The Number One Reason Adults Are Interested In Legalized Cannabis

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    Adults are more and more favoring the decriminalization of cannabis.  And they don’t want the plant’s use legalized because they want to get high, rather most simply want a more natural way to combat pain or depression.

    A recent Nielsen survey delved into why Americans are interested in trying legal cannabis, and the results were astounding.  Americans DON’T want to get high or experience the effects of the psychoactive THC compound found in cannabis. This could also be why CBD (cannabidiol) oil has been rapidly rising in popularity as well since there is not enough THC in CBD oil to have a mind-altering effect.

    In fact, those who said they’d consume the plant if it were legalized were most likely to cite pain treatment and other wellness-related reasons, according to a report on the survey by Market Watch. Top reasons cited for potential cannabis consumption included treatment of chronic pain (85%), mental-health improvement (82%), treatment of minor injuries (81%), sleep aid (77%) and relaxation (74%).

    The prepping community, homesteaders, and those who choose to live a more natural life have all been flocking to cannabis in all its forms to ward off the potential side effects of Big Pharma’s drugs.

    Additional sources of interest in consuming cannabis included treatment of a non-pain medical condition (63%), disease or ailment prevention (60%), improvement of physical health (58%) and having a good time with friends and family (48%). Enhancement of spirituality rounded out the bottom of the list, at 28%, according to the survey.

    Cannabis is a fascinating area that could stand to be studied more in depth.  It doesn’t appear that the demand for such products will be waning in the near future either. What is even more interesting, is that about four in 10 people who have headache or migraine pain (40%), people who have arthritic pain (40%) and people who have back and neck pain (41%) expressed an interest in cannabis consumption.

    As for the “why” behind these cannabis-curious adults, 69% said cannabis seemed “more natural” that prescription medications.  Those who already currently use other medications would weigh the benefits of using the plant to treat their symptoms, seven in 10 perceived it to be more effective than over-the-counter or prescription options, and 67% thought it was healthier.

    Current widespread marijuana legalization in the United States also tracks with Americans’ steadily rising support over the past several decades: 62% think marijuana use should be made legal, according to a 2018 Pew Research survey, up from 31% in 2000 and just 16% in 1990. Some 65% of Americans now consider smoking marijuana to be morally acceptable, recent Gallup polling has found.

    Legal cannabis has also found a foothold in the stock market. Market leader Canopy Growth Corp. is up 51% for the year to date, while Aurora Cannabis Inc. is up 55.2%. That’s compared to a 9.2% increase for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and a 12.3% increase for the S&P 500 over the same period.


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      1. It’s really about old geezers trying to pick up young trailer park chicks that can’t afford weed.

        • Where do they live?

      2. Philosophically, I’m opposed to outlawing drugs as is presently done. The war on drugs is just a jobs program for cops, lawyers, judges, people that operate/support prisons, et al. and I don’t like any of those people.
        I do support regulation to ensure people know that drugs they are consuming are what they think they are and were produced in a food quality environment.
        That being said there are some very dangerous drugs out there and should be avoided, but if you insist, then by the nature of them, they are self limiting, if you can’t control yourself, you will die, and I don’t care.
        Full disclosure; My brother who recently died from Pancreatic cancer, used cannabis in his final days, I don’t know if it helped his pain or put him so far out of it he did not care, but he thought it helped, and why make a dying man suffer more than necessary?

        • I take it your fine with all the people strung out on heroin and other opiods or Crack cocain we should legalize everything so more people can destroy their lives and their families lives. The stupidity of the leagalize drug crowd is simply astounding

      3. All humor aside, if it helps terminally ill people in their final days, then they should not be denied. My issue with weed is it’s usage is wide spread, and everyone I know that uses it, also uses something else with it. I see middle age and older guys using weed, booze and opioids at the same time. Sometimes they even use Xanax at the same time. I don’t know how they’re still alive. These are some real stupid dudes.

      4. Why are adults interested in Cannabis? BECAUSE THEY ARE DRUG ADDICTS. Plain and simple.

        Who gets rich selling this crap? Terrorists and Drug Cartels both full of thugs. Then they take some of the money and buy Politian’s, Cops and corrupt society even worse. Much of the Communist movements in Central/South America have drugs as their main sources.

        • Actually capitalists love drugs being illegal as you can’t get more capitalist than bankers and Wachovia launders $378 billion (with a B) and is fined $160 million with no person one criminally charged. It’s kind of funny that corporations being legally people can be criminally charged with a felony while no one within the organization is charged. I guess the CEO’s desk makes the decisions not the CEO. CIA owned front Air America ran opium during the Vietnam war and Afghanistan produces more opium now than under Taliban control.

          h ttps://

          h ttps://

          • K2, as usual you are spouting Russian propaganda masquerading as news. The CIA never ran drugs in Vietnam , unless you want to believe an old Mel Gibson movie and I don’t give a dam how many phony references/sources that you site from left wing nut jobs Journalists.

            • I was in the Air Force in Vietnam and we had Air America planes flying out of our base. Never-NEVER did anyone land with a plane full of opium or pot. They would have been arrested by the SP’s if they did.

              • Where to start? They were running guns in to the opium war lords who helped fight the communists and opium out of Laos.

                h ttps://

                h ttps://

                h ttp://

                It’s not an us verses them it’s us verses us. The entire system, banks, government from top to bottom is corrupt. There are no white hats.

              • SW,
                I too was in the Air force, Vietnam Era. Do you remember the F4 rotating out that got busted having an external fuel tank partially filled with opium? It did happen. I don’t think it was CIA, but you and I both know you can work around SP’s. They were the dumbest people in the USAF, that may have changed, but I doubt it.
                CIA had special C-130’s in the PI, but I doubt they smuggled drugs.

                • rellik

                  Laos was off limits to US military (officially) the indigenous personnel working for the opium war lords were the army of choice. They were armed by us and in return their opium was transported out. Do that or no help. Afghanistan is producing 20x now. It’s the income for the masses. You can’t do that W/O US assistance. You can’t hide opium fields. You also need the cooperation of the financial system and a serious lack of enforcement by government to make it happen, hence $378 billion laundered and NO ONE CRIMINALLY CHARGED.

                  • Kevin and rellik, ever see Southern Air or Evergreen Air? They took over for Air America.

                    • US Military Airlift Command and Israeli airline El Al have white unmarked 747’s.

            • Seminole Wind

              And the opium production in Afghanistan or the court records with Wachovia laundering $378 BILLION and no one, not a teller, manager, accountant nor CFO or CEO arrested and a paltry fine of $160 million. You can’t possibly believe what you supposedly believe; it’s comical.

              • Lew Rockwell is no Communist. A libertarian and a self-professed anarcho-capitalist, he founded (and is chairman of) the Ludwig von Mises Institute, a non-profit dedicated to promoting the Austrian School of economics.

                Anarcho-capitalism is a political philosophy and school of anarchist thought that advocates the elimination of centralized state dictum in favor of self-ownership, private property and free markets.

                h ttps://

              • K2,
                Re my Comment ID: 4001852,
                The war on drugs is why the bastards are getting rich.
                I’ve lost very close family to drugs. That was their choice!
                The drug was not the problem, it was their decisions that ended
                their lives sooner than whatever their expiration date was.
                People will NOT stop drugging themselves, thousands of years of human history backs me up.
                Prohibition has never worked. It will never work.
                It seems antithetical, but there is a time to give up on
                a project, even if it is a human one.

                • rellik

                  We both hold a constitutionalist libertarian perspective. Legislating morality falls under malum prohibitum, it’s illegal because government says so. It is possible to achieve with totalitarianism (think China) however the solution is worse than problem. In a quasi free society it just becomes a catalyst for corruption which I believe is the norm not the exception. I know pot dealers in the neighboring small town were shaken down for money by “upstanding” local officers of the law. Thats the bottom, Serpico is the middle, banks and the CIA at the top. This cannot function without rampant corruption.

          • There are several former Air America pilots that are right now fighting for a .gov pension. But they are being denied because they didn’t “work for the government”. Air America was the CIA’s own airline. Those pictures of helicopters evacuating the US Embassy in Saigon and CIA safe houses? They were not military. They were piloted by civilians who worked for Air America and the CIA. Guess what. They weren’t allowed to say who they worked for since their operations were classified. That’s why they can’t get their pensions…they “didn’t exist”…no proof of working history.

            I don’t have the link handy, but I believe I read it on the Pension Tsunami website. They interviewed a couple of the pilots.

            • JRS,
              Your comment is what makes the movie”air America” somewhat believable. They were responsible for their own pensions.

          • They produce cereal, that is walked on, in the factory, and acreages of unsold, new cars. Food commodities are sent to rendering plants and used to slop pigs. New consumer goods are dumped upon crisis housing, who are told they could never literally earn it. So much is donated, that it gets sent overseas and liquidated by the pound. People make excuses to trash their own stuff, and write it off as a loss.

            Noone is making money, except in the form of welfare, corporate welfare, or as a speculator, who gamed the system.

            Drugs have no inherent value without a market maker to fix pricing, Chucky Cheese tokens forever, and the 5th plank. In practice, how does capitalism actually work.

            People are being paid, by ostensible state interests to grow and destroy it at the same time. You say that drug use represents downtime, then warehouse those same workers, for profit, at an arbitrary price point. Then, they will be put to the front of the hiring line, to outcompete people with hygiene, modesty, and neurons left.

            Capital is an abstract idea. How’s that been working, in real life.

      5. The. biggest druglord criminal gangster is an economist that calls himself Russian and is so tied up with the Russian government and international banks that law enforcement won’t touch him no matter how many people he has murdered, how many women he has prostituted by force, or how much drugs he sells.

        The queen of England has. been said to play a role in the drug game with the USA, probably through her relationship with central banks.

        Since the drug dealing is going to be happening whether we like it or not, personal responsibility is your only defense. Just say “NO” to drugs.


        • ‘The biggest druglord criminal gangster is an economist…’

          Prettymuch works for all times, places, and political systems.

      6. I want people to smoke dope and pay taxes for it. It helps keep my tax burden down.

        • This must be backed by more hard labor, the more it is printed, robbed from Peter to pay Paul:

        • See info on field tests, showing false positives, in response to open air, otc meds, soda pops, and candy.

          Hired muscle makes you wait for the results, at gunpoint.

          Parallel constructions and qualified immunity.

          Noone except Eloi or the 12/1$ feeder goldfish would believe it is true.

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