The Time Is Now: When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty *Video*

by | Aug 25, 2012 | Headline News | 285 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    The time is now.

    As Iraq Veterans Against the War we are resisting an occupation we once risked our lives for. We swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, but we found out the hard way that the greatest enemies of the Constitution are not to be found in the sands of some far off land, but right here at home.

    When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

    It is time we start meeting repression with resistance.

    They cannot stop us.

    Humanity marches on.

    The utmost manifestation of love and devotion to America is today, as it always has been, resistance of tyranny.

    Resist we must and resist we will.

    We will not be silent. We will not obey. We will not let our government destroy our humanity.

    [The above excerpts, quoted in the video below, are attributed to Marine Adam Kokesh and were delivered on the west lawn of the Capitol in July of 2008]

    Via SmashABanana:


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      1. Thank you, Mac.As a Vietnam veteran who is fed up with our Communist-in-Chief this was a breath of fresh air. We must resist tyranny if we want our children, grandchildren and beyond to be free. It is our duty to our families to resist.
        God bless all who have the courage to stand up and say “NO!”

        • the age of some of the footage shows how long this has been in the works, freedoms have been lost so slowly that most havent noticed.
          one of the most important things we can do is to teach our children about freedom and the meanings of the words in the US constitution , teach them about the freedoms that they should have but now do not.
          the next generation is gonna have a real rough time in this country , we worry about financial collapse and this exec order and that new restriction , but the kids growing up RIGHT NOW are the ones that will have to fix this mess. it took 50 years of apathy to get us here , it will take 50 more to get it back.

          • No offense intended, but the Republic doesn’t have 50 years. My money says about 3 years ,,,,,at a terrible cost. The Tree of Liberty will be like a vampire this time around. Still, it’s now or never.

            • uhhh- 50years to fix it AFTER the collapse,to be more specific . and i agree time is very short.

            • I don’t think we have 50 years either, with cameras, tickets revenue and more revenue they are trying to take eveything they can to keep the machine going. Did you guys see now I believe on Sept 1 they want to tax all intenet sales or something close to that. It’s unreal how they can continue to take from us but illegals can claim false dependents and get a check sent to them without using a SSN. On fox they said it was roughly over 7 billion a year. If the government would just really cut down on fraud they would be amazed how much more they would have. i never thought 7 years ago America would be looking like a 3rd world country. There is no way things can keep the same and keep running. it’s going down and we are not going to lay down and be slient. Sooner than later the dems and some GOP are going to pass laws or try to push us again and at that point a civil war is going to break out after the financial collapse. I believe that its comming I really do. There is no way people can afford gas over 4 bucks a gallon with all the other costs including, insurance,food,taxes,tolls, electric bills and so many more. I think they understand that they have reached the point where they have tried to make as much money as possible at current gas prices and now know they have to lower them or the country will crumble. I could be wrong but that’s what I believe. I don’t know why they would want a collapse, they are taking a chance, if they think they can control us after it, they are going to be mistaken, or is this a population control for the masses to die off. But if things collapse they will not be getting the revenue they are used to and I don’t know why they would want that to happen. SO not sure what these elites are thinking. They are getting older and if their younger children are to take over, they are going to make many bigger mistakes than their parents and I think that will be their downfall. You see a lot of business owners hand it over to their children and they run it, but a lot of times they can’t do the job to the same degree as their parents have. I don’t think they have the dream and desire as their parents had. there mistake is getting into something for the money and not for what they really like to do. If we don’t have power and banks shut down and you have a mortage on a home, that would be the last thing I would be worried about. It would take a increadible amount of time to figure things out in a collapse I believe. Could be wrong again.

            • Fifty years? Really…We are on the brink of something of epic proportions. Get ready and stay ready…please.

          • I don’t think we have fifty weeks. Fifty days, perhaps.

            • 75 …. Election day

        • “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.”

          I second Mr. Franklin on that one.

          • I agree with the sentiment, but that was actually Mr. Jefferson.

            • You are right. I quoted Franklin on another blog this morning and the haven’t had enough coffee yet….

            • If what I’ve been told by some who call themselves ‘historians’ is correct, Mr. Franklin was the original author of the statement, but Mr. Jefferson liked it so much he asked permission to use the phrase — needless to say, permission was granted.

              For Christians who would think that it’s un-Scriptural to go against a tyrannical government (Romans 13:1-5), you’ll find that throughout Scripture, there were key figures in the Bible who reached a point where they could no longer “submit” to the authority of their government and they took their stand against it.
              Examples include the parents of Moses who violated Pharaoh’s law of throwing male babies into the Nile by NOT doing so with Moses,… Rahab of Jericho intentionally lied to her king and with willful intent misdirected him and the guards away from the two Hebrew spies on her roof top – saving the lives of her kings enemies… the mid-wives of Egypt (who were with the Hebrew women) intentionally lied to Pharaoh about why they were not able to throw the male Hebrew babies into the Nile River.
              Interestingly, Scripture tells us that by LYING to the Pharaoh thus saving the lives of the Hebrew babies, “God blessed these midwives by giving them families of their own…”
              Mordecai is another example of those who took a stand against the sitting authority. His crime: he refused to knell down before a man named Haman (even though king Xerxes had given this command to all royal officials) and thus spawned the planned destruction of the Jewish race.
              Romans 13 isn’t so much telling the individual Christian to obey government as it is telling the people what a Godly form of government is – and that is – “…government is only (a God ordained) government when it follows the protocols defined in verses 1-5.
              Regardless of how ‘Christianized’ you might think our founding fathers were – deists or otherwise – you would have to admit that by today’s standards, they were (as a whole) dogmatically Christian – and they reached a point where they could no longer follow the laws of a tyrannical government.

            • Why post your contact information?

          • That was Thomas Jefferson

        • This is far bigger than this president. This has been the same for at least 40 years. Pay attention!

          • 100% correct

            it is not left
            it is not right

            thats why it is so incredibly dangerous


          • It started the day our country was sold to the Fed for a pile of trinkets. Our corrupt government has just been bought by a bunch of suits. We cannot let them win

            • It started the day the constitution replaced the articles of confederation.
              Consolodate power, create wealth thru law, rinse, repeat.

              The history of america is much darker than most would ever dream of acknowledging.

          • Exactly. It always surprises me that people who are supposedly awake to what’s going on can still be so simplistic in their political thinking.


        • GOD BLESS VIET NAM VETS AND GOD BLESS YOU SIR! I received most of my training from Viet Nam Veterans in the 80’s. Some of the best men I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

          • I have too being prior in the Navy, I had learned many things from that generation and many older seals. I think they were one very hard working generation and we were at the tail of it. I hear of people that want to go in the navy that say they have no time to workout. I just think to myself, my god we used to get up at 630am go to college at 830 until 330. then work from 4 till 930 then hit the gym for an hour then go out drinking that night. I get so sick about not having time to workout some of these younger people honestly dont know what hard work is. Keep jogging and doing some workouts when things go bad you are able to sprint or run out of a high crime area or hot area where you can run to safety. I know some on here are older with many back injuries etc. Keep doing stretching and try to walk around and keep active even if its only a little bit or walking the dog around the block. make sure to stretch after that as well. you will help keep your joints more flexible. When you get older your tendons shrink and you lose movement so even stretching alone can do wonders for some of you vietnam vets and eating right. Thanks again vets from that generation and we understand the freedoms that you had and what you could do. We won’t forget that and pass it on and let our younger know what this government is doing. We don’t need government, they need us. If they want to tramp on us then that will be their downfall.

            • Clint you are absolutely right, I am a Vietnam era vet, Navy, and I too am guilty of letting my physique deteriorate considerably. I WILL begin to rectify this now, thanks for the heads up!

          • So…they gave you training on how to evacuate from embassy rooftops?

            • @ Dboy …..Seems to me… we are NEVER in a short supply of assholes nowadays!

            • Dboy,

              I wish we knew who you were so we could put you on a list. This list would consist of F56&*ing Assh^&*es like you. The list would be visable for all to see so people would know who to help and who to let rot in the festering street. You truley are a distasteful pig and are most certainly the offspring of a drug damaged bitch.

              Sorry to everyone who had to be bothered by my foul choice in words this morning.

            • It burns your eyes to read, because it’s true.

            • Easy to run your soup coolers when you hide behind a fake handle. Real men speak straight up and DON’t hide their names like the candy *ss you are!

          • Thank You GatorNavy! It was our pleasure! SEMPER FI !

            • Your Welcome Nam Marine! I am “Always Faithful”

        • @ Cyrus—-And we come full circle from the first Civil War! One of the reasons for that war was a resentment of the Federal Gov’ D.C.telling us southerners what we could and couldn’t do.The advantages was geared for the industry’s in the North and little help to us in the south!But now it looks like people in the north have finally recognized what an evil gov’t.they have turned loose on the Nation.Maybe This time ALL the people can work together to be free from a Corrupt GOV’T.that we ,in the south,started fighting against 1861!!I lived in S.C.for a quarter of a century and I know most of them will fight for their rights when the time is right! And ‘no offense’to the people in Spartenburg SC but if you ever get an urge for a good old fashioned FIST-FIGHT ,just walk into about any BAR there and holler”Who wants their ASS kicked?”and they’ll fix you up in a hurry!!SO I know we can count on them! thanks—

          • mountain man, you are right, the north is wide awake and ready, at least a good chunk of us are. There are still a lot of people that have no idea things are bad as they are. They don’t even know who the vise president is, hes a vise alright. A lot of the younger are going to be screwed! They will have no alternative survival or main plan. It’s going to be chaos for them and hell. They have no weapons and sad to say are going to probably be killed. If many of these young people don’t even know who mitt romney or paul ryan are they will be very gullible to government control when all this goes down. Nothing we can do. Too many not-engaged young generation out there. Wish we could help them but at that age they are partying and think about women and having a good time and trying to be cool. Or the other half that work hard and studying hard in college or in high school and doing the right thing, but minimal survival skills. That will come to an end and that generation will be complety unpredictable.

            • Yep, agree, walk down thru a mall, or a large gatering of will see large numbers of people who will not make it past the second day or second month..

            • clint,I agree about the younger people,although I’m sure there are some exceptions.I was driving south one day toward Augusta GA.then I realized that I’d missed a right turn somewhere,strip-malls were popping up everywhere and I knew I’d messed up.I saw a young man fixing to climb a ladder to the roof of a auto-parts store,he had a company truck sitting there so I decided if he was from out of town ,he’d know where we were at.I walked up to him and asked if he could help me ,he said “Sure”.I then asked him what our location was.He said funny you should ask that because I DON’T KNOW!!ARE we near Augusta?DON’T Know!?Well I knew 441 was to the west of me so I took off and found my own way.But I’ll never forget that young man who didn’t know where he was at,unless his GPS thingy told him where he was!! Strange times for this ole -timer!

          • And here’s my favorite.
            The same argument that was made to keep slavery, is being made for illegal aliens. ” our farm won’t be profitable, our chicken plant, drywall business, paint business, landscaping,etc.etc.etc”.
            If those arguments weren’t valid then, why should they be now?
            We are screwed anyhow. A country full of spoiled, obese and lazy citizens. Not all, mind you. I understand that. But more than enough to tilt the scales.

            • check out chinese company gets contract for bridge rebuild in cal. american companys were not given chance to fair biding not enough skiled american workers?:???

          • Amen! The North never realized that as they murdered the South they were putting chains on their own necks,supposedly freeing people but enslaving the whole nation,opening the door for the destruction of liberty from sea to sea 🙁 ….Im convinced 1865 wasnt the end of the story, as Mr Davis said once to the effect”…there will come a time when our cause will once again be taken up”…I think its in the wind even now,hear it?..the REBEL yell? I think the elites hear it and they fear it… “Live free or die tryin”

        • Dude — Bush was potus when this was recorded. Ease up on the communist in chief crap … no deifference between any of them so stay focused on America and not your racism and anti-democrat crap.

      2. Mac

        Awe inspiring..

        Hopefully you won’t disappear into the night after posting this.

        May God watch your back..

        and all of ours.


        • If he does, we all better rise up to defend him

          • You are absolutely right, VRF!

            I heard an interview with Brandon Raub’s attorney this morning and he said 20 other veterans in Virginia were in the same situation as him. (committed against their will for speaking out)

            The difference is, Brandon’s mother and friends raised high holy hell. They had those videos up on youtube in no time flat – they had the public on Brandon’s side and they made sure EVERYONE heard about it.

            If something like that were to happen to the owner of this site, who has provided us with all this information and a place to discuss things, it is our duty to make it go viral and get the same kind of attention that Brandon’s case got.

            Actually, if something like that happens to ANYONE it is our duty to make sure the right thing gets done. At this point in the game, we still CAN make a difference and the outrage over Brandon’s case has shown that.

          • Viet Nam Vets (I too am a Viet Nam era vet), I believe we (vets)know the price of freedom and look upon the stars and stripes (that’s right Obama, we served-you didn’t) with tears for the fallen and tears for how this gov’t has sent many good speople to their deaths. You destroyed our youth (average age in Nam-19yrs.). We stand to resist you destroying our children and grandchildrens youth. And our country. We know how to win; In God We Trust! You’re trying to take that off our court walls, schools, and fiat money.

            A big thanks to you Mac for allowing us all to voice our concerns with each other and know we’re not alone.

      3. “When the Government’s boot is on your throat, whether it is a left boot or a right, is of no consequence”.

        That quote is a keeper.

      4. Government sponsored tyranny will not go quietly into the night. We will be tested. Only when the jack booted thugs meet a stone wall of resistance, will they halt for a moment of reflection: Do we want total civil war, or do we start obeying our oath? That will be the biggest decision of this century. No other decision will come close in terms of consequence. Well, which shall it be?

        • That will not be the biggest decision of this century, it will be the biggest decision of this REPUBLIC.

        • Looks fairly clear to me that the establishment has already made their decision. We haven’t had a constitutional republic since before 9/11, and I don’t see that reversing without you-know-what.


          • Don’t you mean since 1913 with the establishment of the Federal Reserve???

        • I went and watched 2016 yesterday. I came away with some convictions as to what Obama has planned. The gradual installation of Islam as the official religion of the US with Sharia Law replacing our present system, second the return of the Southwest to Mexico. This includes Texas so you Texans better wake up too, whites are already a minority there with La raza militant and agressive just like here in Ca. land of the loons. Third he will do as much damage to our military and security as possible. He will complete the creation of the Caliphate in the Middle East something which with his assistance is almost complete now. He will keep spending like crazy in order to collapse the economy. These are my main beliefs and if I am right we are in danger of losing everything we value.

          • Hey John, you are one nutty dude! This is so much bs. Callin’ you on it dude.

      5. Thank you Mac- “Always resist!”

      6. Have you ever wondered what happened to are forefathers whom brought us the consitution take Thomas pain he spent 7years in prison for defining the British and his book comman sence you can read it in PDF on the web and those me new well what would happen to them but they gave us a constitution words for all “WE THE PEOPLE” that is freedom for ALL no matter who you are the world has always looked upon are constitution as the greatest because it is for EVERYONE many of the men whom signed the constitution died and where tortured by the British and lost there homes and families but they stood tall and courageous so we future generations would have the words to stand tall because you have to always be on your guard because because freedom is never free.

        • “We had better hang together, or surely we will hang apart” Franklin?

          • the words are wrong but the centament is corect

      7. Until I’m either out of bullets or blood…….

        • @PO’d,,,,I’ll cover the re-supply on the bullets,,,,the blood,,,,yer on yer own!

          • any of you in the midwest near iowa, illinois or Pa?

            • Illinois here brother.

            • Western Pennsylvania.

          • I’m a medic, I’ll take care of the blood.

          • swift in Pittsburgh and and blackriflewarrior will be in iowa when this falls apart. I see your guy’s posts on here and at least I have a clue now where you guys are from when we post stuff. thanks and hope you guys the best and someday we could meet. who knows what is going to happen but we are all a step ahead of most of americans.

            • @clint hospo,,,I’m about a 110 miles north of Pittsburgh, in a rural area. We do NOT like or trust people from Pittsburgh. We get a lot of them up here as vacationers/hunters/fishermen and the vast majority cop a superior attitude over the local rednecks. Because of their money, many have bought up old farms for private hunting preserves. By and large, their skill at shooting makes them eligible for Bloomberg’s NYPD. They’d do well to stay to the south of us WTSHTF. (Much healthier, me thinks!) God speed and be safe.

      8. Yes tyranny needs to be totally destroyed along with its accomplices political correctness, globalism, pressitute media, etc.
        It needs to come down to the unrighteous tyrants being guillotined.

        • And no more hyphenated Americans.( African-American, Mexican-American,etc.)You’re either an AMERICAN, or you’re not.

          • Amen Heretic!

          • Teddy Roosevelt said America has no room for hyphenated Americans. You and Teddy are right.

            • Southpaw, ou left out the best parts–ring any bells, fellow patriots??
              “In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the man’s becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile…We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language…and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

              Theodore Roosevelt 1907

          • Amen brother!
            I have friends in England and Germany who always bring up the fact that our American sense of “egotistical individualism” is one of our biggest flaws. Those two countries are just as big melting pots of culture, race, and religion as the US is but they never use the terms “African-German” or “Italian-British” to describe themselves…they are British citizens and German citizens period.
            You can’t have a true “United” States until everyone starts uniting, taking responsibility and ownership of the country they claim to be citizens of instead of looking to find terms or titles that keep us all seperate and individualized. There is more safety and success in numbers than there ever will be if we keep going as “politically correct” and seperated individuals. We all have a sense of pride and respect for wherever our ancestors originally came from. But for whatever reason be it by choice or against their will those ancestors arrived in America and now generations later we are native American citizens. Be proud of your ancestry…but be even prouder of your citizenship in this country. We all have heard the phrase: “United we stand, divided we fall”.
            If you claim to be an American, then be an American….period.

            • Remind your friends in England of Saratoga; and the ones in Germany of Trenton.

          • Outstanding Heretic. Until we get over our petty differences, we cannot win this fight

            • Heretic excellent!! I wonder and not racist what the black communtiy would think of us if we said Im irish german american. They would look at you like you make no sense. But look at what you are saying black people. No different. I hear ya too, im so tired of hearing that as well. Or if a black person is half white and they already assumed they are black. I never got that one. As for mexicans many of them are hard good workers but they are really brown baggers who take what they can and don’t care about the laws. They are in College and think they have a right to it. They are breaking the law clearly and I think liberals that support them and let them receive all sorts of benefits should be put in prison for breaking laws and not doing anything about it. And then when we have someone that is trying to enforce the law, the obama admin shuts them down or tries to tell the states what to do. IF that is not obvious to you liberals then you don’t care about the constitution or any laws and I feel no pity for you at all if you run into trouble. If you take their side your just as bad as them and the reason this country is failing. You don’t care about this country or making it better. You only think of yourself and a taker. I hope your prepared when the checks stop comming and you try and lie with your little crew and stop at someones house and beg for a meal or better yet you try to steal what they have and get whats comming to you. That will be less brown baggers in this country to worry about taking vs achieving or providing for yourself. That is what America is about.

          • And while we are at it, screw hyphenated last names,too!

            • You mean Betty Troublemaking-Bitch?

      9. 1. Karen,The Revolution directly resulted in the Articles of Confederation, not the Constitution.
        2. I am a Marine and an Oathkeeper who supports the principles of resistance to tyranny but please note, this “speech” was delivered while Barry’s predecessor was in the White House so it was not directed at what has happened over the last 4 years.
        3. Talk is cheap. Where are these people today? Where is their “resistance”?
        4.Our situation is dire and resistance may become necessary after Nov 6th but until then, lets work to replace the statists with statesmen. After all, the responsibility rests with the populace through lawful elections so in a sense, we get the government we ask for.
        5. There is a huge difference between “freedom” and Liberty. We must defend Liberty which may be expressed as freedom constrained by a moral code. That may be why Ben did say, “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom…”
        6. Which brings us to the root cause of our decline; the rejection of God and His laws from both the political and private areas of our society. If we truly desire greatness, we would do well to dwell on the next part of the quote from Franklin which includes, “God governs in the affairs of men.”
        7. This nation was founded on and dedicated to the desire to honor God through religious freedom. Until we put our priorities back in their proper order, “resistance” will fail.

        • “Gods laws” for political and private lives?
          What is this the rise of the American Taliban?
          What you are describing is theocracy.
          You can keep it.

          • Mr Hermit, I refer to the PRINCIPLES of the Founding Fathers who were not so interested in your acceptance of Christianity as they were a common set of virtues upon which to base our laws. Without such a common foundation, no society can be sustained. What makes “right and wrong”? Is it whatever 9 black-robed oligarchs say it is? No of course but this nation was founded on the understanding that our societal agreement regarding “right and wrong” would be based on Judeo-Christian PRINCIPLES. The decision regarding acceptance of a God or complete atheism is and always will be a personal matter.
            But don’t commit murder, steal, lie, lust, violate your marriage vows, disrespect your parents, or covet another persons possessions has always been good advice for society.

            • Why is it that so many people feel the need to boldly claim that someone who disagrees with them has not read enough or is not educated enough. To assume does not do me harm but does make an ass of you.

              I believe you are implying I am ignorant of people coming to the American colonies to escape religious persecution? Or perhaps that I am ignorant of the fact that many settlers did attempt to set up their own little theocracies? Or am I suppose to read up about how there were thirteen independant states who simply came together under a federal umbrella for mutual defense and economic power? Perhaps I would be unaware that 13 states would and could have 13 different common sets of values to base law off of. Perhaps I am unaware of the fact that trying to get even a few “christians” to agree on what the bible means is like trying to herd cats. Or that unfortunately it is 9 old men in black robes that decides what is legal under the system of government those founding fathers agreed to. Or that they came to the conclusion that people will always want to impose their beliefs upon others and it is the governments duty to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority.

              Or maybe I am suppose to be ignorant of the fact that the christian bible claims that the thought is just as big a crime as the act? And that to impose this sort of system upon people is assinine at best. That people understand it is better to be hated than killed.

              Perhaps you think it is a good idea that imposing the beliefs you have upon others using force as the final arbiter is a good idea?

              I will stand by my original statement and say that what you are proposing is theocracy.
              I will add that if you think this country was founded with the intent of imposing any one religious set of values upon the country that you are wrong.
              I will ask that you not imply ignorance upon my person and if you mean to call me stupid or some other claim about by level of education you be a man and just say it.

            • @ Casey Jr. Your point is largely well-taken—Jesus Christ should be our personal AND political KING, but your post is seriously undercut by using the oxymoron “Judeo-Christian.”

              Though building upon the Pharisees’ defection from the Mosaic Covenant (among many, see Mark 7:6-9 and John 5:45-47) and Pharisaical hatred of Jesus Christ, Judaism is a POST-CHRISTIAN religion. The rabbis freely admit that Judaism is a POST-Christian religion. Christianity does not flow from the defectors, does not flow from the Pharisees, but from those who followed Mosaic Law, from those who loved—not from those who killed and reviled—their Messiah. Christian morality has nothing in common with Judaism’s misanthropy, genocide, perversity, and Master Race moral depravity.

              Even if you took Judaism’s perspective, they think that Christians apostatized from Pharisaism. That is why Judaics call their converts to Christianity “apikorsim” (apostates, heretics).

              So whether your perspective is Christian or Judaic, “Judeo-Christian” is an oxymoron akin to “apostate-believer.”

            • “Judeo-Christian” is a neuro-linguistic deceit designed to narcotize the goyim into thinking they have something in common and nothing to fear from Judeo-Zionists who teach that “Jews” are the Master Race and who exhort genocide of the goyim (read the Israeli press if you doubt what I say). The term has certainly been effective in serving that purpose, especially among the brain dead evangelicals who pretend they are “bible believers,” while arguing against everything in the Bible that God said about the Israelites, Scribes, and and Pharisees in the Old AND New Testaments.

            • The God who gave us life gave us liberty.

              Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God.

              Thomas Jefferson

            • We would be wise to look deeper into these romantic historical perspectives that we hold about our “godly” founding fathers and the supposed Christian foundations we claim as a nation. The goal of any Hegelain Dialectic is to make the protagonists and the antagonists cherish their position and perspective above all else, thereby rendering them incapable of independent thought and willing participants in the conflict because they feel invested. When the conflict generates its inevitable outcomes (death, destruction, famine, poverty, etc) the puppet masters will once again provide those who remain with a savior. The illusion continues.

            • Casey Jr. says: But don’t commit murder, steal, lie, lust, violate your marriage vows, disrespect your parents, or covet another persons possessions has always been good advice for society.

              Unless you were the founding members of the US who came here first and murdered the natives who possesed this land, and then lie to them about truces and steal more land from them because they coveted that land for themselves? or am I wrong? They only believed in these things for themselves.

            • I have always found it fairly easy to treat people as Ichoose to be treated if that doesn:t work do not associat with them if ehey get pushie smac them in the mouth and go about my own buisness I could be wrong but it works for me

          • Perhaps too, Sir you would do well to read the actual history of what the first settlers did when they arrived. Hint; it was not the founding of the ACLU or SPLC.

            • Unfortunate for the USA myth, many of the founders were Deists (not to be confused with Theists) whose belief in a deity is so abstract as to make them practical atheists. Some of them were even worse, Benjamin Franklin and Patrick Henry in particular. Franklin was a practicing satanist, the Aleister “the Beast” Crowley of his day.

              Even the supposed Catholic Founders, the Carrolls, ascribed to Americanism, a defined heresy from Catholicism. For details on that, see Solange Hertz’s book, “The Star-Spangled Heresy: Americanism.” Though out-of-print, you can find affordable used copies:

            • Casey Jr: They were called Puritans and they were a bunch of religious fanatics. The had zero toleance for anyone who taught beliefs different than their own. They beat and murdered Quakers who are some of the kindest and gentilest people on Earth. The hung and burned people whom they though were witches. By the way, there are no such thing as withces. If that’s your idea and ideal of founders then you and they can go rot. They’re no better than the Taliban with their intolerance, torture, and murder. Oh, and please me show where the Constitution where it takes something directly (verbatum)from the Bible and is only found in the Bible. Anywhere in its seven articles, or in the first ten amendments will be acceptable for your claim that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. But it better be a lot of the Constitution and the amendments, not just one or two paragraphs. Give it whirl.

          • @hill hermet….

            You live in a republic that was founded on principles that were first defined in the scriptures, but are too stupid to realize it.

            Europe has pure secularism. Perhaps you’d be more comfortable there.

            • Well. At least you have the balls to just call it like you see it. Thanks for that.
              Unfortunately as has been stated in this very thread the founders of this country were in the majority Deists. It has also been accurately stated that Deism was a belief system that made those men much more akin to atheists or agnostics than christians. I am sorry that you are one of the hordes of americans who are ignorant to the truth about the founding fathers but know you are part of what is likely the majority of ill informed idiots who want to think this is a christian nation.

              As for the, if you don’t like it go away, comment.
              America today is much more a facist oligacy than the republic it began as. What would you say to the idea that if you don’t like it perhaps you should leave to somewhere more to your liking?
              I chose to stay and do what I can to further the cause of individual liberty. I am even idealistic enough to believe you have the right to believe america is a christian nation and can run your ill informed trap all day long. It is when you take action to force your beliefs, whatever they may be, upon others that you become my enemy.

              In closing a quote so many christians love to use.
              “I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”
              -Thomas Jefferson, letter to Benjamin Rush

              If you actually want to learn something about history and become a more educated person take the time to find the letter from which this quote comes. You will discover the “tyranny over the mind of man” he is referring to is the clergy.

            • Walt K: Show me lines from the Bible, verbatum, and that exist in no other documents, that are part of the U.S. Constitution or the first Ten Amandments. The Constitution is the foundation of this country because it’s the primary law of the land. I’m not interested in some pact by a few small groups, one of hundreds, that came to these shores looking for a new life. Contrary to some of our myths, most folks left Europe for America for financial gain, very few for purely religious purposes. Think not, then look at who backed these people, it was primarily business concerns, not churches. Even the few who came for religious desires had to make a profit for their sponsors. This country was and always has been about making money from all of the untapped natural resources here. Give me the biblical quotes or back off of this silly kids’ story of a new land founded by God’s people to be shining beacon to the world. Show me the direct quotes and I’ll back off-deal?

          • Moderation limbo again. Moderators must protect the goyim from the truth.

            Save your thumbs down. The rabbis themselves freely admit that Judaism is post-Christian and not biblical:

            “Jews don’t read the Bible literally. We read it through the lens of generations of interpretations and acknowledge the evolution of human understanding of God. The Talmudic image of God is vastly different from the image of God presented in the Bible.” [Rabbi Laura Geller, Senior Rabbi, Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, California
            Huffington Post | April 2, 2011]

            “This is not an uncommon impression and one finds it sometimes among Jews as well as Christians – that Judaism is the religion of the Hebrew Bible. It is, of course, a fallacious impression. Judaism is not the religion of the Bible.” [Rabbi Ben Zion Bokser, Judaism and the Christian Predicament, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1967, p.59, 159]

            “The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees. Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent, of which a very great deal is still in existence. The Talmud is the largest and most important single member of that literature, and round it are gathered a number of Midrashim, partly legal (Halachic) and partly works of edification (Haggadic). This literature, in its oldest elements, goes back to a time before the beginning of the Common Era, and comes down into the Middle Ages. Through it all run the lines of thought which were first drawn by the Pharisees, and the study of it is essential for any real understanding of Pharisaism.” [Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 3 pg. 474]

            “Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But throughout these changes of name, inevitable adaptation of custom, and adjustment of Law, the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered.” [Rabbi Dr. Finkelstein, The Pharisees: The Sociological Background of Their Faith, The Jewish Publication Society of America (1946) p. xxi]

            “The Talmud is the written form of that which in the time of Jesus, was called the ‘Tradition of the Elders,’ and to which He makes frequent allusions.” [Michael L. Rodkinson, The History of the Talmud: From The Time Of Its Formation About 200 B. C. Up To The Present Time, Kessinger Publishing, LLC (June 8, 2006), ISBN-13: 978-1428631366, p.70]

            “The complex of rabbinically ordained practices … including most of the rules for the treatment of Scripture itself–do not derive from Scripture at all. Rabbinic Judaism’s initial concern was with the elaboration and refinement of it’s own system. Attaching the system to scripture was secondary. It therefore is misleading to depict rabbinic Judaism primarily as a consequence of an exegetical process or the organic unfolding of Scripture. Rather, rabbinic Judaism began as the work of a small, ambitious, and homogeneous group of pseudo-priests …By the third century (A.D.) the rabbis expressed their self-conception in the ideology of “oral Torah” which held that a comprehensive body of teachings and practices (halachot) not included in Scripture had been given by God and through Moses only to the rabbinic establishment.” (Rabbi Jacob Nuesner, Rabbinic Judaism: Structure and System, pp. 31-34)

        • Casey Jr. : Sorry young fellow but I and 20% of the rest of the country don’t need to preached to. My dog tags said no religious preference and we are growing in number. I don’t need some holy man with a book telling me what is right and good, I can see that for my self through my own life’s experiences these nearly 60 years. Unlike most religionists who ‘do the right thing’ only because they fear enternal punishment and or want eternal bliss, but usually it’s both. I resent the arrogant attitude that only religious people can virtuous. We secularist do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do, not for some reward or out of fear of being punished. I respect life and will not initiate violence or force and will only use it in response to someone else’s aggression. I was in the military and was an LEO and I know how to protect my self and others. Our country is in deep trouble and it’s because of greed; the desire for more and more possession and power over other people. It’s a sickness of the mind, you’d say the soul, but it’s killing us none the less. And all the preaching and praying won’t fix it, only by doing the right and logical things will it get better, and that my young friend means putting people before profits.

          • Tell us another funny one, Gregory 8.

            Contrary to your claims of morality among the irreligious, the ascendency of irreligion correlates with the ascendency of moral depravity, not with virtue.

            If you are a moral man, it is in spite of your irreligion, not because of it. If you are a moral man it is because of what God has written in the heart of every man, not because you deny He exists.

            • John Q: That WAS my point; that morality is a choice everyone makes by what he or she values. I and other secularist do it because logic tells us that treating others decently works because it works with us and not because we will be punished by God if we don’t or be rewarded if we do. The only inducement we need is that decency works when we spread it around and it comes back to us. You want to talk about depravity; the various communist regimes, in the name of politics, atheism was a side note for them, did unspeakable things to people. But then again, as I stated before, Puritans tortured and murdered Quakers and ‘witches’, John Calvin and his group murdered non-comformist, these are verifiable, historical facts, not conjecture. In the bi-monthly magazine put out by Freedom From Regligion Foundation there is a column called the “Balck Collar Crime Blotter”; it’s two pages of priest and ministers arested, convicted, fired, resigning, etc. for variuous sexual and fiscal crimes. And this newspaper has at least 6-8 pages of courageous secular kids being harrased, and even threatened with bodily harm, by the religious bullies in their schools because of their beliefs. The threats and harassement also come from the religious kid’s parents. How about those as fine examples of Christian love and tolerance? So please don’t pretend that religious folks have the inside track on morality because they don’t. It’s something you develope and nurture early in life; you either have it or you don’t. Oh, and by the way, in your response to me you committed a couple of logical fallicies. The first one was when you stated that the ascendency of the irreligious corressponded to and increase in depravity is called “false cause’, you failed to provide any direct proof such as peer reviewed stuy showing a direct link between the two. The same silly arguement could be made to prove that once we threw God out of the classroom, and repalce him with science, we were able to land a man on the moon. That’s also silly. Your second fallacy is somewhat similar to the first: it’s called “post hoc ergo propter hoc”; after a thing, therfore becasuse of a thing, in this case “God writting on mean’s hearts” makes men moral. Since neither you, nor anyone else, have proven the existence of God, let alone his writtings, you’ve failed there as well. And since belief in God is a matter of faith, not proof, you’re stuck with that problem forever. It’s fine that you have faith, but religious people need to stop trying to jam it down other people’s throats. Live and let live. Peace brother.

            • You conveniently ignore the evidence against your point. The ascendency of irreligion correlates with the ascendency of moral depravity, not virtue.

              Read again, but more carefully. I offered no post-hoc-ergo-propter-hoc fallacy. I made no claim of causality, only correlation.

              YOU, not me, are the guy claiming 20% are irreligious while touting the virtue of your 20%. YOU make the logical error of gratuitous argument. You have ZERO evidence that your co-irreligionists are virtuous.

              Amidst MY observation of the correlation between irreligion and moral depravity, I challenge you to adduce credible evidence of virtue. You cannot. YOU made a claim that YOU cannot support.

              The virtue you have freely asserted, I freely deny—with laughter AND correlation.

            • I beleave in god so loved the world that hegave his only begoten son as a door way to him he also gave us the right to choose i may not always agree with him but Ialways try to make my father proud both spiritual and parental for me it works.

          • Well Gregory, I am not a “young fellow” in fact am pushing on 7 decades but thanks for the compliment anyway.
            But answer me this: What is the source of “rights” for the secularist as you claim to be? I do not preach when I refer to the common understanding among our founders that our “unalienable rights” were endowed by our Creator and so they followed His concept of right and wrong. You may note a trend in world history that without the Manufacturer’s Book of Instructions, men wind up where you say you are; doing what is right in their own eyes.

            • Casey Jr: Source of rights is called common sense by observing cause and effect. If you choose to give up responsiblility for your own thoughts and actions by letting someone from a book of fairytales tell you what to do, that’s your business. But please don’t tell the rest of us that we should do the same. And to suggest that a country should be run on such a book is insane. Religious intolerance as practiced by the people you would have running this country has cost western civilization centuries of social and scientific progress because of their ridiculous beliefs. According to your folks there are withches to be burned, that science is the devil’s work, that slavery is o.k., and the subjugation is written in holy script. No thanks, you can keep that primative world and all of its ills. Free Thinkers have had to drag you religionists kicking and screaming into the modern era. You and John Q. ask to prove where we secualrist have proven our moral superiority, here goes: We’ve eliminated slavery and enmancipated women, both of whom were told to mind their palces in the Bible. We’ve cured countless dieases (God’s will) with science (the Devil’s work), just to name a few. You would rather drag us back to the dark ages just as the taliban would do; NO THANK YOU Sir!

            • Amidst all that smug bullsh*t, where should I start? So many targets of opportunity! Here goes:

              (1) You have a cartoonish grasp of history. To characterize the relative peace of 4 centuries of Christendom’s Middle Ages as “Dark Ages” is laughable—especially when stacked up against the 1/3 BILLION who died under tyranny and at war in one century alone, your secularist twentieth century earthly paradise.

              (2) You really want to suggest that intellectual accomplishments are a measure of morality?

              (3) The Church supported scientific research and Catholic scholars have long been preeminent in secular sciences. I suggest you read the Introduction to the late Fr. Malachi Martin’s “The Jesuits” before you blather on about how anti-scientific the Church has been. And that chapter is a chronicle of only one of hundreds of religious orders.

              (4) ESPECIALLY AMUSING—the two theories of which secularists are most proud, Big Bang cosmology and “punctuated” macroevolution have FALLEN FLAT. Best current science published by Oxford cosmologists shows that geocentrism fits cosmological observations perfectly without invoking any of the “fudge factors” (“dark matter” and “dark energy”) necessary to prop up moribund heliocentrism/Big Bang cosmology. About 2 and a half centuries after Darwin, you secularists still have NO EVIDENCE, NO MISSING LINK, to support your ever-weakening theory of macroevolution. Instead, your evolutionists have about a dozen lines of scientific evidence against them.

              (5) You have emancipated women to do what? to kill their own babies? to work in AND out of the home because your secularist utopia immorally levies usury, pays unjust wages, and charges unjust prices? emancipate them to be sex slaves for the tribe, the “Russian” mafia? So much for freeing slaves.

              (5) You have ended slavery? Besides sex slavery, your usurers have brainwashed the goyim into believing, as George Orwell so well satirized, that economic slavery is freedom. Now both father AND mother trudge off to work to feed their families IF they can fed them at all. Ended slavery? Tell us another funny one, Gregory 8.

              (6) As for the “devil in science,” allow me to introduce Monsanto, bioengineered plagues, chemtrails, human animal chimeras, fetal experimentation, chemical abprtifacients (“birth control pills”), and Fukushima in evidence.

              Your science is as faith-based as any holy roller tent revival. Your secularist death toll and “total knowledge” surveillance tyranny makes the Inquisition look very appealing.

        • In this country we not only have freedom “of” religion, we have freedom “from” religion. Our founders had the sense to understand not everyone believes the same. Morality and religion are not the same thing.

          • “resistance will fail”

            Resistance never fails, it is ever succeeding. The mere thought of resistance is a victory of itself and should be celebrated, and replicated again and again. Resistance never fails, people fail to resist.

            The failure of the masses to resist will be the downfall to the bottom, but once there, up is the only way left to go.

            • ***should have been a reply to Casey, not Heretic***

            • Casey I like what you wrote but who and how are we going to put in (statesmen) respected leaders when the system wont allow it, and Barry wants to retain power. I think there is going to be huge struggle inside the power system if a collapse happens. We can’t allow obama to retain power for another 4 years. Yes Mitt sucks but he is not such a threat to us than Obama is. We will see what he does, we have to give mitt a chance even though we know what he stands for basically. I heard somewhere that obama wants greece to remain ok thru the elections and bail them out to keep europe running until he can get re-elected. Otherwise he will have more to deal with here at home and Barry doesn’t have a fricken clue what to do. If barry knows most to all blacks love him and most whites dont like obama, Barry is going to bond more with that crowd due to human nature of fitting in. Barry has divided us and I don’t think honestly there is going to be a false flag to keep him in power I really dont. I could be wrong completly and admitting that, but I think with the banks in bad shape and business starting to slow down Obama is screwed and violence itself will build up and small race riots will breakout unless a full blown collapse breaks out and thats when the asshole engages martial law and thats when the people either give up and law down guns and turn them in or they stand up and fight for what we are and believe in. Please correct me if you disagree. I keep an open mind and respect everyones thoughts except stupid peoples beliefs. lol

            • @ Clint: I wholeheartedly concur with your analysis and am doing all I can to see that Mr Sotero is denied another 4 years to tear down our nation. That much is on principle alone as it is my opinion that the fiat monetary system will collapse no matter which candidate is elected this fall. If we can evict bho however less harm will be done between now and the great collapse and the eventual recovery will be less painful to my children and grandchildren.

            • John Q: Your unhinged ramblings have proven my point about the madness of religious famatics. The “church” as you call it squashed far more science than it helped. It tortured and murdered millions in the name of God through out the centuries and every war fought in Europe was religious in nature; divine right of kings placed on their thrones by God and blessed by the church. I see you didn’t answer the part about slavery being sanctioned in the Bible. And as for women, most don’t have abortions, but they are now allowed to vote, get an education, own property instead of be the propery of their husbands, so yeah, we did a good job, no thanks to the likes of religious fanatics like yourself. Sounds like you don’t like women who are assertive and think for themselves. What’s the matter, do they scare you? You’ve pointed to some of the failures of science, so what, it happens. Humans are fallable and are going to make errors. But science is self correcting for the most part. But the good findings outweigh the bad ones. You can reject science whenever you wish. Next time you’re sick or injured, don’t rely on modern medicine brought to you by science. Don’t let them use any diagnostic insturments, or anestehsia, or antibiotics on you because it’s science based (the Devil’s work), just pray if you have the faith you claim to have and perhaps God will heal you, if it’s will. Oh, and the Jesuits you mentioned didn’t get on the scientific train until way after a little thing called the Inquisition. You know, torture , murder, persecution, stuff like that. What happened was that the Reformation came along, followed by what is called the Age of Reason that threw off the shackles of religion and other superstions. It was only then that the Jesuits decided to jump get on board with science because protestant and secular europe was about to leave their mediaeval asses to the dustbin of history my friend. I do have a question. What’s all this whacky nonsense about jews and conspiracies and such that you find necessary to always inject into the conversation?

        • The problem is, these religious fanatics are quite serious in their plans. They want a theocracy, run by the most ignorant and shallow among us…no thanks.

          • Yes, imagine that.

            Imagine a nation without legalized abortion, without legalized sodomy, without legalized pornography, without “neocon” (read “Judeo-Zionist”) perpetual “preemptive” war, without legalized [Judaic] usury, swindling, and materialism, without economic crimes against humanity.

            Yes, imagine that.

          • @Dboy….

            For every “ignorant and shallow” religious fanatic I’ve come across, I’ve seen 10 atheists who were even more ignorant and shallow.

            • Interesting…
              All the nonbelievers I know (except for one exception, an antitheist) never bring up their lack of faith unless forced to by those who insist on bringing their faith and god into every single conversation.

              Nonbelievers generally never talk about religion because it is a nonissue to them.

              I am amazed you know of so many people who are nonbelievers that you can make the statement you have about them. In fact I will raise the bullsh!t flag on your post, as I think you and your poat are full of it.

            • Who mentioned atheists? Not me.

            • Ah, yes, rail against religion while failing to notice how “the Enlightenment” has birthed oceans of blood.

              In 500 years of the Holy Inquisition, a bogeyman of secularists, a total of 300 were sentenced to death by GOVERNMENTS, NOT THE CHURCH. In 50 years Judeo-Communism managed to murder 135 MILLION!

              NOT THE CRUSADES, NOT THE INQUISITION—NOTHING in Christendom—NOT EVEN THE FALSIFIED “BLACK LEGENDS”—even remotely approached the oceans of blood that the world has suffered since the ascendancy of irreligion, of “enlightened” Illuminati, banksters, Judeo-Communists, and freethinking Judeo-Masons.

        • @ Casey Jr :

          you are absolutely correct

      10. I feel that the inter net is on life support now, and TPTB is have to pull the plug soon very soon to stop people from see the truth. This election in the fall,(if there is one) is a dead fish. It will not matter who wins TPTB are here and they will not go back and wait for another chace to take over totally. The fat lady is at the microphone and taking in her first breath to start singing. In my gut there is a feeling that alot of SH-T is coming down fast very fast. We all must stand firm and when they come, SPIT IN THEIR EYE and TELL THEM WHERE THEY GOT IT. We have a short time to get in their faces as a group, soon we will be cut off from that happening. Nows the time to ruck up and head out.

        • Its going to get violent I believe. I think cops are going to be over aggressive and people get hurt and beatdown, and at that point there is going to be a few people with guns that shoots into the riot control cops formation and they fire back and that ignites it! Then people fly home and all hell breaks out. We haven’t seen that realy yet. usually they throw fire,bricks,sticks,cans whatever they can, but once the bullets start shooting they are going to kill innocent people and will have enough! And all hell breaks out in larger cities. Just a matter of time. you know they are very nervous about taking away peoples “assult weapons”. I hate that word. What do you think possible?

      11. UNITY

        its the only way out of this..the only way

      12. Change comes from the barrel of a long rifle. nothing will change until progress is measured in f.p.s.

        • I agree with you. But just as we did before the FIRST Revolutionary War, every peaceful route must be tested first. Only after peaceful negotiations have been exhausted (which I believe they will be) will we be “right” in removing this gang of criminals by force.

        • What a stupid statement. What are you a Chairman Mao wanna be? Got news for you that is a course of action that will result in total failure.

          • There’s one very consistent theme throughout history. Massive power struggles result in unpleasantness for just about everyone involved..and they happen with regularity regardless of the lessons of history. The US is not the thousand year Reich. The thousand year Reich wasn’t event the thousand year Reich. Change happens.

      13. mac, thank you for this article and video. Jerry C., your post is right on target, especially about Romans 13. Evangelicals have been totally misled about Romans 13 and the rest of God’s Word. God NEVER said that his children had to submit to manmade governments that were evil. He meant that we are to follow government ONLY AS LONG AS THAT GOVERNMENT FOLLOWS BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES! God never intended for any of his people to live in fear of tyrants. Everyone better draw their lines in the sand NOW if you haven’t already. I took my stand right after Ruby Ridge. There’s not one thing our government does today that has any legitimate basis for it. We are all being forced into a conflict none of us ever asked for. It’s so horrible to think of how many good people we could lose in this coming war, but at least I know that we’ll be fighting for a righteous cause and our deaths will not be in vain. I want the same thing everyone else wants; a free America liberated from globalist control, foreign influence, and the nightmare of one-world government. Take care and keep prepping.

        • we do the best that we are able to we prepare for the worst and work to make it better alittle prayer cant hurt.

      14. The more the military wakes up, the more freaked out TPAB and bankers will become..prepare for another FF, or an outright jump down our throats, fear is the only thing they have as a tool that seemed to work for them, and that is even growing into an action response out of most of the awake, and the military personell that see them for what they are.

        They will use the cover of war, and natural events (hurricanes, earthquakes etc) or “them made” situations to bring about thier tactics, be aware of it, be awake to it..dont let them get you off your game, I know its coming i can feel it

        • “Chosen People” (Gavril Princeps and his co-assassins) started World War ONE—25 million died.

          “Chosen People” (the 1934 Declaration of War of World Jewry against Germany) started World War TWO—60 to 80 million died.

          “Chosen People” created (Rabbi Moses Hess and his disciple Marx), financed (Rosenwald, Kuhn, Loeb, Schiff, etc.), propagandized (Ehrenburg, Mikhoels, Khaldei, etc.) exported (Kun, Eisner, Zimanas, Rozanski, Pijade, Rakosi, Olszewsi, etc.), and mostly ran (Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Sverdlov, Litvinov, Andropov, etc.) Communism, their secret police (Dzhezhinsky, Yagoda, Bronstein, Yurovsky, Pauker, Slutsky, Gay, Speigelglas, Babel, etc.), and gulags (the Kaganovich family, Berman, Frenkel, Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk, etc.)—60 million died in the USSR; if you blame Hess and Marx for Mao, add another 75 million dead.

          The synagogue of Satan is responsible, directly and indirectly, for the murder of nearly a QUARTER BILLION PEOPLE in the 20th century.

          How many will you let them kill in the 21st century?

          Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

          • It is really telling how so many folks here this site always are critical of main stream media, especially tv news. To which I fully agree.

            Yet these same folks who always tell others to Not believe nor trust MSM medias, act so like liberals who can’t admit factual truth when a poster like,John Q. Public even includes various links-quoted statements etc as to the TRUE kommies and what or how they are, and have been destroying america the last 100yrs.

            John Q Always gets many thumbs down and it is so obviously due to pre-concieved notions, or beliefs due to I think far too many folks who claim to be a christian, are really brainwashed by several MSM type pastors such as John Haggee or Pat Robertson et al.

            That along with the infamous “Scofield” bible with its nearly all wrong interpretations, especially where the bible discuses jews. These folks Always ignore every single biblical verse, even those by Jesus Himself, which state in No uncertain terms, that the Sinagogue of Satan is in fact them jews.

            Weather its verses such as Revelations chapter 2 and 3, vs’s 9 in each chapter. IE: Imposter jews etc.

            Or John ch 8 vs 44…Or Old testement book of Jerahmia, chapter 7 and 31 thru ch 34. And basically refuse to accept that christians are supposed to be Living and acting as wrote in Our new testement. Which has replaced the Old testement.

            I aint saying the ten comandments aint yet valid cause they are valid. I mean(and you Know I mean) them verses Mis-interpreted like God tells Abraham “I will bless them who bless You, and your “Seed”(singular Not plural like Haggee claims gives total free pass to every jew ever born as if anybody gets a free pass!)and then applies it to all jews from all eras etc.

            FACTS=, Abraham lived and heard God tell him that a few Centurys Prior to any jews ever existing. Besides what about all the Other 11 tribes?…12 tribes of Isreal, but never yet became “isreal” or “jews” Untill AFTER Abrahams 12 GREAT Grandsons reached adulthood and started Familys which morphed into 12 tribes of Hebrews first and Later 12 tribes of “isreal”!

            Well read your New testements to see how it came into being BY Jesus and was to be observed by ALL who seek eternal redemption. What began as “Only for isreali hebrews” became “Salvation for ALL Mankind if willing to accept Christ AND His New Testement. PERIOD.!

            And ever since His days and beginings of Christianity there No-Zero-Nada people or tribes or groups etc who get any sort of Free pass to do evil and still atain heavens rewards etc!..Not even Hagges jews he worships so much!(Really its probobly jew $$$ and alot of it haggee worships so much, along with a Free LEER JET plane NY & isreals govnt of jews gave haggee awhile back!…Jerry Fawelwell also got a free Jet Plane from xact same jews!)

            I Rekon thats reason so many Pastors today are such jewdiazers and worship jews or isreal more than Our Lord Himself. Kinda reminds one of them polititions alot eh?

            It is all spelled out by the NEW testement which Is what God says we are to believe and live by etc. Perhaps folks should shake off the pre-programed kneejerk reactions we all heard all our lives about Poor persecuted always innocent, never did wrong jews.

            Their whole swindle relies upon a vast majority falling for all the Bullshit crap we was taught by Wrong school history books(published by jew publishers) and Totally bought off MSM asshat clowns like shawn hannity or glen beck!!

            Just a few hrs of simple research on Many, Many credible websites will show beyond ANY doubt, who invented communisim(jews in russia and new york) who Ran/managed it, profited by it, and used it to MURDER aprox 250 to 300+ MILLION, Mostly White christian persons in Just the Last 100 yrs(20th century)!!

            Some such websites have Names-Pictures-complete bios-of these satanic cultic pschopathic paranoid schizophrenics.

            They also was told from birth that They are “special” or “Chozen” and ALL others worldwide are “Evil Nazis”(You included!). That alone will turn anybody into paranoid schizophrenics…”Look Out!! there a…Nazi, behind Every fuckin tree!!

            Every day on History chanel tv, or old movies chanels we are Doused with massive ammounts of “evil germany”…Hitler-nazis-White skin headed Rayssiss’s!

            Ok so Whens last time ANYONE seen a true documentary(like history chanel), that shows the REAL TRUE story of the Russian Revolution and the TREU Perps who did it and Ran it all?

            And you Wont never see such an expose’ as long as Hollywood is also Owned/ran/managed/written/directed/and staring in Jew run hollywood Propaganda Inc!

            If you be honest and look at ANY/ALL of todays troubles in the usa And worldwide, and carefully Follow the $$$$$, and Connect them Dots…At each end of the trail of $$ & Dots you Will find one or usally more jews.

            Dont blame us who actually took the time to do such research cause We didnt make it this way!..Them Kommies did!

            And every one of you, each time you use Brainwashed kneejerk reactions, like “Protect jews” cause pastor haggee says jews gets a free pass from God! and can do No wrong even when they do! so we Must “Bless them jews” or!

            Or what?…America, especially White christian americans, has done More, in More ways FOR good of jews than anyone else in all of worlds history….

            Yet Look how jews have thanked america and specially White folks….America began blessing jews in 1913(maybe earlier?) so what did jews do?..Used Usuary intrest Gains to Buy up All major mewspapers-magazines-ad agencys-Wall st. DC! includeing Both dems & repubs parties.

            Unions leadeships-90%+ of Professorships(all kommies) and control of nearly everything what matters in what we call Society/Culture/Nation….All what Runs it all is owned or controled or Both by a Meere LESS than 2% of Our total population!

            These are facts and truths yet for some uncanny reason, even Here at this website where so Many, Many folks are so aware of nearly all other truths or facts etc…Untill somebody mentions the “Forbidden” topic…The jews. Then vast majority here act same as typical liberals affected by Kommie liberal brainwashings which render a person Unable to admit when wrong or admit to Factual Documented Proven beyond doubt or debate Truths.

            How can anyone fight an enemy unless he/she can Name that enemy?….Aint that why all the wars on “poverty”-“Drugs” “Terrorizim” et al Keep Failing?…Unless you Name the doper sdealers, who is the enemy?…A Bag of weed?….Or coke or heroin?…

            Same rules applies to fight or war against Kommies!…And its Not our fault kommies did/do what they do to us and all others like us. And its not our fault if it turns out vast majority of far leftist kommies were/still are…Jewish….

            If they dont like being Outed?…Why did they perpetrate such an EVIL as Communisim against us all worldwide, and especially Here in America?…There Are consequences my friends…..Stay thirsty…and Only Hate the proper folks…KOMMIES, All of em!…Punish the guilty…That includes all who promote or support or Hide facts of kommies be they jews or others.

            Kommies got 3 choices in america as I see things…Admit wrongs and FIX it all Now!….Or #2= Pack up and LEAVE america and SOON/Now!…Or #3= Prepare for Battles you kommies wont win!

      15. JFK was not speaking about some one world government conspiracy when he said these words. The truth is being twisted in the video.

        President Kennedy was speaking of The World Communist movement. The same Communisim that murdered 100 over the past 100 years. That still controls 1/3 of the World’s population and is attempting to set up a Dictatorship here in the U.S.

        I know that there are some on this site which doubt that. They have bought the lie of corporate elites and jewish banksters. That America is a fascist country. This is all verbage used by Marxists and they are all Marxist lies.

        I’ve seen it posted here “Left Wing, Right Wing, both are from the same Bird”. THAT IS A LIE STRAIGHT FROM THE PIT OF HELL!

        Don’t be fooled, don’t be a fool. It’s really very simple, Communisim is taking over the United States, just like It has done with China,Cuba, Viet Nam, N.Korea, Brazil, and The Russian Republic.

        • i agree with you on one thing the whole system is crumbling and being distorted into some wicked monstrosity that only hitler or stalin would be proud of but the one thing you may not have thought about was jfk’s words were not misused they were accurate as they are are today it doesn’t matter what title you give it communism or one world govt its still the same dark matter transforming our lives into the pit of hell they so crave his words were to communicate the message of his time to the people listening to him just like the words of our founding fathers were directed at the british rule over them but nonetheless they still apply to today and the hardships we will all face at the hands of the potb we must all stand as one people and tell the tyrants NO MORE the problem is sadly that is either a long way off or nearly impossible to happen until the boot stomps down and then our numbers will be dwindling. Remember during the revolutionary war there was less than 10% of the people to actually fight for freedom the rest either didn’t want any change or were so sheepish they didn’t see the point in trying to change because they felt it was of no use “scared sheep”. We are facing the same tyranny today the only difference today is the technology that is gonna be used to track and detain any who try to stand against their next move. It will always be one thing to know and another to be the ones who are standing against them. When america wakes up the nightmare will be reality, I hate to say it that is the reality we all must be ready for…..

        • I believe JFK was, in fact, speaking of the one-world government conspiracy in that speech. He wanted disarmament (nuclear) and to coexist with the communists. In fact, he had secret, private communications with Khrushchev, which brought us back from the brink of nuclear war. In the Cuban missile crisis, they had 162 fully armed nuclear warheads in Cuba pointed at us, and the Joint Chiefs were trying to force JFK to attack Cuba, which would likely have resulted in our annihilation. JFK wanted peace…he wanted to pull the troops out of Vietnam and splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces. He was NOT speaking of communism as the conspiracy…he was talking about the New World Order.

          • @War Is Peace
            You appear to know very little about that era. JFK sent the first troops to Viet Nam. I know, I was one of them.

            Yes, he was not the avid anti-communist that he said he was in the election vs Nixon, and yes he left alot of good anti-communist Cubans to die at The Bay of Pigs.

            If you consider not starting a nuclear war a bad thing, “well there you go again”.

            How this connects to a wacky world view makes no sense.

            The Communists in this country want 3 things. #1. Get Barry elected again. #2 Convince the right wing fringe kooks that Capitalism is a huge conspiracy so that get angry enough to #3. Start the right wing kook fringe to revolt, giving Barry to high ground to declare a crack down…thus ending our Republic.

            Try reading “The Sword and Shield” or look up “Active Measures” and learn how the KGB has been feeding the American public b.s. thru our media for decades.

            • KGB? You’re blaming the WRONG crew. American propaganda is internally-generated.

            • Somewhere in my papers I have a speech written in January 1961, delivered in Illinois, where Kennedy encouraged citizens to form groups of relatives, friends and neighbors and go into the forests to train. Armed training as militia. I have to believe he had fighting the Russians in mind.

              On another note; could you imagine ANY President saying that today? They’d have the FBI, Homies, ATF and every other agency sending convicted felons to try an infiltrate. Ooooops. They already do!

          • JFK also:
            (1) tried to break the backs of the banksters by returning the printing of US currency to the US government and taking it out of the hands of the “Federal” (read “Rothschild,” “Warburg,” “Kuhn Loeb,” and “Goldmann Sachs”) Reserve
            (2) refused to give nuclear weapons to the Zionists.

            Shortly after that, they killed him.

        • Quote from Secret Societies speech:

          The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it’s in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know.

          …For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

          Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match.

          On the surface, it may appear to be about communism, and many people may have interpreted it that way, but to those “in the know” it was clearly referencing secret societies which invented and controlled communism from behind the scenes. They orchestrated it. And they are orchestrating what is happening now. Is not the “announced need for increased security” what we are experiencing right now? 9/11 was the trigger…how convenient. And Eisenhower’s warning about the MIC has come to pass.

        • I just got back from watching 2016. It is worth the time to go see and will explain some of the things about chairman obama. One thing for sure is that the Southwest will be going back to it’s former owners if Obama is re elected. You see the movie and you will understand why.

          • I do not doubt you that Obama may TRY to give the southwest back to Mexico, but I have an idea many Americans will journey forth to join patriots Texas, Arizona, New Mexico in war. I WILL be one.

            Just in case anyone thinks I do not know my geography and forgot California, it was intentional.

          • Wouldn’t break this Texan’s heart if bho took the initiative and kicked the SW out of the union. That would preempt all of the questions about secession, eliminate the US military as the enforcer of all his EO’s, cleanse us of US indebtedness and allow us to concentrate on establishing a new smaller union with a Constitution which would at least have a chance of being respected.
            Just to be clear, my first choice is the restoration of our Republic. But if the great imposter wants to give us a fresh start, I’d go right along with it. And the old Union can keep Kalifornia or we can compromise with Mexico on that part.

        • JFK’s speech was: “The President and the Press: Address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, April 27, 1961”.

          Even historians speculate on the “target” of JFK’s full speech, some believe it was directly to the press and some believe it was in relation to Communism (Cold War, Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missle Crisis).

          The full official transcript can be found at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum website

      16. One of the strongest passive forms of resistance that MOST of the masses FAIL to do is just not to go along with it and don’t support government tyranny. It seems like every presidental election there is a mass cry to throw the bum out, and do the people vote in someone that is not part of the establishment, no. If the masses simply did not go along with this garbage and vote out this two party crap, just one election cycle. The rest of the senators could be dumped for better senators of the people the floowing election in 2 years.

        The real problem is certainly not with the true patriots and freedom driven people, it is with the brain lacking masses that go along with this manure and theatre antics that goes on each election. If the masses just trashed the jack asses and the elephants (democrats and republicans) and instead went with a good third part represented by the bald eagle as their animal platform, the country might have a chance. Maybe called it the Constitution Party with an eagle dressed up an American revolutionary as their symbol.

        I fear that the masses are so seduced by either BO or romney that they don’t even consider there is an alternative to this horse crap. BO is terminal cancer, and romney is radical chemotherapy that will get rid of the terminal cancer but leave the body so weakened that another cancer will develop anyway later down the road. A third party is the ONLY chance to treat the terminal cancer of this country. A third party that is anti-establishment and completely PRO-AMERICAN, screw the other countries and heal this country absolutely first.

        Let’s face it people, unless a miracle happens and someone is elected from elsewhere, this country is going down hard. The infrastructure is in terrible shape. There is no money. The military is strong but cannot fight an opponent without a good strong inner-country as has be proven to many times to count in the past. The U.S. continues to make China more and more powerful, while selling off themselves like cheap cuts of meat on the open market. Most people don’t have any incentive to even want freedom anymore, other than the minority. Not to be too cynical but most individuals just don’t care and are ONLY concerned about their electronic gadgets and how life can be just that much more lazy and effortless. The mere 1% that prepare proves this all too well. That number should be 25% or higher.

        Those that do resist absolutely need to remain strong, and this means to be as prepared as possible and choose allies and friends carefully. I have found out too much that MOST people are totally talk the talk and absolutely not walk the walk. People talk real big and look for self approval and will tell people anything to be accepted. Be careful, because that person that “SEEMS” like they are pro-freedom and pro-patriot, would be the first person to turn you in for being some sort of insurrectionist, or be some plant. Use discretion, these are truly bad times, be CYNICAL. Most people are phony and just will not back any freedom movement no matter. Most people will sell out to the best bidder and sell all their freedoms to the government for some rations and other tidbits because this is exactly what they have become and the way the state wants them to be.

        Prepare your own life well, something massive is coming, everyone, even the animals can feel it.

        • It truly does not matter who of the two parties is elected. They may make miniscule changes here and there but it will be a FAIL.The world is awash in fiat currency. EVERY country has it.The western world is BROKE. There are major structural flaws that need fixed before any true progress can be made. There are people behind the scenes that need flushed before this can happen. King James…Revelation chapter 2, verse 9.

          • @ JRS. You look at everything and it mirrors the Roman Empire in so many ways. You would think after almost 2000 years people would have learned not to go down that path. The founding fathers were a hell of a lot wiser than the people today, they had insight to what was going to happen. They attempted to have a written sets of rules that the country was permanently meant to live by. Those that NEVER become outdated. Yet those that would have everyone in camps with RFID tags shoved behind outr brain stems like some BORG in Star Trek, try to tell everyone that the constitution is outdated and some sort of fossil or some sort of an anachronism.

            I heard this flaming idiot talking last month on the news out of the side of mouth and ass about how the 2nd amendment worked back when the country was mostly forest and wilderness and had nothing practical to do with today. This baffoon was even suggesting that only people licensed to own guns should ever be allowed to own one. I wished they had a call in for that one it was so sickening.

            There is this sick movement to try to convince the masses that the constitution was written so long ago that it is now so outdated that it doesn’t apply to the modern day world. IF these bastards had gone by the constitution and not tried to loophole it to death like some shyster lawyer does, the country would not be in such a mess it is in.

            I had a teacher once say about the two party system was going to be the death of the U.S. because there was not an alternative to corruption, a counter balance. She said that her cousin was such a democrat that she would have voted for Hitler had he been a democrat. Well with BO if she was still alive did just that. The point is that even with the independents, 99% of the people vote for one of the two parties’ representative for president. 99% of the population is non-preppers, interesting. 😉

            It would take about 15-20% of each party to break ranks and vote for a third person outside the two parties. I don’t think unless the people really go through some sort of catacylsm this will not happen. When there is some Earth changing event it will be too late for the country because full scale martial law will be in full swing. What is so sad is that the most of the masses will welcome this and view this as SECURITY. ONLY those that have well prepared to weather the storm will remain the free behind the control and locked gates of practically everywhere. The 1% that prepared.

            • God I wish we had the power and resources to do this. I wish we could go around with some donations and people would take us serious and get this done. I’m afraid we can’t and thats the sad part. I wish we could get a 3rd party going that would be the best!! You are right on about this. People are so brainwashed to believe yes either right or left. Or a lot of people just don’t know. $-5 years ago I didn’t even know what GOP was. I’m not a dumb person but we need to get people to know the truth and we know government is very good at lying and shaping peoples minds. But at least we don’t have to worry about this much longer. we are the 1% preppers and we will find a way to get by while others are not so lucky. Everybody I talk to older mainly say they have never seen so much debt and bad news or talks of their collpase in their lifetimes ever! I don’t know how much time we got but there have been so many hints out there from every news agnecy basically warning us for something major to happen soon we have to act. We know what to do. Stay alert and stay relaxed and have confidence when shooting. That little confidence you can create can make or break your life. The best shooters in the world when they compete do well because they know they can. Same thing with protecting yourself. IF you know your a good shot you will usually do better. So breath in the nose in and out for 4-5 sec in and out for about 3-5 min before a shootout. That will block cortisol in the bloodstream which cortisol is a hormone that cause shakyness like before you get into a fight or lobbed 3 tomatoes at a car and your running away from people chashing you. YOu dont want that cortisol in your bloodstream, so do those breathing technique and it can really make a difference before your involved in a gunfight or whatever. Please take this serious because it works!! IF you get that shakyness or cortisol hormone going it could take 5-10 min to get out of your system or longer. It will help you from locking up before you engage someone for the first time and your scared to death about shooting someone. Please remember this and wear earplugs, that will help you from the sound or boom of the gun and you will be more accurate. I know i have said this before but its really important and i just care for you to survive.

            • The Constitution was an attempt to prevent human nature from running it’s natural course. It worked until the population became so dumbed down and corrupt that they now believe that any system is as good as another. They/we may find out how wrong they are.

            • You got something against Borg? Seven of Nine was smokin’ hott!

            • when does FREEDOME and JUSTICE FOR ALL become irevelent???

          • @ War is Peace. I knew there was a party called Constitution party somewhere, I was just kind of stumped for a new name. When I see everything dying in front of everyone and nothing being done, it upsets the old creative brain from thinking. How about one of the following names? Maybe a good name might be “Freedom’s Choice Party”, “Everlasting Liberty Party”, The “Third Choice” Party, “Paul Revere” Party, or how about this one the “Preppers” Party. Just as long as there were about 125 million+ supporters.

            We can dream can’t we?

            • The biggest and bestest opertunity we ever seen in at least 150yrsnow exists in anerica.

              Thats the fact that white anerica is still a Vast huge majority of aprox 68% to 70% of total POP.

              Yet white folks are the ONLY group nationwide who aint got anyone or any orgs to represent our white intrests.

              Imagiane if One white man who truely was a Patriot and above bribes etc. Stood up and spoke out to outline the many vast troubles perpetrated upon what is not only white americans, but is also the vast middle class folks.

              Middle class america Is whites and visa versa. Yet not a single rep for us folks. Picture if a romney or whoever simply threw off all forms of pc-correctness, Didn’t give a rats ass if al sharpton or jessie jackson or abe foxman(adl projew org)cry foul and demand apoligies galore etc.

              And simply told whites “Vote for Me…a whiteman to fix all whats been done wrong to all you whitefolks out in america!..And back me to the Hilt because of all the backlash pc crapola I will recieve if I dare to speak factual truths to black folks and mexican ileagles(and all other illeagles) and especially tell isreal/jews their free rides on backs of whiteys is DONE!!”

              “And if I am elected, I Will promice you to fix America Fisrt and stop all forms of NWO/JWO crap and Return america back to what did work prior…and worked real swell for everyone.”

              “Or…You can always re-elect the monkyboywonder and allow him to litterally finish off what once was the greatest nation of the greatest most advanced civilized folks(that be whites)to ever exist in all of history.

              Because weather you know it or not total ruination and destruction of america IS my Blackboy opponents Main number one goal! It has been The Mullattomonkys goal since he was aged 4yrs old. And his Kommie mommy and grandparents began to teach him to ne a Kommie too.

              And we all realize the ONLY method to destroy so powerfull and great a nation as america, Must be done by First, destruction of All whiteys and all that is of white invention and hard work etc.

              Consider..If you could wave a magick wand and tommorrow every single blackfolks would be Gone from america, or all mexicans gone or all jews gone…America would still do just fine as always.

              BUT! Cause in Any way or fashion all whites in america to be Gone?…You wont have anything left to save!…Minus whites america will turn into a vast wasted jungle land that makes todays third world nations look like Paradise!

              Theres alot of different folks here in the usa, and exceptions to every rule so to speak. But the Main Glue holding it all together Is the Whitefolks. Like it or not it is what it is. Whites discovered/invented/built/paid(in blood and cash) for and created what today is called “Civilized America”….Remove that key ingrediant and you will end up like I said prior…Worser than any 3rd world craphole nation ever seen.

              So all you whites can either vote for a patriot whiteman?….Or learn to speak Ogga Boogga Boo!

              OBAMMYS Rebutal=…”We commin to your town and we gonna Loot it up!! Shoot it Up!!…and BURN IT ALL DOWN!!…Jez likes Deeeetroit! beeez Today!” Paid for by the Kill Whitys, Obammnys campaign for re-election.

              I am barak Hussian Babboney! and even my Sheeboon wife approves of this ad.

      17. we still have a lot of E-8 and E-9’s that started the military in 1989 and 1990 that understand what freedom is and what we have lost. I think many of these older leaders will let the younger generation know if things get bad what to really do. I think many younger troops are going to be confused. IF we dont have power forget about it, things would be chaos, we use computers for everything and without the Civilian geek squads IT guys resetting Cac cards etc nobody is going to be able to get into the systems to receive info etc in some of the areas. Will be a very confusing time for them.

      18. Americans were sold out in 1913, now the bill is due. Americans have been told of thier greatness for decades now, and told they could rest in freedom on someone else’s blood, sweat, and tears.

        Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that defending Liberty was someone else’s job, that Liberty was always, and only, at risk someplace else. Americans have been told that smarter people than them would always watch out for them.

        Americans have been told the only self-discipline they needed was to shop more. Americans have been told that the only important things are eating, drinking, partying, being entertained, and making money.

        Americans have sat by idly, as this country is literally being invaded, infiltrated, and usurped by third world immigration. Americans say nothing for fear of being called a name.

        Americans are now told the greatest threat to the homeland is the US Military Veteran. Amerikans will duly trun on them, like the good brainwashed cattle they have become.

        America has been usurped from within, and the parasites will not give up thier power, no matter who you “vote” for. America’s days are numbered, unless people are willing to face reality, make the hard decisions, and do the hard things.

        • I agree.
          It’s like the isolationism/false sense of security that Americans believed in the pre-WW2 years. We believed back then that the problems in Europe should be left to the Europeans and that it would never affect us…and we left ourselves open to attack from the outside.
          Americans today have become complacent and have adopted a lazy false sense of security once again.
          But this time the enemy is within our own borders. The world has become such a small place that we’ve got to wake up and realize that nothing is safe and secure anymore. If America falls it’s nobody’s fault but our own. We’ve become a people who are more interested in voting for the next American Idol rather than voting for a government which will not bring us to collapse. We’ve brought this on ourselves and the majority of Americans will be getting a wake up call bigger than Pearl Harbor unless we change our ways now.

          • Pearl Harbor? Meh. Wrong analogy. Try The Reichstag Fire. And yes, MANY Americans are still zoned out on Desperate American Idols of New Jersey…or whatever the show is called (too busy training to watch t.v. anymore). But 3% of us are already AWAKE….same as last time.

        • we were sold out post-Civil War by Grant when he incorporated the Sovreign States… it’s been a shell game ever since… now, the shells are breaking down and so many more can see where the pea is but it’s too late for normal reversal… things have gone too far and they know that we know so they’re stepping up the rate of decline to suck as much as fast as they can can a drying teat… they know the cow is about to start kicking back…

      19. The greatest threat right now to those who speak out is being “Brandon Raub-ed” right into the mental hospital, or even worse, being detained via NDAA.

        The even greater threat, though, in my mind, is not speaking out at all. If we accept the status quo, then we are, by nature of that very action, deeming it “acceptable”.

        • @ Daisy. EXACTLY what you are saying:

          This article is titled: Are people being thrown into psychiatric wards for their political views?

          I never thought as a kid that the country that I grew up in would ever go down the road of the Nazis, or Soviets. The country is dying more rapidly each day. 🙁

        • you do realize that the “gun man” only killed one person..
          the second person killed was the gun man by the NYPD..the other wounded individuals were wounded by the NYPD

          if anyone needs gun control its the cops..

          and BTW NYC has one of the strictest gun control laws on the that proves it aint working..and neither is the Gun control laws of ShitCargo Ill. 19 dead last thursday..and I’ll bet not one of those guns fired were owned by law abiding citizens..why is that..because law abiding citizenns in Shitcargo cant legally carry

          • I hope everyone realizes I was speaking “tongue in cheek”

            as to my real opinion on gun control?

            its been a couple of weeks since I went to the range
            if the weather is nice this week …..

            I gotta a new Remington 870 I really need to break in

            • didnt realize it was (tic)..thanks for clearing that up..
              870 is one of my favoite defenders

            • satori- when I read your article I was not sure what stance you took either. at first i said hes gotta be kidding when you said cant leave home without your mommies. but still wasnt sure. I figured you were pro-gun after reading the article. I did that to someone bashed them at the first sentence then totally 180 degree turn said you were 100 percent right and got all thumbs down. so you can tell not everybody reads the whole post. 870 is a great shotgun. You know since we are on the same topic be careful with white box ammo winchester 100 round count. A friend of mine received a box and it had a bullet sideways mounted in case! I Have had a few jam with a FNP-tactical! that made me nervous. SO if any of you had noticed jams with winchester white box 100 round count that they sell at walmart, I would not use it unless of course your gun likes that stuff. I have had better luck with federal, remington and of course hornady. I did get some new winchester ranger segmented slugs that break into 3 chuncks when they hit the body, very impressed by those and what they do. they are about 4 dollars for 5 shells. can find them at cop shops if you have an id. i’m not a cop. the full name are Winchester ranger segmented rifled slug 12 gauge 2 3/4 velocity 1600 1 oz RA12RS15S model. I use those and buckshot and alternate each shell in my benelli m2 for the bastards when they come.

            • i stack em like this dragon breath #4s fed slugs freaks out agressors animal or human

          • Perhaps the NYPD needs to borrow some “practice” rounds from DHS. They can’t hit the broad side of a barn.They need to spend more time at the range and less at Dunkin. Shootout my ass. More like an andrenaline free for all.

            • yes
              and I wonder how Mr. Gun Control Mayor Michael Bloomberg
              is gonna spin this ???

            • According to Mayor Bloomberg and the MSM, the innocent victims of the Police target practice were merely “grazed”. Reminds me of the old cowboy movies. After the shootout the good guys were “only winged”.

            • thanks for the advice Clint
              much appreciated

              and I think all of the thumbs down are hilarious

              good thing I’m not the sensitive type !!!

              stay locked and loaded !

            • One could even speculate intentionalality. Like another experiment…

            • Mr. Gun Control Mayor is going to turn it around and blame the shooter for causing the incident. And when the lawsuits come and NYC has to pay out money the city does not have, he’ll use fiscal liability as the final reason for gun control. “We can’t afford guns to destroy our fine city,” he’ll say.

            • Uh,someone tell me again how “regular” freedom types can in no way stand up to the awesome training and sheer firepower of elite officers and their corporate masters…..Ill never underestimate anyone with a gun pointed at me but if these guys are any indication of what they call their finest, we wont do too badly… 😉

          • Let the people carry guns. I mean the ones that can legally carry, something like all these shooting happening would be least likely. Oh I know how would the police know who the bad guy was. It would not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. THE ONE ON THE GROUND WITH THE 25 PEOPLE HOLDING A GUN ON HIM. Look the police only carry a gun to protect themsleves not you, so why can’t people carry to protect themsleves also. Anyone that lets a round go, needs to be held accountable for it. If the police shot the bystanders then they should be held accountable in a court of law, by a jury of their peers, like everyone else would.

            • I’m 110 percent for everyone to carry a gun always! all people even open carry. The only thing I would be concerned about is drunk men getting tempers flared in bars and do something when drunk. that is the only thing I would worry about with people carrying

            • Agreed, Copperhead. One of the things they teach in CCW class is that you, as the shooter, are responsible for where your rounds go.

              I am a fan of revolvers with four inch barrels. Not great for concealed carry, but accurate. Six shots of .357 are more than adequate if you aim the damn thing. My guess is that the NYPD officers had high capacity semi-autos and sprayed and prayed like gangsters. The city should be held liable for the resulting damage. BTW, if the victim had been armed he might be alive today.

        • Principles of Tyranny
          by Jon Roland
          Definition of tyranny

          Tyranny is usually thought of as cruel and oppressive, and it often is, but the original definition of the term was rule by persons who lack legitimacy, whether they be malign or benevolent. Historically, benign tyrannies have tended to be insecure, and to try to maintain their power by becoming increasingly oppressive. Therefore, rule that initially seems benign is inherently dangerous, and the only security is to maintain legitimacy — an unbroken accountability to the people through the framework of a written constitution that provides for election of key officials and the division of powers among branches and officials in a way that avoids concentration of powers in the hands of a few persons who might then abuse those powers.

          Tyranny is an important phenomenon that operates by principles by which it can be recognized in its early emerging stages, and, if the people are vigilant, prepared, and committed to liberty, countered before it becomes entrenched.

        • Avoiding tyranny

          The key is always to detect tendencies toward tyranny and suppress them before they go too far or become too firmly established. The people must never acquiesce in any violation of the Constitution. Failure to take corrective action early will only mean that more severe measures will have to be taken later, perhaps with the loss of life and the disruption of the society in ways from which recovery may take centuries.

          • Horse out of barn. Hello?

            • @Dboy – True … the horse is out the barn limping quickly for the open paddock gate and the fields beyond … it’s a very lame horse though , called tyranny and we still have time yet to put it down with a well placed rifle shot to it’s heart WASH DC and another well placed shot to its brain WALL STREET NY NY !!!

              Patience Squeeze the trigger slowly breath control and don’t blink !!!


        • Already the law prohibits a significant segment of our population from owning firearms but they have already committed a serious crime or are objectively found to be mentally incompetent. Beyond that, who decides who is in and who is out? On what basis?

          • If you ever were the subject of a domestic disturbance call to the cops or had any kind of psyche eval kiss owning a firearm goodbye. Same goes for anyone with PTSD.

          • In some states, driving without a license is a felony. Bouncing a check. Driving after a glass of wine. Not having car insurance…the list of non-violent crimes that are felonies that take away a person’s right to bear arms is staggering…and it doesn’t matter if it was a conviction from 50 years ago.

        • @ Satori. I hope someone stomps a mudhole in your ass and just before you are about to “expire”, a good samaritan, with a pair and a firearm, saves you.

          • Sorry Satori, didn’t see your tongue in your cheek.

      20. Everyone wants to throw the bums out, the problem is they are elected by other bums. The people we have in Washington are a direct reflection of the people who elect them. Until the people change, nothing in Washington will change. It’s that simple.

        • It is true they are elected by us “bums”. However, propaganda has played a big factor in this from childhood on. If the truth is never told to the people how can they make an informed decision? It has only been since the widespread “internet reformation” has come along that people can become educated. There are many who still do not know the truth. Those running for election DO know the truth. Unless THEY speak out about it they are traitors to our country.

          • You just automatically vote for the one the machine shuns—NEVER vote for ‘the favorite’….If the GOP or RNC likes them—WE HATE THEM. It’s actually simple when you looks at the patterns.

        • Most Elections County Level and Above are Rigged Bribed MEDIA Frauds !!!

          Even some of the Lower Public Offices (ie Dog Catcher) are deliberately tainted by Vote Fraud and Graft !!!

          The Elections Appointments of Judges Attorneys are not immune either !!!

          AmeriKa is Built on Fraud and Lies !!!

          AmeriKa is a land of Deceit , where it is a crime too tell the REAL SOBERING truth and true IVY-LEAGUE political MAFIA criminals with incredible wealth are celebrated by the media , general public and their own peers !!!

          ALL BECAUSE THEY HAVE $$$ !!!

          AmeriKa is very sick , terminal even , CLOSE TO DEATH with a 1% BANKER disease called – FASCISM !!!


        • So, what you are saying is that some of the people in government are actually pets, or dead?

      21. Because man is imperfect, tyranny will never be totally destroyed. People will always try, whether out of personal ambition or a misplaced desire to build a better world, to impose their will on others. That is why Mr. Phillips said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.’

        I believe eternal vigilance implies that, as Mr. Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” It is not something that we want, but it is something that we may not be able to avoid.

      22. Posting too fast?
        Always being moderated for hours?
        You may not be trying to censor me but you are doing a damn good job doing it.

        • It’s the weekend, Hill Hermit – Mac’s probably out doing something and not tethered to his computer to moderate comments 24-7! Be patient – he’ll get it done for you as soon as he can. 🙂

          • When I spend 15 or so minutes writing something and it disappears because I am “posting to fast. Slow down” it has nothing to do with Mac and everything to do with software.

            I am simply saying he may not mean to censor but when I lose my post because I didn’ wait long enough I am censored because I am not going to write the entire thing again.

            He could just as easily delete spam as he could moderate every post. In fact it might be less work.

            • Generally what happens is i slack on Friday nights because the last thing you guys want is for me to roll through here after a few glasses of wine…. then again, i may just do that to see what happens one night! 🙂 and then, of course, Saturday morning is a total loss because of the previous night’s festivities…

              I am making my own blackberry wine this year, so I have to taste test all the competing brands this month …. 🙂

              Thanks for your patience and understanding on weekends guys.


            • Thumbs up to making wine! I enjoy the fruits of my labor as well, and a cool glass of homemade 12-14% berry or grape/berry mixture is like a calming spirit to the body and mind.

              I see a few of the members here could use a dose of “calming spirits”. Some get too worked up over their quest to expel christian values and principles and on the other side there are the hypocritical christians that can’t even distinguish between the real Jewish peoples (One tribe, well actually two, since most of the tribe of Levi was integrated into the tribe of Judah) and the other ten tribes that are not Jewish, but Israelites.

              There is and old song by Tommy James “Sweet Cherry Wine” that rings so true with the words…”to save us, He gave us, sweet cherry wine”….” drink it right down and pass it all around”…..

            • If writing a long post, highlight it and right-click then ‘COPY’ before you push the submit button—then just paste in a new box if the first one fails.

      23. Where so we go from here…….?

        • Easy. Determine what your role is, and then train for that role. And then cross-train for a secondary role. You know what’s coming.

      24. I taught firearms for 25 years, to Correctional and Police agencys, The number 1 rule in firearms safety is YOU ONLY SHOOT IF IT’S SAFE TO DO SO. PERIOD

        • Yes I think most people don’t realize the background the NYPD would have been working with. The video that was released didn’t help that much either. A view from behind the cops would be useful.

        • They are all freaking out anymore…sorry but a bunch of these cops now a days are nothing but a bunch a pussys..fraidy cats. not gentlemen, not protectors of the laws, and constitution..breakers of the laws,and jackboots of our rights..They feel they are above it, and lack the training to know whats right and whats wrong

          I am a Rangemaster, and Ive seen the lack of abilities in some of the ones we have trusted with keeping the peace and its not pretty..calling them cowboys would be an insult to real cowboys.

          They lack the cool heads of the police officers of the past, they lack the ability to see true nature in a person, and full knowledge of the tools of thier trade.

          Maybe I should qualify my statements..Not all of them, but a large percentage of them do not belong behind that badge.

          or maybe its the training they are recieving that ends up scaring the shit out of most of them to the point where they think even a jaywalker with a purse and a skirt is a potential life threat to them.

          and too young a police officers trusted with the responsibilities, and liabilities of being a peace officer. maturity is a big issue, and all of these cops should be tested for “perfomance enhancing drugs” by a 3rd unbiased party , totoally random with out warning

          • VRF you are right on this and I see it too. exactly many of these new cops dont have anywhere to go in life so they want a bit of action and join the force. they are not mature and make a lot of decisions that cause major problems. i know one that think they can drink themselves silly and then drive home and shoot guns out of cars and if get picked up the buddies in their towns will have their backs. the problem is if they do something wrong and make a mistake, they make up lies and have thier buddies cover or lie for them to aviod trouble they have caused and that becomes the mess and they continue to do it. they may take off some time and be good for a bit but that beliefs they have always had will come back out and will do it again. either they are good at heart or not. I hope someone doesn’t die until they figure this out.—

            • Yep, had one in a small town where I came from and still visit quite rgularly. He was one of those meat head kids, muscle bound steroid using, little to no brains, and low IQ.. he ended up booted from the resque fire squad, than went on to get a job at as a parts counter guy at a mom and pop auto supply, ended up coming into work high as hell on pissed off the owner of the store so he fired him on the spot,, ended up almost getting into a fist fight out in the parking lot, but the kid decided to leave. While driving under the enfluence of something, he was speeding and taking up many lanes on a 35 MPH road thru small town. ended up in a parking lot while buddies and friends grabbed him up and took him away before the police could show up.
              They probablly would have covered for him anyways.

              Unreal , good thing no one got killed.., but this was one of those types that passed the police academy and was on his way to becoming one of the thin blue line, not sure if he is still trying or not, last I heard about it was this incident about 5 or 6 months ago

          • Its called having a heavy badge

        • Yessir,even the average hunter knows to identify his target then note whats beyond his target,and its done in a split second…I can see no excuse for this act seems to me its no different a result than when a carload of thugs sprays bullets at someone on the sidewalk and hits a schoolyard of kids or others,glad it wasnt worse,they could have be using those “evviilll” 100 round mags the commie obamma crowd wants to make sure you and I cant own!

      25. Resistance becomes duty. Chills down my spine. Soon brothers, very soon.

        • UNFORTUNATLY work for the best prepare for the worst

      26. The big problem as I see it is that the majority of Americans just don’t seem to care or have any real concern for what happens to them. As someone else pointed out everyone loves to talk the talk but very few actually walk the walk. We’ve become a lazy, fat nation dependent on others to do the work for us. If it interferes with our daily routine of pleasing ourselves then we’d rather not be bothered. We’ve sold our souls and our freedoms for the easy promise of a 50″ tv and the ability to talk about our weekends on Facebook. It’s like the Irish revolution: they settled on partial independence for the price of Northern Ireland. They took what seemed to be the “easy” way to get part of what they were fighting for and settled for less than they deserved.
        During the Revolutionary War there were many offers by the British crown which would give the colonists autonomy of self-government but with British “supervision and support”. But the founding fathers chose all or nothing and instead of taking what would have been the easier way out they went on to create something great.
        Over the past 50 or so years we Americans have lost sight of this and we’ve settled for less than what we could (and should) have. We’ve sold ourselves out and allowed ourselves to be mishandled and controlled for the comfort and convenience of what we perceive as a good life and a free country. We’ve allowed ourselves to be lied to and and manipulated and we’ve accepted it because it’s much more enjoyable to talk about the latest Kardashian gossip or sit around on the internet and bitch about the government than it is to stand up for our rights as human beings and better our government. I fear that it’s too late to change this unless something big like an economic collapse or something happens…and even then how long will the majority fight before they get bored and look for the next popular thing? Just look at 9/11: for a few weeks or months after 9/11 happened you saw flags and patriotism abound. Until it got old and people went back to their over-indulging and uncaring lifestyles. I’ve never considered myself a super-patriot but as a citizen of this country it is my duty to give back what I have taken, to pay for the freedoms that I have enjoyed. It’s not only fair, it’s hypocritical to not do so.
        In todays America we need to unite those of us who will fight against all forms of oppression and tyranny that threatens us whether it comes from within or our borders and we few must have the resolution to follow it through until the end. For those of us who stand up against these injutices it will be a thankless fight because the majority of Americans today have become sheeple…but fight we must.
        When the call is sounded those of us who haven’t sold out to the Ameri-sheep dream need to band together regardless of race, religion, or creed.
        When the horn blows I for one will answer it’s call.

        • If you’re being bullied then there comes a time when you eventually have to confront the bully yourself.
          You can’t keep running to the teachers expecting them to take care of it…especially when it turns out that the teachers themselves are the bullies.

        • your right on what you said. Im afraid people wont do anything either because if only a few do things they go to prison for life. Unless we all stand up and do it then things will change. But your right, not until a collapse happens and they try to treat us like cattle, that is when its going to backfire or if a police riot squad gets to aggressive on some people and they have had enough of thowing rocks and bricks, and go home and shoot at these riot police, thats when things are going to get out of hand and major major fighting will happen.

        • You Sir are Correct, I commend you for telling it like it Is, we are in Serious Trouble but yet People Sleep, they will be the first to feel the Sting of the Whip! I would rather Die on my feet than live on my Knees!

          Semper Fi

      27. The Inevitable UN ZOG AMERIKA Police State

        It’s Only a Matter of Time … tick-tock tick-tock


        American Freeman Freewoman Revolutionary Civil War !!!

        Arm Up Stock Up … Prepare .


      28. I dont post much on here but i am a long time lurker and i just want to say thank you for showing me this and god bless America and if we dont take it back I dont know if there will be much of the old one left in the next few years.

        • @spark:

          Welcome to the party, pal !!!!

          …thx for posting….

          ..always good to meet another brother in arms…

 safe…stay the course…BA.

        • They are beyond reproach, the rightious overlords are, you know…

        • thanks for that post too. i didnt realize it was that bad. a arrest each day. i dont know how they have enough room in prisons for all the people doing crimes.

      29. If not US, who? If not now, when? Engage.

      30. Ah yes, resist tyrrany by replacing it with your own theocratic tyrrany. Just, remember, as you claim to be resisting tyrrany, there are a number of us who willing and able to resist yours. So, remember, when you try to impose your religion on us, and many of you will, you should be prepared to meet your maker because we will gladly send you there.

        • This is going to be THE number one danger we face after the you-know-what is over. There will be power grabs by several factions, including the ignorant religious fanatics. Hopefully most of us are working for restoration of the Constitution, and not for the rise of a white-trash theocracy.

        • @joeinnc:

          Sir, why are you afraid of us posters on this sight?

          Do you feel that we somehow control you?

          Do you need to be controlled?

          Do you need to be told what to think, feel, and do?

          Do you need to ask permission before you comply?

          Birth certificate, driver’s license, marriage license, vehicle registration, gun registration, fishing license, TSA groping,…any of these apply to you.

          This sight is designed to “challenge” your thinking, not to “control” your thinking.

          If you have to ask for permission, you are not free.

          If you are controlled, you are a slave.

          Even if the chains of your bondage are laid upon you gently, you are stilled chained.

          No one is forcing you to change, that is your choice.

          Do you come to this sight to try to cast doubt on our resolve?

          Do you come here to insult out of fear?

          Maybe, you come here to find the answers to a doubt of your own, or a question you do not know how to ask.

          Maybe, you come here because you have a feeling in your gut, or on the back of your neck telling you that something in this country is just not right.

          Maybe, just maybe, your just an asshole.
          Maybe, just maybe, the NC in your name stands for Nihilistic Coma, and you are beyond our empathy.

          No disrespect Sir, but please look in a mirror, and face your true enemy, face your biggest fear, and until then…STFU.

          ……………….best regards..BA.

          • @JoeinNC
            Why so much hate?
            especially toward Christians who generally keep pretty much to themselves, even when pushed around?
            We are talking about a whole lot bigger threat to your life style from our own government, then anything a Christian could, or would, do to you. Ease up my friend. We are not the threat.

            • Judging by the down votes I get, I must assume there must be a lot of christians here. “Ease up my friend. We are not the threat.” You claim that Christians are not a threat, but my opinions come from my observations. A theocratic America is NOT a good thing. Look at the ACTIONS of christians, not their claims…know them by their works. Christians don’t “keep to themselves”. What they want is to use the power of government to create a theocratic fascism. Why is everyone here in favor of this? Do you really not value the Constitution even in the slightest? No wonder this country is such a mess. It’s time to stop blaming “da librils” and “da faggets”, and look in the mirror. Freedom and Liberty are more than just the freedom to force your views on everyone else…it’s sad that you guys can’t understand this.

          • BA ~


            well said!

            ~ D

        • @ JoeinNC. You know, you seem to think of that the people on this site are some sort of offshoot radicalized danger to you and others. THE TRUTH is that the people on this site are really just concerned about themselves and their family and friends about what is coming in spades to this world. They discuss a dying world and how frustrating it is that more cannot be done to save it from mankind. Of course tt may not be the human race that brings this about, it could very well be the planet. I suggest you check out the increased volcanic activity around the Pacific rim. The so called extinct volcano Sotara in Columbia is getting ready to erupt for example. Just look at that massive pumice raft the size of Hawaii floating around New Zealand.

          The people here want to be ready for what is going to be thrown at all of us. If you read many of the comments you will find many people spending their time and trying to give advice on how to be better prepared for what is coming. When someone is preparing and Mother Nature unleashes a true fury, this has nothing to do with either political party, any belief, any side of the spectrum of views on anything, it is just disaster for ALL of us.

          This is just a suggestion to you and others that infuriate others that are trying to get ready, contribute what you know and get into a conversation about preparing. Everyone has questions about preparedness, why not ask and talk about preparing for what is coming. You have said before that hell is coming, why not talk about getting ready for it? Why not give a compliment to the many different people that share their very good ideas on prepping?

          Seriously, wouldn’t you rather talk over something that is positive like preparedness; preserving and canning food, storing water, getting the best deals on food, how long can you store food, the list is endless? What would be wrong with talking about some preparedness on a preparedness web site, instead of having your comments collapsed each time?

          • Perhaps you could address the same post to the other side of the coin, be informed.
            It is not I or any other secular poster who says the world is going to sh!t because of the religous beliefs. We may strike back after anyone who is not a believer is marked as a problem but we do not start this. Stop the attacks and I will stop defending freedom.
            It is a common occurance that lack of faith is used as the reason why america has issues. This is the crux of the issue and this is what you should address.
            These discussions would not happen if some could simply keep their god off of this board.
            I hope you are honest enough to acknowledge this.

            • @ hill hermit. I have been so wound up by this earthquake thing that I have not read really anything else. I really and truly feel that attacking someone over their beliefs is completely counter-productive as when a mega disaster hits it hits everyone from the religiously devout to someone that is not. The government truly enjoys seeing everyone fight over garbage issues that have little to do with getting ready for what is coming. The title of this site is SHTFplan. The word plan means preparing for the living nightmare coming regardless of what brings it about.

              The real and true reason why the U.S. is going down the drain is because it has been sold off to China and India. The U.S. alone could easily support itself, but the entire world, NOT. The reason for the debacle of the country is that the leadership absolutely reeks. The reason for the destruction of the world on a geo-physical level could be a cycle like the sun goes through, part of what man has thrown too much carbons into the atmosphere, or another reason that the planet itself it ready to go through some sort of mass change. Other planets throughout the galaxy have all sorts of issues like the Earth here. No matter why it is happening, it is happening.

              I truly believe what I say that people should really be kicking the preparedness into a higher gear and the more information we can get from each other, the better. The petty bickering and the trolls that enjoy getting a reaction from the people on this site waste the precious time we all have left to get ready. It is always nice to see an article that has to do with prepping. I personally would rather talk about this and understanding what is going on so we can all try to see what is coming.

              Earth Science has been one of my favorites and when the theories I have come up start to work, I truly get a bit too wound up. Like Durango Kidd said last night I need to calm down. I wish that all people would all concentrate a lot more on preparedness because this affects all of us when true SHTF. We all have something that we know that can many before the world is flushed down the toilet.

        • Humankind must be a steward of the Earth;
          Caretakers for all that dwells upon it;
          To be of one heart with all things.

          Human beings must learn to share the
          tears of every living thing,
          To feel in our hearts the pain
          of the wounded animal,
          each crushed blade of grass;

          Mother Earth is our flesh;
          the rocks, our bones;
          The rivers are the blood of our veins.

          We are all children of God.
          Traditions are open to anyone
          who wants to learn.

          Huichol Holy Man

          The key word here is open, religion is a personal relationship with God, no one can force their beliefs on you, they may force you to say you believe but they can not make it real in your heart, unless it is what you do believe. You have implied that you would kill someone if they imposed their religious beliefs on you, well is that not you imposing your belief on someone? I wrote this post in answer to your statement otherwise I would not take the liberty of writing to you about my religious beliefs. I would encourage you to find a place in your heart to embrace the love that God has for you, you may be a more peaceful and happy person. You would be surprised to see how things become much more clear when you are joined with God and he helps you in everything you do and every choice you make. It is your choice and only yours. I do not condemn you, I just want to enlighten you. If you say that I am full of it, then you have that right. I am not your judge. On the other hand, if you say that you have God in your heart, then maybe you could try to convey it in your posts.

          I am not better than you, nor are you any better than me, we are all human and therefore we make human mistakes. There certainly are religious fanatics and they are easily dismissed with your own faith standing firm, as a barrier. Some use the word of God to intimidate and make judgment, they are not true christians, they are what I call fake christians, they act like they are God yet they have none of his qualities. In the end there is one thing for certain, we will all stop breathing in air one day. I for one, have much to say and do before that day comes. I hope to leave this world without regrets and without hate in my heart but with God by my side. I wish you well.

          It is easier to fight tyranny with God by your side, in my opinion.

          • @ Ohcumgache. This is well said that you wrote. People have gotten to the point in which they feel superior to everything, including the planet. I have been watching the plates very closely and I see something really awful in the making. Volcanoes are getting active all over the place and this shows real heat and pressure building. The earthquakes are more intense and more widespread. I have a globe that I put a little sticker on for every earthquake over 4.5, and since the new year the globe continues to get new stickers in new locations almost everyday. That massive pumice raft is something that was the largest such I ever heard of from the undersea volcanic eruption.

            The masses of people think that they will make it through any natural disaster and have become quite arrogant over it. ANY manmade structure can be pulverized by the planet, ANY. The basic science of deep focus earthquakes never being over 6.9 was put to shame this month with a 7.7 in Eastern Russia that was 626 KM deep. The 8.1 in Peru many years ago that was not quite as deep also thrwe a monkey wrench into the science of the planet.

            I have thought about this a lot. What if the plates just start moving and don’t relock for hours. As science has been proven wrong again and again, this is possible. With that much pressure built up, I could see some sort of “extended” plate drift. This would level most of anything built on the Earth. Man use to have much more respect for the planet and what it can do. Not anymore, they think they can just call up a company afterwards and they can make it like it never even happened. Or they can just line up in some FEMA line and Mr. government will save them and feed them and house them after a catastrophe. It is no wonder that ONLY 1% of the people have any sense left to prepare.

            When the masses continue to put their middle finger up to the planet and GOD and disrespect everything around them, only a true nightmare awaits. Has happened again and again and you would think that people would learn not to take everything around them for granted. Pathetic isn’t it?

            • Be informed,

              Excellent post as always. I hope JoeinNC takes your advice.
              You do keep us informed, I can not thank you enough for your research and knowledge.

              God help us all if this earthquake scenario comes to pass. You are on to something and it is quite frankly staggering. Your advice is getting to many and they are sharing it with others and so on, just as I am.

            • I can’t believe the number of earthquakes, or lack thereof. Usually it’s between 190 and 240 and it’s at 143 right now, with 3 earthquakes in your worry areas. And the volcanic activity is staggering… Most people are expecting an economic collpase, which I forsee, but I”m more worried about the earth and what it’s telling us…

            • @ you don’t need to know. I look at the animals, as I think they are tuned into what is happening with the planet. I cannot be sure of this, but I don’t think the animals are sensing the manmade problems that is going on. I am not ruling it out, but animals seem more concerned with the planet below their feet, fins, bellies, or whatever they have to move around with.

              I especially would pay attention to underground dwellers for earthquakes and volcanoes. Worms, ants, many insects, ground squirrels, gophers, rabbits, anything that lives underground. When they start acting weird it is time to buckle down everything. The drought would affect some of the underground, but not as much as above ground. This way you can rule out the drought as the cause more so to underground residents.

              Undergrond animals will pick up the micro-vibrations a lot more so than above ground. Before there is a massive earthquake there is absolutely movement of the fault and plate. A 9+ earthquake doesn’t just suddenly break without a “warm up” to the main event, animals sense these quivers. Most geologists don’t tell people this that a fault breaking does not just sit there motionless and explode. A fault that has no movement on it at all does not have any tension on it and does not break suddenly. These tiny vibrations people can’t feel, but sensitive instruments and animals can.

              This is why when you see the USGS putting all sorts of equipment to monitor the New Madrid Fault, they are recording something disturbing. USGS is of course under a budget and must explain spending money on monitoring something. The oh so wonderful government wants to know about the New Madrid Fault because they are picking up danger. Of course there is no way in hell they are going to let the public know this. They cannot silence animal behavior, and people can foresee a possible event by aniamls in their area.

            • @BI, I have no idea where I read it, very possibly from you, but it was a graph on the oil pipelines in the US and how they go exactly along the Madrid Fault line. So, even is something terrible happened along that fault line, dams breaking, nuclear plants crashing down, it would also take out the oil infrastructure for the entire US, who’s brilliant idea was that???

              Me, personally, am really watching the Australia and southeast Asia area, just too much going on the other side of the globe. Too many 5.0 earthquakes (and almost in the same location down by the Antartica) and volcano activity down under!!!

            • On the NEW MADRID. Eastern Ill. Along State Route 1 the surveyor’s are at it agian this time taking some kind of readings from all the bridges on top and underneath, seems to be I-70 south and I mean big and small bridges, there is no new road work planned for this kind of work being done. Just a heads up may be nothing.

            • We lost respect for mother nature when we found out that HAARP can control her or throw her off balance—HAARP should be the FIRST THING she levels…

            • does the dog ask the flea no the flea just hopes the shaking stopes soon

        • JoeinNC-
          You said ‘be prepared to meet your maker…’
          Many of us are prepared to meet Him. Are you? I truly hope that you come to know the ‘peace that passes all understanding.’ I really do. But if you choose to hold some other view, even a totally non-Christian view, I’m not going to hate you or threaten you. In this present life, we could still be a benefit to one another, maybe even friends. In eternity (as I see it) that’d be a different story. We’d obviously be heading in different directions.
          Regardless of your religious views, we are NOT your enemies. Mac’s site here is a great meeting place for people of many differing views, yet we often find common ground on things like the sad direction our republic is heading, and what we can do to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges. We share ideas and, sometimes, even learn from each other. You’re always welcome to add your opinions as well.
          If your comment was directed toward those of us with some form of Christian faith, let me assure you once again- we are NOT your enemies.
          Having said that, let me also remind you, Christians are not necessarily pacifists. In fact, our faith sometimes compels us to be otherwise.** Among us Christians, humility is NOT synonymous with weakness. In the eternal sense, my God is the one who is strong, and compared to him we are all weak. But that same God has given me the wherewithal, in this present life on earth, to defend myself. I know I won’t have to defend myself against you, JoeinNC, because we are not enemies. The only way that would change is if YOU decide to become my enemy. And since I’m not a threat to you, why would you?

          **side note on Christians not being pacifists:
          My home church (several hundred regular attendees, none of whom see visions or handle snakes or do anything that would seem unusual; a very run-of-the-mill church) holds the belief that self defense, and especially the defense of the weak, is a Christian duty. That’s why, on any given Sunday, many in our congregation are armed. Discreetly concealed of course. (for all I know, the preacher may be packing during the sermon) Not Rambos. Not badasses. Not paranoid. No fantasies about being a hero. We don’t drill together, or even talk about it much. Just men who see no conflict in Christian faith and self defense. You’d be surprised how many churches in America are the same.

          personal note- I sometimes forget to take my gun to church, but I never forget my bible. I know where my priorities are.

          • 🙂 …. Sound of respectful clapping…well put!

        • Hey Joe,

          So, remember, when you try to impose your religion on us, and many of you will, you should be prepared to meet your maker because we will gladly send you there.

          Back atcha.

          (Admit it — we’ve become a habit you just can’t resist.)

        • You sir, are an idiot. Why don’t you read the comments before inserting your useless, unsubstantiated drivel.Why are you still here? Please, find someplace else to lurk and spew your venom.

          • You tell him kittyhawk, I’m so pissed I can’t. I do wish he would change that handle. He’s giving the Tarheel a bad name with those kinds of comments.

      31. Long live the Republic
        The Republic of the United States
        our orginal government before men sold us into bondage like sheep:

      32. @SWIFT

        Unfortunately, the first nails in the coffin of the Republic were hammered in long ago with the advent of the Statist Lincoln, since that time the progression of the destruction of the Republic of Republics has marched on without much notice or resistance. The once Free, Sovereign and Independent States must either rise once more to defend their place as Communities of Sovereign People or continue to be absorbed into the Centralized State.

      33. I’m really sorry to see you post anything from Adam Kokesh. First of all, he’ll say anything, anytime, for attention. I first saw him marching arm-in-arm with Communist Party USA, FIST, ANSWER, Free Palestine, among others (this was almost 10 years ago). Please take the time to google those groups. Yes,recently, he was the golden boy of liberty candidates for a short period of time, but he also stood with groups that gave money ($thousands) that went to insurgents in Fallujah. He tried to pattern himself after John Kerry,including his Winter Soldier II BS where they fabricated lies about his ellow soldiers (same as JK) and when that didn’t get him the attention he needed, he went from commie-lover, to neo-socialist, then to being a paid propagandist for none other than Vladimir Putin, then to being a “libertarian”. I, and many others, would never in a million years embrace him in any way (other than perhaps a choke hold) but I suggest that people google him, before getting on the Adam Kokesh bandwagon. I tried for some time to excuse his behavior as PTSD, but have come to the conclusion that he’s just a media whore looking for a following.

        • Wow! That puts this Kokesh character in a whole different perspective. Just mentioning his name with that SOB commie/liberalist John Kerry makes my blood boil. What a worthless p.o.s. Kerry is. He is almost as bad as our present commander-n-theif.

          Regardless of any of that; Mac has brought us to the realization that there are a lot of true patriots in our military. I thank each and everyone of them for their service. I’m grateful for all whom gave all for their country. We must unite as Americans, and as defenders of the biblically inspired Constitution of the USA.

          I do believe we must keep hope alive for the day of justice and re-claiming of our freedoms that have been pissed away by the elites and liberals. As a Christian nation, we must stand up for our rights as granted by God Almighty and be prepared to fight the battle with Christ against tyranny and evil.

          • Bottom line – be careful who you associate with…you may agree on several things, as I do with Kokesh; but standing shoulder to shoulder with commies, socialists, marxists and anarchists doesn’t cut it with me. His STRONG association with Medea Benjamin makes my blood boil – I watched her Code Pink bitches stand in front of Walter Reid, as our wounded troops arrived and sometimes departed for a Friday evening dinner with their families, holding signs and shouting that OUR troops are the REAL terrorists. Disgusting, to say the least. So, please, people, fully vet those you would take into your confidence and/or retreats.

          • Tread, do not be deceived, we were never really free. The real enemy has been programming us for centuries through education, politics, currency, medicine and yes… even religion. Through fear and conflict, it has its way. The “rights” you refer to are bestowed by The Creator on every living creature and has nothing to do with nationality or religious belief. Our egos want us to believe otherwise, which points back to our programming. We are a collective being, not individuals as we have been taught.

            • Oh. I am far from being deceived. I’ve been free ever since I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. I don’t live in fear or remorse. I have read and continue to read and learn the truths, mostly from the letter my Heavenly Father sent to me. I don’t have any delusions about a nation, country, or religion being able to make me free. I don’t belong to any “religious” group. I live my life as a free christian by knowing that Emmanuel(God with us) came as walking flesh, truth and proof, that thru Him I am saved for eternity.

              Most people; especially atheist and secularist, live a life of bondage by denouncing christianity. They see themselves as free because they answer to “no one”, or “no higher power”. Sadly, they will have to answer someday. As Christ said; “No man cometh unto the Father but by me.” and “EVERY knee shall bow”….

              Those that put themselves on a “pedestal” or a “high-horse” will come down. They will bow that knee and then the judgement will come forth. It doesn’t matter how good they “think” they have been in this life or how much they have helped others. If their sins haven’t been washed in the blood, they could be in for a heap of hurt.

              So you see, my friend, I am not deceived about anything. I’m a warrior for Christ and am ready to die for that cause. Bring it on, all you evildoers.

      34. so many good comments here , do all the comments take one or two hours in moderation? it seems some are able to conduct a conversation . judging by timestamp.
        mac- is there a problem on my end ?

      35. Just a warning to those vets coming home from the middle east. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING that says you have PTSD

        They are going to use PTSD diagnosis to disarm you.

        • Don’t forget:
          1) I have no weapons, the one registered was lost in a canoeing accident
          2) no, I am not depressed
          3) no, I do not have suicidal thoughts

          These are the things I remind dh every trip to the VAMC.

          • do not accept any depression meds. absolutly none

        • OUR VETERANS

          OUR VETERANS PLEASE THINK BEFORE WE SEND THEM IN HARMS WAY they are doing OUR bidding and we are responsable for and to them please LORD gard and protect them

      36. MORE AMMO … NEED MORE AMMO !!!

        US Forest Service has an immediate need for MORE ammunition … THE SHEEIT IS GOING DOWN PREPPER PEEPLES !!!






        • 223 rounds..150 cases for Forestry Service Southwest Pacific alone..?

          uhh..223 is military grade ammo..ya think?

          do not venture into the forest within 3o days I guess.

      37. hey nina

        please provide link for such



        • N.O

          Just found the pdf file requesting the ammo

          223? as well..150 cases


          of course the 40 cal h.p. as well..140 cases

          delivery is important
          ammo needed within 30 days

          gotta love it..


      38. Our old way of living is over. Everything is simply breaking down. Most of it was fraud on the order of a down right ponzi scheme. We need a new vision for the America or we will simply perish. We have choice. We don’t to live this anymore…


        OsiXs (Revolution 2.0)

      39. Our old way of living is over. Everything is simply breaking down. Most of it was fraud on the order of a
        down right ponzi scheme. We need a new vision for America or we will simply perish. We have a choice. We don’t have to live this anymore…


        OsiXs (Revolution 2.0)

      40. What do you say to these turncoat LEO who think they are keeping the peace? When they are really only enforcing tyranny?

        • Some of you folks still think this is a game … its very real.
          Your UN NWO ZOG Government is no longer – Your Government !!!

          “Don’t Talk’ … ‘Just Shoot!”

          “Talking only gets you Killed!”

          An make sure your gun pistol / rifle has the power to blow-A-hole through a second-chance body armor and military flak protection vest !!!


      41. Hey SmokinOkie…you okay buddy?…havent seen you here for a spell…hope all is well with you and yours!

        Oh and anyone have news on our buddy Manos?

        • Greetings REB,
          I’m doing fine. Got a new job as scuba diver in Israel. They pay me to fish naked politicians out of the Jordan river! Seriously though, I’ve just been really busy with the job. I’m training new drivers now and it takes a lot more time than my old solo gig. It’s challenging, but fun.
          I’ve been wondering about Manos too. Hope he’s safe and well.
          Best to all of you….

          • Glad to hear from you man…just noticed you were scarce lately,great to know alls well take care! 🙂

      42. Resistance is futile. Obey. Obey. Obey. Go out and vote for either MaObama or VietRomney. There are very different from one another. Ha ha ha.

      43. Singing In The Shower and Other Oddities Of The Road

        Most truck stops have shower facilities. You get a credit each time you fuel, or you can pay cash for it. The other day, I was in Mountain Home, Idaho and a guy went into the shower room just across the hall from mine. After a few minutes, he started singing real loud. It echoed throughout the whole place, even over the sound of running water.
        His singing wasn’t horrible (just pathetically awful) but his choice of music really stunk. I tolerated it as long as I could, but when he started his third Kayne West song, something in me just snapped. I turned off my water, and as I toweled off, I broke into ‘Your Cheatin Heart’ at the top of my lungs.
        I did the whole song, then stopped and listened. The hallway, and all the showers were eerily silent. Then the guy across the hall (I’ll call him Mr Microphone) started in with Barry Manilow’s ‘Copa Cabana.’
        Before he’d even reached the part about “music and passion, were always in fashion…” I gave him my best (and loudest) rendition of ‘Whiskey River’ (Willie Nelson’s live version complete with guitar sound effects). By the way, playing air guitar with a wet towel is kinda fun, as long as nobody is looking. I finished and things got quiet again. For a minute.
        Then Mr Microphone starts in with some lame version of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit.’ A difficult song to endure, even when it’s done by Nirvana. I couldn’t help myself- I busted into ‘Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys’ All four and a half minutes of it. At the top of my voice. Things got quiet again. Real Quiet. In fact, the whole truck stop was quiet.
        I finished dressing and, just as I left the shower, Mr Microphone came out of his. He glared at me then walked down the hallway a few paces ahead. As we entered the main part of the truck stop there was a small crowd gathered.
        The employees and several customers (about 15 in all) stood there holding little cardboard signs. When he emerged they all flashed their signs at him. Some said ‘Booo’ or ‘You Suck’ but most just had a number on them. He got a One, a Three and several Zeroes. As he slunk out the door, I emerged from the end of the hall. I got several Nines and a few Tens, but my favorite was a sign that said “Do you know any Marty Robbins?” I blushed, then smiled and walked out the door whistling ‘El Paso.’

        • Thanks Oak,

          You brought back a smile again. After a career in trucking, it’s nice to hear about the old days again. There are some truly spirited and patriotic truckers in this nation and I was proud to be one.

          The Driver Trainer part of my career tested my very soul. God luck with the newbies and hope you get more rest than I did. We turned, California from the Tarheel every week (avg 5500 miles) and it was tuff enuff with two experienced drivers. Now the trainees??? What a bunch of characters. Boxed up enough stories to fill a 53 footer over a year. I aged five years with that one year of training,but I learned more about humanity than I could have gained in ten at a 9 to 5.

          God Bless you and yours and be safe!

        • 🙂 See now,thats what Im sayin! #10

      44. Welcome home brothers. As a Vietnam Veteran, I salute each and every one of you. You are heroes. Never forget that. Keep the faith and fight on.

      45. always remember that when democracy turns to tyranny, the armed citizen still gets to vote.

      46. I think its time we stop talking these things to death

      47. At this point, maybe weekly Roll Call is in order.

      48. If I had been awake to see this early this morning: 5.4 at 65 degrees south.

        I would have been able to “possibly” make this prediction of this earthquake: 6.8 earthquake in Indonesia.

        Two days ago this earthquake occurred: 5.0 at 63 degrees south.

        There is something to this about earthquakes south of 60 degrees south or north of 70 degrees north. They are harbingers of bigger earthquakes to come. I was waiting for another earthquake south of 60 degrees south and it occurred too early in the morning or I could have attempted a prediction. I probably though would have not said Indonesia, I would have said the Kermandic Islands as this is where the energy seems to be pointing to or the Philippines or Taiwan region.

        See how earthquakes towards true magnetic north or south are indications of what is to come with bigger earthquakes.

      49. In a systemic break down Gangs are going to be a huge problem for both the law enforcers, and the law abiding citizen. they have way more resources and arms than any of our agencies, huge piles of money, and arms ( because of this war on drugs, though I donot condone the purchase or use ) also ( because of this war on drugs and the help they have gotten from our federal agencies and government arming them aka fast and furious, and other under the radar “programs”) Martial law will not affect these Gaangs, if anything it will empower them, and allow them access to larger munitions and gear. Dont fool your self and think they are not here already, or not in your town or city..they are there, or close enough to impact you and your life.
        Do not give up your right and ability to protect yourself and family with arms, yes you will not win against them either in an out and out fire fight, but you definetly stand a better chance to GTFO to fight another day, or to find shelter.
        when The S hits the fan..the boys in blue and all of the 3 letter alphabet gangs will be way buisy with what this government has allowed to cross its borders for the past 2 decades (or more) they are growing bigger and faster than any law dog group we have in the states, and they have no mercy for anything or anyone.
        I know the truth of this scares the living shit out of our agencies..but they and their policy makers and figure heads have allowed it to get like this.

        And when you have states like Arizona fighting back and trying to change it, than to have thier own government come at them is just plain ignorant. and allowing undocumented illegals into our population, by you know who
        There is already a war here..yes here in The US of A..and its growing by the day and by the hour, and they cant control it.
        the bitch of the matter is, they are complicite

        watch your back, stay alert, pay attention to the changes in the areas you frequent, look for gang sign, grafiti etc..even in the smalles of places..heck some of its done with perminant marker, not paint
        saw it on the face of a gas pump in an area you would never suspect it.
        they could eveen be living in your neighborhood, or your apartment complex..and even of your rural..they feel more secure out there too.

        just a heads up

        • also another tid bit…the fact that there are no jobs in this country anymore is helping this number of gang members jobs, no money..they turn to crime and gangs to feed the need

          unemployment, and government hand out programs are not enough for most, and its easy for these types to get sucked into this life style because of the money and power.

          all colors and creeds..all

          • I also believe that this is some of the main reason for the hollow point ammo purchases.. they know this is a huge threat already here, and yes they do train with what they shoot, and they can really go thru some ammo in training and in take down ops.

            holow points do act differently than wad cutters or target point ammo, this is a fact..ask any reloader- or pro shooter

            This problem is not going down, its increasing, and quickly. something like 6000 dead in 2011 in mexico just over the border, and large groups of gang members in south California, and branching out quickly to all the big cities across the USA..mexican mafia, 13, and many other groups are engaged with the cartels, funded by and armed by them..also some of the military opposition groups.
            they have dug many tunnels to cross the border undetected, and these are not simple tunnels , these tunnels have required resources and equipment that require money , opperators and contractor type land moving big money opperations.

            • You are right on target with these “south of the border” gangs. TPTB have this all figured out. Hell, they created it. When the dollar crashes, and it will. Who will buy their drugs. How will the gangs, that have thrived on the backs of the “party crowd”, get their piles of cash. With the dollar now worthless, it won’t take long for the addicts to barter away any silver or gold they have stashed. The ruthless gangs will then break and enter anywhere they want to. I believe they will start with regular citizens until a few get bullet holes. Then they will realize that most of the big fancy homes with expensive cars are where most of the liberal/progressive/anti-gun people live. Nothing to fear there. A kitchen knife/pepper spray/stun gun ain’t no match for automatic weapons. Compared to the 6000 dead in Mexico in 2011; the death toll in US cities and suburbs will be many times higher. It’s coming, just pray it’s not coming to a neighborhood near you.

      50. Noticed an uptick of earthquakes around the Salton Sea and Brawley area near the souther San Andreas fault the last day or so.

        Always suspecious of this area. The San Andreas before it breaks will have a build up and it could be micro-quakes or earthquakes in the 2-3 range. Just watching it because WHEN the San Andreas breaks it will be a devastation to the U.S. economy if it breaks more than 275 miles or reaches 8+. I think it will break in size of 8.1-8.4 and be 300-400 miles of movement, but it could be bigger and continue north to San Francisco and beyond. If the entire fault broke it could reach 9.

        • Be Informed-
          I don’t often comment on your posts but I always read them. Just wanted to say thanks for staying on top of this and for the links you provide. Scary stuff, some of this…

          • @ SmokinOkie and you don’t need to know. Since I posted this 4 hours ago there have been a sharp increase in size of earthquakes in this area. Seismogists say the San Andreas stops at the south end of the Salton Sea, I don’t believe this. I think that San Andreas continues all the way to the Gulf of California and is not that well defined. When you have earthquakes grow in size, look out 90% of the time. This was told to me in college by a professor that was an Ivy League graduate with the highest honors in geology.

            For every 2 miles of break of a fault, it will shake for about 1 second. 300 miles of break means 150 seconds of shaking. 600 miles of break 300 seconds of shaking or 5 minutes. It is the duration of an earthquake that brings down buildings more so than the moment. Vertical movement is intense, but several minutes of horizontal shaking can bring down almost anything.

            About the New Madrid Fault. The oil pipelines were put there for convenience and no one even thought that an earthquake could ever occur here again, or for hundreds of years. The New Madrid Fault is part of a massive ancient plate boundary that is still very active AND is likely tied into the San Andreas somehow. The San Andreas breaking could certainly trigger the New Madrid. I kind of think though the New Madrid is going to be triggered by the Caribbean plate breaking. Losing those oil pipelines and this country is going to be in grave condition. This was an excellent heads up observation.

            I just checked the USGS and the area is experiencing a lot of aftershocks from the 5.3 and the 4.9 that was of course downgraded from 5.3. Can’t have a couple of 5.3’s and really alarm the public. I sure cannot stand the government how they try to hide something until the last minute and it comes out anyway. This area needs to be watched closely for at least the next two weeks before an all clear can be given.

      51. SO FRICKIN SAD


        WE GO AGAIN


        Beware Y’all!

      52. Agreed, WE are the Hands of God, and His Justice on Earth.
        But, what will you fight for?
        “The best system that ever was”?
        Is now a failed paradigm, for EXACTLY the same reasons as all the other empires in history… corruption, evil LIKES the HIGH places… it gives them control over you. The Left and The Right do have your back, they only care about their own backs. It has ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT; The Haves against the Have Nots. Do not listen to their words, look at their actions; you must have eyes to see and ears to hear.

        So WHAT will you fight for?
        The young will not allow a ‘failed constitution’…
        And in truth, the Constitution was flawed… why? Because we swapped an aristocracy of royalty for an aristocracy of MONEY. The Young understand, and many old, but many in between are simply ignorant, therefore there must be a NEW SONG of UNIFICATION, or our house divided cannot stand. Evil KNOWS THIS, and uses the parties and denominations and tax rules against you. This was the Invention of Babylon, The System that has been in place for 5000 YEARS, with different incarnations.

        The statue of Nebuchadnezzar, represents the failures of empires, until we arrive at our ‘Rome like’ democratic republic of America that is a Global Empire of Mystery, the control by money and complexity and emotions, on the Left and Right legs of politics, divided like 10 toes of Iron and Clay, the iron of mind, and the clay of emotions…the denominations of religion.

        This is where we are. The only thing worth fighting for is God, if you’ll think about it… even if you don’t agree that there is a God, you’ll have to agree you got a better deal under God given rights, than you do under the Privileges of men…

        But, there is only one way to fight an economic war, and that is with an economic response. To eliminate the controllers infrastructure, withdraw, concentrate forces by shared logistics. The only battle always won, is the battle never fought. So choose battles wisely.

        I agree with all posters that the time is soon, but not until after November. If the Dark man wins, or the elections are called off; Declare SECESSION movements. The Tea party must morph into The New Confederacy… all Federal Establishments must be declared ‘Persona Non Grata’… you must do this LEGALLY, or you will become REBEL’S AGAIN. You must go “into the Wilderness, on wings of eagles”… an alternate money system for barter and trade among yourselves. Gold eagles, silver eagles, barter eagles, all you have to do is agree as One.

        You must also have a Vision and a Rallying cry, and symbols of recognition, and a New Constitution in mind, that eliminates communism and capitalism, permanently. This can only be done if God gets ownership of Earth, and God issues money as a RIGHT. Babylon is The System of the Rule of Gold; He who has the Gold makes the Rules. It can only be overcome by the Golden Rule. Quit being a brick in the Wall of the Tower of Babel and become a Rock. The Statue of Nebuchadnezzar can only be destroyed by the power of the Rocks, you. Do not expect God to do what you must do, since he says You are His Hands of Justice, you must establish a new constitution, a Constitution of a Confederation of the Kingdom of God, not a Republic.

        Explain to me, how taxation WITH representation was better than WITHOUT representation? When taxation is the basis for corruption, because the money is OWNED by the RICH? If you design it right, there should never be a reason for taxation, ever again. Money is the key, and money is the most misunderstood thing. Money is YOU, your worth, your value, simply a Chip in the Game of Life, it must become a RIGHT, issued by the Temple of God. But Godly learn this lesson, keep your nose out of other peoples business if it doesn’t affect you, freedom and liberty mean just that, vice, abortion, and other social issues, will no longer be an issue, because the evil ones are going to destroy one another, that is why the good must trim their wicks, fill their lamps and hide in a back room, for something wicked this way comes.

        You must eliminate the Rich, in order to eliminate Wars, and then you can “pound your swords into plowshares, and your spears into pruning hooks, and neither shall they learn war, anymore”.

        But you must establish;
        -join up groups, by zip code.
        -unbreakable secure communications (the Net ain’t goin’ away, they need it for The Mark, after the dollar is toast.)
        -vet each other by the power of the spirit, this is, spiritual warfare after all. Weed out those who are weak. Protect your ranks, know one another by the Gifts, to build Trust.
        -an alternate barter credit system, the “sign of God in your mind”, that overcomes the Mark of Fealty in your hand.
        -off web coordination and communication, party line, w/private channels, twitter on steroids.

        The Net must be, for The Mark TO BE. We will use it for good, and not evil.

        The Piper calls the people, in the wilderness of Babylon,
        where he plays a New Song, of the Spiritual Relativity, to unify the Tribes with the power hidden in the rocks,
        so the chorus may sing,
        that the people may dance,
        and the forests will echo with laughter…

        Contact The Piper,
        and he will see,
        if you are worthy,
        to become a seed.

        bagpiper at babylonwilderness dot com

      53. For all those that always for some reason or another find that an illegal alien as you call them is behind the problem (please grow up) These people are here because we chose politicians that created programs to either directly affect these people and or indirectly and they are only doing what would be expected of them to do, they are reactionary to the circumstances that were placed on them. For example NAFTA and the person that was the star pushing it forward President Ronald Reagan, who do you think benefited from that? It wasn’t them. It was the rich owners, American and Zionist owned. It was the Republican and Democrat politicians that created laws and rules and so on and so forth. These people create problems and then they have solutions and the solutions always benefits them. This doing that is happening here and now in America is being done with purpose and intention. They know our reactions, they have had lots of time to study us. They know that people will become racist and begin the finger pointing, this creates more division and of course this gives them more power and control over more. Divide and conquer? These horrible things are going to happen, they have been happening for years in other nations, only we think of it as problems in other peoples nations, yet we, or should I say our elected officials have been creating havoc and war throughout the world, they are coming back to roost. We should expect that hard times should come back to us, after all are we not a country based in Christian beliefs? Reap what you sew? One day we will be foreign in other nations and they will call us illegals and yet we will claim that we had nothing to do with it? Get close to God and forgive people because one day you are going to ask for it too!

      54. I am a 22 year old National Guardsman from Central California (near Fresno) I have read most of these posts and they vary greatly, but they all have something in common: some type of massive disaster. I am at the bottom of the food chain financially. I have a wife and 2 young children and barely scrape by every month. I find it very hard to be informed properly and am not sure what’s believable. I don’t own a firearm because I can’t afford one. I live in an apartment so I can’t truly prep for survival. I can’t horde or collect supplies and food. What can people like myself do in such a crisis? I would be one of the first to resist if there were some type of “mistreated peasant uprisising” but where do I start to get involved? I believe the government. I strongly agree lthat the USneeds a drastic change. The boot is already on mine and my family’s throat, and I want to know how do I escape It’s crushing might? I love the “idea” of what America should be, and it breaks my heart to know that it is not. Yours thoughts please.

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