The TOP SECRET Microwave Missile That Could Take Out North Korea’s Nukes

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 18 comments

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    The North Korean regime, run by dictator Kim Jong-Un, may be stopped before a war can even begin. The Air Force has a top-secret weapon that could annihilate the tyrannical country’s missiles, disabling them before they can even be launched.

    The Air Force and other government agencies have been working on the weaponization of microwaves for over two decades. According to the Daily Mail, the White House has discussed using experimental microwave missiles against North Korea to disable any of Kim Jong-un’s nukes. The Air Force could use CHAMP (Counter-electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project) weapons to fry the electronics controlling Kim’s latest rockets, stopping them from being launched. The use of the CHAMP weapons, which are not yet operational, was discussed at a White House meeting on North Korea back in August, according to NBC News.

    “These high-powered microwave signals are very effective at disrupting and possibly disabling electronic circuits,” said Mary Lou Robinson, who heads development of the weapons at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Albuquerque, in an exclusive interview with NBC News. 

    “Think about when you put something in your microwave that has metal on it,” said Senator Martin Heinrich, a Democrat from New Mexico. “You know how badly that goes? Imagine directing those microwaves at someone’s electronics.” Senator Heinrich, a member of the Armed Services Committee, began his career as an engineer at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Albuquerque.

    The Air Force Research Laboratory began the CHAMP back in 2009. In 2012, one of the weapons was tested in Utah against electronic equipment that was set up to mirror the capabilities of Iran and North Korea. The weapon managed to wipe out everything inside the first building it targeted, including the camera recording the test, before going on to target five more buildings then crashing itself at a pre-determined site. This is, so far, the only declassified test of a microwave weapon.

    Other tests are believed to have taken place since then to improve the weapon, including mounting it on a missile that is harder to detect and upping the power. A 2016 Air Force Research Laboratory document, seen by NBC News, says the low-flying missile is “capable of flying into a contested area and disabling an adversary’s electronic systems.”

    “Command and control centers are filled with electronic infrastructure which is highly vulnerable to high powered microwaves,” said retired Lt. Gen. David Deptula, who ran the air wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and retired as the head of Air Force intelligence. Deptula said he believed the United States could use an HPM to disable a ballistic missile on a North Korean launch pad, and that there are many advantages to using microwave weapons in a North Korean scenario. They work in all weather, said Deptula, which helps in the Korean climate, and “they’re employed at the speed of light. You can’t get much faster than that in terms of achieving desired effects.”

    If this technology can be used, it could be effective in the prevention of war.


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      1. It would seem logical to go ahead and fry their shit then.

        • Menzo, agreed. I say go ahead and fry their shit. Beats the hell out of losing any of our people in another stupid war.

          • They won’t use it. They WANT an attack so they can roll out more draconian shit! Never let a good crisis go to waste ya know. More boogie men to spread fear in the masses. In fact if NK doesn’t do it I bet the deep state WILL and blame NK for it just to get the ball rolling…

            • That technique sir is an entirely liberal construct. The current admin will do everything possible to avoid a damaging strike on the US or our allies.

        • It can’t be “TOP SECRET” if we are reading about it and Mac has a photo of it. Just saying. And don’t forget about those DEW weapons that ravaged NAPA.

          If they can drill a hole through engine blocks they can drill a hole through an ICBM sitting on a NK launch pad. 🙂

        • COOL! It will also fry all the computer systems on those WW2 era artillery pieces pointes at Seoul!

          … right?


      2. So Top Secret its entire history is on Wikipedia including results of its field testing.

      3. sounds like a slow release EMP. wonder if it would destroy all their electronics…or ours.

        saw it on morning news so makes me think its all BS just to provoke fatty-fatty boom-boom boy into making a move. i mean didn’t Trump run on “we’re not going to tell you what we may do”?

        Seems fishy.

      4. On the contrary, they may be probing for themselves, Russia, or China, trying for a reaction. I believe it is the same for the warship collisions they want the US to retaliate and see what advance weaponry the US has so they know the foe better.
        A good card player doesn’t show his hand until……

      5. Hmmm, “Top Secret”? If I might ask, “how tippy-top Secret is this program if we’re reading about it here?” And hell, NK probably still is using vacuum tubes instead of semi-conductors anyway.

      6. …except much of NK’s critical military infrastructure is buried deep underground so probably not.

      7. So, what’s the point. They already have HAARP, which can do the same thing with even more power and precision.

      8. China wants the US and NK to sit down at the negotiating table. They still think Clinton and Bush are el presidente. If the US ever makes a deal with NK, it better be for the formal surrender of NK, and the NK returning the $7 billion dollars USA sent to them since 1992. I say form a joint operation coalition with Russia and China, perform Nation Cleaning, and then clean up the middle east, and after that, remove the entitlement invaders of Europe and the USA.

      9. LOL Top Secret, this story reeks of UFO chemtrails.

      10. Yah, but! What about the 20000 conventional weapons pointed at Seoul So. Korea?

      11. Set it for two minutes on high,stir and heat on 50% for two more minutes. Let cool for one minute….done!

      12. I guess its not so “Top Secret” after all if we are reading about it here…

        Too bad you can smell the super weapon propaganda because it smells like rancid outhouse at the height of summer.

        • More like a muslim refugee camp in August lol. This is a top secret site don’t ya know…

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