance. How long can China and Russia stand by and watch America clean up? The Great Russian bear and Chinese sickle will be roused from their slumber and this is when Israel will have to fight with all its might and weapons to kill as many Arabs as it can. Hopefully if all goes well, half the Middle East will be Israeli.

        Our young have been trained well for the last decade or so on combat console games, it was interesting to see the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 game, which mirrors exactly what is to come in the near future with its predictive programming.

        Our young, in the US and West, are prepared because they have been programmed to be good soldiers, cannon fodder, and when they will be ordered to go out into the streets and fight those crazy Chins and Russkies, they will obey their orders.

        Out of the ashes we shall build a new society, there will only be one superpower left, and that one will be the global government that wins.

        Don’t forget, the United States, has the best weapons, we have stuff that no other nation has, and we will introduce those weapons to the world when the time is right.”

        • Don’t forget, the United States, has the best weapons, we have stuff that no other nation has, and we will introduce those weapons to the world when the time is right.”

          You aren’t serious.

          • Just remember: Kissinger Is the Top Kommie jewboy eliet working For the Real eliets IE Rotschilds ET Al jew banksters and zionistas.

            When henery K speaks of “our” or “His” nation it is Israel hes concerned about NOT the usa…oh He cares about america for now…Untill as that article stated “by Then at least 1/2 of entire Mideast will be Israel owned.

            When a few of us here post info that states that Israels real true goal is full ownership and global world control, we usually get slammed by red thumbs…Well folks when Kissinger says the EXACT same stuff of israels true desires etc…Just maybe we few here aint so far off that mark eh.

            If any person knows what the real true global plans are?…Its Kissinger and/Or Zebig Brezisizinsky, or however he spells his name….Them Two perpetrators are the most involved jew kommie swindlers globally bar none.

            They care ZERO for Us or america, once they get what they really desire…Thats a Global jew world order…NOT a “NWO” as there is nothing “New” about it.

            They and their Babylonian Talmudic evils was FIRST done By Babylon. Thats where their Pharisee Rabbi’s first learned of all the evils…Then the pharisee rabbis “Invented” a New religion…The ORAL-Talmud or Law…Only after around 300-400 AD did they actually Write their Talmudic perversions and evils down into a series or set of Books they call the “Talmud”

            And it has Nothing to do with the Old testement 5 books of Moses, or “Torrah” aka “Law” as orig called…

            And Thats Precicely where-what and How Talmudic Babylonian judaic Khazars(esaus edomites actually aka turks) Has so FOOLED so Many christians and evangelicals today…By calling Talmud the “Torah” it has confused or scammed folks to believe its somehow different than “zionists” or that some type major difference exists between “jews” VS “Zionists”….Its all One and the Same folks.

            Read some talmud and see for yourself whats really in it!

            Then return here and convince us who are awake to their swindles that all those Hundreds, maybe thousands of talmudic anti-christian and anti Christ centered verses, as well as anti gentiles totally across the board, are somehow “Good friends and israel is a good allied nation”!

            I 100% Guarentee that ALL who actually research these issues and talmudic judaic issues or beliefs will NEVER again tell me or You or anybody Else such Hogwash nonsense that israel or zionist talmudic babylonian judaics are our or christianity’s friends period.

            They, talmudics, once again WILL join sides or forces WITH Islamic muslims, same as before 1492 Spain, where for 600 years Prior to 1492, Spain was overthrown and controled BY Islam muslims the entire 600 yrs…

            That would have NEVER been made possible unless Islamic Muslims Had the full total cooperation and allied forces of Judaic talmudic Jews period…Jews that Pretended to convert to Roman Catholic…But once outted as spies and false converts IN CAHOOTS with Muslims to overtake Spain for 600 yrs…Began to be known as and called “Conversio’s” aka False christian Convert’s..

            Now after 2000 years that 99.9% of judiac jews or talmudics has Rejected Both Christianity and jesus Christ, and stands BY every vile perverted talmudic verse that disclaims, devalues. derides, vilifies, bastardizes, criminalizes, and over all hates Christ and Christianity with a Burning Passion like none other, as so many talmudic verses show and proves…

            Then how can any sane person think or believe after 2000 yrs of that belief and attitude…All a sudden now today, for the past few decads at best…All that has been turned around 180 degrees?…Todays tribe of babylonian judaics still remain glued to every page of talmud, every vile christ hating verse, yet are now somehow who We can trust? Who we now can consider palsy walsy alies and best budddys nation status?

            Thats akin to saying You believe that Yes gravity Always makes stuff and people remain grounded, and if anything Falls from any height, it always falls DOWN….But sometimes it CAN Fall UP too! Cause its all “Moral relativity and whatever You want to be truth then Thats what real truth is right”?

            Kinda like LIberals who tell you that “There is NO absolutes!” Hmmm…Gee wasnt That statement in itself an “Absolute”? Sure was..But stupid brainwashed libs cannot see that fact…

            And the same attitude is what zios and talmudics are hopeing they have You equally as brainwashed into believing of all issues regarding israel and jews.

            Wake Up time has nearly Passed you bye! Why not Research and RE-Think these things before it really gets too late to do so eh.

            Research More Kissinger if you need more proof whos and whos AINT Our friends or allies.

            OR just Wait till like it states in LUKE 21 vs 11&12 where it says in verse 11 of all the evils to come in end days etc…

            In LUKE,21:12 it says “But Before these things happen..THEY(who?) Will PERSECUTE You, and TAKE You Captive Into prisons and into THEIR SYNAGOUGES!!!!!”

            so the real question is Whos synagouges? who Else But jews calls a church a synagouge? nobody else does!

            If israel-zionists-talmudic judaics are such swell friends and allies?…Why did Jesus Christs OWN words Pre-WARN Us all since 2000 yrs ago about being Takin to prisons and Synagouges?

            How much simpler can reality be before thick headed foolish israel or jew firsters finally…Get It Yet?

            Only One final question remains:…Do YOU Yet Get it?

      92. My husband and I had norovirus. I’m going to tell you all now how you can AVOID getting this thing to the best of your ability, but first, I want to share that my husband and I caught this in the fall of 2012, and if you ever get this thing, you’ll never forget it, I guarantee it. I’ll spare the details but, not only will you get sick from both ends, this virus attacks your muscles and causes them to spasm, tighten up and contract.

        This is how fast it comes on, we went out for dinner, but we didn’t make it there because we both at the same time felt sick, had to turn around and get home. Within the hour, the muscles tightened up and we were crawling on the floor because our legs would not hold us up and the pain was so great, it was unreal. By the way we are both young.

        By the 7th hour, I passed out. It may have been due to my being pregnant at the time, but I was 3 months and my husband called the ER and they called the ambulance to come for me. My husband couldn’t even leave his bed. I miscarried at the hospital a few hours later. I do believe the virus caused it, as well as my doctor.

        I was released from the hospital the next day, but I could barely walk. My husband, the same way, he could not walk, drive, nothing. The doctor said we got the bad version of it.

        It took two full weeks, for us to get our bearings. This was no ordinary stomach flu. We both felt like we were going to die.

        So yes, I can see why norovirus would be used as a weapon on the masses because it debilitates you for a number of days.

        I’m not a dr so, all I’m going to say is, research grapefruit juice and stomach flu.

        My husband was exposed to noro again two weeks back at his work and we immediately started the juice, and NO flu. Please research it because in a shtf situation, this could save your life.

        • Elderberry syrup.

      93. Is it really worth it surviving a nuclear war, and leave in a Mad Max World, with no-one at the helm of sewage and other critical components that will pollute our waters and air. Running from place to place fighting to keep “surviving” and in some cases go on a bunker for years hiding waiting to hear if the air has cleared. I am not saying I will stop prepping but the more I plan and prep the more I think “Is that kind of life even worth it”

        • What? It didn’t look like Mel Gibson was having fun?

        • It is fun to watch these southerners get locked up with a couple inches of snow/ice. Same thing happens over on the coast. Here, we have metal spikes sticking out of our tires.

          • I am one of those folks, here in N. Alabama. We actually got about 5″, with about 5-7 more due overnight through tomorrow. Not a big deal in most places, but it is a fantastic day of PEACE here!

            • Enjoy the change of pace. Don’t try to fight it. Stay warm and well fed, clean up the mess later.
              In Big Sky country we do things when it’s time to do things.
              Then again, it’s been winter out here for 5 months, only 3 to go!!!

        • Western NC is currently having snow with more to come. Roads becoming hard to travel. Might pay to stay in for a couple of days. Good luck to all.

          • Was Fletcher NC named after Muthah Fletcher?

      94. And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.

        [7] The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.
        [8] And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;
        [9] And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.
        [10] And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;
        [11] And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.
        [12] And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise.
        [13] And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound!

        And that is just the warm up to the really big show.

        • exactly .02

      95. Strike on South Korea. EMP strike in the US. So the electronics in your car won’t work. Lights out, cell not working, car won’t start and your military neighbors went underground. Take a hint. Yea… get your prepacked Bug-Out-Bag with plenty of snacks and take a hike. Forget the NFL game. Cool…

      96. God saves those that save themselves. All others, say goodnight, Gracie.

      97. Costa Rica “HERE I COME”.

        There is no army and no ambitions of superpower.

        Peaceful nation and a magnet to expats from the U.S.A.

        Adios suckers.

        • Got any rights there? right to bare arms?

          I’d rather stand and fight

        • And when the people of coast rica start to starve who is the scape goat? Ole unarmed Bruno that dirty american, that’s who

      98. It’s only a drill. What are they training for?

        More govt. groups training and stockpiling ammo to ‘protect’ everyone from the second amendment supporters. Add them to the growing list that includes the military, DHS, Social Security, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and of course the Boy Scouts.

        Don’t you feel safer now?

        Feb. 2014 – The Post Office Is Stockpiling Ammo
        -Fit News dot com

        Ohio National Guard trains to fight ‘anti-government’ Second Amendment supporters

        “Documents from an Ohio National Guard (ONG) training drill conducted last January reveal the details of a mock disaster where Second Amendment supporters with “anti-government” opinions were portrayed as domestic terrorists.”
        -Media Trackers dot org

        Scouts Train to Fight ‘Terrorists’, and More
        “The Department of Homeland Security has been training “Explorers” (a coed affiliate of the Boy Scouts, ages 14+), to take on and disarm “disgruntled veterans” who are described as “terrorists”.
        -New York Times

      99. Snowed in this morning in N. Alabama. Loving it.

        • You spend 6 months with snow on the ground, the love affair ends quickly.

          • Indeed!

          • Yes, that I would like, not so much. 3 days is ok with me, not 6 months.

      100. E; I spent a few summers as farmhand when I was a kid. Very tough work, but rewarding as well.
        We loved it because we would start before sunrise and be done around lunch time before it got too hot. It left plenty of time to have fun the rest of the day.

        Serious question though … Why does everything with organic farming have to be done by hand? just curious.


      101. I saw a picture of the church with the bulletin out front covered in snow,
        ‘whoever is praying for snow, please stop!!’

      102. I think you’re way off on this one, Mac.

        China has no reason to want to nuke the United States. We’re the ones who are building them up, by buying all the cheap stuff they make, and we’re the ones that are educating their students with our universities, so that those students can go back and compete with us. If China nuked us, we wouldn’t be here to buy the stuff they make, and Europe and Japan would stop buying all the cheap junk that their factories put out, and their economy would completely collapse.

        Also, I try not use phrases like “it can only be.” We frequently (maybe even usually) don’t have all the info on what’s really going on. Just as an example, another reason we might not be doing anything about North Korea, is that we might believe they actually have the ability to detonate a nuclear or radioactive device inside the United States. That might keep us from acting against them. And we know they’re crazy enough to do it.

      103. “The trigger event has to be North Korea… North Korea is the most rogue element in the world and yet it’s been given a pass by the U.S…”

        I’d suggest putting the Chess board away and bringing out the Diplomacy board.
        1). Central banking institutions are destroying their paper currencies, and they’ll certainly offer their cashless-paperless solution likely controlled by supranational institutions officially afterwards.
        2). China is repeatedly the desired model, and China has been calling for a world currency for quite some time now. If China’s style of governance truly is the model, it is the desired winner of the next major confrontation. If so North Korea is a important buffer zone, North Korea will be part of the offensive not the trigger. The US’s response to North Korea will destabilize China’s buffer zone, and Japan would remain a jumping off point and staging ground.
        3). North Korea winning the Korean Peninsula will solidify China’s position particularly. This turns the South China Sea, Yellow Sea, and so on Chinese sea lanes for its navy and merchant fleet. Japan is its main rival here beyond the US.
        4). The US economy namely benefits Russia and China, so I’d say the elites desire Russo-China to ultimately win the war. North Korea being disabled as a buffer through nuclear weapons weakens China’s position. North Korea solidifying China’s position as a solid buffer is far deadlier than North Korea being a trigger.

        Syria-Iran trigger is too obvious; however, this will draw in Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Russia, China, and the US along with the rest of NATO. There’s no shock value here to distract from economic depression, and it’s way too obvious.

        Instead of Chess and using Diplomacy, there’s 3 possible triggers:
        1). US supported South Sudan V Sudan. This can begin simply by cutting off the flow of the White Nile and Nile River, and this only leaves the Blue Nile to reach Egypt. Chances are; Egypt who displaced US installed Muslim Brotherhood will face the full wrath of the Muslim Brotherhood in response. South Sudan is Al-Qaeda, and the UN after failing to mobilize the world against Kony into effectively the Central African Republican to create a staging ground and supportive positioning has decided to call upon forces to surge in the region.
        Central African Republic is the nation southwest neighboring Sudan and South Sudan. The connection is also largely not as pronounced as Syrian-Iran or North Korea.

        2). Chechnya declares total sovereignty and launches northward. Chechnya is US led and Saudi Arabian supported. Chechnya isn’t very large, but it fought itself a form of the 10th Amendment. US forces reside in Georgia, and Ukraine is a US supported uprising.
        Chechnya acts as a jumping off point into Russia. US and NATO positioned in Ukraine and Georgia supporting a Chechnya’s thrust will trigger war as:
        A). Russia’s plan A and B with Syrian-Iran is under direct threat, and this exposes its vulnerable underbelly.
        B). This forces Russia to declare war, and this ties into the third possibility.
        C). It’s do or die for Russia.

        3). Russia invades the US. In fact, our presently DHS directives make this possibility completely possible. Russia is now going to play a part in RIMPAC and other exercises within the United States.

        The most likely triggers would be Chechnya and South Sudan as both can start without without war immediately occurring. When South Sudan disrupts the Nile’s flow, war is inevitably near. When Chechnya declares total sovereignty and heads north by northwest after Ukraine just about wraps up, war is on the horizon.
        The bigger shock would be South Sudan as the Nile will kill millions of people, and the Muslim Brotherhood will likely regain power leading to the next major war.

        Inevitably, the war will come as a shock for most, and it’ll distract the populace as well as depopulate nationalists or national sovereignty supporters and etc. Otherwise, it fails to serve as a distraction and justification for hard martial law.
        North Korea and Syria-Iran are way too obvious.

        Another possibility is a second US Civil War or Revolutionary War. Then, I would expect Russo-Sino going on the offensive. Otherwise, it follows a unexpected arranged event or a direct major assault.

      104. I believe the trigger will be between Pakistan and India, in my humble opinion.

      105. LOL Alex Jones. Yeah, if there’s a global nuclear war you’ll just scoot off to the “redoubt” with your BOB…too funny.

      106. Here is why an all-out thermonuclear war defies all the principles of warfare. Wars are always started by rich old men and fought by poor young men.

        In a thermonuclear war, however, the rich old men are the first to die.

      107. Civilisation on Earth will exist only for one to two years at most as reported by some recent near death experiences.

        Reasons for the end of world include but are not limited to following caused by the reptilian ruling elite: Financial/economic collapse; radiation from Fukushima, Chernobyl, nuclear power stations, radiation from weapons using depleted uranium (DU), uranium alloys and plutonium; Geoengineering, HAARP, chemtrails and morgellons; vaccines, GMO, MSG, contaminated foods and drinks, poor nutrition, aluminium, mercury and vaccines; Famine, war, polluted water; Electromagnetic pollution, microwaves, forced microchipping of humans with implantable class 2 RFID chips.

        Reasons for the end of world beyond the control of anyone on Earth include the following: Pole shift, collapse of magnetosphere, Earth falling on its axis, immense global tsunami; Nibiru/Planet X, giant holes in the Sun and stars disappearing in large numbers from the night sky. Sun holes caused by highly advanced alien intervention.

        94% of the physical universe no longer exists and the physical universe is expected to end in July 2017. More information can be found looking online for the links below:

        • I have meditated for 25 years and never asked about the time of my death, however now I’m 63, and I recently did, and was told my physical universe interface device (body) will expire when it is 67. I have prepped for my kids. Now, I think I’ll go have some fun…

      108. If China attacks the US, I want to have a talk with them about their cheap worthless products that fall apart.
        I just hope they made their own weapons too.

      109. This article is total American propaganda. The rest of the world knows exactly what nation is the world’s main troublemaker and what smaller but equally egregious nations are the troublemaker’s gang of bullies (ie: Israel anyone). If another major world war breaks out it will be because the US interfered, destabilized, threatened or invaded once too often. America has been behind almost all the wars during the last fifty years. One day it will start one too many!

      110. It’s would be a good time to get down on your hands and knees and say Oh dear LORD JESUS for give of my sins I except you as my LORD and SAVOIR.

      111. Very misinformed article. North Korea has been in China’s sphere of vital influence since the Korean war. They proved this militarily and the USA has acknowledged it by not attacking North Korea. This is simple international relations 101. Saying that North Korea has been preserved as a trigger is complegtely ignorant.

        China has no desire to nuke America or anyone else. They are not suicidal.

        Our incursion into the Unkrain is much more of a threat to world stability.

      112. Sounds like we are being prepped for an EMP false flag attack that will use N Korea as the fall guy…

      113. Taking out hardened missile silos in America coupled with an EMP strike alone will not nearly be enough!! Too many U.S. nuclear “Boomer” subs prowling the oceans, no one knows where they are! Just ONE could wipe Russia out!! These subs by themselves make the doctrine of “Mutually Assured Destruction” a still very viable deterrent to a strike on the continental U.S.! Plus, there is the risk of nuclear retaliation against either Russia or China from England, France, Australia, and U.S. nuclear assets in Japan, and elsewhere around the planet!! The cost-benefit equation does not balance favorably, such is not the way China plays the “clock” or Russia plays chess. I don’t believe either China or Russia will risk their assured destruction to defend their crazy neighbor N. Korea or Iran especially if either initiates an attack on S. Korea or Israel!!! I believe there will be a nuclear exchange in the near future but it will be between local principal combatants, either between N. & S. Korea or Israel and Iran, but not a global exchange between the allies of those combatants which would be mutually suicidal! S. Korea has a tactical nuclear capacity (nuclear-tipped artillery, etc.) which they will use to repel a N. Korean attack. Russia might attempt to take advantage of a nuclear exchange between Israel and Iran but only with conventional military means. Regardless, its going to get very messy…very very soon!!!

      114. total nonsense

      115. Please go to NUKELIES.ORG to discover the lies told about the whole “nuke” thing.

        Synagogue of Satan wants the goyim dead alright, but there are plenty of ways for them to accomplish that i.e. spraying the skies, vaccines etc.

        NUKELIES.ORG will change your perspective. Happy reading!

      116. What if we launch on warning and then are given the self-destruct codes because it was a ‘mistake’? THEN the real attack occurs? Do we launch some or all of our salvo?….. Or are we just totally screwed?

      117. I couldn’t help but remember one of the “Jane, you ignorant slut” news episodes on the old SNL:

        “Nuclear tipped ICBM missle accidentally launched and headed for major American city at ten pm. Details at eleven.”

      118. Just remember there are ways to tell the difference between EMP and a regular old power outage. If ALL electronics suddenly fail, meaning your cellphone is dead, the laptop wont boot up, your car (with the exception of older, classic cars) wont start – that is most likely an EMP.

      119. BS”D
        Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
        A Handicapped child
        on (Dec 10 ’13)

        No One Can Enslave Us!!! Yes, I see very dark clouds on the horizon, very dark. I see great chaos everywhere. It is beginning. It is coming. It is coming from up. It is coming from down. It is coming from the left. It is coming from the right. It will come from the east, from the west, from the north, and from the south.

        We are in the end of times. We are at the point of no return. There will be no extra time given from heaven. There will be no softening of the Din. Whatever has to be, will be because now is the very end of times. We are going into the most difficult period that the prophecies, the prophets, have warned us about. It will be very frightening indeed, but with g-d’s help those Soles that were at Mount Sinai will be saved, as I have said before, but know it is getting worse and worse.

        The world in the past twelve years has changed not only politically but also in its natural shape. Islands have disappeared under the water. Terrible storms and earthquakes have changed our world completely. The terrible tsunami that hit Japan and destroyed the Fukushima atomic power plant has poisoned the Pacific Ocean, and the air above it with its radioactivity. Poisoning the Pacific Ocean and the air above it means poisoning humanity. We have suffered from Hurricanes like Sandy, hundreds of deadly tornedoes and all kinds of typhoons, and other types of terrible storms which have killed thousands, tens of thousands and even more. We have suffered from all kinds of terrible diseases which the medical profession doesn’t seem to be able to control. We have suffered from droughts, and from many unusual volcanic eruptions.

        Besides all that, we have been plagued by lies, the lies of the rich the ones controlling the monies of the world. We have actually become the victims of thievery in the greatest way. “Just take whatever you want from our bank accounts whenever you feel like it, Mr. President of the bank!”

        We have lost our so called democracy and we have become slaves. And if you think you’re not a slave, I’m telling you that you are, unless you hold on tightly to our Torah and all that has to do with our deeds. If we hold tightly to g-d, we will never be slaves. If we will be only with g-d, no one will be able to enslave us, and that’s what I’m telling you. That’s what this message wants to tell you – that most of the world has been enslaved. You can feel the ropes tightening around your wrists, around your legs, around your neck.

        You are slowly being put into a prison, a prison that will control every part of your life. However, if you hold onto g-d and do His will, you will never be a prisoner. You will always be free. Even though these evil people are slowly but surely controlling the world, you will not be a slave if you hold on to g-d. Then when the right moment comes, g-d will wipe the evil out of existence and leave us in peace. And we will continue throughout all eternity together with our g-d, who is our Creator, our Father, our everything.

      120. This is a thought-provoking article. I am so alone in the world, anyway, that I would probably have to see the combatants going at it closely by wherever I may be, heaven forbid (and thank God, it is forbidden for me), I would be as innocent in the situation as Archimedes was when he fell at the hands of a soldier rushing by just lopping off heads in the flaying gyrations of war, while Archimedes sat distractedly, puzzling out one of the secrets of the universe known only to the very highest intelligences. That kind of thing could probably happen to just about anybody. I’ve seen a lot of heavy action in my time here, and I am too tired regarding it to allow it to sneak up on me again. I think I will simply withhold all the essences that constitute “me-ness”, and allow my universe to run at my instantaneous whim; it will be, “Us [or I] vs. Them.” I can prove, mathematically and physically, that the little bubble of life I constitute within the streams of energies in, around and about me, IS TOTALLY SELF-SUSTAINING AND MAINTAINING.

      121. and where do you think all these animals in these big cities are going to go? this horsesh*t is nonsensical

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