The Streets of America in the Very Near Future…

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Headline News | 374 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    We’ve seen it time and again over the last five years. Governments overstepping their authority and punishing their people because of the actions of elite banking conglomerates, dirty politicians and bought-off regulators.

    Iceland, Greece, Ireland, Hungary, Argentina, Spain, and Portugal have all been pillaged in the name of purported recovery and stability.

    Today we’re seeing it in Cyprus, where Euro Zone financiers have threatened to not only rob the populace of their personal savings, but shut off access to bank accounts indefinitely. And, as we’ve seen elsewhere, the people are having none of it.

    Like the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it took a mere 72 hours of restricted access to funds, and thus essential goods, before the people took to the streets in mass protest and rioting.

    The following pictures depict what’s in store for the United States in the very near future, when our own banking system re-collapses and Americans are left with no ability to access their money or are restricted to how much cash they are able to withdraw.

    When the banks close your only option will be ATM’s, most of which will be empty:




    (Images Courtesy of Zero Hedge)

    And within 72 hours, when the realization of the magnitude of this event takes hold, people will no longer stand in line peacefully, but rather, will storm their banks and government offices, just as they have done in Cyprus (and elsewhere).

    There is one key distinction to consider between the rioting in Cyprus and what we’ll experience here in the United States.

    You see, the US government and the Pentagon have been actively war-gaming this very scenario for years. They know an economic  collapse and the civil unrest that follows is an inevitable outcome of our current paradigm. Thus, they have spent the better part of this crisis training the National Guard to respond to mass riots, along with coordinated exercises that involve local law enforcement and military forces.

    Vigilant Guard

    There’s a reason that Department of Homeland Security has stockpiled nearly two billion rounds of ammunition.

    What’s waiting for Americans when this goes down is starkly different from the response by government officials in other parts of the world.

    Police Tank

    A financial collapse in this country cannot be avoided. Do everything you can now to ensure you aren’t part of the mob when it happens.


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      1. Obama is a Muslim!!! 🙂

        • Below’s a nice chant from my memories at ‘jump school’ (subsitute ‘barry-o’ for ‘ho-chi-minh’)

          “barry-o’s a sumabitch,
          Got the blue-balls, crabs, & the seven-year itch”

          • @Eagle 71— if you are referring to jump school as in Airborne, I call Bullshit right now.
            NO part of the US Armed services would let ANYONE chant ANYTHING against a standing US President. More stupid wannabe bulllhsit from SHTF plan.
            And a dickhead who did nothing for my Country.
            I think you jumped and landed on your head.

            • You need to re-read Eagle’s post, troll. He said to SUBSTITUTE O’s name for Ho Chi Minh.

            • Try reading the post again.

              • You beat me to it, Daisy.

            • Thanks Daisy…afterthought though, I should have capatalized the word ‘subsitute’, for people like WhosOnFirst, that were unable to discern.

              @WhosOnFirst – I never chanted anything disrespectful against any sitting Commander-in-Chief when I jumped. My sincerest apologies brother if you thought otherwise.

            • well my friend YOU really need to open your eyes because as a soldier you are REQUIRED UNDER OATH, to up hold our country and to throw out any who are trying to destroy it and OBAMA is trying to destroy it and needs to be tried for treason !!! every military person i know and i work on a base wants his head on a stick!!!

              • Ecidently, you do not take your oath to defend the constitution. Obama, like him or hate, was elected according to our constitution. It sounds like you are all for the constitution until things do not go your way. You people are more dangerous than Obama because you have no morals, you are just egecentric adolescents.

                • The Missionary
                  The oath stated that we will defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. When a president ignores the Constitution, tries to gut the Second Amendment so that others can be eliminated later, then, yes,by definition, he is a domestic enemy.

                • @JoeinNC….could he be NCjoe on the “SHEEPLE” blog?
                  Everyone…The DUCK syndrome, DUH!

                  I’ve said it before, ignore this unpatriotic troll and he will go away…….

            • WhosOnFirst’

              Thank fully you were NEVER part of a real GROUP. Else, I would guarantee your primary and secondary would FAIL. Ignorance is bliss in YOUR case. You always fail to recognize the simple truth. I see from your remarks the only jump school you ever had was off the swing set. Have a great day………

            • @WhosOnFirst:
              Thank fully you were NEVER part of a real GROUP. Else, I would guarantee your primary and secondary would FAIL. Ignorance is bliss in YOUR case. Your always fail to recognize the simple truth. I see from your remarks the only jump school you ever has was off the swing set. Have a great day………

            • Can’t read can you. Of course Uncle Ho was probably one of your heroes. Retard.

            • WhosOnFirst is a sonovabitch,
              Got the blue-balls, crabs, & the seven-year itch!

              • Right on.

              • Go infantry.

                • ’69, Ft Bragg, perfect lock-step: “I don’t know but I’ve been told…Eskimo Pussy is mighty cold”…1-2-3-4…..

            • The wannabe is you. Osuck.

          • That’s an insult to Uncle Ho…

            • Anybody who thinks that things would be different under Mitt Romney is fooling themselves.

              He is a puppet and is the “president” now because that is what the PTB believe most of the sheep want to see.

              Get over your stupid hate and plant a garden.

              • Every puppet has strings attached—we need to bypass the puppet and follow the strings to stop this.

        • I thought we established this already?

        • Anybody wanna talk fun shop for a moment? What is everyone’s primary rifle/handgun? I’ll go first. Mine is a Bushmaster Optics Ready Carbine in .223 with a Burris Red Dot with 3 X magnification. My primary sidearm is likely either my Para-Ordnince 1911 or my .40 S&W Glock 23

          • Custom recurve 62# at 28″

            Mathews MQ1 70# compound bow

            Two labs and a mean ass rooster

            • Big 10-4 on the rooster. He’s got a pair of hooks on him that look like Ginsu knives. And I f#@ck with him every chance I get. He has ambushed me a couple of times.

          • Bad ass wrist rocket slingshot and a bag of marbles!

            • Don’t laugh folks, if the assclowns in washington get their way that is what we will be left with!!

              • A rock and a prayer is what took Goliath down so all you really need in the end is the right connections ( God) because I guarantee that the other side does not talk to the Big Guy. Polish your metal and polish your prayers. They are both good weapons.

          • M1 Abrams, she only gets 1 mile per gallon of diesel though 🙂

            • @ MC,

              At 1200+ SHP you were expecting a Yugo’s gas mileage? ;0

              • Haha, I coverted mine to run on partial diesel/partial garbage like a DeLoren. She hums when running on banana peels and aluminum cans. For those not catchin on, Back to the Future reference

                • …I coverted one tractor to run on brainwaves outta the govt….cant seem to get any spark?….and the other on hot air from the same source….cant get it to shut down?! 😉

                  • If we could get one to run on b.s never have to worry for energy

            • They use JP4….. LOL

              and I think it is actually 4 gallons to the mile….. ughhhhh

            • 19K IN DA HOUSE! Remember, planes can attack land, but tanks hold it… ’nuff said

              504.7 gal. of fuel, 1600 Hp turbine engine, 42 rounds of 120mm main gun ammo, 12,400 rounds of 7.62×51 coaxial ammo, and the M2 cal .50 machine gun, 100 rounds of hell at a time! HOOAH!

              • Lost,
                19K30 SEP Tanker here! I loved my .50.

            • Abrams dont run on deisel, they use JP8. And they get about 1/2 mile to the gallon assuming you are driving and not just sittng defense. I only point this out so as you prep you need to store about 100,000 gallons of JP8. Excellent choice on weaponry, btw. My bb gun seems inadequate now.

              • I have fueled jet aircraft with JP4 and JP5. Both fuels were a more refined kerosene/deisel as I remember. So is JP8 a fuel which is closer to gasoline?

                • When I was stationed in ROK in 1993-94 we switched from diesel to JP-8 for our ground vehicles. Only real difference was better pour point freeze protection and the aviation grade biocide killed off all the diesel tank fauna, clogging fuel filters for the first 3 months. No further modifications were needed, and it shortened out supply train by one tanker unit when we deployed to the field.

          • I have a rifle, an axe handle, a bottle of capsacin water…and the strength God will give me to utilize any and all weapons at my disposal against mine enemies….

            • Feisty Old B, etc: get some combat/military knives (mail order) aluminum baseball bats, spray bottles of vinegar not diluted, take some nylon socks and fill with rocks or coins to swing at a mean dog or person, etc. Many home items can be used for self defense besides guns. Search online for household items used for self defense.

              • A big can or two of wasp and hornet spray is a must have for the home arsenal. And you don’t have to be close to reach out and touch someone.

          • Sorry Mclovin—–OPSEC!

            • Seriously,you know this site is trolled,and you want people to let them know what you have!…..NOT…..”my weapons”. Constitution,bill of rights …….

          • I have a Lasso of Truth, Indestructible Bracelets and my Powerful Tiara 😉

            • Lynda Carter had to carry a .45 to protect her 38s.

            • Showoff!!

            • Love over war any day of the week!

          • I used to have some before that terrible boating accident

            • Same here. After the boating accident and the yard sales, I’m stuck with just sharp garden tools.

              • I’ve got a pet rock; been in the family for years.

                • If it came from Wyoming, I think I may have one of it’s relatives. Must have a good family tree,it doesn’t have a fault, I’m petrified I’ll drop it. And I love it to death. May just use it for a headstone. Trekker Out.

          • I have a Crossman BB gun. Hey, times are tough.

          • I got a shotgun, a rifle and a 4 wheel drive brother,
            Country boys can survive…

            • damn ohio

              just jump right in front of me ,haha

            • Which ever one I’m packin’ at that moment. If its small, I’ll use it to fight my way to an AK, shotgun, or AR.

          • Anything from close range to 2000+ meters with 870 grain. Catch my drift…. You will never hear the sound of Justice until it rears it ugly head.

          • i got a shot gun ,a rifle ,and a four wheel drive ,and you can bet your ass ill survive

          • You might as well have sent an email to obowma to let him know how you are defending yourself. He just signed an EO to allow gov. to read ANY email.

            • Stalinist commies will kill you if you let them get close enough. Trade your poodle poppers for clay, the more the better.

          • Mclovin,
            no one here owns any of those scary weapons. We all support the government’s plan to ban things that are scary like that. We take joe’s advice and get a dog. Besides, we can always call the cops if we need help, cant we?

            Damn, it makes me sick just typing that BS.

            • @Bulldog, you have to man up. Learn to spread the propaganda and lie like the liberal trolls and government pawns do. We have to get over our ethics to win against people who have none. Lie, I say, Lie! Only then can we expose the cockroaches and stomp them out.

          • Mclovin,

            I’m totally unarmed at this point. All my stuff was stolen. I just have a sharpened stick to poke out their beady little eyes.

            That and bear traps. Lots of bear traps.

          • My favorite gun? It’s a toss up. My FNFAL, or maybe my AK47, OR MY AK74. Work for you?

            • I sent all my guns back since they were defective,not one has committed a crime yet and I have had them six months. The libs say guns cause crime so mine are defective

          • POS .223, pull bullets, smash scope, use lense, start fire, warm commies.

          • Unfortunately, “all of my guns were lost in a lake when my boat mysteriously capsized”. Now, I’ll never be able to replace them. Good thing I still have the First Amendment to protect me! I will scream loudly at them!

          • @McLovin

            What can I say: I’m a broke as shit schoolteacher in the South. Plus I’m a cheap French Canadian like my father before me. Sooooooooooo…

            A) rifle : Yugo SKS, made in the same year my sexy ass wife was born, and built every bit as solid

            B) shotgun A: Maverick 88 12 gauge pump with pistol grip and low recoil slugs & 00 buck

            shotgun B: Remington 870 full stock with recoil pad and Hornady slugs

            C) sidearms: twin Hi Point 9mm. Fuck me, one of them will go bang when I pull the trigger.

          • Blowgun with steel & bamboo darts and a Daisy 760…

            • I mean a Crossman Pumpmaster 760 with .177 Destroyer pellets. My dog ate my others…

          • Barnett wildcat C5 with red dot optical and crank-style cocking device, with a side of Colt 45 between reloads.

        • You don’t say…

          “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy somonstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst.It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” —J. Edgar Hoover, The Elks Magazine, 1956

          “The Rockefellers and their allies have, for at least fifty years, been carefully following a plan to use their economic power to gain political control of first America, and then the rest of the world. Do I mean conspiracy? Yes, I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.” Congressman Larry P. McDonald, November 1975, from the introduction to a book titled The Rockefeller File.

          It’s coming…

        • AmeriKa the land of the free, NOT ! Don’t you just love it how we’ve turned into a Police state !

          Since most of us here don’t listen to the MSM we know what’s going down. And we know they are prepping for when the SHTF.

        • Drop the muslim shit!!!!We have more real problems…

          • I don’t know whether to give you a thumbs up or a thumbs down!
            You’re right, but he’s definitely a muzzie.
            Look at all the muzzies he’s put in his admin…

            • Where do you get this muslim crap? He is as christian as any other christian, a praying churchgoer.

              Not that that makes him a good president in my book.

              • Type in google ” obamas ring” …… Wake the f up!

                • Actually, that is easily debunked by better pictures. Let’s focus on the real issues and leave this crap alone. I don’t care about his faith or his politics even. I simply am pissed about his actions and what he is doing. Isn’t that enough common ground? Do we really need to go off on tirades
                  about non sensical false bullshit that honestly doesnt even matter? Lets grow up, we are going to need adults that can make fact based decisions when SHTF.

                  • It does matter though that he is a Muslim. If you do not realize that then you are really dumb. Islam is as much or more a political system as a religion. You have the mind of a child.

            • I suspect that were obama a muslim he would’nt be keeping quiet the fact that most of the inmates of gitmo have been on hungerstrike for over 40 days, and you wont see that on MSM.

        • Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not, but i see people who are serious about this “i.e. Lindsey Williams” claiming that Obama is a muslim. Obama is the last person to be suspected a muslim (Droning and carpet bombing, killing hundreds of thousands of “muslims” does not really make you a good candidate of being a “secret muslim”)

          • What about the Iraqi-Iran war that lasted 8 years. Last time I checked they were all muslim.

        • this applies to all he”s a ASS

      2. Levels of civil unrest:

        LEVEL ONE: The lowest level of civil unrest is when people turn on their own neighborhoods—as happened during the race riots of the 1960s and the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. Level One civil unrest can be deadly and destructive, but primarily to people who live, work, or must travel in the immediate area. Level One civil unrest is spontaneous, is confined to a narrow geographical zone where the protestors live. Police response may be harsh, but it’s localized. Unless you’re in the middle of it, you’re unaffected.

        LEVEL TWO: Level Two civil unrest may also be focused on a single area. But in this case, rioters or protesters have deliberately targeted a business district, a facility, a transportation system, or an organization to impose maximum disruption.

        LEVEL THREE: Level Three comes when mass unrest or authoritarian crackdown causes disruption at state or regional level. Then, no matter what the original cause or location of the trouble, everyone in the region is affected. Effects might include travel restrictions, random ID checks, mass arrests, food and fuel rationing, controls on money and banking, roadblocks, and other harsh “emergency” restrictions.

        LEVEL FOUR: Level Four is Level Three—but on a national or even international scale. It’s martial law. If things ever get this bad, it’s likely that the government itself will be a far bigger threat to everyone’s wellbeing than whatever the original cause of the clampdown was.
        The Team

        Keep the FAITH

        • Watchman, care to speculate on R.O.E. for each scenario?

          • That is where the 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point come in. Not to mention the MRAPs and anything else needed to pull a coup under the color of martial law.

            • Get off the mraps. First that’s been debunk. There more than enough other issues to worry about

              • “Get off the mraps. First that’s been debunk.”

                It has? When? Where?

                • They are forthe marines. Dhs got 16 used ones.

              • Who are you to tell us what not to discuss. Up yours.

        • Watchman,

          I was in the LA riots, and that was crazy as it was. I like your assessment. Let’s hope we don’t see Level 3-4, but I fear we might.

          Keep your powder dry,

      3. Get your money out NOW if you haven’t already. I have been slowly taking every penny out of the stock market and the bank for the last year. Only keep enough in your account to cover your expenses

        • Amen, Southern Gal.

          Regarding your last sentence, I would add to keep more than enough in your magazine(s) to defend your expenses.

        • The end is very near, my sister is moving to Portland. Be ready, hell is freezing over.

          I don’t know what to think about the time line of when it will come crashing down. Every prediction so far has been wrong. If the market goes down 300 points then it’s a sign, the next day it begins a 10 day run to the upside. Buy gold it will be 2500.00 by spring, well it’s spring. The people that are running the economy are some smart people and they have so many gimmicks up their sleeve to keep kicking the can down the road that no one here really knows when it will happen but when it does, the Cypriots will look like a bunch of school girls compared to the violence that will spew forth here.

          If it can be postponed until the fall all the better. That gives me time to plant, grow, harvest and preserve like never before. Raise some animals for meat, Fish for meat and not sport, hunt for everything that I can get a tag for and cut many chords of fire wood. This is going to be a fun year!!!!!!!!

          • Don’t worry Rick. NOTHING is coming. The same people have been chanting the same lines for two decades.

            • Allie has a new moniker! 🙂

              • Good eye DK
                The cockroach troll reincarnated as a cockroach troll

              • Still an asswipe though. Gotta be good a something. I sincerely hope that he/she or it is right about nothing happening.

                • @ John W…… I think She,He or IT ,would make GOOD CANNON FODDER!!! mm

              • Whew, for a minute I thought it was Bud Abbott or Lou Costello.

            • Allie Cat go else where your not wanted here

          • It is entirely possible that those of high intellect managing this impossible situation for nearly a century understood at inception, the necessary reconciliation of the process.

            The fear of the masses of managed populations is the possibility that events escape the bounds of their perception of a control mechanism they have voice in.

            The fear of those who believe they control mass populations is the reality that history is reflected in the movement of the mass, not the intelligentsia.

            They are well aware that they will be the first ground in the sausage of history… thus… machination.

          • Things look bad now, but I am betting on 2015 being the year of the big financial crash. Portland isn’t a safe place to be, but sounds like you are in a more rural area. Many of my relatives are in Seattle and according to “Strategic Relocation”, Seattle is the 3d most dangerous place in the nation. I think most of Hawaii and Florida are the worst.

            • You shouldn’t think.

          • All the things you want to do by fall are the very things my husband and I have done for over 40 years and believe me all of your wants make for a good life wish everyone had the same ideas. Was reading something today from a friend who for the first time saw the TV show Doomsday Preppers and her only question was why in the world would anyone want to have a years worth of food in their house?? I never answered her because if she doesn’t know by now she never will. Sad case because she is an educated person, a high school teacher at that.

            Hope the rain comes this growing season as the mid-west is still dry and it is an up hill battle to get the garden growing as it should. Right now we are getting wet snow which will be a help.

          • Life is a blessing and prepping is a way of life. peace.

          • I grind my lean meat, particularly elk, deer and antelope, then add Morton’s Sugar Cure as directed. Next I press all of the meat into 3 ounce sticks 1/8 x 1 1/2 x 4 inches and dehydrate it at about 140 degrees F for 12 hours. Then I run it through my smokehouse (hickory and apple chips) for 6 hours. I keep a good supply on hand.

            Semper Fi

        • who got money?

      4. I can only hope that instead of rioting and killing each other, we go and kill the ones responsible for selling our chilren down the fucking river. Got targets?

        • Got Bullets? You think all the bullets Americans are buying are for the zombies? Do you think the bankers and the wall skeefers and the crooked politicians can survive if people learn what they’ve done? They’ve done everything they can to distract and misdirect. …and people have been willingly going along with it. Confiscate their money or let the financial system fail and people will snap out of it. The normalcy bias will get wiped away in a flash.

          The pain and the hunger will change a great many drones into wide awake people that are pissed.

          …and they’ll be looking for targets.

          • Going to be a long HOT summer.

            • Nearby today a woman was carrying a baby and was shot and wounded. The baby was shot and killed in plain sight and in broad daylight.

              More to come in the future.

              • Damn Amish again. What is their problem?

                • No, John, it’s gotta be those Presbyterians!

                  • They caught the two dirt bags. Travon clones. Wonder if Obama is going to claim these two animals.

                • Not Amish – Mennonites. Those guys are shifty as all get-out, what with their cars and electricity and whatnot.

                  • Mennonites are cool especially their young women. Enjoy the heck out of talking with them. Uncomplicated and down to earth.

              • @slingshot
                we are seeing a good size increase in strong arm robberies and breakins…live in a twin town area, pop one under 4,000 and the other under 5,000…has really started to pick up in the past 8 weeks.

      5. I got an ax to grind and the SHTF is gonna let me grind it! 🙂

      6. CHILDREN!

      7. Everyone of these criminal a**holes need to HANG!!!

        • They won’t. They will just quietly not be there one day.

          Worry about surviving the death of what we all created.

          Stop wasting time on trying to cure it or kill it.

          It destroying itself just fine.

          Survive its Death.

        • Twice!

      8. In stage 1 I’m going to be outside, part of the mob to vent my anger and discontent, and to obtain any last-minute supplies. In stage 2 I’m gonna be behind barricaded doors, lines of communication open, ready for anything. If possible, I’m gonna hit the road after the initial chaos dies down. But you should only bug out if your BOL offers a significant tactical advantage.

        • No plan of action survives first contact…

          • JustME,

            So true!!!

          • What are you saying?

        • Don’t risk doing something stupid and getting injured.

        • But where will you go and who will harbor YOU on your journey? You will be a looter….which says a great deal…WHO would welcome YOU within their group? You have much to offer, but you would never be one to be trusted within a group… remind me of a character in “Lights Out”….very smart guy with many skills, but arrogant…he met an untimely end after he was ejected from the group….I wish you well, but I would not welcome you into my group…you are a loose cannon….


            I never said anything about looting. You inferred that. I would only loot that if I knew SHTF was gonna be bad and extended. Why? Because if I didn’t someone else would. You need to read Selco. In SHTF, good people become bad, bad people become worse. If you expect any morality in SHTF you’re in for a world of hurt. My group is highly trained, problem is they’re far away from me.

            • “I would only loot that if I knew SHTF was gonna be bad and extended. Why? Because if I didn’t someone else would.”

              Quite typical of the moral relativism of your generation.

              You have no moral standard beyond what suits your own selfish ends.

              The rotting corpses of guys like you will be everywhere.

              You won’t last a week.

        • Not a good plan numb nuts. Stay away from mobs. The cops or some citizens just might decide to make an early example of you to deter other numb nuts.

      9. This is indeed the Matrix.
        It’s fitting to resurrect some Guns and Roses lyrics:

        Welcome to the jungle it gets worse here every day, learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play.

        • Sorry BK,
          That was supposed to be a thumbs up.

      10. Wow – it’s not going to be safe to be anywhere near the banks when this happens. Get your money out now, if you have any left, and stay home!

        • ^^^I meant if you have any left in the bank. I’m not implying that folks here are penniless! 😉

          • Its ok, some of us live close to the edge, money is nice but when you are used to it being scarce the drop and landing are much easier to deal with than if you need or have a deep pocket!

            • I’m STILL saving up for last month’s mortgage payment.

            • Exactly, she had it right the first time.

              Keep preppin’

          • No problem Daisy, Ive been turning my paper assets into physical things. Like food and precious metals, mainly lead.

            • I have thousands of rounds of .22 LR. I feel rich…

          • Most of us would look financially weak on a paper app for credit. ROFL — isn’t that the point? Screw the bankers and the financial industry for shoving “credit score” shit in our faces all these years. We know the REAL score and we’ve got enough dirt on them to know we’re not buyin’!!!

            You had it right the first time, Daisy. 🙂

        • ..there you are…was starting to miss you 🙂 ….on that note anyone heard from AM or Clint? havent noticed them here as of late…

        • I sit here. Depressed. Waiting for my folks to get cleaned out. Won’t listen. Never do. Wouldn’t be the first time they got screwed over financially. You’d think they’d learn. But nope. Heh. FDIC insurance, he says. It is laughable. It’s like insuring a car purchase with a buck fifty, except actually it’s worse than that.

          • @ TheGuy,

            Yo Brother….go back a couple of fays ago…maybe three? Check for a link I posted there relative to to what the Hedge gave out on JUST what FDIC could actually cover. AND that doesn’t include the exposure to the – now 1+ Quadrillion dollar derivatives market that JPM managed to get dome JO at the SEC, Treasury to sign off on insuring. When all is said and done if you have 1,000,000 in ainsured accounts you can EASILY expect to get back, Oh say, about…ummm, $122 dollars American …at a guess.

            Frankly it’s PATHETIC…about 1/50th of one per cent or sosmesuch…SHOW that to them, see if that doesn’t stir up a bit of mervosness, Eh?


            • “DO NOT sit around and wait for your money, be it in retirement accounts, stock accounts, money market accounts or even in simple bank accounts or CDs, to be stolen. There is probably going to be a small reaction lag as the low-information populaces of the Southern European countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal) are slow on the uptake of what has happened, but it won’t last forever. Once Guido in Naples gets his head around this, the Eurozone will be O.V.E.R. And the the US banks carrying HUNDREDS OF TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS in leveraged European sovereign debt over-the-counter derivatives will implode into a black hole-esque singularity at the speed that information can cross the Atlantic Ocean, which AIN’T VERY DARN LONG, kids”
              Ann Barnhardt

              And this:

              A reader sent this in. Effective December 31, 2012, FDIC insurance became AGGREGATED with a maximum PER OWNER cap of $250,000.
              Many of you are under the impression that FDIC protection is per account, and thus if you just keep your money spread around and never keep more that a quarter-mil in cash in any one bank that you are “safe”.

              Nope. It is tied to your Social Security number / Tax ID number now.

              And remember, total bank deposits in the U.S. are somewhere around TEN TRILLION DOLLARS and the FDIC deposit insurance fund as of March 31, 2012 had a whopping $15 BILLION.

              Bottom line: if you think your bank deposits are “insured” or “safe” because of FDIC protection, you’re totally irrational.

              CITATION HERE.

              December 31, 2012
              As scheduled, the unlimited insurance coverage for noninterest-bearing transaction accounts provided under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act expired on December 31, 2012. Deposits held in noninterest-bearing transaction account are now aggregated with any interest-bearing deposits the owner may hold in the same ownership category, and the combined total insured up to at least $250,000.

              • Morning JAYJAY!

                OH YEAH…you go girl!! AMPLIFY on it! 😉

                Excellent work Hon’, many thanks for the extra’s!!

                I do beleive that THAT is “Game, Set and MATCH”!


          • There won’t be any confiscation here… why would they try to confiscate bank accounts when they could simply print up the money and do a “tarp” or some bullshit. Why piss people off when you can steal it through inflation stealthily…

        • Daisssssyyyyyy!!!! How was ur adventure? We missed you mucho.

      11. Till it happens its all speculation as to what will happen…all we can do it try to cushion the shock in our own corners…lots of people looking for an event or watching breathlessly at each new crisis wondering if this one is the big one…Ill say it again most likely when you look back at it youll say huh,whoda ever thought that that particular incident would have been the spark that set it all off…probably not some great big spectacular event…just some dumb little thing that got legs under it and ran!
        People like to talk about how TPTB are setting things up and Im sure they are…but if youre sittin on a pile of incendiaries and you light the fuse(s)you cant be too bright…youre sitting on top the pile!…this isnt “king of the hill”….theyre fixin to get blown to hell by their own devices all the while trying to convince us all that theyre in charge…sure things can?will get bad but we oughta focus on the good side of the mess and be ready to fill the power vacumn with a restoration of liberty and a restored republic….its not being pollyannish to look at this reset as an oppurtunity for good to happen rather than allowing ourselves to be discouraged and thereby made ineffectual…yes its gonna be difficult to turn America back toward our founding principles,how much harder do you suppose itll be to watch her pillaged and destroyed…much harder in my humble estimation….

      12. Why anyone in this day in age keep more than the 10.00 in a bank account is really not thinking.

        First, if you would to get laidoff or terminated, your local entitlement agency will want to see a 90 day bank statement and if your one of the dumb ones who keep good amount, you will be turn down until you have exhausted your in income.

        Second, by keeping your cash handy and out of the banks, you could sit and watch the dumbasses standing in line hoping to get their money out.

        Third, if this would to happen here, you could be spending your time more wisely and be securing your house or head out to you bugout…

        Remember folks, only people who appear to be indigent will be rewarded and left alone.

        Good luck preppers..

        Puff puff pass

        • Legalize marijuana.

        • If you ever need to rely on “your local entitlement agency” in your first 90 days, you are already a lost cause. Just saying….




        • @Snake eater….not sure what U just said, but glad to see you back here, I missed you and your wisdom! take care, CC

      14. Keep enough fiat money on hand at home to get you through until the average Joe realizes that it’s worthless. It may take a while to sink in. The poor sheeple of Greece are lining up to get pieces of paper that will soon be useless except for fire starter.

        Use fiat money now to buy things of real value that will be priceless in the future. Flour, sugar, rice, canned goods, water, alcohol, ammo, guns, tools, fuel, heirloom seeds, chickens and other small livestock. A small plot of land with some shelter or a home away from suburbia. You don’t need a farm, 3-5 acres would be more than enough to plant gardens and raise some small livestock.

        Only after you have sufficient stores to get you through at least a year and renewable sources of food and water secured, would I consider other anything else.

        • Just an experiential observation here to add,
          On 1 acre, you can raise enough veggies and grains to feed one family well and maybe more, utilizing chickens and rabbits for your livestock, they can eat almost anything, and their manure works excellent in composting witch will be a necessity if everything dries up.
          One acre is also easier to manage, its a tough job to keep on top of things on bigger places, an absolute necessity for many of you folks on the continent will be at least one double or triple sheeted tunnel, (greenhouse) and some different types of row cover, that way you can grow for more months! Elliot Coleman. New organic grower, excellent indespensible book!

          • Kulafarmer, got both of his books. Great info. Gives good details on growing in an unheated greenhouse in cold climates.

        • Money is not going to be worthless, it’s just going to lose some degree of value. Cash is always king during the collapse.

          • You are truly a product of today’s public education system.

            Dumber than a box of rocks.

      15. Daisy, welcome back. Everyone, heads up: BANK MANAGER VERIFIES CASH WITHDRAWAL LIMITS AND REDUCED HOURS COMING TO US BANKS WITHIN 60 DAYS Don’t be surprised if they attempt this even earlier. Get your money out of the banks and buy whatever supplies you need ASAP. I’m going shopping again TONIGHT. braveheart

        • Hopefully our string is not that short, but plan for the worst.

        • Gotta love an ‘article’ that isn’t spell checked. ‘WITH DRAWL’

          pure unsubstantiated trash.

      16. Have cash at home, silver coins, american eagles, food storage, lots and lots of ammo, a good location away from population centers. It ain’t rocket science folks. Be prepared, it’s coming to a town near you in the near future. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but just today I talked to two folks at the local outdoor center who have never heard of this site. Turned them into preppers. It isn’t going to be pretty, but anyone who is tuned into these prep sites are more prepared than most.
        Good luck and God be with you all.

        • Has anyone thought of the possibility that the economy has already crashed, or at least WOULD HAVE but is being held together at least temporarily by all us preppers buying up the necessities?

          When we’re all full up, there comes the actual crash.

          • Consider that every year the deficit is over a trillion dollars. couple that with interest rates of almost zero yet the economy still is dead. the crash has occurred but is being hidden by govt. action.

      17. Oooopsie ;0( …

        * start ASKING QUESTIONS learning here ( STARTPAGE dot COM ) .

        • Startpage is google and is GOVT sponsored.

          • Startpage

            Ixquick operates the Startpage search engine which uses Google for search results. But unlike Google, Startpage does not record user IP addresses and strips away any uniquely identifying user information before sending the search request to Google. For each search result, Startpage also provides users with the option of viewing them via Ixquick’s proxy services known as Ixquick Proxy.

            • I looked at this real quick. I give you I don’t know. Look into it. Thanks for some real info in a civil way.

              • My post was for ;op

                • @ High Noon,

                  Yep, same here….wassup?


            • NinaO!!

              JOG here,

              Would you PLEASE repost your answer to the qustion I asked you previously for all those here to see? PLEASE elaborate….EXPANSIVELY…it is time to TEACH, NOW.
              It IS time to put that knowledge to full use kiddo,

              Many Thanks…


              • @JOG ;0) … i’m honored by your faith in me Sir .

                pls see above posting’s … also check out


                any questions just post them here in general form i’ll do my best to help , so all can learn .



          • 10-4 on that one!

            • it is!

          • Provide a link to back up your claim. makes no difference as by now they know everything they need to know of anyone of interest. NSA can defeat any counter measure.








          ~ ARE YOU PREDATOR OR PREY ???


          * start ASKING QUESTIONS learning here ( STARPAGE dot COM ) .

          • Woof woof, my Brother.

            …I’ll see you on the beach…………BA.

          • @billburr ;0P

            DON’T BE SUCH A BRUTE BIG BOY !!!

            ;0p pssszzt

      18. REB, spot on with what you said. Something good and positive like restoring the republic can come out of all of this. that is the goal we should all strive for. it’s the potential cost of doing so that is so horrifying, but it’s got to be done if this nation is going to survive. braveheart

        • BH…thanks…Ya,we are going to go through hell one way or the other so it just seems to me we oughta figure on going through it to restore the republic as to go through it to be enslaved…but then thats just me.. 🙂

        • Please, not just “the republic,” but a Godly republic.

      19. Its already happening here. Several people I know have already cashed out their entire savings account. Which is a good idea anyway since the govt now wants to tax savings accounts.

        • A little known facet of Obamacare(Clapp Amendment) levies a 3.8 tax on savings and checking accounts. If taxed yearly they will slowly take all our money.

          • Whats going on here, mainly, is that they are forcing any believers of fiat or even any holders of fiat currencies, into equities. They will make bonds that are a negative yield, they will tax/take money in your bank account. It is a ridiculous strategy that will not work, but the thinking probably is that if they can keep equities high, they will not collapse the system. It is the public’s belief in currency and their failure to compute between money and quality of life. It never occurs to them that these two things, as we are clearly seeing now, are very different things. It is really true. Money cannot buy you happiness. Money is not happiness. Only total collapse can make things ever get better now. It is truly a no win situation.

            • Mac, any chance you can deep 6 the moderation on my posts. I think my outburst calling out the alphabet agencies was justifiable and forgivable.

      20. I just came home from having a few cold ones at my VFW and I JUST had this conversation with a guy who watches MSM and told me that everything is fine in Cyprus. The MSM is glazing this over like Obamanures failed presidency. The MSM is glazing this over like the local news in Chicongo( the city with the highest murder rate)that shows little other than made up, feel good stories about how the shines are doing such wonderful things in the city.
        hypothetical situation: The city of lets say Pensacola florida decides it is broke and is going to raid the taxpayers bank accounts to bail itself out of its self inflicted financial mess. The story hits the news. Who the fuck would not run to the bank and draw out every dime they could? The shit is hitting the fan right now and we have a front row seat! Don’t wait to find out the hard way, get your money. Do you think Obamanure is going to give you a warning before he takes your shit? The fed is eyeing your 401k like a dog eyeing your steak when you leave the table to get another beer. Use your brain people! Sink or swim!

        • P.S. Go to Max Keisers website. It is all about what is going on in CYprus and Europe right now!

          • Max Keiser is a fool. Along with Alex “lost my nind” Jones, and Gerald “I don’t take my own advice cause all I REALLY want is your money” Celente.

            • I would agree with you if you had a website we could all visit and you could PROVE you are so smart. Otherwise you can go fuck yourself!

              • WARFACE, this clueless troll “WhosOnCrack” is incapable of fucking anything, since he obviously lacks both the needed equipment and the necessary expertise. He keeps grabbing his ass and whining about how his elbow hurts

      21. I think Cyprus is a test bed for the NWO to see how a society behaves in a collapse.

        Think about it… It’s an island nation, remote.
        I call this the “Cyprus Petri dish”.

        I’m watching it closely.

      22. Any vet out there remember eastern block countries looking like this.

        • You mean like when Russia left Afghanistan? The similarities are astounding. History does repeat itself.


        The Horrors of SHTF bad economic times Baby Abortions … Abortions go up in numbers during hard economic times .


        Something we all as sexually active adults must ask ourselves … Is it Safe to try to abort a baby in a SHTF environment … Or is it Safer to just carry the baby to term and naturally birth it ???

        * this story Really Angered Unsettled me ( And that says alot. ) …

        Abortionist Joked: ‘This Baby Is Big Enough to Walk Around With Me or Walk Me to the Bus Stop’

        Gosnell, 72, who ran a multi-million dollar abortion business in West Philadelphia, was arrested on Jan. 19, 2011, and his trial started Monday, Mar. 18, 2013. The first-degree murder counts refer to seven late-term aborted babies who were born alive and then killed, their spinal cords cut with scissors.

      24. These pictures of lemmings before the flight mean nothing.

        The true photographs of what is coming are found in locked European archives.

        Just pretend that you will be deloused and showered when you surrender your hair and clothing.

        It smooths the process for all involved.

      25. Just saw the following headline on Drudge:

        US plan calls for more scanning of private Web traffic, email

        Time for everyone to get TOR (The Onion Router) installed on your computers. Get off Facebook unless you are disciplined enough to only put useless (to gov) crap on there. Don’t email anything important unless it is encrypted.

        You might consider getting an older laptop, install DOS only for the operating system, and install a text-only DOS web browser. Then if you use a wireless card, you can use a wifi hotspot without leaving much of a trail. DOS is quick enough to install that you can get multiple versions of DOS and install a different version each time you go to a hotspot. I believe that would make your internet usage practically untraceable. You can copy the multiple versions of DOS to a thumb drive and carry it with you so you can reinstall on the go. There are also a number of different DOS browsers and email programs to switch between.

        I just wrote the last paragraph off the top of my head. If anyone sees a flaw in what I wrote, please let me know. I want to start putting it into practice, but won’t start if it’s a flawed plan.

        We need to be more devious.

        • You’ll be one of the easiest to trace with that plan…

          the one person using DOS at every wifi spot in your area..

          TOR was/is a GOVT project. Most proxies are.

          • I have told you guys how to do this.

            10M01 1EE00 T1010 0ME11 10A11T 01ONE11 010PM11

            Do they know … — …?

            We need a prepper language

            • The chair is against the wall. John has a long mustache……

        • The internet is the ultimate tracking device. It is doing exactly what it was put in place to do, to monitor us all and propagandize our minds. The only way to escape it is to not use it at all.

        • To heck with DOS- it’s long past its prime.
          There are dozens of Linux/BSD distro’s out there that will provide much better security & functionality. ( try for a current list)
          If you want to cover your tracks, go with a live distribution such as Crunchbang, Porteus, Puppy or Liberte’. (Liberte’ is pre-configured to use TOR by default) which eliminates the need for a hard drive. For those who don’t trust TOR, consider using I2P ( Many of these distro’s will run on minimal hardware, a useful thing in and of itself. (For example, I have an old 586 laptop running Porteus which keeps track of my loading/shooting data.)
          Also, don’t overlook those old WiFi routers (or even modems) collecting dust in the closet- they can be used to create a community network. If you’re really out in the boonies, consider looking into packet radio.

        • I just love it when people talk like they know what they are talking about but really don’t. The guy talking about the DOS machine has more going on than the others.

          I’m an IT security specialist. I’ve written my own firewall and IDS systems on linux platforms. Been doing it for 30 years.

          Most of you guys are just silly. Its easy to hide but, you have to hide in plain sight.

          I’ve posted here enough that you all know me. Hyper-privacy paranoia will get you ID’d faster than just leaving it all out in the open.

          Archivist, ask Mac for my e-mail and drop me a line. We’ll talk.

        • @ Archivist,

          Good Evening,

          Might to go back a forum or two to a dialogue between myself and Burrow Owl and NinaO relative to the merits of the various ‘packages’ in use or available…I was there apprised that TOR was less than ‘acceptable’.

          NINAO!!! You might chime in here again, Thanks!!


          • @jog … yur’ to funny ;0) made me laugh .

            * you remind me a gal I know … who always likes to get me to do her brain work .

            here we go …

            Tor is Bad , it’s u.s. navy CRYPTO developed , currently in use by the ZOG FEDGOV CIA FBI NSA DARPA DHS etc etc IT’S MONITORED BY NSA FBI “CARNIVORE” SPYWARE which de-crypts catalogs everything going through TOR .

            use instead confirmed well established with good user ratings private vpn’s providers and install your own pc personal computer i.p. / mac addresss mask software .

            * FOR YOUR SAFETY – Keep in mind that INTERPOL now has the ability and authority to perform investigations in the USSA ZOG AMERIKA with out warrants and make Arrests / Extraditions if you break foreign laws bound by national treaty to AmeriKa and the extraditing prosecuting foreign country .

            ( SO DON’T DO anything with your new found internet freedoms YOU DON’T WANT TO DO THE PRISON TIME FOR IF CAUGHT !)




              Carnivore (software)

              Carnivore was a system implemented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that was designed to monitor email and electronic communications. It used a customizable packet sniffer that can monitor all of a target user’s Internet traffic. Carnivore was implemented in October 1997. By 2005 it had been replaced with improved commercial software such as NarusInsight.

              NSA, AT&T and the NarusInsight Intercept Suite

              A company called Narus has developed the NarusInsight Intercept Suite: a purpose built network surveillance system that is capable of analyzing (in real time) ALL of the data passing through the largest network nodes in existence. This system is capable of applying sophisticated targeting rules to the traffic, as well as recording entire, individual sessions for later analysis.

              That, in a nutshell, is the system that’s keeping an eye on us. It sits between the large peering nodes where different carriers’ networks come together. It searches for traffic based on tasking provided by NSA, captures it and phones it home over a private IP based optical carrier link. Where is that data winding up? Yesterday we saw information on the National Security Analysis Center, which might become the repository for the longer term storage of the information that is captured from this and other surveillance operations.


            • High-Traffic Colluding Tor Routers in Washington, D.C., and the Ugly Truth About Online Anonymity


            • Howdy (again) NinO,

              As below, my thanks again…you are indeed, VERY FAST, and as stated, a favor owed….Tip O’ the Hat! 🙂


              • 1. arp -a
                This shows you the Internet addresses mapping to each hardware address. Each network card has a hardware address. They are numbered much like VIN’s with the vendor number in there and other identifying numbers.
                2. User-Agent (site: whatsmyuseragent displays it)
                Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/5.0)
                Is sent with every web browser request (HTTP request)
                3. cookie, google login, and other tracking mechanisms. These have become fairly prevalent nowadays.
                Its a direct exercise for someone to track any activity on the Internet down to the computer from which it came. Of course, if the computer was on a wifi or other network and is no longer there, then the connection is lost. But, they could surely have been logged into google/other and have been identified that way through a software layer.
                Also, take a look at the ten most common usernames and 10 most common passwords. “mafia” typically take over a persons computer and install their evil program. In this way, when the authorities trace back through the network to the computer then they find some teenage kid with no idea what was happening. Or some teenage kid who has been marginally involved and trojaned. In my experience in 1998, the FBI does visit the teenage kid in an ISP in NY and the cracker who lived in Boston; but, no prosecution followed. I’m sure by now they are better about prosecuting these criminals.
                The “streets” are the wires too. China is actively at war with the USA there. Are that at war with you personally? Probably not but some criminals in Nigeria and eastern bloc are actively attacking your home computers, iPhones, etc. Remember, keep the doors closed.
                P.s. Just boot a LiveCD version of Linux and use it. Up to date and any runtime data like cookies would be gone on the next boot. Not sure if you can fiddle your network card ID but I think you can with most wifi cards. I never messed with it as I don’t think I’m doing anything illegal by standing up for the Constitution of the United States of America.

        • This is gibberish to me explain all this is layman’s terms pleaaasssseeeee.

          • But, I thought you were a 22 year old fishing boat captain when you’re not a rish, retired Jason Bourne type operative that also served as master network prgramming chief of a thooper thecret spy division of the shadow govt?

            • Yeah,poopentrouser began his naval career by serving as a “cabin boy'”.After years in that position,he was promoted dircetly to ” Rear Admiral” .

      26. And now you see son why mom and I have a basement full of food and other supplies. The type of folks in these videos have probably mortgaged their futures for their fancy beemers and lexus cars and can’t even get enough money from their money machines to buy a ham sandwich.
        Uninformed idiots. The world is full of them. Sometimes I wonder why God didn’t give everyone at least some brain matter.

        • Most people prefer not to use thier brain matter…No Brain, no pain…

          • No! The brain matter is there and its active but society (at the direction of TPTW) have trained people not to use it or pay attention to it. I’m not sure why this bunch slipped their programming, but, I’m glad they did! Makes the world see not quite so stupid.

            Look like its time to fire up the ham rig and start talking accross the pond to see whats REALLY up.

            Anybody know what 10m pirate skip has been like lately?

            Are there any other pirate bands running these days?

            I think its time to call my financial manager. I just wish I could get them to “defer” the penalties. It may be that I’d never have to pay them.

            • @ NetRanger,

              “I think its time to call my financial manager. I just wish I could get them to “defer” the penalties. It may be that I’d never have to pay them.”

              Quite possibly…the LAST part that is…


        • God must love idiots. He makes so many.

          Realistically, maybe God made them for use as self-propelled sandbags.

          • “self-propelled sandbags”

            LMFAO! Now that’s funny right that.

      27. Looks like the lines in Africa when Food Aid trucks show up.

        Food Lines Next.
        Clinic TENT Lines next.
        Clothes Hand out lines Next.
        Limited Gas and Propane Lines.

        But no more lines for Guns and ammo
        None Left.

        I have been at many Food relief operations. Supplying Food, Fuel, Propane, Medics in A Tent. The people were just plain people of many colors and types. All acted the same when the supplies got low and the line got to long or stopped,

        The Lines are not what to be worried about. (We are past the point of Return.) It is if there is nothing left for the one there when they finally get to door.

      28. TTTTIMBER!!!!!!

      29. Startpage

        Ixquick the Startpage search engine which uses Google for search results. But unlike Google, Startpage does not record user IP addresses and strips away any uniquely identifying user information before sending the search request to Google. For each search result, Startpage also provides users with the option of viewing them via Ixquick’s proxy services known as Ixquick Proxy.

      30. Half of you believe this article the other half does not.
        Half of you want a war and the other wants to hide.
        Half of you would be happy as you are and the other half wants what you have.
        Half of you will know what to do. The other half will not.

        Me? I’m just laughing my ass off at it all cause there is no way to prevent it.

        • I’m half ways there with you

      31. But what will we do without ‘Dancing with idols’ and Americas biggest loser bachelor’???

      32. wtf ???


        my posts are goin’ screwy , not posting correctly .

        who’s jacking withy my posts @shtfplan admin ???

        ;0P pssszzt

        • Who said it was them.

      33. Mac, you have the Midas touch for attracting trolls. I don’t know much about internets and running websites, but if you could make a site for Trolls… well, sky’s the limit.

        What kind of advertisers would be good sponsors for a Troll site?

        1. Listerine — for their dirty mouths.
        2. Crystal Meth Labs — to keep them spaced out.
        3. Toilet Paper Brands — they are so full of it.

        That should get you started brainstorming.

        One last thing — I get FREE lifetime membership!

      34. CHECK MATE RUSSIA ;0p



        How corrupt does a country have to be for its government agencies to use a tax haven for financial transactions?

        • Yep, WW3 or W. Europe is about to come to stand still due to a lack of nat gas and oil… Hoping my stack of Palladium goes thru the roof as Russia cuts of supply as the did a decade plus ago…

          • @Chantilly Lady … my RESPECT you know your stuff !

            very good point , which is why they waited till Spring to make their move .

            The Ides of March is upon us …


          • Good Evening All,

            Here’s what I simply do NOT get…

            The European’s are absulutely at the Russain’s MERCY over the Natural Gas issue, via GazProm of course. WHAT did they THINK was going to happen when they attempted to confiscate the fiancial proceeds of a kleptocratic oligarchy? This is not merely ‘ill-considered’…this is not dumb…or stupid…this is WELL beyond any of those.
            Suicidal maybe? I dunno, this is NOT a rational action on the part of the European leadership…

            …unless they ACTUALLY think that our NATO obligations are going to drag us into it with them…FAT CHANCE THAT
            …they make thier bed, they LIE IN IT!

            Nuff said…


            • JOG
              I think they are despatate and stupid, and i think our government is dumb enough to think they could rub anyone, so yep, dumb ass NATO thinks USA would back it, and are right, never mind what the US people think, govt does its own thing.

              • Howdy Kula,

                How goes it Bro?

                Maybe, it’s a timing thing here. Consider if you will, the following,

                The Russians are in the final stages of the development of a VERY advanced Air superiority fighter that in the opinions of several experts, “…is capable of out-maneuvering and out-shooting and F-22 Raptor.”
                Pointedly, the schizzle on this is that 3 or more are now with the Russian Air Force and production is to begin imminently. FWIW, the Russian’s have always had good, often GREAT airftame and engine tech…they have classically only lagged in the avionics themselves…. and that is likely what they have been doing for the last two decades with access to the West through Europe.

                In any modern conflict the determining factor IS air superiority…look at Libya, Iraq, et al. Still…this seems suicidal on ALL Fronts…for ALL Parties concerned.
                That said you’re probably right as rain on this…the Euro’s have simply went bat-shit nutz. Yeah, That’s got to be it. There’s a horde of things going on in that sphere anyway…LaGarde’s apartment got raided over a huge, apparently ‘crony’ loan she approved for someone, the French minister in charge of Anti-corriuption efforte there came up as having a LARGE secret Swiss bank account, Cypress does not look like it CAN comeback regardless, Hell that list just goes on and on… KEEP you’re eyes and ears open Bro…I’m getting the feeling that this is going to see a ‘change of pace/tempo ‘ in short order…

                Be prepared to DUCK! 😉 Gotta go, later Bro…


            • That’s what I was pondering also. Why would the EU take on Russia when Russia in my mind has the advantage. All I can come up with is the system is about to collapse and they have no alternative but to try to steal the Russian’s money. An article on NPR said that Cyprus banks had lost around 5 billion euro speculating in Greek bonds and they want to extract between 7-8 billion euros. There is obviouslt much more going on behind the scene that being told the timing of both the Frank Dodd provisions and the mysterious bet placed against banks ETF’s last month.


              Coincidental that a large bet was placed against the airlines right before 911 too.

              Those pictures of Obama and Putin last looke like they were awfully cozy

              • its not about money

                look at all the national governments and banking houses players involved in the cyprus game

                they all want the same bone

                its about middle east / Mediterranean military control influence and cyprus national natural resources gas and oil fields development


          • Here in Europe we’ve got loads of gas and fuel it’s just very expensive.
            I suspect one of the reasons that there has been so much trouble around the eastern med. ;greece,turkey,the lebanon,egypt,tunisia,cyprus and the rest is the recently published discovery of many millions of cubic metres of natural gas under the sea in the levant basin.

        • Guess who lost last time?

          Germany better “flinch” right about now. They have a penchant for getting their asses kicked.

          • Germany and China both are Industrial Economic Political Power Houses at this moment , each with a very weak Achilles Heel … no large national reserves of natural energy raw resources .

            In the Long-Term Without those … they are both properly $ucked !


      35. There are tons of things that I would like to say, but rather than rant I will post something that I believe can help all of us like minded citizens here. A post here last week led me to Survivalblog. Mr. Rawles stated that L/E has told him that deposits and withdraws as little as 3000.00 and $5000. have been reported to the govt. in the last few years. His suggestion,to avoid being noticed was to take out small amounts incrementally,preferably on pay-day.(We use the A.T.M. because of nosey tellers)
        WE do have some time. That little island of Cypress is just a Beta test for the bankster whores. The E.U. will be next ,and they will save the United States as the Grand Finale. The puzzle of Fema Camps, FEMA Coffins,Two Billion bullets, Domestic Drones, 2717 MRAPS,The Patriot Act,NDAA, and Militarized Police is starting to come together.

        • That all depends on how much money you have. Might take awhile for some even at a thousand a day. The reward for prepaing financially, then never get to use it. Leech nation.

      36. Hell I remember Celente predicting collapse/total depression by 2010 then 2011 then 2012..well now it’s 2013 going into the 2nd quarter..

        After a while the ‘sky is falling” mantra tends to wear quite thin..

        No one knows what will happen nor one!..only what “could’ occur at some point..

        Yeah ,the debt is supposedly “unsustainable” since Ross Perot stated how many years ago?

        Well, Ben and company have infused trillions into the crap pile and we’re still plundering along..barely..

        That being said..I am still preparing just in case..

        Enjoy the evening


        • Something about the market being able to remain insolvent longer than you can remain sane.

        • what exactly is “collapse” ?

          if people are expecting things to go all to hell in one day
          I wouldn’t be holding my breath
          a black swan event could occur and cause a rapid collapse
          at the very least
          we are seeing a slow collapse
          just look at the facts and figures regarding the middle class

          collapse may very well happen one person at a time,one day at a time
          a little example-
          there is a manufacturer in my town
          they advertise jobs at $8.50 an hour
          and brag about it ???
          that’s survival level at best
          but people are happy to get those crap jobs
          for them
          collapse has happened

          • The “collapse” will surpass 9/11. It must be something so great, so huge, so shocking, so decimating, the public will be in utter and total shock and awe.

            The banksters and politicians need something so big to go down, they will disappear in the smoke and no one will even think of going after them.

            It will be a survival situation of every man for himself.

            A true escape SHTFPlan for the elites.

            • 9/11 was completely insignificant. 3000 people dead in a country of 300 million is nothing. Mass hysteria. I told people that at the time and I was shunned.

              • And never will be capable of understanding why.

        • @possee

          I live almost a thousand fucking miles from the place where I grew up. I’ve worked in three different states in the last four years. I’m lucky, because I managed to walk away from my house — no more equity and 15 years of unrelenting effort down the shitter, but I can move to where a job is. My last job search involved me sending out not less than 600 applications in six different states. I now make ONE THIRD LESS than I did just four years ago. I have three children and I haven’t been able to see two of them in the last two years because they are also tear assing all over the country trying to get and keep a job… wanna guess what a knife through my fucking heart THAT is? NO ONE HAS FUCKING HELPED ME!!!!!!!!! All the tears of sympathy are reserved for wetbacks who piss on our borders and flout our laws, Wall Street jackasses who can’t make money inside of banks where the money is in the first place, baby mamas squeezing out 8 kids by five different “sperm donors” and people like ME get to get up at 5:45 am every fucking day of the workweek to help pay for it. I NEVER owned a gun before just a few years ago; I’m arming up because I fear for my life and safety.

          Meanwhile, on TV, everything looks completely wonderful, and all the talk is about the strength of the so called “recovery”

          And you are still WAITING for the collapse? Flush out your headgear: ITS ALREADY BEGUN

          • SoS

            I feel ya… 4 months after my son was born I had to take a contractor job in A-stan. That was 3 years ago. I see my family 2x a year my son’s birthday and around Christmas. We still have the house and we’re preppin but damn I wish it would just crumble so at least I could rebuild AT HOME! The system is broken and there is nothing we can do to fix it until we remove the wreckage…


        • Celente is a windbag. Use your own judgement. Something likely will happen but what and how serious is the $64.00 question. The actions of the govt. would indicate something bad.

          • Celente isn’t a windbag but he gets on my nerves sometimes.

      37. IT WON’T happen because we have a fighting force that has decimated itself on tour after tour chasing the taliban and Any Force you could think of would not have enough manpower or bullets to stop people from doing what was right, if they even would.
        I was at the Indianapolis Gun show last weekend and there were enough guns, ammuniton and weapons to win a small war. You would not want to piss off these very well armed Americans by screwing with their money!

        • yep…..better to keep stealing it thru inflation. Why change a 100 year plan ?

        • What? TPTB have been screwing with your money and the system for a hundred years via the Federal Reserve System.
          J.F. Kennedy tried to do something about it and lost. If the last of America’s greatest presidents couldn’t do anything to stop THEM from screwing with your money, what makes you all think you’re going to do something about it, let alone change anything?

          • JFK was an asshole, like Zeus, screwing anything that moved.

        • Alert! Nazi troll posting random bullshit on the internet!

      38. As I see it the army has to be woken up to the fact that they did pledge there oath to the constitution. And now is the time to continue to remind them of that. We’ve had a lot of good generals as presidents. So tell your family and friends in the armed force not to go against the oath they took. With there help these puppets to the elite will fall quickly.

      39. Texas May Start Hoarding Gold, is Secession Next?

        link to follow

          • I would trust them about as much as I would trust any other gooberment. Texas won’t be the first to secede. It will be a state nobody expects it from.

            • Ohio?, Michigan?..Indiana?..Alaska

        • They can’t secede. Not going to happen too much will be lost in the form of Federal money and interstate commerce/travel. Just wait when the SS checks don’t arrive.

          • Its not that they wont arrive. They just wont buy anything.

      40. Maybe in other countries the governments don’t need all the tanks, bullets and so forth like they do here because the people there are disarmed? All they can do when screwed by their government is protest and wave their flags?

        • Yep, and here we got rednecks with 20k rounds of 223 ammo and bushmasters with slide fire stocks and body armor, should make stuff interesting for sure!

          • What does the slide fire do?

        • Best sign I’ve seen on the street in a long time:

          “I don’t want to go to no Gulag!”

      41. I think this can help us ”like minded people here.” A post last week led me to Mr Rawles’ website. He stated that L/E has told him that withdraws AND deposits as little as $3000.00 and $5000.00 have been reported to the Feds in the last few years. He said to help avoid being noticed,take out money in small increments,preferably on pay day.(I use the A.T.M. because of nosey tellers) That little island of Cypress is just a BETA test for the bankster whores. The E.U. will be next and they will save the United States as the Grand Finale’. The Patriot Act,N.D.A.A,Domestic Drones,FEMA Camps and Coffins,Homeland Security, Two BILLION bullets, 2717 MRAPS,and Militarized Police are starting to make sense. Oh wait,none of that exists. We are just conspiracy theorists!

        • Showed the Forbes article to family members. “Wow. That’s scary. Did you see American idol last night.”

          • Your family sounds like my family Eisen. I used to meticulously lay out article after article, videos showing news stations across the country spinning the same story, almost word for word, historical precedence, graphs of price indices, trends in international politics and markets.

            I would look up, and they were looking past me at the television with a glazed looked in their eyes. “Huh? Oh that’s nice honey. Wow, you really got alot of stuff there haven’t you? Hey, could you grab me some Sunny D out of the fridge?”

            It’s a sad day when you realize your family needs to be left behind.

            Heel out

            • Shitty family?

              Grab your M1 Garand, 4 bandoleers, H harness, pistol belt, and 2 canteens.

              Burn the rest.

              Those that want to come along can eat the dogs.

              Semper Fi

      42. “We inform all soldiers and residents!

        “This is an air raid warning. This is an air raid warning. This is an air raid warning. Military units and units of all levels must quickly take measures to prevent damage from the enemy’s air strikes.”


        “This is an air raid warning. This is an air raid warning. This is an air raid warning. Military units and units of all levels must quickly take measures to prevent damage from the enemy’s air strikes. This is the Korean People’s Army Broadcasting Station.”

      43. this is why we prep, so we don’t have to stand in any damn line with the zombies/sheeple/dumbasses….we have food on hand, cash on hand, and plenty of ammo to ride the storm out….dark days indeed (for the unprepared)

      44. The Cypriots at least can agree on whom their angst should be directed towards– the banks and gov’t. In the US, when the banks go offline, your preps need to be in place and you need to be heading towards the hills amongst friends,family and your own racial/ethnic kind because we have been conditioned as a society to believe the poor, rich, black, white, hispanic, jew, etc. are the problem of all of woes instead of the Corpocracy in control.

        It will be a pent up free for all for every group to express their blame, please their “god”, take back land that was stolen from them, take what they think they are entitled to. There is no other way to express what will happen here other than its going to be fugly and the powers that be will be enjoying the show from the underground bunkers that were paid for by out tax dollars.

        • You got that right! C.L.

      45. Everyone is worried about some Big Brother watching and the NWO. The only reson TPTB are watching is 1: to put out little fires and crush small groups so that the govt. seems all powerful and maybe scares the rest off for a while and 2: More importantly, they are monitoring the entire web for signs that a big blow up is coming so that they can get to their hinding places. All the major money folks and top govt. officials have been planning for this like many of us. They’ve been prepping for years and are just trying to hang on long enough to finalize their preps. Most of these folks have their mini Greenbriars to wait it out in while the rest of the world burns down. Why the hell do you think the govt. has bought so much ammo? It’s to supply their private little armies hired to protect them from us if and when we find out where some of them are hiding after the collapse. And all these new gun laws being proposed-TPTB are scarred shitless of us and don’t want any more of us to have any real weapons that could be used agaisnt them is the real reason. All the major long term storage companies are at full capacity and selling to shell companies who front for these big wigs. Watch for frequent increases in prices and longer wait times as the financial news worsens.

        • Saw that one comin’, the parasites will not tolerate any alternative currency…

          • JustMe
            Sure,look what they did with the silver “Liberty Dollar.”

            • Not sure what they said he was “counterfeiting”, as counterfeiting is producing a fake copy of an existing object. But they sure were not going to let him make any coins that people might see as valuable.

              • Only coins worth a damn are cast of lead with a little antimony and tin, and weigh between 150 grains and 500 grains each. That’s avoirdupois, boys, not troy. 7,000 grains to the pound.

                Most good coin propellants weigh between 35 and 75 grains.

                Good spending.

                Semper Fi

          • Just ask JFK… oh wait….

        • I tried mining for bitcoins a couple years ago but found out that with the amount of computing power I had it would take me a year to mine a single bitcoin. lol.It was just an experiment for me as I do not really trust “all that is virtual”. I applaud those using bitcoin simply because it competes with FRNs the same as PMs do. Bankers would love to control everything up to and including the sun and the moon. Good luck with that. Hang some bankers and throw a couple regulators off the roof.

          • Who is to say that the bankers don’t control Bitcoins, after all, they are nothing but figures on a ledger used for payment just like FRN’s and chequebook money. They are all created out of nothing(borrowed inot exsistance) for the sole reason of enslaving everybody and their descendants. More faith and credit smoke and mirrors bamboozlement.

      46. Gotta love the hype over a queue of a dozen people for an ATM in Cyprus.
        I see that every day ! ho hum.
        Start talking 50-100 people and I might be impressed.
        It’s like the pictures on another site showing how a store supposedly has no customers by having a pic of the car park but only showing 6 car spaces which are empty and ignoring the other 300 spots…

        • Maybe you should get your eyes and cognition checked. It like a mini riot to me.

          • Yeah, all 300 of the people who inhabit the island were off from work when the video was shot.

      47. The bible says, and I believe it. That in the latter days dangerous times shall come. I was mistakenly believing that times were getting dangerous, but I realize that the danger that scripture refers to is the coming catastrophe.

      48. I am about to start investing in precious metals, but I have what may be a silly question… how would I begin using these coins in a grid-down scenario? Will the word just come out that the corner store is now accepting gold coins or bars as payment? I’m just uninformed as to how all of this will work. Please give me your thoughts. Thanks folks.

        • Most prepper people have a one ounce gold eagle coin for each member in their family. This is to scrape their ass with in style when there is no toilet paper.

          Gold bars –not so much.

        • @WFISH

          buy local from long time establish pm jewelry dealer – cheaper .

          buy only 1 ounce size or less (grams) .999 / .9999 pure pm’s silver and gold , gold silver jewelry clearly marked 14k 24k , junk silver pre-1965 coins .

          * buy other barter items also booze , ammo , food / baby formula , medicines , tools , hygiene products , water filters , solar panels , batteries , smokes etc etc .

          the local market will just appear as individuals , families needs arise in your community , some folks will just naturally become traders in your communities , once a large enough group of peoples trading needs developes a secure market will be organized formed .



          * post shtf only carry on you what you plan to spend at the barter market . travel in teams or groups . carry a firearm at all times post shtf .

          * most pm precious metal jewelers will act as agents in sale and purchases of pm’s , before and after the collapse .


        • Well, if you’ve got the proper sized coin you just, “with a clip of 8 rounds, lock and load.”

          Semper Fi

      49. I feel for the real people of Cyprus, the ‘you and me’s of their country. I hope for the best but I fear the worst for them. What I fear we’re going to see here sooner rather than later.

        Keep your heads down and your minds sharp folks.

      50. check out vpn’s….you can daily(or more often) relocate yourself electronically world wide…Witopia is one VPN source company.



        I’ll start…

        I’m having this great bbq for family and friends this will be the “BOMB” and be an “EXPLOSIVE” event. Bring your own steaks and brew.

        I’m so kidding here.
        Unreal what a bunch of Nazis these fucks are.

        Big brother…..or I mean…big sis.

        Maybe it’s time we all start laughing at these guys and just live life.

      52. The End of the Road : How Money Became Worthless. Fantastic documentary on how and why currency will fail. It made it easy to understand, I don’t pretend to understand high finance but this spelled it out for me.

      53. whatever happens is going to happen. Just remember that you can’t protect your loved ones from a jail cell, a hospital bed, or from the grave if you screw up and get yourself killed.

        Keep your head, keep your honor, don’t look for a fight but make sure you win the one that is looking for you.

        And don’t forget that God will judge you for unjust killing of innocents. This short mortal life we are given is but a brief job interview for a life in eternity.

        Do the right thing.

      54. Who are the enemy? Where do they live? Have any of you caught on that our enemy makes lists of their enemy and along with the names are addresses, phone numbers, places of employment and other pertinent bits of intelligence gathered from thousands of different places, all which can be used when they deem it necessary, to round up their enemy and shoot them? The enemy is just conducting business as usual. Does it not seem unusual to anyone that the enemy’s enemy does not do the same?

      55. TPTB will most likely nuke 5 or 6 MAJOR cities on the same day. MILLIONS dead. This will leave the public totally freaked out. The big advantage is travel will be restricted due to the fallout. Your personal survival will be job #1. Your only thoughts will be about your immediate survival for you and your loved ones. Having the enemy hear from all of us soon will not enter your mind.

        TPTB will escape underground. The newly renovated “Visitors Center” at the Capitol took years to build. 1600 had similar renovation. That is because there are thousands of miles of underground tunnels out of DC and all over the major metropolitan areas of the Northeast and up into Canada. Thousands and thousands of miles of underground granite roadways.

        You will be watching pictures on TV of our dear politicians and Illuminati elites that perished in the attacks. Truth is, they will be in Montana fly fishing with Cheney. Off on the island relaxing in a hammock drinking umbrella drinks with Sir Richard.

        You can not comprehend the evil these evil monsters have in store for you.

        • Stupid.


      56. I beleive we have at least 14-18 months before anything dramatic occurs. Us ordered 1.2 billion rounds. That bill just passed appropriations recently. Will take at least 8-10 months before that order can be filled and delivered. Several more months to distribute and stage around the country. Doubtful they will try anything major without that ammo being ready to go.. Just my thoughts. Thanks for listening.

        • Got a copy of that bill number?

      57. I’m ready are you??

      58. It might be that I have a lot of knowledge about earthquakes and plates, that I am not convinced that the U.S. planning for civil unrest is because of the financial implosion. It could be one of three massive faults ready to break, there is a reason the USGS is so interested in the New Madrid. It could be something else such as a false flag before the financial collapse. It could be Mid East war, and mass terrorism from Hezbollah. In other words, the U.S. government IS planning for something, but that something none of us can be certain of unless one of us has some inside information.

        The main objective here is that we be prepared and continue to stock up for chaos, whatever event brings that chaos on.

      59. …and they want a cashless society…Bwhahahahahahah

      60. This isn’t remotely close to a riot.

      61. Reposted from the previous Forum,

        A Solar flare has been monitored by the GOES-15 platform, as I was out at the time I do not have the exact time/magnitude which are roughly, repectively 22:00 UTC at an M-2.0 magnitude..these figures are approximate only.

        The origin of this event was either 11692 or 11695, both of which are so close to the western limb that a clear ‘read’ is not possible. Owing to the stated position it is very unlikely that any efflux therefrom will be geo-effective. Interestingly, this region appears – clearly – to be on track for additional activity imminently….


        • Thanks JOG! I didn’t think they were directed at the earth?

          God Bless!

          • Howdy NP,

            NOPE, they are ‘ON’ the Western limb almosst exactly. It’s not IMPOSSIBLE for us to get a result here…but it is very, very unlikely given the position involved. The nature of HOW the mass is ejected is very chaotic in some cases…that’s why we ALWAYS wait for NASA to post the updated WSA-Enlil solar wind simulation as a rule….I’ll go out on limb here and say ‘safe’ though…A-OK! Till later Bro….


      62. Who’s feeding the beast? Lets all take our money out of the bank, big corps and get this over with… ok already?
        Do you shop Wal-Mart, Bank with JPMC …


      63. Is this really a big surprise? Nope

      64. I think everyone should stop paying taxes if possible. I am thinking I may just skip making all of my estimated tax payments this year…..and deal with penalties and interest if the government is still standing in April 2014.

        Starve the beast.

      65. Just getting started with our own prepping. Just really scared for my children and family. I think in the end it will be neighbor against neighbor and the government will be held up eating like kings while people, children and babies are starving to death. The government doesn’t care about us, if they start to get low on food they will come after those of us that have prepared. They will take the food out of our children’s mouth for themselves.

        • They will try.

          Semper Fi

        • They are already doing that in Cyprus. With empty ATMs how do mothers get formula for their babies? Accounts frozen to feed the banksters who have more money than they can spend.

      66. “We shall have a [Jewish] world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.” – James Warburg, Jewish Merchant Banker

      67. Ever heard of the Fed’s using a false store front. They sure can glean a lot of info that way. Don’t suppose that could be

        • @A ummmmmmmmmm … no .

          @shtfplan is developed run controlled by a good crunchy granola’s husband and with team / family living some where’s on the west coast . who have a support team of like minded brainiacs as authors and admins .

          i am not one of them .


      68. every other month Mac puts out the same stories with a different title and you people suck it up, wake up, it’s the same stories here every other month.

      69. There’s not gonna be a super earthquake or a solar flare or a polar shift or an EMP or a super virus. You guys are craazzzzzyyy. LOL.

        • Right on, Esen.

      70. My brother still lives in Texas,he is very awake but a bit slow to move on things. That is because as much as he knows the part of the world he lives in has not felt much of the coming impact yet. That is until he went out to buy ammo a short time ago. No 22 No 223 and a few others. Mind you I did tell him about all the stacks of ammo north of the border where the sheep population is much larger per capita. Yes these things are coming to us even up here. Have your heart right with the Lord and seek wisdom from him on how to prepare. It is not a lack of faith that has people prepping. Most of the church believes that it is. These riots are coming it is true, however ours will be more of a revolution. These things must come to pass. We as Christians are supposed to pay attention to what is going on in the world so we are not caught with our pants down so to speak. Take care ya’ll and God Bless.

        • You can feed a lot a people with a loaf and a few fish.
          Unless the earthquake gets you.

      71. Before you buy the Lame Stream Media’s “Big Bad Bankers”, check Congress’ “Frank/Dodd” fairness LAW and you might see the real reason for the real estate market collapse.

        • The banksters carried out the robbery they were encouraged to commit.

      72. Oooopsie ;0P

        THE RED DOWN THUMBS organize a ATTACK against NinaO !!!

        it appears that someone or should i say some ZOG FEDGOV government organization is mad by the number of red down thumbs ALL my posts have received in just the last 6 hours … I MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT !!!

        Ah Oh Oooopsie ;0P pssszzzt to da’ ZOG FEDGOV AMERIKA CIA NSA FBI ISREAHELL JEW MOSSAD !!!


      73. Military members are sworn to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. That being said, our current .gov is hell bent on destroying the constitution. You can’t convince me that Obamacare is constitutional, or trying to gut the 2nd amendment either among other things. DHS having almost 2 billion rounds of ammo is a little disconcerting too. We havent used that much in the two wars we’ve been fighting. I don’t think most members of the military both AD/Guard/Reserves would be willing to fire on their countrymen, thus the buildup of the brown shirts in DHS. The problem in this country is that most people are so ill informed and or just plain stupid, that they don’t see what is going on around them. I mean heck, as long as you can chat on facebook all night, who cares if the brown shirts are kicking down your neigbors doors and the currency has collapsed. Just hit the “like” button at someone’s picture that’s face down in some puke outside a bar and press on. My tolerance for dummies is at an all time low.

      74. I am very concerned about the Cyprus situation escalating considering the revelation that the Russian Treasury and various govt. agencies cannot fund their obligations and operations since the funds are frozen in Cyprus. I would suspect the market would be down today as no body wants to be exposed over the weekend. I’m heading to the bank to get some cash, top off the vehicle and got to head to the grocery store for a few things anyway, I’ll grab some extra things as my pantry and freezers are full and have long term food put up. Probably need to fill some more buckets up soon.

        We’ve got some buckets that are filled with all of one thing but last year we put up a bunch of what we call grab and run buckets- with a variety of items that have been sealed up in bags individually including toiletries, seasoning, teas, sugar, rice, beans, canned meat, matches, mashed potatoes, powdered milk, koolaid packs and and some candy for the kiddo.

        Called the sister in law last night that I am trying to inform to update her on Cyprus and to get some cash, gas and food…

        Well she was going to read some about it, have my BIL look at in the morning. I don’t think she grasps the potential severity of things. She wanted to talk about how she really wants to have another baby but she needed to wait another couple of years because the 1 yo and 3 yo are too much to handle.. Another mouth to feed and they are barely able to make ends meet now…

        Oh well at least she didn’t tell me about the latest Kardashian episode where they smell each others private part odors.– Folks that right that tells me its over for this Country and that episode was probably one of the highest rated episodes of that show.. but they are laughing to the bank.

        Better to be poor with dignity than be that trashy and rich..

        • WT$??? ” latest Kardashian episode where they smell each others private part odors !”

          no friggen way …

          ewwwwwwwwwwww !!!

          ;0p barf

          • Google it. It’s true..

        • chantilly, I hope you have a way to filter water..just saying.

          ‘May love be the light that guides us through the darkness.’

        • Don’t forget 4 bandoleers filled with 8 round en-bloc clips.

          Don’t shoot the M1 Garand? That’s OK, I’ll trade you some beans for the 30-06 good stuff.

          Semper Fi

      75. You GD people have got to wake up. This all started in the 1970’s when the great Nixon took us off the gold standard. Then it went into overdrive during the days of the great Ronnie. It was down hill ever since. AKA is the fall guy.

        • Gawd you had to open the can of worms. Took us off the gold standard, made deals with the ME countries to sell our oil in exchange for us not developing our oil resources and them buying our debt. I think our gov’t made a deal with the Chinese at some point to offshore our jobs that they needed for their people in exchange for buying our debt. Now that China has stopped buying our debt and is net seller-f***’m and stop exporting jobs– we don’t have enough jobs for every legal citizen that wants one..

          I am convinced that history will not paint a pretty picture of the USA 100 years from now unless we get our sh*t in order. We are collectively stupid. We allow Chinese gov’t owned companies to make component parts for our own military’s weapons and potentially steal or sabotage the technology. Many essential components of out electrical and communication grid ar not even made in the US all China–not even a single manufacturer in this hemisphere to produce.

        • Well, that’s certainly the dopey leftist interpretation. Thanks for playing.

          When you get a minute, why donchu extract your head from your ass and do just a touch of research on The Fed, Keynesianism, FDR, Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, Hoover, Progressivism, etc.

          This started LONG before nixon and ‘ronnie raygun’ and whatever other simpleton left wing fantasies you have.

        • That commie, FDR did that. Nixon squashed silver.

      76. Unless you chuckleheads have a few dozen state of the art submarines , loaded and ready to sail in your garden sheds.
        You ain’t getting near , the puppet masters pulling your strings and the OPFOR strings while sipping type O juleps .
        Watching the blood sports live on sat cams while giggling their bums off. Try doing some live yacht transponder watching instead of circle jerking to guns and ammo centerfolds.

      77. So many people here in USA, take the attitude … “It will never happen here”, as if we are immune from such calamities.

        Simply prepare yourself and you will be ok … do nothing and well … you fill in the rest.

        • Mike, I wonder if at this point, if any of us will be ok regardless of how we have prepared. Unless we live so far out in the boondocks that no one knows we are around, that might be our only saviour. If a gigantic collapse hits at once, regardless of cause, I am convinced that bugging in will be the only choice. I always hope for the best, especially having young children, but all signs point in a negative direction. It is sad how we as a country have let things detiorate for better than 90 years. I figured back in the 80’s that the wheels would’ve fallen off already. If I make it to retirement age without a total social/economic collapse in this country, well, let’s say I’ll be pretty damned surprised.

      78. A response from Rep. Paul Broun, (R-GA) sitting member of the House Homeland Security Committee.

        DR. PAUL: I received an email requesting more information on the rumor floating around that DHS has purchased 2700 “tanks.” This is actually false reporting. Someone took a press release from Navistar stating they were retrofitting 2,717 MRAPs (Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected vehicles) for the Army, and a video from DHS featuring a Customs and Border Patrol MRAP and explaining how CBP uses the vehicles, and combined them to imply that DHS was buying thousands of these vehicles for domestic use.

        The fact is that DHS has 32 MRAPs with no plans for further acquisition. 16 are with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, used in support of ICE Special Response Teams (SRT); and 16 are with Customs and Border Protection, used in support of CBP border tactical units. These are used for high-risk situations where the SRTs or CBP is likely to need cover from gunfire, such as serving high-risk warrants or breaking into heavily armed drug cells. These were all given to them by the Army out of their inactive stock, and DHS has no intent to procure any more.

        Along the same lines – I would also like to clear up the issue regarding ammunition stockpiling. The reports that DHS has been hoarding billions of rounds of ammunition is also false, and due to a media misunderstanding of how ammunition contracts function and misreading of individual solicitations.

        First and foremost, even if the 1.6 billion number being floated was accurate for the solicitations, it would only represent the “ceiling” of purchases – or the most that could be possibly purchased over a 5 year period – NOT a stockpile. If you’d like to see how much ammo they have on hand, please see the addendum below.

        Furthermore, that number is much higher than the actual ceiling due to a misreading of ammunition solicitations. For instance, one widely reported story indicated that the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center was soliciting for “750 Million Rounds,” but in actuality the solicitation called for roughly 63 million rounds if completely realized. And an amendment to the solicitation further clarified that the maximum allowed rounds doesn’t exceed 70 million rounds, NOT 750 million.

        You can see how this quickly spiraled into a story about “billions of rounds of ammunition” when a 70 million round maximum solicitation – that will likely generate much less in actual purchases – is counted as 750 million stockpiled today.

        Also, much has been made of the fact that this is “hollow point” or “high powered” ammunition. This is not unusual, as hollow point is the standard issue for law enforcement because it stops when it hits something instead of passing through for potential collateral damage.

        For more specific numbers concerning current ammunition procurement and historic numbers: According to DHS, in November of 2012 departmental components reported 263.7 million rounds of all types of ammunition on hand – slightly more than purchased in FY2010 and FY2011 combined. This is not unreasonable considering that DHS contains around 45% of all federal law enforcement.

        After looking into DHS ammunition procurement, we found that the amount of ammunition purchased by DHS has actually declined over the last three years. The combined sub-agencies of DHS purchased 148 million rounds of ammunition in fiscal year 2010, 108 million in FY 2011, and 103 million in FY 2012.

        The DHS components which purchased the most ammunition are the Customs and Border Patrol, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and the U.S. Secret Service. Interestingly, while the number of rounds purchased has declined, the number of DHS purchased who carry guns and must train and certify in their use overall has grown.

        Thank you!

        Paul Broun, M.D.

        Rep. Paul has made sure I understood that if anyone has any other information, even if it is only just a rumor, please let me know and we can all track it down with Rep. Paul’s help!

        To see the Congressional Research Report on recent Department of Homeland Security ammunition solicitations, contracts, and purchases, click here.

        ex animo

        • “You can see how this quickly spiraled into a story about “billions of rounds of ammunition” when a 70 million round maximum solicitation ”

          “DHS purchased 148 million rounds of ammunition in fiscal year 2010, 108 million in FY 2011, and 103 million in FY 2012”

          uh huh. 148+108+103+”70″=429M rounds. Hollow point – cause, hey, why practice with anything else!

      79. Last year these were supposed to be the streets of America in the very near future too.

        I prep, don’t get me wrong.

        The alarmism gets old.

        It’ll happen when it happens. That might be 15 years from now. Or tomorrow.

      80. The following is a transcript of a letter to the editor that first appeared on June 9, 2010, in the Iosco County News Herald. It is attributed to someone by the name of Ken Huber from Tawas City, Michigan.

        Where Is Tawas City, MI? Actually, it is on Lake Huron and has a population of Just over 2,000!! Go figure. A Small MICHIGAN NEWSPAPER EDITORIAL…..Short and to the point…


        Has America become the land of special interest and home of the double standard?
        Lets see: if we lie to the Congress, it’s a felony and if the Congress lies to us its just politics; if we dislike a black person, we’re racist and if a black person dislikes whites, its their 1st Amendment right; the government spends millions to rehabilitate criminals and they do almost nothing for the victims; in public schools you can teach that homosexuality is OK, but you better not use the word God in the process; you can kill an unborn child, but it is wrong to execute a mass murderer; we don’t burn books in America, we now rewrite them; we got rid of communist and socialist threats by renaming them progressive; we are unable to close our border with Mexico, but have no problem protecting the 38th parallel in Korea; if you protest against President Obama’s policies you’re a terrorist, but if you burned an American flag or George Bush in effigy it was your 1st Amendment right.

        You can have pornography on TV or the internet, but you better not put a nativity scene in a public park during Christmas; we have eliminated all criminals in America, they are now called sick people; we can use a human fetus for medical research, but it is wrong to use an animal.

        We take money from those who work hard for it and give it to those who don’t want to work; we all support the Constitution, but only when it supports our political ideology; we still have freedom of speech, but only if we are being politically correct; parenting has been replaced with Ritalin and video games; the land of opportunity is now the land of hand outs; the similarity between Hurricane Katrina and the gulf oil spill is that neither president did anything to help.

        And how do we handle a major crisis today? The government appoints a committee to determine who’s at fault, then threatens them, passes a law, raises our taxes; tells us the problem is solved so they can get back to their reelection campaign.
        What has happened to the land of the free and home of the brave?

        Y’all Beware! Smilin N Preppin

      81. “Thus, they have spent the better part of this crisis training the National Guard to respond to mass riots, along with coordinated exercises that involve local law enforcement and military forces.”

        This caught my eye, real quick…The National Guard station/building in my home town has been closed down for years…now its back up and running…imagine that…

      82. @;0P,


        Y’all Beware! SNP

      83. Thoughts to Ponder:
        Ammo manufacturers in the USA average around 10-12 BILLION rounds per year.
        Why are we having a shortage?
        The DHS maximum purchase order amount of 1.3 billion should not have created the current shortage.
        What is the other hand doing?

      84. There is a way that can stop the police ,military,and national guard from imposing there force apon the people and it can be done peacefully.Remember we are the slaves to the system and the police etc. are the enforcers of that system, so all we have to do is stop working for them.It is a matter of will power but if we stopped loading the the planes with luggage and fuel planes won’t fly.Do the same with ships in others words no loading or unloading.Sure we will run out of food and fuel but so will there families and friends and we could put the whole country on its knees and if we help each other to some water and food we could hold out better than them because we have been there many times before but they have not.We must not give in to them because they will only kill many of us if we tried it any other way.

      85. Exterminate the Jews, they’re behind it all!

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