The Surveillance State Did Not Disappear With The Trump Victory: “It Is Still Lurking And Completely Intact”

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    One of the things Donald Trump has really done correctly is to assess his future arena in the areas of intelligence-gathering and operational security.  Trump wants to return to a “courier” method of transmitting sensitive information and classified documents for the purpose of reducing the amount of material that can be hacked or stolen.  There is a subtlety about this for a caveat, in case the compliment has bloomed flowers in your thoughts: the NSA $50 billion facility for collection and storage of data in Utah won’t be shutting down anytime soon.

    As Snowden’s exposes clearly pointed out, the government has clearly followed Petraeus’ glowing “internet of things” yellow brick road to form an integrated, interconnected surveillance state.  All CCTV (closed circuit television) systems, all merchants with cameras, all law enforcement cameras…all of the camera surveillance systems everywhere are either tied into data collection immediately or can be accessed for use at a later time.

    The latest “Jason Bourne” movie clearly illustrates how the government can utilize devices such as cellular telephones (especially the ones with cameras) to track movements, record conversations, and be a “piggyback” to relay information to a nearby computer or a camera.  This isn’t the future: this is now.

    There is an older piece written by Michael Snyder in June of 2013 entitled 27 Edward Snowden Quotes About U.S. Government Spying That Should Send a Chill Up Your Spine.  The information in this article is directly from Edward Snowden that revealed exactly what the government has been doing regarding their total surveillance program.  The surveillance did not occur overnight, and in the manner of the “frog in the cold-water kettle” by stretching out the time for putting it all into place, the stultified public’s focus was either diverted or bypassed entirely.

    Here are a few other pieces worth reading over regarding the government’s total information awareness and the (ongoing) growth of the surveillance state:

    As can be seen, all of these developments require time, and the bypassing of the public awareness/consciousness.  Time is necessary to inculcate these changes; however, time also serves as a tool to insulate their actions from what would normally draw outcry if all the actions were taken at once.  A couple of pieces that illustrate this concept are as such:

    These two pieces are extremely significant.  They show how the transfer of the Internet to U.N. control has been pushed for quite some time, now.  Guess what?  It has been done.  Obama did it in October when he handed off the control (through his Commerce Department) to ICANN, the multinational firm assigning names and numbers to Internet users and controlling content.

    See, Obama quietly did this just before the election in November, and barely anyone took notice of it.  Now, legislation has been passed to “combat disinformation and ‘false’ news and propaganda,” in essence, targeting independent news media sites.  Back in 2012 when those last two cited articles were written, the country had already suffered for four years under Obama with no sign of a let-up.  The UN was coming for the guns (John Kerry’s signing the Small Arms Treaty), coming for the wilderness areas (the Agenda 21 and EPA assault on private property and public lands), and now the internet.

    It wouldn’t have been tolerated and may have thrown things off for the election in the fall of 2012 for Obama.  Quietly in October of 2016, Obama sneaked it through the back door of transferring control to a corporation…the public consciousness is bypassed…and the UN-controlled corporation now has control of the Internet.  Now is the time to marginalize and criminalize public and journalist opinion to clamp down on independent thought and alternative news sources.

    Obama had an eight-year ride akin to a sled going downhill: unchecked and unstopped, except for his term expiring.  Now (just as with the Overton Window principle), the paradigm shift takes a breather with Trump, who will continue the course, but at a slower pace.

    The U.S. is still pointed in the direction of losing its national sovereignty and heading toward global governance, but the angle of descent is not so steep or the speed so high: this “deadens” the public’s awareness to lull them into thinking the bad years are behind us and the struggle is done with Trump’s win.

    It hasn’t stopped, that sled of paradigm shift: it is still creeping forward.  If we are not vigilant, the machine that has come into creation this past decade will tighten its own screws and proceed on the course to global governance quietly, while no one notices.

    It is not so much giving the people what they want, as making them believe they’re getting what they want.

    Bush Jr. and Obama laid the groundwork, and the surveillance state as exposed by Snowden did not disappear with the Trump victory.  It is still lurking, completely intact just below the surface of visibility.  Where the ship will be taken will be largely in Trump’s hands, and there will be others that will influence him both where and how to steer the ship.  Guess (to paraphrase Pelosi) we’ll have to wait and see where we’ve gone to after the ship has docked.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. I think Trump will ramp up the police state even more in the name of fighting the boogiemen. Look for more surveillance coming near you. I bet he totally supports NDAA!

        • Genius,
          I’ll bet your absolutely correct!! I don’t like or want more surveillance, I understand some WILL be needed for all the terrorists that will be shooting up our country, BUT the amount and certain types of MONITORING surveillance is not needed for the general public as well as the electronic type used for home monitoring purposes. these should ONLY be allowed for national security reasons with a federal judge allowing and with time limits. also there will be certain gang and drug activities to watch, but then again time limits and judges approvals are required and or needed.
          I have been monitored for years because of my past work and are used to it and accepted that for what and how they did it. this new type of surveillance goes way to far. and the feds need to be monitored and kept in check!!

          • Camera systems are a joke. The most anyone can expect from that is a positive ID of a POS doing whatever. the cameras never prevent anything from happening. I won’t even have a camera system in my home. Nothing but a waste to me.

            • And to riff of your post, DB, of course, so the left will now go to “pre-crime” detection since the camera are only “post” event.. no doubt to be followed by “We are at war with EastAsia. We have always been at war with EastAsia….” or whatever other Orwellian dystopia these nuts can come up with… til they, too, like Lavrentiy Beria, Trotsky or Robespierre, fall afoul of their own nightmare, and get marched off

          • nah, we don’t need any more internal snooping, we need the gov’t to just get out of the way and declare open season on the terrorists…we can make their day bad without the pansy ass libs declaring rules of engagement.

            • And who might those terrorists be VP? Are you sure they’re not the ones you’re suggesting to just get out of the way? The last time I checked it was the US government and NATO that was commanding, orchestrating, directing, funding, training and arming the quote/unquote terrorists in the Middle East. If they’re doing it there, why not here too? It’s possible we Americans are already in deeper kimchi that most people realize. Still, I think we (non-politicians) all agree, we don’t need more snooping ….

              • How about this Ya’ll…
                I’m going to make myself feel important today.
                Master BOL Developer, Master Food Canner. Expert Paramedic, Expert Financial Guru, expert gas tank pump filler, certified Windshield wiper replacer. Full time weather predictor and observer, LP Tank changer master commander. Participation Trophy award winner, Certified Gun mechanic, and expert shooter and magazine loader. No Cats here, just certified Nature watcher and trapper. Oh, master beer drinker and certified cigar lighter. You should all see my medals. So that makes me plenty qualified to post comments here. Now if we can just get the Site host on board to post this, cause one thing for sure is, I call out Bullshitters and they just can’t stand the truth.

              • It often feels like we are living one of Matt Brackens books, our own government has become one of our worst enemies, we have to ask why?

              • Buffalolips,

                The CIA, is one agency totally out of control!! and lots of others are as well, will take massive amount of non-political people to clean this mess up!!

                • Damm the UN. Shalu Shalom Yerushalayim, Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. Trekker Out. JerUSAlem!



      2. Ive said it before ill say it again,,,
        If they are watching me i feel sorry for the poor bored SOB or DOB thats stuck doin that, like watching paint peel

        • with all the cold weather across the U.S. right now, i am pasting this article on staying warm from a few years ago. there’s a lot of VERY good advice on how to stay warm. i sell military gear that keeps you warm, and dry,(and i TEST it myself) so i COULD add to it, but it’s so good, i won’t….just know that the military knows how to stay warm/dry, and it’s a LOT cheaper in many cases. i have goretexes advertised on craigslist right now in LA area, so look me up. i might just do a long post on how the mil. gear works and what YOU need to survive extreme cold.

          SurvivalBlog article “Surviving The Cold”, by The Other D.B.: It is never repeated enough: wet cold kills. The advice to test your rain gear with a garden hose is priceless.

          A piece of kit that I have found invaluable exercising or working in the cold is the Neck Warmer / Head Wrap. This is a simple tube of stretch polypropylene or polyester fleece or wool. Critical to better protect the vascular area where you lose the most heat–our head and neck.

          You can see some examples at these three vendor sites:

          SpecOps Brand
          Condor Outdoor

          Using a Wrap as a base layer allows you to apply the layering effect for your head and neck, fine tuning your head and neck insulation to your level of exercise and heat buildup. If you only have one thick layer on your head, you have to choose between a hot, sweaty head with your hat on, vs. chilling off too fast going bare.

          These Wraps are so light you can keep extras in pockets, so you can swap out to a dry wrap if you do get sweaty. In the cold I like to use two at a time – one as a neck and lower face wrap, and one as a base layer on the head, under helmet or cap. I keep two in my car, two in my pack, and two in the pocket of a jacket.

          Another great feature is that they dry out very fast attached to the outside of your pack.

          Beyond being a neck warmer or head warmer the Wrap can also be a balaclava, helmet liner, dust mask, facial camo, goggle cover, sun protection, etc., etc.:

          Another somewhat obscure article of clothing with similar benefits is the “neck dickie”.

          These are available in a Coolmax sweat wicking Military Brown at Vendio and heavier fleece.

          This is literally a polo neck that has been cut off to just cover the neck and upper chest and back. The huge advantage here is that you can add a layer without adding more bulk on the shoulder socket/arms, and it can be quickly and easily pulled off to adjust your layering (without the hassle of taking off a jacket or pack, or webbing).

          Important proviso – as with almost all synthetic materials they are lighter than wool – but are vulnerable to melting in a fire, causing more severe injury than a natural fabric burning. Don’t wear synthetics in high fire hazard areas! (Note – there are synthetics made out of Nomex that are fire-retardant – but they are very pricey.)

          Full disclosure: We sell head wraps as accessories to our tactical goggles, but – we specialize in Body Armor, not clothing, and are really not looking to sell small, individual clothing items, so our bias here is quite minimal!

          Yours Truly, – Nick at
          Surviving The Cold, by The Other D.B.
          Email This Post Print This Post

          Most of us take for granted the fact that if were cold we can find someplace warm to retreat to. In the event of a catastrophe that luxury is going to be one of the first things that goes by the wayside. Animals adapt to their environment or they perish, survival of the fittest. I’ve talked to a few folks that have a couple tons of food and ammo stashed that have never even thought about the clothes situation. So, What can we do as smart animals to prepare for that day?

          Unfortunately a lot of people have no clue at all how to dress themselves for cold and inclement weather. Usually we put on what we have that we think is the warmest and hope for the best. That is not going to work when there is no warm house to run to and warm up in! Get rained on and your sol. Yeah that nice brown popular work gear is great but at most it’s used 12 hours and then you have a chance to dry it and you out. Try spending a few days in it without drying it out and see how comfy you are!

          The best way to stay dry, warm, and comfortable is layers, and they have to be layers of the correct material. Cotton is pretty much useless for staying warm. It holds moisture, does not breath well, and is not a very good insulator. Cotton is good for warm days and summer time, It’s cheap and easy to obtain. So don’t plan on getting any usable service out of any of your cotton clothes in the winter.

          The fundamental key of staying warm is to simply stay dry. Wet clothing dissipates body heat at a phenomenal rate. The saying “If your wet your dead” in the winter is pretty self explanatory. So in order to stay dry we need to fist keep the moisture and sweat our bodies produce away from our skin. We do this by our base layer. It is clothing that is designed to allow moisture to pass through it without absorbing it. One of the early forms of this is silk. Yes, that luxurious cloth does have some functional value! Silk is expensive, and is not very stretchy or conforming. Silk blends however are very conducive to functional base layers! I’ve found silk base layers to be functional and comfortable but they don’t seem to be as durable as I’d like. Just as effective and more affordably priced, and more durable, are base layers made from polypropylene and the like. There are a variety of manufactures out there that each have their own magic blend so shop around. Just keep in mind the intended function of the base layer is to keep you dry, not to keep you warm. As a side note there is “base layer “ underwear available from a variety of manufactures. This extends the wear time of your pants and tops base layers by letting you change your skivvies once a day or so… One key to look for on your base layers are pants and tops that are large enough to cover your lower back with no gaps. And they need to do this in all positions so bend over twist lift your legs up do some PT and make sure they don’t work their way down or up. FYI, women’s bottoms seem to ride a bit higher than men’s on the backside. Your base layer needs to fit like a second skin, skin tight is what you want. This prevents it from working and moving around and bunching up in places.

          So now that we have a good moisture wicking base layer on lets talk about the insulation layers. Again, anything cotton is useless so don’t bother, even a cotton T-shirt can cause you problems. The old standby for insulation is good old wool. It’s plentiful, and has some insulation value even when wet. The cons are it’s itchy, and tends to be heavy. Luckily technology has provided us with a cheap and extremely effective material called fleece. Fleece is a form of spun plastic, often times made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s extremely lightweight, durable, available in varying densities and thickness, and is just plain comfortable. It dries quickly and does not hold water well so it even maintains some insulation value when it’s wet! About the only negative I can think of is the fact it tends to melt quickly around fire so br extremely careful if you try drying it out over an open camp fire! Again the key is layers so throw on a couple layers of it depending on how cold it is outside and your activity level. You can also mix it up with a layer of fleece and then a wool sweater. Other options include fleece jackets and vests. These are handy as they usually have some pockets. Jackets and vests are good calls when it’s cold on sunny days when there is no wind or precipitation. Layer up, you can always take some off if your hot, or throw an extra layer in the pack and add it if your cold.

          The last layer you should put on is your first layer of defense against the elements, and yes, you need to think of this as war against mother nature and all that she can bring because that is exactly what it is. If she wins you die, simple fact. This outer layer is your coat and bibs. Now I know you all think that you have plenty of coats and pants for winter so let me offer you a test. Put on your best coat and bibs /pants and stand outside and let someone hose you down with the garden hose for ten minutes ( obviously not spraying you directly in the face but pretty much everywhere else). Take your stuff off and see how dry you are. If your not completely dry then your gear is junk. Sorry but that $500 you spent on that hunting coat was more for the name and the funky camo pattern on it!

          Your coat and pants/bibs needs to do two things, one it needs to let moisture out, and two it needs to keep any moisture on the outside on the outside. Lucky for us humans we’ve invented just such a material, Gore-Tex is the most popular, been time tested and proven, and is what I prefer. Not to say that there are not other materials out there that can’t do the same job. I just prefer to stick with what has worked in the past. The next technical feature you need to look for are taped and sealed seams on the jacket and pants. It will look similar to a good tent that is taped and sealed only it will be a much better job usually. This is an important feature as it actually makes the coat waterproof. No leaky seams that can leak water or air. You would be surprised at how much air can permeate the holes made by a sewing machine when it’s a 40 MPH wind! Another feature is a built-in hood, usually made from the same materiel as the coat. These typically roll up and stow in the collar of the jacket when not in use. The hood is a huge component to keeping you dry when it’s raining or snowing as it’s your “roof” to keep it out of your neck! It also provides a complete barrier from the top of your head to the bottom of the coat against wind, blowing snow and rain. Another must have feature is under arm zipper vents. These allow you to ‘vent’ heat during physical activity, even when it’s raining! So when you find yourself heating up you open the vents up. If you have a fleece jacket with under arm vents as well then the next step is to open them up. This allows you to quickly cool down without removing any insulation layers. If it’s not enough then you will need to shed the fleece jacket or a layer underneath it. A good coat will also have a powder skirt, this is an elastic flap inside the coat that you snap together around your stomach before you zip up the coat. This is the sealing mechanism between your coat and bibs to keep out blowing wind and snow. Seems like a minor trivial thing, but it is very important. It keeps all the cold air from getting inside your jacket from the bottom and wasting your body heat. The cuffs will also have velcro sealing bands that allow you to seal the ends of the sleeves to the same end. The zipper should also have a full length closure flap / gusset for sealing off the zipper against wind and rain. A good coat will also have a number of handy pockets here and there to stash your gloves and hats and what not. Do not get in the habit of using this space as stuff space for all the things you think you might be needing. Use these primarily for your jacket accessories, hats, gloves, glasses, face protectors and the like. You need to start thinking of the coat as an important survival tool, and the tool needs to be filled with all the things you need with it so when you grab it in a hurry and run your not forgetting anything. The best coat and bibs in the world are going to be useless if you forget your hat and gloves. Most coats have a couple inside pockets for a small sidearm or radio, but much of that needs to be on your pack or utility harness, not on or in your coat.

          Snow pants or bibs, this is the question.
          Snow pants are nice if your never going to bend over or fall down on your backside. Even if your sitting they tend to leave a gap at the back, and that is not good! So from my experience pants are pretty useless in long term winter exposure. Bibs are the way to go, they fit higher up around your back and chest, and have suspenders to keep them in place. You may not be the suspender type of person so let me explain why it’s so important. Suspenders allow you to adjust your bibs to the point that they are not bunching up in the crotch and choking you to death. This allows you to move your legs and your body in all positions very freely without stretching your bibs all out of proportion or even ripping them open. And no matter what position you find yourself in that spot on your lower back is always covered! The height of them also bridges over the seams between your top and bottom layers under it so all your seams are not in one place making things a lot more comfortable. The freedom of movement that bibs give you in normal circumstances is critical when you need to do things like run and jump a long distance or scale a rock face or jump off a vehicle quickly.

          Another feature of bibs is they usually have zippers along the outside legs, this lets you vent excess heat like your coat does. There are fleece pants that also have zippers on the side as well for more ventilation options. The cuffs are also specially designed with an internal cuff to seal out air and snow like the one inside the jacket. Cuffs should have adjustable velcro closures to allow different boot sizes as you may be wearing packs for snowshoes one day and the next you may have on cross country ski boots. Even if your home or in camp and have on work boots or something it’s important to have the option to seal them up to keep the draft out. The zippers should also have closures over them like the coat. Now most of us are accustomed to cargo pants pockets and may think that you need these in the snow pants. I’ve found plain no pocket snow pants is the way to go as they shed snow and rain much better. The other factor is that if your on snow shoes or cross country skis the last thing you want is a bunch of stuff chaffing your legs back and forth every time you take a step. Stick it in your pack. Again, make sure the bibs are constructed of a breathable fabric such as Gore-tex.

          The Hands:
          Treat your hands the same way as your body, layers. Everyone seems to think that they need gloves as well. Sad truth of the matter is if it’s cold out there are no gloves that are going to keep your fingers warm and toasty very long. If you want them to stay warm and dry then use mittens for your outer layer. Now were not talking the knitted red ones grandma used to make, were talking full on technical gore-tex with leather or abrasion resistant palms and thumbs. They should also have nice long gauntlets with shock cord closures on the cuffs to seal them up over your coat. Your also hook those cords to your coat sleeves so you don’t loose your mitts when you pop them off to do something. What works best is a good wicking base layer glove, these are really thin, and offer little or insulation value. On top of that you can place a fleece glove for insulation. Best to have a selection of different weight fleece gloves for different activity levels and conditions. Fleece gloves with leather palms and reinforcing are nice as you can shed your mitts quick and then have the dexterity to use your fingers. The leather give some protection against them getting wet when you grab things. For those really cold days a thick pair of fleece mittens that fit inside the liners will be warranted, and much appreciated by your fingers. Now the top layer mitts are not going to fit tight, probably even when you have the thick fleece mitts on, this is no reason for concern as they were intended to work that way! Ice Climbing and mountaineering are by far the best type of gloves to get. If your going to go cheap on something don’t let it be hand protection….

          Now for the head. We all know that our heads radiate and disperse heat more than any other part of our body, so it’s critical that we insulate it to prevent all our precious body heat from escaping. Again, same principal, layers. Nice long “balaclava” wicking head liner to start the layer, then some fleece, maybe a fleece neck gaiter, nice fleece or wool hat to top it all off. Helmets – ski or snowboarding are also very nice in some situations. Just make sure you can close all the gaps between your torso and the head, the neck is a very annoying place to have a draft! Your hood on the coat completes the outer layer in time of moisture or precipitation. Make sure you have enough layers to cover andinsulate your face right up to your eyes. If it’s really cold nasty and windy out your going to want everything covered… and I mean everything. Frostbite can happen in a few minutes if conditions are right, and the tip of the nose is where it’s going to occur, and you not going to know about it till it’s too late. Have extra so you can rotate them out if they ice up from heavy breathing. Goggles are a must, have at the minimum two pair of each ( Daytime and nighttime ) so you can rotate them when they ice over or fog up bad. If they are fogging up you need to vent your head a bit more to prevent it. Have some clear goggles for when it gets dark, and a couple shades for the daytime is nice as well. Yellow/orange tinted ones provide greater clarity in the snow during the day, but can sometimes not provide enough shading to protect your eyes. If it’s nice out sunglasses work just fine, goggles are for inclement weather and let you seal your face up completely against it. Gently clean iced up goggles off and place inside your coat to dry them off. Remove and let cool before you put them back on.

          If your going to be out in the sun a long time and it’s nothing but snow cover you should really have glasses with protection on the sides. Mountaineering “glacier” sun glasses have these or you can quickly fashion something from a scrap of cloth or leather. This prevents the reflection of the sun off the snow getting into your eyes. What happens if your on a snow pack on a sunny day without glasses, or with poor ones, is that you basically “sprain” your eye. This feels like someone took a 3” long needle and jabbed it into each eye. The treatment, drugs to dilate your pupil and staying out of the light, rather lengthy recovery as well. Get a few pair of good cheap polarized sunglasses for everyday beating around in, and have a good pair of glacier glasses or two to use on those really sunny days on the snow!

          The Feet. Treat your feet with the same layering technique we’ve been talking about all along. The exception is that fleece socks don’t seem to be that great of an idea! Get some good thin wicking liners and then some nice insulated socks. Most of us seem to have a pretty good handle on this so I’m not going to go into detail. Just make sure you have plenty of socks, and boots, to keep your feet dry and warm! Pack type boots are a favorite of mine and have proven themselves time and again.

          Your layers should depend on your activity level, dress for the least active you plan to be and then shed layers as you or the day heats up. Look for options like vests and fleece jackets that have zippers under the arms for vents. Try to keep from sweating as much as possible by shedding layers and venting. Antiperspirant on the feet is also a neat trick to keep them from sweating quite so much if it’s available. Try to stay away from “fashionable” Brand names and stick with time proven companies that have been outfitting climbers and mountaineers for a few decades. North Face, Marmot, and Patagonia are names I trust. If you want warm fleece the Patagonia stuff is the bomb in my opinion, paddlers in 33 degree water do seem to know how to dress for it! About the only ‘house’ brand stuff that I’ve found and trust is REI’s stuff. They make some pretty decent items that are reasonably priced. Make an opportunity present itself to test your gear, see how long you can last on a single digit day and you’ll either impress yourself at your ability or scare yourself from the fact of how ill-prepared you are for cold weather survival. Stay warm

          • The first layer stuff I use is the Chillis,comes in different base temp makeups but if need a base I always go with lowest temp and add little from there,this stuff fits like a glove and sometimes a set me pj’s at night,being black have that way cool ninja look when heading off to bed!Really though,the Chillis has always been me base layer thru the last 15 years,great stuff.

            • I posted this info a week ago from the neck warmer to the zippered pants for venting. People read my advice and steal it write articles on it. Stealing my shit again. Its already archived on here. Fn thieves.

          • Bought the ECWS pants and shirts (grade one)(medium weight))from Midway beginning of December. I can tell you it is the best. Fleece Lined and moisture wicking. Has to be hand washed or on delicate (cold water) and hang dry. I love them.

            • BTW, thanks BCOD for the info!

              • I have a few pairs of polyprophalene undergarments and they are good too. Sportsmans guide had them for sale a while back. PO’d, are you talking about midwayusa . com? Thanks for the info BCOD, A very well written post indeed! I live in cold country and recommendations are always welcome. I usually wear the poly underwear then an insulated shirt and carhart work pants and good waterproof snow boots and down or depending on cold, lined denim jacket. I love bomber hats (good ones) and I shall look into the liners you talked about. Cheers! 🙂

                • Down is death. Everything gets wet . You breath out water . You sweat out water . Layering is bullshit. You need to ventilate sweat. Any action will make you sweat your hands will sweat. Am I spelling sweat right? Condensation . The inside of your tent will be a rain forest. We are totally unprepared. Drying out is priority one. Breath in your car and watch the Windows fog and freeze up. Get duck hunting clothes. Made for cold wet . Better yet ski clothes made for high work cold. Most cold work clothes are made for limited time work we will not have that.their will be no cold breaks . Or dry out facilities.

                • Genius, yeah Midway USA. Went back on there right before Christmas and all they had left was grade/2 and small size. I’m gonna keep checking back from time to time to pick up a couple more sets. I even where them to bed.

                  • wear…jeeze. (it grows late)

                    • late inDEED!

            • thanks to all of you that posted/appreciated it…here’s a few extreme cold weather clothing system, and look for the guide that tells how to use this stuff..wash in cold water, and drip dry all this stuff. polypropalene from army is coyote brown, and the fleecelined stuff is the best, in my opinion. i use it to work outside. also polartec is the newer version of fleecelined, and it comes in black, which is great for me, as i’m a mechanic, and it don’t show black/dirt/grease… when it’s as low as 25 or so here in hi-desert, ca, all you need is that for base layer, a shirt of some sort, and then i use a military “fleece” for outer base-layer. then to seal it all in, so the wind doesn’t sap the warmth, i use a field jacket with liner, or a “parka”, which many would call a rain coat. i have also substituted a poncho, and they work surprisingly well in the cold… parka’s are made of goretex, so it breathes, and it’s very effective in the rain for a while. i HEAR it won’t keep out water “forever”, but i walked 4 miles in driving rain down the beach, took it off and had lunch, then hiked back the other way 4 miles, and just dry as a bone….i LOVE the parka, but if you don’t have enough layers it will sap warmth from you….this is all for your upper body. for lower, you want polypro’s again, and just pants will generally be enough, but the goretex pants will serve you well when it’s extra cold and/or wet. military wool socks are awesome, and i even like them in the summer. if you don’t mind the weight, then the black winter boots work very well, and you can make them fairly waterproof…..if there’s no moisture you may want the insulated tan colored “winter boots”….even desert boots will do in a pinch, but they got vents, so water guaranteed to come in. oh, there are fleece pants available too, and for a coat the urban grey “marshmellow coat(pants available too), bear coat, and there’s another name i can’t remember right now….they are like wearing a sleeping bag, very nice! they also have gaiters for ankles and necks…highly recommend one for the neck, some are fleece-lined, pull them up around ears if needed, and then the fleece cap on top….don’t forget flyers gloves(winter, or summer available)…..well, what did we forget? oh, yes, i meant to mention silkweight longjohns for warmer temps, and the army guys like their “waffles”….these longjohns are like corduroy turned inside out…which channels moisture and heat out, so if you are working hard, they still allow you to not overheat….but the brown polypro’s are the BEST for ultimate warmth when sitting still…they sell them at bass pro, cabellas, and lots of other places…get the ones that zip down 1/4 way down front and the collar goes up your neck all the way to your chin…..these should be in your bugout bag for sure.

              • Hope you folks arent getting the crazy weather they were talking about on the news, looked like it was farther north near Chico and bigbear, cold and wet

                • we have had a little rain, and almost snow for a couple weeks now, here in hi-desert(took the jeep to big bear a few times to play in the snow). it never ceases to amaze me when i take all this sh*t to the victorville gun show, i almost NEVER sell any cold weather gear. right now it’s 28 degrees, before wind chill factor, yet nobody’s interested….but i started collecting this stuff years ago because i am convinced SOMEday, this stuff will be PRICELESS, maybe even more expensive. i really don’t care much if it doesn’t sell now…..kind of like precious metals…..someday they will be respected for what they are. i don’t like being cold, and there’s no REASON to be, if you’re educated about it and can afford it……most people live near a military base, and it’s cheap there. bookoo can be a very good source for this stuff.

              • BCOD, My oldest did two in the sandbox, love waffles, work well for hunting,old military sweaters when needed.Great tips!
                Be well all!
                Maniac out

                • i just was watching “alone” and told my son that one guy wears a brown wool sweater that i still have from my air force days…it’s a good one for extreme cold.

          • In Canada, where we have 9 months of winter and 3 months of poor sledding, we call – 20F (or C, take your pick) “beach weather.”

          • Just post a link next time for krist sakes.

            Looks like we got ourselves here a special kinda Stupid. Trump has not ever taken office yet. Is the writer this dumb? Trump is not even in charge yet. The shills are already screaming the sky is falling. We are so doomed. Quick click the adds. Every idiot for himself.. Oh the Humanity.

          • Nobody read all of that.

          • BCOD,good post.Started thinking about clothing a couple of years ago.Last X mas it was base layers ,like reebok , good sleeping bags, and soft shell jackets and pants.This X mas it was muck boots and knives.Always keep the family stocked with hiking boots and of course north face or Columbia clothing.Make s you think?
            Just been sitting on the sidelines,still here,lol
            Merry Christmas,and a good new year to all!
            Maniac out

            • LaManiac, how do you like the Muck boots? Been looking at them.

          • Something folks dont think about is hypothermia, here in the islands people especially tourists think palm trees and sunshine, but hypothermia can happen at temps way above freezing, get wet in a rainstorm then get chilled by a stiff wind and your at higher elevation? Like this morning, its 47 out, and we arent that high, 3200′ only but if you were stuck outside wet and exposed to the breeze off the mountain at 47 with whatever the wind chill factor is and you would be in trouble. Might not die right away like the frozen solid popsicle temps in the high sierras or Rockys and beyond, but pneumonia or other complications for sure,
            We see it often, people go into the crater or other areas un prepared to be there if the weather goes to shit and next thing you know the yellow fire dept helicopter is airlifting someone out,,,

            • yes, and people often DIE, even though they never had any precipitation falling. they get lost, and end up walking a lot, trying to get back to civilization. getting their clothes soaking wet during the day. when they finally realize how lost they are, it’s too late. their clothes are so wet with perspiration, that when the sun goes down and temps drop 20 or 30 degrees, they die of hypothermia….never having even gotten wet from the environment around them.

      3. NB, very true and ditto here. These nice people are not working for the president.

        • But.. but… they are all rainbows and unicorns… what can go wrong?

          • Indeed

      4. Alt nets being developed,they fuck with the net the good hackers will bring it all crashing down.The elites think they can hide in their bunkers while millions die,their personal will more then likely at that point kill em,believe they know that also.

        • Are you saying I am an elite because I will be hiding in my bunker while millions die?

          • Oh no,not at all.Your demise will be brought about by a poster who you ticked off,believe he can hear in background his new centrifuge running!I believe he is going old school nuke with a little guidance from the old classic book”The Story Of The A-Bomb Kid”/a lot of old school watch luminescence shavings/ect.My guess is there will be a lot of worried Mormons when they see a small mushroom cloud in the distance!The little tanerite lawn gnomes will have no idea what hit em,that and any burrowed hobbits!

      5. And the thing that gets me is people keep inviting them into their homes. Amazon echo, elexa, security systems with the ability to watch and talk to intruders. These things are recording everything that happens in your home. This is exactly why amazon does not want to release data from elexa in the murder tria. They don’t want people to realize how much they are tecording.

      6. As a black man, I am particularly outraged by this. It is worse than Jim Crow.


        • Easy B,your starting to scare me,your not gonna play the race card are you?!

          Hmmmm…..,as I have said in the past,have a smidgen of Maori in me,OK,let me know how it works out!

          • all forms of communication MATTER! LOL

            • Cracker lives matter

              • Of course cracker lives matter,especially the exulted goldfish cracker that tis the comfort snack of many posters here,oyster crackers also have a special status as a good chowder addition!

                • Warchild, BRAVO to your comments about goldfish. Goldfish also do quite well and in soups and chili. Had a bowl of chili for lunch with goldfish. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

                • Do NOT forget Cheezit crackers 😛

                • Chicken in a biscuit!

                  • Saloon Pilot Crackers Matter.

                • I’ve heard more than once cockroaches will not eat oyster crackers.
                  They’re so nutritious.

                  • reminded me of the ravens i feed. i give them farmer john wieners, and one day i fed them turkey dogs that i didn’t care much for. i saw one fly next door, and after he flew away i followed his tracks in the sand, and found that turkey dog buried in the sand…..sooo, the ravens won’t eat the turkey wieners?….yikes!

          • so if I’m a black man and I disagree with the current “president”does that make me a racist because he is half white?

            • Nope, not in the real world,,,,
              But in the liberal progressive world where everything can be deemed offensive or objectionable it could be,,,
              When i was a kid i was taught that to disagree and have meaningful polite discussions was ok, it was ok to disagree, but now we get labled all sorts of things if we disagree with someone different than us, its sad, civility and common sense seem to be sorely lacking in our world today,

        • B from CA I could have sworn that some time back you said you were a woman. Now your a black man.

          • Well,am going with black man or actually,just man as Warchild really doesn’t care about your religion/race/ethnicity/sex/sexuality ect.,unless you start trying to push it and claim special treatment!

            I would say Mountain perhaps a good opsec move to go with multiple personalities or in todays crazy world of transgender/transidentity ect. we have him posting in “mid change” moment!

            • When the lights go out everyone is black.

      7. @JJ

        What’s your source on the NSA Utah cost ?

        Here’s what WPedia says:

        “The planned structure provides 1 to 1.5 million square feet (90,000–140,000 m2),[20][21][22] with 100,000 square feet (9,000 m2) of data center space and more than 900,000 square feet (84,000 m2) of technical support and administrative space.[7][20] It is projected to cost $1.5–2 billion.[3][7][20][23][24] A report suggested that it will cost another $2 billion for hardware, software, and maintenance.[20] The completed facility is expected to require 65 megawatts of electricity, costing about $40 million per year.[7][20] The facility is expected to use 1.7 million gallons (6,435 m3) of water per day.[25] An article by Forbes estimates the storage capacity as between 3 and 12 exabytes in the near term, based on analysis of unclassified blueprints, but mentions Moore’s Law, meaning that advances in technology could be expected to increase the capacity by orders of magnitude in the coming years.[2]

        Toward the end of the project’s construction it was plagued by electrical problems in the form of “massive power surges”[26] that damaged equipment.[17] This delayed its opening by a year.[26]”

        Your cost number and theirs varies by a factor of about 10 or 12.


      8. even some commenters on THIS site obviously don’t realize how intrusive it is…..what you say HERE is collected, and someday will be used against you… rock the boat,….and they will stomp yer ASS…..if ever caught for a felony, you will be examined with a MICROSCOPE, and the whole reason the trolls on here jab at U.S. is to get U.S. to “incriminate” ourselves. “they” want to know what you THINK, so they can go after you when the time comes… why did petreus end up fired/disgraced when he was about to testify about benghazi?…..why did elliot spitzer go down when he was about to put bankers in jail? why did killary end up with a headache when she was about to testify about benghazi…..they got STOMPED, that’s why…..don’t YOU get stomped, in the end.

        • BCD,

          electronic surveillance is way out of control, just like our government and needs to have there wings clipped and needs some type of over site to monitor what hey can or can do!! as i said in a comment above, only certain types and for certain reasons and with a judges review should surveillance be allowed. I have nothing to hide, BUT i am monitored and will be until i die, just in case they think i talk or someone tries to get me to talk. anyway unless we the sane people of this country bring things into control, it will only get worse and sad to say, that is probably what will happen, not enough of us to do what it will take to make it happen in a timely fashion. all we can do is our best to voice and wait and see
          stay safe and on watch!!

        • Good,

        • Wouldn’t it be a shame if the water supply was cut off somehow? Hmmm….

        • Yeah crazed Ex Cop go bizerk daily on SHTF site. Years of crazed comments. Hates everbody. Just go out in a blaze of glory and take as many Libtards with ya. Ok dokie?

      9. Anything connected to the UN is bad for the USA. The UN is going to be the “Dictator” of the global government aka NWO. We don’t need spying devices in our TVs, refrigerators, cook stoves, mobile phones, street lights, etc. Need to go back to good ole days of intelligence aimed at our foreign enemies, not the US citizens. Maybe if the government concentrated on foreign enemy to USA we would not be having all these killings in airports and other gatherings. President Trump needs to clean house, starting with the CIA and FBI. Give them all lie detector tests to determine their loyalty to this country. After all they had to take one when they became agents of those entities. Seems like it’s time for one more. I’m sure POTUS Trump doesn’t want his grandchildren growing up in a police state, and the children who come after that. He’s not going to be around forever to protect his future generations from the unscrupulous PTB; so now would be a good time to take action, with hopes someone could continue the fight. Take care of the people and defend the constitution.

        • waiting, Aint gonna happen. You will have your own personal drone to rat you out for every infraction you commit. Email you a ticket and take the funds straight out of your bank account. Your car, appliances, joolery, clothes, tv, computer, phone, car, will all rat you out. Underground will be your only hope for privacy.

          • ok now by passing moderation for the j word.

            waiting, Aint gonna happen. You will have your own personal drone to rat you out for every infraction you commit. Email you a ticket and take the funds straight out of your bank account. Your car, appliances,, clothes, tv, computer, phone, car, will all rat you out. Underground will be your only hope for privacy.

      10. I got cameras on my house so I can watch over my property. I will see and identify whoever approaches. People talk about gov taking their supplies due to Ndaa or whatever. First they have to get into your house my door is locked so that means forced entry is the only way when that happens then I shoot whoever dead. Gov goons going door to door colecting people shit can only happen if you let them in or leave your door unlocked and then they walk in with no forced entry. They will say you let them in and you cannot prove otherwise. Lock your fuckin doors and keep the shotgun near by. Once the door is kicked in do not hesitate to unload everything you got. Anyone kicking in your door is there to hurt of kill you they need to be dropped quickly. One of those vepr ak shotguns with a couple 12round mags full of buckshot will make Swiss cheese out of anyone coming through your door. This has to be the best gun going right now. That is a lot of lead flying.

        • Asshat, anyone who forces their way into my home is dead meat, period.

        • Asshat, that’s good but you can go 1 step further. Leave some snacks out that have nasties added (known by you and everyone else what they are) and you can get payback even if they kill you. Pigs can’t resist a free treat lol.

          • Chocolate chip cookies with a nice dose of warfarin added, taste great right up until they start bleeding out their tear ducts

      11. While Donald Trump may bring back some manufacturing, appoint pro Second Amendment US Supreme Court Justices, warm relations and thus reduce hostilities with Russia he is not a Libertarian.

        • K2…
          But he does listen to Libertarian viewpoints in Alex Jones, Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, former Campaign Manager Roger Stone. It’s amazing that the libertarian viewpoint is given careful thought by the P.E. at any level.

      12. It is the transition of power that we get. Now its Federal control of elections. They could suspend elections until Federal, State and local officials committee together and decide if this affects the integrity or security of the election. And continue until the Feds dictates are thoroughly dispensed. He shreds the Constitution in our face and throws the litter behind to slow Trump…some transition…some legacy.

      13. Psychopaths throw out big nets. The bigger the net, the bigger the “catch”.

      14. Allow me to speak my mind about this subject. Before I do, I’ll have to close the door and turn the blinds down. Then I have to pull the battery from my cell phone. Next, I’ll just switch router off_____________

      15. Got to keep the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling moving right along in the Police State hell on earth, and with Mike “Monsanto” Pompeo as head of the treasonous psychopath controlled CIA and Orange Satan’s Military Junta Corporatist Fascist Death Squad Cabinet, it most surely will move along right on schedule with the disease ridden, dumbed down, depressed, toxic dump body count of the American Holocaust growing daily.

      16. “You wouldn’t object to being watched if you didn’t have something to hide!” is the philosophy applied by intelligence agents to other people. It isn’t just the Government. Businesses have too much information on each and every one of us.

      17. It’s 99% about the Supreme Court – they are the ones who have allowed, or directly given, the power to the globalists and taken rights away from citizens. Trump needs to pick the right people and PACK it with at least a 6-3 majority.

      18. Give it a break
        Ron then come back and tell me you told me so in 2 years.

        • We will be well into the Citizen Tribunals within 2 years, you will see way before then.

      19. Ron I always enjoy your posts about the criminal fascist corporatist peddling poison and the dumbed down orange Satan worshiping toxic dump cowards. The orange Satan was always a corporate demon and was of course gonna put his evil puppets in his cabinet. Everyone thinks he’s gonna save America. Never fooled me for one second.

        • Thank you for being a freedom and liberty loving Patriot, who actually cares about your children’s HEALTH and FUTURE, I salute your bravery and Patriotism.

      20. The’ll false flag terrorist attack until the body politic begs for more surveillance. Their collateral political damage is more guns sold, the last holdout states becoming shall issue or nationwide reciprocity becoming law. Even their bullshit is a two edged sword.

        • Well, the latest airport debacle could be a false flag. They’re already picking apart the where’s and why’s and putting spin on it all.
          The next “suggestion” will probably be to stop allowing guns on planes, period. After that, you wont be able to have one in your own car. Etc., Etc., Etc…

          Just one more step to stripping us of our (2nd amendment) rights.

          • Sounds like how our state is already!

      21. He lost me at the “Jason Bourne” reference…….

      22. kevin,tis a sad observation,holdout states shall issue/reciprocity,how about a citizen the 2nd which reaffirms natural born rights says you can have a firearm,damn,folks still thinking /looking for “permission”not needed!

        • I’ll take what I can get. A few states have graduated to Constitutional Carry. I’ll take any step towards that. Let NJ, NY, Md, Hawaii become Shall Issue is a victory. I’ll take that half loaf of bread with every intent of going back later to get the rest of the loaf up until the Bill Of Rights is restored.

          • Some say if life hands you lemonades,you make lemon aid.I say fuck that noise,throw the lemons in the face of the person who brought em and tell to give you the coffee you ordered in the first place!

            There is no time for compromise/strike while the iron is hot!No passing reciprocity and letting em rest on those laurels!

            Time to get the scotus squared away and do away with all the bullshit acts of 1934/1968/brady ect.!Fucking time to steam roll over gibby giffy/soros/bloomy/twatss against guns ect.!

            No more compromise over the bill of rights that affirm our natural born rights,this is literally a fucking war and we have a tiny opening to make some significant wins!

            • You use violence and two things will happen.

              A. You will lose
              B. You will die

              We gained a huge amount in the last 25 years. We’re winning. Inject violence, we lose. The battle is for the Hearts and Minds of the American public. Its that simple.

              • You can do what you want to do…. as long as you have a permit too!

              • Kevin,what part did you perhaps miss where I mention get scotus squared away and do away with all acts starting with 1934?!So,in some eyes realize pushing for your rights in the courts is violence,did not think it was in your eyes.

                That said,with all the violence used on citizens by our govt. will never rule out the use of violence IF necc. to keep our freedom/country.

                • George Washington used violence. Jesus whipped the money changers from the temple. Bimbos don’t like violence . The government uses threats of violence . So does God. How could anyone say violence dosent work?

              • K2, in the battle for hearts and minds, the mainstream media has taken the government’s lead in the war against us, the population.
                With this situation, it is hopeless.

                The alternative media can’t compete. Sure, we probably won one with Trump, but it’s a small, insignificant win.
                Too many mindless slobs out there.
                Ask Ron, he’ll tell you, and he’s right.

                I still think there’s no going back to the freedoms we once had (or learned of!).
                Best bet for the long run is world-wide Sun induced EMP taking us back 120 yrs.
                And start over.

              • Exactly, Kev. The battle is one of the pen. If we educate and effectively *inform* people, we WILL win the day for historic Western freedoms.

                Why? Simple. Their ideas not only patently and clearly suck, nor do they have explanatory adequacy. Topping it all off, HISTORY shows failure after failure after failure of leftism, central planning, etc. USSR, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Cuba, Mao’s China, now the EU. Look at what leftism has done to the US!

                Care to cite Canadian medicine? I have lived half my life under Canadian socialized medicine, and if Mac let me, I could do a long, long paper on the subject. (E.g., in British Columbia a few years ago, one enterprising reporter found they were just going to cut off and let die 7,000 people who had serious issues. Not enough money.) And besides, there already IS a two tier system – the rich go outside the country. And even more, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled several years ago that private clinics could operate. Some of my family goes to them. That is, the socialized system is such an abject failure, people are voting with their feet and pocketbooks to leave it.

                Anyhow, the work of the pen is harder, and will take longer – but it will be much more thorough. It takes more patience, and more work. Of course I support the 2nd Amendment in full (I am a gun owner); but here, we need to win the hearts and minds peacefully. The exposure of the fascist left media this last election cycle shows exactly how effective our non-violent battle of the pen is working. The vile leftist media’s “fake news” attack is just frantic attempt to to and “in your face” defense (i.e., when you are exposed, blame someone with what YOU, yourself are doing). Much of the public has seen the leftist media for what it is, and THEY CONTINUE TO BLEED VIEWERS AND TRUST. The battle is for us, the bloggers and alternative sites, to ENSURE we double check our facts, cite sources, etc. That is, stop the “Niburu is always due next year, or hiding behind the sun or maybe under your bed” garbage. As noted, this is a non-violent battle of the pen – which means we have to be smarter (not hard!) than the idiot press.

                We do the above, we win. We don’t do the above, we slip into a new Dark Age – and as Churchill said, “aided and abetted by perverted science” (can anyone say Microsoft and Schmidt’s disgusting Google?)

        • Warchild, AMEN to that. Nobody needs permission from any mofo for self-defense. Nobody needs permission from any mofo to carry something for self-defense. F#$% getting ‘permission’ from anyone for anything!

      23. “If you could read my mind
        What a tale my thoughts could tell.

        Just like a paperback novel
        The kind the drugstores sell.”


        • Gordon Lightfoot, a great storyteller and artist!

      24. As Roman satirist Juvenal asked 2,000 years ago, and it STILL is not answered: “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” – Who will watch the guards, or **who will control the controllers?** Hilary? Petraeus? Who? Please answer me, anyone, if you can.

        And Petraeus’ glowing “internet of things” yellow brick road? Looks like he hoisted himself on his own petard on that one.

      25. I thought they might want to bug me, but all I ever do is work, work, work (with the occasional foray here for a break), all so I can fund all the free-lunchers. I have a built in defense, thankfully: Anyone monitoring me will fall asleep from boredom in 5 minutes. That is, unless they want to answer some of my work emails or join my incessant conference calls…

      26. Genius and Apache may be correct..only time will tell.


      27. Superman if your up there come save us from these commies

      28. Look at ski clothes . The have underarm zippers to let sweat out. And vents everywhere . Drying out tube socks is hard. The Russians use napkins around their feet so they can dry them easy. We will learn the hard way.

      29. ive read that caribou pelts are the best for cold weather . I don’t know what’s true . But wet goose down is worthless . Go with ski clothes.

      30. At the donner party . They tried to have a fire on snow and it would go out as soon as the snow melted. If you had a steel pan to have the fire on you might have a chance. A steel oil drain pan could save your life. You can’t lite a fire on snow. You need a pan.

      31. Just watched Waco, and it makes me mad all over again.

      32. Forgot to mention the Waco video on you tube claims Hillary had something to do with the decisions made there, “she was part of the mess”.

      33. Unsure if the government can handle that amount of information to be proactive. (How many shoot-em-ups or Russian hacks were ever acted on prior to or as the actions took place?)

        The primary purpose of the US government spying on US citizens is to go back to the archives and establish a case. It is for legal purposes…oh-boy lawyers again…

        Anyway, a distant purpose is to establish links to “bad-guys” for follow-on missions and intelligence.



      34. We are surveilled up the wazoo but there still has been more domestic terrorist attacks under Obama than before Obama. Each time – from Farooq, to the f#ags in florida, to the airport attack – the excuses have always been they didn’t see it coming. Yet, when probed, it always turns out the individuals involved were on the radar screen.

        Now we find out from Comey there is a sophisticated ISIS network of bases across the US. How did that happen? We also know there are ISIS cells across Europe and are already launching attacks. How did that happen? In fact, we discover radical Islamic terrorists have flourished under Obama and now have spread themselves across the planet, launching attacks from Tienanmen square to Thailand to France to Israel to Nigeria to Kenya etc. The only place in the world where they have kept quiet is Latin America. Maybe Muslims like Spanish tail too much?

        • People need to pay attention to people from other areas other than the middle east, islam is prevalent in SEAsia,,, theres millions of Asians relocating,

          • They come in many races and ethnicities but the worst are from Africa and the Middle East. On the plus side, Russia and China are on board for killing these turds and they do not mess around with MIRANDA rights etc.

            We need to take care of them on an industrial scale. We came close during the Bush years but Obama shut that down: and surprise, surprise, they have proliferated like mold on an Englishman’s wing wang.

            • A bright flash then a 2800degree wind should do

              • Agree: the most humane and efficient way to deal with them is to multi nuke strike. Just as was the case with Japan in WWII, the ethical case is clear that a preventive nuke strike is necessary in order to protect civilization and humanity. The target areas under Trump should be:

                – Saudi Arabia
                – Pakistan
                – parts of Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Somalia, Libya, Mali, Nigeria

      35. I just read on that jihad watch, the website. I don’t know much about them but they are a credible source, proved that it’s the case.. it’s looks like the jihadist are planning to cross over into Texas and launch attacks in our cities..any of you jihadist assholes reading my post. I guess the pussified dumbasses think that they will get martial law declared..

        You have picked the wrong state and cities to fuck with. The cops, they are ready for you fuckers, the ex military, they are ready for you fuckers, the pissed off citizenry, I mean they are pissed off, they are ready for you fuckers..try that shit in Texas, you are in for a nasty supprise.. nothing will stop Trump from being sworn in, you jihadist are a bunch of pussies.. The new commander in chief Donald Trump will be sworn in, so get use to it fools.


        • Hmm, sounds good, the cities are where the true trash lives anyway,

        • Just sayin, not all, but those who arent most likely know how and when to keep their heads down!

        • “Wont get fooled again”Meet the new Boss..same as the old boss

          We’ll be fighting in the streets
          With our children at our feet
          And the morals that they worship will be gone
          And the men who spurred us on
          Sit in judgement of all wrong
          They decide and the shotgun sings the song

          I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
          Take a bow for the new revolution
          Smile and grin at the change all around
          Pick up my guitar and play
          Just like yesterday
          Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
          We don’t get fooled again

          The change, it had to come
          We knew it all along
          We were liberated from the fold, that’s all
          And the world looks just the same
          And history ain’t changed
          ‘Cause the banners, they are flown in the next war

          I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
          Take a bow for the new revolution
          Smile and grin at the change all around
          Pick up my guitar and play
          Just like yesterday
          Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
          We don’t get fooled again, no, no

          I’ll move myself and my family aside
          If we happen to be left half alive
          I’ll get all my papers and smile at the sky
          Though I know that the hypnotized never lie
          Do ya?


          There’s nothing in the streets
          Looks any different to me
          And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye
          And the parting on the left
          Is now parting on the right
          And the beards have all grown longer overnight

          I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
          Take a bow for the new revolution
          Smile and grin at the change all around
          Pick up my guitar and play
          Just like yesterday
          Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
          We don’t get fooled again
          Don’t get fooled again, no no

          Meet the new boss
          Same as the old boss

          • Head high, protest line
            “Freedom” scribbled on your sign
            Headline, New York Times
            Standing on the edge of a revolution

            Hey, hey, just obey
            Your secret’s safe with the NSA
            In God we trust or the CIA?
            Standing on the edge of a revolution

            Yeah, we’re standing on the edge of a revolution
            Revolution, revolution, revolution

            No, we won’t give up, we won’t go away
            ‘Cause we’re not about to live in this mass delusion
            No, we don’t wanna hear another word you say
            ‘Cause we know they’re all depending on mass confusion
            No, we can’t turn back, we can’t turn away
            ‘Cause it’s time we all relied on the last solution
            No, we won’t lay down and accept this fate
            ‘Cause we’re standing on the edge of a revolution

            Wall Street, common thief
            When they get caught they all go free
            A brand new yacht and a finders fee
            Standing on the edge of a revolution

            Same shit, different day
            Can’t keep fed if I can’t get paid
            We’ll all be dead if the shit don’t change
            Standing on the edge of a revolution

            Yeah, we’re standing on the edge of a revolution
            Revolution, revolution, revolution

            No, we won’t give up, we won’t go away
            ‘Cause we’re not about to live in this mass delusion
            No, we don’t wanna hear another word you say
            ‘Cause we know they’re all depending on mass confusion
            No, we can’t turn back, we can’t turn away
            ‘Cause it’s time we all relied on the last solution
            No, we won’t lay down and accept this fate
            ‘Cause we’re standing on the edge of a revolution

            We’ll all be dead if this shit don’t change
            Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey

            What do we want? We want the change
            And how’re we gonna get there? Revolution
            What do we want? We want the change
            Standing on the edge of a revolution

            What do we want? We want change
            And how’re we gonna get there? Revolution
            What do we want? We want the change
            Standing on the edge of a revolution

            No, we won’t give up, we won’t go away
            ‘Cause we’re not about to live in this mass delusion
            No, we don’t wanna hear another word you say
            ‘Cause we know they’re all depending on mass confusion
            No, we can’t turn back, we can’t turn away
            ‘Cause it’s time we all relied on the last solution
            No, we won’t lay down and accept this fate
            ‘Cause we’re standing on the edge of a revolution

            What do we want? We want change
            And how’re we gonna get there? Revolution
            What do we want? We want the change
            Standing on the edge of a revolution

            What do we want? We want change
            And how’re we gonna get there? Revolution
            What do we want? We want the change
            Standing on the edge of a revolution

      36. Metadata can be very revealing.
        Let’s say for example a suspected safe house is being scrutinized .
        Supposedly there are only two people living in said safe house.

        Satellite spying, and laser listening devices have only detected the two registered occupants conversing,
        coming and going.

        The metadata from the stove, refrigerator, washer and dryer suggest usage comparable to a family of 8 …and the TV is on while the registered occupants are away … and always tuned to Al Jazeera…
        Errrr make that CNN…

        You can bet there are more than two people living in that house.

        Now do you see why you can’t have people anywhere in the world living in caves without modern conveniences?

      37. This government has been killing it’s own people us,to get what they want that’s all you need to no to act remember that.

      38. What you idiots fail to realize is he surveillance will magnify with Trump because he is a megalomaniac with a pathological need for approval and he inability to stand criticism. Anyone who does enthusiastically kiss his ass is consigned the roll of an enemy.

      39. This is a coup: the Homeland Security takeover of US elections

        On a scale of importance from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most important, this breaking development is a 500.

        by Jon Rappoport

        January 8, 2017

        On Friday, the traditional day of the week for quietly releasing big news that will hopefully be ignored by the public—and also obscured by the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting—the chief of Homeland Security announced that his office will be taking over US elections.

        If you can’t see the coup in progress, you need to keep looking until the message comes through.

        Read carefully—ABC News reports. My comments are in brackets:

        “Citing increasingly sophisticated cyber bad actors and an election infrastructure that’s ‘vital to our national interests’, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced Friday that he’s designating U.S. election systems critical infrastructure…”

        [Also known as: “we’re taking over.”]

        “’Given the vital role elections play in this country, it is clear that certain systems and assets of election infrastructure meet the definition of critical infrastructure, in fact and in law’,” Johnson said in a statement. He added: ‘Particularly in these times, this designation is simply the right and obvious thing to do’.”

        [Also known as: “we’re taking over.”]

      40. I dont think that anyone thought it was going anywhere anyways. Just do what you you can to protect your property and yourself is all you can do for now.

      41. The control of the US elections has been turned over to the DHS. No more surprises outside the establishment fix. The internet turned over to the UN. No more free speech outside government dictates. The Nazis were the bulk of what became the National Security Act of 1947. This is 70 years of the immense intelligence apparatus set up in America to be all seeing and all knowing. They want to know if you are truthful or just accept the lies as given. The events of 9-11 and the coverup will be defended at every cost despite the population being very aware that the official story is complete lies. I know who did it with 100% certainty. So does the majority.

        • Really excellent points and good information. Some of the other things that have been quietly slipped through for the new year that the sleeping masses have not noticed:

          In the UK:

          – as of start of the year, the so-called ‘snooper’s charter’ came into effect. It allows every agency of the state to share all information about individuals gathered electronically, including internet searches, websites visited, keyboard typing, banking transactions, all electronic purchases etc.
          – the tax authorities also launched a comprehensive super sniffing and sifting computer that trawls all your financial transactions, earnings, internet behavior, public records, interactions with the private sector etc. to paint a picture of your true financial status for tax purposes. If they catch you out lying or fibbing, it is fines, wealth confiscation or jail time, or a combination of all three
          – the pound coin is being taken out of circulation to be replaced with a new version. This is forcing people to empty out any hoarded cash from their homes or it becomes worthless

          The UN has a new boss and he is keen to get going on the World Government/New World Order thing:

          – UN controls the internet
          – the UN imposes a global tax on everyone to raise money to fund itself
          – the Chinese are tightening their grip on anyone who has Chinese heritage. They own their yellow butts – it doesn’t matter where they live
          – almost half of African countries shut down the internet at some point in 2016 to stop unrest and news dissemination

          Will Trump do something about any of this? I doubt it.

      42. Woodrow Wilson, who was the main “ruiner” on the road to ruin for this country (FDR, Clinton, Obama get extra credit here, but so do others):

        “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world – no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

      43. TMZ is being scrutinized by authorities – Why? TMZ has video of the first shots of the Ft. Lauderdale shooter. – Over on the Drudge Report.

      44. ht tps://

        • EOTS

          Interesting video.

          • thx
            I thought so

      45. We reall ned to secure our online private data, it is known that our online privacy is at high risk. Thats why it is always recommend to use.a PureVPN or Proxy or Tor Browser or any encrypted tool.

      46. Another dull day. Waiting to see what else Congress can make illegal for the common man. More taxes and fees.
        Just blah, blah, blah. Nothing gets done. Wait another year.

      47. The government’s guilty conscience is what’s making them so paranoid that they think they need to spy on its own citizens. If the US government was putting its people’s welfare first, it would have no need to spy on them. Too bad they aren’t this concerned about foreign governments.

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