The Road To Recovery: Over One Million Americans Added to Poverty In Last Two Months

by | Dec 10, 2012 | Headline News | 263 comments

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    They’ll tout the latest unemployment numbers as evidence for the strength of America’s recovery, but despite their best efforts to fudge the numbers, the unreported reality is that we are so far gone it’s scary.

    The decent into economic oblivion continues at a seeming unstoppable pace. Rather than bloviating about the supposed jobs created in the last month being a clear sign of economic recovery, perhaps a more informed look at how bad things are in modern-day America is to consider the amount of people requiring the aid of federal and state governments to put food on the table and help make ends meet:

    The just reported foodstamp number for September was a doozy, with 607,544 new Americans becoming eligible for foodstamps, as a record 47.7 million Americans are now living in poverty at least according to the USDA.

    The monthly increase was the highest since May 2011, and with August’s 421K new impoverished America, over 1 million Americans made the EBT card their new best friend.

    It is unclear just which atmospheric phenomenon will get the blame for this unprecedented surge in poverty, which comes at a time when the pre-election economic data euphoria was adamant that the US economy was on an escape velocity to utopia.

    Instead what we do know is that in August and September, over three times as many foodstamp recipients were added to the economy as jobs (324,000).

    We also know that with the imminent impact of Sandy, which will send foodstamp recipients soaring, it is now looking quite possible that the US may end 2012 with just over a mindboggling 50 million Americans living in absolute poverty and collecting the $134.29 average monthly benefit per person, instead of working. Welcome to the recovery indeed.

    Source: Zero Hedge via Steve Quayle

    Since the collapse of 2008 Americans have lost 40% of their wealth, millions of homes, their savings have nearly vanished, and recipients of government assistance for services such as food stamps and disability have nearly doubled.

    One thing is clear: The trend, although every effort has been made to convince us otherwise, is a progressively worsening economic and social impact on Main Street – and it is showing no signs of returning to pre-crash normalcy.

    How long this “recovery” can continue before the weight of the 100 million poverty stricken and poor Americans brings the whole thing crashing down is anybody’s guess. But considering that fully one-third of Americans are struggling daily just to feed themselves and their kids, and the government is borrowing unprecedented levels of cash just to maintain “stability,” we probably don’t have a whole heck of a lot of time.

    The quality of life in America is collapsing unabated. A paradigm shift is happening before our eyes. The blowback is going to be so severe that there is a strong possibility our civilization won’t be able to survive it intact.


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      1. Meanwhile most people are asleep. Buying crap Chinese goods, watching sports. We are going to get what we deserve!

        • so true. the world is so interconnected that when the monetary system crashes, the fallout will have a cascading effect. everything will be effected to the point that the government won’t be able to help everyone. in the last three years i have seen more tv shows & government sites telling every they should get prepared on the chance that the government won’t be able to get to you to help you. most of the stuff have been put up under the disguise of entertainment.

          maybe i am reading to much into it. but then again if i was the government i wanted to try to get as many people as prepared that i could. i would use entertainment also. sometime when you want to get someone to take there medicine, you put the medicine in candy.

          my siblings and me have been getting the bad feeling that this is the quite before the storm. and when things get bad it will be far worse than anyone expects. so much to prepare for and not enough money or time to prepare.

          • Its mainly the government workers who are buying all the stuff.They seem to have plenty of money.
            Where I live, pretty much every business that was not getting most of its sales from goverment agencies has closed their doors.We had a lot of small manufacturing companies and the service companies that serviced them all slowly melt away since 2008. Im sure most of these workers never got another job either.

          • @OmegaGrayKnight…..But if you do try to prepare, they label you as a potential terrorist.

            • I’ve been called worse by better is all I have to say to that…..

              Standing by in SC

        • In particular to watching sports…never have I seen so much fixation by the male population on sports. It kills me when people root for “their” team, a professional football team comprised of paid professional players from all over the country who just happen to play for a particular team because they are paid to do so. Meanwhile the owners of these teams have gotten tax payer subsidies to pay for their stadiums. Professional athletes in a way are like dancers at nudie bars. They don’t care about the fantasizing patron. They just want his money. Chumps!

          • I don’t watch prosports. Mostly, I dod not support Hollywood. Just say NO to movies, buying DVDs, etc. re-discover books, gardening, spending time with grand kids, new hobbies. …. but DON’T support the left.

            • i should have been more specific on the channels i was talking about. like the channels that i was talking about was channels like the history channel, science channel, military channel or the weather channel. channels of that nature. the only two shows that i actually watch is the walking dead and revalution. and i only watch those so i can have something to talk to people about at work. i believe that you should enjoy yourself now with family, and entertaniment. because when the shtf you won’t have time to enjoy yourself.

              • OGK,
                I agree with enjoying yourself now a little while you can. I was thinking last night that a hot bath may be a luxury in the future so it made me more appreciative for being able to enjoy it now. Also bought some pecans yesterday for holiday baking even though they are more expensive than steak right now. Going to treat ourselves and our friends/family to some home-baked luxuries.

            • More to the point, Orwellian States—Don’t support the wrongs.

              We are not suffering a right-left problem, but a right-wrong problem.

          • I boycotted all sports over 10 years ago…do the same.

        • This is an excerpt from a story on “The Burning Platform” i thought u all would appreciate;

          I consider myself a seeker of truth. It isn’t easy finding it in todays’ world. In an alternate version of the famous scene from A Few Good Men, I picture myself telling Turbo Tax Timmy Geithner that I want the truth and his angry truthful response:
          “Son, we live in a world that has Wall Street banks, and those banks have to be guarded by puppet politicians in Washington D.C. with lobbyist written laws and Madison Avenue PR maggots with media propaganda. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Representative Paul? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for the average middle class American family, and you curse the ruling oligarchs. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That the death of the American middle class, while tragic, probably saved the bonuses of thousands of Wall Street bankers. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, increases the wealth of these same bankers who destroyed the worldwide economic system in 2008. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about in the food bank line, you want me on Wall Street, you need me on Wall Street. We use words like derivative, fiscal stimulus, quantitative easing. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent syphoning off the wealth of the nation. You use them as a punch line. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very debt that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up 1000 shares of Apple, and hope our high frequency trading supercomputers can ramp the market for a while longer. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to.”

          • I loved this comment. It would be very funny if it were not so true. Times are hard. They will get more difficult for most Americans. I do not expect any really positive Changes to emerge in the economy until next summer.

            Lots of time before SHTF. Maybe not enough money for most folks, but lots of time, so just keep prepping. Stocked up on instant oatmeal and instant Cream of Wheat (love that stuff) today. Just add fresh water from your Berkey, walla! $1.62 a box at WM.

            Also loaded the cart with bags of brussel sprouts. They are good for everything that ails you. Buy lots at $2.68 a bag if you have freezer space!!!

            O’bummer now understands that the consumer must shed more debt if consumption is to return to America and boost demand for goods and services; pushing expansion.

            I expect a “debt reduction” for Americans in the next State of the Union address as part of a revamped economic program from the Administration amid sweeping reforms.

            I expect a return to a gold standard eventually, but that is YEARS away, so begin to buy some smaller denomination coins if you can and stash them away. Yes, silver too for all you silver freaks, but GOLD will be the standard.

            Many Changes on the horizon, but SHTF doesn’t happen until 2015, so when 2012 passes without calamity, don’t loss heart! Your worst fears will be realized by 2015.

            Be there to get there.

            • Don’t forget canned(not frozen in case of power outage) spinach and sweet potatoes–both have vitamins necessary when nutritional food is lacking.
              Ixquick(search) the benefits of both.

            • DK…in truth, I suspect we’re more likely to see an adoption of gold-plated tungsten bars to back our fiat currency.

              Reason: Everything else the gubbermint-corp does, is designed to either scam or sham somebody!

        • Not quite; WE are going to get what THEY deserve. Unless we do a great deal. of prep. 6 no 10 cans of food this week, added to suplies, do what you can.

          • I remember when I whent to Boot Training, there was a large painting on the wall that said “It’s your navy, make what you can of it.” I think that way about just about every situation in life now, but I pondered it for a long time before I figured out what it actually meant. I’m not real smart you see, being a Red Neck and all…..

            Standing by in SC Out!

            • Many ants together with the same goal can move huge loads to where they want them. They don’t have to be engineers, just willing to work for the good of all.

        • Speaking of “Buying crap Chinese goods”

          I have to confess. Today, while going to radio shack to get more minutes on my prepay cell phone, there was a concession stand in the mall and some young kid was selling remote control helicopters (Drones), one with a small camera. I’ve been thinking about one for some time as a means to have the ability to do recon around my property, especially above our trees. They’re electric and relatively quiet. They only had one with a camera on board, so, I forked out $150 bucks and got it. It looks solidly built even though it’s Chinese “crap”, but I’d like to think this mini drone might come in handy some day to “see what’s coming”. On the other hand, the kid in me hasn’t bought a toy since the last century, so either way, I’m going to have some fun. Not sure how long it will last, but tomorrow the “HawkSpy” will go on it’s maiden flight and return with some videos taken well above the top of the evergreens on my property (which will provide a whole new perspective for me in that regard). That’s, of course, if I can fly the thing. The kid selling them made it look so easy.

          PS They had a very cool $30 dollar mini copter for inside use only, that I’m going to give to my girlfriend so she won’t get “annoyed” with my childish behavior. This could be the last “toy” I ever buy. Are there any toys not made in China?

          • @ European American –

            Make sure you let all of us know how your $150.00 Drone
            works out. It sounds like fun! Keep us posted!

            ~ ~ Gardenia

          • No really , it`s for the kids dear . lol
            That sounds like a great idea ! I could use some extra eyes in the skies .
            We find out after , the Hawkspy is direct feed linked back to China mother land .
            It may be like anything else manufactured in China , use it once and its broken .
            ” I`d buy that for a dollar”


        • In the words of Lou Reed:

          “You’re going to reap just what you sow.”

      2. New report indicates that the fiscal cliff will end unemployment benefits for over 3 million people from Jan. 1 to April 30. Plus all of the people hired for the Christmas season will be laid off. What to do? Start a war, of course. 17 US war ships off the coast of Syria with over 8000 troops. No moon this Wednesday or Thursday. Air war first, then who knows. If you have friends in Jordan, you might encourage them to leave immediately. They’re next in line for a visit from Al Qaeda.

        • Mac…gotta hand it to you. This “one” is a grand-slam of in your face truth. Much congrats!

        • And if the unions win on forced unionization, even more will be added to the poverty list.

          Good article Mac.

      3. Happy Days are here again…….

        • Happy Days Are Here Again (Charles King, 1930)

          • Good one Mac! LMAO

          • Happy Days are here again? Well, as a matter of fact they are for some. Not the folks still in debt up to their eyeballs and still living like there is no end in sight. I’m referring to those that have been awake to the realities some years ago. Those that have their hearts in the right place and have no fear about what tomorrow brings because they have their sights set on the eternity.
            The same folks that have stored enough food and water and protection-“eye winks”, to maintain a survival of the fittists scenario for at least a year.
            Yep, for us folks, it is kinda like ‘happy days are here again’; because all those un-nerving thoughts of, ‘what are we gonna do if our economic system collapses?; isn’t sucking up all our energy.
            We have come to a “good place” with it all and are just “adding” to those “provisons” already in place.
            Can we do more and can we help others? YES! and we should, if; (a big if) they can be trusted and they are grateful. I prefer that they be of the same “spiritual” mindset, or at least leaning that way, but I will give most, the benefit of the doubt until they try to screw me or mine ‘over’.

            Having said all that, I’m preparing my mind as well as the others in our SHTF group to the idea that we will see much more negative news as we turn the page on 2012. I think the unemployment figures will surge upwards when all the seasonal hires are overwith and the grips of winter bring most of the “outdoor” employment to a standstill. The grim reality will set in when the new numbers of EBT receipients are released in early 2013. If not involved deeper in a MiddleEast war by then, we soon will be.
            Try to approach this Christmas (are we still allowed to say this here) Season, with a positive mindset and enjoy what you do have. If you are a beginning prepper, it is a good time to lay out a good game plan and prioritize with the fact that Christ was born as redeemer for us in these trying times. Get on the right track and don’t let the “fear of all the things to come”, destroy your thankfulness and happiness.

            • It’s nearer Christmas and since I don’t buy Christmas and haven’t for years was shocked for having to actually stand in line to checkout at Kmart.
              Wanta know what I saw in the carts?
              No, you don’t.
              My cart??? 5 gallon gas cans @ 9.14(50% off almost); thermal shirts @ 50% off.
              Briefs were left on the table/shelf!! Why are guys briefs so expensive?? Geeze…No one has them on sale like last year. I need more for our future clothes stash. 🙂

              • Why are mens briefs so expensive? It’s a designed scam, I think. All brands have elastic waist bands. Those bands are the culprits that cause me to curse the mfgs. First they collect little fuzzy, scratchy, lint balls from all the other wash. Then the repeated drying causes the elastic to stretch and give out.
                I hate the scratchy stuff and I hate pulling my shorts back up from around my knees underneath my blue jeans; so, in the cleaning rag pile they go and another ten bucks for a few sets of little britches/breeches.
                To brief or not to brief? I don’t care for boxers unless I’m just lounging around at home in the summer. I need more support/security for my begonias, when active. I guess the cheaper alternative is to wear women’s thongs. Sorry, for the visual thoughts on that. I’ll stick to the tighty-whities for now and just wash only the briefs together and air dry. I get an extra six months of wear this way. PS. Easy on the bleach.

        • and the “B” side is “brother can you spare a dime”

      4. Pretty soon we’ll be the perfect nation of equality.

        We’ll all be equally poor.

        • I disagree with you there, there will be those few, same, rich at the top. Soviet leaders were never short of any luxury.

      5. Woohoo! I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

        • Hey, Don’t be so Wimpy PO’d.

      6. One of the side effects of off shoring our jobs has been a ruined economy,poverty and unemployment. Go figure, who would have thought that.

        Now we just have to admit that it’s been a failure and try something like tariffs, protectionism and a policy of “if you want to sell it here then build it here”. That’s what the rest of the 3rd world does.

        • Globalization MAY not have been the problem (and I stress.. MAY).

          The problem may have been trying to push the idea too far too fast. I could see it working. If you gave it like 10 generations to settle in slowly over time.

          If you think “meh, it’s just a shock, it will only last a generation” bad news. That shock may very well collapse the entire thing in its infancy.

          Let’s also face the fact that we don’t have fair trade going on. China tarrifs the hell out of us. Not vice-versa. So we are in a position of the financial equivalent of unilateral nuclear disarmament.

          No one was dumb enough to try that with the Soviet union and actual nukes. But we are apparently dumb enough to try it with the entire world and money.

          • TheGuy

            If China did or did not tariff our goods the point is moot when the delta in labor compensation is so large.

            IF and I say IF globalization lowered tariffs in direct proportion to the rise in total labor compensation within the effected country gradually the upwardly mobile nation could purchase our goods thereby not decimating the global economy with a far too rapid shift.

            If you have pebbles you don’t shift a brick around a scale and expect any balance.

          • The Guy: The past two American presidents (that’s with a small p because they are small men with even smaller minds) have allowed almost 70,000 FACTORIES and 75,000,000 JOBS to be off shored over the last dozen years.

            The evidence is in.

            You cannot maintain an economy or expect one to restart if the means of production are extracted from the American economy.

            The Globalists in government should have stopped the flow of off shoring at 10% from America and 10% from Europe. As it is, 30% of the American manufacturing base has been shipped off shore, manufacturing is now only 9% of GDP and it is expected to drop to 4% of GDP by 2050.

            That won’t happen because SWHTF before then, but the turn around must happen NOW and O’bummer needs to sign one of those EO’s that he is famous for and put a stop to this madness.

            Providing subsidies to pay companies to exit America and take OUR jobs is nothing short of TREASON, and all of those responsible need to indicted by the People, tried, and punished to the full extent of the law.

            The penalty for TREASON is death and WE the PEOPLE need to make a legal example of the PTB who have orchestrated the financial rape of America.

            Death to TRAITORS!!!

      7. The Road to Ruin
        coming soon to a city near you.

        Thank you JPMorgan.ebt financier
        just wait til their derivative exposure of 90TRILLION comes tumbling down!!
        yes 90 plus it

        and with it all the ebt recipients
        these are the hordes/zombies to beware of


        • “To a city near you” the detroits & Clevlands are small potatos.

          Look at California That whole state is closer to going under than any one city.

          • This place is a financial sinkhole. California I mean.

            I just… words just simply fail me.

            I can’t begin to fathom why anyone is stupid enough to want to be here voluntarily and yet there they are, millions of ’em, far as the eye can see.

          • California has more than $500 billion of cash as HIDDEN asset funds. It is nowhere near broke. California is totally solvent.

            Propaganda from the PTB to raise taxes and impoverish the middle class and transfer their wealth to government!!!

            • Not just California; CAFR in most states would surprise you.

            • First i’ve heard of this can you explain

        • spot on Posse.Can’t help but laugh every time the repulicons talk about cutting government programs for the 47% they don’t care about. Go ahead you traitorous fools stop feeding the zombies, make them hungry and mad.see how that works out for you.

          • Just like in Greece, the austerity will come, voluntarily or forcibly. At the federal level, .gov is now borrowing .46 of every dollar spent.

      8. Last week I tried to discuss this with a couple of sheeple I work with. As usual, they said I didn’t know what I was talking about. They haven’t been hit too hard yet and are convinced that ‘it’ll come back. it always does.’ So I asked them, what is the legislation or trend that will cause ‘it’ to come back? Of course they couldn’t give an intelligent answer. They just angrily insisted it would and that I was an idiot for thinking it wouldn’t. Oh, and that ‘bonds are safe’. It’s gonna be really hard not to laugh at them later.

        • Mariposa, if the sheep at work are that dumb, why not take advantage of it? I got a bridge I’m trying to sell. If you’ll help broker the deal I’ll cut you in for 50%. Tell them it’s in Brooklyn, has a great view, and is conveniently located right over the river.
          Plus, it has a bit of celebrity status attached- the previous owner was Bernie Madoff. Asking price is $175 mil, but I’ll listen to any reasonable offer. Tell them I’m a fully licensed and bonded bridge dealer. (FBDL # upon request)Delivery not included in price. Let me know what they say, maybe we can both get rich from their ignorance!

          • LOL. that’s some very bad Karma. I can’t bring myself to do it. 🙂

        • Sounds just like my ex-boss in ’06.

          I tried to warn him, man. Then again maybe he took me seriously. He retired and moved to South Carolina…

        • @ Mariposa de Oro

          Ignore them and always remember:…

          “Truth” always passes through 3 phases.

          1st, it is rejected.

          2nd, it is violently attacked.

          3rd, one day it is finally accepted as self-evident.

        • @Mariposa de Oro……Laugh at them big time when TSHTF. You owe it to yourself.

        • ~~It’s gonna be really hard not to laugh at them later.~~

          Why wait??? 🙂

        • Mariposa

          People realize that they have zero control and therefore blissfully choose ignorance.

          As difficult as this may be drop the subject and if it’s brought up tell them you thought things over and you agree with them.

          Don’t present yourself as a target for anybody. Become wall paper.

          • That is very good advice Kevin2. Thank you.

          • Perfect point. I have heard this OVER AND OVER again… I can’t do anything to stop it so why even care? Back to the TV, back to the pasture the sheeple go grazing on what ever the MSM tells them is going on.

            • I think the sheeple believe that more people added to food stamps and welfare is part of “the recovery” when they hear about recovery from the MSM.

      9. Tptb will keep it going but we have been running on borrowed time for to long keep prepping and god help us all we are going to need it

      10. Evening All

        This shit is happening over here just as in the USA. Do they target the fraudsters claiming illegally? No. Do the target the professionally unemployed? No. Doing so would save millions paid out each week in benefits. Instead, here, they target the low paid workers, those for whom the help they get means they can feed their family. Here millions rely on those top-up benefits. They work hard in low paid jobs rather than sit at home yet TPTB are taking the food quite literally out of these people’s mouths. It’s disgusting. Then again the UK government is not renouned for working hard, it would just be too much effort to find the cheats, crooks and lazy bastards who don’t deserve help. Far easier to target those who can’t take time off work to go into job centres to sort it out.

        I’ll bet Cameron and his cronies are supping decent wine and smiling as they watch their kids open a mountain of stupidly expensive presents. They’ll be doing that as the low paid working moms and dads hope to God they can pay the bills, afford Christmas dinner and buy a couple of items for the children.

        To those of you that supposedly lead us I say this. Live for one month on the wages of a factory worker, a nurse, a police officer. Better still, live for one month on the £6.35 an minimum working wage paid to a married man of 51 who was made redundant and now works part-time because its all he can get. Try living on the £126 per week he gets without the top up benefits.

        No? I wonder why? (Rant over thanks for listening)

        To the rest of you

        Take care x

        • So what survival skill did we learn from this. I glad to see you bringing new skill ideas to the forums

          • Survive,

            I have skills you can’t even dream of….and I can and do bring them to the forum on occasions. The rest of the time I tend to go with the flow of the conversation, as I have tonight.

            Now, I respectfully ask you to ignore me, I didn’t like you as FBP and I don’t like you now.

            Take care

            • That was the argument that the skill reaching left. I accepted a while back that this became a political site.

              My point is all of the old guard that was complaining were actually upset that the new was not agreeing with them and making there statement less important. That was the real fight going on here.

              • youre a fucking wierdo fbp. A FUCKING WIERDO!

            • Burt, regarding the comment from ‘survive’…our sincere apologies. One of our specimens got loose from the lab. We’ll send the boys in white coats out to nab it as soon as possible. Hope he didn’t soil the lawn or anything disgusting.
              Director of Genetic Engineering
              U. S. Dept of Interior
              Sasquatch Division

              • Excellent comeback 🙂

                • Thanks, YH. You’re one of the nicest and certainly one of the most fair. I appreciate the encouragement and support and the usual wish for better things. Blessings!

              • Smokin

                Bwhahahahahaha. You make my day. If it had even approached my lawn the dog would have eaten it. She’s a big girl now, eighteen months old and 150lbs.

                Eats anything which could come in handy in the future lol.

                Take care

                • Any dog that big could easily aquire a taste for zombie kibbles.

                • Don’t tread

                  I agree entirely. Thing is she’s a Dogue de Bordeaux (Hooch) crossed with a Saint Bernard, she savages them, thinks about it then tries to revive them lol

                  Take care

                • Don’t Tread

                  My thoughts exactly. Thing is she’s a cross between a Dogue de Bordeaux ( like the mutt in Turner and Hooch) and a Saint Bernard. She chews em up thinks about it then tries to revive them lol

                  Take care

                • That’s hilarious. Thks for the lol.

              • Smokin Perfect

              • Hey Smokin-Oh

                I hear the Secret Service have a wookie or sasquatch in the brown-house. They call it Michelle.

                Charge ’em double for that beast. After all, you’ll be on the government’s dime!

              • When they get done there, have them come to Florida. His cousin the “Skunk Ape” has been knocking on trees all night. Can’t get no damn sleep. Maybe get him an Obama phone for Christmas.

            • Hey Burt; sounds like Survive wants to learn how to make things. Interesting.

        • I’m in TOTAL agreement with you Birt, even think your rant didn’t go far enough tbh.

          Have you noticed that the average age of the McDonalds, or grocery store worker just keeps going up & up every month? Or taken a look at stuff now being sold on ebay that only a couple of years ago would have been thrown out.

          Most people I know are planning a much more modest Xmas celebration this year than in years gone by.

          My IT sources tell me the implementation of the new Universal Credit UK computer system is NOT going well. This is a key risk to us preppers (the zombies don’t get their giro there will be civil unrest).

          I’m also not saying we wouldn’t have had ANY flooding recently, just that with a little forethought, common sense and investment it wouldn’t have been quite so bad in many areas. If sewers are overloaded beyond the population they were designed for, flood plains built on, drainage systems never maintained then when adverse weather hits there will be consequences.

          The ordinary hard-working, law abiding UK subject is getting screwed from EVERY direction right now.

          For UK preppers who may be lurking, below are a few UK specific prepping tips that may help save you a bit of cash as you prep.

 Instructions for making your own bucket gravity fed water filter.

          cheapest UK source of candle water filters and Berkey stainless steel filter units (if anyone has come across cheaper of the same quality please post!). As far as I am aware they also ship to the EU.

          Wilkinsons sell nice buckets, look in the home brew section.

          • Hi lonelonmum,
            Here in Oz I have also noted how hard it is for kids to get summer jobs at Maccas, supermarkets, etc. The upside is that my oldest two are having to find creative ways to make money.
            Our pollies tell us that our economy is the marvel of the world, and I see local shops closing down being replaced by charity op shops.
            The “isolated” holiday home is coming along fine, filled 3 ten litre buckets with raspberries last weekend, which the eldest two have been making into jams this week.

        • BtB, “Yes,Minister” and “Yes, Prime Minister”… So funny and true, it is sad.

      11. As a retiree, I know of some on low income who are cutting out buying gifts/spending less. Buffet style dining out is popular with retirees and others with lower incomes. Some are dipping into their savings because interest rates are too low to keep up with rising prices, and S.S. raises aren’t high enough either. Many are without decent sized 401k’s or pensions who didn’t save enough over time. Some I know are self employed and still working way into their 70’s; Now gov is raising the medicare age to 67.

        • They have not raised anything yet. Quite with the scary talk.

          • Down Boy! Down! Any more outbursts from you and we’re bringing in the tranquilizer darts.
            (pant…pant…grunt) (pet…pet…)
            That’s a good boy. Here, have a banana…

            • Bwhahahahahaha stop now, once the giggles set in I’m done for lol x

            • Hey survive, what survival lessons are YOU offering, you hypocrite? If you’ve got some “genius” idea, we’ll listen. However, if all you’re going to die is whine like a baby in a month diaper, then you will mocked for being the daft fucker you are

              • I not saying I am. But the Girls were all up in a uproar that the site wasn’t like it use to be. I dont know they wanted to lead a canning team.

                I prefer a political site they are more fun.

                And I will add. It does seem that most of the posters here are NOT from the USA. Which also causes a huge difference in opinions.

                Lets debate ideas and all. But don’t cry foul when it doesn’t go your way. Like before.

                • FBP

                  I am not a girl, I am a woman. I don’t can, never have, too expensive to import the kit for one reason.

                  No, my practical skills are varied and many, but sadly frequently things don’t go my way. The gunshot wound was to extensive for me to have a hope in hell of saving that person, the knife went in too deep, or the car was just so mangled life was extinct before we got them out. Yes, often things don’t go my way. The taser I made refused to fire, but my mains voltage zombie prod works well ( can use batteries but they would walk away from that) my kitchen chemistry requires a few tweeks here and there as well. So no, not everything goes my way.

                  No, I am not American…your point is?

                  Debate is what this site is all about. An information exchange where individuals, alike and different come to swap ideas and garner knowledge. If you prefer politics, which at the end of the day is what has caused most of the mess we are all in, I suggest you try the White House site, it may be more to your liking.

                  Why don’t you actually try to contribute something that could benefit the rest of us? Share your knowledge, I have never seen evidence that you have any but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

                  In the meantime if it makes you more comfortable calling women girls, fill your boots but it makes you appear crass and/or foolish. I can’t speak for the other females but I am a woman and proud of it, and like Americans on this site who slate their countrys government but are still patriots, so am I towards the UK even though I can see its many major faults.

                  YOU SAY NOTHING

                  No hints, no tips, no advice then YOU wonder why people are not over enthusiastic about your posts.

                  Good luck for the future, you are going to need it.

          • They raise the debt every second…..

          • @FBP face book page aka SID survive its death aka LT large target aka etc etc ;0P

            Dude … you need to Chill Out some , a predatory pattern of You Stalking “Women Posters” @SHTFPLAN is forming here !

            Why are you unnecessarily sarcastically negatively attacking the @SHTFPLAN Ladies ?

            I’m asking you nicely @FBP … Please Chill on the negativity on the Ladies here @SHTFPLAN .

            I’m sure you can Offer folks here from your personal thoughts something more in-depth richer enlightening than your snide childish low base gutter sarcasm .

            If you want Our Respect @FBP … Act like you Deserve it !

            ~ N.O. ;0p

            • My statement had nothing toward the ladies. But Burt was one of the most vocal about getting back to this being a helpful survival site. Not a political one. And the only time lately I see her post is to support a political comment. Correct or not. You and I were sanction for doing the same thing. Yes we got heated but they are now doing the same that they faulted you and I for.
              This is a political site. So what. But don’t fault the ones of us that accepted it a while ago. And that includes you Nina

              Burt you’re not being single out you just posts are opposite what you wanted just a few weeks ago.

              You want a private forum for you and your “Friends” You will get it when mac is done. Until then deal with it. I thought you were a Big girl. And being tough in the UK is different then being though in the USA.

              • FBP ~

                You always have to attempt to make people angry and stir up arguments. You have this obsessive urge to try to run things and have everyone posting in the manner YOU see fit.

                How about this – if you can’t say something nice or something helpful, perhaps you should say NOTHING.

                Also, you are clearly a misogynist – stop trying to deny it. You never have a nice thing to say to a woman on this board. You need to go back to your cave and return when you can behave in a civilized manner.

                • You are the one that aways brings up if our sex organs are on the inside or out. Not me. I have just been pointing out that is the way it use to be.

                  What are you ashamed you are at a political site. Its no different then the story you wrote a few days ago. Great read. All happy but what did it teach nothing. I understand it is being posted by friend so you can practice. But accept what all is be said.
                  Its OK this a Political veiw site. But remember yours is not the only veiw. It is you that is having a problem with it. You are the with the problem with men. Burt too.

                • Daisy/Burt

                  In this particular instance..the best response is no are being baited..

                  Remember the old not feed the trolls!

                  as they survive solely on controversy and add absolutely nothing to the subjects at hand..just distraction.


              • FBP

                I DIDN’T POST FOR WEEKS and have never commented on the political v survival aspects of the site. I commented in you being a total wanker several times, I recall that.

                It’s difficult to just drop into conversation how to do a tracheostomy on the kitchen table with a vegetable knife and ball point pen, going so off topic would irritate people.

                • FBP

                  me, problem with men? Oh wow you got that so wrong. I like men, did you hear that? Men, real men, grown up men type men.

                  That’s why I dislike you. You are just a boy

                • Did I hit a nerve

            • Nina

              Thank you for not calling us girls lol. By return I promise not to refer to you as a boy.

              Man, bloke, mate or oi you depending on the circumstances but not boy.

              Take care

              • @Burt da’ Brit … Respect ;0) .

                I thought you was suppose to be a Dude ;0) BURT !

                “THE DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY !”

                They shur’ give their women folk weird boy names in Foggy Ole’ London England BURT ;0)

                ;0P pssszzt

                I’m pleased to see you still got some fight -n- bluster in ya’ Burt … Sir Walter Raleigh would be proud of you B ! ;0)

                Peace .

                ~N.O. ;0P

                • Nina o

                  Burt is an enigma….I can say no more lol. Oh yes, the fight is still there. Bak t full health now and fit as a flea…

                  Take care

        • Laura M
          just going by how SSI was set up It wasn’t to be used as an identifier and now it is. (sorry side note)

          Also the average age folks died was 3-4 years less than the age you could start receiving it.your odds were better to die than collect that was the plan to make it work.

          To get back to that standard it would be raised to 77-78. Try and find a polition with the cohonaz to do that now days.

          • @FBP face book page aka SID survive its death aka LT large target aka etc etc ;0P

            I must be using all my handle tonight.

            • @ FBP

              Yes…and its evident to all here, that you’ve reached the outer-most limits of your 3rd grade, special education class, thinking & composing skill-sets.
              I bet you still get a thrill by yanking the pigtails of the girl sitting in the bus seat in front of you!

              Additionally, perhaps you should take a 2nd look at this thread-line article’s header…hello! Subject article is referencing a political, socioeconomic situation.
              Thus, your argument for belittling Burt, Daisy & others has no merit.

              So how ’bout you knock it off with the vagina-envy complex?
              Go see a shrink…you’re in desperate need of some serious “psycho Bal Bal” (actually, its psycho-babble).

              You need a rubber room without web access!

            • HUH lost me somewhere

      12. Their is no sense in asking how things have gotten to the point we are now, we all know how my question is how are we going to survive? I know that your readers are ready to hunker down and ride it out if they have even listened even a little bit and those who have not listened will never be ready and they are more or less a lost cause but….eventhough I am ready and continueing to add to my readiness as long as I can but when it really goes down other then stay put and do the best I can what do I do then? Truthfully I am scared out of my mind can’t show it to my husband as he has an ongoing illness with his heart and blood pressure, we do live on the outskirts of a small town with 3 acres so I doubt we are going to leave but what do we do. I do have guns and know how to shoot if needed, I’m so confused.

        • In all humility I will state that if you do not find allies, you will be in serious trouble even if you continue to prep. You need more land and more separation from town and more than one able-bodied person to defend what you have. Please- find others you can trust and join with them for your mutual benefit.

          Having said that for the record, fear not. Do all that is in your power to do and leave the rest in God’s hands. No guarantee you won’t continue to face difficulties in this life but as has often been said, “His ultimate retirement program is out of this world.”

        • First off; relax, fear is a good thing to get you running, it’s no value as a day to day sidekick. Second I’m not a religious person, but counting you blessings is indeed sometimes better than worrying about your fears, most fears never arrive. If you don’t have a dog, get one. If not for protection, peace of mind, dogs are still here and they have never worried about much, they can teach you a lot. A belly rub is indeed often better than another can of preps. In the end it’s all the same: Do your best, win or go down, but don’t worry about it. No one can do more

      13. I’m going to play devil’s advocate for a minute and look at the numbers from a different perspective.

        “47.7 million Americans are now living in poverty at least according to the USDA.” Poverty is defined as “$23,050 (total yearly income) for a family of four”. For a single person it is $11,170.

        Ok, a couple of years ago I got tired of paying almost 30% in income taxes (fed + state) because I didn’t have any deductions or write-offs. A family of 4 making the same amount of money would only pay 0-6% because of deductions. Big difference. So, I did the math.

        If I keep my income low (working part-time for high hourly wage), I too can pay no income tax. Since I already put in 25 years of full time employment and everything was paid for…I really didn’t need a high income. I went gault. I simplified my life.

        I keep my income to around $12,000 a year and live very comfortable on $1,000 a month with money left over each month. Technically, I am amongst the 47.7 million Americans living in poverty. But I am not poor by any means.

        I qualify for all the freebies and could get disability if I wanted but see I was raised with values, ethics and morals. The “old” philosophy was that you didn’t take welfare or food stamps if there was any other possible way. Back then, there was a negative stigma attached to it. So, even though I technically qualify I “take” nothing.

        I know a healthy number of people that also got fed up with the taxes and messed up system and did the math also. They quit their high paying jobs and now work part time by choice. Technically, they too are poor.

        I would love to see a study where they break down the 47.7 million into full time and part-time. Then look at the hourly wage of the part-time. I’m roughly guessing maybe 25-30% of the “poor” are working part-time for a high hourly wage (by choice)in order to pay less taxes. They probably are middle-aged who paid everything off and no longer have a lot of monthly payments.

        But then, my house is small, my truck is 12 years old, my computer is 5 years old, I don’t have the latest electronic gizmo and I only have a 36 inch flat screen. I chose to only buy what I needed, pay it off, maintain it, and reduce my “need” of money as much as possible.

        To me, the 47.7 million living in poverty would also be a number that doesn’t necessarily tell the truth.

        • Oh, and my counter tops are not granite, my appliances are not stainless steel, my floors are not marble, and I don’t have a dishwasher. All very nice, but not necessary and I didn’t want to pay for them. I spent all that money on stockpiling instead.

          • No dishwasher, come on you have to have a kid somewhere

            • nope, no kids. I grew up in a house that did not have a dishwasher….just kinda got used to not having one.

              Besides, my cats don’t eat much.

              • Cats work, you just have to put the plates on the floor.

                Can’t have cats on the counter that’s not sanitary.

          • You carry your dishwasher with you.

            I suspect that more than a few Americans have become unemployed, exhausted the benefits, and now work “under the table”. The U.S. economy is the largest in the world partly because so much of the world economy is “off the books”.

          • Ah, Kindle, we are kindred spirits! I did the math 2 years ago, went gault, and simplified. Cashed out of those granite countertops for comfy cozy and decently nice. My accomodations no longer draw attention and I am “less than wallpaper” now. Some friends and family think we went into bankruptcy and I don’t say anything to make them think any differently. I don’t take the benefits I qualify for either–just find alternate ways to get what I need and enjoy the simple things in life.

            • Sunshine, good for you. I think more and more people will start to carch on to this approach.

        • 0-6%?

          We can’t be doing the same math. I tried that thought experiment a while back. I don’t remember… 7-8 years ago?

          I did not get any 0-6% from simulating married with two kids. Are you speaking of some kind of .gov handouts for the kids?

          I got SOMETHING, sure. I did most assuredly not get THAT. I don’t remember what I got but it wasn’t astronomical by any stretch.

          While I agree and my ultimate thing is to galt out as well, from a pure cash-flow perspective, just because you’re paying less taxes doesn’t mean you have more disposable income with your strategy.

          On the other hand I definitely see the appeal for other reasons.

          • I don’t need more disposable income so that was not my goal. Peace doesn’t come from having more disposable income.

            And yes, they got quite a few deductions for the kids, also mortgage on a new-to-them house (high initial interest payments), upgrades on the house, medical, etc.

            • “I don’t need more disposable income”. Just reread that and it sounds really upity…didn’t mean it that way.

              More disposable income would be nice, make life easier, make the stocking go faster….but isn’t “needed”. Not because I have a lot of money (I don’t) but because where I am at in life money is no longer what “it” is about for me. I seek inner-peace.

              I got lost in the mega corporate world playing with the “big boys”. It got to the point I had to put on a suit of armor everyday just to go to work.

              Took me about a year to find “me” again. I’d much rather be dirt poor on a couple acres of land living as free and as peaceful as possible in the current times.

              “IT” for me has changed from having plenty of disposable income. Now, I enjoy watching the duckies bobbing down the river by my house and the squirrels and birdies doin’ there thing.

        • Kindle ~

          I’ve made similar changes in my own lifestyle – choosing to live on less money.

          Poverty is a state of mind, not a dollar income amount.

          ~ D

          • Thanks Daisy,

            I thought for sure I would get blasted or tons of thumbs down for not automatically buying into another government number…Or for choosing to not continuing to pay for others. I did my 25 years of paying my fair share and much more. 1040 EZ for 25 years.

            Yes, there are 10’s of millions that are truely “poor” and need our help. My point was, just because you make less than “X” it doesn’t necessarily mean you are poor or in need.

            I totally and completely agree with your statement.
            “Poverty is a state of mind, not a dollar income amount.”

        • absolutely amen!!!

        • Kindle, I love what you wrote, I’m copying it to send to my daughters!

          • Thanks Dollars to Donuts.

      14. 47.7 Million Americans on food stamps. EBT with names like SNAP to make it sound appealing.

        20 million vacant homes in the U.S.

        100 million home owners 90 days or more delinquent.

        QE3 of 40 billion per month being used to purchased distessed assets (foreclosed on homes)) bought with make believe money.

        Federal Reserve using these homes (distressed assets) as security for the bonds they are selling. Selling our country piece by piece to foriegn nations.

        20% of all homes being sold are to Chinese Nationals because real estate is so cheap here.

        This is or was America now it is nothing but smoke and mirrors with a nation of sheeple being pacified by a government with no morals or principles.

        Pablum for the masses such as American Idol and or talk of legalizing pot or gay marriage as being the important news of the day. Not that I am against either as I am a Libertarian and don’t give a dam because it does not effect my life. Just quit pissing on my back and tell me it is raining.

        IMF Cheif says get your stuff together or the Western World is dust.

        Last but not least answer me this: Why if this fiscal cliff will bring a collapse of the economic system in the Western worl why would any sane person leave money invested in the stock market? Why would you not withdraw and wait and see what will happen. I have my answer but want to hear what others think.

        • “Why would you not withdraw and wait and see what will happen. I have my answer but want to hear what others think.”
          Because this time, it will be different.

      15. That very dangerous dependency that BO wants for the population to know that they CAN’T make it without the state. Depressing holday cheer once again when Christams comes out of the government’s stocking. 🙁

        • @ BI – 7.1 quake by Indonesia.

      16. “When the people find they can vote themselves money,
        that will herald the end of the republic.” – Benjamin Franklin

        Wiser words were never spoken.

        Has a civilization ever committed suicide before? Because that’s exactly what the West is doing. It’s amazing. Modern liberalism is the most virulent disease ever invented. It’s pretty rare to be able to witness the downfall of an entire civilization so pull up a seat and watch the train wreck, folks. Prep to survive the collapse and hopefully, finally, we as a species can learn from our mistakes. But I doubt it. We always seem to base ourselves on our lowest common denominator, and not our highest.

        Time to prep… and pray.


        • All great nations commit suicide. History is littered with examples.

          • Every nation I can think of was also under pressure from an external threat. Right now, the West is not. It is… simply… consuming itself.


        • Several civilizations have committed suicide. They’re pretty instructive, and they’re great models to show what’s going to happen to ours. Social chaos and splintering aren’t the real issue, politics isn’t the real issue; complete collapse of the resource-stream is the problem, and like our hyper-consuming culture, those dead cultures ate up everything they did have and destroyed the rest before they could use it. Wouldn’t you think we’d learn from those dead cultures? Yeah … you’d think …

      17. Good one Mac.
        Exactly and amen.
        I have even coined a new term;
        This is a Shadow Depression.
        A depression that hides in the shadows of evil, hidden in the numbers of Mark Twain (lies, damn lies, and statistics), hidden in the ever increasing prices that fool people into thinking things are getting better, until you shine a flashlight and see the worms hiding in the shadows, eating the carcass from the inside out.

        Employment numbers hidden in the shadows of the poor, being moved from unemployment to food stamps and welfare, while the soul of the nation is slowly turning to the apathetic, the newest acronym being revealing;
        The L.I.B. crowd.
        They are saying; Let It Burn.

        In essence, the good guys have joined with the bad guys, because they don’t understand, apathy is what they want. The left wants you to give up, that is the reason for the drip drip drip.

        There is only one way, to counter this, and I have been chastised for recommending a con-con. A Constitutional convention. The L.I.B.s say it would hand the country to the left, I say, no way, they would need something they cannot have; a super majority. It is also a way for the states to bypass Washington, just the tears and screams coming from DC would be worth the effort. The L.I.B.s say its too late, we’ve already lost… they are five year olds who are whining about taking their ball and going home. They say we’ve already lost, while there is still one more chance, but they won’t take it, because we could lose? This is illogical with a touch of madness.

        It must be a three step chess strategy, the Threat, The Chaos, and the Endgame. Winning, would be by throwing a monkey wrench into the leftists media party, it would bring Washington to the point of blood. A blood letting that could only have one conclusion, logically, a bloody draw.

        So that would leave us with a draw, and chaos, while a big stick could be held up, and shaken at Washington, and maybe, unifying the good guys. At worst, an event to scare the pants off politicians, and maybe bring some of these issues into the light where they couldn’t be hidden by the shadow forces.

        At best? If 34 state legislatures call for it, Washington is effectively BYPASSED, and Congress and the power brokers could be kept out by the concon committee. If is was called, the only outcome would be a draw, and chaos on the floor, leading to more bloody deadlock, apathetic surrender, and every delegate would be looking for some new idea. At that point, an Amendment for Dissolution, to dissolve the union, would be passed by both sides. Why? Because everybody gets what they want; the left gets their utopia, and the right gets back to work under the articles of confederation plus a bill of rights, with new state banks and money. The states could then run things, as nation states, what they were in the beginning.

        It is the last moral and legal move on the board. The only chance left to check the king. It is chess played three moves ahead, like they do. It is the only way to preserve something of what we are without true bloodshed or civil war, because if this amendment were ratified, Washington has nothing to say about it.

        But no, we would rather continue in the game we like, checkers, in full knowledge we are losing, the dollar is toast, and the whole edifice will collapse and turn into ‘something else’. This is what happens when money dies, the system dies with it. And we, capitalists, Christians and boomers, will be blamed, and rightfully so.

        But no, we would rather hide, and whine, and piss and moan about letting it burn and then ‘rebuild it from the ashes’.

        Well, history doesn’t work that way. If we allow it to go that route, there will be nothing left of liberty or cultural cohesion, only bloodshed and crackdowns as the velvet glove comes off. And as our children are being marched off to the reeducation camps, and ask you what happened to America, look in the mirror, and weep.

        • Piper Michael,

          >>”At that point, an Amendment for Dissolution, to dissolve the union, would be passed by both sides. Why? Because everybody gets what they want; the left gets their utopia, and the right gets back to work under the articles of confederation plus a bill of rights, with new state banks and money.”<<

          I have to respectfully disagree with this idea. This is not a left or right issue. It's a problem with Progressivism which has infiltrated and indoctrinated members both left and right, Democrats and Republicans.

          The Socialist Progressives will not rest until they control the wealth and free will of everyone, everywhere, voluntarily or involuntarily. They zealously believe it is their's to take.

          I hear what you're saying though. At present Obama, or whatever his real name is, has a 53% approval rating. More dead people voted in this last presidential election than ever before. There were more reports of voter tampering and intimidation than ever before. More state and federal politicians are on the take than ever before.

          I believe a constitutional convention today would open Pandora's Box. With unprecedented levels of uneducated, and uninformed Americans living today coupled with megalomaniac politicians and banksters running amok, I don't trust any of them to know, much less do, what is in the best interest of the nation.

          I trust God and the great equalizer, time, to return the nation to its proper footing. I'm patient unlike most Americans. Yes when the second economic shoe falls in a few years and the next wave of the economic collapse hits, those who support Progressivism, the religion of envy, will be forced to assume the consequences of their actions instead of mooching off those who produce and contribute within our society.

          If things go sideways and the "takers" decide they have nothing left to lose, it may get dicey. Our personal safety may be placed in great peril, but if this is next phase of the American experiment then so be it. Let's just get on with it, clean out the closet so to speak, and resolve it sooner than later, so we can move on with the next phase.

          • SO, we have already LOST, but to open ‘Pandora’s box, would be worse?
            Give me a break…this a madman’s thinking. Repeating the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. We play checkers, they play chess, a concon is a CHANCE to check the king.

            This thinking is justification for cowardice, and unwillingness to stand up for what we believe in. I had a guy tell me not to worry, Jesus will come swooping in to our AO’s with thousands of angels, just in the nick of time. And I believe He does intervene, when it serves His purpose, not yours.

            I wonder about the Jews, who ‘knew’ that the Messiah would come to rescue them from the Nazi death camps, what were they thinking? Well, now we know, and we see the answer to the question; How could the German people have allowed a Hitler… we see it here, now.

            You are part of the problem, trusting God, when God said we are His hands of justice. Depending on God, and saying its in His hands, is a form of mocking God. Demanding that He save you from the consequences of your own actions, when YOU did it to yourselves by your apathy and compromises with evil. This was predicted as ‘doctrines of devils’, that take you down into darkness, by listening to the ‘sweet words on the tonque, that grow bitter in the belly’.

            Obama’s support in the election, is irrelevant, 53% of Obama’s support of what? How many voted? How many of the good guys stayed HOME? I’ve seen numbers from 3 to 16 million just didn’t vote. WE gave it to the SOB, he did NOT WIN IT. AND THIS IS THE REASON WHY, you have given up. You guys live in the fantasy of Atlas Shrugged, but history doesn’t work like that. Rand’s socialists, are not the marxists in charge, with an army of ignorant drones, ready to kill capitalists, Christians and boomers, waiting in the wings, organizing.

            The Concon, WOULD throw a monkey wrench into the works, it WOULD erupt into chaos, it REQUIRES a super majority to enact any AMENDMENTS, PERIOD. The Left DOES NOT HAVE A SUPER MAJORITY. WE are the power in this country, if we would but unite under one IDEA. Just like 1776, we united under The IDEA, the Vision of Freedom, but now we surrender before the last move on the board has been played. The Founders are very proud of us I’m sure.

            SO logically, a concon can only end one way, deadlock, chaos, floor fights, and the nation frozen, the media talking heads in a blood letting. Absolute chaos would reign. But, this is a good thing. IF, it is The 3 move Plan. Threat, Chaos, Dissolution.

            The THREAT of a concon would put Washington DC into paroxysms of apoplectic bloviation. Heads would explode, it is also, something the Dark man would never expect, nor, would he have any control over, IF, the states took it upon themselves, made the call, and formed the concon committee by exclusion of all Washington DC interests, called for town halls where potential delegates would have a speech and debate fest, and rounds of eliminations. Let the best come forth, if nothing else, the issues of the day, would put the spotlight on the politicians, and more would be educated. Most of the country would be frozen in spellbound fascination, cheering one side or the other, bookies would work overtime. Media circus, doesn’t even begin to describe it.

            It would be worse than an election, because it would leave Washington DC out of the picture, if done properly. But, frankly, you want the left there, to reach the necessary level of chaos and blood letting. And blood letting there would probably be.

            It is the last chance for a moral, ethical and legal solution to America’s problems… like you guys say, we’ve ALREADY LOST, so what the hell do we have to lose? A civil war maybe? Is that what you want? That is the only conclusion I can arrive at. There is a pathetic group of people, who have laid down the ballot box, and want to pick up the last box of liberty. But they cannot unite, and they will stand up one by one and scream into the night; “From my cold dead hands”, so the left will take you down, one by one.

            History, will make fools of those who want it to burn, and God will judge you as your children are taken away from Him by the Beast, and his gift of Liberty goes down the drain, because you SAT ON YOUR ASS. And you invoke GOD? To save you from what YOU CREATED by apathy to begin with? Or because you trusted a system without fighting when the battles were easy?

            You pay lip service to the Constitution just like you pay lip service to God, to justify cowardice.
            Read Rev 21:8, and understand why cowardice is one of the highest sins, because it destroys societies. A concon could also be a Biblical event, if you consider the lesson of the 10’s, and we pick up our children and go ‘into the wilderness’, by leaving the System of Babylon, to preserve a REMNANT. But this is what happens when people get locked into doctrines and ideologies, they are entirely inflexible.

            And as they are dragging your children away, and you feel the barrel press down on the back of your head, remember… you had a chance to check the king.

            • Ranting about it and insulting me won’t help the argument.

              For the record, you’re the one saying we’ve lost. Nowhere in my previous post did you read those words. We simply fight differently and you don’t approve of that. Before I resort to war, I like to give the enemy enough rope to hang themselves first.

              You’re pissed off, I get that. So am I. I’m just not willing to lose my cool about it. This discussion is six of one, half a dozen of the other. You’re suggesting something akin to nuclear war and hoping that you’ll be the last man standing. The outcome will be the same. BAD.

              If you think for a second that opening a constitutional convention to split the nation along ideological lines will stop progressives from trying to take what you have, you’re lost. We’re dealing a group of psychopaths that believe the means justify the ends and they are willing to do anything it takes to win idealogical war. Me, I’m willing to let the bastards fail from within. Fail from the weight of their own misguided beliefs before.

              There are many ways to win this fight. You’re willing to resort to scorched earth tactics to divide the nation. I want to take the nation back from these miscreants in tact so I can travel from one state to another without using a visa when all is said and done.

              Hopefully the name calling is over.

          • PS; I should have said, I agree, with everything you said.
            But, I disagree, this is the last chance to save what’s left that could be called ‘good’… by breaking off, without a chance of the Feds having any say so.

            You cannot lump the whole country into this loser paradigm, we are independent states, time to take the bull by the horns, and kick it in the balls.

            But, I’ve already given up, let the L.I.B.s have their way,screw it, if we are that far gone, its time to create a new country, out of the old country, legally, without bloodshed, and that will happen if we keep on this course. And I cannot comprehend the difference between opening Pandora’s box, and putting up a sign that says “Abandon all hope, all ye who enter here.”

            • PM / YH: This is bigger than just left v right, or social progressives pushing a communist manifesto.

              The left/right paradigms are manifestations of the NWO Globalists who are working (and succeeding) at concentrating economic and political power in the hands of the Global Uber Rich, and those who pimp for them.

              Thesis v anti-thesis = Synthesis

              This is the equation that the PTB are employing to create the solutions they want: solutions that will give them TOTAL control. They are close to that objective but one thing and one thing only thwart their plans.

              The American Constitution.

              The PTB want an oligarchary to run the world, using nation-state republics under UN auspices to institutionalize their status at the top of the food chain; thus the desire of the Globalists to undermine American sovereignty and merge US with Mexico under the UN via the North American Union.

              To accomplish this they must disarm Americans and make it illegal to own weapons. They must infiltrate American with tens of millions of virtually illiterate individuals who have no allegiance to American Ideals: like personal liberty.

              If they can make these illegals citizens, get them to vote in a European style Referendum for the NAU under UN auspices, they can suspend the American Constitution and implement a UN North American Secretariat under global control. Their control.

              This is their goal. United WE are invincible.

              • Durango kidd, great insights. Thanks. I’m not educated enough to offer a coherent opinion about the NWO. However, where there’s smoke , there’s fire ,and all the tell-tail indicators of NWO tampering you stated are in fact present in the here and now.

                Much like locating a black hole in space, we don’t need to see the actual event horizon to know its there.

              • Well,DK,
                You sound like… me!
                Thesis, antithesis, synthesis, we are watching it play out between the red and blue, right now, in the fiscal cliff ‘talks’. They’ll come up with synthesis, once everybody is in a state of panic.
                We agree 100%.
                Now, since these bastards are using the system against us, the only logical course, is to turn the tables, because like we are saying, IF we band together under one IDEA, we are unstoppable…
                Just watching the whining and exploding heads coming out of NY and DC, would be worth the effort.

      18. Guess what, the earthquake system once again worked, this time perfectly. Yesterday I said that there was a 75-80% chance of a 7+ earthquake because of the Bouvet Isalnds region earthquake swarm, and sure enough 7.1 in the Banda Sea in Indonesia. After the Bouvet Islands was hit back on Dec.24, 1995, there was a 7.1 in the Banda Sea one day later ONLY a few miles away from this one today. Please check comment #926489 on the Preppers for Survival……. for verification of the correct earthquake forecast yesterday.

        Does everyone see how earthquakes follow patterns? Same magnitude, almsot exact location right after the same area was hit in 1995. The system works once again. This one however I feel was from the previous 3 before the one yesterday, and there could be another big earthquake in this sequence of swarms. I will after the look over more data and will have a forecast later today.

        I hope I am not offending certain people with this earthquake forecasting as a true disaster is a earthquake in the wrong place and will drive up the number of people desperate from around 50 million up to 100 million or more. Keeping in theme with the recent article. 😉

        • It took you almost a day, but you pegged it again! 🙂

        • Not offending me in the least. Just make sure you give me a heads up when the San Andres is going to go. Over 20 years since the last one and I know we are over due. In the last 60 years I have seen 3 good ones but believe the biggest is yet to come. On high ground East of the fault line or should I say future beach?

        • I commented on the Preppers for Survival article, giving you props for another accurate prediction.

          It’s getting a little scary, honestly. 🙂

          I look forward to your next prediction!

        • BI, most of us here really appreciate your posts. And we recognize the importance of what you’re doing. A quake in the wrong place could be catastrophic. Your predictions, which I’ve noticed have an uncanny percent of accuracy, never call for people to panic. You may, however, give some folks a day or more warning when a big one strikes a populated area, and ultimately save some lives. Keep up the good work.

        • BI- don’t worry about those who are “offended” – if they don’t like it they don’t have to read your posts. Honestly, anytime there’s an earthquake I’m jumping on here to see your take and read how it all fits together in the big scheme of things. I appreciate your dedication and insight into something I know absolutely nothing about- Keep it up!

          • I think I have it figured out. The two earthquakes of 7.3 in Japan and 7.1 in Indonesia were the results of the African plate. The earthquakes in Bouvet Islands were from the movement of the African plate, but also The South American plate in positioned to the Antarctic plate. From this and the past records, I feel that at this time there is a 65% chance of another 6.5+ earthquake, and a 50% even chance of another 7+. I give the following areas as potential danger areas until the 24th of December, 15 days after yesterday’s Bouvet quake.

            -The area of 150 degrees east to the international date line, southern hempishere.
            -China, especially the western area of China.
            -Kashmir area.
            -Yes northern Japan again.

            For the South American plate angle:
            Mexico to Central Chile, especially Ecuador
            All of the Caribbean plate, especially southern portion of it
            California and southern Oregon

            As further quake activity occurs the more I can pinpoint it. At the present time these areas seem like the best backtracking of where the tension is coming from. It is kind of like trying to figure out where a projectile came from a very high powered firearm that was fired from miles away, many variables to take into account. It can be done though. I will try very hard to give warnings to any populated area as more quake activity helps triangulate what is happening. Thank you again for the support of this, sure hope one day it saves people from suffering and the recognized scientific agencies will use this with their super computers to narrow it down like the hurricane forecasts are becoming.

            • Thanks for your work.

            • BI, I really like reading your stuff. Do you have your own blog with predictions on it?

        • I’d be offended if you didn’t keep us informed. Thanks.

      19. Every week I read in the news of a new grand fiscal recovery plan in the works that is based on debased currency that does not yet exist, being backed by collateral that is either worthless or re-hypothicated, and being supported by bankers who by all rights should be in jail for money laundering for starters.

        All the while politicians are calling for tax increases that might raise an extra $80 billion dollars annually to off set the massive $1.3 trillion dollar federal deficit which pales in comparison to the $16.3 trillion dollar national debt.

        Is there any wonder why China is on an unprecedented spending spree in the U.S. buying up real assets and businesses to cover their ass? They know the dollar is beyond the point of no return and will continue its’ inevitable march toward complete devaluation. China is simply cashing in now before the face value of their U.S. debt holdings become completely worthless. Too bad Americans are busy watching reality TV and Dancing With The Stars to notice and understand the meltdown that is already underway.

        Keep up the preps all.

      20. Every administration “jazzes” the numbers to make themselves look better, but the current administration is particularly egregious since they can play the tattered race card if called out on their math. The poverty rate in our never-wealthy town is, roughly figured, around 62%. The town is made up of retirees and the white underclass which it’s always safe to ridicule. The town buys electricity from several vendors and provides it at what used to be a very reasonable cost. (Coal fired plants are out and whatever is taking over is quite expensive.) but defaults are averaging 70%, according to public record. Cable TV is vanishing, and the old antennas are making a come-back, meaning lack of internet and complete exposure to the few local (main stream liberal) TV stations which can be picked up via antenna. We’ve all noticed a huge increase in the number of people newly on “disability”, the qualifications for which are murky. I assume this is another method for Obama to break Social Security since “disability” pulls out of the SS and Medicare funds. Even the Dollar Store-type franchise has pulled out, a sure sign of decline and now there is place to get bread, milk or junk food except the gas station, tottering on its last legs. The grocery store and bank left years ago. I honestly don’t know where the locals too poor or too old to own a vehicle of any type, manage to procure food. There are no services for the elderly (we’re too small) and no organized food kitchens. We share garden produce with our neighbors, but that’s more of a good will gesture than an attempt to provide food security. Maybe I need to get out there and find out just how many people are hungry. It’s Christmas and that’s a worthwhile project.

        • The poverty rate in your town is roughly figured at 62%.
          Where does this data come from?
          Noticed a huge increase in people on disability.
          Where does this data come from?
          SS Disability does NOT come from “the SS & Medicare funds”; Social Security and Medicare are two completely separate things.
          I would argue that the appearance of a Dollar Store is more indicative of decline.
          Finding out how many people are hungry is not a worthwhile project, doing something about their hunger is a worthwhile project.

          • Poverty data comes from the school system and county. This is public record, although the government would prefer not to provide firm figures without some wiggle room. School data is reported for purposes of Title One, I believe. It’s in their interest to have quite a few poor families which, in our area, are not in short supply.

            I agree that having a “Dollar-type store” move in isn’t a good economic sign, but having one move OUT is indicative of a real problem. Also, our two “antique” stores are both defunct. Of course, there were never really any antiques. Mostly 1950s junk left from the demise of people born during the decades of the 1900-30s. I visited each store about once a week looking for hand tools and old Pyrex glass, not the newer, exploding Chinese version. One owner told me she hadn’t sold anything for a month, closed/re-opened her shop, calling it a flea market which it had always been anyway, sold as many aluminum tumblers, TV trays and old magazines as she could, then closed up and hauled the rest of the stock to Goodwill.. Her building burned legitimately, taking out the only business in one of the “downtown” blocks which is now a parking lot for non-existent shoppers. (BTW, the hand tools were not for house decoration, but for us to use.) The advent of “antique malls” in abandoned store buildings is an ominous sign, particularly when accompanied by flea markets in the nearest vacant lot.

            I’m not too sure how I’m supposed to locate all the hungry. We have been here 17 years and are still “the new people”, so I’d probably get shot for snooping around. The best idea I can come up with is to encourage the largest church to host free dinners once or twice a week, and I don’t know how they could afford to do that. These dinners would have to be made a real community affair so there would be no stigma attached and this is definitely not a community that pulls together for anything. The school provides week-end meals for all kids qualifying for free or reduced lunches, and the administration is lobbying for state funds to provide summer vacation breakfast and lunches, as well as the “Winter Holiday” break.

            For YH, who mentioned how many semi-abandoned cars there are along the road, we’ve noticed the same thing. We have a farm tank, firmly locked, and used to be asked if we could sell someone $5-10 dollars worth of fuel. We had no way to measure it, so would donate a five-gallon can if they would PROMISE to bring back the can. Usually they did, but not always, and when we met on the street, we’d act like the transaction never occurred. If things get bad, we’re hiding the fuel tank or dismantling it. Point is that I’m not too sure people can buy a couple of gallons of gas or even offer to do so.

            I’m looking for a link to an older Y2K soup recipe that could, if necessary, feed four adults or two adults, four small kids, for up to a year. It was inexpensive (relatively) to buy and would store really well with precautions. If I can find it, I’ll post; if not, and you know where to find it, please let me know. Thanks!

            • Vicky, I couldn’t find a Y2K soup recipe but the link below is for a cook book with recipes from the Great Depression written by wonderful lady who survived the depression. I bought this cook book last year and it contains some terrific recipes. I’m on the road but I’ll look for some soup recipes when I get home. I’ll post them here if I find any.


              • Thanks, YH! I love cookbooks anyway, particularly from this era. The recipe for which I’m looking is more a list of ingredients, mostly legumes, which you combine, dry, in various combinations to cook during the year. It would get old, but so would starvation.

                Be careful on your trip back home and a Merry Christmas to you, too.

        • Vicky,

          Tight times are here. In 2009 my small town in Florida had to shut down our police force because it was too costly.

          In 2009 I noticed an alarming number of abandoned cars left by the road side, or out of gas, as people simply had no money to call for a tow truck. This phenomena has reappear once again this year.

          Luckily for me I live in an agricultural part of the state and my neighbors and I are avid backyard farmers. We won’t have a problem putting food on the table in a worse case scenario. I only wish more Americans could say the same.

          I hope the situation in your town improves soon Vicky.

          Merry Christmas.

          • Most likely they are stolen cars that are being dumped. Are you close to Miami or St.Petersburg?

      21. Straight up question, after the crash and the subsequent carnage and you survive, what is the plan then?

        • King Krazy

          Very good question. I suppose the answer is keep surviving and teach the next generation how to do it, in the hope they make a better job of it than past generations. I suppose it depends what causes the crash, the event as to how easy r otherwise it will be to move forward afterwards.

          Take care

          • Burt

            A Kalashnikov indeed!


            • Possee

              You got it then? Bwhahahahahaha

              Take care x

        • @ King Krazy

          Whatever the hell you want it to be. Been on that question for a long time. Too fractured to get any consenses.

      22. @ OQ aka JMJ: Finally got the download of BEYOND COLLAPSE. Read the prologue and first chapter online = 102 pages. TO ALL: switched to a different network for successful access (apparently the first network firewall was denying me access). KUDOS. Well written, sensible advice. A great source of knowledge that everyone should read and have available. Distilled much of what I have read myself over the years. Excellent to have it all available in one place. A survival and rebuilding manual version of the LDS manual if I may make the comparison. Thank you for your effort and making it available. Everyone should make the effort to check out: BEYOND COLLAPSE.

        • I agree.

          I have, or I AM in the process of reading it. I’d like to add a recommendation for solar water distillation. You can do seawater like that. You can’t with a Berkey.

          Now. If I could only find a way to do it… well. Enough per day. The old school solar stills are pretty… slow. Perhaps life threateningly so. I’m starting to think about Fresnel lenses.

          • Watch for somebody to discard a rear projection TV. There’s one in every box. these may be worth something during an extended power outage.

      23. Side note for those who are looking, Ranchers wife has a good write up on making and canning turkey/chicken broth, as well as canning venison/beef.
        @Frugal living on the Watkins Ranch.

        • @PO’d Patriot….I saw Ranchers wife’s latest info….she is on fire for sure!! Wow…all that canning AND a couple big graduations coming up….don’t know how she does it!! She sent me a recipe for “Easy Beef Stroginoff” it is soooo good(made with my canned beef) Love Watkins Ranch site….lots of good info! take care, CC

          • +1 CC, I like to check from time to time for the recipes and tips. No missed-meal hunger pains here.

      24. Please let us know when the New Madrid is going to go I’m just on the edge and depending on the size I could go or not.

      25. fema camp’s looking better everyday huh?

      26. @ Mac.

        Good article but are we just rehashing the same old same old?

        • OOPS,

          Full-Grade Brain-fart here, posted the link before I saw the source…just after the page went up… 🙁

      27. YOUR ALL PROPERLY “GOOSED” and just don’t seem to want to acknowledge it . ;0p

        What the above report leaves out is that …

        This current cycle of “Wealth Consolation BY THE 1% will continue “Indefinitely” !”


        UN GLOBAL EUGENICS AGENDA 21 is now in Effect projected to last till 2050 !

        And you and your family “All” will suffer for the 1% GREED needlessly physically mentally and spiritually !

        Their Master Plan is the complete dissolution disbandment of all independent individual governed nation states and the complete consolidation of all the globes resources under one central globalist bank rule – INCLUDING THE HUMAN BEING RESOURCES – YOU !

        This is only the beginning of your suffering .

        Prepare financially for what is happening now Financial Austerity (live within your means , invest spare change in real precious metals pm’s ) and prepare for what is coming …

        HARD TIMES are projected (by those in the know real economists) till 2020 (i believe it’s indefinite – there will be no recovery only decades of poverty for all 99%) … maybe indefinitely for some of you !

        This is only the beginning … It will get Much MUCH WORSE … Arm Up Stock Up Prepare !

        ” PREDATOR or PREY of the NWO U.N. Z.O.G. the choice is Yours !”

        ~N.O. ;0P

        • N.O.

          Perfectly stated..


          • @Possee … Respect .

            Thank You ! ;0)

            I hope your “Beach Toes” are staying warm on the Mass Cape so far this Winter .

            * Here’s a tip for you on keeping warm in a Cape Ice Storm / Blizzard Black Out … if you stick a 4 inch candle / or a oil lamp wick in the center of a can of Crisco you have a instant 24 hr emergency candle .

            You can safely affordably heat a “vented” closed room (warm your toes) or cook indoors with it if you burn 4 at once under your cooking pot / pan … And it burns clean .

            Peace .

            ~N.O. ;0P

            • Thank you for that N.O.

              I will keep that info in my preps folder..
              Down here on ole cape cod life is relatively quiet now that the 2%ers have all left their 10 bedroom homes after a weeks stay here and there.A few gangbangers always set up shop and let the 9mm fly once in a while in Hy-anus.. an occasional bank or 711 holdup..once the shtf it will take awhile for the hordes to descend down there’s only the Sagamore and Bourne bridges to get here or off Cape.
              Activity at the local range is rapidly increasing of late.notice more and more of all age groups exercising their 2nd amendment…at least some of us are ready.


            • @ N.O.
              The Crisco can candle is a great Idea ! Living in rural Ontario ,that will come in very handy . I would also like to thank you for the Turbo stove/heater link you had provided a couple articles back , It`s my next project .

              @ Mac ,
              Thank you for providing an incredible prepper information outlet such as SHTFPLAN .

              @ B.I.
              Your work is very much appreciated and respected .

              • @Jetex ;0) … your very Welcome .

                Welcome to our lil’ SHTFPLAN Prepper Hive !

                * side note on the Turbo Stove Heater … bathroom water proofing cement board is a good nonflammable fire shield base/ footing for the project between your stove heat source , external exhaust chimney and possibly flammable home floor wall structure exposed to the heat from stove .

                ;0) Be safe and would love to know how it worked out for you .

                ~N.O. ;0P

            • Nina….you ever researched crisco?…off the top of my head it was created back in the early part of the 20th century precisely for the purpose of lighting…didnt sell too well…then it was noticed by someone that it was very similar to lard…so they began marketing it to folks as a replacement for lard…especially certain ethnic groups who wont eat real pig lard,it took off and has done well since then! In reality it isnt fit to eat so burning it is as good a use as any…I have some stashed just for this purpose…anyhow I thought Id throw that lil tidbit out there…thanks!PS making a small candle out of crisco or wax sitting it inside a coffee can or such and putting it under a wooden/metal chair with safe clearences creates a warm sitting spot for those times the house power/heat is out or while hunting/camping…works pretty good too I might add! “Live free or die tryin”

              • @REB ;0) … Awesome !

                Thank You for the Old School Knowledge @REB !

                Your very Appreciated Sir ;0) !

                The Old School will once again be the New School as times get tough .

                Watch Out ;0) you don’t “CRISCO COOK” too long on THE CRISCO HEATER CHAIR !

                You just might Burn your FRANK AND BEANS ! ;0p

                ~N.O. ;0P

              • Whatever it’s faults may be it makes the best french fries. Crisco is the best oil for that, can’t live forever might as well enjoy yourself once in awhile.

      28. I posted this last year and LadyHawk, a very intelligent and respected commenter, who happened to be black, was offended. I accepted her chastisement with humility and aplomb. (not sure what aplomb is, but I think it’s good to have some) I didn’t respond with sarcasm or rudeness, didn’t even defend myself. I just quietly waited for the holiday season to roll around this year so I could post it again. (sorry, there’s just the tiniest bit of mean streak in me) For any who might be offended, you have my sincere apologies in advance. Of course you’ll notice, I’m posting it again anyway!

        The Night Before Kwanzaa

        ‘Twas the night before Kwanzaa
        And all ’round the hood
        The pickins were easy
        The livin’ was good

        I put on my bling
        Had my dreadlocks all shaggy
        Walked out to the Honda
        In britches quite baggy

        I drove down the street
        With Rap music thumping
        Stopped by the projects
        To see what was jumping

        Cruised past the liquor store
        And on to the park
        Where I made the acquaintance
        Of an undercover narc

        I showed him some powder
        He said “Is it pure?”
        I said “Snort this stuff
        And you’ll go blind for sure”

        Then money was passed
        In a large cash transaction
        He smiled when I said
        “Guaranteed satisfaction”

        I turned then to leave
        He said “Now you’re busted!”
        I just shrugged my shoulders
        “Can’t anyone be trusted?”

        When later I stood
        In the courthouse in cuffs
        I said to my lawyer
        “I’m calling their bluff”

        “Your honor” I said
        “Take a look for yourself
        That’s plain powdered sugar
        From my kitchen shelf”

        “I’m an entrepreneur
        In business I am
        I sold him this sugar
        He paid by the gram”

        “There’s been no shenanigans
        No lying or fakery
        I innocently assumed
        This gent ran a bakery”

        “I’ve broken no laws
        No one’s been defrauded”
        They dropped all the charges
        As my lawyer applauded

        Went back to my crib
        And kicked off my shoes
        Flopped on the couch
        And dropped off to snooze

        I dreamed of my homeys
        And days long ago
        All the tricks that they taught me
        For selling fake snow

        The methods and angles
        Bring me riches galore
        Happy Kwanzaa to all
        And to all a big score!

        • Tales from the Hood..


        • good stuff smokinokie,laughed my but right out of the chair.

        • Sorry Okie but Im just NOT offended!!! you get it man?… NOT offended!…. 😉 thanks for the laughs Okie,and an early Merry Christmas to you and yours,may God bless you and may liberty and peace follow you around like an ole hound dog!

      29. We butchered and processed our 2 hogs during the past week. That kept us ’employed’ for a while and we didn’t pay taxes on one ounce of the pork. Ya gotta love this kind of tax-free kind employment. Get out of the system. Grow your own food, live low, barter, stop buying Commie-China junk, DIY. If you really hate The Beast, you’ll learn to work smarter. Starve the beast. Laugh when the beast starts to writhe.

        • Zoltane, my game plan exactly.

          • Kindle, I really enjoy reading your comments about your lifestyle change and can relate completely (despite what my personal stalker “Another Comment” says). I was lured back to working in the late 90s to ‘help others’ through FEMA. The actual job was very enjoyable but working for the Feds was unbelievably oppressive and frustrating. The mortgage was paid off during that time which allowed me to Go Galt, get out, and become dedicated full-time to our lifestyle. It’s bad enough to see The Beast but when you are in its cage, your point of view changes quickly.

        • Zoltanne been about three years since I butchered my last hog and miss it so! Do you make any scrapple? Alot of folks don’t know what it is. One of my favorite things to do at the end was render the fat into lard. Use to take my pocket knife and stick a few pieces of cracklins when they floated up. Had to be careful not to eat too many or it was a dash to the “john” for sure.

          • PO’d Patriot – I love scrapple! Fry it thin
            and crispy around the edges and few fried eggs
            and I’m in heaven!

            ~ ~ Gardenia

          • PO’d Patriot, No, we don’t make scrapple but I have been looking into it as a way to use up a bit more of those scraps.

            I did render the lard, though — homemade lard is the best since there are no additives. Can’t wait to make the next pie.

            We don’t eat the cracklins for the very reason you mention. LOL We feed ours to the chickens.

        • Do you have MPD? Or just senility? Do you even attempt to keep up with what you post here? One day you’re claiming you work for Mt. Weather. Another pretending your “husband” commutes to some fancy DC job. Now you’re a rural homesteader “starving the beast.” Uh, yeah. How about none of it?

          • AC ~

            I sincerely believe you are mistaken. Zoltanne has mentioned what she USED to do for a living – many of us have former jobs or lifestyles that we draw upon for educated comments regarding certain subjects. I wasn’t a barefoot hippie chick living in the boonies my whole life either – I have mentioned at least 2 different occupations I had previously, and every word I shared was true. I can speak intelligently about importing, jewelry and the automotive industry because of previous experience. Likewise, Zoltanne can draw from a base of previous experience too.

            I really like many things you have to say, but when you constantly attack Zoltanne, it makes me have 2nd thoughts about you personally. You honestly do seem to be the only person that has a problem with her.

            Let it go…be zen….

            ~ D

            • Daisy, thanks for the kind words. Honestly though, you’re wasting your time with this sort. There will always be anonymous people who direct their rage at others while hiding behind a computer screen. That’s how cowards operate. Cowards are impotent. Cowards lack substantive ideas and positive actions. Cowards enjoy bullying those who are actively involved in the pursuits that interest them. Cowards love the false protection behind a computer screen. What cowards have failed to discover is that they continue to be cowards instead of addressing their own shortcomings and what makes them be so nasty. There are trolls here and this style of forum allows the anonymous-style bullying. Trolls like to disturb the activity of a forum for several reasons but the bottom line is that it’s always negative attention they seek. The trolls will continue to prey upon some of us who contribute to this forum. But those of us who are ‘regulars’ know what’s going on: the online attackers looks ridiculous, especially when the viewers know that online threats or insults come only from keyboard-cowards. I sure don’t lose sleep over the shenanigans from my personal cowardly stalker, Another Comment.

              So come on, we’ve got SERIOUS accomplishments to work on, Daisy girl!

            • I know. I kept thinking “don’t do it, just move on” but I just can’t stand hypocrisy. Yes, I know everyone has prior lives, but she’s implied timelines by referencing events that just don’t add up.

              It’s been months since I’ve said anything, so I plan to extend that timeline now. Sorry.

          • Another Comment, once again you have not only gotten it wrong, but you have your ass-hat sitting crooked again.

            Maybe you should stick with trolling in the background, stalking my posts with those ‘red thumb’ actions. Every time you decide to attack me on this forum, you lose.

            • Wrong, I generally skip your posts. Unfortunately I do sometimes accidentally skim them in a thread. But no red thumbs, it’s not worth the effort. I hope you’re stocked well on risperidone.

          • @Another Comment Your delusions have gotten the best of you again. I make no claim of working anywhere but at my home site. Never said I had a paying “job”, either. That’s your delusional mind playing tricks on you. Oh, and my husband doesn’t commute to “some fancy DC job”, either. Neither of us have been to DC in years — or the surrounding suburban metro area.

            Being the cowardly stalker you are, maybe you should not waste so much time worrying about my “timeline”, as you put it. No one here is on your side — you’re a creep. Time to get back on the meds, you have seriously lost touch with reality.

      30. This administration isn’t even cooking the books or budget, Oh wait a minute they have no books or budget. They make up the talking points and the propaganda machine (The MSM)repeats it over the air waves without question.

        Post collapse will any of it matter except for holding every congressmen, senator, judge and president for the last 100 years accountable?

      31. off topic:

        have any of you tried the Sawyer Point Two Purifier Kit? any input would be appreciated. thanks!

        • @AP … check out the Amazon and Ebay Product Rating boards both gave it 5 Stars at a 96% Customer Satisfaction .

          Amazon is cheaper by $40. bucks .

          You could definitely make one DIY do it yourself for $50. for all parts / water filter included by piecing together what you need from home depot or plumbing store .

          I suggest you buy the filter you want , then build your own filtration system around the filter . ;0)

          Could save yourself $100. to buy more filters .

          * p.s. HERE’S A POOR BOY WATER FILTER PLAN FOR YOU I DESIGNED FOR MYSELF … cut a 2in width pvc pipe to a foot 12in long , instal screw caps on the ends with 3/4in openings drilled into each end , then stuff it with fish tank WATER filters with charcoal inserts , put a food LIQUID funnel (with a coffee filter in it) spout in one end , pour your POND RIVER water in the funnel it gravity runs through to the other side into your cup , comes out clean . ;0)

          Then boil for 10 minutes or chemically sterilize it . Safe to drink . ;0)



          ~N.O. ;0p

          • awesome! thank you for the input!

      32. Just a heads up to you all on the east coast that shop at Trader Joe’s

        Trader Joe’s announced yet another recall last week, at least the sixth this year, affecting dozens of stores. This time it’s a frozen Trader Joe’s brand Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice entree, 4,865 pounds of which are being recalled because they may be contaminated with Listeria, a bacteria food safety experts describe as “scary.”

        Shoppers, understandably, are paranoid that there’s something wrong either at Trader Joe’s or with our food supply in general.

        • Thanks VRF

          Just another good reason to cook,prepare your own foodstuffs where you know where they fresh or at least organic..
          Personally we stopped purchasing anything already prepared,boxed or frozen for 2 years now..and our overall health is much better..and those who can grow,raise,butcher and prepare their own are even better off..
          With the oncoming food prices rising due to last summers droughts and the ever increasing dollar devaluation as we speak…this is exactly food for thought.

          Pun intended..


        • VRF, wouldn’t surprise me. Just a few weeks ago there was a big article on Vietnamese( Chinese too)shrimp and fish farms that fed their product chicken and hog shit to cut down on feed costs. Most of these outfits did this cause of fierce competition in the markets. They went onto report that the farmers even had their chickens roosting over their fish tanks so the droppings would go right in to the fish. Y’all might want to keep this in mind when you go to market and see farm raised talapia and shrimp from the orient. The article also said that the FDA inspectors only catch and refuse entry(at the ports) on only 3 percent of all that comes in from there. The rest makes it through to market. The farmers claim they’ll keep at it cause only a small portion is sacrificed by being denied entry here. Let that sink in “real” good. FDA goober police must be too busy busting raw milk sellers. The Bastards!

          • PO’d,
            Yet another example of people getting the shit they paid for.
            These foreign shrimp farmers must be laughing there asses off at us.

          • First season of doomsday preppers had a guy with chicken coops over his talupia pool thought it was weird at the time. but what do i know.

          • They also incorporate their outhouses and village toilets into some of these systems…this is why I eat no shrimp or farmed imported fish,been telling folks this for years especially my Ladies family…they laugh at me and gobble the crap down…chinamen and other are laughing their butts off at being able to sell stupid people their crap for food!Meanwhile back at the USDA/FDA new plans to crack down on amish farmers and dangerous homestead farmers were comming together…..

          • FYI, shrimp actually naturally eat “shit.” Not saying it’s not disgusting, not saying that the way they’re doing this isn’t a polluted version of what shrimp would normally eat, but the little buggers actually do eat the waste/rot of other living things.

          • Anyone who buys shrimp or any other farmed seafood from Vietnam or similiar countries is nucking futz. The critters are raised in what amounts to sewers.

      33. @ Be Informed ~ I checked out the purple line.
        Eerie. Thank you for your expertise. Your welcome for the link.

      34. No doubt a few will see the silly poem above and thumb it down. That’s ok. Even though I’m a very sensitive guy, constantly needing affirmation, there’s probably juuuuuussst enough maturity there to get me through a bout of rejection. If not, there’s always booze. So go ahead. I can take it.
        Plus, anyone who’s been here at Mac’s place for a while, knows I love to laugh at my own culture as much as anybody elses. In fact, I consider myself an equal oppurtunity offender. If I haven’t posted something that offends your gender, race, religion, nationality, sexual preference, political beliefs or the kind of car you drive… please be patient, I’ll get to you as soon as I can.
        On the other hand, I’d never intentionally insult or bring emotional harm to an individual. It’s so petty. So childish. So unproductive.
        I will make this one exception though- Jamie Foxx can kiss my white ass!

      35. Hello SHTFPLAN people;

        I read this site on a daily basis; and the info you guys have is damn near priceless. I have what i consider to be a serious question. EVERYONE HERE knows the end is in sight for the complete collapse of this country as a society and nation. If you have 3 brain cells to rub together; you can see it a mile away. The question i have is this: How Long Will it Last? In other words; How Much Do I Need To Survive? I don’t believe anyone has talked about HOW MUCH canned goods; MRE Meals; Lighting; etc. that you’ll need. Is this thing going to last weeks; months; or YEARS? Any info at all would be much appreciated. Thanks.

        • Hey Dave, that’s a big ‘ole question you asked there. If you were to ask a 100 people that question you would get a 100 different answers.

          No one knows for sure if it is weeks, months or years. Some will say it has already started, some will say next week, next month, next year or years from now.

          People can give you advice but it really is a question you kinda have to answer for yourself. What is your gut telling you? What is the safe answer? What is the worst case scenario?

          I’ve been at this for a very long time and when I first got started I went for weeks. Then I graduated to months, then years. My worst case scenario is that we won’t be returning to normal so now I work at long term sustainability.

          Come up with your first best guess time-wise, figure out your people.. Example..5 people for 5 days = 25, then 3 meals a day = 75 servings. Look on cans and packages to find out the servings sizes per package. So forth and so on…

        • @Dave … it really depends on you and your family needs.

          All Preppers should at a minimum have 3 Months balanced diet canned dry dehydrated food supply , stored water/ raw water filtration supply . Plus hunting trapping fishing foraging gear so you can feed yourself if you Bug Out to the woods in an emergency .

          Personally I’d go with 6 months of stored canned dry dehydrated food / plus 10 cases of military MRE meal’s ready to eat , One Month Stored Drinking Water and have two portable ways to filter purify drinking water from a raw source .

          Anything longer than that you better have a Bunker to store it in and a few armed guards watching over it from the GOLDEN SNAPPER ZOMBIE HORDE !

          * don’t forget your multi-vitamins , calcium magnesium iron pills and essential fats omega olive / seed / fish oils .

          Hope this helps … ;0)

          ~N.O. ;0P

        • Dave ~

          I think the key is to prepare to become as self-sufficient as possible. Your food is going to run out some day, no matter how much you stockpile.

          We are getting pretty close to a year’s worth of stored food and I’m shifting my focus now from simply acquiring food to producing it – look to things like raising livestock, growing vegetables, foraging, hunting, fishing…

          The best things about skills and knowledge are that they don’t take up storage space and are easily portable – you can take them anywhere!

          ~ D

          • Daisy, I’m curious. Where in your thinking is the fact that there will be other people out there all trying to forage the same way you are? What I wonder about myself is the fact that, no matter how good I may be at survival-skills, there are still several million people around me who are presently ONLY kept alive by virtue of the Haber Cycle, artificial nitrogen, mega-farms that hype the capacity of the land to produce food far beyond normal. The actual carrying capacity of the land would never stand for this many people. What I envision is that my only hope to be able to live by foraging is if I have a bolt-hole where I can wait everyone else out … but I fear there will STILL be too many people, and those who do learn how to forage will manage to eat every last edible plant to the point of overharvesting. For those of us who don’t own / can’t defend land, it’s a quandary.

            • Good luck to all of you when you try foraging in the Winter. Not to mention the huge number of people who will all be thinking the same thing. Most remote areas are not as remote as they seem.

        • Dave, most people’s worst-case scenarios aren’t actually worst-case enough. It’s easy to think that everyone else, or almost everyone else, is going to stay put and starve, but YOU and your family, well, that’s different–you’re going to go meet a few select people in the woods and forage and live off your supplies.

          The reality is, everyone is going to head for the same resources. First the grocery stores, then the farms, then the woods. While most of those people won’t have a clue, the problem is, they WILL find edible plants and eat them to the point of overharvesting, so those plants won’t be there the following year. They will eat every squirrel and rabbit, much less deer.

          Part of your plan needs to be not just saving food, not just preparing to forage off the woods and farms as they are today, but as they will be. Water is going to be MUCH harder to come by–not for you, for crops. Drought is a certainty, but so is loss of electricity to pump water up from aquifers, if you can even count on that water being pure enough to use.

          Plan on planting drought-tolerant plants. Learn how to eat insects as a protein source. Don’t just save crop-seeds–save seeds of plants that could survive in a drier, hotter environment, even some that we currently consider to be weeds.

          How much to save for the short-run is easy enough–it’s the changing world of the future that people can’t really comprehend.

          • @Wolf … Two Thumbs Up !

            Excellent … very Well Said .

          • Wolf, I’m not sure I totally agree with you about people getting all the wild game in the woods. I hunt some pretty big woods in Maine, and what I have noticed over the last 15 years or so is that the only way most people will get way out in the wiliwags is if they have a big 4wd ATV. Before these became popular, it used to be easy to find a spot in the wood where you just knew very few other people ever go. Now you get a couple miles out and think you are secluded, and around the next corner is a big burned out pile of wood with beer cans strewn all around. As soon as the gas for these ATV’s runs out, the foragers won’t stray far from trails & roads.

        • Good thoughtful question Dave. I’m thinking decades. What I believe most are seeing is a complete breakdown of society and a rush back to the dark ages or something akin to that. Preps are a wonderful thing to have, I have plenty myself, but knowledge and skills rank right up there too. You need to be able to last through war, total meltdown or whatever comes and then be able to start over from scratch. At least thats what I am trying to do.

          • At least until Christ comes to take us away from the planet.

        • Hiya Dave

          Welcome. I ad this problem. Still do some days, so I worked it out using parameters I understand.
          3 breakfasts, three light lunches and three evening meals covers us for a day. Only you know what you and your family eat. I noted how much rice/pasta etc I cooked for regular meals and whatit weighed, therefore I could work out how many meals per bag/sack I got. It’s a bt of a pain in the arse until you have made the ones but those scribblings are then the basis of your food preps, it works very well for me and after a while you know them by heart. Good luck.

          Take care

      36. we all are doomed to this world led by physco men and woman.I have some preps but will probably go out with a bang before the dust settles.Who knows when or were but the man upstairs.There is so many negative forces at work.I just hope I get to take a few of those neg.forces with me.

      37. If this is true then why cant i get a parking spot at the mall? Why are the lines so long in the stores? Im not trying to be smart, but everyone i know is spending money, having parties, buying houses, new cars. When i asked these
        same question on this site a few years ago the answer was that everyone was using credit cards and using the money they use to spend on their mortgage. Now why does it seem to me that noone has money problems. Im middle class with middle class friends and family. I live in southeastern Pa. I dont know anyone who has lost a job. In fact people i know are getting richer. Am i living in a bubble?

        • I hope i dont sound ignorant. I stink at expressing what i mean in writing. I am a prepper and i do know that people all over our falling on hard times, i just never see it here where i live or amongst people i personally know.

        • You’re not in a bubble, Val, you’re in a different State than a lot of what’s going on. The geography is pretty concentrated, areas where you think you’re “middle class” but the average middle-class person would say you’re UPPER middle class. You couldn’t know that without having traveled a good bit outside PA.

          Then there’s the fact that people are still buying new houses and cars because they don’t REALLY believe that they won’t always, always, always have the steady stream of income they have right this second. There’s unemployment insurance if the “unthinkable” happens, because the only thing “unthinkable” they can think of is losing their job. Except … what happens if there comes a day when there isn’t unemployment insurance? There isn’t a second thought for scenarios that reach beyond next payday.

        • Val, you live in an area that is better “protected” against Recession than others. The DC metro area is like that, too. But what would happen if there were another RIF (Reduction In Force) as Reagan implemented? The feeder-communities outside of the metro region would feel the economic shift quickly and things that had been economically propped up would be affected. Those people in your community who just bought a car and then lose their job will lose their car. Or their home. Just give it time….the Recessionary ripple-effect will happen as our economy continues to weaken.

          Christmas season is not a good indicator of economic health, imo. People will buy on credit so they can keep up the charade. They’ll kick their own financial can down the road and worry about the bills in January.

          Watch for the national statistics and think of the system as a whole. The propaganda that’s provided by the MSM keeps people believing that all is well. We keep hearing about a recovery — if that were true, where are the jobs? Why is the employment rate the same as it was years ago (part of the subject of this post)?
          Why are so many on the SNAP program? Why are durable goods not being purchased? And why are savings down but the sale of PMs so high? And why has the American Eagle been so popular lately?

      38. The idea that Americans lost 40% of their wealth since the collapse in 2008 is not really accurate. That wealth was an illusion fueled by debt one way or another.

        Americans lost their wealth well before that. What they lost in 2008 was some of the illusion. Unfortunately I say “some of the illusion” because the actors rapidly and quite temporally remade the stage set to further carry the show.

        “All the world is a stage”

        • Kevin2, could you explain this in better detail? Are you referring to the ‘illusion’ by the calculations taken to determine wealth (using assets including a theoretical home value)? I’m curious.

          • Zoltane, our wealth loss started in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank and progressed as fiat currency finally replaced sound money in 1971. Our founders were very clear on this matter. That we neglected their counsel is our present peril. The constraint inherent in sound money is greatly feared by many. The constraint is that it forces politicians and bankers to live within our (we, the people’s) means. And those means cannot afford war mongering, only defense. Can we, and how do we, survive the inevitable correction from fiat back to sound is why I visit this site. Nations are amassing and repatriating their gold. I hope you have too. There is enough gold above ground to work. Its price will just be adjusted somewhat. The precious in metals will return after, not during, the correction.

      39. Meanwhile back in follywood..

        Makes you say “huh?

        out of the mouth of Jamie Foxx today…

        And I got a movie coming out, “Django,” check it out. Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson. “Django Unchained” I play a slave. How black is that? And in the movie I had to wear chains. How whack is that? But don’t be worried about it because I get out the chains, I get free, I save my wife, and I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that? And how black is that?

        But I’m going to tell you right now, speaking of blackness, my President, President Obama is back up in the White House four more years. How black is that? And not only that, he’s so black, he was playing basketball during the Election Day. How black is that? But he was also late for his acceptance speech. Okay, all the white people, this is your turn – how black is that?

        sorry folks..just read this and had to share

        subliminal message?

        you decide..


      40. Smokin Okie, that was great poetry; too bad that it’s also all too true. Burt, I know exactly where you’re coming from in reference to low-wage jobs; been there, done that, sometimes I wish I could forget. Fortunately, now i do much better in the financial department and can afford to do considerable prepping due to the fact that I am debt-free. Piper Michael and YH, I followed your debate about a con-con with much interest. My biggest fear of a con-con is our constitution being totally scrapped and replaced with something totally draconian. Plus, i don’t know if this nation can be saved 100% intact. Other than that, I’m sure both of you mean really well and I understand you’re both pissed; I think that describes everyone who comes to this site. I fear the only thing that will save this nation now is REAL SHTF; all-out war. I don’t think con-con is the answer; I thought Ron Paul was our only hope for peaceful change in this country and now that’s gone for good. I’m still prepping and gearing up for what’s coming. I don’t think anyone can accurately predict the final outcome, but I know what I’m ready to fight and die for; A FREE AMERICA BASED ON OUR ORIGINAL PRINCIPLES WHEN WE FIRST STARTED! Mallardhen, what part of New Madrid Seismic Zone do you live in? I’m in Memphis. Best wishes to all. Braveheart

      41. The only road to recovery is Peace of Mind. Actually it is Terminal Preparation. More stuff than you can handle. I have reached that point. I do listen to what you all have to say and learn plenty. The majority of the posters have a handle on what is about to happen but are not certain till it all goes down. I am beyond how many are on food stamps, inflation or interest rates. Whether Obama take a million dollar ride on Air Force One. Doesn’t matter anymore as I am only looking for the tipping point, or the transistion,from the person we were yesterday to whom we become tomorrow.

        • Slingshot, I am almost where you are. I still keep my eyes on the numbers for my own validation. But tv-news? I gave that up long ago. And I’ve stopped trying to convince others to begin preparing for the inevitable. There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not doing something to prepare for the “S” to hit.

      42. @ Everyone. In about a hour freedom of the 2nd Amendment is going to be tag teamed by a couple of true chuckleheads, Bob Costas and Piers Morgan. Yes, those two pinheads get to discuss how evil firearms are. One pre-comment was that you are safer without a gun than with a gun. Yes, the whole country gets to hear helmet head and peckerhead bash freedoms and how much better we all are defending ourselves against an attack with a rolled up newspaper, or that we should let the police handle it. Talk about a couple of anti-self defense pricks trying to poison the minds of others.

        Will I watch it and infuriate myself, Yes. I have to see the shear stupidity of the arguments made so I can construct counter arguments against this crap. After listening to these two embrace each other like a couple of, well you know what, about how evil the basic notion of self defense is evil and wrong I predict I will be in bad mood. Anyone else watching this horrible attack on gun rights tonight?

        • wait til one of these ass holes gets mugged or car jacked, or one of thier family members does..
          these types of douche bags live in a sheltered life where mostly they wont ever need a in this country is changing day to day and headed to the days where if your not armed, your a victim wating to happen, and each day this country goes down the rat hole will be one day closer to survival, and if you dont have the tools to do so, you will no doubt meet your end.

          He wont be able to hide behind a gated community, a parking stucture at work, and a sheltered office all his life, someday he will have to walk the steets and worry if the next corner could be his last.Or even in his own home, home invasions are a reality lately, or has he not noticed?

          mommy really fucked up with him didnt she? whats his plan to protect his family..a rolled up news good luck with that.Is he just going to sit and watch his daughter or wife (if he has anyof those) get raped?
          whats he going to say to them when its over if they survive it?

          the problem isnt the guns, or people having them..the problem is the ones who shouldnt have them, do. And thats just a fact of life, either learn to live with it and accept that, and man up to your responsibilities to do whats right for the protection of yourself and those you love, or die for them without doing your job as the protector of your family..these jack asses are tools.

          But there are people completely blind by the fact predators walk among us daily,and are let out of prison daily, and some never get caught and continue thier deeds… he just hasent met one, yet.

          I know Judges, Lawyers, and every day people who pack..its because they are smart, and know what they are dealing with out there..
          this guy needs to crawl out from under his rock

          besides he already got his 5 min. someone should tell him that what he said wasnt met with much thumbs up..Ive read the comments on what he said and his support for it in the news was very very low, some were even calling for him to be fired for maybe he should just STFU

      43. Sasquatch Division,

        LOVE IT.

        Y’all Beware! Sasquatch Division

      44. Off topic…sorta

        Anybody know how to remove rust from ammo cans? I’ve tried the spray on type of rust remover (phosphoric acid)…it worked pretty well. I still have spot rust on the inside. If I can’t get it out is it still OK to store the naughty stuff these cans are made for? Or do I wrap the naughty stuff inside of them…er what?

        • What you have done is probably good enough..what ever you do..NEVER..get WD-40 anywhere near your “naughty stuff” it kills the primers
          so i would treat any lube the same way..dont let your ammo can be oily in any way. the stuff creeps and kills, and you will have a can of duds when you need them

          putting some desicant in with them is a good idea, if you were sticking the cans down where they might see some moisture, maybe vac seal the “naughty stuff” before placing it in the can.
          check your lid seals..and replace if its messed up, split or dry rotted..

          • VRF, thanks…good info. I was using my vaccum sealer today with desicant for other stuff. I probably will seal it up since this round is extras that will go into long term concealed storage.

      45. CSGV-Designated Insurrectionist

        Dispised by the Despicable

        Treason against Tyranny, is Fedelity to Liberty

      46. Michael Savage calls Piers Morgan the “Slimey Limey.”
        I think that is fitting. B. Costas, yes, both = chuckleheads. My father is a retired military officer, I grew up around guns, and respect them.

      47. Piers Morgan = Slimey Limey. Quote from Michale Savage.

      48. Peirs Morgan = Slimey Limey.

      49. Done with the NFL myself. I am tired of most TV in fact. Tried to watch the game tonight. Just wasn’t feeling it. Don’t like the new announcers, the players are obviously overpaid, just more of the same frustration that down is up and up is down anymore. Common sense no longer found, this country needs a real slap in the face.. Just feels like it is getting close. I give it 2 years. Absolutley nothing makes sense anymore from every angle. If things did actually go south in this country, you can rest assured that it could/would be basic hell on earth. Lack of food makes for some very unsettling behaviors in your basic dependent, ignorant, immoral, everyday Homo sapien. People in suburban and rural areas think they are safe, but only true to a degree. Sheep will spread quickly trying to find necessities. Leaving the city like fleas jumping from a dead dog. I don’t always live through an economic collapse, but when I do, I stay on the downlow…Stay thirsty my friends.

      50. Hi…. this is off topic but something I found recently at my local Salvation Army Store….a collection of books by Phyllis Hobson… book in particular is very relevant…”Drying Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs”… this one volume you will find out how to SIMPLY make your own dried (powdered) milk and eggs! I cannot post these recipes due to copywrites, but I can tell you that this was a collection called “The Country Kitchen Library”….all of these small books are valuable, but a few are more valuable in these days…..I know you can view and purchase some of them at Amazon and you might also access a little known site “paperbackbookswap” for this and other books you may be seeking. This site merely connects you with others who wish to trade books….there is no charge to join….I gave the book from the set I found to my sister and I ordered the same one single book from this site for myself…..I really wish that I could post these recipes myself for all of you….they are simple and well worth the time entailed! The entire set is called “The Country Kitchen Library” and if you can find it in its entirity, it is well worth the cost.


      51. What I get ticked off about is if Hank had to get fired from Monday Night Football for saying what he said how the heck does Bob Costas not get the boot!! Oh yeah, because he is on the side of the people who own the media.

        This year for Christmas please give a gift of something that will help the recipient be more prepared.

        And never forget to give thanks for the blessings of this season. It may be one that will be remembered as the good old days.

        I am thankful for the blessings that Mac and the people who share on this forum have provided me. I would never recognize any of you if we passed on the street but pray for you often.

        Bless you all this Christmas season. You have helped more people than you know with the knowledge you share.


      52. Mac this is one magnificent article that I know we’ll never see on CNN/FOX news so thank you for never giving up on the sheeple in America by trying to educate them to what is really happening.

      53. I have said it before, but I think it bears repeating:

        “Go back to bed, America. Your government has figured out how it all transpired. Go back to bed, America. Your government is in control again. Here. Here’s American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up. Go back to bed, America. Here is American Gladiators. Here is 56 channels of it! Watch these pituitary retards bang their fucking skulls together and congratulate you on living in the land of freedom. Here you go, America! You are free to do what we tell you! You are free to do what we tell you!”-Bill Hicks

        It is the doom of man that he forgets. Everything that is happening now has happened before. And unless man finally gets a collapse right, will happen again.

        -Heel Out


        It’s beginning to look a lot like Armageddon
        Bama’s still squatting in the White Hut;
        Uses a teleprompter so well, it’s Jarrett can’t you tell
        Soros and globalists like the show.

        It’s beginning to look a lot like Armageddon
        Hurtling over the fiscal cliff;
        Michelle’s spending all she can, while still blaming the white man
        Liberal fascism for sure.

        Well there’s commies n muzzies n Benghazi but no worries
        says the propaganda press ministry of spin;

        Ayers n Davis Black Panthers n Operation Furious
        Solyndra don’t forget Cloward Piven;

        And the ruling class of corrupt Congress hacks are giddy all over again.

        It’s beginning to look a lot like Armageddon
        Bama’s still squatting in the White Hut;
        No birth documents to show, the Usurpers gotta go
        Reggie Love is waiting under the mistletoe (oh no!).

        It’s beginning to look a lot like Armageddon
        ObambiCare they say is the “law of the land”;
        Justice Roberts violated his oath, Barry Soetoro still smokes
        And our troops keep dying in ‘Stan.

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