The Real Reason American Cities Have Lead in the Water Supply: “Humans Have Been Written Off”

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    Image: Luuva, Creative Commons

    Yet another public water supply has been found tainted with toxic lead from corrosive pipes.

    It is no surprise to watch crumbling rust belt cities under siege by corrosive, tainted and dangerous lead pipes, though it is tragic.

    Cincinnati, like Flint, has a major lead issue in its public water supply. Cassius Kamarampi writes:

    Cincinnati city officials sent out letters to 16,000 residents this week, informing them that much of the city’s water transporting pipes are still made of lead.

    The message is kind of contradictory, admitting the pipes are problematic, while assuring residents that it’s safe because they have a “successful lead corrosion control program.”

    According to

    City leaders here in Cincinnati don’t want citizens to panic. Greater Cincinnati Water Works closely monitors its water and has never had a lead violation, according to officials. Cincinnati has had a successful lead corrosion control program that has protected customers for years.

    But the pipes’ mere existence can cause a threat, officials confirm.


    The elected bureaucrats of Flint, Michigan hesitated to inform residents about contaminated water for as long as they possibly could; knowing how officials can be, is this a sign that Cincinnati water is already dangerous?

    The corruption is inherent. Shady politicians, crumbling infrastructure, diverted funds and negligence, pure and simple.

    They don’t care about these people whatsoever.

    The impoverished people in these cities don’t just lack clean water, necessary to basic life, they do so in the face of mounting evidence of lead’s toxicity, in particular to the brain, where it is has often been associated with inducing violence and reducing IQ dramatically.

    As you can see in this report, Cincinnati officials have known for some time, but insist that the lead pipe situation is under control:

    Yet, unsurprisingly, these institutions have failed to care about the tainted water they are delivering to their constituents, and only reluctantly dealing with it after it becomes a scandal. They are the same agencies who have insisted that fluoride is safe and necessary, patronizingly grinning that it is good for teeth and patting the heads of riled up disagreers who don’t know any better.

    These powers that be, which go well beyond mere agencies and institutions, don’t care. These cities are filled with people they have written off. Underemployed, often desperate, many of them minorities. Useless eaters. The kind of harsh words they reserve for their smoke-filled back rooms, while promoting welfare and handouts for everyone. It doesn’t seem to do much to help around here. The papers wrote openly of putting a sterilant in the water supply in these cities.

    The manufacturing base of the United States was based there, and in boom-time in the 50s and 60s, it was one of the most decent places to be. Seemingly, just about everyone had a good job, including minority communities. Assembly lines in the factories was hard work, and people weren’t always respected, but it was nothing compared to the sudden implosion that happened to cities like Detroit and Cleveland when all the jobs went overseas. The tainted water supply is just a symptom of that.

    The politicians and corporate bosses all made excuses and promise of future prosperity under NAFTA, GATT, WTO and similar agreements. But with the Trans-Pacific Partnership underway and the race to the bottom a foregone conclusion, it is evident that the terms of “free trade” have tended towards those constructing global jurisdiction and carving out transaction flows at the worldwide and digital levels.

    Ordinary people are watching themselves get squeezed. There’s no reason to think the jobs are coming back. The Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing dollars accounted for 94% of market action since 2009, and most of that money went straight to the top of the biggest banks and trans-national corporations.

    Immigration has been weaponized to destroy jobs and divide Americans along ideological fissure points, so that they aren’t paying attention to the larger shafting by the monetary powers, who hold the true control over society. Ferguson and related events show us how far that divide goes today.

    Robotics and automation are poised to wipe out every meaningful opportunity for mass employment, while tax structure and infrastructure investment have discouraged entrepreneurs.

    In short, society is collapsing, and they don’t care about us anymore.

    The entire system is corporate creating a channel of power over the functions of government. The rules are quickly changing, and almost no one is prepared to handle the challenges ahead.

    Human labor has been declared obsolete, and people are being reported as a negative asset. Someday they won’t be maintaining the suburbs, either.

    Stay or become vigilant, dynamic, prepared and self-reliant for whatever is ahead.

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    Our City Water Supplies Aren’t As Secure As You May Think


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      1. No surprises with this article. TPTB wrote off all of us way back even before 9/11. The BOL is looking better and better…..

        • And I bet only maybe 3% will buy a water filter. Stupid is as stupid does. We have no lead and no flouride and still use a filter. No mention of pesticide and herbicide residue in groundwater either. Anyone with any sense at all filters their water with a good filter.

          • G: I agree. I live in a newer home but I use a water filter for my cooking / drinking water and another filter on my shower.

            • Most tap water in the US is likely now contaminated with something. Are we going to be told? No. We only hear about such things when new “safe” levels of contaminants, like arsenic, heavy metals, radioactive materials, are increased.

              This not only happens in towns and cities, but military bases, like the Camp Lejeune issue. The people who are expected to lay their lives on the line, are routinely poisoned by numerous chemicals, not just water.

              Add to that, things like fire-retardants, which are in most plastics, are now most likely in your blood, at quantifiable levels. Many people in the US midwest, now have Roundup in their bodies. Then there are the unknown chemicals in most processed food items you ingest.

              Also, there is the aluminum/barium (and who knows what else) mixture being used for geoengineering. And on, and on, and on.

              But it’s OK, pop a prozo, wash it down with a good chemical beer, and watch a nice mind-numbing TV program, or game. It’s all good. You’ll be fine…

              • JM: uh, I said I use filters.

                • They are going to have america exterminated.
                  The entire government are evil treasonous criminals. The day of the next false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran, America will be destroyed by Russia, China and the SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X and the toxic chemtrails that hide it every day. Planet X will end the war when it rips the earth apart again but 90% of Americans will be dead already. All planned by your evil government.

                  • Exactly, RenegadeProphet! Saw this:

                    “They don’t care about us anymore”.

                    Bullfeathers! They want us DEAD AND GONE! They’re AFRAID of us! We’ve been set up for so long and so thoroughly that only sheer accidental luck may carry a relative handful through, but mostly we’re in the biggest trap EVER. You need to see it and understand it to counter it at ALL. That or you need pure accidental good luck, and how many can count on that – 3%? .01%? Less? I don’t know but they’ve been working on it for a long, long time. Luck may help but nothing beats knowledge and preparation.

              • On the flip side, broccoli has about 3,000 unknown chemicals in it that we eat not caring either way. Hmm…
                In New England, it’s DDT (and much of the nation has DDT everywhere, including your bones/blood).
                After the nuclear ‘accident’ in Japan, ‘rad levels’ were taken of the Pacific Ocean ‘eating fish’. Not too many months ago, the “acceptable” level of radiation in seafood was “raised 15%” above what it was. Eaten daily it would actually become a lethal level. (Something like trying to live on K-RATS or MREs …just ain’t good for ya and THEY DON’T CARE).
                EVERY “old city” in America used lead pipes and instead of solder, back then we used molten lead to seal the pipes. So every city that has any age to it has miles of leaded pipes, meaning the older homes also have leaded pipes running right up to and into their homes. (Many homes STILL have leaded pipes that were never converted to copper/solder …many of them For Sale By Owner ((to evade home inspection …I dunno)).

              • Well i just got a urine heavy metal test and found out i have significant lead in my body three x more than the average. Holistic doc thinks it came from many yrs ago when i lived in the city and i breathed in lead gasoline. They outlawed it in 1970 he said. He said it gets stored in our bones. I have lived in the country air for 16 yrs and still i have lead in my body. Have to drink this powder for three months and then get tested again. Lead makes your mind slow and you forget things which i do. Also loss of appitite and others i can’t remember………

                • Marie, oh my… I am sorry to hear that.

          • Genius,, I have water filters on my faucets at home. I still take precautions even with NO water issues in my area.

            • There was far more lead and copper in the water supplies a 100 years ago than now, with plastic pipe, and they could balance their budgets, and control their borders. Perhaps it;s a shortage of both, in the right places that’s the real problem.

            • That’s a start, Braveheart. It occurs to me though that something we could do is start supporting each other! Many, maybe MOST of us have had professions, jobs, we have knowledge and skills. Some could do low-cost in-home aquaponics. Other could grow things in their yards, in their homes… Some were able to make or repair things. My point is that we could supply and take care of each other’s needs and bypass the crap coming back from China (where they sent OUR jobs!) It’s the corporations that are enacting this cutting us out of everything it takes to live, so why not start our OWN in-home or traveling or whatever minor industries? It all stays amongst ourselves, no money needed. We could trade, start our own coinage or IOUs or whatever we need to do and just cut Wal-Mart and the rest OUT as much as possible The bigger the area this covers the more we can avoid the poisoned commercial trash we’re forced to buy now. There’s no law against trading amongst ourselves! (Yet).

              • Ian
                That is how we will buy our freedom from tptb. I was in an area like that in Texas and loved it. We had quite a few, including me. I traded fruits, vegetables, paperwork (ranchers have masses of paperwork, paralegals do paper) loaned out my pond water one drought year, and once sold a 1000 bales of hay here in NM that got trucked in from one of my old neighbors. I received car repairs, hay cutting, a pond dug, and a new roof on my cabin, was working on getting asphalt for my 300′ driveway. I thought it was great. I grew enough to feed a lot of people. I might try CSA when my trees mature a little.
                How it worked… the neighbor across from me had a pot of coffee on every morning folks dropped Iin to visit. If they had a need, they told the neighbor. He knew every thing going on and got people together. He invited me every morning for coffee and just included me in. It is also how I bought my cabin. I thought I died and went to heaven being adopted by a bunch of Texas rednecks. They did tease me a lot, but we had a lot of laughing going on, it was incredibly fun.

                • Well done – THAT’S how it SHOULD be!

          • Hey Genius, I hear ya. We have a 100+/-foot ‘artesian’ well in that it’s sorta like a ‘spring’, and thus overflows (harder when it rains ‘real good’) …and we have it on twin filtration PLUS we are adding a reverses osmosis filter system should things get really ‘hairy’. As you indicate, there are ‘trace elements’ of every ‘nasty’ man has ever used on the planet in ALL waters (give or take a bit).

        • Makes one daydream about visiting city hall with the drum in.

          • And everybody in session

        • A number of years ago, I knew the Director of the Cincinnati WaterWorks and their lead engineering contractor.
          I asked about the cleanliness of the drinking water supply and was told that water was recycled from the Sanitation Plant. That’s right, drinking water was coming from, once treated, former black and grey water.
          Think about that the next time you turn on the tap.

          • Jeezus. That is freaky. My town has a well. A big one.

            • Except for a handfull of wells, New Orleans gets 100% of it’s water from the nasty old Mississippi. Incredibly, they ‘claim’ what comes out the ‘clean’ end and sent out into New Orleans is 100% pure, but the pipes are leaded (look how old the “old district” truly is)!

          • A lot of wells are now contaminated with all the prescription drugs human take. 95 percent of any pill we take is simply passed in our urine or feces. Much of that 95 percent of those drugs survives most municipal treatment and ends up in the aquifer.

            The cocktail of drugs we injest include antibiotics, heart medications, psychotropic drugs for the mentally ill, pain killers…. You get the idea.

            Mix those with even trace amounts of lead and other heavy metals and no one can predict the effect of decades of exposure.

            Scary thing about the effect is children raised on lead contaminated water and food end up with permanent brain damage that causes mental retardation. In minimal exposure, one of the main centers of the brain effected is the part that controls decision making and impulse control. People with brain damage from lead often make really bad choices. Our prisons are full of them.

        • The service line to a building is the customer’s responsibility. The guy said there’s a POSSIBILITY the line could be made of lead if the building dates to 1927 or earlier. How many of these lines have been in service for almost 100 years ?

          I have heard that Cincinnati still has a few wooden water mains in a few areas, but Doubt if there are any city-owned lead pipes in existence.

          It’s not as though the whole lead hazard thing has only recently arisen. One has to wonder–how did people survive when lead pipes were the norm ? People who grew up in homes with lead water service lines put a man on the moon, and did it without having any ‘safe spaces’.

          • Putting a man on the moon is debatable.

        • Bottle of Liquor?

      2. The real reason is because TPTB has let the infrastructure to do to hell in a hand basket. They are too busy giving away the money we pay in taxes to all the Leaches and Zombies. The ones that live here in the US and the ones that are invading the US. You see it every day when the Leaches and Zombies are getting more and they are taking away from the workers.

        It is around 1505 hours in Central Illinois and it is SNOWING. What happened to Global Warming????????????????


        • Sarge, all the money that was spent on the War On Drugs alone could have gone toward replacing a lot of infrastructure. TPTB ALWAYS had money for the military-industrial complex, give away to the free shit army, etc. but couldn’t afford to upgrade and/or replace infrastructure.

          • Brave abs Sgt.
            don’t forget all the money that is GIVEN to overseas countries that alone would have been enough to turn things around ! I agree it is VERY obvious to alert people they have been selling us down the river for a long time and could care less about us.

            • was suppose to say Brave AND Sgt, don’t know how that happened!

              • Apache54, I stand corrected about the money given away to our enemies. I forgot that one. I had a brain fart.

                • No, BH, you had a Mental Methane Discharge….lol 😉 I get them all the time.

                  • Babycatcher55, LOL. that’s a good one.

            • Remember all the taxes that are collected from American citizens go to the powers that shouldn’t be who control where the money goes. Three Corporations run the world: City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City.
              3 City States that control the world, and their rolls:
              City of London – FINANCE
              Washington DC – MILITARYVatican City – RELIGION

          • I read that them money spent on Police misconduct lawsuits alone is enough to sent every high school graduate with a 2.6 GPA to a 4 year college at $25,000 per year. That alone would reduce the prison population by 50% and provide enough funds to give most first time homeowners a 0% interest rate for 10 years.

        • Sgt Dale

          Did you miss the part about Free Trade eviscerating the good jobs that necessitated the welfare? Those “Leaches” are most commonly working poor that once paid a lot of their blue collar industrial wages in taxes until the factory moved to the third world.

          We can’t even get an accounting of the two trillion easy that went to the “Too Big To Fail” banks. How much of that went to executive bonuses? How did GM take a handout and use a good piece of that money to fund manufacturing facilities in China.

          Quit blaming, “We The People”.

          • Kevin 2,

            I’ll bet a months wages good old sarge NEVER answers your comment!

            • A
              You owe him some money!!!!!

          • K2
            Zombies and Leaches to me are the ones that have sucking off the tax payer for more that one generation.

            I feel of the ones that have lost their jobs in the last 7 years under Obullshit.

            I’m not blaming We The People. I’m blaming the Leaches and Zombies that TPTB keeps giving free stuff year in and year out. The one that are US citizens and those that are not. Some of these are now in the 6 generation. LBJ started this shit and now we are paying for it. It keeps getting Bigger and Bigger.


            • Sgt Dale

              Those multi generation leeches are probably 20% at best as the welfare rolls, especially EBT Food Assistance, has increased roughly 4 fold since 2008. Remove them and you cut the rolls by 20%. Never have enacted Free Trade and those rolls drop 80%. Most of the food assistance recipients are working poor. Carrier AC is adding 1400 to those rolls with their move to Mexico. In effect the US taxpayer is subsidizing their move.

              The public has reached critical mass regarding this issue and it is the grease to lubricate the skids to put Trump in the White House. Hillary has no plausible defense to it. The middle class has been waiting for the, “High tech jobs of the future”, since Bill signed NAFTA.

              • Kevin2, I hope the middle class aren’t holding their breaths. Just another one of Slick Willie’s lies. The hildebeast never has a plausible defense for anything.

              • Horseshit, K2.

                • didndonuffin

                  Horseshit, K2.

                  Please explain why you believe the facts below are inaccurate.

                  1. Welfare rolls increased 4 fold since 2008
                  2. Most on EBT food assistance are working poor
                  3. Free Trade agreements are highly responsible
                  4. Bill Clinton signed NAFTA and China Free Trade
                  5. Hilary supports NAFTA and China Free Trade

            • Some other things people don’t consider:First off, the schools are teaching OBEDIENCE, but very little by way of basic skills, how to USE your mind, etc. They used to turn out some of the world’s best scholars. Now? They’re place-fillers nothing more. Ford stated repeatedly that he wanted people just smart enough to be good factory workers. The last thing he wanted schools to turn out were thinkers; those cause trouble! As for economy, it’s been deliberately torpedoed, just like the food and water supplies. Medicines are more often poisons than not, too. Natural cures just don’t make money, but people who are constantly sick and on meds are a gold mine!

              I think if Americans, nevermind America, are to survive we’re going to have to take the bull by the horns, start growing our own food AND “medicines”, and take care of each OTHER and our selves. The many (expensive) agencies supposedly designed supposedly to do those things are just more drain on our personal resources! If you listen, you can hear VAST human resources going the drain! We could easily have had GREAT education, clean water and food, plenty of work and new technology that leaves us ALL better off. That wasn’t the purpose of the ones in control, though. It NEVER WAS.

              America and Americans are falling apart because the whole situation has been designed to do just that. People no longer know how to stay together either, how to help each other as a couple; marriage or the equivalent has become a dominance game that tears us apart instead of making us both stronger. “Medicines”, foods, water, even the sunlight have all become toxic along with relationships. Values are all “I, me MINE!” Attempts to correct that are immediately under attack by one government agency or another, too! We are PERMITTED less and less control over our own lives and over our own CHILDREN! More and more of us are caught up in the gears of this vast, impersonal machine with seemingly no way out.

              • Ian
                true words. When the government becomes everyone’s partner, there is no need for human partners… people get to thinking they don’t need real partnership, whether it is marriage, friendship, family. It completely breaks down human relationships and all are alone. About 50 percent of American adults are single.
                Without our government partner, we will have to fold ourselves back into small human communities. Few recognize the need… yet. Some like the thought of women getting raped and killed, to subjugate one for personal use, but that doesn’t recognize the value of partnership, family, and community.

        • …around 20 years ago there were many articles speaking that we were headed into another “mini-Ice-Age.” Perhaps that’s why it’s snowing Sarge? Guess I’ll get some ‘chukaluks'(sp?) (something Eskimos wear for warmth).

          • Mukluks, I believe they’re called. Not “chukaluks”.

        • Sarg:
          Don’t forget “foreign aide”. In the countries were the people are starving, the money usually gets robbed and the people keep starving. Then there’s our friend Isreal. We could rebuild our entire infrastructure on the money that goes there. And for what? They aren’t starving. If you don’t think the Zionists despise us, you’ve been watching the main stream media, and allowing them to trick you into acting in their best interest at the expense of your own interest and that of your family. Last I read, every Israeli receives $6,000.00 per year from you and me. I don’t care about them one way or the other. But, ask yourself, when is the last time you got $6,000.00.

        • What’s a “Leach”? Is it somebody’s name?

        • The infrastructure is being neglected as sabotage – they’re making sure a butterfly fart could make it fall to pieces. This has been in train for a VERY long time.

      3. It is the bread and circuses mentality. Local and state governments keep raising taxes, but the money goes to pretty things up that people can visually see; instead of doing the important infrastructural fixes that are invisible to the naked eye but should be done.

        After all you can’t get elected by bragging you repaired some century old pipes that no one can see, can you?

        Similar to house flippers who make things look nice and shiny and new, but underneath that lies a rotting, decaying maze of bad electrical, leaking pipes and termite infested wood.

        A perfect analogy for everything wrong with people in general.

      4. I read somewhere that it is the industrial waste sludge known as flouride that corrodes lead pipes resulting in the inevitable lower IQ of children consuming the contaminated water. The Roman Empire was brought down because they consumed lead and wound up with mental cases running the show such as Caligula and Nero. Where is the American “Empire” headed if not to the dust heap of history we must talk back to the self appointed rulers of our era.

        • Floride does initially corrode lead pipes but then leaves them protected from further corrosion. So it is a good additive to water if you want to stop corrosion and free lead in water.

          Rome used lead pipes made from lead sheet. They were not pressurized. So they were constantly exposed to the air.
          They also flowed by gravity which made the heavy lead particles end up in the fountains instead of trapped below grade as in todays pressurized pipes.

        • BfC: I was going to mention the problem with lead pipes used in Ancient Rome, too! In some of my classes it came up as a topic of discussion about the reasons that Rome failed.

          I speculated back when I heard about Flint that this was going to be found to be a problem in other places throughout the US. Which places? Mostly rust-belt cities.

          The sad thing is this is a man-made problem that could be fixed. I know my local area tests the water and puts out a water-quality report once a year. I thought that was standard for everyplace in the US. Maybe not. Or maybe some of these municipal water systems get advance notice and manipulate the water to make it seem better for the testing? That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

          • “… this is a man-made problem that could be fixed.”

            Almost ALL of our real problems could be fixed, and most of them by locals working together. Ergo, TPTB DON’T WANT THEM TO BE FIXED! Eventually many of these unfixed problems become emergent or nearly so and the government gets called in – and becomes PERMANENT!

      5. Water mains in general were rarely made of lead. They may have a small section here and there because led was more malleable than cast iron so it could be bent around obstructions. However the pipes from the mains to buildings were often made of lead. But in most jurisdictions, those pipes are the responsibility of the Building owner. Not the city or water company. With few precautions, Lead pipes are pretty safe. All you need to do is keep the pipe full of water. Lead and its compounds are pretty heavy and tend not to go too far from their source.
        They whole North east is full of lead pipes and Most people from there arent the raving idiots that lead poisoning will cause.
        The situation in Detroit isnt from the pipes. It is from the source. They took the water out of a river because it was cheaper than buying it from the water project.

        • Ed, it kinda gives new meaning to the old expression, “Is there something in the water?”

          • There is lots of stuff in the water. If you are worried about it spend a few bucks and buy a filter.

            • Ed, LOL. just kidding with that last post. I already have water filters on all my faucets. They’re worth the money even if you never have water trouble.

              • Didnt mean it in a bad way.
                Just having a bad day myself. Someone stuck a SD card into my computer and I caught it sending data to China……
                I hate those things and USB flash drives. They are just little computers with a microprocessor, plenty of flash memory and are very easy to set up to run search alogrithims and lots of stupid people who will plug them into their computers.

                • Ed, it’s OK. I get my share of bad days also. I never use SD cards or the flash drives.

                • What do you mean, “someone”? You mean like a government agency?

        • I think they stopped getting it from Detroit (Detroit river) and got it somewhere cheaper.

        • Ed has never been to Maine. Everyone who has lived in the older cities has copious amounts of lead in them, and once in you, it is ‘most’ difficult to remove and even harder to stop the brain damage. I also do NOT ‘swallow’ that lead ‘dissolved into water’ is going to stay close to where it leached into the water. No, no and no sir. The contaminated water is going to come out the faucets of every pipe connected to THAT leaded pipe.

          Lead pipes are pretty safe huh? Name one example of a “pretty safe installation that YOU would YOUR children drink for a lifetime from. Just one will be fine.
          Also, you say “the whole NorthEast doesn’t have any raving lunatics” …what in the name of God do you think there are HOARDES of in Washington, DC (part of the northeast)? Nutzoids!
          The sane people have either been murdered, fired or downright “ousted” from their positions, to make way for more of Obama’s “handpicked” hoodies.

          One last time. America is being run by a group of people who are NOT working in the best interests of America. THEY ARE WORKING TO DRIVE HER INTO THE GROUND AND NEVER RISE UP AGAIN. They are working to ensure and assure that YOUR life will either become a life of enslavement, torture, lab-rat testing, or extinguished in any manner they choose. I’ll bet the majority of Americans will peacefully allow their hands to be tied behind their backs and follow the orders that will lead to their beheading “to a T.”

          Why doesn’t anyone, aside from ‘us’, see what is going down and just refuse to be a part of it? Push back and push back and push back in every possible form. Anarchy? I don’t know exactly what you’d call it and don’t care. I DO care about losing my freedoms and rights and my life. Anyone else?

          Flouride, in the water, is probably the LEAST damaging of everything ‘they’ stick in it these days. They’ve added another form of flouride, (is it ‘flourine’ or hell, ….it ‘sounds’ like Flouride but is far worse …so they are shoving it to the city waters and dumbing down at twice the rate and half the price.

          In The Beginning, States only gave the federal government ‘small’ things to do. Something went ‘awry’ along the way and now, instead of The States running the show, somehow the federal government is in charge of the show. That’s insane, UNCONSTITUTIONAL (there isn’t a word in the constitution that gives the federal government a “peep” of power or control “over we, the people.” (Yet, we, the people keep acting and going along with the bullshit “they” love to impose upon us). Illegal road stops, getting shot by a cop because it’s Tuesday and you’re carrying a legally-concealed weapon, BLM TAKING AWAY land that you have papers saying YOU own, yet now the feds state they own the minerals or anything ‘down there’ of value, and not you?
          The government owns all of the waters and waterways? Are they going to cut off ALL OF OUR TAINTED DRINKING WATER …or just keep poisoning it more so that we WILL have water, no problem, just very short and crazy lives.
          Question: Why in hell do we Americans “even for a second” PUT UP with bullshit from those who, constitutionally speaking, are not supposed to have any say in ANYTHING …but over the past 150 years they’ve “changed things” (by their own hand, because NONE of what exists was voted into being by “we, the people.” (They voted it in themselves, behind locked and sealed doors …then tricked Americans into believing what they were doing was “something else” …but look what is has turn into and where it is meant to eventually take us? Isn’t this far enough for y’all? It sure as hell is for ME! I DO NOT WANT the federal government to retain their ‘ill-gotten’ powers …I won’t mention treasonous bastards at all levels of federal government. (That alone is enough to shut the entire system down right there).
          Could we? Of course we can. ISIS is already here and they intend to give it a go …perhaps THAT is when we need to wipe out our government as we take them down, simultaneously …or go the way of Rome and other ‘greats’ of past history due to ‘lead-headed’ nutzoids in our government who know what is better for you than even yourself, and honestly own everything about you, even your soul …or at least they try real hard on that one. (I speak of how much Luciferian bs is going on or being practiced by our ‘leaders’. And folks wonder why it seems God has turned His back upon us? Um, “He helps those who help themselves.” (That’s a truism). This damned federal government has everyone in America ‘bamboozled’ into thinking that they can just ignore The Constitution, The Bill of Rights and all the laws that allow We, The People, to KEEP OUR FOOT ON THEIR DAMNED HEADS (in the event they get out of control).
          I submit to all of you who can read these words that The American Federal (and state) governments are “out of control.” We, The People, have a Constitution, and we base what WE DO ABOUT “THEM” according what The Constitution states that we, the people, says. Try them for treason and if found guilty, HANG their asses. My oh my are we ever going to need a lot of rope…
          As for law or laws, NONE of them are laws at all IF THEY “differ” or ‘go against’ The Constitution or Amendments …so why in the hell does everyone keep ‘abiding by them’ when they are designed to drag you down and keep you down? We are already acting like prisoners …now they only need a reason to ‘erase’ the remainder of us and then they and The NWO will turn America and The High Seas into Utopia, “…and the yellow hoarde shall infest the earth.”
          I’m not abiding by ANY more unconstitutional laws, but I am putting away ammo, beans and bandaids like there’s no tomorrow, and you should be doing the same as the handwriting is “distinctly” visible, and ‘disturbing’.
          Sargent Dale (sir!) 😉 …what the hell does it take to get this ball rolling? (Or is it true that the majority will just allow it to overtake them and they’ll perish)? Pure and simple?
          Put our feet into the ‘carbs’ and get our asses OUT of this “man-made-federal-fuckover.” I’m wondering where the police will stand (percentage-wise) if there were to be such an uprising …as it is clear there is one building even as I type, isn’t there?

          • Have you noticed that anything we try to do, any community we try to build ourselves is suddenly DROWNED in “Federal Regulations” or something of the sort and it’s ILLEGAL. Did any of YOU folks vote for that? Because I sure a Hell didn’t! When and how did the Federal system suddenly end up owning the land, the resources, AND We the People?? Try to set up a system that works to the advantage of EVERYONE and you can cont on it being illegal per the Feds, whichever agency or group thereof gets hold of it – and us – first. And no matter WHAT the law says, going solely on the Constitution, before we can make anything succeed the Feds come in and just blow a few people away and that’s that. It’s all been turned upside down…

      6. This is yet another perfect proof Capitalism is totally evil system that cares nothing for the people but only to make profit. Marx has been proven right once again.

        • Check out the USSR those poor bastards didn’t even have T.P. They drank Vodka because the water was not drinkable.

          I think you might have been smoking some of those left handed cigarettes.


          • Sarge, I once read somewhere that the majority of men in the old USSR were chronic alcoholics. It’s easy to see why, considering the shitty system they lived under. I guess that’s one scenario where someone IS justified to get drunk.

            • My friends wife from Belarus attributed it to the legacy of WWII. The men were coddled by the women post war and it became a generationally accepted practice as sons then grandsons followed in their footsteps.

            • Never understood why they drank so much: have you seen Russian women or women of the former Soviet Union and associated states? Large majorities were total hotties. Yes, some became the obese babushkas Americans like to laugh about, but, your average Russian woman is a lot hotter than your average American woman these days.

              I used to fly out to some rigs in Central Asia and would just marvel at how hot the women were there. And then I would get on the plane back home, rout through Europe where we picked up American tourists, and the women were so obese and gross, it made me sad. And on top of it they had no idea how ugly they were compared to most women in the rest of the world.

              • Frank Thoughts,
                True enough, but most American men look just as bad or worse, and half of them have their butts hanging out. Americans in general dress poorly and eat GMO and corporate swill. GMO foods are prohibited in Russia.
                Except as a ticket to the US, few foreign women find American men attractive in their slobby clothes and fat bellies. They are happy to use you for a green card, though.
                My neighbor is an Asian gal, her husband just died at 69 and she already has her a hot little 30 year old. Hope the old fool died of natural causes. Just sayin. I knew when he died, she could barely contain her glee. I laughed when she bragged about him because he will take her home and the old boy’s money in no time.

          • A LOT of what they drank was pure alcohol – that was what the MIG-32 (I’m pretty sure that was the first model that did this) used for hydraulic fluid! The big drums of it tended to disappear pretty rapidly, too by all accounts…

        • H: go ahead. I dare you. Fly to North Korea for your next vacay. Oh heck, for giggles why not go to Venezuala? Another member of the F$A. Why are you slumming here? Shoo. Before you get swatted.

        • Are you referring to Groucho Marx.?!!
          America is being ruined by communist idiots who would be the first ones eliminated if&when your utopian fantasy ever comes into absolute power. The only thing that prevents all out mass murder is the fact that not all of us spoiled Americans is a moron Neocon/Trotskyite spouting Marxist bull shit.

          • Power to the People!

        • H

          You have to have a “Che” T-shirt. Fly to Cuba before the Hurricane season.

        • Capitalism worked perfectly fine here until the socialists took it over and turned it into Fascism.

          • Ed

            Pre Wagner Act of 1935 it wasn’t so fine.

            • Sure it was. Believe it or not unionization helped few people in those days. Only the sweatshop workers in Chicago and New York and Boston.
              My family had a small chemical company that was formed in 1897 later turned into a plastics company. It operated on a shoestring. We had many employees who made more money than we did. We couldnt get good workers at first. Not because they werent any people, but because they had no education. So Workers got paid very well. We hardly had any turnover in workers. In the 1980’s the workers unionized and were surprised that their actual take home pay was cut. They made more money un unionized but had slightly less benefits. Their union contract gave them a retirement package and we did not. To make a long story short the workers made less money by a third and our costs went up by about a third. Good workers quit because we could only pay union scale so all we could get were crappie less productive workers. Had to close the doors 2 years later. Everyone lost.
              Im not a fan of unions.

              • “The Good Old Days”. We’re talking pre 1935, not post organized labor 1980 when even non union labor was receiving the gains that Organized Labor obtained. What gains?

                Vacations, Health Benefits, Sick Pay, Good Wages, Pension, and a whole lot safer work environment.

                You have any idea of the horrendous working conditions a Steel Worker had under Frick? Coal miners before John L Louis?

                • The lousy work conditions were what caused the rise of unions.
                  Now they are abused,
                  government worker unions??? Pfft, that one just facilitates mediocrity and waste,,,
                  Dont like that comment? Tough shit!
                  That ones gonna hurt,
                  The carpenters union, IBEW, operating engineers etc all keep contractors locally on the up and up, otherwise they would screw the workers building all the damn tourist industry crap,
                  They work those poor bastards like dogs, just to make big money and meet developers deadlines. Then they toss the guys back to the bench like so many used tampons,,,

                  • Kulafarmer, in the beginning, unions were a good thing and had the best of intentions. But when they came under Mafia and Democratic Party control, those 2 things ruined them forever. Now the unions have turned into the very thing they started out struggling against.

                  • Kulafarmer

                    My thoughts of unions isn’t that government employee type that is killing us. They had binding arbitration for contracts. Their work environment isn’t the Petro Chemical health hazard environment with management holding all the cards following or not following OSHA Regulations at whim. Yes that occurs all the time. Construction is also one dangerous place too.

                    School teachers making $100K yr (recently talked to a retired Massachusetts gym teacher that not only made that figure but thought they deserved). They hold the parents hostage as they are the child care while Mom and Dad work to pay the property taxes to pay that inflated salary.

                • Not to argue, but injuries and deaths went up with unionization. The big initial drop was due to the Depression and no jobs. Most other drops were due to mechanization and loss of many jobs. Not safer work environment. It wasent until OSHA that real death and injury reduction came into play.
                  In some places in the states, union workers make good money. Mainly in large east coast cities. However in general Union workers make Less than their non union equivalents.
                  Wages went up soon after Unionization, not because of unionization but due to a lack of qualified workers during WW2 which started a mere 4 years later.
                  They stayed up after the war and into the 1960’s due to the large demand of goods from our factories and the competition for good quality products. The unions had nothing to do with it. The 70’s started to see the decline when the unions started demanding much higher wages than others and collapsed many entire industries which were bought and liquidated in the 1980’s for 10c on the dollar. By the 1990’s manufacturing was dead in the USA and products were being sourced out overseas.
                  The only place Unions have been successful is in Government. But of course the same people who want the cookies are the ones guarding them. So is the reason of the 20 trillion dollars of FED-UNION debt.
                  Unions have done little of the things they claim they have done that i good for the people. The vast majority of the increase in health, welfare and income of the american worker was due to market conditions. Not the unions. All the Unions have done is destroy everything they touched.

                  • Ed

                    Where to start?

                    Industrial facilities like US under Frick were safer before unionization than post? I’m sorry but the claim is so outlandish its unworthy of a reply as those plants were hell holes in 1910.

                    By the 1990’s manufacturing was dead in the USA and products were being sourced out overseas.

                    Even the US Textile Industry AKA Norma Ray paid low wages. Lower wages we’re available in the third world. The US industrial base would have lost its facilities to 3rd world labor in their wages were half of what they were. Look at the Textile Industry.

                    Industrial Unions can’t get blood from a stone. That can however annex a slice of the corporate profits. Simply put the US needs Henry Ford and at a minimum the threat of Walter Reuther. Companies paid good wages, paid vacations, disability pay because of either the threat of or actual insertion. The company Board Of Directors, in an industrial environment never started a meeting with, “Lets give our employees a paid vacation and health benefits” unless there was some threat be it strike or worse. All we take for granted what was won in the 1930s, 40s and 50s by Unions. The birth of legalized Organized Labor, The Wagner Act was born out of a greater threat, the IWW , or Wobbles and International Communism. The thought was give them a piece of the pie or else we will lose the whole thing.

                  • As far as I’ve ever seen, Unions exist to make money for Unions – and the higher-ups of course get more money than everyone else. It always looks great on paper, but by the time a company has become a “Union shop” pay for the workers has gone down, especially for those who opt for the “medical benefits”… In fact the workers are the ones who invariably take it in the shorts, unless you want to count the customers. That’s pretty much a straightforward increase, though: they pay higher prices which go straight to the Union. By the time the City and County fees are paid – oh, and State and Federal fees (for what I’m not sure), and then of curse the new Medical program has to be paid for, and anything else, there’s not much left. Half the time the business goes OUT of business.

              • The head of a union is NO different than the head of a banking institution. Makes his money off YOUR hard work…

              • Agree: I have never seen a union improve things. My wife has worked at a few places that unionized and each one went downhill about two years after being unionized. Generally, the business started to really suck, staff got caught up in endless union meetings which were nothing more than bitch sessions where everyone tore a chunk out of each other (the blacks complained about racism, the women about how they couldn’t breast feed at their desks, etc.). Eventually morale went down the crapper and all the high-performing staff split for better digs elsewhere. What was left were the losers and burn-outs who would hang on to the job with every last ounce of energy in their bodies.

                I think a more effective approach is to have some government-legislated ground rules for businesses (don’t have to work weekends, get 4 weeks holiday a year, can’t discriminate against people because of their skin color etc.) but no unions. It was unions who destroyed Detroit and fast-tracked sending all the jobs to Asia.

        • Under capitalism man exploits man, communism is that reversed.

          Those in power screw over those who don’t have power. It doesn’t matter how they got into power but it does depend upon them staying in power. Attempts to limit this have been ongoing at least since the Magna Carta with mixed results.

          “Marx has been proven right once again.”

          Maybe so but he failed to look in the mirror. How many Chinese coal miners are killed annually? I’ll give you a hint, It’s a state secret.

          • If any entity that knowingly puts forth a policy, that is likely to do significant harm or death to people, as a result of its implementation, and circumvents by omission or deceit, laws to prevent such action, the charges for those involved should equal that, if said action was perpetrated by traditional criminals. The employer / employee or corporation verses people effected relationship should not be a shield preventing prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. You just can’t kill people; its that simple.

            Recently a coal company CEO just received a one year sentence for the deaths of 28 coal miners. From Johns Manville and asbestos through Union Carbide in Bhopal India they are feudal lords overseeing surfs. The surfs have risen in the developed world, forcing the signing of Magna Carta of sorts known as Union Contracts, so the feudal lords relocated their kingdoms to the third world where the peasants are more desperate and hence exploitable.

            No one should die for a job.

        • Hoyeru, just move along, Little RED Troll. Karl Marx was full of shit.

        • Schmucks like Hoyeru always spout off about how great Marxism is, and how evil USA is, but you couldn’t drag them out of USA with a backhoe.

          Those assholes who called themselves “The Beatles” screamed about how great it was ‘Back in the USSR’, but note that they never moved there.

      7. Hoyeru there are some wonderful countries that would love to have you as a citizen. Surprised you haven’t packed yet to get out of the hell hole.

      8. Let us peons have the Obama clan drink Detroit water….and tell us that the water is good. How is that $20 Trillion debt working out for you??
        WDC is a continual bad joke.

        • Send the trolls to that Detroit water and see what they think of it.

      9. “These cities are filled with people they have written off. Underemployed, often desperate, many of them minorities. Useless eaters”

        That is what really caught my eye. I’ve commented in the past that the loss of Democrat dominated cities would be a boon to America. Patience is a virtue.

      10. Watching the nightly propaganda and, as usual, nothing in the MSM about this. Crickets.

        • You got that right Philo. Wife and I have failed to find a single media outlet on TV (dish-network) that doesn’t bend the truths and promote bullshit. PUSH HILLARY and attempt to destroy all others as being incapable of being president.
          And the “gall” of those bastards, who live on the tax monies we pay in (or PAID in before our jobs were shipped overseas), to call US “useless eaters.” (It’s actually the opposite. THEY are the ‘useless ones’ in this entire scenario, and they are the troublemakers seeking to destroy what little that remains. And so what do the people do about it?

          • If you’re on dish try newsmax tv.

      11. Here they use well water that is RO treated (Reverse Osmosis) to remove salt that infiltrated the wells. Removing salt necessitates removing most of the mineral content resulting in super pure water. Sound good? No its not as this water wants to re-mineralize until it reaches a chemical equilibrium. It took two decades but it ate the copper piping in homes requiring all the homes to be re-plumbed with plastic type pipes that can withstand the corrosive properties of this “pure water”.

        “Beware what you ask for because you might get it”.

        • Kevin2:
          What you have written about reminds me of a paper I read regarding the bodies depletion of minerals due to the purification of contaminated water. The solution put forth was to add high quality sea salt which remineralizes the purified water. That is why I now drink hot water with sea salt and lemon in the morning. It also puts the body into a less acidic state, more alkaline is healthier. I like your posts and learn from them. Your intellectual sparing is always aimed at the subject, not the person. I respect that. Too many people don’t know how to fight as my parents both taught me. Before I married, the thing they each in turn emphasized was that although they could argue for hours, they never resorted to personal attacks or insults, and that this was the essence of their happy lifelong marriage that produced five children and they were love birds like newly weds for sixty five years. They also laughed and enjoyed and appreciated. I miss them.

          • B from CA

            “Your intellectual sparing is always aimed at the subject, not the person.”

            First of all thanks, I’m flattered. Unfortunately secondarily if the right buttons are pushed the “Dego” comes out of my mouth immediately just as my American brain is telling my Italian vocal cords to stut-da-zeet (shut up). Typing allows a catch up.

            Regarding water one thinks “pure” not understanding that ultra pure water is corrosive as hell. Its not called the universal solvent for nothing.

            I learn a lot on this BB from people. Each new thought to ponder opens up another question begging for an answer.

        • This is true and truth. Ships, commercial or private yachts or just fishing vessels usually have one or two Reverse Osmosis water-makers. Prices vary according to output-per-hour, yet they all give you the same thing. Pure H20 and nothing else. We have a 66′ LOA Hans-Christian ‘super’ sloop, and we ‘religiously’ add mineral water to the ‘osmosed’ new water. This is done with a type of machine that ‘meters’ the output of minerals into the water (somehow, over my head). (Of course, in hard rains you also gather as much as possible to keep your tanks full as possible and if “in port” ((if you dare)), you can top off with THEIR H20 …yet you’d best filter the hell outta it and use the “sterilization lights” as well). I’m talking about the lights that kill viruses and bacteria as they pass through the light ‘module’ in the water main feed pipe. Infra-red isn’t it?

          • Equorial – “THEY “, like vampires everywhere, no doubt see their own diets and preferences as natural and only right no matter WHAT harm it causes others…

      12. No this is not them writing us off it is us being to busy to pay attention and use common sense. We and that means me and you were partying when young, having kids,climbing the latter,and kid ball games.Now we know are faith was placed in rat bastereds.Water filters so we can have safe water to the grandkids,money stuck in the Bible,extra food in the back of the pantry. We dropped the ball time to pick it up and if we can’t do we can sure as hadeis couch the young ones.

        • Old Iron:

          Damn if you did not hit the nail. “We placed our faith in rat bastereds.” If you want a job done right, do it yourself. And that includes governing. Wouldn’t they be surprised if hordes of people started showing up.

        • Cool! I would probably go with some type of stainless steel and drill my own holes, but yes, that will def. work for an on-the-go situation or someone with a tight budget. Just buy the filters and make your own.

          • The vast majority of the cost of a drip filter like the Berkey or Katadyn is the filters. The plastic (or Chinese-made stainless steel) housing and spigot cost little.

        • Drilling holes in thin plastic and sheet metal can be tricky or even dangerous. Check out a step drill that safely and accurately drills these materials. Often a regular drill in plastic produces a less than round hole, tears and rough edges. In sheet metal a drill can bind and injure you, or at best produce ragged not very accurate or round holes.

          Here’s a Harbor Freight link for a step drill set they sell. ht tp:// (take the space out of the http for the link to work)
          Not trying to push HF, but their link was the lazy way provide pictures and description of what a step drill is, plus they are likely the cheapest source.

        • Just Waiting,
          I appreciate the video. I didn’t see the link to the filters used, do you know which ones? Thank you.

      13. HCKS

        Where are you???? Are you getting more Info??? We need your troll smashing powers. You get rid of one another will pop up. Just kidding. Haven’t heard from you in a while.


      14. When I lived in a hundred-year-old apartment house in Cincinnat in the 80s, I drank water from a spring that was located a couple hours to the north. Every time I went visiting up there I made sure to fill up 15 or so gallon jugs with that great water and bring it back with me in my Karmann Ghia to the old manse. In those days a possible problem with lead never occurred to me, I was avoiding chlorine and also, I think, flouride.

        Nowadays we have our own well, water is good tasting and healthy as far as I know, tho may be some radon in it.

      15. A shit sandwich everywhere you look, yet overall the American people have been divided and conquered, no pushback, barely a peep where it counts most, that being out in the streets. Otherwise we are powerless and the downfall quickens. If TPTB care nothing about the people who made them rich and want the majority dead, how do you explain the passiveness of the people. Otherwise occupied it must be, that and afraid.

        • A: you are not powerless. Build a rocket stove from a paint can, a soup can, and a tomato sauce can. Here is the how-to: ht tp://

          • I bought mine..its stainless steel. won’t rust or burn out, or loose its strength from too much heat too many times like a soup can will.

        • TPTB are also afraid of we, the people. (They are unsure exactly what we’ll do, and they KNOW there is no way that we’ll do absolutely nothing (not with over 50 million combat-trained veterans armed-to-the-teeth and pissed-off).
          Aljamo …yes, many people are afraid and for good reason. Their deaths are imminent and as with all things in life, you don’t know when it’ll ‘pay you a visit’ and take you away. The passiveness of the people is a direct result of “brain-training” on Radio, TV, SmartPhones, Androids, Video-Games, The Actions of ‘bad’ LEOs across America, the actions of ‘bad’ politicians and PTB (powers that be) in all States.
          What the people refuse to listen to is The Constitution and Amendments. The people refuse to see that they can WIN this outrage once and for all by just pushing back REALLY FUCKING HARD ENOUGH TO EFFECT SEVERAL IMMEDIATE CHANGES —->or they can option for our ‘other’ way, full-scale Revolution that won’t stop until each of them are six-feet under or burnt to a crackly-crisp …alive and caged, just like they arranged for (or do you still believe that was ISIS’s idea)? Since The politicians of the USA ‘created ISIS’ for political influences in The Mid-East it is quite feasible to assume/presume that the order to burn a man alive in a closed and locked cage would have come from DHS, CIA, FBI …any of the “illegal” abc agencies, as NOT ONE of them are Constitutionally ‘acceptable’ in the least. They are all examples of “extremism” in government over-reach. In fact, federal government has now over-reached on all facets of our infrastructure, and in doing so has implemented all kinds of destruction “ways and means” and set them into motion.
          So, why in hell do the people of America keep “minding” and avoiding trouble from those who are committing crimes against the people faster than you can count, everyday, every minute of every hour (somewhere)? Perhaps it will be Kula, Genius, myself and all the other ‘regulars’ that drop in daily (or so) who will have the answer …in due time.

          I believe that if everyone just stopped going to work, and I do mean EVERYONE, and keep it up for about 3 months (and keep TVs off, radios off, all ‘commo’ OFF) …you’d see some big changes in attitude, especially if we do it RIGHT IN THE MIDST OF ELECTION YEAR! (Think long and hard about that one…).
          Global warming is going to bring us 21 degrees F tonight in extreme western NC, USA. Guess I’ll do a bit of ice fishing come morning… 🙂

          • Equorial,
            I agree that we need to opt out. Get self-sufficent, quit playing games the corporate game. Don’t discount the effect of the barrage of 65000 plus chemicals in various combinations on the people. It is a bit like canaries in a coal mine. People who are awake and lucid, not crazier than loons, are less affected. The best way to bust it down is to opt out. Every law passed is a requirement that we submit our money to the corporate machine… the same machine that says we have to buy their drugs and not grow simple herbs, we have to buy their home building products that are toxic, we have to buy GMO food because there is nothing else, we have to eat and breath toxins… it is endless.
            I am of Irish descent, and the British killed off a million of us when they didn’t need our labor and sent millions into exile. This plays out all over the world, but is more sophisticated now. See Bill Gates.
            At the same time they don’t need our labor, they say we don’t have enough babies and they import new people. It is crazy.
            That is why I say get self sufficient and don’t accept food from their hands… or water from their pipes.

          • It’s supposed to get down to 29 degrees in eastern NC tonight, and the wind has gusted up to 47 mph this afternoon with a high of about 53.

            But it’s April. We’ve had snow in April in eastern NC in the past. You can’t count on warm weather until May.

          • E: many of us have opted out. I refuse to shop at the big box stores. I consider everything on TV to be nothing but BS.

      16. Yet another public water supply has been found tainted with toxic lead from corrosive pipes
        Slight correction, pipes aren’t corrosive, but they can be corroded – by the chlorination and the rest if you don’t put something else to prevent it.

      17. The Roman Soldiers became lethargic due to drinking from LEAD CUPS …. perhaps there is an alternative reason for LEAD in the water. One of the causes of the decline of the Roman Empire.

      18. I’m new to this site. To the author of this article: Things really this bleak? If so, why carry on each day?

        • No, everything is just fine and dandy. Feel free to return to your regularly scheduled television broadcast.

        • We hope to live through it and make things better on the other side.

      19. There is plenty of clean water. The water boards sell it to bottles like nestle cause the profits are much higher than municipal supplies. Follow the $ people corporations and gov will insulate themselves and let the workers suffer. Had an apartment in the city when I was poor and starting out lived there for 2 yrs the water had so much rust in it the tub was stained rust brown. One day they came and dug up the street in front of my place and fixed it and no more rust in the water. It had gotten so bad that you couldn’t stand it. they can fix it they just don’t wanna put the $ up till its intolerable. They probably do the same with nuke plants too.

      20. I have a pair of decades old GE whole house water filters installed that dramatically improved the water taste at my house. The two work in parallel so I get good volume flow and it improves filter efficiency if the flow rate between each is lower.

        Recently because of water quality discussions here I began researching alternate replacement filter cartridges that would fit my old filters. I found ht tp:// which are one micron filters as apposed to the old GE filters at Home Cheapo that are 5 to 10 micron filters. And they fit my filter holders. One micron is huge difference when you are talking 2 to 3 micron bacteria like cryptosporidium.

        Thanks Mac for all you do, including making us think and reevaluate old ideas. My original five micron filters worked great, but these work better, and better is just better.

        For other readers, these filters are whole house filters that filter all water, bathing and sinks etc. There is an extra 1/4 micron, silver impegnated filter on my refrigerator ice maker and door water dispensor. It is pretty much the only water we drink and cook with, and the other filter pre filters our water before this filter even sees it.

        Still shopping for a heavy metals filter to add to my drinking water refrigerator line. Currently I have no information to the effect I need it, but by all the news I read, our government will never admit they have a problem even if it’s really freaking serious. Even so, it was a pediatrician that saw lead poisoning in her patients, that risked disciplinary action, that reported the Flint, MI lead problem, not the government. As a whistle blower her fate is still unknown.

        • I don’t care who says what about colloidal silver or that it kills viruses. For one, a virus is NOT alive unless it has a ‘host’ (remember)? So, how do you kill something that is not alive? Put it in the host then hit it with silver?
          In my past life I’ve worked medical fields, and one week we experimented with this newfangled Silver. We put it on slides with known virii on them and in NO ‘test’ did the silver do a damn thing to kill anything. Silver cannot kill any virus to the best of my knowledge. If there is solid evidence to the contrary, I’d love to see it, WITH documentation that I can look up and confirm.
          If you ingest that kind of silver, you are taking a chance of the silver forming a ‘stain’ on your skin, eye-color …or many unwanted things. But don’t take my word for it …if silver could kill anything why isn’t there an injection to kill measles or whatever based upon silver, or pure silver? mmmm….

          • Equorial,
            As a biologist, I believe colloidal silver is a dangerous thing to put in your body.
            Studying herbal medicines and am amazed at the health and medicinal qualities of simple healthy foods. Read up on carrots if you dare. Hard to buy simple foods anymore, but I will not compound the problem with colloidal silver.

          • Not sure if you were addressing my post, but the silver impregnated water filters are antibacterial not antiviral.

            The silver is not supposed to leach through and end up ingested. It does solve one huge problem and that is bacteria multiplying in a filter that collects sediment and other water crud that is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Many water filters are NOT recommended for untreated well water because the filter breeds bacteria and can actually make water more dangerous. Filters impregnated with silver or other bactericides solve this issue.

            By the way I know this from a first hand report by my Dads neighbor who’s wife was hospitalized because of poisoning from a bacteria buildup in a home water filter they had attached to their kitchen sink faucet.

            Copper is also a natural bactericide, I wonder if the change to plastic pipe in many areas will be good or bad? Time will tell.

      21. Hey guys remember the cold fronts I mentioned two months ago. We will be having more cold fronts in the middle of July dropping temperature to loss in the 50’s at night and the 100’s during the day time mimicking desert Like conditions.. the planet is drying up and the crops will fail causing mass starvation all over the clobe..


        • HCKS …you’re shittin’ me? You talking the USA overall, mid-West or ?????

      22. Written off ? Well, lead isn’t gonna do the trick if you want rid of them….instead, you’re gonna end up with a lower IQ dependent class…..seems the opposite of getting rid of a bunch.

        But rather than attribute this to some evil conspiracy, why not see it for what it is…..An aging infrastructure that desperately needs replacing, but since we’ve worked our way into a position we’re using the bulk of available tax money to directly support people, there aren’t the resources to DO the replacement.

        We’ve built a grand house, done little to no maintenance for 50 years, and now can’t afford to tear it down and start over. As a nation, we’re fucked.

        • I refuse to just lay back and apathetically say we’re helpless. Someone I knew bought a house. He went to get a permit to put a cement sidewalk in front of his house. The city said he could put the sidewalk in only if he paid them $50,000. This is straight out of organized crime. The $50,000 was what it cost, according to the city officials.

          My friend was righteously outraged.

          I have heard tell of cases where people, so tired of having their cars ruined from pot holes, have rented an asphalt truck, dressed in Overalls like city workers and fixed them themselves. The city never uses these streets and took no notice. Where there is a will, there is a way.

      23. I find it interesting that there is not a peep about this or a docu film by Michael Moore.

      24. Agenda “sulfites in all wine” and “Fluoride and BPA in all water” for the human cattle” are completed.
        Agenda “Poison in ALL beer” is about to be completed:
        imminent destuction of the last law protecting the purity of beer, Reinheitsgebot from 1516 in Germany.
        Reminder: although illuminati has always been led by germans, you don’t need to tell what germans are really worth for the illuminati, once you get the REAL History of World War I and II.
        Sulfites in Wine and Champagne illustrates one misconception about the Illuminati
        illuminati-religion.blogspot — /2009/01/

      25. Anywhere where any of the pipes are 20+ years old will leach a little lead from the old solder joints. A minuscule amount as it is only from solder that flowed into the interior of the joint when soldering.

        To be absolutely certain you have no lead in your water supply at your tap use a filter designed to remove lead and/or have your tap water tested from time to time.

        A little contaminates will not hurt you. Remember we used to drink form water hoses. You used to swallow water form pools and ponds. Be realistically cautious – not paranoid.

      26. The only solution for crumbling infrastructure is gubment spending. What are people? Big gubment big spenders? Obama must be proud of you fellow commies!

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