Surveillance Video: Michael Brown Caught On Tape Robbing Store (Plus Other Pictures)

by | Aug 15, 2014 | Headline News | 416 comments

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    **UPDATE: It has come to our attention that the picture below depicting an individual holding a gun with money in his mouth may not be the same individual who was shot by a Ferguson police officer. This picture was sourced via popular media sources and was captioned as an image of Michael Brown. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. **

    This morning we learned that Darren Wilson of the Ferguson police force is the officer who shot an unarmed Michael Brown last week, triggering riots throughout the small town of 20,000 residents.

    We have yet to learn the specific details of the incident and what prompted Wilson to shoot Brown, but a slightly different picture of the teen has begun to emerge.

    According to a police incident report released this morning, Michael Brown and a second individual were reportedly suspected of what police call a “strong arm” robbery of a convenience store in the area just minutes before Brown was killed. A Huffington Post reporter noted that someone fitting Brown’s description stole some cigars from the store and then made their way towards the now infamous Quik Trip store.

    Surveillance video from the store shows a man fitting Brown’s description and wearing a white T-shirt that resembles the one Brown was wearing when he was shot by Officer Wilson.

    Watch the surveillance video allegedly depicting Michael Brown physically assaulting the store clerk:

    Image captures from the surveillance video show the store clerk being assaulted:


    The following pictures shows Brown wearing the same hat as the individual in the surveillance video:


    The following picture of Michael Brown shows him with a wad of cash in his mouth and a handgun. Though not indicative of guilt, it certainly speaks volumes when shown in the context of the surveillance footage above.

    **UPDATE: It has come to our attention that the picture below depicting an individual holding a gun with money in his mouth may not be the same individual who was shot by a Ferguson police officer. This picture was sourced via popular media sources and was captioned as an image of Michael Brown. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. **


    The friend who was walking with Michael Brown  when he was confronted by Officer Darren Wilson speaks about the incident.

    The other individual wanted in connection with the robbery is named only as “Johnson” in the police incident report. It just so happens that the name of the witness in the video above is Dorian Johnson and he happens to have dreadlocks just like the “accomplice” in the surveillance footage.

    The narrative of Michael Brown being a “good kid” who was on his way to college the following Monday may not be completely accurate.

    Despite the images we’ve seen, however, Brown was allegedly shot while unarmed. No official details of the actual shooting incident have been made available as of this writing.

    The police have thus far maintained that Officer Darren Wilson acted in self defense when the 6’4″ 290 pound Brown allegedly attacked him.

    Do these pictures and the police report change how we should be looking at this story?


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      1. Imagine that. People jumping to conclusions just because it was a young black man was shot. This goes to show you how fast this supposed good society can go bad. All it takes is a spark. I know there will be people here who disagree with me, and that is ok. That is what freedom is all about. This country has thrown God out of the equation, and morals and common sense courtesy is a minority now. If you aren’t ready, you had better get ready to defend what is yours. There are too many people out there that don’t care and are willing to take what belongs to you and your property

        • Family, not property. Ooops Grin

          • Yeah, looks like the “so-called” kid was a really just another thug. I’m not surprised at all.

            That does NOT justify shooting him after he tried to surrender. Last I heard the max penalty for shoplifting is cutting off a hand, not execution.

            • “””The narrative of Michael Brown being a “good kid” who was on his way to college the following Monday may not be completely accurate.”””

              Of course it’s not accurate.

              The only question is WAS HE AN ARMED THREAT to the life of the cop who shot him AT THE TIME HE WAS SHOT? From what I see and hear, no he was not.

              It does appear this “kid” was big enough to kick the cops ass and mop the sidewalk up with him. He was more likely a bigger threat to the cops ego, than his life.

              Too bad we poor peasants will NEVER know the truth. Good thing I don’t really care anyway.

              • Since when did “unarmed ” mean harmless?
                This large thug was a violent criminal, the officer had to go to the hospital due to his face being swollen from the beating he took as this “good boy “tried to get his gun.
                Whats the real chance that the officer just executed the “good boy ” as he surrendered?
                I don’t buy the good boy story that the media and community there is laying out.
                All the evidence points to Michael being a common thug who made decisions that led to his death.

                • Truth is evil, you make some valid points. Click on the link to the article I posted earlier. I think this cop was justified. Any thug can still be a threat even WITHOUT a weapon. I speak from personal experience.

                  • Like a “drop piece,” going to the hospital no matter how minor his injuries is a standard ploy for the killers with badges.

                  • Just wanna add that I took a self defence course at the range a few years ago. One of the drills was a scenario of being attacked by the sixty five year old instructor with a rubber knife from ten yards away. The class attendee was supposed to draw his unloaded gun, aim and fire at the pretend assailant.

                    Nobody was able to do this.

                    Some of the class attendees were LE, brushing up on their skills. We repeated the scenario several times from increasing distances, and the more experienced people were able to “stop” the assault when the “attacker” started from about fifteen yards away.

                    General point being taught was that the distance where you’re in danger is pretty big.

                    There’s a great Xena Warrior Princess episode where she’s in the future thru some goofy story line, and she’s using a grinder to sharpen her sword. As I recall, she had disabled an opponent, and tosses his pistol aside, remarking to Gabrielle, “These weapons are useless in hand to hand combat”.

                • BJ: All of the facts are not yet in, and those are in, are inconclusive at best. I would urge everyone not to rush to judgement. Accurate eyewitness testimony is always suspect even when they are telling the truth; or think they are; and even less likely when some of the “eyewitnesses” are also suspects in another crime.

                  There is no guarantee that the testimony provided by these other teens, including Brown’s accomplice in the store theft, is accurate.

                  The officer stated that he was attacked by Brown in his car, which triggered the shooting when Brown attempted to get his gun and this is why the officer shot him. The officer was subsequently treated at a local hospital and released.

                  An autopsy, crime scene re-enactment, logistical evidence, medical records, and any potential videos will be analysed by a JURY and a Federal inquiry by Holder is likely after all is said and done: particularly if the outcome does not support the rancor of those in the Black Community claiming “murder” and “character assassination”.

                  The truth is often different than claimed by either party and it is surprising to me that no phone videos have surfaced from by-standers to support the “murder” of young mister Brown.

                  Why Not? 🙁

                • He was a gooooood boy, just like Treyvon. He woodnt doin nuffin.

                • One glaring fact. The cop killing that thug made durn shure he don’t do dat no mo times! and the looters burning the store made sure they no longer have dat place to steal from.

                • What infuriates me is, whenever a person of color is killed by a white person, and there’s any hint of a questionable shoot, you can bet “reverend” sharpton will be packing his bags to arrive at the scene and spew hate. For the life of me, I can’t understand why mister sharpton isn’t in Chicago or Detroit, where the black-on-black homicides are off the chart. And where were the “reverends’ sharpton and jackson a year ago, when those three black teenagers were accused of fatally shooting a white Australian exchange student as he jogged down an Oklahoma street, allegedly because they were bored (one of the accused stated, “We were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody.”)?
                  IMO, the only church that the reverends sharpton and jackson belong to is the church of satan.

                  • chimp on chimp crime is rarely reported in MSM

                  • Eagle 71, Sharpton and Jackson are two of the most successful Black scammers in the US. They pursue their own agendas, which is to see how much money they can scam from anybody to go into their bank accounts, NOT to help black people. Black-on-black crime is the worst in the entire country, but Sharpton and Jackson never address that issue. Not even the NAACP is anywhere to be found when it comes to black-on-black crime but let it be WHITE on black, and all of a sudden, lo and behold, the NAACP, Sharpton, Jackson, the New Black Panther Party, etc. are out there raising hell and the MSM will give it front-page coverage for months to come.

                  • Because there is no money to be made on black on black crime. Only when the perceived perpetrator is white, that’s where the dollar signs are. Its a shake down, follow the “revruns” careers and you’ll see just that. I agree, the church of satan; where they worship at the altar of the dollar and pray to St. Trayvon, the negro patron saint.

                • he bez a Gootboy! Jez AKS’Iz he bestest Bro Spooolyhead waz da trute bez.

              • His “EGO”? Are you for real? Have you ever been punched in the face? Have you ever been knocked down? Now have you ever been punched by a 6’4″ 290lbs man? Now imagine that this “Good Guy”, this “Gentle Giant” were to knock this cop down or out and then he takes his firearm. Do you think that is only a threat to his ego. So for the blame the police first crowd, why don’t you give the cop the benefit of the doubt like you did the criminal that assaulted the cop and a store owner.

                • And the EBT system is short one.

                • And the EBT system is short one.

              • Why exactly are you purposely leaving out the part about Brown attacking the officer and trying to get his gun?

                Brown was on the path to murdering a cop and most likely someone else or several people ….

                The Zimmerman Excuse Squad always wants to forget about cute & little ole innocent Trayvon’s regular practice of bashing heads into concrete …

                Buy your “Brown is An Angel” t-shirt …. the family needs your quik buck ….

              • Brown was a bad kid, period. You can see the pictures taken beforehand of him, not some good person. This guy is a fat punk looking for a fight and a bully because of his size. The police officer was probably protecting himself. What is to be concerned here to ALL of us is law enforcement and how they treat each one of us regardless of race.

                Law enforcement MUST be given the right to protect themselves and the community. There are two problems that arise from something like this. Handicapping or handcuffing police officers so they have to walk on eggshells in fear of getting charged with police brutality. This can be even in war zones such as Chicago that police have to be over cautious in order to protect the innocence. Then you have the other equation in which police are given full braod range of being able to do whatever they please like SS or KGB agents. That is the fine line that must be drawn that police and other law enforcement MUST follow the Constitution and above all else be fair.

                Turmoil like this erupts because of past police unfairness to not just blacks, but all races. Remember the execution of those homeless people in New Mexico by police deciding to kill some vagrant? There are white people that all the time are unfairly tortured and tormented by police. Acountability must be held by those given the so called Authority to arrest, detain, and sometimes execute. The police are not the only ones in the future that could be killing people of any race under a martial law state. A total police state knows no color of skin, only that all people are a number. This is what everyone should be on alert for, especially with the collapse of the economy, war, a plague, EMP, whatever, for the day when the law enforcement become Gestapo.

                • One other thing. There are good law enforcement officers that have a conscience and they do want to protect everyone and get the criminal slime off the streets. Then you have the individuals that allow corruption and power to overwhelm them and they become your common slab of bacon. The ONLY objective of any law enforcement officer is to serve and protect the citizens and when they forget this, you have common thugs of the common regrime. This is what we all have to be very alarmed at that is becoming more common and widespread. When a cop has a bad day, the person(s) in their way suffer, and the cop is not held accountable.

                  • BI, good evening, and once again you are right on target. Excellent posts as always.

                  • RE: “There are good law enforcement officers”

                    Ha! That was funny. Got any more good ones?

                    I mean, when was the last time you read about a Serpico-type? … Crickets.

                    Don’t they All participate in the anti-Constitutional activity known as, Asset-Forfeiture?

                    Anyway, you can always tell a Lover of the empire by the way they defend the cops. … It’s disgusting.

                    LEO’s are Not, “peace-makers”.

                    Get that through your thick skulls. No way, no how, do they mean to protect you, or help you.

                    They are there to enslave you and demand compliance to the empire.

                    …Stockholm Syndrome, anyone?

                  • Right on the the money BI. As a former reporter from the old school we use to make sure of any facts before we spoke. That is not the case today and had it been 15 yeears ago the political landscape would be a whole lot different today had the media done its job.

                • The real truth is that black kids are shot and killed every day in America… other black kids.

                  No one talks about this. Every once in a great while, they get a chance to blame someone else. I am betting that it only happens about 1% of the time.

                • To me, the issue isn’t the cop vs. the thug anymore. It’s the curfews and tear gas being thrown at protestors who are not acting violently.

                  While the incident that sparked this may be questionable at best, the police response of throwing tear gas at peaceful protestors while practicing their first amendment rights, is not.

                  There is nothing that happened between the cop and the thug that makes a martial law-style crackdown okay.

                  • You also don’t respond to looting by standing down and watching it happen, either. The cops screwed that up as well.

              • God’s creation

                Thank you! Cops egos often get in the way of common sense, a uniform, badge and gun is not a shield from the real world. I seem to have pissed off a lot of people this week on other sites who think I was placing blame on the cop, when I was only placing blame on his ego driven approach to the whole situation.

                At the end of the day from what I’ve read the cop fired 8+ rds into this kid and that seems overkill to me. Granted it could have been heat of the moment, but 2 in the chest or back should have been more than enough.

                • So my lil bro is a highway patrol officer. He doesn’t have an ego so your stereotype doesn’t always fit the mold.
                  he is 5’8″ and 150 soaking wet. Know what they taught him in the academy, defend yourself long enough to draw your gun and shoot. I used to be part of the police brutality group until my brother became a hi-po. What changed? The fact that my brother wearing a uniform automatically puts a target on his back. Meaning, people don’t know him frm Adam but these thugs automatically want to shoot him despite not knowing anything else about him beside the badge.
                  What I find most funny about your ignorance is the fact that it has been made widely known the size difference and yet its the thug gangsta that gets the benefit of the doubt. Why? b/c some other thug gangsta says it went down like that?
                  Before you jump on the officer for using a gun against someone that is unarmed consider the circumstance. Put yourself in his shoes. He puts his life on the line everyday and is now under scrutiny b/c he had to make a decision without thinking. Before you start dogging the officer like you are, go tell his family your opinion that you would have rather him duke it out, knowing full well what the f***ing outcome would have been.

                  They are given a gun for a reason. I’m sorry you can’t f***ing accept that they might have to use it. Good grief I;m rambling but one other thing… where the HELL are you getting your information that you can even start to make educated opinions on this case?? The msm, that’s right, stfu.

                  • “my lil bro is a highway patrol officer. He doesn’t have an ego”

                    Yeesh, so he’s a robot?


                    You’re either incredibly naive,… or a retard.

                    He’s human.
                    Humans have egos. And, they can be inflated.
                    Just ask the guys who were in the SS.

                  • Wow little hero worship complex? He is a thief and probably a coward if he has to use his gun to protect himself in a fight.

                  • Kont

                    Without placing all my actual qualifications out on this site I will write what I’ve written many times before. The last 4 years of a career in the military was spent training people how to shoot and understanding situational awareness, four of the men I trained who worked for me became LEO’s, there attitude turned to shit, and utter fear and ego replaced everything else.

                    Cops are like everyone else, you or anyone can argue that point all you want, but it doesn’t change common sense when approaching a dangerous situation, so my point is don’t ever rely on your position in the community to protect you.

                    The only way to mitigate risk is to be smart, if you can’t think and plan you’re dead and ego only promotes over aggressiveness in a situation that requires intellect.

                    Oh and ever cop I trained + others I’ve known have to a man told me State trooper are asshole…something I already knew, sorry they’re the state arm of the IRS.

                    you don’t like it, pound sand

                  • These riots show the mentality of most blacks aka pavement apes. Whitey is guilty of whatever I think he is. ALL WHITEYS are equally guilty no matter what. The guy running out of the shoe store with an armload of shoes showed that. I don’t remember hearing anything about a shoe store owner being involved in this incident. If that was a franchised store or a mom & pop store, it was most likely put out of business.

                    MLK’s widow axed why the “good boy” had to rob the convienence store. He HAD to. He had no choice in the matter.

                  • hey your Brother CHOSE!!! to put his life on the line for a paycheck! nobody forced him or any other LEO to do this! So going in he (they) knows he’s going to be in dangerous situations, if he is not mentally capable of choosing to use a firearm and or lethal response then he’s got no business wearing a F-ing badge!!! Most of these cowardly punks that feel the need to wear a badge and impose their will on other people are pussies!!! These guys dont have the mental makeup to handle the situation correctly! and the Training inforces this fucked up thought (lack of) process. If this cop shot once and the guy turned around and ran away???? then the cop is NO LONGER IN EMINENT DANGER!!! in kommiefornia if I defended myself in the same manner I would be in prison for a long time! why would a cop be held to a different standard???? he shouldn’t!!! if the events are??? as the “witness” says? then this guy was executed!!!! plain and simple! this cop should swing for it! Just because you want your brother to go home every night? that doesn’t give him license to execute people to ensure he goes home nightly! Retard!

              • GC,

                Why do you refer to him as a kid? When you’re 18 years old, you are not a kid anymore. So, let me understand this, if an 18 year old kid came to your door and manhandled you, I am talking about a Big, tall, angry kid that just robbed a store and manhandled a frail old person, would you simply keep your gun locked up and try to talk to him? From what I’ve read on some of your posts, you want to eliminate the bottom feeders, cull the useless eaters, remember when you wrote that?

                You weren’t there, you do not have all the facts, you are passing judgement without knowledge.

                • Payback: Spoken like a true mall ninja who’s never been in fight outside the playground let alone been in the military. Tell me the truth you flabby little turd, you still live at home with momma don’t you. I’ll bet you still dress up like Superman for Halloween don’t you little boy.

                • Helot and Payback, I challenge either one of you to get in a fight with a black male, even if he’s unarmed, and then tell me what you think. Black males are very dangerous people even when sober and not having any weapon. Nobody necessarily needs to be armed with anything to be a threat to you. Bottom line is that BOY attacked the cop for no good reason and tried to get his gun. The cops had no other choice but to defend himself. While it’s tragic that someone had to die, the BOY brought it on himself. Had he avoided the fight, he would still be alive.

                  • my shit’s black or brown aint fearing it, im flushing it

                  • On the contrary, most black males are pussies , when it comes to a one-on-one fight. If more white men would stand up against them, instead of assuming that they are invincible fighting machines, a lot of these problems wouldn’t exist. If you fear the enemy, before the battle has even begun, you’ve already lost.

                • We are seeing and living thru the final results of the real true reason the NAACP was orig invented for. IE: Research proves that the orig founding members of the NAACP in 1909(? close if not exact) was done by 6 Russian bolehevik kommie jews, that came here to the usa to gain citizenship and invent, create, fund and RUN the entire NAACP org.

                  They also for good measure, and to hoax all the american whiteys, hired ONE actual Negroe Black man. After first they confirmed that black negroe was also a bonafied member of the CPUSA, aka commie party of the usa political party, still in existence today too!

                  They used that black kommie guy to be the “Go To Guy” every time any of the MSM media’s wanted to do an interview or ask questions of what the naacp was up to or doing etc. in other words they needed at least ONE black man as a “Front man” to make it look as if it is a totally black run opps org.

                  And kommie leftist marxist jews continued to run the entire NAACP Org up untill aprox mid to late 1980’s era, when finally it got “Leaked” out the naacp was in Fact a kommie and jew invented and Run Psy-Opps org.

                  Its main goals and by design was to subvert as many blacks in america as possible, to become as Militant minded, and as anti-whitey as possible. Which by constant use of propaganda methods designed by another kommie german jew bunch, IE: “The Frankfurt School of Marxisim” first created in 1920-30’s germany, then when jews expected to get the Boot Out, especially all Kommie/Bolshevik jews who had been Ruining germany for a long while already prior to 1930’s.

                  The franfurt marxist jews came to America also, like the prior naacp originating kommie jews did….Once the naacp jew leaders began to apply frankfurt marxist tactics to teach blacks to hate whites and hate the usa, and become as militant and deadly animalistic as possible…The naacp really took off!

                  But they, the naacp kommie jews discovered a slight Fly in the Ointment so to speak…They fast realized with so Many blacks in usa due to breeding faster than rabbits, it was near impossible to ever expect to teach and subvert so many blacks these pure marxist kommie methods and tactics….So, the naacp jew leadership decided upon a better system to get the job done and do so faster.

                  They switched gears and began to promote the vast bennifits of joining naacp to the many black preachers, or, “reverands” and “bishops” as most prefer to be called.

                  NAACP jew kommies figured that it was far faster and eaisier to subvert the pastors who seem to have a “Church” located in every inner city location and at close to every corner of every street in the black zones.

                  By teaching frankfurt marxist principals and hate whitey militancy to the pastors, they would in turn take that back to each “reverends” church, and begin to spew it to teach Their congrgation and soon masses of usa militant blacks would emerge unlike Anything america had seen prior related to blacks actions and whitey hatred in general…What started at “Knowing Their Place” when mixed in with majority whiteys, fast devolved into…”There goes the Neighborhood Folk’s”!

                  Fast FWD to Today’s usa, and you see just how devestating kommie talmudic based international jewry can be to a nation. And it is occureing in EVERY and ONLY in, every White nation globally today. Masses of militant negroe white haters, oblivious to the respective nation of choice or “target nation’s” Actual founding principals, culture of the vast majority of said nation(whites mostly) and uncareing about everything that made the western white nations such a huge success etc…

                  And the Most destructive method taught to militant negroes in usa and euro nations where we see hoards flooding in as imigration policies run amouk, has been no doubt the fact that along with hate for whites, violence galore, and overall Jungle mindedness that hovers just slightly above that of a Real animal-Ape or Baboon…

                  We see the kommie naacp jews greatest achievment has been to teach and convince 95+% of blacks everywheres they now exist, to Copy the exact same jew tactics of “Always act as if You are totally innocent VICTIMS!” always persecuted, every place you go or exist, yet you never, ever do ANYTHING wrong or evil to deserve such terrible victimization treatments from all them evil white devils!

                  Where has the world and especially here in america seen and heard That line prior?…oh yeah! from incessant Howels, whiney crys, constantly telling us all how the worlds greatest and Only Victims which ever matter are…jewry as a whole! “oyVey! Vy Us? always Vy us so persecuted and always for zero good reasons! Since we jews never ever does ANY wrongs!”

                  Indeed the Inventors and rulers of the original Bolshevik kommie systems first written by Marx in 1848, then after THREE trys at a revolution(1899-1905-1918) the third attempt was a success for the kommie soviet jews who caused the worlds worst ever mass genocidal extermination killings, of which most folks are not aware of their involvement even Today!…But actual true historic events proves 100% un-refutably that yes in EVERY soviet agenda, agency, political group, Govnt. leadership, Rulers of it, profiteers from it all, and the Mass murdering killer squads themselves consisted of at least 90% or more of jews heading the entire soviet ussr…

                  Then they came to america! And set up their other inventions of NAACP-ACLU-FemNazis Movnt-Govnt worker unions leaders-and most every fed state agency today.

                  Their combo of todays mass controls of all we call culture-fed govnt-schools-TV!!-Hollywood(mass propaganda in cahoots with CIA and State dept galore) WhiteHouse and usa state dept plus every LEO-Cop’s agency we have nationwide Today, which are Fast being Trained BY israeli IDF(Military) and israel’s MOSSAD agency, which is famous for their State Motto of “thru Deception you shall cause WARS!”(deception=LIES! Wars thru Lies by jewry).

                  About All these militant kommie jews and blacks have not done yet is to cause full blown Bolshevik WAR against White Americans…Just you wait folks! it is comming and will be far worse than even 1918 russia was…International jewry talmudics cannot get total JWO global rulership and ownership of entire world, and enslave ALL non jew Goyims as their Talmudic zio plans entail, untill their biggest Obstacle is removed first…That being White folks of America and ALl western nations globally…

                  Any who doubt these facts can simply research founding of NAACP etc…OR just Look at which nations out of over 200 countries worldwide, that are enduring the current ongoing Mass Immigrations of NON whites, that Today threaten to Soon overtake the founding Whites of each country and Replace them as a majority with Blacks, Arabs, Browns, and jew rulership in every one.

                  Have You seen any such immigration policy’s happening in China? Japan? Korea north Or south?…How about Hoards flooding into Africa or Mexico?….Maybe south america countries?… ISRAEL!..NOPE! You have NOT seen any such immigrations occure in Any nations…BUT for the white ones gloabally…Hmmmmm…Why’s that?

                  Didn’t kommie leftists keep telling everybody that the main solution to worlds problems IS Vast floods of Immigration by NON whites?…Yes they have spewed it non stop 40+ yrs now….so if such a great solution to worlds many Ill’s?….Why don’t it apply to them Other 170 nations like the few I named here? Do those nations Not have vast problems today? Yes of course they do. So where is all the vast immigrant black, brown and arab hoards flooding into them other countries so the entire world can finally get “Fixed” of these vast problems as lib kommie marxist and every us congress & senate jew constantly tell us of?

                  Are you getting it yet?…Why Not? Whitey Guilt? Stuck in Denial, like quite a few folks here seem to always remain?

                  Or simply Fear use or mention of that Forbidden “Taboo” word that begins with a “J” and a “Z+J”? get Over it and wake up americans…You won’t have a choice to awaken or not once real bolshevisim starts to rear its evil Fangs upon You and your kiddies eh!

                  • Did you salute your picture of Hitler today?

                  • wholly shit who the fuck let you back in you POS
                    you can even get the history of the NAACP right

                    but hey i guess any one who gets his news from the anti Semite daily news cant be expected to tell the truth once in a while

                    and before you start unloading your usual line of crap about me being a commie Jew ass hole guess again.

                    so Seig Heil you POS

                  • Wow ! What a bunch of Aryan Nation, Skin head horseshit. Did you learn that in prison. It belongs on the HBO series OZ not here.

                • SOAS,

                  The use of “kid” was in parenthesis, indicating that the MSM refers to him that way.

                  “””From what I’ve read on some of your posts, you want to eliminate the bottom feeders, cull the useless eaters, remember when you wrote that? “””

                  I have no idea what you are talking about with that comment. I have never made such a statement, unless it was possibly stating the intent of others or in sarcasm. Since you failed to see the quotes around “kid”, and grasp the meaning. I will assume you have misread many other posts by myself and others.

                  I also said I was not there and do not know ALL the facts. I have also said we will NEVER know the facts.

                  If the guy was unarmed AND shot in the back, it was murder. They knew who he was, and they know where he sleeps. He could have been picked up at any time, without risk to the officers.

                  Maybe they were afraid they would SWAT the wrong house or something. Maybe nothing is as it seems and NOBODY is right about anything.

              • I agree with that last part: I don’t care, either!!

              • was the “gentle giant” armed when he ran at the cop..?

                ok, lets step back for a moment and ask is a boxer armed when he is NOT in the boxing ring boxing..?

                most jurisdictions say YES.. a boxers fists are deadly weapons..

                so, back to the black thug who had just beaten this cop in his car and just earlier done a strong arm robbery of a shop..
                would you consider him to be armed..? when he is running at you waving his arms..?
                I know I would and if I was in the cops place I would have shot the crap out of the thug, too..

              • If you go after a cop’s gun thinking your a bad ass hood thug, expect to get shot, clubbed, tasered, pepper sprayed or a combination of the preceding. You don’t have to be armed to be a physical threat to another person’s life.

            • He shoved the store owner into a display rack and then turned around to again get physical before leaving the store with the box of cigars.

              That’s not ‘shoplifting’. It is :

              1.) Robbery with Violence
              2.) Assault
              3.) Threatening or Menacing

              His partner, Dorian, seems to be guilty of theft, also.

              Now add in what happened after leaving the store, you have two thugs who were looking at some serious felony convictions, including assaulting a police officer, before the shots were fired.

            • Thank you for your comment, it always disturbs me to see prepping sites like infowars point articles to cause resenment and stir up emotions against our own people. anyone who is not a rothschild is one of us, and these sites through trolling and articles to much injustice the way they instigate hate towards the poor, be they black, mexican,or people on foodstamps. as I recall from the bible Jesus praises all the poor and condemns the money changers, these sites often condem the blacks, mexicans, and food stamp recipients, and sadly many commentator’s hatred of the money changers is confused with hatred for our own people, be they black or mexican, or single welfare moms, they are our people and to stoke hate against them is only of the rothschilds and their devil followers, hate banks not people, I hope those who take the time to read this see that our prep sites are controlled opposition to channel our hatred in controllable avenues like against “obummer” or against blacks, mexican,s or the poor in general, when I know that every person on this site knows its not these people but the puppet masters who are the banks

              unite and fight!

              • Anyone who relies on anything from INFOWARS to make a judgement as to truth or fiction is a fool.

              • JIA=B

                If one will not work, neither let him eat.

                Now, WHERE did I hear that?

                Blacks hate you as much as they hate me. Get used to it. You’ll live longer.

              • dead porch monkey cant kill honkeys

                • After these negroes loot,burn, destroy, and riot, they will wonder why they are living in a ghetto. They will cry racisim that whites dont want them in their neighborhoods…and have no clue as to why.
                  It dont be da racisim, is bees the brothas and sistas genetic propensity for crime and destruction, that makes the productive white elements leave.

                  • In Response to “Slick Ones” comment:

                    Bravo! I could not have phrased it any better……….genetic propensity means thousands of years of human behavior that has remained virtually unchanged, unproductive, unresponsive to the realities of what’s required to be successfully integrated into the world’s most most economically opportunistic society………..a country where people swim, tunnel, hide in shipping containers, and risk death daily to immigrate to. I know dozens of people from places like Vietnam who entered America (recent times) and built businesses from nothing. Their children studied hard and graduated “with honors” in a foreign language (not native speaking English. African-Americans have been here 400 years and have have maintained the “hand-out” mentality. Many are hardworking and do succeed, but notice in times of turmoil, looting, mass rioting, and angry behavior emerges instantly in some.

                    I feel, at times, I’m back in the 1960’s watching the Chicago,L.A., and Birmingham riots. For many, the hatred and anger will never end…………….. I feel sorry for my country as I’m an ex-soldier of many years.

            • It’s Robbery B and a class B felony in Missouri. The “surrender” story cam from his accomplice and a convicted felon.

              • Actually, there was another witness confirming that he had surrendered and had his hands up when the cop fired. Also, I read another article that said the cop may have been black, too, but I’m not sure how reliable that info is.

            • I imagine the officer, who made what he saw as a routine pedestrian stop, was overwhelmed by a suspect who was well of the felony robbery (not theft) he had just committed. The suspect likely thought the officer was aware of it too making the suspect very motivated to get away to avoid prison. The officer was likely caught off guard by the aggressive posture of the suspect, giving the suspect a tactical edge to escape or fight. Either that or during the stop the suspect was trying to act calm when the robbery may have been broadcast. The suspect heard it and he became immediately combative, assaulting the officer in an attempt to overwhelm the officer. And, just as likely, the possibility the officer overreacted in an abuse of his power, but we will not know that until the investigations are complete.

              • u use words good

            • “he tried to surrender”

              Did you see it?

          • “Michael was a good, sweet, kind-hearted boy. He’d give you the shirt off his back. He never hurt nobody, ever. He was the perfect son.” — The Baby’s Momma

            • Yeah he will give you the shirt right off of somebody else’s back.

            • He a guud boy, he ain’t don nufin. An da up a shoots em

            • When the story first broke and everyone here started “choosing sides”, with the anti-government, anti-cop crowd attacking the officer for police brutality and the militarization of the police, I said that all parties should be considered “innocent until proven guilty”.

              The truth will eventually come out. This info is helpful. This guy is huge and if he struck a police officer and tried to get his gun as claimed, I would have shot him too, had I been the cop.

              Our Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they penned our Founding Documents. The US Constitution is our most potent weapon if we will use it and insist that everyone within our Borders do as well; including POTUS.

              Engage your employees or be disenfranchised by them, one rule, regulation, or Executive Order at a time. 🙂

            • ……as her attorney sits by her side, licking his lips, counting the taxpayers funds that will be filtered through momma into his pockets.

              With the truth making the light of day today about “little mikey” the attorney’s job just may turn out to be a little more difficult than he anticipated.

              • Other than looking for a payday, why would his momma lawyer up? She hasn’t been accused of anything.

            • Sounds just like Saint Trayvon and all the other Obama boys.

            • Brave
              I don’t believe for one second this kid was a good boy, but this cop went into Indian Territory and approached the situation believing his badge and gun meant something (think Custer’s last stand) to many cops look for confrontation and the proof is in the amount of police misconduct we rail about on this site and others.

              The thug was wrong but the cop put himself in a compromising position when he pulled up to close to what should have been obvious danger. Anyone within ten feet is a threat and the cop should have known that and acted accordingly.

              I feel sorry for neither, but this could and should have been avoided with proper procedure.

              • Y99, I know you mean well and I always enjoy your posts, so maybe we just have to agree to disagree on this one. He may have had a call to go into “Indian Territory” for all anyone knows. I don’t know IF he violated his dept.’s procedures, but it is what it is. As I said earlier, if I can find a video of the incident to prove the article wrong, I’ll change my position. I know how to play fair. I’m not so sure it could have been avoided. We may never get the real story.

                • Brave

                  I agree, and all should understand I’m not for one second supporting this thug. My only point in this is the cop regardless of his position placed himself in a bad position and now we have what we have.

                  We are in the midst of war in this country and every action good or bad with a gun places people like us in danger. We must be smart, even cops in a bad neighborhood have to have the intelligence to cross the street to gain an edge, just like the rest of us.

              • “…the cop put himself in a compromising position when he pulled up to close to what should have been obvious danger.”

                Absolutely. If I was a cop and much smaller than my suspect, Or he was known to be violent/dangerous, I’D CALL FOR BACKUP BEFORE CONFRONTING THAT SUSPECT.

                This kid had not killed or seriously injured anyone at that point, but was SUSPECTED of taking about $50 worth of merchandize by intimidation.

                Because the officer (may have) thought his badge meant something, he turned it into a loss of a life…even if it wasn’t a good life lost.

                Had he waited for backup, he may have temporarily lost the SUSPECT.

                He might also have apprehended a robbery SUSPECT without loss of life, with backup.

                Had the SUSPECT got away, they’d INEVITABLY FIND HIM AGAIN. There would be a “next time”. The video evidence would still be there to convict him. He just would’ve lived to go to jail on another day.

                Now look at the mess we have. Was a box of cigarillos worth this?

                • We’ve come to a time when 100% of every single infraction must be rooted out and punished, NO MATTER THE COST.

                  If we have to kill 3 people to bring a shoplifter to justice, we do it.

                  If we have to lob a flash-bang grenade into a child’s crib to apprehend an ALLEGED drug dealer, so be it.

                  If we have to kill an entire family because their son failed to show up for court, that’s their problem.

                  SEVERE COLLATERAL DAMAGE IS ACCEPTABLE…no matter how small the original infraction, IT MUST BE PUNISHED. No infraction is too small to pursue with violence.

                  I ask you all — IS THAT REALLY WHAT A “JUSTICE SYSTEM” IS?

            • Expected better of you.

            • Shuck young brothas need to learn that if you attack someone,(Ala Trayvon),that you will be injured or killed.
              The inner chimp must be mastered, a smaller brain, and underdeveloped frontal lobes are not conducive to an orderly society.

            • The sad truth is that the death of this young man will save another victimized family crying later. Ultimately, had this young man not committed his robbery in broad daylight himself, police would have never even stopped him for whatever reason. Each of us ultimately must think before we act because there is cosmic Karma.

          • And this POS 18 YO Brown is 6’4″ Tall and 290 Lbs. and Obama calls him a good kid. The facts about Brown jacking some Swisher Sweet / cigarillows should shut these Nigs up in Ferguson.

            And they protest a Cop killing a thief jacking thug, so they riot and steal more and burn more store buildings down. The Majority of Nigs are savages that do not respect anything. See the Video of Brown pushing the store owner and using intimidation with his body size to jack a store. The Cop did the world a favor. I’m sure the MSM will start posting BABY Photos of Brown. Then these Nigs protest “Well did he deserve to die over some Cigars? Fuck Yeah. You steal You die.

            This too does help bring out the Militarization of today’s Police force. That crap is way out of control also.

            • I green thumbed you, BUT I don’t believe anyone should die without a trial for $50 in merchandise.

              • And I don’t believe that some gorilla sized, blue gum, knuckle draggin , Alabama porch monkey ape looking piece of shit should get away with attempting to disarm a cop.

          • Yeah, the guy was a thug– however, what happened was an execution by cops.

            • Chance you take when you do the thug life. They know it and had he got the cops gun most likely he would have shot him. An entire generation of young blacks have been lost to society and how we will cope with and pay the costs for that is a serious question. Add in the millions of gang bangers from South of the border and we are in serious doo-doo.

              • ive lot of friends that are not white so? I know when chips are down they HAVE TO GO THEIR WAY no god no evolution is what it is
                keep it tight aim right live thru the night

            • No dumbass, they were simply taking out the trash. One less vote for the liberal party though. Aw shucks.

            • So what your saying is that its ok to attempt to kill someone but not be killed in return.
              Thank you for clearing that up for us.

            • Anonymous, what happened was an act of self-defense on the part of the cop. What would you have done if YOU had been in that cop’s shoes? Let the thug have his own way with you? I would’ve done the same thing had I been that cop, regardless of whether Brown had a weapon or not. Black males are very dangerous people even when sober. I’ve seen what they can do to someone just with their bare fists. They don’t necessarily need any weapons unless their intention is to kill. Anyone who attacks the concept of self-defense against evildoers WILl get a mouthful from braveheart. You can go to the bank on that!

              • The problem is ANYTIME anybody tries to post a response to you that isn’t a slobbering love fest, mac slavo censors it. Than the really funny part is he’ll post an occasional article that RAILS against censorship but he reserves the right to practice it when HE pleases, typical hypocrisy.

                • Anonymous, that’s not true and you know it so stop lying. Mac Slavo NEVER practices censorship. You want censorship, go to any MSM site you want and you’ll find it. Go in particular. They’re so far to the left they’ll censor you faster than anyone else out there. I should know. I’ve been through it.

                  • Barfheart, I’m SURE that good ole’ macky boy has told you in private email forum what goes on. I’ve had WAY to many responses to you deleted and he has admitted to doing it right here in this site.

                • Censorship is a government action against free expression. As the owner of the website, Mac can publish and delete ANY posts that he wants! Owners and admins of private websites have a right to save and delete posts; it has NOTHING to do with censorship (unless the feds or the local LEO paid him a visit and roughed him up, confiscated his servers and erased his hard disks)!

              • im a bad ass white boy color don’t count peeps is peeps used to box in in the us army you hit any hard enuff they go down don’t be a color pussy RB

                • plz excuse lack of punctuation cats are happy to see me

                • t-Zulu, I’ll try to be civil and explain my position as best as I can. There’s some GOOD QUALITY black people that usually get called “Uncle Toms” or “Sellouts” that I associate with and I’ll take them any day over the losers that were rioting and so forth in Ferguson, MO. That bunch was already under the influence of the NAACP which had long before brainwashed them with the entitlement mentality, hated toward whites, etc. etc. I work in a company with an 80% black workforce. 80%! That is a clear majority in anyone’s book, so anyone there who cries discrimination is simply trying to pull a scam. There is no way black people can HONESTLY say discrimination is this day and age, NOT WITH ALL OF THE SPECIAL TREATMENT THEY ALREADY GET FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SUCH AS QUOTAS, SETASIDES, ACCESS TO PROGRAMS FUNDED BY WORKING PEOPLE’S TAX DOLLARS, ETC. NOT TO MENTION THAT ONLY MINORITY AND WHITE FEMALE CONTRACTORS CAN BID ON GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS. WHITE MALE CONTRACTORS CAN FORGET ABOUT ANY GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS, PERIOD. THIS RACE-BASED FAVORITISM IS THE BIGGEST THING THAT KEEPS BLACK AND WHITE DIVIDED. OH, AND SO I DON’T FORGET, THERE IS THE EEOC, AN ALL-BLACK FEDERAL AGENCY WHICH MAKES SURE THAT ALL EMPLOYERS ARE STILL DISCRIMINATING AGAINST WHITE MALES AND IS ALWAYS OUT TO HURT WHITE PEOPLE ANY WAY THEY CAN. I would love to see all of the problems between black and white go away, but considering the current state of affairs, I’m not sure if it could ever be achieved. t-Zulu, I never go looking for trouble with anyone, but if I’m attacked, AND I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE COLOR OR GENDER OF THE ATTACKER, I WILL ACT IN MY OWN SELF-DEFENSE AND THAT IS MY RIGHT. I’ve never been in any fight with any black people and I hope it never happens, but I won’t shy away from it if a gangbanger threatens me. Take care.

                  • right on RB, that’s what I was trying to say, I will defend me and mine with Xtreme judicious prejudice, I wasn’t intending a slam of your words, im just sick of whites having what seems an innate fear of the black man. Problems between races will go away when the lame stream media and politic general stop causing the divisions. peace be with you RB

        • the main thing i want to know is did Michael Brown get shoot multiple time while fighting the cop next to the police car or did he get shot 20-30 feet away from the cop car while trying to surrender. going by the report he was shoot atleast once near the cop car.

          my take on the situation is this. if he got shot multiple times next to the cop car while fighting the cop and stumbled off and died then that is what he gets. but if he got shot once next the cop car while fighting the cop then tries to run but turns around to surrender with his hands up 20-30 feet away from the cop and get shoot multiple times by the cop and a killed then that is a totally to story.

          i don’t care about the race or the background of Michael Brown. but i do care if the police can get away with killing a unarmed man trying to surrender.

          • and on a side note: i have to commend the moderators and the community here on i consider the site one of the best alternative media on the internet, because the articles are very informative and the community is respectful of most people in general.

            i have been to other alternative media sites that when something of this nature happens the community turns into a bunch of racist red necks.

            again thanks for posting the very informative articles, and keep up the good work.

            • And NOT one thing about Eboli on MSM… LOL Like I said that was last weeks Bucket of Fear. Nothing like a good Ol’ Fashion Race Riot to distract the populace. This really Opens up the discussion how Blacks Behave. Al Sharpton just said, that Cigar theft has nothing to do with the shooting. Like as if to say it is “A-OK to steal.” No Big Deal… He does not even say that stealing was wrong. Sharpton is a Race Baiting Shakedown artist like Jesse Jackson, who would go to Corporations and extort money to avoid public boycotts and protests. Get your preps ready Folks, FOOD, GAS, GUNS and LOTS AND LOTS OF AMMO!

              • So what about Prosecuting the Rioters for Burning Down the Town and looting and more theft and stealing?? There has to be tons of Video of the LOOTERS FACES on video of them stealing. Half the Nigs in Ferguson should be put in Jail. The MSM fails to say anything about that.

            • Omega

              Well said on all counts.

              • Sadly what I see on this thread is a lot of moral equivalence. There is nothing good about this incidence for any of us, every violet incident like this only helps to restrict our rights. Cops are not always right and thugs are never right, but we as people are left to sift through what the media feeds us and none of it is good.

                I respected cops as a kid, I remember Officer Fitzgerald who followed our School bus during the Zodiac killer threat, but cops now are not our friends as I’ve read on many a post on this site. I contend they make their job harder than it is threw arrogance and poor training, you don’t like it HOOAH.

          • So, was he trying to surrender, or was he trying to flee? Can’t have both.

            Suddenly stopping and turning around after a shot is fired, certainly could be a very ambiguous action. Peaceful surrender is only one possibility.

          • Cops and even armed civilians have either a job or some kind of obligation in my book to help protect the unarmed & helpless civies out there ….

            The cops can’t just let these enraged – rampaging – dangerous – threatening type animals go on their merry way because they are unarmed and holding their hands up while escaping ….

            You ready for this hulking beast to beat a helpless woman while carjacking her car down the road …. hold a family hostage after he invades a home for sanctuary …. or goes around the corner to the gun he stashed …

            Good job officer – you saved your own life and most likely somebody else – this Brown guy was just a ticking bomb

        • This is why I always say don’t make jump decisions during an incident. Get all the facts and make a rational decision. If you can be manipulated by tidbits and snippets of half truths by the MSM then you are playing into their hands. News has the greatest margin of prophets on TV. No actors, no sets to build, no special effects to woooo an audience….. And conflict sells news.

          Remember, if you fly off the handle every time, then you are nothing more than a torpedo. A weapon that flies towards its target and destroys itself and it’s target. A win win for the powers that be. There was another shooting in LA last week and there is supposed to be massive demonstrations in LA on Sunday. Let’s wait and see.

          Keep your powder dry,

          • JJsan, check out the article I posted a link for above. Since I find no evidence to the contrary, I’m siding with this officer. Looks like legitimate self-defense to me.

            • Dear, the renegade braveheart, why does it appear that you lick the boot?

              A man with body armor, with a military weapon and a squad of back-up, is in self-defense mode to a twirp running away?

              How is that self-defense?

              What’s your fricking definition of, “legitimate self-defense”?

              • Helot, the story about him trying to surrender is total BS that came from his partner, another thug, and the MSM accepted it as gospel and out it out there. Show me a video to prove Brown was trying to surrender and it’s possible I could change my mind. I do know how to be fair despite what the trolls think of me. If I’m mistaken, PROVE IT TO ME IF YOU CAN. That’s all I ask.

                • Helot, BTW, I NEVER lick anyone’s boot, regardless of where they come from. Prove me wrong about Brown and I’ll take my hat off to you.

                  • He probably would try but mac slavo would censor his post.

            • MORON!

          • You can be sure that when the “victim” is portrayed as a saint, he/she is pretty much the opposite. I’m not a cop lover by any stretch of the imagination, but this “kid” was obviously a predator and thug. He would have died in this fashion soon anyway, or ended up in prison after he had brutalized SOMEBODY. “Saint Michael” didn’t look like the type to be doing HVAC service for the next 40 years.

            • Anonymous, why don’t you get off that? You sound like a little kid. And no, I’ve never emailed Mac about anything in the 2 years I’ve been coming to this site. Believe whatever you like. I live in the real world and know what I’m talking about.

        • Think you will find far more here who agree than not,,

        • Americans should go Riot and Burn whole sections of Blacky Town down. Clean your town out of the scum.

          • B52’s loaded with napalm bombs to roast out that ghetto scum are more efficent.

        • Do you mean obama, holder, al sharpton?
          How about the adl, spls or aipac?
          No…….. I think you just mean white people need the rope.
          Thanks for clearing that up for us.

          • What the hell are you talking about?

        • May be coming to us white’s soon.

        • Now, Nathan, what do you think ran through Mikeys and his accomplices heads when the cop stopped them.

          Suppose they thought he KNEW about the robbery Mikey had just pulled off. If that was so, think Mikey might have had flashes of JAIL running through his mind? Might cause a thug to decide it was going to be either his freedom or the demise of the cop.

          I am not in favor of the “police state” that is looming in America any more than anyone on this blog; however with all the bullshit and lies surrounding this particular incident we need to weigh all the facts before we decide what happened.

          But, by all means, keep burning and looting your own neighborhoods. Shows the rest of us just how damned intelligent you truly are!

        • The cop may have received word on his police scanner about the robbery in this neighborhood and was keeping an eye out for two guys who fit the description.

        • This needs to be taken down. You are inciting hatred with or without your disclaimer. If the images of the gun brandishing moron were in fact Mike Brown it would be pertinent to displaying his character. How ever they are not confirmed there for Unnecessary. Many children have shoplifted in their youth. Including myself and many more reading this. Should we have been shot over that alone? I wised raised in Ferguson MO. A few blocks away from where this young man was killed, and I can state to the fact that it is not uncommon for the police department to act with excessive force. While we do not have all of the facts of what took place during the actual spotting, I myself have witnessed and been a victim of these actions. Fortunately my family moved away from the area many years ago. I have visited friends in the area many times since then. From my observation the tyranny of the local pd has increased as the area has declined. That doesnot justify acts of violence, looting, or rooting. But itdoes justify the anger of the community as a hole. I am a 32 year old white male.

      2. It doesn’t even matter anymore what kind of person he is or what he did or didn’t do. We all know this nation has been on the edge for sometime. All that the “powers the be” needed was an excuse; a spark to foment.

        This will blow up so fast that no one will remember what he or the police did. This will sweep the nation as the CIC plays golf so that the violence has a chance to spread.

        Later when the nation is in chaos, elections will be suspended and O will keep his thrown. No one will remember his hand in taking down this nation as he steps up to quell the destruction and become the great savior.

        Wake up folks. Stay safe.

        • Nah, the people of this once great nation will just shrug it off in a few more days. Just like cows that run a few feet when one of them is killed by a predator, they will soon return right back to eating the grass and chewing the cud. Too stupid to know any better.

          • @Gonetoolong

            I think cows might have more intelligence then most “humans” these days.

          • Gonetoolong,

            You have nailed it. Nothing except maybe canceling the NFL season can get the attention of the US citizenry. Mush heads all.

        • You’re full of it.

          • When I see a post with 30 plus red thumbs and 1 green, I just have to peek!

            • Yes, just to see how stupid of a comment it must be…. 😉

        • I believe Ocommie is returning to Washington Sunday to issue an executive order to provide Amnesty for the “children” illegally crossing the boarded. Add this to the ongoing shit in Ferguson should provide a large enough push start his lockdown of America elimination of the patriots. Might want to use the weekend to check and double check your preps.

          • “check your preps” or do you mean lock and load?

          • I’ve heard he will wait until after Labor Day for his amnesty announcement, but this Ferguson crap could be used as cover for doing it now.

          • I’m not disagreeing with you, however let me present another scenario.

            Obozo is returning to Washington to play his bit part in the off, off, off Broadway CIA directed farce titled “Western Nations Escalate War of Lies with Russia over the Ukraine Invasion”, after Ukraine artillery supposedly “destroyed” a Russian armoured column last night.

            While the action has been widely reported in the press today, there is an unsurprising dearth of photographic evidence to support the story, even though there were reports late yesterday from a supposed journalist who witnessed the Russian column crossing the border into Ukraine over some back road.

            Russia has denied the story as “fantasy”.

            I would think that if the story were true, it would have been accompanied by pictures of smoking and/or burning Russian APC’s and dead bodies in Russian uniforms.

            Who in their right would believe that the PM of Ukraine would miss a propaganda coup over Russia, amid all of the rhetoric that has gone back and forth over the previous month, by not providing photo’s of their “victory”, if they existed.

            Of coarse no one has accused the CIA of being able to come with a consistent, believable plot for their farces lately.

            Should either your scenario or mine play out, no one wins, especially we mundanes.

            • Your right about one thing guaranteed, no matter what is happening the LSM and government will lie to the sheeple and it will most surely move the police state forward to complete control. Not sure if anything will open the eyes of the sheeple. Looks like most will be content in their servitude. Give ‘um some beer, a joint and Kardashy’s ass to look at and their happy as pigs in shit.

            • Well, the Ukraine thing has taken a most interesting twist! It appears that the Ukes may rained down “friendly fire” their own armored column!

              This poses a couple of interesting questions. Is The Guardian reporter more than just a journalist? What would a Ukrainian armored column be doing crossing the border BACK into Ukraine?

              Whomever in the CIA is running this clusterfuck really needs to go back to spy school. Of coarse it’s probably an Obozo appointee, so is it any wonder that the op is going south?

              Story on ZH: http://www zerohedge com/news/2014-08-15/did-ukraine-attack-its-own-tanks-white-house-cant-confirm-russian-convoy-was-destroy

              (insert dots in the spaces)

          • @maddog, navyvet: I thought Obozo
            was returning to D.C. cuz he has
            a hot date with Reggie Love

      3. Silly Negro’s

        • We don’t care how bad these thugs are, it’s the cops we hate. Trekker Out.

          • Here’s why:

            A boy was sentenced Friday to 23 years for a burglary in 2012 during which he shot a retired police dog, the Sun-Sentinel reports. At age 16, Ivins Rosier confessed to breaking into the home of Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Robert Boody in West Palm Beach and shooting the 5-year-old German Shepherd, when a detective equated the dog’s death to the “murder of a law enforcement officer”. Rosier’s attorney wanted his client sentenced as a juvenile with a maximum sentence of 6 years.
            “I believe this to be sadistic to do this to a child,” said Rosier’s attorney. Ultimately, Rosier’s sentence resulted from convictions on three felony counts: cruelty to animals with a firearm, burglary of a dwelling with a firearm, and shooting into a building.
            “A gun in a 16-year-old’s hand can do equally the damage as a gun in an adult’s hand,” said the prosecuting attorney. “He’s not a child.”
            Trooper Boody cried when testifying how his dog was crippled by gunshot.

            TORONTO – A police officer who shot a man’s dog in the head while conducting an investigation has been cleared in the incident. A confrontation with police just after the dog’s death was captured in an emotional YouTube video by dog owner Sean Kendall, visibly upset by the loss of his pet. “I got a phone call from Utah Animal Control telling me an officer had shot and killed my dog,” Kendall said in the June 18 video. “Why was he inside my backyard in a fenced-off area?”
            The Salt Lake City Police Department’s internal review “found the subject officer reasonably believed that deadly force was necessary to prevent death or serious bodily injury to himself from a dangerous animal,” in a statement released August 1.
            – When police are allowed to be judge, jury, and executioner it’s no surprise a cop can get away with trespass, discharging a firearm in a residential area, endangering the community, and animal cruelty.

            • Can you say Qualified Immunity? Or is it Prosecutorial Discretion? Or Both? Then they wonder why so many of the populace don’t trust the badged men in blue.

            • I’m not a cop but I fear vicious dogs and stay away from them but if dog get close to me I too become defensive and I might kill the dog. To me an animal is an animal and their rights does not precede that of human rights. To you animal lovers who considers their dogs their family…humans comes first before a dog remember that.

              • Anybody with half a brain should fear an aggressive dog. But going to the wrong address or wrong backyard and killing an animal is a whole different matter. Yea Im an animal lover and proud of it.

              • You are an idiot and a coward. Look out behind you it’s a vicious Yorkie!!

            • the cops seem to be doing everything they can
              to turn the public against them

              they’re shooting themselves in the foot

              double tapping us in the head

              and then killing our pets just for grins and giggles

            • I’ve heard anti-gun pansies shrieking that cruelty to animals was just practice for committing cruelty to humans. Hmmmmmm ?

            • I really really hope a cop never shoots my dog.

            • I have always thought that rap music was shit. A couple of weeks ago a video was put up, I believe here, with a rapper doing “Here’s what happens when you call the cops”, Can’t get it out of my head”.

          • I must stop being sarcastic, it seems to leave a bad impression. Trekker Out.

      4. This is the pic I posted yesterday. Here we go people, let spin begin from the LSM and government. Better start fighting.

        • Thanks maddog 🙂

          • Anytime Mac, just always looking for the truth and something just smelled bad about I cop just shooting a “good boy” for no reason. Love the follow up video. Can’t wait to see how Al Sharptongue spins this “racism”.

            • If this was a bad shoot, then it is a bad shoot. As much as we all want to see this sort of bully, thug dealt with, a cop cannot just shoot whoever the hell he wants when he is in the mood. Judge Dredd was a movie character. By all accounts thus far, this thug was shot in the back and then finished off with his hands in the air. Need more info, but this looks like abuse of power so far.

              • The lies from the MSM need to stop and the police need to stop acting like an invading military force. However I don’t think either will happen and events like this will continue to escalate into a civil war. Which is what I believe the government has been preparing for.

                • 2.3 BILLION rounds of ammo say that you may be on to something.

                  • Navy vets think alike.

                  • Navy Vet says:
                    Comment ID: 3205485
                    August 15, 2014 at 3:42 pm 2.3 BILLION rounds of ammo say that you may be on to something.

                    So when is the government going to use that 2.3 billion rounds on the rioting ghetto scum?

              • Gonetoolong, click on the link for the article I posted above. the account of the boy trying to surrender is an MSM fabrication. I think the cops is justified since I haven’t found a video of the incident that could prove otherwise.

              • At least that is what his accomplice said……

                • I would like to know why the accomplice hasn’t been arrested for the robbery!

                  • As always, in moderation.

            • Now I understand—because he was possibly a criminal, he deserved to be choked and executed on the spot.

              What about the hundreds of clearly innocent people executed on the spot? …slow-moving seniors? …kids with toy guns? …babies in their cribs?

              This incident is NOT about one criminal. It is about TYRANNY.

              • If he was a threat to the officer…… Hands in the air is not proof that he wasn’t a threat. A guy as big as that is a threat whenever he’s within 20 feet. The officer would have been telling him to get on the ground, and if he wasn’t complying, after already assaulting the officer once, what’s the officer gonna do.

                I’m waiting with bated breath to see the toxicology report on this thug. Can you say bath salts little people? Cops in those neighborhoods have to deal with hopped-up perps day in and day out. Gotta assume the worst when you come up against a guy who assaults you inside your own effing cruiser.

            • Al Sharp is the ultimate racist.

          • Yep a photo worth re-posting to the entire world. Another Trevon Martin skittle photo packing a gun.

      5. He’s a good kid, most of the time.

        • He just had bad friends.

        • at least he got “rehabilitated”.

      6. Poon Tang called this one, good call dude…

        • We never know who or what to mess with, Mr. Brown could have been a great guy, or a real shithead, but always watch who you mess with especially these….

          THE COWBOY

          A cowboy appeared before St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. ‘Have you ever done anything of particular merit?’ St. Peter asked.

          ‘Well, I can think of one thing,’ the cowboy offered. ‘On a trip to the Black Hills out in South Dakota , I came upon a gang of bikers, who were threatening a young woman. I directed them to leave her alone, but they wouldn’t listen. So, I approached the largest and most heavily tattooed biker and smacked him in his face … Kicked his bike over, ripped out his nose ring, and threw it on the ground. I yelled, ‘Now, back off!! Or you’ll all get the same!’

          St. Peter was impressed, ‘When did this happen?’

          ‘Just a couple of minutes ago……..’

          • Eppe
            God I love you!!! Thanks for the laughs I needed it.

            • Thanks, we all need a good laugh everyday, helps us make sense in this crazy world, and I did wonder why Mike Brown was stopped to begin with???? Now we know… Make the true truth come forth…

              • cause he was slopin’ along draggin’ his knuckles down the middle of dat street.

                • Yep PO’d, Little Mikey din do nuffins, jus hangin in da street whit his bro’s mang. Just from what I’ve seen, this “boy” was destined for an early demise. The cop should receive a trophy.

                  • A trophy plus the keys to the city and a pension for life to be paid for out of the rioters EBT cards.

            • Sarge, click on the link to an article I found on the cops side of the story. I have not found a video to prove otherwise so I’m siding with the officer in this incident. Sounds like legitimate self-defense to me.

          • And that’s why I am a Biker AND a Cowboy!

            • Why, when I started to see you posting, did Smoking Okie vanish? Are you the same guy?

      7. I love to see this. I’m tiered of people jumping to judgment over any thing that’s happens when a Cop is involved.

        I wonder if Johnson will be arrest for obstruction of justice for lying about what happened. He also should be arrest for robbery of the shop.

        We will more than likely find out that he lied about what happened in the street.

        Mac thanks for putting this on your site.


        • You are already justifying the death of a bad guy (unarmed) from the hands of the police. You’re also implying the witness is lying because he’s also a bad guy. And you’re calling stealing a robbery (i’ll only call it robbery when weapon is involved). I don’t know what your motive is but I can almost guess.

          • Stealing with violence is robbery, weapon or no weapon.

          • chow
            604 300 lbs may not have had a gun in his hand, but when he is up against some one 5’05 to 6’00 150 or 200 lbs. he is a weapon.
            He assaulted the store clerk. That in Illinois is Class a misdemeanor, BATTERY. He took items that he didn’t pay for from the store. Theft

          • Chow is a moron.

            • Jesus, you can’t suck up sgt dale enough,can you?

      8. This comment is not meant to be offensive, but color me not suprised.

        I know some like to blame the police a lot, but thugs are thugs and sometimes cops go a little too far on them; but when the legal system is just going to let them out 3 days later; i cant blame the cops for going over the line.

        if the time comes when the real SHTF, i think you’ll be okay as long as you stay outta the cross fire between thugs and cops.

        • LENA

        • “can’t blame them for going over the line” This is bullshit, none of us want the cops having the power of judge, jury, and executioner. I agree we are prob better off without the thug around any longer, but damn, we are still at least striving to be a nation of laws aren’t we?

          • See my reply Comment ID: 3205528

          • I said it before and I’ll say it again : IF WE TURN OUR HEADS WHEN THEY DO IT TO SOMEBODY ELSE, IT MIGHT BE OUR TURN NEXT.

            If they can justify shooting someone because they’re big and black, they can justify shooting us because we’re white and own a gun.

            We need more details before we judge.

        • I do blame the cops for going over the line. Unless you hold them to that higher standard, ALL the time, the current lawless police state is what you get. The dual standard of *justice* is well and truly evident far too often. If the police can`t deal with that standard, or think it`s too unfair, then it`s time to stop the crying and quit your profession.Because of the police role in society and what they are tasked with and expected to do, that higher standard Must be attained.

          • Nailed it Wade.

          • Even a cop has the right to self defense. Any unarmed person who attacks an armed individual, cop or not, is going to try and get the gun first, and then shoot you. Any unarmed person attacking an armed person is either high on drugs (expect a toxicology report in another week), or is a very dangerous individual.

            That’s why these thugs are asking strangers on the street if “they are carrying a gun” before trying to knock them out with a single punch while playing the “Knock Out Game”. They know they could be shot by the potential victim.

            Assault is not a game.

            Its a good way to get killed. In the case of young Mr. Brown, he knew he had just robbed a convenience store, even if the officer didn’t.

            When thugs and gangstas start dying more often than not for attacking innocent people because their potential victims were armed, there will be less unnecessary violence because attackers will think twice, as they are doing now with regular people. A dead thug is a good example for everyone.

            Isn’t that why YOU carry a gun? That’s why I do. When attacked, shoot. Let Jesus and the Courts sort it out. 🙂

            • I agree DK. In this case, the ballistics should tell the story. I’m interested in the number of rounds, and their entry points. Just because Brown may be guilty of robbery does not exclude their may be another crime to investigate.

        • So it’s alright to you for a cop to be the judge, jury and executioner for anyone who has committed a crime even just a petty theft?

          I hope someday you’ll meet a cop that will do you justice.

          • You are conveniently omitting assault on the store owner, assaulting a police officer, and attempting to take his weapon, which is attempted murder of a police officer.

            Don’t confuse yourself with facts, that might require thought processes beyond your kneejerk reactions to media manipulation and demagoguery.

            • Smokey, chow has had too much of the libturd koolaid.

        • Lena, I agree. check out the article I posted a link for above and I think it will reinforce what you just said.

      9. It’s definitely interesting, but it’s also not conclusive either. All I know is that if I had a son, he wouldn’t look like Darren Brown (I’m not that tall.)

        • Or Mike Brown.

          • Yeah…umm… him too. (Oooops!)

      10. lies
        half truths

        flying fast and furious !

        Police: Teen shot by cop suspect in recent robbery

        “Brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson, were suspected of taking a box of cigars from a store in Ferguson that morning, according to police reports.”

        just a question
        if Brown and Johnson were stopped because they were suspects in a robbery
        why was Johnson allowed to leave after the shooting ???

        and the Ferguson PD may not be the most honest
        they have scandals of their own

        Ferguson police beat a man and then charged him with ‘destruction of property’ for bloody uniforms

        everyone involved have VERY strong motives to lie

        • That’s what I posted in the other article, no one is innocent in this shitstorm, not the cops, not the kid, not the media, not the race-baiters – no one!!!!

          • +1000 thumbs up MXL!

          • The people ARE innocent in this shit storm. It’s not about cops and black guys, it’s about denying the Natural Law and rights of the innocent by both cops and bad guys.

            Why is it that cops sometimes use tasers on those who are no threat at all, yet when a taser could have prevented a death and it’s aftermath the gun was chosen?

            I suspect that he was far enough away that a taser would not do, so murder is the next tool given to the cops. Why not just let him go this time, since they apparently knew who he was, and pick him up later with one of their SWAT teams?

            Too much crap and ZERO truth will ever be spoken from those involved.

            • Best post yet and exactly what I was thinking in regards to the taser vs. the gun

              • If this guy was hopped up on sleet, a taser could just piss him off worse. I posted earlier that I’m just dying to see the toxicology report.

                • IMO I dont care what was in his system, and being around the block, I doubt any drugs like bath salts were in his system….probably pot and/or alcohol. But again, no reason the cop couldnt handle without shooting him 8 times and killing him without trial.

                  • You need a double dose of reality.

                  • So your saying that in some cases, albeit subjective, that mans rights are no longer valid due to reality?


                  • When the reality is that the thug has assaulted you once, tried to snatch your firearm away from you, causing one round to be fired within your cruiser, and is now outside, refusing to comply with your lawful orders, and starts menacing you again by charging toward you, (as one report has it), then your right to defend yourself against bodily injury and/or death supersedes the thug’s right to life.

                    So, yes.

                  • Wow coach, sounds like you were there?

                  • Coach, your taking that video and article write up as conclusive evidence??

                    Damn I sure hope you’re never on a jury.

          • “race baiters”…you mean al and Jessie…

            Hey, where are they now…

        • Great post Satori

      11. He’s looking down and to the left while recalling what happened… Lies! How does the officer reach out of a squad car to “choke” that huge kid????? For a hood rat he speaks pretty well…. Now we find out this kid is in the video at the scene of a robbery…. this whole thing stinks something awful….

        • All we know is an unarmed man is dead in the hands of the police regardless of what crime he committed beforehand. It doesn’t even matter if the other kid is lying or exaggerating, an unarmed man was shot by the police. The question is will the policeman be charged with murder and jailed while awaiting investigation and trial like all of us citizens if it happens to us?

          • Most people involved in self-defense shootings are not jailed.

            Get beyond your self-induced paradigm.

          • An 18 year old 6 four, 300 lb. black/white/brown person is a “lethal weapon”

      12. while it does not show what happened up to the point where he was shot, it certainly speaks volumes to his character.

      13. But I need new rims..

        • Don’t worry the LSM will spin this so the looting can continue at will. Momma gonna get me a shirt.

          • Holder needs a new version of Zimmerman to take the heat off all the bullsheite that his boss is planning for the southern border. So yeah, the sycophant media are going to play it up 24/7 for at least a year.

      14. If you’re hating on law enforcement as a whole, calling them “the bad guys”, “pigs”, “the enemy” etc. then you’re part of the problem.

        If any one of you woke up tonight and realized there was a stranger in your house, you wouldn’t be able to dial 911 fast enough.

        Without law enforcement, there’s no America.
        You want “the good old days” back? Then support the Good Guys.

        P.S. Don’t point out the flaws of a few, then lump them all together as “bad”. That’s a copout. The vast majority are good, honest, dependable family men who would die to protect you, even as the word “pig” is on your lips.

        • oh Jeazus cripes not this stupid shit again

          im not even going to waste band width on you any more than I already have

          if you cant figure it out.. thats just fine all I have to do is run faster than you

          • I didn’t really expect you all to understand what I said up there
            But I do see the few who are truly awake and got it
            And that’s fine , I wouldn’t think by now I’d have to explain it to you
            But some are pretty thick
            I’m still not going to waste my time

            • That’s twice you said you’re not going to waste your time. Are you sure now?

        • I used to agree with you on this, but I have seen way to much crap done by leo’s to be able to think that way anymore.

        • Actually i would dial 911 AFTER i unloaded a full mag into the intruder(s)
          Need someone to haul the carcas(s) away

          • PS
            Whe we call then, IF we call them, it usually takes them 20-30 minutes, hence the loaded AR with doubled mags and run bag layin under it with 6 more mags and a para 1911 with 6 Chip Mac 10 rounders

            • Same in my hood bro…seep…SHOTGUN!!!

              Streetsweeper w/#4 buck. I likes lots o pellets.

              I don’t enter peoples homes in the middle of the night…please don’t enter mine.

        • LOL, spoken like a true naive, silly, moronic, fool……the so called good ones stand silent while the bad ones run roughshod over the constitution, so they are complicit in the evil….when have you ever heard of one, except Frank Serpico in New York, that ever stood up to the corruption? They are corporate employees, masquerading as authority while acting under “color of law.” They could’nt give a shit about you and the supreme court has stated they have no duty to protect you. Stop deifying them, get up offa your knees, wipe your mouth and realize you have been brainwashed by a diabolical oppressive system in which uneducated fools, and police, are the glue that keeps it together……..yawn


            • I’m sure his IQ is MUCH higher than yours would ever be in several lifetimes barfyboy.

              • Anonymous, I’m trying very hard NOT to show my ass but you’re pushing the envelope. You sound like a spoiled little kid who is in dire need of a spanking.

                • Go ahead and show your ass barfheart. I could give a shit about the red thumbs either! My responses to you are showing what an idiot you are when other people disagree with your moronic, racist thinking.

        • Just Imagine when the EBT Food Stamps System Goes Down for weeks on end. 60% of Blacks in Ferguson on Food stamps, Only 10% whites are.

        • Anonymous, I agree. All these “useless eaters” on the public dole are a big part of the problem along with the liberal judges who always slap them on the wrist. I face the same kind of threat In Memphis where I live every day and it’s 67% black here with a black-dominated city government for the past 20+ years.

          • Nobody’s forcing you to live there idiot. If you don’t like it you can move away ANYTIME you want to. People do it every day.

            • anonymous troll, the only reasons I’m still here are my job, my home, my livelihood are here. When the time is right, I’ll bugout to my family in GA. I already have most of my supplies there. While things are still normal, I’ll still be here. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, dildo.

              • Then quit your GOD DAMNED whining about it then barfy!

                • anonymous troll, I was only stating some facts about where I live. I wasn’t whining about anything, so go f#$% yourself, libturd troll.

                  • Bullshit! You whine like a little fucking girl!

        • @Anonymous, I do thank you for your posting. It was entertaining, with the question being; were you being sarcastic (if so it was very well done) or are you really that out of touch reality, uninformed naive?

          For those who don’t know: the police have zero obligation to protect you presonally. You and you alone are responsible for your own protection and safety. Dialing 911, is an illusion of safety.

          The reality is that “the good old days” do NOT exist any more, except as TV series re-runs. The police today has morphed into a para military organization, where they view YOU as the enemy and assume that you ARE GUILTY of some criminal offense. Got that?

          You are insane if you believe that the “good cops” are going to keep the “few bad cops” in line and under control. Nope it’s not going to happen. They have an Us vs Them mentality. The will protect one of their own. And you are NOT one of them.

          • Yep this poster gets it

        • Oh call 911 LMFAO
          Haven’t you learned anything here ?
          You need to take care of business yourself
          911 is going to bring in the troops to kill the survivors
          First person you call is your lawyer after you plug the perp
          Let your mouth piece call the cops or coroner in this case
          And do all your talking for you

          And there was America way before the cops came into the picture
          If we weren’t so coddled these days we still wouldn’t need the cops
          I don’t need anything they bring to my table

        • If I woke up tonight with a stranger in my house tonight. The LAST thing I’m gonna waste time doing is call the PD.
          If that’s your plan of action, you’re already done for.

      15. Just another little angel, just like Trayvon Martin.

        • Obummers other brothers nephew from another mother and his father!

          • I thought it was his second cousins sisters brother…twice removed!

            You on a roll 2-nite bra!

        • Truth!

        • Texan, if Obama had a son, he would look like Brown. If I had a son, he would look like the cop who shot him in self-defense.

        • This Texan.. : More like hood-rat food for the worms to feast on.

      16. and meanwhile the world still turns

        Ebola Cases Surge At Record Pace As Death Toll Hits 1,145

        “a record-breaking pace of reported new cases (152 in the last 2 days).”

        and I’m sure you’ve heard of Ukrainian artillery destroying
        a convoy of Soviet armored vehicles ?

        Soviets denying the convoy ever existed
        (this is different from the “humanitarian convoy” you may also have heard of)

        someone trying to draw the Soviets to invade?
        get sanctions increased ?

        the fog of war
        is now pea soup thick

        • It’s good to see that the world continues to crash and burn while we concentrate on some civil unrest here at home. /sarc

          Also, if this were the Soviets we were dealing with, it would be a non issue. Ukraine was a republic in the USSR (as were Georgia, Azerbaijan,, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Belarus and a few other now independent nations that I can’t remember off the top of my head.) The supposed invading convoy is Russian, not Soviet.

          • I canned more pickles tonight and hung out with my wife and our awesome pets.

            Only thing we can do is deal with this bs when it comes home to roost…and it will.

            NO ONE will escape what is coming, even the bastards that started it all.

            That is how the planet works…if you understand that, you may get to the other side.

            • Yep, the point everyone is missing. Does not matter what color your skin is. The brown shirts will come for anyone.

      17. You’re Nine Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer than a Terrorist
        Posted on August 15, 2014 by WashingtonsBlog
        Putting Risk In Context

        and in other news
        the Department of Homeland SEkURitEe
        is shifting its focus
        instead of wasting billions fighting terrorists
        it will now focus its efforts on getting Sheriff Andy
        to take away Barney’s bullet

        all in the interest of public safety you understand

      18. This is not about Mike Brown, Its not about a police shooting, and its not a racial issue, since all parties involved are of color. What this incident is about is the disintegration of the family unit. There is a lack of responsibility in this country. There is a lack of self worth, and there is the sense of entitlement, the most damaging, because while the first two situations are choices, the last one is LEARNED/TAUGHT!

        You have the Democrats to thank for that. Now, if you want it to end, do something about it….VOTE these enablers out of the Senate, House, and the White House! Its your choice!

        • Hey everybody, for a good laugh tonight, turn on MSNBC’s AL Sharpton’s show in a few hours, and lets all see how this Nig Preacher SPINS this Cigar Robbing Thief story.

        • “What this incident is about is the disintegration of the family unit. … You have the Democrats to thank for that.”

          Demn Dems.

      19. Funny how after a few days, and the true story comes out – it is totally different than the one told the first day. Now I hear today that he was fighting with the cop, and tried to take his gun.

        • Fighting with the cop and trying to take his gun was some of the info put out on day one by who knows. However, none of the eyewitnesses suggest such. It is possibly irrelevant anyway. It appears that the cop was unable to shoulder his bruised ego when the thug got the best of him at the car. It appears that in an infuriated state, he got out of the car an proceeded to gun down the suspect. Sounds like an asshole and a power tripping cop with a gun “working things out”. Bad combo. Me personally, I would have said, “Why yes officer, I should be walking on the sidewalk, thanks for pointing that out.” Then I would have moved my ass out of the middle of the road. But hey, what do I know. I have been taught thru the years to do what the cops say. This is an important lesson, for if you are bad at following orders these days, it could be grounds for a major ass-whooping, choking, tasing or shooting in no particular order. Tough times, just stay the fuck away from the PoPo.

      20. Id say this dickhead got what he deserved,

        Still not on board with cops acting like the Gestapo

        • Exactly. One thing is the “incident”, quite another is the tear gassing and wholesale bullyboy techniques on the crowd.

      21. Where did the gun go?

        • The officer’s gun? Straight to the ballistics/evidence room.

      22. I stand behind my comments from yesterdays article.

      23. So the bro ain’t a nice joe? Bruno the Russian circus bear sez “vell vhat do you know about dat?”


      24. So what if he was a wanna be gansta or stole from a liqour store (not robbed) prior to getting shot (unarmed mind you)…does that justify his death? What have we become, just bunch of sheep to be herded by the cops and get shot for stealing from a liqour store? Whatever crime he’s committed is not the question, the question is why was he shot several times if I read it correctly.

        The problem we have is people gets killed by the police and the police walks free with the usual excuse that he or she fears for his or her life and they get suspended with pay (vacation). I’ve never heard of a cop being convicted for any brutality while performing their so called duty. Remember Rodney King when he was beaten like a dog by the cops and cops got slap in the wrist until there was a riot that got the federal gov’t involved and convicted the cops for human right violation? This is sad when we justify killing by cop because the dead man was a bad apple.

        • Yeah, so what? Or, as Hillary said, What difference does it make?

          You can’t be serious.

          You are conveniently omitting strongarm robbery, assaulting a store owner, assaulting a police office, and attempted murder of a police officer (that’s the charge when you grab for their sidearm).

        • Ok Chow there and a great number of posters here who threaten to shoot anyone who tries to steal from them when SHTF. Hundreds who plan for home defence ect. If some giant thug starts beating on you or yours would you shoot him. The thug was a scofflaw strong arm thief and he met up with a above the law enforcer. and he was so dumb he brought his fist to a gunfight. That’s just the way it is.

        • If he tried to rob me at the very least i would try and debone his fat ass with my Spyderco

      25. Is that a Glock 17 the little darling is posing with?

        • Looks like a 9mm Glock 17, doubt if it’s a .40 Glock.

        • I’m hearing the man in the photo above and Brown are not the same person.

      26. Brown is a big guy and the most he could have done is beat the life out of the officer. If the “Strong Arm” incident is true and he was guilty of it, it still does not justify shooting an unarmed man…isn’t this why they have tasers?

        • ‘The most he could have done is beat the life out of the officer.’ Yeah, he could have beaten the officer to death, is that somehow acceptable to you?

          Or, if he got possession of the officers sidearm, he could have shot him to death. Then shot one or more of the next group of officers responding.

          You don’t respond to deadly force with a Taser.

          • We are talking about a 6 year veteran of the force, by this time in his career you would think he knows what he can handle on his own, call for backup and wait. I am 5’9″ and 200 lbs and I can take a massive hit, but there is no way in hell I am facing down someone the size of Brown…at least not on purpose. We aren’t talking about your average citizen facing down an attacker he is a trained policeman…He should have never let himself get into a situation like the one they are alleging.

            • He didn’t have much of a choice about the situation. Brown had the choice and chose poorly.

      27. “Do these pictures and the police report change how we should be looking at this story?”

        I actually haven’t been following the story as much as the rest of the country. So I can’t really say that the pictures and the police report changed anything since I had essentially a blank tablet.

        Does anyone know if the police officer who shot the 290 pound Michael Brown is white or black or hispanic or asian or russian or whatever?

        If it turned out that the police officer is black, does THAT change how the facts are received?

        • Negative, still can’t just shoot someone that is surrendering themselves (at least not in the open street). Although maybe not much longer, but as of right now it is still America to most of us. Color wouldn’t change shit in my opinion. But I can almost guarantee the cop is white based on how the eyewitnesses speak of the officer involved.

        • I think that the only thing that is relevant is what happened during that incident. Once again, I don’t see how the deceased was a completely innocent party here. If he was then why escalate things by trying to get the officer’s gun? Was he trying to flee because he got caught or was the officer doing something bad to him that he had to get away from?

          Basically, the legal argument goes something like this: Say you have someone who is a child molester. That person is a piece of garbage. However, if I go up to him unprovoked and shoot him in the head then I am guilty of capital murder, irrespective of his other crimes. It doesn’t matter what he did in the past. The law will only look at my actions. The only way I could possibly mitigate some of my guilt in court is if he had done something to me personally or perhaps a child I was associated with (my kid, a relative, or the child of a friend.)

      28. there is a bigger,overriding issue here
        Brown may or may not be guilty of having attacked a police officer
        and the shooting may or may not be justified
        that we don’t really know for sure

        one thing we do know
        is how the police responded
        and that was with an overwhelming militaristic display of brute force,machine guns,snipers,armored vehicles and so called
        law enforcement dressed to go to war,literally

        that is the concern here

        Boston was a precursor
        the Bundy Ranch but a temporary victory
        Ferguson ?

        Martin Armstrong Warns “We Are Witnessing The Collapse Of Democracy”

        the tactics used by the authorities
        are not consistent with a thriving healthy democracy

        they are symptoms of a very sick,dying system
        one that is in it’s death throes

        • I have to side with the police on the response. Given what was seen with the Rodney King riots, quick escalation, burning and looting every store in sight, I think a big show of force is the only deterrent that some people understand. They have a choice. Behave and obey the laws or a quick attitude adjustment with a nightstick.

      29. and here we go

        Chief Jackson contradicts Chief Jackson on details of robbery, shooting of unarmed teen

        “Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson has been forced to admit that the surveillance video showing teenager Michael Brown allegedly stealing cigarillos from a convenience store was unrelated to the killing of Brown. In Friday afternoon’s press conference, Jackson said that Office Darren Wilson did not not know about the robbery, that Brown was a suspect. He was harassed by Wilson because “he was walking down the middle of the street blocking traffic. That was it.”

        the truth is out there
        but damned if I can find it

        I’m gonna go look for Waldo

        • All that means is the media is damned if they will abandon their agenda of racist cops executing peaceful blacks.

          Brown was contacted by the officer for his conduct in the street, and attacked the officer.

          The events in the store are entirely related to the later incident in the street. It goes a long way to explaining Brown’s inexplicable actiions that resulted in his death.

          • no smokey
            it means the police chief got caught telling a big fat lie
            probably not his first

            • Exactly what lie was that?

      30. FACT:

        As long ago as the early 1980’s, the black population on welfare was reproducing at 7-8 times the rate of reproduction in the white non-welfare population.

        This young man was simply the product of that system.

        When the welfare population of any race wakes up to the fact that they cannot afford to reproduce as long as they are collecting welfare, then we will see a reduction in blowups like Ferguson. And that awakening will not take place until the politicians cut off the welfare for having a baby out of wedlock and/or irresponsibly, without anywhere close to the financial resources needed to care for the baby during pregnancy and after birth.

        I think the vast majority of Americans, if truth be told, couldn’t care less about the well being of someone else’s irresponsible pregnancy and offspring. Given the choice, few, if any, Americans would willingly hand over a portion of their earnings as taxed remittances to pay for the costs of supporting people who irresponsibly reproduce and their resulting offspring.

        Where this continuing and growing problem of welfare for having an illegitimate child or otherwise irresponsibly reproducing will lead this society, is frightening to contemplate. Undoubtedly though, it will be highly destabilizing to our society and economy.

        • If someone is living in so called poverty and their living off of the public dole. I don’t want them to be comfortable in their poverty. Giving parasites more & more welfare isn’t working very well. Lets try giving the parasites less & less even if it don’t work it will cost less.

      31. I tested negative for herpes! Yeah!

        Get your blood done…it’s a prep.

      32. From what I see everyone put a self serving spin on their story that resulted in violence and financial loss to innocent people. How about punishing the liars and hold them accountable for the damage caused,(including the press).

        • I’d love to see a bunch of folks held accountable, from press reporters, community organizers, right up to Al Sharpton, for incitement to riot and depraved indifference to human life.

          So far, the only butt that is on the line belongs to the cop.

          • Smokey:

            CNN the Communist News Network should be first in line.

        • I just read that an hour ago and wanted to puke…..I will say what I want, when I want and where I want.

      33. For what it’s worth
        The cop did not know that kid was a robbery suspect when this went down

        • It would matter? Last I checked police are supposed to arrest. The courts determine guilt, not some monkey is a uniform…

          • Wow, I didnt see that brown was wearing a uniform.

        • Can you really vote negative on the truth ?
          Lol well I guess some can

          His partner in the crime has admitted that.

          And then the thugs got tough with cop, like they did with the store clerk, tried to steal the cops gun and then world got a little better (minus one 290 pound 6 foot 4 worthless piece of crap who thinks stealing is OK).

      34. “but my son was a good boy, he never did anything wrong”

        • Every parent would say the same thing.

          • ….and that’s why we have what we have here. Parents ARE RESPONSIBLE for their children when they are under the parents’ supervision. Children are a REFLECTION of the parents. Get with it. You need a reality check!!!!

        • Darkstar: Well mom and dad, he really is a good boy now!

        • “but my son was a good boy, he never did anything wrong”

          Thankfully, not all parents will say that.

          Here’s one:

          “Yesterday Lillian Rodriguez tearfully apologized for her son’s actions and said she is ‘in a lot of pain’.

          She spoke to reporters from the window of her car as she left her home, which she shares with her son Pedro, who was also arrested in connection with the kidnappings but who has not been charged.

          ‘I am a mother in a lot of pain,’ she said in Spanish. ‘I am sorry for what my son has done.

          She added that she is sorry for the mothers of the three women – Amanda Berry, 26, Gina DeJesus, 23, and Michelle Knight, 32 – whom her son allegedly raped and beat while holding them captive.

          Police are believed to have questioned Rodriguez earlier this week, but there is no indication she knew of her son’s allegedly heinous crimes.

          Today MailOnline revealed that one of the Castro’s daughters Arlene Castro said that her father Ariel should be executed for what he did to the women.

          The revelations of her father’s alleged involvement in Gina DeJesus’ disappearance were particularly devastating, as Arlene and Gina were classmates and close friends before she vanished.

          Ms Castro had been the last person to see DeJesus, then 14, before she was allegedly snatched by her father in 2004 and imprisoned in his Cleveland home.

          She feels that only the death penalty can make him ‘suffer the consequences’ for allegedly keeping Gina, Amanda Berry and Michelle Knight in captivity for a decade.

          MailOnline can also reveal that Ariel’s five children have vowed never to visit him in prison because they are so disgusted by him.”


          http://www.dailymailDOTcoDOTuk/news/article-2322385/Ariel-Castros-family-pack-bags-flee-mother-apologizes-son-done DOThtml

        • The salient fact is, that Michael Brown knew he was a suspect, even if the officer did not. That explains his actions leading to his death, I believe.

          On a side note, the QwikMart that was torched on the first night of the rioting, was the store Brown and his accomplice robbed.

          Wonder if the idea was to destroy surveillance tapes.

      35. With all the resources available to Big Brother it would not surprise me if this is staged with look alikes and photo shopped footage. Even if it’s not, law enforcement should not just shoot people because they are losing a fist fight

      36. In my book; THAT cop just saved the American Taxpayers a truckload of money; by taking out a future felon. Sounds harsh; too bad.

        • Dave dont forget the 4 to 6 bastard ghetto welfare children he would have sired. So there is another savings as well, and brown was unable to pass on his genes for criminal behavior to another generation as well.

      37. hmmm

        what about this pic

        are this big bad thugs
        or just kids goofin’

        damn !!!

        here’s a whole posse

        ya know white kids just can’t pull off the gangsta look
        for some reason !!!

        is that pic of Brown for real
        or is he just messin’ around ?
        what is the time and the context ?

        we don’t know for sure
        but some of us seem damn sure that we do

        • Satori, I just checked those 2 links. good thing my stomach was empty looking at those pictures or I would’ve puked. White males imitating black males? I don’t think DISGUSTING is a strong enough word for it.

        • I suppose the video of him robbing the store and pushing around the little old man is phony too. Really man WTF? Good thing renegade braveheart follows your line thinking otherwise you’d be on your own.

          • Yep Maddog, Captain Colons opening line shows he is full of shit……\

      38. All cops must wear cameras at all times. period. It will help them too.

        btw- I hate cops and I hate bully gangstas just as much.

        If there was a camera on the cop showing this punk was bullying the cop like he bullied the store clerk, trying to take the cops gun, then he deserves to die because if he will do that, imagine what he will do to anyone.

        • …and arrest Brown’s partner in the crime RIGHT NOW for that robbery and charge him in Brown’s death too.

          The store owner should press charges. Toss all punks like this in jail. That is what jail is, stop jailing non violent offenders and crack down of punks.

          Cameras show what happened in that store, if I was the store owner I would be furious and there is no telling what I would do.

          • His partner had his 15 minutes of fame while he tried to lie his way out it.

            He’s in big trouble now.

      39. The officer was acting in self defense and I bet it will be found that he used what force was required to eliminate the threat and save his life.

        It appears mike brown’s family and friends lied about his good deeds and plans on an honest life! So who else lied and what lies!!! If a 290 pound person starts beating you down I would bet that you will use any weapon available to you to save your life.

        Time to support the officer, they are paid to do the right thing! he has a family too. Really what well trained officer would do such a thing. the odds are against it. Waiting on the investigation to finish.

      40. I wonder if Billy Gibbons saw the financial issues coming and the fact of all this inflation when he sang the song
        I just got paid today .. Got me a pocket full of change

        Lol yeah no dollars , just change

      41. lmao at the family “questions motives of the release of this new video information”, ibbee all dat smoke and dem mirrors and shizzzille, trying da take alldatention aways from the… blah blah blah….

        You kid is a punk who bullied and stole from a business owner in his store, and then he got upitty with a cop and maybe tried to take his gun…

        If I ever do any of that… please shoot me in the head.

      42. This is something from Rense about Ebola that makes a lot of sense WHY it is spreading in West Africa and not anywhere else:
        Thoughts On Ebola

        By Patricia Doyle

        Hello, Jeff – The situation is so desperate in W Africa. I just read your article about the kissing of corpses over in Africa. The big problem of spread is the risky behaviors which these people do not have the capacity to change.

        They won’t give up bush meat eating snake, bat or primate and they won’t give up the ritual funeral either. My guess is that the rituals, eating animals and the voodoo Lucmi rituals are why we see the virus spreading wildly. Jeff, I have provided a url of some voodoo information below. It is no wonder they are infected. Voodoo is also risky for contracting mad cow diseases or CJD. The burial ritual was the reason Kuru spread in New Guinea.

        It is my belief that when we see Ebola outside the continent of Africa the first places that it may take hold will be Brazil and/or Haiti. The risky ritual behaviors of African traditional religions will add case numbers of any outbreaks. Even in communities in the US that have enclaves of people from Africa, Haiti and the Caribbean or South America there is a chance that when Ebola is identified in cases those areas will be hardest hit. Containing Ebola where African Traditional religions are practiced is going to be extremely difficult.

        Vodun Rituals

        The purpose of rituals is to make contact with a spirit, to gain their favor by offering them animal sacrifices and gifts, to obtain help in the form of more abundant food, higher standard of living, and improved health. Human and Loa depend upon each other; humans provide food and other materials; the Loa provide health, protection from evil spirits and good fortune. Rituals are held to celebrate lucky events, to attempt to escape a run of bad fortune, to celebrate a seasonal day of celebration associated with a Loa, for healing, at birth, marriage and death.

        Vodun priests can be male (houngan or hungan), or female (mambo). A Vodun temple is called a hounfour (or humfort). At its center is a poteau-mitan a pole where the God and spirits communicate with the people. An altar will be elaborately decorated with candles, pictures of Christian saints, symbolic items related to the Loa, etc. Rituals consist of some of the following components:

        * a feast before the main ceremony.
        * creation of a veve, a pattern of flour or cornmeal on the floor which is unique to the Loa for whom the ritual is to be conducted
        * shaking a rattle and beating drums which have been cleansed and purified
        * chanting
        * dancing by the houngan and/or mambo and the hounsis (students studying Vodun). The dancing will typically build in intensity until one of the dancers (usually a hounsis) becomes possessed by a Loa and falls. His or her ti bon ange has left their body and the spirit has taken control. The possessed dancer will behave as the Loa and is treated with respect and ceremony by the others present.
        * animal sacrifice; this may be a goat, sheep, chicken, or dog. They are usually humanely killed by slitting their throat; blood is collected in a vessel. The possessed dancer may drink some of the blood. The hunger of the Loa is then believed to be satisfied. The animal is usually cooked and eaten. Animal sacrifice is a method of consecrating food for consumption by followers of Vodun, their gods and ancestors.

        Evil Sorcery

        The houngan and mambos confine their activities to “white” magic which is used to bring good fortune and healing. However caplatas (also known as bokors) perform acts of evil sorcery or black magic, sometimes called “left-handed Vodun”. Rarely, a houngan will engage in such sorcery; a few alternate between white and dark magic.

        One belief unique to Vodun is that a dead person can be revived after having been buried. After resurrection, the zombie has no will of their own, but remains under the control of others. In reality, a zombie is a living person who has never died, but is under the influence of powerful drugs administered by an evil sorcerer. Although most Haitians believe in zombies, few have ever seen one. There are a few recorded instances of persons who have claimed to be zombies.

        Sticking pins in dolls was once used as a method of cursing an individual by some followers of Vodun in New Orleans; this practice continues occasionally in South America. The practice became closely associated with Voodoo in the public mind through the vehicle of horror movies.

        Notice how she thinks the next place it might show up is in Haiti or Brazil because of the weird rituals that helps Ebola to spread. West Africa is beyond filthy, until Ebola turns up in significant numbers away from the tropics and away from the squalid conditions it hopefully will remain just very frightening and not a real threat.

        • Yeah man, as a rule of thumb, I avoid kissing corpses, especially ones that died bleeding from many orifices.

          • Yeah, learned that as a little kid watching the vampire movies. Don’t kiss ’em, they infect you.


      44. Tired of hearing he was “unarmed” Unarmed does not equal not dangerous.

      45. Off topic: Breitbart ran an article this morning where a leaked DHS memo is reporting that the Gov. is expecting major civil unrest within the next 12 months. They see the “Bundy Ranch” incident as the beginning of a whole lot more confrontations. Go figure?

        For anybody who has not read it, Amazon has “One Second After” in paperback on sale for $6.41 ea. A great Christmas gift for the too suborn to prep members of the family.

        Pray for peace, prepare for war, and in all thing trust in God.

        • Sinner .
          I received that DHS intelligence accessement ( office of intelligence and analysis ) at work it is marked u/fouo ( for offical use only ) titled “domestic vilolent extremists pose increased threats to government officials and law enforcement” dated 22 July 2014 further watermarked unclassified / law enforcement sensitive
          The report is coordinated with the FBI . It deals with anti government extremists ( anyone who,opposes the regime) and the so called lone wolf threats in the time frame of 2014.
          It blames bunkerville and the perceived victory for inspiration of possible future threats .
          It makes an association between larger terrorist organizations and foreign actors forming alliances with Domestic extremists and describes recent anti-government violence driven by common themes ( lack of actions or actions addressing political issues such as gun control, land use , property and other activities interfering with individuals rights and oppressive measures that warrant violent reprisals against US government entities and law enforcement are common themes citied by attackers , actual paragraph in the report) . The report warns of possible attacks on government facilities ,personnel followed by law enforcement personnel and critical infrastructure .
          The end of the report concludes with ” to report suspicious activity , law enforcement , fire-EMS, private security Personel and emergency managers should follow established protocols , all other personels should call 911 or contact local law enforcement . Suspicious activity reports (SARs) will be fowarded to the appropriate FUSION CENTER and FBI joint Terriorism Task force for further action. For further information on the Nationwide SAR initiative, see

          Looks like its going to get real very soon. The Level of training has increased 3 fold at work and the tempo is frantic with an emphasis on urban operations ( MOUT for you .mil people) .and infrastructure protection.

          It would be wise to get those last preps and ammo purchases done discretely in place when this breaks it may come fast and furious with little or no warning. Road blocks and area Denial systems can be erected in the matter of hours under cover of darkness.

          Keep a low profile and develop your own intelligence ( 2 meter ham radio,as alternative commo) .
          I have never recieved a report this dire in the 5 years I have been a contractor with DHS .
          Something very foul is brewing . I told you I would warn you if I recieved any hint of a coming calamity. This is it.and I do this at great risk to my self and employment.

          Mac this is important ! follow this up with an article the time frame is til the end of 2014. People have to be made aware of this

          “The wise man sees trouble coming and prepares for it ” proverbs


          Semper Fi 8541

        • They see Bundy Ranch as the beginning?

          What about Ferguson, Missouri?

          They need to get concerned about the correct voting bloc.

      46. what now i’m being censored ???

        for what ???

        “You all could see the forest except for the black tree’s in your way!”

        the problem is not a black street gangster problem.


        it is a “society as a whole” problem.

        “Zog Amerika zio-jew financed controlled manipulated “HollyJeWood” brainwashed Society Creates it’s own Monsters!”


      47. I’d grown up fearing the lynch mobs of the Ku Klux Klan; as an adult I was starting to wonder if I’d been afraid of the wrong white people all along – where I was being pursued not by bigots in white robes, but by left-wing zealots draped in flowing sanctimony.

        -Clarence Thomas

      48. ooops my bad apologies to the moderators.

        “You all could see the forest except for the black tree’s in your way!”

        the problem is not a black street gangster problem.


        it is a “society as a whole” problem.

        “Zog Amerika zio-jew financed controlled manipulated “HollyJeWood” brainwashed Society Creates it’s own Monsters!”


        • I’d grown up fearing the lynch mobs of the Ku Klux Klan; as an adult I was starting to wonder if I’d been afraid of the wrong white people all along – where I was being pursued not by bigots in white robes, but by left-wing zealots draped in flowing sanctimony.

          -Clarence Thomas

          • jacksofhearts says:
            Comment ID: 3205589
            August 15, 2014 at 5:43 pm I’d grown up fearing the lynch mobs of the Ku Klux Klan…….

            Look around you, they couldnt have killed that many.

      49. Brown may have been still a “teen”, however, even in Missouri, his age, (and his size), makes him a man. Obviously, in the surveillance video and photos, Brown was not shy about using his size to get what HE wanted, he simply stole it, shoving the store owner away from him.
        That is strong-arm robbery, (force or fear), and I’ve zero doubt Brown was not “surrendering” to the officer but trying to physically assault him and steal his issued duty weapon.
        The alleged “testimony” of the so-called “eyewitnesses” are about as credible as Brown being described as a “gentle giant”. What an utter load of crap. These creatures that rioted in Ferguson, to quote another famous self-anointed expert on human behavior, “…acted stupidly.” I agree, the rioters are just like Brown and their faux-hysteria over his death, is as hypocritical as their phony tears of “injustice”. I feel so sorry for the good decent people in Ferguson, that have to live with these scum bags in their community.

        • @ TPSnodgrass. You are so correct. The size of Brown makes him not only dangerous to take someone’s firearm but also capable of breaking someone’s neck. Let’s face it, he has the same body as a gorilla. Someone this size regardless of color of skin poses an extreme danger based on size alone.

          This is what drives me crazy about these anti-gun and anti-self defense countries that take away ALL forms of self defense from the citizens (victims) to defend their very lives with. Many times someone that is huge is a weapon in themselves. Someone that weighs almost 300 pounds can infect death on just about anyone using their hands and arms and/or their feet and legs. They expect little people to have no self defense against someone much, much bigger than them. Stun devices that are non lethal are illegal in many countries, that empower the criminal. They expect the police to be there always to protect everyone. Crime is much higher in these nanny countries because of this.

          There is something else. You can look at someone that is very big like Brown was and you know whether they are a gentle kind giant or some dangerous bear. I have seen black people that are very big like this and been akin to the cartoon Fat Albert and would not harm anything. Brown had that look to him like a bad and dangerous criminal just wanting to hurt someone.

      50. To all those who sympathize with the dead thug, go live amongst his survivors. Tell these innocent negroes how they’ve been done wrong. Tell them you’re not racist and as their new neighbor you welcome them into your home any time. Confide in your new found friends your belief that we are all the same on the inside and because of MLK you believe in judging them by the content of character. BTW if you are white please try this exercise in any majority black neighborhood in St, Louis, Detroit, Baltimore, Camden, Birmingham, Savannah, Jacksonville, Oakland, DC, Newark, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Atlanta, New Orleans, Gary, Memphis, Jackson etc. Try to survive a year without a firearm or police help. Let us know how that works out.

      51. Has anyone thought of the toxicology report yet?
        Any bets on what they find?
        I’ll bet a Steak dinner to any one how want to say he is clean, and it comes back clean.
        Take a look at the top picture of the turd setting behind the little guy. He looks like he is BUZZED BIG TIME.
        ANY TAKERS?

        • Let us make the diner $25.00. I know some people don’t eat steak.

          • I’ll choke one down if someone’s buying !

            Think I put exactly two ribeyes on the grill this summer, so far. Damn things are $18 a pop out here for good ranch beef.

      52. We should not let an incident of TNB-gone-bad become the justification for blind support for any police action.

        The “kid” was a punk, bully-ass thug. He’s dead…..too bad….there’s goes the cure for cancer, I guess.

        The police-state supporters will feel some sense of jusitfication for their shoot-first mentality.

        Remember eho the real enemies are.

      53. From ZeroHedge –

        Many Americans like to remember Bill Clinton as a “great president” for some reason. Well, it turns out that he was completely and totally wrong about NAFTA. The following are 20 facts that show how NAFTA is destroying the economy…

        #1 More than 845,000 American workers have been officially certified for Trade Adjustment Assistance because they lost their jobs due to imports from Mexico or Canada or because their factories were relocated to those nations.

        #2 Overall, it is estimated that NAFTA has cost us well over a million jobs.

        #3 U.S. manufacturers pay Mexican workers just a little over a dollar an hour to do jobs that American workers used to do.

        #4 The number of illegal immigrants living in the United States has more than doubled since the implementation of NAFTA.

        #5 In the year before NAFTA, the U.S. had a trade surplus with Mexico and the trade deficit with Canada was only 29.6 billion dollars. Last year, the U.S. had a combined trade deficit with Mexico and Canada of 177 billion dollars.

        #6 It has been estimated that the U.S. economy loses approximately 9,000 jobs for every 1 billion dollars of goods that are imported from overseas.

        #7 One professor has estimated that cutting the total U.S. trade deficit in half would create 5 million more jobs in the United States.

        #8 Since the auto industry bailout, approximately 70 percent of all GM vehicles have been built outside the United States. In fact, many of them are now being built in Mexico.

        #9 NAFTA hasn’t worked out very well for Mexico either. Since 1994, the average yearly rate of economic growth in Mexico has been less than one percent.

        #10 The exporting of massive amounts of government-subsidized U.S. corn down into Mexico has destroyed more than a million Mexican jobs and has helped fuel the continual rise in the number of illegal immigrants coming north.

        #11 Someone making minimum wage in Mexico today can buy 38 percent fewer consumer goods than the day before NAFTA went into effect.

        #12 Overall, the United States has lost a total of more than 56,000 manufacturing facilities since 2001.

        #13 Back in the 1980s, more than 20 percent of the jobs in the United States were manufacturing jobs. Today, only about 9 percent of the jobs in the United States are manufacturing jobs.

        #14 We have fewer Americans working in manufacturing today than we did in 1950 even though our population has more than doubled since then.

        #15 Back in 1950, more than 80 percent of all men in the United States had jobs. Today, only 65 percent of all men in the United States have jobs.

        #16 As I wrote about recently, one out of every six men in their prime working years (25 to 54) do not have a job at this point.

        #17 Because we have shipped millions of jobs overseas, the competition for the jobs that remain has become extremely intense and this has put downward pressure on wages. Right now, half the country makes $27,520 a year or less from their jobs.

        #18 When adults cannot get decent jobs, it is often children that suffer the most. It is hard to believe, but more than one out of every five children in the United States is living in poverty in 2014.

        #19 In 1994, only 27 million Americans were on food stamps. Today, more than 46 million Americans are on food stamps.

        #20 According to Professor Alan Blinder of Princeton University, 40 million more U.S. jobs could be sent offshore over the next two decades if current trends continue.

      54. I am not a fan of cops by any stretch of the imagination. That said, the cop was in reasonable fear of having the living shit kicked out of him, beat to death, or being shot by his own weapon. The thug got what he had coming. It is a shame that most blacks have failed to assimilate into this country. They have been given every opportunity, but yet they choose to suck us dry with all of our .gov handout programs. We have let the .gov do this with our tax money, and we are paying the price now. It’s not racism, it’s fact. The race baiting reverends, and I use that term loosely, were first on the scene to incite riots like we owe thugs the privilege to steal, rape, loot, shoot each other like the animals they are. I have no sympathy for them, and in so far as the criminals burning the city down, they should be mowed down with machine gun fire indiscriminately. Not until then will we start to get this country back on track. We owe them nothing, and if America is not good enough for them, then feel free to get on the first banana boat back to Africa. Hell, I’ll even buy a ticket or two. You hold them accountable, and it’s racism. No, it’s not racism, it’s an unforgivable culture their parents have instilled in them, and for the most part, blacks contribute absolutely nothing to society. They are responsible for most of the crime, our prisons are packed with them, etc. As a country, we have not learned a damn thing. Every time one of these thugs commit a violent crime, they should be sent right back to the Congo where they belong.

      55. I have no fear or pity for anybody in America who cannot distance themselves from the disorder that their class creates and we all have to suffer.

        Besides….if just one useless thug’s shooting death can tie up this many pavement apes and this many regional LEO’s…..if anarchy ever happened and these urchins decided to take their rage to the streets in every major US city once their EBT and rent support got cut off; I’d never have to worry about the cops coming after my guns, gold, goods etc.

        The authorities would be lucky if they could answer the phones.

      56. It seems to me that black people make poor choices for their hero’s. Rodney Kind, Treyvon, Michael Brown….Obama. They’re willing to do all kinds of looting and burning to support their criminal hero’s.

        • They’ll probably name a school after him. Brown’s Blunt University.

          • …maybe a cheap cigar

            • I’ll smoke one today in his honor.

        • Black people make poor choices period….

      57. So basically, many people don’t mind that street “justice” was used on this black man. They don’t care that the cop became judge, jury and executioner on the spot.

        What if your child out of complete stupidity and bad judgement committed a crime? Would you be fine if the officer shot him/her in the street? Forget a court hearing or getting an atty, right?

        We should just do away with miranda rights, at this juncture.

        • If one of my children committed a crime like that, they would be safer in jail.

        • So you were there Anonymous? Because according to “the witness” who by the way was Mr. Brown’s partner in crime, literally, the police officer tried to drag Brown into the cop car through the window. Really? Did you happen to see the size of Mr. Brown? The witness had to figure out a way for Brown to be in the cop car so the cop dragged him into it. Not likely Buddy. I believe the officer’s story that Brown reached into the cop car and tried to get the officer’s gun. Makes a whole lot more sense and accounts for the gun going off in the car. Mr. Brown’s friend is not only a thief, but a liar too. I think you are making your self the judge AND jury dude. The investigation has not even stated guilt or innocence of the officer. All this violence is just a way of blackmailing the investigation into finding him guilty of murdering Mr. Brown for fear of more violence and protests. How is that justice? It’s NOT!!!!!!

          • T-town, welcome aboard, and AMEN to your comments.

      58. n-hater

        What about white people who commit crimes? Should they just be shot down in the street too? Or is that just for the black people?

      59. This is a hate site, in the guise of a survival forum. I have purchased many things off of the ads here, but I won’t anymore. This is nothing but a glorified white supremacist page. What a sad world we live in. The owners of this blog must be proud for the hate that lives on here.

        I am a prepper, and a God fearing person. At no time in church does the preacher say we should hate black people. No where in my bible does Jesus say that.

        Some of you need to get your knees and beg God for mercy. I Feel incredibly sorry for the hatefulness that lives in you.

        • Look back through several subjects here on SHTF and you will find this particular anonymous has a hard time dealing with the TRUTH.

          We are not taught to “love” everyone in the Bible… fact we are told to not even fraternize with our anti-Christians, as that makes us as culpable as they are.

          You can see where all the “touchy, feely, love everybody” propoganda has led to in America. We are so brain dead we allow criminals to burn down towns.

          I would be interested to see what happens when the Missouri riots come to anonymous’ neck of the woods.

          So, Anonymous, no one has a knife in your back making you come to SHTF. It is people like you who are lined up to deprive American citizens of their right to free speech. I am sure you are convinced it would be a “kinder, gentler” world if only everyone thought the same as you.

          Seems you have forgot that Jesus Christ had enemies, enemies that finally had him killed for speaking the TRUTH. That same scenario is coming to America; Anonymous, what happens if the “thought police” find that you are not conforming to what they think is acceptable speech?

          I dont agree with some of your posts Anonymous, does that mean you have no right to your opinion? What if I were part of the “thought police”, Anonymous? Should you be jailed for placing your thoughts at SHTF?

          Pretty slippery slope we are on. The day will come when the internet as we know it will be shut off to any information that does not agree with the agenda of TPTB. The “thought police” already control the MSM, think their money will not control the internet at some point in time?

          • You’re right about Jesus having enemies granny, if he were to return today he’d find you and them guys at the top of the list.

        • @nonmouse
          “They don’t care that the cop became judge, jury and executioner on the spot.”
          Judge, jury and executioner? Really. Your use of over the counter altruistic phrases only shows you haven’t given any relevant thought to this issue. So if i attack a black person and he shoots and kills me would he be racist? Of course not.

          Blindly calling everyone racist is even more evidence to your lack of insight. There are some posts that are blatantly racist. If they are bad enough, flame them or thumbs down.

          Your views seem to be angled more towards a progressive/communist agenda. You know, the disenfranchise whitey bunch. Black and Mexicans are just as racist as whitey. Period. Been there, got the T-shirt.
          The progressive/communist movement has made it so popular, so chic, to be anti-white that even weak minded whites are buying in. Utterly sickening.
          We have been trying to “bring up” our black brethren since the mid 60’s. Hundreds of billions have been spent to assist in efforts to better their lives. Programs, to numerous to count, have been implemented to bring their people up to any level they can achieve. I find no evidence that we have gotten anything in return. Mid 60’s to 2014, 50+ years and yet the only tangible return we see is the “race card”. There is overwhelming evidence that Whitey ain’t the problem here.

          Nonmouse…what you are see with the “racist” posts is mostly good people venting their anger at the preposterous predicament forced on the working class of this country.

          Our black brethren are lost and until they find their way…. Note the irony given the author of this fine quote.

          “I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.”
          – Abraham Lincoln

          • shill.

            • That’s all ya got?

        • Anonymous, welcome, and I’m sorry to see you feel that way. I won’t try to speak for anyone but myself here. I work in a company with a 80% black work force and have no trouble with the black employees at my company. I have no hatred for African-Americans but sadly I do have hatred for Haitians, especially the one who killed my wife in a drunk driving incident. Before that time I had numerous incidents with Haitians which are totally useless people, but that’s another story for another time. That hatred does not exist without good reason. But no, I don’t hate any other group of people. You sound sincere and I think you mean well. I know what is said about keeping your heart free of hatred, but I do have trouble with that ONLY as far as Haitians are concerned. Take care.

      60. A white teenage girl robbed her mother at gun point. Why didn’t the cops just take this thug out to the street and shoot her and get her out of this world? One less thug to deal with. One less thug clogging up our prisons.

        • Your comments are not welcome here. This is a site with a thin veneer of preparing for the future covering up a kkk agenda. Anybody who reads,{ or CAN read } most of the commentary here CLEARLY can see it’s populated by aging, bitter old white folks. Thank God their short sightedness is dying with them.

          • Anonymous, go somewhere else with those old, worn-out black lies about white people.

            • I am sorry that the truth hurts braveheart but you can see from the commentary on this site the biggest racists are you and your good friends pissed on granny, them guys, and nina o. You’re not possessed of higher intelligence to mask your comments well enough to betray your inner Nazi. Again, sorry if the truth hurts.

              • Anonymous, none of us are Nazis. We are just tired of white people being marginalized, demonized, and oppressed by the federal government and its talking heads in the MSM. I live in the real world and I can straight thru the people in the all-black organizations who claim to care about you and your people but really don’t. I hope you wake up to the truth before it’s too late. take care.

      61. Karma is a bitch for ‘Just a couple of minutes ago……..’

      62. WOW and to think i was actually supporting michael brown and condemning the police for their actions….its quite clear that brown is a thug and most likely not shot for no reason .

      63. If there getting enough food stamps to grow jungle bunnys to the size this gorilla was. we need to reduce the amount. Can you imagine how much groceries that porch monkey ate?

      64. And all these dumb asses did was burn down there own town
        Things have not changed since the 60s
        And I do not want to go through that shit again.
        I think you are right Marine.
        Its only going to take a good spark and good fuel and…..
        There it goes there nothing going to stop it.

        GOD HELP US

      65. To the person that thinks this is a hate site, I’m betting Dr. Ben Carson feels the same way. He came from poverty and became one of the world’s most renowned surgeons. You can bet your last dollar that he condemns this behavior like anyone else. If it was white people doing it, I would still have the same opinion, but well, it generally never is. There are plenty of people in this country of all races, but when something like that happens, blacks use it as an excuse to raise total hell. Had it been a white kid that was overpowering the cop, we never would have heard about it, and the town wouldn’t have been looted and burnt. Get a grip.

      66. You can prep all you want. You can buy all the guns you want. But if you’re not street wise, you’re just gonna die and give all your stuff to the looters. Judging by the comments I read here, most of you have little or no real world experience. You get most of your info from the boob tube. You don’t have a snowballs chance in Hell of surviving anything. I chose the word “snowball” for a reason. If you don’t know the street definition, you just proved my point.

        • Your right! However, those storeowners who have been abandoned by the police have to fend for themselves. When they start shooting these thugs, is when true chaos will begin and spread.

      67. Mac Slavo,

        Why are most of your articles RACIST in nature? Are you paid to promote racial tensions? Is it safe to call you a FEAR Peddler and Race Baiter?

        Scripture says a house divided cannot stand. I’ve have YET to see you write anything on racial harmony or bridging the gap? Why is that so??

        Just asking a question Mac?? Awaiting your response!!

        • Question, the only thing you said I can agree with is about a divided house can never stand. I’ll answer your questions. The “divided house” you speak of is kept that way by all-black organizations like the NAACP, National League, National Action Network, Rainbow Coalition, Nation Of Islam, New Black Panther Party, etc. There is not enough racial harmony out there because of these back groups have evil intentions toward white people and also toward black people as well. They use integration to try to hurt white people. they are pursuing their own agenda which is keeping things stirred up instead of helping black people like they claim to do. They don’t care about anyone else, whether black or white. For the last 50 years white people have gone the extra 1000 miles to try to make integration work. WHITE PEOPLE ARE NOT TO BLAME FOR THE FAILURE OF INTEGRATION. THE BLACK ORGANIZATIONS ARE TO BLAME. just think about it. If integration were to succeed and all of the problems between black and white finally go away, the basis for the existence of these black groups would go away and they would have to find an honest way to make a living. You want to bridge the gap? Do away with all of these useless black organizations that are causing all the problems and integration will finally have a better chance of working. that is the only way.

          • Renegade Blackheart, the sad part is that you actually believe all that rhetoric that you wrote.. Grab a book and try studying history for a change. The NAACP was founded and ran by Jews for at least the first 50 plus years. The Black Panther Party was started to end the racial brutality by cops being committed against peaceful Afro-Americans as we see happening in Ferguson.. There, I gave you two answers, maybe you can read a book and find the rest… I’m Done!

            • Question, the black panther party you refer to was a different group with good intentions. the one that exists today is totally different in that it wants to destroy white people and is using brainwashed black people to achieve that goal. The organizations I mention don’t really care about you or any of your people. for your own sake, please open your eyes and learn the truth before it’s too late. take care.

        • @Question,

          You’re going to be waiting a HELL of a long time if you expect to get your reply from mac slavo. And don’t waste your time with braveheart either, he’s just another racist Nazi.

          • Anonymous troll, that’s it! That’s the straw that broke this camel’s back. Go f#$% your communist self!

            • Ok, so now what?

      68. why wasn’t a Tazor used? Why was lethal force used when other options exist?

        • Your question is another pre-prepared altruistic phrase often used in “racial” shootings. Keep seeing these.

          To answer your question. If you have a 300 pounder coming at you, you prolly grab the first weapon you can get your hands on. He didn’t have time to get to the Tazor.

      69. so showing a video that clearly show Mr. Brown as a thief and thug is “Character assassination”? what is stating that Mr. Brown was supposed to start college the day after his death? seems to me that both are facts. As I watch teh news I hear the residents complaining about all the “outsiders’ coming in and doing all the looting and they just “don’t know what to do about it”. Here’s a suggestion, stop the protests, give the legal system the and the investigation a chance to work. I Guarantee if you don’t give those “outsiders” a protest a reason to gather and start their lawlessness, they will go way.

      70. They released the name of the cop who killed big bad mikey. Darren Wilson. I googled him and in the picture he appears to be a typical donut eating cop. Fat white & honkey. So expect another round of riots tonite. I don’t much care for cops and don’t much care for blacks. So its a win win as far as im concerned.

      71. “Outsiders” my ass. What does it take to be an “outsider”? Is the looter black? Is the looter at the location of the protests? Then they are NOT outsiders! They are looters. It makes no difference if their from St. Louis, or San Francisco, they are looters. If the people of Ferguson recognize these looters as not locals, fine, do what every other law-abiding citizen should do: call a cop, or make a citizens arrest. Of course that won’t happen, because black people don’t take responsibility for their actions and certainly not the actions of other black people. Black people don’t snitch on black people. Just hang around, pretty soon some Democrat looking for votes will promise to give you something for nothing, and the numerous black groups out there will get some lobbyist to give you free stuff (paid for by whitey tax dollars), and all will be good in the hood!

      72. The Missouri governor Has declared a curfew for the Ferguison area.


        • Panzers nothing! Nerve gas would allow the building to remain intact for reuse in the future, and allowing the deletion of the ghetto scum rioters. Thus the welfare rolls in MO could be reduced.

      74. So, black thug robs a store, beats up cashier, shuffles down middle of road with dirty underwear hanging out, shoots off mouth to “Po-po” and strikes him, leaving officer’s face bruised, runs away, doesn’t stop, officer spends a few expensive bullets in this “innocent boy’s” torso.

        Local village idiots come out, yell at white police officer because “he dun keeled he fo nuffin.”

        Naturally the sane response from the locals is to put on bandanas and all smash and loot and steal from all the stores, including the one the idiot cadaver robbed.

        Cue bleeding heart Liberal news media who will shed tears over the “poor black man is a victim here”.


      75. Those who would argue that this punk was unarmed, have never had their ass kicked by a 6′-4″, 290 lb. anti social dickhead.

      76. helot says:
        Comment ID: 3205716
        August 15, 2014 at 9:27 pm RE: “There are good law enforcement officers”

        Ha! That was funny. Got any more good ones?

        Yeah how about “We is bez equal!”

      77. Every time the black community picks a poster child, it’s the usual suspect.

        Never call the cops or interact with them because death is always close. Never give them a reason to stop you, especially if you have an attitude.

      78. Yes – a dead 18 year old is a shame
        Yes – an entire town not knowing the facts burning and looting in the name of justice is stupid
        Yes – I don’t see any whites or Hispanics out after curfew in Ferguson last night
        Yes – the ‘citizens’ – who all appear to be black have nothing better to do than continue to get themselves shot and pilfer the stores in Ferguson for some reason
        Yes – Al Sharpton to the rescue – Maybe he should figure out why the 290 pound black kid was stealing cigars for his girlfriend Dorian Johnson and how often this was occurring since they got kicked out of high school
        Yes – all premature deaths are a crime – Someone needs to come up with something for these idle minds to do that doesn’t involve genocide

        • It had to begin someplace. the fabric of this type of gimmie dat society is badly frayed. it has begun to unravel The thug went from gimmie dat to im taking this .It no surprise that the lowest demoniator is at the forefront. its been called at first rioting & later looting then unrest and now civil disobedience. the Curfew will turn into martial law. and eventually civil ethnic & race war. someone was shot last nite. a squad car was shot at. If & when the cops start shooting back all hell will break loose . Its possible treating these scofflaws with kid gloves will end in epic failure.

          • Old Guy, AMEN to your comments. If any of that ‘gimme dat’ crowd comes to my place, I damned sure ain’t playing pattycake with them.

      79. Seeing as how cops have the power of life and death now. They should be equiped with cameras facing everywhere.

      80. Years ago, I took NRA courses on handguns and personal safety, and we were taught that ordinarily you NEVER “shoot to kill”; rather, you “shoot to stop.” If someone threatening is coming at you, your intention should be to knock him down, and stop him from reaching you–NOT TO KILL HIM. (If you do end up killing him, therefore, it’s not deliberate.) Only in extraordinary situations, with a very dangerous criminal on the loose (so we were taught), are law enforcement told to shoot to kill.

        But it’s my understanding that far too often these days, police are being trained/told to “shoot to kill” as their FIRST defense. This is likely a huge reason why sites like are loaded with one horror-story after another of police brutality. (Check it out, but be aware that it makes sickening reading.)

        If an unarmed Brown was truly a threat to the officer, what was the cop’s intention: to kill him, or to stop him? Where on Brown’s body did he aim? Where are the bullet-wounds? How exactly did Brown die? These are among the questions that should be asked…

        • Marie Who ever taught you years ago was completely wrong. A gun is deadly force. you never even pull or point your weapon unless you intend to kill something. that’s the hard fact. no doubt no debate no wiggle room when you as last resort must use deadly force you make it deadly.

          • Old Guy, I agree. I was taught in firearms courses back in the 70s never point a weapon at anyone unless you intend to shoot them dead. NRA is notorious for misleading gun owners. They are NOT 2A champions at all. they work hand-in-glove with TPTB to compromise the 2A and eventually eliminate it one step at a time.

      81. This story is a lesson to all. If you defend yourself against a person of color, get ready. Get ready to be tried in the media. Get ready for the dead guys friends to lie. Get ready for certain groups to ignore reality and paint the asshole as a student getting ready for college. Get ready to be vilified with lies.
        Watch your ass if you defend yourself against a person of color. White guy? Don’t worry about it.

      82. The guy was probably drunk or high when he strong armed the convenience store. I’ve got experience with this. Some shop lifters make no effort to conceal their crime. Some of them just grab their merchandise and make their exit. It’s an improvisational crime really. I’ve worked convenience stores for over a decade.

        • If that’s true That’s good news for the officer involved. however it will probably just infuriate the mob. Karma is a bitch. Every time some parasite cop lords it over some other person they aquire negative karma. I Watched Huckabee last nite. there where some examples of swat teams who attacked innocent victims. the militarizm of the police is a real threat to our freedom.

      83. The latest news is some one shot at the police. the police shot rubber bulletts, arrest are being made. It didn’t last until midnite today. Fun Fun Fun the natives are getting restless!!!I predict this will escalate and spread until the weather becomes cold. It will end badly. If the cops where smart they would quit their job. their dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t. ST Louis is on the same path as Detroit.

      84. Sad to see that the Law Enforcement Officers are not lobbing hand grenades, or even concussion grenades into the ghetto rioters ranks.

      85. The autopsy report bears out the officers story. the dead guy was shot from the front. and the head wounds indicate he was squatted down like a linebacker charging. bullet wounds in the front of the arms indicate he wasn’t standing holding up his arms. The last two shots one went into the top of his head and the other went in his eye and exited his jaw. when its declared a clean kill the jungle bunnys wont accept the facts.

      86. I’m curious about something…

        I can’t count how many times I’ve seen posts on here mocking everyone for talking the talk but not walking the walk when it comes to overbearing .gov and out of control LEOs.

        When it comes to “what are you going to do about it”, white America is content to sit on their asses and take whatever comes. Black America is just the opposite; they will riot for anything.

        Seems whenever fed-up white guy snaps he goes off on his own and ends up slaughtered in a cabin in Big Bear. But when fed-up black guy snaps his whole neighborhood snaps with him and they end up fighting back, making a point and in some cases changing reality.

        I realize the first shot has been fired by .gov and LEOs many many many times already, but when will the first retaliation shot be fired and by whom? Granted, things like the Bundy vs BLM issue were different, but did we really have an impact on anything substantial?

        Just thinking out loud. Feel free to shut me up with thumb’s down. 🙂

      87. i note from a post above that it was mentioned the fact he got shot in the front of his arms proving they were down and he was running at the cop

        IF he was surrendering like the libs say, then the wounds would be on the back of his arm.
        quick raise and arm, what part is facing forward, its the back of the arm.
        proving this guy was not surrendering he was attacking.

        • No proof he was attacking, the arm moves remember? Different angles?

          The other 2 shots to head will be the officer’s undoing.

          Does the officer stand 7ft tall over Brown who’s 6’4″? Because one round goes through eye socket, under jaw to collarbone, meaning downward shot, other is top of skull…consistent with Brown possibly bending down, kneeling.

          Also in video of Officer walking around body, no sign of nursing a face wound, bleeding. More witnesses coming forward reciting same story.

          Bottom line, have to get more facts, witness testimony. My opinion, things got of hand, officer used excessive lethal force a on subject. Even if Brown, who’s a scumbag for sure, attacked officer in car at one point, later fleeing or at distance doesn’t authorize lethal force. And the current police state gang in blue antics wouldn’t be surprising if it happened.

      88. Nam Era.

        I agree with what you have posted and the country owes you a debt of gratitude of no more or less than all who put their lives on the line for Freedom. One thing for sure is that the school system does not teach History. It is a form of indoctrination to suit the government. They should teach the bad points and the good points to make those aware of the pitfalls a nation can face and how it can lift itself from the binjo ditches in life.
        We don’t have to live in the past but we can build upon it and until then we will have Racism.

        Welcome Home, NAM ERA.

      89. ST. MICHAEL has FALLEN from GRACE!


      90. He drove up on us. We wasn’t bothering nobody and we wasn’t blocking traffic. We told him I live close by and we’ll be off the street. Means: when he asked us to not walk in the middle of the street, we told him to go jump in the lake.

        Door ricochet: means he tried to open it and we slammed it back at him.

        Then he grabbed my friend by the throat: Means: My friend is 6′ 4″. When my friend hit him the officer tried to defend himself but my friend was too big, too tall for the officer to reach him.

        final point: how does an officer sitting in the car reach the neck of a boy who is xix feet four inches?

      91. Evryone making a big deal about this thug is stupid. You know how many non blacks are killed unjustly and the world doesn’t go crazy about it. He was a thug and a third and I don’t doubt he attacked and probly coulda easily fucked up that cop. Cope defended himself from a big ass thug who was going for his gun according to reports. Sure that even of Michael had grabbed the gun he wouldn’t have killed the officer. But these thugs need to stop thinkng they are above the law. It’s that mentality that got him killed. Good job to his parents on raising him… That last part was sarcasm lol

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