The Taper Is On – 8 Ways That This Is Going To Affect You And Your Family

by | Dec 18, 2013 | Headline News | 359 comments

Janet-Yellen-Ben-Bernanke-Swearing-InThe unelected central planners at the Federal Reserve have decided that the time has come to slightly taper the amount of quantitative easing that it has been doing.  On Wednesday, the Fed announced that monthly purchases of U.S. Treasury bonds will be reduced from $45 billion to $40 billion, and monthly purchases of mortgage-backed securities will be reduced from $35 billion to $30 billion.  When this news came out, it sent shockwaves through financial markets all over the planet.  But the truth is that not that much has really changed.  The Federal Reserve will still be recklessly creating gigantic mountains of new money out of thin air and massively intervening in the financial marketplace.  It will just be slightly less than before.  However, this very well could represent a very important psychological turning point for investors.  It is a signal that “the party is starting to end” and that the great bull market of the past four years is drawing to a close.  So what is all of this going to mean for average Americans?  The following are 8 ways that “the taper” is going to affect you and your family…

1. Interest Rates Are Going To Go Up

Following the announcement on Wednesday, the yield on 10 year U.S. Treasuries went up to 2.89% and even CNBC admitted that the taper is a “bad omen for bonds“.  Thousands of other interest rates in our economy are directly affected by the 10 year rate, and so if that number climbs above 3 percent and stays there, that is going to be a sign that a significant slowdown of economic activity is ahead.

2. Home Sales Are Likely Going To Go Down

Mortgage rates are heavily influenced by the yield on 10 year U.S. Treasuries.  Because the yield on 10 year U.S. Treasuries is now substantially higher than it was earlier this year, mortgage rates have also gone up.  That is one of the reasons why the number of mortgage applications just hit a new 13 year low.  And now if rates go even higher that is going to tighten things up even more.  If your job is related to the housing industry in any way, you should be extremely concerned about what is coming in 2014.

3. Your Stocks Are Going To Go Down

Yes, I know that stocks skyrocketed today.  The Dow closed at a new all-time record high, and I can’t really provide any rational explanation for why that happened.  When the announcement was originally made, stocks initially sold off.  But then they rebounded in a huge way and the Dow ended up close to 300 points.

A few months ago, when Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke just hinted that a taper might be coming soon, stocks fell like a rock.  I have a feeling that the Fed orchestrated things this time around to make sure that the stock market would have a positive reaction to their news.  But of course I absolutely cannot prove this at all.  I hope someday we learn the truth about what actually happened on Wednesday afternoon.  I have a feeling that there was some direct intervention in the markets shortly after the announcement was made and then the momentum algorithms took over from there.

In any event, what we do know is that when QE1 ended stocks fell dramatically and the same thing happened when QE2 ended.  If you doubt this, just check out this chart.

Of course QE3 is not being ended, but this tapering sends a signal to investors that the days of “easy money” are over and that we have reached the peak of the market.

And if you are at the peak of the market, what is the logical thing to do?

Sell, sell, sell.

But in order to sell, you are going to need to have buyers.

And who is going to want to buy stocks when there is no upside left?

4. The Money In Your Bank Account Is Constantly Being Devalued

When a new dollar is created, the value of each existing dollar that you hold goes down.  And thanks to the Federal Reserve, the pace of money creation in this country has gone exponential in recent years.  Just check out what has been happening to M1.  It has nearly doubled since the financial crisis of 2008…

M1 Money Supply 2013

The Federal Reserve has been behaving like the Weimar Republic, and this tapering does not change that very much.  Even with this tapering, the Fed is still going to be creating money out of thin air at an absolutely insane rate.

And for those that insist that what the Federal Reserve is doing is “working”, it is important to remember that the crazy money printing that the Weimar Republic did worked for them for a little while toobefore ending in complete and utter disaster.

5. Quantitative Easing Has Been Causing The Cost Of Living To Rise

The Federal Reserve insists that we are in a time of “low inflation”, but anyone that goes to the grocery store or that pays bills on a regular basis knows what a lie that is.  The truth is that if the inflation rate was still calculated the same way that it was back when Jimmy Carter was president, the official rate of inflation would be somewhere between 8 and 10 percent today.

Most of the new money created by quantitative easing has ended up in the hands of the very wealthy, and it is in the things that the very wealthy buy that we are seeing the most inflation.  As one CNBC article recently stated, we are seeing absolutely rampant inflation in “stocks and bonds and art and Ferraris and farmland“.

6. Quantitative Easing Did Not Reduce Unemployment And Tapering Won’t Either

The Federal Reserve actually first began engaging in quantitative easing back in late 2008.  As you can see from the chart below, the percentage of Americans that are actually working is lower today than it was back then…

Employment-Population Ratio 2013

The mainstream media continues to insist that quantitative easing was all about “stimulating the economy” and that it is now okay to cut back on quantitative easing because “unemployment has gone down”.  Hopefully you can see that what the mainstream media has been telling you has been a massive lie.  According to the government’s own numbers, the percentage of Americans with a job has stayed at a remarkably depressed level since the end of 2010.  Anyone that tries to tell you that we have had an “employment recovery” is either very ignorant or is flat out lying to you.

7. The Rest Of The World Is Going To Continue To Lose Faith In Our Financial System

Everyone else around the world has been watching the Federal Reserve recklessly create hundreds of billions of dollars out of thin air and use itto monetize staggering amounts of government debt.  They have been warning us to stop doing this, but the Fed has been slow to listen.

The greatest damage that quantitative easing has been causing to our economy does not involve the short-term effects that most people focus on.  Rather, the greatest damage that quantitative easing has been causing to our economy is the fact that it is destroying worldwide faith in the U.S. dollar and in U.S. debt.

Right now, far more U.S. dollars are used outside the country than inside the country.  The rest of the world uses U.S. dollars to trade with one another, and major exporting nations stockpile massive amounts of our dollars and our debt.

We desperately need the rest of the world to keep playing our game, because we have become very dependent on getting super cheap exports from them and we have become very dependent on them lending us trillions of our own dollars back to us.

If the rest of the world decides to move away from the U.S. dollar and U.S. debt because of the incredibly reckless behavior of the Federal Reserve, we are going to be in a massive amount of trouble.  Our current economic prosperity greatly depends upon everyone else using our dollars as the reserve currency of the world and lending trillions of dollars back to us at ultra-low interest rates.

And there are signs that this is already starting to happen.  In fact, China recently announced that they are going to quit stockpiling more U.S. dollars.  This is one of the reasons why the Fed felt forced to do something on Wednesday.

But what the Fed did was not nearly enough.  It is still going to be creating $75 billion out of thin air every single month, and the rest of the world is going to continue to lose more faith in our system the longer this continues.

8. The Economy As A Whole Is Going To Continue To Get Even Worse

Despite more than four years of unprecedented money printing by the Federal Reserve, the overall U.S. economy has continued to decline.  If you doubt this, please see my previous article entitled “37 Reasons Why ‘The Economic Recovery Of 2013’ Is A Giant Lie“.

And no matter what the Fed does now, our decline will continue.  The tragic downfall of small cities such as Salisbury, North Carolina are perfect examples of what is happening to our country as a whole…

During the three-year period ending in 2009, Salisbury’s poverty rate of 16% was about 3% higher than the national rate. In the following three-year period between 2010 and 2012, the city’s poverty rate was approaching 30%. Salisbury has traditionally relied heavily on the manufacturing sector, particularly textiles and fabrics. In recent decades, however, manufacturing activity has declined significantly and continues to do so. Between 2010 and 2012, manufacturing jobs in Salisbury — as a percent of the workforce — shrank from 15.5% to 8.3%.

But the truth is that you don’t have to travel far to see evidence of our economic demise for yourself.  All you have to do is to go down to the local shopping mall.  Sears has experienced sales declines for 27 quarters in a row, and at this point Sears is a dead man walking.  The following is from a recent article by Wolf Richter

The market share of Sears – including K-Mart – has dropped to 2% in 2013 from 2.9% in 2005. Sales have declined for years. The company lost money in fiscal 2012 and 2013. Unless a miracle happens, and they don’t happen very often in retail, it will lose a ton in fiscal 2014, ending in January: for the first three quarters, it’s $1 billion in the hole.

Despite that glorious track record, and no discernible turnaround, the junk-rated company has had no trouble hoodwinking lenders into handing it a $1 billion loan that matures in 2018, to pay off an older loan that would have matured two years earlier.

And J.C. Penney is suffering a similar fate.  According to Richter, the company has lost a staggering 1.6 billion dollars over the course of the last year…

Then there’s J.C. Penney. Sales plunged 27% over the last three years. It lost over $1.6 billion over the last four quarters. It installed a revolving door for CEOs. It desperately needed to raise capital; it was bleeding cash, and its suppliers and landlords had already bitten their fingernails to the quick. So the latest new CEO, namely its former old CEO Myron Ullman, set out to extract more money from the system, borrowing $1.75 billion and raising $785 million in a stock sale at the end of September that became infamous the day he pulled it off.

So don’t believe the hype.

The economy is getting worse, not better.

Quantitative easing did not “rescue the economy”, but it sure has made our long-term problems a whole lot worse.

And this “tapering” is not a sign of better things to come.  Rather, it is a sign that the bubble of false prosperity that we have been enjoying for the past few years is beginning to end

Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.

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      Here we go folks. God bless us all.

      • admin

        And the stock market rocketed up on hearing Bernanke comments that they’d pull back on the stimulus.. It’s a Bizarro world out there!

        I guess maybe Mike Snyder is totally wrong, because everyone in the mainstream is saying the economy is strong… and expanding!

        Recession’s over people — grab your credit cards (and if you don’t have any, apply now!) and go max those balances! It’s your Patriotic duty — well, that and paying your taxes, according to Veep Biden.

        • hammerhead

          Its not bizzaro , they know the ride will stop soon .
          Get it while you can .

          • Gunner

            The only thing that will be
            tapered is Bernanke’s shit.

            Well that, and his pin head.

            • Be informed

              Mac, a perfect going away party for helicopter ben would be a glue bath and a dusting of turkey feathers from very old senile turkeys. Michael Snyder is correct, this is freaken HYPE. Nothing has been done about the debt and the out of the atmosphere derivatives, they continue on an E to X course of expansion. Tell it like it is, the truth. the problem with that is the truth will set too many people free. I look at the stock market and it reminds me of when an idiot on the lsot machine wins $10 and then shoots $500 back into the machine because it was so much fun to win the $10.

              I don;t have a problem with the fact that the 15 day window of a major earthquake ends today, everything after this is late. There is still a major earthquake coming, but tomorrow and after it will be late. I can admit this, why can’t the government admit when it has f’ed up? I forgot because it is the government. I wonder how many of these politicians and famous economists have upside down brains. At least those that actually “think” that the rosy golden road is on the way and the roaring 20’s of prosperity are coming.

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                A Path to Freedom.

                1. Repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 giving the federal government authority and control over the banking system.

                2. Repeal legal tender laws.

                3. Repeal all restrictions and regulations on free entry into the banking business.

                4. Repeal all restrictions on the right of private banks to issue their own bank notes.

                5. Repeal all federal and state rules, laws, and regulations concerning bank reserve requirements, interest rates, and capital requirements.

                6. Abolish the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

                7. END THE FED.

                • durango kidd

                  Yo Mama: According to the Constitution the Federal Government has always had the power over the banking system.

                  1. The FED Act of 1913 gave the banking cabal a FRANCHISE to run the banking system.

                  2. A repeal of legal tender laws would require a Constitutional Amendment.

                  3. The repeal of restrictions on banking would leave some banks under capitalized, with bad management, and depositor money at risk, as would repeal of the FDIC.

                  4. If anyone and everyone printed their own bank notes, chaos would ensue and there would be even more criminals in the banking business than there is today!

                  5. You are obviously an anarchist living in the woods with your eight guns and no money. Civilization would collapse without rules of engagement.

                  6. I have already responded to this one. You obviously have no money in the bank either!

                  Thanks for the revelations. You have NO credibility! LMAO! 🙂

                • Average Guy

                  Thus speaks the mighty masked durango ‘Krugman’ kidd, defender of all that is empire, full of bluster and know-it-allness, but we shall never know his name or what he does locally to create change so that we may learn.

                  Was that a South Park episode?

                  Anyway, can’t you just feel the love he has for his former banker buddies oozing forth from him when he writes, “The repeal of restrictions on banking would leave some banks under capitalized, with bad management, and depositor money at risk, as would repeal of the FDIC.”! …It’s almost like he said it all in one breath, and then took a big gasp when he was done saying it.

                  Certainly, we can’t have that, can we? ‘We’ must have a system supported by the sacrosanct FDIC, eh? And with ‘good’ management, to boot! It’s all so very important, don’t you see? Sarc/off.

                  You can sense his disdain for The People and the process called The Free Market when he writes, “If anyone and everyone printed their own bank notes, chaos would ensue and there would be even more criminals in the banking business than there is today!”

                  Seems to me there’s a number of people in cities in america today who create their own local ‘scripts’ and they haven’t had any chaos – or been overrun by criminals printing ‘scripts’ – as a result.
                  And, america did just fine when Andrew Jackson killed the first Fed. But those words of his above are what I’d expect from an employee of The Fed. Or, a Fed lover in disguise? Or, maybe just some confused old man trying to maintain the status quo while hoping nothing changes which he does not personally approve of? Or, do I repeat myself?

                  After reading dKk make his typical personal attack on the person making the suggestions, I thought of how some americans in The Revolutionary War were upset that George Washington didn’t line the troops up to fight in the same manner as the british did. “Civilization would collapse without rules of engagement.” Because to guys like durango ‘Krugman’ kidd, following the rules and obeying them, is paramount.The System must be preserved! And so too, those who benefit from the system as it is.

                  I just hope no one listened to him when he was talking up real estate a few years back while others were trying to sound a warning.

                  …My goodness, just look at how he’s piling it on down below.
                  Iran is going to attack us? Ha! As if. …But he loves saying that. Talk that boogieman up!
                  Notice too, how he pushes the class warfare line when he talks about the 1%, and cuts down those who have no assets, as if they weren’t worthy of respect, or something worse. Push that ‘divide and conquer’ thing, baby!

                  He calls the rise in manufacturing, due to exports, a good thing. Problem is, those exports have increased because the Dollar has decreased. How’s that a ‘good thing’?

                  He loves to say Car sales are HOT, problem is, all those cars are flying off the lot due to easy money, never-pay-it-back loans that people cannot afford and often end up worse off than they were before they bought the car. It’s as if dKk has no ability to understand what subprime means. And, more importantly, what it means in the long term.
                  I wonder if he cheered like this when subprime was the leader in the housing bubble before it crashed? [You ‘know’ he was.]

                  DKk writes about how there is still a large, strong consumer element out there increasing their spending,… as if the downward trend of earnings, and the upward direction of interest rates and prices, has no bearing.
                  If he’s not getting paid by the bankers, they’ve got to cherish that spirit.

                  It’s sickening how he STill talks Up the housing bubble. Notice how he never once points to a fact which supports his BS.

                  It’s funny how he is STill saying the same old tired horse about credit usage as if it were a reflection of prosperity, and as if his anecdotal observations hold water: “Here in Phoenix Arizona the Malls are crowded, the restaurants are full, and the Sheeple have not missed a beat.”

                  Well, no shit, Sherlock. The credit keeps flowing, so why stop the partyyyy? Just rack that debt up like it’s 1999!

                  OMG, do you think he’s still in the mortgage business?: “A mortgage at 4, 5, or 6% is a bargain and one of the few tax benefits that individuals still have if they can qualify. So while the real estate market will be somewhat sedated, there will still be activity.”

                  It’s like watching a TV commercial!

                  He does so love those debt donkeys.

                  When he writes, “somewhat sedated”… notice how he makes a financial trap seem so relaxing and enticing while at the same time he’s couching his words when he says a mortgage is one of the few tax benefits that individuals still have if they can qualify.
                  Keywords: ‘still’ and ‘if’.
                  With a strong implication of ceteris paribus, now, and forevermore.

                  Then he mentions, “the valuation of corporate earnings” as if price to earnings isn’t way out of whack and totally dependent on The Fed’s easy flow of credit.
                  Go-bankers-go! Eh, durango ‘Krugman’ kidd?

                  I think he touched on just about every meme the Power Elite want put forth, don’t you?

                  Yeah, the bullshit can roll downhill for awhile. Who knows for how long? How-freaking-ever; positioning is crucial at some point or other.

                  Pistachio, anyone?

                • Ray

                  Sounds great ! However , do you really trust this Congress with country’s ATM ? They are controlled by the same Bolsheviks as the FED and MSM ! It is going to take more than getting rid of the FED to return this country to what it was originally founded upon !

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  @Average Guy says:

                  “I think he touched on just about every meme the Power Elite want put forth, don’t you?”

                  LOL… Exactly!

                  Of all the dominate social themes the elite push; the meme of “Central Banking” is surely the most insidious.

                  “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” ~ Mayer Amschel Rothschild

                  If you centralize the creation of a nations money and credit into the hands of a few, just what do you think will eventually happen? Central Banking enables, and fuels a tyranny of a few over the many. It’s a tyranny now 100 years in the making.

                  It’s time to End The Fed.

                  Anyone pushing the supposed virtues of a Central Bank is either ignorant or evil.

                  At least a few of us can see the Durango Kidd for what he really is: An evil Establishment Stooge pretending to be otherwise.

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  Ray says:

                  “It is going to take more than getting rid of the FED to return this country to what it was originally founded upon!

                  That is true.

                  But, ending a corrupt monetary system (The Federal Reserve) that benefits’ a select few (the USG and other connected Fascists) at the expense of the rest of us is a first step in ridding this country of an established kleptocracy hell bent on keeping you, me, and everyone else not connected with the fraud in slavery.

                  End The Fed.

                • durango kidd

                  Average Guy: 1. The FDIC protects depositors up to $250k per account. Why would you want to eliminate depositor protection? I suppose you want to give depositors a haircut to support the Gangster Banksters, like Greece.Is that it? You don’t have any money so no one else should have any. Is that it?

                  2.Local script is one thing, but do you think a farmer is Brazil or a manufacturer in China wants to take payment in a “local script” from somewhere in America which can only be spent in that locale?

                  Or how about a tourist travelling anywhere in the world, do you think someone in Europe or India wants to accept a piece of paper that can only be redeemed for goods and services in a locale 5-7,000 miles away? Would you? Do you pay for air fare and hotel rooms in “local script” when you are travelling in America or abroad?

                  Or do you ever leave your mama’s basement? 🙂

                  The purpose of money is to have a ubiquitous currency whose relative value is recognized, accepted, transferable, and exchangeable everywhere.

                  Why would you want a local paper script that wasn’t? Local scripts are a form of barter and exchange used primarily by and for the unemployed to exchange services in a specific location, which cannot be deployed on a national basis … unless you call it a DOLLAR! LMAO!!!

                  3. Yes, P/E ratios are out of whack due to QE. I never said they weren’t. What I said is that when QE is ended, market valuations will more closely follow corporate earnings. Do you deny that statement? Do you deny that mortgage interest is one of the few tax benefits that individuals have?

                  You rail against the system because you failed to adapt and make the system work for you. I adapted. The system works for me because I adapted. There is still some injustice and inequity in the system; and the table is tilted by the One Percent for the One Percent. So I rail against the system to modify it and make it work for everyone including you.

                  You are an anarchist who wants to eliminate the system because the system doesn’t work for you and never will; but the only solution you have to fix it is to return to local scripts and a barter economy.

                  Brilliant!!! 🙂

                • durango kidd

                  Average Guy: You said, “He calls the rise in manufacturing, due to exports, a good thing. Problem is, those exports have increased because the Dollar has decreased. How’s that a ‘good thing’?

                  WRONG AGAIN! LMAO!

                  Check the charts! The dollar has not decreased. It is rising! Why are you so misinformed and why do you spread this disinformation to the people here?

                  In fact WE are likely in a bull market for the dollar. The reason the increase in production is a good thing, and SIGNIFICANT is because manufacturing is up while at the same time, the American means of production continues to be stolen and shipped offshore. But then you believe in FREE TRADE, don’t you?

                  Having said that, understand that if manufacturing production has increased while the dollar has decreased as you say, it still means that an increase in American production means an increase in American jobs. that would also be a good thing. Why is it that you hate everything American?

                  It would help your bogus arguments if you had a financial or economic background to support your analysis. Go back to school Clark, you are a fucking MORON! 🙂

                • yourmotherwaswrong


                  Why the Fascist BS?

                  Are you that propagandized/stupid?

                  Or is it something else???

                • durango kidd

                  Yo Mama: No fascist BS here, I am providing a realist approach to the FACTS, none of which you deny. 🙂

                  BTW, my comment about Iran attacking the US in the Gulf in the event of a First Strike by Israel is not a mainstream “meme”. It is a statement made by top Iranian officials repeatedly. How can you be so confused?

                  Maybe you would have a better grasp of reality if you read the LSM too. You are what you eat. Too much Alt Media will make you paranoid.

                  Find the balance. 🙂

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  The durango kidd says:

                  “BTW, my comment about Iran attacking the US in the Gulf in the event of a First Strike by Israel is not a mainstream “meme”. It is a statement made by top Iranian officials repeatedly. How can you be so confused?”

                  I never posted anything related to your above comment… moron.

                  “How can you be so confused?”

                  Hey DK, do this community a favor, and crawl back under that Fascist/State rock you’re so passionately trying to defend.

                • Average Guy

                  What an interesting exchange that was.

                  I wonder why dKk hates those who have less money or assets that he does? …As if that were everything in life?

                  I wonder why he loves empire more than his own children (if he even has any?) or even life itself?

                  I wonder if he is one of the many hirelings of the CIA who are paid to influence stories by planting opinions, twitters, blog comments, or posts intended to push public opinion in the direction it’s supposed to go?

                  It certainly seems that way.

                  Notice how he never posts comments below, he Always posts at the top of the comment section.
                  Funny, that.

                • possee


                  Are Janet Yellen,Ben Bernanke,Jamie Dimon,or Lloyd Blankfein in your family tree somewhere?


              • Night breaker

                Do no get discouraged BI , not a lot of things have been predictable lately.
                we all know it’s going to happen , it’s just the when that eludes us , I agree we are truely in as Mac says Bizarro Land.

                keep the Faith ,


                RESIST NO MATTER WHAT

                Semper Fi 8541

                • Gods Creation

                  Taper my ass. Just moving some of the exposed theft to an unexposed category to see what the sheep think about it and how the “market” reacts.

                  If you believe the “taper” theme, you believe only 85 BILLION a month was being transferred to the banks to begin with.

                  Only so much of the crime can be exposed at any given time. They want to see if the perception of a smaller crime makes any difference.

            • Genius

              I got a preview of the new currency they are rolling out!..
              This is one tough crrency, it doesn’t take shit from anybody! It can also be used to wipe the shit eating grin off liberals faces! Makes a great gift for the sheep in your life too. Use it to clean yer gunnz or target practice! A million uses, just remember, a flush always beats a full house 🙂

              • KY Mom

                This reminds me of some science fiction movie?

                Texas court rules search warrants may soon be based on PREDICTIONS OF FUTURE CRIME.

                Dallas Observer dot com
                Posted on Drudge Report

                • Peterson


                • Peterson

                  “Look Sir, Braveheart Droids”

              • .02

                that is a straight flush beats a full house

            • Just Me

              kinda gross, yet funny at the same time!! 🙂

            • Shooter

              Ovomit is the antichrist.

              • Shootit

                He is antichrist, but is just a tool of Satan.

          • Calgacus

            Heres what I know;

            Life is not a mystery to be solved but a reality to be experienced.

            I figure if I cant understand any of this shit Ill go get myself a fortune cookie message every day. They make more sense than the government and their lies.

            • lower40

              you should never worry until the birds build a neat in your ass ,and you wonder how they got the sticks there

              • lower40

                nest ,nest ,damnit not neat

                • Night breaker

                  That auto spell on the iPads is getting worse since the last up dates.
                  I do not know of anyway to fix it either.

                  Semper Fi 8541

              • Calgacus

                Sucks to spell badly. Sucks more to be a dumbass.

            • Them Guys

              JC Penny & Sears got mentioned as they are doing very poorly yes…What about Other retail stores doing swell? IE: Macys stock has risen aprox 600% since 2009 if I recall what msnbc was showing a week ago with various retail stocks Charts and Graphs…Not all is doom it seems.

              One thing we do not seem to see written is that while Nobody Knows the real Future for sure…We Do know that for 1/2 dozen yrs now everyone that told us Buy Gold! Buy Silver cause its all gonna Crash and burn soon, very soon folks!….Well Instead we see stocks has gone Up like gangbusters and some folks had earned a small fortune.

              While gold Lost 1/3 value and silver Over 1/2 value loss…And again when the metals first dropped badly…What did they All say?…”back up the Truck and BUY BUY BUY Gold etc! Cause this current Major Down syndrom will Very soon see gold sky rocket to $5000 maybe $10,000 skys the limit folks!..Hmmmmm…

              Is it remotely possible all them gold buggs invested Millions in metals, and after seeing such huge Losses, they are trying to Gin Up buying thru fear tactics so Their Hoards of metals go Back up again?

              How are so many “experts” so wrong for so Long now?

              Most probobly will not admit this…But I’d wager many folks that bought alot of metals when prices were way higher are Now sadly wishing they instead bought stocks, and sold off Now to take Massive profits from them stocks eh…While they stare at a pile of shinney metals that are Now worth Far less….”Experts”…Hmmmm.

              I also notice I have never yet seen one single article writer ever make any mentions that #1 wiemer germany was NOT world reserve like usa dollars are…And #2-No articles ever mention that huge numbers of dollars in all denomination bills are burned to ashes at a Set time frame of age based wear etc of said bills.

              I used to once per month have to do my jobs work at the Manufactures Bank HQ downtown detroit…Its a 9 story buildg, and I had to go Down into the Main Vault. It is located aprox 5-6 floors Underground, and you Must ride down only on a single elevator with armed guards and that elevator ride is Only used to access main underground Vault…Where the Main money from ALL that banks many Branches is stored in…It took me a full 6 months to first get security clearence to be even allowed to ride down and work inside main vault.

              This was 25 yrs ago..Then manufactures bank detroit Was one of if not The largest bank in detroit and state of mich etc…I mention all this to say that one thing I saw in that main bank vault besides Massive Billions of Cash, loose cash being counted, Bagged cash, checked for counterfiet, AND Checked for AGE of Older Bills that got sent to The Furnace at Fed Res HQ or wherever its burned at.

              They had Rows of bank employes whos sole job was…One group of a couple dozen workers Counted Cash, and checked for counterfiet bills..THEN Passed That cash to person standing next to them to Re count and check for fake bills and so on till over a dozen to Two dozen workers Repeated he process…Much of those Bills in all denominations from One’s to Hundreds were set aside for Destruction due to old age, too many wrinkels, torn or dammaged bills etc…Maybe less is burned than is new printed today I do Not know either way…

              BUT I do think it Matters that bills, Many are destroyed on a daily basis. Yet NO articles on “exoerts” money matters ever mentions This fact..That changes odds of inflation by adding more bills etc right.

              As does it Matter alot that wiemer was NOT world reserve currency. And in germany that xtra money Did flow into reg avg citizens Hands to Spend…usa dollars being printed, “Most”, are NOT reaching avg citizens hands to spend…So zero hyper inflation like wiemer is possible unless That changes and We get that cash to Spend wildly.

              Being I try to always be honest I am willing to admit I didn’t invest in stocks at all due to I “used” to place More faith in said articles and “experts” opinions…Boy do I wish that was not true now when seeing the massive Profits I “could” have earned but for belief in the “experts” advice to remain OUT of market the past 5 yrs…Just a few issues to dwell upon from another perspective here is all.

              • Average Guy

                Them Guys, you seem like you wished you woulda bought Bitcoins?

                Think about how that’s working out.

                • Outlaw

                  I had a buddy that got into bit coin just a couple of months after launch, worked out well for him. I wouldn’t jump in at this point in the game though.

              • .02

                In the market the saying is “the pigs get fat and the hogs get slaughtered.” IOW, it is really hard to know when to take profits because you never hit it at the all time high or low (depending on which way you bet) leaving “cash” on the table which in turn leaves you with exactly what you are saying shoulda, coulda, woulda. Don’t get me wrong, there are many people “up” right now in the market, but they don’t see profits until those stocks that gained 600% are sold. With the 2007/08 crash trillions was lost in a matter of days with everything across the board from 401ks, stocks, real estate etc getting creamed. Now here is the example of the pigs getting fat and hogs getting slaughtered. All those that sold before the turn made out fine, those were the pigs, and they took profits-but the ones that held hoping for more profit were the hogs and they got slaughtered. Remember hind sight is 20-20 so it is easy to look back and say, “man I shoulda bought those stocks, I coulda made 600% because I woulda sold at just the right time and made a killing. It is really REALLY hard to not be a hog.

              • Barn Cat

                The government and the big banks are suppressing gold and silver prices as a way to prop up the dollar and help them personally to buy them cheap. Goldman Sachs is buying gold but telling their customers to sell.

              • Gods Creation

                Them guys,

                The system is rigged to sucker in those who use logic and reasoning and fleece them. An unrigged system, one without a printing press and worthless “money” would have collapsed a long time ago.

                The people calling for collapse are not wrong. They just underestimate the amount of manipulation that is possible with unlimited “money”.

                And FYI

                “”And #2-No articles ever mention that huge numbers of dollars in all denomination bills are burned to ashes at a Set time frame of age based wear etc of said bills.””

                They destroy the bills after sufficient time has elapsed for the interest to have been paid on them. They are designed to last long enough for that to happen in normal use.

                It’s just another part of the fraud.

                • .02

                  “They destroy the bills after sufficient time has elapsed for the interest to have been paid on them. They are designed to last long enough for that to happen in normal use.

                  It’s just another part of the fraud.”

                  ok then..Tell me something, where does the money come from to pay for that interest?

                • Gods Creation

                  “””ok then..Tell me something, where does the money come from to pay for that interest?”””

                  From your “income taxes” you think pays for the government to operate and pay welfare and food stamps, etc. The cost of government operation is printed from nothing, your labor and it’s proceeds pay the interest and NOTHING else.

                  They collect X “dollars” from the people dumb enough to keep paying them, then apply the amounts collected to the bills in circulation BY SERIAL NUMBER to cancel them. They are then over time removed and replaced with NEWLY PRINTED bills that have interest outstanding, and different serial numbers and put those bills into circulation. Wash, rinse, repeat.

                  Why do you think they put those numbers on them? There is no such number on a silver dollar(or even the slugs representing modern coins) because they are not liabilities on which interest can be charged.

                  There is no corresponding gold or silver bar on deposit anywhere to match up with the number. They are not receipts for gold or silver, like original paper money was.

                  See the scam, end the scam.

                  The banksters have set up a diabolical scam and it continues to fool the people to this day. However, it will not fool them forever. When they are no longer fooled, the war will begin.

              • Merree

                I think that being a world currency means that our inflation is being exported to other countries. How long do you think this is a workable option?

              • Slick One

                I hope the taper will affect the career EBT mooching class as well! 🙂 Time to work those ghetto moochers.

          • James Donovan

            There is a simple explanation for all stocks going up. Chase, Bank of America, and dozens of other institutions who got bailed out agreed to pump the DOW following the announcement of the taper.

            Welcome to Fascist America people!!!

          • snake eater

            someone please tell me how this works CBS told me this morning that the economy is recovering and moving forward but unemployment stays the same……Just how does that work????or we`ve put in the last three months 350 + people to work and it doesn’t change the unemployment numbers I just know the old fashion math where 2+2=4……..guess I`m just senile because I know CBS wouldn’t lie to me


        • nopittypartyhere

          not all think the party will keep going. Sorry to those who read this at the bottom of the previous thread…

          Hi all…watching fox business (fed to start tapering in January) They are interviewing the CEO of overstock dot com (Byrne) He studied under milton friedman. Here are some of his comments:

          “easy money policies are propping up retail sales and a way to prop up the rich”

          “Them saying they are going to taper in january is a bit like you and I saying we’re going to go on a diet in January. I don’t think they can taper, if they do taper we’re going to slip back into a recession. DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY.”

          “the fed are enabling the federal government to run enormous deficits and buying the IOUs because no one in the world will buy them anymore.”

          “The whole treasury market is being propped up by the federal reserve.”

          ‘I don’t believe at all in the recovery.”

          on Obamacare….”The whole point is so that you cannot keep your doctor or healthcare”

          Just for you to share with those folks who don’t believe “it’s the economy stupid”

        • LivnintheOC

          Speaking of patriotic duty, don’t forget to buy your Obummercare insurance! Twice the premium for half the benefits. What a deal!

          • Money Supply

            I’m so looking forward to the coming collapse. It will be great fun to watch all the socialist scramble. Panic Buying anyone?

          • Them Guys

            HEY KEVIN 2: Off Topic, sorry but you wont see it otherwise,Hey, In a prior article back, I noted You asked another poster person to post a LINK to Verify his claims that after WWII ended, German soldiers were Killed by usa and allies etc…It seems You reject that claim and complained that the other poster failed to reply back With a proof link etc…So…I thought I will Assist you in the never ending search for true, Truth regards WWII events.

            Heres a LINK to an Online Book FREE to read, Fast easy 2 sec download, aprox 156 pages if I recall right. And even Before you read its aprox 10 chapters that each deal with different aspects of after Germans signed an Unconditional surrender, and the WWII was Officially ended in europe theater, and the Reconstruction as its called began…..You can look at very end of book to see that the writer whos a famous reporter guy has Painstakeingly Documented, Numbered, and Listed Over 100+ of the sources, materials, documents from Military, All 4 allied Govnt official archived files,usa+brits+france+kommie bolshevik Russia….As well as Other many magazines like Look Sat eve Post, etc, Newspapers of usa and europe, etc etc…ONE Gander at That extensive listing of referenced resourced documented places his info came from, or is verrified as true By said listings, should Convince even the worst of skeptics that what he wrote as eye witness to how After officially WWII was Ended, yet the Innocent German folks that were Never nazi party members, Nor sympathyzers of hitler or nazi party etc actually Suffered Far worse than they ever did During the actual War events!

            An Exallant chapter that Reveals Much facts we were Never told about is how the USA govnt and Eisenhower Ordered 45,000 us army Negroes to be sent to germany and Rape as Many german women as possible from ages of as Young as 8-9 yrs old up to old ladys as old as age 84+ yrs old!

            With the Main reason for said negroe us army soldiers rapeing of german females, was to get them Pregnant with Mulatto babies so to destroy the once Pure White Racial makeup of said german folks as a white race people.

            Another chapter Documents what You questioned kevin2, that being that from 1.5 to 2 Million german military men were rounded up, forced to Remain in an Open air type fenced in makeshift “Camp” untill Starved to death with usa army armed guards overseeing them and shooting all who attempted escape thru fences etc…Them german soldiers were eating Grass and Dirt prior to dying of starvation done purpousfully under Esienhowers Direct Orders…While at same time several Million innocent germans, Non nazi party too, were sent as slave free labor to france etc to rebuild france cities..

            BUT as many More, 2+ million not so lucky germans, Mostly women, children, old aged folks, got sent to kommie bolshevik Russia…Where documented leeked reports and handwritten messages from said innocent german women etc,shows that Most were Killed soon as disapeared behind russian borders, and the rest sent to Gulags in Siberia where most frooze to death or starved to death within a year or less usually…AGAIN ON Eisenhowers Orders this oocured…He too was a “tribe” member so perhaps Thats got something to do with His Hatefull reasoning?

            All in All This FREE online quick read book is a MUST read if You or others truly desire factual Truths of WWII after-events Us folks never were privy to, nor ever Told of these events and the Reasons behind such cruelty etc…It Will Provide much More than verrification you asked for!…I Hope his Assist’s you Kevin2…

            LINK to BOOK: http//archive dot org/details/Gruesome Harvest wrote and Published in 1947, By Eye Witness reporter/author. All who have Any questions of what Really occured After WWII supposedly ended in germany? READ IT! Be Prepared to RE-Think Most of all You was told or taught to believe by schools, professors, parents, msm’s, and Hollywood WWII movie industry of falshoods!

            PS: I wonder if Glen Beck has This very Revealing Truth fact based book in his vast book collection? If he does You can Bet he won’t never tell You of it! NO tv news nor any Hollywood movies will Ever mention nor do a movie on it! Especially the part on how usa and brits did Carpet Incinderary Bombings of Dresden after WWII Officially Ended!…”Nothing But the Truth,.. Mam!” Sgt. Joe Friday, L.A. PD Dept. Homicide Div.

            • grandee

              Also read “Savage Continent” by Keith Lowe. An historical read on Europe in the aftermath of WW2. Very well researched and documented. Also has a good understanding of what happens to people who have managed to live through and come out on the other side of a huge SHIFT (i don’t like shtf) experience.

            • Pissed Off Granny

              One of the best “reads” ever is about the truth of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia is Under the Sign of the Scorpion. The book is free to read at:

              achieve dot org/stream/underthesignofthescorpion

              The website Tomato Bubble also give great history lessons.

              We are close to the time when we are going to repeat history, only it will not be in Russia or Germany, it will be on our beloved home turf, America.

        • .02

          MAc, I am calling it a head fake to judge reaction. the market has been broken ever since the plunge protection team has been installed and now with the robot traders (HFT machines)old school fundamentals are gone and never to return.

          • possee


            Nice to have another zero hedge type on board..even if you aren’t a zero hedge certainly post like one.

            the devil’s in the details..

            This whole system is the largest ponzi scheme ever created..

            We on the sidelines see it for what it is..

            A lot of folks criticize snyder..

            to me..he is is dead is tyler durden..


            • .02

              Possee I am G.O.O.D on the hedge. This is where I get my economics info. I was a stock trader in another life as well.. THOSE were the days//omg trading stocks was wild. I swear it had to have taken 10 years off my life.

            • .02

              I switched to Mac’s site as the fight club has been nerfed. I think maybe the tribe has gained too much pull over on the hedge and people are getting banned. Most all the old timers are now gone and it is slowly filling with libs.

            • Tyler Durden

              We are everywhere and yet nowhere.
              Yellen will ramp up that QE!

              • hammerhead

                yellen will wont she.
                Even though she “whispers” taper.
                I still say that taper will begin AFTER the 2014 midterm
                elections and not before.
                It has to end , but politics is running the fed now.
                AS always .

              • .02

                Indeed Tyler we are everywhere.

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value — zero.” ~ Voltaire

              • gone under

                @ Tyler…I read your articles @ Z.H. Keep up the great work.

          • lower40

            damn dilexia

            that was “nest”

            • SWFL

              Lisdexia has an “s” it in.

              • lower40

                Ha Ha ,how far are you from the big swamp SWFL

                • SWFL

                  On coast N. of Ft M. and S. of Tampa

              • lower40

                im about 20mi to the north of the big swamp as the crow fly’s same coast

        • arco

          “grab your credit cards (and if you don’t have any, apply now!) and go max those balances! It’s your Patriotic duty”

          Thats exactly what they want, more slaves. I just finished my Christmas shopping, all cash. One credit card with a goose egg balance. Waiting for my annual bonus (that we don’t get until the first pay in the new year, WT#?)and buying ammo and maybe a fancy new shootin’ iron.

          The borrower will be a slave to the lender.

          • .02

            “The borrower will be a slave to the lender.”

            If it is an unsecured loan that statement is not necessarily true. There is another saying “if you owe the bank 100,000 you have a problem. If you owe the bank 10,000,000 the bank has a problem.

            • Money Supply

              PAYROLL WAGE GARNISHMENT…. I did these for years and after so many years..the same fucks got in trouble again. You guess what color they all were.

              • 10mm

                Depending on state, no garnishment for unsecured credit. Taxes,student loans yes.You can be sued, no garnishment.

            • lonelonmum

              .02 When it suits them unsecured debt will become secured with the flick of a legislators pen. In Victorian England many good men ended their lives in the debtors prison – FEMA camp anyone?

              At this stage of the manipulation, only a total fool would promote getting into debt.

              No debt increases your chances of freedom. If you cannot afford to buy food, it gives you the chance to at least try to grow your own. A key part of my prepping was ditching the mortgage as fast as I could. (mort – gage translates as little debt).

              For homeschoolers – make sure you cover the maths topic of compound interest in real detail and that your kids understand exactly how it works, so many adults today do not. Rays arithmetic is a good source from which to derive your lesson plans.

          • Government Guy

            That’s why I’m the Lender to the Lord – Proverbs 19:17

        • durango kidd

          I am a fan of Michael Snyder (and Mac Slavo for that matter), and the economy IS bad and its base is continuing to erode because factories and the American means of production are still being stolen and shipped offshore.

          Why doesn’t ANYONE, including Michael Snyder every mention that?

          Having said that, the financial economy doesn’t need the 50 million that are unemployed, not looking for a job, or who are on food stamps. They are not relevant to the PTB, or the national GDP. The economy, or what is left of it, has muddled along for five years and will continue to muddle along for at least another year.

          War creates chaos. Chaos generates unintended consequences. The O’Bummer Middle East Foreign Policy changes have mitigated the spread of a Mideast conflict beyond regional powers, unless Iran makes a fatal mistake and attacks US in the Gulf.

          What is left of American manufacturing has increased its production. American manufacturing recently noted a small rise. That is a positive sign and significant when you consider that 60,000 factories have been stolen by the One Percent.

          Car sales are HOT and there is pent up demand for those who can afford the new models. The auto industry only needs to sell 15 million units a year to have a great year. Vehicle sales have been rising for three years and this year numbers indicate about 16 million units.

          While most of the folks here at SHTF Plan, and many tens of millions of Americans around the country are financially stressed, there is still a large, strong consumer element out there increasing their spending. The numbers after, After Christmas Sales, will tell the story.

          Home sales have slowed in most of the Nation but other parts are booming within certain market segments and in certain areas. High end sales are lagging and the Rich are liquidating their excess real estate, but the median price is rising. Celebrities have been warned by their money managers and are exiting large mansions.

          Here in Phoenix Arizona the Malls are crowded, the restaurants are full, and the Sheeple have not missed a beat. Your particular perspective may be skewed based upon your geographical location. (As may mine). Parts of the Nation are thriving, and enough to keep the economy afloat for another year.

          Don’t bet the farm on a “collapse of the dollar” in 2014; its not gonna happen. I do expect a major correction in the markets. Higher interest rates are good for money market funds for pensioners (if your pension isn’t marked for confiscation) so retirees may spend a little more. A mortgage at 4, 5, or 6% is a bargain and one of the few tax benefits that individuals still have if they can qualify. So while the real estate market will be somewhat sedated, there will still be activity.

          The taper of QE is not the end of the party. It just means that the markets will move on the valuation of corporate earnings rather than speculation. Keep prepping. 🙂

          • braveheart

            Howdy, DK. I hope you’re right about us having another year before anything happens. A person can buy a helluva lot of preps in 1 year. But I’m already getting word through the grapevine that after 1/1/2014 the party will get started in stages. With the way things are shaping up domestically and internationally, my prepping is going as fast as possible. braveheart

            • Facebook Page

              But that grapevine says its always next month.

            • Professor Higgins

              braveheart: Yes, the grapevine is about as accurate as tealeaves, astrology charts, and all those economists who’ve been predicting doom since the 1970’s. The never-ending warning of “Some Day Soon” has grown old but those of you who’ve sunk your hopes, fortunes, and even your very lives into preparing for “That Day” it must be painful to wake up every morning and find that nothing much has changed. And you go to bed each night secretly wishing that tomorrow will prove that all of your years of preparation will finally be of some use, so you can say at last, “I told you so”! What a sad little existence.

              • SWFL

                Yes, the grapevine is about as accurate as tealeaves, astrology charts, and all those economists who’ve been predicting doom since the 1970′s.
                -Breaking news:The grapevine,tea-leaf,and astrology chart coalition has filed suit for defamation of character.

          • JayJay

            All you say may be true….BUT, and there is one.
            These booms you speak of are geographical, as you suggest.
            I go to Bowling Green and get a seat at any restaurant instantly, no wait. Unthought of 3 years ago. You know what is busy?? Burger King, McDonalds, Hardees–fast food and cheap.
            Malls and department stores are empty.
            4 of the 10 homes on this street rely on pensions, SS, and disability.
            We are screwed.
            Could car sales be another sign that economy is weak?? There is that trick of trading cars to offset a month or two of payments. 🙁
            Until this nation starts manufacturing again, this nation’s economy will suffer until they shoot it.
            Load the 22.

        • Plan Twice, Prep Once

          The stock market climbed because foreign money saw this as a sign of strength for the US economy. Right now, this move made the US dollar the prettiest at the ugly girls convention, so they flocked to the US markets.

          I’m reminded of the story of the two guys walking home from the gym when a bear began chasing them. One guy began changing into his running shoes as they ran. His friend said, what are you doing? To which he said; “I just figured out I don’t need to outrun the bear, I only need to our run you.” The Feds action though insignificant in scale to the fiscal bear chasing us, was equivelent to putting on their running shoes.

          The whole world sits on the edge of a cliff and we are all going over the edge. The countries that go first will serve as padding for the stronger nations to land on! So this move to taper makes the US appear stronger, thus money flows to the US markets.

        • BlackDog

          When you can print $85B a month out of thin air, and that paper still has perceived value, whether domestically or internationally, printing an extra ‘sheet’ or twelve of $100s to buy off the media, the talkshow yappers, the semi-mainstream bloggers in key demographic markets, and greasing any US Senators or US Congress Critters along the way, is really no big deal. Add to that the blatant lies told to ALL Americans by our elected President — lies he’s been caught in again and again, btw — and it can’t be too far of a stretch to believe that this Administration ‘salted the mine’ prior to the information release from Bernanke.

          I’m with you, Mac — the markets are suffering from illusions of grandeur. When interest rates spike, we will see how ‘robust’ this economy really is. How about a pool on which excuse this Administration will use when that time comes? Here are a few to start with:

          1) It’s Bush’s Fault.
          2) We need to focus on Obamacare. The economy is strong.
          3) We have to tank it to know if it’s strong.
          4) I’m about to have another knee-jerk hissy fit over Syria. Next question.
          5) I’ve spoken to Geitner, Bernanke, and several other of the Federal Reserve Branch Officers who were courteous enough to call me from their ‘team vacation’ in an undisclosed, non-extradition country and they have assured me that the economy remains strong. Oh, and they have the plates now, too.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          to those that can’t understand why the market went UP…..i used to try shorting stocks and lost enough money to burn Moby Dick in the WATER! EVERYONE knows stocks are priced too high…. this is pure and simple a short-covering RALLY…and by the time it’s done, it MAY be the mother of ALL short-covering rallys. when you’re SHORT stocks and they don’t go down on (bad) news….you tend to COVER your short position(buy) to cover your loss…then the next guy sees the price go up so HE has to cover his short….before you know it the price goes shooting UP! and it WORKS, until it DOESN’T….but that’s not the ONLY market about to crash…houses are priced DOUBLE right now, BECAUSE it’s too cheap to rent MONEY….when interest rates go UP, house prices go DOWN! your house is going to lose 50% of it’s value SOON! SELL IT if you can afford to rent for a year or two. don’t think it can happen? many didn’t think so in 05 either! be glad to explain in more detail if anyone wants to know HOW.

        • .02

          Speaking of blow-back it looks as of today Boeing just lost a 4.5 billion contract to Brazil because of the NSA. Paranoia begets more paranoia and now the cascading effect will continue. The NSA will feel threatened so they will step up more surveillance believing everyone is the enemy which will circle around to more countries/companies getting hurt causing blow back causing more paranoia and in the words of the immortal Jackie Gleason “and away we go.”

      • Anonymous

        Yep, I agree with you, AZ.. had been thinking 2014 would be the beginning of the end, even before Bernanke’s announcement.

        Just hope I can get all my supplies moved here and some silver before then. At least I finally moved from a very dangerous area, where I had been surrounded by a bunch of very big cities… whew! Just a little way to go yet.

      • Anonymous

        Yep, I agree with you, AZ.. had been thinking 2014 would be the beginning of the end, even before Bernanke’s announcement.

        Just hope I can get all my supplies moved here and some silver before then. At least I finally moved from a very dangerous area, where I had been surrounded by a bunch of very big cities… whew! Just a little way to go yet.

      • The Old Coach

        They threaten tapering, the market goes down, Ben’s short-seller friends make a lot of money.

        Then they take it all back, the stock market goes up, and Ben’s long-position buyers make a lot of money.

        Timing the market is easy when you have a friend at the Fed.

        • buttcrackofdoom


      • Ted Kennedy

        I’ll have one tapered for you tomorrow morning Uncle Ben. F.U. and your teacher Greenie you old prune. At least we have it down in history that Au is real payment from your teach. March or more you hore.

      • swampratt

        Merry Christmas everyone and lets get this show on the road

    2. waterislife

      it had to happen eventually.

      all that remains is a false flag to make a run on the guns so we can distract the hungry and unemployed masses from going after them.

    3. rednek101

      A record dow high….and unemployement, as measured in 1929 stands at 23%+-. I’m way confused. The more wonky the data the more I thinks it’s being manipulated.

        • SWFL

          I know there must be a site that shows percent of employable population employed. Anyone know where it is? I keep getting “almost information” wherever I look.

          • Babycatcher55

            You might want to check out the maps and charts on Mish’s global economic analysis. He has some great info on there and a bunch of charts are on today….

          • gone under

            Zero Hedge had it posted this morning.

            • SWFL


      • buttcrackofdoom

        @rednecked….all you got to do to see the REAL picture is look at the gubmint’s OWN figgers…..just look at the EMPLOOOOOYYYYYED number….it was 58% recently….so 42% of americans AINT workin’…the number is put out there every month, so don’t even look at the UNemployment rate…it’s a LIE. stop soppin’ up the kool-aid, america(ns)!

    4. hammerhead

      As a home builder i am gonna just curl up in a ball and start cryin .
      The last five years have been slim enough , my little farm dont pay enough bills , what the hell are we to to ?
      I guess start another business , OOPS , overtaxation and regulation kinda wont make that profitable either.
      Maybe just get a job , no… none of them either.
      If i join the socialist party do i get free money?
      Maybe a obamacare navagator , no i am honest , SIGH .

      • rednek101

        Jus’ sign up for welfare, Obama Care and swear allegiance to the USSA and you’ll be fine. Someone will pay your way comrad.

      • .02

        h Head, when I am “up agaisnt it” I go to the oil fields of North Dakota and make 50 grand in 6 months and come back home for another year or 2.

        • hammerhead

          @02 – HOOK ME UP !~
          You got got contact info ?

          • .02

            Indeed I do, you want to see what is available check out the williston shopper and register @ the worksource in williston as well with your resume and between the 2 it is about 100% no problem. The best thing is you can do it all online and have a job waiting for you when you arrive. I will help you every step of the way, from housing to what to look for and what q’s to ask the employer.

            • hammerhead

              Many thanks, will do .
              Housing has always been a huge issue.

              • .02

                Yes it is. ESPECIALLY there.. I have a stealth van I live in as they kicked all the campers/rvs out of the city, so i stealth just on the fringes. It is my BOV. An old 89 Ford Club wagon Van (extended)with the 300 6 in it and the 4 speed auto. Runs like a top, parts in wrecking yards everywhere and saved me huge dollars in per diem cash! Paid for itself in 3 weeks in sub pay.

                • The Old Coach

                  You are my man! Been on that plan for years. Only mistake I made was buying a 2000 E-150 with the V-8. I cannot do much of anything myself on that engine.

                • The Old Coach

                  Gotta add that the <ipickup is a ’95 with the I-6, stick shift, all mechanical 4WD with Warn hubs, and the dual gas tank option. Didn’t make the V-8 mistake twice!

              • .02

                Yup coach, ford has built a lot of good engines but the 300-6 imo is the best.

                • jeepboy1991

                  Ford 300 ci straight six….. best damm light truck engine they ever made, Had a 1983 bronco with it. 1983 ford 4 speed overdrive manual transmission… WORST transmission ever made. Damm, I kinda miss that rig.
                  Had so much fun with it.

                • The Old Coach

                  +1 on that transmission. Had it in an E100 van that hauled my race bikes sometimes 1000 miles a weekend for 7-8 years. The engine had a rod knock the whole time, and wouldn’t go over 35 psi oil pressure hot, but never broke. The trans, on the other hand, wore out the overdrive gearset, then wore out another one.

          • .02

            The most repeated comment in the fields is if you dont have a job here, you dont want one.

            • possee


              are they hiring chefs?

              have over 30 years in the field..


              • .02

                you bet possee! AND you get treated like a K I N G! check the williston shopper and call the bigger companies with the man camps. You get into those places or some of the higher end restaurants in williston you make bukko. There are man camps going up in leaps and bounds and they need chefs for the troops. You get the BEST treatment b/c an army lives on its stomach. Make no mistake, it is akin to going to war in the fields. It is no picnic.

                • al

                  wow im a restaurant manager !/cook /chef you name it in the kitchen ive been dishwasher to multi unit supervision ! will check out that website ty sir

              • lastmanstanding

                Possee…don’t be fooled…it is a young man’s game.

                Families are destroyed in the boom area’s. The lifestyle is vile and violent.

                You have been advised brother.

                • possee


                  Thank you for the advice..

                  I would not bring family should an opportunity arise..

                  and as to vile and violent…
                  hell I’ve lived, and worked, amongst the vile and violent most of my life..

                  Lower east side,1st and 10th(NYC) in my early days
                  Revere Beach Ma..
                  Atwells ave (Federal Hill) for years as a budding chef @ private Italian social clubs and small (front) restaurants..North Prov.

                  The only difference between government and organized crime?

                  Government is organized crime with the full force of the law on its side…

                  Had I been a younger man, I definitely would check out N Dakota..


                • lastmanstanding

                  Got your back.

                  By families being destroyed…I meant that when the father/provider leaves home to support his family, the fucks have achieved one of their goals…breaking the family unit apart. A solid family unit is invincible to evil fucks.

                  I live in an area where 100’s of good folks travel a long way to work in the ND area. They are gone for weeks/months at a time. While dad is gone, shit happens and from what I have seen with people in my community, it is not often good. Son hanging with bad crowd…daughter gets knocked up…wife running around…or the father gets sucked into the dark world of the “boom”…true stories.

                  As Glenn Frey sings, “the lure of easy money has a verrrryyyy strong appeal”

                  “it’s the nature of the business…it’s the smugglers (bankster) blues”

                  Merry Christmas and peace to you Possee…got a skiff of snow overnight here in the Rockies, it is getting light and everything is calm…for now…as always…

                  “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

                • .02

                  Just use common sense Possee and you will be fine. Stay out of the strip clubs down by the train station, know your surroundings, N Dak is way gun friendly so pack heat if you want to. There is really not much to do there, tho they do have some good varmint shooting in the country. the oil boom is spreading out from Williston mostly north and west into Montana. Sydney, Mt is starting to boom as is the smaller towns up north towards the border. They have drilled as far west as Cut Bank and have hit the shale oil. If a person wants to change their profession, the fields is where to do it. I am a heavy equipment operator with a class a cdl with all the endorsements, so a job for me there is a slam dunk, especially since I have gas well training. One thing is for sure and that is this boom is spreading,, Texas has a two different fields operating that is as big if not bigger that the Bakken. Get some experience and you can control your own destiny. For the more adventurous amongst you, the fields are a great place to start a business. One story circulating in Williston was about a guy that started with a pressure washer washing what ever, trucks, cars, equipment etc and now has a dozen washers going 24/7 and the money pours in.

                • JayJay

                  A friend of my husband came back a couple years ago..said there was no money to be made because expenses were ridiculous.
                  Now, he is one that budgets, works like a dog, is used to ‘not so elegant’ conditions and if he couldn’t make it–watch out!!!
                  He manages a farm right now with long hours, so I believe it is a scam.
                  Of course it is a boom–for the communities that are making triple for all utilities, rent, food, etc.

          • .02

            I lucked into a great job 7 miles from the house all season, but still had at least 5 to 10 calls from the fields b/c they were canvasing the resumes in the job source in williston. they are that desperate.

        • Roseman91

          Sounds good! Must be a fellow piper.
          The storm is coming, doesn’t matter what line of craps they tell us. Not all of us are brain dead.

          Come and Take It!!!

        • Wasp

          Where do you live at? In your car.WASP

          • .02

            If you cant bring a camper and rent a spot (800 a month) set up a stealth van like I do. I would suggest looking for companies that have man camps and start there, tho they do bust you for room and board, but it is still worth it. If you decide to stay and move in the family, you can get on the list to buy an overpriced house/mobile or rent an apartment @ around 2500 a month for a 2 bedroom. The rent is similar to living in Manhattan.

          • Outlaw

            Good morning Trekker!

        • buttcrackofdoom

          you’ll freeze to death up there!!!

      • Warchild

        Easy hammer,like many in the trades,work under the table,barter ect.I,eh,know a carpenter who a few years back traded some work for a KTM dirtbike and a mini-30(no paperwork thank you!).Be part of the underground economy,starve the beast and yet help local businesses ect with purchases under the table as much as possible,we as a country can do this!

        • hammerhead

          LOL warchild , thats how i have lived all my life.
          It just keeps gettin harder all the time.

    5. Iowa

      Always wanted to live in a 3rd world country…

      • Hunter


        Sit tight and bide your time, brother!

        Methinks, you’ll get your wish sooner, rather than later.
        …in the meantime:

        Prepare for the wife & kids sake…and take no prisoners when the balloon goes up!

        They need you…alive.

        • Iowa

          God Bless You Too!

      • buttcrackofdoom

        hell, i already live in a TURD world COUNTY(san bernardino, ca) put up a couple JOBS here, and they will line up around the block with applicants. SHIT, you might as well look for a fish ridin’ a bicycle! you could find a black cat in a dark room…that aint THERE, before you can find a job in THIS county!

    6. REB

      Anyone who actually has a functioning brain cell knows this economy has been in free fall for quite a while now…no danger this hillbilly or most here are going to be falling for any govicorp “every thing is fine BS story”…keep getting unplugged from any dependency you have…theyre weaknesses in your overall armor defences…live free or die tryin”

      • braveheart

        REB, although I’m still prepping as fast as my finances allow, the balloon could go up tomorrow and it won’t faze me. whenever it goes up, we’ll all have to make do with whatever we have at that time. I’m debt-free, so I can get more preps at one time than I would be able to otherwise. I’m not plugged into any dependency as far as govt. is concerned. I think 2014 is THE year for the house of cards to finally fall. braveheart

        • OutWest

          REB — so right you are.

          Hillbillies invented survival.

          Whether a hillbilly is from the
          mountains, the plains, or the
          shores, no matter where we are,
          they can’t run us out, burn us
          out, or starve us out, and we
          live by the law of the land.

          • REB

            You got that right brother…be safe!

        • REB

          Brave my friend…of course youre ready, Id be disappointed to find you weren’t 🙂 …I am too of course and way ahead of the game, I just want to encourage those out there on the fence or way over yonder in the unprepared/fast asleep pasture that theres still some time…new folks here every day…sometimes al they need is a word of encouragement and that’s what I tend to do…encourage 🙂 … be safe!

    7. PA farmer

      I’m as ready as I’m gona be, let the cards fall..

      • Kulafarmer

        +1 Brother,,,
        Merry Christmas!

    8. kynase

      I have an uncomfortable feeling that a huge false flag is going to get this party started….and soon, before the American people start to wake up by the masses.

      My gut tells me it will be an “internet/computer shutdown” compliments of “China.” It will either be allowed by the elite, or it will be created by the elite. Either way, all things tied to the internet will come crashing down which means our money disappears and a large part of the fed debt disappears, power, water and other goods shut down temporarily then brought back online.

      People will panic! Bank runs, grocery store runs, gas runs…it will be chaos. This would serve as the perfect opportunity for the govt to step in and “save the day” by initially instituting martial law followed by collection of arms/munitions.

      Might not hurt to take more money out of the banks…just to play it safe. But of course, this is assuming the dollar bill is even used after an event like this.

      • arco

        Anyone see the news about India? I think India is just using it as an excuse to start some s#!t. They’re probably tired of our ‘monetary’ policies too. But then who are they going to work for? The Chinese don’t need them.

        • hammerhead

          YEA , i saw india , and i saw asia , and read about russia as well.
          The US is isolating itself in a BAD way .
          DO you see any good from pissin off the whole damn world ?

          • possee

            all part of the diversion after another..

            nothing is by accident

            everything is by design


          • Warchild

            I see one good thing perhaps,we get kicked out of the UN and regain some pricey (@ moment!)NYC real estate!

            • Pissed Off Granny


              That would be the best Christmas present the American people could ever receive but it “ain’t gonna happen”.

              The UN “IS” the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and it is where all the new laws such as Agenda 21 are coming from. The only thing that we Americans can hope for is that it accidentally catches on fire with all the scroundrels locked inside.

              • Warchild

                Gran,didn’t you mean”accidentally”catches on fire!Nudge nudge,wink wink!

          • REB

            Makes Washingtons vision seem possible eh?…and a few other like things Ive heard over the years…

        • maudy fricket

          Arco, India does a lot of military arms research and trade with Russia.

          • gone under

            And with Israel.

      • braveheart

        Kynase, I feel something coming, too, although I’m not sure which scenario. won’t know for sure until it hits. braveheart

    9. braveheart

      “And the beat goes on.” Sonny and Cher Bono. If you have NOT invested any money in storable foods, water storage and purification items, medical supplies, heavy-duty clothing, extra underwear, socks, footwear, camping equipment, guns, ammo, gun cleaning supplies, etc., I. e. things that will help you survive adverse situations, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT. start doing it like yesterday. Cash in those 401Ks, IRAs, what have you, and start getting these items now. this economy is not going to recover, period. The dollar’s days are numbered and that number is getting smaller every day. sometime between now and the midterm elections the house of cards will crash and burn. My prepping will continue all the way until that day, whenever the hell it will be, but it’s definitely coming. You can bank on it. [PUN INTENDED] You can even collect the interest on it. [ANOTHER PUN INTENDED] The bottom line is, start getting everything you need for survival now. braveheart

      • JayJay

        I wonder if all those ‘iggits’ not preparing for any collapse or disaster will ever think about the money they could have saved by cancelling cable.
        So far, I’ve saved over $4000 and guess where it went??

    10. hammerhead

      Does anyone else see Agenda 21 pushing forward.
      I have been railing against this for years , but it seems alternative media has forgotten ( except new american).
      This UN Agenda is behind most of these laws , executive orders and regulations that we chat about here everyday.

      @mac , I rally on this everyday , your site has many new visitors that dont understand this issue.
      Please publish a “refresher course”. thanks.

        • lastmanstanding

          I have been following Hodges for a couple months.

          His material has considerable merit.

          Anyone else have an opinion of what he is revealing?

      • braveheart

        Mac, I have to second the motion for Hammerhead’s suggestion. Our newcomers, hell, all of us for that matter, could use some articles about Agenda 21. I’ve researched it and it ain’t nothin’ nice. EVERYONE needs to be given all the info there is about Agenda 21. braveheart

        • admin

          BH, We are hoping to do a revamp of the site in coming weeks and months and will try to include a category on this topic — you’re right, it’s critical to understanding the agendas behind the political moves. Thanks!

          • Warchild

            Mac,revamp the site in coming weeks and months?Damn,you are the optimistic one!With all going on in the world feel we are lucky if we have hours and days,not weeks and months before the brave new world begins!

        • CrabbeNebulae

          Why don’t you just Google Agenda 21? I just did and found thousands of articles about it. It’s no secret and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find it. Just Saying. Hell!! SHTF will probably censor this post just like they did my last one. Won’t surprise me.

        • PA farmer

          I’m glade Mac has decided to do an Article on Agenda 21,Patiently awaiting the comments from the Community on the matter..

      • REB

        Keep bringing it up Hammerhead…like you said lots of new folks here all the time some never comment but they read and info is whats gonna unlock their minds…it falls to us to spread the word…keep on keepin on 😉

        • Them Guys

          AGENDA 21: Great expose’ Info at articles By writer Tom DeWeese at newswithviews dot com website. Hes been one of if not The top expose writer for 20 yrs about all issues surrounding agenda 21. He also has his own website I cant now rcall what name his org is? (freedom 21 perhaps?)…Hes been traveling usa on speaking tours a long time and also gets Local folks active.

          Hes had some great success’ with getting Local folks to Halt various agenda 21 evil crap. I too have read quite a bit about the agenda for over a dozen yrs at least.

          The UN if HQ central where all the big players operate from. All them NGO orgs aka NON govnt orgs…Right Non govnt BUT funded and answers to Big fed govnt’s worldwide…

          ANOTHER Great new article at newswithviews from Todays new articles is by a different writer. Article details the Vast swindle in Canada called Canadas “Human Rights Court council” or something like that.

          Go Read what that writer Quoted of statements BY that human rights council of canada!…It just can’t get No more Kommified than that “rights” council and “What/How” it describes What exactly is a “Right and/or Disability”!

          That rights council of canada takes cases from most any leftist or faggot etc and Once a percon is charged its Always 99.9% hes going to be convicted of violating some phony kommie so called “Rights” issues…Plus they can RE try the case over and over till you run Out of defnse laywer cash to pay, or are found guilty finally.

          Very akin to how in EU nations “Certain” questions of past History events are Forbidden Topics to even question…Like where a number is involved, say the number “six million” for example…Question That in most european And Canada states and YOU ARE found Guilty and go to Prison for 3 to 15 yrs…SEE: “Ernest Zundle” for proofs galore…

          Check out Tom Deweese for a Fast Track wise up on all issues Agenda 21 related. Most all we see occureing Today and for past two decades revolve around Agenda 21’s agendas…NOT GOOD! None of it! its like NWO On Steroids!

      • gone under

        I think agenda 21 will be implimented when they kill off 90% of us.

    11. Old Vet

      One thing I also see in this MAD-MAD WORLD is this no more lead in ammunition. Make everything solid copper and guess what comes next; if you have any ammunition that is or has lead in the bullets you must turn it in, yes it will be for the protection of the children. Turn it in or go to jail. Just a thought.

      • .02

        After a time the laws become unreasonable and people just quit obeying. For example they passed a law here that fire wood cutters have to give the buyer a receipt of the amount delivered, price date etc. I buy all my firewood from vendors every year and never once has any of them offered a “by law” receipt and I dont ask. Just because some idiot makes a dumb ass law dont mean we are going to obey. They are fast becoming marginalized.

        • NONYMOUS5

          What I noticed is corps and gobblers don’t have to obey the laws. No enforcement on them. So why should working folks obey the laws?

        • gone under

          I cut mine on Deer Creek Road, national forest area. Pull it to the road with a hundred foot cable. I do purchase a 20$ permit, but the rangers that drive by dont ever stop and ask to see it.

        • SWFL

          Just because some idiot makes a dumb ass law dont mean we are going to obey.
          – Don’t forget that this applies also to E.O.s, administrative regulations, unratified treaty provisions, and all legal acts contrary to the U.S. Constitution.

      • Warchild

        Vet,as a ecologically concerned individual please feel free to turn in all lead ammunition to me,will see it is properly disposed of!I have a feeling if that law passes will be a lot of long term storage going on!

      • Highspeedloafer

        Cold day in Hell!

      • Mountain Trekker

        OldVet, I’m with you. There is something going on when it comes to lead free ammo. They have been quitely trying to eliminate lead from ammo for sometime, and many of the ammo manufactures are going right along with this. And they will try and sell us on this BS. I know that no other material is cheaper than lead, so what other reason would they have for not using it, other than what you stated in your comment. They stopped us from using lead shot while waterfowl hunting, and told us, now this steel shot is so much better and then tungstun and bismuth or what ever crap they come along with, even if it is 3 times as expensive. Now we have those overgrown buzzards dying because they eat to much lead. Anyway I’ve gotta land this plane. Trekker Out. Make Mine Lead!

        • Chip

          harder for individuals to melt copper, brass, steel. Melting lead is simple and you can then make your own ammo…

      • Tactical

        Old Vet, they need to clarify how we should turn it in. One at a time or as a 3 round burst.

        • Them Guys

          TACTICAL: Or they can mandate all lead ammo to be turned in Must be stored into Finestien and with her security clearence in DC areas She can Then deliver mass quantities of it. It May require more than just her as so much lead ammo is out there…All we need will be an home address to make that delivery to her et al.

          They can mandate a LBS of lead limit also…Once finestien weighs 2000 lbs filled by that turned in ammo, switch to another carrier. Bloomberg comes to mind eh!

          Hillery also! Shes got so fat she can likly hold/contain 3000 lbs lead before collapsing…What a Plan to easy delivery of vast amounts lead ammo!

          Give em all a nice Tshirt with the words- Deposit Lead ammo HERE! Make certain words printed on Both front and back of tshirt. Then toss em into the smelters.

          Lead ammo Removal Plan-“Uprooting of the Tares”!!

      • gone under

        Ca has already passed a law banning lead “hunting” ammo

        • OutWest

          gone under

          How is the California legislature
          going to get the lead out of it’s
          ass and pass something meaningful

      • RandomTangent1957

        Ok, sure ….I’ll turn it in ……here’s one…’s another… about something with a little more energy ….. LOL ! I promise to give them everything I have ….
        Montgomery County
        Republic of Texas

    12. mandfrost

      Hammerhead have been preaching and writing and presenting about Agenda 21 for two or three years. The general public is uninformed, distracted and apathetic. I’t weary of preaching to the choir.

      • hammerhead

        yep , but if you try to inform folks at a township meeting you get laughed out of the place.
        Nobody will take the time to research it themselves.

        • lastmanstanding

          hh…cause it can’t happen in America.

          I’m short on that one…or am I long!!!???

          Everyone will get exactly what they deserve when the day of reckoning arrives…I’m good with that. Besides, if complete and total evil is in control, most of us won’t want to be here anyway.

          • slingshot


            I am so right with that. Get what you deserve and then some.

            I am making the transition from order to chaos.
            Would it be right to cause more chaos in order to burn itself out? Embrace it for there is going to be plenty of it.

            Pete the VN Vet is going to be just fine.

        • .02

          HH a friend of mine was going to the town hall meetings trying to wake ppl up and change things and out of shear frustration he wound up with a heart attack. His doc banned him from anymore meetings and now his sits 3 houses up the hill from me polishing his MBR’s. Pete is a VN Vet and has pictures of himself putting the enemies heads on stakes. I am definitely glad I didn’t piss him off, and feel sorry for the mayor and underlings if/when we have wrol. Pete is going to clean house.

        • REB

          I got laughed out of several meeting where the folks (most) all knew me and knew that I wasn’t making stuff up but alas people tend to be cowards,so they go along with those laughing at you in order to avoid it being them getting scorned…its okay I got thick hide and a thicker skull :)…they remain blind cause its easier than seeing and having to act…Ive found its easier to talk to folks one on one or in small groups and educate them that way than to go to meetings run by the very people implementing the program…frustrating I know…

          • lastmanstanding

            Atta boy from me Reb…we’ll be having the last laugh.

            or…we’ll be dead.

            If those of us that want to be free and left alone are gone…ain’t no chance for the rest…but hey, they’ll still have their iphone5 and xbox.

          • Them Guys

            With Most sheep you First must teach and convince them of how all these agenda 21 and other anti freedoms type local meetings and local city council meetings etc. Always has what are called “Facilitators” as Guest speakers or as folks from an ngo in charge of the various plans discussed.

            Once folks comprehend that its Trained Facilitators, useing pure kommunist training tactics to get folks to agree to suff that’s Bad, but agree “thinking” that They the town folks Is who passed or approved it all…Thats what Facilitators job is…Get folks to “discuss” issues, then speak out about it and “Debate” and Then Show of hands for full support of it…Thats when they got sheep’s Hooked and believing they the sheep’s is whos ideas got passed as law or projects for “Betterments” of the entire “Group” or townfolk…

            Facilitators are highly Trained to make use of Kommie and Cultural kommizim tactics to Always get what They want done, no matter what is said to oppose or whom says it at meetings…For Infos on Cultural Communisim Tactics..SEE: “Frankfurt School” teachings of 1930’s era that Came here to usa around 1934-36 era to set up kommie “Shops/schools”.

            Its NO easy affair to get sheep’s to accept that a trained facilitator, who seems so Nice, dressed swell, clean, and appears exact same as the sheep’s at the meeting, are actually Kommies trained to get sheep folk to agree No matter What! and do so without the sheep’s haveing any Inkling what just occured at said meetings!

            I Quit attending functions because in public forums like city council meetings I always stand up and ask alot of Questions, always expose the trained facilitor as Fraud, and of course I speak same as I write….Most sheeps cannot Handle so much facts and truths when Reading it let alone sitting there Hearing it Live spoken!

            I guess I am now eligable to Join that “Maytag Appliance Repairman” IE: Lonliest man in Town!

            When you attend meetings at town councils( council in Russian is “soviet”!!) and see perhaps 60 sheep folk present, and soon as You enter room, all but maybe 2-3 folk Slink downward deeply into their seats hoping to avoid Your gaze at them…Its pretty much time to move on. Them type sheeps are way far too gone already to change minds or believe you at all.

    13. Ugly

      We need to do our own Quantitative Easing. That is ‘ease’ on your expenses of stupid stuff at the stores. Step up your ‘easing’ with available dollars for preps.

      Enjoy life, but do not buy into theirs. Go for cheap walks and learn to garden. Eat medicinal herbs. Start your new life today. Who cares what CNN or Barbara WaWa has to say. Listen to shortwave radio. Good luck….

    14. Mal Reynolds

      I think the market “took off” because they announced a $10 billion reduction in tapering. That’s a measly 12% reduction. And then watch, in a few months they’ll come out and say “we began tapering too early, the economy is still weak.” And they’ll ramp it up to $85 billion a month again.
      Anybody with 1/2 a brain knows the game is up. If interest rates return to their 20 year norm, 3/4 of all revenue to the feds goes out the door in interest payments. Buy guns, gold and grub, because there’s no way even the dumb money doesn’t figure this out in 2014.


    15. The

      Only #1,2,and 3 are related to tapering. Who writes this crap?

      • maddog

        4 – 8 inflation.

    16. maddog

      This was done because all us sheeple’s are not out spending money on Christmas gifts. They know the numbers suck, so they are blowing smoke up the masses asses to make the moron’s think the economy is good, therefore go piss your money away. Most sheeple will believe it, fortunately the majority have no money because they have no job and unless they charge it I don’t think it will have an impact. I mean really, when is the last time you’ve seen the market go up when Bursnakey said he will stop printing money – never, it ALWAYS goes down at just a mention of stopping the fiscal pedophiles.

      • Ugly

        That is because after years of anti-Christ stuff, many merchants and Govt, ACLU, and atheists had rid Christ of Christmas. If they don’t want Christ in Christmas, then I don’t want to buy any of their ‘shit’ either. I’ll let the atheists do all the shopping….

        • Pissed Off Granny

          I’m with you Ugly.

          Let all those money hungry merchants that will only post happy holidays wonder what happened to all the CHRISTmas shoppers.

          • Them Guys

            Are the Pharisee going to Again Errect their 95 foot Tall Minorah(devils pitchfork) upon the Whitehouse front Lawn this year? While still zero Jesus Manger scenes are allowed at same Govnt location due to mangers represent “Religion”….As if anybody believes a Minoarh aint a religious symbol too?

            More total Hypocracy from the Pharisee to the Prez to the US supremes to ACLU to Atheistic Liberals who Dare not make a mention of what I am saying here eh..But Bashing Christianity is A-OK right.

            Am surprized them zio pharisee as yet aint demanded america Change the US Flags 50 stars to Six-Pointed stars!

            That’ll be next probobly.

            Maybe relief will be in the form of Dearborn Mich muslims get fed up too and decide to empty dearborn en mass to go on a Hunting trip spree to Lovely New York!

            The Lord works in strange ways at times no..Perhaps our main troubles shall be “fixed” by such an event, one just never knows what the future holds right!

          • Ugly


            Merry Christmas to you and other fellow Idahoans as well; and to all other bloggers on this site, and to Mac and Tess. Time is getting short. Things are moving much faster. Just remember what the season is all about.

            • JayJay

              How many of you live in an area that says, ‘Jesus is the reason for the season’ on the radio???
              Raise your hands!!
              I love Kentucky.

          • JayJay

            Believe it or not, I am seeing weekly ads/circulars referring to ‘holiday shoppers’ —not Christmas shoppers.

        • gone under

          My Christmas money was all spent on elkburger helper, peanut butter and jelly, and soup, then delivered to the LOCAL food bank.

          • gone under

            The reason why I call Hambergurer helper “elk burger helper” is because part of the fine for poaching up here is to apy for the game processing and donated to the food bank… Moral of the story. dont get caught.

            • .02

              Lol I was wondering about that G U as I was about to come look you up for some of that free elk. Elk hunting (and eating) and the moyie river is two of the most missed things since leaving Idaho.

              • Pissed Off Granny


                I was born and raised in Idaho. What part were you from?

                • .02

                  I am a graduate of Bonners ferry high

            • .02

              You aren’t or was with Toad Hall when he took that big bull over by Priest River were you?

              • gone under

                @ .02…No. Im 1/2 mile from the Moyie River. off hwy 2. Whenever I need elk, I just bum if off r. doering.

                • .02

                  Hey G U, you ever go to the club or the store to tip one every now and then? I have a feeling I know a pile of people you know and there is a good chance we know each other depending on how long you have lived there. I spent most my youth in the Club and the state line, lille opery hall way before the store had liquor. If you are half a mile from the river that puts you either on the old highway or the moyie river road near Bruce Behrman who is my brother in law before his wife finally got under his skin and he had to shitcan the ole bag.

            • REB

              🙂 …your punishment for acting free and partaking of what the good Lord intended you to have…but hey the “king” took over all of Gods creation as his own simply by decreeing it so….I figure youll come out on top in the end if I read you right…catching you again wont be so easy I reckon… 😉

    17. maudy fricket

      A trick the Fed has used in the past is: the really big banks buy the bonds, hold them for a few weeks and then secretly sell them to the Fed.

      • NONYMOUS5

        There’s a great analysis out there on the “household buying”. Turns out it is not “household” at all; but, rather, all buying which is not in the defined categories. I haven’t looked in a while but remember that’s what ramped up to replace foreign buying.

    18. maudy fricket

      Gun stores are packed in NE Illinois. Selling as fast as they can write it up. Obama is salesman of the decade. He even passed up Bill Clintons’ numbers.

      • Warchild

        Maudy,the insanity of chicago laws in regards to firearms also a great “sales booster”!

      • Sgt. Dale

        I live just south of RT80 Mile post 97. I was in South Streator and the place was packed. Most of the guys and gals were buying reloading items. No 6.8mm brass so I got some 223’s.

        • maudy fricket

          A friend of mine was in Cabellas (Hoffman Estates) on Black Friday. He says they had the gun counter roped of with yellow tape. You could only approach the counter when they called your number. It’s wild.

        • Warchild

          Sarge,my local wally worlds(ok,about 30 miles away) have a lot of .223 for sale,they even had more 69 grain,adopted another 2 boxes with plenty still there,makes a perfect stocking stuffer!

    19. Country girl

      tip of the day

      great last minute Christmas gift:

      Foodsaver vac accessory for sealing your jar lids. Many people don’t know that jar lids can be reused for dry goods to be vac packed in glass mason jars. Just simmer the lids to soften the sealing rubber dry well and seal your jars. I usually use a 100 oxygen absorber in before vacuming. I put bands on to STORE dry goods. Take them off for home canned goods. Beans, rice, pasta, etc, can be stored in this manner. Saves money over buying prepackaged dry goods.

      Country girl

      • Pissed Off Granny



        • .02

          I put it on my facebook page granny, but nobody cares.

          • Pissed Off Granny


            Do not feel bad. About 18,000 people have viewed this particular shtf subject and only 8 have green thumbed it.

            Does that indicate apathy, disinterest, ho-hum. What?

            Heaven help us if that patriots speech did not stir anyones heart.

            • .02

              Doan know Gran, maybe the anti propaganda has infected the masses to the point they believe the gov will save them. I have some elderly neighbors that even tho i try to ease them into not trusting the feds, they would drop everything and get on the bus if the authorities drove by with a bullhorn telling them to. We get sprayed heavily with chem trails and I point to them as they block out the sun and they just say “oh common” and look at me like have have an extra head and then wonder why the tomatoes don’t grow here very well anymore.. *sigh*

      • Chip


      • REB


    20. JK

      Ummm……. does this mean I might have to actually pay for my free Obamaphone now???

    21. Jim in Va.

      If any politician in Washington would get in their car and ride anywhere outside of DC they would see empty businesses,empty homes,yard sales every where,cars for sale,boats for sale,everything for sale. the economy sucks big time. It isn’t getting better but they will lie til the sun goes down. I’ve had it with both parties,neither can or will deliver on promises. Its time for a third party to arise and scare the hell out of the other two.

      • lastmanstanding

        Jim…why do you think that they (politicians) just said fuck it and went home for the holidays?

        Because they know it’s over.

        Their last Christmas above ground? We’ll see.

        • REB

          “above ground” as in the land of the living vs six feet under?… we can hope!

          • lastmanstanding

            That’s even better Reb…I was referring to the underground bunkers that have been built with our tax dollars to hide the “elite, their ass monkeys and whores” when the final blow is dealt.

            • gone under

              Watch Denver Airport. (under denver airport)

              • Pissed Off Granny

                Gone Under:

                Look up sinister sites. None of us want to go down under at the Denver airport.

              • Shootit

                I was there around 1990 as it was under construction. Telcom Specialist. Way more there then meets the eye. Wink Wink

            • REB


      • buttcrackofdoom

        yes jim….let’s call it the PITCHFORK party.

    22. John_Allen

      What you don’t know can and will hurt you.

      I hope the readers here have been acting for several years to protect your families. Therefore, compared to the sheeple, you will much more likely land on your feet ready to roll.

      if the sheeple suffer, including the people with whom I have had literally seventeen conversations over the last few years trying every way I could think of to wake them up

      Well, sheeple. You made your beds. You sleep in them. When the consequences arrive suck them up.

      Does that sound “mean spirited?” No more mean spirited than the social ostracism and innumerable hassles I’ve borne trying to wake up people I felt a misguided “duty” to awaken.

      YOYO sheeple. You’re on your own.

    23. Archivist

      The article mentions that J. C. Penney is losing money. Part of it is stupidity. Someone I know tried to order a pair of shoes at the catalog desk. At the end of the process, they tried to pay with cash. They were told that only a credit card was acceptable. So I asked if the store would accept a gift card instead of a credit card. They said yes, so I told the person to just buy a gift card for cash and then use the gift card to order the shoes. He did and it worked. Of course Penneys lost a little more money, as the gift card was an extra expense that wasn’t accounted for.

      And they don’t even try to keep credit card customers. If you have one of their cards and don’t use it enough to suit them, they cancel it without notice.

      • Lisa

        Cash is being phased out. I just saw a video where a man tried to pay his mortgage at the bank with cash, and they wouldn’t accept it. The manager was telling the man to turn off his video camera, and the teller was smirking about the ‘crazy man’ trying to pay with cash.

        You may recall a couple years ago when the FBI sent out flyers targeted to different types of businesses telling them how they can identify a potential terrorist and one of the tell-tale signs was if they paid with cash.

        So there is a definite attempt to demonize users of cash and make cash hard to use. Personally, I’ve seen younger salespeople look confused when I’ve paid with exact change, and one couldn’t BELIEVE I didn’t have a debit card.

        It’s a lot easier for them to control people if they have a record of every purchase they make.

        • SWFL

          § 3-603. TENDER OF PAYMENT.
          (a) If tender of payment of an obligation to pay an instrument is made to a person entitled to enforce the instrument, the effect of tender is governed by principles of law applicable to tender of payment under a simple contract.
          THIS ==>(b) If tender of payment of an obligation to pay an instrument is made to a person entitled to enforce the instrument and the tender is refused, ***there is discharge, to the extent of the amount of the tender***, of the obligation of an indorser or accommodation party having a right of recourse with respect to the obligation to which the tender relates.
          (c) If tender of payment of an amount due on an instrument is made to a person entitled to enforce the instrument, the obligation of the obligor to pay interest after the due date on the amount tendered is discharged. If presentment is required with respect to an instrument and the obligor is able and ready to pay on the due date at every place of payment stated in the instrument, the obligor is deemed to have made tender of payment on the due date to the person entitled to enforce the instrument.
          As far as I know this principle is still law in the USA, as is the statement on FRNs that they are legal tender for all debts public and private.
          So if they refuse cash payment you are relieved of the debt.

          • Archivist

            Many years ago I had a college loan. I would send in payments, but never got any acknowledgement. Then I got letters asking for payment or my income tax refund would be garnished.

            I borrowed the total due, cashed the check at the bank in small bills so it would be a bigger pile to count, then drove to the college financial aid office, 150 miles each way. I don’t think they were set up to take cash payments, but I walked in the office, put the pile of money on the desk, and demanded a paid-in-full receipt. I got the receipt because they knew that refusal would discharge the debt.

          • JayJay

            And it is true–I got a speeding ticket while in college.
            I sent a check, even though it said to not send checks.
            They returned my check, and I never paid the ticket.

        • John_Allen


          Within the past 3 weeks I’ve paid my semi-annual real estate tax … with cash. Bought multi-vehicle and multi-lines insurance with a new company and made the annual payment … with cash. And have paid three-quarters of an unexpectedly large state income tax … with cash (postal service money orders).

          The people who don’t like us using cash have the problem, as you say, that we are a lot harder to control. As a matter of principle I say “F them.”

          I do everything I can, convenient or not, to thwart them. All but two percent of my net worth is out of financial institutions.

          Unbought, unbossed and staying that way. Props to you for being the same.

          • JayJay

            Amen, John.
            At&t lost a customer of 10 years when they started charging my husband $5 for paying with cash.
            They stopped it after he moved his business elsewhere; probably lost a few customers??

            • buttcrackofdoom

              hell, ATT wouldn’t TAKE ME back…har har.

        • newbee

          I feel the same way about store member reward cards. Where I live our area super market is Big Y and they have reward card you get points for buying and discounts. To me its another way to be tracked

          • Archivist

            I have a card at the local grocery store, but it has somebody else’s name on it. Plus, if anyone in line doesn’t have a card, I loan it to them. So the big computers don’t know if I’m a southern white guy or a Mexican.

          • buttcrackofdoom

            i just use a phone number from a big family i know…THANK YOU mr. jones, they say….as i walk away i say to them , yer welcome lisa, or roscoe….in MY mind it’s like sayin’ FUUUUK YOU and yer godam computer system….a lot of them GET it and reply with a smirk….oh, and don’t get me goin’ about GIFT CARDS….like a check you can’t use in as many places,, and you CAN’T CASH!

      • newbee

        Another one of there down falls is not to run sales people love to see something on sale whether or not its a good price.

    24. maudy fricket

      Saw a quote the other day. “Just because you’re not interested in the government, doesn’t mean the government isn’t interested in you”.

    25. mesquite

      Hiring and spending always increase near the holidays. These positions are temporary and will be released after the holidays. I don’t understand the rise in the stock market on this latest version of tapering. When Mr. Ben floated a tapering feather recently, the stock market dropped. Wierd world of finance these days.

    26. mike prince

      I’m still waiting for another good T.V. movie with a survival theme….. aw come on …still waiting….

      • Warchild

        I would from the two trailers love to see the movie”Gray State”made,check out the trailer some time,little too close to home,: ,enjoy?

        • mike prince

          Hollywierd will get my money for this one. Movies are good , just do the thinking for yourself. If you are afraid of a movie brain washing you the “game” is already over.

    27. Be informed

      Anyone out there like to see the idiotic ideas that CNN, crapper numbskull news has come up with? AND get utterly nausea to their stomachs.

      Like teaching computers to think on their own. Take over of the higher and faster minds of computers that can one day out think a human easily. Lots of science fiction movies made about this that lead to the disaster of humans.

      Letting the water in with flooding of coastlines. “Brilliant” when it comes to tsunamis. Even a better idea to not even have a tsunami wall to protect nuclear power plants on the coastline. We all saw what happened when a certain nuke power plant did not have a tall enough wall protecting it. Let’s see now, a dying Pacific Ocean ecological system.

      How about the idea of sending in the drones. Not less drones but more to do all sorts of surveillance that are called “useful”.

      Mind control over the internet. Where your brain is linked to the internet. God help any f’head that would think this would be a good idea. Borg in Star Trek comes to my mind on this one.

      Computer take the wheel. Hey allow someone to lose the ability to control their vechicle. Computers fail all the time in military aircraft that are suppose to never fail.

      Dr QUACK inside you. These MF’s actually want to shove nano probes into your body. This is the first and fast course to having implants in you, government implants floating around your body.

      The other ideas like 2 time zones and reinventing the wheel at least with not jack around with someone’s freedom.

      It does prove that there is some real evil out there that are feeding the brain dead with ideas on how to make their lives more convenient and modern. In reality ALL to be used to further and more efficeintly enslave everyone.

      Check this out and see what horrors these mindless cretins feel is going to revolutionize mankind. Utter sickening and why people that want to remain free must NEVER fall for this utter crap.

      • OutWest

        Be informed

        Lets hope insanity isn’t contagious,
        the lunatic fringe has gone mainstream.

        No place to run, no place to hide from
        the flashing neon lights of Big Brother.

        CNN is the toilet bowl of the country.

      • Archivist

        One of the big problems with Fukushima is that the engineers designed the reactor for the site’s original high elevation. Japan insisted on excavating the site to lower the elevation.

    28. disector

      Okay now… I have looked at the two charts and if you are STUPID enough not to read between the lines, OF FEAR BEING BROADCAST INTO YOUR SHEEPISH MINDS you deserve what you get. Please read the title of the chart and do just a tiny bit of critical thinking before you slatercast your hate upon me. If this even gets to the board where you can read it that is. Your are the suckers of a lifetime! Whos winning here. One f-i9ng guess, not you! You have all fear mongered yourself’s into a corner where your are just like democrats. You are to proud to admint you have been taken. Good luck to you all in the next 4 years as I reap the benefits of your fear. This year alone the market has yeilded me 23%. Keep the fear alive people! HAAAAAAHHPOJETWRZYSJXECLGBIPO

      • HD

        I’ll just stick to what the real fundamentals tell me and gladly forego on the easy winnings on the stock markets of these past few years.
        First off, earning a lot of money by betting on stocks, does not necessarily make you a winner in my book, but then again, I live in Europe, so what do I know about the American way? What I do know is that taking the temperature of an economy just by looking at the performances of the stock market, has become a pure and utter joke of late, what with 4 years of massive QE, still going strong at an incredible 85 billion dollars a month as we speak and interest rates near an unbelieveable 0 percent. What do those cold hard facts tell you about the true state of a financial system? Mind you, the situation across the pond isn’t any better. Truth be told our banking system is in an even worse shape than yours.
        And even if – and that’s still an if at this point – they do start tapering, it will possibly be a very shortlived affair because of all the nasty consequences it entails.
        IMHO nothing happened yesterday that has changed in any way my view on the disaster that is to come. So I’ll keep preparing accordingly.

      • possee

        we “fear” not…


      • braveheart

        Disector, normally I would welcome you aboard, but you passed judgment on this community WAY TOO FAST. You’ve mistaken us for an MSM site; wrong place. braveheart

      • .02

        Fear would be if you DIDN’T have preps and my guess that is your problem. It is like carrying a gun. A fellow sees it and says “I see you are packing a pistol, expect trouble?”

        “No sir, if I expected trouble I would be packing my shotgun.”

        You didn’t make shit in the market if you haven’t’ taken profits and I can tell by your post you are a hog and in line to get slaughtered.

      • Pissed Off Granny


        Is your 23% in your pocket? Have you sold that stock? If not you are still in Las Vegas, baby. You could be wiped out tomorrow.

    29. Sgt. Dale

      They are cutting 10Billion out of the 85Billion . This means NOTHING. They are still spending/making 75B a year. This means they are printing 900Billion a year. You might as well say 1 Trillion. This whole thing is smaoke and mirrors. Can we say B.S.! This whole thing going to bring the ecomony down. If every one here are correct we only have a short time to get what we need before the collapse.
      The stock market jumped almost 300 points yesterday. Remeber what I said 17,000 LOOK OUT!!!
      Get as much as you can while you can.


      • possee

        Sgt. Dale


        QE is a simple procedure of infusing digtal monies into the banks/financial markets..period..

        Nothing flows out to us at all.

        A slight reduction means nothing.. in the grand scheme.

        And the market is rigged..infusing trillions into the banks just enriches them further..thus the rally on the NYSE..afterall they are the ones playing the market majority in the first place..

        More than likely it will continue to climb…

        Any correction will just make them more money either way..

        All these pundits have been hoodwinked for befuddles the best of financial the fed/imf/world bank are all defying the laws of economics from past histories..

        They will probably continue this til they’ve extracted every last dime from the rest of us..only then they will usher in their new “currency”..and God only knows what the hell that will be…


        • PO'd Patriot

          I really think that this (tapering) is all another big lie. I think they’ll increase the printing and just keep lying about it, making sure the banks and those in the know keep getting richer. All the other info spewed from them are lies so what’s another one?

        • JayJay

          We are talking about 1 Trillion a year deficit??
          What is a mere 10 billion reduction??

      • Kulafarmer

        75 billion a MONTH! Not a year,,
        Thats $900 billion a year in their own debt and toxic bank notes that they are buying,,
        I believe they are doing that to try and limit the exposure of the wider bond market to damage once the cards start falling.

        • Sgt. Dale

          Thanks for finding that. I did mean to say 75B a month. I posted it at 0411 hours when I got done taking the dog out. Not quite awake. Thanks again.

      • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

        @ sgt. Dale

        Do you really, really, really, believe they are telling the truth? I don’t.

        WTF out

    30. watching and waiting

      There is going to be a huge correction in the stock market.
      I have to agree with the author of the post.
      I believe in 2014, we will see the ugly head of Hyper-inflation raise its head. If you think it is bad now, and it really is, it is going to get terrible.

      In regard to his comment about Salisbury,NC, I am not from there, but in the city I reside in, the economy was based
      textiles, fabrics and such and that comment is right on……and we have a very high unemployment and crime, breaking and entering, shootings….

      In regard to J.C. Penney…… I am sorry, but J.C. Penney quality has gone to hell in a hand basket since 1998 in my opinion……Down to the level of Sears, K-Mart, and Wal mart…..

      Merry Christmas everyone……..

    31. JRS

      The Fed is just trying to “manage” the coming crash.

      They will “manage” to transfer all the common man’s wealth into their pockets.

      Stock up on piano wire.

      • Gonetoolong

        That reminds me of a mobile home finance manager that I met years back. I asked him about what he thought about the mobile homes that he helped finance. He said that they were great as long as you don’t put them outside, let them get wet, or let the sun shine on them. He made it clear that they were “made for sellin’, not livin’ in.” He just got back from a seminar put on for finance agents in the biz. I asked what it was about, He said, “Basically it was 3 days of them showing me how to take money from yo pocket and put into my pocket.”

      • buttcrackofdoom

        me,…i’m long pitchforks and torches!

      • OutWest


        I can see the headlines now —

        “Checkout girl gets cold-cocked
        with can of string beans!”

        Film at eleven…..

    32. aljamo

      Speaking about the tapering, military vets and retirees are going to get their pensions tapered. That’s going to piss off a lot of veterans. I’m sure the higher ranked, captains and up get fat pensions where the cuts really won’t be felt. The lower ranked enlisted will feel the cuts the most. The bill was passed, yet a clear explanation of the details of the bill has not been made available. I can’t find the specifics anywhere.

    33. Be informed

      @ disector. One question? Have you prepared with food, water, and other supplies? Screw the stock market okay. There are plenty of other disasters that can and WILL hit that has nothing to do with the stock market or anything else to do with money. Are you prepared with a stockpile of what you need not IF but WHEN a deadly virus gets loose from man made or natural? What about war? Are you ready for this. Have you taken the money that you have made to even put a portion of it into a back up of what you need WHEN something happens?

      Nothing is wrong with finding success, nothing. Everything is wrong with someone that has the money and does not put away the tanglible insurance that they need WHEN something forces them to depend on the government or something else to eat and drink to stay alive. There is no one that is the biggest loser and brain dead manure head that does not prepare for when the society breaks down. It doesn’t cost much money to put away insurance for yourself and your family. Natural disasters are occurring with more frequency and more intensity. The planet is using up the total amount of arable land to grow food. The planet is ready for war as the Atomic Scientists have put the Doomsday Clock at 5 minutes to midnight, a level not seen since the cold war.

      IF you have put away some of that money made into tangible goods that you can use WHEN something occurs on a personal, to local, to regional, to national level that prevents you from surviving, then this shows that you can invest in your future not only with stocks but with a degree of preparedness. IF you have not, then you are part of the 99% of total brain dead retards that will be shi$%ing in the grass if you can get any food to have bowel movement and drinking polluted water and dying from disease, or dying from dehydration. Just ask people in the Philippines, in Haiti, in New Orleans, in any area that society breaks down what it is like.

      Call us fear mongers. I call ANYONE that doesn’t have food, water, and other necessities ready to go, that has more than enough to store this up the ultimate fools. I call them wastes of the world. There is absolutely no excuse for someone not to spend some of their money for being ready. IF you have, then there is something there in you. If you have not because this is fear mongering in you opinion then you deserve to suffer and suffer you will guaranteed eventually. Those that fail to purchase REAL life insurance in supplies for all the slews of disasters have a critical terminal condition called brain rot. Which one is it? A prepper or non-prepper are you?

      • braveheart

        Good morning, BI, and once again, spoken just like the intelligent person you truly are. dissector sounded like another troll to me. braveheart

      • Kulafarmer


        Theres people like the yahoo you were addressing then theres folks like us.
        For me,,,
        I dont have the money to “play the market”
        That said, i try to make sure that i will always have the basics if i need them,
        Having almost always lived on an island i am acutely aware that things can and will happen that cant be bought away.
        All the money in the world wont buy shit if 1. Its in the bank or stocks, 2. Nobody wants it or needs it!
        There have been a few times in my life i have seen people like the addressee trying to buy themselves a few rolls of TP, and nobody would sell them one, the best was a guy offering me a 100$ bill for a few gallons of gas,, i just told him to start walkin!
        You cant buy away stupid.

        • Be informed

          @ braveheart and Kulafarmer. If someone can make money and then re-invest some it into supplies and safety for their family, I am all for this. As long as it is not something evil like criminal activity. What really gets me is when someone comes on and makes money and then attacks people from preparing because they are fear mongers. There has been numerous calamities just in the past 2 years that have eclipsed previous records to prove that everyone needs to prepare.

          I realize it is a choice to prepare and be ready or not. It is also a choice of the prepper/survivalist not to give the total fool that has lived it up nothing when SHTF. This is where I become defensive for everyone here. Those that preach about making money and then when a catastrophe happens they expect the good people that have sacrificed so much so their families to have chance to feed them. Those that insist to be fed and try to force the prepper to feed them can eat copper, tin, and lead in various sizes at velocities from 900 feet per second to 4000 feet per second.

      • Be informed

        @ Tactical. Fukushima, at least what we are being told or not told, should not be getting radiation into the upper atmosphere. It takes something to blow heavy material like this into the jet stream. These are heavy elements, not like smoke or something. Force takes it to propel it high enough to start blowing around the globe. Chernobyl had this force and much of Europe had at least some contamination from this. Fukushima is ground level and sea level to the most part. Animals and plants are spreading this toxin through the food chain in the Pacific. Las Vegas is at an altitude of 2000 feet above sea level and Idaho Falls is around I think about 4000 feet or so. This should not be coming from Fukushima as long as there is not significant force to get the radiation into the jet stream. Of course what are we not being told.

        This is something to worry about. What is the government doing? They dumping waste somewhere, or some of these nuke dumps are leaking out radiation. I could see cities on the coast getting some of this from Fukushima, but at elevations at 4000 feet. This is puzzling and disturbing and again, something the government is hiding from the people, as usual.

        • Tactical

          Thanks as always BI. Very disturbing indeed.

        • gone under

          @ BI..Agree. The name of the site NETC mentioned sounds official, but I make it a point to do a little “background” research on where I get my info. There are other very good independant sites that monitor radiation levels, some are too detailed and hard for me to understand the data without a calculator. The one I like is independant, doesnt sell anything, has multiple operators not affiliated with any firm, and is easy to read at a glance.

      • Pissed Off Granny

        Hi Tact:

        The day is going to come when the internet will not be “free speech”. I would like to be able to continue to communicate with you. I have an alternate internet address [email protected]. If you are interested leave me the first initial of your middle name and I will look back here to see what you posted. Thanks Tact.

        Hunter, if you see this post, my offer stands for you also.

      • gone under

        That website NETC, has been proven by independant geiger owners to always be way off. Go to Radiation Network for honest readings. Netc has a vested interest in high readings…they sell shit. I have been watching the daily readings for a couple of years and they are slowly creeping up minimally.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          that map LOOKS like the one i looked at a few days ago when i received my detector. evidently you can sign up and post results for your area(done with a cable connecting you to internet from detector)…false results would be EASY to report by someone with an agenda….meh, i don’t know???

      • Pissed Off Granny

        Tactical and Hunter:

        I have a post hung up in moderation. Please look for it.

      • Pissed Off Granny

        Hi Tact and Hunter:

        I am posting this to you because I put a link in another post and it has been hung up in moderation.

        The day is coming fast when “free speech” will not be allowed on the internet. I would like to have both you guys e-mail so we can keep in touch.

        I have an alternate link at justmeat633 @ gmail dot com.

        If you either of you guys would like to correspond leave me your middle initial of your middle name and I will come back here and check that it agrees with what you sent and then I will send you my real e-mail. Hope you are interested in corresponding.

        • Hunter


    34. Warchild

      Informed,though a few steps above a lot of folks living paycheck to paycheck,@ least they are working!That said,just buy/prep in the smalls,they do add up!A few extra items of long term food,some basic med supplies(would suck to die of say a infected finger!),a few flashlights/batteries,before you know it time permitting you will have a decent stock that at least gives you a chance.On a side note,to those who live near a wally world they seem at least in my area to have a fair amount of .223 for sale,once again,a box here and a box there does add up and gives you some practice stock also,best of luck to all in the coming days!

      • lastmanstanding

        Better check to see if it goes off.

        I have NEVER, EVER bought at walmart. They hate America.

        Let’s see…low wages, all shit from china and oh yea…destroyed Mom,Pop and Main St., USA.

        Walton’s are the people that everyone rails about every fucking day…but yet, most of you support them…and they just get richer and richer off of your weaknesses.

        I hope this is painful for you to hear, because it is painful for me to write it.

        Boycott these commie bastards…they must be stopped.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          who KNEW “made in china” would be a WARNING label?….i can’t help but wonder….where do you buy stuff not made in CHINA?…just sayin’.

          • lastmanstanding

            butt…Unfortunately, most of us cannot completely escape chin goods.

            We support people, small biz, farmers in my LOCAL community. We only buy what is necessary for our survival. We do as much as we can NOT to support CORPCO. We spend money in our local community that we should be saving…to keep good, honest, hardworking, independent, family-oriented, loving last men/last women standing with the only thing left that separates them from the “entitled bunch”…job/productivity to survive.

            Granted, a job or a biz (2 in our case) use corpco products but for Gods sake, it is a necessary evil way against all odds to support other good folks. I don’t like the catch 22 any more than the rest of you.

            It is ingrained in our souls for those of us here to be productive, love the earth and have faith in God.

            Our goal is towards self-sufficiency. If everyone did as we did…330 million United States citizens…these bastards would be out of biz…the fed, gone. Big corps, gone. Crooked politicians, gone.

            Live local. Not global.

            People made the fucking corps…via building/producing goods (many great items), buying their products, capitalizing their growth, etc.

            WE can tear them down as well.

            “DON’T…go down without one helluva fight”

            Merry Christmas to all of you.

            • buttcrackofdoom

              good post LMS

    35. Old Vet

      If the American people ever recover from their shock and react or respond to the silent theft of their national inheritance all hell will break loose.

    36. RickInOregon

      This is all about the 2014 elections, the Democrat’s brand is being hurt, the fascist/communist take over is being threatened. Building up the image of a recovered economy is propaganda. Perception is reality and there’s a full court press beginning to change reality.

      There’s a perfect storm coming at the end of summer with the 2014 mid term elections and the employer mandate for obamacare. If the Dems get their clocks cleaned in the mid terms then that spells the end for the obama administration, he will not only be a lame duck, he will be a castrated lame duck. The establishment will lie, cheat and kill in order to keep a revolution at the ballet box from happening. So expect by summer for the given unemployment numbers to be miraculously down, job numbers to be miraculously up and a diversion to turn you eyes away from the employer mandates. The GOP will enable it with the likes of McCain and Christy on the MSM acting reasonable and attacking the tea party.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        PFFT…the perfect storm is OBAMACARE!…all by it’s little ole self will bring down america….just a few more WEEKS. and don’t forget, there will be some companies going out of business after christmas, so cash them gift cards RIGHT AWAY!

    37. G

      I predict that the bankers will not take blame this time around,The china japan conflict,the north and south korea conflict,the israel palestine conflict,and the iranian nuclear conflict will cover for the bankers this next time around,the chess pieces are in place

    38. Scott

      Point number two is incorrect. Treasury bond rates do not influence mortgage rates. Mortgage backed securities are traded openly on a secondary market, and that market influences the mortgage interest rates.

      Don’t believe me, look it up for yourself.

      • The Old Coach

        Sorry, but Fed funds rates most certainly do affect mortgage rates. That’s how they used to manipulate the money supply, until they got into the QE racket. Now they can’t use it, because raising it even a little would clobber the Treasury’s borrowing campaign.

        The MBS market is an entirely different kettle of used dogfood. Created to sell bad mortgages to unsuspecting investors after CONgress and the Clintonistas forced the banks to start lending to consumers with bad credit or no credit history at all.

        This hasn’t stopped, BTW

        A little anecdote from recent news:
        “In a bid to stem taxpayer losses for bad loans guaranteed by federal housing agencies Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac, Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) proposed that borrowers be required to make a 5% down payment in order to qualify for a loan.

        His proposal was rejected 57-42 on a straight party-line vote because, as Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn) explained, “Passage of such a requirement would restrict home ownership to only those who can afford it.”

    39. maddog

      Way off topic, but it maybe a way to push back a little.

      We posted the breaking news that the “Gay Mafia” demanded the firing of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson at A&E

      We at Guerilla Media Network find these actions a gross violation of Phil Robertson’s Constitutional rights, and we encourage everyone to denounce A&E’s decision. Contact A&E at their corporate headquarters and express your opinion. A&E Television Networks, LLC Company Information. 235 E 45th St New York, NY, 10017 United States (212) 210-1400

      • Warchild

        As I stated in another post,will in the interest of free speech.I could give a rats ass about reality shows or wether someone is gay or not,really,beyond free speech none of my business.

      • JayJay

        The Robertson family issued their official statement on the Duck Commander website:

        We want to thank all of you for your prayers and support. The family has spent much time in prayer since learning of A&E’s decision. We want you to know that first and foremost we are a family rooted in our faith in God and our belief that the Bible is His word. While some of Phil’s unfiltered comments to the reporter were coarse, his beliefs are grounded in the teachings of the Bible. Phil is a Godly man who follows what the Bible says are the greatest commandments: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” …

        READ MORE:

    40. Jack Hammer

      Gold just dipped under $1200 an ounce today and silver is about $19. BUY WHILE YOU CAN! Get as much silver as possible and get rid of that FIAT currency in your wallets and purses. When the economy tanks and silver goes to $200 an ounce and gold to $10,000 an ounce you will be ahead of the game.

      • .02

        I am looking for silver @5 bux an ounce to go bullish. As hard as they are monkey hammering it, I don’t doubt it will hit 5 soon. What a joke the “free market” is.

    41. ImmColl

      The economy is in the crapper for a lot of reasons but one of the main ones is no jobs. 23,000 applied for 600 Wal Mart jobs in DC a city where according to sites like this everyone has a six figure job working for the gov’t. College grads cannot get jobs. We sent too many jobs overseas so now you have to apply for low paying service jobs and you cannot get those! A lot of Americans who are out of work want to work but cannot even get a job at Wal Mart….not good!!!!

    42. maddog

      You may have heard congress passed a 2 yr by partisan budget that did not include an extension in unemployment benefits to 99 weeks. I bet my wife they would extend them with another bill within weeks. Well I was wrong again, Dean Heller R,NV introduced a bill to do it within 24 yrs.

      Oh, by-the-way the new so called “budget” bill includes new rules requiring only 50 votes instead of 60 to pass any new spending bills. So the “budget” bill includes unrestricted future spending, sure wish that was how my budget worked. What a fuckin joke.

      • .02

        *sigh* here comes another 1.3 million desperate consumers looking for what ever is not nailed down. This is going to make the unemployment numbers look better for the fraudsters that say how well the economy is doing. I think I will return to building the bunker in the basement now.

    43. Bul2taco

      To anyone who truly wants to know why the stock market went up instead of down should read Martin Armstrong Blog
      Money is moving from public to private so the stock market will still go up. PLEASE read and try to understand what he is saying because he has been right for a long time know.

    44. Piper Michael

      Sorry to break in, hope everybody is doing well…
      Merry Christmas to all my friends…

      This is an email sent to A&E networks about the Duck Dynasty flap. As you know Phil was fired because he spoke out against the gay lifestyles. It doesn’t matter whether you care or don’t care, the issue is The Agenda, and shutting down discussion. The following email was sent to A&E. We encourage those who love free speech, to join a boycott of their channel until the boss is fired.

      Dear A&E, ( on bcc list)

      Since free speech does not fit with your corporate agenda,
      and the Robertsons cannot speak freely,
      then a boycott of your channel is the only thing to do.

      We love A&E, and it breaks our heart to quit watching,
      but this house is done with A&E,
      at least until the person or persons responsible for
      firing Phil, is fired.
      We have nothing against gays, but, will not allow them
      to set the agenda anymore. America is about the discussion of ideas,
      not shutting it down. Phil did not disparage gays, he disparaged sin,
      if sinners control the discussion, there is no discussion.
      That is the end of the discussion.

      Good day.

      PS to all; forward this address;
      [email protected]

      to everybody in your lists.

      • Warchild

        In the interest of free speech will do,that said,could give a rats ass about any so called”reality shows”.

        • Piper Michael

          My wife likes it, and it IS funny to the level of the real life version of the Beverly Hill billies…
          Every show ends with a family prayer. We need more shows like this, since we are still a Republic, and the minority does NOT get to set the agenda. But they have, due to the PC media and cowardice of the ‘good guys’.
          The problem in this country is moral, not financial. Every other problem stems from us abandoning our roots. We laid down on the altar of liberty and took a nap, I blame preachers, partly.
          Who were the British scared of more than G. Washington’s pathetic little army? The Black Robe Regiment.
          Where is our Black Robe Regiment today? They were bought off with 30 pieces of 501c3 silver…

          We need more Phil Robertson’s, to stand up. Unfortunately, the Godly don’t get, that you cannot legislate morality, that’s why the ‘progressives’ are against us…
          Ultimately, sin is between man and God, and Phil simply stated that it was a sin… he did not judge the sinner, he stated his belief, as it should be. But all too many of us DO judge, and want to IMPOSE our beliefs through legislation, this is history not opinion… Phil could be a good model for all Christians to take note of.

          There are still ‘dry’ counties in America in 2013, ‘sin’ is still illegal in most places, and we wonder why the unGodly hate us? Self righteousness, and legislation, is a form of judging. If a man harms only himself, it is not for you to judge, only to grab his hand when he reaches out for help. If there is any spirit in the sinner, the dark energy will eventually drag them to a place where the spirit will overcome them, or they will sink into darkness, it is not our place to do anything but love them.

          • Ghost Rider

            @PM; Glad to see you are still checking in on SHTFPlan every so often. Haven’t seen your posts in awhile. I agree with Warchild, will send email in support of free speech not for some reality show.

            • Piper Michael

              HI GR,
              I’m here everyday, to check out the latest, but, don’t have time to post anymore… this is a slow evening, the wife is away and I’m batching it.. 😉

              What is free speech? Why is it the FIRST of the amendments?
              The ability to make an offensive comment, to some. This is what protects the rights of the MINORITY.
              When demonization of the minority is taken to the level this takes it, we are no longer a REPUBLIC, but a ‘democracy’… the rule of the mob.
              The best way to handle the rule of the mob, is to hold up your middle finger, as high as possible…
              (backed up by lots of hardware… that’s the reason for the second amendment…)

              • Ghost Rider


                Amen brother!

          • lastmanstanding

            501 3c fiat…makes it even worse.

      • Pissed Off Granny

        OK, shtf posters, this is another time you will have an opportunity to let the corporate owners and sponsors of a tv show know just how you feel about the censorship of free speech.

        Do not bypass their sponsors. NO SPONSORS…NO SHOW!

        When any network, show, internet site begins to limit our free speech (regardless of which side we are on) we should begin to boycott their sponsors. NO SPONSOR= NO NETWORK,NO SHOW, NO INTERNET SITE!

        • maddog

          POG, I posted A&E contacts above.

          • Pissed Off Granny

            Thanks Maddog, I shot them my displeasure.

      • .02

        fvk duck dynasty, do yourself a favor and shoot your tv. you will feel much better after the withdrawals are past.

        • gone under

          Mine is for video’s only. Just watched Breaking Bad season 6.

        • Piper Michael

          Such a wonderful person you are.
          Actually, I spend more time in the barn, the TV is hers… and only gets turned on when shes in front of it, so that would go over real well.

          Looks like the crowd hasn’t changed much…

          • .02

            Common Mike, you wouldn’t be so cynical if you would talk the “boss” into letting you shoot the bastard. Even if you don’t watch it, the sounds still gets into your subconscious and turns you into a drone. Also, why do you want a brain dead wife?

            T E L E V I S I O N
            the more you watch
            the stupider you get.

            • Piper Michael

              Common Mike?

              Oh never mind… you’re part of the reason I don’t waste my time anymore.

              • Them Guys

                O2: Proper spelling is T A L M U D Vision..

                Talmudvision aka TV= Satans Sons’ Greatest Tool Yet!

    45. Old Vet

      Want to learn more? Listen and read only from the MSM/Government they are the only source of TRUTH and what is GOOD. Just remember they are here to HELP US.
      Starship Trooper

      • Pissed Off Granny

        Old Vet:

        Yep, I open up my computer this morning and what do I see:

        A guy getting fired for stating his opinion of sin and a front page artcle of old “nasty ass” porn king Al Goldstein. And I quote “Of all the successors to Hugh Hefners’ sexual throne, no one was as out there as Goldstein.”

        A quote from Goldstein, “To be angry is to be alive. I am an angry Jew. I love it. Hate is better than love and I think it is more pure.”

        He has now gone to his final ‘reward’ (some like it hot!)

      • .02

        you see those people in texas dead from ?? 8 sick 4 dead, 2 more in hospital on life support as of yesterday and they have no idea yet what it is. i might see if I can scare something up and take a look at any breaking news on this. I told the wife it probably tainted flu shots.

        • newbee

          .02 They say they are not ruling out flu because the rapid flu test does not detect all strains. Either way its not good when people die like that and they cant say why.

        • JayJay

          And could this possibly be a way for the population to decrease, like a million or two at a time?/

    46. Be informed

      @ Warchild. The prepper/survivalist has so much excellent character to them. Look at how someone instead of going out and blowing money on some idiotic entertainment, instead goes out and purchases something of value. Something that can be used and will likely be used. Like I said above, if someone can make money and add fianancial security to their life, this is a huge plus. But to make money and then let it sit in a phantom death zone, known as a bank or stocks and not take some of that money to buy tangible goods that they can use is beyond a fool. They are totally retarded.

      I knew this one person that bought enormous amounts of life insurance and wasted this money until they dropped oer dead in the mid 80’s. The insurance became too expensive at a certain age to maintain. Left his family with a funeral bill. Someone that purchases true life insurance has value. Even if a person dies, they heirs still have those preps. If they are stupid enough to sell them off in some estate garage sales, the family at least gets some money back, and the lucky preppers that purcahses these preps benefits. Giving money to the banks and insurance companies is crazy.

      Most people that make a lot of money keep re-investing it. Perhaps they will be successful, perhaps not. I go with the not eventually. They also tend to blow money on garbage, and overindulge their families with gifts that they don’t appreciate anyway. They usually don;t prepare. The non-prepper is a very shallow stupid person and needs approval desperately from their family and they “think” that they can buy their affections like they have brought into stocks successfully.

      There are successful people that do prepare, and a big thumbs up for them. Those that choose not to prepare a big thumbs down to them An even bigger thumbs down when these characters try to get the prepper/survivalist to take care of them because they are “owed” this. That is what is so horrible, these non-preppers have the means most of the time to prepare, they don’t, but just know that they can get it from those that do. This is why every prepper/survivalist should maintain a good arsenal to make sure that no one insists that on making them share everything they have with those too retarded to put away what they need.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        yup BI, a friend just had an uncle die…and he told me AFTER THE FACT that he spent a week throwing out all his preps….lots of canned food that was expired. i told him you idjit, i know several food banks would have taken it…makes me wonder what MY family will do with MY preps…some of which are expired(and still damn good, i might ad) guess i better get to making a plan on how to inform them what to do if I DIE….poor boneheads won’t stand much of a chance.

    47. maudy fricket

      Gold went below $1200. Paper gold that is. If you can scrounge up some extra money, buy a Canadian Maple Leaf or two. A lot of interesting financial stories popping up with more frequency lately. Just because the Fed says they are going to slowly draw back on QE, doesn’t mean they will. If they do, interest rates should rise. I say should, because the sneaky bastards have a lot of way to throw curve balls at the average person.

      • Barn Cat

        You can always buy SILVER maple leafs too. I just bought a dozen.

        • Sgt. Dale

          Just got back from the Coin shop. Picked up 10z form my wives Christmas stocking. I got a 4oz and a 1oz 999% pure to add to the bunch. Its a good feeling to know that I have a little real money when the SHTF. It’s a good time to get it. I got more silver this year because I’ve been using it a gifts this year.

    48. newbee

      I might get some thumbs downs for this but I don’t care. In light of all the doom we read about here everyday I wanted to share this story. A blind man in NY falls onto subway tracks his helper dogs jumps on top of him as the train travels over both of them they both live. This mans dog is 11 years old and will retire soon and will be taken from him and given another dog. The man cant keep his dog because he cant afford it. By the end of the day that the story aired another man called the agency that supplies these dogs to people and agreed to pay for all expenses for the rest of the dogs life so the man could keep his dog. To me this shows there are still good people out there that are willing to help someone else in need. I know after it hits the fan people probably wont be like this but it gives me some hope that people will have mercy on each other.

      • Warchild

        New,the worst of times will bring out the worst but also the best in people,Katrina say a good example.Think about it,we as a species will help folks with disasters half a world away,people and places we don’t even know personally.I saw that story but didn’t see the cool ending,am glad for that man and his pooch.

      • Hunter


        THANK YOU for posting that story!

    49. Be informed

      Did everyone hear how 40 million people are not at total risk because their credit cards were hacked at Target Stores on Black Friday? I hate credit cards, HATE THEM. NO tampering with the way I and so many other wise people pay for things, with CASH. Trust in credit cards will get you screwed, as 40 million people are now finding out as their personal information in now floating around in eastern europe and elsewhere. Credit cards suck and are a total liability.

      • Be informed

        Typo, “NOW” at total risk of being scammed because they trusted credit cards like good little conformists to the system of banking.

      • Country girl


        Just one of the many reasons to use cash. Makes me more aware of where my funds are going if I have to hand those green bills over instead of using plastic. We have separate account that we use a debit card for on line purchases. We have had to change the card out 3 times because of fraud or hacking. At least this is a separate account with limited funds. I would hate to be one of those Target customers.

        Country girl

        Hey BI on a separate note, what are your thoughts about New Madrid area quakes these days? (upper aspect New Madrid. )

    50. Archivist

      There was an M3.5 solar flare just a little while ago.

    51. VRF

      Phil Robertson no longer has his first amendment rights
      Can’t voice a Christian opinion without repercussions

    52. .02

      Plan B Economics keiser report// must see.

    53. .02

      Bankster Bacteria

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