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    Porter Stansberry of the S&A Digest identified the inherent problems within our economic system well before mainstream pundits ever uttered the word recession. His readers were armed with the information and tools necessary to shield themselves from the economic armageddon that ensued once the rest of America and the world caught on to the mortgage crisis and over priced stock market.

    But, as Mr. Stansberry has noted in recent comments, we are not out of the woods yet. In fact, unless something changes, America as we know it today is in grave danger.

    Porter Stansberry via The Daily Crux

    Sooner or later we have to learn to live within our means. Sooner or later, a preference for sound money will appear because inflation will have destroyed our currency. And sooner or later, the idea that you can live at the expense of your neighbor (through progressive taxation) will lead to a collapse. My preference would be to learn these lessons sooner, so the pain of this transition can be minimized.

    As Mr. Stansberry points out in his recent article , this is not about politics. It’s purely a matter of economics. Based on our current debt, expenditures, interest payments, commitments, and revenues, we simply can’t afford to keep doing what we’ve been doing. Either we change now, starting within the halls of our Federal and State Congresses, or nature will take its course and force the change. Like the tremors that precede a powerful earthquake, our economy has been giving us warning signs that a major tectonic shift is on the horizon.

    Unlike an earthquake, however, We the People still have a say-so in the outcome. Act in unison, and we may be able to soften the tremors as we transition. Ignore the warnings and we can be assured that the “Big One” is not far behind.

    Mr. Stansberry outlines the major problems facing America, and provides some common sense solutions that could soften the blow and put the country back on the road to prosperity:

    We’ve reached a point where we can longer continue on our current path. America spends 800% more than its nearest rival on its military. We spend 200%-300% more per capita on health care than any other similarly wealthy country. Are we safer? Are we healthier? I honestly don’t think so.

    And even if you believe we are, can we afford it? Here are the simple numbers. Americans now owe $56 trillion in total debt, much of it held by foreign investors. We must spend $3.5 trillion each year on interest. That is already more than the federal government spends, in total. I do not exaggerate when I tell you we cannot afford these debts. We will never be able to repay these debts – already equal to roughly four times our country’s GDP. The largest components of the debts we owe are government debts… and they are growing rapidly and show no signs of stopping.

    The only way to stop the debt crisis we face is to reduce the total level of government spending – immediately and permanently. We have to stop giving our citizens improper incentives. We have to increase the “skin” voters have in the game by spreading the burden of government more equally. And most important, we must take away the politicians’ ability to debase our currency.

    You see… politicians believe, as Dick Cheney famously said, deficits don’t matter. They believe these debts can be safely printed away – which is what the Federal Reserve is doing right now.

    How can we accomplish these goals? I believe we need three simple amendments to our Constitution. First, we should have a balanced budget amendment. It’s hard to imagine why anyone would object to this, regardless of his politics. Politicians ought not have the right to burden future Americans with debt. It’s disgusting that we would leave a burden like this for our children and grandchildren.

    Next, we need a constitutional amendment that ensures sound money. If you tell the politicians they’re not allowed to borrow, they’ll inflate instead. There is no reason Americans shouldn’t enjoy the stability and safety of sound money.

    Every argument you’ll hear against backing our currency with gold comes from bankers and swindlers who need the ability to be bailed out so they can make risky bets with enormous amounts of borrowed money. Let’s put a stop to this, once and for all.

    The American government is the world’s largest holder of gold. Let’s put it to work for us, right away, in the form of sound money.

    Finally… we need a logical way to put a stop to the narrowing of the tax base. Everyone who votes should share in the burdens of government – otherwise the incentive will always exist to vote for more government spending.

    I suggest a constitutional amendment limiting tax rates and abolishing all taxes except for income tax. Tax every adult under the age of 65 20% of his income – whatever the source. Give everyone a $24,000 annual personal exemption. Above that, everyone pays. No other deductions. We could get rid of the IRS. You could do your taxes on a post card. How much did you make? Send the government 20% of it.

    These ideas may not be popular in Washington, but that’s only because our elected representatives represent their corporate donors, as opposed to the people who elected them. As we saw in the 2010 Congressional elections, the people do have a voice, and when we speak as one, the roar can not be ignored.

    Mr. Stansberry, a long time proponent for liberty and personal responsibility, has created an initiative he has dubbed The Project to Restore America. With the assistance of others, the goal is to make real changes happen in Washington.

    For inquiring minds, read Porter Stansberry’s most recent commentary discussing the multitude of problems facing America today, the realities of where we’re headed if nothing is done, common sense solutions, and what you can do.

    To join The Project to Restore America mailing list, click here.


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      1. Let’s have an audit on gold after we fire the Fed Reserve.

      2. the international banker complex including the federal reserve is our real government.   our lovely politicians are their whore boys.

        until this is changed it’s only a continuous unending plunge to the bottom for the middle class.

        good luck

        /s/ mushroom

      3. How about a constitutional ammendment to allow only those who pay taxes to vote? And another to limit gov spending at all levels to about 2 or 3 % of GDP?
        And one to bring in the death penalty for unethical politicians, and one to outlaw rap music, and one to make “Sweet Home Alabama” the new nat’l anthem, and one to prohibit Christine Aguillara from ever singing it in public. I guess that’s just wishful thinking…(but I was serious about the first two)

      4. I hope Project to Restore…isn’t just another org. to collect dues.  All patriot groups and org. failed miserably in over fifty years.  Unless we have a unified, effective plan of action, which patriots have never had, we will fail and fall.  Each group or plan in the past and present has gone in various directions producing no results ever.  Local communities with people in the know are one answer; saying no more grant money for state and local, (cut the strings) and local education for kids. But we’ve gone too far over the abyss I see no future for America except a world gov. of total facism where freedoms become a distant memory. And no amount of effort and work will produce just rewards in a slave state.

      5. Stories like this one and the last one make me wonder WHY our federal government and every state govenor would allow Chinese Free Trade Zones to be bult in 257 locations accross this nation and including every state. These zones are being build on soil that has been given to China and no Americans can enter. They plan to build factories and staff then with chinese workers to make products here to sell to Americans. Or so the story goes. But that makes not fincacial or political sense!! Some analysts say it is to pay back our loans to them.
        Trojan horse? Our allies and our own intelligence have noted that China and Russia have been gearing up for war for several years now. The Chinese have not attacked us because we buy their products and fuel their economy. But if we default, they have no reason not to attack. But why destroy the infrastructure when you can have tens of thousands of factory worker/highly trained soldiers inside the nation. And if each 30,000 acre factory site sits on top of a military installation that is EMP proof, they set off a high level EMP and then walk out and take over. If that sounds crazy to you please explain why anyone in their right mind would allow our enemies to build huge installations en every state and staff them with alien citizens and none are not subject to any American oversight!! Now that is crazy.

      6. We all could help restore America doing various things. The most important though would be to get rid of CAREER POLITICIANS. They have spoiled the pot for far too long. New laws and ways of doing things would actually be based on common sense, right and wrong and functionality. Lobbyists would drop off in droves. We would stop giving money to corrupt Countries who do not help their people. Outsourcing would have to be terminated immediately and illegals need to be rounded up and deported. There would be a fee to immigrate legally say $50,000 that could be made ion payments over a lifetime.

      7. We need to make the job of US Senator & US Representative a part time job again.  If they only met twice a year for 2 weeks (and got paid about $10,000 to do the job) then they’d have much less time on their hands to destroy our country.

        Government should be here to provide basic national defense, basic infrastructure & to enforce laws to keep us from harming each other.

        That’s it.

      8. Great ideas. But do you see enough people with a brain in America to stop watching NASCAR  and drinking beer, to even think about this, let alone get off their azzes and vote? Do you see any honorable public servants in D.C.? Ain’t gonna happen!
        The Globalists want American’s and Europeans brought to their knees. It’s close.

      9. I’d start with charging Greenspan and take over all of his assets to make a point.  BB is just his party boy.  This is going to end so badly……for many.

      10. Not sure I totally trust this guy and reading this paragraph
        Every argument you’ll hear against backing our currency with gold comes from bankers and swindlers who need the ability to be bailed out so they can make risky bets with enormous amounts of borrowed money. Let’s put a stop to this, once and for all.

        If you have seen the documentary “Money Masters” and know what it says about backing currency with gold and how it has worked before without it, you’d understand why.

      11. Abolish all Gov’t and replace them with CACs (Citizens Action Committees). ZERO Bureaucracy. ZERO Corruption. ZERO Lobbying. ZERO Deficits. How can we get there? American Revolution II. Thomas Jefferson was “NO DUMMY”! First Order of Business? Get rid of all the Zionist Slimeballs out of positions of power and influence. Go back to the Gold standard. Replace the Military with a Citizens Militia in each State. No more TSA, DHS, NRO, NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. Citizens Border Patrols, where needed.
        Nobody in their right mind would DARE attack America – not with 300,000,000 well-armed and motivated Citizens.
        FREE at last!

      12. Lets see…
        He said “Next, we need a constitutional amendment that ensures sound money.”
        The Constitution already says that.  I guess we should pass an amendment so the corp can ignore that too.
        Then he says “I suggest a constitutional amendment limiting tax rates and abolishing all taxes except for income tax”
        I guess he wants to keep the only tax based on the fraud of the Federal Reserve?  The one that is strangling the people the most?  The taxing authority of the United States gov corp does not include taking the earned income of non government employees in the states of the union.  What we need is for the corps to allow the people to work without forcing the use of government employment documentation such as SSNs and form W-4’s that indicate the signer works for the government.
        A balanced budget is common sense.  We don’t need an amendment for it, we need PEOPLE to exercise common sense in their jobs.
        Some solutions are no longer available.  The corporation cannot be fixed, nor can it be converted to a legitimate government.  Any effort to that is futile.


      14. google this guy.

        very interesting.

        they’re all the $ame…

        1:31, I agree,
        For the vast number (my opinion) Americans today are more interested in college/pro basketball,football, baseball,nascar and reality shows. Still, the vast majority could not begin to tell you what bill or law is impacting or will impact their lives.

        1:31, I would not worry so much when it happens, for it will happen, because most are so unaware of their feeling they won’t know a thing when it hits them.

        I think we need to hold the politicians accountable in their private life, public and professional life. I think they should equal to their constituants they represent in the way of health care, pay and benifits.

        I think their retirement should be based strictly on social security.

        And as far a couty, state and federal retirement benefits, if you want them, pay for them. Why should the tax payer be liable and held hostage for their entire lives.  

      16. Most likely, it’s over…we are cooked. There will be immeasurable pain in the streets – much less the Halls of Government. We the people at that point must revolt & resist believing anything the .Gov tries to tell us. It will be all lies anyways. With pitchforks & torches we must route every last semblance of the current Government out…CRUSH it and replace it with the original Government we were given by our Forefather’s…PERIOD! That especially means running the Bankster criminals out of the Country for good. What is coming is unimaginable, but we all have a sense or at least a good idea of what it will look, taste and smell like.
        When collapse comes we must spill the blood of the corrupt in the streets openly be they banksters, the communist/socialist in our midst…and especially the liberal Hollywood socialist elite e.g. the Michael Moore’s & Sean Penn’s etc.
        We are so f%!$ed…when collapse comes we must take the $h!thead’s down the drain with us…it is only just.

      17. ANON: Audit the gold before we KILL the FED. Truthseeker, a $50K fee for Immigration is a very bad idea, especially paid over their “lifetime”.

        laura m. You are always so negative about America, about your community, and about your neighbors. Maybe you would be happier in Canada or Mexico.

        America: Love it, leave it, or work to change it.

      18. Why not just blow up the federal reserve and be done with those bastards.

      19. Former NY Gov. Mario Cuomo, that “constitutional scholar”, told Larry King “All politicians lie” when asked his view on Clinton’s lying about Monica Lewinsky. Then, he laughed. Until America’s spirit is cleansed from that kind of smarmy, nudge-nudge/wink-wink attitude, what are our chances of restoration?

      20. Durango kidd:  apparently you can’t read.  what is wrong with local communities in the know, and refusing gov. grant money with strings attached?  You sound ignorant or plan stupid.  You are always downing the country like this entire web blog and it’s commentators; what so wrong about a unified plan of action?  Are you a shill for the nwo ? If you think socialism/ grant $ is ok for gov control why don’t you move to China or the middle east? Phony patriot org. all fail; it’s the community taking a stand against gov intrusion that matters.

      21. Thomas Jefferson said one other amendment should have been added.  That being, the federal government should not be allowed to borrow money.
        Eliminate the Income Tax….it makes all taxpayers liars at some point.  All taxes should apply equally to every citizen/non citizen, in the USA.  There should never be a tax,  on one citizen,  that does not apply to all.

      22. I would rather surprise the Fed Reserve first before the audit of gold.  Catch more rats that way.  We could take their multiple passports away and put them on the no fly list in the Wall Street Journal across from the ATF last chance claim list.

      23. How about we take bernanke and greenspan, dress them in pink tutus and force ’em to spend 24 hrs in angola state pen in louisiana? Of course, this is after we convict them of a few dozen crimes. And it falls under the ASSett forfeiture laws. If they survive (doubtful) then we hang ’em. It wouldn’t solve all the problems but it would make lots of us feel so much better…

      24. We can all rant and rail on soapbox blogs about change via the ballot box, but eventually, the cartridge box is what will determine our course as a nation.
        As chairman Mao said “All politics comes out of the barrel of a gun”.

      25. European American, have you ever walked out your back door in a country summer night with fire flies and the coyotes howling to piss with nothing on but a pair of military desert boots to smell the earth after a rain with your family tucked in bed & waiting to go on your next deployment?

      26. It should be painfully obvious by now that the Government does not need tax revenues to operate, they simply print (borrow) more money from the FED. IMHO the best place to start would be to tie the wage of a politician directly to the median income of the average American citizen. Why the Hell should politicians make as much as sports stars or Hollywood harlots? After that, institute a FLAT tax rate applicable to ALL; individuals, corporations, churches, etc, etc. NO exceptions. Eliminate welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, homeowners exemption, and all taxpayer subsidized pension plans. Leave the Constitution alone. The last this we need is this current crop of assholes doing unto us what the Federalists of old did, which by the way is precisely where we are today………..the Corporation of America, with you and me as it’s employees. The main issue is that those who give a shit enough to think about what changes need to be made and sacrifice what’s necessary to implement them are too few. Maybe we could opt out as conscientious objectors. Good-bye America, it was fun while it lasted.

      27. 44 mag TnAndy.  Anything over is over done.

      28. Mac, and other readers:
        These articles are very very interesting and provoke some very thoughtful comments, as well as some very good suggestions. However, I’m afraid our situation is more akin to a snowball rolling down a hill, gathering speed and size as it continues of its destructive path. What we’re seeing today has taken decades to developand is supported by many people and groups with a strongly vested interest in seeing it continue to the bitter end. And, then you have:
        I am afraid we’re doomed and that things have gotten to the point of making personal preparations, combined with efforts of family,friends and community. Develop your social support network because between that % of the population that is sheeple and that percentage of the population that is the elite and status quo’ers, nothing is going to change. No amount of thoughtful dialogue such as that above this post will make a damn bit of difference. The Leviathan is unstoppable and we who know what’s coming had best prepare.

      29. 20% is too much. The numbers are arbitrary because he assumes $24,000 has a certain value…an ability to be more than enough to thrive.
        20% of 100 million isn’t the same for 20% of 25 grand.
        Forcefully taking someone’s property (money) is morally wrong, regardless of the number of people that agree to it or the benevolence intended for its use.

      30. What we need is even stronger labor unions to ensure the remaining industries leave the country and to ensure the remaining legal citizen working people gets taxed at the 95% tax rate.

      31. First thing to solve our problem is one abolish the FBI,ATF,CIA,Federal Marshall,DHS,Education department,Agriculture,Energy dept,and the rest of the agencies. The you close all the military bases around the world and bring all the troops home. Then you cut defense spending by 50%. You cut welfare by 85%. You also will have to raise the retirement age up every month. Also there will have to reforms in social security,medicare,medicaid. So these programs will have to be cut by 50% or more. Also we should bring back the state militia. We would have every able bodies male be in their state militia. The states would arm them with ammo,and firearms. I trust that the people armed would do a better job protecting our borders then the feds are doing now. We would have a Swiss similar system,the federal government will have no power over them only in invasion,emp type attack. Each state would govern its militia. These militias would be trained in LEO.It is legal in the second amendment.All the feds will do is train the militia that is it.  The US government could arm all 90 million adult males, age 18–64 with an M-16,M-4,AR-15 and 1,200 5.56mm rounds (40 30-round magazines) for a one-time cost of about 1% (7 1/2 billion dollars) of the cost of our current annual combined security budget ($750B+). So it would not cost much to do so. We would maintain a small but highly trained military and a massive militia to protect the borders and help LEO. Also the Federal Reserve will have to be abolished or have massive oversight by the people. Abolish the federal reserve and each state can have their own state bank. Get rid of the income tax,and other taxes. The only tax that the feds will have to do is ,sorry guys, a 20% sales VAT tax. That is the only tax the feds will get to operate. This would limit their power and size drastically. Also invest in alternate energy but at the same time open all oil,natural gas,coal strategic reserves to give energy to the nation. Also end the war on drugs,the prison system is too large and cost us too much money. So legalize drugs but tax them,regulate them  heavily that it is impossible to buy. Also the govt should stop using the commerce clause to bully state governments. States should be able to exercise their 10th Amendment rights.These ideas could work however both parties are for the warfare and welfare state that is bankrupting us.

      32. We can seize the Fed, declare all debt owed to it null which would cancel all mortgage payments, print our own money, pay all the other debt we owe and start fresh.  All we have to do is win the next presidential election ourselves.  I’m running.  Will you help me win instead of wasting your votes on Democrats and Republicans?

      33. MA: Its not that i don’t like you as you once commented. I don’t know you so I have no personal opinion of you. But how can you legalize drugs on one hand and then tax them so that they are impossible to buy. That accomplishes NOTHING!

        Think it through. Look at Switzerland. What are you smoking? 🙂

      34. I hardly think that making more Constitutional amendments is the answer. And abolishing the necessary evils government agencies for Citizen brigades and midwives?  <sarcasm>Because that would end up a LOT different than what we have now</sarcasm>
        My parents, age 75, who worked their whole lives, depend on what little healthcare they have through Medicare/caid. They make maybe 13K a year in SocSec and live off of soup beans and baloney sandwiches, like we did when I was growing up. Yeah, cut them off asshole.
        And by all means, let’s rely on week-end warrior state militias to provide a deterrent to China and the rest of our frenemies.
        I’m a hillbilly. I’ve been busting ass since I was 13 working in the fields putting up tobacco and hay. I make 65K a year now. I’ve had to leave the hills of my youth because it’s like the third world back there.
        Sure, some of those folks abuse the system, but the coal companies, who CONTINUE to rape the miners to this day, took what they wanted and left my people with nothing but land drained of resources. KY & WV mountains are bereft of employment opportunities and have been for decades before the crash.
        It’s easy for you to stand up and say “cut everything and get the leeches off the government teat” but if that’s all that was keeping YOUR family alive, you’d be signing a different tune.
        Man, I think things are messed up too. I don’t trust those in power not to abuse it. A lot of things need to be fixed, and might be past the point of fixing. But still, I am flabbergasted at some of the shit I read in comments on this blog.

      35. It’s always easy to spend other people’s money…

        Some interesting and well thought out suggestions above… however… they will never be emplemented.  Unfortunately we live in a society where leeching off of the system is encouraged & rewarded. 

        For some reason those who abuse the system tend to think that they are screwing the government by taking anything free that they can acquire.  However, the payment for the free services/commodities comes from tax payers and borrowed money from other countries.  The leechers don’t care about the expenses required since they themselves are spending other peoples money with no repayment required.  Unfortunately there are no requirements for documentation on how the free money/services is spent so it’s easily taken for granted and abused. 

        I whole heartedly support welfare/social security/disablility/etc… but only for those who truely need/deserve it.  However, if I were in charge of these organizations, I’d require for anyone to remain on welfare, they would have to provide receipts for all good and services purchased with said funds.  Also, they would be required to serve community service for a set number of hours each week… via child care… hospital volunteer… etc…  Food stamps would also require all food purchase reciepts to be reviewed as well.  Proof of these reciepts for services would be reviewed on a quarterly basis. 

        I would abolish section 8 housing as well.  I personally know of people abusing this privilege by subletting the apartment to someone else for cash each month… all the time living with a relative/friend for free.  Either live in public housing or be homeless.  I would make part of the above mentioned community service requirement to be included in housing as well.  Landscape maitenace and housing upkeep would be part of that community service to live in public housing for free.  

        It’s too easy to sit around in paid for housing while collecting free money and food stamps each month while watching free cable all day… only to bitch and moan about how “the man” is keeping you down… blah blah blah.  Just like the working class has to, it’s time for the leechers to start earning their way in life.

        However… this won’t happen because it will require those people & the government to be responsible.

        Just my two zinc pennies worth…

        Crash JP Morgan… buy silver!!!

      36. this is all such bullshit!!!

        america is a lie , period!

        it’s no better than russia or china and just as corrupted folks!

        you all live in a lie…!

        you are debt slaves and those ptb are going to kill you all off and poison your kids and grand kids … so they’ll have shorter life spans and be completely dependent on pharma to survive and monsanto franken gmo foods… wise up!



      37. I whole heartedly support welfare/social security/disablility/etc… but only for those who truely need/deserve it.  However, if I were in charge of these organizations, I’d require for anyone to remain on welfare, they would have to provide receipts for all good and services purchased with said funds.  Also, they would be required to serve community service for a set number of hours each week… via child care… hospital volunteer… etc…  Food stamps would also require all food purchase reciepts to be reviewed as well.  Proof of these reciepts for services would be reviewed on a quarterly basis. 

         one of the first things that should be required is a drug test, also I know young people in their 20s,30s on SSI because they’re on drugs, this has to be stopped.

      38. Agree 100% with lostinmissouri. In fact, Thomas Jefferson fought over the clause of the Constitution that allows the government to borrow money. He spent years arguing against it, and as we all know lost. When it came time for America’s 1st central bank, it was championed by Alexander Hamilton who invoked the clause that gives Congress the power to do everything necessary and proper to carry out the duties/responsibilities in Article I Section 8, thus paving the way for modern central banking.
        We don’t need two separate amendments for a balanced budget and sound money. By removing that one clause we inherently have both, simply by forcing the government to live within its means and use gold/silver coinage as currency (and maybe paper receipt money in its place, but still with 100% backing).
        Think about it. Oh, and what’s the other outcome of this? All the other ancillary bureaucratic nonsense/entitlement spending – it all goes by the wayside (since we couldn’t afford it anyway).
        And no more war, since all wars have been funded through fiat money systems, at least in the last two thousand years or so.

      39. Bob we don’t have no snow down here in the islands man.  What in the hell are you talk’in about man?

      40. It’s over…it was just a dream that has turned into a nightmare.

        GMAFB – Apologies? — Nope, nada, never

      41. There is a group (or actually a de-jure government in waiting) to lawfully re-inhabit the government when the current un-lawful government (defacto) falls apart.
        see The Republic For the Unitied States:

      42. laura m: I didn’t say anything for or against grant money or a knowledgeable community, or a unified plan of action. I merely suggested that, given YOUR fear of your neighbors, and that fact that you think there is no hope for America and ALWAYS express both the fear and the lack of hope here to anyone that might listen: that you might be happier in another country.

        Check the posts. I am a believer. I believe in God, country, family, friends, and like minded Americans all across this country working together for the greater good.

        I also believe in MY government, the military, and police officers. WE are them. They are US. There are always a few assholes in every bunch, but there are some here too. 🙂

        They are the ones who spread fear, pasranoia, dissension, and dispair. If the shoe fits wear it. I am hardly a schill for the NWO. On the contrary, I am an extremely vocal opponent of the NWO. if you would have been paying attention over time on this site you would know better.

        I am an American Insurgent.

      43. Hey BP,
        When the ID’s finally going to come out?

      44. As in any organic and growing group, somtimes things take a bit longer than expected.  Also they are choosing now to wait until all the police agencies, etc have been informed of the validity of the cards.  If not allready a member you should signup.  Also listen to the weekly calls on Wednesday night giving out info for interested people.  See the web site

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