The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Leftists vs. Conservatives

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at

    Before I jump into this subject matter, I should probably address a common misconception among people who are new to liberty movement activism. The first time people hear about the concept of the “false left/right paradigm,” they wrongly assume that this means there is “no left or right ideology,” that it is all fabricated to divide the masses. This is a misconception.

    When we speak of the false left/right paradigm in the liberty movement, we are usually referring to the elitists at the top of the political and financial pyramid. These people do NOT have any loyalty to any one political party, nor do they hold to the beliefs of one side or the other. They are happy, though, to exploit leftists or conservatives by targeting their weaknesses. They do this in order to create a social outcome that elevates the elitist’s own goals, but that is all. Meaning, these people are globalists and have their own agenda separate from the political left or right, but will pretend to stand on one side or the other in order to control the narrative. Hence, the “falseness” of their particular left/right theater.

    The common citizen, however, does indeed tend to legitimately rest his or her ideals on a spectrum from left to right, from progressive to conservative. And lately, the separation between these two sides has been growing ever wider.

    To be clear, it is not playing into the hands of the globalists to point out the differences in the two sides. The two sides are concrete, they are a natural extension of human though processes, and they would exist even if the globalists did not exist. The globalists did not create left vs right philosophical differences, this is giving them too much credit. They only seek to take advantage of divisions in thought that already exist.

    Where things go horribly wrong is when one side or the other is pushed artificially towards zealotry. This is where the globalists create chaos, by influencing the left or the right into subverting their own principles and abandoning diplomacy in the name of destroying the other side. This is when disagreements become war and the political process becomes a blood feud. Globalists sometimes attempt to conjure such violent conditions when they want to wipe the slate clean and introduce a new social system. Generally, their goal is even more centralization and control.

    Over the years I have been critical of BOTH sides of the political spectrum, and sometimes even more critical of liberty activists when I see the movement being led astray by disinformation. The reality is that both leftists and conservatives sense severe imbalances in the way our society and our government functions. Where we differ greatly is in how each side places blame for our problems and how they plan to solve those imbalances.

    In order to understand why the left and the right are so close to open war, we have to step outside the political bubble and look at our differences in a more objective way. First, let’s start with an examination of the leftist mindset…

    How Leftists View The World

    The key to understanding leftists resides in their inclination toward collectivism as a means of protection and power. To put it more bluntly, leftists love and embrace the mob mentality.

    This is why the political left seems to organize so much more effectively than conservatives in many cases. While conservatives engage in internal debates with each other over principles and practical solutions, leftists are far more single-minded in their pursuit of social influence. They seem to gravitate to each other like ants around a sugar cube, and in this they can be effective in removing obstacles and gaining political territory. This could be considered a strength, but it can also act as a weakness.

    The leftists ideal is one in which all people are in general agreement — they think all people are tied together in a great social chain, that every individual action has consequences for everyone else in that chain and, therefore, all individual actions no matter how small should be regulated in order to avoid one person adding to a potential disaster for the rest of humanity. True individualism is seen as “selfish” and disruptive to the survival prospects of the group.

    Thus, the notion of “society” becomes a control mechanism used by leftists. “We are all part of this society, whether we like it or not.” They often say, “People have to accept the rules for the greater good of the greater number.”

    When we look at this objectively, this is clearly a brand of totalitarianism posing as humanitarian rationality. Who decides what is the “greater good?” Well, our inherent conscience does that, but conscience is an individual trait. When mobs get together and engage in mob thinking, conscience tends to go out the window.

    For example, it is impossible to institute such a thing as “social justice;” arbitrarily homogenizing an entire group based on their skin color, sexual orientation, financial status, etc. and then deciding how they should be rewarded (or punished) erases the individual accomplishments and crimes of the people within that group you just arbitrarily created.

    It is true that some behaviors tend to be cultural, and in that case, the most we can do morally is point out those behaviors and applaud or criticize. In the case of globalists, you have an actual example of organized criminality within a definable group of people. This can indeed be judged on a broad scale but still must be punished based on individual actions.

    We can judge an individual for his behavior predicated on evidence, but no one on Earth is devoid of bias, and no one on Earth has the omnipotent wisdom required to dole out punishment or prizes to an entire subculture of people en masse.

    Those leftists with good intentions desire a world without suffering. This is perhaps a noble thing. Unfortunately, that world does not exist and never will. There will always be inequality of outcome because not all people are equal in ability or willpower. I realize that leftists have been brainwashed into thinking that all people are equally capable, if not completely the same in every imaginable way. But, believing this does not make it fact.

    The best we can hope for is the freedom to pursue prosperity as individuals, but in their pursuit of total equality, leftists are encouraging the erasure of individual freedom and opportunity. They believe that what is best for the individual is for him to sacrifice his individualism for the sake of the mob made up of the lowest common denominator. When one understands that the mob is morally relative, that it has no soul or conscience, this suggestion sounds like madness. And frankly, it is madness.

    Needless to say, the collectivist thinking of leftists makes them easy prey for sociopathic global elites. However, to be fair, conservatives are also targeted for manipulation exactly because they present the most viable threat to the success of globalism as construct.

    How Conservatives View The World

    While the political left is essentially going off the deep end into the errors of zealotry, conservatives are also not immune to ideological blindness. It is no secret that I view the conservative position as far superior to that of the left — I will summarize the strengths of this position as briefly as possible so that we can get to the more important issue of weaknesses.

    The left sees the world as a complex Gordian Knot that must be chopped in half and meticulously untangled until all is made equal. Conservatives see society’s problems as much simpler – Each individual’s problems are his own. Each individual must work hard to elevate himself and to solve his problems without taking from other people in the process. Each person is an island, and while we might ally with each other at times, we are not permanently tied to each other in some kind of endless symbiotic relationship. As the Non-Aggression Principle outlines, you leave me alone, and I’ll leave you alone, and as long as no one is attempting to steal from others, enslave others or murder others I will remain quiet and peaceful.

    The conservative dynamic goes wrong, though, when conservatives abandon their foundational principles for the sake of winning a fight against an imminent threat.

    As leftists worship the mob and government power, conservatives tend to worship heroes, some of them false prophets. Conservatives are always desperately searching for the man on the white horse to lead them to the promise land. They are always looking for another messiah. And in this they make themselves weak.

    What they should be emulating are their principles and heritage alone. Only principles and truths matter, because they are eternal. They do not corrupt like people can. But let the right showman or mascot come along reciting the correct rhetoric in a rousing way, and many conservatives become putty in the hands of the political elites.

    I believe this is owed to the problem of organization that conservatives suffer from. Individualists do not always agree on everything and normally abhor group think. The political right grows frustrated at how easy it is for leftists to congeal into an effective mob, and the tyranny of the majority is horrifying to the average conservative. So, in response conservatives seek out unifying leaders, people that appear to hold the same values and who conservatives can pour all their hopes and dreams for the future into. When this happens, group think can and does spread like a cancer through the political right.

    When conservatives hyper-focus on leadership, they unwittingly centralize and become easily controlled. Globalists can either co-opt the leader or they can destroy the leader and thus the hopes of all the people that were invested in him. They can use the leader as a placebo, making conservatives sit idle waiting around for things to change when they should be taking action themselves. And, globalists can also tie all the perceived or real blunders of that leader around the necks of his political base; meaning, conservatives can be conned into rallying around a false prophet and then when he falls from grace, all conservative thought falls from grace as well.

    When conservatives bottleneck all their efforts and energy into a single leader, they set themselves up for failure. Organization does not need to be pursued from the top down. It can be built from the ground up in a decentralized way. When conservatives ignore their own principles and start centralizing, some very ugly things can happen. Zealotry is not only a vice of leftists. I remember the insanity of the Iraq War, for example, and in that event I saw self-proclaimed conservatives acting like the very mob they used to despise. This happened because they were frightened by what they perceived as an imminent threat and sought out leadership in all the wrong places instead of thinking critically.

    The two sides of the political spectrum are a fact of life (unless of course the globalists get their way and replace everything with their own brand of moral relativism). One side is often used against the other to illicit a self-destructive response. Understanding where each side is coming from helps us to remain vigilant and to avoid exploitation by the powers that be.


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      1. Brandon, you state,”…conservatives tend to worship heroes, some of them false prophets. Conservatives are always desperately searching for the man on the white horse to lead them to the promise land. They are always looking for another messiah. And in this they make themselves weak.” Though I admit you’ve a point, I personally disagree. The simple fact that you state the ‘Non-Aggression Principle’ earlier in your essay should show you the error of your premise. Not all conservatives – you did say ‘always’ – are looking for a messiah. In fact, most do not. Most of those @ this site do not. I’d dare offer the rebuttal that to be a true conservative would inherently dictate that no messiah is sought nor encouraged to enter into that person’s life. We are individualists by nature.

        • You heap big wrong.

        • You must have missed how the Leftists behaved throughout the entire Obama years.

        • “Conservatives are always desperately searching for the man on the white horse to lead them to the promise land. They are always looking for another messiah.”

          There was a time when that messiah had arrived, his name was Adolf Hitler, yet the global powers back then fought against this so called enemy of the world.

          • The German nation is exceptional, only it is necessary to fight a little and when it heads the world everyone will become happy, it was fascism.When the proletariat has conquered the whole world, everyone will be happy, it was communism.The American nation is exceptional and it must dictate rules to the whole world, this is democracy. Can it be enough to walk in a circle?

      2. Well written article. The charge of conservatives looking for a hero to come along and fix things has been my experience with many people. Most conservatives find fulfillment in their family, friends, church, jobs. Most liberals find fulfillment in doing something they perceive adds to society. Not that getting involved in society improving activities is wrong but it does seem to lead to the attitude of collectivism which usually leads to some form of tyranny.

      3. Dr. James Dobson, Watch The Greatest Story Never Told. You stupid old gullible brainwashed fool.

        • Traitor Hator

          BE NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Your last sentence was not needed.

          • You are correct. A different emphasis or none at all.

          • Also failed to mention the Steve Quayle article . And judas ongoing war to destroy Europe?

      4. When SHTF happens, your preps which include a substantial amount of food is called “food hoarding”. Such food should be used to feed as many people as possible probably without compensation. This is how a liberal feels in regard to other people’s food supply. The “greatest good for the greatest number of people” is the guiding principle for other people’s supplies (not for theirs mind you). A crisis enables these people to loot.

        • in case of confiscation make sure some of your food is poisoned

          • Ground fiberglass insulation?

        • That sounds like the communist rat and cockroach ideal. Exactly my opinion of the left.

      5. This article is completely over-wrought.

        To simplify, where organized religion failed was with the cop-out “Well, it’s God’s will” to account for all the pure evil sh*t going down in the world. At first the faithful said: “WTF?” And then the faithful just left. Moved on.

        People don’t like wishy-washy nonsense; they feel (or like to feel), they are in control of their own lives. “God helps those who helps themselves.” That sort of thing. It’s all more WTF, but WTF.

        Organized religion hates that stuff. Organized religion wants followers not members. As the faithful began walking away, as membership fell, the biggest offender, the Catholic Church, resorted to the oldest membership building scheme in history, nation-building — creating the church of their dreams not ours.

        Through Catholic Charities, an NGO, the Catholic Church (in full partnership with unelected, rogue billionaires like satin himself, George Soros), and the Pope, started stuffing the donation box with “migrants” and boat people and caravans. Legal immigration became illegal immigration taking on the form of “Open Borders” or “the Wrath of God.”

        With government it’s the same story. The current two party system (having completely failed their people by inflicting all kinds of evil and cheap a** excuses upon the people (taxation, financialization, corruption, nepotism and cronyism, to name but a few), government has resorted to the same thing as religion — seeking renewal through fully-rigged, controlled and manipulated social and cultural collapse.

        However, government isn’t interested in stuffing the ballot box. They will just let Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple — all owned by the Deep State — create the government of their dreams. They will accomplish this through monopoly, authoritarianism, oligarchy, and Socialism (through the pauperization of the people).

        In just 12-hours Info Wars disappeared from all existence, was sent down the memory hole, killed through a coordinated effort of banning by Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple and even Spotify. These are not private companies. They are not the friends of the people. They are monopolies acting on behalf of both parties. This is oligarchy at work.

        This is the NWO. As they are currently organized, religion is not your friend, neither is your government, and neither is capitalism.

        And I bet nobody lifts a finger to stop them. It’s like Newtown. The “good” people of Newtown knew the Lanzas were neighbors in crisis, but the “good” people of Newtown weren’t about to step out from behind their big screen TVs, their computers, their Iphones, and white picket fences to help. According to the “good” people of Newtown, looking after your neighbors is the government’s job not theirs. The “good” people of Newtown believe this. They still do. They are in fact quite adamant about it. That’s why some of the worst gun control in the US is in Newtown. That’s why it spread to the whole state of Connecticut. And like a cancer of the soul, that’s why some of the most oppressive gun control is in New York State — because of the “good” people of Newtown.

        Same thing going on right now with the First Amendment and the freedom of speech.

        • Well, lost me at Newtown…which hasn’t been proven it really happened and was essentially a drill.

          • Well, now you sound like Info Wars and Alex Jones, and you know what just happened there — and what could happen to you. “Right thinking will be rewarded. Wrong thinking will be punished.”

            Actually, Alex Jones believes Newtown never happened either. He was even taken to court because of his beliefs. Don’t know how that court case turned out, but what happened the other day with the banning of Info Wars is true enough. Scary enough.

            I am more interested in the Newtown narrative that caused the most draconian and oppressive gun control to come down.

        • The Catholic Church is a controlled armpit of organized J3wry.

        • The Bible actually deals with the organization of the church. Unfortunately, they don’t read or take it literally.

        • The refugee relief agencies are largely taxpayer funded [but chooish controlled]

          In the year 2000 Catholic Charities got $6,000,000,000 from the eternally grateful american taxpayers

          As the German “PHILOSOPHER” Hegel put it: “The State [government] is closet to the divine on Earth. I wonder how much he was paid to write those remarkable words. . .

        • “These are not private companies.” for truth

          silicon valley was part of MIC from the start- fascist cartels
          all owned by federal reserve and shabbos goyim.

      6. from Rev 6:6 —
        “A measure (choinix) of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.”

        choinix — a choenix, a dry measure, containing four cotylae or two setarii (less than our quart, one litre) (or as much as would support a man of moderate appetite for a day)

        dēnarion — From the parable of the labourers in the vineyard, it would seem that a denarius was then the ordinary pay for a day’s wages.

        Working for food. Get the concept? We have employers, now, who, for some reason, are allowed status, yet without providing basic life support, for the warm bodies, which they need at their posts. Quit moralizing about this, it works like a math problem.
        Under timocracy, status was assigned to people, based on their productivity of grains, and other agricultural commodities (ie, “see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.”)

        Traditionally, imported goods and speculation would have been most subject to taxation. (Light taxation, not intended to destroy.)

        In Bible prophecy, there is a superpower called the restored, Roman Empire. Have we restored it, yet? The world leader is supposed to cause craft to prosper. How would he do that?

        A meritocracy can be measured. It can be monetized, based on the value you provide to society. That is to say, whether you have literally, objectively provided for the needs of the people.

        Credit should not be issued, ad infinitum, until noone can afford anything, ever again, for being unable to compete with an irresponsible borrower. Timocracy is limited by the element of time.

        Also, we were generally based on an Athenian democracy. Had the Founders access to the constitution of Solon, how might that look.

        • WOW ! And Bravo! Beau.

      7. I consider myself a conservative, but I do not look for a “hero” in a man. Man is imperfect, and that means all men. A group does need leadership, otherwise there would be chaos. God does allow evil governments to exist because it allows for organization: e.g. refuse disposal, upkeep of roads, etc. God said “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, but give to God what is God’s”. In other words, follow man’s laws unless it interferes with God’s laws. Our laws are based on Biblical laws, laws that are moral. Jesus did not promote violence, but the Creator of man did instill in man self defense and self preservation. Man has a conscience, the problem is whether he chooses to use it. The elite are driven by greed and power. They choose to have no conscience. I’m looking for the second coming of the true Messiah, Jesus Christ, only then will the problems that plague this earth be solved. But until then I will follow my conscience and try to do God’s will, and I will also defend myself and my family against the enemy. If you’re an enemy to God, then you are my enemy.

      8. Homogeneous as opposed to heterogeneous.
        The word homogeneous means the same genes, people who are the same race.

        I think there is something very dangerous going on with language. It appears Brandon is using the word homogeneous in a way that causes people to confuse.

        Heterogeneous is the correct word for a group of people of different races.

        Homo = same

        Hetero = different

        When we speak of homogeneous Countries such as those in Europe prior to the 1960’s, we are stateing the fact that almost every person living in this Country shares the same genes, is a nationality. Irish people have fair skin and many have red hair. Isolated for thousands of years, the homogeneous Country had few people of other nationalities and even less people of other races. But recently the homogeneous quality of Ireland is being threatened by an influx of people from other areas of the world.

        Homogeneous means having the same genes.


      9. It is noted that Brandon said something to the effect that the Right loses its’ way when involved in defeating an enemy and the Right abandons its’ principles and morals. Since war is sometimes defined as politics by other means, other means are often needed to defeat an implacable enemy. Witness the Japanese in 1945. They were willing to sacrifice their civilian population in a lost cause and war, to stave off defeat and save face. The A bomb put paid to that idea. Was in moral and right to kill all those civilians? No. Did it bring the Japanese to the Peace table? Yes. Was that a case of the ends justifying the means? Yes. Immoral and uncalled for. But effective, and ending the war WAS the end game. Since the Japanese did not want all of their people to die, they gave up the war. The basic survival is what is sought, in a life and death struggle. It is neither a right or left matter. Right or left will abandon their principles to survive. Survival matters more than politics. Once people stop killing each other, they’re ready to go back to politics.

      10. Let’s start with the obvious:

        1. Trump’s campaign promises were absurd. He said he’d pay off the national debt in 8 years. When asked how, he replied “trade”. Just two days ago, he again claimed that tariffs were helping to pay off the national debt. The truth is that Trump is conducting the most irresponsible fiscal policy in all of American history. Because neither the Dems or the GOP are willing to cut spending, Trump’s deficit spending will lead to much higher taxes and slower growth in the future. But that’s not Trump’s problem.

        2. Trump’s claim that he reduced the unemployment rate from somewhere around 20% or 40% to 4%, almost overnight, doesn’t even pass the laugh test.

        3. Trump is making the trade deficit “worse”, the exact opposite of his promise.

        4. Job growth is no better than under Obama.

        5. He promised 4% RGDP growth, we have 2.7% so far.

        UNTIL their savior (trump) pokes up his tainted head.

        These people should know better but obviously have so little discernment that they are, in fact, mindless Drumpfters. No different than any Obama Maniac or Bushie or Clintonista.

        You are all the same.

        Thanks for fucking us all.

        • You’re seeing what you want to see, or have been told to see, try stepping out of the box and taking another look at the situations you refer to keeping in mind that Trump has been in office less than two years.

        • You got all that garbage from fake news CNN.

      11. When you quote “God helps those who help themselves…”, that is from Poor Richard’s Almanac written by the notorious Ben Franklin who was a rake, a Satanist who saw Lucifer as an emancipator Prometheus figure, a freemason, and the meaning of the entire sentence is no longer about YHWH.

        What the Bible teaches is rendering under Caesar what is Caesar’s and that is no longer relevant to Christians today. Caesar was a despot who destroyed the Roman Republic by being a tyrant and sought to be a King and had supreme emperor-like powers. As such, Jesus is talking about the Christians back then paying taxes to be pragmatists as Israel was occupied.

        It does NOT mean to submit to authority. If Jesus said that, then the Christiainas would worship Caesar as a demigod, become polytheists, lose their cultural and spiritual independence, and lose any hope of self-determination. It does not say that believers must join the military.

        Jesus sums up the LAW of the Bible by saying there are two aspects. Worship YHWH with all your being ie everything that is defined as you physically, mentally and spiritual. Then love the being in others as much as you love your being.

        This makes perfect sense as YHWH means I AM WHO I AM. YHWH is the orignator or source of all being ie existence or reality. There is no existence without YHWH.

        Next Jesus tells us that the righteous will inherit eternal life, but those who acknowledge Jesus is Lord, but fail to act altruistically to at least one of the least of these, will then suffer eternal damnation in Hell.

        True righteousness is living into the spirit of YHWH’s Law.

        Then this is tempered in the epistles. To be righteous means helping others, especially Christians by beneficience, yet each must carry their own load. In other words, offer Christian charity so others then can lift themselves up through hard work.

        Biblically, it is the duty of Christians (not the nation) to altruistically aid but not facilitate laziness but facilitate self-reliance.

        So conservative Christians sought a balanced but limited form of charity that is outside of the political process. Then influenced the government so as to facilitate charity through Christian organizations.

        Leftist Christians are terrible heretics who intentionally subvert Biblical teaching to allow heinous sin and attempt to force the government to offer perpetual charity. And they excuse this by saying we must help all of the least of these, even though that is not found in Scripture!

        A leftist is a fool who is perfectly willing to adopt democracy which subverts the American republic which discriminates by lumping in all as Americans, yet that violates the Tenth Amendment! Yet they then claim to hate discrimination! Under democratic rule, if the majority in 100 urban regions vote for purely sinful concepts, this discriminates against all rural Americans. That is the antithesis of the Founding Father’s vision.

        A conservative wants a strict Constitutional Republic which is designed with checks and balances such that the executive, legislative, and judicial branches only act within their limited federal scope, but instead yield to state legislatures.

        The only powers of the Federal governent are to sign treaties through diplomacy, coin money not currency, and wage war through standing armies under national jurisdiction.

        • Rendering to Caesar what is Caesar’s, here Caesar represents a government; it is talking about paying your taxes and following the laws, because God allows it for a reason. But God instructs us that we must draw the line and not cross it when it is contradicting God’s Laws. Jehovah is the supreme authority over man and what He says will be, He does not lie.

          • I disagree. Jesus didn’t say to follow Caesar’s laws except for a very narrow definition based upon being OCCUPIED. And Caesar ie the Roman empire is very narrow as well. Jesus did NOT say to become subservient to government authority. If that was so, then one who is occupied could NEVER throw of the shackles of tyranny.

            Regardless, the Roman Empire dissolved so it is irrelevant today. If you even take that single series of verses out of context the slightest then:
            1. Chinese communists could never accept Jesus Christ as Communism loathes Christianity.
            2. Russian communists….same thing.
            3. And Christians in Islamic republics…same thing.
            And so on.

            We must never insert words into the Bible when they are not there.

            Paying Taxes to Caesar

            (Matthew 22:15-22; Luke 20:19-26)

            13And they send unto him certain of the Pharisees and of the Herodians, to catch him in his words. 14And when they were come, they say unto him, Master, we know that thou art true, and carest for no man: for thou regardest not the person of men, but teachest the way of God in truth: Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar, or not? 15Shall we give, or shall we not give? But he, knowing their hypocrisy, said unto them, Why tempt ye me? bring me a penny, that I may see it. 16And they brought it. And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription? And they said unto him, Caesar’s. 17And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s. And they marvelled at him.
            Mark 12:13-17

            It’s SPECIFIC TO TAXES and SPECIFIC to the Roman empire. Only only since they were occupied and due to Roman money being foisted upon them.

        • The name you are using for this site means in Aramaic,’Our Lord cometh, or will come’. I can tell you have studied the Bible, and you have a propensity for good and for truth. I find your posts interesting and in formative in many ways.

          • That is kind of you to notice but please only give glory to YHWH. As John said, “He (Jesus) must increase; I must decrease.

            I am a terrible sinner. We should all fear Jesus return when he comes in judgement, yet we wait hopefully.

            We should try every day to do what this verse says. Only a Christian will know what that means.
            1 Peter 3:15

      12. The left/right paradigm is a show. If a Dem. does something the Rep. condemns it, if a Rep. does the same thing the Dem. will condemn it. The Dem. wants a welfare state, the Rep. wants a warfare state. Neither has a sufficient majority to get all what they want and all of their ideological policies enforced, they must compromise with each other. Therefore, we have a welfare/warfare state, giving us a truly bankrupted the nation (the national debt increases 115 million dollars each and every hour, each and every day – not including the interest); with an incomprehensible mishmash of policies and laws that are contradictory, confusing, onerous, and poorly workable. Many are pointless, and damaging to society, even intentionally so. Their destructive and grotesque hypocrisy and immorality is law, officially codified. An example of gross hypocrisy is the subject of The Wall on our southern border. Most Jewish politicians (with dual citizenship) are fighting against Pres. DT, desiring to both maintain high immigration in the US, and prevent the construction of The Wall. Yet, they say nothing about Israel passing laws that give only Jewish Israelis special legal and national status, and gives only Jews the right of self determination. Israel is even deporting African people, and have built walls on their boundaries.
        Both parties are equally and totally culpable in making this country a complete mess. There are many policies/laws that give favoritism to those with wealth, power and influence, and their useful insiders. Still more policies/laws are placed into effect in secrecy, the public is not allowed to know about them. This does not show Constitutional gov’t that serves the people. It is TPTB who seek to control our lives, gov’t and all political entities and parties are merely their tools. One example is the two-tiered system of justice. The “elites” enjoy virtually unchallenged immunity from their crimes. Most of their crimes are against the country and society, or for personal self enrichment and self empowerment, at the expense of the country and society; literally acting with impunity while everyone else is punished with little to no recourse. You may assume their crimes that have been publicized are but a tiny fraction of their hidden outrages.
        TPTB, the deep state, see the people only as disposable managed resources. Their actions and statements prove they actually and truly viscerally despise the people. The most hated and officially reviled of all is the straight white Southern Christian male. We are at the apex of everything they hate because we don’t, and won’t, conform to their plans.
        The absolute most over-arching and highest priority of TPTB and their minions is to change the demography and culture of our country. For example, the vast majority of citizens demand the mass illegal immigration problem is addressed and resolved. Rather, TPTP facilitate and exacerbate this problem. They are striving to change this country, they even say so. The doors are wide open to masses of people from third word regions, who are ignorant of, and unaccustomed to, individual freedoms. With sufficient numbers of “immigrants” they can finally change our culture, and move away from our form of gov’t; allowing to greatly diminish individual rights and freedoms, and to gradually but finally work the Constitution out of meaningful existence. They will then have a dumbed-downed society, mindlessly obeying the unconditional dictates of the state, easily managed and controlled, with basically no civil rights. A “globalist” oligarchy and their deep state minions would enjoy unprecedented wealth, power, and privilege. There is an old saying, “If you want to know where someone is going look where they have been”. Another is, “Actions speak louder than words”. Keeping these in mind will help you to also come to the same rational and logical realization the about TPTB goals.
        So that my statements cannot be twisted, I believe unconditionally all people of all ethnicities should have their own culture and identity, and live in peace. Unfortunately, throughout history, oligarchs, regardless of ideology, have always strove to manipulate people and resources for their own benefit, is no different today (monarchs and aristocracy, wealthy classes and cliques, dictators, communists, plutocrats, thugs regimes, etc.).

        • Isn’t it obvious that their might be a possibility that the powers that be . Would not truly unite for just greed.They would eat each other. Seems they would have to have a deep belief in unity. A unique affiliation. Underdog delusions of grandeur.? Team spirit? Frat clubs couldn’t pull this off?

        • “and their deep state minions would enjoy unprecedented wealth”

          not without a White middle class

          w/o White creativity no one will enjoy any wealth

      13. Nunyabidness – perhaps you’re right. I’d hope not. I’ve never sought an idol, a messiah, a savior beyond my own personal view of God. But never in another man or woman. I only hope that all those here are indeed individualists. That all conservatives do not feel compelled to seek outside themselves for their futures. To not ever expect or desire some government to make their life’s decisions for them. That’s all I meant. For at the end of any life, we are destined to be alone… will we not be so in truth? I don’t reckon any government will care much beyond taking as much as it can even then; but then…, we won’t care. Until then…. life free.

      14. The strength of the leftists ? They own and control the major media, HollyWood ,Banks . And unknown to most the same proportion of almost everything else. The Dark State. The Grey State. The Shadow Government, The Children of Satan. Ounce again Revalation 2:9, 3:9. John 8:44? Isn’t it obvious?

      15. The conservatives weakness? Being handicapped by the inability to comprehend the level of evil we are up against. And their intentions.

        • Traitor hater; I’ll second that…

      16. I think both liberals and conservatives are played like fiddles, how else can you explain the present political situation that continues to endure no matter which controlled corrupt bought and paid for leader takes office? I watched a 2002 movie CD called The Pianist dealing with the German occupation of Poland beginning in 1939. The Nazis were brutal murdering the Polish Jews in great numbers. This is what the the US and its allies are doing to the Muslims leading more credence to the similarity of Nazis and the US government in my opinion.

        • The Pianist

          Was a indoctrination film, like many made before and after it.
          Ever seen a movie that showed J3ws in a negative view? I know it’s a rhetorical question because the answer is NO and there will never be a filmed made in a negative view about these fake Israelis.

          If the Germans really wanted to eradicate the J3ws during that time period, they would of done it with absolute success well before the war ended. To this day, there is no documentation anywhere that the Germans wanted to liquidate these and other undesirables. They needed them to work in the camps, not die in them.

          • Judea? Declared war on Germany in what 1933?. Did they expect to stay? The ones that didn’t you can’t let run loose? No country would take them . So what do you do ? Did we let the Japanese, Germans , or Italians all run loose? And if we were fire bombed to hell , who gets food first? Fighting age males, breeding age females , kids,. Or prisoners?

      17. Smith your opinion uses two type of Poolitical ideas know as Left or Conservatives,but our American reality is much Simpler and should be what are the two types of humans Being in America. It does not matter if you ar born here ,or skin color or religious ideas you belive in . What WE have is as old as time in the HUMAN CONDITION. There ar two type of humans SMARTASS’S AN DUMBASS’S period . Smartass is a Human who SEE’S CLEARLY HEARs CLEARLY and understands Nature GOD and has COMMON SENSE to never seek to any idea counter to The Declaration of Independence, the CONSTITUTION,has read T Paine Common Sense and believes in the Truth of JESUS CHRIST,many Americans belive in The ideas of why our founder belive in Nature’s GOD and this Truth is the why WE THE PEOPLE Are Smartass’s . The DUMBASS’S Have a Firm belive in child sacrifice,boo God ,hate anyone that tells the truths ,think THEY create global Warming ,that Farts can change the climate,that They are all knowing because a liberal teacher told them so , can break glass because it is there , can bend a knee and prove that this action is patriotism, use a type of the English language that IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND that it requires a SMARTASS.S TO Laugh so hard WE piss our pants ,this last is the why i thing they like a baby can scream out loud about everything. I am sure there are more but again DUMBASS’S DO DUMASS SHIT ALL THE TIME .

      18. A stack of turds or a pile of poop is there any difference? I voted for Trump. But that doesn’t automatically make me a right wing bible thumper who hates the left. There are more Lone Wolf independent folks that are wolfs in sheeps clothing than folks think exist. They attend church and appear to agree with the current politically correct opinion. They know its hog wash. They are just going along to get along. When SHTF they know who their adversarys are.

      19. As divided as this country may be, 98 to 99 percent of the population do agree on one thing — be they liberal or conservative, progressive or libertarian, left-wing or right-wing, communist or laissez faire capitalist, Republican or Democrat, pro-Trump or anti-Trump, pro-Clinton/Obama or anti-Clinton/Obama, globalist or nationalist, Christian or atheist, Jew or Muslim, religious or nonreligious, White or Black, or Yellow or Brown. They all agree that one form of genocide is perfectly acceptable.

        • I do not see anything in the New Testament stating it is acceptable to cause genocide. Cite your source. And if you can’t, be a man and take back your rash ignorant words.

          • Like you, I do not find anything in the New Testament endorsing genocide. However, most Christians do not object to one form of genocide. Unless you of among the 2 percent who objects to this form of genocide, most likely, I would anger you, or at least put you in a defensive mode, if I identified it. Think! Hint: Some States used to prohibit, at least partially, this form of genocide until the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional.

            • The only genocide can think of is abortion and that is strongly opposed by evangelical Christians, Roman Catholics, and Protestants in general. It’s so pervasive and insidious that abortion is the number one cause of death among African Americans!


              • No, it is not abortion. But it is somewhat related.

      20. “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left; Even as he walks along the road, the fool lacks sense and shows everyone how stupid he is. ”

        Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV)

      21. Here is the important Bible verse that Christians, if they are devout and bondservants to Jesus Christ must adhere to. If you falter and rebel and do what you think is best, then you are not a bondservant any more, but living contrary to Biblical principles.

        Galatians 6 especially 6:5.

        Bear One Another’s Burdens

        1Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted. 2Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. 3For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself. 4But let every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another. 5For every man shall bear his own burden.

        Any Christian must ponder whether their actions and beliefs are soundly based on Biblical teaching, for if not, then they are dangerously close to rebellion. Like leftist thought on homosexual civil unions.

      22. Well I proud to state In a Agnostic. Im not a Christian. I never asked or wanted anyone to die on a cross for me and my soul. No thanks. I want full credit for all my deeds both good and bad. I simply want just desserts. I want everyone including me to get what they deserve and deserve what the get. How can anything be more fair than that?

      23. Without YHWH, there is no objective morality ie no good or evil or right and wrong. There are zero eternal consequences and no justice. This is why atheists and agnostics feel perfectly free to commit evil and wrong unless by whim they elect to occasionally lift a finger to do good or right to feel less guilty.

        Under that bizarre illusion, everyone would be entirely satanic and harm everyone until only the strongest survive until at last only the most malevolent survive.

        A Christian believes that there are primary causes to the creation of the universe and that we are intelligently designed. And a Christian believes that Jesus is the Son of YHWH and the Son of Man, who died on the cross, once and for all, so sacrifice was not needed to appease YHWH for our manifold sins. Then Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to Heaven. And by grace we are saved when Jesus is both our Lord and the author of our salvation ie is a all sufficent Savior.

        An atheist actively disbelieves in YHWH and Jesus. An atheist disbelieves in primary causes and intellgent design. This means all the matter in the infinte universe arose from literally nothing! They believe by trillions lucky events, life arose,and that DNA just happened by accident! How absurd, illogical, and silly.

        An agnostic says you can never know as there is insufficient evidence. This is supercrazy as this is just stating the obvious as since no one was around to record these trillions of events, then no one can know! It’s pure buffoonery at its finest.

        What an atheist and an agnostic truly is, is a fool who is selfish and leans evil and commits wrongs because they only think of themselves. At the very least, if a shred of morality or philosophy exists in their minds, then they would just admit to embracing EVIL and WRONG.

      24. Maranhatha your biased opinion dead wrong. Many of the Framers where Agnostics. I was brought up knowing what it means to be white. And the difference between right and wrong. That if you give your word you keep it. And I have to look at myself in the mirror to boot. To thines own self be true. I simply don’t need a crutch in the form of relifion. I can honestly state if everyone was like me and mine the police courts judges would starve to death. And there wouldn’t be any litter alongside the roads.

        • Based on what evidence???

          We aren’t arguing about the Founding Fathers. They were not agnostics but Deists. That is intelligent design as they believed in a Grand Engineer or Clockmaker who created the Universe.

          Agnosticsm and Atheism is just another faith based religion and the belief has no evidence to prove the conclusion.

          At least Christianity is moral, philosophical, altruistic, and logical.

          The latest craze among Agnostics and Atheists is to say that atheism is a lack of belief which is a lie and is an idea without merit in philosophy. I challenge you to prove otherwise. The reason these pseudo-atheists say that they think the burden of proof has been shifted, yet any professor of philosophy can tell you that a “lack of belief” doesn’t exist in philosophy!

          In addition, the other latest crutch in agnosticism and atheism is to make the OUTRAGEOUS claim that the Universe was spawned, not from nothing, but from a collapsing other universe. And therefore an endless chain of universes.

          It’s complete baulderdash. You can’t accept an eternal Prime Mover, but you can accept an infinite chain of universes and with zero evidence!

        • I’ve often wondered, A good religion tells a super powerful rich guy , that he might get away with evil ,and do what ever he wants to whoever he wants, now, but soon, The smoke from your torture will rise for eternity.

      25. Think and do whatever you want. You are the one who must deal with the end result. your biased dogma based opinions will have no adverse effect on me.

        • Well that is where you are plumb goofy. It is Christian doctrine that free will exists. As such, it doesn’t matter to me if you accept Jesus Christ or not. But it is my responsibility to spread the Gospel and to give an answer whenever Jesus Christ is challenged.

          Now personally, I will do everything I can to prevent someone from going to Hell, but I am under no obligation.

          It’s terrible for atheists and agnistics that you hate us, but we don’t hate you. Why? Because by definition, most converts come from your group of folks. That means the BULK of charity given by Christians helps unbelievers! You should love us as we are your benefactors.

          What is most amusing is you despise Christians because you think we’re just another faith based religion lacking evidence, when in fact atheism and agnosticism are PRECISELY faith based religions lacking evidence. They are worse because both are illogical, have zero basis for objective morality, justice plays no part, nor altruism.

          Without even realizing the benefits atheists and agnostics gain by living with 2.2 billion Christians, you belly ache about it! Imagine a world based on godless communism and it’s nightmarish and destroys natural rights.

          Imagine a world based upon Christianity and natural rights and it’s a paradise.

          Atheists and agnostics are serving Lucifer just as much as Muslims! Were it not for Christians, then all would suffer in abject misery.

          Do any study on the giving of time, talent, or treasure to charities, and atheists and agnistics are DEAD LAST. So much for secular humanism. What a bitter joke. There is no humanism whatsoever among these as they don’t care what happens to the suffering.

      26. Brandon,
        It’s called Hegelian Dialect. Hope all is well up there. Would love to have lunch with you again someday.

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