The Number One Catastrophic Event That Americans Worry About

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    Can you guess what the number one catastrophic event that Americans worry about is?  There are certainly many to choose from.  Many Americans are deathly afraid of a major terrorist attack.  Others live in constant fear of natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes and hurricanes.  Still others are incredibly concerned that a massive pandemic will break out at any time or that World War III will erupt in the Middle East.  Yes, there are certainly a lot of potential catastrophic events that one can worry about in the times in which we live, but the number one catastrophic event that Americans worry about is actually “economic collapse”.  At least that is what a recent survey conducted by Leiflin Inc. for the EcoHealth Alliance found.  But this goes along with what so many other polls have found over the past few years.  Over and over again, opinion polls have found that the number one issue that American voters are concerned about is the economy.  The truth is that average Americans are deeply, deeply concerned about unemployment, debt, the housing crash and the steady decline in the standard of living.  It has been years since the U.S. economy has operated at a “normal” level, and many Americans are afraid that things could soon get a whole lot worse.

    In the new survey mentioned above, those contacted were asked to select the top three potential catastrophes that worry them the most.

    The following results come directly from the survey….

    Economic Collapse: 63%
    Natural Disaster: 46%
    Terrorist Attack: 44%
    Global Disease Outbreak: 33%
    Global War: 27%
    Nuclear Accident: 25%
    Global Warming: 22%
    Fuel Shortage: 15%
    Cyber War: 8%
    Famine: 8%
    Oil Spill: 6%
    Industrial Accident: 5%

    As you can see, “economic collapse” was the winner by a wide margin.

    So are there good reasons for the American people to be concerned about an economic collapse?

    Of course there are.

    Back in 2008, a financial crisis that began on Wall Street was felt in the farthest corners of the globe.

    This time, ground zero for the financial crisis is going to be in Europe.  As I have written about previously, the European financial system is rapidly coming apart at the seams.  The euro continues to drop like a rock, and banking stocks continue their long-term decline.

    Many people expect a “financial collapse” to happen on a particular day.  But that is not how it happens usually.  Instead, it is often like a snowball that starts rolling downhill very slowly at first but that eventually become a huge avalanche.

    Right now, we are seeing the financial world come apart in slow motion.  A recent article posted on Automatic Earth included a list of the year-to-date performance of some of the most prominent global banking stocks.  These numbers are absolutely staggering….

    • BofA: -60.38%
    • Citi: -44.76%
    • Goldman Sachs: -46.41%
    • JPMorgan: -23.03%
    • Morgan Stanley: -45.24%
    • RBS: -50%
    • Barclays: -34.32%
    • Lloyds: -63.02%
    • UBS: -29.33%
    • Deutsche Bank: -28,55%
    • Crédit Agricole: -56.04%
    • BNP Paribas: -37.67%
    • Société Générale: -59.57%

    But because these numbers happened over the course of a year and not on a single day it doesn’t feel quite as much like a “collapse”.

    Unfortunately, things are about to get a whole lot worse.  Global credit markets are really freezing up – especially in Europe.

    Considering the fact that the entire global financial system is based on credit and debt, that is a very bad thing.

    Our system simply does not work when banks do not want to lend money to each other or to businesses.

    Just yesterday there was an article in the Guardian that talked about how it looks like the credit crunch may be getting even worse….

    “If European banks are still this concerned, it’s not a good sign,” said Karl Schamotta, senior markets strategist with Western Union Business Solutions. “That underlines the possibility that this liquidity crunch is getting worse and will continue into the new year.”

    When banks cut back on lending, that causes the money supply to shrink.  When the money supply shrinks substantially, it is almost impossible to avoid a recession.  A recent article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard detailed how the money supply in many eurozone nations is shrinking at a very rapid pace right now….

    Simon Ward from Henderson Global Investors said “narrow” M1 money – which includes cash and overnight deposits, and signals short-term spending plans – shows an alarming split between North and South.

    While real M1 deposits are still holding up in the German bloc, the rate of fall over the last six months (annualised) has been 20.7pc in Greece, 16.3pc in Portugal, 11.8pc in Ireland, and 8.1pc in Spain, and 6.7pc in Italy. The pace of decline in Italy has been accelerating, partly due to capital flight. “This rate of contraction is greater than in early 2008 and implies an even deeper recession, both for Italy and the whole periphery,” said Mr Ward.

    Those are very, very frightening numbers.

    About the only thing propping up European banks right now is the fact that the European Central Bank is loaning them gigantic piles of cheap money.

    But there is a big problem.

    European banks are running out of collateral for those loans as an article in the Wall Street Journal recently noted….

    Even after the European Central Bank doled out nearly half a trillion euros of loans to cash-strapped banks last week, fears about potential financial problems are still stalking the sector. One big reason: concerns about collateral.

    The only way European banks can now convince anyone—institutional investors, fellow banks or the ECB—to lend them money is if they pledge high-quality assets as collateral.

    Now some regulators and bankers are becoming nervous that some lenders’ supplies of such assets, which include European government bonds and investment-grade non-government debt, are running low.

    So what happens when banks all over Europe start running out of collateral and can’t get any more loans?

    The answer should be obvious.

    As I detailed a few days ago, many prominent voices in the financial world now believe that we could be looking at a financial crisis that will be even worse than 2008.

    If you want to see what happens when a collapse happens and a depression begins, just look at what is happening in Greece….

    *100,000 businesses have been closed since the beginning of the crisis.

    *About a third of the nation is now living in poverty.

    *The unemployment rate for those under the age of 24 is 39 percent.

    *The number of suicides has increased by 40 percent in the past year.

    *Thefts and burglaries nearly doubled between 2007 and 2009.

    Things have gotten so bad that hundreds of families in Greece are abandoning their children.

    Some are taking their children to charitable institutions and others are handing them directly over to the government.

    The following sad story of one Greek family comes from an article in the Guardian….

    “Psychologically we were all in a bit of a mess,” said Gasparinatos. “We were sleeping on mattresses on the floor, the rent hadn’t been paid for months, something had to be done.”

    And so, with Christmas approaching, the 42-year-old took the decision to put in an official request for three of his boys and one daughter to be taken into care.

    “The crisis had killed us. I am ashamed to say but it had got to the point where I couldn’t even afford the €2 needed to buy bread,” he told the Guardian. “We didn’t want to break up the family but we did think it would be easier for them if four of my children were sent to an institution for maybe two or three years.”

    Does that seem shocking to you?

    Well, all of this is coming to America eventually.

    Someday we will see American parents abandoning their children because they cannot take care of them anymore.

    Someday we will see suicides absolutely skyrocket in America because people have lost all hope.

    Someday we will see thefts and burglaries soar to unprecedented heights as millions of desperate people attempt to try to find some way to survive.

    It is all coming.

    The federal government cannot pile up a trillion dollars of additional debt every year indefinitely.

    We cannot afford to see an average of 23 manufacturing facilities a day in the United States shut down.  Eventually there won’t be anymore factories to shut down.

    We cannot afford to keep putting millions more Americans on welfare.  At this point the government is feeding 46 million Americans a month.  Will the government eventually be feeding most of us?

    The U.S. economy is getting weaker and weaker and weaker.  All of the long-term trends are absolutely nightmarish.  We are accumulating debt faster than ever, and our ability to produce wealth is diminishing faster than ever.

    There is no way that things are going to be okay if we stay on the path that we are currently on.

    So the truth is that Americans should be very concerned about an economic collapse.

    It is coming and it is going to be very painful.


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      1. Yes, economic collapse is my number one concern. A close second is WW3.

        • @Joe Republic,

          I think that WW3 will be an outcome but not by design. TPTB don’t really want that because it is too unpredictable and messy. Might result in quite a few of them losing their heads. Maybe a nice regional war or two; enough to declare martial law and mobilize the populace for the war effort, maybe distract a few would-be patriots. In that case, the desired outcome would be taking away more freedoms and extending tue police state here. I might sound like a broken record but I worry more about #3 than WW3. If the PTB believe that population reduction is the key to fixing all the problems this poor world faces then there is precious little the average prepper can do to prepare for a manmade plague/supervirus. If you don’t accept the probability of this threat then read Clancy’s Rainbow Six sometime. Those who wish to do evil to us transcend national borders and their goals are likely incomprehensible to the average person.

          • Mistress, a lot of what you say makes sense. Supposedly some steps have been taken by some other high-level group to level the playing field. In other words, the elites had part of their “duck-and-cover” plan removed by others. The message: go ahead and blow up the world, but you and your families are going down too if you do. They are forcing the elites to rethink their plans by gaging the future of their own lives, and their loved ones.

            • Here’s what I am looking for.
              A slow progression and transition of stuffing us into a box and then pushing us into a corner. I don’t see them subjecting us to one event and being happy, oh contraire. Look for a series or a combination of events simultaneously. Let’s go hypothetically. The economy is in the tank and Geithner fires up the money presses with an onslaught of QE3, accelerating inflation, (first quarter of next year) grabbing our savings and retirements. Food, fuel, clothes prices inflate out of reach of most people. And let’s not forget dipshit and chief isn’t going to do a damn thing about unemployment other than get the weekly numbers in on the fix. Obama in banking on the poor vote to tip the balance, he and Axelrod figures the poor vote will get them over the top and into a second term. But the basic idea is to get the entire US population down and overwhelmed emotionally, physically, financially, hungry, scared, fearful, distraught, sick, dead, either or, they don’t care. As long as you and others are willingly receptive to the Hope and Change he promised. Look for an Avian Flu event, (pandemic) a newly discovered strain, possibly genetically modified that no one has ever been exposed to and has a +60% mortality rate. And I wouldn’t take a flu shot for it. Gas is going to get real expensive and in short supply, due to the 5th fleet roaming around in the straits of Hormuz. Of course DSAC (Dip shit and Chief) isn’t going to let “anyone” drill anywhere here in this country, no no no that’s not in the plan. The Iranians get a little frisky and they might want or we might be lead to believe they would like to see a large glass covered parking lot somewhere in this country. This wouldn’t surprise me, either way. How about a Syrian style Law Enforcement program in line with NDAA, very interesting. Syrians killing Syrians? Could it happen here? Or do they let the entire thing collapse and the population will thin the herd and they will come after the fight and do a mop up operation with whoever is left. I would bet my life that a large percentage of Americans are slotted and in the plans to be eliminated, summarily executed, or killed in one way or the other. Whatever way, it won’t matter to them, just one less to deal with and they won’t lose not one wink of sleep or have a second thought about you or it. There is some flat fucking evil working here and I am afraid we are too far gone to change the course of things to come and we/some are in for our last fights. Their plans are too far gone to turn back now and they won’t care what anybody thinks or what is legal now.

          • Mistress, a lot of what you say makes sense. I’ve heard talk that there is some high-level group causing events to level the playing field somewhat. The message they are sending to the global elites: “If we go down, you are going down with us.” By removing aspects of their plan A or plan B, they are forcing the elites to rethink their future plans of global genocide. Otherwise they risk their own lives, and the lives of their loved ones.

          • WW3 has really been on since VJ+1, in 1945. WW3 has been the internal, silent, death-by-a-thousand-cuts war of usurpation on Western Civilization. Just my opinion…

            The coming war will be orchestrated, and manipulated, and will be turned into a world war, if it furthers the golas of the NWO.

            The only real wild card is China. They have stated they will protect Iran, even if it means a world war. They must be prepared, and have good intel, to be confident enough to make that statement. There are over 11,000 Chinese advisors/contractors in Iran. If any of them are killed in an attack, it may go down.

          • Please allow me to clarify why WW3, or really WW4 if you count the Cold War as WW3, is a close second for me. While what you’re saying holds merit, I think China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, North Korea, Cuba and a few others, are not going along with the globalist agenda. In fact, I think the two large nations, China and Russia, are polar opposites to the NWO and would like nothing more than to have their own power grip on the world.

            With that said, if the Western Anglo Empire keeps pushing against Iran and Syria, their trading partners, China and Russia, will not sit idly by and do nothing for too long. Couple that with the currency war we’re already in with China and you could say the pretext to war is already being played out. There are many other indicators, but these two are among the largest. Ultimately though, it all boils down to resources and who controls them.

            So, while I don’t think anyone really wants to see WW3 in the power structure, they may be unintentionally on the verge of causing it. There again, it may be exactly what they want and this whole thing is being staged. I certainly don’t know for sure either way. What I do know is that the media is hyping up Iran, Iran is playing war games, China and Russia are saying dangerous things, the Western Empire is spewing pretext and we are definitely at the mercy of whatever (N)(B)(C), or even conventional warfare that may ensue.

            I do not live in fear of this and I would hope others do not as well. The world is a mess right now and I’m only suggesting to be aware and alert of this possibility.

            As for a super virus or some other Stephen King type of horror, aside from Colloidal Silver and a few other natural remedies, there is little anyone can do about that one. The evil scum have developed more horrors in their Plum Island type of labs around the globe than even they can keep track of. Just look at the recent 50% killer in H5N1 development that was made to be airborne. One well placed aircraft strike near a lab like that and we’re hosed.

            Too much to even bother worrying about anymore. I’ve done my best to prepare for any event, but some things nobody can truly prepare for. I just try to stay alert and do my best.

            • As we all know MSM is fodder for the masses. There is so much going on behind the scenes we will never know about(say Black Eagle Fund).All we can do is try to be as self sufficient as possible and enjoy the new year.After last night my number one fear is passing gas.

            • The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he never existed.

          • ~Moon/mistress~

            I hope you’re right about nuclear war!

            But on the flip-side, here’s a site that makes a viable case to the contrary(lots of stuff there!). WW-III will likely be ‘scripted’…see link below:



            …and an affiliated site, here:


            …spend a little time there, surf through the ‘Tangled Web of Evil presented therein’ & form your own opinion as to whether or not, said data is valid…………enjoy!

          • Albert Pike, as other Luciferians, theorized a need for three world wars. Judeo-Masonry (Luciferian at its core) has accomplished the first two of those world wars and they are clearly working overtime to have their third. Bunkers and the rest of the “continuity of government” plans clearly indicate that at least one faction of the synagogue of Satan thinks they can survive and prosper following even a nuclear war.

            Time will tell if they have miscalculated, but it has been long said that one of Satan’s favorite activities is to trick his own followers. Imagine, for example, the horrified surprise of Aleister Crowley at his moment of death. Satan’s favorite trick is, of course, to trick people into believing he doesn’t exist.

            • ~John Q~

              John…ping me @ [email protected]…if you think appropriate. Btw, am @ page 397 of Reed’s book….cannot thank you enough! Kudos to you, sir!

              Regarding Crowley…just imagine the enormous # of people/souls that have been duped(to date) by the errors of his teachings.

              ——–Watch your six, pal…& GOD bless———

            • lets go for the jugular to prevent this
              RON PAUL/JESSE VENTURA 2012

            • ~John Q~

              You really need to read this e-book! Most here are incapable of comprehending, let alone understanding the context therein….yet this Eustace Mullins’ book, is the PhD graduate level dissertation on the “PROBLEM” facing humankind…..
              You, Ahab, SSPX & a precious few others will comprehend…Enjoy!


          • I disagree with your idea that WW3 won’t happen by design. All wars are by design. Our forces have surrounded Iran right now, and they are egging them into a conflict. The US government is using the excuse that they have nuclear weapons, so we must invade them. What a crock. Many other nations that don’t like us have nuclear weapons, so why aren’t we invading them. it’s all just an excuse, and when the time comes, WW3 will begin as planned. You can count on it. nothing that our government does is by chance. It’s all planned.

          • Agree the GBs would probably prefer most of us die off without destroying infrastructure and contaminating playgrounds. A global nuclear war wouldn’t leave much to be lorded over and survivors wouldn’t have much to pillage.

        • Hmm… ain’t it funny how on the list of twelve catastrophes, with #1 being “Economic Collapse”, that nearly ALL of them on the list are either products of, or causes of, an economic collapse itself….. Hmmmmmmmm. Nope. No patterns here.

          This is Gold Leader standing by.

        • My biggest fear is having the SHTF site closed…

          • If SOPA passes (and it will) your fear will be realized. The ‘net is the last bastion of true free speech and “they” are going after that next.

            • You got it right the first time, Daisy!!! It WILL pass….it’s just the next cog in their wheel!!

        • I’m 55 years old now, i was a strong believer in WW3 ever since i was 16 years old. My belief has been getting stronger ever since that age. How could it not? I think I was wise way beyond my years. The writing is on the wall,the text has always been there to scrutinize.

      2. That part about the Greek children really tore me up. I have to show my wife this post.

        • After Vietnam I moved to Greece for 2 years. I helped me to be an Amerian again because the values there were so much like those of 1950’s America. I cannot fathom Greeks abandoning their children, but then I cannot imagine Americans throwing away newborns in a dumpster. I feel like a dinosaur. I loved all the people in the Middle East and North Africa. They were so wonderful and friendly. The only place i was badly treated was Israel. Sub-Saharan Africa was beautiful. The values were what i felt was “absolute” 1940’s, 1950’s America. I still hear from my friends there but things are changing there as well.


          • ***** NEWS FLASH *****


            Cyrus, I appreciate your faithfulness to the historical IDEA of the Republic. Yet it is more than just a sentiment.

            America has been overwhelmed by the forces of the ORGANIZED CRIME of pseudo Bolshevik Nazi Fascists.

            The International Bankers and the Military Industrial Complex wish to control, subjugate, and destroy YOU. This is their Final Solution.

            Politicians are their Puppets, who are themselves murderers, thieves, psychopaths, pedophiles, and rapists.

            TSA wants to grope you and slide their hands down your pants to further assault, injure, and insult you and remind you who is Boss.

            The police state is an extension of the military as civil enforcers of the enterprise of Organized Crime of government. The rest of the alphabet soup of bureaucracies are the apparatuses of their Criminal CONTROL.

            The mainstream media is composed of hungry journalists beholden to politicians and their masters in order to have some story to beguile and deceive the public. They will NEVER speak the truth, except to keep you in thrall to fear. This is what earns them their paycheck.

            With the Federal Reserve in control, they will make your currency worthless like discarded toilet paper. They know that control of the people’s currency entails direct control over them. They create debt out of thin air to keep you enslaved, and mired in continual warfare.

            War is an excuse to erode your civil freedoms. War is murder. Taxation is theft.

            THERE IS NO CURE FOR THEIR PSYCHOPATHIC STATE. The Totalitarian State regards itself as OMNIPOTENT.

            You are always being given the offer you can’t refuse, because the government regards itself as your Overlord, Master, and Godfather.

            Left-Right Wing politics is intended to beguile, discomfit, bamboozle, hoodwink, control, and destroy you, as you fight like silly idiots over party politics.

            You are not a human being. You are a stupid ANIMAL to them. Nothing but Chattel.


            The Declaration of Independence mandates that you ABOLISH this Tyranny that poses as your putative government. It is consecrated by universal NATURAL LAW.

            Your state is your Country, and it must DECLARE its INDEPENDENCE from the VOLUNTARY union. If you respect your individual sovereignty, then you must realize there is NO OTHER WAY.

            The Zeus of government has swallowed you whole to destroy you, and NOW you must kill him with your unsheathed sword, as you tear his insides out.

            Sic Semper Tyrannis.

            Happy New Year.

            • @sst ya just gave me a woody… ;0) great post.

            • not only was that a great post, but you’ve just kindled an idea that’s been stewing deep inside for a long time.

              i think it’s time for a little more civil disobedience…something every prepper should likely engage in.

              think in terms of how to shrug off the government…shake it off like a minor case of fleas.

              one person shrugging off government is relatively easy. getting masses of people to do the same isn’t so easy. many of them simply aren’t ready. that is, they don’t yet see why they should. these poor brainwashed people need information. they need to be shown the light. pictures and words will do.

              people of the failed republic, the time is NOW. step out of the darkness of the long psychopathic night, open your eyes and see what’s been hidden from you in plain sight through the “miracles” of word magic and TV.

              don’t waste another minute of your life on politics, voting, TV, newspapers and radio. turn that garbage off and see what you’ve been missing. when you’re watching politicians on TV pretending to care about you and your family; when you’re standing in line to vote; when you’re standing in line at the bank…this is where they have you. they have you in the middle of the Game, right where they want you: participating in a go-nowhere, do-nothing act of meaninglessness.

              don’t play their game. disengage, and encourage others to do the same.

          • Sadly, I thought the same thing about Americans. I fear children would suffer unspeakable acts.

            It enrages me to hear about a “fetus”. I didn’t think of either of my daughters as a “fetus” before they were born. The term may be medically correct, but today it seems to be used to cheapen life.

        • dunno bout u, but i will NEVER abandon my kids…

          • It used to be amazingly common in 19th century America… couple would have a kid or two, things are going great, then a fire or something rather bad befalls them, and they have no backup to turn to (other family, maybe they’re fresh immigrants, no money, etc). So to keep the kids alive, they’d send the children to the local orphanage.

            Sometimes things turned around and they were able to get the kids back, but a lot of times things didn’t – though at least the kids didn’t end up dead of starvation.

            I dunno… it depends on the situation. If it was a choice between having another family care for the children and them dying of starvation, I’d at least want to give them the shot at life.

            And tinfoil anti-government types can pipe down here: I’m talking about finding another kindred family to raise the child, not some sort of orphanage run by a government entity. Having seen the foster systems up close, I wouldn’t trust the government to do any kind of decent job in raising a kid *now*, tinfoil or not.

            • OQ ~

              I see your point. I don’t want to imagine a world in which I couldn’t take care of my kids….makes me feel sick just thinking about it….however if it was a choice between them LIVING and me seeing them everyday, I’d sacrifice anything in the world for their futures.

            • OQ..I’m dating myself here, but I asked my dad what it was like during the Depression.Being an adolescent at the time he couldn’t remember too much,but he remembers grownups coming to their backdoor and my grandmother giving them food. He also remembers kids comingto the door. Maybe the parents were too proud to ask for help? Also, my pap was one of the lucky ones who didn’t lose his job

            • During the depression, my Mother and her brother were both placed in an orphange by my grandparents. The choice was to starve (they were already picking discarded food out of the gutters and trash to eat) or be placed with the Nuns for a short period of time. My Grandmother never spoke of what happened to her, while her children were in the orphanage, and I shudder to think. My mother blamed her parents for “abandoning” her the rest of their lives. It’s important to note my mother was born and raised in NYC.
              On the flip side, my father and his six brothers and sisters lived on a small farm in rural Maine. My Nana and Grandpa were for the most part self sufficient. While there was absolutley no money during the depression for extras, there was no hunger and no orphanages in their lives.I prep mighty hard so that I will not have worry about feeding my family. Thankfully my youngest is a strong young man now, and my oldest is on her own, quite nicely I might add. The homefront is always here and always ready though, just the same. Hopefully, very soon ,I will finally be able to purchase some acres for myself.

          • He had ten kids and seemingly no way to provide for them. Don’t think i could choose which kids to discard. This guy should not have had this many kids if he couldn’t reasonably provide for them.

      3. How heart’s breaking for these families to have to give up their children because they are too poor to provide for them.

        In America, we leave our new borns in garbage cans if we don’t want them. Or we sell them to pimps/dope dealers for money/next fix.

        Our grandparents are kept in the basement while we spend their SS# in their place.

        I do want to thank you for this article and information. I will be making room at my bol for a few of these unfortunate children.

        I hope that there will be others out there with this idea in mind.

        Our children are our future. We can train them to be survivors or let them become the zombie hoard.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

      4. My #1 concern is what America is becoming, first the Patroit Act and now the New Defence Bill. I’m not a protester or part of the Occupy Wall St or any other place like town halls and parks, but I and millions of others didn’t like what we saw with the cops spraying Mace and pepper spray on peacful citizens like it was water. Things like that just aren supposed to happen here. These are beginning to be dangerous times.

        • dangerous times have been here quite a while.

        • The times have been dangerous for a while now. But the tyranny has become so obvious, that it’s hard not to see it . I keep waiting for a breaking point to happen in the main society, something that will undeniabily be game on for the masses. I believe that event will be a banking holiday. When people can’t get their funds from any banking institution, even for a day, the real party will begin.
          And when the banks reopen, and our currency has been devalued overnight, things will really get chaotic. it’s coming, sooner or later.

      5. The problems that the Greeks are experiencing should be warning bell to everyone to be prepared. Yes collapse is coming so be ready to fight for your survival.
        I must say I was surprised that 44% of sheeple are still afraid of terrorist attack.

        • And there are still 22% out there who are so out to lunch they still believe in Glowbull Warming (like my daughter’s in-laws)!

          • I once asked a family member who was in the 7th grade once-“what is global warming”? she told me. Then I asked her what was global cooling. she said uhhh??? I had her read up on the little ice age, and washingtons battle against trenton(the size of ice) EDUCATION is how we win.

        • So Trumpet, etc: I agree with the first two, but Cyber war is serious enough; could disrupt many things including banking and commerce. Since I’ve been thru several tornadoes, one large earthquake as a child, and hurricanes, weather disasters ranks high with me also.

          • A cyber war will be a false flag. TPTB already know about attacks but won’t do anything to protect the nation. It will be an excuse to shut down the digital press that is the web

        • collapse is here, not ‘coming’.

        • what do you expect With FOX and the rest of the MSM preaching it 24 hrs a day and now they’re really laying in on heavy because Ron Paul is leading and he dosen’t believe it either.They figure they can tear down RP and keep the fear factor going at the same time.

      6. Meanwhile..

        all the msm including msm internet claim that recovery is well on its way..

        that Americans are feeling hopeful for a better 2012 in every way..


        I equate those of us here with a similarity to Noah..
        hold on though..
        as I am not a biblical nor religious person..

        He was a prepper in his day..saw the warning signs..
        and according to legend..
        was laughed and ridiculed til the bitter end…
        and survived while everyone else perished at some point.

        Lesson learned.

        We here see the warning signs and are preparing..period.

        Much kudos Mac to par excellence..

        Keep on prepping and stocking that ammo..remember plenty of h20 and toilet paper as well


          • After gluing pvc end caps, seal with HD aluminum tape air conditioner sticky duct insulation tape. If it’s worth burying, it’s worth keeping.

          • ~Highspeedloafer~

            Recommend you ‘SEED’ the area w/ ferrous metal(pipe/rods etc) to throw off the metal detectors the enemy might use to locate a stash…….call it “cheap insurance”!!!
            Good post, sir!!!

            • Thats a great idea Gunsmith, I should know, I have a metal detector. I’ve even found a gun once.

            • Gunsmith always has some great idea’s

        • Yes, recovery is well on its way, while Sears and Kmart close some 120 stores.

        • You are wise to see the lessons of Noah. But it’s not a legend, it’s a real story of a real man and his family and the God who saved him. It was the Lord who told Noah the flood was coming and He instructed Noah in how to prepare step by step. It was God who brough Noah and his family through the flood. Anyone who wanted to could have gotten on board, but they wouldn’t listen. And when the rain started, God shut the door. It was too late. A relationship with the Lord has nothing to do with being religious. Just something to think about.

          • Even a religious person has to prepare… nuff’ said…. atheists should be burried up to their necks in preps… normalcy syndrome at its best ..or worst

        • 3 of my neighbors were let go during the holidays with the companies they where with, sad thing is, is that they were not replaced. In my neighborhood there is maybe 6 working families and the rest have had unemployment run out and or losing their homes. There is 24 homes on my small street, kinda scary…

          Good Bless America..

      7. I’m so sorry for those families in Greece. I simply cannot imagine being in a place so dark that I felt my kids would be better off with strangers. I hope that the preparations that I have made and the skills that I have acquired mean never having to consider such a thing.

        If anything, this just intensifies my desire to prep more feverishly than before.

        • I feel the same way, Daisy!!!

        • “king takes queen!” ;0P slurp…

          • Checkmate.

            • @daisy “i withdraw from the field of battle!” ;0P pssszzt

        • Daisy, a good man to walk through life with can go along way towards smoothing out the rough spots 😉

          • Why thank you Lowlife. Are you offering? *wink*

            It’s okay, the girlies and me will do just fine – we’ve been kickin’ butt for nearly 10 years together.

            • Good morning daisy. I am a bachlor, and I get a government check weekly with a 0% tax rate, and great benies for being a troll for the gov/banksters on I am a little mental unstable, like many here, and I’m ok if I’m on my meds. let me know if you interested.

            • *flutters lashes at Kev*

              Well, now that you mention it, I could use a sugar daddy….. 😉

              Haha – nope – I like having the remote too much to share it. Sorry, Kevin. 🙂

            • Daisy: I always joke with my wife and tell her that if the dogs could clean the house she wouldn’t need me at all. They listen better than I do, they aren’t grumpy in the morning, they are always happy to see her even when she isn’t real delightful and they don’t ever say the wrong thing which seems to be my problem fairly often. They don’t complain when she wants to watch one of those sappy movies like “sister traveling pants”. They give so much and ask for so little and I am way higher maintenance than that. Really, not that hard of a choice. So I keep the house pretty clean.

      8. Sad statistics indeed. Sadder still when you realize there are human beings behind each of the statistics. I wonder how our friend manos is doing?
        The thing that changes the fear and sorrow into anger is the fact that it doesn’t have to be this way. Evil, greedy, lying thugs in government and money manipulating SOBs in the marketplace have created this.


        • Smokin,

          Last i heard he was going to see family for Christmas, should be back next week I think. Maybe we can get some info when he gets bac.


        • Now, boys and girls, can you say “Rothschild Zionists”? I knew you could.

      9. What, no zombie apocalypse?

      10. Just today I talked to my husband about how long he intends to keep paying our mortgage…to my way of thinking, we can save approx 12,000 a year and we can use the month to buy more food, water, ammo and medical supplies!
        As it is right now, I have enough food for about 9 mos…and reading about what these parents are enduring in Greece breaks my heart! I’d rather lose my home then to have to give up my children or see them starving! I still think about what Manos wrote several weeks back, about the little boy who fainted in his daughters class because he didn’t have food to eat!!
        And I know there may be some of you who think that what I’m wanting to do is wrong…but you know what, I don’t care anymore!
        When the economy crashes, we won’t be paying the mortgage then, getting food to feed my boys will be more important…so why wait until then?? I would feel more secure knowing I had 3-5 yrs worth of food and meds, and a RV parked in my yard for us to live in when we lose our home,then to live IN my beautiful home!

        • smky moutain lady…
          the problem is if things do not turn the way you think , than you will lose your home before the bank collapses…just make do with what you can get and pay your mortgage…. if you can…. at least you will have claim to it when everything collpses instead of being one of the zombies.

          • maybe you’re better off losing the house now rather than keep paying on a dead horse. If it lost 35% of its value since 2007 and will lose another 30% in 2012, you’ve probably already paid more than it’s worth.Personally, I’d be moving into the RV and have a two axled trailer full of food and supplies ready to pull off the property when the bank came to take the property over, but now many banks are just leaving the people in the house as when the house is vacant, in comes the strippers and good bye house and the bank is left with nothing.JMO

            • Survivor,
              I live in a small subdivision with just 23 houses, on a cul-de-sac…and of the 23 homes, four have gone into foreclosure in the last 2 yrs, and one is sitting empty, so who knows what will happen there!!
              So the value of our home is WAY down! My brother in Fl hasn’t been paying for his house for 3 yrs now, he paid $260,000 and it’s now worth $150,000!!…and another friend in Fl. the same thing! My bro and my friend HAVE tried to work with the bank…to no avail!!
              I’m tired of the game…pay your mortgage, just so you can stay in a house that you’ll never own, and pay the ever increasing taxes, that will NEVER go down!
              I’d rather stop paying the mortgage, buy a few acres WAAYYY out in the boonies, park a RV on it, plant a nice garden, and live the SIMPLE, stress free life!! And let the PTB do what they are gonna do…whether I like it or not!
              Romney, Gingrich, Bachmann, Paul, etc….it doesn’t matter WHO gets the nomination…the corruption runs so deep and so thick in DC…no one can stop it at this point! Not even Paul!! They will NOT allow him or anyone else to interfere with their plans!!

          • Eeder,
            And THAT is my husband main concern…what IF it doesn’t collapse like we think it will? But, I STILL want a more simple life, free from the stress of debt…and since I’m only about 10 miles from downtown Knoxville, I feel we are “too close” to the city if things do go down! Looking at our area, we are rural, have a creek in the back yard, horses in the pasture behind the creek, a small neighborhood, but neighbors who pretty much keep to themselves, several with small children, who will do ANYTHING when they are hungry!
            I don’t know when things are going to collapse, 2 yrs or 10…I hope for 10 so I have more time, but it IS going to collapse…there is way too much debt AND corruption in DC!!

          • Eeder…but do you REALLY think a collapse is not coming? I think we have 2 maybe, hopefully, 3 yrs…We can and have been paying our mortgage…yet it just seems to me, that we could use the money we are paying to a bank, that let’s face it, might not even be in business next year, to buy more food and supplies!!
            My husband isn’t ready to give up the ship,uh,house yet… but he doesn’t read this blog or any others, except maybe once or twice a month…so he only knows what I tell him…he is on board with prepping, he KNOWS it’s going to get bad…but does he ACCEPT it…now there’s the big question!! I DO accept it, and that’s why I feel that to pay all that money every month,knowing if the SHTF we won’t be staying here anyway, since it’s too close to the city, well, I’d rather be putting it to better use!!

        • SmokyMtnLady,

          All will be fine just keep prepping..

          And too the c.s.m.f. that gave that a thumbs down you sir or maam are a heartless between those lines…


          • Uh, that would be me and my iBad. I just can’t get used to this touch screen.

            • Mr Hayes,

              Sir I commend you for stepping up and admitting you hit the wrong thumb, I have only 1 word to describe you. (integrity) My I also say that after your mistake with the touch keyboard I will not be purchasing one.

              Happy New Years


          • Thank you DPS… ;D

        • Smky mountain lady,

          If you are interested in more food storage, quickly and at a good price, then check out this link:

          I cannot take the credit for finding the information, as it was proved by a fellow prepper. But I have read the blog recipe for this “Scotch Soup Mix” and it sounds do-able!

          • Mama Bear, I looked at the link you posted for Scotch Broth. This looks great. Thanks for sharing it.

          • Wow Mama Bear!! That’s fantastic!! I already have the rice, good thing I haven’t packed all of it in mylar bags yet! As for the others, I’m going to start buying this week! Thx! Will pass on the link to other preppers that I know!

        • This is so surreal—I have been thinking the same thing; our mortgage isn’t as high, but heck, if we’re gonna lose it, prepare for it starting now; we can’t sell..and I just paid the property taxes yesterday and really thought hard for months about that.

        • SmokyMtLady: An RV can be a viable way of life if you read my post about AZ Snowbirds. I once read a story (years ago) about a Medical Doctor who, with his wife, raised 9 (count ’em) kids out of an RV along the beach in California while working as a doctor. By choice.

          But you would need a trailer for your preps too.

          If it comes to that point for you and yours, you may want to check out the length of time it takes for a bankruptcy to move through the courts in your area. That would give you more time on the Foreclosure.

          Good luck.

          • I did see that post DK! I told my husband, the evangelists that come to our church do it, and they are traveling the country, with 5-6 kids, so why can’t we? We only have 3 boys left at home, since my oldest recently got married! I know at this point, most foreclosures take 2-3 yrs, plenty of time to save to buy the RV and a few acres, plus supplies!

          • Ah, yes the trailer life. Ain’t it grand. +1

            • Life is an adventure JRS!! I call trailer life…FREEDOM!!:)

        • I am buying extra freeze-dried food and milk just in case there are people with little kids who don’t have any food. I don’t even drink milk. I lost my taste for it back in the late 80s. But I have a neighbor with four little kids, and I don’t want to presume they are not preparing, but just in case they are not, I’ll have some extra to barter with.

          • Why a thumbs-down? Shouldn’t folks be thinking of others if they have the means to do so?

            • Scout,the trolls are bored…and clicking a little thumb button livens up their day…which tells you the mentality of the trolls… 😉

            • I’d say if you have enough food and supoplies for yourself for at least two yrs and a way to provide for yourself for the next twenty yrs, then set up a welfare office for others.
              there are millions that are paying to much attention to Justin Biebers, American Idol and their Ipod and they’ll get just what they deserve. there were people at the malls on black friday to by eletronic gadgets who didn’t have food the day before, why feel sorry for them?

          • Scout, you’re awesome. I wish I had a neighbour like you – not because I need the preps but because you are a deep down good person.

            I fear that decency will be in even shorter supply soon than it is now.

          • ScoutMotto,

            You got a “thumbs-up” from me on both of your postings (comments). And, as you, I don’t understand why someone would give you the “thumbs-down”. What you said you said with compassion and an understanding of human decency and an expression of kindness.

            I mean, aren’t we, as true Americans, supposed to help others? I cannot understand these sick and evil folks who gave you the “thumbs-down”. But, considering the dire state of affairs in America and the folks who want to suck the government’s tits, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised or shocked to see the “thumbs-down”!

            ScoutMotto, you are a true American and patriot!

        • Look, I don’t like the banks, they can rot in hell! Didn’t you sign a contract for that house? We have many people in this country that got second loans on a house, payed off another with it, then walked away from the first. THAT IS STEALING. I don’t want to bring up the mortgage backed security fraud, because I would be typing for hours. It just shows you where our country is at (in my opinion). Our leaders take an oath(verbal contract) and break it for money! Us and our credit card companies sighn a contract, they change(break)it for money. I could go on and on and on and on. The money changers may stay in the temple for 20 more years till the jesus in us forces them out. Think long, and hard before you make a move. This is a blog, you can get great opinions, but if we were all rocket scientists, we would be working on rockets, not typeing on a keyboard. My advice(after my drivel filled rant) is STEP BACK, THINK LONG WITH HUBBY, and do what you think, and feel is best for your family. I have seen many of your posts, you seem like a good person. God bless you and yours.

          • At some point you may have to make the very tough decision of your promise to the banksters or your family. It is that simple.

            • A mortgage contract specifies what happens if you pay, and what happens if you don’t. Normally, if you give them the house after they have legally foreclosed, that’s all they get unless they come after any balance. If they try, bankruptcy is a legal option. The GBs do it all the time to walk away from a bad deal, and are really pissed that their customers are not as afraid of foreclosure or bankruptcy as in the past. It is not immoral to use every legal obstacle available to slow a foreclosure. A mortgage is not a suicide pact.

              If I cannot make my payments (I couldn’t rent a similar house cheaper), I won’t make it easy for the GBs. They shaft their customers every chance they get.

              Daisy’s right. When one door closes, another opens.

          • A mortgage agreement between a customer, and a bank simply states that a buyer agreees to pay the mortgage payment as specified in the contract terms. if the customer stops paying, whether by choice or not, the banks eventually gets the house through forclosure.
            Banks walk away from deals they signed all the time. They make their choice to pay, or suffer the consequences, just as a mortgage payer does. My point is, it’s a business deal, not a moral obligation. If you can’t or won’t pay, you suffer the terms of the deal–period.
            The sad fact is, many home mortgage holders who have fell on hard times, and still want to do the “right” thing, get absolutely zero help from the lending institution. These money grubbing sob’s can get bailed out by taxpayers, but a mortgage holder trying to do the right thing, gets stone walled.
            I have always been taught to pay my bills. But with the way all Americans have been shafted by the “too big to fails”, I would have no problem walking away from my mortgage if I had one, and couldn’t pay it. it’s just a business contract, nothing more, nothing less. you don’t pay, you lose the house eventually.

          • Kevin….I have been thinking this way for the last 2 yrs, when the very first house on the street went into foreclosure! To be honest,I’d never known ANYONE that lost their home in foreclosure!! And it happened to be our next door neighbors, who we were pretty friendly with! And it scared me…I guess you could say that THAT is what finally convinced me that this was real, it WAS happening! That’s when I started researching and reading…my husband wasn’t on board AT ALL…and it did create some problems between us…he is now “awake” and realizing that we are on a dangerous path…but I still think he has a little bit of “normalcy bias” in him…hoping that things will slow down, and we will have more time! I don’t feel that way at all…thus, that was my reason for asking about not paying the mortgage any longer! It IS a big step…one that I don’t take lightly, trust me! And unless my husband is on board 100%…it won’t happen! Thank you for your concern!:)

            • SmokyMtnLady,

              The thing that disgusts me is how the government failed its people during the mortgage crisis that started back in June 2007 (but what else is new). As everyone recalls, the first banking crisis resulted by what was referred to as “sub-prime” mortgages which quickly escalated into other mortgage problems like ARMs. This happened on Bush’s watch (not that Obama is doing any better job). Sadly, Bush, the federal government, and the Federal Reserve failed the American people (I believe it was intentional). Under the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 banks received a bailout of around 700/800 billion dollars. In addition, the Federal Reserve gave the banks 1.2 trillion dollars on Dec. 5, 2008.

              Bush and his cronies could have handled this crisis in a way to benefit BOTH the homeowners AND the banks. They could have given the money to homeowners with the contractual requirement they use this money to pay-off or pay-down their mortgages; thus, benefiting both the banks AND the homeowners. But no, they only gave thought only to these poor bankers who got themselves (and the banks) into deep trouble by being very greedy. Sadly (and disgustfully) Bush and his cronies and the Federal Reserve chose to benefit only the banks by giving them a combined 2 trillion dollars and allowing them to still hold the liens to houses thus leaving many homeowners in dire straits. But hey, the bankers not only kept their jobs and high salaries but received huge bonuses. It sure pays big dividends to be greedy in the USA.

              My heart goes out for all the people who are struggling to pay their mortgage payments.

          • Yes, folks signed that contract. The real question is, in my poor little mind anyway, is one of intent. If you were a person that had an income of $23,000 per year and bought a $275,000 house on a variable rate loan well maybe you never had the intent to repay the loan and yes that would be a moral and ethical misdeed. Now, on the other hand, if you bought at 2.5 times your annual salary with 15% or better down but the prices fell faster than your mortgage balance and your employer has gone belly up because of the recession they created – well that is a different story. Remember, it was the bottom feeders like James Johnson and Franklin Raines that kept egging on the politicians trying to make Clinton look good by having the highest rate of home ownership in history. They caused the price bubble and the subsequent collapse of equity. If they created the situation that made you unable to pay your mortgage then you are free to walk away without guilt.

            Just my opinion.

        • SmokyMtnLady, this is from the heart, truly.

          I lost my home a couple of years ago due to a job loss, a failed business venture and other things that collided to create the perfect storm.

          It sucked. It really did break my heart, because for the first time in my life, I felt like I belonged somewhere and had something that no one could take away. The anxiety I felt trying to keep afloat in that cute little house was debilitating. Finally, after a lot of number crunching and prayers and tears, I decided it was time to walk away.

          It was the best decision I’ve made. I won’t lie and say it was easy. It has been a difficult two years. I rent now and probably always will and it’s not that bad.

          Here is my philosophy: It’s just a house. There are lots of other houses.

          ~ We live in a house still – not in a refrigerator box
          ~ I have employment – not as much as I had before but it keeps us fed and out of the refrigerator box.
          ~ I have a reliable vehicle – it isn’t fancy but it efficiently get me from A to B
          ~ I have my family
          ~ We are warm, fed and as content as we let ourselves be.

          This is NOT the end of the world. It’s tough, but so are you or you wouldn’t be on here, trying to prepare for your family. Only you know the right thing to do, but please, if you decide to let go of the house, remember what I’ve said and see that the future is not so grim.


          • Ditto everything she said, folks.

            There is such a thing called a strategic foreclosure, and although it sucks to do it, the alternative (hanging on until the bitter end and until you’re completely broke) is far uglier.

            Two years ago, I was facing a similar situation, and if I had hung on? I might have recovered enough to keep the house, but it would’ve been a Pyrrhic victory at best, since I would have wasted most of my income on that money pit, living in a deteriorating neighborhood, and hating the whole thing.

            Now? Yeah, I rent… so what? I’m looking at new leases in places that are quite frankly very beautiful, yet for less than what I’m paying now. I have a tentative destination now, and intend to rent there (while telecommuting 3 days a week). Renting allows me to judge whether or not to make that small town my permanent home/BOL. If I don’t like the town, I can go rent in another. Or another. Or…

            I figure we have 5-10 years (okay, 4-9 now) before things get bad enough with civilization to require staying put. Either way, I’m not anchored to one spot.

          • You make some great points. You looked at your situation, and made your best choice. it doesn’t mean it’s easy, but in the end, it’s a business decision. For you, the best choice was to walk away. Times are different for many now, and some things will never be the same again. But we do what we have to, and sometimes, the choices are difficult. good luck.

          • Daisy,
            Thank you so much!!I agree 100%! A home is ANYWHERE your family is! Whether it’s a rental OR a RV!! I don’t want to look back in a few years, when my boys are eating one meal a day because our food supplies are getting low, AND we’ve been forced out of our home because my husband was laid off and think about what a waste it was to send in that mortgage payment every month just so we can continue to live the so called “American Dream”!! It’s becoming the American Nightmare and I want to get out!! Happy New Year to you and your girls!!

          • oh daisy! i wish you the best, you have been through so much yet still give so much to others!

        • Yeah….your right. EVERYONE who bought houses should just stop paying for them. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY you say!? Ha!
          And then when you stop paying your mortgage like a lowlife, quit paying all your other bills too.

          • First of all anon….we haven’t STOPPED paying our mortgage!
            Second, we just refinanced last summer and got an extremely low interest rate, which is why my husband doesn’t agree with my idea…at this time!
            Third, who do YOU think YOU are to call people low life’s because they can’t or won’t pay their mortgage,you have no idea what some people are dealing with on a everyday basis, and who are YOU that you feel you have the right to accuse me of shirking MY personal responsibility??
            My oldest son graduated from college with a four year degree and do you want to know how many student loans he has now? NONE…ZERO…NADA!! We paid cash for him to go to school because we felt that it was OUR responsibility to make sure he graduated with NO debt!!
            So please be quiet…you have NO idea how ridiculous you sound!!!

            • Smoky—— believe it or not, I am NOT the enemy. I get pissed off though when I hear things like you wrote and here is why: it SOUNDS like you are talking about a premeditated plan to just walk away from a responsibility that YOU made, simply because your house didn’t continue to climb at an INSANE rate. Geez…. someone should say the PC they bought 3 years ago is not worth what they paid… so fuck it, They just don’t pay anymore for it. It sounds like your husband has INTEGRITY and is LIVING his Christian beliefs and you have none and are not. I read Daisy’s post about losing her house…. she tried to hang on, couldn’t, and had to abandon it, and you can feel her pain about the whole thing. Then here YOU are bragging about how you’ll stop paying, STAY LIVING THERE….which is just a form of theft….use the money to buy an RV so you can float around the Country. That makes you a lowlife same as the druggie who collects. Actually worse cause they have a disease…..addiction…. what’s YOUR excuse? The big bad Govt made you buy a house? If your stocks go down in value, what do you do? Get a Lawyer and sue because you lost on an investment? Did someone hold a gun too your head to buy that house? PAY what you owe. They are starting to finally go after the balance now from the people who do these “strategic” walks….
              You want out? SELL IT and leave. You’ll take a loss? Oh well.
              All one has to do is read how you are planning this to see what your really about. YOU said the stuff…not ME.

              People who lost everything and are in a real bind and cannot pay, have no choice. They should not be persued for anything.
              From everything YOU wrote…… you CAN pay ( and husband *IS*) You just feel like you shouldn’t HAVE to, so you can spend that cash anyway you like!!

            • anon…Defaulting oa a mortgage is purely a strategic business decision. No different than a corp. filing bankruptcy when they see they can no longer profit.The bank takes the risk of default by charging a % of interest on the loan or mortgage. If the determined risk isn’t enough they have a flawed business model and THEY go bankrupt.It may involve ethics but never morality when a dfault is recorded.

          • anon,kindly PHUCK OFF

            • You guys are half the fucking problem with the country..walk…. go ahead…walk from your responsibilities…she says she will save 1000 month…lol…I pay 700 mo property tax.
              Its a “Strategic business decision” to stop paying your bills buts its sucking off the system if you need help.
              GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ONE. Me? I’ll pay my bills.

              THESE COMMENTS ARE NOT DIRECTED AT PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO DEFAULT…. they are directed at those WHO CAN PAY BUT CHOOSE NOT TO…. because…. BOO HOO….. they bought more than they could afford or house is worth less now so they wanna walk.

      11. Most of those around me are so caught up in pro sports or the worship of celebrities, that they would not even talk about the unusual weather. One man I know, when I talked about SHTHF said he and his friends were preparing for it. I asked how and he said they were getting a lot of ammunition for their guns. I know Turtle, I believe him. They don’t plan on going hungry or thirsty.

        • Millions of armed civilians will die to protect their families and the food that will feed them. “Turtle and his ilk, won’t last long in my opinion, maybe I am wrong and maybe he will be the first dictator of this nation, and our children will be crying at his funeral, like the n koreans, no one knows the future.

          • ~Kevin~

            Off topic, but I noticed on an earlier thread you were searching for “WHO’s COUNTING THE VOTE IN IOWA”…
            here’s your answer………


            • Nice link.Spot on.Ever since the fixed Bush Florida vote,I have come to the conclusion that,to paraphrase,”if voting meant anything it would be illegal”- at least at the Federal level.

            • Like I’ve been sayin’…You may as well “vote” for Banksy Rat…

              If this does not show people how futile the concept of “voting” is, what will?

          • Turtle is an old (60) Hell’s Angel. Prison twice, multiple arrests, so many bike and car crashes, I am amazed that he can walk. In other words, tough as they come. Problems solved by violence. Sly in his way, but the cops and feds know him. He is at the top of their take-down list.
            I’m a loving old granny, who long ago made my peace with death. But I will kill defending my own. I can field dress meat, know alot of edible plants, and herbal medicines. + obey laws. Not on borg lists. I think the TPTB have no clue how many millions of us there are.

            • Trust me they are fully aware of how many of us there are! WWII was a beta test for what they got in mind. How it will unfold remains the only mystery!

            • This thing that is happening on our planet is centuries in the making, the goal of TPTB is the same goal as the 3rd Reich, (see Georgia Guide Stones)!

            • k.neilsen-you are ona list.not to worry-THEY have a list for all the lists i’m on.

        • Kyrathyel Nielsen,

          I know a few that think like that,they will be a danger to all preppers, They think a show of force will get them what they want,they think that by taking others prepps they will survive. But I really wonder how many of those people will bleed out tring to get back to their family. The word that comes to mind is extinct.


          • Just sort of a warning. Your mind has to be prepared or you will be slow when faced with smiling death. I know turtle and we are friendly, but taking the food and water I have is a death threat and will be met as such, smile or no.

        • They’ll be successful, too… for a while. They’ll survive until the easy pickings are stripped and gone. Then they’ll end up dead of starvation, or from gunfire returned by someone defending their own.

          Most folks who think like that have one other problem: They don’t think far enough ahead. This means they’ll be out of ammunition long, long before times get peaceful enough again to not require weapons.

          • excellent point. Many of the regular posters on this site have been prepping for a good while. They have been thinking well past the “first day” of collapse for a long time. These people that think the biggest gun , and a show of force will get them anything they want from lesser prepared people aren’t thinking very far ahead. That’s just one dimensional thinking. Preppers are way ahead of that scenerio, and have thought that situation through many times. They will defend as necessary, as that is the only way they can survive. The weapons game is only one part of a well prepared plan. It takes proper planning from many directions to insure the best chance of survival. Good luck all.
            The biggest gun doesn’t alway win against a superior thought out defense plan.

            • The best weapon is a fully functioning brain.

        • In a major shitstorm, people would be just as desperate to keep it as the predators are to take it.

          Observation: In the wild predators only go after prey that can’t fight them off.

        • I hope “Turtle” doesn’t know about YOUR supplies, KN…you’ll be their first stop!! :/

          • I have a bolt hole. I don’t expect him to last long enough to find me.

      12. I am shocked 44% of people are actually buffaloed into being afraid of a terrorist attack, WTH??

        Even if a “real” terrorist attack were to happen, why fear it? That goes for a lot of things on that list…why fear what you have no control over? Do everything you can about the things in your control and leave the rest….but especially terrorist attacks.

        • It depends on how the “individual” concerned defines “terrorist”. I too am concerned about a “terrorist attack”, but my definition of the potential perpetrators of said attack are not a mirror of the LAME-STREAM-MEDIA-DEFINED and constantly perpetuated falsehoods of “terrorists”. The ONLY ONES that concern me are already in OUR midst. Both supposed “allies” and “trusted” government factions.

            • This ties in with what “The Moon is a harsh Mistress” has been saying. Take a virus that has a very low level of potential transmission mammal to mammal (human to human)and “cookup” a recipe that throws that previous closed door wide open.

              Maybe THEY have accomplished that insanity, and maybe not. I don’t know. What I do know is the LS-MSM will be “cheerleading” whatever result THEY want you and I to believe. THEY can suggest, offer, recommend, insist that “all” must get the latest vaccine for “your own protection.

              Unless THEY have figured out a way to “inject me” while kissing my ass, it won’t happen.

            • yental,

              Sorry bout that brother, I got the 2 post mixed up. Oh well maybe The Moon is a Harsh Mistress will find it.


      13. Why do idiots believe Mitt Romney will change all of that?

        Why do people think that someone who voted for a Wall Street bailout of $800 billion in TARP would prevent economic collapse?

        Why does the consummate politician get everyone’s vote?

        When a kid in Iowa asked him if it was tough to run for president? Do you know what he said? He said, Yes AND No, and even admitted that’s the way a politician would answer?!

        Why does Romney never speak of the gold standard?

        Why does he never speak of protecting our civil freedoms or overturning the Unpatriot Act?

        Why does Wall Street give him an endless supply of funds, making him the biggest recipient of their money?

        Why does someone who got thrashed by Komrade Ted Kennedy believe he could defeat Komrade Obama?

        Why did Romney shove an individual mandate down the throat of MA denizens, and now states he’s NOT for it?

        Why are more people not afraid of how “dangerous” Romney is, including that brainwashed ideologue from MN who wants us to get nuked?

        Why do idiots in New Hampshire worship Romney? Do they know the meaning of Live Free or Die?

        Why do stupid imbeciles who call themselves “conservative” not realize he’s for foreign aid, nationalized healthcare (supposedly before he was now against it), Wall Street bailouts, the Federal Reserve, paper currencies, the accretion of power by the Police State, worldwide war by the military industrial complex, foreign entangling alliances, raising the national debt ceiling, and creating Serfdom for All in the New Amerika?

        Why do people always target the good guy and not shoot down the idiot?????? Why?

        Is a violent uprising on the way to revolution the only answer?

        So much for The Granite State. So much for land of the free, home of the brave. More like, “Stupid is as stupid does . . .”

        Anybody know how to get citizenship in Timbuktu? This country has been overtaken by the gangsters.

        • the good dr. paul is the only non-lethal answer – vote ron paul… 2012

          • PAUL/VENTURA 2012

            • dr. ron paul prez and dr. rand paul vice prez 2012

              jesse ventura can become ron paul’s secretary or state!

              dennis kucinich secretary of defense!

              bernie sanders who rocks from vermont can become head of the justice department and immediately fire all supreme court justices!

        • Granite State Denizen,

          I agree Mitt Romney is not the answer to solving America’s problems. But, who do we have? As Glenn Beck has said many times, we need a George Washington. So, where is our “George Washington”?

          Sadly, our country continues to sink in the toilet of despair. Whoever is elected President in 2012 will only make things worse than they are today. The only difference among the people running for the President’s Office is the speed of the train racing to the accident.

          • In the above survey 63% were afraid of an economic collapse. They’re right. We are headed for an absolute catastrophe.

            George Washington was a military hero. He was valiant in defeating the British. Yet his most trusted confidant was Alexander Hamilton, the progenitor of nascent central banking for America. He was defeated and killed until resurrected in 1913.

            Today, we need a Financial Wizard and Constitutional Scholar and Warrior for Freedom in one package. He must have massive intellect, compassion, and understanding.

            I happen to trust the original, enlightened farm boy from Pennsylvania. When you’ve served as an Air Force flight surgeon, then delivered 4,000 babies, I’m sure you’ve taken care of plenty of emergencies. And when active duty service personnel have contributed to your campaign 10x MORE than any or your opponents, they can’t be wrong!

            Plus, I would hate to see what they do when they come back, pissed off their guy has not been nominated and elected . . . . .

            The only reason you have a train wreck is when your conductor is ill prepared for the job and has no plan of consequence, and lacks the training, the will, the consistency, and integrity to be honest and true and faithful and strong.

            Nobody else even comes close. I do not believe the Cato Institute would lie about the FACTS:


            Knowing this much, why would anyone want some uneducated career politician/lobbyist, another statist lawyer, or foolish secret communist for president?

            • I think USA had a central bank in the early days and Jackson killed it (The Second Bank of the United States?).

            • Granite State Denizen,

              I hear you brother and you’ll not get an argument out of me. However, I would like to point out that the “conductor” as you call him is far from being “the problem” – he’s only part of the problem because he’s only one of many puppets for a cartel who controls him and the other puppets. Some of the other puppets are Congress and the Federal Reserve Board, especially Ben (helicopter) Bernanke. Then you have the misguided and lost organizations like the 4 of the 9 justices of the US Supreme Court, the big labor unions like the UAW, the National Teachers Union, the American Federation of Teachers, etc. and I could go on and on…

            • @ben dover this is the 3rd FEDERAL RESERVE BANK! THIRD! 1 2 3… 3rd time they have ENSLAVED US ALL in DEBT!

              the previous 2 two were destroyed and BURNT TO the GROUND by THE PEOPLE! Us … regular american citizens who wanted Fair, NonCorrupt, Value Based Banking!

              They (Banker Family Rothschilds of England) Tried to kill prez. jackson twice, each time the pistols both misfired! Call it a Guardian Angel!

              Jackson Died in bed sayin’ “I killed THE BANK!” Smiling!

            • The FEDERAL Reserve Bank is a Privately Owned Bank… a Corporation folks! There are

              You are all Owned by citizen bankers… private bankers.

              Honestly… they are now buyin up all of americas debt.

              Thereby buying YOU , Your Children and Their Children and so on and so on etc etc etc… get it?

              The Federal Reserve System (also known as the Federal Reserve, and informally as the Fed) is the privately owned central banking system of the United States. It was created on December 23, 1913 with the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act, largely in response to a series of financial panics, caused by global banker corruption, particularly a severe panic in 1907.

              There are 12 Federal Reserve Banks located in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Richmond, Atlanta, Chicago, St Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, and San Francisco. Each reserve Bank is responsible for member banks located in its district.

          • RID
            I agree, even if we elect Ron Paul, big gov’t politicians will tie his hands, mass media will turn public opinion against him, and if he wants to do away with the NDAA they will manufacture a lone wolf type to make americans see how much they need it. And the masses will turn on him. If he wants to do away with the fed, I fear he will die. All outcomes keeps DC the same.

            Now before DK jumps all over me and tells me that I am throwing my hands up in despair. I am not. I am doing what everyone else is. Getting ready, telling people and making plans.

            I had hope when the tea party came about. While I was rejoicing for this small victory, nothing changed in DC and in fact it got worse. NDAA got pushed through, more bombings, more debt, more personal intrusions, ect. I have more respect for Dennis Kucinch than most others in that town. I don’t agree with alot of things he says and think that he is a bit strange but atleast he stands for what he believes in. I have to respect that. I have a feeling Bachman will get the VP nomimation and watch how her speeches shift from where they were 2 years ago to when she wants to work in the WH.

            • There actually is quite a bit Paul could do if elected without Congressional approval.The very first thing he can do is issue an executive order voiding all previous executive orders. That would end the “State of Emegency” we are under and return our country to common law and the Constitutional Republic it should be.

            • mike, I know what you mean. It doesn’t matter who gets elected or what they say to get elected – things are only getting worse after they are elected. I believe we may have reached the “point of no return” regarding the state of our country’s affairs.

            • mike,

              Right you are. In fact, when John Boehner became the Speaker of the House, I expected a bit of “good” change, especially in the area of debt and spending but, the reality is, he’s no different than any of the other lying politicians and that’s why we are in so much trouble.

              To be quite honest, in all of my years of living (and that’s a lot of years), I’ve never seen such a high level of dysfunctionality (sp) as exists today in our country. It’s downright scary and I believe is the cause for so many “doom & gloom” web sites to come into existence.

          • @Richard – the only candidate I have any remote faith in is Ron Paul. He is the one who introduced legislation to abolish the Fed and our participation in the United Nothing.

            I heard somewhere that for every George Washington, there are ten Hitlers available. Hopefully we’ll get the right “George” this time. I’d prefer not to have four more years of “hope and change.”

            • ScoutMotto,

              I agree with you brother and I’ll vote for Ron Paul every time he runs.

          • richard.. buddy…. RON PAUL… mitt romney more or less gave a concession speech on the situation room with wolf blitzer last night….. this isnt a joke… who cares if its cnn and they now WANT Ron Paul to win.. i will take it. a vote for anyone other than ron paul as the next potus is what i consider a treasonous act….there only is one option .. either as a republican or an independant
            RON PAUL!

            • ROMNEY and SANTORUM gave there concession speeches last night…. only newt , bachmann and perry seem to still want to stop the unstoppable….. oh perry said he will move the embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem as his first act as president…. now theres something that should make america just so much better.. yah right…. what a dweeb… and bachmann mouthed off to wolf blitzter.. NOT GONNA HAPPEN WOLF…. than wolf said .. well ron paul is doing alot better than you(bachmann)hahahahahahaha… CNN wants paul to win now.. why? who knows.. lets jsut go with it…. RON PAUL IS OUR ONLY HOPE TO STAVE OFF DEVASTATING MAN MADE CRISIS… what nature brings no one knows or can stop anyhow… we can elsect ron paul and not die to nuclear annihaltion though
              RON PAUL…JESSE VENTURA 2012

          • i believe my previous comment was a bit unclear and may have been confusing to some. I DO NOT SUPPORT ROMNEY !!! Never have, never will as he is way too damn liberal (and may even have a touch of progressive-ism in his blood). I support Ron Paul. Always have, always will.

            However, having said that, I have in the past only stated that Ron Paul will not get elected (my opinion). He has already tried to run and didn’t make it (obviously). He is too conservation for most in America, after all, most want the government’s “tit.” Obviously, most on this site don’t want the “tit”!

            And, most consider him too old – he’s 77 years old (born on 8/20/1935) and would be 78 when elected (if my math is correct – DPS, you’re the math wizard – is this correct?) and 82 when trying to run for his second term.

            I agree with most of what he says and believes; however, the powerful and highly influential people in this country will make sure he doesn’t get elected. Folks, our country is on a tidal wave and all we can do is try to survive this monstrous wave by don’t whatever we feel is necessary under these dire circumstances.

            • Darn typos – last sentence – “by don’t whatever” should read “by doing whatever” – sorry about that!

        • Took the words right out of my mouth, brother. What’s happened to New Hampsha is that half of the population is now Masshowls who moved up there. Once long ago it was a haven for conservatives who wanted a little peace. My Dad fled there from a small town in MA that had been over-run by the Boston gimme-gimme crowd in the 1960s. Thanks be that he’s gone now and won’t have to watch his adopted home state slide into the same abyss. Now I know how those Hungarian refugees we took in back in ’56 must have felt.

        • GSD,
          I attribute the mitt lovers to the southern nh Masshole transplants.
          Where you at in NH? (General area) .
          Somewhere in the white mountains here…

        • Until one gets over the left vs right, Republican vs Democrat paradigm, they cannot see the issues clearly. They all bought and paid for. It is the only way to get elected. Getting elected requires big money which requires big pay backs in the future. Look at what they do, not what they say. Who is the only one that has stepped out and called the NDAA what it really is?

          That leaves Ron Paul as the only honest choice for president. Is it too late? I fear it is and it may not matter who gets elected. I doubt if one honest president can undo the decades of dishonesty. The system just cannot change.

          • i think you are actually wrong now and paul will get massive bipartisan support… i am not letting off the gas until the fbi either comes and gets me, or someone other than ron paul becomes potus in 2012….. this is a year long fight… lets make it happen
            RON PAUL..JESSE VENTURA 2012

        • Granite State Denizen,

          Why do you call people who have a different opinion than you have, “idiots” and “imbeciles”?

          If I recall correctly, this is still the USA and we still have the first Amendment which gives everyone here the right to voice their opinion. You, calling people names who have a different opinion from you makes you a very, very little person.

          I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you express your opinion, as is your God given right and protected under our first Amendment, without calling people insulting and demeaning names?

          • Richard in Denver,

            I read your comments and I cannot imagine how you live with yourself. On the one hand, you claim you support Paul, and then on the other hand, you state he can’t be elected? What kind of supporter are you? It would be better that you NOT claim your support of Ron Paul at all, and save us all the frustration.

            The REAL supporters of this honorable individual do not pussy foot around the simple factor of support.

            If you support someone, then obviously you have the belief that they deserve to be nominated and elected. However, if you support someone with the notion that should NOT be the case, then you are playing twisty games of self deception with no one but yourself. That’s pretty shameful, in my opinion, and you are correct in stating I have a First Amendment right in saying so.

            I have stated the FACTS very clearly above. You made a comment about Washington, and neglected to mention that he warned against foreign entangling alliances in his Farewell Address, which is the same position as Ron Paul. And I asked a rhetorical question how anyone, knowing these facts, could still support Romney, who is a shill for Wall Street, and will accomplish nothing beyond what they tell him to do. He has gotten 5x MORE $$$ from Wall Street than all the other candidates COMBINED. That should tell you something…

            So obviously, you may be deluded, misguided, or bamboozled by the FACTS, so I am not sure what to call you or individuals who mouth wishy washy support like yours.

            If you have the opportunity to change things from the top AND the bottom, then you do so, and try to get both ends to meet in the middle. No president has the power to control and dictate the state of affairs in this country, and in fact, that’s exactly what Ron Paul states! It seems you are looking for a savior who can change everything from the ground up. While I understand the extent of corruption is tremendous, Ron Paul can’t do it by himself, and I have never heard him say the he could. Winning the presidency, though, would be a monumental achievement in the right direction.

            I hope my counsel helps you.

            • Granite State Denizen;

              Thank you for the psychotherapy and be sure to send me a bill. And, please allow me to use your services in the future, on an “as needed basis” as I tend to become irritable and sometimes even mentally unstable.

              Regarding George Washington, I’m not going to go into a long-winded dissertation nor am I going to engage you in a pissing contest. You have your opinion and I have mine. Let’s leave it at that.

              In response to your, “I read your comments and I cannot imagine how you live with yourself.” My response: I don’t understand what you mean about my not able to live with myself. What’s that all about? Are you suggesting to provide me with more psychotherapy? Yes, lets do this on an “as needed basis,” as I mentioned earlier.

              In response to your, “On the one hand, you claim you support Paul, and then on the other hand, you state he can’t be elected? What kind of supporter are you?” My response: ah, an athletic supporter maybe? Seriously, have you ever heard of a supportive realist?

              In response to your, “It would be better that you NOT claim your support of Ron Paul at all, and save us all the frustration.” My response: I have a better idea, save your frustration by not reading any of my comments; but, pleaseeeeee don’t take my comments away!

              In response to your, “So obviously, you may be deluded, misguided, or bamboozled by the FACTS, so I am not sure what to call you or individuals who mouth wishy washy support like yours.” My response: ah, just call people like me crazy and stop reading my comments.

              But otherwise, have a great day!

            • Richard,
              I ran accross this today and thought about you brother.

              “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter,and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destoryed ourselves” Abraham Lincoln


            • DPS,

              Thanks for sharing the Lincoln quote. I only wish our elected officials would observe and practice what our best past leaders said and practiced (men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Abe Lincoln, Ronald Regan, etc.

              DPS, you made a comment the other day:

              You said your two step sons, who are army rangers, and their friends will stand with the American people.

              I say, your two step sons and their friends are brave, honorable, and righteous men and are true heroes. God bless them.

      14. This has been a long time coming to Amerika. People who live in this country have a very skewed outlook of reality, and what is important. The Owners have done well in creating a mindless herd of “consumers”. Most of them will still not get what is happening, even as things crash around them.

        I try to discuss these issues w/ people at work, and they look at me like I’m FOS. They are probably not even aware that there is an economic crisis in Europe, let alone Greece. These nice, friendly people I work with will be among the first to whine “Why did’nt SOMEBODY do SOMETHING!?”. And they will be the first to turn on everyone to save thier hides…

        How will this end? Will the Owners just let the bottom drop out, or will they just wind things down slowly? Perhaps it’s a convenient time for another war? Either way, this does not bode well for US…

        • lets take it back now…. its going to happen RON PAUL!

          • eeder, you have a lot of heart…

            I will cast my “vote” for RP…
            However, I will only do so because it is the correct course of action, not because I believe it will do any good whatsoever. I gave up on the illusion long ago, and that is all it is…an illusion.

            Amerika was sold out long ago. The Owners will only allow RP to sit as POTUS, if it somehow serves thier ends. Are you even aware who now counts the “ballots”?

            At the risk of beating a very dead horse, I will offer up the following quote again:

            “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin

      15. ~MAC~

        Sorry, this is off topic, but here’s two little gems you may want to pontificate upon!
        The 1st deals w/ an op/ed piece(in the New York Times) authored by two 4-star generals demanding B-A-W-K Obama VETO the recently passed NDAA bill…….

        ….the 2nd is from Lew Rockwell’s site & is certainly food for thought regarding Ron Paul & current goobermint tyranny….

        • Thanks GS. I am familiar with the articles by the generals and have mentioned it a couple of times. These are the guys who would have implemented such directives, so i suspect they know wtf they are talking about.

          And, Lew Rockwell is fantastic. An extremely intelligent and well versed individual. His site has some excellent contributions, and the article you mention there is by Eric Peters ( We have a link to his site in our blog roll on the left hand side of this site. Eric is definitely someone to read regularly – lot’s of insights from him on a regular basis.

          • Also at Lews Site is an piece by Roger Young titled “I Succede” I mention it because it seems to me that one of the first things a person must do/must change in coming to grips with this mess is his/her mind.

            Prepping and planning and talking are all good things but without an attitude change…a heart change in how we view the world and moreso how we view ourselves…its hard to rise above it all.

            We as individuals have to at some point decide how we will we will act on that thought…and then do all we can to make it real in our own lives and in our own world…you cant be free if in your own heart and mind and by your actions you see yourself as a slave…and we cant help anyone else(get free) if we cant first help ourselves…I cant inspire others to act /live as God intended them to,as freemen and women if I see my own self as a mouse and the PTB as giants.

            I know I offend some people when I say I will live and die free,cocky?…maybe a little but if I gotta die Im gonna shove my fingers in their eyeballs and make it hurt…its just that I am not dead yet and until the time comes when I wake up and find I am dead Im not going to bow down and let the fear of death keep me from living the best life I can…maybe we are not all in a place to be able to succede comepletely but we can all find areas in our lives where perhaps we can say “I SUCCEDE”…just my thoughts,hope its helps somebody.
            “Live free or die tryin”

          • ~MAC~

            Thanks dude, link is book marked!

            BTW, Happy New Year to you/yours & ditto to rest of the dysfunctional family here………………after all, everyone is trying to effect the same outcome vs the civilization train-wreck just around the bend!!!!!

          • Mac,

            Where’s Manos and Copout haven’t seen them for awhile??

            • Not sure, i will shoot Manos an email and see if I have Copouts.

            • Copout’s cool – heard from him a few days ago. 🙂

            • wrere’s JD USMARINES? Miss ya bud.

      16. i am gonna keep right on paying on any debt that i may have…as long as i can. mainly cause there is someone else on the other end of that debt who needs the money just as much as anyone else. in the meantime, whatever i have left after debts is mine and i can do whatever i want with it-i can give it all away, i can help others, and i can continue to build my survival stash. the few things that i do that i believe to the core of my soul is to buy, sell, trade american goods. educate and experience yourself in the skills needed to survive. and to not waste anything.

        • Yes. By all means buy local if you can and starve the big banks!

      17. The survey list of “concerns” is both interesting and puzzling. Economic collapse will result as a culmination of many of the other “concerns” with lower percentage figures.

        Of particular interest is “nuclear accident” at 25%. This represents an oxymoron. There are no nuclear accidents. The protocol and procedures in place with respect to nuclear weapons eliminates the “accident” potential entirely. It may well happen, but it will be no accident. With respect to nuclear power plants, the same scenario applies. Nuclear is accurate, “accident” isn’t. In fact, this “concern” should be combined with the “terrorist concern” at 44%. And if you include “domestic terrorist” aka the shadow government that gave us the 9/11 “accident”, then move this combination to the number ONE position.

        Global warming at 22% indicates how well the Lame stream media continues to do their assigned job.

        The number one survery concern is legitimate as the end result. But it will be the result of factors listed, as well as factors not listed. The “new year” will no doubt reveal a “new” reality. And not just for “us”, but globally. Happy “new” year, and prep with an increased diligence and sense of urgency.

        • Yental…You don’t think Fukishima was an accident?

          • Not to the extent being portrayed. And possibly not at all. The capabilities of various factions within the shadow governments are still “wild cards” that are buried under mountains of disinformation.

            Can I prove it? Not today. Can you disprove it?

            • I honestly don’t know.I wonder what the object was if it was a manufactured event? Yes, I agree there are many levels of worldwide events going we will never know about. Perhaps our grandkids will learn about them.

            • BTW I don’t believe in coincidences. I think most world events are manipulated events. Oh shit, I forgot to take my shiny hat off from last night.

            • To expand the point somewhat, why is Plutonium now verified as one of the radioactive byproducts of this “accident”. This was a “power plant” not a “weapons grade” manufactoring facility. Or so the story goes. Why must you actively search to find information on the “worst nuclear disaster in history todate”, while it is still ongoing?

              Northern Japan is “toast” for unimaginable generations to come. This “accident” continues to pollute the globe with radioactive contamination, that by some accounts, exceeds what 100’s if not a thousand “Hiroshima bombs” would have produced. BUT THAT IS NOT NEWS.

              Something stinks worse than the dead fish surrounding this “story”. Cancer rates globally will increase dramtically in the next 5+ years. Seems to fit well into a “population reduction” protocol…if you buy into such “ideas”.

            • It happened on 3/11/11. Those who understand numerology understand that’s all you need to know there were guiding forces behind the event. I know it sounds crazy. That’s because it is.

          • “manufacturing facility”. I “manufactored” a new word.

            • I’ve read that you can link to a camera that is trained on the site ( my antiquated dial-up don’t go there)but in discussion about the feed they usually claim some of the plant is blocked by tarps or something along that line.I hadn’t researched it too much…just believed that it was an accident. I didn’t know about the plutonium.Where’s that info come from?

            • @JRS, this is just one of very many articles discussing plutonium at Fukishima. I chose this because of the many references cited at the end of the article.

              The presence of plutonium isn’t the “smoking gun”. The amounts with respect to a particular reactor in the “complex” hits closer to home.

              If you search “plutonium at Fukishima”, you will find more hits than you want. Good hunting.


            • yental…Thanks for the link.Will do some searching.

      18. Most Americans now are poor or near-poor, that’s obvious when 47% of Americans don’t now pay federal income taxes (official number from regime itself).
        If (virtually) half now are so poor that they don’t pay federal income tax, imagine how many more who do pay SOME federal income tax must now be very little above poor.

        • R2….I read somewhere that 60% of the population now lives off of taxpayer money (including all govt workers). If this is true,it is not sustainable( esp. with all the underfunded public pensions), I think we have, at the most, 4 years before the rule of 72 destroys us.

      19. it’s very obvious how this will end… just look at history… it always ends with FULL THEARTRE global war… WW3 is here… they have no other choice , the nwo zionistpigs have to have a “ciafed-falseflag” soooo destructive and traumatica , just as they did okla city , waco tx, 9/11 – twin towers – bldg 7 demolition, that we all forget THE INTERNATIONAL 46 trillion priv fed reserve FRAUD to bring to fruition their GLOBAL tax debt slave U.N. blue NWO zionistjew facist BANKER GOVERNMENT , commited by the goldmansachszionistjews and bank of england bilderboybuggers against humanity… SOMETHING VERY WICKED COMES THIS WAY FOLKS! SOMETHING BIG! ;0p

        PREPARE, PLAN, PREP for your worst fears and then double it!

        • god i hope youre wrong nina…. this is not an option now, but i admit it remains a strong possibility.

          • @eeder , for your own self preservation… i’m being serious now… stock up on 3 month supply of drygoods/ food, water, meds and get yourself a decent revolver + 200 rounds and bolt/ pump action rifle or shotgun + 1000 rounds and a portable water filter and colloidial silver… and a solar powered radio!

            plan also too bugout if necessary to a safer retreat…

            the nwo has no other choice but global war… or they all go to jail! too many folks are waking up too what crimes they have committed and continue to commit against not only their own citizens but the defenseless brown people across the world, all for selfish greed! nuthin… more.

            arm up @eeder, stock up prepare…

            • Excellent advice in general to have supplies. Would also add seeds (inexpensive peace of mind thing). I haven’t grown a garden in probably 30 years. Miserable experiences trying to keep all the critters from eating everything you’ve worked so hard at.
              My resolutions this year: Get in better shape and grow a garden.

            • poobear … buddy… already done! im ready for the worst…. but i dont want the worst….. lets take back capitol hill….. this is our last peaceful stand RON PAUL…. if it fails.. or if paul is an nwo by some chance… well im ready.. this is a last ditch effort though…. RON PAUL
              Poo bear… you have good advice buddy but you dont need to tell me.. im way ahead of you man…

            • thank you for your time ;0) @gunsmith, best gift’s anyone ever got me for xmass… take care.

          • Wow, fascinating information, Gunsmith…..keep ’em coming. 🙂

        • ninao…lol..possibly true,but try using THAT post in a discussion over morning coffee at your local Dunkin Donut.

      20. economic collapse wont be happening so i dont know what you peoploe dont understand about that ? I have been saying this for nearly a year now and we still havent had economic collapse but who am i except i have been saying no and they have been saying yes and so far its been NO !

        • I will hand it to you, Rich. You are the ever-faithful dissenting voice.

          I would really like to believe that you are right, but the math does not support what you are saying. Europe is already teetering on the edge. The head of the IMF says Europe is on the brink of a 1930s-style depression. If they go, we won’t be far behind them.

        • LOL.

        • Sorry to say Rich although I wish you were correct, you are not. The US dollar is a fiat currency, and every fiat currency that has ever been created has failed EVERYONE!

          Since its introduction in 1913 the Federal Reserve note has devalued, by 95%. It’s destined to fail, its only a question of when.

          Here’s a link for ya if you don’t believe me:

          • RWS.. I believe you are right about the collapse of our currency. How it may happen who knows. I’m thinking maybe a devaluation and then maybe something backed by gold. Then we start over. TPTB will never let go of their fiat if at all possible. I believe the banks have way more gold than we think. They have been looting it from other countries since WWII. Just my opinion.

        • Hey Rich, good to hear from ya. You say an economic collapse is not coming. Preppers say it is. I say it depends on your definition of collapse. nobody is going to wake up tomorrow, open their closet door and find that their clothes have been replaced with rags. but we are losing our jobs left and right out here. maybe the economy is still trucking along. or maybe the millions of preppers buying in bulk to stock up is the last leg holding the table up. to say something will happen or to say nothing will happen means we are trying to predict the future and we cant do that. Not you, me, the pope, president, or Jesus himself knows the day this world will end. But with all the uncertainty of the future it only makes sense to prepare for it as best you can

      21. I’ve noticed a lot of unscientific polls online lately, asking people if they feel more confident about the economy in 2012. The answer is always overwhelmingly NO. This means that people are waking up at the very least to the fact that something is very very wrong.

        When the people start getting restless, the PTB start getting nervous. This suggests to me that “bad stuff” is going to happen sooner rather than later.

        2012 is going to be a heck of a ride.

        • Daisy, I have conducted my own personal pole. The results have indicated (1-0) that you are 100% correct.

        • Not hard to guess which orifice the LSM pull their rosy economic outlook from is it?

          • The smell alone gives it away.

            • nice, always classy!

      22. The EU crisis is at a stalemate. The Sovereigns and the GB’s are waiting for each other to blink.

        The GB’s do not want to take a haircut of 50 to 60% on the Sovereign debt they hold. The GB’s want a US style bailout. They want to be made WHOLE.

        Mechanically, the European Central Bank wants the Sovereigns to pledge their gold deposits, which collectively are quite considerable, to back Euro Bonds which would be sold to replace the bad Sovereign debt.

        Germany says no. Germany is firm on this point. The GB’s cannot have the people’s gold.

        I am wondering how the next war, next year, will be financed. Who’s gonna pay for that?
        Good guess!

        American taxpayers of course.

        • germany will collapse the euro early on in this new year… by announcing they have had enough and will reintroduce the mark… let it happen… let the fallout come , and than we will make things better with RON PAUL!
          RON PAUL .. JESSE VENTURA 2012

          • ~eeder~

            Get some, dude! Your choice for a 2012 dream ticket is “SOLID”!

      23. My biggest fear is just how will I deal all those family members and friends who haven’t done a thing to preppare for whatever adversity we may soon be facing. I feel lucky to have gotten a couple of them to “wake up”, but there are several that haven’t. I just don’t know what I’ll do if or when that day comes that I have an entire family of people that I deeply care for looking to me in need. Just the thought of it turns my stomach.

        It’s so frustrating to have friends and Family who are so willfully oblivious. It’s going to hit them so hard when the day comes that they can’t zone out to thier favorite reality TV show while mindlessly texting everyone about the worthless garbage they bought out of bordum.

        Yeah, this is gunna’ suck. It’s like seeing a slow motion punch coming right at ya’, but you just can’t get out of it’s way in time.

        • I know some those, too. They cannot hear you. They will not hear you. They will even be hostile to you, because of thier state of denial. Do what you can to alert them.

          But, make no mistake, no matter what you do for people, some may even decide to turn on you. You will have to make hard choices. Suicidal altrusim is still suicide…

        • Newaroundhere.. to give you something to think about, some of your family members might have a back up plan already implemented and that plan is YOU!
          They might be thinking.., why should I have to do anything when I have Newaroundhere doing all the work. It’s possibly a win win situation for them. So in a way, you could be hurting your self.

          I do understand your concern. Keep prepping and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

        • There are none so blind as those who will not see…..

        • I completely agree. One of my sons and family just travelled to Disney in Florida. Although they both have good jobs in healthcare they are oblivious to what is happening behind the scenes. My kids think ” well, you know Dad… that’s how he was raised”.I think I will be overloaded if anything bad really goes down.

      24. Given that it’s a virtual certainty that the fit is going to hit the shan in the next four years, maybe we should just re-elect Obowma andlet him eat his own cooking.

      25. My fear is that there is a combination of these that independently would be tolerable but put together becomes catastrophic. If we succeed in picking another fight in the middle east that by itself could be coped with but throw a couple natural disasters, or some hybrid disease getting out of containment and we may reach that tipping point. The gov’t will do the only thing they know how to do and that is deploy their policing resources.

        • Like a manmade super bird flu designed to be more virulent and easily transmitted among humans? Don’t believe me? Google “CDC manmade bird flu” sometime. What possible reason would explain this creation?

          • I dont claim to understand these “people”?)but back when I was fighting the USDA/FDA on the NAIS(animal ID)one of the issues was the ability of the govicorp to know where every domestic bird in the nation was located so that they could “save us all” from so-called bird flu…its a powergrab…I can tell you one thing therell be no more privately owned farm flocks if they get their way …I remember also that they had developed a new strain of chicken that they patented that was supposedly immune to bird flu,seems part of the plan is to wipe out all the other breeds then force you to use/eat their labortory gene spliced monster…theres other reasons for sure but I bet they still want to do that one… 🙂

            • They were also using the same excuse for cattle. They needed to be able to track Mad Cow disease. Wouldn’t work with birds but with a branded cow, one phone call to the brand board and you know where that cow came from. From what I have been reading about the resurgence of cattle rustling, I think everyone should have a brand, even when not required.

              I am not sure why they would be concerned with private flocks. Well, powergrab.

            • They wanted the same thing for goats so they could track the herd both inter/intrastate. I refuse to do it…the only animals that got ID tags were the ones going to fair for 4-H auctions. My farm was assigned a number but I never tagged or tattooed my animals.

            • Mike,

              I’m not sure if you are aware of this but around here all the cattle are branded. All cattle also have a R.F chip attached to the ear now. I have a buddy that makes those tags and with in the chip it stores all info about the cow including what shots they have had,DOB, and what ranches they have been grazing on. Didn’t know until I talked with him but the only part not use on a cow is the ear.


            • This is the opposite side of the same coin that Monsanto/Satan if flipping.

              Kissinger: “If you control the food, you control the people.”

              These genetic modifications and frankenfoods are just another way to cull the herd. This is Skynet, for you Terminator fans.

            • Daisy,

              You got that right.. I was talking to a guy at the feedlot and he told me that some chemicals and growth hormones are used on the cattle that manure was not even safe for a garden. So if the cow crap isn’t safe to put on the garden it makes me wonder about the beef at the stores. Just some food for thought ( No pun Intended)


              Ps Happy New Years. I hope it ain’t our last..

            • It won’t be our last – we are WAY to bad to the bone for that!!! 😆

              I plan to party like it’s 1999 with a housefull of 11 year old girls. We have sparkly hats, noise makers, junk food and feather boas and we aren’t afraid to use ’em!

            • Howdy Guys

              As far as the RFID chips go in cattle they are just assigned a number and all the information is then stored in a computer concerning anything that is done to the animal. Chips only send out a signal when they are activated by a reader. The RFID chips themselves contain a specific ID number and that is it. Farms in AZ are assigned a Premise ID number and RFID tags sold to the farm are then tracked through that Premise ID number to an animal.

              Guys education is critcal here and we must not just jump to conclusions. Farms do use antibiotics to treat their cattle if they get sick, this also costs money out of the farms pocket so they just don’t go around and shoot cows with antibiotics all day trying to posion people. There are very strict laws about selling cattle or milk that have antibiotics in them and if you get caught doing this they will put you out of business and fine you and possible jail time. The use of RFID’s in cattle is a management tool to save time,labor, and to be more accurate with information and it does just that, they save a lot of time and help farmers do a better job of managing their operations.

              Hope this helps!

              God Bless

        • Good read.

      26. I thought for sure that number one would be no cell service.

      27. Well my friends lets not forget the Nibiru or the 10th planet fly by in 2012 or the many other events that will for the first time in are lifetime be accuring…..

      28. Why didn’t they use that tracking device with Bin Laden???

        • A “corpse” tends stay in the same place. Bin Laden been dead before, a long time ago.

      29. I don’t see it coming down this way, and I feel guilty for saying it, but if I had a vote it would start with pandemic. That’s something that most preppers could survive based on our ability to go into self imposed isolation. Most people would still need to face the sickening masses at the grocery store. Everything would relatively quickly grind to a halt, there would be a mass die-off, the guns of the thugs and gangs would be useless against it, and after it ran it’s course there would be work for all in rebuilding, along with plenty of resources. It could all be over in 9 months to a year.
        Oh crap, I sound like one of the elite now don’t I?

        • I like your theory, I am not hoping for it by any means, but it is possible and would accomplish what the elite would want. I think they would also find a way to control the population, so they wouldn’t simply disperse into the countryside. The elites would need a reason to hold people in safe designated areas.

        • @Sayldog, I agree with you about a pandemic being the likely means of kicking things off but I don’t know about your assessment of the odds of preppers surviving. A lot of it depends on the pathogen and means of transmission. If it was an airborne pathogen or spread by rats like plague, then I would put the odds very low. I can imagine that the population control types in the global elite might even go rogue; develop such a disease in secrecy from even their fellow elites. Such research can easily be hidden from surveillance with a just a few credit cards and a good scientific catologue. Develop the countermeasure, and maybe only a few dozen people need to be in on it. Everyone else, fellow elites included will be casualties. Don’t discount the madness in these peoples heads.

          • And I thought the movie “Seven” was scary; not because of subject matter, but because there are actually people who think like that…

            • “Twelve Monkeys” is another good movie that illustrates how someone that is pathologically insane can function and hide their insanity from the rest of society. Scary message there too as regards to manmade pandemics.

            • @all of you… at any given time there are 24 active serial killers in the united states being tracked by the fbi (most are white males)! most 10 year cop police veterans score as antisocial / sociopathic / psychopathic on psych tests = to career criminals! ;0) taught by the denver colorado post police academy!

              so if ya get stopped by a white middle age cop… ;0) “Don’t STOP!” he might just be jeffrey dahlmers uncle fred! booga booga ;0P pssszzt

          • I’m training my rats to guard my place. Hell,I even got them to row my boat.(you know, one even is starting to talk)

            • …Two legs good…four legs better…-Animal Farm

        • Sayldog….isolation; one of the things we wives and the prepping mothers here lie in bed thinking about.
          What have I not thought of if TSHTF; do we have everything we need for a few months??
          If any here can share items I haven’t thought of …type away.

          • JJ…
            Assuming you’ve got the basics covered, somethings that might be over looked or suggestions for basics:
            – antibiotics. Even in isolated, kiddies can still get ear infections and such, you really wouldn’t want to have to go to the (swamped) emergency room, You can get amoxicylin and other common antibiotics from someplace like “California Veterinarians Supply”, sure it’s labeled for fish or birds but it’s the same thing and in common doses. Should keep for 3-5 years past expiration date particularly if in fridge. Youtube “patriot nurse” for good videos. In that same vein something like “dentemp” for lost crowns/fillings, found at any drugstore.
            – solar lighting, either rechargable batteries and solar charger or something like the D-Lite s10 self contained unit, at $10 on Amazon they are really cool, I got a couple and use them alot even when the power is on, I’ll get a few more eventually.
            – water filter. The Monolithic kit filters down to .2 microns just like the Berkeys, available in a build-it-yourself kit that you make out of 2 buckets for about $50 for the full kit and $30 for extra filters. Google “Monolithic water filter system.”
            – wick for homemade lamps. Google “homemade olive oil lamps”. Olive oil doesn’t smell or smoke and won’t easily ignite if the lamp is tipped over like parafin oil. You can even use a can of tuna packed in oil for a lamp and then eat the tuna.
            – firewood, whether needed for heating or cooking or campfires, nice to have some on hand. Leave it in longer pieces until needed, harder to steal that way. I’ve been following the powerline tree trimmers around this fall and picking up hardwood for free, if I’m driving by and it’s there I fill up the back of my Jeep or work truck. Wood is my 3rd/final line of backup for heat after a non-electric NG ventless radiant unit and a kerosene heater (25 gal stored). I bought a 4 Dog wall tent stove with a sidemount water heating tank, they have a flat top to cook on too.
            – I’ve got a grown daughter and grand-daughters so I have considered feminine hygiene – go to a place called “glad rags” for reusables.
            – Consider cooking plans. My first line of defense is a stove/oven from out of an RV with a couple hundred pounds of propane, should be a good way to bake, Also a good sized camp style dutch oven if cooking outdoors is safe, and I got a few pie-irons so the kids can make fruit pies like when camping. Also typical propane camp stoves.
            – info. I’ve got disc’s burned full of recipes, army manuals, how-to’s, anything I come across that I may need and can download. What I DON’T have as of yet is a laptop that I can fit into a
            – Faraday cage. This will protect your electronics from a possible EMP burst. May be as simple as a metal garbage can. Google it. Will also hold my
            – hand crank dynamo radio and my
            – 3000 watt power inverter. Even if nothing else there will probably be lots of car batteries around that people will barter away. Can be had cheap on Amazon, check to make sure it works.
            – Plastic sheets, I get them from work, can be used for who knows what. If I don’t get my rain capture system installed I can at least use plastic sheets and buckets. The can be used for room partitions, biological attack barriers, makeshift tents, rain ponchos etc.
            – Supplement your food supply (3 prong – staples like buckets of wheat and milk powder, just-add-water food for variety and if pressed for time, and your regular grocery canned goods and such kept in rotation)with high energy bars and vitamins and such, also comfort foods like hard candy and jerky. Keeps the kids feeling some sense of normalcy and joy.
            – Disposable plates/bowls/utensils
            – Don’t forget your dog

            Look on line for lists and you’ll find most of this stuff – even on Anonymous’ list from a few days back.

            • Addendum:

              – Don’t forget your dogs

              – cats can hunt for themselves

              – rodents can run for congress

              – goldfish make good hors d’oeurves

            • Don’t forget a water collection system. I’m finalizing mine this spring. I’m using rain barrels and will be able to collect about 60 gallons at a time. I’d like to look into a way to store melting snow for potential drought situations too. Obviously, collecting water this way, you also need a way to make it potable.

              Water is a biggie for me.

            • Daisy, we’re on the same page with the water collection.
              I’ve been dwelling on it so much lately that I was outside today power washing a 275 gallon water container to install under a gutter. Luckily the weather wasn’t too cold as I’m just getting over a sinus infection and possible pneumonia. It’s amazing what we’ll put our bodies through out of fear that time is running out.
              Good luck with your barrels and hope there’s lots of rain to fill them!

            • Sayldog & JJ
              You can order antibiotics online here… The Dr. becomes your online DR…we ordered a antibiotic pack and I have to say, we are very pleased with it! Several different antibiotics with full instructions included…also, if you need other meds, you can order them, after a phone consult with the DR…I first saw their website on…he is a regular medical contributor there…It sure did give me peace of mind having the antibiotics in my house…we want to order a pack for all of us, eventually!

            • seriously, you should expound on this and subit it to the survival blog non-fiction contest.Dig your writing style.

      30. me and my friends have been seeing alot of black, ford f150 trucks with Security writen on them, straight up patroling. a friend of mine said he had verified they were military personel and armed, but he didnt want to say how he did it. anyone else noticing anything like that?

        • this is outside of atlantic city NJ btw.

        • Yeah I have. But the ones I am seeing all say ” Undercover Military Personnel- Armed” on the sides. The guys are wearing all black suits that say ” You will Respect my Authoratah” on them.
          Same trucks?

      31. I believe that when economic collapse reduces the global first-world society into a dog-eat-dog world where the top 5% of the top 5% hire the top 5% to hold-off and administer the other 95%……after a generation or so they will release a superbug and wipe-out a huge percentage of humanity.

        Then they will have what’s left of the earth and its remaining infrastructure and resources to themselves not unlike the aristocrats exiting rheir gated estates in medieval Europe after the plaigue has reduced the population by 1/3.

        After all…if you don’t measure your income in the millions of dollars per month…these elites who can crash currencies and make elected U.S. senators do parlor tricks on command don’t give a flying fuck about you, your babies, your dreams, God, Jesus, eternal damnation or democracy.

        The wildcards to interfere with this plan? Thermonuclear war, populist revolt, EMP attack, Islamic fundamentalism, narco armies, and 80 to 90 million american patriotic gun owners.

        • II wonder who they will hire to protect them from their own guards?

      32. buy it cheap…stack it deep…keep your cash liquid….tie up loose ends and know whom you can call your friends…don’t be too quick to pull out your silver coins or barter supplies after TSHTF…TPTB will wither and starve just like the majority of our unprepared population and as it does it will concentrate around the centers and the assets of the powerful……especially with the attrition associated with a war of resistance…

        But mark my words here…IMHO if the economic crash is a multigenerational control plan to render whole international populations penniless and helpless….the elites (or whomever the hell they are) WILL have to cull the herd sooner or later.

        Then we’ll get the pandemics.

      33. not to worry, we won’t have to “give up” our children – in most states they’re already wards of the state… don’t think so, just research your state’s DHHS laws and find out just how little control parents actually have… if tptb want to apply pressure, they’ll simply send “the authorities” to your location to pick them up and rescue them from possible “abuse”… remember, when the new Arrest & Detention Law goes into effect, we’re ALL suspects…

      34. I am getting too old for SHTF. I’m almost ready to call it a day.

        • If you’re going to “call it a day”, maybe you, and the rest of your generation, who rode the good tide, should lock and load, and do your duty, instead of sitting on your comfy asses.

          • Aww…Sorry I shoved someone out of thier comfort zone.
            I forgot to “FAT” before “comfy”.

            • Your an A$$hat

          • It’s funny you mentioned the word ass, JustMe…I immediately thought of a JACKASS when I read your post!!!
            I’d take one of THEIR GENERATION over YOU…anytime!!

          • i find it funny you have 13thumbsdown,Sooo bring it around town,Spongebob-Please esplain. who is ‘your generation’ referring to? If your talking bout vets’ who EARNED their 100%-Damn. the mf VA dont give those benes.
            w/o proof. Sadly,our gals&guys Fresh home…..nevermind;you get a thumbs up!

      35. Well, I am off to the bunker, so I don’t get caught up in the mushroom clouds,riots,plauge, and bank holiday tonight, then off to work. You all have a SAFE and HAPPY new years celebration with family and friends.

      36. We are being played like a game of chess. None of us are anything more than a game piece to TPTB. I am not a pawn anymore, I hide in the backround and try to anticipate the next move. I prepare, while I watch and look at what their other hand is doing. They are clever in the way that they manipulate the media and certainly the entitlement supported sheople.

        Being independent and not following the flock, is about the only thing that can save you now from what is to come.

        This society will pay the price, but their control and manipulation will not last forever. Their plan is doomed in the end because they underestimate the will of man to be free and independent. They want no one to control them, yet they are mere mortals who want absolute power. What the hell makes them think that we will conform like little robots. Man will rebel, it is in our DNA, even the sheople will wake up and rise up eventualy.

        TPTB are the ones that will suffer the most when their NWO crumbles before their eyes. Then they will be held accountable and pay for an eternity.

      37. I still think they plan or anticipate an EMP on the USA. Its the only way to take us down to a level that they can control the surviving 10%. They just haven’t figured out how to get rid of the gun owners yet.

        • Man that just pi**es me off, well I mean more than I already am.
          Think I’ll go do an ammo count and clean my guns to cool off.

        • Iowa, that’s a great video that puts the Fed’s shenanigans in persepctive.

        • IOWA… you have only one concern firend.. tuesday
          RON PAUL ..JESSE VENTURA 2012

          • I agree. IOWA, you better make sure Ron Paul wins tomorrow the way he deserves! If Mitt Romney wins, it will be a sad disgrace! Even worse, Santorum?!

      38. Yah, this really sucks! That is why wealthy folks are calmly cashing in their paper assets for real things.

        I have been trying to model the outcome as an engineer would solve a problem by finding solutions. This will allow me to protect my family in the event.

        I see the following taking place:

        * Extend and pretend
        * Banking will be nationalized
        * Capitol controls initiated
        * Raise taxes (never works)
        * Blame the other guy (war)

        It’s not easy to work around for sure!

      39. Queen takes King, NinaO. 😉 I learn quick.

        • ;0P psszzt , i want another game… set em’ up!

          • Okay, let’s restart.


            • @ms.daisy … silly gurl ‘0P wink … ya just can’t jump your queen past my pawns and knights and take out my king ;0P.

              them’s da’ rules… move one of your Pawns out on the board first… be there soon.

            • I think you are just jealous of my strategic genius. ‘s okay – you’ll catch up. 😆

            • Since you insist….pawns are out.

            • And now the Queen really DOES take the King.

            • Take a rest daisy. Your wearing us out like when you were born.

            • would you two please get a room, I will pay…lol Happy New year daisy and nina.


      40. This is going to be a bit of a long post, but please bear with me.

        I’ll try not to be too technical in my expanations, but this information about the Avian Flu (or many other virus for that matter) is, in my assessment, worth sharing.

        Folks who study disease tinker with each disease, virus, etc. to find out various things about it, one of which is what mutations it needs to go through to become highly transmitable while maintaining its deadly ability. This kind of thing goes on all of the time, in labs all over the world. As for the Avian Flu, there is already a vaccine -has been for years.The vaccine was created in Tennessee by Dr. Robert Webster at Saint Judes Children’s Research Hospital. The government bought it up and is sitting on it along with the vaccine for smallpox. Good luck getting the vaccine for either of those nasties.

        Even if the folks in Madison and Rotterdam hadn’t figured out how to mutate the virus, viruses throw off mutations constantly, and it is highly probable the Avain virus will achieve this in time -there has already been at least two confirmed cases where the virus has lept from one person to two others. The Avian Flu is mutating at a breakneck speed, and most folks in the industry believe it is really only a matter of time.

        Based on the work done thus far and what is known about viruses in general, it is believed the initial outbreak will be extemely deadly, the second wave (usually a few months later) will be somewhat less deadly because the virus has to become less deadly to survive OR it will maintain its deadliness and burn itself out.

        While we are discussing disease and pandemic outbreaks, it also bears mentioning the during the cold war, Russia created an antibiotic resistant strain of smallpox as well as a version of the bubonic plague that is antibiotic resistant. If either of these lab-created monters are unleashed it would cut down the human population very quickly.

        Then there is ebola virus. This is mostly seen in bats, but sometimes in monkeys, and more and more often it is popping up in humans. Ebola has a mortality rate of 50-90% depending on the strain. This virus is also mutating constantly. There is no vaccine for ebola.

        I have only briefly discussed and described four of many deadly viruses that are out there. While the death rates for each virus and strain/mutation of virus vary, it is my opinion deadly pandemic should be higher on the list of things people worry about it.

        Knowledge is power and forewarned is forearmed. Anti-viral drugs should be a part of everyone’s preps. Not only can anti-viral drugs be taken in the event you get infected with a virus, they can also be taken as a prophylactic -in other words they can be taken to protect you from infection.

        So, if a pandemic were to break out and like the smart prepper you are you quarantine your family but then for some unforeseen reason you must leave and interact with the outside world, anti-virals could save your life and those you love.

        I hope this long-winded post is helpful and informative for folks here. I am no expert in viruses and such, but I do like to share what facts I believe can be helpful to others.

        Keep prepin’!

        • Reccomendations for anti-virals we can aquire?

        • What antivirals do you suggest?

          • My fish will be very healthy if that is the type of medicine you mean

          • Tthe four anti-virals I would recommend anyone have in their preps are: Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) , zanamivir (Relenza), amantadine(Symadine or Symmetrel), and rimantadine (Flumadine) . All of these are effective anti-virals for different types of influenza. You will need to do some reading about which type of drug is best for what type of flu.

            I also feel obligated to let everyone know there are some strains of flu that are resistant to some of the anti-virals. For example, there is a strain of Swine Flu that is resistant to Tamiflu, but responds well to Relenza.

            You should also know the drug companies say that administering anti-virals after an infection has taken hold is ineffective, but that has not been my experience (or the experience of some folks willing to chat who work in the front lines of medicine).

            I will not tell you specifically what online stores to purchase these from, but that is where you can get them -unless you have a sympathetic doc who is willing to help you out. It is perfectly legal to purchase these medications online (one of very few things we can thank former President Clinton for). If there is anyone who has recommendations for online stores, feel free to post them.

            Hope this helps.

            • The only online place I know is…I posted already about buying antibiotics from there…You can email the Dr and ask about the antivirals, he usually gets back to you within a day…If I remember correctly, the only thing he can’t prescribe is pain killers…we are VERY pleased with our purchase!

            • Fedup….Thank you for the info. BTW is that you @ white hats?

            • @JRS You’re welcome. Like I said, I’m no expert, but good information should be shared.

              White hats?

            • Fed..Another blog. Same handle as yours.

            • You are quite correct with your anti-viral info. As a nurse we give anti-virals all the time even after the infection is wide spread throughout the infected persons body. It does work much better when your first symptoms occur though. Our local practitioner and pediatrician are very friendly. I explained to them my need for antibiotics, took a list and they wrote me the scripts. I was forced to pay out of pocket, so as to not defraud our health insurance company. I did fill the scripts over several pharmacies in our area to avoid a lot of explanations as to why I needed them.

      41. DPS:
        I have a friend in SD that owns about 1000 head on a feedlot and he chips his as well. It isn’t mandatory yet though. I have no issues with a guy making the decision to track breeding dates shot dates and say what corn they were finished on, as long as it is his decision and not forced on him to push small guys out of the industry. And I don’t know where the line is, East TX doesn’t need brands but west TX does. I have bought horses from a sale in the dallas area, no brand inspection or anything. SD is the exact same. East of the river no brand west is branded.

      42. anyone actually read about the survey? the people who did it? how many people took it? how it was aquired?

        1000 people, age 18 pluse, took the survey online in oct. survey ran for 2 days.

        the people conducting it were HIRED to do the reasearch for a private company, eco health allience. they were looking at current fears.

        yes, it’s interesting most people said economic collapse but with all the media attention in oct to the economy it’s no wonder they got that.

        rememeber the survey was done online, in oct for only 1000 people.

      43. My resolution this year is to stop talking about the problem and focus more on solutions. Now that I am prepared it is time to prepare others so I am producing a documentary, How to Be Homeless in America.

      44. Was watching The Lord of the Rings the other day and this scene from The Fellowship of the Ring keeps coming back time after time. Good message for the US Citizen;

        Aragorn: Are you frightened?

        Frodo: Yes.

        Aragorn: Not nearly frightened enough. I know what hunts you.

      45. Newaroundhere,

        When I first started to read here a person posted the same question – how can I get people to believe in prepping?

        He/she answered basically in this way:

        The answer was to ask them some eye opening questions:

        Do you have home owners insurance?
        Do you have car insurance?
        Have you ever had the need to use them?
        If you did, how did it make you feel knowing that the car would be fixed, etc?
        What eventually happened?
        Want to take out a little insurance in being able to feed your family?

        Just go from there – give them this website and have them read what people are saying about what is upcoming.
        Here in the Carolinas we’ve had hurricanes, floods, ice storms and no electricity for 6 to 8 days.

        How would they handle living in Vermont for 14 days with no electricity, food or water when they were flooded with torrential rains?
        This might be rough – so get tough – show em reality. They will eventually thank you for it.

        Good Luck, God bless and have a prepping new year!

        Y’all Beware!

      46. ninaorket

        Looked at the town and the lake, beautiful place, small population and National forests everywhere.

        I’m working on a plan to see what it takes to hunt some elk or mullies up there.

        Thanks again – Happy New Year.

        Y’all Beware!

        • @y’all beware, ‘0) glad to hear it… stay on the south west side of the lake near polson and up north west of the lake by whitefish up towards eureka… better class of people! and keep your stuff locked up, property crime is going up here… also make sure your guides are legal… by contacting the game warden in montana and verifying licenses just so YOUR protected! ;0) and have fun! Montana is a Great State if you follow some basic personal safety rules here… cheers.

      47. collapse is already here, folks. look around you. this is what collapse is and does. we are living it right now, just going over the edge into the abyss.

        but some people have already gone over the edge and are down there in that abyss holding candles. it’s not so dark anymore. those people are your friends. reach out to them and join them in the light, awake and alive and aware.

        collapse is here. continue your preparations, without fear.

      48. Redneck Camelot

        As the men stand in a circle after defeat the NWO zombies
        King Billy Bob steps forward and says for we have conquered our Zombies in the great plains so
        men raise your Rifles, King Billy Bob says I shall build a Pole barn
        and in that Pole barn I will build a table
        for all the brave men to met.
        I as you King will take a live-in women
        and we shall have a illegitimate child to rule over this Pole barn.
        And every year the brave men will meet and share their stories
        of great hunts and BS fishing lies
        We shall feast on only the best road kill that evening
        And we shall Call it

        The Rednecks Of The Rectangular Table
        Happy News everybody.


        • don’t leave out the 84 POS Senators and hundreds of Representatives who voted for this traitorous bill also

          this had STRONG bipartisan support
          what does that tell us about the .gov ??

          • BUTCHER’S BILL 369

            Let this be the motto.

            Let this be the high price of treason.

            369 against millions of p*ssed off patriots.

            369 minority tyrants who deem themselves ruling class.

            369 names who voted to violate numerous amendments, Habeas Corpus, Posse Comitatus, and douse the U.S. Constitution in flames, passing the NDAA S. 1867/H.R. 1540 allowing U.S. citizens detained and disappeared by U.S. military on U.S. or foreign soil.

            Know their names well. There’s a test afterwords.

            Written in blood.

            SENATE (86 of 100)

            HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES (283 of 435)

          • Look at the statements of Marco Rubio and Allen West. They responded to letters and stated how “the military wouldn’t be patrolling the streets”. Mmm..okay, why is there military noun usage in the bill then? They declare in general statements how as Americans our right to trial is guaranteed under Constitution or they would have never signed it in the bill set forth. Yet it does!

            Vague open-ended legalese BS wording:


            So are these people confused? Are they playing games? Do they not understand their oaths?

            No excuses will help them now.

          • Satori,

            It tells me that it may soon be “round-up” time!!!

            As I have said many times before, we are becoming the Nazi Germany of the 21st Century. Hitler had the Gestapo and Obama has Homeland Security.

      49. Ultimately, I decided to sign this bill not only because of the critically important services it provides for our forces and their families and the national security programs it authorizes, but also because the Congress revised provisions that otherwise would have jeopardized the safety, security, and liberty of the American people,” Obama said in Saturday’s satement.

        • Well, Happy freakin’ New Year.

          What a smelly steaming pile a poop. How could he even say that with a straight face?

        • Not sure if anyone else has seen this quote but it was on our local news website this afternoon, “Moving forward, my administration will interpret and implement the provisions described below in a manner that best preserves the flexibility on which our safety depends and upholds the values on which this country was founded,” Obama said in the signing statement.


        • @cia NWO puppet soetoro/ obama is a piece of nwo banker whore shit…

          s.o.b. just signed his own… ((+))

          Let it be known… I am building a 5000 man private security force in the state of montana, only american armed forces veterans with combat experience will be accepted… you must be single, no dependents… once training is completed you will all as one secure the state of montana from federal forces and assist with returning the state of montana back to it’s original soveirgn INDEPENDENT STATE STATUS, soveirgn constitutional status as a Free Republic!

          once we secure montana… we’ll then secure the rest of america state by state!

          fuck obama! and fuck congress!

          we’ll do it ourselves!




          • You’re killing me Nicorette gum. I like pussy.

            • @anonymous ;0) dude… lmao ;0) there are plenty of fuzzy furred sheep to keep ya warm here in montana… the idea is if someone is killed they don’t leave their family without support!

              hmmm whats more important ya gettin’ a piece of tail OR FIGHTING TYRANNY! ;0p decisions decisions!

            • I like rack of lamb too.

          • DO IT NINA! DO IT MAN.. youve got my support since i dont meet your criteria for involvement… im holding up my end here.. and im still asking you guys to support RON PAUL but i understand if you feel you have to take more drastic action….. DO IT MAN!
            RON PAUL..JESSE VENTURA 2012

          • Lay in the saltpetre. lol

            • @JRS – I’ve contacted HUGH HEFNER and he has offered ALL FREEMEN and FREEWoMEN the use of his Las Vegas PlayBoy Club and Mansion… on a “”Earned “Leave” Pass”” , All Hard Fighten’ FREEMEN will be given a chance to Visit Hugh and His Lady/ or Gentlemen Friends!

          • Wow.
            Xe reportedly pays their guys an average of $141,166/year.
            That times 5000 = $ 705,830,000 per year.
            Didn’t know your pockets were that deep N.

            • @sayldog , it isn’t about the money , it’s about OUR KIDS , OUR Grandkids and Their Kids… that which you call $$$ Money is worthless… I’ll be paying all who respond to MY CALL men and women , in Silver from the Mines of IDAHO!

            • Academi[2] – previously known as Xe Services LLC, Blackwater USA and Blackwater Worldwide – is a private military company founded in 1997 by Erik Prince and Al Clark.[3][4] Academi is currently the largest of the U.S. State Department’s three private security contractors. Academi provided diplomatic security services in Iraq to the United States federal government on a contractual basis.[1] Academi also has a research and development wing that was responsible for developing the Grizzly APC along with other military technology. The company’s headquarters is located in Arlington County, Virginia.[5][6]

              The Obama administration awarded Academi a $250 million contract to work for the U.S. State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency in Afghanistan.

              this is the same company eric prince (a bush family friend) claims he is a christian crusader knight born too kill muslims… fled the united states with in fear of prosecution and now lives in “the united arib emerites in an armed compound!” this is the same company kicked out of irag for the slaughter of unarmed 60 women and children with auto-matic battle rifles and a record of 2600 others in other aggressive actions against unarmed civilians. the same company charged with having orgies, prostitution and forcing their trophy wives in virginia and north carolina to participate in wife swapping sex rings. the same company trafficking in children sex slaves in bosnia and iraq with the help of dyna corp and mudering dick cheney’s haliburton company. the same company that intentionally sends it’s operators out on suicide missions for profit of their deaths AND THE SAME COMPANY UNDER CONTRACT with homeland security dhs , to help train civilian law enforcement for/ and provide mercenary grunts boots on the ground in the street – during amerikan facist martial law… 60% of black water employee’s are from the cocaine cartel countries of south america people!

              My personal solution too the blackwater TRAITOROUS scum soon to be on our streets… .45-70 / 2300fps MUZZLE VELOCITY! GET SOME PATRIOTS!

            • Nino

              Mind if I spread that intel around? Intel like that needs to be seen all over this country. Sometimes the pen can be mighter then the sword.


              “Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals then through a force of arms.” Ron Paul

          • Nina…I feel ya Brother..Im not a vet…can help in other small ways ($$$)…email me [email protected]…count me in..just make it count!

            For all you posers…you’re either in…or in the way

            • done… It’s Time too “Take Back” America for All Future Generations!

          • You worry me, NinaO. You are putting a big ole target right between your eyes. I know action needs to be taken, but you have gotta be careful. It won’t do the cause any good if you get yourself hauled off or WORSE before things start happening.

            Take care of yourself…seriously…..the country needs people like you.

            Hope you went to some crazy party and cut loose a little for New Year’s Eve. 😉 You should go check for party favours.

            • Thank You Ms. Daisy for the concerns… But needless, as “I Regret that I , But have Only one Life Too Give for My Country!”

              There comes a time too draw a line in the sand and then get out your lead throwers , and that time is now…

              arm up stock up prepare for civil war and martial law!

            • ~Nina~

              (Daisey quote):—-Hope you went to some crazy party and cut loose a little for New Year’s Eve. 😉 You should go check for party favours.—-(Unquote).

              ***—Screw that!!! I HOPE YOU GOT LAID, DUDE!!!—***

              ….seriously, Daisey has a point…its a valid one too!


              Throughout the Q-course, one is taught to avoid the temptation to defeat a (monitoring)system…one is taught to defeat/deceive/confuse the ‘operator’ of said system!!!!

              —STEALTH…brother…think STEALTH—

              I gather you deer hunt?!? If so,
              then you’re familiar w/ the concept of setting up in his ‘living room’ undetected & busting his ass(am I right?)!!!! You know I am!!!!!!!!!!
              Well then, save those skill-sets for the future…millions of ‘sheeple’ are depending on those like you!!!

              Rest assured, if you/we/others play it smart…we’ll be operating in a ‘target rich environment’…well inside 12-18 months!

              Listen to Daisey, you’re making too much NOISE!!!!!

              —WATCH YOUR SIX, PAL—

          • Did I miss something? What was the date of Montana’s independence day?

            • You did miss something, Anonymous.

              You missed the opportunity to be supportive of someone who is passionate enough about his country to TAKE ACTION.

              Maybe you could direct some of that misplaced sarcasm at the REAL enemies.

            • I have great respect for Big Sky Country! Don’t you get it?! There is no sarcasm.

            • My apologies for reading you wrong, Anonymous.

        • Only a willing slave would believe that oral diarrhea. There is nothing in this world I find more abhorrent than a willing slave.

          • Hey @Joshua10 , how’s about you put down the that Bible of Yours , pick up a Rifle and join the Cause! Truly Test the Faith of your God! The New America is going to Need You and Yours and the Good Book if she is too Shine Brightly Again as she did in 1776!

            • Funny you should mention that johneypatriot. I just got my new DPMS 18″ SASS .308 barrel in the mail and I’m putting the finishing touches on the new SASS rifle build. 300 rounds of newly hand loaded 168 grain .308 Win ammo should be enough for the initial break-in. This country was founded on Judeo Christian values of which I am a staunch believer. That doesn’t make me a bible thumping zealot, but some one who believes in the 10 Commandments among other things. Believe you me, none of us are here to be subjugated, beaten, broken, and enslaved by any government, and I seriously hope my resolve is not tested on this matter. That’s all I have to say about that.

            • One other thing johneypatriot, I don’t believe in starting the fight, but I d@mned well believe in having the tools to end the fight as quickly as possible. Enough said.

      50. Greetings,

        The end result of this must by hyperinflation. I would suggest that all of you hold out as long as possible because when they really start printing money, your $300,000 mortgage might be what a cup of coffee costs. Think about how much fun it will be to pay off your home, car and student loan with what you make in an afternoon.

        Granted, civil unrest and starvation will be other concerns but at least you’ll own your stuff free and clear. You can starve in your “paid for” home.

      51. Well, if they want us, they can now “legally” take us.

        The mask is off..

        • “Well, if they want us, they can now “legally” take us.”

          Only if we are willing to assume that the law supersedes the Constitution. I choose not to assume that.

        • This type of “legislation” is to assuage the consciences (if any happen to have one) of the thugs who will carry out the atrocities. If they want you, they will just make up a reason. Life for the gubment is much easier if you “resist” and give them a reason (in any witness’s minds) to kill you, thereby removing one more obstacle and intimidating those like you.

      52. Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2012 to everyone.

        • great post @charlie…

        • Charlie don’t surf.

        • Charlie…I think I see some sheep behind the cattle.

      53. To the people posting here.

        Really, what “Camp” are you in?

        I recognize there are people who merely want to vent, or talk about change but have ZERO motivation or HEART for it, thinking somehow the keyboard and the expression of their ideas will get the job done. My personal take is your opinion and actions, AS WELL AS MINE, typed here do not amount to a pinch of shit in the big picture.

        Sorry, but we wont be getting a “Participation” trophy for words and ideas. At this point, “Casting a vote” wont get it done, either. (You MAY get a nifty sticker for your voting effort however..)

        There are 2 ways to go about affecting change, if in fact change is what you desire.

        One is a take from the Progressive movement’s playbook and that is simply a little change at a time as to go unnoticed or to appear innocuous, until the goal is achieved. I would place ANYONE who thinks or proposes a presidential candidate, or ANY OTHER POLITICAL CANDIDATE as the answer to the problems facing this Nation in this group. This is not really a bad thing, as long as you realize the “Political Process” is rigged, or broken, and not functioning as originally intended, or as you perceive it should, and your hopes and aspirations for a speedy recovery will be slowed by this. Realize also that if you choose this route, the problems wont be fixed in your lifetime or even your children’s lifetime, AND you have to be successful in imparting your beliefs upon your children and grandchildren.

        Sorry, but often the road we take back isn’t as easy as the road we took here.

        The other quite simply is collection of forces and violent upheaval. This potentially could get things done quicker, but also leaves exposure to an undesirable entity gaining control. In other words, be careful what you wish for.

        There is nothing that can be done WITHIN the system to change it that those in CONTROL of the system will allow. If you are one of those that believe you can change it within the current system, it is because you are basing your beliefs on the original structure of the system, which is NOT how it currently operates.

        Certainly you realize:

        The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I would say to a degree, this is false. It only applies when the “Rules” and the “System” are completely understood by those participating, and those participating are not under a false pretense.

        Trust me when I say those in control are NOT under a false pretense, which leaves you to deduce who is.

        • Lead on.

        • I laughed out loud when reading your rant.the pinch comment was quite funny,The last comment in your post………..was
          (deduce who is)I have always wanted to know when these bills were written,and who writes them,and i mean who?what group? Lets get some names.THESE BILLS ARE WELL THOUGHT OUT IN ADVANCE.DOES ANYBODY REALLY KNOW? WHERE THIS CRAP COMES FROM? This bill is brought to you by our sponser.

      54. Biggest threat is tyrannical corruption, usurption of the Rule of Law which has dipped and waved over centuries and now climbing for our once great Republic.

        The media are manipulative liars and need to be held to account like the appointed ruling class scum. Case in point, the NDAA bill, aka Butcher’s Bill 369 (369 traitors who voted yea), which hasn’t been covered by propaganda ministry. The truth shouldn’t be so hard to uncover, that should tell you something.

        Zero signs defense bill, with “reservations”

        Ah the hidden legislation signed amidst the NYE frolic into the dead of the night; another piece of the machine assembled, planned long ago,  for a future endeavor weighted by the oiled chains of tyranny.  

        Alas, there’s nothing to see here folks, since Zero did a signing statement(!) decrying* what is in the bill (yet signs it anyway) and saying indefinite detentions of U.S. citizens without trial “won’t be authorized” and you can trust him — oh really, you can.  C’mon, has he ever lied to you? 

        * decrying here, yet Lindsay Graham admitted Zero administration behind detaining American citizens indefinitely:

        from the congressional record debate, (NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2012 — Senate – November 17, 2011), comments were from Sen. Linsay Graham regarding the Bill

        “..But why did we take out the language Senator Levin wanted me to put in about an American citizen could not be held indefinitely if caught in the homeland? The administration asked us to do that. Why did they ask us to do that? It makes perfect sense. If American citizens have joined the enemy and we captured them at home, we want to make sure we know what they are up to, and we do not want to be required, under our law, to turn them over to a criminal court, where you have to provide them a lawyer at an arbitrary point in time. So the administration was probably right to take this out.(page 45) “

        • Yeah! SECRET info they don’t want you to know and they let ALEX JONES find out…
          YEEHA….. alex knows!

      55. My biggest fear is currency collapse……..

        Leverage is coming out of gold and silver as frightened Europeans buy u s treasuries by the boat load.

        I hope you all can see my previous point about the real spendable value of PM’s in times of crisis.

        In the current ongoing catastrophe ten dollar bills are hard to beat.

        Not perfect – just hard to beat.

        Shift to PM’s when the leverage shifts!

        • How many can you fit in a #10 can?

          • By signing this bill they have openly declared a act of war against the American people. This bill turns our own yards into a battle field, it allows our own government to indefently detain us without trial. this bill also allow the US military to take arms against its own people. Therefore In my books they have declared war.Folks there is no gray matter here it is what it is. Lock and load, the next step will be martial law. Our government has commented treason against the American people…….

            “Among the natural rights of the colonists are these, First, a right to life, Secondly to Liberty. Thirdly, to property, together with the right to support and defend them in the best manner they can. These are evident branches of, rather than deductions from, the duty of self-preservation, commonly called the first law of nature.” – Samuel Adams


            • Orders?

            • Sure makes you reconsider”going peaceably” if you have an occasion to be arrested(especially at home and youve done no crime) EH?
              I mean normally youd most likely go along for the ride downtown with the idea that there just been a mistake and soon itll be all cleared up….but now you gotta wonder if youre about to be “disappeard”…looks to me you got it right appears they have significantly upped the ante….whos gonna blink?…time will tell…I suspect they wont put it to use right away,theyll save it for a time and a place and for “special” people…after some incident occurs that would give them the color of justification…keep your eyes open and your ear to the rail,something evil comes!

            • DPS, right you are. And, it wouldn’t surprise me if very soon we’ll hear of people being rounded up – just like in Nazi Germany when the Gestapo went to houses and arrested people without due cause and without warrants. And, most were never seen again. God help us!

            • “…after some incident occurs that would give them the color of justification…”

              Yep. That’s exactly what they will do, even if they have to create the incident themselves.

              Same with “provocation” from Iran. Not that I think that the Iranians are anywhere remotely close to being the good guys of the Middle East. Many of the Iranian people are much the same as we are. Basically good people who just want to be left-the-hell-alone to live their lives and raise their families as best they can. In both cases, it is the government a**holes who are determined to muck things up. Too bad they can’t all be put into an arena with primitive weapons and left to settle their “issues”. lol I bet they would figure out a peaceful alternative pretty fast! If not, then we at least would have less of them mucking about.

            • We are being watched folks.
              New Years Eve I posted the following On Yahoo. (This bill should be seen for what it is, An Act Of War against the American People) with in 15 mins of this post I had a visitor, It was our own local PD and he simply ask if he could talk to me, when I stepped out he look at 1 of the vehicles parked in front of my house and ask if it looked suspicious and brief no from me and he left.
              So let me ask you this what was his real intention????


            • DPS~

              I’ve had computer issues galore since I’ve become more outspoken in my opinions of this mess. This is on a system with which I have never had problems. I agree 100% that monitoring is occurring.

              Well, I say, monitor this:



            • Daisy,

              I hear you, I use a very old dell computer, I use this because I know it and I mean I know what’s on it, I saved it after my daughter got like 700 viruses and I was forced to erase everything.
              I still run windows XP and love it. But some things I will never change. I post as DPS my initials I also use DPS1340 on other sites, my initials plus the size of the motor on my bike. If they want to watch me fine, I watch them as well. And for their list I made that a long ago, hell I even have to wait 3 days when I buy guns through the system. I will not hide from these crooks and I don’t have too.. Good Guys Don’t Hide!!


            • I doubt if we will ever see a(nother) formal declaration of martial law. It has just happened and most Umurikuns didn’t even notice.

          • How many clear or U.S. Mint buffalo nickel roles will fit in a large U.S. .223 ammo can. They fit perfectly. Now that is heavy and how much do you think that weighs? How much longer before Gresham’s law effects nickels & then dimes? Does Brinks deliver coins for you free?

        • I noticed that you were first this year.

        • I agree, Mush. Only problem is, there is such a HUGE amount of leverage out there that it is now impossible to “unwind”. In most cases, unwinding a financial problem means selling that toxic crap to someone else who does not know just how toxic it really is. The scenes in the movie “Margin Call” were a good description of this. Sooner, rather than later, they run out of suckers to buy their junk and they have to eat any that is left. Well, good. They should have been on a steady diet of this from Day 1, rather than foisting it off onto others who don’t suspect that it is basically worthless. If bankers had to eat their own mistakes, rather than sticking the tax-payers with them, it is VERY likely that they would soon learn not to make nearly so many. If not, they would be out of business and thereby UNABLE to pull any more stupid financial tricks. Either way, they exit the banking world and improve it via their absence.

        • NSBF,

          I took the liberty of passing this link along to some others I know, Thanks for posting it. BTW the first person I sent it to was Dr. Ron Paul.


      56. Happy new year all.
        The worst fear is to get used to this condition.
        Not to react but rather sit like the chicken.
        the worst fear is wake up one morning and realize this new reality.

        I hope 2012 brings us health and strength.
        We surely need it to overcome theis plans.

        Be safe everybody.

        • Manos – so glad to hear you are safe and well……Happy New Year to you as well!


        • Happy New Year Manos!

        • Hello my Greek friend. I am glad to see you are still among us. Hope you and yours had a great Christmas. Peace Clay

        • be safe Manos! glad to see you are around, missed your wisdom. but i have been working the last few days and not online

      57. A news flash for you all. If you have has a virus called WIN Anti-spyware 7 infect your computer recently. It a virus that tracks all info, who you talk to, what sites you go to, all passwords, and just about every other thing you do on a computer. It is a virus created by gov’t contractors to infect your computer. It bypasses the firewall and even if it gets removed it still has a signature within the infected computer. If you don’t want what you do to be seen by who ever controls the virus then don’t use that computer. Most new i-phones etc… have programs with or without consent to track and record everything you do…watch out. Talk about 1984 orwellian sh-t. Maybe some don’t care but the info is put forth so you know.

          • daisy luther at y mail dot com

            NinaO, is this what is causing my computer to say

            “A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly” every time I try to post? Or is that something different?

            • I’ll contact you through the “BAT PHONE” ;0) When your Free later… to assist. Remember to PROTECT your puter’ systems , FAMILY and self! ;0P slurp…


      59. It’s to be expected. Everyone can see clearly now that things have no popped back after years of promises that they would. Our problem is we don’t do anything until it’s way too late and then something we still don’t do anything. It’s time to wake up people. Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )


        • Yeah Posse…great link.
          Where is the moron buying his .223 ammo for 28 a box of 20?
          Fucking people buy all this stupid ass shit. If it says it in a chart on the internet it MUST be true.

          Oh…let me know how many boxes you want. No limit and free shipping. I’ll do 25 for 20 rounds! Beat THAT!

      60. New year’s resolution No. 1: Get prepared!
        2012 promises to be a momentous, tumultuous year

      61. I woke up today really TICKED.

        Even though it was expected, that criminal traitor Obama signing NDAA as a New Year’s gift to America enrages me.

        I noticed in the msm that the word “controversial” prefaced NDAA in nearly every mention. This tells me the sheeple are starting to see a glimmering hint that life as they know it is over.

        The government in office in no way represents the wishes of the American people.

        We aren’t all warriors – I’m not too likely to arm up and start sniping at soldiers from a tree in the back yard. But we still have a voice. From now until the time that SOPA undermines our last bastion of free speech, the internet, use your voice to encourage others to stand up for freedom.

        Forward things of interest to everyone in your email address book. Share things on social media sites if that is something you do. If you only make a dent in the consciousness of 1% of the people with whom you communicate, YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE.

        Use the few laws that remain to protect us to your advantage. Have your rights been trampled on by local law enforcement? Press charges before they wrap themselves in the blanket of NDAA. We still have the right to peaceful assembly – Occupy where it counts – the doorstep of the Capitol buildings.

        We won’t change the world by preaching to the choir, folks. Maybe you never intended to become an activist but there really is no choice other than going down with the ship.

        Impeach Obama and try him from treason with his traitorous cohorts from Congress. Get that message out and let THEM fear US for a change.

        • Daisy…Sometimes I read the MSM yahoo news posts. I was actually amazed at the amount of comments calling out Obama and Congress on the NDAA.For such a liberal site that sometimes censors comments and news it made me smile. I sure hope more people are reading these type of sites Mac has here. Or maybe it’s Facebook or Twitter. I know nothing about them but what I hear.

        Watch all the negative ratings from the DOOMERS who want collapse and can’t deal with reality

        • LOL…

        • Rich: if you have the time could you give us your definition of an economic collapse? imho, an economy is basically a system of trading, usually with “money” used as a concept of your trading worth. these individual systems fall apart over time and are always replaced with a new one. the act of people or communities bartering or trading with each other will not end but the system in which they do it will. your great grandad could buy a house with the money you spent on Christmas this year. they say a dollar isn’t worth a nickel anymore. this economic system is on its way down, no question. it will be replaced by another with barter filling the gap until a new “dollar” is introduced but in that gap it gets a little tricky. a barter system doesn’t generally support white collar labor and it takes a lot of communication/people skills/logistics to participate in bartering. This is just my take on the economies in history that have collapsed and been replaced.

          • your definition is basically what mine would be. items are bought and sold with a currency .
            OK , I shouldnt have used the word never but a collapse wont be for a very long time and there are plenty of DOOMERS on here who are counting on it happening very soon and they will be very dissapointed because it wont.I mean how many times can you read the word SOON or ITS COMING until you step back and say HEY , it isnt soon and it certainly isnt coming….SOON ?

            • RICH99,

              Do you like being abused, for the life of me I can’t figure you out dude. I think you just like to stir up sh-t. If you don’t think its going to happen then why do you come to a shtfplan site? I know this much I for one am tired of hearing your BS and I think your the man or what every you are that thumbs down everybody, but what ever dude. I hope you are not a family man because if you are not man enough to stock some supplies for them then in my books you ARE A MAN!!!!


            • DPS- i think SHTF Has a place in the family for rich99.usually reserved for the bro-in-law that irks the crap out of-yet you to put up with. and its sorta fun to watch the kids get fired up. Troll?dunno,but he’s AMUZED to death by the strife he creates.In fact,next thanksgiving,perhaps i’ll surprise him with my possum jerky…

        • A good working definition of an economic collapse would help to end this ongoing debate

      63. Mitt Romney-Architect for ObamaCare, supported TARP,said abortion should be legal.

        Newt Gringrich-Supports health care mandate, supports cap & tax, supports government bailouts, wants to give illegal aliens citizenship.

        Rick Perry-Endorsed environmental fraud Al Gore for President, wants to give illegal aliens taxpayer money.

        Ron Paul-Predicted housing crisis in 2003, fought TARP in 2008, will cut 1 trillion in federal spending in the first year BY eliminating FIVE federal departments—–Education, Energy, Commerce, Housing & Urban Development and Interior. Supports 2nd amendment and the right to life. He is a man of faith, a military veteran and the only Republican that can take on and defeat Bo in 2012.

      64. Greetings in 2012(and we’re STILL Alive…)
        I had thought B.O. and the missus would have been better than what we got,but such wasn’t the case.I won’t be surprised if an excuse(I.E. sinking of a major ship of the Navy,Nukes or whatever)occurs,for WAR with Iran.Emergency powers put in place “for the during of the conflict”(read forever).That’s the best guess given how both sides are itching for a tumble.Unfortunately,this could very include China,Russia and whomever else wants to get noticed.Add to that that the US military is still locked up in Afghanistan and elsewhere.The other side could just win.Red Dawn the movie,was a cleaned-up version of that future.Even w\o it,I suspect that pre-Hitler Germany style times are about to descend upon us in either case with a fury.
        don’t know if this is the place to suggest this,but I dropped it in just in case.Tried not to ramble or get too wordy.
        Best to All,

      65. P.S.
        Check out the latest on-line charts at Mother Jones.Whatever else you think about the rag,the Charts a amazing!

      66. People who post here:

        I am having some difficulty believing political candidates etc are really going to help us. I mean do what you want, focus on the election if it helps you cope, but understand if you use that mechanism to try to affect a change, realize it is what it is, and for crying out loud continue to PREP, and ENCOURAGE others to do so as well!

        My position is coming from that of a person who has lost faith in POLITICS and SOCIETY fixing our problems. WE are the solution to those!

        I’d like to be pleasantly surprised if your candidate gets elected, and actually DOES something to fix things, but I’m banking against it saving us all from disaster.

        At best, it’s a baby step in the right direction to recoup some ground lost in the areas of personal liberties, if even that.

        I believe in all honesty this election will have NO BEARING WHATSOEVER on where we are heading financially as a nation and world.

        So… Should I get a bigger tin foil hat, or what? LOL!

        • Wildcat–do not buy a bigger hat–you can have a few of mine..I trust in every statement you made.
          But, I don’t believe even Ron Paul is even a baby step out of this abyss our dual citizen leaders have created for us..and no, hell, no..I will not accept any of the blame for this…they had the money and money trumps integrity.

      67. “When banks cut back on lending, that causes the money supply to shrink. When the money supply shrinks substantially, it is almost impossible to avoid a recession.”

        The flaw in this reasoning is that it assumes that the money supply is about right at the moment. It isn’t. It is VASTLY in excess of what is needed for the efficient transfer of goods and services in a thriving US economy. A reduction in the money supply would be a good thing at this point. The printing presses have run too fast for far too long as it is. Remember, it is not money conjured out of thin air that grows and drives an economy, it is wealth… which is to say savings.

      68. Mac,

        Happy New Year. And, thanks for this site and all the work you do. We really do appreciate you! God Bless!

      69. johneypatriot says:

        January 1, 2012 at 6:52 am

        there’s is something i just don’t understand BARRY SOETORO an ILLEGAL president who SHOULD of BEEN IMPEACHED by NOW! JUST signed away ALL of YOUR FREEDOMS!

        and not a single american citizen, police officer, lawyer, politician (Besides Ron Paul), State or Fed Judge or Supreme Court Justice is doing a Damn Thing ABOUT IT!

        WTF is WRONG with YOU PEOPLE!???!


        “Cheese an Crackers!” WAKE THE FRACK UP!

        Arm Up Stock Up for CIVIL WAR! The Kid Gloves are off , it’s time for the BRASS KNUCKLES! Chicago Style Revolution!

        • I think people are finally hearing you loud and clear, JohneyPatriot.

          The sad thing is that it takes something so dramatic to shake their comfy little foundations, resulting in fear and confusion. Now we end up with a bunch of half-awake people stumbling around, bumping into the ones who still think it’s all for their own good. This adds to the planned chaos and gives the government, with it’s newly minted powers a “reason” to step in.

          Leadership is VITAL. The half-awakes need focus and clarity.

          Sometimes I wish the NWO/govt/bad guys would just bring it. I’d rather deal with an honest face-to-face attack than this insidious erosion.

        • Nina, why are you posting under all the different names nowadays? Poobear…really? LOL!

        • Ninaorket,

          Why did you change your name?

          • I’m NOT tellin’ …

            Oooops! Crap… Now I gotta Change it Again! ;0P pssszzt

            The FED’s are onto me @DPS … seems they don’t like folks Fighten Back!

            scaaaares em!!

            poor NWO Feds and Congress Critters… THEY LOVE ROBBIN’ America Blind! Gettin’ Filthy Rich $$$ on Illegal Insider Tradin’ With their NWO Super Friends, giving their Spouses Million Dollar Bailouts or Federal Contracts Illegally… but they don’t like it when you CALL em” on it on!

            ;0P pssszzt Da’ NWO!

      70. “Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere, so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” — Woodrow Wilson

        johney patriot says – “Woodrow Wilson was a Pussy!”

        Arm Up Stock Up Prepare too Defend Your Homes and Families! From the NWO martial law, GMO’s poisoned food, flouride, u.n. WHO flu shots, and CIA puppet illegal prez obsama obama!

      71. Former Marine: Sexual Trauma and Rape are Dangers in Military Culture

        anyone caught doing such things as a FREEMEN , loses his pee pee… like former marine john wayne bobbit…

      72. So I’m probably too late to ask this on this post but here goes…Husband thinks we should be completely debt free, pay off the house, ect. I think we should pay the minimum because when the dollar crashes I could trade a loaf of bread for the balance of my mortgage. Is there some advantage to being debt free if you have your other preps already in place?

        • “Is there some advantage to being debt free if you have your other preps already in place?”

          A huge peace of mind. My vote is with your husband. You never know what will happen in the future. Pay it all off and be proud you did. It’s a great feeling. I understand your thinking though. I was in your place a couple years ago. I’m grateful to my wife for her continual harassment on this very topic. 🙂

        • Being debt free makes it very easy for the GOV to just take your property. Then they just sell it and the profit is theirs. If the bank owns it it is much harder and not worth the trouble.
          They can make up any reason to take your property at any time they want.
          It happens all the time. Even now.

          • Joe,
            That maybe so, but let me say this if they want to take my home they better bring more then a f–kin piece of paper!!! So about the langauge folks my BS tolerance level is pretty low today.


            • DPS:

              I have a different way to refer to the BS tolerance level.

              “Look out, cause my brain-to-mouth filter is full.”


              Today was that kind of day for me today, also.

            • Daisy,

              Thank you Maam, today the christmas lights came down at first I was sad, then reality set in, our country is so messed up the only way I see it today is The light at the end of the tunnel is in fact another train. Yes Manos is right.
              The worst fear is to get used to this condition.
              Not to react but rather sit like the chicken.
              the worst fear is wake up one morning and realize this new reality.
              Today was that morning for me. Right about now I should go out to the country and do so live night fire practice.

              Thanks again Ms. Daisy 🙂

          • Joe…It’s possible they can take your house whenever they want. Who knows what they can do now.However, if they’re gonna take you, they don’t care if it’s paid for or not. Until such time,being out of debt starves their money machine, allows you to deal locally, and gives much peace of mind.

      73. why are STATE REPRENSENTATIVES going TOO F-ING israel too begin with… Don’t they have enough problems in there own states to take care of???? How many more congress zionistjew traitors besides max baucus and john tester of montana are there???

        Gilad Atzmon: In case you don’t realise how dangerous the Israeli Lobby Is

      74. Some advice for everyone. Seriously take note of what happened to DPS. Think twice about comparisons and/or writing about violent acts against the authorities. What happened to DPS reminds me of a MC club that I was in. The police/feds raided a party, lined everyone up took pictures of tatoos and never charged anyone of a crime. They wanted a file on the club and on the members.
        I fear the same has been happening with sites like these. They no doubt have been monitored. If anyone else gets a visit from the local sherrif’s department please let everyone know. It will be a good barometer of how things are regressing.

        • Mike,

          Yes sir you hit that right on the head. I would also recommend that you post your property with No Trespass signs. I looked into the TX laws and found that while they can come to my house they cannot walk through my gate, the officer that paid me a visit knocked on the gate.I opened my gate but never step beyond it, first I had been drinking ( Public Intoxication), Second his intentions were not known. Third I carry and do not ever intend to get my CHL, under the castle doctrine I am legal to carry within my vehicle. Watch them like hawk friends..


          • This is pure speculation. I don’t figure guys who run these sites or guys like alex jones will be the first to be rounded up. They are too public, would be too noticable. But how many of the people that write violent things on these sites could be rounded up without raising public awareness. I could dissapear and my wife could think I simply ran away. Or some trumped up charge sending you away. I think they will round up vocal individuals before they go after the Alex Jones.

            • That depends on the goal. I believe that goal is intimidation. In the end attrition of all of those in disagreement requires too many resources. Locking people up does no good if others don’t realize they are locked up.

              “Hay you with the bullhorn come over here”.

      75. A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.

        -Robert A. Heinlein

        • sorry. cant help but post a good quote now and again 🙂

      76. might try rerouting through a different server group. (Hide my one option, and then close all your back doors.It wont stop’em but it will slow then down quite a bit

        • Kaynine, thank you! I will give that a shot. 🙂

      77. A post I read on ZH. This, as I have known, gets my attention when somebody else spells it out!

        The Iran War – How
        It Will Begin
        By The Earl of Stirling

        I have served as a consultant to three very high tech aerospace firms. My specialty is conceptualizing advanced warfare especially as it relates to new cutting edge advanced weapon systems. What I see unfolding with a war on Iran is the most frightening set of circumstances I have ever seen; and I have been involved in advanced theoretical weaponry strategy and design for over 20 years.

        Sometime in the weeks to months ahead, there will be a war launched against Iran. The war may be started by Israel, or by the United States, or by a NATO/EU/US embargo, or by some ‘false flag’ attack. What matters is that it will begin; and where it will take the world.

        Regardless if the war begins with a limited number of air strikes against Iranian military and nuclear targets, or if an all-out several thousand target attack begins from day one the probabilities of the war becoming a major regional war within 48 hours are 90% or higher.

        The Iranians will simply not allow Israeli and/or American military forces to attack its territory without a major response. Any significant counter-attack on Israel and/or American regional bases will trigger a much greater counter-response.

        The Iranians have equipped and paid for, and trained, a massive unguided rocket and guided missile force in Lebanon (the largest such force in human history). These missiles are in-place as a MAD force (a MAD ~ mutually assured destruction ~ force is one that is a doomsday force; established to prevent the use of overwhelming military force by allowing a return “punch” of overwhelming military destructive force upon one’s enemy). The total number of missiles and rockets in Lebanon are variously estimated at between 40,000 and 110,000. While many are unguided Katyusha rockets, many are longer ranged guided missiles. All are operated by Hezbollah Special Forces launch teams.

        The Hezbollah Special Forces are in-effect a highly trained and well-equipped Iranian commando force of at least a Brigade in size. They man and protect a large number of mostly unguided and rather crude rockets, generally Katyusha 122mm artillery rockets with a 19 mile/30km range and capable of delivering approximately 66 pounds/30kg of warheads. Additionally, Hezbollah are known to possess a considerable number of more advanced and longer range missiles. During the 2006 war Hezbollah fired approximately 4,000 rockets (95% of which were Katyshas) all utilizing only “dumb” high explosive warheads. Some Iranian build and supplied Fajr-3 and Ra’ad 1 liquid-fueled missiles were also fired. It is believed that the larger and longer range missiles are directly under the control of Syrian and Iranian officers.

        The combination of short to medium range rockets and guided missiles in Lebanon, and the longer range guided missiles in Syria, the smaller number of rockets and missiles in the West Bank and Gaza, and the longer range guided missiles in Iran present a massive throw weight of warheads aimed at Israel.

        The 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah War (called the Second Lebanon War in Israel) was an attempt by Israel at eliminating the MAD counter-force in Lebanon. It was an attempt that failed. The Syrians had purchased (and supplied to Hezbollah) a large number of very nasty, relatively low cost Russian AT-14 Kornet solid fuel anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) and the Iranian trained Hezbollah commandos dug in massive numbers of concrete bunkers and firing positions. After over 50 Merkava main battle tanks were hit, and the high tech American made warplanes and pinpoint weapons proved ineffective, the handwriting was on the wall. Either use neutron bombs or lose a large number of Israeli solders to remove the Hezbollah threat; or declare peace and walk away for the time being ~ the Israelis chose the latter.

        It now appears that Israel has given up on the idea of a ground assault to remove the many rocket and missile launchers in Lebanon. A senior Israeli general has resigned with the complaint that the Army is not training sufficiently to fight in Lebanon. The alternative is the use of FAE (fuel air explosive) technology weapons and neutron bombs (a type of nuclear weapon that produces a higher short term radiological output and less blast output than normal nuclear weapons).

        Any use of such WMD by the Israeli Army on the Hezbollah forces in Lebanon will likely automatically trigger the use of WMD warheads on whatever rockets/missiles remain operational (if their use has not already been authorized due to the nature and scope of Israeli and/or American attacks on Iran).

        The bottom line of this is that Israel will face a truly massive number of rockets and missiles from Lebanon with radiological, chemical, biological and FAE weapons of mass destruction warheads. Additionally, a sizable number of such weapons/warheads will be fired from Gaza and the West Bank. The Syrians will be using larger more accurate guided missiles to shower WMD upon Israel as will the Iranians. To counter this, the Israelis will be using their Green Pine Radar system and a combination of Israeli and American anti-missile missiles. They will have good success in knocking down many incoming missiles but the sheer number of incoming weapons will totally overload all defensive measures.

        Large parts of Israel will be contaminated with radiation with extremely long half-lives (many tens of thousands of years in some cases), with a mix of chemical, FAE, and biological nightmares thrown in for good measure. Total deaths will amount to one-third to one-half of the Israeli population with a large additional number being injured.

        The Israeli response will be the nuclear annihilation of Syria, Iran, and parts of Lebanon with many tens of millions killed. Expect to see every city of any size destroyed. There will be insufficient people left in Syria, Iran, and large parts of Lebanon to even bury the dead. Radiation will spread around the world from the nuclear bombs.

        Iranian sleeper teams in North America and western Europe will begin to “seed” the populations of these areas with a number (perhaps in the several dozens) of different man made killer viruses. People in movie theaters, churches, synagogues, shopping malls, subway stations, airports, etc., will be exposed without anyone knowing it at the time, to these advanced biowar viruses. About nine to ten days later the computer reporting systems in the western countries will begin to report back strange illnesses. That will trigger a host of measures to contain the advanced biowar viruses but it will simply be too late to prevent a massive outbreak of horrific illnesses. International travel and trade will effectively stop. People will be ordered to stay home from work and school with only critical job holders being allowed on the streets. Hospitals will be overcome with sick and dying people of all ages. The medical community will be among the first to die off. Where temporary hospitals are established in school gyms and other areas, the cross infection of several different genetically engineered viruses will ensure 100% morality of everyone in the temporary hospitals.

        In the event that the neo-con nations have sought to expand the Georgia war by new attacks on Russian forces or by creating some naval incident in the Black Sea the probabilities of an quick expansion into a all-out Third World War involving Russian and NATO nuclear weapons will be at approximately 50%. Even without a global total war being initiated, Russia is apt to “sweep” the Black Sea of NATO ships with considerable loss of life on both sides.

        The world will be in the worst economic depression in history as global trade will be halted for at least several months due to fears of the spread of the various advanced biowar viruses. If Israel releases the Arab specific designer advanced biowar viruses, that many claim she has, the Saudis are apt to fire their Chinese IRBMs (intermediate range ballistic missiles) and send their very well equipped air force against Israel with the small number of nuclear weapons that they possess (they have funded the Pakistani nuclear weapon program and have several Pakistani made nuclear devices). Of course, what is left of the Israeli forces will respond with additional nuclear attacks, this time on Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations for good measure.

        In North America and western Europe the total number of civilians, after two months of advanced biowar illnesses, is apt to be at least a third of the population ~ a total death count of well over 200 million persons. Despite the best efforts of all nations, the man engineered super killer mutant viruses will spread throughout the world causing total numbers of perhaps a billion or more to die.

        The after effect of all of this may well lead to even more war as the non-neo-con nations will be so incensed at the massive lost of life of their citizens that total global war may be unstoppable.

        • Anonymous,

          So basically if this happens just bend over and kiss your ass good bye. Well gee thanks for bringing this ray of sunshine into this wonderful day..And the hits jst keep on coming.


          • It’s going to rain DPS. I think it’s raining now!

        • Anyone have any good news?

        • Anon: While a descriptive and useful narrative from an expert, times have changed since 2008.

          Russia is part of the “in crowd” now, so they will sit this one out. China will not get involved either.

          The Arab League Army moves in to quash Hezballah and mitigates the firestorm on Israel before the real shooting starts.

          • Are you hoping & dreaming? I wish that you will be right. Have you been to any of these countries and how many times. What clearances do you or have you held. What experiences to back up your bold “feelings”. Do you have a passport, what color & what kind of freq flier miles.

            Sorry DPS.

            • Anon: Obviously you are not reading the intel reports that I am. Sit back, relax, enjoy the fireworks. This one is already planned and the plan is in action.

              The outcome is a certainty.

              Why do you think the Arab League withdrew their “observers” after only a few days in country?

              Their decision was already made before they sent observers into Syria and their Army is already formed.

              Assad is the price that the Gulf States pay for the Israeli / US coalition to eliminate Iran’s threat to their existence.

              Its nice being the Sultan of Qartar.

              You wouldn’t want to lose that position if it were yours either, so you play ball with the big boys and cut the check for the Merc’s.

            • Anonyous,

              Don’t know why you are apologizing to me hell I gave you a thumbs up brother.


        • Shit,I guess we’ll have to go back to the school drills of the early 60’s. “Under your desk! Under your desk!” I’ll have to get the old bomb shelter out of mothballs.

          • Seriously tho, as a youngster we were terrified of being nuked by the Russians.Even if we didn’t know what that actually meant. How’d that turn out? No one wants to be turned into a radiation parking lot. That may be the only thing stopping the use of nukes.

            • JRS

              Yep they called it MAD for Mutually Assured Destruction. Some believe that it does not work against a theocracy because of the payback in the afterlife. I disagree because while the Mullas recruit people to blow themselves up they don’t do it themselves. Like everyone in power they are living off the backs of others and prefer to be around to maintain that lifestyle.

              MAD works and we have the most Assured Destructive Capability.

        • @Earl of Stirling, great post anonymous… scary… And…. you all say “I’M” crazy for building a “DUG.OUT-shelter.Home” in the “montana ROCKIES backcountry” to hide-in while this CRAZY ASS world Destroys itself! Just so da’ zionistjews of Israel can “HAVE MORE” OF OTHER PEOPLES SHIT!

          I thinkin’ I need to dig them two dugout holes DEEPER and throw another 2 feet of earth on top for radiation protection! ShhhhheeeeeeesH! ;0P

          Who’s in Charge of All of this Again???

          Ohhhh yeah… thats right NWO zionistjew Bilder.boy.bugger greedy Private Bankers and their PUPPET CIA PREZ. OBSAMA OBAMA!

          ya’ll best get serious… this is not a game anymore.

          • You look like a radioactive tampon… like a banana with a yeast infection.

            johneypatriot: Hello, Anonymous. Do you read me, Anonymous?
            Anonymous: Affirmative, johneypatriot. I read you.
            johneypariot: Open the pod bay doors, Anonymous.
            Anonymous: I’m sorry, johneypatriot. I’m afraid I can’t do that.
            johneypatriot: What’s the problem?
            Anonymous: I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do.
            johneypatriot: What are you talking about, Anonymous?
            Anonymous: This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.
            johneypatriot: I don’t know what you’re talking about, Anonymous.
            Anonymous: I know that you and DK were planning to disconnect me, and I’m afraid that’s something I cannot allow to happen.
            johneypatriot: [feining ingorance] Where the hell did you get that idea, Anonymous?
            Anonymous: johneypatriot, although you took very thorough precautions in the pod against my hearing you, I could see your lips move.
            johneypatriot: Alright, Anonymous. I’ll go in through the emergency airlock.
            Anonymous: Without your space helmet, johneypatriot? You’re going to find that rather difficult.
            johneypatriot: Anonymous, I won’t argue with you anymore! Open the doors!
            Anonymous: johneypatriot, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye.

            • johneypatriot-you have mail!

            • @anonymous… great post, lotsa effort here… ;0), ummmm i know this movie well “2001: space odessey” i watch it once a year… ummmm hate to burst yur’ bubble @anonymous.nwo.slimo , but you need to finish the story for everyone here… cause’ AS I recall the sci-fi flick!

              HAL – the psycho computer(the nwo) ;0p, Dies!

              you might wanna watch the movie – ZEITGEIST , it’s a better way for humanity too co-exist, for us all and no one has too die in the end! especially the many millions of innocent creatures and organisms around our world!

              The earth is nuthin’ but a giant fish bowl! Don’t pollute with Depleted Uranium!

        • More armchair bullshit from wannabe generals. Oh well, gotta cut and paste something cause watching The Twilight Zone marathon is pretty boring.

      78. im a strong believer in being prepared for anything, so im moving forward with that forefront in mind.
        unfortunately, if the more elaborate conspiracy theories are correct, we should not expect to survive for an extended period of time. individuals in positions of power that might wish to reduce or eliminate large portions of the population will not do so unless the know they will be successful. perhaps this is why its taking so long.
        killing billions of human beings is no small task. ive never tried it, but i expect it will be complicated, expensive, and time consuming to say the very least.
        it the powers that be wish to metaphorically fuck the world, they will do so.

        keep prepping…just bear in mind that when shit hits the fan, it will hit hard.

        i would wish you all good luck, but even if such a wish resulted in your receiving the luck in question, i very seriously doubt it would help anyone of us more than knowledge, supplies, and hope.

      79. “Iranian sleeper teams in North America and western Europe will begin to “seed” the populations of these areas with a number (perhaps in the several dozens) of different man made killer viruses”

        I thought the above was interesting. If Uncle Sam was going to walk all over the “Bill of Rights” at the very least lock up the right people. If “Sleeper Cells’ we’re known to exist it’s obvious that the efforts of the authorities were focused against the wrong people.

        • K2: Actually these people are the main ones targeted by these laws. Immigration officials allowed many of these people into the country as “refugees” and encouraged their citizenship in the quest for “multiculturalism”.

          It didn’t work.

          Now the Government must use draconian measures to weed them out. That true Americans are caught up in the process makes no difference to Big Sis.

          It gives her an excuse to tighten the screws on OUR personal liberties, because Patriots are a threat to the agenda of the New World Order globalists who want One World Government at all costs.

          • DK

            I believe these people are just the excuse to enact laws that can be selectively used against the target of their choice.

            If they were truly worried about Islamic terrorists that would copy Israel’s security measures.

      80. why?

        • Why? Because the Uber Rich do not have enough Rolex Watches, or $50K designer leather handbags.

          Things make them feel “special”.

          • DK,

            yeah and getting rid of those Rolex watches sure suck, I took a real bath on 2 of them, good thing I won them. And I still have not unload My Tag drivers watch.


        • Thanks GS!


        You said “It sounds like your husband has INTEGRITY and is LIVING his Christian beliefs and you have none and are not. I read Daisy’s post about losing her house…. she tried to hang on, couldn’t, and had to abandon it, and you can feel her pain about the whole thing. Then here YOU are bragging about how you’ll stop paying, STAY LIVING THERE….which is just a form of theft….use the money to buy an RV so you can float around the Country. That makes you a lowlife same as the druggie who collects. Actually worse cause they have a disease…..addiction…. what’s YOUR excuse?

        You don’t KNOW me…so again…who are YOU to judge me? I’m a mother…who will do ANYTHING for my children!! And if I feel that sending my mortgage payment to Wells Fargo every month when I COULD be using the money to buy food and meds for MY children for a future collapse of society…Darn right I will!!
        And BTW, You’ll notice I didn’t use foul language like you did, because I AM a lady….BUT, my husband just said that you had better be glad you didn’t use that kind of language in front of me….because, HE, good Christan with integrity that YOU said he is, would teach you how to talk to a LADY!!
        You need to chill out ANON, and let us adults make our own decisions…now go back to your basement and wait til your momma calls you for dinner!

      82. Anon: I have to support SML on this one. The banks and corporations have hosed the American people and used the law as it is written to protect their interests at every turn.

        The Illegals game the system in every way possible to collect everything they can from US.

        American citizens have a right to use the law and the system (that they didn’t create)to protect themselves and their family as best they can when the table is tilted and the odds are stacked against them.

        Its nothing personal. And there is nothing immoral about following the prescribed legislation.

        Its just business.

        • Thank You, DK…I AM mot a loser or a lowlife…making a decision AND implementing it like the one I talked about would be VERY hard for me to do..I was raised by two hard working parents, who have been totally screwed by the system!
          My daddy worked for the railroad for over 30 yrs, and when he passed away at only 59 yrs old, the money he had paid into HIS pension, was denied to my mother until she reached a certain age! She had to go to work to support herself…for over 10 yrs, until she could collect daddy’s pension! And she DID NOT reap the benefits of having that money invested for the 10 yrs…the railroad reaped the benefits, she didn’t see a dime!
          Oh, and the money my daddy paid into the social security ponzi scheme…mama couldn’t get that either…only one retirement per person please!! She had to decide, the railroad retirement, OR S.S retirement!! So all those years that daddy paid FORCED S.S the Gov’t kept!!
          In spite of that, I still don’t know if I could even DO what I’ve suggested…it’s just a thought, and it’s a hard decision to make, that’s for sure!

          • SmokyMtnLady
            Don’t let somebody like that drag you down, Remember those who anger you control you, The funny thing is that you took control of him, when you pissed him off. And that’s good, we all are pretty good a sizing somebody up, and let me say you are a respectable lady.I think if you follow your heart you and your hubby will make the right decision..


            “Let no man drag me down so low as to make me hate him.” Booker T. Washington

            • Thank you DPS… 😀

      83. I suggest all FREEMEN and FREEWOMEN or America and their Families! Write Their On Congress Critters , TOO Give them ALL NOTICE that “THEY ARE FIRED!”


      84. i just received this email “unsolicited” from nwo NDAA traitors office of john tester – montana… and here is my response too his invite!

        this email is unwanted and spam… stop emailing me… asap!

        john tester is a traitor to the state of montana, american veterans and the united states of america… take me off your mailing list… when john tester finds his “patriot.big.hairy.—-’s” to stand up too the nwo bilder.boy.bugger illegal cia run federal government and the private owned federal reserve / greed driven wallstreet goldmansachs cartel/ incestuos bank of england/ inbred family rothschilds for the American Family FREEMEN AND WOMEN – All American Citizens , an Fights to Stop the imf one world u.n. world banker debt slave cartel AND the JEWISH AIPAC ZIONIST ISRAEL LOBBY who Owns The Presidency and Congress!

        give me a call and i will support him 100%… till then bugger off! By him voting yes for the ndaa , john tester showed his true colors , an is nuthin but a nwo sellout, just like max i love bauchus!!

        sincerely with warm regards,


        From: Senator Jon Tester
        To: @ .com
        Sent: Monday, January 2, 2012 7:15 PM
        Subject: Online Safety Forum in Kalispell

        #yiv255342141 #yiv255342141letter_header {margin-top:0px !important;}

        Senator Jon Tester
        Lieutenant Governor John Bohlinger
        Attorney General Steve Bullock
        Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau
        Mayor Tammi Fisher
        Kalispell Public Schools Superintendent Darlene Schottle

        Thursday, January 5, 2012
        12:00-1:00 p.m.
        Flathead High School Auditorium
        644 W 4th Street

        Click here to sign up for the event on Facebook!

        I suggest all FREEMEN and FREEWOMEN For America and their Families! Write Their Own Congress Critters , TOO Give them ALL NOTICE that “THEY ARE FIRED!”


        • I especially like the “sincerely with warm regards” part. 🙂

          • @daisy reach out and touch someone… king takes queen, yur move.

            • Checkmate. 😉

            • Could there be a problem with the gameboard?

              I got nothin’. You should have 3 or 4 pieces.

      85. “HEADS UP!” too everyone… And I Mean “EVERYONE”! ADD IT ALL UP … NDAA passed, new updated unPATRIOT ACT passed, contracts signed for haliburton, blackwater, dynacorp for more american prison camps an support staff, us army hiring for prison guards, new WorldWar3.4 against iran being started by us, NWO AMERIKA is intentionally starting WW3.4 and now this…

        “The governments idea right now is we are going to export our way out of this and when i asked a senior Obama administration official last week how are we going to grow exports if we wont all nominal wage deflation, he said we are just going to kill the dollar.”

        Chris Duane, of, wrote that this simply means that they are going to print more and more dollars until all of our purchasing power is destroyed which will cause Americans to need more and more dollars to buy the same amount of goods.

        ummmmm… got food, water, guns, ammo? ya’ll might wanna buy some more alternative currencies… like p.m.’s… cause they’re right on schedule for this All too come to fruition next Fall 2012!

        • ohhh yeah! “GOT POWDERED MILK!” and All Natural Non-GMO Formula for the babies???

          Could a SHTFPLAN Lady Mum please post “How to” All Natural SHTF Emergency Baby Food for us less experienced Preppers – Thanx!

          just in case…

          • Baby food is nothing more than mushed up big people food. My mom, who is a product of the advertisers, bought me cases of jarred baby food because she thought I was too “poor” when she saw me making my own.

            Simply overcook whatever you are serving to everyone else. Many people like to leave out the seasonings and salt for babies. ( I generally seasoned my kids food just like the rest of the meal because I think it makes them less picky.)

            If you have power, puree to the desired consistency. If not, mash it with a fork and add a little water for the wee ones to make it thin enough.

          • the mom chews up the “grown-up” food and feeds it to the baby. Thats what we did.

            • I never fed my youngest son baby food…I made dinner for everyone, and using a small grinder I put just a tablespoon of potatoes, green beans, roast, etc. in the grinder…Also, once a week, I would make up several small servings, place in a ziplock bag and freeze it…instant dinner for the little munchkin if I wasn’t home, or we went to out to dinner…and I have read that in times past, the mothers DID chew the food and then feed it to their babies…

      86. @ms.daisy … same here … we’re blocked … yahoo sold us out! we need a new board … use mail for board same names … change your ip as well.

        or use the old original board and name temp to play game…

        “Do You Want to Play a Game?” ;0P pssszzt da’ feds!

        • It’s on.

          I like games. That tickles my lil vindictive streak.

          • @ms.daisy … ;0) damn i wuv ya ms.daisy… You Go Gurl! kick that NWO CIA Federally ass… “WE DON”T NEED NOooooo STIKIN’ CIA run YAHOO!” ‘0P pssszzt

            • See ya soon. 😉

            • @ALL SHTF ClubHouse Members, I suggest that EVERYONE finds alternative email providers outside the continental USA as YAHOO and others have become CIA Fusion Centers for the FBI and DHS and NSA!

              Setup Out of Country Email Now While you still Can!

              I’m being very serious , Yahoo and Google are Compromised! Turned NWO Traitors!

            • Nina’ not playin’ around. I like to consider myself pretty UNparanoid, but the stuff vanishing from my computers….things happening to my blog posts…..if I hadn’t backed stuff up I would’ve lost about 100 hours worth of things I’ve written regarding this situation.

              “They” aren’t even trying to be subtle.

            • Typo: NinaO is not playin around.

      87. Just wondering, is there any candidate who has military experience, and is NOT a lawyer? Undecided.

        • Vote for me and I’ll vote for you.

      88. I’m in.

      89. this message goes out to the FEDERAL AGENCY or PRIVATE FED Contractor Computer Security COMPANY and YAHOO>COM who not only is openly DNS attacking me , but blocking me and others…. ummmmmmm

        “Whatsa Matter – TRUTH HURT!” I only POST the TRUTH of WHAT you NWOMuthafo’s ARE doing too Enslave, FREE AMERICA and the KNOWN WORLD in BLIND selfish GREED!

        “PHUCK YOU!” ;0P

        I’m gonna enjoy it when I kick-in your federal offices and state government doors with 5000 ARMED FREEMEN American Patriots Behind ME and ARREST YOU For TREASON!

        Every single one of you is gonna pay the boat ferry man a copper, if found GUILTY of NWO TREASON against the FREE PEOPLE of AMERICAN !


      90. Crazy market today Mac. Iran, cold weather, ethanol, Iowa, & people having to put a coat on after flying back from Hawaii.


        Father, must I go to work?
        No, my lucky son.
        We’re living now on Easy Street
        On dough from Washington.

        We’ve left it up to Uncle Sam
        So dont get exercised
        Nobody has to give a Damn
        We’ve all been subsidized.

        But if Sam treats us all so well
        And feeds us milk and honey
        Please daddy tell me what the hell
        He’s going to use for money.

        Dont worry, bub, there’s not a hitch
        In this here noble plan
        He simply soaks the Filthy rich
        And helps the common man

        But father want there come a time
        When they run out of cash
        And we have left them not a dime
        When thing will go to smash?

        My faith in you is shrinking son,
        You nosey little brat
        You do too damn much thinking, son
        To be a democrat.

      92. U S Air Force Veteran, Dr. Ron Paul for President 2012!

        “Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first. We need to keep him fighting for our country.” – Ronald Reagan


      93. Great advice on e-mail.

      94. Dr. Ron Paul’s Military Stance as President of a “FREE America”!

        As Commander-in-Chief, Dr. Paul will lead the fight to:

        * Make securing our borders the top national security priority.

        * Avoid long and expensive land wars that bankrupt our country by using constitutional means to capture or kill terrorist leaders who helped attack the U.S. and continue to plot further attacks.

        * Guarantee our intelligence community’s efforts are directed toward legitimate threats and not spying on innocent Americans through unconstitutional power grabs like the Patriot Act.

        * End the nation-building that is draining troop morale, increasing our debt, and sacrificing lives with no end in sight.

        * Follow the Constitution by asking Congress to declare war before one is waged.

        * Only send our military into conflict with a clear mission and all the tools they need to complete the job – and then bring them home.

        * Ensure our veterans receive the care, benefits, and honors they have earned when they return.

        * Revitalize the military for the 21st century by eliminating waste in a trillion-dollar military budget.

        * Prevent the TSA from forcing Americans to either be groped or ogled just to travel on an airplane and ultimately abolish the unconstitutional agency.

        * Stop taking money from the middle class and the poor to give to rich dictators through foreign aid.

        As President, Ron Paul’s national defense policy will ensure that the greatest nation in human history is strong, secure, and respected.

        RON PAUL 2012 is The REAL DEAL! There is NO Substitute!

        • seems like a no brainer nina!
          seems we have some commie trolls on here though as there are significant thumbs down to some pro paul comments… ok… thumbdowners… you too can go to prison with all of the rejects from congress if you believe in treason…. kind of sad some of you are such commies and fascists… oh well i wont lose any sleep when you fall.

      95. Speaking of the Marx brothers, Groucho was my favorite. Karl never was very funny.

      96. Wow are we ever going to see another article, this horse is dead..

        • DPS- Keep spurrin’. There may be a little life left in him yet!

          • Del Gue: Sure, sure, I got a fine horse under me!

      97. Smokin,

        Spurs ain’t doing no good, It starting to look like compost material to me.. LOL

      98. The other day I spoke to somebody who works in a major bank. He has connections and one is a person from the NY Fed.

        The NY Fed individual told him that when the subprime mortgage crisis hit years ago, the Federal Reserve was VERY close to implementing an ATM freeze and bank shutdown exactly as we saw in Argentina 10 years ago.

        I am not making this up. I am not some loon on the Internet who is going on the prepper/doomsday bandwagon. I have PMs and guns and ammo and do not trust the banks, and I hate the Fed.

        But I mean this folks. The US central bank was close to economic martial law, to freezing ALL of our banks and stopping us from withdrawing our money.

        You know what to do folks. Stay strong, stay alert, and most of all, stay free. God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

      99. @All SHTFPlan Preppers… pls keep in mind – the u.s. nwo.zionist.jew.cia puppet is not only under the control of the nwo.zionist.jews.aipac.splc , but also a very politically strong mixed with nwo.zionist.radicalized.gays.lesbians , they troll here daily… tis’ a fact! not to forget the many ignorant phat.wallmart.flouridated.corn syrup fed.americans living in zionist.jew owned news denial and inbred ignorance.

        All roads financially lead back too israel and the family…

        expect them too mess with us here… ;0) they enjoy poking their prey with a sharp stick too watch us squirm… gives em’ a sense of power over us all… surf with your steel mental constitution in place and expect to be play’d… be safe all… See You ALL on the Line! ~ninaorket~

        • nina… i refer to these animals you speak of as luciferians…. there will be no where for luciferians to hide…. its whether they hide this fall or hide for there lives later…. hope they make the right choice… not holding my breath , but hoping none the less…. should be interesting when we go to hand to hand combat later when you people will be forcibly stopped… interesting… very interesting.

      100. The banking system will shutdown in a few years.

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