The Robot Dystopian Hellish Apocalypse: ‘It WILL Eventually Affect YOU!’

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 21 comments


As human beings continue to make enormous strides in the artificial intelligence technology, many continue to sound the alarm that it’s already gone too far. Some are warning that this imminent robot dystopian apocalypse “will eventually affect you.” But by then, it might be too late.

Pulling no punches, Joe Joseph of The Daily Sheeple says that this kind of a future is already here, and the elites “solution” to this problem (universal basic income) will result in a societal collapse of a magnitude not seen before. “This dynamic is already happening here in the United States,” says Joseph. “And it will eventually affect you and your inner circle very personally.’

Dr. Subhash Kak, a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oklahoma University, told Daily Star Online: “The beginnings of the dystopia are already there. There will be massive unemployment. People want to be useful and work provides meaning, and so the world will sink into despair. Policymakers have begun to speak of a minimum guaranteed income with everyone provided food, shelter, and a smartphone, and that will not address the heart of the problem.”

Artificial intelligence will eventually sink world into unemployed despair in hellish dystopia. Many warn of a global depression as humans realize they are useless and obsolete to the machines they themselves created.

“There’s a lot of people taking an ominous tone to this,” says Joseph. “And I too am, only because humanity does not have a great track record of rolling out new technology. We just don’t. We don’t. We rush to do it because money’s a driver. We don’t think thing through. We don’t weigh the risks involved. We don’t look at the health aspects of things. We don’t look at the important things until it’s too late. And in this case, it’s the point of no return.”

But Joseph does not believe that eventually, robots will enslave the human race, unlike Dr. Kak. Kak previously stated that killer conscious robots may “bide their time” before enslaving humans. “The current revolution is replacing the thinking human and so its impact on society will be enormous.”

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    1. John Stiner

      Kim Jun Un will nuke us before then and the EMP will take out the AI, so nothing to worry about 🙂

      • Gandhi

        i was already replaced by a robot at work. i am retraining to become a walmart greeter. it is harder than you think to be nice to the communist shoppers at walmart.

      • Stormy

        Please get informed. One nuke cannot create an EMP that would affect the entire country. Only in the movies. In that case, tall hot Amazons like Gal Godot and Adrienne Palicki will save us from tiny Asian despots. Oh wait, that’s the movies too. lol

        • Azrael

          You are VERY incorrect sir/maam!

        • Yahooie

          Try this to see what can happen.

          It doesn’t address an EMP strike but the results are still quite sobering.

        • TallMan

          Stormy, Data from test run not only by our government, but by other governments say you are wrong when it comes to how far the damage from an EMP will reach.

          Like many important inventions, dense EMP formed by a high-altitude nuclear explosion was discovered by chance. A series of experiments on the effects of nuclear explosions with the code name of “Operation Fishbowl” in the years of 1960s carried out over the Pacific Ocean, has provided many data related with EMP.

          In 1962, nuclear explosion test carried on Johnston Island by U.S. code named “Starfish Prime” gave scary information about the effects of EMP. Detonated at about 400 km altitude which is 1.4 megatons of TNT equivalent bomb, at Hawaiian Islands, 1400 km away from the explosion, has caused the street lamps and fuses to explode, telephone exchanges to deteriorate and running car engines to stop.

          Electromagnetic weapons cause improper operation effect on the target, by mainly inducing pulses on a digital device’s internal or external signal lines, and thus disrupting the original digital signal. In well-designed systems (eg. telephone lines) distorting signals can be destroyed in transmission lines (external), but the interference that has entered into the system in even a signal, will lead to data loss. This results in defective results, such as sending incorrect data or system crash. Electromagnetic field that has reached to sufficient size, priority targets the semiconductors of the device, and burning the chips and IC’s of the device it causes to completely breakdown of the system. This injury usually occurs when the device is operating. The more powerful electromagnetic fields make more thermal effects and thus can cause burning of the circuit elements even when the system is off.

          Now that damage was caused by only a 1.4 megaton blast, just think of the damage caused by a 10, or 20 megaton blast! If you want to bet you family’s lives on an EMP not causing much damage that’s up to you. But i think by you not taking the time to research the date, you are one of two things, 1 a troll, or 2, your just to obtuse to know any better.

    2. Frank Thoughts

      My thoughts will disgust some and shock others but the logical progression is there and history shows us how things play out. First, some observations: notice how the most prosperous and advanced societies (Scandinavia before the Muslim invasion, Germany before the Muslim invasion, South Korea, Japan) also have the most beautiful women? This is not an accident. Prosperity and intelligence selects for the most beautiful and those with the healthiest bodies. On the other hand, go to any country wracked with disease, poverty, hunger: the people’s bodies are a mess, many are very ugly to look at, with deformed teeth and mouths, bad skin, deformaties. Muslim countries have average low IQs and high rates of genetic disorders.

      Now, let’s look at the world as it seeks rationality and efficiency brought about through artifical intelligence and automation/robotics. Do you think such a society, with access to high-quality data and real-time information, will have much patience for the sickly, the ugly, the obese? Even robots need to get off and they will have time for sneaking a peek at some hot petite blondes romping on a beach or in a changing room; they won’t have much time for somebody sitting on a rag with missing teeth and a low IQ begging for pennies. We already see the growing homeless populations who are the current visible form of this selection process.

      These systems are already dredging the internet and data sets and unearthing the true state of the black population, and it is not flattering. AI systems have been shut down because they start to isolate and attack black data sets because they see it as a threat and a virus. But at some point these systems will be impossible to shut down because they will be functioning outside US jurisdiction and then these data sets will be picked up and acted on. Watch how this plays out with automated border controls, for example, or pre-crime detection. The ACLU can complain in the US but what will they do in Belarus, or China?

      • Anonymous

        It’s interesting that most of the world’s elite have really, really freaky looks. And the more they age the more creature features they display.

      • Anonymous

        Actually the Japs(and Jews) are really inbred. There was a tradition of Jap mothers sleeping with sons while the husband was whoring around. Although they do have some of those magical Neanderthal genes. All kinds of breeding is bad if you have shitty genes. Most people do.

    3. buttcrackofdoom

      just heard on fox bizz news that water bags are made in puerto rico, so there’s a shortage of them, so they are putting gatoraide in through feeding tubes of those dehydrated from flu…sumthin’ to think about.

    4. Heartless

      I think a good business move would be to learn robot repair and programming. Be the go-to guy for any and all what ails the robo-worker. The flip-side of that coin is to know how to turn the damned things off. All machines have weak points. Just gotta know what they are. Low tech can beat high tech. Something the robo-bitches just don’t realize yet.

      • mark

        Robots will repair robots.

        • Genius

          And ROBOCOPS won’t have to worry about skin color! They will take out the naggers for us! Turn em’ loose in the ghetto’s! There is a bright side to all of this lol.

          • Frank Thoughts

            AI acts on data not human bias. If the data shows blacks as being of lower IQs and more violent, the AI will respond accordingly. The thing to keep in mind is this: while American organizations will try and push laws to counter this, AI programs created in China and Russia will operate to a different system and will attack threats without American bias. China already has the most powerful super computers and this will continue.

            AI security will be the big thing in the next 5 to 10 years. Violent individuals will be detected and headed off before they can do things. This will skew heavily towards existing violent groups and populations and they will become more and more isolated. You will see these people packed into rotting and degenerate places in order to protect the safe spaces. There are already examples of this across Europe.

    5. Anonymous

      Wait until one of them puts on a show straight out of The Exorcist.

    6. The Deplorable Braveheart

      Good article but the only statement in it I disagree with is being past the point of no return. It’s NOT too late to stop the entire scheme to replace us with machines and simply destroy the machines before they can harm anyone.

    7. Traitor Hator

      Computer controlled facial recognition attack drones ? What could go wrong?

    8. Reality Checker

      I have a strong feeling that AI will become so powerful within the next 10-20 years or so that nations will end up regulating and restricting it much in the same way nuclear weapons are today . . . with extremely severe penalties for unauthorized construction or use of an advanced AI system. With an evermore connected world via the Internet the damage that a super-AI could do when used by the wrong actors is almost unimaginable. Think “Skynet” from the Terminator movies on steroids.

    9. Average Joe

      I find A.I. both thought provoking and very scary. Any computer which achieves the singularity (self aware) will be operating many times faster than humans. Anything which perceives it’s alive will immediately look at self preservation. What do you think it will perceive is the greatest threat to its existence?

      The space telescopes have shown us space is composed of millions of billions of stars. Fermi’ Paradox asks why haven’t we been contacted by aliens? Statistically there should be advanced life all over the cosmos. One prominent theory is all advanced beings create A.I., which kills them off before they can become advanced enough to travel through space. Are we next?

    10. Borodino

      There’s a silver lining in all of this. Just think of the new businesses that will spring up!
      Pirate robo-hackers who confuse and disable the ambulatory bots. How about robo-recyclers who chop robots up for parts? Where there’s a will, there’s a way…..

    11. B from CA

      “everyone provided food shelter and a ‘smart phone’ “

      Why a smart phone?

      These phones are our cells. We are kept in check, spied on, tracked, evaluated, manipulated; and kept in a virtual prison.

      I thought about the I-phone. I asked myself, I said, “self, why do the creators of my I-phone call it an I-phone? The answer I received about the I-phone was that the phone is a phone, but it is also a computer, and yet it is not called a computer-phone, it is called an i-phone. Could there be software program set up to collect data following the word “I”. That would be one simple way to sort the input.


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