The System Can’t Be Fixed, Only Crashed: “The Machine Resists Reform to the Death”

by | Oct 2, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 60 comments

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    This article was written by Charles Hugh Smith and originally published on his Of Two Minds blog.

    Editor’s Comment: We’re locked into a long term struggle with the collective system that has swallowed up our once free country. Though many efforts to “improve,” “fix” or “reform” the flaws of this system are often well-meaning and decent efforts, the inherent criminality of the State – which only usurps power for the sake of more power and control – makes it so that true reform is impossible. The many points of corruption are tied to an underlying nervous system of tyranny that refuses to give an inch in the only direction, and uses the rest of the system to protect the whole.

    Though our free speech rights to protest and redress the government for grievances is important to stand up for, the system is incapable of responding to this from the ground up.

    Like so many great movie monsters, the Deep State must instead topple by its own weight. Pressure on its many fractures may well give, and cause the whole system to implode. If so, we should all take a big step backwards to avoid the destruction, and then take a good long moment to reflect before starting the whole thing again.

    You Can’t Separate Empire, the State, Financialization and Crony Capitalism: It’s One Indivisible System

    by Charles Hugh Smith

    The great irony is what’s unsustainable melts into thin air no matter how many people want it to keep going.

    Disagreement is part of discourse, and pursuing differing views of the best way forward is the heart of democracy. Disagreement is abundant, democracy is scarce, despite claims to the contrary.

    If you think you can surgically extract Empire from the American System, force the State to serve the working/middle classes, end the stripmining of financialization, limit crony capitalism/regulatory capture and get Big Money out of politics–go ahead and do so. I’m not standing in your way–go for it.

    But while you pursue your good governance, populist, Left/ Right /Socialist/ Libertarian, etc. reforms, please understand the system is indivisible: the Deep State, the Imperial Project (hegemony and power projection), the State, finance in all its tenacled control mechanisms (greetings, debt-serfs and student-loan-serfs), crony capitalism /regulatory capture, money buying political influence, media propaganda passing as “news”, and the evisceration of democracy (something untoward could happen if the serfs could overthrow the Power Elite at the ballot box–can’t let that happen)–it’s all one system.

    Should any one organ be ripped from the body, the entire body dies. The entire system defends each subsystem as integral as a matter of survival. As a result, the naive notion that big money can be excised with only positive consequences is false: restoring democracy places the entire system at risk of implosion.

    No more bread and circuses, no more Social Security checks, no more state employee pensions–it all melts into air if any subsystem stops doing its job.

    The system is interdependent. Each subsystem needs the others to function. I drew up a chart of the major components (but by no means all) of the system:

    The system is a machine in which each gear serves the whole. So go ahead and try to “reform” the system by extracting whatever gear you don’t approve of: the Deep State components, the Security State organs, the Federal Reserve, cartels/monopolies enforced by the State, the suppression of democracy, crony capitalism, whatever.

    The machine will resist your “reform” to the death because should you succeed, the machine will implode. Take out the financialization gear and the financial system collapses.

    So go ahead and reform to your heart’s content. Go ahead and believe the system is reformable, if it makes you feel better. Vote for Bernie or The Donald or whomever. Go ahead and disagree with me. Prove me wrong. Prove the State really, really, really wants to serve the working/middle class rather than the Empire that it is. Pursue your Left/ Right/ Socialist/ Libertarian fantasies of righting the Imperial Project by ripping the gears out of the very center of the machine.

    It doesn’t work that way. We can’t remove the gears we find distasteful. Either the machine grinds on and we get our share of the swag–bread and circuses, corporate welfare, State jobs and pensions, Medicaid and Medicare, and all the rest of the immense swag of hegemony and the Imperial Project–or the system implodes and all the swag melts into air.

    The great irony is what’s unsustainable melts into thin air no matter how many people want it to keep going.

    But go ahead and disagree. It’s your right, by golly. Go ahead and try to “reform” the system and see how far you get.


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      1. The corrupt, evil people that made this mess and hurt so many need to die.

        • Really, really need to get back to the profound wisdom and siplicity of Constitution of the USA. Trying to reform what is now Washington, DC, just ain’t going to cut it. They are usurpers who have highjacked the Constitution. Frightening to say the least!

          • Agreed, though it doesn’t help matters much when we have more than a handful of Politicians with Dual-Citizenship’s either.

            It leaves the question: Who are these people actually loyal to? Their own country of origin, working for their own personal gain — both?

            I believe the evidence is abundantly clear that it does not benefit the country of the United States Of America. The damage and destruction that they themselves have created is a well organized plan.

            • Simple. Their loyalty lies with themselves. They are all self serving power hungry people that want more power.

          • We really don’t want a collapse. Ill tell you why. I was in Rwanda during the genocide. I did charity work for a church there. We heard the rumors and expected the worse, but the worse was far worse than people could comprehend. There was politically motivated division rife in that country. Just like here. It was fostered and used for political gain of the elites. Just like here. Many people had bugout plans and were just waiting for something to happen. But when it started it escalated so rapidly due to the politically fostered hatred That people just couldn’t escape fast enough. Many of the first to be killed were revenge killings and killing by people who just plain didn’t like the people they were killing. It eventually turned to the genocide most people are familiar with. This WILL happen here. I have no doubts about it. People will take their revenged real or imagined. Rwanda was a nice peaceful place one day and a slaughter house the next. And remember. Close to a million people were killed in a few months and it was for the most part all done with hands, feet, clubs and knives. We had our own bugout plan complete with a place in the forest and we tried to get out as soon as it happened and never made it. We started out with 150 or so people and picked up some but made it to Burundi with 35 people. Everyone wanted to kill us. That is what collapse is all about.

            • . Many of the first to be killed were revenge killings and killing by people who just plain didn’t like the people they were killing. Yes indeed ive got a mental list of some folksI don’t like. I wouldn’t hesitate killing. They better not be anywhere around if there is a collapse.

            • Sorry…wrong argument…the U.S. is NOT Rwanda. Also, Rwanda was created by the whites..who came in and hired certain slightly lighter skinned blacks..and those became the Tutus..which is totally insane and stupid…

          • and they will fight to the death to keep their own financial heads above water…

        • They are already dead. It’s like the 6 gorillas and the hanging banana story. Every time a gorilla goes for the banana men come out with cattle prods and begin shocking the other 5 until the 5 begin beating the one who goes for the banana then they gradually begin removing the gorillas one by one until none of the original remain and the cattle prods have ceased long ago but they keep beating the one who goes for the banana because that’s the way it has always been done but they don’t know why.

          The people who live in this geographic location called the United States are to blame for all these problems because they are either part of it, benefitting from it, to lazy and satisfied to do anything about it, or blissfully ignorant.

          The few and I mean the very few who are alert and are aware have either been marginalized and ridiculed by the vast majority of mopes or have retreated into the wilderness to await the collapse of a system that is never going to materialize the way they want it to, If you think that you can hide from them you are sorely mistaken. I heard a former NYC police commissioner say this ” You have the right to privacy but you DO NOT have the right to anonymity. We have THE RIGHT to know who you are” Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

          • Don’t smoke and I haven’t given up as most people have. When I’m confronted or choose to confront them, many are going to their graves along with me. I hate cowards.

        • You nailed it Charlie Smith.

        • Ya know… “The corrupt, evil people” include you and me… For at the end of the day… We are all responsible.

      2. “Jensen recorded the incident from four different angles but police do not recommend copying what he did. Officers say that what he did was dangerous and to call police.”

        Translation: We have no interest in petty theft against ordinary citizens and certainly don’t want to encourage gathering any evidence that obligates us to deal with a costly prosecution for some worthless two week sentence. Frankly these crimes aren’t profitable for us to prosecute and we would prefer to focus our efforts on issuing tickets and citations for civil and traffic code violations on working class citizens while they got to and from work. These people actually have money we want and are much more meek and pleasant to deal with than actual criminals.

        So feel free never to raise this matter with us again and we will be certain not to respond to it whether you do or not.

        Every Single Police Precinct in the United States of America

        • Try being a truck driver in America. Not only do you have to deal with traffic, bad drivers, and weather but to top it all off the State police and DOT cops are always out to get you and hang some big fine on ya for some small infraction, If they can find one, if not , not to worry, they’ll make one up.

          • I can relate
            although my Big Rig days are behind me I did it for 5 years , and that was enough!

            • Nearly twenty years behind the wheel, but not all OTR.
              My main reason was to keep from sitting behind a desk all day and, to see America while i was getting a pretty decent pay check.

              The regs were starting to get really tough in 2010 when i took early retirement. Good thing because i cheated on logs all the time. But, i never drove to the point of endangering the public.
              The one time i was almost caught in Indiana, by a dyke bitch DOT officer that had just got up at 5 am, apparently on the wrong side of the bed, I lucked out.

              She had all my papers, even the damn truck operators manual and some old pieces of scrap from the dash. She was set to shut me down, ream me a new asshole with her billy stick, and then fine the piss out of me and my company. She did a quick check of my missing hours on my log book, and had a quick inventory of all my papers and had her citation papers started when low and behold it was like a herd of angels floating across the scales, on the back of a Mexicans overweight junk hauler and shit hanging off the sides, barely secured like the Clampetts driving into Beverly Hills.

              It was to her back, and as i saw the thing, with halos glowing all over the junk, the scale master said move it to the side driver, and stop. i shouted, “Oh my God, it’s a highway death trap”, she whirled her chair around and with a growl said, “stay put”. “Yes ma’ ma’ ma’mam Iza gonna be right cheer, fo ya.”

              She grabbed her flashlight and sprung out the door like a bull with a woody, heading upon a fresh herd of in season cows.

              I breathed a sigh of temporary relief and started trying to mentally log in my last two days, of which I was planning to document in about an hour when i arrived at my destination to off load in Indy. It had been one of those weeks and, well excuses and more excuses are no excuse when it comes to being behind in your log book for two days.

              As i had a good mental picture, while staring at my log book and glancing out as she was under the Mexican’s trailer with the flash light, I made a sneaky move to try and retrieve the book from across the desk to make a few very important remarks that might just get me off the hook for the log book violations.
              Which was to make a quick comment on the back of the missing pages that i had been shut down due to illness and temporary loss of motor functions to remember anything.

              Before my hand touched the edge, the door flew open and the chubby dyke stomped in the room breathing heavily and slammed her light and booklet onto the desk, while at the same time grabbing my log book from my inches away hand, and slapping them all together with the other stacks of shit that came out of the glove box.

              In my mind, this is it, I got caught and my ass is in lock up until she gets through with this Mexican. I was shaking like a fox shitting persimmon seeds. Gonna miss my appointment, loose a couple thousand dollars, and my job. My least worry was the company job.

              She said, “here driver, (handing me the stack of papers), get your ass out there, pull to the side, out of the way, and get those logs up to date before you pull away, you are getting a break, cause i got a real phucking mess out here.”

              Yes ma’mam, and thank you mam. She said, ‘git’, and i did. I made a couple quick marks in the logs, and shit and get it, up the road i went.

              Now let me tell you about the time i tried to bypass the scales, on a side road, in Kentucky, because i was nearly 10,000 lbs overweight, and got caught……naw, maybe later.

              • Hey, great story, how long did it take you to make it all up?

                • It all happened in 1995

              • Now let me tell you about the time i tried to bypass the scales, on a side road, in Kentucky, because i was nearly 10,000 lbs overweight, and got caught……naw, maybe later.

                But then your wife got out of the truck?

                Just kidding.

              • Good for you…. Nothing worse than a bull dyke pig. I got a ticket by a bull dyke state trooper pig bitch whore slut that just spouted out a speed that she thought I was going. No radar or anything, she had just pulled onto the tollway. Her GF must not have lick given it up the night before…LOL

              • Are you for real,a real b eeser

          • I drove for 40 years. It was really bad the last years I drove. When I turned 62 I quit. I hope I never have to climb up in a semi truck again.

      3. Wife always says can’t fight city hall. little people are the peasants plain and simple. If you don’t believe this then open a business and see how much permits liscences and taxes along with regulations keep you in check. Your not gonna get rich period because your still not the boss you will answer to the city and state. The only thing you can do is hide and hoard $ develope a lifestyle that is always trying to make a buck scrapping metals side jobs plowing snow or whatever pays without being regulated. Stockpile things for future needs. play the game. Every time the state comes up short $ they go after the motoring public or paychecks. They never talk about cutting programs that give free shit out. The working guy get porked. Labor is everything and if they can own your labor for peanuts they consume your time stopping you from possibly making more$. Industries are all paying around the same it amazes me that some guys will go way out of their way to make another few bucks an hour but that increase is consumed by transportation costs.

      4. But go ahead and disagree. It’s your right, by golly. Go ahead and try to “reform” the system and see how far you get.

        I would like to disagree, but it’s not possible.
        Everything this Author wrote is a spot on analysis of Governance.

      5. Of course the FEUDAL SYSTEM the Corporatist fascist criminal monsters created cannot be fixed. Of course the evil vile fascist shithole of America has to collapse, and after the collapse ALL the Corporatist fascist boot licking criminal filth in the Republican and Democrat shit stains parties of pure evil filth will all be rounded up and arrested for TREASON, GENOCIDE, AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Enjoy your last days of freedom you fascist boot licking criminal filth in the Republican and Democrat parties.

        • You’re pretty mad. They will be so far away from here if there is a financial collapse. And you will be trying to survive. Me too.

      6. The police state own you and your assets, see how hard they are fighting attempts to put a stop to civil forfeiture reform across America. The federal government sides with the cop robbers because they are the first line of defense protecting this criminal tyranny. These bastards need a conviction before they can steal your possessions, but they don’t want that requirement standing in their way. This is a huge and growing crime in America today while the justice department ignores the importance of protecting citizen’s right to be left alone in their ability to travel freely without being shaken down.

      7. The Soviet Union collapsed when the people simply quit paying attention to it and ignored its rules.

        I imagine it will happen the pretty much the same here, but probably won’t be as peaceful during the process.

        • The soviet Union collapsed when it’s bank began it’s own money printing Quantitative Easing program and the value of the ruble collapsed leading to a massive change in government.

          Nine Russian states broke off from the Soviet Union. Now Putin is on a slow march to reclaim them.

          • Interesting point!

          • Mama Bear is out to find her lost cubs.

        • That is very true, ie the push to get the guns. Most will die in a hail of bullets while trying to escape.
          They already know who they are and what they have done.

      8. I can make rope any day
        just let me know when the shootin’ starts

      9. September has come and when, October will come and go, November will come and go, as well as December, and we are still any day now waiting will baited breath. January will kick off the National Election process in earnest. With that process there will come so much total BS and will consume so many minds that things will happen fast, unnoticed. The election is a scam to the highest level, the so called elected are appointed and have been already picked. Government and Civics are no longer taught in our glories public school system. Back in my day you had to pass a test on the Constitution and Government before passing into High School. The economy will without a doubt continues like it has and will never miss a beat, because there is way too much money out here for TPTB to leave in our hands. GREED is what controls everything, the love of wealth, just look at some comments here stock PM’s now to preserve your wealth, put back money so when it’s over and started back you will be wealthy. One thing must not be forgotten you must live to the other side in the first place and that has to be first and foremost in your thinking. Remember if it is of this world it will parish there is no changing that and yes that means everything including you. So live wisely and to its fullest extent, store your wealth in heaven then you will have it forever. Live free and for the Lord, so long my friends our time grows short.

        • You are right AtLS. It will all “perish”.

          One thing, actually two, that the Obominable one, is now wanting to perish from our Nation is “freedom of speech”, and of course our guns. If they go then it will be our bibles next.

          After making his forked tongue speech to the UN this week, he then went to ‘his’ people, at the LGBT banquet. There he basically said that he was going to make sure that there would be no hate speech towards ‘his’ people, from the christian right.

          So, what I read from this is that through UN/NWO mandates, like the EU has accepted, it will be a crime to say anything that they construe as ‘hate’ and ‘negativity’ about homos.
          Want to go to jail and loose everything you have ever worked for? Speak out openly against sin.

          Like I said before, In less than 13 months we will see a new america under the rule of authoritarian dictatorship, called martial law, or there will be new leadership coming on board.
          If it looks like the new leadership is not who they want, or can control, the Obominable one will stay in charge until….

          In charge, to further mandate his perverted liberal satanic agenda on what should still be referred to as a Christian nation.
          The falling away/apostasy is here, and now. Where have true Christians been for the past 42 years?

          Evidently the liberals have won on the “fleecing of America” also. A report just came out that a trillion dollars has been over spent by gov/taxpayers $$, since 2003. In less than 12 years they have gutted the SS fund, and spent our grandchildrens future. Sadly, too few are waking up to a day late, and a dollar short.

          Better late than never to wake up and start prepping before the SHTF.

          • So, now you’re making a bunch of new predictions of doom, gloom, and death. Your last one for September really fizzled out and never came to pass . Change your name to Mike Snyder, you two have a lot in common, both of you live for predicting doom porn and never remember all your earlier failures, both of you just go on to the next new way for everybody to die. You’re both the same old joke.

            • Anon: I predict nothing only the puppet masters know when.
              So go back to your porn sites on your Government computer or have a nice long walk off a short pier. Got to love you TROLLS. Have a nice day.

            • Anon, it might not be for long, but it is still a free country!

              I for one do not grow weary of these predictions but view them as another clever way to drill, play war games, look at alternative possibilities, prep, prepare, train, pray, prep. The scenarios are endless. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the situation is not getting better. Bad news keeps stacking on. The zombie apocalypse is occurring in many parts of the world and it is just a matter of tme before it reaches your neighborhood.

              What are you going to do when they come for you?

              • Laeagle,

                I will tell you what I’m NOT going to do. Live every day of my life worrying about how I’m going to die or who is going to ” get” me. It starts out innocently enough, you pretend to tell yourself that you’re only being prudent, trying to make arrangements to defend yourself against certain possibilities, than, as the years go by, you begin to see EVERYBODY as a potential enemy, all of them intent on ” getting” you, your family, your stuff, etc. It’s a disease, pure and simple, a doom porn infection of the mind. I refuse to let that kind of stinking thinking rule my life.

                • Agreed! I see that kind of mentality in some people and I too reject that.

                  My experiences with Katrina and the aftermath opened my eyes to the reality that I could quickly become a homeless refugee in this great country called America! It was a shocking moment/realization. Since then I have become more aware of all the devastating disasters that have been occurring on a fairly regular basis all around us. None of us were prepared for the long recovery post Katrina, let alone the immediate aftermath.

                  As a Boy Scout our motto was to “Be Prepared!”. A lot of what is being said and recommendations being given really are just common sensical recommendations. Avoid paranoia by having a positive worldview, joining likeminded communities, making sure we are not alone in all of this. May the Good Lord and Shepherd guide, lead, protect, and provide for you all your needs. I find great comfort, inspiration, and assurance from Psalms 23.

                  Louisiana Eagle

            • Why do you still read us? Answer, just to troll.

              • Pissin, like you, I have been called on to come to this site and educate as many lost and confused minds as possible and to try my best to return them to the land of the sane. You’re a lost cause of course, but I feel my efforts can counterbalance your devotion to all things doom porn. Of course, I will NEVER be able to weave bullshit stories with the ease you can.

      10. May they all burn in hell. It looks like it’s going to be a nice day.

        • It’s another lovely day here in the southern Appalachians.

          Rain, rain, and then maybe some more rain. I love it.

          Why? Because I have seen the effects of no rain and at this time of year….well, just look at Californication nation. and the other areas of the west…heat drought and fire.

          No thanks! I’ll take the rain and thank God for it. We rely on high mountain spring water. I have seen many of our neighbors springs go dry and then sink tens of thousands of dollars in dry wells.

          On the fire thing, we were close to being caught up in a mean forest fire, with high winds back in the 80’s. It burned up nearly 50 acres around my Dad and mine own houses. The fire started a mile away and wind carried embers across a valley and jump started on the edge of our timber lands. We had much support from the local VFD that I worked in at the time.
          I did evacuate my valuables when the water tanks went dry and we were faced without anymore reserves in the community. Water was hauled from nearby community departments but it took about an hour to arrive. I could see the fire in the backyard heading for my propane tank with about 150 gallons in storage.

          Anyways, I keep all brush and fuel makers (dead trees and limbs, leaves) cleared up on that side of the property. That is what causes people to loose their houses and buildings, too much fuel on the ground, too close.

          • passin.
            I really enjoy your posts.

            • You enjoy his posts because you like listening to a good story, that’s why. I’ve been reading this site for months now, this guy tells more stories than anybody else , in fact, he even admitted a while back on this site that he DOES tell bullshit stories. So take it with a grain of salt and know they’re not true but all make believe.

              • Been coming here and posting for six years. The rats like you have only been coming out since about last year when the psycho atheist wwti showed up. all the trolls and queers and atheists and gov spies like to run in packs.

                When the fireworks begin your types will be the first ones that run and hide your sick little asses. BTW, when i bullshit, i also make it known by lols and HA,hahahahahs. But you would know nothing about that cause you are just a mouthy little rat.

                • Wow, for somebody who’s supposed to love Jesus and all that, you turn into the nastiest little bitch around. And you do tell stories that are so made up a kid could see it, you’re the guy at work, everybody knows him, the one who never shuts up, always has a story about having been everywhere, done everything, anything you’ve done he’s done better, etc. You know, THAT guy, the one you want to reach out and bitch slap silly.

        • There are small differences between them. I’m thinking that Jesse Ventura said he would repeal The Patriot Act. That Act set in motion a cascade of civil rights violations.

          It might stop the pat downs on three year old white kids, old ladies, and breast feeding mothers.

          I wish somebody would stop this influx of Middle Eastern men. Does anyone feel safe knowing that soon these hate whitey Arabs will be taking commercial flights and they won’t be treated any differently than any other passenger. May be we need to sneak box cutters on our next commercial flight.

          There is a documentary saying that 9/11 was commited by Israeli demolishenists. If that’s true, we ought to fly the refugees to Isreal. I’m a good person so I’ld even provide a parachute, may be two.

      11. There are small differences between them. I’m thinking that Jesse Ventura said he would repeal The Patriot Act. That Act set in motion a cascade of civil rights violations.

        It might stop the pat downs on three year old white kids, old ladies, and breast feeding mothers.

        I wish somebody would stop this influx of Middle Eastern men. Does anyone feel safe knowing that soon these hate whitey Arabs will be taking commercial flights and they won’t be treated any differently than any other passenger. May be we need to sneak box cutters on our next commercial flight.

        There is a documentary saying that 9/11 was commited by Israeli demolishenists. If that’s true, we ought to fly the refugees to Isreal. I’m a good person so I’ld even provide a parachute, may be two.

      12. Just the idea of government is itself already a corruption.

      13. I always ask this question of those that want to return to governing via the Constitution.

        Is the Constitution a document of constraint on the government ? Yes is usually the answer .

        Has the government grown/gotten out of control ? Yes is usually the answer again.

        If you answered yes to the second question then the Constitution isn’t nor has it ever been a constraint on government .

        I’m of the mind that we let it burn. I’m not sure what will rise from the ashes but you can’t build a better dinosaur and that is what trying to reform our government is like trying to do .

        • Remember when Iraq spent about a year trying to build a constitution after the war?

          The question is, why not just give them ours?

          In reality, the constitution is just a piece of paper. The Obama administration’s attitude is “might makes right.”

          How can anybody in this country cheer and applaud when Obama said in his State of the Union speech and countless other speeches that he was going to “By-Pass Congress” to get the job done.

          Yet people cheered and applauded.

          This is why I will never give up my guns.

        • The error lies in the FF setting up a POLITICAL system to staff the government! If they had instead set up a system of using luck of the draw (lottery type spinning drum) with names drawn from a batch of pretested men and women and term limits of 5 years maximum for ANY government job, and with severe penalties for malfeasance in office, like 20 years minimum, and no lavish pensions or free anything, we would still have a prosperous nation!


        • The Constitution is only as good as the people who are willing to defend it.Now how many of your representatives that you put up there to defend it do you think really care about the Constitution ? We are wired for destruction by Greed and traitors.You think they really listen to the American public? Then you are a fool, they are now large and in charge, sold us out almost to a man and also a woman. No one up there is exempt from their actions. –
          What does it take to get people to unite for a common cause before their rear ends are in a FEMA camp? Perhaps it is time to review a little History of the little Hitlers in our time and their effect on your children and life. Socialism, Fascism,Communism, whatever you want to name it. It is here and growing very fast, we have no leadership.Be prepared to witness where we are heading.
          If you spend your time watching the ” Walking Dead” series then I’m sure you can handle this, only this is real life and where we are heading by our inaction to change this corrupt attempt at destroying us.If you can’t see the writing on the wall by now,then you really are going to be one of the walking dead.


          What i see is everyone applauding Putin for his take down of the farce we have in this administration but not willing to rise up and do anything to get rid of these people that are causing all the trouble in the first place
          .A really disgusting statement.If you don’t think the ” CHANGE” IS COMING, it’s already here.

      14. Our government is broken and has been for a long time. The political parties have way to much money and control to expect change to come from within.

        • It is broken from the rational point of view. But to the a-holes in charge, the Government is working like a charm.

          People forget that a society in chaos will usher in a more tyrannical government. Just exactly what they want.

      15. “Put crisp 10 dollar bills in number 10 cans”.

        • The 10 dollar bills will be worthless. The #10 cans will have more value than what is in them.

      16. We seized being a free and independent nation as soon as the British royal subjects (Land owners) drew up the first draft of the Constitution. The common man had nothing to do with the document. It served,protected and benefited the voters (land owners) whose loyalties lay outside of this continent. (dual citizens)Freemason and lifetime British Subject George Washington never became an American citizen and kept his loyalties with the Crown. We had a king. We need to revert back to the Articles of Confederation where every state was considered an independent sovereign country with self rule. The Constitution has been Usurped by these dual citizens and was permanently altered after the War of 1812, when Washington was burned to destroy documents that were unfavorable to them.

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