The Running Of The Sheep: Black Friday 2015 Video Hall of Shame

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    This article was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper.


    Editor’s Note: Every year Pamplona, Spain hosts the annual Running of the Bulls festival. Thousands join in as either observers of the event or participants, who risk life and limb for a chance to outrun a herd of bulls released onto the streets of the city. People are often hurt, mangled or even killed. Regardless, many come back the following year for more. Here in America we have a similar celebration. Though no Spanish bulls are to be found, hundreds of thousands of sheep are released into the wild and left to fend for themselves. They fight not for glory, however. Rather, these brave sheep battle for discounted televisions, home appliances, video games and cheaply produced plastic toys for their children. As in Pamplona, it can be a dangerous endeavor for the sheep involved. Sometimes they die after being stomped on by eager shoppers attempting to be one of the chosen few to grab one of three flat-screens available at their local electronics store. Others are injured as they struggle to find the ultimate Black Friday deal, at times going so far as to instigate physical confrontations with rivals who may be attempting to one up them with a four slice toaster or the latest in vegetable steaming technology. This year Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper presents the 2015 Black Friday Video Hall of Shame. 

    American shoppers continued to embarrass themselves in the eyes of the world during yesterday’s shopping extravaganza. While smart shoppers stayed home and avoided the insanity by ordering gifts online, the melees were alive and well in malls and big box stores across the country.

    When it becomes difficult to tell the difference between that giant horde of zombies on The Walking Dead and shoppers on the day after Thanksgiving, it’s pretty evident that we have a serious problem.

    Watch these videos, and just imagine if these people and their children were hungry.  What if you stood between them and the food they felt they should have? Do you really think that they’ll be more civilized when the prize is life-saving food and not a cheap TV?  Is there really any question that preppers should be armed?

    Use this as a case study in collapse behavior.


    The Black Friday 2015 Videos

    In our first video, an adult snatched a vegetable steamer out of the hands of a child. As the stunned child looked on, the mother took off after the steamer snatcher, who told her not to be so aggressive.

    Several fights erupted in this stampede through a shopping mall that looked uncannily like the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, except with human participants instead of horned ones.

    In this video, people at Wal-Mart come to blows over a “deal” on a television.

    Here’s another Wal-Mart television brawl, this time in Texas.

    At yet another Wal-Mart, this employee had enough and took down a customer.

    This man was so determined to get a “deal” that he went all Mission Impossible, scurrying across coolers in order to get to his desired sale item more quickly.

    The lunacy seems to have spread to the UK this year, if this video from Yorkshire is anything to judge by.

    The Joke is on Them

    And here’s the thing: These sales actually aren’t that good. In fact, some products are actually triple the price that they were 3 weeks ago. They are behaving this shamefully and paying more and their lack of research to determine this says that they’re probably not thinking ahead enough to prep.

    This isn’t a one-time thing. It happens every single year.

    Now…think about this.

    What if there was no food? No water? No medicine? What if the grocery store was cleaned out and there was no sign of it restocking any time soon?  How would this same throng of people behave to get the last loaf of bread or case of canned goods?  What would they do if they knew you had food in your home while they had nothing?

    I think we all know the answer to this question. If people are willing to assault another human being over a vegetable steamer, they will definitely lay siege to your home if you have food and they do not.

    You can stockpile until you have a decade of supplies put back, but if you can’t defend it, you don’t actually own it. You only have your carefully collected supplies and preps because no one has bothered taking them away from you yet.  You have what you have based on the goodwill of others, who are stronger, greater in number, more ruthless, and better armed.  When everyone else is doing it and there’s little to no chance of legal consequences, these crazy Black Friday shoppers will look as harmless as a bunch of little old ladies playing Bingo.

    You may not like hearing this, but you need only to check out the videos above to realize how thin the veneer of our civilization really is.

    Do you have any other videos that should be included in this collection? Be sure to share a link in the comments below.

    The Pantry Primer

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    Daisy Luther is the author of The Pantry Primer: A Prepper’s Guide To Whole Food on a Half Price Budget.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]

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      1. These videos becoming a holiday tradition,kinda like the original Peanuts Christmas!The hordes when things really tough will to a large degree either kill each other off or waste valuable energy trying to.The few smart folks just in wrong place/wrong time will skeedaddle quickly to their designated shelter/meet up location/bol ect.The masses will be a quick die off,those left behind will be the ones who may be a threat depending on whether they are in it for survival or in it for survival off of others.

        • Agree: Those videos perfectly show the quality of the general population and how they behave under stress. Dumbed-down cattle just waiting for their trip into the abattoir.

          I suspect most would be dead within a couple weeks in a shtf. We saw in Katrina what will happen: the cattle will flee to the first government-run facility they can find and then suck on that teet until it runs dry (just look at the refugees today: passed from government to government, country to country until they find the most generous option, while other countries breath a sigh of relief when they are gone). As for the streets, they become the domain of street gangs, mercenaries and military in helicopters keeping a safe distance until the scum kill each other off.

          All of it is not a pretty sight and when you strip the stage-set away of civilization, humanity is some ugly underneath. Have seen this over and over again around the world. Does not matter the race, language or ethnicity.

          People first grab the food and water they crave. When they have enough to last a week or two, they start seeking sexual release (watch out young women!), after that a brutal struggle takes place as various ‘strong men’ seek to horde as much of what is left as possible and grab the prettiest girls they can. Eventually a civil war is underway as the remaining strong men go after each other. After much bloodshed, the smartest one rises to the top.

          In many ways, the way the governments have responded to the financial crisis has been in this pattern, albeit, with people in suits and bespectacled smart women in mini skirts. But they have grabbed what they can, ditched the weak, and now are busy having a battle between the strong men (Obama vs Putin; Saudi vs Iran; China vs Japan etc.).

          Just look at the terrain for sex: Greek women now offering BJs and HJs for two euros a go so they can eat; prostitutes across Europe complaining their fees going down year on year, yet facing more competition from pretty and smart female students. Gangs willing to take the risks of trading in children for sex because the market is so huge. We are already in the dog-eat-dog breakdown.

          • Walmartians, absolute pathetic breed of sub-human parasites of society.

            • Nobama, LOL. ‘Walmartians’ is a good one.

              • Stak & pak My Peeps, you can’t have too much ammo !!! 🙂

                BTW Genius, I LOVE those Hitler videos. Five stars !!! *****

          • I agree that society can get that way, especially the Greek example, but they are much further along in economic austerity and ripoff loans coming due.

            Just a thought.

            Since we see fake videos and incidents more and more, could it be that “someone” would want to further divide us using black friday tactics? (That would be corporate cooperation to cause “scarcity” and paid shit-stirrers) Anyway, food for thought, they are trying many divide and conquer tactics after all.


            Keep an eye out, but don’t let them divide us if you can help it.

            • I hear ya, Scout. I saw some clips elsewhere, then walked my 5 acres of hillside and made a plan. Nothing that would stand up to an army of crazed looters, a slow down. I started a “barrier hedge” across the front 350 feet of my property. I have a 75 degree hill… up 20 feet from the street. 4 ft chain link fence at the top. I have prickly pear and tree chollas readily available and will start putting them along the street. My garden is not visible and my native food forest is not recognizable as food. Just one more thing, one more chore. This valley is armed and dangerous.
              Still… I think Americans need to work together to avoid the divide and conquer rhetoric used to separate us.

          • Brilliant observations Frank,
            I pretty much see it going the same way. This is the way of collapsing empires. But this time, those in control are going to pull the plug on their great fiat currency Ponzi scheme that will wreck the economies of the world.

            They’ll leave us to our own devices for awhile like you said. Most will beg for their gov’t masters to save them.

            What they will be saved from is their last ounce of dignity and whatever decency makes us human rather than brutal vicious animals.

          • European countries should build fences so the ‘refugees’ can’t come back in. The likes of Hungary know their fence only diverts the muslime invasion.

        • Im pretty sure that gunfire and torches will play a role when TSHTF.

          I won’t be caught dead in any of that chaos.

          • You are only half right as the correct number is 1.5m…..

        • Warchild, I’ve got the Peanuts Christmas on DVD and that makes a helluva lot more sense than any black Friday video. Those videos are just more examples to the world of what our nation has turned into. When the balloon goes up, those same retards will start KILLING people to get food, water, etc.

          • Interviews with burglars found that the number one deterrent is a dog of any breed. Criminals do not like dogs.

            “Safes” are a giant bulls-eye. Weld that motherfucker to the foundation, or get a diversionary safe whilst the real valuables are hidden inconspicuously.

            Improve security with alarms, surveillance, security bars, multiple locks, etc., as you can afford them.

            Build a fence around the property. Bar the first floor windows.

            An alternative strategy is to have the outside of the house looking totally normal.

            • Good points Acid, May I add security window film, motion sensor lights and thorny shrubs. For under 100 bux you can have an outdoor night vision camera connected to a 7 inch flat monitor so you can mount it next to the bed and see whats going on outside day or night. Matter of fact you can have 2 cameras outside (front and back) for under 100 bux.

              • Good points Acid & Genius – also rows of thorny shrubs or very dense/thick shrubs around perimeter of property (fences can be scaled and aren’t as effective) and under all windows ranks in importance right under trained guard dogs.

              • I decided on prickly pear today. Readily available here.

        • Lebanon used to be part of Syria in which Christians were concentrated. After WW1 Syria became a French mandate and Lebanon was partitioned in order to stop the murder of Christians by the Moose Limbs. Well, the nebulous country advanced by light years once the 7th century goat herders were obviated from holding civilization back with their superstitions.

          After WW2 though, Lebanon admitted the Muslim refugees from Palestine, who promptly began to slaughter their Christian benefactors and turn the country right back into a shithole.

          “Just like the pilgrims, these Syrian refugees are” says the Obambi. How right he is! Both would murder those who saved their lives.

        • The hallmark of SHTF is when you see people openly using violence in the streets. We aren’t there yet but things are progressing.

          I’ve read some shit stupid comments on this site over the past few weeks mocking us for our beliefs, asking “when is this great collapse gonna happen”?

          Fucking look out the window. No jobs, riots, violent protests, civil unrest? Do you see any signs of improvement? No? Then you’d better fucking keep stackin, hadn’t you?

          • I don’t know Acid, I think this “knockout game” is pure open street violence. We very well might be “there” now.

            • nawww, my MOM’s been playin’ that knockout game with ME for YEARS! a lot of parents got that timeout thing going for them, but not MY MOM!

        • I have never seen a white chimpout before.

          • Well that is because whites are actually part chimp. Google ALL NON AFRICANS ARE PART NEANDERTHAL. You are 2-4% sub human. Not my opinion. White scientist themselves admit this.

            • Neanderthal DNA differed from that of modern humans by only 0.12% and their average brain size was larger than that of modern humans. They survived during a period of very harsh climate in Europe for over 200,000 years. They made advanced tools and were apex predators, and buried their dead. Those folks weren’t anywhere near knuckle dragging stupid.

        • It’s getting better every years !!!!! Real sheep’s !!!! If it’s the American dream i’ll pass my turn !!!!!

        • Black Friday videos are better than sitting on the shady side of a Juarez bullfight!

      2. Just think how bad they will act when TSHTF.

        • SR, when SHTF, the same morons will start KILLING to get food, water, etc.

          • Brave, let me rephrase that lol. They will be DYING to get food and water. Because around here they won’t be killing they will be DYING 🙂

            • Genius, they’ll damn sure die if they come to take anything I have. I’m more determined than ever now to protect what I have.

      3. At this point, ONLY a Spiritual Awakening can save this country from itself!

        IF you live/visit any where near Tampa, FL, please pay a visit to the River Church (3738 River International Drive, Tampa, Florida 33610) and ask Dr. Rodney** to lay hand & pray for you – the Living God has touched many lives through this minister! All are welcomed! **please check Dr. Rodney’s schedule ahead because he ministers around the globe frequently – he surely has the the Anointing/Gift –

        IF you live/visit any where near Tulsa, OK, please pay a visit to the Family Prayer Center (Family Prayer Center—Dave Roberson Ministries, 1818 W. 86th Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74132) and ask Pastor Dave, Gary Carpenter or their teams (i.e. join the “Green Line”) to pray for you. All are welcome!

        “O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.” (Psalm 34:8 KJV)

        • “At this point, ONLY a Spiritual Awakening can save this country from itself!”

          Truer words were never spoken. 🙁

      4. We should send these fucking morons to syria. Who needs bombs when you have a population this. We dont need to be attacked on american soil to be doomed. we are already there.

        • Iknad, I like your idea. Send all of the morons to Syria to fight ISIS. ISIS would do us a huge favor by taking them out.

          • Deport all non-white men.

            • not ALL “non-white” men are bad, acid. i disagree, strongly, with your assessment of what needs to be done….the job of “taking out” the “bad ones” will be left to the general population, not the gubmint, unfortunately. it will be up to US to weed out the evil/bad/unprepared. and this culling is about on US in 5…4…3……i may die in the end, but as i’m taking my last breaths, i WILL be thinking of how RIGHT i’ve been, and how WRONG all the naysayers have been over the last few years. i just hope i have the strength to raise my hands to my mouth, and laugh into them for one last time……hopefully i will take a few WITH me. i’m with you braveheart…let ’em TRY!

      5. That’s what a food riot almost looks like.

        • LW, a real food riot will be worse.

      6. It’s nothing like those videos here, they can’t use an EBT card for tv’s 🙂

        • Wait and see, they will come out with black friday cards lol (for the kids of course) 😛

      7. WD and Daisy.

        These videos are terrific teaching tools. You can not deny what you see. The transition between a few fist fights and wrestling matches to various forms of weapons used against you and your family, can be very fast.
        If and when that happens, I will step into it and embrace it and those on the other end of the stick will be real sorry for their acts of aggression.

        Sad part is, these people may be your friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives, the Butcher, Baker and Candlestick maker.

        Are you ready?

        • Sling, spot on. I already know what to expect from such trash. When the balloon goes up, the black Friday brawls won’t be shit compared to what will take place in the stores. People will literally start killing for food, water, etc. After the stores are cleaned out, they’ll start going into neighborhoods trying to turn other people’s homes into their ‘grocery stores’. I’m glad most of my supplies are already at the BOL. I just hope to make it out of town before anything happens.

          • More food will be destroyed than taken.

            • You’ll probably be safe as long as you stay away from the doritos, cookies and soda pop aisles. Stick to what they won’t touch with a 10 ft pole – beans, rice, produce, foods you actually have to COOK to eat…anybody else noticed that the meat sections are filled mostly with precooked meats and prepared packaged goods now?

              Sure, you’ll find a couple of chickens, some sausages and ground beef, but the rest is all “ready-to-eat”


        • Another feather in my cap for the depopulation arguement lol.

      8. Almost looks like a zombie movie. Or soddom and Gomorah. No wonder the governments buying ammo like crazy. We should too? After seeing things like this who can argue against depopulation?

        • Lone wolverine,
          Good points. America is full of idols. In this case it’s the idols of junk materialism.

      9. So, why can I post now but couldn’t earlier this morning?
        Nothing’s different.
        Windows Vista, Firefox, what’s the issue?
        I turned Adblock plus off recently for this site, and it coincided with letting me post, but again this AM, posts would vanish??

      10. Gotta love the retailers association manufactured holiday of Black Friday! Nothing like giving corporate america one last time to rid their backrooms of year end taxable inventory that would otherwise never sell.

        60 Hz TV’s, IPad 2’s, DVD Players, and Flip phones for all


      11. Ketchupondemand.

        I have problems sometimes and I think it might be the server. Also the traffic and speed might be a problem Long scrips of advertising. Getting to be a pain to go on the internet.

        • Yes it is. Sometimes I go to the can, stop at the fridge and get back just in time to see a simple web page loaded. It’s ridiculous how many huge ads are on almost all pages, flashing and blinking at you. while you’re trying to read something.

      12. Exactly, the Black Friday deals are anything but a good deal, being all overpriced garbage. American’s near frenzy for shopping events is sick, just mention it and the lumbering beasts will go into full I gotta have it trample mode. All to save a dollar and the feeling of elation that apparently comes with the deal. Look at the 4 inch thick newspaper that weighs 8 pounds packed with ads. Then the newspaper price is jacked up because of the bulk. Getting paid twice for those ads huh? Lower your damn prices for every day sales. These retail stores think the American people are stupid, I guess enough are to keep the doors open. I don’t care how bad the sales will be lacking, they will still gouge the customers rather than lower their profit margin.

        • Take the money you would waste on the sales and fly to Asia. Not only will you see the absolutely most up-to-date hi-tech stuff on sale that will blow your mind, you will eat great food, see some of the most beautiful women in the world and have a nice time. Or you can scramble in the dirt with sub-IQ morons for last year’s crap. Your choice…

          • Frank, Asia would be cool to visit but I think it would be fun to go black friday shopping on a D-9 dozer lol.

      13. They all should be shot dead where they stand. This type of trash should not be allowed to draw another breath. They are a disgrace to everything civilized. Sickening!

      14. This is why I live on the mountain.

        For one, shit flows downhill.

        Plus,it’s hard to riot at high altitude. Two swings and yer gaspin’ for air…

        • JRS, roll some boulders down on them lol.

      15. If I want something I buy it. I don’t wait for black Friday. If I were a terrorist black Friday would be a fine target. I’ll stay home thank you very much.

        • Jim, same here. I was halfway expecting maybe a 9/1 style attack at a shopping mall or something on black Friday but it didn’t happen. In a way we can be glad for that.

          • Brave; The shopping season isn’t over yet…..hope nothing happens but too many soft targets.

      16. I noticed that some of the “sale prices” at Sport Chalet were literally $0.01 below the full retail price. One cent off. Nice.

        Pretty crappy deals, to say the least.

        Wait until January if you can, prices should drop a lot.

        • Anon, spot on. I’ve always found better deals in Jan. than Dec.

          • Yep the after zmas sales are a lot better 🙂

        • Yea, but you get to stand on your neighbor’s head to save that $.01. Isn’t $.01 worth physically assaulting a child over? I mean, you can’t find a veggie steamer (which will be in a yard sale by spring) on any other day.

      17. It is a good measure of your chance of survival if bugging in, as to whether Black Friday at the box stores near you is chaotic like shown in the videos. Like another poster said, the bedlam will spread to the nearby neighborhoods once the stores are completely emptied. The behavior of people in your local stores during the holidays is a good barometer of behavior when shtf. Our local Target store, for example, was very uncrowded, with rows of doorbusters still extant along the aisles at 11am on Friday. That is one of the reasons we moved to this small town- the behavior is notably different here. As for Walmart, well-I avoid that place like the plague all year round unless there is something there I really need. The opportunity for observation is lost for this year, but it might be a good time if follks have a few days off, to buikd a little false wall at the back of the utility area or closet to pack away some essentials.
        I honestly don’t expect many well organized marauding gangs to make it very far out of the city. They will be killing each other off to a great degree after they go after the ordinary folks who have a few weeks of canned goods in the pantry. There will be plenty of people like that who will stay in the city because they actually have some supplies. They are normalcy biased folks who will believe that order will be restored within a reasonable time period. In cities like Houston, people are accustomed to hurricane warnings and to some degree, evacuations… and nobody really likes to do them because of the outrageous traffic on the roads. A lot of people just stay home. For Ike, quite a few people died on Bolivar Pen. because they underestimated the storm. I think some of those 911 calls still exist online from back then with people being told that no one could be sent to help them at the height of the storm.
        The people that do get on the roads… half of them are idiots taking every vehicle (RVs, boats, secondary cars) they own with them. Half filled with gas or beaters, they break down on the road, causing everyone else to idle. The horrible jams reached past our small town for hurricane Rita in ’05, but in a real shtf situation, the freeways would become a parking lot and a death trap. We live miles past a natural freeway bottleneck out of the city. After a certain point in time, it would be impossible to get out of the Houston metro on major roads. People familiar with the back roads have a fighting chance.
        This is why I think the worst of the inner city hoodrats of all persuasions, will not get too far out of the cities. As for the local people, that is another story that would play out interestingly. I do know though, that the local folks are much more likely to band together to survive, and still have farming, hunting and animal husbandry skills. No guarantee, but it is stll a marked differences in the odds of survival to live in a place where there is an established sense of community and people wave to one another as they pass by.

        • 2isone

          Everyone is different and so is every plan. You must think it all through. Learn something new that may save your life or give you an advantage.

          That is why I come here.

        • First, I love the headline, “The Running of the Sheep”. The whole family laughed when I read it.

          Great observation 2IsOne, if people live near Walmarts with Black Friday violence problems, they should seriously consider bugging out if the SHTF. I really hate the idea of becoming a refugee, there may yet become a time when it is the best option.

          People need to google and memorize FEMA maps, especially the zone borders near them. FEMA borders exploit natural borders like rivers, mountains and gorges. A plan to escape even if the major bridges are blocked, blown or baracaded is appropriate.

          I’m seriously thinking of a faraday cage for my garage. I think I need to price this one out. It would be great to have a couple of the only working vehicles in town along with a generator and tractor.

        • I’ve read that many exit ramps were blocked along the evacuation route during the evacuations preceeding the hurricanes in TX and New England.

      18. The first video was staged. People explained it in the video comments.

      19. Well, what can you expect from peopled who have forgotten what
        CHRIST(mas) is all about.

        • “insert polite comment here” 🙂

        • The people Grandee defends with anti-historical lies and ritual name-calling remember what Christmas is about, so every year, they make point of degrading Jesus Christ. They also do it at Easter.

          New Christmas movie is cinematic toilet paper
          Salafist Islam may destroy our bodies, but Zionist Hollywood destroys our souls
          Look at what the usual suspects who control Hollywood (as Marlon Brando said, and Neal Gabler wrote) have done to Christmas this year:
          revisionistreview.blogspot dot com/2015/11/new-christmas-movie-is-cinematic-toilet.html

          Grandee tosses around “antisemitic” quite frequently. Of course Grandee has a neural short circuit—He is in deep denial about “cause (Jewish MasterRace misanthropy) and effect (Gentile reaction).”

      20. To me this is what Christmas is all about,Jethro Tull’s “Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow”,and,before you write this off listen to the song,then,you disagree,well fine! ht tps:// ,you know the drill,damn moderation game,space between http!

        • A charitable thought, Warchild, but I prefer these lyrics (translated) of the Te Deum:

          We praise you, O God: we acclaim you as the Lord. Everlasting Father, all the world bows down before you. All the angels sing your praise, the hosts of heaven and all the angel powers, all the cherubim and seraphim call out to you in unending song: Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of angel hosts! The heavens and the earth are filled with your majesty and glory. The glorious band of apostles, the noble company of prophets, the white-robed army who shed their blood for Christ, all sing your praises. And to the ends of the earth your holy Church proclaims her faith in you. Father, whose majesty is boundless, your true and only Son, who is to be adored, the Holy Ghost sent to be our advocate. You, O Christ, are the King of glory, Son of the eternal Father. When you took our nature to save mankind, you did not shrink from birth in the Virgin’s womb. You overcame the power of death opening the Father’s kingdom to all who believe in you. Enthroned at God’s right hand in the glory of the Father, you will come in judgment according to your promise. You redeemed your people by your precious blood. Come, we implore you, to our aid. Grant us with the saints a place of glory everlasting. Lord, save your people and bless your inheritance. Rule them and uphold them forever and ever. Day by day we praise you: we acclaim you now and to all eternity. In your goodness, Lord, keep us free from sin. Have mercy on us, Lord, have mercy. May your mercy always be with us, Lord, for we have hoped in you. In you, Lord, we put our trust: we shall not be put to shame.

      21. Dammit, good tune but hard for me to understand the lyrics (half deaf) and the wife is asleep.

      22. Black Friday is nothing more than a product of free market capitalism. If you do not like capitalism, as it appears you do not, feel free to move to a socialist/communist state where everything is state controlled. Apparently, you want to state to control, as in eliminate, Black Friday. Here’s a radical thought, Mind your own damn business. If people wish to exercise their God-given liberty and participate in Black Friday, that is their god-given right just as it is your God-given right to not participate. You assholes are typical libtards, wanting to control every aspect of somebody else’s life.

        • Ahhhh… the “God-given” right to worship money. Good luck with that.

        • Cantstand BS, here’s a radical thought from me: LAY DOWN THE CRACKPIPE NOW. There’s no libturds at this site except for the occasional troll like you who comes around. And NO, we don’t want ANY government control over anything since all they do is ruin everything they touch. If the retards out here want to keep taking part in Black Friday, we already know they will and no one here is really trying to stop them. We’re just pointing out the TRUTH about everything concerning the Black Friday events. So take your stupid neocon ass back to Fox News.

      23. ISIS has the solution to fix this shit we see here. We need to rid the world of this worthless sub-human scum.

      24. Genuis,can you hear it now?

        Through long December nights we talk in words of rain or snow
        While you, through chattering teeth, reply and curse us as you go.
        Why not spare a thought this day for those who have no flame
        To warm their bones at Christmas time?
        Say Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow.
        Now as the last broad oak leaf falls, we beg: consider this —
        There’s some who have no coin to save for turkey, wine or gifts.
        No children’s laughter round the fire, no family left to know.
        So lend a warm and a helping hand —
        Say Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow.
        As holly pricks and ivy clings,
        Your fate is none too clear.
        The Lord may find you wanting, let your good fortune disappear.
        All homely comforts blown away and all that’s left to show
        Is to share your joy at Christmas time
        With Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow.

      25. Some of these are rehashes from last year…

      26. The heard needs thinning out.

        • yup yup!!!

      27. When you are an awake real human being and you live in this sick, evil, decadent, materialistic society of brain dead dumbed down chemically altered fascist boot licking Zombie trash like the world has NEVER seen, you understand completely why our disgusting society is doomed for collapse, and the sooner the better for all the small minority of REAL HUMANS.

      28. I use to make fun of these people but I have to admit I was wrong. I feel absolutely sorry for these people who probably have little to no money to spend on XMAS. I blame our monetary system and the corporate advertisers who have caused & promote this. Sad to watch and the one day of the year I’m ashamed to be an American.

      29. I went to the grocery store on Black Friday–had a lot of reduced meats so I stocked up.
        I can buy a veggie steamer from thrift shop for 3.00 no way will I pay retail.Unless its undies and shoes.

      30. Problems on Black Friday are rare. That’s why they become national news. I don’t see anything wrong with shopping on Black Friday. I’m just not going to fight someone for a $20 128 GB flash drive.

      31. ya notice 98% of the losers in these videos that are starting crap are black monkeys!!! F-ing ni**er trash!

      32. If you really think about it, CORP AMERICA is responsible for this absolute BS!!!! Once again the super greedy pigs are causing chaos and major problems. I can’t wait until this country fails, oh it is a coming, there is no doubt in my mind. We need to have a major changes and get rid of 3/4 of the worthless idiots and foreigners and ghetto hood rats alike.

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