The Shocking Reality: This Chart Shows Just How Bad Unemployment Is Today Compared to The Great Depression

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    great-depression---jobs(Desperate Americans stand in soup kitchen lines and look for work. Circa 1929)

    While the Obama administration and their mainstream surrogates maintain that the economy is growing at a booming pace, the reality of the situation is starkly different.

    According to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics some 94.6 million Americans (age 16 and over) are either not working or have made no effort to find a job. With a population of 320 million, that means nearly one in three people in the United States are currently out of work.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that a record 94,610,000 people (ages 16 and over) were not in the labor force in September. In other words they were neither employed nor had made specific efforts to find work in the prior four weeks.

    The number of individuals out of the work force last month — due to discouragement, retirement or otherwise — represented a substantial 579,000 person increase over the most recent record, hit in August, of 94,031,000 people out of the workforce.

    Curiously, the official unemployment rate remained unchanged at 5.1%, suggesting that some 95% of people actually have jobs.

    But as we’ve repeatedly pointed out, that number has been completely skewed over the last two decades as it fails to account for people who have stopped looking for work (because there are no actual jobs available).

    According to John Williams of Shadow Stats, if we were to calculate unemployment using the same metrics as we did during the 1930’s, or even the 1980’s, we’d already be in Great Depression territory. Williams, who utilizes a reporting methodology that accounts for “long-term discouraged workers who were defined out of official existence in 1994,” notes that the real unemployment rate is rapidly approaching 25%.


    Now compare the above chart to similar measurements from the 1930’s and you’ll see just how bad things really are:

    greatdepression-unemployment(via Casey Research)

    It’s so bad, in fact, that we have seen sustained unemployment exceeding that of the Great Depression for almost the entirety of Barack Obama’s Presidency.

    But how can it be possible to have a full-fledged recovery and record stock prices when nearly one-third of the adult population is not working?

    If the government is to be believed, it’s because our economy continues to grow at a pace of about 2%.

    But once again, if we calculate the real growth rate and adjust for inflation, we see exactly why jobs are non-existent and getting worse every month.

    The following chart made available by Williams shows that despite a positive “official” GDP growth rate being disseminated to the public, the reality is exactly the opposite. The U.S. economy is by all accounts shrinking and has been doing so for the better part of a decade:


    We’ve already witnessed numerous shocks to the global economy over recent weeks and the prospects of any sort of stability just went out the window.

    There is no recovery. There are no jobs. There is no growth.

    The United States, regardless of what is being said by mainstream financial pundits or believed by their TV-watching myrmidons, is now (and has been for quite some time) in a recession.

    What’s worse is that most have no clue of how bad things really are or that they are witnessing America’s Second Great Depression.

    We have seen many prognostications of what might happen in the Fall of 2015 and beyond. For now, we have avoided the Doomsday event many have feared.

    But as The Prepper’s Blueprint author Tess Pennington notes, this doesn’t mean we should ignore the real possibility of a wide breadth of potential outcomes from economic malaise and geo-political tensions:

    So the world didn’t end, but we should face the facts that our world is exponentially changing. In the last ten years, it has changed so dramatically that many of us do not recognize it.

    Riots, extreme climate changes, epidemics, unemployment, political upheaval, I could go on, but I think you get the picture. These changes are the events you should prepare for. Preparing for a singular event is impractical and will leave you exposed and with gaps in your preparedness plan. 

    That said, if your preps were well-rounded enough, you can insulate yourself from many different forms of disasters: natural, personal, economic, societal, etc. Once you are prepared for a multitude of events, you don’t worry as much. There are always events that are out of our control. The only control we have is to be ready for them the best we can by being prepared, self-reliant, not depending on the system, and changing our perception about disasters.

    Source: Another Doomsday Prophecy Come and Gone

    The collapse that many have suggested will take place at some point in the future is actually happening right here and now.

    If the charts above are accurate – and we believe they are – then America is already in the throes of its next Great Depression.

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        • Acids on Top… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

      1. its all over

        • “myrmidon — a person who executes without question or scruple a master’s commands.”

          My new word for the day, thanks.

          • Sixpack, my term for such a person is ‘mindless robot’, but it’s still the same thing.

          • Putin knocck-knock joke

            ht tps://

      2. Be Informed is not suspicious of the youtube channel. I asked BI once on this forum if he was SO and he said no, that he never posts on youtube.

        • We have become unsensitized to so much that is going on around us because we have been programmed to expect the ‘shock and awe’ type scenarios or other apocalyptic events unfolding and significant every day events are overlooked. I had my own little situation recently when a mistake was made by a secretary and my monthly salary didn’t get deposited in a timely fashion. A cascading effect ensued resulting in bounced checks, missed payments, fines and fees being levied, etc. In other words I had my own little economic collapse. It was a real mess but eventually we managed to move resources around to correct the deficits.

          The experience gave me some insight into our vulnerabilities and a foretaste of things to come. Most of us do depend on some kind of funds being transferred into our accounts and even if we don’t need to live paycheck to paycheck in matter of fact we do live paycheck to paycheck as expenses and obligations increase. Downsizing, and minimizing expenses and expenditures and outlays has to be part of the effort in prepping going forward. In reality, we may be more vulnerable to SHTF events than we realize. Drill, drill, drill! Prep, prep, prep!

          • I have a few nooses’ made and some holes dug, but we all need to do our part. Get ready because the bodies of the traitors need to be disposed of properly so they don’t f uck us again after they die as they did in their worthless lives.

            • Internet tough guy alert! Time for somebody to take their nap now!

              • Internet P U S S Y alert on Parson

                • As a side note; I hope it sends chills down the backs of some in power at every level knowing that many of us plan on wasting their sorry asses for real.

                  • Yep.

                  • Another internet tough guy alert, now you really need your nappy granpa!

                    • Parson,
                      you need to wake up, UNLESS your a troll! are you a troll if your NOT a troll then you should be aware what menz is saying is absolutely CORRECT!!! so better decide where you fit in, hanging from a tree for treason or helping bury the scum who put us in this shape

                    • Parson sounds like another troll we don’t need so move on.

                  • Are you undercover. This is a tool of the alphabet agencies trying to get people to incriminate themselves. If you are an innocent person who is just venting, I hope some underhanded, cowardly scum piece of dirt isn’t going to take a harmless boast as anything but that. Stay safe and don’t talk to strangers.

            • Thanks, I haven’t laughed like that in days!

          • Ive always been self employed but 2 years ago I had a health problem that made me quit my business. I felt bad laying off the guys I had but I had no choice. Being self employed it was important to save my money and not have large expenses or even recurring payments if necessary. In other words I paid cash for most things. No loans. So I really didn’t have much trouble the last couple of years even thou I watched my savings slowly dwindle.I decided it would be better to get a job than start by business again so Out I went looking. I landed a job doing repair service almost right away making what I thought was ok money. Didn’t last long thou. The owner never talked to me. One day he just showed up at my truck and said my services were no longer needed and that was that, even thou I was making him $20,000 per month. I thought oh well Ill get unemployment for the first time in my life and went to apply. It turned out he let me go a week before I was eligible. So I got another job and had almost the exact same experience and was let go 2 weeks before I was eligible. Is this normal these days. Now when I go out and apply they don’t want to talk to me because I cant keep a job…?? Is this the way things are these days?

            • Ed,

              That is rough! Things happen and are happening, time for tightening that belt, don’t give up. It is liable to get even more rough. Take due diligence to look at all the options. Don’t overlook resources and help that may be available to you in the community. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

            • There must be a big financial impact for employers in your state to keep employees longer than a certain length of time.

              Maybe you would be considered a full time employee and your cheapskate employers would have to pay more towards your state’s unemployment benefits and they don’t want to do that. Then there’s health benefits, too, perhaps they also want to avoid contributing towards.

            • Ed, although I live in the metro Washington DC area, I’ve noticed that if a business can get by with temps or the equivalent, they do so. I’m a contractor but I have noticed that while a contract may be awarded for a certain number of years, it’s only one year for sure and the remaining years are options, meaning they don’t have to keep you for the entire number of years.

              So, I’ve learned that while my work life seems to be one year at a time that it’s okay. This has made me be prepared in many ways and not to waste any money. I have a decent balance in my savings (I know, these days it’s no longer wise–still deciding what to do on that matter) and can relax (a little) should I suddenly find I’m job searching.

              I think what the others have said is also true; I’ve heard of that happening around here too. It’s so terrible that small businesses have to dance around egregious laws and rules that way. It helps no one in the long run. (Benefits are getting leaner and lesser, too, as I’ve discovered.)

              Too bad you can’t start your business up again and make sure you have someone to manage it when you feel you must take time away for some reason.

              Hang in there. You will find a way.

            • Ed, I found the same thing after my business failed working for others. They lay you off on purpose before you can draw unemployment and other expenses having employees. You were just a seasonal worker in their minds when things got slow or only wanted help “for a while” to lighten their load.

              When I had my business I always hired contractors, not employees. If I hired employees, I’d have more expenses than I could afford.

            • Hi Ed,

              Due to my sense of the insanity of the times, in October 2009, I moved to a very small town in South Dakota. My employer allowed me to telecommute. Well, this company bought the company I was hired by (HP buying EDS) and it replaced the app I worked with. They got rid of tons of people and in April 2014, that included me.

              I spent a year trying to get telecommute work with no luck. Made the tough decision to move to Twin Cities area for a contract position. I did fine work, but new boss dropped the app and me about 4 weeks ago. (I was told if I did good work it would likely be long term.)

              So, here I sit in the Twin Cities with no job. I am 99% sure I will move back to my home in South Dakota, but will I find work? For every job I applied for (online), I didn’t even get a response. I didn’t even get responses from recruiters and that never happened before. (Oh, I am 57 and so age discrimination is a concern.)

              I cannot even fathom what is coming down the pike. Corporations are soulless and sociopathic entities (see the documentary The Corporation). They lack the capacity to love, caring NOTHING for living souls.

              What happens when millions of folks are unemployed and there is no unemployment insurance and perhaps no food stamps, no health care, no social security, etc.?

              Our government has absolutely ravaged this country and the ultimate reaping of all that has been sown seems to be getting pretty close.

              The level of damage nationally and globally may even be apocalyptic in scope.



          • “Extreme climate changes”

            Ummm, no. No we haven’t.

          • Same thing happened to me with my supervisor last year not handing in my time for a paycheck. I already saved enough cash (not in banks) to pay my expenses for a year without a paycheck. This is why it pays to prepare, where for 54+% of the people, it goes on deaf ears and they live paycheck to paycheck still.

            It wasn’t long ago back in 2007 before the crash I was living paycheck to paycheck and had a 17k debt on my credit cards, and it was then I decided to get out of debt, save money, cut my expenses down to 1/4 of what they were, stock up on supplies, and I did it within 4 years on a poverty class income. And you are 1000% right, in these unstable times, it pays not to worry about a missed paycheck if you are prepared. Good point!

        • Then I stand corrected…..

      3. The past few days I’ve been trying to get by on my preps to save money. I’ve got a financial armeggedon approaching and want to save my cash for just the necessary items like utilities and other bills. Work is tight, I’m spending just as much time at home as I am working so every dollar counts. Thankfully I’ve been preparing for a long time. My biggest weakness I’ve come to learn is meat. Should have bought more tactical bacon. If the shtf, I’m probably going to have to resort to trapping neighborhood cats to get my fix. I apologize in advance to any cat lover that may live in my area. I’m already looking at small game type traps.

        • You sound a little nutty there chainsaw…

        • You could invite your neighbors over for eats!

        • If you got an old time “real” hardware store close by or a Tractor Supply, check out their “box” traps. I used to make them out of wood with a rat wire screen back to view what was in them. Caught many a rabbit in them using a quarter piece of an apple. Would take the piece of apple and rub it all around the door opening first and then toss it to the back of the trap. Then set the trigger stick. Wish you well Chainsaw.

        • Chainsaw,sorry times getting tougher,that said,that is what preps are for,not just a huge calamity but personal challenging times.I also paid forward a lot of bills as have to leave guy I am working for at moment due to me mums knee surgery coming up,at the moment I am the “crew”,he needs to keep going and thus will need to get someone else,I understand that and luckily have a lot of contacts and folks telling me when ready will have work for me but till it happens,who knows?

          I would live without meat before eating cats(free shit army members/long pig/eh,maybe!),luckily have a lot stocked away and am OK.I will say you eat someones pet by mistake and they find out expect to possibly get killed,I would kill anyone who ate one of me pets as consider em family,to me would rather do without meat then risk it.

          Hope things get better for you and all of us in the slow burn(so far)economically but do not have a lot of faith things will get better anytime soon,good luck all.

          • “I would kill anyone who ate one of me pets as consider em family”

            What a sick, perverted person.

            • I would not recommend then if tshtf, and people are starving and hungry, that you allow your pets to roam freely on others’ property. But I certainly know how you feel because I would kill for my dog (although he certainly knows how to piss me off sometimes) 😉

              • They will have to get past momma bear…and that ain’t no joke.

                • I was assigned to train Nigerian troops when I got caught up in their civil war.

                  After two weeks we were on starvation rations. Thereafter, for two months, no relief supplies, no nothing. The bush quickly becomes denuded of game when the whole population hunts it. Rats became a delicacy!

                  Believe me, you’ll eat anything when you’re starving! Dogs quickly vanished, cats didn’t exist.

                  Reading these tough men comments about defending their fluffy pets to the death really makes me realise that most preppers don’t have a clue about survival!

                  • If anybody had to kill and eat my cat, it would be me and only as a last-ditched effort to survive after all the other potential meals had gone. There’s ALWAYS another way, it just may not be as easy as killing your trusted friend.

                    Killing a stray or somebody else’s pet is easier than having to kill your own.

                    I’ve heard those stories about weak people killing each others kids, so they didn’t have to eat their own. My view? I’d rather DIE than hand over my kid to slaughter. I would not live with that guilt. It would not be worth it to me, to kill a child so my old ass could survive.

                    Cerberus, there is a point where we, as human beings, have to draw a line in the sand on how far we will go. We all draw that line according to our conscience.

                    SOME people have no conscience.

                  • Hypothetical scenario. The shit has hit the fan. Your stock of processed pig meat is running low. You decide to go hunting in the woods with your dog. Because you`re carrying an extra 40 to 50 pounds of excess fat and are well past middle age, you trip, fall and break your leg. It’s a nasty break. The bone is sticking out. You pass out with pain. Sometime later you recover consciousness.

                    Your dog hasn’t been fed for several days. You’re growing weaker, temperature has dropped, you start shivering, no one near to help you, you realise that your end is near. Your faithful friend licks the puss forming on your broken leg and eyes you speculatively….

            • I have my families back,which includes friends and pets,yes will kill to defend or avenge their wrongful death,lot of us sickos out their tock,so,don’t fuck with me family and all is fine.I feel bad for folks who know you,you will fold is me guess before you have their back in tough times.

            • Tick Tock,
              maybe you should think about it in reverse, with a animal I ALWAYS know what and how they will act, with a human you JUST NEVER know!! so depending on WHO you are pets CAN be better than SOME people and LOTS of people are caring MORE for there pets because of this, try reading some 101 psychology, maybe this will give you some food for thought?? raised a cannibal you would never know it is wrong, or is it!! they say rules set by majority are good, well how about the whole cannibal tribe then?? more food for thought!! MMMMHHHH

              • Looking at the size of most obese Americans it`s obvious that they`ve never experienced serious hunger pangs let alone starvation. When you are starving, pets = protein. If you can t get your head around that, all this prepping business is just playing make believe.

            • as i lay in bed with my 2 Pitt mastiff mix “kids” i think to myself…….they don’t lie to me, love me unconditionally and would protect me if need be. so its YOU cock tock who is sick and perverted for not wanting to protect your entire family just because they are animals. your a piece of shit and i never trust a person who doesn’t respect the life of an animal.

              • Dam straight
                Never trust a person who doesn’t respect the life of an animal , especially one that has been domesticated by the owner
                The many dogs killed (pets) by the police has already tagged their ass with a target by their own actions , why would you want to associate with scum like that?

              • All these comments from Americans about their pets. Just shows how none of us have really ever dealt with true starvation and hunger. In the event that happened here, the family pet would be the first to go.

                Kind of sad to me when people value the lives of animals over the lives of people. Even strangers.

                Yes I know people suck, but would you really kill a family because they ate your dog, because they were starving?

                I can guarantee you that if the family pet was starving, that kind, loving and gentle animal, may become something you don’t even recognize.

                Survival is ingrained in every living thing.

                People will do the unimaginable in unimaginable situations and circumstances. The same with animals.

                • if you were to not respect the life of my family members then no, i have absolutely no respect for yours and would take your life in a second, sparing the life of my dog. wherever the fuck it is you live might i suggest you stay, as the majority of americans consider their pets family and not “property”.

              • 7.62×39

                You better talk about this subject of roaming dog behavoir after the reset. It is best to keep your dogs close to you.
                People who now can not afford to feed them are setting their dogs free in the wild. And It is not just one or two. Some of them are BIG DOGS, Like German Shepard’s and Pit bull mix. How would you like to meet one of those in the Dark going to the outhouse. Recently a man was attacked by four pit bulls from out of nowhere in his neighborhood. Put him in the hospital. What if it was a small child. Another incident is one person was letting his dogs out at night to kill feral cats. They attacked a person. Do any of you know what to do in a Dog Attack? They do run in packs too, with all sizes and types. The smart ones who have been shot at before run like hell when you reach for your weapon. Not only are they a threat to you and your family, they run down and kill the wildlife you depend on to survive. Think about Rabies also. So think about what you are going to do if you run up on a unknown dog and he growls and bares his teeth at you in an aggressive manner.

                You are not the dogs owner. How do you know what the dog is going to do. Animals are fine now but wait till there are no outside dog dishes to eat from, while you sleep.

                I’m going back to sleep now. Think about this SAFETY issue.

                • i don’t understand your post, a few things you may have missed in mine: i have Pitt mastiff mix dogs, they are HUGE, German shepherds are not large dogs compared to these and since i mentioned they sleep in my bed should suggest they are close by me and not running wild. i live in the woods and the entire property is fenced with a 4 rail style 4ft high made of 2×6 with a mesh inlay, so yeah i keep them close and my point being was any intruder on my property 2 or 4 legs that wants to harm my animals would be met with deadly force, nobody is coming on my property with the idea of eating my dogs and me allowing them to consume air any longer. in 3 years we have had to dispatch 2 packs of dogs running the woods, strays left to survive on their own, taking a pack of Ferrell dogs down is not as hard as you would have us believe, the coyotes in the area do most of the heavy lifting.

                  • 7.62×39

                    Thought I would just put it out there for people to think about it. You are a responsible dog owner is fine but many are not.

                    • sorry, i get very defensive about my dogs. about the only living things im able to trust anymore

                • There was a park ranger that ws called to the scene where a rottweller was being aggressive and taking food away from picknick tables. When he approached the dog jumped up and bit his hand. That Ranger simply grabbed the dogs tongue and attemped to pull that dogs tongue out by the roots. He very quickly subdued the dog. He suffered a puncture wound. When asked why didn’t you use your gun. He replied yea kill a dog with a 100 people around and many of them small children. Im not stupid I like my job and want to keep it.

            • Congratulations warchild. You are a bit retarded and think animals are like people. Your social programming is complete.
              Just joking, sort of

        • Chainsaw,

          Have you thought about raising some chickens and / or rabbits? You would have a replenishing supply of meat.

          Sorry to hear your situation is getting really difficult.

          Take care! Don’t give up!
          KY Mom

          • I had 18 hens at one time but no way to feed them after the divorce when I go to work. I don’t work close to the house and am gone for weeks at a time. Pretty much was the end of gardening as well as farm fresh eggs. This post was written satoricaly for those that missed it, I have no plans on eating cats just yet. I’m still hunkered down and for those interested hot dogs are still good frozen 6 months after their best before date. I’ve got a lot of varieties of canned chili, it went down quite well with some fritos that were best before January. I’m living the dream.

            • This post was written “SATORICALY”


            • Chainsaw,tis a bland but livable diet,how to feed family of four on 300,still viable at moment price wise/especially if you remove container costs: ht tp:// ,space in http to avoid moderation.You throw this in the mix will carry the canned goods much farther while still being interesting,post this all the time for new food preppers just starting out and like us all in challenging financial times,obviously,if less folks can go with less,and as a wise man keeps saying”incessantly!”,well,the smalls add up!

        • Oh Tunderback, oh Thunderback, Oh how could you be so mean?
          To ever have invented the sausage meat machine.
          Where all the rats and pussy cats will never more be seen, for they’ll all be made to sausage meat in Thunderbeck’s machine.

          One day a boy came walking. a walking in the store.
          He bought a pound of sausage meat and laid it on the floor.
          The boy began to whistle, he whistled up a tune.
          And all the little sausages began to dance around the room.

          One day the darn thing busted, the darn thing wouldn’t go.
          So Thunderbeck got in to see what was wrong.
          His wife was a walking, a walking in her sleep,
          she gave the thing a HECK of a kick and Thunderbeck was meat.

        • As one of the crazy cat ladies, I’ll have to say it would be hard to catch a cat. If you did, I’d be suspicious of it’s health. Also, as meat eaters, I doubt they would taste good.

          Better to set your sights on the neighborhood small wild game. There are plenty of squirrels, raccoons, birds of all sorts, rabbits, etc. most of which would be available even in winter. Small traps should be easy enough to make from scraps; could even scrounge the scraps with some looking around.

          And what about fishing? Nearly everywhere has a river or creek nearby that you can drop a line in. Or, emulate the fish traps like those the Naked and Afraid “stars” fashion.

          There are many options. Don’t settle for neighborhood pets.

          • Yahooie,
            not to disturb you but in certain parts of the world (mostly Asian) Cat is a delicacy, I personally don’t care to eat cat, but i have NOT knowing what it was at first. and there used to be a group of vietnam vets in mid Oregon who came back from the war with a taste for cat, and they raised them for food, they were sued and at that time won there case because of they were treated like animals and Not as a pet.IF or when all this crap comes down there will be NOTHING safe when people are hungry!

        • My cat ain’t out running the neighborhood, so you won’t be dining on him.

          • I sure do luv pussy

        • Check into American Guinea hogs. They are meat hogs. Very gentle. Easy to keep in a small area.

        • Go fish. I found a farmer who butchered his own meat and I got free leftovers he didn’t want. I also got shavings of meat from deer hunters they would normally throw away on the hides. Get meat on sale. I get nearly half price on beef, chicken and pork buying in bulk or family size. Then I cut it up for individual meals. I am a meat-a-holic and found many ways to get meat, including food banks for canned meats.

      4. Numbers are wrong. Pop of 319 million in 2014, that’s everyone from 1 to 100+. When you take out those under 16, the old and senile, etc etc….anyhow….this article is wrong….
        I was out of work this year from March to Sept 14. I had a ton of jobs that I didn’t chase due to commute, salary low, too much travel, just knew I wasn’t qualified, etc….and this article would have you believe one third of everyone I knew was out of work too. This article is wrong.

      5. I like the sign,s on the two men pictured. They want a decent job. The few we have still working many of them don’t have a decent job. part time and low wage no benefits are not decent jobs. those type of jobs used to be filled by teen agers to make a bit of money. Now you see adults working those jobs . many folks are just barely making it. Its a shame. We are already a third world place.

        • What strikes me most about that picture is people still worried about decency back then. They obviously we’re ashamed to be in the situation they were in and felt humiliated. Now, tons of people on the dole will gladly forego working in order to collect benefits and watch Judge Judy at home. We have created since the Depression a culture of entitlement and vicitimhood that these two guys would have never believed.

          • Charley,
            I agree that there are people who take advantage of the system, but I also agree that it is exactly those kinds of people that create misconceptions that affect decent hardworking adults who really just want a job. The majority public deny there is a problem because they would rather concentrate on the freeloaders, making the assumption that anyone can just go out and get a job. I made the same assumption before getting laid off. I searched for jobs in my field after three months I found nothing, the I went to retail, fast food, delivery, you name it. Nada. Then my husband got laid off. Now we’re both unemployed. My husband found some contract jobs that pay less than minimum wage and come around as infrequently as holidays. ($125 to work for 3 days installing printers. Travel expenses not included, 180 miles over 3 days.) There are no jobs. The few interviews I’ve been on it’s always, “Well we have hundreds of applicants and one job.” One day I’ll be the lucky applicant, but until then my 68 year old father is footing my bills. I’d rather live on the street then take advantage of my father, but I have kids and my dad said there is no way he’d let his grand kids suffer. My husband is networking like crazy while he is paying to work, hoping that someone somewhere will give him a leg up when they get on their feet, but things are very bleak and I don’t think they’re going to get better.

            • To anyone in the ann arbor mi area looking for factory work, dexter fastener technologies is hiring.

            • Also anyone in the Augusta Georgia (CSRA) area there area or willing to travel. a ton of mills and a nuke plant here. Plant Goggle (nuclear) is expanding and the local union halls are begging for people they will put you in an apprenticeship but the hours are a p.entry and the pay is good. My neighbor is getting $53 an hour as a millwight there. Also several trucking companies here are offering 1000 a week guarantee plus benefits. My buddy in Colorado was a real estate appraiser and now drives a truck locally getting 14 hours a day.

            • Heather,
              I am sorry if I tarred everyone with the same brush. Thank you for sharing your story and I pray for you and your family and the millions of Americans in the same boat. Please accept my apologies if I added to your stress.


      6. “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as its profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the table and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” -Frank Zappa

        • Gotta love Frank Zappa. “You’re probably wondering why I’m here, and so am I”

          • Frank could tell us why.

      7. The money will run out,nobody will want US dollars,inflation will get worse. When the EBT cards quit working all hell will break loose. Civil disruption is coming and the government will have a firestorm on its hands.

        • You said it right, JiV.

          Article says:
          “According to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics some 94.6 million Americans (age 16 and over) are either not working or have made no effort to find a job. With a population of 320 million, that means nearly one in three people in the United States are currently out of work.”

          OK. Something jumped out at me right off the bat. The number of people “unemployed” in ratio to the total population. My grand kids aren’t old enough to sweep the kitchen floor with success, much less hold a part-time job, so let’s look at some other numbers a second.

          As of September 12, 2015, the United States has a total resident population of 321,729,000, making it the third most populous country in the world.[1] It is very urbanized, with 81% residing in cities and suburbs as of 2014 (the worldwide urban rate is 54%).
          The age structure is this according to Wikipedia:
          0–14 years 19.4%
          15–64 years 66.2%
          65 and over 14.5%

          Now, by these percentages as an approximate figure we find that actually the most probable number of the “workable/employable”, population, is now about 213 million. Let’s round off the 94.6 non-workers, to 95 million to offset some of the undocumented workers not able to find work, and that leaves only about 118 million people working (or at least drawing a paycheck by some means), in the USSAG.
          That means that instead of a third (33%) out of the work force, the actual number is closer to ”40%”,( actually 37%).
          A forty per cent number of unemployed is staggering. When you look at that number with the perspective of about 80% living in or near where all business is conducted, then it becomes even more alarming. There should not be that many people out of work. “Idle hands make for the devils workshop.”

          When we compare the 5.1% that the “idiots in charge” want us to believe, are unemployed; to the more factual 37%, then it becomes clearer why the entitlements are no longer sustainable. When they (like EBT and Welfare), stop flowing, the blood will fill the streets.
          The gov is not only broke, they are dead broke. Yet they seem to find the funds for their pork barrel spending and ways to fund the unnecessary middle east wars, and the overspending/overpayments/waste, of 1 trillion dollars since 2003.
          To finalize, the Obominable one is doing his job, as well as the legislative branches. They are eliminating the middle class by thousands per day. When the refugee imposters arrive by the tens of thousands, and the full onslaught of Odramacare, kicks in next year, that number of middle class will sink into poverty by the tens of thousands daily.

          When the streets become unsafe to move from front door to vehicles, and the liberals have succeeded in removing handguns from law abiding citizens in the urban areas, then they will see the error of their ways of support/voting, and will suffer those consequences immensely.

          But as liberals (dems and repubs alike), and trolls do, they never admit guilt for anything. All they do is continue with their lies and accusations against anything or anyone that isn’t in agreement with them.

          I have my own personal little liberal ass trolls here. They have nothing beneficial to add to the topics but they will sure as hell raise their evil little heads when they see my posts.
          Like I have said before, they are pitiful little turds to me, and if they don’t have a change of heart and repent, well, as the old saying goes….”their ass is grass”. They will die miserable deaths in horror as they have no eternity to go to.
          When the real SHTF, and they are sitting staring at nothingness, they will not have all that much to crow about.

          Me and mine will be having a celebration with praise and worship. Looking for our Redemption on His way. His enemies and ours will be His footstool..aka ‘ass is grass’ for the enemies.

          Ya’ll have a good day. I got to get the inflatable raft out so I can make it to the barn. The rain started pouring last night at 1:00 am, and has not stopped as of this posting, at 9:00 am. I assume we have an additional 4 to 5 inches on top of the six we got over the past week. Some areas to the east and south got over 12 inches, prior to this, in the past week.

          Thank God, the Hurricane has turned East, or there would not be one tree left standing. The ground is like a waterbog, everywhere here in the Mountains. If I don’t return from the barn and releasing the water from the catch basin pond, then I got swept away. See ya on the other side, well some of you anyways.

          • Worse yet, The U.S. has a birthrate of nearly 4 million per year. Over the last few years we only generate 1.2 million jobs per year. That does not include the may immigrants legal and illegal who come here every year.


          • Ha, you beat me to the rebuttal, passin, I was working
            on the math to post the same info you did. But the .gov doesn’t want people to know, and that’s also part of the plan.

            Yeah, the gov is dead broke, and broken, with somewhere around $110 Trillion in total debt, this includes all the unfunded liabilities like SS, there’s no way out of the financial morass except to let it crash. As you mentioned, when the ebt stops, then life will get ugly. The grocery stores will be looted and burned within two days, cars will be abandoned on streets, our way of living will be as Selco describes, and 90% of the population doesn’t care or doesn’t know, and that will make it worse for us that are aware of the upcoming ruckus, because all of them will want what we have and they will be little different from a rabid skunk in their desperate effort to get one more meal.

            The illusion of the economy could continue for another year or two, or it could crash before the end of November, I don’t know, but the people that are manipulating this do know.

            Stay safe, everyone, harden your hearts, and trust very few people.

            • Sorry guys I didn’t mean to jump in front. it’s just that i don’t sleep much when it is bad out and I’m stuck inside all day.
              When it starts getting daylight I’m up and wanting a hot cup of jo, and the writer in me gets going.

              BTW, I didn’t include into the equation of “workable” people, the disabled ones.

              According to the US Census Tables for 2014; there was an estimated 36 million persons in the age range of 18 to 64, that are disabled or limited to the point of living 100% below the poverty level.

              They have at least one “complex activity” disability limitation. Most likely they either have no income on there own other than small cash paying jobs or hobby work.

              So, if we take the 213 employable Americans and further decrease that by the 95 real unemployed plus the 36 million mostly disabled, then we have a more probable unemployed number of 131 million.

              Now we are at a closer true rate of over 50% unemployed or underemployed through no fault of there own. Sure that number could be reduced by making some get off the couch and work for minimum wage, but hey, where is the incentive?

              If a lazy person can draw more by having one baby, and taking advantage of entitlement programs, and staying home with a relative or friend, than actually working 40 hours at minimum wage…..who is to blame? It is the system.

              It all comes down to actual morals and values, and actual ability to work. Actual ability, due to being mentally and physically able, and actual ability because there is a decent paying job available.

              To keep from going hungry and cold, i would muck stalls/shovel shit, all day if i were able and it paid $5.00 an hour cash. But, most people these days won’t do it.
              Most had rather suck up their dignity and pride and grab a begging bucket and stand by the road, instead of grabbing a muck bucket, and actually working.

              • “It all comes down to actual morals and values, and actual ability to work. Actual ability, due to being mentally and physically able, and actual ability because there is a decent paying job available.

                To keep from going hungry and cold, i would muck stalls/shovel shit, all day if i were able and it paid $5.00 an hour cash. But, most people these days won’t do it.

                Most had rather suck up their dignity and pride and grab a begging bucket and stand by the road, instead of grabbing a muck bucket, and actually working.”

                Thanks for those inspiring words of truth. I am disabled. I don’t consider phone solicitation cold-calling a job. I did it anyway for a few days, until they told me the hourly pay only counted after I scheduled a certain number of jobs per day. I ended up sitting on the phone for 3 days for absolutely nothing.

                If I could walk, I’d shovel shit or dig ditches load garbage or whatever…I’d rather do any of that, than talk on the freaking phone. I HATE PHONES, but I tried it anyway. I’d rather wear dead rats around my neck than do sales calls…there are no jobs even for healthy people around here, but I’m still looking anyway.

              • Passin, you are so right about the morals and values aspect. They are so different today compared to what they were in the 1930’s. I doubt that attitudes will change without a major shock or trauma of some sort. Too many people need to grow up and take actual responsibility for themselves.

              • A huge percentage of people on disability are fraud cases which means millions are scamming the system. Today it’s 3 or 4 times higher per capita then in the past. I saw the actual statistics recently but forget the actual numbers. Here in Canada our social security is fully funded.

                • TORY SCUM.

                • @David, .gov moved them from lazy people welfare to ssd and other welfare. If you spend any time in the projects you’ll know they train their kids to act disabled. If you live in the south, you commonly see “disabled” yankees living the good life around you while you bust your butt. I’d guess 90% to 95% of SSD is fraud – and this is well known to the admins. People get hurt and get on ssd and never come off once they get healed enough to work again.

            • Actually, the unfunded liabilities are in excess of $200 trillion. Nothing short of a grassroots effort via Article V to amend the Constitution or a civil war will save us now. I prefer the non-war path as we are too vulnerable to have a war now.

              I have a Bachelors in Computer Science and an Associates in Arts and an Associates in science. They want experience but you cannot get any unless you get a job. Plus, I have found they are all Amnesty-happy $#@@! (or quite a few of the IT firms are) so I think I’d rather be boiled in oil than work for some of them now that I know the truth.

              Anyway, because I have Aspergers and ADHD, it’s practically impossible to get a sales job or a restaurant job.

              I actually did think of trying to get a part time dishwasher position but my own mother (who is grumpy that she is still supporting me) said that it was for “high school dropouts” and urged me against it several times.

              I am on Medicaid as a result of having no job and that system is very criminally run in my opinion. Nobody seems to talk to anybody and you have to go around and around in circles on the phone for hours and it can take days to get anywhere and you wonder sometimes if they might drop you if your parents or brother and sister make too much and they consider that just if you live with them yet you cannot afford to live on your own.

              I personally see self-employment via book writing (something I think I’d like and, even during the tail end of school, was starting to prefer to IT anyway) as my only hope. That and muckraker journalism to start exposing the corruption everywhere.

              I struggle each day just to keep my sanity and the most distressing part is, my family is clueless as to how bad things are. I am kinda strained as to how to tell them due to my disability which kind of hinders such things, and they think I’m spending too much time on “political crap” and that Mark Levin is just “propaganda”.

              Also, it’s not like I enjoy living at home. My own mother could interrogate terrorists or be a drill sergeant, just so you know her personality and how it is often, yet I have no choice.

              The ironic thing is, some of my stories, mainly fanfictions until lately, have started to come true of what they were parodying.

              I made a Happy Feet 2 thing (before the movie came out) that parodied stuff and had the Elders (representing the Democrats) sold out Emperor Land (representing the US) to Arashanu (a fictional penguin place representing radical Islam) and that they pretended for hundreds of years that they still ruled themselves and paid tribute to Arashanu by the time Mumble and Gloria were born.

              Another one was a Rikki-tikki-tavi fanfic where I had Nag and Nagaina whom I made represent Communism have a daughter named Nagasta whom I made represent progressivism. Nagasta blamed the humans for all the ills of the jungle and got favor of the animals and support her parents never dreamed of (well, maybe dreamed, but never got) and that mongooses, who were supposed to represent Republicans and whose goal in life was supposed to fight and eat snakes ended up cowardly and too afraid to fight (some that did were killed, including kids, even just for refusing to help the bad guys) and several ended up working with the snakes (Democrats) ended up siding with the snakes, saying that they would, in time, once humans were gone, either control or wipe out the snakes, and that mongooses would rule the jungle. (Sounds like the RINOs claim of needing more time and that they can’t fight the bad guys, right?) Eventually, the Dark Mongooses (the bad mongooses) said that they liked cobra rule enough that they wouldn’t fight at all (which is the point of view of many RINOs in Congress now.)

              The ironic thing of this is that I wrote the Happy Feet stuff from 2007-2010 mostly and the Rikki-tikki-tavi stuff from 2011-2014 mainly. It’s really prophetic how advanced my parodies were on what’s really going on.

          • Yeah, while you’re out on the raft I’m sure you’ll be posting a story tomorrow about how you caught a 25 foot great white shark and took him down by yourself.

            • Golly!

            • Parson,

              I did read where the folks in the Carolinas are expected to have a thousand year down pour. Gish, frogs, sharks could conceivably rain down pn the poor folks. Let us keep them in our thoughts and prayers. I believe the down pour has already started. Keep the good folks in your prayers and be ready to stretchout a helping hand as they come floating by.(smile)

              • Thanks laeagle.

                I did make it back from the shark infested waters, near the barn. The loader work I did Thursday paid off on ponding and diverting more water.

                Now the wind has picked up and more rain pouring down. I bet the new camper at the beach is in three feet of water, but hey, at least we ain’t in it.

                My little rat troll has changed his handle again. He loves me in a sick kind of way, and just can’t stop reading my posts.

                • Don’t take any chances. Be careful and prepare to move to high ground if you have not done so already. Downpours like this can get treacherous in seconds and you must not underestimate the power of a raging torrent. May God bless you and keep you and all the great people of the Carolinas.

                  • In 1974-5 I lived on the Skunk River in southern Iowa. The house we lived in flooded every hundred years—we moved in during year 99. Sure enough, chickens CAN swim with the best of them and the inflatable raft did fit through the upstairs bedroom window. The mail still ran because the road was much higher on the hill than our house was…unfortunately, the barn was also dry, which was where the SCHOOL BUS turned around.

                • I don’t think it’s love, I think he’s saying you lie all the time.

                  • Naw, what he is saying is that he wants to come up here where i am, so he can go down, on brokeback mtn.

                    He is a girlie boy without no friends, that is why he trolls me all weekend. Otherwise he would be out with friends or talking to a girl. I see wwti and AE all rolled into one with this puke face.

                    • He is wantin’ some rope, and it ain’t the kind I got wrapped up on my saddle.

                    • WWTI and Acid combined? Lethal combination!

                    • Passin deep dude…

                    • Passin,

                      Your continuous obsession with homosexuality can only be interpreted as an struggle ongoing within your mind to come out of the closet. There’s no way it could possibly be anything else. You’re the only poster on this board who feels the need to mention the subject every article, sometimes multiple times. Your phobia of homosexuality is actually your deep seated desire to admit that you are homosexual yourself. Your posts contain more hatred and vitriol towards more individuals and groups than anybody else here. This is why you feel the need to disguise yourself as a Christian, but you’re a poor Christian at best. Don’t censor this comment again this time Mac, let him answer to this himself.

          • Passin, I like your post better than what I was going to say about the overall situation, especially the damn trolls. Let me just add that it burns me to no end all of these foreigners they’re letting in that go straight onto the programs and there are native-born citizens out here who need help and can’t get a damn thing. That situation is fast reaching the point of no longer being sustainable. Every time I’m at a supermarket and see an illegal alien with an EBT card and one or even two carts overflowing with food my blood gets to boiling. some of our own people don’t even know where their next meal will come from. The ‘reset’ can’t get here soon enough.

            • You ain’t alone on that one Brave.

              Just wait ’till your stood behind a bunch of ragheads fisting the air and shouting “allahu akbar” when they’re receiving their free shit.


            • Thanks for the reply, and i agree with you. Everything is all screwed up, and it just isn’t the illegals. You and i know exactly why the dems have not tried to stop them.

              But what really burns my ass the most, here lately is the useless wasteful shit that people buy. The first round has already started showing up on porches and yards. I know it is their money and they can spend it like they want, but for Christ’s sake, why not think about helping some poor people, and hungry children right here in America first.

              Hasbro has announced that they will make about 5 to 6 billon dollars just off the new Star Wars plastic crap that is made in China.
              Add to that, Americans will spend another 7 billion on Halloween crap, sugar junk, and more Chinese made plastic crap for lawn decorations.
              Celebrating a pagan ceremony by spending for useless shit is sin.

              Yea i know the little kiddies enjoy it and they look cute in their outfits, but what are people’s priorities these days?
              What have we become?

              I know I’ll catch hell over this, but it’s true. How many Luke Skywalker plastic sabers are covered up in landfills already?
              Not to mention blowup pumpkins and halloween shit.

              Next comes the 40 billion spent for Christmas decorations and ornamentation. Yes that is right “40 billion dollars”, and we ain’t even started with the useless gifts yet.

              Don’t get me wrong, I think people, especially Christians, should celebrate Christmas, as long as they keep Christ in it first.

              Then there is Easter, Mother’s day, and Father’s Day, and the Fourth of July….oh biggest bullshit of them all is Valentines’ Day. Take her out for a good meal and give her some good lovin’, and forget the cheesy cards and other crap.

              Or better yet, just tell her she is special and show her how nice and sweet you could be if she would meet you half way, the other 364 days of the year.

              A good woman is more precious than all silver and gold combined. God gave me a gem this time around.

              • And exactly what have you done to help people except bitch and moan here every day? Sure, people will just tell their kids ” Sorry, can’t get you that toy you want so much, passininthewind says it’s bad for us to do that”. What enters the room first, you or your ego? Why should anybody take your word as gospel for anything?

                • Because passin is one of the few trying to get Gods TRUE message across to the lost.

                  LISTEN TO HIM.

                • They shouldn’t take my word, because “The Word” is available for everyone to read and learn. That’s our Heavenly Father’s word, His letter to us, and it will all come to pass as He has said.

                  I never claim to be perfect,cause i am a sinner, but I also do try to wake people up to the facts that we are in the “Final Countdown”.

                  No body, absolutely no one, gets out of this life without judgment and final separation between good and evil. The liberals think they can play pc and cater to homos and baby killers and not have consequences, but there is always consequences. Anyone that doesn’t see that is blind and will suffer those consequences.

                  So, keep up the constant condemnation of me and keep digging that hole deeper, meanwhile i’ll keep handing out more of the rope that you mockers and, the evil doers, will use to hang yourselves with.

      8. OFF TOPIC
        Breitbart is reporting that Ocommie/Justice Department, through the UN, has set up a UN run “World Police Force” which will operate on U.S. soil. It is known as “Strong Cities” and one of it’s goals is to protect Sharia in the U.S.!

        Watch out fur dem hogs!

        • Them,will they have the cool blue helmets that show up up nicely on fixed or optics!

          • Stop!!!!!!!
            With the blue helmet thing please. The UN taking over had been kicked around for several years and it hasn’t happened and won’t happen. You make us look totally nuts when you say shit like that. No wonder people come here to make fun of us.

            • Agreed, also, Hcks and passin/wind aren’t helping the situation either.

              • OK,the head attorney general states that this is coming and yet you choose to ignore her plan,fine.

              • Tunckuf and Jimmy, you ignore what’s coming at your own peril.

                • You ain’t wrong there little Brave.

                  Makes sure you pack your favorite fluffy noonoo blanket for when you finely get over here to stay at the bol long term this month.

                  The airs gettin’ kinda fresh and we sure wouldn’t wantcha catchin’ a chill.

                  Be seein’ yah soon cuz. xxx

        • Them Hogs:

          Is news of this burning up the news stations. Are their heated debates about it?

          Whatever the facts, the school shooting has become a distraction.

          This is very bad news.

        • Gotta Link TH? I’d like to read it. Them Bastards!

        • TH, let those ‘blue helmets’ come in and try their shit. I’ll be targeting them.

      9. Jaws are always good at cooking the books (BAD SPELING WAS NOT A MISTAKE THIS TIME) it’s what bankers do.

        Lets see if this post needs to be moderated before it goes live SHTF

      10. TH,

        I read that article earlier. Agenda 21? Most of our fellow countrymen are so duped by the MSM and this administration they don’t see the dangers ahead and what criminals they have allowed to enter their home/homeland passively without any resistance whatsoever. Makes me wish there were more folks like Brave Heart, the Minutemen of the next-generation.

        • Laeagle, I just finished the article. something definitely smells about it. I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut they’re talking about people like US when they use the term ‘violent extremism’. Let them target us and then they’ll encounter some ‘extreme violence in self-defense’.

      11. Some things just don’t make sense… no matter how you turn it, look at it sideways or flip it over. What we read and what we see don’t always agree, for example I have read numerous times over many years about how bad the economy is and can see a little unemployment and lots of inflation all around me. I also know there are a lot of people scamming the unemployment and disability systems. Having said that, when I drive around I see: wall to wall 18 wheelers on the highway. If the economy were so bad one would think there wouldn’t be so much stuff being moved around. I see private and commercial new construction at every turn. I see sports stadiums packed full of people every Friday, Saturday and Sunday watching high school, college and pro sports (football, baseball, basketball, racing… take your pick or add your own sport flavor). I see the local drag strip packed on weekends with people driving million dollar combined rigs (Big shiny and fancy chromed 18 wheelers to haul their race cars in with luxury mechanic shops inside and big… very big and fancy motor homes pulling Harleys and other vehicles. I see lots of fishing boats on the road on weekends. I sometimes wonder if they are not just driving around to show off their boats since I cannot understand how anyone can afford a $40,000.00 boat pulled by a $50,000.00 pick up just to go and catch a couple bass or crappie. Especially since the regulations are so stringent it would seem to me you chance getting shot by a cop or wildlife and fisheries officer for having one more fish than you should. I see restaurant parking lots brimming over with fancy new cars. Since I don’t eat out, I don’t know whether or not there are people inside eating although in today’s day and age you never know. Yep, some things just don’t make any sense. I’m not trying to say that there’s not an economic problem in the country, just pointing out how some things just don’t make sense as the numbers don’t always mean what they imply.

        • CrabbeNebulae,

          I know exactly what you are saying. As a truck driver covering 90% of the lower 48 over many years up until May 2010, I had a lot of time to ponder exactly what you are seeing and thinking, from behind the steering wheel.

          After i retired, I began to have more time to read and research and after much extrapolation, I came to two explanations for all the material wealth.

          The first is the biggest and it is the most probable due to the mindset of the baby boomer generations. There are two distinct groups of them spanning more than two decades. The leading edge boomers that started about 1945, and the trailing edge that ended about 1966-67.

          Their hard working, saving, thrifty, mindset gave them something nobody else in history ever had nor ever will have again, power to make money and have nice things without costing three to ten times what it was actually worth. They were able to buy and save all at the same time. There was no over population and land was still undervalued and cheap. Many men and women became wealthy by purchasing large tracts of timber land, harvesting and selling the timber, and then turning around and selling the land cheaply or holding it for their future generations. I have second cousins that look dirt poor and are millionaires from land and timber. They act the same today as they did forty years ago, just don’t ask to borrow a dollar….their broke.
          There was money to be made by investing in business and also the stock market. Some in bank deposits also. And save and invest they did. It resulted in what I refer to as “Old Money”.

          We have, worn out overall wearing great grandpappy’s that inherited old money, and walk around looking like they are poor as dirt, but can pull out a tight roll of hundreds big enough to choke a Brahma bull, from each pocket; spend it all on an antique car, and never miss one dime.
          Old money that was invested wisely is being seen used by the later…”I want it now” generations.

          I have a high school friend, that has just inherited his Daddy’s estate. His grandpa started a window and door business back in the early twenties. It grew. His daddy was frugal and a sharp business man. It grew more and then he sold it to a big corporation for millions. He collected and restored old antique cars, until he died two years ago. My high school friend is tighter than bark on a tree and still drives his Dad’s ole Lincoln. He finally parked his old Grand Marquis that he drove for thirty years. A few years back we got together and went out for a drink and a snack. Afterwards he said, “have you been to the old man’s car museum?” I said no, “I heard so and so say you took them one time”. Anyways, we go into a nearby business park and he pulls up to a gate and opens the lock and we go inside where there are two, climate controlled buildings, that cover about two acres. Both packed to the gills with old antique cars. Some restored, and some original, and some fine crafted hotrods, T-buckets and 36 coups, etc,etc.
          In the corner was a black 60’s model limo that was polished like a General’s boots. I said, “hey what is that doing over there by itself”. He said, “Oh dad loves that car and takes her out once in a while for a drive, it was Ladybird Johnson’s personal limo, and Dad bought it at an auction.”

          I looked in the backseat and in the center lay an artificial red long stem rose. I asked timidly, could I sit down in it. He said yea, just don’t let Dad catch you as he looked back to the door. I opened the back door and could smell history, and thought, what if these seats could talk. Just to make sure my ass had sat where Ladybird’s had, I went around to the other side and sat there for a second also.
          Anyways, this guy was the only son, and has no earthly idea how many millions his inheritance is worth. He is 59 and still goes to work every day. Why? That is what his daddy instilled in him. Work ethic and making money.

          Old money and debt is what we see when we look at all that exists out on the by ways. With 10,000 boomers retiring every single day, and having saved and inherited all their lives, many are spending it or allowing their children and grandchildren to spend it. Many, like two sisters that are friends of ours from Florida, and previously New York, are now living high on the hog with debt because they will soon inherit millions from their mom that is feeble at 87. She inherited a 3M invested stock, Trust fund from her grandmother. It all started with a 10,000 dollar investment soon after 3M went public. I think it is now over ten million.
          They work, but just barely pay all their bills, waiting for the day. The money is tied to a grandparents Trust that can’t be untied until Momma dies.
          Millions more are just like them, living off debt and Old Money.
          Problem could be that it all comes crashing down in one hour, and “all has come to naught”.
          No problems here mate, we invest in preps as soon as it hits the ledger every month, well…plus the usual bills and maintenance costs, that all adults have that owns anything much.

          • Another long winded, completely fabricated yarn. There’s a Twilight Zone episode that starred Andy Devine as a guy named Frisbee, who couldn’t help but lie, he was incapable of telling the truth, you should have starred in that one, it was prefect for you.

            • You should clean your crystal ball, there troll rat.
              It ain’t letting you see that all that story is 100% true. But, this is just another one of your twisted ways of telling me you are in love with me and would love to perform your sadistic sexual acts, AE style.

              Ain’t happening. i love women too much to ever even go there. The little woman can vouch for that. She don’t even like for me to go down to the market without her, since i have a cool southern style with the ladies. Something you would not have a clue about, cause you most likely just stopped wearing diapers about twenty years ago.

              Put that in your little pipe and smoke it, rat ta toule.

              • Your extreme attempt at homophobia reveals that you are homosexual yourself passin. Every time you respond to somebody’s comment you don’t like you fall all over yourself to label them as homosexual when you have no idea if they are. Also, your insistence on liking women so much, especially at the age of 62 reveals your insecurity to being called homosexual. Any psychology student could easily see your over compensating to repress what you really are.

            • Well I for one hold passins posts in high regard.

              Thanks once again dear passin.

              • Thank you for your honest support. The idiots that respond like Gadsen,Jimmy,Karl, and all the other trolls are in the same boat.

                The reason they jump at me is because they feel “conviction” when they read my posts.
                Conviction causes bad people to not take a good look at themselves in the mirror.
                They hate feeling the way they do so they had rather “shoot” the messenger.
                I don’t care. I just pull out more rope and feed it to them so they can make a bigger noose.

        • All of the things crabbe sees are a illusion. Its fueled by debt. I see folks in my part of the country that cant afford to repair the car they drive.yet they can get credit to buy a brand new one.I know a young woman that bought a large house. she not only didn’t pay a penny down but got a $20,000 dollar remodeling loan to turn it into a day care. I see farmers who have two million dollars of new equiptment and there storage bins are full of last years rice crop that no one will buy from them. The banker just added that weevil infested crop as a asset. so they can borrow more money. I know a guy bought 100 acres on credit at $500 per acre. Built a $10,000 barn and fenced the land with new fence. The bank them stated the land was worth more and loaned him $1500 per acre. That guy will never pay for that place. He will only pay interest and every year or so the loan gets bigger. Now they are building million dollar chicken grower houses. The banks don’t care as long as the loan meets the prameters of the federal loan guarntees the credit worthy ness of the borrower doesn’t matter. All the things you see that seem to indicate a thriving economy are being paid for by the 18 trillion and growing national debt. The number of folks that are 100% debt free is very small. the folks born between 1935 and 1945 had it pretty good. they could work one job their entire life and retire with a pension. and inflation wasn’t robbing them. A person born in 1950 Was 20 years old in 1970. and the fake gas shortage and jimmy Carter shoved it to them. They are just now retiring to reduced social security. There pension has disappeared. They lost their good manufacturing job to Nafta and the EPA. then Bush came along and filled the bowl of crap the Clintons left behind full to the brim and Obama flushed it.

          • I’m a mid-range baby boomer and don’t ever plan on retiring. What you mentioned are some of the things I saw back in the 70s that convinced me to gather skills so I could be valuable despite my age and agility…..and it’s paying off now… long as I can walk, hear pretty decently and talk rationally, I should be ok…..

      12. During the Depression an unemployed was figured as any working age man who wanted to work for whom there was no job.

        Try figuring unemployment that way today (you would have to figure any working age adult since women weren’t counted as in the workforce to any extent in the 30’s).

      13. People still miss the point. It has always been civilian workers vs. the military and government employees. That never changes. Do any of you think that the soldier, sailor, airman, or marine missed a meal during the great depression? Not hardly! Do you think it will be any different this time. Not hardly again. We will be the winches and serfs and they will be the landlords via taxation and when we can’t foot the bill any more then outright confiscation of our assets will be the norm. We are not going down, we are just going to be stomped into the ground.

      14. If there are no jobs with enough income to live on for all of the unemployed, how then do rational people criticize those unable to support themselves? The people are divided between the haves and have nots with those having next to nothing the far larger majority.The people who call themselves middle class are a small minority, the more successful part of the whole economic picture of present day reality in America. They are happy in their lower tier existence, not at the top but not at the bottom. The people are so divided that the majority at the bottom are looked at with scorn as worthless takers. Classic divide and conquer. Engineered to precision. Poor people are people too. The better educated and higher earning population have not set an example by standing up against the injustice of the system. They have joined it to their own enrichment. That’s why the further erosion in freedom and justice is progressing. I, me, mine.

        • Poor people are people that have made bad decisions with their lives.

          Decisions have consequences. Decision -> consequence.

          Make different decisions, get different consequences, live a different life.

          • I hate to point this out to you “anonymous” but poor people didn’t “choose” to be poor. It isn’t nearly that simple and everyone but you isn’t stupid. I’m not addressing the small percentage of people who do choose to be homeless, drug addicts, alcoholics or both. I’m not addressing the mentally ill or habitual criminals either…JUST YOUR AVERAGE JOE OR JANE.

            A large percentage didn’t have any choice. I didn’t have a choice when I suffered an injury to my spine. In my case it was an unforeseeable accident, not the “consequences” to any decision I made. I lost my health and ability to support myself. I lost my home and everything in it when my long-time boyfriend died suddenly in a freak accident, and social security took our house to pay for his hospital bill. There was no choice there either. The govt was taking what they wanted, and I couldn’t stop them. Dying wasn’t my boyfriend’s choice.

            Those people who lost their jobs to China (or wherever) when their company shifted overseas didn’t have a choice either. There was nothing they could control, or do, to stop the move. Similarly, when companies fold due to financial or regulatory changes, the employees don’t have a choice about being laid off either.

            People don’t choose to get old and unable to work either. People who are severely disabled from birth sure as hell didn’t choose to be born like that, but they were anyway.

            What you’re doing, is narrowing your view to justify your narcissistic self-centered hatred for people who are not like you. It’s also called a superiority complex. You aren’t really much different, ideologically, than the average elitist.

            • Well, you’ve made your decision sixpack ,and you have the life your decisions brought you.

              Same as everyone else.

              Change those decisions and you can change your life to something you are happier with since you apparently aren’t very happy with the one you have now and seem to want to blame it on someone else to avoid something about it.

              • Did you even read a word I said?

        • Thank you Aljamo. I’ve been railing against ALL methods if “divide and Conquer” whether it’s nation against nation, race against race, class against class or men against women. We are being systematically divided in so many different parts, we’ve lost track of who and what we really are.

          Hell, nowadays, a former Olympic men’s decathlon champion thinks he’s a woman — and wears dresses and heels. It’s no longer about what gender you were born, but what gender YOU IDENTIFY yourself as. There is no fucking thing as “transgender”, but everybody had a damned label these days.

          left-wing, right-wing, republican, democrat, socialist, conservative, feminist, racist, millennial, baby boomer, poor, middle class, rich, Christian, baptist, atheist, muslim or whatever religious sect, gay, LGBT, black, white or whatever color, you name it, WE DIVIDED IT into smaller, disorganized, powerless portions of US VERSUS THEM.

          And every one of THEM think they’re better than the rest.

          No wonder the NWO is kicking the crap out of us all…

          • sixpack,

            Your points are well made. My mother was a PhD but could not get a job corresponding to her level of education. She was crippled with rheumatoid arthritis but she never went on SSI or disability. She never went on welfare either and she was one of the original preppers before it became fashionable or the name was invented. We children did our best to take care of her but I am sure it was never enough. She herself was an amazingly generous person and you would not know she did not have money or a pension. It would be hard to label her. She had a lot of dignity and she lived a dignified life. People far and wide and from around the globe would come to visit her, to talk to her on various academic subjects. She was widely read and articulate to boot. The NWO wouldn’t know what to do with her. She never looked down on any body and never complained about her ‘lot’ in life. She was always upbeat and inspiring and a dreamer to her last breath.

            • Sounds like someone I wish I could’ve met.

      15. Billionaire Steve Wynn, transcript from investor call a a couple years ago, that is still as true as ever:

        During the just completed Wynn earnings calls we witnessed what is without doubt the most blistering and scathing critique of Obama’s administration to date by anybody in the public domain.
        From the call transcript:

        I believe in Las Vegas, I think its best days are ahead of it, but I’m afraid to do anything in the current political environment in the United States. You watch television and see what’s going on on this this debt ceiling issue. And what I consider to be a total lack of leadership from the President, and nothing will get fixed until the President himself steps up and wrangles both parties in Congress. But everybody is so political, so focused on holding their job for the next year, that the discussion in Washington is nauseating.

        And I’m saying it bluntly that this administration is the greatest wet blanket to business and progress and job creation in my lifetime. And I can prove it and I could spend the next three hours giving you examples of all of us in this marketplace that are frightened to death about all the new regulations, our health care costs escalate. Regulations coming from left and right. A President that seems, you know — that keeps using that word redistribution.

        Well, my customers and the companies that provide the vitality for the hospitality and restaurant industry, in the United States of America, they’re frightened of this administration. And it makes you slow down and not invest your money. Everybody complains about how much money is on the side in America. You bet. And until we change the tempo and the conversation from Washington, it’s not going to change.

        And those of us who have business opportunities and the capital to do it, are going to sit in fear of the President. And you know, a lot of people don’t want to say that. They say oh, God, don’t be attacking Obama. Well, this is Obama’s deal. And it’s Obama that’s responsible for this fear in America.

        The guy keeps making speeches about redistribution, and maybe’s ought to do something to businesses that don’t invest, they’re holding too much money. You know, we haven’t heard that kind of money except from pure socialists.

        Everybody is afraid of the government. And there’s no need — there’s no need, you know, soft pedaling it. It’s the truth. It is the truth. And that’s true of Democratic businessmen, and Republican businessmen, and I am a Democratic businessman and I support Harry Reid, I support Democrats and Republicans, and I’m telling you that the business community in this country is frightened to death of the weird political philosophy of the President of the United States. And until he’s gone, everybody is going to be sitting on their thumbs.

        • Very informative and, you know, understandable. I think the entire world will sigh a sigh of relieve when we get the HNIC out of our white house…then the next problem will be what to do with the next one.

      16. Lots of jobs up in central Minnesota.
        I have two of them.
        I think its worse than the goberment says and not as bad as some say it is, its really somewhere in the middle.
        Things could limp along just as they are for quite some time.
        Have a nice day STU OUT.

      17. They will need world police force because when the Muslims get here it will be like it is in europe.
        Higher violence,crime,rapes of women,boys and girls,house invasion,kidnap and theft ,disease,like it has been there for thousands of years .They take slaves for sex,barter,money,etc .
        They will steal all
        You have that they can, they will take because they believe they have a right to it and our politicians know it. I hope the politicians get to experience this first hand,as they put their own families in jeopardy.

        • The solution to those higher crime rates is easy, England figured that out a while ago and has been quite successful at it.

          Just don’t take reports about it and ignore anyone that complains, put them in jail for reporting it if you can.

          That’s a major reason they have such a low crime rate compared to ours.

          • Shush up already… Cain’t be lettin’ folks in on the truth!

      18. If you took all the people on food stamps, and or the others on welfare and unemployment or disability payments

        and forced them to go wait in line at food kitchens instead of swiping a benefits card, then you would see things now are much worse than the Great Depression.

      19. So what seem to be the problem ? This is what the voters and/or voting machines said twice that they wanted. The majority of voters said they wanted America fundamentally transformed. They got their wish, it’s here and it’s going to get far worse. The Obama voters won, America lost.
        For now.

      20. We have high unemployment rates but the average citizen dosent see it because there are no “soup” lines today. They dont even have to use food stamps, they have a pre-paid government visa type card. You dont even notice it at the checkout line. And, the government borrows the money to foot the bill every year. We are in FAR worst shape now than back then but our government has been hiding it for decades.

        Now vs then:

        1. we are a nation of consumers, dont manufacture anything now.
        2. we are 18.5 trillion dollars in debt now
        3. people are FAR less self sufficient now- average people had gardens and knew how to can food an wasted very little
        4. we now have a population of moochers who vote themselves money
        5. Almost all of our leaders now are self focused. Back in the 30’s there was alot more patriotism
        6. we were on the gold standard in the 30’s. Now we have the fed and no gold system to stabilize system.
        7. compared to today, our country had alot more positives in the 1930’s.

        When they can no longer manipulate the economy, whenever that is, it will come crashing down and it will be worse than the great depression. If we loose the petro dollar, it will be like nothing this country has ever known.

      21. It should also be pointed out that in a ~separate~ BLS report virtually all of the “new” jobs are going to people who were not born on US soil. In other words, illegals and newly arrived “immigrants” [mostly via bogus and poorly vetted “refugee programs”] are getting the jobs while US Citizens are being kicked to the curb while being forced to pay for all of the “programs” being set up to give the produce of those who actually have jobs to those who have, at best, a dubious reason for being here.

      22. I take it like the negro sodomite illegally in power this is not a good sign?

      23. I for one think we need a big re-set in this country. It will force people back to the basics and what is important in life. Not this sham we call the American dream, more like a nightmare I think. But the problem is that some are gonna be hurt and die in that time, that part I don’t like. That is why I will help as many through it as I can. God bless.

        • This may sound bad, but every dead Democrat is a good Democrat.
          More of them dead the better for me and mine. I hate tyrants.

      24. Being an old Vietnam vet, and a lifetime working in the US, searching and researching the Globalists agenda along with scripture and outlook for what is coming.
        After what I thought was very good preparation, that is installing a complete stand alone home in wilderness, fully paid for and energy from the sun and wind, with food stuffs and garden and animal husbandry able to meet almost 80-90% food consumption.
        I realized, that living inside the United States was what made everything without merit. Simply, because only in the last decade understood the reality of the great danger of living in the US.
        Hence, I have left and suggest strongly to my fellow citizen, that you’re as liable to the extraordinary danger I was and should leave.
        The US owes and the coalition formed against it will be successful and hence to dangerous to remain.

        • Clark-

          You may be right brother. Semper Fi.


        • And a good spot to go is??? Some of us aren’t spring chickens so can’t go just anywhere.

        • I agree with you. Tell me one country where you can own guns to protect yourself. The Swiss won’t let you in. They will let me in( I have skills they are in short supply of). You always have to make choices. I’m staying in an imperfect crappy Democrat fascist state, because they cannot beat me. You can roll the dice elsewhere. I’d try New Zealand. But I’d study up on how to knife fight.

      25. I live in Western Oregon. I was talking to an electrical inspector yesterday when we both stopped to do some shopping. I asked him how business was doing. He said good luck in finding a sub contractor for anything at present. He also told me that he had waited over 2 weeks and was still waiting for mud for his shop floor. There is new residential work, remodel, new commercial, and commercial tenant improvement in progress. Also several friends are in construction related businesses and they are claiming that things are hotter right now than in 2006. I am pretty much retired now but bet I could either open up a shop or go to work for someone in a day or two. People that are not working here don’t want to work or have no skills. I can’t believe that this is the only portion of the country that is charging. Is it just OpSec as you all say and people are tight lipped because they don’t want the competition? . How about some feedback from people that work?

        • Hi Skeptic, I’m a skeptic about this too. Try posting on CL for workers. You’ll get many at $15/hr. most of them will work hard too. I see “help wanted” signs in restuarants and places here. My job placement friends say they can’t find people with “full open stack” and other skillsets. I think there are tons of jobs, just not people willing to learn enough to do them and not enough people actually willing to work them/be productive enough to earn their keep.
          Do I think the stock market is a leading indictor? yes. Do I think the pay is not enough to entice people to work? Definitely pay is too low to get those people to work. In 1930, there were not enough jobs (I think); today, the companies are not willing to pay enough. Companies would rather not grow than to have to pay more.
          I also think fraud is the new business strategy. In the 1990’s it was price skimming (jacking up prices on the uninformed, locking down markets so people have to pay more). In the 2000’s it was cutting value (fewer K cups in the box, less ice cream in the box, more non-nutritive stuff in the kid’s juice box). Today, I think we will see a decade of fraud. Government money to shell corps like Solyndra etc.
          I also think there’s a >50% chance this “correction” will be a long term bear. Then we’ll see war, I think; as the .gov’ers continue to line their pockets while working America continues to get crushed. This pattern is VERY clear today. If one is a white male without military experience, then I think they should not even bother applying for a .gov jobs. White males need not apply.

      26. As to my last comment, it may not last a long while but it is real at the moment. Is it possible to follow these type of web sites and be positive about anything at the same time? I find myself predicting doom at times when reality may say otherwise. Shoot the ducks while they are flying.

      27. Clark,understand why you left.Me dad was going to pull a leave permanently move,was still trying to figue out where he would go,he was well off and thus money not the issue but trying to figure a good spot to land and ride out a world economic chaos,he unfortunetly died before he made a decision.I was welcome where ever he went but told him gonna make a last(probably permanently last!)stand in the woods I consider home.He understood and was going to leave some money behind for that battle,whatever form it took.

        • When push comes to shove, the outsider is always at a disadvantage compared to the insider or little person/citizen. Laws are not color blind especially in other countries and corruption may or may not give you an advantage if you are a person of means. You may actually become a target. Even in this country it is not easy to blend in with the locals if you are not a local! Good luck to all who want to move overseas. For better or for worse, we may actually be the freest country in the world in all categories, but partcularly in regard to property rights.

          • Meant to say ‘local person’ not ‘little person’.

      28. As I’ve said in the past,working in a MFG. setting for over 30 years. I have never seen this country in such a state of decline. And now 58, with MS and in a wheel chair. I am just a bystander for the most part. This decline has been going on for decades now, with each treaty signed by our Gov’t. each treaty was a knife in the heart by the FED. to the skilled labor force. We have all been frogs in the pot of water. If the water is starting to feel kind of hot, well its about to start boiling pretty soon, thats why. I’m getting this feeling that there won’t be anybody left to clean up the mess when when this is over. In my prayers I’m asking Jesus to come real soon. Please Lord. Matt 24:22

        • I’m right there with ya. Maranatha!

      29. Wow;
        With some of the shit that is spewed on here I am truly amazed that my posts are consistently held in moderation.

      30. Sixpsck &Alijamo:

        I agree. There are as many reasons for people’s misfortunate financial circumstances as there are people. Bad decisions are only one of many mitigating factors.

        Veering off subject (unemployment)

        I watched a video on U-tube. It purported to prove that Michele is a male. The photos and explanation was convincing. I asked myself why the PTB would choose a complete false family to put into the Whitehouse. They must think that it will shatter our reality giving us a collective nervous breakdown, create civil hysteria, and the need for an intervention. That of course being total domination under the New Order.
        When I read comments alluding to a reset it gives me pause. Isn’t that thinking playing into the hands of the Global Conspirators. I think it is. Isn’t it better for the average American to take this in stride and respond not with hysteria but with a yawn. What is such a shock. After all who doesn’t know that since actor Ronald Reagan graced the government stage, we have had nothing but more actors. And everyone knows that half the leading men in Hollywood are flaming fags, so what’s the big surprise. The government and Hollywood are like our Corporations all part and parcel owned by the Banksters/Zionist/Nothing New World Order.
        Can we just go about our business. And competition is the real threat to this global conspiracy, so those who are unemployed, and we know there are plenty, would be wise to form groups to do business any kind of business, rather than to loose it and cause the downfall these people so obviously are attempting to create.

      31. B,

        Your point is well made. There is a tension/dialectic between those who would continue business as usual by resistance and reform from within, and those who feel we need to stop feeding the Beast/Leviathon and go Galt.

        I personally feel we need to go all out and try to reform the laws, education, the government, and double down on policies and practices that strengthen the family, etc., but it does look daunting! The easiest thing to do, if one has the means, would be to go off the grid and stop feeding the Beast, or hold everything in cash like Wynn and others are doing.

        It all boils down to having strong families that make up the brick and mortar of strong communities. The left has been doing everything in its power to destroy the family unit. Once the family has been broken, the battle has been lost and TPTB can take complete control. I personally believe that this is one of the main strategies of the present administration, the liberals, and the democrats. With the breakdown of the traditional family as we knew it we are at considerable disadvantage.

      32. B,while I agree,believe we need to get folks to look past their differences(many govt. created)and realise first,we allowed this to happen,second,band together and put a end to the bullshit,I do see it happening to a degree and as times get more challenging will see more of it.

      33. The most popular television show in the United States is currently ‘CSI’ (Crime Scene Investigations).
        It also has LED flash that illuminates when the need arises.
        When advertising in an ezine, you place your advert in ezine
        that of the same or similar niche with what you are offering in your

        I do not even know how I ended up here, but
        I thought this post was good. I don’t know who you are but definitely you’re going to a
        famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

      34. The system of official unemployment statistics, at least in Estonia, is made in a manner that counts only those who are on the list. But you can get deleted from this list if you fail to show up at unemployment center every month and if the agency finds out that you haven’t searched for new job actively. It may also be the reason why the official unemployment rate is lower on chart than reality in U.S. also.

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