The Threat Is Real And Imminent: The Next World War Will Be Initiated By A First Strike Utilizing An EMP Weapon

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    There has been a tremendous amount of technological interchange between North Korea, the Russians, and the Chinese.  North Korea has also been working for years in the refinement (development) of its nuclear arsenal, especially in partnership with Pakistan and Iran.  In a press conference at the Pentagon on October 24, 2014 reporters were briefed by General Curtis Scaparrotti, the U.S. Military Commander in Korea.  This is what the general had to say:

    “I believe they [the North Koreans] have the capability to have miniaturized the [nuclear] device at this point, and they have the technology to potentially, actually deliver what they say they have.”

    On March 9, 2016, Kim Jong-Un for the first time stated that North Korea had accomplished the miniaturization of nuclear warheads that are compatible with ICBM’s.  Admiral William Gortney, Commander of US NORTHCOM was in front of a Senate Committee on March 10, 2016 briefing them on the potential North Korean nuclear threat.  The Admiral stated it was “prudent to assume Pyongyang had the ability to miniaturize a nuclear warhead” and deliver it via ICBM that could actually strike the continental U.S.

    Finally, (and the most compelling proponent of the danger posed by North Korea), Dr. Peter V. Pry, the foremost expert on EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) threats by established and rogue nations has long upheld that Iran and North Korea hold an EMP first strike as central to their current military doctrines.  Pry has spent countless hours briefing Senate Investigating Committees on the dangers of an EMP strike by these two nations.

    This year the North Koreans have ramped up their missile tests exponentially, building off of their R&D for the past five years.  Kwangmyongsong-3, Unit 2 satellite was placed into orbit December 12, 2012.  Kwangmyongsong-4 satellite was successfully launched February 7, 2016.  In April 2016 they tested an ICBM engine.  May 2015 saw their claim of a successful SLBM (Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile) test, their first. Then this year, March 23, 2016, (as reported by CNN’s Don Melvin, Jim Sciutto, and Wil Ripley on April 24), their success became a reality.  Here is an excerpt from that report by CNN:

    After previous launch attempts by Pyongyang failed, this one seems to have gone much better, one U.S. official noted.

    “North Korea’s sub launch capability has gone from a joke to something very serious,” this official said. “The U.S. is watching this very closely.”

    Asked whether the test was successful, another U.S. official told CNN, “essentially yes.”

    The missile traveled 30 km as opposed to the 300 km intended by North Korea, but this is the point: North Korea successfully launched the missile from the submarine.  As can be seen, a U.S. official categorized the test as being successful, as well as another one noting the seriousness of North Korea’s newfound capability.  They have recently been launching short and medium-range missiles in tests, and these tests have been conducted regularly over the past 6 months and almost nonstop.

    On July 22, Jane’s Defence Weekly reported that North Korea has constructed a fortified structure (docks) that can potentially shelter ballistic missile-carrying submarines.  Although the report was just made, it was satellite photo imagery that indicated these submarine pens had neared project completion and they were being covered with earth.  The satellite photos indicated that the two enclosures measure 490 feet in length by 32 feet in width, with there being about 50 feet in between the two of them.  The project had actually been started back in October of 2013.

    These are pretty serious reports, and as much as they are laughed at and disparaged, the North Koreans are in deadly earnest about doggedly attaining advances in their nuclear forces’ capabilities.  In March of 2016, North Korea threatened that it would conduct a “preemptive and offensive nuclear strike.” The “balance” that has been made is simple, effected by simpletons, as such:

    The North Koreans threaten to strike and bluster their nuclear capability.  The United States responds with, “Oh, they can’t do that,” or “they don’t have the technology,” or some other such scoffing characterization.

    The frightening thing about this teteatete is that neither side’s leaders or elites will face any kind of danger or peril that would result from a nuclear conflagration, but the populations of both countries would suffer immeasurably.  A general and an admiral have stated their belief in the miniaturization capabilities of North Korea regarding nuclear warheads.  The foremost expert on the EMP has provided prima facie evidence before the Senate and numerous commissions attesting to those capabilities.  Each day North Korea ramps up its tests and its threats.  Russia and China publicly whisper their disapproval of such actions and words while taking no steps to actually stop them.

    The next world war will be initiated by a first strike utilizing an EMP weapon.

    There is no timetable.  The threat is real, and it is imminent.  It is a matter of time before it is carried out.  Do you want something more tangible?  Here it is.  Now would be a good time to construct the necessary Faraday cages for your sensitive electronic equipment you wish to have after a war commences.  You’ll also need emergency food, water, medicine, and a stockpile of materials to defend it, hopefully in a remote location.

    Naysayers and politicians have one thing in common: denial of the reality of a situation.  The difference is that the first group is usually unprepared when it happens and they are ignorant of the situation (in terms of information, and this partially due to denial).  The politicians and leaders are the exact opposite: they deny the reality to obfuscate their complete knowledge of the reality, and they are completely prepared for what will unfold…and those politicians and leaders are prepped and defended on your dime, in every way.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. I hate to see this happen and especially doing the cold month for those who would have no electric. Many will die.

        Please start getting things to heat your home they have things that can help you and even ways to heat and cook foods..
        If you can, make a escape route away from the big cities and towns
        Smaller community ,you can help each other and fight of the starving people

        People that are hungry , l hope they will go after the rich people places and take their food. They will also have ways to keep you warm in their big homes and plenty of things to use as fire wood.

        They won’t have nothing to come home too… LOL

        • Not so damn fast Jeremy. What makes you think it won’t be a cyber attack against electric generating plants and the distribution system?

          I would also point out that NOBODY saw the collapse of the oil and gas industry as a drag on the world’s economy, yet collapse it did and drag it down it did. Don’t be so sure of yourself. Lot’s of ways things could go south. An EMP is only one of them.

          In the short time you’ve been writing your “predictions” have been wrong and your track record has been poor. If indeed you’re SOCOM your analytical skills are lacking, but your overconfidence is not.

          • I agree Muddy , a cyber attack is more likely.
            But the article is m/l about NK , so i think and EMP outta them is the most credible .
            Lil fat boy thinks he has nuthin to lose and all he wants is vengence for a perceived injustice . F him and his third world hell hole , but remember he lives to hit the US and make it hurt.
            As far as NK is concerned an EMP is very possible.

            • I could well be wrong, but let’s say NK did load a boat (sub) and brought her into The Gulf of Mexico. They’d have to remain undetected AND get that bird at least 90 miles in altitude (and have successful detonation). How many kilotons they can pack isn’t known, AFAIK).

              I don’t know if their rocket would be faster than either of our lasers or not. I tend to think not …but it COULD easily start global conflict in too many ways (and guesses) to mention.

              • you are completely correct, in a world where our military do their best to protect the US……..but in a world where the military are ordered to stand down, like in 9/11………???????

              • Don’t need the boat/sub; they have two satellites that orbit over the US; what’s in them??

          • Muddy, I have to agree. While an EMP is always possible, it doesn’t NECESSARILY mean that WW3 WILL start that way. I’m also thinking ‘cyber attack’. The effects will still be the same.

            • There is a huge difference between cyber and EMP, which makes EMP the much more likely scenario. Cyber is back-loaded. That means all the juice is at the tail end, and requires a build-up before it hits with full force Our grid infrastructure has sensors that are designed specifically to read such build-ups, then take preventive measures before infrastructure gets slammed. EMP is front-loaded. Very simple concept; hit the button, massive release of energy immediately follows. That energy hits the infrastructure before the sensors get a chance to read anything, then take preventive action.

              If you really want to land a kill shot on someone, EMP is definitely the way to go. Cyber is more suited to doing damage consistent with pissing people off.

            • I’m glad some of you are starting to see Gerri for the fraud he is. I knew it when I started reading his crap. He writes fearporn with a hat tip to Putin in almost every article. I don’t believe he was SF or any other SOCOM sort. Be wary of this puke.
              Stay quiet Be smart.

          • “Not so damn fast Jeremy. What makes you think it won’t be a cyber attack against electric generating plants and the distribution system?”

            an EMP would be just that attack !

            This scenario and thesis has been at my site in detail for 3 years and I agree it is highly probable because it would destroy USA and not destroy our assets !

            All the while BHO and crew tell more lies and play golf !

          • Depends completely on the (global, political)circumstances, frankly.
            If I were China, I would set up a proxy bad guy (NK), help him arm yet setting them up to appear to deal with places like Iran for nuke tech, I would make them seem unstable and likely to nuke or EMP.
            THEN I would launch my own attack (cyber or otherwise)which would be blamed on my proxy… and roll in with the UN “humanitarian” invasion/cleanup and occupy in the name of “stability”.

            THATS how China would play it.

        • I’m really glad my rifles will still work after the EMP.

          • Yep but will prob have to take off the red dot and use the iron ones

            • yep but that’s ok

            • Took me 2 years, but I’m all Trijicon RMR and no battery ACOG’s. Everything else is in Faraday bags. Now, if I didn’t drive a newer car…

            • a good reason not to be completely dependent on electronic optics as well !

          • Menzo, bullets and scopes don’t depend on any ‘chips’. all my weapons will still work post-EMP.

            • Thank God for no chip

              • One Millet scope I use has a danged battery that gives you a ‘green circle’ (outer ring which is otherwise black) in varying brightnesses as you click. Hard to say if it will survive an EMP (the cabinets ARE Faraday’s, so I am assuming I’m covered). If not, I’ve really lost nothing…(but a green circle that isn’t needed).

        • And what makes you think you’ll be able to waltz in and take someone’s stuff. You and whomever follows your advice won’t last long when shtf. There is a lot of high end tactical equipment owned by some of these rich guys and gals.
          molon labe

          • Some may have guns and preps. Some don’t. Having money doesn’t necessarily equate with common sense.

          • You can have all the bells and whistles high tech junk and if you do not know how to use it or do not have the correct mindset and health/fitness, it will all be quite worthless ! Because somebody with all those attributes will come along and take all your shit, simple as that ! Most prepper types live in complete fantasy and will be victims rather quickly. There is a far better way to live and think than what you read on most prepper type sites ! Most simply tell people what they want o hear and little else, besides sell them more unnecessary junk.

          • I had a friend stop by recently and we were talking about preps etc. I asked him why he doesn’t do much preparation.
            He said, and I kid you not, “I don’t need to prep. I intend to kick in doors and take from those that have at gun point”. He went from friend to instant asshole. I asked him if he was prepared to die in that door kick in? I said “I would defend my family and return the lead and copper his way”. We have not spoken since.

        • You hope that the “rich” people get their food stolen? Why would you say something so prejudiced like that? Why do the wealthy people who have worked very hard their whole lives have to be punished and ridiculed for the very fact of their life accomplishments and success? I don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, but because I spend money faster than I earn it, doesn’t give me any right to go break in my neighbors house and steal his. Animals live like that and BELONG IN CAGES. You will certainly see a tremendous amount of it, but THEY ARE DEAD WRONG!

      2. Yeah, that’s what I’ve been thinking… The Russians are too smart to start a nuclear war. However, the psychopaths who run the West probably would.

        The only way to prevent nuclear war with the west is to knock out our missile sites, which would require an EMP over that area (Nevada, etc.).. and that’s what they will go for. Perhaps the Chinese will take care of this while Russia demobilizes the missile sites surrounding Russia and then simply vaporizes them. (they have technology which we have no idea how functions)

        • Um, our missle silos are emp proof.

        • There is enough firepower on one ballistic submarine to end everything for any country.

          • Correct. Don’t EVEN forget that our missle power is loaded onto our newest Trident design, and they can hit anything from anywhere globally, and ‘they’ are strategically “all over the earth”. Formidable to say the very least.

      3. The threat is very real. We have intel that indicates this is what NK as well as Iran thinks would be a good play against us.

        • Right: We have top officials and military heads that rely on just Over one Trillion dollars per year Budget for pentagon etc…

          Then we have Litterally Tons of every top Nuke pro scientists globally that have gone direct into Iran’s facilities too many times to count now, and 100% of them claim Iran is NOT building any Nuke bombs or missels.

          And that so far every statement iranians made that they do NOT desire any such weaponery has so far proven as truthfull.

          Them scientsts, or one trillion per year budgets pentagon officials that ALl are beholden to the Z.O.G aka zionist occupied govnt.? Which tells truth?

          Which has so far started at least seven wars against nations in mid east region that to date have not harrased nor provoked war against usa? ZOG run Usa Fed gov is who.

          Them many top nuke professional scientists has what to gain by lies?…We Know already what is gained by our top officials…More Bribes from zios and aipac, more free world trips and vacations, huge secret retirement packages or “Golden Parachutes” and FREE Passes when or if any get busted for child porn, rape of subordinates, murder, drugs, and etc.

          Bottom line now is this: After all we seen and heard of nothing But Lies and scams and free passes once found out ever since at least the Klintons admin era till Now 2016…Even if we ignore long ago past recently discovered Lies of WWII and even of WWI eras, total coverups and lies on just whom invented communism and are still today the real actual marxist kommies within usa.

          Today it is very hard to trust or believe a damn single issue or thing when said by such “officials” eh.

          How often and how many times did Condi Rice Foam at mouth during GW scam admin events and wars that “Iran is Two weeks or Six Months or One year etc etc away from possesing Nuke Missles capable of hitting usa lands”?

          Condi spewed false threats of iran missles almost daily!

          Colin Powel did too, even showed glass vile of yellow cake material at UN councils…ALL later proven Fraud and used to scare monger already well duped usa citizens into More Wars for…Israel! with More $$$$ for Israel!

          Who to believe and trust eh? And just due to former being in military or drafted or joined up for nam war aint a good reason to unquestioningly trust said officials be they military or non military types..since today ALL must cave in to and answer to and Obey their Israel and NY jewish masters.

          • Them Guys:

            I have a great idea. How about we tell those stupid goiem to send their dirty animals they call children, into a war with some Arab Country. We can give those stupid goium some vaccines that will kill Em off if they don’t die fighting our Muslims. That way we can steal more land from the Palestiniens.

            I sure hate Christians. Let’s be sure to keep the white Christians feeling lots of guilt for and about us so they don’t realize how much we have taken from them. If they ever stop feeling guilty for a minute they might see that we’re playing them for fools.

            Look here. Anybody stupid enough to believe that six million of us was burned in ovens when there was only two million of us to begin with will believe anything.

            • B from CA; I know you are being sarcastic with your posting. But it sure does portray a great and true example of both jewdeoisraeli scams done and also portrays honestly how so well duped most christians are today and duped by the same entity named.

              There simply is nothing can be done it seems to awaken them folks to any of too many parts of the overall swindle scam period. I actually see Zero difference between the duped christian souls Vs typical lib dem antigun treehugger types. Only main difference is the “whats” they been duped by.

              Both groups act exact same way whenever someone wide awake trys to show 100% solid proofs of the various issues they been duped by or with.

              Same attitude and same response…”Don’t try to use facts and truths since their minds already made up and You won’t get that to change by some tactic of use of real facts based truth!”

              I guess at some point all we have left is to stop trying to awaken such foolish souls eh?

              Even first few centuries orig christians at some point went deep underground to stop warning others and reside in catacomb caves. Reason for such catacombs caves is thats where dead got burried and talmudic judaism forbids the jewry from going near gravyards etc…So it made for perfect hideouts since besides duped romans the biggest ever threats to early christians was jewry..

              Wow what did I just state?! Scratch that as it should have stated that they Always been christians worst enemys seeking destruction of christians. I think antichrists is a good honest word to describe them eh?

              Meanwhile every sunday 60+ million duped souls attend a church and donate $$$$ cash-olas so to assit in rebuild of 3rd temple to resume animal sacrfices! They Fund the entire Antichrist system managers! and Hate Us for telling them of this fact…America is so screwed no?

      4. Whoever launches one will get it in kind. We may lose 90% of our population but will other countries absorb as much? A lot to lose. Prep as if you expect one.

        • No, Jim in Va., you are wrong. If they knock out our electrical systems (via an EMP) we won’t be able to do anything against other countries. Once they launch an EMP over the US we are suddenly back in cave men’s time. There’s an excellent book about EMP attacks… forgot the name of it.

          • Lights Out by Ted Koppel is a good read concerning
            a cyber attack against the US grid

            • I have read Ted’s book, it is excellent. Thoughtful, circumspect, reasonable and he totally manages to come off as not sounding alarmist so as to make the sheeple think he’s a wacko bird.

              I think the Anon is thinking of William R. Fortchen’s One Second After.

              Ted points out, we don’t even need an EMP, a cyber attack or coordinated attack on a few substations would be enough to take down the grid, though that would not fry all the portable electronics like an EMP, it would stop the trucks and the gas pumps by cutting the power.

            • Satori, “Lights Out” and “One Second After” are both plausible scenarios.

          • One Second After by William Forstchen.

            • “Lights Out” by David Crawford is very informative, as well.

          • 100% correct in your assessment. To expand that point a little, just think of all the run-of-the-mill functions the military does every day, like fueling their vehicles. Those fueling stations are dependent on civilian infrastructure to provide the power for the pumps to work. EMP kills the civilian grid, those vehicles, even if they are hardened against EMP, sit right where they are parked because there’s no way to put fuel in them.

          • One Second After by William R. Forstchen

      5. Watch the cards,which one is it?What goes first?Keep poking enough critters ones gonna bite you!
        As the merry-go -round spins away.
        Do what you can as fast as you can!
        Genius send me a jug,lol
        Maniac –out

      6. EMP First strike… European Muslim Pricks.
        These fuckers deserve ALL they’re gonna be getting. Men, women and children… They’ve brought it upon themselves.

        • You seem to forget that we are bombing them at home and that traitors in our own government are taking bribes from bankers to let more in.

          Feel free to fight the water that’s leaking in to you boat but would you not do better to be going after those people that are shooting holes in the boat first ?

      7. Dusty Fae, I like how you think! LOL!! 🙂

        I HAVE BEEN WITHOUT A REFRIGERATOR FOR OVER A YEAR.. If we have no electricity for fridge very few people will make it. Canned food goes extremely fast! Figure out ways now how to preserve food! Like solar energy, micro hydro energy and underground food cellars (forgot what they are called!)… like they did in the old days.

        Its not enough for food to simply be cold. Any food that normally requires refrigeration should be kept at 40 degrees or colder. Otherwise, bacteria accumulate rapidly. (Our fridge konked out gradually and I almost died as a result of the food not being cold enough! Food poisoning!)

        Also, if you have no fridge (electricity) you have to constantly throw food away (unless could possibly barter!) this past year if I used a few slice of onion, I had to throw the rest away (almost a whole onion!) A bag of oranges don’t last even a week in the summer if no fridge to store them in! ghnats would drill holes through my tomatoes before I could eat them! Etc. You won’t be able to make it if no way to preserve food!

        • Its called a Root Cellar , I have one , we cut ice off a pond in the winter with a chainsaw and stack it in between layers of straw and or sawdust. Still 40 in there , it will reach 50 next month as the ice finally melts.
          Cut a hole in your basement floor , bury a cooler , it will always be 50 in there and you can keep fresh veggies a long time.

          • Be careful of digging a hole in the basement floor. Make sure first you have no groundwater. That’s how i got a sump pump,,,the plumber dug/drilled a hole in the cellar floor and now there’s water in that hole and it drains out a pipe if the power goes out. It’s groundwater. I do have a lot here. Some won’t tho and a hole in the floor is a good idea.

        • Two kilos of good bacteria in your gut is important.
          If you’ve shit it out try topping up with probiotics.
          Thanks for posting A… You’ve given me food for thought!

          • I bought kefir grains online, threw them into some milk, in a pitcher, that I keep,in the fridge. I strain it, once a week, and drink, what is left over.
            I pop the grain back into some milk, and repeat. The grains multiply like crazy, and I always have a fresh supply of live probiotics

        • Anonymous, we also have a root cellar at the BOL and all my family have root cellars. Also have full solar systems for back-up but ready to become primary source of power when the grid goes. all good to go whenever the balloon goes up.

        • I’m not sure about the rest of the country, but around here a spring was used as a “refrigerator”. Usually a stone structure with a wooden roof enclosed the spring. You would want to build your springhouse at the point where the spring comes out of the ground because this is where the water is coldest.

          It could be used year round since spring water generally does not freeze up. In fact, I’ve heard you can use spring water in place of antifreeze since a spring never freezes. YMMV so don’t take my word on that last “fact”.

          • JRS – spring water freezes like any other.
            Your thinkin Artesian well?
            Yep , never froze , we stored fresh milk in pails in a cement trough fed buy an artesan well . always cold .
            Wish i had a flowing well now !

      8. The North Koreans used to be rightly mocked for their technological achievements. They had gone from being world leaders in the 1950s/60s to being frozen in time, akin to modern Cuba stuck in the 1950s when it comes to automobiles. But things have changed radically since the 1990s.

        One reason is the rise of China. North Korea now has access to hi-tech gear via China. The other is trade: North Korea now trades with many more nations and gains access to modern technology and knowledge this way. Basically, the current North Korean danger goes like this:

        1) North Korea has always had an advanced underground bunker strategy. They have the capacity to house most of their Pyongyang population underground to survive a nuclear war. That has a big impact on the decision mechanism for a first strike. You might do it if you think you could survive it.
        2) Their potential is enormous. Unlike most African states, who are still struggling with modern inventions such as the wheel, running water and flush toilets, the North Koreans tasted a modern industrial capability during the 50s and 60s.
        3) Their early forays into modern technology were comical. They did not have quality control sorted out and thus had many failures. But they have learned since. And with Chinese and European tutelage, they are getting better at design and quality control. Their biggest problem is delivery. If they can actually get a missile to arrive on target and detonate, then they are in business. It is their main challenge.

        I would say the danger point is reached where they have full confidence they can strike and detonate with near 100% certainty. As for the impact such a conflict would have on them, they have a lot less to lose than the US. North Korea is not as developed or populated and they can already get most people underground and run their operations for a long time from there. If they felt it, the risk is in their favor. Post strike, they can emerge and then make a move on South Korea to gain access to an advanced oven-ready industrial economy. America would have been hit by Russian, China and North Korea, and would be in very bad shape. Its leadership unscathed, it would have lost its economic capacity and much of its population and would struggle to regain its former might.

        • North Korea can’t even feed itself. Millions have died from starvation.

          • Frankie is a globalist who thinks that his wrinkly old body will be spared because he, Frankie, believes he is super intelligent, we are mere worms to a man like Frankie (according to Frankie’s view of humanity).

            Once the end of days arrives Frankie will then form a world wide brothel of super fit young (very young) women who will then feed, not only his supra human ego, but his sex starved body. Think I’m making this up? Look at this weirdos previous posts!

            • I keep warning him to cool his jets.

              STDs will be the enemy in his camp.

        • North Korea is definitely no joke. There’s a lot more out there from P.V. Pry on the exact nature of North Korea’s capabilities that say they’re someone you don’t want to screw around with.

          The miniaturized warheads are actually second generation EMP weapons. Easiest way to understand first generation EMP: Starfish Prime. Launch big warhead into upper atmosphere to create big boom. Doesn’t create much of an EMP because it doesn’t release much in the way of gamma rays.

          Second generation EMP weapons are actually gamma ray burst weapons. The explosive output is small because they are not designed to create a big boom, which is why such tests are stupidly dismissed by the US as failures. The gamma ray output is off the charts, which means voltage output is off the charts. That voltage output is what kills grid infrastructure in a millisecond.

          The stuff North Korea has can be put into one of their satellites, where the thing is then parked over a target. Give the command from the ground to de-orbit, smack the button once the satellite reaches the desired altitude, gamma ray burst, game over for the guy on the receiving end.

        • Frank, may I ask your background? Your comments are interesting.

        • I worry about their 2 washing machine sized satellites that emit no signals. They pass over the US many times every day at 300 miles +/-. Sometimes they are positioned in the western US and eastern at the same time.


          • cool. thanks for posting the links. i had them once and they got lost.

      9. “The next world war will be initiated by a first strike utilizing an EMP weapon”
        Funny, I was thinking this very thing last night, as I pondered the situation concerning Russia and the US. They will hit us with an EMP and that will set things off…

      10. Well yeah and Anna Nichole married for love.

        • Besides the enemy that we face is already on our shores and are more cunning than fat ass in N.K. Wanna know I how I know…..’Cause we already elected them.

      11. A country could launch a missile with an EMP weapon just a few miles offshore from Washington DC. They could launch a coordinated attack on the west coast. There would be very little warning. We wouldn’t know who did it.

      12. Just be ready for a natural disaster (Huricane, Major Winter Storm, Tornado, Heat Wave, Local flooding, Earthquke etc.) and you’ll be pretty much prepared for anything that is survivable. I try not to worry about things that are way above my pay grade!

      13. The majority here are prepared for this. We only have to wait.

      14. Any country that would attack the US first has to remember we will have a sub just waiting for this exact thing to play out and their only job is to strike back.

      15. There is no such thing as an EMP weapon…..
        It is all dreamed up.
        They DO NOT exist.

        • That’s the stupidest thing I’ve read recently.

        • What an idiotic statement

        • terminal normalcy bias. poor thing.

      16. Operation starfish prime? Anyway see. War Of Lies, Esoteric truth. The children of Satan are in a corner. And they will do what they did in WW 2. Destroy half the world to stay in power. That you can count on. But according to the bible . This one they loose.

      17. Should I even comment.. any second or minute now Mr Johnson will be called a nut job that need meds….i am still monitoring this site by I won the commenting on anything new. Those who know me will be better prepped than the one that don’t. I am currently cutting a deal to secure a BOL.. those who have a BOL. Get to it now. Hall ass and get our while you can.. I am going to be stuck possibly in the city. Too bad. Tough shit…Muslims being hired to protect the Grid.. America don’t you love it.

        Oh don’t worry people, take you meds..


        Just another nut job..

        • HCKS, glad to hear you’re getting a BOL. Hope you’re getting something worth having. Once you get it, start stockpiling everything you need in it. I’ve been at my BOL for 10 days now and going home this weekend if nothing happens. time flies when you’re having fun.

        • They all know this will bring a civil war . But they don’t want to lose votes from the Muslims . They think they will be dead before the civil war brakes out. Their career and money are more important then their grandchildrens future. They are money junkies . They will steal from there own family to get another fix. Enoch Powel Explains this in a video . The Coming Days. By Esoteric truths. You will see what will happen to our children . In this coming civil war.

      18. A fake cyber attack on the banking system . Blamed on North Korea. Your plastic cards don’t work . they have no record of your bank account. EBT cards don’t work. Mass uncontrollable food riots. Military and UN forces called out to guard food distribution. Ration ID chips implanted. Curfews. Checkpoints. Lockdown. Shelter in place. Wait for FEMA food distribution truck that doesn’t come . Go out looking for food with gun for protection . Get shot by UN security forces. Because you had a weapon. Case closed.

      19. There is a fact little known but of strategic importance. At the border between the States of New England and Quebec there is two huge power relay stations and those “jump” when the US. East Coast power grid goes into a power spike. Hydro Quebec works with 750 kv as the US. power grid works with 550 kv. Hydro Quebec is used to literally “power up” the East Coast US. power grid one US. electric company at a time if necessary. If there of any State monopoly that is “not to be touched ever” it is Hydro Quebec since it is part of the backup emergency power up of the US. East Coast when needed.

        I made this video about this yet little have understood what I was trying to highlight in this. It is about an EMP attack and how an EMP attack and what it needs to be successful.

        You can watch it here.

        DEFCON1 Nuclear Holocaust 2016.

      20. I hear you’s better to have back up anyway..


        • You’ll make it. You’re a survivor.

      21. PO’D delivered the bitch slap of truth with that comment.. PO’D, You might get attacked by trolls now. They don’t like it when we talk like that. They need us to be like dosile little pissified weaklings..


      22. I wonder if anyone knows what SSBN and ICBM or SLBM mean?

        ANYONE that lobs a big enough nuke over the USA will get 1000 warheads in return.

        MAD still applies!


        • Well yes the USA has been reminding the world every other day about “MAD” as it expands like a cancer across the globe and you will get a small warning to back the fuck off or face 20,000 nukes from Russia alone and i suggest that you heed that warning when it comes on the Russian border or in Syria and involved mini-nukes.

          The calls for yanks to go home in Europe will turn into a roar sooner or later so deal wit your banker puppet government or prey they don’t go to far and get you all killed

      23. Some things you prepare for…others you pop a cold one and watch the shit show. Surviving at any cost is not really living.

      24. North Korea is the patsy if they get blamed. They are a distraction IMO. We the People would have NO IDEA who set a device like this off…MSM would tell us what to believe (although I have a very short list of intelligence agencies that would have to be involved…think 911)…
        Personally, I don’t think an EMP event will happen, simply because it would cut off all the sheeple from getting their propaganda on the tube! There are so many other horrific false flag events that are “on the table” to scare the life out of us into giving up the few liberties we have left. Unfortunately, none of us are privy to the future events that are planned. I guess I’ll just have to go back to general prepping…

      25. I’m more worried about domestic traitors who hold government office.
        Criminals have taken over government. Lawless criminal traitors are running things now in USA. Outside actions are just a distraction.

        The government is getting scary. We want out of US asap.
        We refuse to live under constant snoops and NWO Bravo Sierra.
        A dirt hut on the beach is starting to look like a nice option.
        We want to get out while we still can. Will send you all news from abroad

        Yes. You are being spied on:

        Targeted before you do anything:‘enhanced_prosecution’/52979/0/38/38/Y/M.html

        Microsoft in Bed with Feds:

        WINDOWS 10 DANGER:

      26. The struggle for survival . Esoteric Truthes. Do these people really mean to exterminate us? Why ? Because it’s in the Talmud. And they have nothing better to do? Or they are evil phycotic scum. Who can’t stand to see anyone have anything. Or anyone not under there total control? Power freaks? Money junkies? Only a higher power can get rid of them. We are the last obstacle in their way. They will disarm or destroy us . Or both.

      27. The greatest story ever told. Esoteric Truthes. Look it up.

      28. Sorry. The greatest story Never. Told. Esoteric Truthes . It’s long.

      29. If the North Koreans ever do this they are toast, as is Russia and China. Do any of you really believe the Pentagon would allow the US to be decimated and allow the Chinese and Russians to remain unscathed. If it happens we will launch on all of them, use it or lose it. Any of you that think an EMP would knock out our ability to retaliate with nuclear weapons knows very little about the way our strategic forces are deployed or American nuclear force doctrine. All that said Dear Leader is an unstable individual and could at some point launch. A sane doctrine would be to sit down with the Chinese and work out a way to neutralize him for BOTH OF OUR SAKES. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening anytime soon especially with Obamas lunatic”pivot to the Pacific ” doctrine making the whole doomsday scenario much more plausible.

        • The US still has the world’s largest and most sophisticated military capability but, it is how prepared a country is that makes the difference in a fight. All three countries – China, North Korea and Russia – have long had advanced plans for not only fighting such a war but surviving it. More people in each country have a guaranteed place underground and supplies. For these countries, it is a given the US would hammer them with everything they have. That is built into their plans. That is the key thing there: once you make some basic assumptions, then you have the advantage because you build your strategy around that. Being the underdog can be a great strategic position to inhabit. Just ask the Vietnamese or the Baathist Iraqis.

          All three countries have hard-wired into their urban development plans survivability from a third world war. This is not the case in the US. The US only has a plan for continuity of government and the elite. Now just imagine if this scenario were to come to pass, which country would be able to quickly mobilize their populations and get them in the bunkers swiftly? American cities clogged up with BLM protesters, pot-holed highways crammed with cars panicking, or orderly armies of Chinese, North Koreans and Russians quickly heading for their known air raid shelters on foot?

          • No country on the face of this earth walks away having beat the United States of America. People, get it through your heads that the budget of the US Military is MORE than ALL COMBINED MILITARIES OF EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD INCLUDING CHINA AND RUSSIA!

            Can you wrap your head around how much money that is YEAR AFTER YEAR strengthening your military. If nuclear bombs are used, we are all dead- game over, doesn’t matter whether the US nukes Russia and Russia is removed from the map before getting off one missile. Everyone (most likely) on the planet will perish from the nuclear fall out.

            However, other than a nuclear war, no military will scratch the hair on the head of the US Military when it comes to weapons. marines, soldiers, EXPERIENCE IN COMBAT, Weapons Grade, and a BILLION OTHER REASONS.

            Russia is a strong military and would give the US a good shagging but can no way possibly take on the US forget about the idea that NATO is involved as well!

            • Then why do third world titheads like the Taliban kick our ass and others defeat our high tech stuff readily ?

              Because we do NOT have the will or the mindset to win, simple as that ! And of course our government has created all of it. You are living in fantasy , like a video game ? Even American soldiers are fat and wimpy today !

              Are you fit for battle or overweight and fat ? just curios, because most prepper types are not fit for anything, much less any battle ? Just lots of talk and internet BS. If you are good to go, then Good on Ya ! If not get started.

      30. On another site an article was predicting the death of Trump within a year of becoming president, and then the use of an emp to allow the un to bring in soldiers to occupy this nation for the nwo.
        I remember the drills used in school for a nuke blast having to drop under our desk back in the 60’s during the Cuban crisis. I’ve reached the point that I only can believe in what I can do to protect, feed and shelter my family. I don’t have enough energy to worry about others.
        We have a god forsaken scumbag Islamic cock sucker for a despicable president and a bunch of his Islamic butt fucking buddies in strategic positions. He gave us an executive order allowing the un to come in and maintain order. The only order they will need is how to tag and get rid of the festering maggot ridden bodies of their soldiers if they come into our mountain areas. That said the whole concept of an emp blast is one that should remind people to prepare, prepare and get another box of ammo asap. I want to hear my granddaughter say thanks for the food, rather than be starving or becoming a victim of the vile demonrat sponsored terrorists that will be out looking for victims. In the future if your a demonrat, I’ll blow you away just for what your party and vote did to this country.

      31. Nice try to point the finger at Russia an lets forget about the US build up on the borders of Russia with these “defensive missiles” or the US poking it’s nose into the south china sea of that we paid for the nazi’s in the Ukraine to rise up.

        No sir lets forget that the USA is fully behind ISIS and that is why we keep giving them weapons and had two year t bomb them in Syria and during that time all we saw was ISIS getting bigger.

        Just blame it all on Putin right

      32. Always enjoyed candle light…Something to do with a small living flame and the atmosphere they help to create no doubt… I’ve been burning plenty of candles as of late and blow me, coughing too! I eventually got it into my thick head that the cough was being caused by the burning of the candles. BOOOOOOOOO, Not cool… Are there any types of candles that don’t cause horrid fumes? I’m thinking 100% bees wax… Smells expensive! Thanks.

      33. What ever happens we wont be disabled thats why we have subs and. They too

      34. What ever happens we wont be disabled thats why we have subs and. They too

      35. Call me stupid. But it would be a whole lot easier, simpler, cheaper to put together 50 two man teams, armed with 50 Cal. Barret thumpers, and have them take target practice on the jumbo transformers that are central to our power gird. Lights out, little to no risk of nuclear retaliation, cheap and simple. EMP sounds good on paper but knocking out mega transformers is the way to go.

        • and it has already been tried and tested in Kawleefornya a few years ago. And don’t need a 50 cal , just a 308 or 7.62X54 will do the job very well at distance. So yeh, it is very doable

      36. If some nuclear country decides to start WW III and chooses to first use EMP’s that is the best we could hope for. It would be a warning for every American a much better warning then 5 mega-ton nukes on every large city. It would give our military time to identify the threat source and retaliate. It would preserve all our military resources and give us time to put them into play and/or move them to a safer location. So if Russia or China intends to start a nuclear war I do hope they are foolish enough to choose to EMP us first.

      37. 3M makes great faraday bags. Dirt bike kick start and a carb. Or put a computer for your car in one of those bags.Make sure you got gas.

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