The Three Stages of US Martial Law: “What Will It Be Like?”

by | Oct 11, 2013 | Headline News | 478 comments

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    This article has been removed at the request of the author.


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      1. Sounds like “Marital Law”

        • Ha! I often get the two mixed up, myself!

          • Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov Explains Our Four Stages – “The New Normal”

            “Information came to us back in the ‘80’s from a former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov, who defected to the west.
            (Yuri explains in a youtube interview which is linked here.)

            The four stages needed to take down a nation.

            STAGE 1. DEMORALIZATION – Elimination of American Exceptionalism, fundamental change of national identity, structural deconstruction of foundational principles, elimination of religion. Embedding a new societal design upon the psyche of generations through ideological academia. Peer pressure by elites upon academics and society to convince that prior values were inherently flawed, racist, prejudiced etc.

            National identity is diluted with aspersions toward historical references. National history is re-written, re-defined, and molded to fit the new intended behavioral model and create the new values.

            STAGE 2. CRISIS – Creation of economic, financial, and national security crisis. Also includes social crisis and breakdown of previous self-evident restrictions on moral behavior. Cloward Piven approach to overloading the system, ie more takers than producers. The crisis produces benevolent leaders who will promise to deliver “things” (Hope and Change) to meet people’s needs through Social and Economic Justice.

            False illusions that the situation is under control if certain strategic directions are followed (Bailouts, Stimulus, Jobs Bills, Regulations of industry, Unconstitutional Power Grabs, Dismissal of Historical Laws, Changes in legislative processes, Changes in checks and balances of power etc).

            STAGE 3. NORMALIZATION – The uncomfortable feelings of change including losses of freedom are absorbed and accepted. Lost national identity becomes accepted as the norm within the new societal model.

            A period of national rebranding transition where people are so overwhelmed by the change they become numb and begin to accept a ‘new normal’. This period of normalization lasts indefinitely as the progression is continually advanced and acceptance takes place in small controlled doses. (New limits on behavior, Regulations, TSA Patdowns, Intrusions into privacy, Controls into daily life) These things begin to be accepted as “just the way it is now…”

            STAGE 4. DESTABILIZATION – Unlike the period of “Crisis” the people who helped orchestrate the change are now no longer needed. The new overarching centralized governmental model begins to take control.

            Leftist usurpers who initially thought they were going to be part of the new power structure begin to realize they were used and manipulated and they themselves become the new enemy. Because they have first hand knowledge of the agenda they are the primary target for elimination. They may simply be disregarded, obfuscated, thrown out, or they may be collected, imprisoned, or worse killed.

            There is no longer room for dissention. Dissent is only possible within the free system that has now been deconstructed. Therefore the leftist purpose is served once the destabilization is complete. Totalitarian Government takes control.

            Bezmenov’s quote: “This is what will happen in the United States if you allow all these schmucks to bring the country to crisis, to promise people all kind of goodies and a paradise on earth, to destabilize your economy, to eliminate the principle of free market competition, and to put a Big Brother government in Washington D.C.”


            • We already have martial law at all the Federal Parks and Memorials. God bless all the vets and truckers that were able to go to D.C. today and fight this tyranny.

              Armed Texans will meet at the Alamo on October 19th at 10:00 am as well. Be there!

              • Just my take, but I think BO Peep will more
                than have his hands full if he imposes martial
                law on a people that have known and fought for
                total freedom for three hundred and thirty seven

                At least my friends and I here on SHTF will not
                take it lying down, that’s what I’m sure of.

                • Got to call bullshit again. IF you brought back ALL American servicemen from all over the world and the seven seas, that would mean less than 3 million military personnel, which includes all guard and reserve forces. Many of those are support personnel, not combat arms. Now add all LEOs, federal, state, local, and reserves, including DHS and you have almost 1 million. But for arguments sake, lets say they are all armed, that’s still less than 4 million folks to cover the 5th largest country in the world with 320 million people living in over 135 million individual homes. It took nearly 1,000 LEOs, in 8-man teams, more than a day to search a small town in Massachusetts for one badly injured kid, and they still couldn’t find him. Yeah, I’m really frightened!

                  • The Gestapo didn’t have millions, or tens of 1000s. Psychology works wonders on a neighborhood when one or two fathers disappear or come back beaten. I’m reading In The Garden of Beasts. We are fast approaching a historical repeat of 1930s Berlin. Good read btw.

                  • And that is if all of them drank the punch, I believe that most of them will be on the side of liberty and the constitution

                  • Gregory8, I hope you are right. The other comparison that needs to be considered is technology available today vs. 1930s Germany. The ability to spy on citizens now puts us at a severe disadvantage. Under today’s surveillance capabilities, the American Revolution would never have had a chance and there would not likely be a Jew left on earth. Barring an EMP, the tactics needed to succeed in armed rebellion will be much more difficult than required for previous generations of Patriots. I imagine the only chance of success will be through means employed by insurgents in our current conflicts. I appreciate any education offered as I am not a former Leo or military.

                  • Gregory8 , I like what you say , but did you read this martial law take over ? the gov. will shut down and control every thing , everything ! and starve you out and even kill people that resist , yes we can fight but consider the mass weapons of destructions our military and police have that we cannot match , How long would thepeople last .

                  • It is no longer in question that Russian troops are being sent to the U.S. for exactly the reason you state. And, of course, there is the citizen’s army being created where the worst of the worst in society are trained and equipped with the weaponry to ‘get the job done’. I do not kid myself any longer that this is all nothing more than fear mongering or conspiracy theories. It’s real and, if people don’t open their eyes and get psychologically prepared to peacefully resist (because that’s what I honestly believe is the only way – we are dealing with sociopaths who would like nothing more than to be met with fear and anger; it will only strengthen their resolve), the world as we know it, starting with the U.S., will cease to exist. If Hitler could achieve what he did at that point in history, there is no doubt that I can find to suggest an inability for the powers-that-be to have reasonable cause to believe they can succeed in their atrocious goals.
                    Having said all that, I refuse to buy into fear and I believe we are fast approaching the point of critical mass that will enable ordinary people to take the same kind of stand as was taken under Gandhi in his successful takeback of India from British rule. God knows we have the numbers.

                  • It won’t be our troops, it will be the Russians and Chinese.

                • +1
                  Might take it prone from heavy cover from 250 yds out

                  • I don’t know, Just told the Basset hound next door I had declared Martial law and she was to shape up. Not sure she was excessively impressed. Not sure anyone in Wyo will be if Butthead does the same.

                  • The current budget and debt ceiling squabble is a BLESSING for America because the conflict heightens OUR awareness of the conspiracy against the nation by the Commies and Fascists in government; who seek to create a “New America” under UN auspices, populated by FOREIGNERS, to eradicate the American identity, civil liberties, and patriotic fervor.

                    Now WE Patriots must become active at the local level, influence OUR school boards, counties, and States, and then OUR national government by affecting OUR local political parties. 100 million american gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands. Posting on message and comment boards is not enough!

                    INFILTRATE a local political party (dem/rep)and push American values once again. MOBILIZE your family, friends, neighbors, and community. EXPOSE the tyranny, and un-constitutional rules, regulations, and laws. DEMAND changes to the process that is slowly, but surely gripping the nation in a stranglehold police state.

                    If not US, who? If not now, when? Fire your employees or be enslaved by them! America IS rising, but WE ust participate! Engage!!! 🙂

                  • @DK
                    I have no hope for influencing anything at the local level here, this place is solid liberal handout state.
                    I would have a better chance if i moved up by @Paranoid and my Sister, at least people are thinking independece up there.

                  • Kula: All the more reason to INFILTRATE the liberals there in Hawaii and quietly point out what the “change” in “Hope and Change” really means.

                    Arm yourself with data from Michael Snyder. 5 years is a track record that speaks for itself.

                    Plant a “seed”. The Spirit of America, which is the still, small voice of liberty and freedom that dwells within every man and woman in America, will make it grow.

                    “America” has historically, been synonymous with personal liberty and rule of Constitutional law. A quiet man, pointing out what was and what should be again; as opposed to what impersonates both freedom and liberty, can make a big difference.

                    The “change” effected in Colorado with respect towards the Commies that were trying to take OUR guns, was manifested by democrats! Not all democrats are Commies. You will appeal to those who are not.

                    If WE will all do a just a little bit, the aggregate will be enough. Engage. 🙂

                  • Southpaw: The flaw in your comparison is that they were all very compliant Germans living in a country the size of Texas with its citizens largely disarmed. That is nothing like the America of today, so your false equivalence doesn’t work here. People who believe that fewer than 4 million could cow a country of 320 million, 50-100 million of them gun owners, is just plain bad at math and oblivious to American history.

                  • Kulafarmer,
                    That’s my take on it too. If you haven’t yet acquired a sniper grade rifle with a quality mildot scope, now’s the time.

                • Great. That was happy reading to come home to… I think I’ll have a cold beer, sit down outside and look at some of the most beautiful colors you could ever imagine. Fall is here. I’m not sure what martial law will look like out here. Sure it would effect me soon enough.

                  BO Peep is a good name for him. If he was watching over sheep like little Bo Peep, imagine how those sheep were feeling after a nite with BO. Poor little fellas… ouch

                  • The Pope and Obama are on the same stage in Yankee Stadium in front of a huge crowd.
                    The Pope leans towards President Obama and said,
                    “Do you know that with one little wave of my hand I can make every person in this crowd go wild with joy? This joy will not be a momentary display, but will go deep into their hearts and they’ll forever speak of this day and rejoice!”
                    Obama replied, “I seriously doubt that! With one little wave of your hand….
                    Show me!”
                    So the Pope backhanded him and knocked him off the stage!
                    AND THE CROWD ROARED & CHEERED WILDLY and there was happiness throughout the land!
                    Kind of brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?

                  • This article writers main idea that banksters are going to force hobammy to do martial law in usa, all because he rejected doing more wars on syria and iran etc.

                    Is Absured. His basis that its All due to Iran barters trade off of Oil for Gold, and another war is needed to keep petro-dollars going is absured and either Dis info or Mis info.

                    Why did Iran Begin trade of Oil for Gold? Because Banksters or “TPTB” as article refers to them(must be due to Fear to call em jewish banksters) got AIPAC,to get USA fed govnt and hobammy to mandate a forced boycott and Sanctions against Iran in the First place. Thats what Caused Iran to Begin Oil for Gold trade off’s!

                    So “IF” it is really a deep worry for keeping petro dollars going as usual?..Why do a costly war when Removal of said sanctions is ALL thats required to have Iran use us dollars for oil.

                    UNLESS!! The Real issue is NOT petro dollars or petro Anythings…But is rather all about More Jew bankster wars in the mid east regions to Kill off and force survivor arab-non jews, to Migrate into European lands and also into USA.(where they cause same problems as mexicans and africans do in racially mainly white nations)

                    Because there is NO possible way Netanyahoo and his merry band of Khazar fraud jews, aka synagouge of satan as Jesus called them, can expand current israel state lands into what they Really desire and is called “Greater Israel”!

                    IE: All lands promiced to Abraham “IF” the 12 tribes will OBEY God and HONOR their covenant etc. History shows they did NOT obey, God got them booted Out in 70 AD for good.

                    And now today with so many scammed evangelical christians belief in all falsehoods taught about jews and israel lands, the jews like zioboy netanyahoo and his rothschild banksters et al, want more wars to kill or remove every last non-jew arab so they can expand it to Greater israel!

                    And no martial Law scenario in usa as some sorta Banksters Plan-B if hobammy refuses to carpet bomb innocent folks in Syria and Iran, has Anything at all to do with expanding israel lands.

                    So Petro dollars and oil for gold in iran is a Straw man fake out. The fastest, easiest way to stop irans trade of oil for gold is to simply END usa mandated sanctions against Iran period. As sanctions Is what caused oil for gold trade in first place.

                    This writers imagianations of martial law as Plan B when syrian war fails to occure, has to be based on either he too has bought into most all of todays falsehoods pastors teach of israel and jews…OR like so many today who write articles online are like Glen Beck and Alex Jones…Controlled Opposition Dis-Info articles to get folks looking the Other way and to never look at the True Real trouble makers that is Rabid State of Israel and the hoards of Khazars there since 1948 when they began to mass invade palestine lands.

                • Correction — make that two hundred thirty seven.
                  I was using government math. lol

                • Agreed Outwest. I would add a “Stage 4” to the mix. Stage 4 consists of open revolt and resistance to the tyranical martial law being implemented by true patriots on a scale not seen since 1776.

                  Pray for wisdom from God, continue to prep and prepare, and when the time comes to act, be swift and accurate.

                  Romans 13:4 KJV

                • OUTWEST I say OBAMA can fuck himself

                  • he’s so in love with himself ,he probaly does

                  • Once you see how badly slaughtered people, family, friends can be wiped off the face of the Earth then with the advanced weapons the govt has people will have put up little fights here and there but these bastards will be low. They will point at gun at your children before you and say “You want to see them die in front of mommy and daddy?”
                    They will get us, there is no doubt in that! Who hasn’t seen a Big College Jock Bully get away with tormenting kids for years….did many people speak out? NO.
                    Reality is a lot uglier than fiction. With not all Americans wanting to lose their lives, the brave will die and the rest will become easy to control.

                  • You may have gotten yourself the new terrorist to watch status.

                • How many troops would it take to do this? Way more than we have. US is a big country . We would need help a lot of help. I don’t think it can be done. Once aging some of you need come out of the bunker and get some air .

                • As always–ALWAYS–battles and even wars may be determined by timing. In this case early, determined and no-quarter armed physical resistance may be the game changer. It will 1) alter the situational thinking of the Enemy 2) throw any early deployment into temporary disarray 3) provide moral example to those who hesitate and 4) reveal the brutal hand of the Enemy to those who thought of them as protectors.

                  We are rapidly approaching a time of personal decision. The morality and even righteousness of a course of physical resistance to this criminal syndicate is obvious. They have betrayed every single principal of American constitutional government. We owe them nothing but a rope if tried by a jury or a bullet if we have to decide it in the streets of this country.

                  The only question remaining is our commitment to stand up as true, patriotic American men and women who RESIST with everything we’ve got, even our lives. If we are marked for removal and even elimination, is our life better ended in a FEMA camp or by taking out one, two or more of the Enemy and their representatives?

                  This decision must be faced. Better now when can think calmly about all the consequences of our action or inaction. No one wants to die, but what the Enemy wishes for us is a life not worth living.

                  Decide now. Prepare physically, mentally and spiritually. Think as a warrior. This country CAN be reclaimed. NEVER believe it is lost to this parasitic evil that is spreading itself across the America we love. Vow with everything you hold as sacred that you will not go with them voluntarily, that if necessary you will stand alone as your neighbors cower. Leave this world at least covered in glory instead of bitterly regretting your cowardice at surrendering to this evil.

                  • The fact is, we have THEM surrounded–it’s not the other way around. Every SOB they send our way is going to be a union member, and if we create enough shovel-ready jobs for grave diggers, the unions to which the jackbooted thugs belong will go on strike rather than raid any more of our homes or businesses. The only ones going to the FEMA camps will be those who stop shooting…

            • Damn, this sounds familiar. The first on the latter list is finx.

            • Here is one thing that all those ass and foot licking BO worshippers BETTER realize and understand right now. EVERYONE is under the umbrella of martial law. BO will turn on everyone that supported him like those little banana republic dictators do to everyone that was in their corner. Loyalty means NOTHING to BO or anyone else in the government. ONLY their own sorry asses mean anything to them, PERIOD. All those, like NC joker, Finx, and others that french kiss a blow up BO doll each night as their tin God, better wake up and realize throughout history how loyalty is paid off. A resounding F you, get in line a$$hole.

              • BI, good morning, and truer words were never spoken on the subject of loyalty. braveheart

                • STFU brave turd !

                  • Maybe YOU ought to STFU, Ingo Swine…

              • You are so right on BI!! The even less loyal handlers have even less loyalty to their puppets, and when the shtf we will send them ALL back from under the rock from which they crawled!!! This is shaping up for an interesting,and dangerous weekend!!


                • Yo Thinker-

                  I have a feeling that those possessed of that really prevalent, “I am entitled!!” attitude, at all economic levels of our society, are soon to be smacked with a really nasty ‘wake-up-call’.

                  The foreplay seems to be just about over boys & girls. I don’t think that we can just pull up our pants on this one and head on back home either. We have this ahead of us to do.

                  It really doesn’t matter what the ‘trigger-event’ is; if not one thing, then it will be another. The United States is the last “speed-bump” in the road for the ‘elites’ on their way to their beloved one world government wet-dream. They have always known that they would have to first destroy the United States in order to achieve their goals. The only ‘real’ question left is just how big a speed-bump.

                  Their economic world is falling down around them; the PTB really don’t have much choice in the matter. It seems to be one of those “now, or never” sort of things for them. They have to divert the people’s attention from the pretty crappy reality of their lives and futures. Very interesting times ahead indeed.

                  Take good care of yourselves and enjoy your families this weekend.

                  • MM: Until people realize that the game is fixed (money is the root of all evil ) and step out of this Matrix,or it will continue. and only WE can take away their power!!
                    Enjoy your family I just hope i have enough time to tell them the Truth instead of what we were taught!
                    Be safe and try not to dwell on the unpleasant, enjoy your family!!
                    Its going to get rough out there!


              • I imagine those left wing trolls are on someone’s bucket list. When push comes to shove, those will be the people we’ll be looking for.

                I have a friend that lived under the rule of Stalin. During the war, his family walked out of the Soviet Union by following the German army as it retreated. The stories he has… No, I will not live under such rule. I will make it my life’s commitment to exterminate each and every slug that is part of this monstrosity.

              • That’s called the “revolution” eats its childrens.

              • BI. I think that when the internet and social media is shut down it is the call to action. Am I right or wrong? We need a signal, and that signal will have to be acting on some action taken by O Bomb O and his supporters.

              • Good point.

                The Obuttfker supporters will be unprepared, squeezed between their master and the prepared.

                Nothing like being in the middle of a crossfire.

              • BI, I agree and you replied to another article the other day saying what could be coming could be a natural event that starts everything and I think I just found out what that will be. I think the Gov’t & NASA are well aware of a meteorite that is on its’ way and will strike Puerto Rico at night with such force, the rotation of the earth will stop for 3 days according to a prophecy just posted on

                This will plunge the western hemisphere into 3 days of darkness as well as creating a tsunami that will come up the Atlantic coast causing great destruction. What better time to shut the grid off and create martial law? And something tells me it will happen during their big drill in November. This would explain why 300 school systems are receiving food & water rations for all students to last 3 days and why the Coast Guard moved its’ drill from the Gulf to the eastern seaboard.

                This would give the DHS & foreign troops the opportunity to confiscate guns under the cover of darkness and while people are in a state of panic. Here’s the video; what do you think?


                • Where do you people get some of this garbage. No wonder the elites think we are a bunch of nut bars.

                  • John W. Who is WE? Most on this site are logical folks with hight IQ’s. Exclude yourself.

                  • Steve Quayle? and his 3-day “Prophecy” event? Lemme take a wild guess to where this prophetic event originated from. Is it some ancient Indian lore or Mayan lore based on grandpa big chief 18 feathers, was gazeing at the smoke arising from the camp fire, and after 4 days and nights straight with zero food or drink, and eating, smokeing, snorting 25 lbs of fresh picked Peyote…The grandpa Chief saw a Vision of a huge massive size white wolf arise from the clouds of campfire smoke and the wolfs tail pointed to a distant land we today call Puerto Rico?

                    If not that then it must be from steve quayles old Archie and Veronica comic book collection issue #17 of 1957.

                    Did he also mention Lizard like Reptillian TPTB Eleitists?

                  • I’m not ready to call it garbage; but, it does sound a little far-fetched.

                    As far as “martial law” being declared, I don’t see it happening until after the 2014 elections. If the house is still under GOP domination after that, then maybe it will be the only option for the liberal elites to maintain, what they think is, control of the masses.

                    Until I give up, which i won’t, they have no control over me. It’s all scare tactics and a way to create division.

                    As a nation (larger percentage) no longer following God’s Laws, but making their own laws and idols on a daily basis, we are definitely falling from grace and entering a period of chastisement and a departure from blessings. So, anything can happen at anytime if God allows it. We must remember, He is still on the Throne.

              • @BI
                He already has turned on them, wait till they start actually getting quotes through obummercare website, that ought to shake stuff up.

              • The other thing that will be a real “Come To Jesus” moment (or maybe “Sent To Jesus” moment) for all of his sycophants is that we’ll be able to quickly suss-out who they are…and they’ll be on the SHTF high-wire without a net, and they’re mostly too sissified to defend themselves. They’re gonna have some ‘splainin to do!

            • That was a great interview and should be mandatory viewing for all…

              Nice KY Mom…

            • KY Mom, I’ve seen that video before. Everything he said would happen has taken place. chilling, to say the least.

              • Liquor stores’s closin dude….?????

                • Probation Officer, call 1-800-EAT-SHIT.

                  • Aint that what ole’ brave’s brain is full of?

            • Another great book to read about all this is “Letter to a Young Pariot” and “Give Me Liberty”, by Naomi Wolf… will blow your mind!!!

            • @ KY Mom

              Concise and on target.

              • Except, those are not her original. She finds a link, prints the writings out, and then tacitly claims them as her own with an afterthought of a referral link.
                Always the plagiarizer.
                Start checking of the thumbs down for me. 🙂

            • “eliminate the principal of free market competition…”

              LMAO how fascism through globalization was not even a consideration 30 years ago.

            • This man needs to go. Real Americans need to say, “Enough” is enough. What the hell, He is turning bad into worse. Throw out all of ‘washington” and put in real people,

              representatives. Our neighborhood people who “ACTUALLY” represent us.

          • Martial law…is this the setting under which a “new Constitution” would be installed?

            Fact or Fiction: Obama Administration Proposes 2,300-Page “New Constitution”

            “The U.S. Constitution leaves too many areas open to interpretation; a New Constitution of 2,300 pages (+ 200 redacted secret pages) is the solution.
            The Obama Administration has proposed replacing the current U.S. Constitution (4,543 words, including the signatures with a 2,300-page “new Constitution” that in the words of an administration spokesperson, “clears up the gray areas in the current Constitution.”

            The proposal was launched after the success of two recent 1,000+ page pieces of legislation, the Affordable Care Act and the Dodd-Frank financial reform act.
            An additional 200+ pages of the “new Constitution” are redacted due to the sensitive nature of the National Security-related amendments.

            Lobbyists from key industries were invited to contribute amendments to the new Constitution;” constitutional legal experts were also invited to submit improvements to the current law of the land.

            Some critics who have reviewed the 2,300 pages of the proposed “new Constitution” have stated that the document is impenetrable even to those with law degrees. Average citizens “will be unable to understand the laws that govern their lives.”

            Other observers note that the complexity and length of legislation such as the Affordable Care Act and the Dodd-Frank financial reform act are already beyond the comprehension of all but a handful of experts.
            An administration spokesperson defended the proposed re-write on the grounds that “the new Constitution will provide the clarity that people want in their Constitution.”


            • Any attempt to enact this type of “CHANGE” is pure madness…
              It must be within the confines of a “CON CON”…
              Which by the way is unbounded at it’s core…
              We don’t EVER want to go there, esp with these traitors in power!!

              You’re two for two there KY Mom…nice!

            • Hey they might as well go for it, we will also have a whole different level of normal,
              Think Syrian war zone or Afgan tribal areas,
              US style—— Wild Wild West and WWE Smackdown combined!
              Give em the chair!

              • WWE…ah man…yuck…

                But I suppose it does get lonely on the farm… ‘>)

            • Once again.

          • When I first read the headline, I thought it said “Three STOOGES of Martial Law.” TGIF!!!

            • I beat you to it at 10:37
              Scroll down n see

            • I beat you to it at 10:35 this morning
              Scroll down
              To be honest my eyes saw it the same way you did
              Great minds think alike

              • As the Stooges always said, “Boids of a feather” hyuck-hyuck-hyuck, whoop-whoop-whoop!!

          • Just for everyones info, the two (Marital Law and a National State of Emergency) ARE THE SAME.

        • The one intangible the banksters have had to face only one other time is a well armed militia formed by the People. That was in 1776, and look what happened then.

          Every other instance of a government trying to enforce martial law against it’s people have been against a disarmed citizenry.

          I find it highly doubtful that 386,000 foreign troops will have a lot of success in disarming 100 million pissed off rednecks willing to die to protect their guns and freedom.

          If the corp has it’s way, we will ind out soon enough. If the People have their way, the banksters will retreat back to Israel and rethink their insanity.

          One group will be forced. It’s a numbers game, and the People have a much bigger number.

          • Amen GC.

            • I think that Satan’s cowardly synagogue is going for the slow kill that offers the people few meaningful or legitimate targets and hides the real perpetrators and even middle men.

              You can’t blame or punish the grocery clerk that tells you the shelves are empty.

              You can’t blame or punish the nurse that is trying to help your sick (by biowarfare) child.

              You can’t blame or punish the minimum wage teller that tells you her bankster boss stole your money.

              Punish the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

              • Perhaps a new law is needed to force Disloyal, banksters, swindlers, zionists, and dual citizens with usa and israel citizenships to display some type badge worn on outer clothing. Something like a jewish six point star, maybe in a nice yellow color to alert all usa patiots so we incure no collatoral dammages to good patriotic jewish american folks.

                We also could really use a few patriot jews and african blacks as Scouts similar to apache indian scouts that assisted the regular army squads when hunting wild renegade savages etc….Those scouts in both groups, jewish and blacks know which of their own groups are the “Bad” ones and would be a valued asset in determining which is which when we only desire to punish the bad guilty ones.

                • Brilliant idea Them Guys. However we’ll be better off using special trained shepherds to detect the cancer cells. (My grandpa was very specific to use the Austrian bread) They are 100% loyal as you know while some other species has proven records throughout history that they can’t be trusted.

        • A couple years ago, when I called DMV about renewing my license, I was told that EVERYONE would have to have a National ID card by 2014. they told me not to worry about getting my license renewed as long as I got it done by then (2014).

          Later, when I went to renew my tags, they said I had to get my license renewed which would require me changing my name in order to comply with new laws (National ID). I told them what was told to me earlier about not worrying about it but… bascially, they kept changing the story.

          I went to th e HEADQUARTERS and was told that all I had to do to renew my license was to go to the DMV with the old license and they would give me a new one. They said National ID’s are not mandatory.

          I went back to DMV but they said the lady at Headquarters was “stupid” and didn’t know what she was talking about.

          Anyhow, I went round and round for about 1-2 years, no one seeming to know what was truth or not. I confronted the lady at headquarters and asked her if it didn’t bother her conscience (the new requirements) this time she agreed with the DMV but she didn’t reply. When I went to the DMV and told them what they were requesting was Unconsttitutional, the officer seemed taken back and said that it wasn’t their idea, it was new requirements of Federal government. I said that other states are not going along with it because its unlawful and he said they had also acquiesced when the federal government offered enough money (bribe) to implement the new plan. He also said the DMV was being merged with the Social Security Department (Central control of everything like Hitler did)and thus, the need to change my name.

          I balked and balked and finally was offered the deal of changing my name (which I actually wanted) with no cost (originally, the Courts required almost $1,000 for it). This is the short story of it… Long story.

          • YOU got a Social Security number?

            If so, you already HAVE a national ID>… that was planned years ago… why the fuck ya think they issued em?

        • I know people now that can’t wait they want to lay waste to a few UN troops.

          • I don`t know why people are so excited about the Un troop hunting,when our own troops and law enforcement will be the first ones to start the attacks on us. For those that think Leos and military folks will be on our side defending our constitution,You need to look at how protesters across the nation have been handled lately. Look of videos of the Occupy protests. Look up the stories about the RNC convention in Minneapolis. People were beaten,detained,and searched for simply being in the area. And finally, as we are aware,look at Greece. In much worse shape then we are currently. Do you see the police or military supporting their citizens ? These are just off the top of my head. But I keep seeing people type about all this assumed help from leo and military… I really think we need to be more realistic. Most of those people will be faithful to their paychecks. I pray I am wrong, but looking at society and the way protests are handled, I will not bet on it.
            Regardless,I will not live at the States permission nor will I behave with the states permission, but rather by my conscience and by God`s dictates or right and wrong. The shooting starts, I plan on giving a good account for myself. I do Not want blood on my hands…but I will Not roll over and beg.

            • As a Marine combat veteran of Viet Nam (Sgt.USMC, Soc Trang “Operation Shu Fly” March 1962) I cannot believe that graduates of West Point, The Marine Schools at Quantico, The Air Force Academy and The Naval Academy at Anapolis – going back say, 30 years – will forget their own sworn oaths to defend the Constitution and the people of the United States! I believe that – as you read this – the Officer Corps of those sworn Services is today, plotting a major coup to overturn the unjust and unfair current Administration and replace it with a Constitutionally-based temporary government to undo the wrongs presently being done. And in the process, let’s see (Perky) Katy Couric, newscaster Anderson Cooper and old Dan Rather, each swinging from ten feet of hemp rope, tied to the lamp posts surrounding the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. God Bless America!

          • Are you trying to impersonate me JP, because I never capitalize my initials???

        • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, October 11, 2013

          California Governor Jerry Brown Vetoes SB 374 Semi-Auto Gun Ban, Others

          Brown Rejects 7 Gun Control Bills, Signs Lead Ammo Ban

          SACRAMENTO, CA — Earlier today, California Governor Jerry Brown announced his official rejection of 7 gun control bills passed by the Legislature last month. The vetoed laws include SB 374, a ban on semi-automatic rifles authored by Senator Darrell Steinberg that served as the keystone of his failed “LIFE Act”.

          • It looks like California’s glass is 1/100th full 🙂

        • This being reported on CBS-Boston’s local station

          Computer Upgrade Blamed For Nationwide EBT System Shutdown On Saturday.

          A possible glitch in a computer system upgrade was causing major problems nationwide with the Electronic Benefits Transfer System on Saturday, as a countless number of shoppers found themselves stranded at the register.

          Reports from around the country began pouring in around 9 a.m. on Saturday that customers’ EBT cards were not working in stores.

          The glitch, however, did not appear to be part of the government shutdown. At 2 p.m., an EBT customer service representative told CBS Boston that the system was currently down for a computer system upgrade.

          The representative said the glitch is affecting people nationwide. She could not say when officials expected the system to be restored.

          There is also a report on Steve Quayle’s site in Alerts-

          Hi Steve,

          I live here in Michigan, this morning I received a call from my daughter,
          she said Walmart isn’t taking the EBT card (food stamps) due to changing
          systems? I went for my self and sure enough. I went to Fred Miejiers
          grocery store and it also had a sign in front of store stating the same
          thing. People were like disappointed and were turning away back to theirs
          cars. I went in the store and a lot of the shelves are bare even in
          Walmart. Do you know if this is happening in other States? It only tells me
          one thing by people turning back into their vehicles, people don’t have
          money to buy food.

        • The best thing we can do is to resist. Remember how Solzhenitsyn lamented that they did nothing but cower when the bad men came to take them to the Gulag. If they would have even broken some chairs to make clubs they would have been better off than submitting to the tyranny.
          Together, we can fight and weather this storm. The first widow of the police state will surely be a deterrent to those police who will be willing to do tyrannies bidding.
          Have you seen the movie, For Greater Glory, depicting the Cristeros movement in Mexico in the 1920’s? When the popularly elected president infringed on the religious freedom of the catholic mexicans, THEY FOUGHT BACK. They understood there was no comprimise in Freedom. What a great training video for what is about to come.

      2. more scare mongering. LOL. Hope you republicans get thrown in jail. Then will we finally get a utopia. I hope the guns get taken away from everyone. you republicans cant be trusted with them.

        • Right, because only “Republicans” and non-democrats will be subject to Martial Law once the shit hits the fan.

          I guess you’d better have your voter ID card handy to show to the troops who come knockin’.

          If I remember correctly, most middle class democrat voters who supported ObamaCare assumed it would only make those evil rich Republicans and non-party line members pay for everyone’s health care.

          How’d that work out for you?

          • Great! Now I’m angry also….

            Nice piece Mac, liked it a lot!

            • Any one know when this “GridEx” is suppose to take place? A ballpark figure would be helpful.

              • Never mind. Found it.

          • Obamacare is what we need. We’re the only superpower that does not give free healthcare. So what if a few of the upper and middle class pay for the poor. its the way it should be. A few cents come out of your paycheck every two weeks. no big deal. You need to understand that people need help.

            Republicans will shut down the government in order to get their way. They should be thrown in jail for treason.

            Face the facts: obama has been the best president in the history of the USA. he even won a nobel peace price. If I could vote for him again I would. He needs to get rid of the 2 term limit on presidencies and get rid of the 2nd amendment. Both have no place i nsociety today.

            • When you troll…. you troll hard. LOL

              Just come out and say you are a Communist Bastard already.

              • finx, you’re the best laxative the SHTF folks
                have ever had. My best shit in months.

                Hope your I.Q. is higher than your green thumbs.

                If you represent the intellect of the democratic
                party, then now we know why the country is up
                shit creek without a paddle.

                • Sad thing is, Outwest, he does.

                  The mass majority of fools, yes they are fools, that support the Unaffordable Care Act; havent’t read it, couldn’t understand it if they read it, and would still believe that a “fine” imposed against citizens for not buying into something that they don’t want or need, is a legally imposed “tax”. Hogwash.

                  They can’t see the forest for the trees. It was never about “affordable” or “free” healthcare for the poor and downtrodden. It is about one thing and one thing only…… CONTROL!!

                  Hell fire man, we already have “free healthcare”. It is called the Emergency Room at all hospitals. It is called the County Health Department and Dept. of Social Services. And, the good thing for the poor, there is no deductible or “fine/tax” to worry about.

                  Wake up you damn dem supporters. Wake up you damn repub supporters that voted with the damn dems on the Unaffordable Care Act.

              • finx is just miffed he got furloughed from his troll day job…probably missing his quota bonuses. At least he’s staying nimble…gotta love those government trolls.

              • Is finx Obutthole’s stage name?

            • You know finx… are an example of mind control at it’s best! BTW, your hero wants to abolish the constitution and replace it with a 2000 page document that no one will be able to read until the congress passes it!
              What a total and complete idiot you are….

              • JP, I never found any troll with a high IQ.

                • low IQ comes from them living under those bridges

                • If you make fun of someone for being stupid, perhaps use correct grammar. Braveheart. I never found a troll would make you seem a touch brighter. Also don’t confess not being able to get a loan adding that a consigned loan was rejected. The bank wouldn’t loan you the money because you were trying to buy something for too much money. Perhaps they talked to you and realized mental patients have difficulties paying from the state hospital. They also realized your relative willing to consign was a idiot for agreeing to sign for a loser with a loser deal. In short brave, you are really stupid and as you would say. “Ain’t got no brains”.

                  • Urban dildo, I’ve got a higher IQ than YOU could ever hope to have. You’ll never know what I know. You’ll never know what I’ve been through in this thing called life. My experience in being denied access to credit back in the 90s actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. they say every cloud has a silver lining. my experience in being denied credit was the silver lining for me. No repossessions, no foreclosures, not even a bankruptcy. I was better off not playing the credit game. Plus, I’ve never even sought counseling or been a loser, @hole. All I care about now is surviving what’s coming to this land. I’m standing up against the scum who have ruined our country. I want America back. I want to help save it from the scum who have ruined it. That’s all I want out of life now; to save this nation from the NWO. What about you? where do you see yourself in all of this?

            • You must be under 12 years old.

            • ARE YOU THAT FRIGGING STUPID??? A few cents out of the paycheck. I already have 1/4 of my paycheck already going to a bunch of deadbeats, I don’t need more taken out. Socialism doesn’t work. I don’t mind helping out, but I would like to know it is going to a needy cause, not a deadbeat. Good Lord, I really hope you ate joking in the last paragraph, I don’t know how you could say that without choking. Mac, you have it wrong, this little lapdog will be just fine when it hits. Dictators always need bootlickers around to make them feel good

              • This just proves that finx has never worked for a living!

                I want to live in a fairy tale also, but I got stuck in the real world.

                Now I am trying to make our world better, but not by denying the facts…………

            • finx, I really wish you were sitting or standing in front of me. I mean it. It would be a very short meeting.

              • Hey, I know what to do with finx. send him on a blind date with Feinstein. Now THAT’S a fate worse than death.

                • Brave, He sounds like a used and abused toy by Feinstein. Is time for him to meet the new bitch on the block …Janet Yellen. He may convert to the right side after that.

                  • Tactical, I wouldn’t wish it on any good people, but for a troll……

                • Hey Bh, I got some real good n cheap ‘ROCKGUT” whiskey for sale for yur preps if yur interested bro….!

                  • Alcoholic Hunter, I’ll pass on it. I keep a clear head 24/7/365.

            • Obama getting a Peace Prize.. Yet unilaterally ordering air strikes in Libya and almost starting WW3 in the Middle-East just a few short weeks ago? My guess is he found it in a box of Cracker Jacks.

              Obama is the enemy of all freedoms. He is a dictator at heart and if he even stated he considered going it alone without Congress or the Senate.

              In fact, he is setting himself up to be President For Life. I wonder how you will feel whe your power, heat, food and water are rationed and you have to work without wages past barracks and maybe a decent meal a day in a forced labour crew.

              • BO won’t be prez for life. He’ll be Secretary General of the UN next and continue his attack on America and the Constitution from there.

                • Fits the job since UN is the center of international cockroaches.

                • Dave J
                  That is a scarry, probably accurate prediction
                  of where Obama is headed. At least he doesn’t
                  have to show a birth certificate there.
                  — I was having a somewhat pleasent day out raking
                  leaves until I came in and read your comment.
                  — Miss Dee Dee

                • You’re right. But, he’ll skip the UN thing. he is already planning for his retirement on a big island full of faggots with all the party favors and rubber toys. The super power tripping bitch that wants to be in charge and rule the world is none other than “Billery”. Jezebel and Medusa all warped into one.

                  I’m betting dollars to dognuts she’ll be in the running by 2015.

                  • @ Pissing In The Wind ~ I agree with you.
                    I also agree with a talk show host, who states the 4 Women (Hags) of the Apocalypse are: Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton.
                    They are the War Mongers, They are the Behind The Scenes
                    Controlling and Calling the Shots.

            • LOL…Obama is playing “King of the Mountain” on a sand dune at the beach.

              Just over the horizon is a tsunami heading his way…

              Don’t touch that dial…

            • Finx, f#$% you! Go wave your Chinese flag and play with your blowup Obama doll! A red diaper doper baby as Michael Savage would say.

              • Ask Savage’s co-workers what he smoked on the stairs in back of KGO San Francisco.

              • Brave. Everyone has their reference. You come up with baseless perverted ones. What are you doing on the computer when not typing here? 24/7 on the site and you bitch about worthless people who don’t work. You are wasting your life old man.

                • urbana, I know this has got to be urban dog posting under a different name. I’m not on any computer 24/7 anymore than anyone else. My life isn’t a waste, but I see trolls as a waste.

            • So utterly dumb, there is no response for it. Kind of like a retard asking where his shit comes from.

              • Apparently, it spews out his mouth…

                • Wow six pack, are you in grade school?

                  • haven’t been able to grad-ee-ate in 35 years…so?

              • I think he/she just went to pick up the EBT card.

            • A few cents?? I Fucking wish. You must be one of those that feel entitled to healthcare, food, money, oblome phone. I used to believe that people living on entitlements needed to get a job. Now people who have worked every day for years, are out of work can’t even get full time hours at the local Burger King to get by because of your fucking oblome care…

              • Obamacare means shit to me. My engineering career was outsourced by fascist traitors in the govt and the boardrooms that own them. Where were all you f’ing patriots while that was happening?

            • finx

              You’re the kind of thing that alleges idealism without principles, your simple mind understandably is filled with ideas of what man could attain from a scientific point of view, yet you never think about what it actually takes to change the heart of man.

              You would prefer to rob mankind of his rights and objects through force and call it progress, you would place your trust in an idea that has debased man far lower than any in modern history and attempt to call it the new form of freedom, and you add stupidity to your own inequity with every word you post.

            • WHAT?.!
              I know who finx is!
              Remember the fox news special, the guy Jason?
              The guy who had food stamps as his ‘job’?
              Who thanked the American people profusely?

              That’s him… the scum of the Earth, the soft underbelly of America, the public school graduate, the result of us wanting our kids to have it better than we did, the result of kicking God out of the schools, the result of good people doing nothing and preachers who preach passive stupidity, a result of apathy, fear and stupid mixed together as the zombie horde feels their ‘free stuff’ is actually… a RIGHT that is FREE!

              Die Finx… die die die. I’ll bet my second amendment, against your third term.

              I raise my middle finger, and salute you, and all those who caused you. You don’t understand, that millions of us are afflicted with a disease, its called Liberty Fever, the F* you disease.

            • Finx or Fink or fuckface……you really are ignorant aren’t you !

            • Finx has to be satire..has to be

              No one is that dumb..are they?

              oh maybe he works for them, than yes I guess they could be that dumb, seeing all they have done

              • finx or bust. I think I’d rather have the bust.

            • You Sir, are ate up with dum8ass….

            • Wow, i knew you had issues but,,,
              Im not paying for shit for anyone but me, my friends, my family, my squad, thats it,
              MOLON LABE

            • wow what a dumbass you are finx it blows my mind that you are really that fu=kin stupid do us all a favor and go kill yourself you fu=ktard

            • Finx I hope that one day Ill be allowed to terminate worthless EBT moochers! I hope for the day that illegals will be shot like dogs. Id like to see useless eaters such as yourself exterminated. No man has the right to take from another mans labors. It would give me the greatest pleasure and satisfaction to liqudate people
              who feel entitled to the fruits of MY labors. Personally Id like to be in charge of your reeducation using 1940’s style convulsive electro shock therapy. I beleive that in administering your CES therapy I would find my joy and delight would know no bounds. Mooching scum such as yourself should have no place in America. I could care less how many subhumans such as you starve because your too lazy to work. I feel that the insertion of hot lead into a welfare moochers skull eleminates the need for your government to steal my money to support such filth.
              There are people who do need assistance legitimately, however welfare is not a career choice. Standing by with electrodes, bite block, and lead. Love Slick One

            • Peace price ??? Does that mean he bought it?

            • What you freeloading oblamo lovers need is a J O B and stop sucking on the taxpayers tits to survive. I didn’t take you lazy bums to raise and neither did the rest of the hardworking Patriots of our, once great nation. You people are on the verge of a serious reality check…

          • Mac, another great article. Dave Hodges has always been a straight shooter. Let them bring it on. We all have known for many years that something like this would be attempted someday. People in rural areas and small towns will resist, go to the bank on that. The feds will be doing good just to secure the urban areas and even in those they will still have trouble. I’m standing up and fighting, period! Like Jed Eckert said in the original Red Dawn, “Die standing up!” MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

            • Relax Brave; the big issue will be how long after it starts will it be before FISH and GAME gets tags and bag limits set on the people trying to enforce it. Over hunting will be a big problem out here.

          • @ Mac. Finx is and has always been a cockroach that comes out during dark and when the light hits them they run away to hide with their stink garbage in the wall somewhere. Finx is totally expendable from ITS masters, and finx better realize this that they will treat him just like the cockroach it is. Use them like toilet paper and dump it down the toilet when it is no longer useful. Thank you again Mac for making us aware as possible to the possibilities of what the future holds for all people.

            Besides all of this, there is something that remains a constant with ALL governments and ALL leadership of past and the present.
            Evil looks to distort and hide the truth as much as possible, this is the way evil gains its strength, by keeping those under it as ignorant as possible.

            • Hi Be informed, guys and Gals..

              Just wanted to say that your comment above about Government and the evil (fear?)that makes them distort…hide the truth and keeping people ignorant (and divided, distracted)…is so very true and is the lynchpin on how they can get away with all the very insidious and morally reprehensible etc etc etc things that are done…

              It is their Engine.And it drives just about all else.That (in my opinion) is what we must destroy and if we can, they have nothing.

              Anyway, just wanted to say I agree! 🙂

          • And a small gasp of fire is spit at the evil finx. The PAGE is still caught in a net of armored tubes. And the machines are holding him back. All there needs to be is a small flame and from that a raging inferno can grow and engulf these fools.

            Thank you Mac. It was nice from someone who has no reason to care but still did..

            Input from grandson. Dragon speech doesn’t under stand slurring to much yet.

            • Fbp….hope you get well soon….

            • hang tough FB…I was hoping this morn that we would hear from you…

              God bless you.

        • You are out of your mind…

        • Like I’d trust a democrat,hell they probably never shot one. Be careful what you wish for cuz you might be the first to scream about it and then the first to be terminated.

          • Jim, Are you a mind reader? You just said it perfectly. Thanks.

          • Jim, I don’t trust any politician, rep or dem

        • Its funny cause over the years ive seen way more liberals or progressives beaten with batons, pepper sprayed, tear gassed, incarcerated, and generally herded around than any conservatives,
          Hmm, me thinks finx will be gettin herded.

        • Finx, f#$% you! there are no republicans or democrats at this site and you know it. let’s see how you respond when your own family disappears to a FEMA camp. Scare mongering, you say? You better wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late, you reatarded troll, so go f#$% yourself!

          • Speaking of coffee, I think I’d better go check my preps…

            • Maxwell house is on sale for $4.99. Hahaha I just bought a years worth yesterday. Gonna learn how to can butter. It was on sale too.

              • Speaking of preps, I’ve not read every list out there, but I’ve looked over many….get a belt that only fits at the biggest hole, so that as you lose weight in SHTF, you can keep your pants up. Also extra boot laces, shoe laces, etc. packages of adhesive Velcro……quick repairs of clothes until you can have time to sew, or can be used to replace buttons if lost and stitched to be permanent.

                • Good short list, thanks.

                  Also get several packets of sewing needles, they’re cheap, and beg, borrow, or steal an old-fashioned razor strop, they are great for both razors and knives.

                  Needles and thread should be great barter items, as well as doing the sewing itself.



          • “When the governments boot is on your throat, it matters not whether it be a right or left…”

        • Hey finx, ever hear the term “useful idiot”? They’re the ones who believe what they’re told to believe. After their enemies have been eliminated, the “useful idiots” come to Big Nanny Government for their reward.
          And they get it.

        • Don’t worry finx, you’re on someone’s bucket list. I do hope it’s up close and personal and slow.

        • You will be right next to us in the FEMA camp…. then you might realize you are what Stalin used to call “one of the useful idiots”…..

          • @finx
            you should watch State of Play with Russell Crowe it may wake you up. That’s all anyone can do to help you. If you can’t watch a movie you don’t deserve to breathe.

        • Hey Finx, Your a scared little man, knowing that once it hits the fan your going to be targeted. Get use too it, you and your ilk are fast approaching your judgement day. Death to traitors.

          • “Finx” completes his/her/it’s assignment quite well. Consider the sheer amount of commentary WASTED simply addressing this Obama-Bot…which may, or may not actually exist! As long as “Finx” can produce a comprehensive response from “the regulars/regulators”…mission accomplished.

            The “thumbs” send the only message needed.

        • you can call me ALOT of things…but don’t you DARE call me a republicrat! them’s fightin’ words!

        • Finx,
          I hope all the long guns get shoved up your ass. Then again you would probably like that.

        • The road to your dystopia is going to be strewn with dead. You sure you want that?

          Are you willing to risk being one of them? Once it starts, your infantile dystopian nightmare, there is no controlling it, no means of avoiding the machine, and no mercy for anyone, including you, even if you waved the red banner and shouted the party line louder than anyone else.

      3. Hate to say it but what was witnessed in Boston will repeat itself in case of wider Martial Law. Actually I remember many citizens were cheering and screaming USA , USA.

        • Agreed Tac — all they need is the right crisis, and not only will most Americans sit back and let it happen, they’ll petition the government to send armed soldiers to their neighborhood bus stop.

          • Mac, I SADLY AGREE WITH YOU. The problem is most Americans simply don’t know once the freedom is gone it will be gone for ever and there is no other country on this planet to grant what we used to have.

            • I don’t think it is even that they don’t know, its they don’t care. Most just care about miley tweeking, some cardashing people and whether their ebt cards and ocommie phones will be recharged. What a toilet this country and its people have become. This crap about fixing obummer care and negotiating the debt ceiling is a joke as well. The only way to correct the country now is “RESET” and all it entails.

          • And if they happen to be blue helmeted…well, we all know all too well what happens to the women and children…
            That I believe may change the minds of many that that call to the authorities was a mistake. Which just may change the paradigm.
            One can hope they all see it before too many are lost or forever scared.

            • jerrytbg, Deep in my heart, I pray to see blue helmets on the soil of US of A. I think in such case the God given right and required response would be very obvious and removes any and all hesitations.

              • Agreed…to your second sentence…
                I just pray we can stop this madness before it goes hot…
                Then,if it does, no prisoners…we’ll have enough mouths to feed…

                I believe they will scorch the earth in a futile attempt to maintain control…

          • That was a reaction to the bombing people wanted to be cooperative. Had those ass clowns tried going door to door with no valid reason things would have been much different.

        • Tactical, it still depends on which part of the country you’re talking about. some parts will succumb but others won’t.

          • You do have a good pint brave.

            • @Tac:

              I’ll have a pint too. Black and tan. Can Kula come. or are you and Brave not in a sharing mood,lol? We can toss one back for the truck drivers.

              Executive Orders are pure B.S. I exercise my 10th amendment Right.



              Standing Tall

              …stand tall and be counted, or bent over and mounted…

              ..fight the good fight FBP…….BA.

              • @BA… I always share the joyous moments with my brothers and sisters.

      4. Even when all this comes to pass we still determine within ourselves our level of contentment.

        • Pastor:

          What does your post mean?

          • Granny,
            I think he means they can’t take away our will, even if they gouge out our eyes and roast us on a spit. It is with the will that we make ourselves content with what we have and our love for God is an act of will, also. Tyrants try to take away our freedom and can’t, and God will never take away our freedom though we try to surrender it to Him.

          • It means he’s sitting on the fence, waiting to see which side to drop off of, and will be able to rationalize it either way, because he is content with it.

            Remember, the Pastor insisted we are going to hell because we didn’t believe what he believed about disarmament?

            He’s quite content with that belief.

        • And compliance.

        • Pastor,
          There will always be the likes of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego even here in the modern Babylon who will not bow down to the idol.

          “O Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and He will rescue us from your hand, O king. But even if He does not, we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.”

          • won’t bend, won’t bow, won’t burn.And that will preach.

      5. I think the title should read

        “The Three Stooges of Martial Law”

        with who “thinks” they are in control of this country, because that’s exactly what it will look like

        these baffoons wont even be able to get this me

        there will be so many holes in this it will look like swiss cheese

        im not worried, Im not saying they might not try, but even if they do, like everything else it will be a total failure , and it will again be egg on their faces

        • You mean like the ob care website that cost went from 92 mil $ ended up costing 230 mil $ and still doesnt work, that kind of failure.

      6. obviously anyone who thinks they can lock down this entire country must not be well traveled.. there are places where this shit just wont work, and the locals will not play

        deep south , sticks, wide open country.. backwoods..etc..

        there just aint enough pencil necks to make it happen, and they have been known to have the ability to fuck up a two car funeral..I aint skeerd

        • I agree. There will be a handful of Green Zones like DC, NYC, LA and other major centres but the rest of the country that is outside of their burbs is going to be a war zone. Thanks to a large pool of disaffected veterans and active military types who stand by their oath, every drive on any Interstate or remotely major road will become a game of Russian roulette for the convoy operators.

          If NATO forces, US and Canadians included, got our asses kicked by uneducated half-savages, imagine what professionals could do to Obammy’s security forces…

          • Canadian Vet. Although this scenario might have a very slime possibility but they can hire the uneducated half-savages and bring them to do their jobs. They are known to hire cannibals to do their work by killing innocents. From these bastards anything and everything is possible to gain total control.

            • Tactical:

              Here is an article I think you will find extremely interesting. I would like to hear your and other patriots thoughts on it.

              America is dying, inflicted with a fatal terminal disease. Few understand this. Most citizens are in denial. The glories of yesteryear-the halycon days of Washington, Jefferson, Audie Murphy, John Wayne- “will return”, the die-hard optimist say-“you just wait and see.”

              These bright-eyed people are wrong. The dread disease cannot be conquered by a misguided patient who fails to realize he is sick and dying. KNOWLEDGE leads to victory, and in America the people perish from lack of knowledge.

              The reason America is dying is simple. We have been CUT FROM OUR ROOTS including our Christian moorings, our Bill of Rights, and our patriotic heritage. All plants cut off at the roots die.

              Americas’ terminal illness is no accident of fate–America is battered by “Creative Destruction”. Greenspan and his cronies in crime, President Clinton and GW Bush, over saw the massive “credit bubble” brought on by the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act.

              This ingenious bit of Rothschild generated treachery allowed multinational banks and institutions (Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Lazard, Bank of America, to create and pocket TRILLIONS of dollars of instant cash in the form of shadowy mortgage debt swaps and derivatives. WHACK! One fell swoop and the Jewish Israeli bankers harvested a bonanza and profit windfall, while the unsuspecting American worker was abruptly and violently sucked down the vortex of the banking toilet and into the cesspool of financial despair and panic.

              Barack Obama was ‘created’ for just a time like this. He will go down in history as the Great Hero who put the final touches on Rothschild’s diabolical master plan- the leader who put the final nail in the coffin of capitalism while enhancing the efficiency of the BIG BROTHER POLICE STATE.

              Neither capitalism or communism is acceptable to the elite, therefore Rothschild and his ASSOCIATES are now issueing in a barbaric system – Zio-Mammonism. It means smashing of individual rights, the exaltation of Jewish Zionist supremacism and the triumph of crass materialism (Mammon) over spiritual principles. Their plan for America will vault our once great nation to the very pinnacle of greed, hatred, and narcissism.


              Not only is the economy of America being torn down and rebuilt, Zio Mammonism; the new social system now being implemented as our nation is being “rebuilt” requires:

              Christian values must go
              Morality and ethical systems must be deep-sixed
              Our whole way of life must be gutted
              Satanism is the ultimate end game (Revelation, anyone?)
              Hell on earth must be created

              Out with the old:

              Out with the US Constitution (Obamas New Constitution?)
              Out with Christian truths
              Out with freedom
              Out with liberty

              AND IN WITH THE NEW!

              Our future will become the numbing, godless insanity of a Talmudic culture, ruthlessly guided and POLICED by judeo-fascist elitism.

              “Only old-fashioned-fuddy-duddies like you and me will resist. THE IGNORANT MASSES ARE CLUELESS”.

              How can anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear deny this plan is being implemented? This article was written in 2002.

              • POG…..Each and every time I read your comments along with other informed Americans on this site, I become hopeful that one day in my life time the truth will shine and ordinary Americans can recognize the source of the cancer causing so much pain and suffering for mankind. THANK YOU.

              • POG;Great post! I hope however that these words will hold true! People talking without speaking ,People hearing without listening, People writing songs that voices can ever share and touch the sound of silence!! I hope there is more people aware than we realize!! We are in for a battle!

              • @ Granny

                Concise and on target, though I disagree about Obama.

                Given what the synagogue of Satan teaches about black people, I think Obama is their inside joke.

                The synagogue has looted and destroyed the nation and they left the affirmative action Kenyan holding the empty bag to take all the blame.

                Meanwhile the real villains are counting their shekels in their mansions.

                • Obumma is doing his job as he was trained and directed by none other than GHW Bush. As a kid, he was the “house” boy for Bush and promised a leadership role one day. That day arrived. If time permits, he will retire a multi millionaire and fade away from the limelight. Time will tell.

          • Martial law can’t make farmers plant their crops. The blue cities will starve to death as soon as current food stores are depleted.

            Something that never ceases to amaze me is how city liberals think their food supply is a river that will always be there. As one woman said, when asked about a farm policy issue, “I don’t care, I get my food from Shoprite”.

            • Old Coach You are very right! If they dont what they are doing they can screwup up a wet dream. to plant with a machine even the new ones takes a brain , thats something that most of em aint got! I can plant all i want but if i cant harvest it or get it to market its all for naught. The whole thing has to work together or it doesnt work at all. I pity the people in the cities cause at least i can hide and come back after they are gone cause they sure as hell cant haul off all the machinery or fuel or seed. but living in the city you are caught like a rat, nowhere to go. Time for 2 fingers of single malt and a sit on the porch and smile! wildman out

            • You are right on that one. But martial law can take your land, home, seed, fertilizer and equipment from you. And all it would take is one particularly ruthless commander who has a handful of psychopaths working for him to make you comply by threatening to do horrible things to your loved ones. Or they can kick you out and have guests of the local FEMA camp do things by hand.

              Once martial law is instituted, the only limits to the atrocities committed against the people will be the personal values of local commanders and the grip they will have on their men.

              • They might can make you plant it,but that doesn’t mean they can make you plant it to come up. Who from the government knows wtf to do with any machinery?they can’t fix the debt how the he’ll could they run a stripper or combine???

          • An old vet agrees.

          • @Canadian Vet
            Around here they will get the run around even though on the surface there may appear to be compliance, we already have a large segment of the population that is going WTF with the government, if the gov starts pushing folks around it will be one big freakin mess and they would need 1 soldier to watch each house, and then they would need replacements for the ones who get disappeared in the night by the local kids and other guys like us,
            Yea, go ahead and try, the masses are not as polite as they were in the 30s

            • Instead of a unit to each each house, the government would resort to a more cost-effective technique and that would be to either lock everyone in the area in the local prison camp. And as I said above, the level of atrocities will only be guided by the values (or lack thereof) and the control (or lack thereof) on the troops by local commanders. So I can see some pretty drastic means to encourage compliance like taking hostages from each family or the threat of murder, rape and/or torture in front of the recalcitrant ones.

              Never underestimate anyone’s ability to inflict pain and suffering. And should Obammy get his Brown Shirts then expect them to be especially vicious against nominally Christian, straight White folks. I would say Harrold Covington’s fictitious FATPO might be a close approximation of what you are in store for: unaccountable, politically reliable and indoctrinated, “performance” incentive based and savage beyond measure paramilitary types who will effectively become local warlords to enforce Obammy’s will.

        • VRF,
          I agree, just the vastness of this country area wise, it would be insane to think they could get a hold on it. Something everybody is over looking, criminal enterprises, gangs, biker gangs, MS13. What the hell are they going to do with these groups? This is a wild bunch, they can’t even get a hold on them today, what are they going to do when it gets lawless? They can have their eyes wide open and still get hit.
          Personally I think if they get this thing rolling it will snowball into a monster they hadn’t anticipated. To the point their foot soldiers, whoever they might be, defect.
          Nobody likes being on the losing side.
          How would you like to be in a hole pulling a trigger on Americans knowing the guy your working for is Obama?

          • exactly

            they haven’t even figured out, that the directions how to pour piss put of a boot are written on the bottom of the heel.
            these clown are so inept it boggles my mind

            • But don’t forget that each one of us just might have a rpg or better aimed at our ip addresses location…
              As Stuart over at Oath Keepers has indicated, they will try to block access to and from all major really won’t take many blue helmets to blockade most any major city’s roadways…
              Then it becomes a battle of attrition…
              Many will die and that is what they want…

              There must be another way to stop this madness…
              Anyone who has seen what this can be doesn’t want it…
              But if it does start I will pray for those I put the cross upon…

              Also, don’t forget they have multispectral IR…
              Difficult to defeat…but not impossible…It’s all about your heat signature and how to disperse it… ‘>)

              • …don’t live in a major city.

          • How would you like to be in a hole pulling a trigger on Americans knowing that many Americans know where you live !!

          • drone strikes?

          • @Hammerun… look at it this way friend. I always wanted to see the effect of 62 grain green tip 5.56 on MS13 skull.

          • I’ve said it before. Should it come down to it the only parts truly locked down will be a few really major urban centres and possibly their suburbs. We’re talking DC, NYC, LA, these kinds of cities here. They will become safer “Green Zones” while the rest of the country will go to the resistance and dispersed pacification efforts. The parallel I can draw is Afghanistan, where President Karzai was little more than the Mayor of Kabul despite the tens of thousands of NATO troops on the county.

            But that is a great point about the gangs. Some will fold easily, others will put up a hell of a fight, others will join the powers that be, others will be tolerated as a necessary evil.

            As for soldiers defecting, they will see their families and friends go on being persecuted, starved, cold and without a voice despite their “status”. No balanced person can endure that for a long duration while they are being fed, clothed, housed and paid themselves. Some of these defectors will either go to the resistance or just disappear with their loved ones. Others will be caught and dealt with as deserters. But it will cost the powers that be.

        • Obama does not need to lock down the backwoods. He just needs to get the cities and towns under his control. Sooner or later, everyone has to come out of the woods.

          • Just the logistics to take over the US is out of the question. Somebody has the idea that everything is just going to roll over and be the same but with different rules. A majority of law enforcement is in no way going along with this and they are pivotal as an extended enforcement arm of the administrations policies.
            America is not a Latvia. Talk to anybody that has anything to do with combat logistics. I’ll agree they will have to control the large city centers first and that’s going to be a handful and deplete their resources and teach them some lessons.
            People in the cites will scatter out all over into the country side. And some will stay where the food is.
            I disagree with you about the backwoods, the resourcefulness of most Americans and will in the end astound those who see it.

            • Shutting down only five major roads will pretty much bring California to a standstill. Blocking I-8,I-5,I-15,I-40 and I-80 will do all that is necessary to stop everything.

              • John W, I think you missed the point I’m trying to make. Imagine you the opposition force looking for me and mine and we are 150miles away from each other. You want to engage me out at 150mls, you have to send for long range fire teams out to me. With that they need logistical support. People, medical, fuel, weapons and ammo, food, vehicles, command and control, recovery vehicles, communications, medical extraction. This is logistics what I’m talking about. It takes a pile of bodies to carry this out along with timing just to back up your trigger pullers.
                If I get to your supply lines and your team is out at 125 miles un supplied and is red or black condition, I’ve got you and a mission failure occurs.
                Now odiously it won’t be this easy by any means, this is just an example. Command is highly trained for this contingency. But with that said look at Iraq and the attacks on KBR supply trucks that were being escorted with our forces. They got a bunch of them, didn’t they? Logistics make an army run and be effective, without logistics their range is sorrily affected.
                I want to think I have heard that Iraq is somewhere around the size of Texas. How many thousands of people have we had over there and what happened? It could be debated but we never had control of any high percentage of it. What are they going to do with the rest of the US once they get control of an area the size of Texas?
                It would take millions and millions of bodies and millions of tons of supply to carry off an operation this size. They don’t have it, it’s a pipe dream I think.

                • Hammerun,Thanks for the common sence Logic. my Area alone if you are from out of town and dont have gas your in trouble, the roads are endless everything looks the same woods,farmland,farmhouse,white barn. half the roads dont have signs you can throw any GPS out the window for Lack of Signal. They could never lock this state down as you have stated. Thanks for making my weekend better.Sanding by in pa..

          • Joe, and when they do come out of the woods, you and folks like you will be doing a rope dance.

          • Wow, Joe, you really need to hike the Appalachian Trail. Or at least parts of it, as I have. There are people who have never in their lives ventured out of “the backwoods”, as you so blithely term the lifelong habitat for millions of humans.
            Are you a morbidly obese, illiterate city dweller whose horizon doesn’t extend any further than his belly button, living on welfare, smoking meth you bought with your EBT card, and pounding your pud to Japanese anime, or did somebody whack you in the head with a bat?
            Obama must be so proud to have such a fine specimen of man/woman/amorphodite-hood as yourself working for the Rainbow Coprophile Cluster(tm).

            • “Rainbow Coprophile Cluster(tm)”
              May I borrow that?

              • Sure. Sounds like a good name for a band, come to think of it.

          • He already locked us out of a large portion of the “woods” call the National parks. All without one single shot fired………….

            • There are other ways to get in… 😉

        • It’ll take time but it will happen. They’ll start with the big cities and the major opposition. Eventually they’ll make their way into the countryside. They monitor emails, web usage, and know how you spend your money. You can bet that the more vocal you are the more likely you are to be arrested at 3 AM. Or they can just intimidate you into silence. All they have to do is threaten someone’s family and they shut up. Make some high profile arrests. Carpet bomb areas that resist. Use foreign troops to do things Americans wouldn’t do. It’s not that complicated.

          • B. CAT
            You are right! You do know that if they do, there will be blood in the streets, and the people that are left will fight with vengence not ever seen before. I feel this in my Soul. People will find out where the drone operators live and where thier familys are. My God have mercy on thier souls.
            As for me. If it is going to start let it start with ME! So that the rest of you folks will know what is happening and I pray to God that you extract All the vengence you can on them.
            If for one second they think they can win a gorrila war with the Patriot Ammerican they better think again. It will be very messy and a lot of us won’t make it. I will die standing up and not on my knees.
            They already know how we are and where we live. When they come for me it will be one hell of a fight. Or there will be a drone taking me out. That will be the only way they can take me out with out me firing a shot.
            If they want a war they came to the right place. The first foreign soldier that fires on an American will start the biggest fire fight in history.
            Its coming and I’m afraid that TPTB are looking forward to and We Patrois are praying it dosen’t.

          • Hey Barn Cat: Maybe I have my head in a dark place, but even though the govt. has the capability to see all we do, something tells me that the gross incompetence of the Feds will muck up any attempt to corral 330 million Americans under martial law. As many have pointed out here, the sheer numbers of us gun toting, liberty loving, flyover state rednecks (bibles in hand) outweigh even their high tech crap. I also do not see that most of our military would comply.

            So good freaking luck. By the way, the comparisons to other situations in history do not stand. In spite of the fact that we do have a bunch of infantile, parasitic welfare a- holes draining our coffers and killing us with debt, I dare say that at least half of us are of the opposite mentality, lovers of liberty that will never, never, never accept or bow down to tyrants. I’d rather be dead.

            Most of the time, we are pretty quiet, going about our daily lives just trying to make a living. But try to screw us, and man, we will raise a hell of a ruckus. My prayers are with the vets and truckers in DC.

      7. Bring it. You will wake up a sleeping giant and the gloves will come off.

        • It will be no holds barred and anything goes.

          • It HAS TO BE “no holds barred”. Any time they insist you “play be the rules” they always mean THEIR RULES.

            I’m a black sheep, because I’ve always played by MY RULES. That isn’t gonna change anytime soon.

            • I’m with you.

              Rule #1…there are no rules

              Rule #2…refer to rule #1.

            • Sixpack, it WILL be no hold barred and anything goes for me. I have a WHOLE BRANCH of my family who are black sheep in north GA. I’m also a black sheep. People tangle with us only at their own peril. I don’t play nice and they don’t either.

      8. now the vets are pissed off

        Million Vet March on the Memorials

        more and more civil disobedience by the middle class

        that should serve as a warning sign

        • You all please join me and family this weekend. I will be the white guy with Colonel Sanders goatee.

      9. When this occurs I will not go quietly into the night. I will not submit or bow down. I will give them a war they never dreamed of. I will be one of those that will keep them up at night in cold sweats. I will probably die, but as a free man!

        • Faith of the Fallen, i’m right there with you. I couldn’t have said it any better.

        • But with a gun pointed at your family they have all of us family men by the balls.
          We couldn’t see our loved ones, sons and daughters tortured to death, our wives raped.

          Now it isn’t so easy to be tough is it? This and worse is what they will do! CANADIAN VET knows

          • Hey Tommy, my wife daughter and sons are all great shots and practice regularly at the range. At least if we all go down, we will take as many as we can with us!

      10. @ BI and other Solar Watchers,

        Might you should stop in at the NOAA graph detailing the 3-day Solar X-ray activity, which can nbe accessed by the simple expedient of Googling ‘NOAA 3 Day X-ray Flux’; the rie there – especially on the “High Band, (0.5 -4.0 Angstrom range) is STARTLING.

        Over the last few years I have only seen this level of change/activity during the Spring of 2012. IF this persist beyond this time, ie, if there IS NOT a nearly immediate decrease seen in same over the bext few hours, then there WILL be MAJOR Flaring follow….X-Flaring ISS possible here! Pay special attention to the right-most segment of the 3 day graph…the relative rise here is virtually, ‘breathtaking’

        Be so advised!


        • Thanks Jog glad your Back! and have ours!!

        • @ JustOneGuy. Just like when I try to warn people of impending earthquakes, you have just given ALL of us a warning of something that could cause some major problems with a possible Solar EMP. I will be watching this closely. If you have access to the earthquake maps, check out the extreme activity on the outer plates, the divergent spreading centers, it is intense. The times I have seen this before include the largest ever deep focus earthquake, the 8.1 in the Soloman Islands Santa Cruz Islands region, and the 7.8 earthquake north of Vancouver Island. This time though the earthquakes are of higher magnitude than before. Also the one on the southern Mid Atlantic Ridge occurred in the same spot before the 8.8 in Chile and the 9.0 Japan mega quake.

          This is something that you might like know. I did a total energy arc expansion of all of these outer plate boundary quakes for the past 2 weeks and they point to the previous areas of danger, but all but one intersect a point that is not that tectonically dangerous. The Marshall Islands region east of the Caroline plate. It could be that there is a magma bubble that is truly getting going in this region as all these quake arcs pass through and intersect each other here. I think something on the planet and off of it is brewing like a cauldron. We all may be in for some SHTF events soon.

          • Bi; I read an article yesterday about the increasing EQ activity and earth upheaval around Yellowstone.Any thought as to concern?

            • @ Thinker. I don’t know if you read what I commented yesterday or not. Look for Atka, Alaska for earthquake activity. Whenever this region of the Aleutian Islands getting going, Yellowstone starts up. The last 6 pointer in Atka lead to a major swarm in Yellowstone a few weeks ago. IF there is a huge earthquake at around Atka, and/or volcanic eruption here, look out Yellowstone. These two volcanic regions are connected. Atka is at about 51.5 north by 173 west. Watch these coordinates on any large earthquake in the Aleutian Islands chain, it means Yellowstone will soon after likely start to really rumble. A large enough quake here could even set off a large earthquake around Yellowstone and potentially unzipping of Yellowstone magma chamber and at least a limited eruption. The possiblilty is there.

              • Thanks BI!I must have missed it ! But surely as well as all here so much appreciate your input and hard work at keeping us informed and aware!!! Thanks You!!

            • WGAS. Better worry more about the Park Rangers.

          • BI look at earthquake at New Hampshire please

        • The rupee is the Indian dollar, it has already been collapsing for some time. There has been no mention of this in the commie news. Also there has been a lot of fighting in the northern cashmere area with Pakistan. A cyclone could put them over the edge. Why this has been left out of the commie cbs, nbc, lsd media is interesting. It usually means there is something there that could be of value to real patriots looking for the truth.

      11. We Are 5 Days Away From Fundamentally Transforming America.

        Question: Why does America need to be transformed?

        Into what may I ask?

        • So what’s your point?

      12. There is a huge difference in this country than in the rest that has nothing to do with exceptionalism and everything to do with force. Disarmament will be impossible. Sure, some idiots will turn in their weapons, that’s a given. A great many will violently oppose this before stage 3 is ever reached.

        Take a good goddamn look around you and realize the thin veneer of civility is just barely covering the brutal revolt that will come if they ever try this shit. It was only a few years ago that the mere mention of revolution was laughable; now it’s a common topic at social gatherings. A lot of people are waking up everyday, it seems almost exponential. More and more sheeple are becoming fiercely angered and heading toward transforming into feral wolves. You steal a person’s life’s work, strip them of every dignity and subject them to inhumane treatment and you’ll create animals, brutal animals.

        These are dangerous times we live in. Dangerous for whom is yet to be determined. Start sorting through history for the brutality humans are capable of and you will see what fight or flight instincts can do. We have not evolved one iota since those times. We’ve only patched the holes and plastered over the brutality with a facade of civility. The cracks in the paint are beginning to appear and chunks of plaster are falling away. Shit appears to be getting dark again, real dark. Dark ages 2.0

        • JoeRep says,”Take a good goddamn look around you and realize the thin veneer of civility is just barely covering the brutal revolt that will come if they ever try this shit.” BINGO! It is indeed a thin veneer of civility that surrounds us now. People are nervous, scared and unsure of what the future holds. And yes, there are people out there just waking the sleep from their eyes but they still remember when their anscestors fought and died for us, their desendents. It is becoming increasingly dangerous…for this administration and their brownshirts…we..will..survive.

          • JoeRepublic and npgh, both of you are spot on. I’ve got the same feeling now that I had right after Sandy Hook. something is in the air; I can feel it. Steppin up my preppin. This weekend I’ll strip down all of my weapons to check them out real good, plus add some extra oil if needed. We’re heading toward a war and there’s no stopping it now. braveheart

            • braveheart

              This is my feeling. It seems to be right around the corner. I have noticed with all the shit happening in Washington and around the world, when I check the commie news they are only talking about how to buy colored underware. Something is up.

            • Why not triple check all yer guns bravebrain? I mean, it’s not like you have a life to tend with so smell up all them new false flags that never happen either.

              • Jim Bob, Can you write in English or is this a Kenyan version of the English? btw don’t bother since is useless.

                • Hey now tactical, y’all is insultin’ a brother hillbilly.

              • Jim Bob, you can think whatever you want, but with everything that’s happening right now that we know of, plus God knows whatever is going on behind the scenes, I’m not getting caught with my pants down. I’m hoping nothing happens, but I would be a fool to bet my life on it.

          • Verrrrrrrryyyyy thin like thinner than _____

      13. Hate to burst your bubble VRF, but the massive drone fleet will make sending pencil necks or any humans a moot point. They will bomb you and I into oblivion one hard case at a time.

        Unfortunately, thats a tech the devil hasnt had access to before now. It will be hell on earth thats for sure.

        • I don’t think so

          those guys have families too..

          and once the SHTF, and they realize how right we were, they aint gonna play..

          plus..those drones don’t make themselves, and don’t run forever..they gotta land sometime.

          and some people already know where the control centers are..

          also if they grid down to affect will affect them too

          maybe im wrong, maybe im not

          • And they cant hide them and fly them at the same time, 3 guys in a cessna with a semi auto Barrett should do, or ??????

            • Like we can shoot them down from a Cessna?

              Just fly in front with a dangling net, make life simple.

          • Another thing to remember is our side still has LOTS of fairly well to do folks, between their resources, defections, captured hardware, i would bet there will be a fair amount of surface to air missles and anti aircraft guns to be had, there are also a few South American and Middle eastern countries that have NO beef with the people of the US and would be tickled to arm and outfit any groups looking to shut down these freakin tyrants.

            • Good thinkin’, Kula, you can get some assistance and arms from Hezbollah and Iran, Venezuela, maybe even some Wahabhi Saudis, that will really engage the American people and score points for the good guys.

        • Ric, if we get EMP’d, the electronics controlling the drones will be fried along with the electronics inside of the drones themselves and they’ll never fly again.

          • Don’t be so sure of that BH, I imagine that every backup and fail safe they could buy with our money has been installed. I think their circuitry will be well protected…unlike most of ours.

        • Drones?…maybe in some cases but they don’t have enough of those things for more than a honorable mention takedown…now and then…I dont see them having much effect under the best of circumstances and this fight wont be one of those…just sayin

      14. I’ve posted this before
        but it is well worth repeating

        They Thought They Were Free

        loss of freedom happens bit by bit
        piece by piece
        until you wake up one day and it’s gone

      15. Parts mentioned in that are becoming evident in my line of work. I treat water for a living. Simple enough, I’m licensed by the government, like everyone else that intends to advance or work in this field.

        New regulations hit us in September. Some of these make absolutely no sense what so ever. Some even contradict the reasons. We are being encouraged to no longer have more than 12 days supply of chlorine on hand for water disinfection, same for the SO2 that removes the chlorine.

        Used to be we were required to have minimum 30 days supply on hand.

        Our generator can run and operate everything for about 2 weeks with no re-fueling needed. Now they want us to upgrade to one of 3 “preferred” models that is capable of 30 day runtime with no refuel. They have said that installing a fuel tank on premises to refuel existing generator is not an option.

        There’s no point being able to run anything for 30 days without the chemicals. You accomplish nothing.

        also, EPA sent us and lots of other municipal water and waste water treatment plants in my area a new regulation naming us “first responders”, with an addendum that states we are required in the event of “natural disaster, terrorist attack, war or any other federally deemed emergency to report to our plant”, it goes on to state “food, shelter and all other essentials to be provided in the event of conditions making travel home dangerous for the duration of emergency”.

        Not one person I know has agreed to any of that. Most of us have quietly agreed they can kiss our collective asses. I work with a lot of Vietnam era vets and rugged survival type folks.

        When I started in this business, none of that was in place. Those are new since September of this year.

        • Who is “they” or “them”. Why are all the people that give all these orders referred to as “they” or “them”? If it’s your boss, your neighbor, your friend and you really believe “they” are doing wrong by putting the rest of Americans at risk then mention names. Publish all “their” names and addressess and where “they” work then “they” and “them” will have no where to hide and may begin to think twice about following orders from their “them’s” and “they’s”. When this shit catches on, they’ll run like rats. Fuck them, sick and tired of blaming all this shit on “them” or “they”. Call these assholes out!!

          • Department of Environmental Quality, Environmental Protection Agency, FEMA. are the they and them.

            • @waterislife,
              would really like to know what part of the country your in… be vague if you so choose… just a clue pls…

              Or do you think that all h2o treatment facilities have been given the same directives????


              • If it came from the above mentioned, it is US wide.

                Don’t be surprised.

              • I can’t speak for all states, but as for mine, that has come about. Each state has it’s own regulatory agency that answers to federal level. Most of the states are similar, but some states have more rabid environment regulations than the feds. Each state is supposed to have to be at minimum fed compliance, if state regs are higher those must be met.

                Most municipalities contract out their water treatment/waste water treatment to companies now. Very few actually do it themselves.

                The way that works is the company uses the municipality equipment/buildings and get paid a set amount.

                Day to day ops is the company expense, major infrastructure belongs to the municipality via the company contracted handling the details.

                Another not well known thing, is most waste water discharges into a receiving stream after treatment. In some areas, that same stream is where the drinking water receives it’s water from. A giant loop if you will.

          • The boards of directors of the various Federal Reserve Banks are public record. The ever-helpful investor relations departments of Goldman Sucks, B of A, Citibank etc are readily findable. Ditto the ranking executives at DHS, FEMA, and the other government rats nests. As well as their …. well-guarded …. office addresses.

            What would take some digging is finding their home addresses. Domhoff’s book, Who Rules America, gives lists of prep schools and colleges that are power elite talent generators. Those schools have social and athletic functions one might attend. One might expect a fair number of power elite and their flunkies at those gatherings.

            Alumni offices, yacht clubs, country clubs all have office staff who might inadvertently give out “private info” to a smooth operator.

            Think networks. Social, professional, academic, athletic etc. Thing is, the higher up in the power elite somebody is the more likely they are to only rub shoulders with their own peers. Who would keep their mouths shut out of identity of interest.

            Someone on the board of directors of a money center bank is more likely to hang out in a yacht club than a pool hall.

            Perhaps a dummy corporation could rent an alumni mailing list purportedly for “marketing” purposes. Maybe the postman, as in Three Days of the Condor, could visit.

            This is just idle speculation, that anybody with the brains god gave a spice bush, could figure out. I”m not tracking anybody. Yet.

        • Bureaucracy at work, we have that sort of idiocy running rampant here in our state.

      16. The will be worldwide. The globalists want a one world government. They want to depopulate the earth to a sustainable level of 500 million. In other words, they plan on murdering 6.5 billion people. We will have a world leader that Satan himself will possess. He will demand to be worshipped as God. He will demand that everyone receive a mark that will allow them to buy or sell. You can’t get the mark without worshipping the world leader or his image Getting the mark will bring about eternal damnation.

        (Rev 14:9-12 NIV) A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice: “If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on the forehead or on the hand, {10} he, too, will drink of the wine of God’s fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath. He will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb. {11} And the smoke of their torment rises for ever and ever. There is no rest day or night for those who worship the beast and his image, or for anyone who receives the mark of his name.” {12} This calls for patient endurance on the part of the saints who obey God’s commandments and remain faithful to Jesus.

        • I would like to shed a little light on the “globalists”.

          City of London:

          London’s “inner city” is a privately owned corporation or city state, located right in the middle of greater London. It became a sovereign state in 1694 when King William the third of Orange privatized and turned over the Bank of England to the BANKSTER ROTHSCHILDS.

          London is the WORLDS FINANCIAL POWER CENTER AND THE WEALTHIEST SQUARE MILE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. It houses the Rothschild controlled Bank of Ingland, Lloyds of London, the London Stock Exchange, all British banks, the branch offices of 385 foreign banks and 70 US banks.

          It has its own courts, its own laws, its own flag, and its own police force. It is not part of greater London, or England, or the British Commonwealth, and it pays no taxes.

          The City State of London houses Fleet Street Newspaper and publishing monopolies. It is also headquarters for world wide English Freemasonry, and headquarters for the WORLD WIDE MONEY CARTEL KNOWN AS THE “CROWN”.

          Contrary to popular belief the “Crown” is not the royal family or the British Monarch. The Crown is a private corporation, City State of London. It has a council of 12 members who rule the corporation under a mayor called the Lord Mayor. The Lord Mayor and his 12 member council serves as proxies or representatives who sit in for 12 of the WORLDS WEALTHIEST FALMILIES which include:


          The Crown Corporation holds TITLE to worldwide crown land in crown colonies like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. British Parliament and the British Prime Minister serve as a PUBLIC FRONT for the HIDDEN POWER OF THESE RULING CROWN FAMILIES.

          Bet all of you on this blog thought the Queen of England owned all of this…….

          Now you know who to look at when you see an article that states that the “GLOBALISTS WHO WANT A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT”.

          • Good points Granny…

            The Square Mile is also home to the British Accredited Registry. or BAR association as it is known…

            Lawyers…another pox on the world.

            • I remember running into my x wifes attourney at costco one day, he was on crutches, i said hi, he recognized me and asked how i was doing, i said fine, asked what happened to him, broke his leg got infected had to have surgery, then looked him in the eye and said, Karma is a bitch isnt it!

          • Maybe you could get your trucker friends to block Abbey road. That’ll get them.

          • Thank you granny, great summary. I’d like to add that “The Vatican” reminds me of a kind of “satellite” location to the London square mile. Same attributes, same privileges, same corruption.

            • They are connected.

              People don’t realize that we broke from these bastards during the Revolutionary War…and they have been trying to get us completely back since…slowly.

              It is time to send them back to hell…forever.

          • We already have a global economy and it is running things and has been since, like you said “l694.” Guess what? We are all still here and have the freedom to read these words, to think as we please, and to be apart of this new world or die out like the Neanderthals. A saying I read not too long ago goes like this, “whatever you resist persists.” The globalist know it well and do not resist but go about their lives as if we do not even exist, like you ignore ants in an ant hill that is not bothering you and that you know can never bother you because you are bigger and have all the power. These terrible things will not happen unless we feed this monster called hatred.

            • Yeah, we still have the freedom to think as we please (so far) as long as we don’t voice our thoughts in public too loudly…and neanderthals didn’t die out— my little brother is proof of that.

          • Thks. po’d Granny,

            A lot of people here need to know this. What most people don’t realize is just how many companies are owned by the Crown families.

            Just to name a few, BP (British Petroleum), Burger King and ABusch/Budweiser beer. the list is long.

            • …. 3-G Capital of Brazil owns 71% of BK… Bush/Bud is owned by Inbev,a Belgian/Brazilian outfit…according to current info…does the crown have any ownership?…maybe,I don’t know that info but the Brazilians bear watching too…just sayin 🙂

        • Hey, Barn Cat, Jesus Christ is my lord, savior, and God, and I am not taking any mark or bowing down to the evil one. I know you won’t either.
          So many people either just don’t know what they are putting themselves in for, or they are knowingly playing with fire just for a smidgen of sordid gain.

          • We won’t be fooled but those who refuse to accept Christ will be:

            (2 Th 2:9-12 NIV) The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, {10} and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. {11} For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie {12} and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

        • If you don’t believe in the Bible you can consider the statements as allegorical. It still comes to the same in the end. Funny how that works.

          • Yep. Funny…

      17. The Obama Phones will be ringing off the hook!

        • He can’t answer it because Michelle is sitting on his face.

          • He must be “restrained/drugged/unconscious”, because Moochelle has the wrong “equipment package” for Obimbo’s “taste/desires”!

            • …are we sure about that? I’ve never seen under moochelle’s skirt, myself…

              • Actually, not “sure about that”. Strictly going with the “kid factor”, which may or may not mean anything in this day and age. Thanks for that undesirable “image” of Moochelle sixpack. YIKES!

                • Think about it—if they would go to all the expense and trouble of faking birth certificates and academic history, as well as everything else they faked to get obummer in the white house, what problem would they have with shaving an orangutan and putting a dress on it, then stealing a couple of kids from CPS to fake a family?

                  …or maybe she isn’t actually an ape, maybe she’s a tranny? Who would ever know?

                  Maybe moochelle IS obummer’s flavor after all.

                • There was pics on BIN of her skirt pushed up against a man tool underneath.

          • Tac — you cracked me up…Guffaw!

            • yental — I’m not so sure

              Article on Sorcha Faal says she’s a transvestite,
              born Michael, daughters adopted. Check it out.

          • OMG, that’s a sickening visual—just like when the other primates do it in front of crowds at the zoo…

            • LOOOOOOL.

              • That sounds Raysis.

                • I’ve got nothing against orangutans, or primates in general, unless they get voted into office.

        • growing government bigger and bigger until they have enough suckers to think they can pull this off

        • CrabbeNebulae: Calling bullshit-another confused story being passed on as true. The story is from the city of Columbia S.C., not FEMA. Conflating a city with the Feds is ridiculous.

      18. @ braveheart. Doesn’t it seem like whenever Mac post an article that has some hard core truth in it, the cockroach trolls come out in force like finx. It is like the government sends their troll force into action the more of a nerve that is hit with articles such as this one. Keep up the good work Mac :), you are getting someone in the government upset enough to send the cockroaches out of their trash cans to pester everyone.

        • BI, you are so right. I’m just waiting on the other trolls to show up. on trash cans, it is possible for those to mysteriously ‘catch on fire’ and destroy whatever is in them at the time. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

          • There was a Real Gov Troll on here ago a few days doing some phishing. I will not go into specs, but I know what he was after and the person didnt “bite”. He wasnt using insults like the lib asses, so be careful on giving to many specs on your stuff accumilated.

      19. The one thing that gives me hope is the government can’t really do anything well. So if they can’t secure a place like Baghdad how will they effectively secure an area the size of the US. That on top of being broke.

        If you know ANYONE in the military or law enforcement urge them to get familiar with Oath Keepers. I’ve been getting all my military friends into it more. Those guys are key. The more that are on our side the better off we will be.

        His plans will just be worthless words on paper. Lets see Obama try to take over every industry when the majority of the military is on our side and population that is armed and employed is on our side. He can have all the welfare cases, illegals, and anti-gun people he wants. Line em up.

      20. The servants of The Beast will be fighting for pay — in other words, for crumbs from the Banksters’ table. They are without honor or dignity, and are aware of this at all times.

        Who will these paid lackeys be fighting? Smart and creative people with nothing to lose.

        It is foolhardy and dangerous in the extreme to create such an enemy, particularly one that has endured an endless parade of toxic insults, assaults, robberies and humiliations for years before the fighting has even begun.

        • Well said, Ahab.

      21. Excellent article…but, here is an article on what the Constitution says about Martial Law, by Dr. Edwin Vieira, written in August 31.2009… I suggest printing it out for study as it is legally written, so it requires studying… so here is an indepth article on what is the law on martial law, but what we are seeing happening in our country is “violating” the law… that is what the truckers “ride for the constitution” is about… to bring attention to the American public of what is happening…the loss of our, I think Dave, in this article, has a very good line of progression as to what is happening and can happen… Legally, it will be wrong, but that is the problem…major disregard for our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and many of these people who take an oath to uphold the Constitution…but do not mean it. Once again, a reminder to watch the “trailer” of the movie, Molon Labe, available now by dvd… website: or

      22. Joe
        Very well put. I’ve talked to several people in the last few weeks that you would never think they where so upset with the thing are going. They are Obullshit sheeple. They are saying its his and the congress fault with what is happening. A couple of them are in ther late 60’s and early 70’s are talking Revolt. and even Civil war. If Obullshit declares Marshall Law. I say bring it on and you will get a leason from a Patriot.
        “Aim Small Miss Small”

        • Im a bridge of the nose kinda guy, takes care of range fluctuations and drop over a pretty wide distance

      23. @ JustOneGuy. Okay I am going to link the 3 day GOES X-ray Flux chart so other people can see it.

        The high band .5 to 4.0 which is the blue colored lines on the chart for others wanting to know what this means. Let’s say that it gets into the Watts m level of 10 to the -4 range or even 10-3 range, that would mean we are all in trouble?

        I have seen this chart before after the super flare 9 years ago. As I can recall it was reaching into the 10-2 range I think. Would this be correct.

        JustOneGuy. Please show what all of us should look for on this chart as an impending X -flare. What numbers should we be alarmed by. I have bookmarked this and will be watching this chart very closely.

        • Reposted…

          Howdy BI,

          THAT is the ‘64,000 dollar’ question Friend. As I have mentined before, here, the ‘High Band’ – which is the MORE energetic X-ray emission spectra, IS the ‘driver’ during these periods…allow me to explain.

          As one who has had more than a modicum of Science through your academic life you are aware that emission spectra are roughly a continuous curve, Yes? In any such there is a point of peak intensity whereat there exists a local maximum of particles OF A SPECIFIC energy being emitted….sorry, not trying to be ‘pedantic’ here…I KNOW that you KNOW this stuff, it’s the others here I am addressing in this and what follows. That said, it is ALWAYS the case that the DISTRIBUTION changes as greater and greater amounts of energy – TOTAL- are being emitted any any energetic process…stands to reason, Yes? Just so…WHAT then happens as the total energy emitted becomes increasingly, progressively greater?

          Well, as a start, the PEAK point I mention above SHIFTS to higher energy’s…that is to say that when one views the graph thereof, the ‘peak’ is seen to slide to the rightmost side of the graph. But that is not all; additionally, the magnituude of the peak becomes higher and heigher as aditional energy is involved/outputted through/by the process. Everyone following on here so far…Good.

          When we see the graph for the NOAA X-Flux plot we are seeing only two THIN, somewhat ‘overlapping’ slices, at specific energy’s, which are identically those between 0.5-4.0 Angstroms (the HIGH band, since smaller wavelength means GREATER energy) and the LOW band 1.0-8.0 Angstroms Soooo, HOW do we interpret this? Simple…as the total energy becomes greater and greater it is the case rthat the peak emission moves to the right…which here we see as the High band FORCING it’s way up to greater levels (closing in on the Low band, from below, which nearly always rssides on the graph ABOVE it; remember are seeing the graphed COUNTS of energetic particles….NOT thier energy’s, Eh?

          As any Solar process becomes more and more violent one will see the relative RATIO of particles measured by the satellite favoring the Hiogh band and indeed, if you take the time to LOOK at the NOAA 6 hour graph of the X-flux, whensoever a flare DOES occur the RATIO listed there, will go from a few thousandths to nearly UNITY at the peak of the flare: I have seen in 2012 that ratio reach 0.873!!

          Moment to moment, as Solar energy emissions are becoming progressively greater and greater you will see the ratio becoming less and less as the Highband ‘drives’ the Low band above it higher and higher…this is what I have mentioned here previously.

          As far as predicting what is about to occur imminently, that’s a “Horse of a different color’; it takes an INTIMATE familiarity, with YEARS worth of seeing these various flare episodes to be even proximately able to ‘predict’ what is about to happen. In this, I suspect, it is much the same with your field of endeavor; certain things ‘jump out’ at you…all based on long familiarity with that which you are seeing, Yes?

          This I can tell you all here: the HIGHER you see the Low Band being driven, specifically, when the low band is continuously HOLDING above C-class, then things begin to ‘happen’. Further, whebever the Low band is HOLDING ABOVE C-3 to C-%, then “Watch OUT!!!” …because something IS coming….imminently

          Under this circumstance, which is to say a long period of Solar quiescence (here, MONTHS) followed by a SUDDEN rise such as we are seeing now, the probability of a significant flare is High, very high. Please also understand this: in seismology there exist a body of records (of fair precision)) which goes back – at least some several decades…such does NOT exists for the Solar side of thinghs, since all our true monitoring capacity (precision type) began around 1996…before that there is no ‘normalizeable’ recordset from which we can can infer future behaviours…all thjat does exist prior to 1996 is roughly, therefor, ‘anecdotal’ only.

          Scary, Yes, I know, but true. As always, I shall endeavor to remain abreast of the current state of affairs and advise those here accordingly. That is as much of an answer as CAN be here given BI..I wish it was more, but it is not…put aimply.

          Those here who DO watch all things Solar, be advised; IF 11861 cintinues to grow or becomes MORE complex than it currently is now..or BOTH, then SOMETHING ‘Noteable’ will follow…soon.

          More to follow, as and when warranted Friend…Duty calls now, I’ll stop back in later…


          • @ JustOneGuy. I get it. Now the real question. You have seen the ratio reach 0.873, but have you ever seen this ratio reached 1 or higher with the upper band surpassing the lower band? Or is that not possible? This reminds me of what I have been reading much about with earthquakes and energy that is so violent that it migrates to surrounding areas. They call it dynamic overshoot. You see this with asteroid impacts in which the rock strata rebounds itself from the impact. A football field size asteroid of iron can leave a crater many miles wide, as the ejecta flies out of the areas around the impact site.

            This is what happened in Japan. you had a mega thrust fault break and this alone would have produced a 30-50 foot tsunami at the site of rupture. Because of the violence of the energy it was literally forced into the shallow rock strata of the sea floor and it rose suddenly dozens of meters. This proximity to the ocean water made the tsunami that much higher and stronger. Just like an asteroid impact, the energy is dispersed away and the material reacts to it. The tsunami reached 124 feet high at it apex. Of course distance reduced the size of it along the coastline.

            I am looking for a very large earthquake coming, perhaps even a mega or super mega earthquake. Like the energy chart of the Sun, the energy signatures of all these outer boundary quakes point to something quite big on the horizon. Past records of the same spots being hit before that lead to major earthquakes almost 95% of the time helps to confirm this. I say this again, I am so glad you are watching everyone’s back in regards to the Sun and space. We are all stronger when we put to good use what we know and share it with everyone out there.

            • Howdy – again -BI!

              In principle there is nothing that says that for – sday an X-40, or larger – that a value of unity (or greater) could not actually be witnessed. Per my explanantion above, it shold be clear that as the ‘Peak’ of the emissions graph rises that the higher spectra dominate…more and more so with increasing energy. In the case of us, here, today…we simply have not ever sEEN such (via instrumentation)…as said, the recordset i WOEFULLY ‘brief’, Eh?

              I sholf tell you that TWICE we here have ‘felt’ something occur underfoot over the last two-week period.
              I shoulf also tell you that – while I am NO seismic ‘Whiz-Kid’, sucjh as yourself 🙂 I have lately begun to become more and more ‘nervous’ about the possibility of another LARGE Alaskan ‘episode’ as was the case in the early 60’s. The Pacific coast is a very ‘intermittant’ beast to be sure…but when it does break loose, there’s all ‘Hell to pay’. I have an intuition that we are WELL OVERDUE for somesuch, unfortunately. Truly, I have at this point but few other things with which to worry myself Friend…such is now little more than a bad, fading dream from which one wakes. Assemnbled we are, NOW and my calm is better now than it has been in many a moon, surely!

              Still though I fear for ALL those we have left behind… you – all of you – are never far from my thoughts, daily even. As we’ve noted here before here, “Watch what is ‘below’ Friend…and I’ll do my best to watch ‘What is above’…mayhaps then we will have that precious short warning when “IT” comes. I kid thee not: MANY must survive into the future…NO MATTER WHAT, else we – all those who survive – may well face an extinction brought about by an insufficiency of genetic diversity … I CANNOT STRESS THIS EBOUGH Folks; think back to the article Mac ran on the ‘Old Beleivers’ who emigrated (involuntarily) into Siberia early last century; Yes, they DID survive…but what would they have done to PROCREATE?

              Tis too grim a thought to contemplate: THAT must be avoided – INTERDICTED – at ALL COST. Your prognostications have proven themselves time and again Friend; tis something to feel proud of; not as Hubris, not a s ‘Pride of Place’, but as a Joy, the Joy of DISCOVERY! Oh, lastly here, in the last two hours there has been a marginal DECREASE in the Solar output…we’ll all keep our fingers crossed that this change represents a new trend-line. As always BI…the pleasure is mine,
              surely Friend. 🙂


            • Howdy – again – BI!,


              “We are all stronger when we put to good use what we know and
              it with everyone out there.” 🙂


              “YES, YES, YES!…That Sir, is the CORRECT ‘answer’!”

              If those here should stop – for just a moment – in thier otherwise
              busy lives and truly REALIZE Just HOW MUCH WE – ALL OF US! – here, ‘know’,
              collectively, then also, perchance, the revelation might come to them…
              that we are NOT pitiful or weak…but STRONG; A FORCE beyond MEASURE,
              truly. Those that share what they know, knowledge of EVERY SORT available
              in this AMAZING place – freely, unreservedly, here – I’m sure – will be
              accorded a special place in the Beyond; for it is my belief the all
              Human purpose here revolves around Learning…as MUCH as we can,
              from this extraordinary place that He has created for us in which to LEARN.
              Those who facilitate THAT are…or should be, “The Blessed”….nuff said.

              To answer the question you pose more directly: Yes, it is ENTIRELY
              possible for that ratio to reach or EXCEED ‘unity’. such was implicit in
              my previous explanation…though admittedly, possibly not obviously.
              Simply put, as the amount of energy released in any radiant process scales
              higher and higher, the associated maximal ‘peak’ of the graph shifts to ever
              greater energy’s as well, eventually – for any FIXED range(s), such as the
              fixed bands that we see in the NOAA X-Flux plots – it becomes the case that
              the slope of the curve becomes – and REMAINS – positive for those bands,
              implying that a GREATER percentage of the total energy’s across those will
              be predominantly in the higher band. Again, as said…we have such a tiny
              slice of “Solar history” – accurate, instrumentally-based, from which to
              pontificate on future events. Many is the day that i have found myself
              ENVYING you your access to the wealth of historical data which is embodied
              in current seimology! 😉

              In truth, I expect that had the NOAA-13 sensors NOT ‘saturated’ as the
              previous ‘Halloween Super-Flare” struck (actually November the 4rth of that
              year) we WOULD have recorded exactly that…such was the energy involved
              in that extraordinary event. Food for thought here Friend…

              On a completely, seperate note, we have had something of a ‘triumph’ here.
              Three of our party, while ‘geting the ‘lay of the land’ – extensively
              exploring around us – have located an old, still functional, ‘network’ of
              logging trails which APPEARS to stretch all the way back to nearly our
              ‘rear eschelon’ departure point. ‘Pon learniong this I was – frankly –
              ecstatic! In this circumstance, we will now be able to bring in MUCH heavier
              loads of cargo, POSSIBLY via pick-up trucks! The range of options that open
              to us under that cirumstance is VAST! I am THRILED. Please to note – everyone
              here – that it is OFTEN the case that Old logging roads DO NOT appear on any
              contemporary mapping which you will have access to; therefor….LOOK AROUND
              you and SEE what is there! EXPLORE Folks, you might well be “rewarded”.

              Well, tis late my Friend…we shall ‘speak’ again, soon. Be Blessed, all who
              are in, or of this place…Amen. Good Night.


              • @ Voice of JOG & Be Informed,

                I really enjoy when you two share your knowledge!

                Re: The GOES Xray Flux chart.

                Would it be correct to say the “blue” high band is a more dense collective of ‘charged’ particles, thus making it the “driver/force” of the energy?

                Why does the strength of the watts decrease as the energy output is increased? does it have to do with gravity and particles being oppositely charged?

                This is my morning brain exercise… LOL.

                If I’m way off I’ll just go back to “lines going UP is bad”…

                BTW… so envy you JOG for your off grid adventure! So glad you still stop by to give us the solar updates!!!


                • Howdy Back_Space! (a small typological ‘joke’ there… 😉 )

                  Allow me to clarify here; WHAT is being reported on the NOAA GOES X-flux plot is just that – Flux. In this case, it is TWO seperate bands of high energy X-ray ‘quanta’, ie, photons. As it happen, everything from long wave radio (think ‘AM’ here) all the way to X-ray and as well Gamma radiation is Electromagnetic phenomena….non-massive paticles (that is, possessing no mass…but yet having a real momentum) and everything in between inclusive of the light we see with our eyes, microwave, etc…etc. S’Ok here…so far?….Ya…Alles Klar Mein Herr!!

                  Oops, slippweed in little “Dr. Strangelove” there, force of habit for us ‘Mad Scientists’ I’m afraid…. 😉

                  “Flux’ is a measure of the NUMBER of particles counted – at a detector – in unit time. Here, that is the relative COUNTS of those particles – both in the high and low bands – respectively, per band. If you chance to look at the ‘scaling’ to either side of the NOAA plot you will see that there, they have posted the energy equivalence…as a convenience to the reader; suuch is what BI was refering to in some of our latest exchanges; here, that being in Watts/Square Meter.

                  Many thanks for your compliments Friend, “Danke Schon,
                  Veilen Danke mein Freundin!”…Damn, got me again!! Oh well, back to the laboratory I suppose..maybe I can find something to FEED the “Creature” so it will stop YOWLING!!

                  In, time I will – as occasision permits – detail our ‘adventures’ here for all to see and read; tis IMPORTANT…as through such – the sharing of – what one of us knows, then ALL of US will ‘know’ as well! None knows what the future holds, to be sure, yet I am no longer certain that Humnaity will succeed in preserving itself: SHOULD THAT happen, I – and MINE – are depebding on ALL of you to do all that you can to remain ALIVE and whole…we WILL all ‘need’ each other later, for the reasons I have lately propounded here; NONE can hope to ‘make it’ ALONE.

                  A pleasure ‘conversing’ with you here…I hope that is sufficient as an explanation…If not, only but ask openly, here…typically, we are happy to answer questions!


      24. Important! I just checked the website for Molon Labe and they have an update that the movie will premiere on Oct. 24, 2013 and be available for viewing at this website… So, you can see it for free…I suggest buying a dvd to share with others who do not have access to the internet..

      25. I think this is one of the best articles I have ever seen. Lots of facts supplanted with ‘what if’ scenarios.

        That being said, we all know that the evil one is in charge of many things- MSM and entertainment such as movies and TV. Have you noticed that many movies or shows have disclosed, or foretold what is to come? One such example I can think of recently was the TV series ‘Fringe’ by J.J. Abrhams (same guy who did the latest Star Trek movies).

        Anyways, in the Fringe series there exist parallel universes and in one of them, the world is basically locked down in a police state. Even all of the citizens have a national ID card called a ‘Show Me’ ID. Your every location is known and tracked and a huge national database has all your details. Sounds a lot like we are headed right now. Evil loves to taunt you with the visions of evil to come before they force it upon you.

        So…how does one get back to their universe? It’s going to be the fight of your lives, literally.

      26. Nation wide declared Martial Law(<–make sure you read that right) would be the end of the clowns in DC and they know it.

        will they try small approaches to it? possibly ..but if they get too greedy ( as they always do) it will be the end of their rule, and of their gravy train and they know it.

        if they pull the plug on us like that, it will be WROL and all hell will break out for everyone equally

        • VRF-

          That is part of the UN role. Oblama declares Martial Law and calls in U.N. ‘Peace Keeping Forces’ to quell the riots. He *wants* the U.N. here. The U.N. also knows that Americans have more guns than anyone and it would quickly turn into a quagmire. That’s why scary Kerry signed the weapons treaty, the U.N. wants us disarmed first.

          What I suspect will happen is a large deployment of U.S. forces to a foreign war first, to get them off of U.S. soil. With the majority of any soldiers with combat experience (who could train an insurrection) deployed, the U.N. will only have to deal with inexperienced or older veterans. News flash for them: Many of those ‘older’ Vets know first hand about dictators, war and tyrants. Bring it!

          • Bring it is right!

            they do not know the sleeping giant they will awaken ..

            and they are fools to think they would ever get, find, or know where all the guns are/.. no dam way..

            don’t tread on me

            • To any of the wussies out there.. you can go to FEMA or lick boots all you want

              Im not going out like that

              maybe I’ll be dead, but I wont be their coward, and I wont be their slave..and Ill die on my dam feet..not on my knees

              I could be totally wrong about my assumption of how ML would go down in this country..and im completely fine with that. I refuse to be further enslaved

              I know where I stand on it..

              do you?

              • Right on,
                Same mindset here,
                I may die resisting, but i can guarantee i will NOT go alone.

              • I don’t PLAN on dying any earlier than necessary, but if it comes to that, so be it. I will do everything in my power (and maybe some that isn’t) to survive.

                What I will not do, is SURRENDER my values.

                I will not BOW, even to force.

                I will not ASSIMILATE into the NWO.

                I will not quit trying to survive.

                I will not turn on my own people.

                I will not live as a slave.

                Everything else is nothing but window dressing.

              • lms standing fast and patient in the Redoubt.

                I’m stayin…their going.

          • AMEN!!!

          • You not remembering all the combat vets already here?
            From WWII to present many of us are combat vets and can train people.

      27. The insurgency that would arise in this country would be unreal. A nightmare for the GOV.
        And if this all goes down, I think that it would be safe
        to say that military factions would break off too. Not
        everyone agrees with the current state of could
        be a terrible mess.

      28. Check your prep’s, load and lock weapons, charge your spare mags, because you just might need them soon very soon. Pop some corn, have a cold soda tonight, and sit down talk with the family about what just may be happening in the very near future and also go over your overall plan for/with them. Cherish this time you have with them, because it is growing short. Just LOVE THEM WITH ALL YOU HAVE: the call may very well be going out soon to ruck up. Till we meet on the other side.

      29. I wonder if I could escape martial law with my buddies extra military clothes he gave me. I have the full uniform, only a few months old..

        they bust into my house, im standing there already and yell “all clear!!! move onto the next house.”

        • you never know.

      30. The three stages to war.

        1. Protest…………..Check
        2. People in opposition……………Check
        3. Rebellion……………..Stand ready

      31. My 2 cents:

        1). The Obama administration is not a wounded animal because of the scandals several times larger in magnitude to the Watergate scandal. This is in effect a show case and symbolism that the administration and its technocracy and their financial backers like Too Big To Fail, Central banking, and etc are in fact above the law.
        The Obama administration and its heavy backers are wounded because more and more people are realizing that this White House is for all purposes W. Bush’s administration. It should have been obvious in 2008 when the Obama campaign possessed the same backing as W. Bush did in 2004.
        People who simply look at the party affiliation for distinctive difference ignores that their actions and agenda path are effectively the same.

        No, Obama is not in trouble for not starting the war. Saudi Arabia was threatened directly resulting in within 72 hours the administration backing down. The only reason the public backlash can even be sourced as a justification is due to the inevitable domestic and international clash in the making.
        Martial law aka shelter in place isn’t just an ideal threat; it is the desired outcome that is preferably ushered in through popular support.
        Does that mean it won’t be jammed down the populace’s throat? No, it means that it wanted to buy time to set the foundation and as much of the implementation with the least path of resistance possible.
        Afterwards, there’s plenty of cannon fodder to take on Russo-Sino-Indian-Iranian-Pakistani-North Korean-Syrian-etc forces.

        2). Stage 2 is merely the implementation for stage 3; it’s where the teeth of coercion and force are launched into full implementation. Stage 2 is meant to disorganize whatever resistance exist, and it’s meant to provide threat of indefinite detainment, assassination, and etc to compel compliance and subservience. It should be obvious gun organization like the NRA, and the Oath Keepers are the main targets in stage 2 while stage 3 focuses on maintaining and sustaining the power structure.
        finx, as far as Top-Down Command-Control or simply centralization of Executive power is concerned, there is no alternative national political party. In fact, the only thing Bismarkianist Democrats and Republicans distinctively differ is the details of the power-structure’s hierarchy, so no the Democrats and Republicans by and large makeup the rebirth of the Democratic-Republican Party, which actually separated due to Andrew Jackson becoming President. In a nutshell, there’s not enough evidence that suggests that the Bismarkianist center, left, and right disagree to the point of igniting civil war although it is possibility particularly having it exposes dissent and effectively removes what is deemed excessive population.

      32. 81 days and if we are still standing ……I will renter the matrix !!!!
        I clearly remember waking up a coworker in 2006 and it got to the point where he said , Rich if nothing happenes by the end of 2007 will you stop this crap ….I agreed … that point it was that martial law was going to be declared andwe would have KING GEORGE ( with all the pics of George bush with a crown on his head ) …here we are 6 years later , almost 7 years later!
        How many years can I tell my wife who doesn’t believe to get ready its coming before she starts to look sane and I’m the nut job ………81 days and I’m finished …..I’m tired of being laughed at …..besides when I’m 50 or 60 I won’t be interested in fighting back

        • Well then, throw out all of your preps (if you have any) and get on your knees and wait for your masters to kick your door in…no skin off my ass. Do what you think is best, listen to your wife, apparently she’s ready for a bunk at a FEMA camp.

          Have fun and don’t say you weren’t warned.

          • First off , I’m not throwing anything away BUT I was warned in 2006 also ….what year is this ? And what year are we headed towards ?????
            Remember the boy who cryed wolf

            • I understand where you’re coming from. However, this site does give insight to possibilities which I may not have considered. While I’m not really a “Prepper” I still try to live more like my grandparents generation. (hence my username as his paintings represent what we could be if we tried). I usually just read this site when I can at work as its nice to know there are others out there that would stand up next to me to protect what is really important. If the last of the real Americans fall then so does the rest of the world. Many in my rural Indiana town “get it” even if not as in depth as many of you here. My wife rolls her eyes at me but kind of goes along anyway. While I’m not really worried about an EMP, Martial Law, ISON, or any other number of catastrophes, I still have a back up plan just in case. I still live my life normal and don’t talk about this stuff much with others. If people can’t see whats going on around them now forget em. Even my 87 year old grandpa can see the writing on the wall. Also, I’d like to say thank you to all that contribute to this site. The one thing I feel all us like minded individuals need to focus on now is not so much prepping, but how to identify one another if something goes down. If we can’t communicate or know who is on our side then we’re screwed. I know “ham” and “c/b” but how effective is that really going to be to rally the masses. One last thing I never see mentioned is Glasses and Hearing aids. Without glasses/contacts I’d be screwed. If you require these and something happens when shtf all your prepps will be for naught. Please keep spares of these.

            • RICH- DONt forget Y2K when you were warned…and how many other times over 30 years?

        • Rich99 does have a point- front line troops can only remain on high-alert with no action for so long before they all start calling bullshit on command orders.

      33. Why does insane and totally unsubstantiated hogwash like this article get posted on this site? To rile up the Obama haters? To feed them more lies and give them more reasons to fear and to hate? Red meat for the savages? It is sad to see so many lie-believers congregated in one place, just pathetic to see how low human intellect can sink.

        • Perhaps Johnny, you and Finx could find another site that would appeal more to your extremely discerning taste and don’t let the door hit you on the way out! 🙂

          • JP= yeah maybe he can find one with REAL news?

            Did you see on the news the thouands of National GUard and Homeland Security doing the shutdown of 495? They counted 1/2 million truckers…just like the truckes said.

            Martial law is in effect until the trucker thing is over. This turned out to be BIG…. like the million man march they had planned!

            Good site. Good news! Alex Jones journalism at its best, and it gets rerrinted here without validating the info!

            Then you people get pissy on ones that call BULLSHIT on anything.

            • Rich98….Firstly, I don’t capitalize the initials that I use for my moniker here! Please tell your troll friends!

              Secondly, this article was written by Dave Hodges from The Commonsense Show and he is describing what martial law might look like! I think what you don’t like is that Dave Hodges connects the dots…something that you aren’t able to do or aren’t paid to do!

              Alex Jones, regardless of what you or other trolls may think of him, has actually been pretty accurate with a great deal of his reporting. Do some events not materialize…yes, but try to keep in mind that TPTB control a huge amount of what goes on in front of the scenes and behind. They can change their plans fairly quickly….it’s called “contingency” plans.

              Realistically, if you and others believe that this site reports articles that are BS, then WHY come here???
              There are a ton of MSM sites that will accommodate your belief system….visit them instead! And please take your troll friends(finx, johnny) etc with you….you’re not convincing anybody of anything here-get it!


        • Not if you switch them out with UN blue helmet types. People here actually believe this crap. At least they keep busy like little squirrels gathering and hiding crap that will fill 5 dumpsters when they die. The more they are removed from society the better.

      34. Martial law = Communism
        Been there! Done that!

      35. What if some states secede from the union. If one does I believe I would like to become a resident. and Maybe BI,s clatyclismic events will happen? I would prefer a world wide clatyclisic event. At any rate this old guy will die and hopefully take some traitors out. before he ever submits to being a subject of the NWO.

      36. People, trust me, don’t save your medicine for the future. Take it know before you freak out. You really should take better care of yourself and live for today.

      37. some of you may have heard about the secret transportation of a nuclear weapon in South Carolina recently.. and the guy in charge got fired…well, this is from fox news,

        “The circumstances of Carey’s firing were shrouded in mystery. A senior U.S. Defense official said he was fired over “conduct.” Officials said it did not have to do with gambling, or the loss of a nuclear weapon, or sexual misconduct.”

        look at what they said, “not gambling, loss of weapon, or sexual misconduct”.. which one sticks out? gambling and sexual misconduct are typical things to get fired over, but “LOSS OF A NUKE” is not typical.
        they are covering it up.

        I smell a seriously bad false flag coming.

        • good catch.

      38. I don’t know what stage of martial law we are in presently, but Obama and the establishment must feel they have all their bases covered in their quest to implement tyranny. All of the groups who have banded together to protest their greivences should be commended. The people need more and much larger opposition groups to physically, in the streets, let the usurpers know that the American people have had enough corruption and lies from the government. Perhaps the people have’nt reached that level of anger yet, meanwhile TPTB move forward with their evil plans. I think peaceful protest by millions is the right way to force the government to reveal their intent. All this secrecy and hidden agenda moving ahead with miniscule opposition sucks.

      39. so what would Obama’s motive be to establish martial law ?

        who would profit and how ???

        • It sure as hell won’t be the trucker strike. Some here on this board are starting to lose credibility. Some of you run your mouth (or, keyboard) and in truth, you still live with your mama. Quit whining and start prepping.

        • The private banksters, Zionist, and other FOREIGN “holders” of our massive, immeasurable, and unpayable debt. Disarm the “current property owners” and put “them” in internment camps…while the TRUE PAPER HOLDERS take what has been given/promised them for continuing to by OUR WORTHLESS DOLLAR!

          • “BUY” our worthless dollar.

              • US Government agencies including grant trust funds of social security and medicare and the INDEPENDENT FEDERAL RESERVE account for 40% of the federal debt.

                We have to be the dumbest slaves in the world. The Federal Reserve makes an accounting entry in their books and the Treasury books and then we pay them interest on this phony loan plus we owe them the principle.

                And Yental is correct about the fact that this money is owed to private Zionist banksters. They are the owners of the non-federal reserve.

                Are we ‘stoopid’ or what.

                We could have our government printing its own non-interest bearing money. Oh, but I forgot. How many presidents have been assasinated over this very subject.

              • This is the point at which we have a different analysis Satori. The NON-Federal reserve is a Zionist operated PRIVATE BANKING MAFIA that counterfeits money out of “thin air”, and then charges US interest on it.

                Lately, THEY have been forced to buy up THEIR own counterfeit money/bonds. I don’t owe THEM jackshit…and NEVER WILL. PROBLEM: These assholes have sold TRILLIONS to other countries backed by WHAT?

                Answer: The property, persons, and lives of the American people…SOMETHING THEY NEVER OWNED…OR EVER WILL! Molon Labe!

            • Yental:

              I think a lot of folks believe we can just say “sorry, we aren’t going to pay the governments debt to you” and the zionist bankers will just say “okay”.

              Unfortunately, America and all its resources is the collateral that the banksters own and when any reset happens they will come calling.

              Anyone who chooses to not believe this needs to check on what has happened and is happening to countries that cannot pay their banksters obligations.

            • You have about 48 days till thanksgiving

              • Rich99:

                You also have about 48 days till Thanksgiving.


              • Rich99:

                You also have about 48 days till Thanksgiving.


          • Welcome “home red thumbs”…did you miss me?

            Or is this simply an attempt to “collapse the uncomfortable truth”?

      40. I thought some of you might get a kick out of this comment at The post (article) title is “JOGGER TERRORISTS” and the comment below was written about barricaded hiking paths and locked restrooms at Coronado National Forest near Tucson, AZ a few days ago during the shutdown.

        “This is as good a thread as any to post this anecdotal story.

        A guy in my Wednesday discussion group said he went up to the Coronado National Forest near Tucson this past weekend to go hiking. He said all the trails were “barricaded” (you can’t f#*king barricade a forest trail, but the dumbasses tried) as closed and all restrooms everywhere were locked.

        Seems the public left a gross message for the Forest Service and feds by taking dumps all around the locked restrooms and leaving a large amount of soiled toilet paper on the ground with their message. My buddy said it was an absolutely disgusting sight, but he AGREED with the message people were sending to the government.

        So do I.”

        • Call me crazy, but I’d pick up the turds and fling it in their faces.

      41. If any of us have been holding out hope that the ‘good cops’ etc will not go along with this kind of crackdown, just look at the behavior of the Federal park employees/rangers as they harass citizens during the ‘shutdown’.

        • I was at Zion Utah when it happened and so I am reporting first hand: Everyone was treated kind and all our questions were answered the employees did not want it to happen any more than we did. Stop making everyone into an enemy……………

          • So they ‘did not want it to happen’ but they followed orders anyway and kept American citizens off of Federal land?

            Isn’t that exactly my point?

            It’s not their land. It’s ours.

            Stop being such a sheep…………………………..

            • +1,000…I hope weak people get the same treatment that a weak animal in the forest get…and I like animals more than most people.

              If you can’t support and feed yourself of your own means you must go.

              That is how the earth works.

        • John
          Those clowns are not COPS!!! They wouldn’t make pimple on a good COPS BUTT.

        • Im no fan of the police in most cases but its a stretch to compare regular police to these park/game warden/ranger types….even a braindead cop would seem bright beside these morons…one thing the fedgov does not do and that is attract the best and the brightest…especially in outdoor fields of work!

          • OK, your point is well taken, I put ‘good cops’ in quotes and also included ‘etc’, not sure what else to call them.

            My point is this: if we are hoping that there are enough good people in the security forces that will be used against us, enough good people to prevent it from happening, I’m not seeing the evidence.

            Let me ask you this: Where were the ‘good cops’ in Boston when the regular police were searching houses without warrants? Where were the cops who said, ‘wait a minute, we can’t just bust into people’s homes’ Is that a stretch? They shut the entire city of Boston down, and there was no uprising of ‘good cops’ to stop it.

            (and yes, I understand hot pursuit, and probable cause, emergency searching, blah blah blah. They were searching every house, not houses where the suspects ‘probably’ were. ‘Probable’ cause is not ‘possible’ cause)

      42. Off topic…

        Soon I will be traveling to my someday-in-the-future BOL. Hypothetically, if one wanted secure a hunting implement or two, but it was not possible to place it in an environmentally (think moisture) controlled safe, how would you prepare that implement to avoid rust. My thoughts are a thorough cleaning and oiling, followed by wrapping in lightly oiled rags, then in plastic to avoid rust.

        Any and all ideas on protecting an investment in blued steel and lead is appreciated…….there will possibly be exposure to freezing temps, but not sustained sub freezing temps.

        I refuse to register that which is guaranteed by the constitution.

        • Heavy grease will do the job. Also for metal parts you can use WD40 rust inhabiter. It says it is effective for one year on Metal parts. You can find it at Lowe’s for $ Also don’t use plastic to wrap the metal parts, first use oil saturated papers (not rags since it does absorb moister )and then use plastic. My 2 cents only.

        • Many have tried to ‘bury’ items with steel in large PVC pipe and seal it up. They come back a year later or so to check on it and it’s rusted beyond belief.

          Let’s look at the forces of nature in motion in this situation, shall we?

          -Metal is a different density than the surrounding soil or area it is in, so it will condense as temps change.

          -Any air that is in the sealed pipe contains of all things oxygen…which is needed for the process of oxidation (rust)

          So… we know that temps will change and metal will rust.
          How to prevent it? A good coat of gun oil can help, but more importantly, remove all oxygen from the sealed container. You cannot simply vacuum it out, you need to displace the oxygen with another inert gas- Nitrogen works well, which is why airline tires (and the Space Shuttle)had their tires filled with it.

          Any atmospheric air will contain oxygen and they don’t want the insides of the tire rims to rust. You go up to 35-45k feet and then back down again, you will get wide temperature swings. Even worse for Space, of course.

          Also, rags and cloth may be a bad idea as it will wick moisture and hold it…causing nice molds and such after time. You want to suspend the item (isolate it)in the center of the tube if possible, so it touches nothing else.

          Sorry there is not a simpler explanation to this problem- but man has buried treasure, swords and guns for eons now and the only stuff that holds up fairly well is gold.

        • Nopitypartyhere you can use heavy grease or you can vacum pak em. i have used both methods and they work. The govt used cosmoline in 1rst and second world war plus korea so heavy grease is what cosmoline is. just remember pack in lots of it so no metal isnt covered. i vacum paked a couple and it works real good. i sprayed em down with 30 weight oil then vaccum paked em it works good just make sure you keep a cleaning kit there an clean em up good before using. light oil tends to invite moisture so use the heavy grease. wildman out

        • Get some synthetic motor oil light weight, PVC pipe with caps, and anti dessicant. Oil your weapon, put it in the PVC pipe, and cap it with the dessicant inside. Good for virtually forever.

        • Hypothetically, there is a material called VPI powder. If one were to place a hypothetical chunk of iron wrapped in a cloth to protect sharp edges, then vacuum sealed it in a heavy duty plastic bag; it would last forever. Someone did it with a M1 Carbine some tape and plastic wrap and stored it in an attic for over 30 years.

        • Cosmoline. Proven to work for a century. Look at the Mosin-Nagants protected by it since 1950.

          Dissasemble, thickly coat all metal surfaces, and either reassemble or wrap metal and stock in coated paper and seal away in a lined crate. Open and examine a sample every 20 years or so, then recoat as necessary and reseal for the next cycle.

          Ammo, use a good steel US ammo can, with rubber seal and a dessicant. Clamp it up tight and tar the lid flanges, then store in cool, dry place. Inspect the cans for exterior rust, no need to open for 20 years. Shoot off a box or two to check it out, then reseal it up for the next cycle, now 5 years, then 2 years, until it’s causing issues.

          Same goes for primers and powders, except 5-year inspection cycle on powder. Primers should last indefinitely.

          Everything should be stored off of a floor, especially a slab, on a pallet or other raised platform or shelves. Office-type door lockers are good options, gives an additional barrier.

          If you have water piping in or above your storage area, install a drain and keep your stores as high as you can, drain or no drain.

          • Smokey-

            My bad for overlooking the obvious. I didn’t know it was still available- apparently so. Now that I have checked, it looks like there is a modern day replacement with not only the heavy grease, but rust inhibitors as well. Looks like a winner, and based on Cosmolines track record, should do just as well.


            The main point is, coat heavily so no air gets to metal, which is really the goal. Thanks for reminding me not too be so obtuse! ; )

            • You were right on about the tube burial, folks wrap ’em in oiled paper and seal it up with the air and moisture, they’ve got rust in just days, and a year is enough to create a real problem project gun.

              Myself, I don’t agree with burial, we have nothing to hide in this country, and if we need to dig them up, it’s already past time to use them.

        • Wow. Thanks everybody for the great information

      43. how did Hitler come to power?

        did he seize power or was it given to him by the German people?

      44. Looks like we all may want to have Thanksgiving dinner a little earlier this year.

      45. Obama thinks he’s writing a page of History. The only thing he’ll have is a footnote at the bottom of the page: Barak Obama was a half white-half black man, who was elected (?) President of the United States and was by far the worst to date. History will record the truth on the page not Obama.

      46. We found out that it is Reese Witherspoon staring in the movie, right now being filmed at the ranch next door. Its called Wild. I have come to the conclusion that there are very few places left to really get away from it all. Sounds like it will soon be pretty rough making a go of it for humanity. Good luck to you all and thanks for all the good insight and information.

      47. They can plan and they can scheme but they wont get their way…oh they will in some places but not here in America,not completely and not for long …war may go on for years but it will only steel the resolve of those alive to resist….America history has shown adversity breeds rebellion and rebellion breeds a tougher meaner type of people…TPTB are going to fail in this fight…many sons/daughters of liberty will perish but in so doing we will open the future up wide for our posterity to be free and build America into what she should have been…my apoligies to those who see only death and no future…after all that mess…I see a better time,thats where Im headed….hope y’all make it there to that better time!

      48. @ Anonymous. You were asking about the earthquake in New Hampshire. This is actually common to have a 2-3 pointer every few months, it was a 2.6. New Hampshire is called the Granite state for good reason. The rock there is very old and a 2.6 got what a 4.0-4.4 would have gotten out in California as what people felt. Dense rock like this really amplifies any energy from earthquakes. Anywhere there are mountains there will be earthquakes one day or the other. This is not likely anything to worry about. A 4-5 pointer in New Hampshire would be like a 6 out on the west coast and do some real damage. New Hampshire range is capable of a low 6 about every 1000-2000 years.

        The area to the west in upstate New York in the Adirondack Mountains has a fault that could top 7. This would be like an 8+ out on the west coast. The Atlantic area is a lot more tectonic than people realize and any earthquake is magnified like in the New Madrid zone. The area in Atlantic zone has even denser rock than around New Madrid. You don’t want a 6+ in this area.

        • anyone remember this ???

          • The planet is ramping up again. 6.4 in Greece. This was another earthquake in which only one energy arc was focused from an area. This one in Greece was directed 6 days ago from the Macquarie Islands region. No major earthquake yet, 6.5+. This is real bad. The planet has had three quakes in three different spots within about 12 hours. 6.4 in Greece 30 minutes ago, 6.3 in the Kermadec Islands region, and 6.1 in Venezuela. Each of these had not one energy arc cross another. The other energy arcs indicate something magnitudes higher than these low 6 range earthquakes. There is now a coin flip chance of a great 8+ to a mega quake 9+.

      49. How to effectively fight back against government tyranny is the big question that should be answered while we still have use of the internet.

        There’s a great willingness and desire to fight back, but there is a lack of organization. What to do?

        I suggest one of the first things to do is to take stock of the whole situation we are facing. Take note of the treasonous enemy forces’ weaknesses and strengths and also take note of the strengths and weaknesses of we the people.

        American people have many different talents which when combined can be an overwhelming force. There’s hackers who can disrupt and steal valuable information from the enemy regime. There’s medical people who can provide much needed medical care for those wounded and hurt in battle. There are those who can provide safe places for those patriot fighters in need of a hiding place from the enemy regime who is hunting them, and so on and so on.

        The fighting resistance in the beginning will most likely be guerrilla warfare, hit and run maneuvers. Choose your targets wisely. Hit hard and disperse until next time. Be loose and flexible because we are dealing with traitorous agencies such as the DHS, FBI, CIA, NSA, DOD, DIA, etc, who froth over every opportunity to infiltrate any kind of American organization which could threaten their traitorous existence.

        Be watchful.

        May God’s love and mercy be with you all in the name of Jesus Christ.

      50. 5.0 just cooked off near Fukushima

      51. How to effectively fight back against government tyranny is the big question that should be answered while we still have use of the internet.

        There’s a great willingness and desire to fight back, but there is a lack of organization. What to do?

        I suggest one of the first things to do is to take stock of the whole situation we are facing. Take note of the treasonous enemy forces’ weaknesses and strengths and also take note of the strengths and weaknesses of we the people.

        American people have many different talents which when combined can be an overwhelming force. There’s hackers who can disrupt and steal valuable information from the enemy regime. There’s medical people who can provide much needed medical care for those wounded and hurt in battle. There are those who can provide safe places for those patriot fighters in need of a hiding place from the enemy regime who is hunting them, and so on and so on.

        The fighting resistance in the beginning will most likely be guerrilla warfare, hit and run maneuvers. Choose your targets wisely. Hit hard and disperse until next time. Be loose and flexible because we are dealing with traitorous agencies such as the DHS, FBI, CIA, NSA, DOD, DIA, etc, who froth over every opportunity to infiltrate any kind of American organization which could threaten their traitorous existence.

        Be watchful.

        May God’s love and mercies be with you all in the name of Jesus Christ.

      52. How to effectively fight back against government tyranny is the big question that should be answered while we still have use of the internet.

        There’s a great willingness and desire to fight back, but there is a lack of organization. What to do?

        I suggest one of the first things to do is to take stock of the whole situation we are facing. Take note of the treasonous enemy forces’ weaknesses and strengths and also take note of the strengths and weaknesses of we the people.

        American people have many different talents which when combined can be an overwhelming force. There’s hackers who can disrupt and steal valuable information from the enemy regime. There’s medical people who can provide much needed medical care for those wounded and hurt in battle. There are those who can provide safe places for those patriot fighters in need of a hiding place from the enemy regime who is hunting them, and so on and so on.

        The fighting resistance in the beginning will most likely be guerrilla warfare, hit and run maneuvers. Choose your targets wisely. Hit hard and disperse until next time. Be loose and flexible because we are dealing with traitorous agencies such as the DHS, FBI, CIA, NSA, DOD, DIA, etc, who froth over every opportunity to infiltrate any kind of American organization which could threaten their traitorous existence.

        May God’s love and mercies be with you all in the name of Jesus Christ.

      53. Hi Be Informed ~ 5.0 or 4.9 earthquake in Eureka, Cal. tonight.
        Why were 2 more Generals fired?
        I was listening to a talk show host tonight.
        Only he and Prison Planet are covering this.
        Is Obama planning a Coup??
        Why are some nukes being sent over to South Carolina?
        The good people of America are focusing on the Obama care
        nightmare, and the Gov., shutdown, and behind the scenes 2 more Generals got the axe…Is it coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences. Why is Obama purging the high ranking military officials? There was not any sexual misconduct, gambling, or other faux pas with one General that was recently fired. What gives?
        @ SixPack ~ Read your above post with the links, very good thoughts and points about the Generals being fired.

        • Wow. Thanks everybody for the great information

          • Don’t know why that posted here…should have posted under my question above.

            But I did see news on fox business channel about this. They kept going on about how much incompetence is in the military. They still just don’t get it, that just the govt spies on journalists, it continues to feed them only the BS it wants them to know. Why haven’t we heard from petraeus? Is he even still alive? Whatever they’ve got on him they are keeping him shut up, that’s for sure.

        • Emily–you may have gotten it backwards.
          No, they weren’t fired because Ostupid is planning a coup–hell, babe, that already happened in 2008, a political coup.
          They may have been fired because they were part of another coup, a military coup, ya think??

      54. Im pretty much disappointed with the way our republic has declined. The Obama care was the last straw for me. Tha supreme court got it wrong. the Obama care law forces me to engage in commerce. If I refuse I am deemed a criminal subject to punishment. Ill not comply. There is no reward great enough to entice me to buy health insurance, There is no punishment harsh enough to force me to comply. There isn’t now and hasn’t been for a wile a viable political or ballot box solution. So where does that leave Us. What Next? If we don’t stop the UN & NWO we become completely communist. Im of the opinion better dead than red. Its time to revolt.

        • The decline has long been planned out and enacted.

          It’s the camels nose in the tent, approach. Communists have been active for nearly a hundred years. They push for something claiming it will be good and helpful. When in reality it weakens and strips us of our freedoms.

          IMHO, Obamacare is all about destroying the economy and control. No healthcare for everyone.

      55. Mathew 24

        • JayJay says, Luke 21.

        • Psalms 109:8

      56. Things will just go on as they do. The boomer generation will age and one day I’ll buy myself a nice Harley from the children or widow of a dead boomers rotting in the ground.

        They will continue to degrade our freedoms and currency. They shipped the factories overseas.

        A very old Jewish guy told me as a boy….to only by silver and gold. That one day things would repeat and in time…they would come to steal everything

        The generation that will bury me will hate my generation as well. They will hate us for being comfortable and not doing anything.

        The generations that follow will be socialist and debt slaves.

        The best thing you can do for your kids is to hide all your wealth so the govt. does not know about it. Then make sure they are not debt slaves. This is what the jews do…
        They create debt slaves. It’s why Hitler had them all killed.

        I think in time they will crash the currency and when the blue helmets of the UN come as peace keepers…. they will be foreign troops.

        At that point our military leaders will need to take over the United States and purge the congress of all the commies.

        In time….things will continue to get worse. I’ve always known this.
        I’m behind the boomers….or I might be the last boomer…depending on how you look at it. Just like a nice pool….after everyone leaves…it’s filled with piss.

        More people are more problems.
        Don’t think things will get better.
        The greatest threat to the United States has been the liberal boomers.
        These Dems voted in a commie. Judging by all the exec. orders….you know his action plans or orders from the bankers.

        Just keep a cool head.
        In time they will say you will have to turn in your guns.
        Don’t do it.
        Then when they come to take them…. I’ll stop there.

        Just know that the core of man is evil.
        Man has always enslaved man.
        I once knew a used car dealer. He bought used cars and then resold them to the poor with bad credit at credit card rates. He stated that slavery never ended.
        The new chains were just credit that could be extended.

        The new form of capitalism is a small micro business. You don’t hire anyone and you take cash only.

        Final thought…
        The blacks used to be slaves.
        Today…a black man is trying to enslave you all.

        You need to fight back from these commies by not employing them.
        Fire them. Or overwork them and underpay them so their lazy asses quit.

        I say…let it all collapse.
        Then when it’s being rebuilt…don’t hire any dems or commies.
        Turn them into second class citizens.

        Rot in hell fat Ted Kennedy…he enslaved us all with his social shit.
        Obummer is trying to do the same.

        Time will pass and we’ll see what becomes of the people who plotted to destroy

        • yep

      57. IS IT TIME TO ‘RACK AND LOAD’???

        • ….Almost.


        • Wouldn’t you load and then rack? Seems like racking and empty weapon is odd. Kind of like braveheart being a loser and giving economic advice. Rack and load then fire the empty chamber. Yeah baby. Wow

          • Silly. It is “rack and load” because it sounds better. And it sounds a little like “rock and roll.”

            Even an Aspie can figure that out.

          • Urbana, is this really urban dog? if it is call 1-800-EAT-SHIT.

            • Brave. Now you are quoting bumper stickers? Don’t like my driving? 1800 eat shit? Really.

        • Sure looks like it!

        • Lock and load.

          Lock the bolt back, insert magazine, then release the bolt, stripping first round into the chamber. Safety on, muzzle downrange.

      58. Although I hate covers of original songs as well as the band Disturbed, they did one hell of a job on Phil Collins Land of Confusion.

      59. @ Emily and wormdirt. 6.3 near Kermadec Islands/New Zealand, 6.1 in Venezuela just recently. The one up by Eureka is near to the southeast corner of the Cascadia fault. The planet is lighting up. The one that I would be most concerned about is the one in Venezuela that is fairly large for this region, as only one energyu arc travels through here. The earthquake near the Galapagos Islands a couple of weeks ago seems to be where this one was sending the energy signature towards. As I was mentioning to JustOneGuy, there are many energy arcs that are crisscrossing each other over the Marshall Islands/Caroline area west of Hawaii. This region is loaded with atolls which are hundreds of burned out volcanoes are. I am still most concerned about India/Western China, Japan, New Guniea to Samoa, Southern Alaska, Cascadia fault, and from Mexico to northern Chile the most for something quite huge. Other areas I have mentioned as less possible for something large as well.

        • Thanks, Doomer.
          I followed this man for a while, but haven’t heard from him in months.

      60. I am truly, for the first time in my 60 years of life, afraid of my own country. What is going on and can’t we do anything.

      61. “And of course, you will be totally dependent upon the government for food, water and shelter.”
        As if its something new. The system has grown into this already for some time now. You guys and the editor take the time to think of the ‘useless eaters’ and how they will react in martial law?!?!?!?!?!? When the gangs start making rounds,flushing out all you preppers out of your homes and cutting your throats to take your preps,maybe theres a real reason why your governmint is putting things like this in place??? 90% of all the people i know have not prepared for anything. Your gonernmint knows this,thats why logically everything they do makes sense and maybe,just maybe its not a conspiracy,but the only way for your republic’s survival.

        • Go back to your hole.

        • DG, that explanation might work if the govt itself hadn’t engineered the crisis. Everything they do these days makes it worse for us, better for them. That doesn’t sound like the caring govt you think they are.

          They aren’t demonizing gang-bangers, they’re demonizing Christians and working people. They are not trying to disarm CRIMINALS—they’re trying to disarm THE REST OF US instead.

          Your theory isn’t supported by the relevant facts, my friend.

      62. Heard last nite that two U.S. ‘nuke’ Generals were mysteriously fired,

        My understanding: 1st one was a 4-star; 2nd was a 2-star.

        (Although I try to be aware of current events, I’d never heard peep from MSM or Internet about firing of 1st General.)

        Anybody know what’s going on? Perhaps, did Generals refuse an Obama order?

        Must be more info about this somewhere…

      63. I know most here are very well prepared but DH and I are still working on our preps and sustainable living plan. That is our protest against the future Marshall law and ongoing tyranny. This week they will be finishing up the lake in front of our house. This achieves two goals, a long term water supply and added security. I canned 30 pints of apple butter and battered with a neighbors for eggs last week. DH cut and split a big stack of wood for the heater. Progress is being made. Our food and water supplies are up to 10 months,gun training continues,perimeter security is progressing…opsec as to what this includes. As for organized protests we are not spending money or going out this weekend but going to DC is not in the cards for us. If we can’t protest from here we are not going to be a target in some other location..sorry. Still too much to do here to protect our family.

      64. One of my bosses has a son majoring in computer science in upstate New York. Must be a very open teacher at that university, because we all know the grid is vulnerable, but…..

        In a thorough review, every , EVERY grid system has multiple random little packages of bits of information in the code. NOBODY knows how they got there, NOBODY knows who did it. Just that they were not part of the original programming. This information was conveyed as part of a system security course.

        Could it be another country’s version of STUX net? Could it be the military to immobilize the US in martial law? Could it be for a False Flag event? This is how Napolitano and all the other govt Goons know grid failure is imminent. We’ve already been attacked. They only have to pull the trigger.

        Just hammers home that what I’m doing is the right thing. Just can’t do it fast enough.

      65. Good Morning Everyone,

        Through the evening hours 11861 mha simplified appreciably: bo longer are the two high magnitude,. opposing polarity regions in proximal contact. However, it is the case that a 11851 ha diminished in internal complexity that 11864 ha INCREASED in that measure.

        Specirfically, at this thime it appears that a ‘tendril’ of positive polarity flux is ‘insinuating’ itself in the leading negative polarity segment…or attempting to; I will monitor thi as I can through the day.

        At preent, the average Solar emission of X-ray Flux – in the ‘Low Band’, from which ALL uch figures are derived – is approximately hovering at the C-class level which represents a marginal decrease from yesterday. It will be interesting to ee how 11864 evolve over the next 48 hour methinks. Latly, as footnote here, it i the case that the 11861/11864 complex is precisely aligned along the olar Polar meridian now…hence – roughly here – the danger, if any, begin to decrease form this point forwward relative to any potential ejecta…

        …And D-Dat’s, D-Dat’s, D-Dat’s All Folks!!!

        in my beet ‘Porky Pig’ styling!


        • Note,

          Forgive me my typo’s here this morning, if you will…my keyboard did NOT make the trip here as easily as did we!
          The two spots refered to in the preceding are – of course – 11861 and 11864, and none others.


      66. Finally, a moment to comment on the article here itself!

        Folks, at ANY point, REGARDLES of the reason offered, should it become the case that any ‘Soviet-style’ internal movement controls are mandated, theb it IS time to ‘Lock and Load’; for it is exactly, that which all tyrannical regimes attempt to install in order to – mistakenly – give them the peace of mind, the illusiary control, which THEY crave.

        Remember this, for IF it comes to pass, there are then NO OTHER options left…ONLY but Revolution Mark II, solely.


      67. Off-topic question: has anyone heard from Manos lately?

      68. 404 error?

      69. I’m in Philadelphia and was shopping today. The supermarket declared that the EBT/welfare card system for PA is not working. This has happened before and it usually only lasts a few hours. We shall see what happens. If you hear that Philly is burning you will know what happened. I guess if it can go down for a few hours why not a few days?

      70. So have you looked around America lately? Zero factories, now ghost malls. The developers are now tearing down the malls and sitting on the land to decrease their tax payments.

        Yeah, generation X are just waiting out their parents to die off…so they can inherit a little cash to get unenslaved from the credit card debt. No shit!

        I’m just going to sit back and watch it all fall apart.

        Dont’ ask me to get patriotic….

        This is just the way it is.. just like a family business that ran for generations…until the great grand kids got it.

        The original owner was up at 5 am every day, 7 days a week and on his hands and knees cleaning behind the toilet.

        Today all these fucks with their MBAs don’t know shit. Zero tangible skills.
        They all sit in planning meetings and don’t know where to start.

        We’ll….I’ll say this…
        It will be pretty cool to watch all the McMansions go on auction.
        I TOLD YOU SO!

        As you you …DEMS.
        ZERO JOBS FOR YOU FUCKERS. I mean it.
        Guys…don’t hire these commie fucks.

        These are the people who voted for Obama and enslaved you as business owners.
        Automation to the extreme…. only hire family.

        It’s republican survival time in an age of a nation of anti gun liberal fucks.

        I just cannot wait to hear the news when all the well fed dems start dying of natural causes.
        I will rejoice at each one..just like I did when I heard Ted Kennedy did.
        He put the entire nation on the plantation.
        Rot in pieces Ted.

      71. Indeed 386 Tsd. soldiers from foreign troops are not that much. But have you ever thought about how much prisoners you do have ? Many of them are traumatized/brutalized because of what they have experienced in your “facilities”. It is likely, that there are not so few of them who hate the society now.

        In the case of the case the government can offer them freedom, an income, food, a perspective they otherwise will not have in your society. If they get weapons, they will shoot at you.

      72. You left out one little part. “THEY” do NOT have enough people! We have 500 million guns and at least 30 million Veterans that will NOT go down without a fight!

      73. It will look like a target rich environment, there will be plenty of alphabet agency game to hunt. I am definitely going to need more ammo…..and some body armor.

      74. It’s time to lock and load……

      75. The problem with this theory, and with using historical examples in this context is that it is not comparable to trying it on a country that is armed to the teeth and already mad as hell.

      76. Obama this….Obama that….

        How about, Obama is a stooge, look behind the curtain. The same curtain Bush stood in front of.


        The problem with the implementation of Martial Law, especially in this country, is that the People of this country have not been pacified as those of other countries. There is still an overwhelming sense that we are the Land of the Free, that psychological foundation, whether exercised or not, still remains strong in the psyche of the American People and will not be easy to overcome.

        I would submit that a vast, invisible insurgency would arise rapidly in this country if this government imposed Martial Law. As with most insurgencies, one in this country would be particularly effective due to both the nature of our government inefficiency and the vastness of the country itself. After all, one need not look at recent military history to see that the United States has not been particularly effective in the Middle East in either suppressing insurgencies or winning wars.

        The infrastructure of this country is also very vulnerable targets, making it almost impossible for the government to adequately protect vital supply lines, roads, pipelines or power plants. We must also take into consideration the fact that during any revolt against the government, there are usually defectors and it could easily be expected that there would be massive defections from not only the law enforcement, but from the military as well as atrocities are committed by government forces upon the public. With such defections comes a transfer of armaments from government to the insurgency, not to mention the fact that arms shipments and storages facilities within this country would also be targeted by the insurgency.

        The government, as do all governments, under the pressure of a growing insurrection, will naturally make bad choices in the manner in which it handles its attempt to control and confine a growing rebellion, those bad choices usually serve to recruit more regular citizens into the insurgency. Additionally, we must remember that there will be infiltrators in the government, within its agencies and they will, as invisible insurgents, be the ears and eyes of the rebellion. It would be impossible to control, impossible to contain even with the most sophisticated weaponry. The invisible insurgent would slip in and out of the controlled society, attacking at a moment’s notice and then disappearing back into the controlled society where he or she is recognized as a compliant sheep by their controllers, but all the while they are anything but.

        An invisible insurgency will take advantage of every weakness of the opponent, knowing the weaknesses and the strengths as well as how to choose the proper theater of operation. Knowing when to avoid an opponents advantage is a key to successful operations. While there is a stage where peaceful resistance is effective as long as a government is still confining itself under lawful functions, there will be a definitive change in resistance once such a government goes beyond the bounds of lawful functions, as would be the case if this government imposed Martial Law contrary to Constitutional limitations.

        During the first stages of Martial Law, when a government and its enforces begin to initiate hostilities, they will naturally be at an advantage and cannot be confronted head-on, but as Martial Law continues so too does the growth of resistance, in particular the rise of an invisible, relatively unorganized, insurgency. Such an insurgency is extremely difficult to contain or defeat. Obviously, I place little, if any at all, confidence in citizen’s militias during such a tyrannical act as Martial Law. Those within the militias will be some of the first victims of Martial Law; it should also be noted that groups of resistance fighters will not fair well during the first few months of Martial Law, thus all effective resistance will rest in an insurgency that is essentially invisible, unknown, unorganized and that can operate independently of an organized super-structure.

        Targets under such hostilities, will be rich and plentiful; thus to the invisible insurgent, those targets must be within a limited geographical area to be effective; given that fact, with a growing host of insurgents locally determining rich targets, the costs of controlling the insurgency will be a massive undertaking for the opponents forces. Targets will always be chosen based on the potential impact on opposition forces, supplies, the psychological impact of the attack and of course, the best likelihood of a successful exit from the arena of attack by the insurgency.

        Of course, in addition to physical infrastructure targets, we must remember that there will be valid personnel targets as well. As in any revolt against tyranny, those who are responsible for the imposition of such tyranny will always be primary targets. The supporting and enforcement personnel structure would also be targeted during such operations as a well as any collaborators and foreign troops.

        Again, this is all just academic speculation on my part and in no way do I support violence as a means of political or social change.

      78. I will say you did a good job of twisting the truth, misrepresenting the truth, making twisted logic, and making everything seem like a giant conspiracy. First, those conspiracies he did, are not anything unconstitutional, the TSA stuff, uh that was from the Patriot Act. The IRS stuff, of course the IRS is going to look into institutions that complain about taxes. Anyone with any understanding of Constitutional Law, federal law, hell, any paralegal could tell you this, he hasn’t done anything (NSA stuff started under Bush, and was set as a precedent). Then again, the people the author is catering to don’t bother to do any research on their own. Don’t bother to listen to anyone whom they disagree with. I read through your article, and I will say, it’s bull. Good day.

      79. Obama is on the wrong side of history, Martial law will be the demise of the NWO and their tyrannical appointed false leaders. Dismantle and eliminate the 13, destroy their empire of greed, lies and horror and the world shall know peace. To bring an end to the luciferian experiment, the 13 must be eliminated from society.

        If you value life, value freedom and value your states sovereignty, prepare for war, they want civil war and are hellbent on achieving their goal of dominance.

      80. A key thing to consider is, WHO ‘works’ for DHS or the UN troops? Americans? Foreign troops? Clones (seriously)?

        It would have to be individuals willing to kill unarmed civilians, including women and children.

        What will they be paid in? Food? And when it runs out?

        Hard to fathom that the manpower it would take to take over the whole country exists. However, if much of the country is sacrificed in FFlags, then they concentrate on key areas, more manageable.

        We have the New Madrid basically going to carve an ocean from Louisiana to the Great Lakes and Canada, the potential sacrifice of the sacred C O W (California, Oregon, Washington) via massive EQ and disaster, the potential sinking of Florida, flooding of the eastern seaboard, and nuclear potentials in at least DC and South Carolina.

        If any of the above comes to pass, I find it hard to grasp that surviving humans who work or volunteer for any agency would decide as a collective to ‘clamp down and kill’. But if so, BRING IT.

        Death is only a doorway to something new.

        Peace to all. Trust your gut- it is smarter and faster than your brain. Help each other & f*$k the POLICE.

      81. resistance is futile cuz OB will nuke your asses,how’s that for a false flag.You patriots are dealing with a beast that will break all and any resistance.This isn`t about America it’s NWO,everyone looses and all suffer.America is the false flag for the NWO.
        Ephesians 6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood,but against the rulers,against the authorities,against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

      82. The real question is, if America’s government is fighting it’s own people, who will intervene since America is the worlds busy body?

      83. One thing that many fail to say is , Both Left and Right are allowing this to happen. This was planned before Obama. For eyes to be really open you got to see this. Its not Democraps or Republicans its BOTH, if it was not Obama it would of been someone else Left or right. This whole situation is Planned from a long time ago before Obama’s reign, the sooner ya all wake up to it the sooner you will realize how bad this is, Your vote won’t change a thing, this is Pre Organized and Pre Destined. A 2 Goverment system becomes Corrupt, independents should be able to run for President and be in all Debates. Now the Illusion is one side cares, but they Don’t they are in it too. In the end it will come down to the People and if you are going to tolerate this. Generals Fired, and the Head of Nukes no less, 2 Nukes gone Missing and said to be in South Carolina, , The east Coast of the USA I feel be where it starts with Military Maneuver’s taking place over there for the next month called Operation Shakedown is what I hear. Praying for you guys in Australia, we see it too and are with you.

      84. Let the game begin.

      85. I am a liberal journalist who alienated many of the readers of the weekly paper I wrote for until 2008, when I wrote an editorial in 2007, saying that possible candidate Barack Obama was a narcissist who was too enamored of himself too realize he did not have the experience to run the country. I watched as one-by-one the pundits in the corporate-owned media lined up to support this upstart as the candidate for President on the Democratic ticket. I became an independent after watching the Democratic Convention in Denver in 2008, extol women’s achievement, then not put a woman on their ticket. I was delighted when the GOP put Sarah Palin on their ticket and disgusted when the MSM played “Gotcha!” journalism with her. The night of the 2008 Presidential election was one of the saddest in my life. A few months later, I predicted martial law as a results of President Obama’s narcissism and inability to endure the kind of criticism he’s now receiving from the same pundits that helped him get elected twice as evidenced by his “Gotcha!’ interview with Chuck Todd on MSNBC recently. I re-posted my 2009 prediction, “Post-Obama Apocalypse,” in 2011, and have been watching the signs of its approach since. The above article spells out in detail what I could only imagine.The concentration camps are ready, along with 1000s of coffins as shown on Jessie Ventura’s show, “Conspiracy Theory.” If you read my fictional account of the coming martial law presented above with indisputable facts, you will see that in my optimism I predicted it would happen during the first term. I was just a little over-anxious.

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