The Reckoning: “A Banking Crisis Is About To Sweep The Globe”

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Headline News | 139 comments

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    Greg Mannarino of, who has previously warned that when the next debt bubble pops millions upon millions of people will die in the fallout, says the reckoning for financial markets is coming… and soon:

    I don’t know what else you need to see… A lot of people [are asking], “where’s the collapse? where’s the crisis

    It’s happening all over the world… Social unrest, strife, a banking crisis that has no where to go but worse… The chickens are coming home to freaking roost.

    You need to take action. It’s that simple.

    Are world central banks going to continue to try and keep this market up? Absolutely that’s what they’re going to do, especially because it’s an election cycle in the United States… no doubt about it… but that does not mean things are not crumbling around us.

    The evidence is overwhelming…

    I have no doubt that a banking crisis is about to sweep the globe…

    We are now existing in economic and financial fantasy land and this has inflated bubbles of magnitudes which are so absolutely distorted and twisted, there’s going to be a moment of reckoning.

    Mannarino says that Americans should be taking money out of their financial institutions and allocating some of that capital into monetary metals. With the price of gold well below its 2011 highs, now may be a good time to move into this historical safe haven of last resort as a way to protect against the collapse of the economy, financial markets and global monetary system.

    Watch his full critical video update:


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      1. They are going to try to steal all the money they can.
        Stock up on Food. Canned food and Freeze Dried.
        You can always barter with it. If they trash the economy, Food will be worth more than gold.
        You can eat food.

          • Genius

            My favorite movie. Hope things don’t end up going western on us. If they do then there will be more than one fight at the O.K. Coral.
            I actually went to Tombstone. In the basement of the theater was the longest running poker game in history. 8 years and 1000 dollar entry fee. Presidents played in it. I also saw the actual table Doc Holiday played on. They have a ranch close to tomb stone where you can ride horses. A lot of very cool history. Actual bullet holes still in the wall.

            Here in VA I have some distant family that actually shot up a court house. Things were so different back then. I believe we are about to end up back in those times.

            • I suppose you just may have an excellent point. For we the people the first place to start (and best place to start) is at home.

              Though this is a very small town, City Hall has been destroyed by the locals two times due to local officials pissing off the wrong folks (around here that’s not a wise move as they’ve learned over the past 35 years or so.

              I can easily “see” about any of the locals “tearing up” City Hall then The PD next door (and conveniently, there’s a FFL right in the middle so that you can stop and stock up on extra ammo iffin you are running low)! haha!!!

              Hell, I LIKE that idea. City Hall is where more screws jobs take place in this county than all other places combined, every Tuesday and Wednesday there are lines of people (even outside) awaiting their turns …which is infuriating since many of them are there for doing 3mph over the 35mph city speed limit, or their car breaks down in an area with no place to get it out of the way, so the cops have it hauled away (at $500.00 plus $50.00 a day storage). Whole lotta people here do not have wheels anymore because they are sitting in an impound cage, and no crime was committed, just a broken fuel pump or less and YOU are OUT OF A RIDE? Yep! Do they care? Hell no, not in the least.

              At least we have a damn good Sheriff now. The last was one son-of-a-bitch who was anti-human-civilians.

              On the flip side, there are very few people in the area that are NOT “prepping” (as they’ve always done, but with an eye to buying another rifle or two, and handguns, lots of ammo (been hard to get ammo here for three years (in any considerable amount (more than 100 rounds in ANY caliber is a problem, unless you don’t mind “mixing heads & brass” and bullet weights (which I emphatically refuse to do). I keep them well separated for damn good reason that any reloader can tell you all about.

              BIG article in FoxNews this AM by author Winship discussing The Second Amendment and those seeking to take it away at a time when it is certain we are going to need “those rights” or we’ll be killed for allowing ourselves to be disarmed.

              I cannot remotely believe many of the “Comments” on that article. I can’t believe anyone in America is THAT F’ING STUPID!!! Check it out if you have time before it disappears (since it is pro-gun they’ll strike it out fast …or normally they do).

            • Went there in the mid-70’s for one week. Zipped down to Mexico (about 1 mile or so?) to that Mex-Restaurant below the border for some great food (no border patrols then, just a dirt road crossing the border.

              Can’t believe how long it took to drive their from Amarillo (five days), and was stunned at how “hard and rough” life must have been in that town 200 years ago. WoW!!!! That’s not a desert I’d want to be caught in the middle of unprepared.

            • I finished high school in the town 15 miles from Tombstone. Sierra Vista.

              Tombstone is interesting to see, but it’s a stupid tourist trap. GREAT sarsaparilla at the saloon.

        • That’s bullshit Mad Max Theory.

          There will be no world without money.

          You are always going to need money.

          You will always need to pay for the place you’re storing all that food or you risk having popo showing up and locking you out of the place where that food is.

      2. All eyes are on Deutsche Bank AG. They could very well be the next Lehman Bros.

        • everyone knows about the duestche bank, they will keep it propped up.

          my guess would be some of the large banks in England now that they are out of the eu umbrella. they slide because theyre not under constant watch and contagion sets in from there before it can be prevented.

          • Maybe not. The last time around the FED loaned the Bank of England $50 billion and other International Banks another $16 trillion to shore up liquidity.

            If all else fails there is always the “good bank, bad bank scenario” which could have been used in 2008/2009 but the GB chose to stick the American Taxpayer with the tab.

            Because they could. 🙁

            Bad loans and derivatives will be compartmentalized and quarantined into a Resolution Trust type of entity giving the Member Banks a clean balance sheet, meeting the required liquidity ratios.

            Accounting is more creative than a Picasso. 🙂

            With those bad, NPL transferred to that entity, the assets will be marked to market and then discounted for sale to institutional investors.

            A complete meltdown would have to be the GOAL for it to happen. The Banksters are not going to shoot themselves in the foot and kill their cash cows and source of power.

            Anything else is irrational. 🙂

            • Very well put! The doomers keep forgetting the financial institutions and governments have many, many options to hand and they have not exhausted all of them yet.

              It is true the system will have a crisis. But the resolution will be to re-price at the expense of the muppets, and then for the big institutions and high-level investors to pick up assets for pennies on the dollar. The system will re-set with you poorer for it. Just look at what happened in 2008: UK wages and salaries have never recovered from the hit they took in 2008, and the people have never recovered, with home ownership (and savings) at the lowest level post-WWII.

              Another thing to realize is this: post-crisis businesses will have an even larger pool of cheap labor to hire (Muslims and Africans). On top of it, they will have severely humbled the once-middle class, who will now be swamped in so much debt, they will have to reluctantly drag their asses into work and earn the same as Muhammed, Akbar and Samira in her niqab. And what are people going to do about this reality? Not much… I always recall the words of one of my friends’ boomer parents: they think it is good to have many Muslims coming in and they do not think there really is a terror threat from radical Islam.

              As for the British, they were happy for American taxpayers to fund their welfare state and public housing. And happy for Americans to bail out their crooked banking system. They do not have an ethical leg to stand on.

              • @durangokidd, that is correct but only to the extent that people i.e the governed accept the false narrative of the Banks and it does appear that a majority of people are beginning to rebel against it.

                • Rsawarhawk: Placing all of the bad loans and derivatives into a Resolution Trust type entity allows the banks to carry on their business as usual with fresh, new, clean balance sheets as if nothing had happened; and it has NO DIRECT EFFECT upon the masses who have already been decimated.

                  That’s why the Crash of 87 was so short in duration.

                  This crash really only impacts those investors and businesses who were over leveraged and lose market share in the fight for breakeven. It will bankrupt hedge funds, decimate pension funds, and crush the portfolios of the BIG investment class (Buffet) who have not moved to cash.

                  The average, low income family and individuals have probably already adapted, as they were the ones most impacted by the previous crash and the the anemic Obola Economy.

                  Class warfare only occurs if the banks seek a new bailout from the American Taxpayer. 🙁

              • There very well may NOT be a “terror threat” from radical Muslim (save for the ‘actors’ [perhaps?] that have been staging fairly minor incidents in The USA (as compared to overseas). And if ISIS is a creation of our government, then it’s only meant to invoke further divisions and fear (with attacks from time to time to keep it fresh in our minds).

                There IS a “threat” right now that we must take foremost, and that is our government. Again, they have outgrown their ‘britches’ and it’s time to clean out the henhouse and rebuild what’s been torn apart (purposely).

                You’d best be putting away as much to eat as you can, building ‘nests’ and creating areas near our BOL so that you can leave your building(s) and go anywhere ON YOUR BELLY (LOW LOW LOW) and out of sight. (This keeps you from being shot ya know)? Well, it sure does help as compared to just standing there giving them hell with a hail of fire! lol….

                We are going to be needing to use our right to life, and our right to own and carry firearms in a REAL TIME-REAL LIFE scenario that will quite likely be “pure” Revolution against our own corrupt politicians at all levels.

                Trust me when I state there are hundreds of thousands of men smarter and more powerful than I who are arranging for the onset of all these things (as they are ‘upper crust’ but NOT the 1%’ers, and they are NOT about to allow the disarming and ruination of American due to people who feel their ideologies outweigh your inherent rights.

                If I raise an arm as if to slap your face, you will automatically raise an arm to protect yourself. That means self-protection is simply a part of man. An instinct to survive even if it means having to kill in order to live.

                Right now we are being “slapped around”, ideologists and The UN or EU have THEIR grandiose ideas for our nation yet not ONE BIT of concern of what would happen to Americans if their wishes were invoked. (They are self-serving, and always have been).

                Stick around, it’s going to get very ‘dicey’ in a short while…

              • The controllers have no intention to fight a war against its own citizens. They have reinvented the killing method. The WW2 type of confrontation is simply ridiculous to expect in 21st century.
                Expect the “UNEXPECTED”.

              • Frank Thoughts: Half the doomers are uninformed, uneducated without extensive formal training, and have no experience in the financial industry.

                The other half of the doomers are selling fear porn, gold, silver, newsletters, and junior mining stocks to boost their portfolio value.

                The business cycle is over. Only free money is keeping it on life support until the end of the year.

                At the end of every business cycle the same phenomena occur: consumers stop spending to reduce debt, inventories back up, free cash flow disappears from company balance sheets, earnings decline, NPL increase, bankruptcies increase, markets crash, massive layoffs occur, disposable income disappears for workers and the spiral continues until assets are liquidated at rock bottom prices to the investment class hoarding cash. (Thus ten dollar bills in number ten cans).

                This time it will take longer to work through the problems because they are larger. Additionally. more war is on the horizon, as well as massive earth changes to exacerbate the problems. Civilization will be reset.

                Preppers will survive. Keep stacking and packing. 🙂

          • Like they did Lehman? Nope.

            Like it would’ve mattered if they had? Nope.

            Like they can contain the contagion? Nope.

            Everyone also knows about the Italian banks, American Banks, the Chinese, the Russians and on and on.


        • Tomorrow it will only be worth 40 cents…..

      4. Mac is piling on so much Doom and Gloom, I can’t keep up with it.
        Hahahahahaha, Hehehehehe!

        • It’s not Doom & Gloom – when a situation like this becomes a Reality. … and it will … there is no other way to fix the Global Banking Crisis without it collapsing.

          The day will come sooner rather then later … and when it does … will you still be laughing?

          • Ask the people of Venezuela if they think this is just Doom and Gloom or are they really having a problem there?

            Ask Turkey, Syria, Russia, Americans, Mexicans.

            Do you live under a rock to come out with a statement like that …filled with ignorance (or denial?).

            If you find Mac hard to stay abreast of, try watching the “whole” of The Obama Administration as it maneuvers to put the screws to entire nations, giving away millions or billions here and there while America falls into sink-holes.

            Iran receiving installment payments to make up for a failed agreement “way back when”? And Obama (ALONE) arranged for all of this money to “fly out of America” …yet deny that the prisoners who were released at the same time had nothing at all to do with the other event). Yeah, sure.

            You’ll find the entire globe on the edge of breakdown, no “doom and gloom” (other than supposition perhaps). Guessing rarely works at predicting the future, but looking at what is being purposely enacted upon and within America clearly shows us what direction our POTUS is taking us (straight fucking down on any topic you wish to discuss). Psychopathics trying to ensure more psychos “take the Oval Office” (because THEY MUST HAVE SLAVES AND CONTROL US IN ALL WAYS)!

            If that isn’t psychotic, wtf is? You mean you would NOT consider fighting psychotic people who are going to take your life without a second thought? That’s our government ….and we no longer seem to have a choice. We’ll know exactly in 97 days or less right?

        • Yeah, Mac made Deutche bank go bankrupt, so he could write another doom and gloom article!

          Just go back to sleep with the other sheep, it’ll be all better after you sign over all your 401k money to Obama, he just wants to use it as collateral.

          • Oh 1 point I want to make to you anti precious metal tards, My job went to shit in 2008 and I ran out of unemployment and my metals stash got me by for a long time while looking for work in other states. A nice profit was also made. All the food on earth wouldn’t have done shit for me so there you go fools…. Metals, it’s not just for shtf anymore lol.

            • Damn, you people above don’t have a sense of humor anymore?
              Poking a little fun at Mac.

              I might be getting used to all the bad news. Just another day on the job so to speak.

              This anon is not a Newbie either.

        • “Doom and Gloom”

          Reporting on REAL bad news, and bad news that has worldwide implications, generational implications is doom and gloom?

          Good luck with ignoring that. Why do stupid people insist on posting idiotic statements like that?

      5. I would do dirty things to Tiffany Trump

        • Like lick her in places she has never washed???

          • Eppe I believe the proper term is “moneyshot laundering”

            • That was great…
              She is sharp…
              Her mom was a beauty queen…

              • Definitely more visually appealing than the Obama ‘women’

              • You got to give it to Trump, he married 3 killer women. That makes for good looking kids.
                I guess money does have it’s advantages…

                • Yep

                  • @Mclovin,
                    Good to see you back. I hope all is well with you. Why just last night I told several folks over supper that if I have to look at Hillary or Ms. Trump for the next 4 years, I’ll for sure vote Trump.

              • Howdy eppe, how you been?
                I’m in Florida today. Hauled in a load of frozen burritos but they confiscated them at the agriculture check point at the border. Said they might be infected with Zika or something. I assured them that no actual viruses were harmed in the production of these burritos but they didn’t believe it.(must have been the haz-mat placards on the trailer that tipper them off)

                • Doing well Smokin.
                  Keep getting flak from a certain poster, but rode in that rodeo before.
                  You back home yet?
                  You coming thru ATL?
                  Could meet most anywhere…
                  Be well sir…

                  • Heading to Louisiana in the morning. Going home after that. Haven’t been thru ATL in a while. Be safe, keep stackin’

                    • Maybe another time…

              • Have y’all noticed that the daughters of the conservatives are usually much prettier than the libs. For instance- Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton, the Bombsters girls etc. Compare them to the Bush Twins, Trump’s daughters,… even Sarah Palin’s girls. Of course, they’re all the progeny of politicians so you have to bear that in mind. I do believe though, the progressives still have too much demon spawn in their genetics to create beautiful women.

                • Smokin, truth speaking.
                  Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…
                  I got 3 killer girls in my life, so I closely watch…
                  But some would not understand that concept…

                  • Wwti, since you asked, I said my girls are dead on in shooting guns. Never said they would be on the front line. Sniper outpost.
                    And my wife is not fat or hates her life.
                    And my girls do not date negros.
                    They are both nice catches for the right guy.
                    Why do you take certain posts and warp it to your fucked up mind???
                    Nevermind, you are not worth a responce.
                    But of course you will…
                    Because your life sux…

                    • and making fun of my Mom’s dementia?
                      You are the lowest peice of shit on earth.
                      “I have never slandered your family”.
                      You are a bold faced liar that takes posts and warp it to your fucked up mind…

                    • You should be on a 96 hour leash, maybe you would go away.
                      Dreaming, I know…

                    • Crybaby shaking his rattle again tonight, after drinking some liquid courage? Let me know when you are man enough to face me, you keyboard drunk. You are very disrespectful to women. Karma’s a bitch.


                    • I don’t see any comments by WWTI. Musta got himself zapped again. I’m sure it’ll be back again.

          • weak link eppe- Like lick her in places she has never washed???

            Does your wife and daughters know what a sick f*ck you are Mike? Maybe we should send them a copy of your BS you write on here.

            Karma’s a bitch and you daughters will meet Aholes just like you out there. I feel sorry for them. You show every body here what a small child you are.


            • Yes they do know.
              I have told them some sick shit so they know about sick shits like you.

              Anymore questions???

              What is your fucking problem???

              • Asshole

                • W, since you had 2 failed marriges, what the fuck do you know about having offspring?
                  Offspring are the responsability of the parents.
                  But since you a lone wolf, you are set up for a JFK.
                  A legend in his own mind…

                  • Btw, I know how you think..

      6. The day the ball starts rolling down hill it will make some good tv watching

        • I’m staying inside for 3 days minimum the first time usa banks limit access to people’s money.

          you know people will just be robbed on the street now that the usa has abandoned the bible and all morality.

          • Lena, you are saying my wife and I have lost all of our faith and morality? Dang, just because you say it makes it Gospel Truth huh?

            You couldn’t be more wrong, and the first idiot that attempts to rob me at gunpoint (or whatever) will be ‘fubar’ed’ when I walk away from such a confrontation.

            (Christians know how to shoot to kill too, and have 100’s of thousands of times in the past, and will continue to until I suppose none exist upon the entire planet – – – someday perhaps).

            Also, the first three days of banks limiting money would be a “wind-up” …. I would tend to believe that after about five days of being kept from withdrawals that pandemonium would rise up and then going anywhere would be an exercise in survival skills and “Close Quarters Combatants” would absolutely be necessary in addition to firearms (both pistols AND AR’s and ‘whatever-you-prefer’. For silence (solely) and to avoid attracting the attention that a gunshot would get, Throwing stars (two sizes) or knives are my first preference …the downside is you may well NOT be able to recover what you ‘throw’ (yet you’ll definitely have their undivided attention). SOGG triple-sheathed throwing knives (no matter their length), are superb for throwing as neither the blade nor handle have much of a weight difference. When throwing knives, you always want to have “the heavy part” of the knife LEAVE FIRST, so if you have a blade heavier than the handle, you’ll hold it by the handle (or vice versa). With SOGG, the weight differential is ‘balanced’, allowing you to throw your blade from either position, (handle or blade throw). *The harder you can manage to throw that knife, with practice, the greater your chances of “sticking a blade” into your target. There are many decent articles on the web on how to throw… (stick to Military Manuals tho).

          • Genius, ever watch the movie “Lawless”? A true story of moonshining during prohibition set in Franklin County, Va.

            • Never heard of it but I will check it out. Thanks for the input, gotta love the us vs. them stories. Im glad I’m older and don’t have to live my entire life in the shithole we have become. Had a lot of good times and still doing it with or without approval from the asshole govt. Remember, it’s only illegal if you get caught lol.

              • I could have been rich during prohibition lol. I can’t find a complete movie on you tube of lawless but the trailers look good!

                • Might have to catch it in a DVD section. Excellent movie. Its probably been four years or better when it came out.

                  • Just rent it and use HandBrake to ‘rip’ the DVD into your own, error-less DVD with 4 times the clarity (due to no errors like they include to screw up such programs).

                    You are legally allowed to make one copy as backup.

          • I absolutely loved Popcorn Sutton’s movie. He was one of a kind. And the kicker is, he died because he would not go back to jail, for something that the TN alcohol board now is making millions of dollars on! Every time I see one of those Moonshine ads on a billboard, I think of him and pray for his family. He should still be alive. RIP, Popcorn, you are missed. And, no, I won’t buy any of that stuff. I don’t encourage others to go there either. In my book, the good stuff died when Popcorn did.

            • Fwiw, I used to live near Franklin County VA for 10 yrs. they STILL tell stories of the moonshiners. My brother lives there, and he found a still on his property( recently bought.) He carefully dismantled it. And he doesn’t go outside without protection and a big German Shepherd.

              • Hell yeah. All the old ‘shiners’ were all through Kentucky ‘hills’, Virginia mountains, Tennessee (eastern mountains), North Carolina (Smokey Mountains) and Georgia ‘shiners’ (North Georgia “hills”/mountains).

                I do believe every state, including Maine, had moonshiners. My grandfather never made shine, but he and the men would gather in the cellar of the house (when I was a wee one), and sip “hard apple cider” …well, until my grandmother found out and that came to an abrupt end. 🙂 lol….

      7. What’s in your yard. For twenty five dollars you can buy a tree that already has fruit or nuts growing. Dig a hole plop it in.

        I remember a village in Africa where starvation was taking lives. But this little village was able to survive on the fruit of this one tree.

        Find out what weeds in your area are edible and stop pulling them out.
        I just ate stinging nettles with my own farm fresh eggs. I Never would have imagined that this nasty prickly weed was edible if you boil it. If the Government sends goons to confiscate rations, I doubt they’ll pick weeds. In the event they poison the ground with roundup or Seven, which kills bees, hide some seeds and potting soil.

        Your neighbors property can extend your orchard and give you more diversity in diet. So, gift your neighbors with an edible tree or shrub.


        • Or dig a hole and plant the scumbags that come for your shit then put the tree on top. I heard shit is good fertilizer lol. Kidding aside that is good advice BfromCa. So many people just grow a ton of unedible shrubs and trees when it is the same effort to plant edibles. Berries are good for under window shrubs and protection too. Apple and pear trees are tough and can provide shade and juice for wine. Grapes are good for climbing vine type cover for porches, decks etc. Thanks for reminding people.

        • We have some super weeds in some of the fields here in northeastern NC that are immune to Roundup. I wonder if any of them are edible.

        • I was taught about stinging nettles (and boiling them to ‘loose’ the stingers) years ago in Seattle (where there is no shortage of them in The Cascades OR Olympics). Other tiny leaves there taste like apples and are used in salads. Dandelion “greens” (when they first start growing and are “new” are yummy, and also edible when they are older, just a bit funky in taste, but they’ll sustain you nicely along with fish or rabbit or squirrel or whatever (wood grubs if nothing else, fry them up).

          And, even IF the government attempted to poison your soil (like your present garden area), all you need is some very “dark dirt” from the woods (an area that’s deep in leaves, clear it down to the dirt then start digging and filling your truck or pails), the deeper you go the richer and darker your soil will get. Superb for flowers AND gardens just go nuts. You COULD ‘scrape’ off your existing garden, but adding about a foot of wood’s soil or more would be adequate to offset anything like what you inferring (which I can’t imagine “them” doing for long before being fired upon …or at least I KNOW I’d be ‘fit to be tied’ in such a situation.

      8. Black lives matter wants cash reparations. They are demanding it. They have been living off the white worker forever. I’d say we’re even. They are a far left terror group.

        • They can cry me a river. Ain’t none of them worked under whip in a field in their lives. Worthless Bastards all.

          • I’ve never owned slaves, and they have never picked cotton. End of story.

          • Forget slavery reparations! Far less costly to have fed gov invest in aprox. 100,000 Bull Whips, then gift each Hells Angels biker member with one free bull whip with instructions to deal with unrulely ingrates and inbred pavement apes aka apeisamongusis as them bikers sees fit.

            Also need prez exec orders to all usa cops to Ignore any black savages screams and go locate real criminals like crooked polititions for a change and leave them patriotic hells angel bikers with bull whips alone.

            Whitey taxes has invested at least $20-Trillion in past 50 yrs to improve savage blacks to act like a white man…Huge abject Failure on all/every front.

            But for a lousy $25.00 one whitey can buy a bull whip and get so many monkeys headed to a real job and work so they too can pay taxes and support inbred ape jr’s.

            its all in the Wrist action! Crack dat whip and observe dem savages run so fast they have smoke and flames emitting from basketball sneeker shoe heals!

            Keep em running till they get to closest Boat docks, then load up every carnival cruise ship that exists…Send em all one way back to sunny jungle bunnie afreeka where zero white are at so no more reasons to complain by inbreds and ingrates. Even offer a cash Bonus up front cash if they agree to stuff a few kikes in their lone suitcase upon existing usa for good.

        • How many times now have whites been MADE to pay ‘reparations’ to the blacks (and my family never once had a slave).

          The sobs have already collected monies about twice (that we are aware of), and that’s enough of that shit.

          Go back to Africa. I’ve no use for BLM or the folks who are within it. They are trouble and need “fumigating” all the way back to The Dark Continent.

        • Just send them a bill for the following:

          1) welfare payments
          2) security and prison costs
          3) lawsuits regarding all the people murdered and/or raped
          4) property damage done to cities and lost economic benefit due to those areas sinking down the crapper
          5) psychological damage done for creating ongoing atmosphere of fear in many urban areas

          That would easily outweigh whatever benefits accrued from the period of slavery in the US.

        • Love that clip. Zerohedge uses it at least once a month.


      9. oh my God
        who let the dogs out ?

        Trump Advisor Claims the Khans “Disgraced Their Son”

        h ttp://

        I’m sorry
        but at this point Trump is PILING on the stupid
        he needs to STFU and NOW

        somebody needs to stuff a dirty tube sock in his mouth but quick,thats the only way to save his campaign which is now doing a swirlee in the toilet

        • I agree. The less Trump says, the better. Just let Hillary expose herself. Don’t sit there and have to be an asshole. I mean Pence looks regal compared to DT

        • No problems, everything is going according to plan.

          • Indeed it is, unfortunately. Hope you don’t have a bunch of kids you brought into this mess. I try and teach those who want to know and the rest.. eeehhhhh… they can perish.

            • Just two and both shoot very well.

        • Khan did disgrace his son by using him as a prop in his lying tirade.

          He is on the Clinton payroll. He has shut down his law firm’s entire website in an attempt to hide his Clinton connection. You can go to archive (dot) org and use their Wayback Machine to see what he’s trying to hide.

        • Khan is a piece of shit that uses his son’s death to further his own cause – money in his case. He is a lawyer that profits from bringing Muslims into America and is pissed off that Trump is pissing in his gravy train. How dare he politicize his hero son’s death for his own gain and try to blame it on Trump – Hillary was the one that voted for the bullshit war in Iraq that killed his son, not Trump. He was against it.

      10. The real banking crisis is when I see dead bankers and their families on the tree tops doing top dances. Until then the pigs still are sucking the blood of humanity as they have done it over centuries.

        What part of it don’t they understand……I want to see dead bankers, I want to see their families dead and I want to see the root of their evil tribe being burned in hell.

        • I loved G. C. may he rest in peace finally….

        • This may be the most truthful thing ever said regardless of location or time.

        • A good number of the authors are not weather experts, but are geographers, physicists, and NASA space people, just like all their other “global warming” propaganda reports.

          You can prove anything if you pick and choose data, and adjust data that you don’t like.

        • Are we talking the same NOAA that has been fudging the numbers for the last few years. And you believe the left wing propaganda bullshit coming from the HP? Really?

          • My moms barometer reads… Change!

        • That is not science, but this is…

          CO2+H2O+sunlight => C6H12O6+O2 photosynthesis! Plants NEED and CRAVE CO2…. SCIENTIFIC FACT!

        • Vaccine to reduce cattle methane emissions for dairy and beef industry.
          Knock out the bacteria that animals throughout the world need to digest grass. Could there possibly be unintended consequences? Such a thought does not seem to have crossed the minds of the madmen developing the anti-methane vaccine.

        • Patriot:

          Texas Longhorn Cattle Project. Texas cattle going to Israel. They aren’t worried about the environment. I believe our cattle also go to China. No wonder our beef is so expensive. The scarcity raises the need to raise prices. This environmental tax is a rouse, or so it seems.


      11. Breaking News on Drudge

        US government sent over 400 million dollars to Iran

        ransom to get US Navy personnel back ???

        been one hell of a news week and it ain’t even half over !!!

        • US Gov. owes Iran more than 400 Million Dollars … refresh memory … 1953 Coup … that the US instigated … and this is why Iran has always hated the US. Any wonder why to this day … the US Gov. says that they are evil and are an enemy to us? Because to this day … they will not comply with US Gov. policies … sounds a lot like you and I don’t it?

          Are we the Enemy too, just like Iran?
          If you disagree with US Policy … to them … yes … you are a enemy to them.

          Fk the dumb shit already and think for yourself for once.

      12. Bigger problem. Been hearing some officers are considering refusing to go to work due to the increase threats we all know.

        Part of the plan to install Martial law I think

        • There are so many families of LEOs afraid to go outside or carry on with their regular routines. They are being forced to live a very different life now, no longer able to enjoy themselves at work or home.

          The ‘leaders’ of our nation have sided with two evils, black militant supremacy and islam. They have created a hostile atmosphere that is ready to implode at any moment, and LEOs are just expendable assets to them.

          When the cops say enough is enough and don’t show up for work, we will see the civil war the ‘elite’ have been wanting.

          • The old order is all but dead… The nervous system is all that’s remains, evident by its twitching.

          • Sarge.

            Let the Police stay Home. Let the country get a taste of Mayhem.

            911 caller.
            Help me, Help me.

            911 dispatch.
            No officers available. Your on your own.

      13. Doomer Porn

        on Netflix “Blackout”

        Britain’s entire power grid goes down due to cyber attack

      14. things in this country have reached a new low

        after Trump’s disasterous last few days

        it would appear



        it’s Hillary who is the lesser of two evils ???

        • Starting to think Satori –

          That you focus too much on the fake news being portrayed on sites like ‘before it’s news Dot stupid Com.

          • wake up and smell the coffee dude

            all legitimate sites

            ALL legitimate stories

            Google is yer friend

            Trump’s idiot advisor didn’t say what she said ???

            watch it for yourself

            Meg Whitman didn’t really say what she said?

            REALLY ???

            Trump didn’t turn on McCain and Ryan?

            oh really ????????????????????????????????????????????

            I truly admire your ability to avoid the FACTS

            • I’d be in jail if I’d sent classified emails from my SIPR account to my hotmail account. There’s a fact for you.


              • maybe
                but that doesn’t negate all of the crap Trump has said and done

                the guy is clearly unfit to hold office

                did ya see his interview on O’Reilly ???

                he contradicted himself yet AGAIN on the Ukraine issue

                does he even remember what comes out of his mouth

                and I love his comment that he “knows more about ISIS than the generals do”


                where did he get all this inside info

                face it

                the guy is a FRAUD

                Hillary is clearly the lesser of two evils now !!!

                didn’t see that coming did ya ???

                • Hillary will NEVER be the lesser of two evils she and her hubby are murders and filthy liars and just plain old EVIL scumbags, YOU need to look at the past of BOTH parties, YES Trump IS a business man and ANY LARGE DOLLAR business that does NOT have law suits filed against, would be unusual. LOOK at the Clinton’s they have sold out and murdered american people to foreign interests, and YES it is of public record. Trump does NOT have a record like the Clintons!! You also might wish to see WHO did allot of dining together, YUP Bush’s and Clinton’s they just like Obama are part of the scumbag political arena, you did NOT see Trump at Bohemian Grove. Bush was there!! IF your voting for Hillary you are voting to finish this country off, providing the machines are already set to show she won!! which is probably the case, so then it will a BIG movement in this country to clean out the DC scum !!

        • Satori

          Trump says some outrageous things. Its obvious that a lot of it is North East sarcasm quite common in NJ. In that regard I’ll give him honorary Italian American status. Trumps economic policy that he states accurately convey the truth. Trump may be a poor solution but Hillary is at the core of the problem so intwined with TPTB that she is vying for the status of a multi generational Bush.

      15. wow

        ANOTHER Republican heavy weight abandoning Trump

        Meg Whitman, Calling Donald Trump a ‘Demagogue,’ Will Support Hillary Clinton for President

        ht tp://

        Trump’s campaign manager must be wetting himself about now
        either that or looking for another job

        • I hope all the repuks heavy weights abandon Trump…

          Makes him look that much better to be rid of that establishment garbage.

          Trump for POTUS…..

          Hitlery for Prison !!

        • Meg’s a freakin’ RINO progressive…

      16. I wipe my ass with the NY Times … people still actually read that Liberal crap?

        • 2016 will set a new world record of all time for the vast number of establishment neocon repubs that have yanked their heads out of kike ass at the same precice time frame so to bash trump colletivly!

      17. LOL !!!

        it’s gonna be a LONG week for Trump

        you know how he is always bragging that he surrounds himself with “the best people” ???

        not so much

        Pierson: Obama’s Policies ‘Probably’ Killed Capt. Khan, In 2004?

        ht tp://

        Pearson doesn’t even qualify as a dumb ass LOL !!!!!!!

      18. Looks like things are rolling over, I am grabbing popcorn and watching from the sidelines.

        • I’m going to sit on my deck and sip some shine and think, damn it’s about time lol.

      19. Dems are desperate….

        Grasp at straws…Marshall the liberal and republican elite to try and squash Trump

        They have to…they have no choice…Trump has this won and they know they lose out world wide if Hitlery loses !!

        • God bless Mr Trump and the American people.

          But Lord, please don’t bless the Democrats too much.

          Fight the good fight.

      20. Dems are desperate ???


        better check this week’s news

        Trump got no real bounce from the RNC
        kinda precedent setting

        not a single day goes by where he doesn’t get caught in another lie
        he’s pathological at this point

        and people are starting to see that

        he’s pissed off Paul Ryan who is ?

        why he’s the Speaker of the House

        Trump’s middle name should be “dumb ass”

        the guy is going down

        he’s soaked himself in gasoline and has decided that now is a good time for a smoke

        • Satoti

          Calm down and get your facts straight so you don’t continue to sound like a Hitlery commercial.

          • if ANYTHING I have said is not factual then by all means rebut me

            start posting those links so we can all read for ourselves

            face it
            Trump has had a BAD week
            a VERY bad week
            he has done it to himself
            and read some of the headlines coming out today
            his bad week is just beginning

            I’ll wait for those links

            • First lie – or is it “if you believe it it’s not a lie”

              Trump got no bounce from the RNC !

              The rest is just Hitlery commercial opinion !!

              But keep up the Bull Shit … it shows your true colors !

              • BTW – you don’t need links to lame stream media OPINIONS …they’re all over the place !!!

            • Trump is like a bomber over the target …..

              The flak gets worse when your over the target…

              Trump – go ahead and drop the bombs….

              Watch establishment heads explode !!!

      21. sums it up nicely

        Runaway Trump Train Picks Up Speed As Aides Can’t Grab The Controls

        h ttp://

        Assange better have something absolutely devastating on Hillary
        cause that’s the ONLY way Trump can save his ass

      22. another important endorsement for Trump

        (LOL thanks to the CONSERVATIVES over at Redstate)

        It Isn’t Just Vladimir Putin, Another World Leader Has Endorsed Donald Trump

        h ttp://

        nothing like having the support of a corrupt,murdering dictator to propel ya into the White House !!!

        and to think
        the Donald said he would refuse Ted Cruz’s endorsement

        HA HA HA !!!!!

        • STFU you dumb ass troll. No one cares what i say even though im gay. I love rainbows and old wrinkled c**ks

          • Hey Satori…

            Is it really true you’re a queer…

            Now – keep in mind I just asked a question….

            Lame stream media would say I called you a queer and I need an intervention cause I’m just not PC enough for even saying “queer”

      23. Folks do any of you really think Donald Trump wants to be president. From the start he was planted in the Republican candidates to weaken them, it was a strategy that worked beyond the elites wildest dreams. The goal was to get Hillary Clinton elected. She couldn’t beat AyNYBODY but Donald Trump. TPTB worked this one to perfection and millions of Americans bought it. Now it is the end game, with the field cleared of legitimate contenders it’s time for Trump to implode, deliberately IMO, and Hillary is elected just as planned. Then a NWO Supreme Court will rapidly sweep away 1&2 Ammendments, a Black Swan of some sort and we are all in a police star killing bottle. I strongly suggest all of you begin studying asymmetrical warfare as it will be the only way of resisting very soon.

        • Bingo.

      24. Hitlery is doubling down on her lie that Russians hacked the DNC…
        NSA whistleblower says NSA has All Emails with Content and Metadata.That it was disgruntled NSA at Hitlery’s treasonous activity and she must be stopped.

        Julian Assange says more emails to come that will put Hitlery in jail.

        Satori is just wishing hard for Hitlery.

      25. The banks want this to continue until they get the last dollar. No concern for us.

      26. Hasn’t this been happening for the past 8 years. I use to come on this site a few times a day. All it is now is fear porn and the same ole stories day in and day out. Sometimes you get alittle spice like China is going to attack. Or Putin is going to attack. For the most part it is collapse is imminent, buy gold.

      27. From all I am reading about Trump we might as well say Fuck It!

        It has been a long time since the American people have experienced hardship. I mean one with NO Social safety Nets. The American people are going to get hardship in spades. Financial, Hunger, Crime, Tyranny.
        How about a few good old fist fight riot since we hate each other so much.
        In 96 days we will know which way the worm turns and it is a win/win for me either way it goes.

        Should Hillary win we will see what has been boiling below the surface come to light. I would welcome it.

        • Like the way you think Anon

      28. They will not let it collapse before the election in November. Not gonna happen. If Trump wins look for it to happen soon after January 2017. If Hillary wins they will continue to try to limp the economy as long as they can, but that will just make it worse. And they commies want it to be as bad as possible.

        Either way, not good.

        Op sec in place to secure your property

        • USMC1982

          This time interval of November for the collapse.

          I wonder why nothing has happened already. Good weather? Too hot for riots. Vacation time. I watched as protest weld held in the evening so I figure there is a temperature zone that is favorable for riots.

          Combine this with the temperature zones of the US and the Southern states may be the first to see civil unrest.

          As in not sweating your ass off and not too cold either.

          • Anon-

            You make a good point.

            There are triggering events that could happen that would kick this thing off before they want it to happen. And massive riots could do that.

            Remember the meeting between the head of Black lives matter the day before the RNC began? Obamy may have told him to stand down for now… Could be the weather as well.

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