“The Second American Revolution Is Happening” – U.S. Intelligence Agencies Have Started A Counter Coup Against Clinton

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Headline News | 47 comments

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    Editor’s Note: Is it any wonder that Hillary Clinton is being hit from all sides? The tens of thousands of leaked emails, the re-opening of the FBI investigation, and overwhelming support by military officers for Donald Trump suggest that those working for the military, law enforcement and the intelligence community will do whatever they can to keep Hillary Clinton from becoming their new boss. 


    Former United States Department of State official Dr. Steve Pieczenik is a psychiatrist who has over 20 years experience in resolving international crises for four U.S. administrations.

    Pieczenik was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, and James Baker. His expertise includes foreign policy, international crisis management, and psychological warfare. He served the presidential administrations of Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush in the capacity of deputy assistant secretary.

    He has come forward with a series of videos that expose the Clintons, explains that they co-opted many central facets of our government including the White House, the judiciary, the CIA, and the FBI. and claims that the corrupt couple belongs to a high-level pedophile ring.

    Pieczenik explains that it was not the Russians who provided information to WikiLeaks – US intelligence offered the data to Julian Assange. This counter-coup is working against Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

    Here, Pieczenik discusses the Clintons’ connections to Anthony Weiner, Jeffrey Esptein’s Lolita Express, and more.

    In this video, Pieczenik reveals the details regarding Democratic Party ‘Fixer,” Jeff Rovin.

    Dr. Pieczenik tells us “the second American revolution” is happening.

    I hope he’s correct, because we certainly need it.

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      1. About time!

        • Don’t put your faith into false promises.
          Wait until the event is complete before taking a relaxing breath of relief.

        • Revelation 2:9
          Revelation 3:9
          This is truth.

      2. We need to end the professional politician BS and close the tap on outside money,

        • Nailbanger,
          AMEN to that the , TV brainwashing worked and most of America become SHEEPLE, and so the flock got screwed and all they knew was sitting on the couch watching more crap and becoming more controlled!! example how would anyone ( except scumbags in DC) would EVER believe that the Clintons were good people!! just makes me sick!!

        • we should pick them like jury duty.

      3. defend our borders both physical and digital….immediate issue gold jackass currency….secure our resources from CABAL control…arrest and deport all un-screened non citizen individuals…..get the communities involved……

      4. Is Hillary in deep kimchi? One can only hope.
        (For those who are unfamiliar with “kimchi” here is the recipe.
        Take a few fish (carp will do).
        Put them in a clay jar with just enough water to cover the carp.
        Bury the jar in the soil for 6 months or longer.
        Once you take the jar out of the ground, hold your nose, do not take any deep breaths and open the jar. Let it vent for 15 minutes or so.
        Pour the liquid out and into another container.
        Take the solids (now a single white jell) and squeeze out the excess liquid.
        Put the solids on salad, rice or in soups.
        Pour the liquids over salad for extra pungent aroma.

        • I haven’t listened to the video yet but Hillary is a smiley face and its difficult to imagine someone who smiles all the time would be that corrupt… and her husband, Bill, looks half dead!!

          so I really don’t see how a half dead man and a smiley faced woman who gets all her clues from her sponsors (the Oligarth) could manage all these deeds…

        • Ewwww

        • eww…yep, sounds like the clintons alright..

      5. I see a report on Drudge
        Nothing on Fox.

        Something has to happen. Stay Alert!

        • Report on this at Zerohedge.

          Former British Ambassador Claims Source Of Podesta Leaks “Comes From Within Washington”

          “The source of these emails and leaks has nothing to do with Russia at all. I discovered what the source was when I attended the Sam Adam’s whistleblower award in Washington.

          The source of these emails comes from within official circles in Washington DC. You should look to Washington not to Moscow.”

          ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-11-02/former-british-ambassador-claims-source-podesta-leaks-comes-within-washington

      6. Now what ??

        So, the Clintons aren’t doing so good. We knew that. What exactly does this “counter coup” involve?? Is this the beginning of “postponing” the election?? Do they put Sanders in to justify a Trump defeat at the rigged Soros owned ballot box. This man said nothing about AIPAC or Goldman Sucks, and the Free Mason, Bill Clinton, or the Masonic Music Industry (m&m), or the Masonic Sodomite Media and Movie Industry.

        It may be one of the best things ever, but I fear it is the Banksters (Rockefeller, Rothschild), plan B. Or maybe even plan A. I don’t think they anticipated how determinedly Americans would pursue Truth. But once they knew we were determined to stop their plans for world conquest they either really decided to do the right thing here or this is the beginning of a big TRICK.

        Any one for taking bets.


        • I’m not a betting man, so I won’t take you up on that, mostly because I think you’re right about this being another “trick”. They are masters of “the game”, and we are the pawns being played. This whole thing is a giant setup, just about everything you think you know is a lie, just about everything you’ve ever been told or taught is a lie, and all to conceal the truth from you. And the truth? Well now, that depends on what are you asking about. But just for starters lets start with our government. This is not our lawful constitutional government. This is a foreign cabal which has usurped our lawful government and is as such an occuping force on our soil.
          This all went sideways during the Un-Civil War and has only gotten worse ever sense.
          The real problem to getting this all sorted out is that it is so big and has been going on for so long, people can’t get their minds around it. The first big leap is to realize that the “big lie” isn’t just big, it’s HUGE! It involves everything. You have to stop and THINK about it; why is it things just keep getting worse no matter what you do? It’s because the system is corrupt to the core and it is designed that way. We live in a corrupt system that only benefits those who are corrupt; well some people who aren’t do ok, but for the most part, it is rigged, it is fixed.

          To get a handle on it you will have to do some research and pull you head out of your ass and look around and be honest with yourself. Why has it gotten this bad? Because we have been lied to about just about everything. Time to reboot the system and go back to the old “common law system”.

          Think about it, do some research.

          Mr. Charlie out.

          • Mr Charlie, you sir are 100% spot on. The common law courts went out in the 60’s. Admiralty courts have been inserted instead. Notice that the flag on display in the court room has gold fringe around the edges. Common law is law of the land. Admiralty law is English law of the sea. We’ve been hosed since the civil war and the big nail was driven in by Ulysses S Grant in 1871, when he signed into law the Act of 1871, making the country a corporate entity… then the juden hooked us up with the federal reserve bank system in 1914.

          • You both are very correct in what your putting down federal Constitution. What a crock of sh&$. that belongs to DC and the Territory’s. .those rules don’t really apply to us but they convinced everyone that it does. So sad . I’ve been doing research for awhile now. Talk about being reamed. They call us states and where not all fifty are republic’s. They all most succeeded in makeing people beleave that its not. People need to get some real history in there heads and maybe this will go down faster. May this be real and God please let it be successful

            • Mark, you are right, the Constitution does not apply to us, the living state nationals. It applies to those in Washington DC,any territories, or forts, and CITIZENS of the United States. The constitution is a contract that is meant to put constrants on the federal government, not the people. There are a lot of people who go on and on about the constitution this, and that, but it is a cage for Washington, not for us. But sense TPTB control the education system what we have is a lot of ignorant people simply regurgitating what they have been brainwashed to believe.

              They do not realize they are working for the wrong side. Mark Twain said,”It is easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled.”

              This has never been truer than it is today. But all we can do at this point is just keep pushing forward and pray that the Lord God is pushing along with us.

              Mr. Charlie out.

      7. We may have come close to Nuclear War. Clinton saying the Russian’s are involved in our elections. We are not out of the woods yet.

        Yes and how about Soros?

        Clintons have Chelsea and Soros has a son. Next in line to create havoc in the world.

        Is there a Kennedy in the woodpile? Don’t need no Bush’s either.

        • Yeah dumb bitch have you ever heard of UN oversight? It’s what every banana republic does that’s worried about the integrity of its elections…

          SCARE SCARE SCARE (solution???!!! Nooo we don’t wanna have one of THOSE…)

      8. Off topic but the feds are to release decision on rate increase in about an hour so the market should be interesting to watch just depending on how much of an increase it is cus all them banks that were using free Fed money and dumping it into the stock market may start bailing out. Funny thing is I hear people all the time gloat about retiring in a year or so and how good their retirement 401k ect is doing and ya want to tell them but why bother they would never listen. Gonna be alot of depressed and pissed off sheeple running around going baa baa

      9. I can only hope3 and pray that this isn’t total B.S.
        If they blow this wide open just maybe the will use a short rope and tall tree.

        • Rope can be used multiple times. Still good to have extra though.

          • isn’t that why they call it the “beltway” in DC, belts work as well as a rope!! and look at all the street lights!!!LOL

      10. Election is 6 days away so are we gonna have economic crash or terrorism before the election or will the election it’s self cause Shtf?? I think it needs a name for that day kinda like D Day in WW2 but call it A day for anarchy or P day for Purge day or R day for revolution Oh look the stock market is starting to drop already so I guess someone let the cat out of the bag before announcing the rate increase hmm and away we go

        • It would have to be “S” day, as in hit the fan.

      11. We better hope the Second American Revolution is successful and succeeds quickly because the situation is going to deteriorate into a Second Amendment Solution.

      12. Just seen on cnbc where they said they found the tomb of Jesus Christ and they are getting ready to open it. Now it’s my clear understanding that Jesus rose from the dead and his tomb was empty. So it had better be empty cus if not then this is some shit to discredit our Christian faith. So would it be some Muslim bullshit or Jewish deceitful discredited Crap. The book of Revelation tells it all so what’s next oh ya we already have Christians being beheaded guess we gonna be seeing the anti christ and a new temple. All I can say is it will be a war unlike any ever. It’s one thing to fight for freedom and even more so for God.

        • If it isn’t empty, it isn’t His!!!

        • They know this because…???

          Huh. 2000 plus year old tomb just kicking around in the desert… what it’s got a neon sign over it?

          Could be anything. Could be anyone. What are you gonna do, DNA test it? Where’s your comparison sample… ohhhhhhhhhhh right you don’t haaaave oneeeee riiiiight.

        • Jesus never owned a tomb, he was placed in a tomb donated by Joseph of Arimathea. So, if there is a person entombed there, it is Joseph, who I’m sure used his tomb himself when he died because it was vacant 🙂

      13. “US Intelligence” HaHaHaHaHa…oxymoron.

        That’s just what we need…the CIA pulling a coup. They are the ones starting all the trouble around the world since the end of WWII. What, are they gonna be some pure lily white organization now? That organization is worse than the corrupt Clintons.

        Here’s what an “insider” thinks about the CIA.

        Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty who served from 1955-1964 in the Pentagon working closely with the CIA:

        “It is not the president who instructs the CIA concerning what it will do. And in many cases it is not even the Director of Central Intelligence who instructs the CIA. The CIA is a great monstrous machine with tremendous and terrible power. It can be set in motion from the outside like a programmer setting a computer in operation and then it covers up what it is doing when men like Frank Hand – the real movers – put grease on the correct gears. And in a majority of cases, the power behind it all is Big Business, Big Banks, Big Law Firms, and Big Money. The agency exists to be used by them.”

        So, if there is a coup by the CIA, it is being run by the banking industry that does not want a Clinton in as president. It will do nothing to restore our liberty and allow us to pursue our happiness. It will be more jackboot grinding on your neck.


      14. If this is true, there will be challenging times right ahead of us. Desperate people do desperate things in desperate times. The elite led by hillary and obama WILL NOT give up quietly. This is when you may have to rely on all of your prep’s

        Good luck and God bless….

      15. Coup d’etat! Coup d’etat!

      16. Guys,gonna need some donations,seems the NYPD broke open a lot of this and now others in govt. actually doing what tis right?!This turns out true want to buy each a cup of coffee or a drink,this could get expensive.

      17. As I have said all along, the battle is one that is NON-violent, mediated by communication, information dissemination, and education. Yes, we need the 2nd Amendment. But this battle is very different, and all those shoot-em-up types on this site, assuming they aren’t just moles trying to bait people, are short sighted.

        We need to be aggressive but wise and gentle, winsome, communicate effectively and persistently, be cogent, use irony and humor to point out the massive leftist corruption, etc. Gandhi and MLK did it. So can we.

        Thanks for posting this, Mac

        • Test…if the SHTF no one will ever hear from you again because you have no clue what is happening in YOUR world…WE know. Sucks to be anyone who depends on YOU for protection…

      18. Anyone that believes this crap is a naive fool !

      19. This bloated criminal US government has no concern for truth and justice. Only war and money matter. The people follow along as if powerless and voiceless, because they are.

      20. Counter-coup.

        Be wary of falling into a trap here.

        There is every possibility that this is just more clever machinations by deep-state players. The good Dr. is telling us what we want to hear, but that doesn’t mean this is a legitimate, “good-guy” effort. It is just as likely to be a ploy by an alternate faction of the deep-state to eliminate a failed agenda while simultaneously positioning themselves at the fore of what WE INTERPRET as an organic “cleansing” or “revolutionary” effort – which we will tie ourselves to – only to realize too late that the effort was co-opted before it ever took flight. Look at the Dr.’s bona-fides…he has the makings of a great savior – or an even better DECEIVER.

        I’m not saying he is.

        Just that it could be the case.

      21. Counter-coup.

        Be wary of falling into a trap here.

        There is every possibility that this is just more clever machinations by deep-state players. The good Dr. is telling us what we want to hear, but that doesn’t mean this is a legitimate, “good-guy” effort. It is just as likely to be a ploy by an alternate faction of the deep-state to eliminate a failed agenda while simultaneously positioning themselves at the fore of what WE INTERPRET as an organic “cleansing” or “revolutionary” effort – which we will tie ourselves to – only to realize too late that the effort was co-opted before it ever took flight. Look at the Dr.’s bona-fides…he has the makings of a great savior – or an even better DECEIVER.

        I’m not saying he is.

        Just that it could be the case.

      22. GOOD vs EVIL…not difficult to understand..or recognize.
        It iS that simple…you are on the side of good or advocate evil…The CHOICE is YOURS

      23. Suicide. Back of the head. Nail gun. 15 times. While tied to a chair.

        Same as always.

      24. I don’t want to see Marshal Law imposed …. But I do want to see tanks rolling into DC in support of some Marine and Army Battalions sent to arrest all the freaking scum bag political elite and Hillary enablers!!! To all hell with the laws that say our troops can’t deploy internally!
        ITS H HOUR!!!

      25. Where is Dunford & the military in this?

      26. So let me get this straight…The morons in Wash DC think they will win the election by hook and crook, so they announce(preplace the idea in american minds the meme they (the loyalists in the DoD)the will strike to PREVENT RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE, AN ACT OF WAR) that will take down the Russian power grid to goad the Russians into attacking us through an EMP attack. This result the same morons will use as the excuse to interrupt the elections and blame the Russians for. This thinking by them that as long as they have an excuse to upset Trumps win against a rigged system that they can push their plan forward to install Hitlery when all they are really doing is pushing cover so they can implement “TEMPORARY EMERGENCY MEASURES” excuse for Obama to buy time he needs to implement his own agenda to house clean true patriots within the US FED GOV and fully overthrow the remains of American agencies not already corrupted and under Obama and Clinton control.

        Which would be brilliant if Putin were a complete moron, for two reasons, Putin WILL RETALIATE BY DOING JUST THAT due to the direct declaration of war is an attack on them, and Obama assumes he has any legitimacy if he interferes at all with elections that the USA citizens that hate him, will OBEY anything that comes from his corrupt loyalists he commands, will stand by and not act on the blatant hot overthrow of the USA. OBAMA KNOWS HE IS DONE FOR AND WILL DO ANYTHING TO SAVE HIS OWN FOUL STINKING TREASONOUS MUSLIM HIDE. the clock ticks down his final days. The most desperate animal strike has been telegraphed to us, now we know how his treason will come upon us, by foul deliberate provocation of the Russians.

        It must be assumed that any such Emergency order and any agency that recognizes it and obeys is now the direct enemy of the Constitution and the American people

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