The Public’s Attention is Diverted from What is Really Happening

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    The Russian surveillance vessel the Viktor Leonov was reportedly leaving the Caribbean over the weekend bound toward the U.S. East Coast. Florida will be reached by next Friday, and before this, the King’s Bay ballistic missile submarine base in Georgia is also along their projected route. This comes on the heels of what has gone largely unreported by the Mainstream Media. On Friday, 1/19/18, a report from U.S. National News emerged, entitled Submarine off of NJ/DE/MD coasts? US Navy deploys NINE Anti-Submarine Aircraft off East Coast Fearing Sub Missile Launch Against US. Here is an excerpt:

    The East Coast of the United States may be subjected to attack by submarine launched missile(s) and the US Navy has scrambled NUMEROUS P-8A POSEIDON anti-submarine aircraft, to repeatedly search coastal waters from New York City to Washington, DC ALL DAY Thursday into Thursday Evening.  According to flight records, at least NINE anti-submarine warfare aircraft were sortied Thursday off the US East Coast, and Flight Records show they were engaged in very active hunting for submarine(s) off the East Coast . . .. well WITHIN the 12-mile territorial limit of the United States.

    This article has plenty of photos, and some with the locations of CAP (Civil Air Patrol) enlisted to aid the U.S. Navy with the “shortfall” in radar coverage and area surveillance. The article also gives the disposition of numerous aircraft and shows the locations of monitored Russian submarines. While all of this has been happening, “statesman” Rex Tillerson just came out and declared this at Stanford University on Wed., 1/17/18, as reported by RT News:

    The Japanese… have had over a 100 North Korean fishing boats that have drifted into Japanese waters. Two-thirds of the people on those boats have died.”  They [The fishermen] are being sent in the wintertime to fish because there are food shortages. And they are being sent out to fish with inadequate fuel to get back. So, we are getting a lot of evidence that these [sanctions] are really starting to hurt.

    Honorable Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Pure statesmanship, pure diplomacy. No: pure extortion. This coming from a country (the U.S.) that wanted to depose Assad for the “brutal human rights violations” against civilians…but when it involves the civilians of a country we want to crush…what are a few hundred starving North Korean fisherman’s lives worth? Hey, the sanctions work! We oust leaders for human rights violations, but our policies and sanctions are “humane,” and “altruistic.” Let them join the IMF and World Bank, become a vassal, then they can shop at Costco. Then: let them eat cake!

    North Korea has the resolve to see through any paper-tiger sanctions initiated by a country that is a dying empire backed up by a “toothless” UN. China and Russia have the resolve to be positioning their assets now…prior to the conflict…the war that is forthcoming. It has been reported that the Chinese have moved troops and radiation detectors along their border with North Korea. Just about a week ago, the RAF had to scramble Typhoons to escort Russian bombers conducting practice runs along the Cold War routes that cover the UK.

    A very in-depth article came out that reports Russia and China to be skeptical concerning the U.S.’s gold supply. Economics is another form of warfare: should they prove the U.S. to not have on hand the gold reserves it claims to have, or (as it states) that the gold is of inferior quality to that traded by the rest of the world? This may very well be the final kicker to persuade nations to distrust the falling Petrodollar and remove the dollar as the World Currency exchange. Such would establish the positions of gold-backed Rubles and Yuan that also have oil to trade, to further bolster that worth on a global economy. For those who still watch television, enjoy your football and the upcoming Olympics.

    But keep this in mind: the powers that be will not rest in their inexorable march toward global government. It would not be the first time that bread and circuses were used to keep the mob entertained…and distracted from the sinister actions and purposes of their leaders and governments. In the meantime, other nations are preparing and positioning their forces, as well as conducting intelligence and surveillance on us…prior to the war that may come anytime.

    If the politicians are any indicator of how we’ll fare…the prognosis doesn’t look good. All of it can be avoided with diplomacy, but war is a money-maker, and a game changer for an incumbent whose ratings are flagging. War is their solution. Why? Because they live off our labors and our tax dollars ensure they’ll be safe and sound in their bunkers. Their world: opulent feasts, riches, maintaining power, with armies and unlimited resources…it will remain intact. Ours will not.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. Russian subs are always pushing the limits off our coast , just the way it is .
        And why is it the responsiblity of US citizens to feed NK ? HUH ?
        SANCTIONS OR NO , Its fat boys responsibility not mine.
        His choice .
        Sick of the leftist “hate America first” BS from this obviously angry socialist author , geeze .

        • American summaries nor any part of the military never push the territorial limits of a sovereign nation. Its not the US job to feed North Korea nor to stave it.

          • @Hammerhead,
            Now be careful there Hammerhead, your comment, “Sick of the leftist “hate America first” BS from this obviously angry socialist author , geeze.” might just earn you and angry response from JJ, or a friend of his, because you criticized him. I can’t say for sure if the angry response was from JJ because that is his “Nom de plume”, or a friend of his, but recently somebody criticized him for his article, “If You See These 14 Signs it’s Time to Bug Out”. The critic received this angry response:

            “Once again, a troll speaks. There should be a piece on those (such as you) who contribute nothing but skepticism…the true reason the country is in trouble.

            So, do you work for “Media Matters,” for Soros, or are you just a naysaying liberal posing as a conservative? Go bother others at another site.

            The only “mark” missed is the one that marks you as a troll and a non-productive product-consumer.

            How much are you paid to post your phony comments, by the way? Frustrated writer who couldn’t become published? Or just a loser looking for a “cause” to fill the empty, non-productive existence you lead?

            Drop Dead,

            CSM Will Danner
            U.S. Army Special Forces (Ret.)”

            Laughable isn’t it? If things get grim give me a call and I’ll back you up.

            • @Hammerhead,
              I apologize, the rest of the comment was, ”
              You’re a troll and a shill. Having no credentials means that your words are almost as empty as you are…a shell of a person…probably not even an American citizen. One-incher. And if you’re a citizen? Another deep-cover progressive operative holdover. As for your first line? I’d fill your mouth with Chicklets if you were in front of me, civilian boy. Get bent. That’s my real name, not some “Looney Tunes” character to hide behind.

              Anytime, anywhere. Especially with you. Just name where and when.

              CSM Will Danner
              U.S. Army Special Forces (Ret.)”

              Source: Prepper’s Blueprint website, no date but right around New Year’s Day.

            • HAHAHA , Muddy , thanks for your honest opinion , im no troll .
              Ive been here from the start of this website , just dont comment much lately.
              Your entitled to your opinion , as am i .
              And thanks for your service sir .

              • @ Muddy ?
                you listed a source for your last comment ?
                Ive never been on Preppers Blueprint website .
                JJ has his view of the world and i have mine.
                Too bad your pissed off , but its my opinion , aint that why you served ? To protect that right as well as others ?
                JJ has his view of the world and i have mine.
                I was accepted into the Marine Corp in 81 , got into a car accident and never got the chance to serve .
                You dont know shit brother .
                Best wishes , Hammerhead

                • Not to speak for Muddy but I think you missed the “quotation marks”…he’s posting a comment from another blog…not a personal attack at you.


                  • Thanks JRS
                    I didnt get that.
                    And apologizes to all , this aint the place for pissin contests.
                    Sorry Mac

            • For Muddy, and Hammerhead above:

              I’m the furthest thing from a “Socialist” that you will ever find. The comment(s) you posted are not mine: I don’t deal in insults or invective. If I wanted to write to either of you in a comments section, I’ll do it in person. As now.

              Please! Link your e-mail to the site: [email protected].

              Then…I’ll have your e-mail addresses, and we can correspond.


      2. Lets see how many geniuses, gahndes, and nostradamises come up with a bunch of narcissitic BS as to how full of shit JJ is……basically he is right on the mark…tell me old wise ones keyboard savants….give us your great words of wisdom….I’m waiting….Butch….Cherrio

      3. If the writer wants to save the NK fishermen then he needs to board his slack ass on one of the boats and give them a hand. Maybe he’ll find a hovel to live in over there.

      4. What’s the issue the Eagles are going to the Super Bowl and tickers are only $5000?

        “American insouciance is a great enabler”

      5. Well the buget impasse is over Schumer Caved. The Dems gained nuthin. The shutdown is over. Let those Koreans starve. Let everyone except the producing makers starve.

      6. We ARE being cajoled into looking at all sorts of things that are not of primary importance. And as we look, we think and feel, consolidate opinions and plans….. so much based on tripe. Know your own goals. Have your own plans. Pay attention to what you feel is of most worthy of your life and mind. To be honest, I take all opinions with a grain of salt – some ‘grains’ much bigger than others. But, even hear, I’ve come to read and feel some of you have a better insight than any news media. Add in links and mentions of alternative news stories…… well… thanks.

      7. So let me think about this…Koreans are starving because their leader, if given an opportunity would blow my country along with my children and grand-children to kingdom come if he had his hands on a nuclear weapon and so we have to enact sanctions to try to stop him. Yeah, I will say some prayers for the repose of the souls of those poor Korean people.

      8. NK was starving long before any sanctions because their leadership has been taking from their people and pushing all their cash into lavish lifestyles for their “gods”/leaders, and developing their military.

        But somehow thats the US’s fault too right?

      9. The Explainer’s lot is not an easy one. – from The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey

      10. The lib media has to make a big deal of POTUS No. 45 boning porn stars 12 years ago.
        So what? You guys know if you had billions you would be trying to bone some porn stars
        as well. Stop hating.

      11. Ever jangle keys to distract a baby or a pet? The day that you turn on your television and find that on every channel, there is someone jangling keys is when you should really worry! Only then, will you understand what the elitists think of the American public. Ooooh! Look at the shiny keys, idiots!

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