The SHTF: Costco Starts Selling A Variety Of Doomsday Prepper Kits

by | Mar 13, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 68 comments

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    Costco wants to be your one-stop shop for prepping supplies. You know it’s about to get serious when even Costco is offering doomsday prepping kits for survival during an apocalyptic scenario.

    With the threat of nuclear war, an imminent economic collapse, tyrannical government, and other apocalyptic predictions, Costco stores are now offering a variety of doomsday preparation kits that will keep a family of four fed for a year. This isn’t a new endeavor for Costco either.  The company has been selling doomsday prepping kits since at least 2010.

    Time reported that the store’s kit will include freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, pasta, and other grains. The dried produce carries a shelf-life of 25 years, while the grains can last up to 30. Costco also has smaller doomsday kits geared toward single adults that will also last up to one year. The smaller package will only set you back $1,000.

    The increase in prepping supplies sales is a turnaround from recent months. Revenues fell after Donald Trump’s election, according to three of the country’s larger retailers that specialize in selling emergency preparedness. “The whole industry kind of took a little pause after the election of Trump,” said Brandon J. Garrett, director of marketing at The Ready Store, which sells a wide range of prep products online and via catalog. “I think everyone was kind of waiting to see what kind of leader he was going to be and where he would take the country.”

    “This week, it kind of seemed that everything picked up,” he said. Emergency gear has its own retail niche, with preppers attending conventions and manufacturers coming up with even more specialty products. Some in the industry trace its rise to the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans; others believe it was stoked by those who were concerned about government tyranny after Barack Obama was elected for a second term.

    Keith Bansemer, vice president for marketing at My Patriot Supply, which sells bulk food, water devices, and seeds, said customers have started snapping up the company’s six-month food supplies. They wanted to do something to feel more secure, he explained. By prepping, “you’re actually alleviating fear,” Mr. Bansemer said.

    With a premade kit, what could make prepping for a SHTF scenario easier? The Prepper’s Blueprint offers great advice on how to begin to prepare for any situation you may find yourself in.


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      1. Costco has been offering these products for years now. Before buying, however, check out the caloric content. You’re buying future calories, not just bulk. The manufacturers’ products vary greatly in caloric content. Mountain House is still the standard. I would not buy Wise or Patriot Pantry. There are some inbetween, of course. If your budget only lets you get Costco’s product, it’s still better than not having anything, but you might be better off buying better food, just less of it.

        • I hope a bunch of people buy this stuff. They’ll be a lot less killing over food desperation when it blows. I don’t really want to shoot people dead that are desperately hungry trying to take from me, but I will.

          • True, they don’t care what garbage they eat now so why worry what crap they will eat later. Feed the pigs! Get off my lawn too!

            • That’s right. Less people we have to fight.

              • I appreciate your common sense outlook on prepping the masses now. Thats been exactly my take- if I can get more people prepared for an upcoming crisis, I will have less people on my lawn trying to burn me out of the house.
                There comes a time when the “I’ll shoot everyone” mentality reaches a tipping point and theres simply too many in the mob, you have too little sleep, or they come at you with come you cannot defend against (fire for example).
                Prepping friends and neighbors now, even just a little will have an impact, potentially averting an encounter you cannot win.

                You have a shelter in SW Ohio should disaster ever strand you out here. Look me up.

                • Wise food is nasty. 300 times the daily salt intake. Eat that crap and you die of a heart attack. Wise false advertises. They show vegatibles on the packaging but there is none inside. Its powdered creamy mush. I tried some Wise packets and nearly threw up. Just saying. Read the salt content. Nasty!!

                  I recommend. Mt house and Good MRE’s. Or cann your own food. Canning with a pressure cooker is the best.

                  Bugging out. Mt House and MRE’s is the way to go.

      2. I became a doomer after the mid 00’s and it became obvious the whole deal was a rigged pile of dog$h!t.

        CostCo was selling the same stuff back then and ever since then so I’m not sure why this is big news now.

        But whatever, Fuck Amazon.

        • Just remind yourself, collapse isn’t a light switch and America has been in economic collapse for over a decade. The painful part WILL come.

          • yupyup!

        • Exactly my thoughts on Amazon. Bezos is a real POS. Replacing people with robots in his
          distribution centers. He could easily employ double what he has now and still turn a
          handsome profit. He has more money than 110 million Americans and the greedy bastard
          still wants more. I will never order shit from Amazon.

        • Right, here in Wyo; Walmart, Sams Club, and some of the Grocery chains have been selling this stuff for years. Place I worked had a closet full of the stuff, in case bad weather hit and you were stuck. To many city people around. They think if you buy 2 Bagels in the AM you are prepared.

          • A lot of stores here sell #10 canned storage food too. Ace, Smith’s, IFA, Cal Ranch, but the prices aren’t great. Sometimes they will have a clearance and you can get it cheap.

        • Right on, Amazon, Apple, Monsanto and Big Pharma want to rule the Nation, example: I am 80 and take 8 Rx’s to live. In the pre-Obama era My annual drug bill was under $500.00, it went past $100,000.00 in 2017! Before taking a Doctors advice and get hooked on drugs if stopped will kill you–
          Check with for a natural treatment. I found out too late. If you are over 65 or drawing SS for any reason doctors will kill you. They let you run out of meds. I just got today what was due 2-27-18. He has no idea that I have a years supply stockpiled. Consider yourself warned.

        • The sheep sound effects are a nice touch.

          • Welcome to SHTF, I love you!

      3. Everyone is now climbing aboard the “End of the World” business gravy train. It’s gotta be at least a billion dollars or more by now. Unfortunately, with that kind of money as the motivator. None can be trusted for truth. All must be questioned.

        This requires critical thinking. Which you won’t find in any such kit, nor taught in the schools. Such kinds of thinking actually prevents one from falling into their own personal disasters to begin with, (such as living in known flood planes or failing to read ingredient labels).

        “Why me?” Well, because of you?

        • True. I see the costco kits are a bunch of plain staples and a few veggies. TVP meat substitute (soy protien) which is bad news. The prices aren’t that great and if you know how to shop (craigslist, ebay, yard sales) you can do a hell of a lot better and have much better food. If your stuck with a bunch of wheat, beans, rice, etc. you should stock up on a LOT of spices! CVS used to have 1.00 per bottle spices or ebay has bulk spices cheap. MRE’s are not very good either. They are heavy, take a lot of space, short shelf life, loaded with chemicals. The best option for portability or apartments with little room are Mainstay 3600 bars. A 30 day supply (1200 calories a day) fits in a shoebox, needs no water, impervious to heat, costa about 70 bux, vitamin fortified.

          • The trick is to nibble. Like a cat. This is how hunters gatherers eat. This is how my family eats. I have to cook in smaller portions. Restaurants serve up a days or more intake for a single seating. I always joke the I’m ordering lunch for tomorrow. Nibble and wait. The cravings will turn off.

            People bulk up because most foods are loaded with processed sugar. Their brains are being rewarded as they shovel it in. Take the sugar out and see what tastes good. Avoid sugar for awhile, and everything tastes funny. You trained yourself to like it, your brain is hooked.

            Natural sugar from berries and fruit and honey is best. Sugar is sugar, but processed is like commercial cigarettes, (I smoke cigars and natural leaf tobacco on occasion, and it’s NOT habit forming). You can’t smoke one commercial cigarette and be satisfied, you suck the whole pack down in matter of hours. Then grab the keys to go buy another. You can’t eat one potatoe chip or cookie without diving into the bag, then turning up to dump the crumbs into your mouth! Wipe your hands and want more. Something is done to increase the cravings. There is an intelligence involved.

            “I have a thyroid problem.” No. Your thyroid has a problem with you.

            • Very true, Liberte! (No “Faux” there!)

          • it all depends on the application. mre’s are great for field work, not long term food. The dehydrated stuff is good for food but not long term due to sodium and preservatives. Spices are a great idea since they have trade value and can really help out food. Salt and cocoa are (in my opinion) where its at. Nearly impossible to get/manufacture, and has practical use and great barter power.
            As far as staples go, Vac pack white rice and dried beans in VAST quantity, store in reasonable temps. The earth is a great “cooler”. add #10 cans of dehydrated veggies from Honeyville grain (no additives, tastes great). Supliment with Mainstay or similar USCG type bars (especially in vehicles, cache locations etc) and yes, MRE’s for the person looking to gtf out of dodge.

            • Plain salt blocks (cow licks) from your local ag store for cheap. For trader just knock a chunk off. They can grind it themselves.

      4. Why is an article on preparedness being posted on this site?


      5. Just to make it clear: I’m not against Costco doing this, they sell reasonable products, just sometimes not the best. They also have other prepping-related stuff, such as water storage tanks. There are lots of newcomers to this market, so try to buy from people who have been around for at least 10-15 years.

      6. Costco, SAMs, B.J.’s…. all have been selling prep supplies for a long time. Just a matter of viewpoint. I mean, what else do you call a 45 roll case of t.p.?

        • for my family of 8?…..a month’s supply.

        • for my family of 8?…..a month’s supply.

          • For my wife a 2 week supply lol.

      7. On a different note keep up on your tetanus shot.

        • Who wants tetanus shot?
          The gov is using the new slow kill vaccines for the ignorant to slowly kill them off. An easy way for the gov to lower the overpopulation of the usa. Breeding is out of control, the country is packed, so vaccines are an easy way to slowly kill off the excess humans, that and steal all the guns so the gov can kill off the excess humans crowding the usa and too many humans uses up too many natural resources and resources are what the elite want for themselves, so the elite are investing in vaccines and laws to require the masses to get vaccines. The elite never get vaccines and never allow their children to be vaccinated. Vaccines are for the overbred masses. The gov are working on a law to force all the masses to be vaccinated, and soon the slow kill vaccines will be introduced. The elite never vaccinate so they have nothing to worry about. Those that want to survive will refuse vaccines. Vaccines poison but do not protect, when will the masses ever learn, I guess they won’t learn, they will be vaccinated, and slowly die off from the different diseases and cancer cells mixed in with the vaccines. Less people, more space for us.

      8. Mac:


        I cannot believe the traction this article has picked up. It is fake news. Costco does not sell doomsday kits, they sell emergency food by the pallet. The title is a fabrication of the author. It is nothing but fear porn. Costco does not advertise doomsday. It is nothing but regurgitated spittle, written by some noob hack. It is fluff and no stuff.

        ht tps://

        The “preppers blueprint” on the other hand is the real deal. Tess has her shizat together!!

        I hope I have not offended anyone with this post. My comments on this same article at “from the trenches” cause a spectacular meltdown from one of their gang. Brought out a closet snowflake, I did.

        I do not mean to offend.

        Be safe………or do I…….hmmmmm…..BA.


        • offend away! quitcher worryin’, we are alll big boys here….just between you an me…’re better off with a bunch of canned goods, with a high water content anyway…it’s the WATER that willl kill a LOT of people.

          • In that case just stockpile olympia beer, it’s 99.9% water lol.

          • @BCoD:


            Potable water or the necessary stored energy to produce clean water.

            It won’t be the bullets, it’ll be the bugs. Rinse and repeat will have a life or death meaning.

            Be safe…best to you and yours….BA.

            • The issue I have with canned food is that it freezes. And the shelf life isn’t that long. I do have a good amount of it but I have to protect it from freezing and I rotate it. I have many sources of clean water so it isn’t an issue for me. Solar wells and year round springs.

              • i often eat canned food over 5 years old….as long as it’s not swelled up and looks good.

            • thank you for your support, B/A!…..”things” in water will kill MILLIONS…..

      9. Nothing new here, they have been selling it for years online. So has Sam’s Club and BJ’s. What they all lack or are short on is Meat & butter. Their serving size is light on calories too. I’ve bought several from different manufacturers, but now I have a Harvest-right freeze dryer and make my own.

      10. I’ve been getting the pails for awile at Costco.

      11. I’ve been getting the pails for awile at Costco.

        • Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of food

          Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill said WTF dude!

      12. I’m in a little better position than most, in that I have access to year round reliable food supplies that I or my neighbors produce.I have enough storage space for canned goods.
        Most of the freeze dried stuff being sold is shit, I’ve tried it. The Korean war vintage “C” rations were far better.
        The freeze dried entrees that are OK with some doctoring cannot be bought separate from the other crap when purchasing in quantity. That is the main problem when purchasing prepper kits.
        I wrote one supplier inquiring if I could get two specific kinds of entrees only, I wanted to order a years supply, 104 dinners, I never received a response.
        These suppliers seem to think that all their products are enjoyable and they know better than you, on what you want to eat. Bullsh it.

        • you could always trade that other stuff away for sumthin’ you LIKE, when tshtf….

          • BCD,
            I have a dog that will eat just about anything,
            he is pretty gross.
            He won’t eat some of the freeze dried
            entrees that they sell, only the birds will.
            Birds eat anything.

            • Our dog eats cat poop out of the litterbox! Like some kinda sprinkled treats or something. Oh well, saves on cleaning lol. And the cats eat the dogs food and so does the rabbit. I guess if shtf I can eat the dogs food too huh? “P

              • All dogs eat cat poop! But most wont eat and I won’t name the brand of freeze dried entrees given the choice between the two.

                • Hmmm, maybe cat poop is good? I will save it for barter later! 😀

            • funny, i feed the ravens in the driveway sometimes, and i eat farmer johns wieners, so i toss them one sometimes…then one day i tried a zacky farms turkey dog. i dint like ’em, so i threw one out there and stepped inside the door to watch. one picked up a dog, and flew to the house next door they were building. he landed behind the sand pile, and after a few seconds, he flew away…..sooo, i walk over and follow his tracks… that dog, buried in the sand……they eat dead animals from the road, but they woont eat that damn turkey dog.

      13. “Better to have it and not need it, than to need and not have it”.

        I have it!

        • Pascal’s Bet Theory. That’s on Aisle 12.

      14. This ‘Doomsday Prepper Kit’ as described here is simply advertised by Costco as ’emergency food’ and has been for years. Simply look at the comments. They go back to 2012! Stop the fear-mongering.

      15. Mix together, freeze dried,canned and fresh and rotate! Keep plenty of spices and sauces. Honey is a good item vitamins and supplements because some of your items may be lacking. Keep some items for trading.

        • You all are so cocky; if a real emergency were to hit you, you would not be so smug. In times like that it is wonderful to have anything to eat that has not been destroyed, so wake up and be adults, not silly mindless fools. America used to have intelligence and people who cared about life but not with all the babies we kill. It is time to think and stop being mindless; prepare for all sorts of emergencies for the time has come that one day we may be bombed, attacked on land and or see disease attack the nation. Course you lot can be running around like chickens for the lack of preparing and you can enjoy your arrogance and foolish thought for dinner! Exercise sense and thought for it may save your life and that of loved ones, especially in a disaster or emergency.

      16. Every time we go to Sam’s and Costco I’m looking for stuff and some time find it.

        • Sams club was selling .50 Cal Ammo Cans a few years back. Yes tge ammo cans were empty. Ha!! I store most all my life supply of ammo in ammo cans.

      17. Tin Hats on Aisle 15, folks.

        • figures.. I wanted aluminum
          never find what i’m looking for/

          • I have a full face aluminum helmet!

      18. Costco sells a fifty pound bag of potato and a large bag of onion. You can buy real meat at Costco, hunt yourself, buy some vegetables or grow some. Costco has some bulk spices like fresh or powdered garlic. You can make your own bottled soups and stews that will last for at least a year for maybe 300 or 400 dollars including meat or fish. Costco carries a good assortment of frozen fish (wild Alaskan Salmon individually vacuum sealed) as well as fresh and frozen vegetables and frozen fruit and berries.

        For $6,000.00 you can buy batteries at Costco, five or six lanterns, a tent, a big screen tv and a diamond wedding ring. All of which are more likely to keep you fat and happy. ?


      19. And then, when you lose your “prep” stuff, then what? You won’t be able to buy more of it.

        Being able to make your own is real prepping. The myth that we “have” to have big business’s big industry to survive is what’s hoodwinked America ever since Jamestown colony. Ask the Indians, if the ones now even know what was done and is still being done to them (that they are even complicit in themselves by choosing to be dependent on it!).

        Now, off of this thing and back to the real world.

        • Then I will go to stash B and then stash C. After that it will be venison and pine nuts and squirrels and doves and elk and turkeys and eagles and owls and hawks and coyotes and grouse and snakes and mountain lions and if all else fails… mre’s 😛

        • I can build you a boat from scratch.
          I’ve done it.
          Could you afford it?
          Probably not.

          • Ya probably not. But I have inner tubes! So I can go tubing in the snow! I have no use for a boat whatsoever too so that point is moot. But I got’s a shotgun a rifle and a 4 wheel drive! 😛

      20. I suggest you go to and read in the Alerts section the alert someone posted about the Costco pre-prepared food kit. It’s a real eye opener!

        • Ya I posted about that even before quayle. That stuff is crap. Learn to read labels and use yer noggin and think things through before you waste yer money (currency/paper satans).

      21. does anyone think that government isnt tracking these shipments? they track put phone and internet an order of this size will be tracked so they know where it is when they need it. they will take possession because they will say that it is the governments job to try to make as many survive as they can. what they dont tell you is that it will go to government selected survivors. a useless task because when the food runs out and it will they will no longer have the support system to supply their further survival. passing laws will have no purpose when they have no one to represent.

      22. Food manufactures will always be sellung food. Its how they make their living. Even in SHTF. FOOD WILL STILL BE FOR SALE. Buy smart and stock up when on sale. Can food will last for years. Canned salmon will last for years 5-7 years.

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