The Swine Of The Mainstream Media Are Terrified: We Finally Have A President Who Acts On Behalf of The U.S.

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    Just look at President Trump go!  Yes!  Enjoy it!  This is the type of thing that all Americans who want to restore the United States to a free nation want to see!  The TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is not going down the drain: The President is flushing it down the toilet, where it belongs.  Hopefully the toilet paper he used is the New York Times, which published an article covering the death of (as they quoted it) “Obama’s signature trade agreement.”  Here’s an excerpt of that AP article:

    “WASHINGTON — President Trump upended America’s traditional, bipartisan trade policy on Monday as he formally abandoned the ambitious, 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership brokered by his predecessor and declared an end to the era of multinational trade agreements that defined global economics for decades.

    With the stroke of a pen on his first full weekday in office, Mr. Trump signaled that he plans to follow through on promises to take a more aggressive stance against foreign competitors as part of his “America First” approach. In doing so, he demonstrated that he would not follow old rules, effectively discarding longstanding Republican orthodoxy that expanding global trade was good for the world and America — and that the United States should help write the rules of international commerce.

    Although the Trans-Pacific Partnership had not been approved by Congress, Mr. Trump’s decision to withdraw not only doomed former President Barack Obama’s signature trade achievement, but also carried broad geopolitical implications in a fast-growing region. The deal, which was to link a dozen nations from Canada and Chile to Australia and Japan in a complex web of trade rules, was sold as a way to permanently tie the United States to East Asia and create an economic bulwark against a rising China.  Instead, Mr. Trump said American workers would be protected against competition from low-wage countries like Vietnam and Malaysia, also parties to the deal.”

    There are quite a few items to take note of in the piece.  First, distortion of the facts, as with this example: “…and declared an end to the era of multinational trade agreements that defined global economics for decades.”

    That sentence may not seem as if it’s important, but it is, because the use of the word “decades” ties Republican and Democratic administrations into the “soup” of the paradigm: multinational agreements.  It is true in part.  What it leaves out is that the world economies are all currently faltering, but this is part of a broader plan to bankrupt and destroy individual sovereign nations and in the process of doing so, foster dependency upon one another in the mindset of the collective.

    By gutting economies, fostering geopolitical upheavals, the changing of boundaries, and the allowance of oligarchs to become inexorably intertwined with “governments” (hence becoming governments in a de facto manner), the “multinational trade agreements” have bypassed laws of individual nations.  The IMF, the World Bank, and the UN have been the brokers, bankers, and (kangaroo) enforcers, respectively, to draw these nations into the global net.

    There is more, as with this phrase: “…he [President Trump] demonstrated that he would not follow old rules, effectively discarding longstanding Republican orthodoxy that expanding global trade was good for the world and America…”

    Follow the “old rules,” eh?  Such as those slipped under the crack of the front door by the Federal Reserve, the Council of Foreign Relations, and the Bilderbergers that made any compliance with them neither Democrat or Republican…but Globalist.  Longstanding Republican orthodoxy being translated into rigidity and procedure foisted upon the people with the objective of enabling complacency (by the Republicans), and hence the further realization of the planned shift to global governance.

    The Democrats see themselves either as revolutionaries or as “socially-conscious” individuals working towards the “betterment” of mankind (i.e. – Marxists).  That “Republican orthodoxy” being a way to polarize the masses into the illusion of one camp or the other, while the alleged Republicans put up a weak/faux resistance and speed along the transition to globalism either directly or indirectly.

    The slant and bias is evidenced by this phrase within the article: “…Trump’s decision to withdraw…doomed…former President Barack Obama’s signature trade agreement…”

    Not President Trump, mind you…. they made him one of the “average Joe’s” while glowingly giving Obama the lofty title…and showing you, mind you…how we, the American people…are losing a signature trade agreement.  As if it’s a piece of Godiva chocolate being lost, and not offal flushed into the sewers: its true identity.

    Nothing of what it is: The President removing a heinous piece of strangling paperwork, a treaty that attempted to circumvent Constitutional procedure and ratification to entangle the US in a GDP and border-destroying relationship that places us on a par with countries such as Malaysia and Vietnam.  With Vietnam?  Really?

    By flushing this piece of garbage, the President has already taken a step toward affirming a position not of isolationism, but of sovereign national strength.  The Times unwittingly (or “witlessly” perhaps the better term) allowed this last part to slip through that gives the clear intent of the President’s actions: “…Mr. Trump said American workers would be protected against competition from low-wage countries like Vietnam and Malaysia, also parties to the deal.”

    Boy, they love using “Mr.” instead of “President,” don’t they? 

    The key to keep in mind here is this is almost a Freudian slip on their part, because it gives the true reason for scrapping the TPP…in the interests of American workers.  It still manages to skew even within the sentence… “low wage countries like Vietnam…”  Low wage?  No.  Slave wages: the slave labor of communism is the actual “economy” of Vietnam.  It also attempts to keep the Democrats focused on the evils of the President, in this targeting for their “porridge” minds: “Oh, he’s destroying a deal that would benefit the poor, low-wage, non-Caucasian workers of Malaysia and Vietnam!”

    Those swine of the Mainstream Media can’t detract from the actions that the President is taking, and inwardly they’re terrified.  They are petrified of the hiring freezes on the federal government, terrified of the go-ahead orders with the border fence, and “mortified” by the decision to open those keystone pipeline areas, creating jobs and boosting the economy.  Petrified of a President of America, vs. Thomas More’s “Utopia.”  The President is off to a great start.  It’s going to take quite a while to clean up this mess, but he has the right idea: to institute change without conforming to the existing (and expected) “Republican orthodoxy” paradigm.

    The paradigm shift is occurring, and the President is the impetus.  After almost a decade of diseased Marxism and community agitation raised to the level of the highest elected office of the land, we now have an actual President of the United States, a representative of the American people.  Kudos so far, and the praise is deserved.  We the people need to monitor his progress and not let up with either our vigilance or our voice.  It is on us, too, and there’s a long road ahead of us to reversing the course inflicted upon us.  But it’s good to finally have an American President: one who acts on behalf of the United States and the people.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. If Tramp cared about America and the people and not the 1%, he would; Write an EO canceling all other EO, bring all US military home, enforce all immigration laws, have congress repeal the Federal Reserve Act, have the 16 & 17 Amendments repealed. That would be a start

        • Darkwing ,
          that sounds great, but it cannot happen like that, he is doing what he can at this point. you see how many democrappers are raising H–L, we would have major rioting in the streets ( maybe that is what we need, kill off the idiots) BUT that can be viewed as not positive for the country, lets see how this plays out HIS way, it may go into riots, as the democrappers led by the NWO and there is enough STUPID libtards in this country who don’t know any better!! JUST REMEMBER HE IS DOING MORE than any other pres. to date!! and that speaks wonders for him!!!

          • I think he’s being careful and taking his time. He has a lot of people against him. He’s smart. Yeah, the libs are freaking out.

        • Darkwing

          “That would be a start”

          No he is starting here and now. What you propose would be the finish. Regardless the last few Presidents neither started and therefore never finished.

          Free Trade with slave labor nations benefits the 1% not the common citizen.

        • only problem you have – fairly obvious YOU didn’t vote for Prez Trump …

          soooo – your demands are the very same as the snowflake’s complaints … worthless

          victors are heard and losers get buried ….

        • Trump is President, not Dictator.

          There are legal limits to what he an do and how he can do it.

        • The stuff President Trump has done to-date is legal and within the purview of the executive office, no matter how much the snowflakes want to cry.

          The stuff Darkwing wants would be in volation of the constitution and is typical of what pResident obama attempted in abusing executive orders.

          The WhiteHouse once again has a president rather than merely a resident.

        • No, the President has to govern from a base of reality.

          Your wish list is not going to happen, it’s just a straw man argument.

        • Dark, as if it could happen as you suggest? He is doing all those things and maybe you did not notice he is up to his ass in alligators already and just getting started. He is taking a serious and measured approach and doing exactly what he said he would do.

          Also remember ACORN ? that is exactly where BHO came from and it is obvious now he was a very bad seed indeed of many deceptions, a decade worth in fact. So it will take a while to unwind the mind fucking that has taken place here in USSA today. Realize PRAVDA/MSM has created many illusions and deceptions in conjunction with BHO and crew and the Dems in general in the last decade. Also realize that people who are around 30 today were around 20 when BHO came along so it is no wonder many have been completely mind fucked in the last decade of insanity. All those young people were completely indoctrinated via PRAVDA/MSM and in the schools at every level. And it was all a very deliberate plan by the control freaks. If you really want to understand it all in depth read this, it explains the matrix they have created and who was involved and how it all happened.

          Most people today do not have a clue they are being controlled, not just the young people. But the young are indeed further gone than most. Glued to their devices in total insecurity and ignorance. They have no reference point other than what they have been spoon fed nearly their entire lives and they vote ! So people under 25 are completely mind fucked. Fortunately we got rid of Hillary or we would have been done for forever. What that means is that the illusions they created are breaking down finally. So we have a chance at defeating PRAVDA/MSM, the real enemy of us all. Google, Facebook, Twitter and all social media as well as PRAVDA/MSM are all part of the matrix to control us all ! And it is still very much alive, although stunned and failing as well as desperate. Time to cut the head off of the snake via boycotting them out of existence which is easily done. They only understand MONEY.

      2. fuk msm, and hollywood, dump them

      3. JFK wanted the Fed audited or dissolved, I forget which. Then his head exploded.
        Coincidence? Reagan wanted to see the gold in Fort Knox and he had to make an
        appointment. Imagine that. POTUS is not the real shot caller. Take the blue pill or
        the red pill. They serve the same master.

        • He started issuing United State Treasury Notes (aka “red seals”) instead of Federal Reserve Notes.

          I think the Fed disapproved of that with extreme prejudice, but no one can really know since they aren’t talking about it.

      4. A Better Solution Than Trump’s Border Wall, By Ron Paul, remove the welfare magnet, stop the 25 year war in the Middle East, and end the drug war that incentive’s smugglers to cross the border.

        By Ron Paul
        Ron Paul Liberty Report

        Just one week in office, President Trump is already following through on his pledge to address illegal immigration. His January 25th executive order called for the construction of a wall along the entire length of the US-Mexico border. While he is right to focus on the issue, there are several reasons why his proposed solution will unfortunately not lead us anywhere closer to solving the problem.

        FULL STORY:

        • I’m not seeing Ron Paul being supportive of the President, am I mistaken? He seems to be pushing his own agenda.

          • No, he is just making hos own good points and maybe some will wear off to be introduced. Trump has already mentioned some of these prior so it is not a reach .

      5. “We Finally Have A President Who Acts On Behalf of The U.S.”

        Still way too early for this kind of statement. I like the idea that he is at least poking his finger and gouging the Establishments eyes with authority – The titty-baby Leftest are not done with their habitual bullshit – be on guard!

      6. Swine Mainstream Media? Really, how come nobody is turning them into literal bacon then? These articles and comments read just like the “monitoring” commercials you see these days on TeeVee…Monitor but don’t fix…what a winning strategy…(not)

      7. The Honorable President of The United States of America is doing a great job. I am very pleased. Of course, I would like to see the Federal Reserve become a historical footnote in America’s future.

        These Soros paid instigators and other black, white, and brown criminals pose a very serious threat. I hope the President knocks on their door and reads them the riot act.


      8. He deserves the respect of being called PRESIDENT TRUMP! He was legally elected so give him his due respect, oh I forget MSM knows nothing about respect or morals, they have none. Someone needs to teach them about respect. These trade agreements are just another way of controlling the USA and turning us into a third world country, while giving all the opportunities to the foreign countries. It’s another way of promoting the NWO. We Americans want no part of this fallacy. They are going to fight President Trump on all endeavors he makes no matter what they are; it’s just a fact. Be ready to fight.

        • I agree 100%

        • My friend teaches the journalism class. I asked about this, she said it’s “journalism procedure” or something. They start the article by calling him President Trump and then go to Mr. Trump because Mr. is shorter. She said using Mr is the courtesy extended to the president vs say “Bannon said xyz.” She said it is old journalism practice.

          I don’t know if this is true or not, I don’t remember how they wrote about 44

          • It’s probably somewhat true. But, if they’re concerned about brevity in their articles, they could leave out all the partisan drivel and just report the facts that are germane to the issue.

      9. Not to be crude for crude’s sake, but, the global trade deals were the equivalent of having a titanium studded butt plug shoved up America’s hoo-hang, a ball mouth gag at the other end and a gaggle of Asian Communists, Muslim theocrats, and black douche bags bukkakeing all over the country in every trade deal. With it scrapped, America can strut into the trade room like Miss America, standing tall in a red, white and blue bikini and make some real deals.

        As for paying for this transition, Trump should go after all the UN trade negotiators who took kick-backs for making those deals. The NSA/FBI have the intercepts so use that to get the money back.

        • Frankly Howard Stern:

          Not to be crude, butt you write like a gay chew in Hollywood.


      10. go trump, now if he can keep his hands off the sleazy nwo foreign policy of his predecessors he will demonstrate true integrity, time will tell

      11. The mainstream media should be concentrating on their own survival. Newspapers are barely holding on and don’t have their old clout. ABC, NBC, CBS,and CNN news programs are losing their viewership. Time to stop supporting social agendas and start increasing their ratings if theywant to stay around.

        • The Seattle Times, also known as the Seattle Fishwrap, yesterday published a one-third page request for financial support from their readers. A 300-word begging bowl of tears, crying for subscriptions.

          Their far-left op-eds are driving readers away. They just don’t get it.

          • A very good sign when Seattle Times has to beg. We can easily make them all beg and much worse.

            • They raised the price of the Seattle Times from $1 to $1.50, today.

              They’re going under.

              I’ll switch to online Sudoku, over this.

      12. Just like the “best and the brightest” miscalculated in Vietnam, so the fascist elite are doing again, despite their psyops, propaganda, etc. In fact, that is the VERY place they miscalculated. Same happened with Hitler’s ubermenschen (sp?)

        As a matter of fact, truth is stronger than falsehood, every time, tho sometimes it does take a bit longer to play out.

        The elite really aren’t that smart, they just THINK they are. They are ingrown, just like the royalty of old, and are thus out of touch, and have actually become literally stupid (hey, anyone wonder why they still cling to failed Keynesianism so long!)

        Truth is, decades ago, they also had me in their thrall. I largely bought into much of the horsemanure they threw out. So did many of you. Even Brandon Smith has talked about doing the same earlier in his life (I was more middle of the road, not a flaming leftist, but still, when it comes to freedom, there IS no middle of the road!). My very best friend in Ottawa, ON. (Canada) was a former big time NDP supporter (far left). He is now as conservative/libertarian as they come, and author of if you care to visit his site.

        Fact is, in their hubris, lies, and fascism, they are losing hordes of people. Even if they blow up the economy, a LARGE number of people, IMHO, will not blame Trump (tho the elite are stupid enough, yet again, to think we will). The word “bankster” is now in common parlance.

        If I were an effete elite, I would defect to the side of justice while I had time. But, like many in Hitler’s Germany, they will go down with the ship, preferring power and money to truth and justice.

        Or as Talleyrand said about the elite of his day, “They learned nothing, and they forgot nothing.”

        And you elite reading this post, monitoring this site, a respectful note to you: Your grandfather fought fascism (the merger of the socialist state with crony-ized big biz). Why are you now supporting it? Your grandfather would be ASHAMED that you have sided with the very same philosophy of the oppressors he risked (or gave) his life to protect us against. What you are doing is neither right nor moral. With all due respect, you need to reflect deeply on what you are engaged in. Worse, like many of the Nazis after the war – or many of the students who now collectively owe $1 trillion for worthless university degrees – you will find out these elite just see you as cannon fodder, to be used and spit out.

        • “Hitler’s ubermenschen (sp?)”

          the ideal superior man of the future who could rise above conventional Christian morality to create and impose his own values, originally described by Nietzsche in Thus Spake Zarathustra (1883–85).

        • No, he is just making his own good points and maybe some will wear off to be introduced. Trump has already mentioned some of these prior so it is not a reach .

        • I agree we all got bamboozled to some degree. But that was then and this is now ! We can all heal ourselves from the junk both mentally and physically. It’s a good thing !

      13. Just read where a spokesman for Netanyahu apologized to president of Mexico for a tweet sent out about the USA’s wall to be built. Netanyahu had tweeted about President Trump’s wall being a good idea because the wall Israel had built kept out 99% of Palestinians. I thought Israel was supposed to be our ally???? What’s up with this? Israel has no guts to stand up to Mexico? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark……………..

      14. I would love to see if any tax payer dollars or Soros types are funding these networks of the MSM.

        If so, PULL THE PLUG!

      15. why dont those main stream media liars get roughed up when they are out in public ?

      16. All I know, I know by my own research and I won’t listen to even FOX, like my husband does. It’s funny even Fox programs to the left and he doesn’t realize it until I call him on it. I’m tellin you the mainstream media are paid by the left and the spin on a story says so.

      17. The media is a cabal, they will never use the words ‘President Trump’, it will be ‘Mr. Trump’.

        They will never publish a flattering or even neutral photograph of him, ever.

        Every article in the MSM about anything the President does will contain negative and pejorative information, pertinent or not.

      18. There are no secrets involved with “making America Great again”…In fact, all we need to do is go back to basic principals and we can fix things…..for example:

        1) There is no such thing as a free lunch: Everybody pays…one way or another. People don’t respect what they think they are getting for free. Everyone should pay some taxes. The difference in rates should be based upon income level but every one should pay something. Its estimated that 20% of the biggest companies in the USa pay NO income tax because the laws are written by their paid off buddies in Congress.If every one paid SOMETHING there would be no tax deficit.

        2) you are responsible for your actions….I have been so nauseated the last eight years. All the hearings by Congress of the DEA, Secret Service, IRS;and the heads of the depts said they could do nothing when wrong doing was discovered…REALLY?…Its bad enough we heard the apologist for Hilary Rotten, the FBI, say they could not prove her intent….so she gets off free. We must fire gov’t workers who do wrong….we can’t aford to have them on the payroll.

        3) beware the military industrial complex…Eisenhower warned us about them as he left office in the 1950s. Apparently he was shocked when he, a new comer to politics discovered that BIG GOV’t called the shots and Congress, who are paid off by BIG GOV’t write laws that favor their patrons. Its really that simple. Thats why only these big companies can fail to live up to a contract,get extensions and price increases,then get bonuses for doing what they should have done in the first place!!!.This is graft and corruption at the highest level and is why we pay 300% more for an item when it is gov’t contracted than when you can go to Kmart and buy the thing out right. In fact, Spacex quoted on the new heavy lift rocket for Nasa and their quote was 300% cheaper than Boeing, Mcdonnel douglas and the other entrenched players in the military industrial complex. Nasa is part of all this.Read..” The Wrong Stuff”….and ” star crossed orbits”.We need to get the graft and corruption out of all of gov’t contracts..

        3) Congress is not at the will of the people they are at the will of who pays them…This is not news. Read the book ” throw them all out” an interesting insite as to who are the biggest thieves in Washington. We need to have term limits; politics should not be a career/industry for these families like it has been for the Bushs, Clintons. I say give everyone a 20 year limit, and, no, their wives can’t follow in their foot steps.

        4) we can’t keep going on as we have been;we must change, particularly our energy……This is the time for
        solar and other renewable energy. Peter Diamedes who founded the Xprize to get to space by flying horizontally not vertically, is in to solar. HE says solar is 1000% cheaper than back in the 1970s when Jimmy Carter tried to wean us from oil and get us to use solar.1000% cheaper.Elon Musk is showing the world that solar is affordable and doable. His Tesla motors is mass producing a solar battery that can store electricity. The battery is being sold to homes and businesses as the power wall. Hitch that to solar panels and you have an afordable energy system. There should be no reason to burn oil for heat or to make gas. Oil should only be used for plastics and pharmaceuticals.

        I could go on but….

      19. The (((left))) on both of America’s coasts are very upset with President Trump’s actions. He has thrust a spear through their warped ideology.

      20. There’s oil in them there pills.

      21. I’m totally cool with the swagger, assholish hair, spraytan, and pussy grabbing. It ain’t a personality conflict. Honestly, I consider this more relatable than the ACORN / Gosnell / Muslim Brotherhood cabinet.

        But, this is the police state-ist response to crisis actors and canned sjw’s. The mainstream media is an organ of the state, now being made to look stupid. His own, personal mouthpiece. It’s like beating your butler.

        • Agree: President Trump is pure Americana and comes across in a very American way. Whereas, we had eight years of just plain weird, loopy-eyed Muslim hires for senior government roles who did not seem American. They babbled some globalist script but it never seemed authentic or ever connected with the lives of the average person. Many of these characters have popped up in Europe and the UK and are working their ‘magic’ there, trying to stop the president from visiting the UK and trying to destroy the Atlantic Alliance – an alliance paid for in blood by non-Muslim men and women. An alliance that created the greatest freedom, peace and prosperity known to man. What have Muslims ever created but dissension, war, civil war, poverty, ignorance and misery?

      22. You have to ask yourself, what kind of country fantasizes or goes ape shit over a guy whom simple does his job?

        I’m sorry, when I eat popcorn, I’m not watching Trump for the entertainment portion of the show.

      23. So far I love Donald trump, but I am still waiting for those mass deportations!

      24. SJW and the Fake Stream Media THRIVE because they have the means to get their messages/propaganda out. Americans do not have the intestinal fortitude to do without modern conveniences or else they would kill the very things off that are destroying themselves from within. you kill the power and the technology that BOTH use, you kill the messenger that is kill you with its corrupt message. If you refuse to do what is necessary, you accept the fate and illness the Fake Stream and SJW social media breeds and infects and harasses you. Bitter truth.

      25. J.J Glad to see your disposition about the future of the country is cautiously optimistic. You were so very sure of Hillarys attaining the reigns of power. So very glad you were wrong.Keep your powder dry,the Marxist are not done yet.

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