The Reality Of Saudi Arabia Going To War: “They Will Lose 50% of Their Forces In The First Engagement”

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    A war is brewing and perhaps within a few days or weeks, should cooler heads not prevail in the middle east, we will see the opening salvos of World War III. This time it won’t just be a proxy war between various extreme and moderate terrorist organizations. This time, as John Kerry so eloquently noted, the end result may well be war with the Russians.

    As we publish, Saudi Arabian forces are readying their air force for bombing runs over Syria. According to reports they are also massing ground troops and awaiting the go-ahead from their Western coalition partners, with the final order likely coming directly from the United States.

    For the moment the United States will be sitting this one out, acting indirectly as more of a support mechanism rather than putting any boots on the ground. Thus, it will be in the hands of the Turks and Saudis for now.

    But if they think they’re simply going to walk into Syria against battle-hardened forces sponsored by Iran and Russia, they are about to get a very brutal wake-up call.

    In a forum posting detailing the The Hidden Agenda Behind Saudi Arabia’s Market Share Strategy, prolific researcher and analyst John Galt of the Shenandoah web site says that should Saudi Arabia put boots on the ground and attempt to engage ground forces in Syria the consequences may be disastrous:

    The Saudi forces allegedly deployed are designed for operations to protect the royals. Saudi SF are not trained for foreign engagements, have no familiarity with Syrian, Iranian, or other combat operations.

    It would be like sending our TSA to fight the Mexican Drug cartels in Monterrey.

    If the Saudi and GCC SF’s engage in combat inside of Syria without US oversight, they will lose 50% of their forces in the first engagement with Syrian or Hezbollah forces who now have learned how to launch coordinated air and ground assaults on enemy positions.

    The Saudi military is a joke.

    Galt backs up his claim with a video that pretty much demolishes the notion that the Saudi Arabian military is trained for this kind of combat.

    The Saudis have a bigger problem; they don’t even control their Southern border. They are losing tanks, men, and other equipment daily to a bunch of sandal clad Houthi warriors while they have the “best” equipment from the United States.

    “Whatever propaganda the Saudis continue to feed their domestic population,” he says, “is being betrayed by the arrival of body bags from the front lines.”

    Originally posted at Shenandoah by John Galt FLA

    GRAPHIC Video Shows Saudi Observation Post Wiped out INSIDE Saudi Arabia’s Najran Province

    The following is a graphic video of a Houthi attack on a hillside observation post inside of Saudi Arabia somewhere in the Najran Province along the Yemeni border.

    ***For those with sensitivities, this is combat with real blood and dead Saudi soldiers so if you can’t handle it, don’t watch it.***

    The attack could have occurred anywhere along the long border region with Saudi Arabia and Yemen in this area as displayed on this map:


    One thing is for certain; whatever propaganda the Saudis continue to feed their domestic population is being betrayed by the arrival of body bags from the front lines. The Houthi are not scared to cross into Saudi Arabia and ambush convoys or officers traveling in small groups near the Yemeni border as these older video demonstrates:

    Or attack American supplied Abrams tanks inside Najran province also:

    This war, much like the Syrian “Civil” War is not going according to the desires or wishes of the House of Saud nor the GCC monarchs. It would appear that the regular Saudi and GCC forces are well equipped but poorly trained schleps who are ill-equipped for fighting a rebellion inside their own country or any other nation for that matter. If a bunch of sandal clad Houthi can hit the Saudis like this on a regular basis, and trust me there are hours of these videos on the internet, then how well would they fare against Syrian or Russian regulars inside of Syria?


    Not very well in this author’s opinion and thus the threat that the Saudi/GCC entry into the Syrian conflict is nothing more than an attempt to draw NATO into a major Middle East war.

    For news and analysis visit John Galt FLA at Shenandoah


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      1. They are getting to the point of no choice with oil at the low it is and no increase in future after all thats all they have so yea they would sacrafice

        • It appears to me that this collapse in oil prices really has nothing to do with “over supply,” though I agree that there IS an over supply. However, I believe this has been a grand manipulation.

          Curiously, prices began to collapse right after economic sanctions were announced against Russia following the Ukraine debacle. The result of that price collapse, of course, has been economic destruction across Russia.

          Is it possible that this was the plan all along?

          Get Russia to the point where they are left with few options but to go to war?

          Isn’t that how this usually works? Blame some other guy and go to war with them?

          Time will tell…

          • Mac: yes.

            • What’s bad is now that the supreme court justice is dead, obozo gets to appoint the next one, If we thought things were bad before, just wait. Not that I give a damn about their rulings anyway.

              • Ya think? Oh and the war in Syria has gone live with Turkey doing bombing runs of Aleppo.

                Of course there isn’t much news about Syria or Turkey or SA on a Saturday in the USSA.

                • We’ll all get to see the S400 in action. I doubt the Turks or Saudis will like their seats at the event.

                  • Feed them to the Russian meat grinder. They will reap what they have sown and the sooner the better for the poor Syrians who are trapped in the middle of this madness.
                    God bless Putin!

              • Caucasian, yes things are about to really pick up steam from where I sit. I don’t care about SCOTUS rulings either. Anything they say about my rights falls on deaf ears. Lock-n-load time isn’t too far off now.

                  • Sixpack, that movie was one of the scariest I’ve ever seen. It fits the globalists to a T.

                    • Slim Pickins became immortal that day…

                    • George C Scott did a Curtis LeMay. My Father served under him when LeMay was a Full Col in 1943 and as much as Pop liked George Wallace in 1968 he wouldn’t vote for him because of LeMay. He said, “That guy likes wars”.

                      We’re too often governed by those blinded by ambition and power and on occasion the downright crazy.

                  • Little fluffy clouds!

                • Hi Brave,
                  People ain’t talking about the Saudis going up against Russia… w/ thousands of tanks?
                  Russia, folks, has a ‘First Use’ policy for tactical nukes.
                  They will not allow a Saudi pipeline to Europe, no matter what…

                  • BREAKING NEWS: Senior U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia found dead at West Texas ranch


                    • Drudge Report states ‘With a pillow over his face’ ( Scalia ) No autopsy – No foul play, move along folks, it’s business as usual.

                  • PM, the Saudis need to hang it up unless their Royal Family is just begging to be overthrown. They have no combat experience. They can’t even defeat an insurgency in Yemen. Those videos clearly demonstrate that.

                    • Brave,
                      Agreed, but this ain’t about the Yemen rebels, is it?
                      I don’t see thousands of tanks in Yemen. War in the hills is different from the open plains.
                      When it comes to oil, methinks the Saudi’s are serious…
                      and the Russians…
                      and Iran…
                      and Turkey…
                      and Nato…?
                      and US…?
                      then what?

              • Except for the most nauseating, vile, despicable, race treasonous RINO Cuckservative Kasich, every one of the GOP candidates running are telling the GOP establishment to refuse to confirm any of the nominees that Obongo sends to them. Effectively, drag this out until a R sits in the White House.

                Does anyone know if this is possible? Has the Supreme Court ever before gone 11 or 12 months with a vacancy? And, what happens to the court cases that wind up with a 4-4 tie vote between now and when Scalia’s replacement arrives?

                This is huge, folks. If this anti-Second Amendment slab of communist, totalitarian, virulently anti-White, anti-White Western Civilization hyena manure is allowed to put another liberal commie pinko on the US Supreme Court – then, his lawlessness and total contempt for the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and his lust to abolish the First and Second Amendments will become his final bowel movement on a nation that he has hated and wanted to destroy since he was dragged screaming and kicking out of his coal burning, Commie mama’s womb.

            • Venezuela rationing electrical power to its people. They’re crumbling. Food being rationed. If you get caught hoarding you get jailed or shot. No meds in most hospitals. Barely even got aspirin to give their people.
              A country that has failed because of corruption and loss of revenue do to low oil prices. Doubtful their elite will suffer. Whether or not the serfs will rise up and take their country back remains to be seen. Not so much as a peep of what’s happening there coming from the main street news whores.

              • PO’d Patriot, no surprise there. When Chavez first came to power, their infrastructure was already in need of serious upgrading. But the commie bastard decided to create welfare programs for his supporters from the oil revenue instead. Once their grid goes down, it will stay down. They’ll be back in the 19th century.

                • Yeah, heaven forbid that the people of the nation should benefit from their national oil reserves – it’s always much better to hand it all over to U.S. big oil elites…

                  Sorry BH, but exactly how is that communism? He did not just hand it over to his friends, they used it for the entire nation – pissing the Rockefellers right the fuck off.

                  • Sixpack,
                    Right on this one. Saudi/Russia games with oil just might have something to do with their problems..

                  • Sixpack, let me clarify myself. Maybe there was some interference from DC during the Chavez era but we may never know for sure. What made Chavez suspect in my view was him going to FIDEL CASTRO AND CUBA for support. He allowed Castro to send in ‘advisers’ to help him in all aspects of running his nation. In the later years of his rule, he allowed Castro to place some of his own people in senior positions in the Chavez regime. WHY WERE CUBANS ALLOWED TO RUN MINISTRIES IN THE GOVT. OF VENEZUELA AND EVEN RUN THE VENEZUELAN MILITARY? WHY WEREN’T VENEZUELANS THEMSELVES RUNNING THEIR OWN GOVT. MINISTRIES AND MILITARY? The answer is simple. Castro needed an extra source of income to prop up his crumbling Soviet-style economy. Chavez’s domestic iniatives may have been his own decision, but when it came to supporting the Castro regime and economy, Castro was calling all the shots. Chavez was sending 100000 barrels of oil every day to Cuba per Castro as payment for services rendered by the Cuban regime to Venezuela. They were helping each other and the arrangments are still in place to this day under Nicholas Maduro, Chavez’s successor. There’s also an unknown number of Cuban troops stationed in Venezuela to help Maduro stay in power and help guarantee continued support from Venezuela. Is the CIA behind any of Venezuela’s troubles today? It’s possible but I doubt if we ever know for sure. The fact remains that Venezuela is still a lifeline, although maybe to a lesser degree, for Castro. If Castro lost that lifeline, his regime would have been in serious trouble and on the way out. But now that Obama has opened up a lifeline of support for him, they’ll still be in power for awhile longer. I want to see those bastards fall but it won’t happen now thanks to the chimp-in-chief. Sixpack, sorry to have any disagreement with you and maybe I missed something on the outside interference, but I just gave out some info on the situation in Venezuela that most people aren’t aware of. I still hope that one day the people of both cuba and Venezuela can throw out the socialists. My primary concern is our own country right now.

                • Bravefart 1776 – yet again you reach for the keyboard and show the world your all consuming ignorance. You are too easy to shoot down, it’s almost embarrassing.

                  Look at the history of Venezuela and the malicious interference of that great protector of multinationals, the US government.

                  • Anon, I have a refugee from Venezuela in my company who has given me first-hand accounts of what was happening under Chavez and left there for good right after Chavez died. This was Chavez’s handiwork, NOT DC’s in this particular case. That regime is destined to fall. There WAS interference in that country from DC BEFORE Chavez but NOT afterwards. You’re the one who should be embaraassed. You’ll never shoot me down. not even a decent attempt on your part.

                    • Braveheart1776

                      I more often agree than disagree with you but I break ranks with this statement.

                      ” There WAS interference in that country from DC BEFORE Chavez but NOT afterwards.”

                      We don’t know with any certainty what the hell the intelligence agencies do; their is no transparency, their word is not credible. I personally doubt if they stopped messing with Chavez but regardless you nor I would never know what they are really up to here, there and everywhere. I assume his problems are mainly home grown but regardless if he performed economic miracles just a mention of Oil for anything other than USD is a death sentence. Just look at Saddam and Gadaffi.

              • A country sitting almost on the equator, having a year-round growing season and floating on oil starving and unable to generate sufficient electricity. WOW!

                • Socialism at its best!

              • Po’d Patriot

                “Doubtful their elite will suffer.”

                There is a lot of that going around everywhere regardless of political / economic system. Its kind of like a universally accepted practice.

          • “The Saudi military is a joke.”

            This is a FALSE analysis. The Saudi Military is very powerful, with LOTS of armor well suited for the desert plains of Syria; as is the military of Turkey.

            This will be a game changer and was first PREDICTED here, FIVE YEARS ago. Worth the read:


            • That fairy story did not happen. This is reality.

            • You had me until that pipe dream about Ron Paul…..

            • DK, uh, you need to watch the videos and then come back and tell us what you think. The Houthis are kicking the Saudis’ asses ON THEIR OWN TURF. I think the analysis is correct from where I sit.

              • BTW, I enjoy watching sandniggers kill each other.

                • Jesus cries when you speak black heart, you racist

              • BH: It won’t be just Saudi’s in Syria. There are many other Sunni Muslim personnel from many other Sunni Muslim nations.

                And Turks. 🙂

                • DK, I’ll grant you it could be a game changer with the Turks stepping in. They are much better fighters than the Saudis. The Turks are the same barbarians who killed over a million Armenian Christians during WW1. Turks are total scum. Just ask the Kurds.

              • Yemen has mountainous, restricted terrain, not good for armor. Syria, however, is largely flat desert and plateau, ideal for tanks. Get air superiority and armor will roll through the country to the coast.

                There are three mountain ranges, one against Lebanon, the other two kind of poking up mid-country. They are totally surrounded by featureless terrain and are small enough to not be good hiding places.

            • Saudis can’t handle Yemen right next door they sure won’t be able to fight real bad asses in Syria. USA won’t be doing the heavy lifting this time.

              • That’s correct, but the Turks will, and the Turks are bad asses. The Kurds will take advantage of the extra help against ISIS to expand their Territory to the Euphrates.

                The most interesting possibility will be whether the “Rebels” with stingers from the Saudi’s and Turks, will take down any Russian fighters.

                Or when Saudi F-16’s engage Russian jets. That’s when things start to get really interesting. 🙁

                • After the first Saudi gets blown out of the sky, you won’t be able to get one of their pilots within 10 miles of an airbase. Saudis are used to driving their Bentleys to the “base” for a grueling day of “training”.

                  • Maybe.Maybe not. It will be interesting to see how it all develops. 🙂

                • The Russian military wouldn’t be hard to beat. Their technology isn’t great. They have one thing on the US. They don’t play by rules and don’t care how much their bombs miss a target. The US is held back by naive people who have a low tolerance for violence. If we followed the Russian plan, we would win. This and the next president need to stand up to Putin.

                  • “The Russian military wouldn’t be hard to beat. Their technology isn’t great.”

                    Not true.

                    Actually their technology is quite good. In some cases, better than ours.Think their surface to air missile system for example. They just don’t have nearly enough of it for a sustained fight; meaning that they must move to battlefield nukes rather quickly if engaged by a major power like NATO.

                    Russia needs two years of production for their best aircraft to support their ground game in Europe. They won’t get it.

                    Additionally, The FED war on the Ruble is designed to substantially weaken the Russian economy to the point where it cannot feed its people AND simultaneously, produce weapons.

                    That’s why I expect another rate hike in late Spring. The BRIC’S are falling like dominos. 🙂

                • DK

                  ‘Or when Saudi F-16’s engage Russian jets. That’s when things start to get really interesting”

                  The thought of that will keep the sane up at night. Sooner or later, the worst case scenario will occur when you have such a toxic cocktail mix. Like shooting pool, keep hitting balls and even the worst player, blind and blind drunk will sink one.

                  • K2: I agree. In the last war between Syria and Israel, showcasing Russian technology against US technology, saw Israel boast an 80 to 1 kill ratio in the air. That is not gonna happen this time around if push comes to shove.

                    And it would be a shame to see Russia’s newest missile cruiser take one in the shorts from an unidentified submarine sitting on the bottom of the Eastern Med. 🙂

              • The Saudis are going to get what they deserve, an ass beaten. After its all over, they will be back to living in tents and riding camels where they belong.

            • If Turkey invades or even commits an ‘incursion’, European NATO countries will not come to their aid. In a case of aggression by a NATO member, they are in no way obligated to. Obunghole may want to assist his muslim brethren, but I don’t see much support for going up against Russia. USSA only invades countries who can’t really fight back. Getting bogged down in a high intensity war in the M.E. will encourage China to “go for it” in their neck of the woods. DK is wrong. The Saudis with their military hardware are like a 19 year old who can afford a 1000 CC motorcycle. If they get brave enough to use it, they will end up hurting themselves.

            • Compared to any first world military of their size/budget/equipage, the Saudi military is a joke. They are suitable for maintaining a police state for the Kingdom but not for fighting serious armed men. Have you spent any time with Saudi enlisted people to refute my position? They are soft and unmotivated, and those are the best, who are sent to US schools for military training (how to use our technology) alongside US servicepeople. Failure is not an option, so they cheat, then bluster, and get “passed” through the courses. Rinse, repeat, get promoted, appear functional during reviews (fake), fail against genuine enemies.

              • Per 13
                Thanks for your insight. It is typical 3rd world country rule by money. It never works.

          • Spot on, Mac! This is the scripted scenario that so many have talked about over the past few years.

          • If you haven’t already, buy what weapons, ammunition, and accessories you need. The Kenyan bath house boy will be appointing the successor to Scalia and you can bet your last penny that:
            (1) he won’t be a supporter of the RKBA and
            (2) Test’s “conservatives” will be ineffectual with a mere show of resistance.

          • Not to mention collapseing oil production in the US .
            Once those rigs disappear from the Bakken , they wont return.
            Leaving us wholly dependant on foreign oil .
            Watch the price they get skyrocket .
            We would be screwed .

            • BTW people , 9 coal powered electric plants closeing in Michigan alone this year .
              No plans for replacement yet……….
              I live in the red “no go zone” on the Agenda21 map.
              They changed the name to “goal 2030” FYI .
              Pretty cool , no power for me !

              • Hammerhead, the BOL and my relatives’ properties are in a red ‘no go zone’ in north GA. But we’ll stay there and defend our homes to the death if need be.

              • They will replace those 0 power plants with with solar. Makes perfect sense in Michigan where the days are less than eight hours long in Winter and freezing cold with snow and ice often covering the panels. Makes perfect sense if one is a retard or has a bad agenda.

            • Maybe the EOs that give the gov control over everything?
              Just because socialism hasnt worked in Venezuela doesnt mean it wont work for Barry does it?
              I mean he is special,,,,

          • Actually, Big Oil is in panic mode. Syrian Oil is finding its way to market. ISIS workers are working on religious doctrine. There is no cost of sale for pulling that oil out of the ground. If an when ISIS gets defeated, Oil will shoot right back up. Global collusion will get right back to normal.

            • Cellar Spider,
              Globalist collusion is working just fine right now. Destabilize destabilize destabilze. And it will still be destabilizing when prices go back up.

            • Oil is cheap because the global economy is in the toilet. That is not changing.

          • Mac
            Thanks for putting this up. As I mentioned in the last article no one was talking about it. Only time will tell.

          • we are getting more oil out of the ground(bakkens, fracking), and we are using LESS(obamacare has decimated the economy)….it aint no SECRET.

          • The reality, Mac, is that you say you support free speech and then censor it when the little special snowflakes show up and say “Boo hoo” my feelings were hurt. If you really believed in, and practiced, free speech you would have changed to Disquss where people could post links and information immediately, which is what Breitbart and Infowars both use, right now, as I type this.

            Mac I think you are a fraud. If this site is about information you could easily quadruple your clicks and comments by changing to disquss. When was that last time the F-word killed anyone?

            My reply: never.

            I think you are a fraud, Mac, and a shill. Either open up your comment section and let it rip (disquss allows you to moderate specific words) or that shows me you are nothing but a honey trap and hired by the pros to catch people.

            Prove that you support free speech and really allow free speech not the coddled BS you allow people to post. Let it rip. Go ahead. AJ does. So does Breitbart.

            Are you scared or just following orders?

            • With free speech comes some responsibility… Would you let me come into your home and just start berating people? Yelling and screaming obscenities ? Probably not.

              your posts were not censored – they were outright deleted. You trolling specific users post after post, and me deleting said posts, has nothing to do with me controlling some sort of narrative or agenda. The majority of posts go through without moderation and 95%+ of moderated posts are approved – links must be moderated because of the literal thousands of spam comments captured by AKISMET on a daily basis. Some users, like you, have had their IP address flagged for the reasons above. I and others kindly appreciate the many comments you have posted that add value to the conversation — those that don’t and only serve to attack others here, especially like those you’ve attempte to post recently will continue to be deleted. After years of moderating these forums I have seen the damage such commenting causes to the community, so please refrain — feel free, however, to disagree – I understand that sometimes passion and anger and a whole host of emotions come into play, but so should some level of courtesy.

              To suggest not having the ‘ disqus’ platform means I or anyone associated with this site has been hired to ‘catch people’ is patently ridiculous. Your IP address is captured from the moment a signal leaves your router — disqus is a mega-platform that collects significantly more information than we ever could. That aside, the reason I refrained from disqus on this website is because of user feedback several months back.

              But feel free to utilize the disqus platform for discussions at our sister-site,

              If you feel your free speech has somehow been violated by the very simple guidelines when engaging in discussions here, there is always the option of roughly a billion other websites out there.



              • Greetings Mac….I am a lurker with an occasional post…I have seen the constant petty tit for tat on the other sites that use disqus….and there may be an article that begs intelligent thought but the trollers and disaffected get into lengthy lines of name calling that sends me right off their site, losing the sense of intelligent discussion…

                I don’t see so much (name calling etc, although it exists, but not to a high degree) of that here and for that I am grateful…we lost one good soul, BI and his earthquake info…

                • Thanks Molly — exactly my point — we’ve seen where this kind of thing goes – it just turns into a brawl in the comment forums so I now delete those comments I feel are going down that road. Frankly, I am not here to babysit adults. It’s actually one of my least favorite things to do. Thus, when I see it getting out of hand I start blanket deletions until it stops.

                  • Mac, thank you for keeping this site as open and free as it is, I apologize for having stooped to the lows from time to time and will in the future keep it clean,
                    Your efforts are greatly appreciated by many of us, and there always has been valueable discourse over both articles and following comments even when not on topic,
                    Thank you TR

                  • You do your fair share of censoring healthy debate and opinions. I know it’s your site but hey, if someone’s throwin the bull, and it’s discovered a lie, you have no right, owner or not, to censor any discussion.

                  • THANK YOU MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  • Mac 1000 thumbs up . Discussion is one thing but the continual personal attacks of anyone do nothing to further prepping & discussing politics. All that BS causes new visitors to the site to just move on looking for Prepping info elsewhere. If I am ever rude or out of control , I expect you to reign me in. While I am n your site every day , I trip ally don’t post often , as I really have a low tolerance for petty BS. Thanks so much for giving us a forum to learn & discuss !
                    Standing by in Monthomery County TX

                • I stopped going to AJ’s site for that very reason. The petty name calling and baiting got to be too much. Mac,your site has some intelligent and good people on it. peace

              • Bravo Mac , and no Disgus ever , please .

              • I say let the shredders eat the trolls if your posts are getting deleted by mac he is saveing you

              • Mac, the First Amendment guarantees us the right of free speech. It, however, does NOT guarantee us a pass on the consequences of that free speech. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I appreciate the fact that you will not condone the cyberstalking nor poisonous effect it has on this community. This is a great group of folks with a lot of solid information and wisdom to impart. Thank you for the efforts at civility. Much appreciated!

              • I don’t have a problem here. ;0)

                If you go overboard, you get Moderated or Deleted. That is the game.

                Mac’s site. Live with it or leave.

                • With you 100% on this. Keep it up, Mac

              • I agree with getting rid of vile and vulgar comments directed at any singled out person who posts their opinion. It was ugly.

              • i dis people every once-in-a-while, and i fully understand it could be deleted. i appreciate your tolerance here(MORE than most), and you get two thumbs up from me! it’s just about my favorite site.

            • Hi Philospher: Ma’am, you are free to found, maintain and monitor/moderate your very own website w/ forum(s). Any day! Believe me, Mac ain’t no fraud!

          • Mac,
            you got it! Russian economy is based on OIL!! and IF that does NOT set the keg on fire, something else will soon! just TOO much turmoil ALL over the world!!

          • OFF TOPIC

            At True News.

            Henry Kissinger has made a pitch to Putin to join the New World Order.

            Kissinger, Soros and buffet should all retire to some island and shut the hell up.

            You can bet that both Clinton’s and Kerry will continue stirring the shit behinds the scene after they leave the public eye.

            If you can not see the writing on the wall by now you must be totally blind.

          • I partially agree, I think alliance between the Iran, China, Russia, Syria are to devalue the Petro dollar: Saudi Arabia somehow being used (or we are) to engage in the ww3 scenario. Fighting is now occurring on the northern end if Israel, not in msm, we as humans are almost subdigated to the whims of elites: their power to control armies. Over which they control money ‘flow.’. Hense, false and flawed reasons are created to arouse public opinion, which is obviously very easy to disway, toward a government which desires less boundaries constrained by the Constitution in order to protect the ‘people.’. The destruction of “We” is happening, borders wide open, trade loss, wage loss, life “lost” (i.e. abortions), land loss, no right to living OFF the grid, taxed on almost every action: this country is loosing it’s freedoms as the Native Americans did! One by one, two by two and eventually, you’ll end up on a 1 square mile plot for your people!

          • “the US is sitting this one out”?? Are you kidding? NATO has designed all of this, w/ US leadership and EU special covert ops all over the place- many times dressed as Arabs- esp the ISRAELI troops.
            Do you still believe everything you’re told by media? Including their denials and ommissions? After all this time? ?
            Neither Saudi, nor Turks would have the guts or capability to do what they’ve been doing for years in Syria without the FULL backing of NATO-UN EU and the West. Good lord, wake up





          • yes, i still think you’re a LOON, but AM sorry to hear about scalia’s “natural causes” death….better look REAL good, medical examiner!!!

            • No conspiracy necessary, he was nearly 80 years old, had a sedentary career, overweight, and unfit.

              I’m surprised he lived as long as he did.

              • Plus he apparently slept with a pillow over his face, which didn’t help

          • Yup, you’re still looney tunes. Loss of one man don’t stop no show.

            • PO’d P and BCOD, acid is actually LESS of a loon than I thought. He still makes some valid points on occasion. I’ll take him over trolls anytime.

              • Acid has multiple-personality disorder. Sometimes he seems calm and sane and posts useful stuff, other times his other personality kicks in and he goes totally apeshit spewing crap in ALL-CAPS.

                • Quit judging him. I would ask him to be on my team before most of the rest of you.

                • Nobama, Acid does post some relevant posts though.
                  I TO USE CAPS AT TIMES.

          • Yes. You are bat shit crazy.

          • Not completely loony, but you keep things interesting. Smile God loves you. Peace

          • Yea and an extremest. I think you believe race overrides humanity: which coincides with religion overriding humanity. Which I think, is a weakness, an insecurity within ones self confidence to live in this diverse world. Since you can’t accept people, solely based upon the color of their skin, you show a weakness in you’re ability to accept yourself. I was there once, I understand the misguided comprehension of what is ‘right’ and fortunately I had a teacher that proved my thinking, to me, that I was incorrect in my way of thinking. I hope someone may enter your life, who you trust, that can enlighten you to the brotherhood of humanity. I am not telling you to accept discrimination from others, avoid harm from those who may discriminate against you, or not to recognize religious, sexual or any other kind of the ilk.. I’m asking you to recognize when another human being, of a different kind, is NOT “that” toward you!

            • Nels,
              Bravo. Before you get crucified, let me add that tptb have always used the natural natural instinct of fear of differences to divide and conquer. Stay separate if you choose, but the D/R machine is a manipulation. Obama brings in a group of furriners… Repubs whip up a frenzy about them even though they have 100% power to keep them our of this country. Smell a little stinky fish here? Now all youarmed citizens are looking behind every bush for a scary mooslimb. You are not checking out the Rockefellers and their banking cartel, control of top schools producing “leaders”, Bilderberg Group, or their Trilateral Commission, or their Foreign Relations Council. Never mind looking at Bill Gates and Monsanto’s destruction of your food supply, water supply, soil and air. Don’t forget
              the KochMachine control and replacement of the RNC. Sure mooslims are the worst you have to contend with! They are marbles thrown on the floor by tptb to make you fall. Nasty little marbles, but marbles just the same.

          • He should , animals need to be restrained .


          • It does not mean we must obey.

            • That is what I have been prepping for, the day I will stop obeying.

              • MT, Caucasian, and JS, SCOTUS rulings don’t mean shit to me anyway. They’re not legitimate and we don’t have to follow them.

          • We can only hope that the Republican majority Senate will refuse to confirm any appointments until after the election.

            We’ll see.

            • I heard on TV that the Senate adjourns January 3 and Obama leaves office January 20. That gives him a 17 day window to make a recess appointment of his choice. He will pick the most left wing nut he can find.

              We’re screwed. BTW, the recess appointment is for life.

            • I have given up on the republicans.

              Paul Ryan stabbed us all in the back when he approved the Obama budget that added 1.1 trillion to the national debt, all with Democratic votes.

              • Boehner never did leave. He just morphed into Paul Ryan.

                • PO’D,
                  if it was NOY so true it would be FUNNY, very sad, Repukeicans have been in a dead spiral for a longtime and are taking us down with them, makes me SICK!!!

            • I will have my garden planted before the rinos cave.

          • if the repubs have balls they’ll block any nomination until after the inaugaration of a conservative president. (yes I’m praying and holding out hope)

            • Not going to happen, no Republican or ‘conservative’ will be elected as POTUS for several generations. One of two things will happen at the Republican convention: 1) Donald Trump gets the nomination, 2) the RNC manages arrange the nomination of someone (Bush, Rubio, Bloomburg, ?) and Trump goes third party. If the Trump goes ‘third party’ he splits the vote and the Democratic nominee wins, if Trump secures the nomination the Democratic nominee wins because both Sanders and Clinton beat Trump in general election polling.

              Further more, 2016 is the absolute last chance for the current Republican party to elect a President. After 2016 their ‘demographic time bomb’ goes off and they will never, and I mean NEVER, have the numbers to win another general election.

          • Trekker : Agreed, the libs are about to control all aspects of the federal government. Justice Scalia just died, today supposedly. So how can an autopsy & toxicology analyses been completed to assure “natural causes”. I smell a rat, a slick skinny one.

            This is a huge game changer. King Putt has read the Rise of the Third Reich

            • I seriously doubt there will be an autopsy. In Texas in smaller communities, the Justice of the Peace does the death inquest. If he suspects foul play then he would order an autopsy. If it appears to be natural causes then no autopsy would be ordered and Scalia would go straight to the funeral home.

              Scalia could have been poisoned and we will never know.

              • There is youtube video from several decades ago, where a guy is testifying before a Congressional investigative committee and the guy is supposedly, in some way, affiliated with the CIA or FBI or perhaps both – and the guy confirms, when asked, if there was some sort of weapon that could be used to kill someone and make it look like a heart attack.

                Which means, even an autopsy would not be able to determine that it was a murder instead of a natural death.

                Also, I have vague memory of a Playboy Magazine interview that I read back in the 1970s with a mysterious guest who was called ‘Dr. Death’. This guy was supposedly an expert in covert methods used by espionage agencies to kill people in all kinds of ingenious ways and not leave a trace behind. One method that stuck in my mind, as described in that interview – was to inject an air bubble into someone’s bloodstream using a tiny hypodermic needle.

                Supposedly, the air bubble would cause some kind of blockage in the main artery that supplied blood to the heart, and your ticker would stop. Except for a tiny needle-sized prick hole, which could be difficult to find unless someone was looking for it – an autopsy would indicate death by heart attack.

                Scalia’s family need to hire a team of experts who are trained in this area and let them examine Scalia from head to toe and see if there are any pin pricks that can’t be accounted for, based on any recent doctors office visits.

                • Tucker, spot on. If I recall correctly, the Soviet KGB had a special section called SMERSH, or “Department of Wet Affairs”, something of that nature. They specialized in making hits on defectors using a method similar to what you described. It’s possible Scalia may have been taken out by someone trained in that method.

              • John Stiner

                From what I read today, the family declined to have an autopsy. The state did not demand an autopsy because police on site said no evidence of foul play. He was 79, obese, and unhealthy. Since he was talking about Citizens United being a bad decision… maybe the Kochs put him down. Not likely, but were all the conservative money boys that buy elections there?

                • I would not want to cast any aspersions upon the surviving members of the Scalia family, but we all should remember how a suspicious number of the people in the Sandy Hook community somehow, someway, suddenly had big wads of dough raining down upon them after they played their part in that false flag attempt by Obama to ban the most effective semi-auto weapons for self-defense against a tyrannical government.

                  I have the unfortunate ‘pleasure’ of having family members in my own family who I would not trust for two seconds, were they to be offered a wad of cash to go along with a government black op scheme.

                  Hence, if the family declined to authorize an autopsy, I would be curious and to watch to see if anyone in his immediate family were to suddenly win the Lottery.

                  • Tucker,
                    I hear ya. But other than folks working themselves up talking conspiracy, it is over. He won’t repeal Citizens United and his 30 Republican buddies who were there don’t want to be outed. Any one of them could have demanded an autopsy and got it. Why didn’t 30 Republican powerhouses want an autopsy? Conspiracy or they thought he just died and did not want publicity?

              • There was no autopsy. Drudge Report has good information on his death.

            • Juliet, Republicans Control House and Senate.

              • That matters little anymore. Just look at how they bowed their knee to Obama these last few years and it is all too apparent that there is no longer a true opposition party. All we have now is two parties that bow to big money interests and do little more than pay lip service to the ideals they used to believe in.

                • Winston
                  That’s why I call it the D/R corporate machine.

          • Scalia was the last best hope in the fight against the BLM.

            • Cellar,
              YES he was and this might be the last straw for us!

        • OFF TOPIC

          At True News

          Henry Kissinger makes pitch to Putin to join New World Order.

          Why in the hell is this guy still a player on the world scene. Him, Soros and Buffet should retire.

          Acid Etch does have a point to be taken in this instance.

          I will say both Clinton’s and Kerry will still be instigating shit after they leave the Media spotlight.

          If you can’t see the writing on the wall by now, you have to be blind.

        • its payback time for the Saudy’s not cutting oil production,and oil going for 30 measley petrobuckeroos a barrel
          payback courtesy of the real ruler of the U.S., Davy Rockyfeller
          typical evil by the king of evil..



          Uruguay 88%
          Argentina 85%
          Costa Rica 83%
          Brazil 50%
          Chile 50%
          Venezuela 43%
          Columbia 37%
          Guatemala 18%
          Nicaragua 17%
          Peru 15%
          Bolivia 10%
          Mexico 9%
          Panama 7% (Although Panama was heavily colonized by USA)
          Ecuador 6%
          Belize 5%
          Paraguay 3%
          Honduras 1%



          Chile 24,170.03
          Argentina 22,459.00
          Panama 21,634.56
          Uruguay 21,387.31
          Mexico 18,370.00
          Peru 17,787.39
          Brazil 15,941.00
          Costa Rica 15,534.03
          Colombia 14,164.43
          Venezuela 12,638.84
          Ecuador 11,839.19
          Paraguay 8,776.30
          Belize 8,338.99
          Guatemala 7,704.20
          Guyana 7,279.77
          Bolivia 6,530.17
          Nicaragua 5,018.76
          Honduras 4,849.30


          Honduras 84.3 (Highest on Earth)
          Venezuela 53.7
          Belize 45.1
          Guatemala 34.6
          Colombia 30.8
          Brazil 25.2
          Mexico 18.9
          Panama 17.2
          Guyana 17.0
          Ecuador 12.4
          Bolivia 12.1
          Nicaragua 11.3
          Paraguay 9.7
          Peru 9.6
          Costa Rica 8.4
          Uruguay 7.9
          Suriname 6.1
          Argentina 5.5
          Chile 3.1













      2. The thing is, to support Saudi Arabia in this war is to support IS. If anything we should be helping the Russians but then we always fight on the side of the Sunnis while the Russians always support the Shiites.

        The sad part is that no revolution in one of these countries will ever lead to a stable Western style government because they are incapable of having one. Sectarian conflicts will always break out and so it takes military strongmen to keep these nations stable and out of the hair of Western nations. While Assad, Qaddafi, Hussein, Mubarak, etc. may well have been horrible people, they kept things together. Removing them was the worst thing we ever did and now that the genie is out of the bottle it’s going to be very hard to get him back in.

        Saudi Arabia is no better than IS in terms of human rights. The only difference is it has a veneer of civility afforded to it by it’s immense oil wealth. Why we continue to support it and it’s human rights abuses is beyond me.

        • Bit arrogant saying they should have a Western style government and they are incapable of having one. Then don’t intervene and let people run their own countries.

          • i say we give them OUR constitution….we aint usin’ it ANYway!

          • That was not my point. My point is that the US government foments revolution in these places thinking it can bring about an outcome which will turn that country to an ally through destroying a stable (usually despotic) government. Through “nation building”, we try to “liberate” them to our way of thinking, which is foreign to them. It just doesn’t work that way. Thus my post was intended as a realistic criticism of how the US government operates in that part of the world and especially under Bush and Obama.

        • The Spice must flow, that’s why…

      3. This will not go well for us. We will get blow back on this and it will not go according to how we think it will end.

        • But it will end with Obama’s vision for America. When Obama leaves Office America will be an unrecoverable trash heap.

          • JS: I agree. The USSA is imploding as I type this.

      4. Saudi Arabia is truly a nation of useless barbarians. Their oil and the wealth is controlled by the Saudi Royal family who beside being the biggest investors in the Zionist owned wall street are also the best buddies of the Bush, Hillary, Bill and his majesty Hossain Obama and the rest of the wealth controllers in the US and the UK.

        The first day of such war will face the tactical nukes by the Russians.

        Mr.Putin burn the MF’s along with their Israeli’s Cousins and any other nation who gets involved in this unjustified war by the international Zionist Banking Cartels.

        • Stolz, if NY, DC, City Of London were added to your list, most of the world’s problems would be solved. Oh, I forgot to throw in Hollywood.

      5. Saudi Arabia is doing this because they desire a pipeline through Syria to Europe. That would hurt the Russians badly since they supply Europe.
        It has been my belief all along that the Saudi’s are the real threat to the American Petro Dollar. They have us by the nuts. That is why we let one plane in the air on 9 – 11. It went to Saudi Arabia. Even though most of the support for 9 – 11 supposedly came from Saudi Arabia.
        If the Saudi’s do lose this fight it will be used as the reason the US puts boots on the ground in Syria. Syria just may be the key and the start of WWIII.


        Regarding the sanctions and the drop of oil prices. I think you are right. If my memory is correct John Kerry met with the Saudi King right before the big drop. Strange to me that it also has hurt American companies and John Kerry and our government knew it would. This mess is so interconnected and planned it is pathetic. We must watch this situation closely. Who knows what will come from it.

        We are just all pawns in the elite’s game. They could care less about us. We are just numbers. This time it will backfire on them all. At least that is my hope. This whole thing just pisses me off to the core. So many lives will be lost while certain people set and fight over money and power. They seem to enjoy it. I hope and pray it is the start of a new beginning. For the people period. I hope it opens there eyes and the people take control once again. Maybe I am naive. But we all must have hope.

        • I don’t think Obama and Kerry could plan shit.

          Obama wants high oil prices because that gives them the excuse to push for green alternative energy. With the glut of oil the “peak oil” has been revealed as a lie.

          Plus, Obama removed the sanctions against Iran so Iran gets to add one million barrels a day to the glut of oil.

          How does that fit into the equation?

          • JS: I agree. The Saudis are following orders.

          • John

            I think it fits well into the equation. If you look at it from this point. Our current government wants to bring this country down to the level of 3rd world countries. I agree Obama is a puppet but he is following his orders to the tee.
            Regarding green energy he is succeeding as well. I work in the power industry and can tell you first hand. Most coal plants will be closed within the next five years. Many have all closed. Getting rid of coal has made oil even more of a key to this countries success. I also be-leave that Obama is a Sunni Muslim. Since he is all about green energy then that is the only explanation that makes sense.
            The real truth is he could care less about green energy. It all comes down to money and power. It always does. He preaches it but his actions say otherwise.

            • John,
              Obama is a puppet to the masters… and most of the masters are environmentalists. If burning coal keeps YOU warm, they just do not care. See the Rockefeller Family on this one.
              Then again, Bill Gates/Monsanto seem to be in charge of genocide by poison and destroying farming and our ability to feed ourselves. Including toxins like Atrazine and Roundup that cause male feminization (see why I laugh in your face when you say mythical feminazis are emasculating men? Its is Monsanto), male sterility and other bad nasties. More on that list, it isn’t a short one. Monsanto is causing male sterility in crops too, it is called Cytoplasmic Male Sterility, and it is getting backed into heirloom varieties as well.

          • JS

            Obama and Kerry couldn’t plan a circle jerk.

        • Mike, one question? How many ‘boots on the ground’ can they send? We have a smaller army now than when GWB invaded Iraq in 2003 to overthrow Hussein and take the oilfields. That was the real reason for the war, NOT WMDs. No WMDs were ever found in all the years we were there. Most of the senior commanders have been sacked because they were opposed to the chimp-in-chief’s policies. any stupid new US military adventure anywhere now would be a disaster waiting to happen. the chimp-in-chief needs to be stopped with any means necessary.

          • Braveheart

            You are correct regarding all the military cutbacks. Whether people here agree or not we still have the most formidable military in the world. Not because of numbers but because of technology. We rule the skies. Air power is the difference. I do be leave we are in a time of change. You can see other countries catching up. A Russian Mig used to never stand a chance against one of our planes. This was due to targeting and radar systems. Today they are vastly improved. I do fear the political correctness that has entered our military. The rules of engagement that are imposed on our forces that no other country in the world abides by. It is nuts. We should not be over there fighting at all. Our wonderful dictator in charge could care less. Most of the elite could care less. It is all about who controls the money because the money provides the power.

            • Mike, spot on about the PC crap. That one thing has done more harm to the military, along with the ROE, than anything else.

            • The US Military is able to dominate conflicts world wide not through technology, though that is a massive force multiplier, but because of our global logistics system. The DoD, with the help of the merchant marine, can deliver ton after ton of material anywhere on the globe, and with short notice.

              As far as Russian aircraft (and avionics, sensors, and weapons) are concerned, they are still well behind. They F-15 Eagle is the current raining air-to-air champion; something like 285 engagements and no losses. Our newest bird the F-22 can eat the F-15 for lunch all day, every day. And that is with the F-15’s being flown by ‘raptor drivers’ so the ‘we didn’t know it could do that’ isn’t a factor.

      6. …give anyone enough rope and they’ll eventually hang themselves.

        • Thats a hate crime now.

          • punishable by HANGING, no doubt!

        • More likely they are just banned from posting on certain websites.

          That works out well, to control the narrative, until that website is shut down by the powers that be.

          Yes, Mac, that comment was for you and your mods. If you want free speech, let us speak.

          • Philosopher

            You forget something. This is Mac’s web site. He can run it how he sees fit. You are not entitled to free speech in my house for example. You can say whatever you like elsewhere but I determine whether to put up with what people say in my business or house. That is the way it is. If you don’t like his business or my house then you do have the choice and freedom to leave.
            If it were me who owned this blog then I would not allow what you do either. It hurts the blog and causes some people not to visit or post. Get over your pitiful attitude. Try to help others if you really care about people here. Or you can make the choice to leave and use your right of free speech elsewhere.

        • True people are their own worst enemy

      7. I can see it happening now … instead of a handful of brave Americans being hung out to die like in Benghazi …. it’ll be a full brigade of airborne refused air support or resupply ….

        • You mean nobody will bring Doritos and Beer to the drone operators in Nevada?

          • Js, okay that is the best line on here tonight!

      8. Don’t forget the censored 28 pages of the 911 Commission report. According to
        former Florida Senator Bob Graham, it implicates Saudi Arabia in the murders of
        3,000 Americans. And we still call these assholes “allies”. Saudi Arabia should
        have been annihilated. Absolutely annihilated. This whole “war on terror” is
        a sick joke played on humanity by neocons on behalf of their billionaire, globalist
        benefactors. The 911 hoax has been used to justify attacks and regime changes
        all over the Middle East and North Africa. Now Europe is being totally destroyed
        by unvetted “refugees” that are being deployed there. The “Patriot” Act was probably written before 911 ever happened. No one in Congress offers any
        resistance at all. I don’t know if they are stupid, sorry or scared.

        • DR: oh people are being censored here, right now, on this site, because some people are offended. If you are offended by the F’word I don’t know what to say. That is tame compared to being offended after this site just blinks our or after someone just offs you with a bullet bullet to your head because you aren’t on the right side of whatever argument.

          I am guessing Mac is just running an undercover FBI or HS string operation and is reporting our IPs on an hourly basis.

          Going dark. Later gators.

          • Philosopher

            You have no class. Just leave. Part of the problem in today’s world is how language has been allowed to degrade around all. You should never be allowed to use the F word in this type of forum. That is just common sense.

            • Jim,

              I think Philo is a Social Justice Warrior troll. She’s just moonlighting as a prepper. Takes too much offense for differing points of view. And criticism? Can dish it out, can’t take it. She just screams militant SJW.

              Too bad.

              • I meant Mike. Sorry.

                • Mike,hope all is well with you and family but as far as the “f’,word,well…….,I have to “fucking disagree”.

                  • Warchild

                    My friend we must just agree to disagree then. My problem with language has more to do with what i have seen in society. In my fathers times you were criticized for using foul language around women and children. Most times fights would occur if that took place around women or children. Now when I go out with my wife and kids I hear every form of foul language. To be fair I use the f word myself. I try not to do it around women and children. Mostly at work. I guess I should be ashamed of myself in a way. I too have adapted to the use of foul language way more than I use too.

                    Regarding the use of this forum. It is Mac’s to do with as he pleases. If he said no talk of guns, religion, or foul language then it is up to him. That is because it is Mac’s site. I choose what to allow in my own house. The constitution gives me that right. Mac does not go against the constitution in anyway by saying what is allowed and not on his own forum.
                    That was my point to Miss Lithosphere.

                    I hope you and yours are doing great. We have both been on here long enough to be able to disagree. I appreciate your opinion too because I respect you.
                    I hope you have the greatest day my friend.

              • Hiram

                Yes I disagree. I try not to criticize others. I just try to state my points and be helpful. I don’t take offense to most things either.

          • Philosopher – I do think that you’re losing the plot. Maybe the resident sociopath (Arse Itch) has finally got to you.

            Lighten up and stop seeing conspiracies where non exist. Failing that, bug out!

        • Right.

          You’re going to “absolutely annihilate” your own economy and the one and only group that you use to keep Russia down economically.

          The Spice must flow. Welcome to the real world.

      9. Supreme Court Justice Scalia…. dead. Obama will finish stacking the deck.

        • If the Republicans don’t delay an appointment for a new Justice until after the election, I’m going to join all you people that don’t think voting counts. Just think what we would have to look forward to if the Republicans hadn’t gained control of both houses. Trekker Out.

          • McDonald and the Heller decisions were a 5 to 4 split that was straight on Original Constitutionalists and “Living” Constitutionalists (which means no Constitution at all) lines. The next President is guaranteed to have the opportunity for at the least one appointment, maybe more.

            Thinking about the words of Winston Churchill and paraphrasing his famous praise regarding the RAF in the Battle Of Britain:

            “How can so many, be beholding, to so few”

            Yes voting counts.

          • The repubs havent done shit ,
            But i think they blocked alot more than is normal .
            They are on they offensive , but need to take charge .
            But that wont happen , because you cant take lobbyist money and pass/ block legislation at the same time .
            So they let Obama apointee’s pass regulation instead, and we are dumb enough to accept that as law.
            But hey , they get rich just oppossing everything .
            So it appears as nothing is getting done.
            And the left continues foreward at a fast pace.
            We are two years from a totalitarian/fascist state .

            • Hammerhead, I don’t think we have 1 year, never mind 2. The final show is going to drop sometime this year, I can feel it.

          • the PARTY’s OVER! domocRATS and repugnant-cans…both parties are defunct,…couldn’t LEAD their own asses to a breakfast table…no, those parties are done for. traitors.

        • Not good

          • I thought we were phucked before, oh boy. Ain’t good is understatement of the century.

          • Found dead. Were was Obullshit, Hitlery or Bill?

      10. Lets lot forget the 1,000’s of jihadist that the feds and muslim generals have been flying into Texas since they control the airspace in Texas..the webbots also picked up a trigger event that starts the revolutionary war.. get the February Alts report.. the revolutionary is going to happen and this is just a fact of life.

        February webbots alta report.

        According to how the alta explains it, is that the Patriots get fired on and take casualties, then the Patriots launch the attack in response and the revolutionary war kicks off, starts.. yes we will go through this experience weather we like it or not. I have been reading th alta reports for a long time, in fact Hawk mentioned it this week.



        • ALTA Reports available for download at:

          ht tp://

          There are videos also. The first one explains methods.

          • In the first video, the guy talks about psychic abilities and says he has been a guest on Coast To Coast AM. So he may be a crackpot, or he may have stumbled on something helpful using his webbot software.

      11. This is the beginning of the end. Some rag-heads butchering each other is one thing. Making 150 million armed Americans into Felons will divide the house.

        • rellik.

          A blessing in disguise.

        • I’m afraid you’re correct. Every one of us will be turned into a felon over night. Beyond that, you can bet he will appoint someone who will rule in favor of every EO he writes. This is an open door for him to start writing them and pushing to get someone in the courts to side with him. I just hope the Republicans grow a set and fight against this, but I don’t have much hope of it.

      12. Off topic!!! Alert!!!

        Antonin Scalia has died at 79. He was a supreme court justice that was appointed by Ronald Reagan. Remember that a lot of decisions were 5 to 4 on gun rights. This is suspicious to us but not the government. Obama now gets to appoint another. Hmm 3 in his term. They are coming. Buy more ammo!!!

        • Not good

      13. our forces are weak I saw the captured sailors crying while in Iranian custody. We look like a joke those guys should’ve fought and either died or won the battle and they should’ve been sent help. Our military is a joke it’s move from fighting force to diplomatic humanitarian relief organization. Our enemies see us as weak. They are not wrong either. When it comes down to conventional combat boots on ground fighting Isis has more balls and it’s easy to see they have a real brotherhood. Face it America is finished women in the infantry is weak. The front line troops should be the strongest craziest guys. But political correctness is more important. Anyone in the service should do whatever they can to get out go home and wait for the real fight. when it kicks off let’s not waste a good crisis oppertunity to hunt down elites. To the victor goes the spoils.

        • Most Air force and Navy guys aren’t taught to be killers. They are taught to follow orders and do their jobs. The number of people that carry, or control weapons to kill is a surprising small proportion of our military. It does not surprise me that they were scared and crying. I think that is normal. What I don’t know is why they did not resist and fight. I can easily do a head shot at 100 meters with an M16 or body shot with an AK, or 500 meters with a 7mm Mag. That will change the situation. Why didn’t they fight?
          If I was told to stand down, I’d follow orders, but God save the man that gave those orders.

          • really?…we aren’t at WAR with iran, so why would they shoot at them…without a direct ORDER….you don’t shoot at ANYONE, unless you are at WAR!…really, you had to say why didn’t they SHOOT at them?…PFFT, you aint no vetchen, that’s fer sure!

            • Let me instruct you,
              Under international and most domestic laws
              a boat is sovereign territory where it is documented and registered
              So the boat I used to own was covered under US law.
              I kept guns aboard, for use to protect myself.
              US police, coast guard politely inspected my craft,
              knowing I was armed.
              You have to observe the laws of the country you visit,
              but in international waters, you are bound only by the rules
              of your country of registration.
              I can shoot you. I may not win. but I can protect
              myself under American rules.

              • but they weren’t IN international waters….or WERE they….we CAN’T know, now can we…i wonder if THEY even knew…so you would start a war? that would be your response…we are in THEIR territory…put the shoe on the other foot, fer crise-sakes.

          • You have just demonstrated that you do not the smallest hint of a clue on how we fight a Destroyer. Our ship is our life, our weapon, and WE NEVER GIVE UP THE SHIP.

            We clean, paint, wash dishes, maintain the systems, stand watches, and train. All for the day when we we ‘set Zebra’ and go ‘weapons free’. Just like Taffy 3.


      14. No Arab nation has carrier battle groups, neither do any Islamic NGO. However, don’t underestimate the JIhadist as a warrior. They’ve proven their martial ardor over 1400 years. 270 million murdered, millions enslaved, scores of civilizations annihilated. Why We Are Afraid Names 1400 years of Islamic conquest you’ve never heard of in the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe in 45 minutes. Does not cover Hindustan, which was horrific.

        With that preamble, if they go against Russian backed forces in Syria I hope the Russian AF napalms those Wahabbi vermin.

        Fifteen of the nineteen AQ September 11 Jihadi were Saudi. True, they hated the Royal Family. But as are their Royal Family, they were ardently into killing Kafir.

        Also: Historical fact backed by real world scholarship.

      15. The left sucks and none on the GOP side are worth a crap either. They are all warmongers, all bribed traitors. If they are on TV they have been cleared from the top. It is complete brainwashing that one side or the other cares about the American people. Nothing short of a peoples revolution in America will change anything. Alternate media suggests people are waking up to the deceit, I don’t see it enough to make a difference. The US is a government of evil murderous intent towards all peoples of this planet. The American people are some of the dumbest on Earth. Cower in fear American countrymen and women, the government will save you, not!

      16. “America is going to set this one out.” Not hardly. The plan all along is to get the Saudi’s involved in a massive fight with Russia, knowing that America will come to their aid. If this keeps evolving, America will be at war with Russia before the year is out. Who knows how this is going to play out in the end, but I don’t get very good feelings about it.

      17. Scalia Dead.
        Obama in the White House
        Hillary becomes President

        Oh, The screams and howls. Yankee’s and Califoricator’s are going to eat this up.

        Na, na, na, na, na, na. You have to give up your guns now. Or become a Felon.

        Fuck Them. Make every gun owner a Felon whether they like it or not. Not state by state but the whole damn Country. Communist Mother Fuckers. (Spit)

      18. If you go to Z3 News and read James Baileys article on Saudi Arabia. As these uninvited guests get ready to go into Syria, Putin said that anyone coming into Syria, will be looked at as a declaration of war. The 350,000 troops that are stationed in Saudi Arabia now could be nuked by Putin. WW III could start this coming week when somebody does something stupid. Take Care All.

        • History is full of accidents. During the Cuban Missile Crisis a Soviet Navy officer with the rank of Lt Commander I believe cast the one deciding vote of three total (all three were required by protocol), to not fire a nuclear warhead armed torpedo against US warships as they mistakenly believed that they were under attack. One vote on a Soviet (who by the way are not well known for the voting process) war ship saved humanity.

          Something on this order with so many players, cultures and agendas can rapidly become unraveled even with the best C&C utilized. One oops and its “Game On”. The earth destroyed over who controls Syria? No cost / benefit analysis? Cost potentially WWIII, benefit a gas pipeline; GTFOOH.

      19. Relics if you were a servicmember and they told you to do something unconstitutional would you do it. Listen service members are taught to fight enemies. Iran took them and made them look weak and this should not be. they should’ve fought and called for reinforcements and the commanders should’ve sent the help immediately period. To me it looks like a breakdown of confidence it leadership. See this is the problem failure of leadership. your right they are trained to take orders and carry them out. What command would tell them to stand down and be captured humiliated and interrogated. Even the cook can use a rifle. This is not the America I used to know. We do not backdown. Just admit we have anti war military command.

        • A H I don’t know what the guys would do today. I was 21 years old in 1967, didn’t have a clue what was constitutional. If they ordered it we did it, period.
          I doubt they are any smarter today. USN MCB-4, Liberty Bridge, Vietnam.

        • It all seems so simple when you’re not the faced with the opportunity to cause a massive International Incident. The boat crews ended up in the wrong spot due to either mechanical or navigation errors and couldn’t get out. They had the choice to try and fight their way out by engaging a notionally non-hostile force or to ‘surrender’ to the legal representatives of the sovereign territory that they found them selves in.

          One choice, the wrong choice, makes things in the Persian Gulf much, much worse; the correct choice results in a minimal inconvenience which is corrected by a phone call by Secretary Kerry.

      20. Watching this GOP debate is comical. The only one up there speaking any truth is Trump. The biggest frauds are Jeb! and Rubio, both insisting George W. Bush made America safe. Bwahahaha! Trump pointed out 9-11 happened under Bush, enough said.

      21. Syria is 10% Christian with churches all over the city. Masses are held every Sunday and civil servants are given Sunday mornings off to allow them to attend church, even though Sunday is a working day in Syria.

        None of the above occurs in Saudi Arabia. Remind me who’s side were on and why.

        • K2: I agree. I never had any problems with Syria. None. This is going to go down as one of the USSA’s biggest mistakes. That we failed to protect Christians. That a black president threw Christians to be slaughtered by ISIS. And the USSA stood by and did nothing.

          This will be a stain upon the USSA for the rest of my life and for generations.

          • ‘This is going to go down as one of the USSA’s biggest mistakes.”

            What is a “big mistake” for the US people in specific is often, all too often, a big gain for the globalists.

            Some of this reminds me of the saying, “How do you look young and thin”; “Hang out with old fat people”. How do you look prosperous? Destroy everyone else country. In the end, the only plausible explanation that I can think of to explain the repeated destruction of oil rich or oil transport countries is to stop any organized opposition to the globalist fanciers. Terrorism is both the tool and the excuse to justify military intervention and regime change. The ignorant public, immersed in self, buy it line hook and sinker.

          • @ Philosopher

            Concur. Bill Warner’s Center for the Study of Political Islam has a group devoted to protecting Christians from Islam. They organize to alert US Christians to what is happening so they can give support Christians abroad.

            ht_tp:// delete space

            Syria was Christian and Jewish before Jihad forcibly converted it to Islam. It is shameful to stand by while people whose values are the same as ours are slaughtered.

            My cite above should have been: ht_tp://

      22. It isn’t just the Saudis. There are 4 or 5 more countries involved in this war game. Granted they are not very big but they have the money to get top line weapons, and get the training from the USA.

        This could get very messy, and we would get drawn into it.

        There is around 350,000 troops, around 2500 tanks, around 1500 planes and choppers. All state of the art weapons.

        You might want to add to your preps in the next few days. I did 3 more Fn mags, 3 more M1A mags 2 more Ar mags, and 3000 rounds of 22’s.


      23. Archivist thanks for that link, the webbots predicted some really serious stuff for this year in this report.. we are going to have a civil war and get this, the webbots did not pick the 2017 election inauguration, because their won’t be any and all phucking hell is going to break out and it gets worst, it’s matching up to what the scientist has been telling my group,.. we are literally in deep sh….t and we preppers will be surviving it, not all of us but I feel moat of us on this site will… I am making more upgrades to my bug out bags and more on chemical bio deterants, and area that I lack in.

        I may be a lot deader that I previously taught, without bio defense, we are literally sitting ducks, we ate dead as phuck..I will enjoy the lovey for now because in the next 18 months I will be living in literary a world of sh….t. Now I have a woman to protect and this is bothering me alot…what a time to have a relationship, God help my sorry ass, when shtf commenses.. and you know what I am is like wild flowers, it’s found in the most u usual times, phucked up times and places..go figure..



      24. Has the USSA conned the Crypt of Saud into pulling a Glaspie managed Saddam Kuwait style grab? After all it would be a convenient way for the Ponzi meisters to loot the rest of the Saudis’ wealth in the fast approaching and inevitable collapse of Saud when Russia sends the hairy goat takfiri salafist wahhabi filth back to Riyadh, the sewer that spawned it. As for Ankara and Recipe for disaster Erdogan he will have to be be offed in the very near future because the Ottoman ruin has gotten entirely too delusional and nobody will fight WW3 for Third World Turkestan.

        • Anything that gets Muslims killing Muslims is pretty cool; and that’s a view I get in private in all my work meetings.

          There is a lot of upside to getting the conflict in the ME to escalate: one is the out-of-control population growth in the region, which has outstripped the region’s environment carrying capacity and also the ability of these countries to create useful work for all these horny, aggressive males; weapons sales which will be a boost to growth in the West; the ability to get the ‘rapefugees’ into Western data bases and have them enmeshed in the ‘system’: men off to the military and sent back to the ME, the kiddies into care, the women as brides.

          I personally believe the best interest for white Europeans is to strike an alliance with Russia and form a protection for Europe against a very dangerous world out there. Russia has its faults but they are Christian, white, smart, and have a sophisticated military capability and lots of resources. Sometimes you just to have to become friends with the bad-ass biker dude down the street if you have your neighborhood being attacked by unfriendlies.

      25. HCKS,

        Lots of training to do in the Nuclear, Biological Chemical warfare field.

        Tip. Close all doors and windows, Shut off A/C and heating. They suck in outside air and contaminate your home. Use duct tape or expanding foam to seal larger cracks. Hopefully your air exchange with the outside by your home naturally breathing through your attic air space down through you wall sockets. Good for nuclear. Bio and Chem you might need a sealed room and gas mask THAT WORKS.

        • Use concetrated bleach solution for decom cleaning, if you set up a garden hose(s) in a full fogging pattern in areas around your house that promote good water flow, that will help wash away the bulk of contaminates early on in an attack, I know it’s crazy and you’re hoping water will be readily available in the event of an attack, but in my Navy days, and setting up a CMWWD system, it was fire hoses on full fog, have the hoses set up ahead of time,run the system if attack is eminent, have the water flowing and your ship(home, etc) fully saturated ahead of time and it will trastically improve your decom efforts.

          CBRD, if properly prepared for is survivable.

      26. Buy more ammo for the greater good.

      27. If you have CROSSED THE LINE. That is a prepper that has gone further than preparing for natural disasters. That is serious preps. Most likely had Military Training. You “Know the signs” so to speak.
        To be short with todays conflicts spreading further in the world. You might not get any warning. In the case of nerve gas you will see people dropping dead, Twitching, chocking then falling to the ground.

        Do you think our government will give warning if they knew there was an imminent attack of this kind. We do get warnings for weather and disease. But NBC is another level with far more damaging effects.

        If you see a person pumping his arms over his head yelling. Gas. Gas. Gas. It’s not gasoline he is talking about

      28. Howdy folks,off topic ?Warchild needs a good 1-2 person tent.Yes,can rig poncho/tarp/tree boughs,now,I want a light weight/ease of set up shelter.I had a old school heavy one that gave up the ghost and tis now a do not care a lot about tarp.I will do some research ect. but if any here avid campers/trekkers with recommendations would be appreciated,enjoy the day!

        • WD
          Military shelter halves. Look at Military surplus.

          • Sling,thanks for info.,a lot out there on em,am considering them and with 2 can have a full tent if wanted,going to check on weight/durability.There is a boatload on net about em/setting up diff. configurations ect.,an excellent suggestion!

        • WD- This is a two person cot tent that gets you off the ground and is breathable. Not for backpacking but good in a vehicle. Kamp- Rite.

        • I like the Mountain Hardware tents,,, little spendy but you get what you pay for with tents,,
          Have Trango 2 and a lightwedge

          • Warchild Dammit! say thanks to Isone and Kula,will give em both a look,though cot style more for road camping if anything.I am ordering Austrian Army military halves(thanks for halve info Sling!),2 for 33 bucks plus ship,all poles/pegs ect.,in theory in very good shape,for priceand little carry case just said the heck with it,roll the dice!

            That said,will look into others if doesn’t work out,thanks again!

      29. What happened to the SHEMITAH?

        • It’s still progressing.

          There was a big drop in the Dow in August, and more this year. The Dow was over 18,000 last year, and now it’s less than 16,000 and trending down since May of last year.

          The BDI started its current slide downhill last August and is at its lowest point ever. It’s been trending down since before Christmas 2014.

          So I wouldn’t say the Shemitah is over yet.

          We’ve had crap happening about every 7 years at least since 1910. So it started again last August. We can argue about an ultimate cause, but not about the fact that it happens and it’s getting worse now.

      30. Sling, this topic is a whole nother.
        Discussion in itself.. it’s what economist V heard from that 4 star general is what’s bother me.. it’d seems like every time I checked to see if I passed inspection, I failed the survival test because of that variable…for us to survive, we have to literally be out in the middle of Bum phuck nowhere land first before or during free SHTF Event survive, then we have to survive indefinitely, meaning that if our kids survive, then how the hell will they be able to go back to the clasped cities, to meet with other survivors to built back civilization as we know it, and this is a to be determined 20 time frame.. Sling, this is what keeps bothering me, because the scientist formula that he was told be the I insider shows us, only 3-5,000,000, 5,000 women, then be tells now calculate it over 20 years. Then we see the real future…this is nerve recking..he did tells us that we can expect to find a lot of good usefully stuff in the cities because no one will be there alive to use it..that all ) invading soldiers ran out of food starved to death and the rest killed out.. so roaming gangs of survivalist and preppers are now tearing up the city hunting for a valuable commodity, women. According to him, those who have. Bol need to get there now, those without are still in deep sh..t, but will survive the first wave if attacks and violence, that’s most of us..once we cross that line, it opens up a lot of controversy..and other problems that makes my stomach sick…



      31. I used to hurry a lot, I used to worry a lot
        I used to stay out till the break of day
        Oh, that didn’t get it,
        It was high time I quit it
        I just couldn’t carry on that way

        Eagles. “The Long Run.”

        Got tired of the upset stomach and acid reflux.
        Prep. Embrace the Chaos. Roll with the punches.

        • Say pal, can you spare a prevacid?

      32. To all the veterans on this site… Thank you for serving our country!!
        All gave some, some gave all !!

      33. Turkey is doing just as it is told by the money masters that have seized control of the USA and it’s military so they have the full blessing of NATO to pick a fight with Russia.

        Strange how Turkey has just found out that its tanks can shell an area just inside Syria that was controlled by ISIS a day after the syrian army and the kurds take control back from ISIS.

        Not only that but Turkey has also given ISIS Sarin gas and continues to buy oil from ISIS even now the world knows whats been going on.

        Turkey and Co are not invading Syria to take out ISIS but are invading because Russia has their terrorist on the run and want to remove Assad so Israel and its bankers can take land that is today owned by Syria.

        Syria has invaded no one so don’t blame Russia if a massive sneak attack is met with tactical nukes by Russia

      34. Having trouble posting. Might be the hackers. Sorry for the double post.

      35. With any luck we could be in WWIII by the middle of March.

        Hopefully one with at least a few limited nuclear engagements, just to see how they work out in the larger picture.

        In any event, we live in exciting times and it will be glorious. Everyone will finally get the chance to actually do what they are always talking about doing around here.

      36. I noticed in last nights GOP debate the crowd was heavily applauding both Bush and mostly Rubio while booing Trump. Fixed crowds. Rubio mirrors Obama’s rapid rise on the political scene, Obama a state senator hand picked to do the elite’s dirty work moving the treasonous agenda forward while protecting the crimes that preceded his election, namely 9-11 truth. Both political sides allowed his treasonous dictates to advance. Rubio becoming a US Senator is all about his future being pushed by elite backers. Don’t trust anyone from the Florida political system. This state government cares nothing about the people who live here, exactly like the current crop of liars who will do the same.

        • aljamo

          No state tax
          Stand your ground.

          Pretty good to me.

          • aljamo

            ” Don’t trust anyone from the Florida political system. ”

            Is there some holy place where politicians by geography can be trusted? Maybe the Vatican? On second thought scratch that idea.

            I kind of like Florida too.

      37. What is significant to behold is the tight grip NATO has on the news media. None of the mainstream media is covering any of this: that is a sure sign if anything that something is afoot. Notice all the stories are ‘dip shit stories’: a dead judge, film awards, best-and-worst-dressed actresses etc. Nothing about the Turkey/Saudi invasion underway right now.

        Not to digress, but I always think there are secret, sex agendas working under the surface. Lawrence of Arabia was a pederast and homosexual who had a lot of sex with Arab men and boys. He was the man who set up today’s Middle East – its borders, power centres, its nations. Arab men are notorious for being large down there and hairy. A homosexual’s delight. How many politicians have gone down this rabbit hole and are easy to blackmail? We live in a strange world!

        I suspect we have crossed a line and the rest of this year will unfold very quickly: the invasion of Syria, terrorism in Europe, the economic crash and finally, the US election and an epic re-booting of the global economy. Get some beer, some chips, and chill: it is going to be fun to watch.

      38. On thought. A major war takes years of pre-production. What county has been producing war machines for the past several years?

      39. Drove 50 miles into the heart of a snowy drifting prairie blow to a small town Kroger that stocks shelves early Sunday mornings and is empty of the FSA. Lots of “5 for” “10 for” deals on canned goods. One guy with three stacked carts paying cash drew the help of the elderly doorman. Loading the van he simply said “Syria?”….I said yes. He shook my hand and said “good luck to your family young man”. Shit is real when the 80 year old Kroger bag boy calls you out here in the buckbrush.

      40. Hell Frank, did ya have to be that graphic. Damn near hurled supper.

      41. Slingshot and Kevin2… I can’t argue with your points liking Florida. I just miss what it was in the past, less crowded mostly. Born and raised here, living here most of my life, I guess it just depends on your outlook on life.

        • aljamo

          Florida has changed some. Infiltrators want to change the way you live to a P.C. lifestyle and they are succeeding as more of them arrive in the state everyday.

          You see I feel that they have shit in their HOME nest so much they had to leave. The sick part is that now they feel homesick and want to change Florida into the state they left. A Shit Hole! They want more taxes and Toll Roads and projects that would screw up Florida.

          Like I tell them, “Interstate 95 still runs NORTH.”

          • aljamo

            I never heard of a “DOG PARK” that costs about $380,000
            of Taxpayers money so you can take your dog there to shit and piss.

            That has to be a Yankee Thing.

            • They just built another one here that cost over 3,000,000

              • Kulafarmer


                The Islands must be loaded with Yankee’s. Oh, Man.

                • Slingshot and aljamo, I left Memphis in 1975 for Miami. I fell in love with it quickly. Only a month later I met the woman who would become my wife. Met her on South Beach. I met her on a beach, proposed to her on a beach, and we had out wedding on a beach. 7 years later I lose her to a POS drunk driver. After that there was nothing left for me there so I went back to TN. I loved it while I was there; in the days when it was great. I’ve heard a lot of stories about how it’s gone downhill since then. Even without that, I can’t bring myself to go back to FL for any reason.

                  • I feel for you bud,,, thats a hard pill to swallow, every time you talk about that it chokes me up

                • I wanna train mine to crap on Obama!!!

      42. Obama is trying to force Putin into possibly using nukes to defend Syria. Putin wont do it. He will back down. He will take losses and not implement Nukes. Putin knows if he does then hes stuck with Obama forever. Obama needs to come off looking like Americas defender in order to have the peoples support. Obama thinks hes smart but Putin has something Obama never will have and thats heart, patience and a will to take losses to survive. Obama is trying to hard to have us beg him to stay in office and protect us from the bad man

      43. If the Saudis start war Russia should send cruise missiles to destroy all its oilfields, oil storage and oil movement assets. Whatever else happens thereafter make that place just a land of sand and fires. End the reason why western elites tolerate their savage rule and watch their own people brutally remove them.

      44. Nikkei up just shy of 1070 pts. It reminds me of the turkey farmer a week before Thanksgiving. Toss that bird plenty of corn the last week while the axe is leaning up against the coop.

      45. One of the boys is waiting for a call to the ME. Already served in Afghanistan. Everyone here is in denial about what it all means. Talked to my husband last night and told him that “Bud” thinks he’s going to country x, but he’s really being reserved to go somewhere else. Husband looked at me… said, Syria?

      46. Every time I am about to ban
        Acid itches ass, the phucker starts posting some really startling facts that BITCH SLAP ME IN NY PHUCKING FACE. Good one Acid, that gets the point across to let the oxy morons get a dose for reality into the cluster phuck of the dynamics facing our country today and the world at LARGE.

        Folks he is right on the money, those are some really damninf statistics that are on deni able..



        It’s a mathematical impossibility, we will not survive the next 20 yrs. We are done.

      47. Homosexuality and male sexual frustration are key to understanding much of what plagues Islam. All the Islamic countries over-breeded their populations, in particular favoring males. Visit any Islamic country and the first thing you notice is the large numbers of young, unemployable or unemployed men. This employment problem is connected to two things: one is the stultifying affect of Islam (the 21st century is a knowledge economy age and a passion for reading and ideas is critical to doing well in this age. Islamic countries have shockingly low rates of book publishing.) The second is the impact too-large populations have on countries with poor capacity to grow food. Egypt imports most of its food for example.

        With so many men with idle hands, prevented from hooking up with women, no porn, no jobs, then it becomes pretty unsafe to be a young boy, a goat or a young woman or girl. Throw in the cultural norm of middle aged men having their way with young girls and boys as par the course, and a culture of under-ground homosexuality and child sex is the norm.

        Governments use radical Islam as a distraction tool in this environment and they use war as a way to deflect the horny young males from staging a revolution. This is the problem. Either we find a way to occupy these men, sexually train them, or reduce their numbers – or conflict will always be the result.

        • Frank Thoughts
          Much harm comes from denying human beings their humanness/sexuality. Think of the loss of female sexuality and contribution in the same culture. It is one of the most perverted cultures on the planet. Coming to a Location Near You.

          • You are right: dangerous to deny some people are homosexual, for example. Most people want a partner and will settle down after that. But if you have too many men in your society, and you suppress homosexuality, cover women up in burkhas, then where will all that sexual energy go?

            Islam needs to get cool about gays, let men meet women in a nice, sensible way, and stop breeding too many kids.

            • Frank Thought
              All I ever saw come from suppressing gays in the US was gay men marrying women for cover and destroying their lives. Listen to women who starved themselves into looking like adolescent boys to keep a gay man’s attention. Who was made to feel she was ignorant and inferior. Who ended up with endless diseases because her man was with other men. This wasn’t that rare in the good old days per my grandma, and no one warned young women off. Better to see a gay man coming from 1000 feet so you can run to the nearest exit. Imagine being married to an undercover Acid Etch. I am 61 and I remember the good old days. My generation had it better and the younguns have no clue, for which I thank God.

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