The Tiger Awakens: China Warns of “Retaliatory Action” and “Unforeseeable Consequences” Over U.S. Monday Deadline

by | Mar 14, 2014 | Headline News | 433 comments

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    Yesterday Secretary of State and flip-flopper extraordinaire John Kerry advised Russia that Vladimir Putin has until Monday to pull back his forces from Ukraine. Failure to do so would lead to serious repercussions. Kerry was light on details, but we can assume he was talking about some sort of economic sanctions:

    Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican and a top critic of President Obama’s foreign policy, asked what the administration would do if Russian forces advance farther into the eastern area of Ukraine, and the new government in Kiev asks the U.S. for weapons to fight the Russians.

    Kerry responded carefully, saying “we have contingencies – we are talking through various options that may or may not be available.”

    “Our hope is not to create hysteria or excessive concern about that at this point in time,” he said. “Our hope is to avoid that, but there’s no telling that we can.”

    It’s quite obvious, based on Kerry’s statement, that the Obama Administration really has no idea what to do, as they are still talking through “various options,” something that probably should have been worked out well before President Obama began slinging rhetoric over the crisis.

    What the Obama administration assumes will happen is that they’ll force Russia into compliance by coming after their economy. Obama will hit the Late Night TV circuit to tout his success, we’ll all laugh about it, and then go on our merry way. Putin will be left embarrassed and laying in the fetal position sucking his thumb. At least that’s the plan.

    But two can play at that game and China, which has stood by Russia’s show of force in Europe since the get-go, has now upped the ante.

    It’s a brilliant move designed, once again, to show the world that President Obama and the United States are no longer running the show.

    Sanctions could lead to retaliatory action, and that would trigger a spiral with unforeseeable consequences,” warns China’s envoy to Germany adding that “we don’t see any point in sanctions.” On the heels of Merkel’s warning that Russia risked “massive” political and economic damage if it did not change course, Reuters reports ambassador Shi Mingde urged patience saying “the door is still open” for diplomacy (though we suspect it is not) ahead of this weekend’s referendum. Russia’s Deputy Economy Minister Alexei Likhachev responded by promising “symmetrical” sanctions by Moscow. So now we have China joining the fray more aggressively.

    Via Reuters,

    China’s top envoy to Germany has warned the West against punishing Russia with sanctions for its intervention in Ukraine, saying such measures could lead to a dangerous chain reaction that would be difficult to control. In an interview with Reuters days before the European Union is threatening to impose its first sanctions on Russia since the Cold War, ambassador Shi Mingde issued the strongest warning against such measures by any top Chinese official to date.

    “We don’t see any point in sanctions,” Shi said. “Sanctions could lead to retaliatory action, and that would trigger a spiral with unforeseeable consequences. We don’t want this.”

    Using her [Merkel’s] toughest rhetoric since the crisis began, she warned in a speech in parliament on Thursday that Russia risked “massive” political and economic damage if it did not change course in the coming days.

    Russia’s Deputy Economy Minister Alexei Likhachev responded by promising “symmetrical” sanctions by Moscow. But Shi urged patience, saying the door for talks should remain open even after a referendum on Sunday in which Ukraine’s southern region of Crimea could vote to secede and join Russia. Merkel and other western leaders have denounced the referendum as illegal and demanded that it be canceled.

    “We still see a chance to avoid an escalation. The door to talks is still open. We should use this possibility, also after the referendum,” Shi said.

    Zero Hedge via The Daily Sheeple

    The White House’s deadline for Russia to pull back is Monday.

    Will Obama blink again, as he did in Syria?

    Let’s remember that China holds trillions of dollars of US debt. All they have to do is hint (not even actually do it) that they will pull back on Treasury purchases and we’re toast within days.

    We shouldn’t be at all surprised if, on Monday, Vladimir Putin thumbs his nose at the west again and actually sends his troops across the Crimean border into Ukraine.

    One thing’s for sure. President Obama’s foreign policy has been a complete and utter disaster on every front. Either this destruction of America’s worldwide credibility is pre-planned or there is a gaggle of idiots in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Perhaps both.


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      1. You know, somewhere I read that there would be a 200 million man army gathered in the end.

        • China can put some serious hurt on the U.S. economy. China and Russia have a common enemy, the west and the U.S. China has gotten much of their military from Russia. China gets a huge amount of their energy needs from Russia. China will do what is in their best interest, and this is to dimish the U.S. as much as possible. It takes money to run a military and China can hurt this a lot, again, in their best interest.

          • Off topic, but threats are coming in on the Connecticut policeman that said he would give his left nut to go kick down doors and confiscate guns as reported at Freedom Outpost.

            It is interesting that Tim Brown of the Freedom Outpost states that “Threats of violence are not the way to go about things” when it was precisely those threats that has got the attention of the Branford Police Chief and indeed the entire Branford Police Department, and very likely every police agency in the state of Connecticut.

            Every law enforcement officer in this country had better heed this warning. American gun owners will not sit idly by while their neighbors are attacked by Nazi SWAT teams. There will be retaliation in such a senario.

            Make no mistake: We have been threatened, and that threat has now been answered, and apparently understood by the Connecticut police.

            We mean business; Any unconstitutional act by “law enforcement” will be answered, and it will be answered quickly and decisively.

            Count on it.


            • The cops are finally realizing they won’t always get to dictate the rules of engagement. The terror they have fun inflicting doesn’t seem so fun when they may be on the receiving end.

              • My group has a true underground bunker built in the 60s. We decide to air it out today and verify our stock in it. This is going to get worst before it gets better.

                ??? How much worst.

                • Even though there is a very slim chance of seeing missiles in the air (big ones at least). A lille prep can go a long way in this pi ture.

                  Don’t let the cry baby say this is in survivable. It is. Must think half lives. And our interseptors are a little better than most think..

                  • It is survivable Hate auto correct along with my other verbal shortcomings.

                  • Free and independent Jefferson State!

                  • Obama will get amnesia and say we never set a dead line.

                  • One of the old tube radios in our hole came to life. I was amaze people were on it all ready (Freq) Remember the issued civil defence ones in the 60s.

                    Old timers it may be time to dust off the old school. I remember when the cold war meant something in your day to day life.

                    At least it kept the co;;aspe from happening. Maybe it will be for the best.

                    Receive Snaper Beni. after drafted sevice sitting on the China Russia Border with a pair of Binos. Many of did it why not the young. Builds backbone sitting in the snow freezing your ass off

                  • Sanctions are a bad idea because the USA does not have the moral authority under the circumstances, contrary to the propaganda spewing from LSM.

                    Supporting an Ultra Nationalist who has abrogated the rights of a large percentage of the population of his country is morally reprehensible and criminally illegal under International Law.

                    China has 3.8 trillion dollars worth of foreign currency reserves. 1.2 trillion belongs the USA. The rest belongs to Europe and others. Those US foreign currency reserves are comprised of US Bonds and US dollars.

                    The FOREX is a 5.5 trillion dollar market, PER DAY, and it is run by the Prime Dealer GB’s who are the New World Order. Any “dumping” of US dollars could be assimilated by the NWO Central Bankers in a few days and China would lose a lot of value in the process. Every transaction must have a counter party.

                    Rather than supporting the Internet Meme of a “dollar collapse”, what China is alluding to is the likely response by Russia. Russia will not allow the USA and Europe to isolate it as if it were Iran, Venezuela or Argentina.

                    Sanctions by the West will initiate a shooting war with conventional weapons. First in Ukraine then further west. The O’Bummer Administration has badly miscalculated … again.

                    “If you like Ukraine … you can keep it”; your monthly premiums will be lower, and pre-existing conditions will be covered”. 🙁

                  • Chinese economy will be affected significantly by US-Russian sanctions war.
                    That’s why they are concerned.

                  • durango is on again I believe that is what will happen. if it makes sense rather quickly it usually is. at least I see it that way. Things are going to get interesting rather quickly. Hold your food supplies and water resources at your side. DONT trust your neighbors or new friends that you once never had. People use people. Be careful, if they are not open or seem to be lying to you let them go. if they are lying now they will lie or kill or cheat even worse as things progressivly get worse. Be safe all.

                  • How is it survivable?

                    Let me give you a less than terribly survivable scenario.

                    Tactical nuke or three about 1/4 mile to 1/6 mile away from each and every nuclear reactor in this country.

                    Poof there it is. Gonzo.

                • We have one of those old 1960s bomb shelters that we remodeled to make a hidey hole in case the shtf. Well the dang thing was full of mice and I found a dog skeleton and and an old commode down in there too. I bead blasted the crud off the commode and its as good as new. Had one of them ornamental flush handles on it and all. There was a few cans of potted meat down there that me and the wife ate and it was still pretty good. It did have a rather gamey taste but that quickly went away when washed down with a glass of gravy. I’m real glad we have this thing because I expect Obama to pull something any day now to take away our rights.

                • Well considering that the State of Connecticut has come out and said that all who tried to register but were late will be dealt with in the harshest manner if they do not surrender their now illegal weapons. Maybe it is time for some to show up at the homes of these ass clown law makers and give them some harsh. Where do these losers get the arrogance?

                • FB don’t you mean this is going to get worse before it gets better?

                • I predict that it will get liverwurst…

            • What American foreign Policy?

              If the best Obama can do is offer
              up Mooshelle as a Sacrificial Cow
              to Putin as a gesture of good faith,
              the nukes will be flying Monday.

              • OutWest

                One fat cow isn’t much good faith.

                • OutWest and Wrong, if Moochelle is the only sacrificial cow Obama can offer, he might as well head on over to Mt. Weather.

              • that would piss me off too.

              • If Moochelle is offered, the Ruskies will surely retaliate. That’d be worse than telling a Russian “F___ your mother!”

                • Today I watched Ron Insana on stock market afternoon reports….He spoke of how he just got done traveling across many sections of america past couple months.

                  he said he was basically checking conditions of jobs and manufactureing and asking many folks of all types about the economy etc. he said for a couple examples, in Miami Fla, every of the foreclosed condos there has been SOLD, and over 13,000 New Condo builds has been started with construction going gangbusters there.

                  he skipped over to Penn state and named a area i do not recall town name of now, said a brand New manufactureing factory was just completed and is at work now, he said hes found that to be the case in Many of the areas hes gone to check out.

                  That overall since 40 yrs ago, its the best yet hes seen for a manufacturing return to usa with good jobs. And expects a continued Growth of manufactureing increases.

                  China is Crap big time. Many troubles in china Bonds, over growth and overall economic troubles only to get worse in china is likly.

                  There are MORE NEW Millionaires in america now than at Any other era. More new ones and more overall total millionaires than ever in america.

                  Folks can believe what they choose to I suppose. I for one see zero reasons for him to lie on these issues as anybody can check those areas fast and easy to confirm if its true or not so why lie.

                  he and a few others aint saying americas all rosy and swell yet, far from it…but they are saying in Many areas and many ways things are doing better. Some a bit better some more so. They all agreed that we are seeing the begining of a return to manufactureing and related good jobs thats going to continue since america Still has the best High tech sectors globally, and that new manuf factorys are all going high tech.

                  So far alternate, crash any day now past decade VS, things that guys like him can and do verify with actual numbers and various paperwork required by the market of such actual numbers seems to show just maybe the doom gloomers are stuck on gloom with zero results. except of course for their many sales of many items and gold etc!

                  Not everybody is doing so bad though it seems eh. Time shall tell I guess. Daily doom for 10 yrs now has so far been a Bust.

                  • This sounds great..can you post any verification though? about the name of the factory, the industry, how many workers?

                    Who bought all of those condos and what was the name of the company/condo association? What are any of the names of the new home construction that is going on? Builders? Realtors? Mortgage application numbers?…

                    without any of this info, your post reads like a schill…

                  • Real unemployment well over 20% (see Shadow Stats on any given day).

                    Inflation in the 5% to 10% range on things that matter (which do not count in the govt’s calculations of inflation).

                    Interest rates up 2% in last 7 months (I know, because I refinance frequently and rates have gone from a low of 2.625% on a fixed rate 15 year loan (no closing costs) to nearly 4% for the same loan right now).

                    Debt that we can never repay as a nation. The only options now being to repudiate the debt entirely or kill it via massive inflation over 20 years. This will result in total collapse, to be honest about it, as Social Security, Medicare, all welfare, and most govt spending will have to end. Riots break out immediately among those starving without their handouts and the mass slaughter commences.

                    Factories? I can almost guarantee that for every new factory there are 4 that close.

                    Not to mention, look at the labor contracts (if there are labor contracts in the new factories) and you will see an absence of benefits, resulting in workers paying 1/2 their income to the Fed and State govts and another 25% into medical coverage (the Obamacare scam was simply more redistribution from those who work to those who don’t).

                    The entire idea is working brilliantly–destroy the middle class and control the masses with crumbs.

                  • The problem is that so much of the prosperity is driven by money printed out of thin air. The new job numbers would also indicate that things are not good. In normal times interest rates down where they now are would have set off a boom in hiring. Here in San Diego except for the foreclosure jump like everywhere else there has been very little obvious indication of a recession. If in fact manufacturing is returning then that is a very good sign.

            • Our organization will br in Harford CT. at 10am tomorrow.

              http //


              Florida looks like it will be second in the nation to be fully constituted.

              All of the original 13 colonies will be fully constituted.

              Then on to the rest of the 3142 counties nationwide.

              Connecticut is scheduled for next Saturday 3/15 at 10am in Hartford.
              Rhode Island is scheduled for next Saturday 3/15 at 2pm in East Providence

              Join us!

              Tiger Scout

              • Please educate me what do you mean fully constituted?


                • I think he meant to say fully constipated with that communist mayor they got up there and all…

                • I hope fully constituted don’t mean fully in for a const con-con?…if so thats NOT good at all! If thats about a con con aka const convention of the States article V in us const etc?….Thats the swindle promoted by Mark Levin and many other neocons. They are Promicing folks that ONLY what con con delagates are Ordered to work on, such as an amendment to require balanced budget at fed levels etc…Thats Fraud speak. There is More than Ample Proof from orig Founders federalist papers, to one or more former us supreme ct justices, and many other well informed folks and sources that under ZERO circumstances can such delagate orders be expected to be Obeyed!

                  If they do a con con, we can end up with an ENTIRE New us const that don’t remotely resemble the orig current model we now have!…A con con was NOT needed to Repeal proabition right. so Why Now is a con con so needed to add an amendt?…Its NOT! And the US congress is who approves final delagates! And congress sets final RULES. Which will NOT be obeyed and we will see a RUN AWAY con con event and then You will see true DOOM!

                  Even if thats Not what its about?…Con con attempts now going on in Many states is info You need be learned of.

                  Publius Huldah, a women writer at newswithviews site Has several ongoing articles and Updates regards this Push for a Con-Con convention….She uses actual federalists papers writings of the founders, and the us cont itself as examples to outline what and why a con con is a Very Bad wrong headed plan!…She Also shows step by step everything Mark Levin says is BS wrong! With the PROOF hes wrong, or else hes paid off to swindle us all. See Her Proofs before backing him or others please.

                  PS: why anybody including Mark Levin really believes to fix usa troubles a simple const ammendt will do it?

                  Why would it work?…If most every politition NOW Fails regularly to Obey the const as it is now?…Why does levin et al think the same folks are going to Obey any new ammendt’s?

                  Its just one MORE neocon scam swindle folks do not fall for it…Do the research, read Publius Huldahs articles and you too shall 100% agree its a very Bad Plan period.

                  NOW: If by Fully “constituted” states it means some Other event or issue than a con con convention?…Ok so what Is that?…Either way folks still should research the con con issues i write of here. A Very bad Plan! Say Bye Bye to the Cherrished 2nd amendt if they get a con con going! And Bye to much More we Now still have!

                  • Anyone who trusts the Stupid Party to protect our interests from the Progressive Party at a Con Con is playing Russian Roulette. It will be turned into a full scale assault on the Constitution. We cannot protect the existing constitution and people want to let it be amended. Same people who voted for Obama. This is like new immigration law when the existing is ignored.

                  • Them Guys and John W.

                    Chills of pure fear shook my body…What they WILL do if given the opportunity is so frightening…any attempt must be stopped at ALL COSTS… There is no cost too great…

                    If not stopped, all vestige of what once made this country great will be gone…period!

                  • Them Guys has got it right:

                    “If they do a con con, we can end up with an ENTIRE New us const that don’t remotely resemble the orig current model we now have!…”

                    The con-con would be gamed by powerful indiders, and the chances of any good whatsoever resulting from the new wording are exceedingly slim. Or fat, depending on your POV.

                    No con-con!

            • 100 heads

              • Jerrytbg:correct. John W is also right. Many fokks may not know it, but this Push for a state convention con con has been Ongoing since aprox 1960! in Late 1970’s to early 80’s they came within Two states of getting a con con! Thats Fearfull at best!

                Rockefellers funds and others like Ford Foundation funds have now spent a grand total of at least $25 Million and about 25 yrs time to write and Re write a fully totally New us const. I have read the entire BOR portions of it.

                It at first sounds kinda same and ok. But a close exam of it reveals the scams. Like 2nd amend gun rights…Yes the new version contains gun rights…BUT…ONLY after one Jumps thru so many hoops, that it makes the current 20,000 antigun laws seem fine. things like RE register guns every year or few yrs same as a car is now.

                FREE speech 1st amendt… Yes that remains..BUT ONLY speech that wont be Offensive to various groups or persons(read negroes etc)….With only speech as approved by unelected groups at the UN HQ….NO Thanks!

                Anybody interested, and you should be, newswithviews website has a couple writers devoted to this issue fully. All they write is facts based, proof galore of it and very informative.

                AS to that Naysayer calling My Post above a Shill post…What does it matter the names of who bought every prior unsold fla miami condo? What does Matter is its sold and now so are all of them sold and 13,000 NEW condo builds are ongoing. That DOES create good jobs period.

                You may prefer total jobless american collapse…I sure do not. I was only posting what I saw and heard the other day on that guys report of what he saw as he travled america checking out these jobs issues etc.

                Thats a Bad thing now?…Idiots like You who seem to cherrish a collapsed usa so You can brag you was correct after all….Thats whats shill idiotic to me.

                I do Not wish bad for anybody. Collapse will be very Bad for most folks….I do not subscribe to “I got Mine so screw all others who do not”….Thats plain selfish as can be and overall ignorant if thats what that fool believes in. If what Ron Insana said is facts and truth…then its Good news. Anyone who says different is an total fool to wish bad for america.

                PS If You really need actual namers of who bought tens of thousands foreclosed condos and whos Now building 13,000 NEW ones?…Go look it Up I aint doing your homework for you. I say it matters NOT names who bought a condo. SOLD means GOOD, 13,000 NEW condo starts equals GOOD for economy and jobs etc. I Want good for america and its people. If You dont you are who has a real problem.

            • The said fascist officer in question probably doesn’t HAVE any nuts. Or maybe IS nuts.

            • It’s easy peasy for a couple dozen cops to storm a drug house. What they gonna do when a couple dozen cops go up against “The People”.

              I would have told the cop; “What if I take your left nut, the right nut, and whatever else I want?” or how about; “While you are kicking in my door, whose kicking in yours!”

              Make them sweat, they deserve it.


            • I believe this response seen in Ct. is just the beginning of folks finally not putting up with the bullshit,gun sales along with ammo during the last few years show that the govt. is not the only one arming up

            • Was just watching video of Paul Craig Roberts, who was saying none of us were in the streets protesting when Hitler-Obama signed NDAA law, allowing him to pick us up and put us in prison without telling our family.

              None of us protested when Hitler-Obama said he/military can kill us with drones if they wants to.

              How odd it would be if we citizens actually decided our civil rights were more important than the stupid TV set and did something about it! Guess we are all waiting for someone else to do it…

              • You’re right. And, let me tell you all something – and it has to do with my experience in the military, many moons ago, when I first encountered pot smoking losers.

                Smoking dope makes you apathetic. I personally detest apathy in people, and so very quickly I developed an intense hatred for pot smoking losers. So, as we see a number of states deciding to decriminalize and even legalize marijuana – the ‘agenda’ behind why many of these totalitarian minded politicians should be pretty easy to read, even by the dumbest among us.

                They want us to be apathetic, folks. They want us to be anesthetized, stoned out of our minds, sitting around all day puffing on our bong pipes and counting the hairs in each other’s belly buttons – and NOT paying attention to how they are trying to abolish our Constitution and shred the Bill of Rights and create the updated version of the jewish created Soviet Union. They do not want us to get mad dog mean and angry enough to fight back with physical force, if need be, to put tyrants in the ground where they all belong.

                • Weed- one more Darwinian selection tool to test our will to succeed.

                • You know exactly why they are legalizing pot at this time if you just think about it for a moment. Anything to distract you from what is really going on.

                  • No, becaue there’s money in it, they now realize… its a cure for many things and the Fed wants the profits from it… that’s the only reason they do anything– for money!!!

                • It is sad to see someone who is supposed to be a patriot and lover of freedom and dont even realize that he is a hitler/stalin himself. I dont want progressive ideas forced on me no more than i want a neocons idea forced on me. What people want to do on their own time doesnt hurt you unless they get on the road driving. Its what we call a free society. The reason why this country worked before the progressive movement is because people were not constantly trying to prosecute people for things they believe in instead of minding their own business. Now we spend billions if not hundred of billions sticking people in prison that hurt no one but theirselves. We are all prepping now because we are to stupid to figure this and other money scams out before its to late. Most all founders of this country were christians but they knew that to live freely we must live by natural law. Meaning dont kill steal etc. Idont smoke but have before. I garrantee i am as ardent as patriot as anyone. We are bound to go down when everybody is worried what the next guy is doing. Karl marx was right when he said the ten things that would reign in socialism then communism were the communist manifesto. While the country worried about pot, war, trying to dictate how other are supposed to act our congress has just about completed the manifesto.

              • 9/11 was the snake oil they used to sell all the BS security hysteria. People have wised up as to there being no real intent to control the border or confront the Religion of Peace. When moron Bush uttered that ROP phrase in front of a still smoldering WTC ruin I knew we were being had. This has all been a psy op to grab as much power as possible.

              • We’re still waiting.

            • Connecticut….The “Constitution State” You can’t see it but I’m shaking my head with disgust !!!!!!!!

            • Thanks for posting this. You’re right. It is “off topic” BUT it is extremely important news on a battle site where gun right activists are pushing forward. Thanks again for posting.

              • Where’s the NRA?

          • Aint it amazing.

            This is all being played like Obama is a puppet on a string.

            Oh wait a minute.

            • At this rate, this shit is heading towards a nuclear war.

              • Of course it is. TALMUDISTS want war and uncle sam will oblige.

              • Yea, and did everyone see the recent declaration of mental insanity that Rand Paul released? This nauseating slab of Israel scrotum licking dog crap seems to be auditioning for his blood thirsty, Satanically evil, war mongering jew masters by issuing threats of taking military action against Russia for daring to take common sense steps to ensure their nation’s national security in the face of USA and Israeli and neo-con criminal provocations that have been going in the Ukraine.

                What a greasy little jew toe sucking cockroach Rand Paul is, folks. Imagine the USA’s reaction if Russia was stirring up turmoil and conflict in, say, Canada and was working to install a pro-Russian puppet into power in a nation right next door to the USA? And, then, once they had their pro-Russian puppet in place – started to station nuclear missiles and establish military bases along the US-Canadian border?

                Frankly, I can’t figure out how Rand Paul and the rest of these neo-con cockroaches can manage to not choke on their own nauseating hypocrisy.

                • TUCKER: Bravo for Truth telling! but you must Know that to name Rand Paul negativly is akin to the most egregious Mortal SIN!….hes the “Current” Darling of the tea party bunch. And that bunch has been Totally infiltrated, taken over, destroyed as a group by zio neocon opperatives.

                  Same goes for Rubio, Chaz et al…And Good luck for anyone who thinks they can attend a tea party rally or meeting with arm loads of flyers that outline and show all of the many zionist swindles and scams running america today!

                  NO free speech allowed at such gatherings if one is promoting Truth like tucker wrote of here!

                  You will last less than 5 minits tops soon as you begin to pass out said flyers sheets filled with facts based zio infos.

                  They all subscribe to Glen Beck and Hannity crapolas.

                  “Strong on Defense spending withOUT Limits!(Read: whatever israel wnats it gets, even wars and more endless wars untill none are left standing besides jewish israel!)

                  “Cut Fed govnt Spending drastically folks!(read cut Soc sec untill its fully Gone an screw old folks that Paid in etc and have no other incomes).

                  Hannity for kissing jewish ass gets paid aprox 25 to $50 Million per year with many Book deqals included, same as Beck and Orielly et al…With Professional book writers acting as “Ghost writers” for them actually writeing their many books.

                  Ironic its always ones with $50 Million per year salary who want an end to soc sec yet have ZERO qualms of tons more multi billions going to that Rabid war mongering genocidal freak state Israel!

                  oh oh! Now I just touched that deadly 3rd rail of PC correctness that envelopes jews and israel! of which tea party folks and most neocon voters believe can never do wrongs!…ok all you whos that way…Red thumb me and tucker and go Back to viewing pastor John Hagee on TV teaching you tons of biblical Falsehoods about jews and israel state….be sure to Donate Cash to hagee too so he can transfer that Cash into his private jets gas tanks!

                  I guess when NY jews and Israel’s govnt Gave him that FREE Jet to keep him promoting all issues israel jewish they never inlcuded the Fuel for it!…Thats Tea party fools job I rekon! fuel hagees jet so he can fly to rabid state israel for din din with foam at mouth Lunatic NuttyYahoo while visiting. I wonder if hagee takes free Pot shots at small palestinian kiddies like his pals in israeli IDF do often?

                  Fuckin Bolshevik Khazar Kommie frauds! The Lot of em!

          • and timing really IS everything. With China’s economy getting ready to seriously hit the skids…well, any day really, what better time to serve up a circus for their people as a distraction?

            • things just seems like they are going to smoothly. all i know is the start of WW3 will be determined by what china does. if china joins the talks then the likeliness of WW3 happening goes up a lot. all i know is that if the U.N. tries to sanction russia. and the Russians and Chinese walk out. then you better quadruple check your preps because WW3 is getting ready to happen.

              • I already am re-checking my preps, Omega… I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach…

          • Once martial law is declared they can by executive order, haul you off and make you work, soldiers are required to work with or without pay, that being said, manufacturing military equipment and people to man them seems to not be a problem with a bankrupt nation leading its people into war.

            • Molon Labe… Come and get me… I will NOT comply…

          • They didn’t say which Monday.

            Seriously though, the Americans and their allies are just hoping Russia stops with the Crimea.

            • They didn’t say which Monday, and they didn’t say which year. No worries.

          • It has been said that if God does not judge America for her sins and wickedness, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.
            One thing we know. God never apologizes.

            • People who say that are out of line at best, blaspheming at worst. The need to revisit scripture- God would have spared S&G for 10 good people. Even Washington D.C., New York City and San Francisco each have more than 10 people who love God, who are His and are reckoned by Him as “righteous.” Until those are no longer around, people had better stop saying that silly thing.

          • Well, this was all likely planned long ago, the parasites just waiting for the opportunity to play it. America has no “leadership”, but owned puppets, and our demise was set in motion long before anyone here was even born.

            I hear a lone bugle in the distance…

            • DHS conducts unannounced school lockdown drill

              Parents were not informed beforehand.

              Drudge Report

              • Schools do practice lockdown, earthquake, weather, etc drills a lot…it is required. And…it should be unannounced. Parents honestly don’t need to know when a drill is going to happen, that prevents the kids and even staff from responding accordingly. If DHS actually announced it, that is a bit concerning, but there is a chance that the DHS was simply working with a school in a sort of outreach manner. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, imo, infowars blows things out of proportion.

                • Kynase, I disagree. No one better lock my child down in a building, without notifying me unless it’s a BIG assed emergency. That said, I do not send my child to public indoctrination school, so the lock downs are not an issue for me and never will be.

                  Lock down was and is a term used in the prison system. I find it ironic that this term is now heavily used in our school system. When I attended public elementary school in the 70’s and 80’s, this did not go on. My child will never be exposed to the “lock down” games, where they are locked up in the building and mom and dad have no rights or access to them. It’s sick sick mentality of submission. And what else is far more sickening are these shooter drills they force students and teachers to participate in.

                • Lockdowns are for keeping the children safe when you cannot physically be by your children’s side. With all kinds of crazies out there, when a locality is under threat, it has to be quarantined and locked down for the sake of the innocent and vulnerable people inside. If you don’t trust ‘them’ to do the right thing then they (children) should not be ‘there’. Society cannot exist without trust and accountability.

                  Sigi, thanks for reminding us that God would have spared S&G if there were even 10 righteous people.

                  • A lockdown is a lockdown. School Admins. Want to take too much of a role in our children’s lives and reduce the role of the parent because we the parents don’t know what I s best for our children. Look at common core and ask yourself… Is that a good idea? Turn off the power and the gas, let us weed out the weak and unsavory, bring back America!

              • Ever wonder what effect lock-downs have on our children?

                • I’ll tell you what the ‘effect’ is on these kids who are put through one of these Bolshevik Communist ‘lock-downs’.

                  They are traumatized by the experience.

                  Psychologically, by the jewish Communist bastards who’ve seized control of a second White European nation within a short span of 100 years – these young kids are being conditioned to accept the Police State that the jews are transforming the USSA into. This sort of crap is deliberately designed to flaunt the all encompassing, tyrannical power of the Amerikan KGB (DHS) and to instill fear and slavish obedience to the iron fist of the State. It won’t surprise me one bit to see these jackbooted thugs start to expand these ‘lock-down’ drills to include strip searching our kids and performing cavity searches and ‘probes’ on our daughters and sons, all in the interest of making sure nobody’s kid has a miniature .22 pistol hidden inside any of their private orifices.

                  Think I’m exaggerating? Just wait. This is coming, folks. I can almost guarantee it, because I know how these evil jewish Bolsheviks think – and all one has to do in order to gain the same ‘vision’ that I’ve got, is to study what these evil rats did after they seized control of Russia in 1917.

            • Just a few million more Third World immigrants and they will have the prize. Demographics is destiny and ours is looking pretty shaky.

            • JM-

              –(quote)–…”I hear a lone bugle in the distance…”

     too..& its playing “TAPS”..over the Constitution!

          • Waiting for Durango Kid to tell us how this can’t happen.

            • I just posted above Walt. It is not about “dollar collapse”; it is about a shooting war between Russia and the West. A war would just invigorate the dollar. After all it is the weapon of choice.

              China is just pointing out the obvious.

              China would not get involved in a shooting war in Europe, they have no skin in that game. They might get “froggy” in the East China Sea; but if they expect to take that by force they had better do that soon because it wouldn’t take Japan long to develop nuclear weapons and deploy them. 🙂

              • “” it wouldn’t take Japan long to develop nuclear weapons and deploy them. “”

                All they have to do is pick up scrap from Fukushima and put it in a catapult!

                They unleashed one on themselves, so why not China too.

                • Actually, according to Jim Garrows, China sabotaged Fukushima. All they have to do is wait a few short years and there won’t be any Japanese strong enough to resist them. In the meantime, the Pacific Ocean is being destroyed.

                  • Well so far All articles on Japans woes indicate that Israel and Mossad provided Japs nuke plant Security plans, cameras, computer networked safty measures etc.

                    Plus all usa airport security methods also!

                    Chertoff, aka Ex honcho of DHS, is the supplier of ALL xray scaners at usa airports, and is lobbying to put scaners in every place possible in usa. Chertoff aint chinese.

                    “by Deception you shall cause Wars” State motto of Israel.

                    Anybody know chinas state motto?

                  • Jim Garrow and his pal Dave Hodges tend to be of the Alex Jones variety of doom & gloom promotion.

                    Which means, they try to avoid ever identifying the world’s #1 source of evil – Israel and their 5th column of jewish neo-cons. Instead, they’ll harp on long dead and decomposed German Nazis, the ‘Iluminati’, ‘Globalists’, ‘International Bankers’ and the always dependable ‘Bilderbergers’.

                    Them guys is 100 percent right. The Israelis are responsible for Fukushima, and probably had their stuxnet virus uploaded to the Fukushima network operating system – which explains why the automatic graceful shutdown of the reactor never occurred.

                    The idea that China, with the enormous size of its population – would deliberately poison the entire Pacific Ocean and destroy what is probably the biggest source of its food supply – is not credible.

              • The Japanese could probably design a nuclear weapon readily. I think that the air time from the chinese launch sites to Japan is a lot less than the time needed to build that nuclear arsenal. The chinese would pre-emptively strike Japan, and possibly SK, I’m thinking.

          • The list of countries around the world whose economies are circling the drain makes me wonder who will be first and start the dominoes falling.

            China would like to see the U.S. fall. They have weaknesses too.

            China’s house of cards…
            China’s Downhill Move Picks Up Steam
            The WSJ has a list of “China’s Rising Risks,” including:
            •Part 1: Banks Feel Strains After Credit Binge
            •Part 2: Banks, Bonds Joined at the Hip
            •Part 3: Banks Work Around Lending Limits
            •Part 4: The Rock Star of Chinese Debt Analysis
            •Part 5: Debt Drags on Growth
            •Part 6: In China, a Big Bet on Smaller Borrowers
            •Part 7: China’s Credit Levels Echo U.S. Crisis


            • Sure, China has problems. But they don’t have entitlement programs. They’re an export powerhouse. China has the chance economically to be what America was like 100 years ago.

              • BC: China subsidizes food and fuel for the masses at the State level. The Chinese people haven’t needed EBT cards because the economy has been stimulated for twenty years, receiving the jobs that represented the opportunity for the American Middle Class.

                That is about to change. 🙁

                • Why the frown?

                  • OM: The jobs won’t come back to the USA. The “China Template” will be overlain Mexico, Central America, The Caribbean, and Columbia.

                    With the Mexican Peso at 12 to 1 to the dollar (as opposed to 6 to 1 for the Yuan) there is twice as much profit in manufacturing costs there, transport cost savings, and no workers who would likely jump out of a factory window.

                    Multinational companies hate when that happens; it hurts the brand, ya know?

                    China could POP! That could be ugly with global repercussions; particularly in SE Asia, Central Asia and Siberia. Time will tell. 🙂

            • China IS having problems and any conflict with the USA would only exacerbate them. With the collapse of retail in the US and elsewhere, China’s economy is coming under increasing pressure. It is starting to unravel from MASSIVE credit and real estate bubbles.

              China would like to continue as an export giant, because it weakens their competitors and adversaries (US) and that is contrary to the NWO Plan. The GB’s are working to force China to develop their internal markets and raise the value of the Yuan on world markets. China wants a weak Yuan.

              Failing to do this would limit their opportunity for a world currency alongside the dollar and the euro. The CCP will have to employ QE to protect its state banks from collapse. Allowing the recent bankruptcy of a solar panel company was a table scrap for the WTO.

              Hyperinflation is more likely in China than anywhere else. The Chinese people, now conditioned to wealth and good living could rise up in a hurry with the crash of the Chinese economy. It is more likely there than here. Conversations I have had with people on the ground there suggests that the Yellow Brick Road is missing some BRICS (pun intended).

              China is set for its first depression since the transfer of the wealth of the American Middle Class to China was begun in 1988 by GHWB. If anyone thinks the NWO is going to allow a partner to dictate New Rules, they have not been paying attention. 🙁

              • You’ve got to be kidding.
                China has the U.S. by the nadds.
                The stories you hear on mainstream really shouldn’t be repeated if you have your head above the sand.
                You flag wavers are getting to be amusing.
                The U.S. is being taken down from within.It will all play out soon.
                Step back and look at your debt and the mess your in.
                You have used most countries to your benefit to get where you are ( or make that were )
                The global community is tired of your bullshit.
                Time to pay up.

          • What is USA going to do? Ask China if we can borrow money to fight them and their energy supplier? China is willing to endure a depression (economic, not the bogus psychiatric kind) in order to take down USA.

          • Another hot mic on, Lindsey Graham went up to John Kerry & said “Great job John, if you need help with Boehner let me know”
            Kerry hurried & turned the mic off but the two kept talking.

            • Graham, MConnell, MCain et al are neo CONS and big govt establishment just as bad as Reid and they all need to go. Citizens for a Constitutionally Limited Federal Government…

          • That said, without us buying China’s cheap ass shit, their economy would collapse in a New York minute. They know where they stand. They may talk smack, but that is what it amounts to.

            • America’s trade deficit with China, last year (2013), was $318B (meaning we import/buy $318B more of goods from them than we export/sell to them).


              On top of the trade deficit, China holds/owns approximately 7% ($1.3T) of the US national debt, primarily from buying US Treasury bonds. A bond is, in simple terms, an interest-bearing loan, with the American population being the collateral to repay the loan (via the taxing power of the US government, which is simply the stealing of money, enforced by threat of violence against it’s own populace), thereby making the entire current, and future, US population debt-slaves and the US government largely beholden to foreign influences.

          • China could certainly harm the US financial system. The most interesting thing about that possibility is that should there be some trade interruption between the two countries as a result of that financial meddling, China will suffer no economic consequences whatsoever, from the loss of US markets.

            Mac Slavo’s analysis, suggesting that “Putin will be left embarrassed and laying in the fetal position sucking his thumb”, seems to be reasonably spot on. Mr. Obama has certainly got the strategic response right this time.

            The big remaining question: Which thumb?

        • Quite an interesting prophecy from Revelations, maddog:

          “Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates . And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men. And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand [200 million] and I heard the number of them” (Revelation 9:14-16).

          • That’s were I had read about the 200 million. Thanks mac. You know if one would look around one can see many similarities from that book and todays world. Things like knowledge would greatly expand (internet), falling away from the church (new pope’s ideas), and many, many more. Oh well I gotta go, time to watch the kardashy’s or something my ears get cold when my head is out of the sand to long.

            • better add some ear muffs to your preps.

          • We have 15 million big game hunters, 200 mil? That is only 13 each..

            • There heading to europe and isreal not here… if you follow revelations…..

              • We don’t. So keep your silly religiocrap out of the discussion. Thanks

                • I have heard the crap your spewing all my life. If you have a problem with God and my relationship with him you will probably have a problem here. I no longer ignore individuals who derogate the church. I have watch the progressive, libtard commie’s kill God and remove him from our society. Take a look around you pal, it hasn’t seemed to have worked out very well for your argument. There are now a multitude of scenario’s that threatens to destroy the country I love and that my children need to live in. I believe there are many like me that will no longer leave it alone and speaking for myself will make life miserable for individuals who continue to threaten my relationship with the lord.

                  • God is not owned by your political path, maddog… you have a right to your relationship with God and so do the liberals. Just because a person is not a right winger and believes like you do it doesn’t mean you own God– you don’t!

            • .02-


              Dude…you have a lot of style/class!

              ..thumbs up to ya!

            • Ya barely over half a box of shells….barrel aint even gonna git warm… 🙁

              • I’ve got my Red Ryder BB Gun, and yes, I’ll shoot SOMEONE ELSE’S eye out, NOT mine. [sarcasm]

          • Please. Anyone who calls the last book of the Bible “Revelations” is usually suspect in their interpretation. As you are. That book was written about things that John said, would “shortly come to pass” (he said that repeatedly). Crazy interpreters of the Dispensationalist camp have been applying it to every world event since the First World War. And they have all been wrong.

            • Huh?

              • First – it’s called “The Revelation” (the ‘s’ is silent because its non-existent).
                Second, It was written by the apostle John to the 7 Churches in Asia about things “which must SHORTLY come to pass” (Rev. 1:1), and that the events he was describing were “at hand” (Rev. 1:3)
                In other words, consider these three points:
                1. John was writing to these real, existing churches in the 1st century about the persecutions and trials they were about to face.
                2. This book was written to comfort and prepare them for what they would face.
                3. Only by the sheerest unbridled imagination can one suppose that John was warning these churches of something about 2,000 into the future, and comforting them in their trials.
                The first rule of biblical interpretation is to read the Bible in its natural setting. Who wrote, to whom did they write, what was the purpose of their writing, and then interpret from there.

                • Huh? Again.

                • Revelation is John’ s viewpoint of all of eternity past, present and future. We see the casting out of heaven of lucifer all the way to satan being cast into the lake of fire and beyond. How can this happen? John is transported in the spirit into God’s timeless realm. God exists out of time and space and can see eternity past and eternity future and every second in between all at once. How else could the pre- born Jesus insert himself into Abram’s time (The high priest Melchizedek?), to Abraham before the destruction of Sodom and Gemmorrah and into the fiery furnace. Scholars say these were possibly preincarnate appearances of Jesus.

                  • That makes god complicit in all the evil that takes place.If you see crime being committed and do nothing,you are as guilty as the offender. Who among us of good character would refuse to help if seeing an abduction? a murder? a rape? You’re god either does not exist or does not give a s##t.

                • Types & Shadows. Gap Theory and II Esdras.

                  • No, Gerald, this is God’s play…part of Him is above it all and happy because He knows everything is fine… and part of Him laments because his children, who He gave free will, has mis-used their free will.

                    A play has both good and bad or else it wouldn’t be a play– The world is based on duality– good and bad, health and illness, happiness and sadness, life and death, etc. Our job is to rise above duality and see things as God does…

            • The word ‘soon’ in the book of Revelation ( Rev 1:1) is more likely translated ‘speedily’. Whether we are in the end times or not no one knows, but we were told by Jesus to watch for the signs like farmers watch the weather. Nothing else needs to happen history wise before the ‘end game’ kicks off.

              • what about the rebuilding of the temple and sacrifices on the altar…….or something like that. That hasn’t happened yet…..right?

                • BJ: nowheres does bible state a jew 3rd temple Must be rebuilt or they must renew animal sacrafices again…Talmudics Want that yes. So does phony dispensationalist pastors like hagee and all related to tv TBN preacher shows.(ps reason for renewing animal sacrafices is because jews reject Christ was THE final proper Only God approved sacrafice that Pays for Mans sins, if the man of course believes on Jesus that is!, Talmudic jews believe only Their rabbi done animal sacrafices can rid world of all sin and Pave the way to Their “Brand” of “messianic era of Jews”…Which means jews OWN and Rule entire world and People left, after jews or their cohorts exterminate, bolshevik style, all the rest aka 90% or so dead!…Then jews as Master Race, and folks though it was hitler and nazis who wants a master race?!!…No, its been jews master race ideals all along….Their global rule/ownership equals jewish messianic era to last 10,000 yrs!)…Any pastors who support ANY Part of that Talmudic/bolshevik/kommie stuff of jews aint NO real christian Period.

                  They say a 3rd temple has to be built since where else can jew rabbis do animal sacrafices?…ok so where did Moses or abraham do their animal sacrafices at?…Neither had a “temple”….All They had was a crude made alter of stones on some mountain side etc…

                  a new jew 3rd temple is one of the biggest swindle scams of jews and such preachers. but Not biblical. unless like them one twists and spins bible verses to “Fit” their phony agendas.

                  Book of Danial for example has a verse says “And he will put to an end the Daily sacrafice”….Thats what Hagee et al obtain their phony 3rd temple from!!

                  They Start with that OUT of context verse. Then Build upon it tremendously…It goes like this. Hagee or the other fraud pastors will tell folks: “we Know Danial says he will end daily sacrafice, Therefore, That Has to mean He as in THE antichrist man, daily sacrafice as jew animals burnt offerings, Therefore since we Know jews have to first have a Temple before animals can be sacraficed….It means You folks Need donate huge sums Cash to jew rabbis in israel to assist in That temple rebuild! Otherwise unless jews again renew animals sacrafices again…Prophecy wont be fullfilled folks! And that antichrist cant enter the world and Jesus cannot return and the RAPTURE wont happen yet!!!!! OyVEY Rapture delay!!!”….WHAT Hagee et al Fail to inform you of is: Antiochos(sp?) a Roman Leader Already Did that temple defilement, in 3-bc ?, to Stop daily sacrafices! he stuck a dagger into a Pigs throat! let that Pig run Wild thru their inner sanctum of holiest of hollies in temple and bleed all over the place and the Alter, Then he paced a Statue of ZEUS on the alter!…Which so defiled and made it all Unclean, daily sacrafices were Ended!…Perhaps That was a Forunner warning from God, that unless jews straighten up, toss out Talmud and Pharisee frauds, Next step will be in 70 AD when God caused entire Temple to be demolished destroyed, as Christ Predicted will occure! 40 yrs or so later it Did!…Seems jews never listen to God very well eh…They Obey Pharisee talmudics good though! Sons of Satan eh…Bolshevik satanics as well.

                  All That BJ from one small Out of context partial danial verse!!…Do You get it Yet BJ?…Just joking, I Know You get it and if you do not yet get it You Soon shall as you always check or question properly! That makes You light yrs ahead of the total Fools who take whatever such pastors spew as biblical facts and Run with it!

                  • @THEM GUYS,
                    I sent you an email.

                    What about Matthew 24:15, II Thessalonians 2:4, and Revelation 11:1

              • In other words, be only aware of Love. But we are so wrapped up the play, we forget Him (Love) and suffer the consequences of forgetting Him.

                I’m not saying its not real– it is. However, there is a higher reality– at oneness with our Maker. (love).

        • Either this destruction of America’s worldwide credibility is pre-planned or there is a gaggle of idiots in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

          Can we vote now??? 🙂

          • The answer is B.

          • Nothing to vote about. It’s Both! 🙂

            • If you have a rifle, you still get to vote.

              • –(quote)–…”If you have a rifle, you still get to vote.”

                ….very often, mind you!!!!

          • They’re not idiots. They’re puppets and they’re evil.

          • Have any of you heard any of Jim Willie’s recent interviews? He goes on about how the cabal is clearly desperate to go to such lengths against the Ukraine and Russia. What the cabal is actually doing is bringing about the old system of using gold to settle trade between nations… which India reinstituted by trading gold for Iran’s oil. Russia and China pretty much hold all the cards… they’ve been carefully spending US treasuries, but they can just as easily dump them on the market.

   (part 1)
   podcast/5576/et-tu-part-two (part 2)

            The US is broke. Under the control of oligarch puppets, the Ukraine will be asset stripped by the EU really fast.
            Really… I don’t feel any fear of war coming out of Ukraine. The US already stole their 34 tons of gold and other than that has no reason to be involved in the region. I do worry about the financial part of this whole thing hitting here, though. It won’t be long before the US treasury bond chickens come home to roost.

        • But most of the Chinese soldiers will wreck their vehicles on the way to the battle.

        • There won’t be time to assemble a 200 million man army.

        • Its best for Putin and everyone else to just ignore anything Obummer says because he NEVER does what he says!!!

        • Somewhere? Where? For a comment like that to get the number of up-votes makes me very concerned that people vote for vagueness.
          What’s the difference between that and those who voted for “Hope and Change”?

          • Huh?

            • Holy crap, I followed his comment all the way up, he was replying to the very first comment on the article!!!!

        • China can do that without much effort – they’ve got an entire generation of one-child-per-family boy babies raised to be Good Soldiers, just waiting for the order to move.

        • Probably both…

      2. Yep, this is all planned. Executed a COUP in Ukraine to get the ball rolling. Obama is a banker puppet and is following the agenda to a T. This is going to be bad. The missing plane will most likely be used in a MASSIVE FALSE FLAG in order to start WW3. I knew the NWO would NOT let the Tea Party take both houses of Congress, something is coming.

        • Devil’s advocate…What if he isn’t following the agenda to a T? It was supposed to be Syria, but he bungled that. If this gets bungled, do you think that TPTB will give him a third strike or…..

          Just a thought I had the other day.

          • The elite might make sure he’s Kennedyed, Martin Luther King Jred., or Malcolm Xed out of the picture. They’re probably already getting people set up on a grassy knoll.

            • Econman-

              Funny, that you should mention “one” being Malcolm Xed!!!

              ..overheard a group conversation awhile back, where someone postulated a somewhat bizarre theorem, per a nation-wide gun confiscation scenario.

              Someone said thus:

              “..look, Obama’s marriage is on the rocks/destined for divorce..its all over the tabloids etc..etc.

              ..he’s a bi-sexual/fag who likes to ‘pitch and catch’..& she can’t deal with it any longer!
              She wants out..big time!”


              “Thus..suppose some (white/white hispanic)idiot were to ‘pop’ the wookie-beast(Moosechel) from +500yds or so!”

              “..what would be the result???????”


              Maybe/how about:……………….

              1.> ..lame stream media 24/7 orgasms, per nationwide “gun confiscation demands!”

              2.> ..mega $$$ budget increases for DHS & BATFE etc..etc, mega loss/additional destruction for/on the Constitution/BoR.

              3.> ..mega Trayvon-like chimpazoid riots on steroids, nationwide.

              4.> ..mega crocodile tears & for TV (w/ kosher-coached) resolve from the Kenyan queer demanding/ have 30 days to turn them in!!!!!

              5.> ..a coward dominated/infused congress that goes along w/ the program..ditto, per the Supreme Court.

              6.> ..a behind the scenes..”deep (thankful)sigh”..from the multiple birds are felled & manifold agendas the cost of one stone..(around his neck)..that is conveniently eliminated!


              Nightmare material, indeed!


              I despise the WOOKIE w/ a passion & its “male-of-the-opposite-sex-companion”, even more!

              ..but I’d hate to see this scenario, come true.

              • well said and thoughted. I like that.

              • O has no power, the people have all the power. They just don’t realize it.

            • “”” They’re probably already getting people set up on a grassy knoll.”””

              No doubt a lone white Christian gunman who is a member of the NRA…

          • Not doing more wars for israel may be the Only good thing yet from hobammy. no more wars for Khazar imposters!

      3. What is you alls opinion on best place to find and buy .22LR online? I have given up on finding in stores, which used to be my preferred method for privacy reasons. But last week when the hoax about 7.62 x 39mm came out, I bought some then from Cheaper Than Dirt adn now I figure that is the only way to get .22LR.

        So what are your opinions on best online place to buy .22LR, best bang for the buck with quality adn price in mind. Also would like to try this subsonic round some of you have talked about.

        Maybe that plane is in China after all and they are going to use it to deliver emp over Kansas?

        • forget about 22LR,
          get yourself a 5.7 upper for an AR and buy the reloading gear for that round,,,
          at least then you can load to suit your task.
          You can easily build subsonic loads, barrels and hardware are available in all sorts of lengths and configurations,
          the bullets and such are all readily available.
          If you can do gunsmithing or have acess to a good lathe operator or gunsmith you could build any manner of rifle that utilizes that round,

          • Kulafarmer I do reload this round for my FN 5.7. I have had trouble with loads. Please let me know any pointers you may have. thanks in advance.

            • I personally dont have one,,, a friend got one of these
              Ill quiz him on what he is loading,, I think the MPA style will be better than the top feeder type, however I have seen folks with the regular 5.7 uppers at the range, and I know one of the guys is loading his own, mostly light sierra bullets with polymer tips. I will check when I go there next week and see what the skinny is on That and will post whatever article comes up next friday,, that is if we are not all in a smoking heap by then! Sorry I dont have more info,

              • Why would you ever consider a rare caliber like this? 223 or 308 is going to be the last ammo in America. Maybe .22 if we ever find where it is all going. There has to be a HUGE pile of .22 some place. Remember the movie Enemy at the Gates where they just gave that guy a stripper clip full of ammo and said charge and pick up a gun on the battle field? I figure if there is a mass culling, 223 and 308 black rifles are going to be laying everywhere not to mention all the bolt actions in said calibers. Stay with military rounds.

                • 5.7 uses the same bullets as 223
                  Same primers
                  Same powder

                  I dont know where you live and dont care but we havent had 22 ammo here for 3 years

                  • I have a local store here in scottsdale az that has had .22lr for months now. It’s aquila with the eley primers. $50 for 500. Not to bad.

                  • well then why not just get a 223?

                  • The problem is finding powder. I’ve had AR Comp on back order for 7 or 8 months now. Can’t find Varget either.

                  • 22 ammo??

                    what’s that ???

                    haven’t seen that here in well over 2 years !

                  • WarriorClass,

                    Our reloading store has lots of the Varget in stock. And in the last few weeks all sizes of primers have rolled in. The only thing hard to get right now are the upper end 30 cal bullets. But if you just want sp or fmj they have them by the 100’s and 5.56 by the 1000’s


                • This was an option to 22lr
                  If its for defensive reasons that 22 is better than nothing but i will be using something with more oomph!
                  Especially when you cant get it,
                  Personally i like my 308w

                  • something with more oomph! 12 gauge comes to mind.

                  • guys listen I travel for my job and always stop to get powder. They sell everything! They sell the cans of .22 of 325 for 22 dollars and have lots of primers and powder. I get retumbo from them. Its called beikirks in rochester ny. They have great prices and have all bullets usually sierra match grade in the green box. Just trying to help. would not hurt to give them a call. I have had good luck and they always get huge shipments in and always have .223 already loaded and all the subsonic shells you want. They have about 40 guns total on the racks, plus about 70 pistols. More into reloading store.

                  • @Clint,
                    In NY ???
                    How can that be? With their unconstitutional laws on guns, how can they have all this ammo in the store>?

          • Thanks Kula,
            But that all requires even more learning and practice. Something I don’t feel I have time for or hell……I can’t even find anyone to show me what I am dong right or wrong with shooting technique or anything else for that matter that is in my area. I damn sure ain’t going to go put another thing on my list to learn.

            • @BJ. If you are around northeast Arkansas southeast Missouri area I would be glad to get you up to par with pistols and rifles.

              • @FOTF,
                I am a little ways north of you, at just West of Clinton Iowa off of 61N.

                When wife and I were dating, her and I went with her dad and family to Jacks Fork river I think it was called?? It was back in July of 2005. Anyway we had a blast tubing down the very cold spring fed river in 100+ heat and going in the caves and all. Met some funny S Missouri folk. One guy was yelling at the young kids on a cliff wanting to jump in the river. He kept yelling “Jump you pussy.” But I swore it sounded like “yump ya hussy” We still laugh about it. I have an aunt who lives in Dexter.

            • I hear ya bud,,,
              I gave up finding 22ammo, got rid of my 22 rifles and all the ammo, put it into more components for my other toys,
              We are on an island so when theres no ammo theres no ammo,

              • My brother, a colonel in USAF, just left Hawaii, got stationed over in Japan at Yokota air base in Fassa. Some head of the pacific fleet maintenance on the big ones…..ant remember the actual title. Anyway, he said Hawaii was sure cool.

          • OMG I did a search on .22 and on Ebay there is a guy selling EMPTY CCI minimag 100 round boxes for 7.99 each PLUS 2.50 shipping. For Empty Boxes!! Good gawd things have gone off the cliff.

            • “It truly is the end of the world”.

            • If anyone buys empty .22 boxes for that price or ANY price?…..Maybe we can begin to advertize and Sell Wish sandwhiches eh?…..WISH Sandwhich for sale! only $5.00 each! Comes complete with TWO slices bread and you wish ya had some Meat for the Middle! Contact…Them Guys

              • LoL 🙂

        • Just ordered some more .223/5.56 from Cheaper Than Dirt and looked for some .22LR to add to the stock but they were essentially out of it. Had a few small volume/high end stuff (like $20 for 50 rounds) but no “bricks”.

          Haven’t seen .22LR at our Bass Pro shop in almost a year.
          If you find some reasonable supply, share with us (after you’ve ordered yours. 😉

          • You are correct on the Bass Pro, work .25 mile away, they have not had any for a while. Wish I had an unlimited credit card with them, start drooling when I go in….

          • is a search engine that tells which allegedly shows the stock of Walmart’s in your state. I cannot speak to it’s reliability because I bought all mine in 2009.

            • Thanks Pastor

            • Smart man. I already had a supply of .22LR and Short on hand before the craze. When Obamessiah was re-elected in 2012 and the .22 disappeared entirely, I walked by the empty shelves with my head held high.

              He who waits until it’s too late, is too late.

          • I have to ask, why in the world are you buying from Cheaper then Dirt ?? Have you forgotten so quickly at how fast they turned their noses up at the firearm community after the Sandyhook shootings ?
            I find it astounding that Freedom`s supporters can be had so cheaply and memories so poor.
            There are so many other places to get ammo. Go to your search bar, type in what you want, and click enter…

          • I don’t like CTD. They were one of the first to remove firearms, etc. from sale when being PC was all the rage.

          • LuckyGunner dot com usually has a lot of items in stock. i just checked and they have lot of 223 options but only one 22LR with 50 rounds for 18 FRNs…

            • Thanks Chip

            Lots of Ammo in all calibers

        • This is where we find ours. We go there late at night or early morning after they do restock and the majority of the people are asleep.
          On the right there is a quick seek of different ammo that people are currently looking for. If you see what you need in stock, order fast cause they go fast.

        • ammoseek dot com. Type in what you are looking for,look it up, and order it.

        • Buy a rifle that has ammo on the shelves in that caliber. There seems to be a lot of 270 .06 7mm mag, 17 hmr, 308, 223 here. If you are looking for a long range weapon, get a 300 winmag. They will shoot the same bullet as your 308 if you ever get into reloading. Right now, if i had no weapons/ammo and had to hurry, I would go 30 caliber as there is 30-30, 308, 30.06, and 300 winmags and weatherby cartridges all on the shelves that could be used to reload with. Pull the bullets and press them into what cartridge you have if things go really ugly.

          • Thanks Naomi, Mr West, Fishandmud & .02.

            Wife asks that I don’t buy anymore guns until I am stocked up on ammo and proficient with the ones I have….she said it lovingly, but it still hurt cause I don’t know WTF I am doing and want to learn…..but I am a rock on a Island….or so it seems.

            • BJ, I have faith in you. You are always on here eager to learn, knowledge is the best weapon. You are ahead of 97% of Americans because you know there is a problem. Most little towns have a gun club, ours shoots every Wed. Evenings & Sunday Mornings.

              Best of luck to everyone here!

              • Thanks man. I think I will offer my services (labor) to anyone on here real trained up in shooting and other stuff, this summer. I am hearing that there might not be any work for me after this outage season….first time with no work since I started with company back in January 2012. But if there isn’t any, I will have free time. So I can travel 🙂 If anyone has a large farm or ranch or whatever and needs labor help, I can help in exchange for some knowledge /skills training.

                Today there is NO wind….thank GOD! That doesn’t happen very often. So I can shoot .22. Other day wind was blowing and I tried .22 at 90 yards after zeroing in at 50….I have no idea where the hell that little sucker was going, sure wasn’t on paper.

          • Best post I’ve seen on the subject, 02 of arms and calibers. .30 cal. all the way. Load for it. Cast your bullets from wheel weights or equivalent. Stock primers, brass and powder. Lead bullets are superb when cast 170 grains or better.

          • Buy a rifle in a caliber that the enemy is using, that way you can forage his ammunition.
            Me, I stick with 9mm, 5.56, 7.62x 39,51,54. The 54 is a hard hitter at range. I know very few will be forageable so I have just bought a butt load of it up front. You know what they say about a 91/30, when they go bad just turn them barrel down and pound them in the ground and use them for a fence post.

            • Whats the difference between 7.62 x 51 and 54?

              • BJ-

                7.62×51 is of American origin(aka) .308….the 7.62×54 is a Russian military cartridge w/ a bullet diameter of .311, its ballistics are on par with the 30-06.

                • So .51 is same as .308, but .54 is not and cannot be fired from a .308 rifle…correct?

                  • BJ-

                    There is “NO” decimal point per 51 or 54. Those numbers are relative to the “LENGTH” of the cartridge casing(brass), in mm.

                    The 7.62 is the diameter of the projectile(bullet) in mm.

                  • @Hunter,
                    So you CAN fire a 7.62 x 54 from a Savage .308 rifle?

                    I read some interesting things on the difference between .223 & 5.56…..a lot of misleading info out there. Apparently the 5.56 is Milspec and the .223 is SAAMI. The 5.56 is slightly larger and hotter. Something about expansion, cracking the upper reciever, not ejecting properly and falling back down into the magazine and rattling around…all this as possible scenarios when firing a 5.56 in a .223 rifle barrel. So I guess you can fire a .223 in a 5.56 but not a 5.56 in a .223, or at least it is not advisable.

                    I hope this is correct, because that’s what I got from the article before my eyes started bleeding and I couldn’t stand reading the screen anymore. IOW, I didn’t finish the article.

                  • BJ-

                    Nope! Sorry 7.62×54 will NOT chamber into a .308 rifle!

                    I recommend you do the following:

                    ..goto the next gun-show in your area..look for/find & purchase a good reloading manual/book, published by..Speer, Lyman, Hornaday, Sierra, Barnes, Nosler etc…etc.

                    ..take it home & pay strict attention to the opening chapters & the fundamentals outlined therein.

                    You’ll gain wisdom/knowledge per a “FOUNDATION” upon which all future caliber/ballistic performance will be based on!

                    ..just do it, pal….good luck!

          • Recently purchased over 1000 30-06 from CMP. Of that over 200 tungsten core AP. Delivered for .53 /round. Heck I can’t even buy brass for reloading or that. Good Garand (M1) food.

            • CMP?

        • Look there for ammo

        • Sportsmans warehouse has .22 shorts. They will work in a pinch.

          • one shot…pry it out. Reload. one shot…pry it out. Reload. one shot…pry it out………………..

            • Bolt action wrong..

        • Go to and they list which 22 cal round is available and the price per round. you can buy single boxes and bricks of what’s available. The ammo runs from about 12 cents per round ( sometimes ) and up. Good luck. We are in some interesting times !

        • Have you seen the 17 WSM? Google it. 3,000 fps rimfire!


          • @Thinkabouit,
            Wife ain’t going to like this, but I think I want that Savage BMag for .17. I’ll pitch the idea to her from the angle that I can get ammo for it cheaper and easier

        • BJ,try ammo seek/slick gun/sg ammo,between those 3 plenty of good choices and deals,many different suppliers that see what others charging,keeps prices a bit more reasonable.You need to look daily for any deals on .22,it is out there at times priced reasonably but does not last too long usually,happy shopping.

          • Thanks War


        • BJ-

          Your questions per the plane have been answered on the same thread/page.

          • Thanks,
            I’ll go take a looksie.

      4. One way or the other, whether it’s sanctions that start a currency or, air support/strikes or what have you- WE’RE HEADED FOR A SHOWDOWN! (and we’ll lose)

        • I really don’t think anyone will win this next war, unless being alive in a stone age is considered winning.

          • Einstein said he did not know how WWIII would be fought but that WWIV would be fought with sticks and stones.

            • Maddog, You were right on about Einsteins quote!
              BTW I’ve just started selling weapons grade sticks and stones- please order early and beat the holiday rush!

          • It won’t be a war that destroys the world but there could be a limited nuclear exchange. A nuclear strike on Washington DC would be very helpful to Obama if Congress and the Supreme Court are in session at the time and Obama isn’t there. Obama could act as a dictator.

            I know there won’t be a world ending war because Bible prophesy doesn’t mention it. There are literally hundreds of Bible prophesies that have come true. None have failed. Many are waiting to be fulfilled. Many could happen soon.

            • He’s already acting like a dictator

      5. Odumbo and kerry are ineffective figureheads,
        The people in their own country dont take them serious, why the hell would anyone else.

        Lets just get this over with,,
        thet the bombing begin, its time for a reckoning to take place and the idiots who have been dragging us through illegitimate war after war after war to be sought out and removed from wasting any more perfectly good oxygen.

        listening to the news this morning on NPR it is apparent that the US fascists are ready to do whatever they want regardless of what We The People want,,,

        they will enact their sanctions and then Russia and China will kill the country financially.

        our manufacturing has all but moved overseas, our military is tired after two decades of endless guerilla wars with a foe who is invisible, the people are largely unemployed or unemloyable and those of us left who actually work are being taxed and regulated into oblivion.
        So NO, I dont give a shit,,,
        lets get it over with…

        • “Odumbo and kerry are ineffective figureheads,”

          NOPE , i dont think so , this is what they want , this is what was planned and this is what they will get .
          WW3 , and the takedown of the US .
          There are just too many smart people involved for this to be a mistake , the bungling is an act.

          • Yeah Kula, we’re really screwed big time.
            Ones a Shithead and the other a Tomatohead.

            Well, when the SHTF they can always make
            a shit sandwich with ketchup on top, eh.

            • Bo doesn’t like bread.

        • Kula-


          Does your blood pressure rise overmuch, when listening to NPR(national propaganda radio)?

          ..mine does!!!

          ..and I often find myself shouting disgusting invectives & curses..that would make a sailor the poor innocent radio & my work van!

          ..and(sadly) I’ve recently graduated to “flipping off” all those Toyota Prius’s & SUVs w/ Obama bumper stickers on the back!

          -(yep, I of these will stop me & beat me to death w/ their purth{purse})-!!!!


          Seriously ‘bro…can only stomach so much! Hence, the only reason I tune into such “commie-radio” to garner intel..on what the “ENEMY” is thinking..& how they’re spinning/fabricating the discourse.

          ..2..maybe 3hrs a week(tops & widely spaced) all I can stand!


          ..I hope their whole damn staff, swings from day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Those electric cars will be SOL if the grid goes down even for a day. OR, if you have a smart meter and they shut you off.

          • @Hunter,
            Thats funny,
            Yep sometimes i gotta change the station,
            Some of that progressive crap is a bit much.

        • I was thinking the same thing, Kulafarmer. My life has been so hellish the last few years– lost both pets, couple family members, my home… one hellish event after the other– who cares if we have WW3? At least it will all be over… but then..

          There is this famous picture of this little boy and girl, running and screaming after the Hiroshima bomb was dropped. The little girl’s clothes had been blown off and the little boy has this horrific, desperate look on his face. That picture breaks my heart, just thinking about it! We should NEVER, NEVER allow a nuclear bomb be dropped anywhere again… little children have a right to grow up! Not for my self– who cares– but for the kids, we should not allow this!

          • The scary thing is that our country is the monster that created that devil,
            I have a feeling karma will really suck for us, unfortunate for you or i because neither of us had anything to do with any of that,,,

            • And how do we know if the ptb might have some new weapon that no one knows about? We did it once before.

            • I agree. If I was God, I’d probably sit it out for a while and see who really wanted and deserved to live.

              If he shows up, I’ll be standing on his right.

              I have a plan whether he shows up or not…In the mean time, I ask him for any direction he can give and thank him for what he has already given me.

              brother K…”don’t go down without one helluva fight”

          • You know the scientists that created the bomb gave it a 50/50 chance that it would light the atmosphere on fire and destroy all life and they still tested it. That is scary.

        • I think the Western financial ponzi scheme has reached its limit and is about to implode. The sanctions will hurry it along with Russian and Chinese et al abandoning the dollar. This will turn US citizens against Russia, the scapegoat, so war against them will be welcomed. The powers that be want to end both US and Russian supremacy and this is their game plan.

        • The problem is, half of the US population is brain washed from watching TV; they ACTUALLY BELIEVE the bs coming from corporate owned media! that’s the sickening part– just last night my brother and I were arguing about this– he actually believes the story put out by the TV presstitutes and takes up for Kerry and Obummer. : (

        • Says you from the safety of home. coward

      6. People still think this is about words like ‘democracy’, freedom, national honor, etc… NOPE.

        It’s ALWAYS about the MONEY and CONTROL. To Wit-

        Before violent protests in Kiev overthrew pro-Moscow President Viktor Yanukovych and Russian troops occupied parts of Crimea, a group including Exxon and Royal Dutch Shell Plc planned to spend $735 million drilling two wells about 50 miles (80 kilometers) from the region’s southwest coast.

        Today it’s not even clear whether the government in Kiev will have the power to award oil and gas licenses in Black Sea waters around the disputed region. The parliament in Crimea, where Russian speakers are in the majority, said last week it voted to join the Russian Federation and would put the plan to a referendum on March 16.

        “Exxon and Shell are now in a legal limbo,” said Chris Weafer, a partner at Macro Advisory in Moscow. They pursued an “exploration deal with a government which may soon no longer have jurisdiction over the region.”

        Exxon sought the rights to drill the Skifska license off Ukraine after discovering the Domino field in 2012 in neighboring Romania, a find large enough to offer that country the prospect of becoming a gas exporter. Exxon Mobil Senior Vice President Andrew Swiger said in an investor presentation last week it still remains interested in getting permission to explore off Ukraine.

        Shale Deals

        The Irving, Texas-based company’s chairman and chief executive officer, Rex Tillerson, said last week Exxon isn’t choosing sides in the dispute. Yuriy Prikhodko, a spokesman for Exxon in Ukraine, declined to comment on how the vote in Crimea would affect its plans.

        For the government in Kiev, offshore exploration is part of a strategy to wean itself off gas imports from Russia, which supplies more than 50 percent of Ukraine’s fuel. It also signed shale-gas exploration deals with Shell and Chevron Corp. and has worked to reduce consumption.

        The referendum’s other option, to increase Crimea’s autonomy while remaining a part of Ukraine, could also inject uncertainty into Black Sea oil and gas rights, according to Richard Mallinson, a London-based geopolitical analyst at Energy Aspects.

      7. The world population is about to be reduced.

        • Is that a bad thing?

      8. Being that the deadline is Monday, St Patrick’s Day, Obama may be holding out, waiting for Unicorn farts and Leprechun’s to save the day.

        Besides, isn’t that his golf day?

        • can we reschedule WWWIII for tuesday?

          • @Mac, It sure would be nice. Have a great St. Patty’s Day! It is the day to go ‘green’ all the way!

          • No Mac, that won’t work for me….I’ve got something
            on Tuesday…..lets push it till Thursday ….:)

          • Mac: The second Tuesday of next week. (Wimpy)

            • Lets shoot for friday, thirsday is open day at the range and i need to check velocities,
              So friday, or maybe push it off till the following monday, hows that with everyone

          • That’s funny.

          • No that every 5 Lap dance is free night at the lucky leopard.

          • Just found out the mountain oyster festival in Virginia City NV is this weekend. WWIII will have to wait!

          • President Wimpy said, “I’ll gladly sanction you Tuesday for a Nuke Sandwich today.” What do you think Bluto Putin will do?

        • That’s the whole idea. That way he can say “What!?? I was golfing! How am I suppose to know everything?” Bush did it!

      9. China does not hold trillions of US debt. 850 Billion is the number. The loaning party always comes up short in conflicts.

        • China had $1.3 trillion in treasuries as of last October according to a January 15, 2014 article at Bloomberg dot com. China has $3.82 trillion in currency reserves with 60% thought to be held in dollars. So yes, China has trillions of US dollars in one form or another.

          • BC: Not true: Exposure to dollars and dollar denominated bonds have been limited by China to $1.2 trillion. According to that article $3.8 trillion portfolio of foreign currency reserves includes $1.3 trillion worth of Euro and Euro bonds.

            The balance is distributed among other currencies, including the Yen. If you read the article you should know that. Selected reading or propaganda?

            $1.2 Trillion is not TRILLIONS.

            China BUYS US bonds and dollars in the FOREX market to support the strength of the dollar against their own manipulated currency. They won’t be “dumping” dollars anytime soon.

            Are you joining the ranks of the Fear Mongers who like to sell fear and their CD’s to the Alt Media Sheeple for DOLLARS?

            LMFAO!!! 🙂

            • Make sure to buy Lindsay Williams latest CD offering for $38 dollars. He is the only Alt Media Shuckster who can talk for an hour and a half and say absolutely NOTHING that you cannot read in the news; but then has the gall to ask you to buy his CD.

              He only needs a million SUCKERS to make a fortune. 🙁

              • Id rather just download Lindsey Sterling on Itunes,
                Girl rocks with her violin

      10. Regardless if Obama blinks and/or backs down, if he is stupid enough to go military the good old U. S. dollar (FRN) is history in a short amount of time I mean A SHORT TIME. Get all you can get; food, water, basics, ammo, ect. pull out of the banks, wall street or whatever (if you don’t you have no control of it), now because even if the FRN’s go to SH-T most retails will not believe it and it won’t last long so they will still take the more than worthless FRN’s. As for me by the end of the month we just may be living in a different world.

      11. Ah, those Rooskies and Chink’s are no match for our zog amerika puppet prez Barry the Fairy Obammies BRAND NEW MODERNIZED AND IMPROVED – DON’T ASK DON’T TELL DON’T DROP THE SOAP pretty boys, butch girls and what-evers.

        Just YOU wait till they come up against our NEW BABY FRESH Special Force 55th Group, the “Fighting Fairies”, 69th Battalion Battling Bull Dykes or the 10th Cross Dressed Trannie Division.

        Ivan is toast (with flavored lube spread on top).

        The Brits have their contingent to send in as well.

        Precision Drilling

        • And it is interesting to see who comments at your site.

          Notice all the pros that are paid to post don’t go there. But it did show who was real and who was an “Employee”. ((*))

          • bwaaahahaha ;0p

            ooooh ya’ got me @fagboypuss ;0p

            yur’ sooo smart and you figured it out , all by your lonesome .

            what a good lil’ boy …

            *** you get a extra helping of Metamucil in your Tang tonight for being such a good lil’ boy for Mommy NinaO ;0p .

            **** isn’t it time to check your Depends adult diaper for poo poo Oldman cause as always your bull-sheeit runeth over the brim , and i can smell it from the Rockies .

            ;0p pssszzt


            • Now there is the good old Nino Missed You.

              I still wish you luck with your Blog. And am a daily checker. Don’t like what you say but like to know what the lunatics are thinking.

              If you unbanded me we could have the Coco War II. Might bring some needed traffic to your site.

        • N.O.-

          Hey Nina, did you catch the recent release, via the CBS website…where some special commission(in San Francisco) has concluded that…

          ..there’s “no compelling reason” for the DoD to exclude “trannies(trans-sexuals) from military service????

          ..and the military ought to cover all financial expenditures for any sex-change operation/procedure, should any active-duty or reserve personnel..desiring such???!!!?


          We(this country) are doomed!!!!!

        • The Brits will pelt the Russkies & Chinese with Earl Grey Tea bags, dropped from the sky.

          • One lump or two? Don’t forget those deadly cucumber finger sandwiches.

            • Remember the Brits also just refurbished their Sub Launched ICBMs.

          • and scones

      12. China has a 200,000,000 man army but if you try to send that many into the USA they will leave with about 250,000. You can’t feed that many troops in a land 3,000 miles away. The USA would have to use tactical nukes and whatever we have in are arsenal. Chem., bio.
        This would be TEOTWAWKI.

        • If they EMP us first, they would have quite an advantage You can’t fight a war without communication. Citizens wouldn’t be able to plan a defense either. Then again, it’s easier to just implode our economy and let the USAmericans freak out, riot, and kill each other off.

          • Leslie Anne is a woman who knows more about Foreign Policy than Hillary or any of these imbeciles. Hillary probably thinks we can just roll over both the Russians & Chinese.

            I’d bet Hillrary, Obomber, Kerry & most of the Republicans don’t even know the Russians are Asian, not white.

        • Sgt. Dale, with all due respect, this war will be fought in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

          Russia help start WW1 by mobilizing to protect Serbia, WW2 by invading Poland with Hitler, and now? Does anyone see a pattern here, or is it just me?

          A wise man once said, “Never get involved in a land war in Asia”

          • Good luck with that

          • If anyone thinks that a war with Russia is going to be limited to Europe then you need to wake up. If we go militarily toe to toe with Russia you can bet they will be bringing the fight to our shores in one form or the other…

        • China isn’t coming to America with an army. They don’t have to. All they have to do is dump all their dollars and all their treasuries on the market at the same time. When that happens the dollar and the US economy are toast.

          • BC: Evidently you have NOT been reading my posts. I have debunked that Internet Meme over and over and over again.

            China has $3.8 trillion in foreign reserves. $1.2 trillion is US Bonds and dollars. Even if all were dollars, to “dump” them China would have to sell through FOREX. FOREX is managed (read: manipulated) by the Prime Dealers who ARE the GB’s.

            Every transaction must have a counter party. The FOREX is a $5.5 trillion market, EVERY DAY. Any dollars that Russia and/or China wants to “dump” could be absorbed in a couple of days, and at a HUGE DISCOUNT!

            Crash the dollar? Not gonna happen. Can’t. 🙂

            • Sorry DK that doesn’t debunk anything. The dollar’s demise is on the horizon…

              • Chip: Just keep believing that and buying Bit Coin!!! 🙂

        • Hell Sgt, they could load a couple hundred mil into planes and just bomb us into submission with just the bodies…and never miss them.

          Oh fuck. I shouldn’t have share that out loud.

      13. Get your wanted/desired commie ammo or weapon or both

      14. Is Obama being played, or is he just another player? One major goal of the PTB has always been to reduce the global population.
        The recent string of stories on this site and many others points out the many connections and weak points within our and the world’s economy, something is going to give one way or another.
        The world on its current course cannot survive, for years we’ve seen the frays and even the men who have attempted to point it out are made to look crazy, even us within the prepping world have been demonized heavily over the past 5 years.

        Anyway we connect the dots the picture is bleak, but the good people of the world must survive.

        • Obama is not being “played”….he is part of this ..he will step back, allowing all to unfold as planned…and, then, there will be someone who comes forward with a “peace” plan for all…and many will rejoice and be happy that this “person” can bring all together…beware false prophets…the anti-Christ has yet to reveal him/her self…the battle, as I have said before, will BE good vs. evil….May God help US all….
          Have Faith, Keep the Faith, and Share the Faith…
          Have Sisu as well…

      15. Well heck. Lets just tell china we don’t want to play with them anymore and we don’t want any corporate goods shipped to the USA anymore. We have decided to open up manufacturing plants again and will be employing americans again to boost our value added economy. Any debt we may owe china can be collected from the corporations who shipped our jobs over there to begin with. While we are cleaning house, we are notifying the federal reserve the balance sheets have been forgiven in our favor. Consider all the interest we have paid you international bankers on the back of American tax payers as even. As Andrew Jackson said you must leave the USA and if u bankers return, you will be hanged by the neck until dead.

        • The NWO would shit itself, then implode.

        • Someone has spoken the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth

      16. The MSM reports on wars, but they don’t know anything about military equipment. They call everything with armor a tank. That is wrong. In the coming weeks, we will see a lot of “armor” on the boob tube. The Russians and Ukrainians use the same equipment, basically. BTRs are 8 wheeled armored personnel carriers. BMPs are Infantry Fighting Vehicles. They have tracks instead of wheels. BMDs are Infantry Fighting Vehicles with tracks. These are frequently assigned to Airborne units. Tanks have tracks and a turret with a main gun (cannon). The Russians have T-90 tanks with 3 man crews. They probably also have T-72 tanks. The Ukrainians have similar tanks. The Ukes upgrade their own tanks and some people think the Ukrainian tanks are a little better. BTRs, BMPs, and BMDs have small turrets with weapons that are smaller than a main tanks weapon. Hope this helps a little. Feel free to correct if you find mistakes.

        • Good info Ms. Maudy, but how does the T-90 stack up to what the German/French/Brit Tank Drivers roll with?

          saw a report a couple of days ago that said the Chinese newest fighter is almost a direct copy of our F-35 strikefighter.

          • The Germans probably have the best tank, the latest version of the Leopard. The T-90 may really be an upgraded T-72. But the Russians put new technoligy into their tank. Their tank is smaller and much lighter than ours. The Russians have an anti-missile system on their tank also.

      17. am i worried? hell yeah

        what am i gonna do about it? nothing

        why? i feel dare is notin as a teen i can do currently

        all i can do…..sit, watch, sleep….prepare

      18. China can eat me.

        • Long Time….

          • 1 billion Chinese says: ” Me so horny “

            • Yeah to Fuck us.

        • If they EMP the USA, then invade the collapsing country later, their troops will need food & may do that.

          How do U feel about being filleted, put on a spit, then BBQed? With a nice Louisiana, tangy style sauce?

          • I like Chinese spare ribs…they so small.

      19. One must ask the question: how long does it take to repaint a Boeing 777, strip it of seats and extra weight, outfit it for extra range, add in remote control equipment and a shielded chamber for carrying a nuclear weapon, fit it with sensors and triggers, send it towards the US, arrange to have a warship present to knock out a US bound flight and slip the bomb-carrier into its place, and fly it to the US to say LA, Chicago, or NYC?

        • Bab: Not as long as one might think.

        • Hopefully they’ll aim it at Washington DC.

          • My guess is a DC EMP. They don’t even have to get into US air space if the warhead is big enough. Knock out the whole damn east coast.

            • How about A I just don’t give a fuck play by either side.

              • How about a hostile power takes the missing aircraft, repaints it, restes all electronics and lands in an airport with 300 heavily armed troops onboard….as just another commercial flight with no warning. Possible?!!

                • Fortunately, they’ve been missing too long to pull something like that off—unless our military and air force gets another stand down order, like on 9/11…

                • Now imagine if the spurious “passenger jet”, landed with troops on board who had a bunch of stinger missles and then started taking out aircraft that were taking off and landing…..What is the name of the Ukranian’s largest airport?

                • I think they would load it with something more catastrophic than 300 troops.

              • How about a hostile power takes the missing aircraft, repaints it, restes all electronics and lands in an airport with 300 heavily armed troops onboard….as just another commercial flight with no warning. Possible?!!

        • less than 24 hours…

        • The fact that the aircraft automated tracking systems were deliberately shut off, means this was planned.
          Now as for who possess the technology to interfer with airport tracking radar I would submit, the US, Russia or Israel.the question then becomes why was this particular jet selected to hijack and for what ultimate purpose?!!
          Elemination of a passenger(s), kidnapping of same?
          If a power possess the technology to deceive airport tracking radar,(think AWACS here), then another aircraft in the future could also be hijacked with the same method. Then this missing aircraft could be switched for the newly hijacked one and allowed entry. So just what might the switched aircraft be carrying into which nation? This was planned.

        • It depends where they took it. If they have it in a Pakistani air base, not long at all and the Pakis have nukes.

          • How about this scenario, some power who is about to engage in war, crested this disappering jet in order to test the radar and satelite systems of their future targets? Why any civilized nation would offer help and use their best cutting technology to find a missing plane. So who is the party doing the testing?

      20. All this BS about the Ukraine is a mere distraction from the real issue of what TPTB are doing here in the US ,IMHO. I am more focused on the mess in CT than some rat hole bordering Russia. Let Putin rattle his sabre. I feel we should be banding together and following through with what we say if push comes to shove in Ct and other states. Please lets stay focused, for all of us. Be cool and be safe.

        • All this BS in Crimea and Ukraine is about the Queen and her need for those pipelines.

          • That would be a very good guess. I’ve said it before, the Queen of England id the head of one of, if not THE most powerful mafia’s in the world. The other bad guys all branch out from there.

        • Connecticut is rather small. Why not just make weekend supply runs to neighboring States on the weekend? Shut down commerce. The businesses will wail-n-gnash teeth, so will the newly unemployed as the economy implodes. Nothing gets a politicians attention like the loss of tax revenue.

          • It is a small state. I’m from MS and don’t think much of it. But folks here think its a big deal to drive 30 minutes to het somewhere. It would be nice if folks would boycott taxable services. I don’t do yoga anyway, so I wouldn’t miss much.

            • It doesn’t have to be just taxable service/stuff to boycott. Boycott everything. People/businesses pay taxes on wages and profit, too. So just a straight shutdown of buying anything in Connecticut will get the politicians attention. There’s no reason in a small State they can’t just plan their week so they buy gas, groceries, clothes, etc in a neighboring State on the weekend (or day off work). If a neighbor is elderly, ill, etc and supports the cause, then go pick stuff up for them when you make the weekly drive (or bring them along for the drive).

              • I too think they’d need to shut down/boycott more than yoga to get attention. I wonder how much attention CT would get if they simultaneously stopped registering their vehicles, refused to register for obamacare, stopped going to pay-to-camp sites, held off on building permits and inspections and generally stopped pumping money into all of the govt revenue traps.

                My point is, it has become so “normal” to literally pay the govt for permission to do everything, that one really has to sit down and take a tally of all of the different ways the govt takes money from us on a daily basis. Stop speeding and drive carefully, no more tickets from red light cameras…the list goes on and on.

                Find as many of those grabs as you can and stop donating o as many as possible.

                The lost revenue would kill any state govt.

                Surely there are many ways CT citizens can quietly twist the screws on their ridiculous govt…

        • Ukraine is no rat-hole. I know many of you prefer to hate them, listen to Russian-state propaganda and believe it, but you are wrong. Unlike the US, where people have their heads in the sand and don’t give a damn about their souls, there are mass revivals going on in Ukraine right now. People there are open to the gospel as they have not been since 22 years ago when the USSR dissolved. They are praying en masse in city squares and other venues, praying for a miracle.

      21. Flight 370
        Was an inside terrorist hijack job with the help of a couple Iranian men. They took control of the plane turned off the transponder and the communications equipment, killed the pilot and then sent the plane off in a different direction. WHY?
        I think they told everyone to turn in their cell phones or they would crash the plane into the ocean. So they complied. (that is why the phone continued to ring, but no one answered them).
        The hijackers needed time. Time for what.
        Time to take the passengers one at a time to the back of the plane and ask them one very important question.
        “Do you convert to Islam? Or do I slit your throat with this box cutter? (NO QUESTIONS, NO COMMENTS, NO TIME)
        YES or NO and all the while the box cutter is at their throat, (YES or NO).
        IF the answer is NO they are dispatched, the body dumped to the side and you go to the next victim. IF the answer is YES they are allowed time to pray to there new god allah before crashing the plane.
        Oh you ask about the jogs the plane did. That was a very effective tool used to get more people to convert when they thought they were going to die, right then and their. The conversion rate went up, the body count went down. Even so it was a bloody slaughter in the back of the plane. When they finished with the conversions they all prayed to allah their NEW god and then crashed the plane into the Indian Ocean.

        • Sorry, Tractor, I think there is Far More to this than that…The big question IS why?

      22. Amazing. The media “forget” that what happened in Ukraine was a coup, the destruction of a democratically elected government, and instead they use language that makes it sound like a dictator was overthrown by “the people”.

        The media parrot John Kerry saying that “the new government (of course not “regime”) must prepare for new and fair elections”. Implying that there were NO fair elections before that – even though they were! President Yanukovych was elected fair and square.

        Washington’s NED, USAID, IRI, and the George Soros Foundation funded the earlier attack on Ukraine’s democracy in the “orange revolution”. The same thing is happening again.

        The demonstrators stole military arms from an installation and killed nine police officers, never mentioned. The Estonian foreign minister cites a doctor from the Maidan square (the rebel side) who insists that the snipers shooting demonstrators were actually from the demonstrator side. The sniper fire gave the pretext to declare the demonstrators’ overthrow of democracy a just cause.

        All to make sure Ukraine is controlled by the globalist EU. In order to weaken Russia, because Russia does not submit to Israel. Russia supports the president in Syria, who Israel want to destroy because he has aided the Hezbollah resistance. And Russia has given weak support to pro-Hezbollah, pro-Palestinian Iran. So Russia must be destroyed, and therefore Ukraine must be controlled. It always comes back to the Israeli lobby in Washington.

        By the way: Crimea is almost completely autonomous. It has belonged to Russia longer than California has belonged to the U.S. Crimea was only “part of Ukraine” in Soviet times by the stroke of a pen. They wanted to belong to Russia after the Soviet fall, but Yeltsin bowed to Washington’s demands and ignored the Crimean parliament.

        Crimea used to have its own president – before he was eliminated by the Kiev government. Crimea once again wanted to leave Ukraine then, but was not allowed to. Crimea has been Russian for centuries, it is majority Russian, so why would it be wrong for it to go back to Russia now that an ANTIDEMOCRATIC COUP has taken power in Kiev, funded and backed by Washington because of the Israeli lobby? (Oh, they don’t care about the nationalist Svoboda party. Next election millions of dollars will back the globalist parties in Ukraine, and they will rule in a coalition without Svoboda. Svoboda’s members have been duped, fighting on the wrong, anti-Ukrainian side.)

        Why did the U.S. destroy Serbia and hand over Kosovo to Albanians who had immigrated illegally to Kosovo over many years, much like millions of Mexicans to California? Because the You-Know-Who General Wesley Clark, YKW State Sec. Madeleine Albright and YKW Sam Berger said “there is no room for ethnically pure states in Europe”. It was anti-nationalist, pro-globalist. For the same reason they are refusing an independent Crimea. See how the rules for independence change depending on what benefits Israel’s side?

        • And let’s not forget that recently, Putin refused to bow to Saudi king bandar, who threatened him with “terrorist attacks” at the Olympics—anybody else wonder if the “terrorists” in Ukraine might be Chechens, under the control of the Saudis? Something to look into, huh?

        • No, it was not a coup. The democratically elected government was abandoned by The Party of Regions, who chose to leave no one ran them out at gun point and no one killed anyone from the government. They ran away, but other democratically elected members of the Rada (Parliament) met legally. They even waited for a quorum, and then voted for an interim government and set dates for new elections. That should have been the end of things until the elections, but Putin decided to exploit the situation. The approval to send troops to invade Ukraine which was granted by the Russian Federation Council was illegal- they did not wait for a quorum and voted to send troops with 5 fewer delegates than they needed. Russia is wrong, you are wrong.

          • SIGI: You are in Denail of the Tons of Proof. Like usa state dept’s jewess zio victoria nuland whos hubby is Kagan of PNAC honcho Fame, and AIPAC, and Israel, And zionists, and VIDEOS of Nuland speaking out of their dept Plans, and $5 Billion She sent to that riot leader Pro kick boxer guy and his little brother agitators, the kick boxer fame elder brother has been living in Germany past 14 yrs, was Flown in to ukrain for special live Photo-Opps etc with violent prone rioters groups.

            PLUS Tons of written evidence that totally verifies and proves it all exists…Perhaps You need check some of it out…Research bro Kapners website Sigi for that video, Links galore, several articles outlining and fully describing this issue better than most anywheres else web wide….www dot realjewnews dot com Check the proof evidence You seem to have missed, or ignored to date eh.

            Its a usa jew zio run state dept, usa tax funded, COUP!

            To Benifit Chevron, Oil whose corp chevron symbol is seen behind nuland as she speaks on VIDEO…And of course to benifit the israel overall agendas for endless wars, that will create their jewish Master Race NWO which is really a Jew WO aka JWO zio global takeover agenda…Also called the Antichrist system/govnt/religion.

            you can Research this all, or just go on to believe that such huge Disproportionate massive large numbers of zionist and jewish “officials” located within EVERY Top, Middle, Lower, Key, regular, avg, position thgroughout EVERY part of usa fed govnt, its many agencies, alphabet soup letters agencys, FBI, DHS, ATF, State dept, Whitehouse etc et al….And even a Larger disproportionate huge massive numbers of that tribes jewish and zionist folks in positions and officialdome of EVERY MSM, TV news, Newspapers etc et al nationwide across americas lands…..Is nothing more than some little, “Coincidence” is all that means!

            Thats what they thought at first in 1918 Russia sigi!…Then again in 1930’s germany, and Now in America!

            Tuckers correct: he stated america was the Second “white european nation” within 100 yrs that kommie bolshie Jews has Hyjacked and is about to finish its planned destruction same as jews did to russia back in 1918 era..

            The ONLY thing I’d add to what Tucker stated is that: While yes usa is 2nd nation jews are destroying in 100 yrs…They TRIED to do the exact same to Germany before americas Turn came up…Thankfully them germans fought against bolshevik kommie takeovers of entire western european nations like was done to eastern nations there.

            Germans lost due to usa involved…but they did at least halt temporarily and slow down the fast russian bolshevik Jewish kommie move to capture all of europe, and Then usa and canada etc….Thats not in school text history books for some reason? probobly jewish owned Publisher houses who publish and have their jewish kommie leftist Professors write those public school history text books I figure eh…but there still IS good honest truth info available sigi…I just informed You of one such good source…Check it out.

      23. Get all your preps ready by Monday!.. this is not looking good!

      24. Tiger Awakens? Pffft!

        China, the tiger, has gotten into position that it is in because it was deliberately helped to achieve this position by the globalists, the Federal Reserve, City of London bankers who destroyed the US and British middle-class by out-sourcing jobs and manufacturing to China, the toxic mortgage/LIBOR scams and the subsequent bailout, which only benefited the bankers (not Main Street) and the Chinese, and the so-called war on terror, waged via deficit spending supported by Chinese purchases of US debt. Thus, it can be argued that China was always the presumptive winner of the ecnomic war between the US and China.

        The Hegelian Dialectic, Strategy of tension, that elevated China’s economy vis a vis the imploding US standard of living is deliberate policy of the Satanic globalist elite.

        Some thoughts for your consideration:

        Since the 9/11 (inside job) America’s (CFR’s) foreign policy (AFRICOM) has been about disrupting and supplanting Chinese advances in trade through out Africa and the world.

        However, at the same time, the banking cartel (The Fed/City of London) sells billions of Treasury bills to China resulting in a huge unsustainable budget deficit, a result of the US military fighting to hold off Chinese advances.

        Meanwhile, US-based and other global transnational corporations are out-sourcing US jobs and manufacturing to China that, along with the banking/LIBOR fraud, and corporate bail-outs, have resulted in a US economic depression and cuts to the social safety net, destroying the American middle-class. The massive holding of US Treasury’s give China de facto control over US monetary policy, inflation, jobs, foreign debt, and even the US standard of living.

        Further, the US military is being slowly reduced, if not destroyed, in the central Asian “graveyard of empires”, and US veterans are being treated like garbage. while replacement parts used in the US military machines are being counterfeited in China. To make matters worse, in the wake of the contrived economic debacle, America is selling off its infrastructure, properties to China?

        Meanwhile, Japan, at the behest of the US, even though it is being devastated by Fukushima, is contesting China and North Korea, and could lead to a nuclear confrontation.

        So, after over 12 years of the eternal war-on-terror™, the 9/11 pretext to invade Afghanistan, to steal its resources and re-energize the drug trade, China is now being allowed to extract oil in Afghanistan and Iraq; and is poised to take away the supposed prize of central Asia?

        Finally, because of the deliberate financial policies of the Federal Reserve, increasing the money supply to the point where it creates hyperinflation, the War on Terror® subsidized by China buying Treasury bills, the dollar is being destroyed and the Yuan is becoming the de facto reserve currency of the world.

        Can someone tell me that this does not add up to a plan to destroy America? Destroy its economy and democratic institutions, and subordinate our country to a globalist totalitarian NWO? That the so-called “war on terror”, really the war against the growing global presence of China was never meant to be won, as was designed as a holding action to weaken America, destroy its democratic institutions, its economy, its people, to get it ready to subordinate it to a NWO run by the banking/drug cartel run by the City of London and its “gollum”, Israel?

        • I think you articulated that pretty well. The only thought I have is, there should be a binding, common sense law that FORBIDS SELLING INFRASTRUCTURE is all countries of the entire world. It belongs to the public who lives there, not any govt.

          You can’t sell our water supply, our power grid or our fresh water lakes. The streets and highways? WE PAY FOR THAT! WE own it…the govt just manages it using our money.

          How easily they forgot who THEY are supposed to work for.

          RANT OFF.

        • Greg Burton:

          I’m in total agree ment that the “Great Game” is being played on the world stage. There is also no question that Jewish leadership plays an important role in the great game. They are not the only players, by any stretch. There are several obvious other players; the chinese and islamic fundamentalists come to mind readily.

          If there is a satanic aspect to world domination, I think it would stand in opposition to core Jewish faith tenets, which are not evil at all that I can tell.

          It doesn’t make sense that the Jewish bankers would want to physically destroy Amerika. This is the country where all the wealth is; where all the land is, along with fairly clean air and water; where the good life can be lived without looking over your shoulder all the time for random missiles from your neighbors. Where else would one construct some zionistic utopia if not here?

          Something is definitely wrong with our leadership however, and this wrongness has yet to be eliminated from our country. Part of that wrongness is indeed the insistance, since at least JFK, on fighting elective wars on false premises.

          I cannot believe that democracy is still so fragile, that we need to do this. It sure seems that individual freedom is under grave attack, and that attack is led by the corruption and lack of gold in the hearts of the men who rule us.

          There is too much intentionality in the destruction of our morals, economy, infrastructure, and so forth to believe that this is capitalism at work.

          As you say, the word “cooperation” is totally lacking from the vocabulary of the left and the right. I’ll check out your FB page later.

      25. No, the end of the world is not upon us. It takes a while for these things to materialize. I think that the USA government will be around for a couple of more years. The federal system will not implode, probably, until 2016. Then, our successes (and failures) will be spread out among the individual states.

        No, we’re not there yet. So relax.

        • Hey You, one nuclear explosion can f*ck up you whole day, just say’n.

          • In a matter of minutes too, if not seconds

        • Hey you ! don’t help them to bury the light
          Don’t give in without a fight.
          Hey you ! don’t tell me there’s no hope at all
          Together we stand, divided we fall.

      26. The West’s economic system is obviously at it’s absolute end, so they only thing left for the Western bankers is to surrender and declare bankruptcy or start a nuclear war, in which they could possibly win.

      27. This is all part of the elite’s master plan. We are inching ever closer to WWIII, which will result in mass depopulation, just like they want. Out of the ashes a new world order and global economy will rise, just like they want. It’s just so weird to me that I am seeing it happen in my lifetime.

      28. HEY! Did you guys hear that noise. It was a loud screen. I think it was coming from the White House, Odumber just got kicked in the balls again.

        This time by the new kid on the block. Wonder how he will get out of this one. Probably like always, LIE. He’ll say he didn’t know Kerry gave that altimated. Isn’t that the way he always handles things.

        I hope our next president has cast iron balls.

        • I hated Bush with a passion! I couldn’t stand to look at his disgusting face on TV… but one thing I’ll say for the dumbbell… old Bush had balls! (Excuse my French!)

      29. I’ll take gaggle of idiots for 1600 Bob.

      30. Foreigners dumped 100 Billion last week of U.S. Treasuries. I’m sure there will be many more dumps in the near future.
        Those elite bastards that think they can start a war that will destroy millions upon billions of innocent souls, so they can hunker down in their bunkers, to come out one day an declare they rule all of earth. I don’t think things will work as well as one might think?
        All that I can say, to who ever is among the standing, if and when the missiles fly, remember the ones that believe they are above you, me, and the rest of the population.
        Limited nuke strikes will change the course of this planet for centuries to come. I pray we do not have to experience this, but it seems,, someone wants it so?

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

      31. This could be a pre planned plan of Obummer to declare himself president for life. All he has to do is start with economic war with Russia that will slowly destroy the US economy (not that it’s not already damaged), then by 2015 he’ll declare military war with Russia because there is no other choice left, at the same time declare a state of emergency and ban presidential election because it will be too destructive to the country to have division at such time . Then later declare himself ruler for life with heir for successor.

        • The elites aren’t going to let a halfrican run anything but his mouth…he’s just too stupid to figure that out.

        • treasuries are Bonds right? Like 10 yr note and 30 year’s arent they?….so where exactly will this Dump be at? The Beach?….Great lakes waters dump zone?

          Wont they require a Buyer for dumped bonds? if yes then its just china trys to sell bonds and if a buyers found that is the new bond owner right? So thats trouble because?….

          It seems DK is correct that the fed has zero obligation to pay off on those notes untill the expiration dates arrive. Or else china will have to sell them way cheeper to whoever buys them right?…Thats likley to be the fed who buys way cheeper and china Loses big time cash amounts for selling before bonds matured.

          Maybe all these online economy “experts” aint such experts eh?

          Besides china only has aprox 15% of Total usa debt. Thats not enough to collapse america it seems.

          If china cashes in bonds for us dollars values then what? China spends them? Wont that create jobs here or wherever china chooses to spend that cash?

          I do not see how china can demand payment, so fed passes out more cash to pay it and that somehow collapses america and we all come to abrupt halt in everything?

          Remember one important factor. All of the alternate money guy experts that think direct Opposite of keynesians. Are Also bonafied Tribe members too…No matter which money “model” one subscribes to, even what Lew Rockwells website expert writers prefer, all those professors or originators of different monetary theorys are all jewish thinking experts.

          So most likley no matter which money systems or plans we use if they came from any current theorys its a swindle scam. Because like it or not scams and swindles are what jewish banksters base it all on…so They Win and all others LOSE. That includes whatever is touted at libertarian sites like rockwells ‘experts” and Ron Paul types too…I cant recall names of those money guy experts? I recall keynes is the Bad guy right…Whoever is opposite him, are all of the same bunch when it comes down to brass tacks.

          And NONE Ever speaks of the one main ONLY proper solution to americas and ALL nations money woes…Thats an Total END of Usury intrest and Debt created cash. END usury, End Debt created cash and END private jewish or any other private banks period. That has been totally proven as THE Fix period.

          WithOUT Loan intrest you pay out…We all would be so prosperous it aint even funny. And with zero Usury, the fed and state govnts all wont need high taxes to pay intrest only and still always owe principal debt due to usury and debt created cash.

          The fed govnt can Create debt free and intrest free cash and be 100% debt and intrest FREE permanantly. Thats how to Balance the fed and state govnts Budgets. NO us const ammendt is needed. No usury intrest equals zero paid and zero owed ever.

          If that were to occure ONLY one major entity will be hurting and crying and whineing like Only They can whine…jewish banksters. Their Massive funded Free Ride will be Over totally then.

          Sounds swell eh…The State, and govnt of it, exist FOR the People of the nation…Money State created should also exist For the Benifit Of the nations People.

          That was the philosophy of germany when they fixed the wiemier era troubles and did it in LESS than 5 yrs time…Before germans even manufactured a single weapon, airplane or tank prior to WWII events. germans rebuilt Infrastructures ruined in WWI, and also built New homes, schools, factories etc etc. Unemployment went from almost 40% unemployed Down to less than 2%, if that, in just over 4 1/2 yrs…Good jobs, Good Pays great benifits, great german made products as usual.

          so Why cannot usa copy and do same here Now today and Fix our nation to benifit its PEOPLE mainly?

          A Nation is its people. The entire nation of usa is like an extention of each citizens Homes. Without People a nation does NOT exist, except as empty Lands.

          People Make a nation so people should benifit BY and From its creation. A Nation state has a right to make its Own money. There is but only ONE major reason to have private jewish banksters control usa cash…Thats to Enrichen Jew banksters period.

          If we are going to keep current usury intrest debt created cash systems alive?…Hows about we give IRISH men the Next 100 yrs to rip off citizens for a hundred Trillion in Cash dollars for a change eh?

          I for One amd sick and tired of persons that come from less than 2% of usa population swindleing us the past 100 yrs since 1913…especially when aprox 75% of said jewish banksters are NOT even usa citizens! Most are citizens of england, Israel and euro nations!

          Why is That a good thing? I am 1/2 Irish. so I prefer Irish usury wealthy bankster men for a change since I at least have a slim chance being included in Their windfalls of cash due to usury intrest they will gain eh..

          Hows about any You folks?…like it that less than 2% of america controls it ALL and for Your and My Detrement and desructions?….Let them all go to Israel to live and do bankster scams. After all, that Tribe cried and whined constantly for NINETEEN, “19” Centuries to obtain Israel for Their tribal homelands right(yes thats correct)..

          Well Okay then…They have Had israel as a homeland base since 1948 already! What the hell are they still waiting to move there for anyways?

          1900 yrs whineing and crying for a tribal homelands and once its theirs, 1/2 refuse to live there?…Why?

          I read its because they are a Parasitic type peoples and like other parasites, fleas etc cannot all live in same “Host” body/nation…Ben Franklin called them Vampires that can’t exist off of each other and its why they need at least 1/2 of the tribe to live at a Host nation so to Feed those back home with the Lifeblood of a host nation, aka the nations CASH! Cash= Lifeblood of a Nation, like real blood is life to a human host body.

          Now that I know about fed reserve scams etc it seems franklin, and also Henery Ford who said likewise as franklin were Both spot on correct eh.

          Give em a choice…End the Fed, end usury intrest and debt cash…OR hand the Keys over to a few Irish guys for next 100 yrs…Or we build a Huge Pointy Toe Cowboy Texas size BOOT and Use it!

          • “And NONE Ever speaks of the one main ONLY proper solution to americas and ALL nations money woes…Thats an Total END of Usury intrest and Debt created cash. END usury, End Debt created cash and END private jewish or any other private banks period. That has been totally proven as THE Fix period.”

            You just put yourself on the mossad hit list—talking like that could get you JFK’d, so don’t drive with your windows down…LOL.

            Ya know, that’s the exact same reason for the constant bombings in the middle east—THOSE COUNTRIES DID NOT WANT USURY IN THEIR COUNTRIES, because it is against their beliefs.

            Banksters can’t let that slide.

            • Sixpack: I care Not what “Lists” I may be on. The Past 100 yrs of fucked up america is directly Due to a vast Majority of its Founding Race of white european, and its christian whiteys also, abject Fear, Whitey Guilt, and PC correctness Fear of perhaps saying Anything that May be found offensive to Greasy zionists, leftist marxist kommie bolshevik jews, african negroes, savage or otherwise, and likewise for mexican illeagle greasy hoards of 3rd worlders rapeing and ruining america for all time.

              I REFUSE to be Silent of these issues and various races or religions etc that the Facts prove to be the MAIN Culprits. Maybe if More folks, espcially White folks would also speak Up and Out as I do, perhaps america can still be Fixed. It will at least transfer Fear to those others for a change since whites are aprox 68-70% Majority…as they Should be!…I hope to soon see more white folks become concerned enough to toss off whitey guilt based Fears and PC silence…Sooner the Better!

      32. Time is short. Get the #10 cans while you can.

        Tanner Gun Show in Denver this weekend.

        • Yes, this time we all might be right, time is short.

        • And fill them with $10 Bills

          All Hail The Mushroom

          • If this is down thumbed.

            It shows that there is no true SHTF Old Timers Here.

            All Hail Mushroom

            Doesn’t it Mac.

            • god bless mushroom

            • I remember him and constantly posting about $10 bills

      33. “Kerry (aka Lurch) was light on his details”….. (and his loafers). What a fuckin’ fiasco….the blind leadin’ the blind. Neither one, POTUS nor Kerry, are worth two squirts of owl shit and neither could find their ass with both hands with a map in a well lit room.

      34. China, Russia, and 4 other countries are members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which is both a economic alliance and a military one. India, Iran, Pakistan,and Turkey has asked to join as full members.

        The SCO members have over 1/2 of the world’s land mass and if India joins, over 1/2 of the World’s population to draw troops from. Plus I believe that they outnumber NATO in tanks, planes, naval craft, and nukes.

        Last year at their annual meeting the SCO members discussed starting their own banking system and currency.

        All of this can be found on the net.

        The SCO is so powerful that the President of Turkey said that he would dump NATO membership and cancel the application to join the EU if Turkey was allowed into the SCO.

        • China joining India? I guess anything is possible, but first they will have to stop their STILL simmering border war and land claims. Then, India and Pakistan joining? Insane Iran and Hindu India – which has a long history of being invaded by Muslims – all singing Kumbayah together? Really? Well, I guess so… after they blow each other up with their nukes, they can each rebuild the other, I guess. It may “be on the net,” but that doesn’t make it even close to the truth.

          • LKJ,
            Have YOU looked up my sources? Before you shoot off your mouth, try doing some research.
            Membership in the SCO for India/Iran is sponsored by Russia and membership for Pakistan is sponsored by China.
            There are a great many benefits economic/military being a SCO member.
            One report had it that Putin offered the Ukraine full membership to counter the EU’s offer, which is what touched this whole thing off.

      35. I’ve been retaliating against china for a long time, I do my best to not buy their crap. I hope they kick it up a notch and make it so that their crap wont be imported into this country. To all those treasonous pieces of shit companies that sold us out and set up shop in china, I hope you get burned bad, you deserve it.

      36. Ummm… can’t Obungler just BOW to someone? He has everyone else!!And one more question. Wasn’t Kerry for the Crimea crises before he was against it? Or do I have that reversed. Or maybe he was for it before he was against being before it?

        Here’s a better idea: Rather than go to war, why doesn’t Obungler just put all the Russians on ObunglerCare? No need to start a war… the death panels (and those death panels ARE there, my friend) will take care of any military issues.

      37. time is short and there is nothing we can do about it, if we think we can stand against whats coming, think again… the things that are coming have been established from the beginning and we are here for the ride, the evil has been let loose and is getting worse by the day… so it is our destiny to choose for ourselves, good or evil, we cant be both…. what we are seeing in the world is prophicy being fulfilled before our very eyes…. so with that having been said, make a mends with the God Who created all things and get right with Him

      38. This is what we have with two “activists” running this side show in DC. Harry and Lloyd aka Dumb and Dumber !!

      39. I am probably out numbered here, but I don’t see what the USA can or should do. I don’t want to see one American soldier loose their life over this little dirt water country. Financial pressure is about as far as we can go. We stood with Afghanistan, when The Soviet Union tried to over throw them and look what happened to us afterwards. I served in the Air Force, ferrying F14 fighters to Iran back in the 70s and look what that got us. Every time we give these rouge nations weapons, our soldiers end up on the wrong end of them. We are just hanging on financially and it would not take much for Russia and China to push us off the cliff. As far as I am concerned, we should just let it go. I hear a lot of complaints about how we are handling this, but I don’t hear anything about how we should be doing it. Do any of you think we should actually attack Russia and possibly start WW3 over Ukraine?

        • if we dont take a side and try to do something to save our own hind quarters then this land of plenty (as the world sees it) will be more ripe for the picking and that makes us having to stand up and get involved even if it isnt in the best immediate interest to the US, we dont have a choice

        • Nations rise and nations fall…America needs to look after America first and foremost…our founders believed this…honest trade with all…no entangling alliances…read Washingtons writings or Jeffersons or many others…we were never intended as a nation to run the planet…we need to get back to the idea that we mind our own business and others mind theirs…or else!…I have to agree with the founders and with you on this issue…not one more drop of American blood not one more thin coin of America treasure for people who for the most part will only curse us in a few years anyhow…no,its time for America to stand up for America and our true original principles,trash the federal govicorp and work on our own stuff without all the entanglements and false fair weather friends we have made around the planet!

        • I personally think we should bring all our military home to protect our borders…and to protect against the threat from within…

          • Right on FOB

            That would be a good start!

        • JAS: You got it right. No foreign entanglements. We have enough work to do at home.

      40. US sends spy drone over Crimea. Russian cyber warfare team grabs it. Someone hacked Russian government websites. Maybe I should say goodby now, rather than later. There may not be an internet much longer.

      41. Russia pulls billions from western banks. This is how it starts. Where does it end?

        • maudy, “where does it end?” Just don’t look at the really bright light/mushroom cloud hanging over the city near you, O.K.?

      42. Everyone relax. Kerry’s ultimatum will come and go and everything will just be fixed in place.

        It has to be. Obama is busy filling out his Brackets. Nothing can happen until after the March Madness.

      43. I know many think snow den is a ‘false flag’. Could this be his purpose? Is there more to this story? I don’t know much about ‘net governance, but I know some of you must have ideas.

        www dot washingtonpost dot com/business/technology/us-to-relinquish-remaining-control-over-the-internet/2014/03/14/0c7472d0-abb5-11e3-adbc-888c8010c799_print.html

        • Putin has been deporting foreigners for months. There is a conspiracy going on here, but it’s not the one so popular with the Ukraine-haters on here. Yanukovych lied to get elected, lied that he would cooperate and kept trying to give Putin what he wanted. This invasion is plan B- why be surprised that the head of Gazprom should know about it?

      44. Why should the Russians trust John Kerry? Kerry lied to the voters of Boston for decades. He told them he was Irish so the Irish Catholics would vote for him. Kerry claims he didn’t know his father changed their name from a Jewish name. He claims he didn’t even know his grandfather was a Rabbi. Really? I knew Kerry was Jewish at least 5 years before he openly admitted it. He carried on the deception so he could continue his political career. What a piece of crap.

        • Fuggin’ Lurch…

      45. Are they not all the same???

        All the Same
        A Chinese man walked into a pub in New York with his pal. He says to his pal, Man : “Hey! That’s Steven Spielberg over there! God, I wish he’ll come over to say “hi”. Spielberg suddenly walked over and gave the man a punch on the nose.

        Man : “Hey!! What’s that for?!”

        Spielberg : “You bloody Japanese killed my granddad when you bombed pearlharbour!”

        Man : “I’m not Japanese! I’m Chinese!”

        Spielberg : “Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, you’re all the same!” Spielberg walks back to the other side. Then the Chinese man calmly walks over to Spielberg and gives him a really heavy punch on the face.

        Spielberg : “Wha… !?!” Man : “YOU BLOODY ASSHOLE! YOU SANK THE TITANIC!”

        Spielberg : “No,no, an iceberg sank the titanic!”

        Man : “Iceberg, Carlsberg, Spielberg, you’re all the same!”

        • Save that and Add it to “Swindlers List!”

      46. ***** FLU UPDATE *****

        pretty quiet
        but there are a couple of new variants of H7N9 that have popped up

        New H7N9 flu strains may have pandemic potential

        ““Our findings suggest there is a possible risk that a pandemic could develop,” the authors said.

        So far, there is no evidence of sustained human-to-human transmission, the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva said in a Feb. 11 statement.

        “Each new strain could be one that is better genetically equipped to transmit form person to person,” Ian Mackay, an associate professor of clinical virology at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, said in an e-mail today. “Without contemporary sequence analysis, such a strain could emerge from among the ‘noise’ of human infection by less efficient strains, to begin spreading rapidly and with pandemic potential.”

        new strains being watched closely

        still no sustained human to human transmission

        Mers CoV still out there
        occasional new case and a death or two being reported
        and again
        no evidence of sustained human to human transmission

        • @ Satori. Flu season is just beginning in the southern hempishere. It is like mid to late September over there for them. The flu will only get worse down under.

      47. Speaking of Carlsberg….The Chinese say there has been an under water seismic event where some people think the Malaysian plane went down near the Carlsberg Ridge. Was an unauthorized nuke on board. Is this the reason for not finding the wreckage? Was there a cyber battle between the Chinese and the US to control the missing plane? It could explain the erratic flight pattern. It could explain why there is so much misinformation.

        • Explanation of where the Malaysian plane is…

      48. lets take a few minutes and have a few laughs at the expense of our fellow humans !


        how about that Miss Venezuela ???

        damn she’s a looker !

        and wondering where that secret nuclear bunker is ???

        problem solved !

        • Howz about them Little Shop of Horrors vaginas? “Feeeeed meh, Seymour!”

      49. Kula; hey buddy after reading your comments, I think we might think alike on some things. The biggest one is that we can make it on a bottle of whiskey and a hand full of beans. I’ve got your back, on the main land. Yes 100 heads! NOMI

        • One bean can grow 100 beans
          And so on and so on,,
          Not sure about wiskey other than for barter,,, dont touch the stuff!

      50. It is a little bit of both.

        But this is more of a planned take down.

        It could be a bloody take down.

        Not being paranoid, take the usa off the block and the middle east will be wide open and most of the other countries.

        We are looking at a possible change in world leadership….

        We have to face that……

        It appears it could get nasty.

        Everybody be safe……

      51. Diversion and distraction continue to lead the “herd” astray. ALL of the MSM “hot topics” are B.S. What is coming will be subtle and unnoticed until too late. I would have all money and stocks OUT of banks/markets long before the middle of April.

        Spend it on all level of preps. NOW, before it has no value. The “financial/economic thief-in-the-night” is almost here.

        When the level of MISDIRECTION reaches current HIGHS, beware the unseen and unreported activity “behind the curtain”.

      52. Russia Sends 4 Strategic Bombers on 24-Hour Arctic Patrol

        Russia has dispatched four Tu-95MS strategic bombers on a 24-hour patrol over the Arctic Ocean, Air Force commander Lt. Gen. Viktor Bondarev said Friday. Bondarev said the four aircraft left their home base at the Ukrainka airbase in Russia’s Far East late on Thursday to carry out a 12-hour non-stop combat patrol mission over the Arctic.
        “After an in-flight refueling, they will continue the patrol for another 12-14 hours,” the general said.
        The Russian authorities have recently been calling for tighter security along the country’s Arctic frontiers and along its maritime transportation routes in the polar region.

      53. Three more precursor earthquake today alone. The one south of Africa is less indicating of a major earthquake coming. The other two, Carlsburg Ridge, and SE of Easter Island do mean a big quake is on the way. The Pacific Northwest is lighting up, but so is Pakistan and believe it or not so is Hawaii. This is on top of the areas mentioned in comment 2955960 as dangerous. The California quake reset the dates. Until March 25, look out, there is about a 85% chance of a major earthquake.

        If there is two more precursor earthquakes, with higher than 90% in the past in the same location of having major earthquakes within 15 days years before, then those will likely be the ones that predict WHERE the earthquake(s) are coming. More precursor earthquake locations will increase the chance of a major earthquake to near 100%. Seen this before with high number of precursor earthquakes and almost always it leads to either a very big quake or a swarm of high 6 to low 7’s.

      54. @ Everyone. Did you see the speculation that BO’s wife michelle obama is a transsexual. This is hilarios and I could see old BO with something like this. I guess MO doesn’t stand for michelle obama, but MO stands for “man originally”.

        • BI, she is Patrick Ewing in drag.

        • Michelle Psychobama is Michael Psychobama!! 🙂

          • Na, shes a she,,,
            That things gots teeth in it though,
            Like them shark teeths!

        • It’s about as reasonable as the stuff you say about Ukraine.

      55. Note to Old Vet: please read response to your post on the 9th…

      56. Mac, we have a gaggle of idiots at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

      57. I love it when these American commie faggots get jap-slapped, no matter who does the slapping. I hope Aunt Jemima and Lurch and all the rest of them take it up the ass until their jaws are scooping up dust like a grain shovel.

      58. My old 60’s bunker is ready, old CD rad meters, dosimeters have been certified, new shelving in place of bunks, food, beans, bullets and band aids. Damn supplied in 60, 70, early 80, 2000, and now. Getting too old for this foolishness. Really stocked up on ammo, new filters.
        Scary stuff going on. Hopefully another false alarm.

        • Right on Dave,
          Keep that Hbar close by!

      59. Note: a nuke pops off and your far from it lay on your weapon flat on the ground feet paralell to the ground. Hands over face and thumbs over ear drum. Hope that the blast is just far enough away to not burn you to a crisp. Let it go past you and suck back. If your lucky you won’t die of radiation poisening. Or vaporized, but don’t expect to ever have kids again.

      60. All the parrots in Washington but especially McCain are ASSES. PERIOD. We need to keep our nose out of this mess, and not make it any worse than we already have. My God, The people of the Crimea have every right to decide if they want to rejoin Russia. We should be denouncing this takeover of the Ukraine by these Neo- Nazis not embracing them and backing them. Everyone should be looking at who and why this is being pushed for so forcefully. The US does not have clean hands here, we need to remember that. Don’t believe this obvious propaganda !! Why does everyone have such a short term memory when it comes to what our own govt. has done, and is doing to us, that you would jump on their bandwagon trying to justify this latest lead up to war?

        • There is no takeover by Neo-Nazis. The interim government consists of all duly elected MPs who didn’t take the money and run. Try reading the facts instead of Russian propaganda. The neo-Nazi lie ahs been debunked by the rabbi of all Ukraine as well as metropolitan Filaret of the Kiev Patriarchate of the Orthodox church.

          • SIGI: Go Look at Photos of various ukrain violent protesters with John McStain side by side, then in very next photos see ukraine pals of mcstains doing that famous Nazi hitler Outstreached hand/arm salute, then tell us again they aint neo nazis.

            www dot realjewnews dot com

            ps Read several great expose articles that Verify it all and verify state dept of usa jewess nulands involvement.

            WHY does Sigi think its good that she and her israel zio pals here and in israel state, has Placed into power of ukraines govnt a billionaire jew IMF bankster type guy, aka “Yatz the YID” and that it is good that He then apointed at least THREE More Multi billionaire jew bankster olygarchs as three regional ukraine governers?

            Why is it good or proper that One of said jew goveners is also been Living in Switzerland for the past two decades or so yet hes Now a ukraine govener?

            Why is it good that the VERY same bolshevik jew kommies group or their grandkids may apply better now, that caused the HOLODOMER and Mass Killed 7 to 10 Million Ukrainians by forced starvations are NOW running the “new” fraud govnt there?…Thats all good and well because, Sigi???????

      61. Let’s remember that China holds trillions of dollars of US debt. All they have to do is hint (not even actually do it) that they will pull back on Treasury purchases and we’re toast within days.

        One thing’s for sure. President Obama’s foreign policy has been a complete and utter disaster on every front.

        Ok… so in light of the first sentence… craft me a foreign policy that ISN’T a disaster. I’d be real curious to see if that’s even POSSIBLE.

      62. China’s biggest problem is what to do with all of the young fighting age males that have no hope of ever finding a mate due to their govs’ birth policy. How can you solve that problem? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

      63. China’s a Red Dragon.

        And they’ve been awake [and preppin’] for quite awhile.

      64. Soon they’ll start to breath a little fire.

      65. Never before have I felt so negative on the survival of this nation. Our Nation is a Ship of Fools. We don’t know for sure who is running the show in Washington. Have you ever seen so much division? Everybody trying to “One Up” the next guy for whatever stupid reason. As most have agreed here, there is no common sense. Only a Herd Mentality. I feel we have lost our identity. Lost our values. All the lines have been blurred.
        Maybe it is all about leveling the playing field. Low paying jobs with dependency on government. All the same education for indoctrination for the NWO. All the same medical so they can chose who lives and dies. To know you have a poisoned food supply to feed us all.

        As I have always said, “You can’t go home”. It is never the same and you find yourself disheartened if you do.

      66. Final word:

        Lurch is an extremely insecure, nonsubstantive, pampered rich boy with a wildly overblown self-image whose biggest accomplishment in life is becoming Secretary of State.

        He is up against other foreign ministers who are far more tested, far more accomplished, far tougher, far more experienced in life in general, and who have faced down and overcome many obstacles and problems in life.

        Lurch has never dealt with any serious problem on his own. He has never been tested. His Vietnam experience appears to have been embellished because of who he was; i.e. how his family name was spelled.

        Lurch has never overcome hardship. He has never faced a crisis on his own, persevered through it, and won.

        And because of this, he is not his own man. He does not know, even at this late stage of life, who he is and what he stands for. He simply is seeking the latest accolade, the biggest and best limelight he can obtain.

        When someone relishes the status and perks of an office as he does, that is irrefutable proof that they are the wrong person for that position.

        He is, simply put, a useful dupe for the hardcore Communist administration currently occupying the White House.

        • Well said, A.

      67. Here is the reality.
        Russia has as many if not more nukes than the USA.
        If you don’t think so, read up.
        Russia covers 11 time zones, the USA 4 time zones.
        Math favors Russia if it came down to it as it would take fewer nukes to eliminate the USA.
        The USA has no chance to defeat Russia over there.
        Russia has itself, China, India, Pakistan and Iran to call its allies.
        China and India alone can put up a 2 million man army on the border of Iran post haste.
        Crimea was considered Russia’s back in the Czar’s days.
        Also, why are we meddling in Ukraine anyway?
        I question the sanity of the USA administration and congress to even provoke a conflict they cannot win.

        • Russia is a third world country. With nukes. But a third world country nonetheless.

          You evidently do not comprehend what that means.

          It means that nothing is done correctly. Nothing works correctly. Nothing goes as hoped/planned. Corruption completely saturates the system, from top to bottom. Nothing can be relied upon. No one can be relied upon.

          The only possible way they could defeat us would be if our military surrendered before the first shot was fired.

          Whomever you really are, “Ed,” you are spewing nothing more than a pro-Putin disinformation line.

          Thinking of putting in your application for the position of a modern-day version of Tokyo Rose????

          Get lost.

          • I dont think so,,
            Russia was civilized and moving forward when Americans were natives chasing buffalo and living free and europeans hadnt even found this place yet.

            • Russian civilization, per se, didn’t really take off until well after America was settled and the USA established. Thanks to a few centuries of Mongol occupation, they stayed in a medieval state until Peter the Great came along, and even then they fought and resented his efforts at civilizing them. Feudalism ended everywhere else in Europe centuries before it did in Russia. They didn’t set the serfs free until the late 1800s. They never fully industrialized until after the Soviet Union was launched. Moscow is an international city with everything you could want or need available if you have the money for it. Go outside Moscow and you find 3rd world conditions quite easily.

              • @ Sigi, correctly said. It is hard to understand the Putinistas here. Everything Putin does has been carefully rehearsed and choreographed for propaganda value. Baring your chest and horseback riding, posing with a Siberian tiger, etc, does not make you a ‘real man’! I use to listen to Radio Moscow back in the sixties and have been studying them. Putin May even believe his own lies. He is a ‘wannabe’.

                The arguments against the Ukrainian uprising are completely incoherent. They claim the Jews are funding the Ukrainian Neonazies. It sounds like many who post here are Neonazis themselves. This is the propaganda being propagated by the Ruskies to justify invading a sovereign and duly elected and representative government.

                I am not saying that one drop of American blood should be shed over there but we do not need to stand idly by while a rogue Russian Bear terrorizes innocent men, women, and children. I do not care for BO, Lurch, or Hagel, the Three Stooges from DC, anymore than anyone else here. But, that does not mean I go to bed with our arch enemies. Wake up people.

                I was in touch with someone over there and it looks like even the Russians are buying into what their media is telling them and Putin’s actions to take over Crimea and Eastern Ukraine are being supported by the Russian people. Many over there believe it is a done deal and they are on the right side of history. People never learn, history is repeating itself. If a war does occur, it will be because of a weakened West and we have allowed ourselves to misplace our priorities, and put our guard down.

          • Anonymous,
            It sounds more like you are describing The USA under the Obama regime than Russia under Putin. Obama’s foreign policy decisions are a mystery to me taking on Russia in Syria and Crimea where Russia can’t afford to back down and has the ability to successfully defend. Obama, in the meantime is debilitating our military, our industry and the morale of the citizens. You are not facing reality.

          • Anonymous,
            With your ignorance and bravado you should stay that way, anonymous.
            Why do you spout stupidities you know nothing about.
            Have you ever been to Russia, or the Ukraine?
            I have and saw for myself.
            Russia is not a 3rd world country just because it may not be as metropolitan as USA.
            Moscow is modern and it’s population much more educated than the average American.
            Hannibal tried to defeat Russia and failed.
            Napoleon tried it and failed.
            Hitler tried it and failed.
            You think the great Obama can?
            Obama does not have the sense God gave lettuce.
            A fool at best you are thinking Obama will stop Russia from doing what it wants in its own backyard.

          • Russia is at worst a second world country, not a third. Sheesh. The categorization has no pragmatic application, in any case.

            If one is an urbane first world college educated person being assailed by a school dropout third world mugger, education and urbanity and stuff like that matter little.

            Which is not to say that I have a pragmatic suggestion for what the US could do over in Kiev and all. President Bush wasted our tax dollars in Iraq on false premises and dropped whatever ball there was in Afghanistan. President Obama continues to waste tax dollars on military and entitlements.

            If we are in a bad situation, it’s because of twelve years of concerted efforts by our political leadership.

        • Why do you spout stupidities you know nothing about.
          Have you ever been to Russia, or the Ukraine?
          I have and saw for myself.
          Russia is not a 3rd world country just because it may not be as metropolitan as USA.
          Hannibal tried to defeat Russia and failed.
          Napoleon tried it and failed.
          Hitler tried it and failed.
          You think the great Obama can?
          Obama does not have the sense God gave lettuce.
          A fool at best you are thinking USA will stop Russia from doing what it wants in its own backyard.

        • Funny to read the time zone analysis, as if more time zones over empty land somehow give one country a technological advantage over another. Sheesh.

          Empty acreage doesn’t win wars, but certainly would stop an infantry invasion from Alaska across Siberia in the winter. Surely our guys aren’t thinking along those lines? Are they?

      68. Amazing, right? The media “forget” that what happened in Ukraine was a coup, the destruction of a democratically elected government, and instead they use language that makes it sound like a dictator was overthrown by “the people”.

        The media parrot John Kerry saying that “the new government (of course not “regime”) must prepare for new and fair elections”. Implying that there were NO fair elections before that – even though they were! President Yanukovych was elected fair and square. And he actually freed illegal demonstrators, offered the prime minister post to the demonstrators, and offered new elections. Something we never hear now. But the demonstrators ignored this – backed by the U.S. they wanted it all.

        Just like Kuwait refused to negotiate with Iraq after selling more oil than its OPEC quota, and drilling for oil in under the Iraqi border. The refusal to negotiate was a way to provoke a war where, the Kuwaiti emir was told, the U.S. would come quickly and beat Iraq before an invasion. Indeed, just like Britain urged Poland’s dictator General Siludski to not negotiate with Germany over guarantees for the well-being of the German provinces and cities taken by Poland after WWI. Britain said they and France would quickly come to Poland’s aid if a war could be provoked. Just like Serbia before WWI was urged not to hand over the terrorists who had murdered the Austrian Archduke (armed and transported by the Serbian army). Always a proxy is urged to not negotiate, so a war can be started against Washington-London’s target – no matter what happens to the foolish, overreaching proxy.

        Washington’s NED, USAID, IRI, and the George Soros Foundation funded the earlier attack on Ukraine’s democracy in the “orange revolution”. The same thing is happening again.

        The demonstrators stole military arms from an installation and killed nine police officers, never mentioned. The Estonian foreign minister cites a doctor from the Maidan square (the rebel side) who insists that the snipers shooting demonstrators were actually from the demonstrator side. The sniper fire gave the pretext to declare the demonstrators’ overthrow of democracy a just cause.

        All to make sure Ukraine is controlled by the globalist EU. In order to weaken Russia, because Russia does not submit to Israel. Russia supports the president in Syria, who Israel want to destroy because he has aided the Hezbollah resistance. And Russia has given weak support to pro-Hezbollah, pro-Palestinian Iran. So Russia must be destroyed, and therefore Ukraine must be controlled. It always comes back to the Israeli lobby in Washington.

        By the way: Crimea is almost completely autonomous. It has belonged to Russia longer than California has belonged to the U.S. Crimea was only “part of Ukraine” in Soviet times by the stroke of a pen. They wanted to belong to Russia after the Soviet fall, but Yeltsin bowed to Washington’s demands and ignored the Crimean parliament.

        Crimea used to have its own president – before he was eliminated by the Kiev government. Crimea once again wanted to leave Ukraine then, but was not allowed to. Crimea has been Russian for centuries, it is majority Russian, so why would it be wrong for it to go back to Russia now that an ANTIDEMOCRATIC COUP has taken power in Kiev, funded and backed by Washington because of the Israeli lobby? (Oh, they don’t care about the nationalist Svoboda party. Next election millions of dollars will back the globalist parties in Ukraine, and they will rule in a coalition without Svoboda. Svoboda’s members have been duped, fighting on the wrong, anti-Ukrainian side.)

        Why did the U.S. destroy Serbia and hand over Kosovo to Albanians who had immigrated illegally to Kosovo over many years, much like millions of Mexicans to California? Because the You-Know-Who General Wesley Clark, YKW State Sec. Madeleine Albright and YKW Sam Berger said “there is no room for ethnically pure states in Europe”. It was anti-nationalist, pro-globalist. For the same reason they are refusing an independent Crimea. See how the rules for independence change depending on what benefits Israel’s side?

        • Are you going to keep spamming the same lies again and again?

      69. Mac, there is no ‘perhaps’ about it.

      70. Nothing going to happen with Russia or marital Law in US . Militia groups want be able to go out and shoot at cops. Sorry guys maybe next time.

      71. Wesley Clarks’ real birth name, Kahane. One of the chosen people. Madeline Albrights’ real family name? Korbel. One of the chosen people. Her father was a high ranking member of the Czeckoslavakian Communist Party at the end of WW2. When they murdered 2 million Christians. He was also the Czech ambassador to Yugoslavia. The Yugoslavian govt. kicked him out for criminal activity. He then had to flee Czeckoslavakia also for theft. Funny thing is that Condoleeza Rice claims that Mr. Korbel was her political mentor.

      72. So much for being nice and apologize to the world and everyone will love us Horse Puckey

      73. Russia will rule all of eastern Ukraine by the end of the year….count on it. The EU and the US will complain and lobby for sanctions, but won’t levy any true punishment on Russia. Europe is dependent on Russian natural gas, and Russia knows that the US has no desire to fight over a country most Americans couldn’t find on a map.

      74. we don’t need another Korea,Vietnam,Middle East…we need to stay out of other people business….need to stop outsourcing our enconomy oversea & become the stongest country….as TR said ” speak softly & carry a BIG stick” or Pax Americana will pass into history just as Pax Britianna & Pax Roma did…

        • @Kent, Well said, I too was thinking about what TR said. He was right. The pussies in DC are all about getting rid of the ‘big stick’ and talking loudly as they merrily lead this country down the prim rose path to disaster.

      75. My friend, encjoe, is right, you people are a bunch of idiots. It is amazing you can have such irrational thought processes and still be alive.

      76. The war is over, China won. We need a plan to make the best of a bad situation. A shooting war with Russia is about as far as you can get from a good plan.

      77. I think the days of possible Nuclear strike on US soil are over. Our land/ resources (water-food) are way to valuable to countries like Russia and China. A grid take down and the following chaos are more probable. If 90% of the population dies off they can walk right in.

      78. I saw a short news clip of Mr. Obama speaking regarding the Ukraine.

        About 1:55, from:

        “If this violation of international law continues, the resolve of the United States, and our allies, and the international community will remain firm.”

        This is how diplomacy should work. There is little doubt in my mind that Mr. Putin’s advisors have studied this speech far more than I have, and have advised him about the firmness of our resolve.

        After all, it is firm resolve which, properly stated in all seriousness, in front of a live audience, and broadcast for all the world to see, which will indubitably influence Mr. Putin’s future actions.

        There is little doubt in my mind that Mr. Obama’s leadership qualities have impressed Mr. Putin, who will assuredly reconsider the state of affairs in Crimea and Ukraine. We can be assured that things will move forward peacefully and agreeably from this point forward.

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