The Pentagon’s Counter-Zombie Martial Law Plan: ‘Concentrate Firepower to the Head’

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    What level of hell is in the process of descending upon this earth?

    The twisted mind of strategic thinking must consider all contingencies, and prepare to defend against it.

    And whether it seems like a joke or not, the Pentagon has a document preparing its forces for the remote possibility – or perhaps imminent cult film future pre-programmed through the media – of an all-out Zombie apocalypse.

    Foreign Policy reports:

    The U.S. military has always been the one place in government with a plan, forever in preparation mode and ready to yank a blueprint off the shelf for almost any contingency.

    Incredibly, the Defense Department has a response if zombies attacked and the armed forces had to eradicate flesh-eating walkers in order to “preserve the sanctity of human life” among all the “non-zombie humans.”… [A Concept Operations document C]alled “CONOP 8888.”

    This plan fulfills fictional contingency planning guidance tasking for U.S. Strategic Command to develop a comprehensive [plan] to undertake military operations to preserve ‘non-zombie’ humans from the threats posed by a zombie horde,” CONOP 8888’s plan summary reads.

    American TV viewers know all the twists and turns of the debasing fight against undead hoards of the human race, unconscious automatons intent on eating brains and over-running humanity.

    But to spoil the fun before you’ve had it, keep in mind that this entire document, though “real,” holds a double meaning, alluding to the plan for maintaining dominance over the masses, who are largely unthinking and tend to follow propaganda prompts and orders to obey.

    As its authors note in the document’s “disclaimer section,” “this plan was not actually designed as a joke.” Military planners assigned to the U.S. Strategic Command … looked for a creative way to devise a planning document to protect citizens in the event of an attack of any kind.The officers used zombies as their muse.

    It is essentially a generic blueprint for occupying any major episode of civil unrest, economic collapse or major natural disaster. So what is really coming that the Pentagon isn’t telling us about?

    If it seems to weird to be true, just see the Counter-Zombie Dominance PDF via Scribd for yourself.

    Screen shot 2016-04-14 at 2.49.02 PM

    Specifically, the document discusses how the use of head shots and martial law to restore civil order would be utilized:

    “Establish and maintain a vigilant defensive condition aimed at protecting humankind from zombies. If necessary, conduct operations that will, if directed, eradicate zombie threats to human safety.”

    “The only assumed way to effectively cause casualties to the zombie ranks by tactical force is the concentration of all firepower to the head, specifically the brain.”

    “Zombies are horribly dangerous to all human life and zombie infections have the potential to seriously undermine national security and economic activities that sustain our way of life.”

    “Given the rapidity at which zombie outbreaks spread, decisive, overwhelming, and possibly unilateral military force may be required to negate the zombie threat.”

    “Given the likelihood of an all out threat to ‘human survival’, it is likely that this plan will be executed with a declaration of martial law with CONUS and U.S. territories.

    The report also includes several nods to become personally prepared for all contingencies – including use of natural resources, and a reinforcement in the home or shelter:

    “Rain will be vitally important to human survival. If civil water supplies are cut off, humans will have to rely on other means to obtain water… it will be difficult to determine if ground water is a vector for zombie infection.”

    “Humans who do not shelter-in-place within a sturdy structure that protects them from the direct effects of air currents that could carry pathogens or toxins will be at increased risk of contamination, death and injury.”

    Many preppers are expected to survive the zombie apocalypse, and define the character of what is left of humanity.

    Will you be among them?

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    Counter-Zombie Dominance PDF via Scribd


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      1. Yawn again

        • The genius(actually has a low IQ) and pussyheart should be on here soon to offer us their version of reality. Hang on! because it will get strange in the alternate reality of delusional thinking.

          • I was at the store today and saw a lot of zombies. I think Havesome was one of them. I should have given him a headshot with a can of corn lol. By the way, I left you a video at the end of our convo after you so bravely (and smartly) ran away ha ha ha. I bet you 500 bux my IQ is higher than yours and probably by a big margin lol. Keep on truckin idiot, you make a fool of yourself just fine without me 😛

            • Axis II cluster B Diagnosis NOS. No doubt.

              • Not narciccist, just truthful. Thats why you ran away last night lol. Truth is like kryptonite to idiots!

                • I’m leaning more towards borderline or anti-social

              • I’ll wait while you look that up

                • Ok I’ll wait for you to post something of value and intelligence. (gonna be a while while you look up something lol).

                  • This is what I do for a living you fool.

                    • Well then do it fool. (waiting)

                    • I would have to say in my professional opinion that you are batshit crazy. Zyprexa may help you calm yourself and also lessen some of your delusions of grandeur. We’ll start at 5mg nightly and increase in a few days.

                    • Still waiting………..

                    • Wow, your rebukes are powerful. Love to get you on the ward and spike your cocktail with some of these experimental substances the research dept. is playing around with currently.

                    • and still waiting……

                    • Well, I guess we could discuss the impact of your being sodomized by your father starting when you were 11 and the detrimental effect it’s had in all aspects of your life. Including the fact that these events led you to homosexuality.

                    • Now there’s a good one lol. Did you inhale too many chemicals in your lab? It’s ok you can get off your knees now, I know when I’m licked…. You cannot come up with anything of value I am going to ignore you and let you make a fool of yourself, by yourself. Bye Bye 😛

                    • That’s ok. I won’t ignore you. Avoidance is a reaction to denial. I can help you with that to.

                    • So, Havesomesense, you post here for a living? How does one get paid for that?

            • “I was at the store today and saw a lot of zombies”

              The store happened to be one that sells “Mirrors” exclusively.

            • Genius, AMEN to that. this new troll makes acid look sensible. LOL

          • A neutron bomb is a high power microwave burst . If you are at a distance it won’t kill you . It will only slitly fry your brain leaving you dazed and confused looking for anything you can eat or drink. In a zombie like state. Fry half of someone’s brain with a microwave burst and you get what we would discribe as a zombie.who knows what kind of high tech weapons we have now. It’s like rat poison that makes them go out for water and not die in your house. The shoot them in the head only thing seems far fetched.?

            • Neutron bombs were originally meant to kill all of the people in an area without damaging the structures (pipes, buildings, roads, etc).

              Now that they’ve been made far larger, I’m unsure of what the largest is capable of. (Or does anyone know? Have they been tested anywhere)? I find nothing on it of value….

          • I’ll shoot any body that come near me. I’m not delusional, dam it.

            • Don’t let the barrel get stuck up your ass. Meant for Bravehurt.

          • I’ll just call this troll ‘havesome’ since he doesn’t really have any SENSE. If he did, he wouldn’t be a damn troll.

        • 2 Shots Center Mass, and One shot in the head. Trespassers will be shot, Survivors will be shot again. That is spelled out in the BOL SOP Security article; Policy 12g. Enough said.

        • Same for the CITIZENS RESISTANCE. Works both ways.

      2. Hell we got libtard sheeple zombies amongst us now. Fact is they’re just not biting at the moment. I doubt highly that we’ll have a zombie apocalypse though. I guess the military just needed to justify some funding with our tax dollars and decided to do a study to make things look legit.

        • PO’d, I think we are already having a zombie apocalypse, have you been to the store lately lol. Driving to and from there is a site too see also! Oh dammit, I forgot to buy jolly ranchers… SHIT! Ehh next time 🙂

          • Genius, I see that way too much myself. Especially in wallyworld. “The Walking Dead” is already LIVE. LOL

      3. Your tax dollars at work. MIC needs enemies.

        • Yep, there is no profit in peace. War has several benefits for the ptb and their MIC buddies. The report from Iron Mountain was a good explanation of this.

      4. Why do still read this crap? Done. Moving on with my normal life.

      5. Everyone know you shot for the head.
        Real walking dead zombies or just flat out Brain dead zombies, you know the ones that are in the give me army.
        Wait a minute, bullets should be flying now because there are a lot of brain dead zombies walk the street and voting for Sanders and Clinton…I’m SO BAD~!;-}
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • The guy sitting in front of Pee Wee Herman at the theatre was shot in the head too!

          • ewwwww, lmao.

            • btw, did you see that link I posted a couple threads back on making your own yeast?

              • No I missed it. I will go back and check it out. Thanks 🙂

                • Got it and saved it. Great info, taters and flour whodda thunk? Thanks again, that will go in the print archives. By the way have you ever made stuff out of just mollasses and water? If so how was it?

                  • No I haven’t but it sounds for the making of rum though. Been wanting to veer off some and try making a small batch. When I do apple pie I use a tablespoon of molasses. I also use apple cider with regular apple juice and after it cools down to luke warm, add a cup of Captain Morgan to the batch. Those spices do the trick. Then I add the clear.

                    • What quantities of apple juice and cider?

                    • Oh and I found a site that has essences and spiced rum is one of them. I made some spice mix with it and added cinnamon extract, vanilla extract, cloves, allspice. I think the site is

                    • Apple Pie-1 gal. of cider. 1/2 gal. apple juice. 3 cups lite brown sugar, one tbs. of molasses. Bring juice, molasses and cider to a boil, turn off heat and then add two cinnamon sticks and 3 cups of brown sugar, stir occasionally and let steep. After it cools to about 100 degrees add vanilla extract and remove cinnamon sticks. Add one cup of Captain Morgan, everclear/shine to suit strength and taste.
                      You can also put this Apple Pie in a crock pot and heat it up, serve it warm to guests. Damn good on a winter’s day.

        • Northern Reb, spot on. The balloon will go up before we know it. Keep stacking.

      6. They talk about this much and it is with my pinion, they will shut down the food and water supply to ,any people just so they can have their martial laws

        • Sargent Dale;

          ht tp://

          A while back we were discussing “ambi” chargers for your AR-15(s), and I was telling you about one I could not find in the books. Here’s the damn thing …called a Raptor and they are well-cut and way easier on the fingers!

          Cheers and be safe!


          • “E”
            Thanks found one and put it on my brother in laws AR. Great item. Highly recommend it. Next AR I build will have one. Thanks Again!!!!

      7. The authority for martial law is non-existent! It is NOT an authority granted to ANYONE in the CONstitution and is therefore illegal and would be TREASON!

        • Write a letter to Obama explaining what you just said and see if you get any return explanation?

          • Ha ha haha, good one!

      8. Read it as a psychwar description instead: “Concentration of all firepower to the head, specifically the brain”, and the emotions. Media control is the weapon, staged events are the ammo, the public mind is the target. A zombie is anyone who rejects the programming:

        “Zombie infections have the potential to seriously undermine national security… Given the rapidity at which zombie outbreaks spread, decisive, overwhelming, and possibly unilateral military force may be required to negate the zombie threat.”

      9. Zombies are real today, just think of what some of the new man made synthetic drugs do to the user. Also in the future, there may be some sort of toxin release of something that triggers something already in peoples bodies from our messed up food sources/ medicines, air etc. etc. ??. One never knows. I don’t think zombies like in the show ‘Walking Dead’ will ever be a reality, but something similar to that only with the person being alive and flesh still in place.

      10. Zombie? You mean hungry people. It is amazing how all encompassing the established evil emanating from government and corporate mind thought really is. Talk about a mass of sheeple herded along to their demise. Pitiful that the pushback has been all but non existant, meanwhile TPTB build the assault plan in every detail every day.

        • Probably, why plan for something that won’t happen. Zombies are code for us.

      11. Ya know- with all the stuff they spray us with everyday, who knows what kind of behavior they’re really capable of eliciting.

      12. I’ll be in my sniper position, with full aim at the zombies head, and awating orders.

        aim small, miss all

        • Sarge, left a note above for ya, but don’t bother looking. That charging “ambi” handle is here (the one I prefer for my LR-308) …these are ‘cut’ with nice tolerances and are QUIET!

          ht tp://

          Cheers and be safe!

          • “E”
            This SGT. is a fake piece of shit.
            I did find it and got one. Next AR build I will be using one. I responded to the message you left above.
            The true Sgt. Dale.

        • Sgt. Dele

          Yep!!! Waiting for you to show your ugly ass after you don’t have anything to eat for about 7 days, because you didn’t prep, and are mocking us that have. Like Eppe, Braveheart 1776, ECT.ECT. So I can put one between your eyes. One Shot One Kill. And no one here would miss you. Matter of fact they would give me the AMMO. No wait they wouldn’t want to waste it on scum like you. You know what, now that I think about it neither would I. I’ll just watch you starve to death.

          Sgt. Dale

          • Sarge, sounds like you have a new friend. [JUST KIDDING] I have one also. I think I’ll just get acid after him. LOL.

      13. Elite zombies get a double tap.

      14. I saw The Grand Cyclops of the clueless clan, they were headed that-a-way!!!!!

        • Hidden in this rediculous government document is the very real possibility that these instructions are the plans of the criminal government to kill American Revolutionaries by aiming for the head as opposed to the chest, as soldiers of the people will likely wear protective vests. Not so funny.

          • B from CA, that might be the best observation yet. Thanks for pointing it out.

      15. Chucklefucker. LOL. Chucklefucker. LOL.

      16. Dusty Fae,

        You are so right, and thank you for your contribution. They will shut down the power, the gas deliveries, the food and water. Foreign soldiers, already here in the hundreds of thousands and camping in the woods of VA and TN, will be “dispatched” as a “UN gesture” to “help control order and calm”. Bull crap.

        Then they will promise food, water, “and more” if you just go to their shopping malls and stadiums and they will gladly transport you and when you arrive they will placate you and then line you up either to gas or guillotine you.

        Don’t believe? Then why haven’t any of the refugees been relocated in any of our FEMA camps and why are they closed off to journalists and the public?

        Hurricane Katrina was a warm-up, so was HAARP-created Sandy.

        The VERY last place you want to be is in any mall, strip mall, stadium, however small or large.

        God can no longer protect a country that was dedicated to Him by the Founding Fathers because they removed Him from the public schools, we keep killing his children [see] despite Warnings, and we ignore each and every one of His Ten Commandments and some of us instead follow a bunch of guidestones in Georgia– all because Satan has tricked them into thinking that too many people mean less “stuff” for them.

        Bull crap. When the quality of life in a country is improved, the birth rate goes down. It’s a proven fact. Repeatedly.

        Let me conclude: if you want to survive the crapstorm that many in elected office are hinting is to come between now and November, then you have to think EXACTLY like destructive [= evil] people do, you have to DECODE their lies and falsehoods and deceptions, and you have to PLAN accordingly.

        Most of all, if the ONLY prep you do is to say a simple pray each and every day or evening, “Lord, I am a sinner, forgive me, and help me” or “Jesus, forgive me and guide me”, etc., then you will have everything covered.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Evil is that which destroys”. – M. Scott Peck, M.D.

        “We see the velvet glove that masks the fist of fury.” – M. Scott Peck, M.D.

        “The truly evil do not reside in jail.” – M. Scott Peck, M.D.

      17. There are not going to be Zombies like on the TV. There how ever be zombies walking around looking for food. After a few weeks they will eat anything even Human flesh.

        This has happened before and will happen again. But unlike T.V. you won’t have to shoot them in the head. Unless they are on PCD or something.


        • Well Sargent D, if you only consider um, let’s say a veteran who the VA has kept on Tramadol and Klonopin for years (to help him with PTSD). Whether or not he is aware of it, he’s hooked on both meds and inside of three days HE will be much like a zombie and ultra desperate for relief. Nothing will sound right, look right, can’t think right …and in many cases these folks that could end up without meds and go beserk are packing heat! (And what is PCD or did you miss the key really bad and mean PCP)?
          With all the meds evil docs mess with these days, I seriously doubt they can reanimate dead flesh, but “they” could easily turn an entire city in “zombie-like” animals (as if being lost in an opium trip or something like that) …maybe? I’ve never done ‘mind-benders’ but I’ve sure seen enough ppl on them to make me THINK “zombie-ass” crazy mf!” lol….

          Be safe/wear plate steel shirts

        • a
          At the time I couldn’t think of the stuff. (brain Fart.) It was PCP. that was why I said or something.
          Animal med of some type. I believe it to be a tranquilizer?

      18. I think this is code for domestic extremists (conservatives, gun owners, Christians, patriots)!

        • Of course it’s code. The same tactics have been used prior to every war. World War II, VietNam ….ALL of them were “alerted” via the use of these very same ‘harmless’ flyers and notices.

          I’m glad to see SOMEONE ‘gets it’ besides just myself. (But we’ll likely be called insane for believing ourselves ya know)?

      19. Only if BHStolengun steals some ammo, too…

      20. This article is not as crazy as you think.
        Rabies Virus + Ebola Virus + Bath Salts = Zombie Virus!
        Military Bio-Lab + GMO = Disaster!

        • Millions of people out of a job, no gov assistance and living in the streets half starved…that’s closer to the description of what our zombies will be. It ain’t gonna take some virus to make folks crazy once they get hungry. Once the food runs out, three days to anarchy.

      21. Shit happens. All government is based in evil. It has been this way as long as man has been on the earth. Nothing you do or say can change that. Suck it up. Drink water. Drive on.

      22. So you are saying that government will FOREVER AND ALWAYS keep man pinned down as low as possible for as long as the race survives? And still, do NOT DO ANYTHING TO GET RID OF THE GOVERNMENT? Nope! You say to just “suck it up” and “drink water” *yuk* and “drive on” allowing them to do it another 50 million centuries …when all you’d need is to wipe out government and never have to deal with those types again. But, I’ve been told, on this site, that I’m out of my mind for thinking “in this manner”, so I have decided to stop thinking in totality right now. qwe09uaklkkwo, slslke slsiwirlxnxo slkeru JHESAOERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      23. Guess I told them huh Genius! smirk..

      24. Yes you did 🙂

      25. these reports are getting more and more unbelieveable every day, I think i am done with all this non supported speculation and false cries of doom

      26. The amount of debt including derivatives worldwide is over 500 trillion. The kite string broke long ago. All fiat money is faith based and is the glue that keeps economies going. When the electorate is taxed beyond a quality of life, faith in the monetary system is compromised. Don’t know why the elites have not been dispatched by now. I guess we just like eating cake.

      27. The zombies are already here. It is the muslim nation. The headshots better start soon or our brains will be rolling around in our decapitated heads.

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