The Obama Admin’s Plan To Arm ‘Moderates’ Went Wrong: Trucks And Ammo Went To ISIS

by | May 16, 2018 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    As part of an Obama administration plan to arm “moderate forces” in Syria, United States military equipment and ammunition went instead to ISIS terrorist forces. The man who said he himself brokered the deal, simply handed over everything to an Al Qaeda group.

    “I communicated with Al Qaeda’s branch, Al Nusra, to protect and safely escort me and my soldiers for two hours from North Aleppo to West Aleppo,” Maj. Anas Ibrahim Obaid, better known on the battlefield as Abu Zayd, told Fox News from his home in the western Aleppo area. “In exchange, I gave them five pickup trucks and ammunition.”

    Zayd, who said he defected from the Syrian Army to the opposition in 2012, described a program that was rife with inconsistencies and incompetencies – which was rather standard of the Obama administration. Especially when they attempted a gun running scheme (does anyone remember Fast and Furious?)

    Those trucks and ammo issued to Zayd by the United States in 2015, were a part of a $500 million Department of Defense effort to “train and equip” a new “ideologically moderate” force to battle ISIS. The program, one of at least two designed to funnel arms to so-called “moderate Syrian rebels”, proved to be a spectacular failure for the Obama administration. Not that most in the mainstream media would care to report on it.  Guns are bad unless Obama is handing them out to terrorists, right?

    Zayd claimed that the main prerequisite for inclusion in the program was proof of association with a group that had fought ISIS, the Islamic State. That was followed by a few basic questions, like, “With which faction did you fight?” and “What do you think about ISIS?”  Some real in-depth stuff coming from our government.  Gun owners in the United States go through more stringent questionnaires than that…

    Zayd claims the entire ordeal was as follows:

    The U.S. trainers “wanted us to go into Syria without weapons because of the ambush, and said we could get the weapons inside instead. This was crazy,” Zayd recalled. “We refused.”

    The weapons issue was worked out, and the rebels eventually started their journey back to Syria on Sept. 19. But Turkish border guards found something else in their bags: Syrian regime flags, rather than the flags of the opposition group the fighters were being sent to support.

    Zayd said fighters charged back to their base in Turkey, demanding answers. U.S trainers took responsibility for the “flag mistake,” Zayd said, and the following day the rebels continued back to Syria. But morale was already a problem, Zayd said, and fighters who were being paid a $250 monthly salary by the Defense Department began defecting. His group of 72 shrank to just 25, he said.

    Zayd said he, too, became quickly fed up with the program and planned to return to his hometown in western Aleppo to fight the Syrian regime.

    But getting home entailed moving through Al Nusra territory. That’s when he called the Al Qaeda-affiliated leaders and made the arrangement to hand over the five U.S-issued trucks and scores of ammunition, in exchange for free passage and an armed escort home.

    “The Americans were so angry when they found out, they cut my salary,” Zayd said nonchalantly. “But this was our only option through their territory to get home without getting killed,” he said.  “I got many messages the Americans do not want to deal with me anymore. But they can’t get their weapons back,” he boasted of his chess game with the Obama administration and DoD.

    A second Obama administration program, “Timber Sycamore,” was started by the CIA in late 2012 with the similar aim of arming rebels. This particular operation was active along the Turkish border to Syria’s north, and a Jordanian crossing in the south referred to as the “Southern Front.” But Syrian opposition figures say this program was also compromised, and many US-issued weapons were falling into the hands of ISIS or Al Nusra.


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      1. Leave it to government to screw up something, ANYTHING. I wouldn’t have minded some of those weapons and a truckload of ammo, LOL.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          “Leave it to government to screw up something”

          This isn’t a screw up, its intentional. Al Qaeda with Bin Laden was used in Afghanistan against the Soviets and then armed and transported to Yugoslavia to be used to break it up for various reasons chief of which was to keep NATO post USSR. The US armed them in Libya where ISIS was born.

          Read Manifest Destiny by F. William Engdahl.

          h ttps://

            • K2,
              This is my congress critter. The way people vote here she probably has a lifetime Job. She will vote lock-step with the party.
              When ever she opens her mouth she lies. Although she is an Officer in the reserves, her allegiance is to the party and not to America.
              So this video is a waste of time to watch.

              • Rellik

                “When ever she opens her mouth she lies.”

                The evidence is overwhelming of US funding Islamic Fundamentalists to overthrow sovereign governments for the globalist multi nationals. I realize you hate Democrats but if you think Republicans are on your side your deluding yourself. Bush 41, Clinton , Bush 43, Obama……no difference. Puppets.

                News Flash:

                The United States of America has allegiance to to the globalist multi national bankers / financiers / corporations not the American people.

                Want a good read of a new book.

                Manafest Destiny by F. William Engdahl

                • The evidence is overwhelming of US funding Gu-ish Fundamentalists to overthrow sovereign governments for the globalist multi nationals.

                  End all funding to the Cabal Squatters who commit genocide and overthrow soverign countries like the US right now. We are under an all assault Gewissh coup here in the US. Their proxy propaganda tool is the mainstream media, including FOX News owner Rupert Merdoch who heavenly invested with Dick Cheney and the Rothchilds who want to drill oil in Syria. Follow the money FOLKS. (((Who benefits?))). Trump is being blackmailed or payback to Wilber Ross (Rothschild) who bailed Trump out from bankruptcy back in the 1980’s. And the American Tax Payer gets the Tab for all of this corruption. Why trump even made Wilber Ross his commerce secretary. Drain the swamp my A$$.

                  • Its a host of critters well including the Rockefeller’s.

                    • Headline should read: Trucks and ammo went to ISIS intentionally.

                    • Yes intentionally

            • REP GABBARD NAILED IT. Its only half of the story, The other half is that Trump, Rothchilds’, Israehell are trying to overthrow the country so the Cabal can hijack the oil fields. Its all about stealing other nations resources, and using proxy Terrorist gangs to do the dirty work. The US and its allies support these terrorists.




                NO. Actually they may never have been. We have been fed fairy tales of benevolence, white hats, Santa. As USMC Major General Smedley Butler 2x recipient of the MOH said:

                I served in all commissioned ranks from a second Lieutenant to a Major General. And during that time, I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street, and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism.

        • This was not just Obama’s idea, but was Hillary Clinton’s Idea also, and when it failed miserably like after her disaster un Bengazi. She resigns and Runs fir presudent.

          But hey at theus point, “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MATTER.” – Hillary

          Fact matter a lot when people are dying fir no reason than incompetence from the top down. Its a violation of US Law to arm, support and train and give aid to our kniwn enemy.

          Both Obama and H Clinton are guilty of Treason and deserve to face a firing squad, since they are Traitors to Americans and our Constitution.

          • Bush 41 / Bill Clinton used the same bunch to destabilize Yugoslavia.

          • There was no accident here. The left under Obama’s tenure knew exactly what they were doing. It was as desired to create the chaos that has followed. The only real question is what the goal(s) are/were.

            • Heartless

              The goal is o destroy cohesive governments and therefore have no opposition to globalist demands. They will sell their oil in whatever currency the globalists demand. They will allow US / UK Military occupation. The fragmented remaining government is easily overthrown if the above is not coupled with as the CIA / Mossad / MI5 & 6 are pulling the strings of “opposition”.

      2. Do they honestly think we believe these lies? The intention was to arm Isis from the very beginning.

      3. There are no “moderates” in Syria. Watch interviews with the locals and they will tell you the real story.

      4. Obama was and is a fool
        Obama is an American Hater
        Obama is an American tratior
        Where is the Special prosecutor?
        Where is jeff Sessons?

        • That is what does not make sense. Why in the hell are they not prosecuting all the obama people? The Democrats are trying like hell to prosecute Trump people and Trump is just sitting on his hands?

          Even worse, there is still an Obama shadow government in place. That was evidenced by John Kerry meeting with the Iranians TWICE before Trump dumped the Iran nuclear deal.

          Trump still has HUNDREDS of unconfirmed department heads needing senate approval. That means Obama staffers are still running the show.

      5. This has been known for a long time by anyone who has been paying attention.

      6. The Russians had proof the USA was funding and supporting ISIS in Syria all along.

        • Russian Satellites even caught on Satellite photos of Israehell getting stolen oil from ISIS who took over some of Syrias oil fields. Isis drove oil trucks, and the stolen oil convoy ended up in Israehell. Why buy the oil, when you can get proxy American Military to overthrow Governments to steal the Syrian oil reserves. This is what this is all about. The pigs and swine are greedy.

          And US Taxpayers get the Tab.

      7. The problem with getting involved in other countries is that you are playing in their backyard. They know the people, the terrain, and the rules. Your best hope is to find someone from that country who will help you. Someone you can trust up to a point. Since everyone has an agenda of their own, you can’t trust anyone completely. Or you can just kill everyone and repopulate the place with the “right kind” of people. Global elitists want to reduce the over seven billion to 500 million of the “right kind” of people, their kind. (Themselves and their slaves.) Myself, I believe “Don’t start no trouble, and there won’t be no trouble”.

      8. “Went wrong”?… Don’t be naive.

        It all went according to plan at the time.
        Of course the real plan wasn’t broadcast publicly, but it will come out eventually.

        Also, I am not convinced that Trump is Deep State like other articles on shtf have suggested recently. If he is a Deep State actor, then I would suggest the Deep State is at war with itself.

        There are currently ~30,000 sealed indictments on the Federal Court system Dockets across our nation. This large group of sealed indictments only began being issued on 10/30/2017 and there are 30,000 of them as of 04/30/2018. Typically there are only about 1000 sealed indictments a year, so something big is happening quickly and the Trump/Sessions’ DOJ is behind it.

        • anon

          ” I would suggest the Deep State is at war with itself.”

          I look at “The Deep State” TPTB as the mafia commission. They’re all amoral. Like them I don’t rule out the above happening from time to time as each player jockeys for position.

      9. Trump is controlled and blackmailed: that is plain to see. Think about it: he ran casinos (the most mobster/douchebag business there is) and he was a big guy in New York real estate: all Italian and Jewish mafia in that town.

        I suspect they got him on doing underage prostitutes or something.

        As for Obama, all who worked with him found him to be also a giant d-bag (only a black one this time), and also one who was vain beyond normal for most politicians. Because he shat perfumed, lavender-scented puff balls, everything, every decision had to be gone over a zillion times to make sure he came out looking good (Black Mesiah and all). This meant in practice total chaos and f-ups all over the place (remember the Imams having to be consulted before any bomb could be dropped?, or the NATO ‘Stack’ of planes flying day and night and never given a fire order).

        The whole crazy Muslim thing has long been a tool of control (the British started the Muslim Brotherhood) and you just need to read any history on the British and the Germans in the Middle East to find it all started with them (at the time, most Muslims were genetically inferior morons and retards because of their poverty, inter-marriage and ignorance and only started to thrive when the oil and gas money flowed).

        Obama is British controlled. As a flamer he needed something to keep him sweet so they got him a big, black buck with an enormous schlong to make those long nights in the Whitehouse a little more fun. The biggest fools in this whole episode are Americans for falling for it for 8 years. The Russians knew the whole thing and would drop hints all the time.

      10. Had we known he was a flaming homosexual, pathological liar, communist and Muslim adherent, he would have never been elected in the first place. Now that these things are well known it is no surprise that absolutely nothing went “right” during his presidential folly – nothing!

      11. The whole arms deal went down just the way Obama wanted it to. The only deal that went south was the one that did.(intended)
        That is the guy we had in office for 8 years. The real question is who really put him there because he himself is dumber than a phuking post.

      12. Weapons to ISIS was the goal all along. The weapons taken from Libya after the coup, were shipped to Turkey and then down into Syria for ISIS. The stolen Syrian oil was sent by ISIS up into Turkey and then sold to corrupt Israelis. What a country! USA! USA! We’re number one! Not.

      13. Obama, Hillary. Lock them up.

      14. Branding idea —
        bump stock -> moderation stock for moderates

        Full moderation with moderator grip. Moderate capacity.

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