The Next Phase of Global Economic Crisis: “It Is Going To Shock The World”

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    Michael Snyder is a prolific researcher and analyst. You can follow his regular commentary at The Economic Collapse Blog and End of the American Dream. If you want to know what America is going to look like in in a few years we recommend reading his recent novel The Beginning of the End.

    Editor’s Note: Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog says that it may not happen tomorrow, but big financial trouble is coming. In his latest analysis he explains that there are signs of economic trouble bubbling all around us. Most Americans either have no clue it’s happening, or refuse to accept the reality of the situation. In the end, it is they who will be left holding the bag. People thought the collapse of 2008 was bad. But it’s nothing compared to what’s coming next. As Michael warns, this one will shock the world.

    11 Signs That We Are Entering The Next Phase Of The Global Economic Crisis
    By Michael Snyder

    signs-of-troubleWell, the Nasdaq finally did it.  It has climbed all the way back to where it was at the peak of the dotcom bubble.  Back in March 2000, the Nasdaq set an all-time record high of 5,048.62.  On Thursday, after all these years, that all-time record was finally eclipsed.  The Nasdaq closed at 5056.06, and Wall Street greatly rejoiced.  So if you invested in the Nasdaq at the peak of the dotcom bubble, you are just finally breaking even 15 years later.  Unfortunately, the truth is that stocks have not been soaring because the U.S. economy is fundamentally strong.  Just like the last two times, what we are witnessing is an irrational financial bubble.  Sometimes these irrational bubbles can last for a surprisingly long time, but in the end they always burst.  And even now there are signs of economic trouble bubbling to the surface all around us.  The following are 11 signs that we are entering the next phase of the global economic crisis…

    #1 It is being projected that half of all fracking companies in the United States will be “dead or sold” by the end of this year.

    #2 The rig count just continues to fall as the U.S. oil industry implodes.  Incredibly, the number of rigs in operation in the United States has fallen for 19 weeks in a row.

    #3 McDonald’s has announced that it will be closing 700 “poor performing” restaurants in 2015.  Why would McDonald’s be doing this if the economy was actually getting better?

    #4 As I wrote about the other day, we could be right on the verge of a Greek debt default.  In fact, we learned on Thursday that the Greek government has been “running on empty” for months…

    Greece warned it will go bankrupt next week after failing to stump up enough cash to pay millions of public sector workers and its international debts.

    Deputy finance minister Dimitras Mardas set alarm bells ringing yesterday when he declared the country had been ‘running on empty’ since February.

    With a debt repayment deadline looming on May 1, Greece faces the deeply damaging prospect of having to snub its own employees to make a €200m payment to the International Monetary Fund.

    #5 Coal accounts for approximately 40 percent of all electrical generation on the entire planet.  When the price of coal starts to drop, that is a sign that economic activity is slowing down.  Just prior to the last financial crisis in 2008, the price of coal shot up dramatically and then crashed really hard.  Well, guess what?  The price of coal has been crashing again, and it is already lower than it was at any point during the last recession.

    #6 The price of iron ore has been crashing as well.  It is down 35 percent in the last nine months, and David Stockman believes that this is because of a major deflationary crisis that is brewing in China…

    There is no better measure of the true contraction underway in China than the price of iron ore. The Wall Street stock peddlers will tell you not to be troubled by the 70% plunge from the 2012 highs and the 35% drop just in the last nine months. According to them, its all the fault of the big global miners who went overboard opening up massive new iron ore pits and mining infrastructure.

    #7 At this point, China accounts for more total global trade than anyone else in the world.  That is why it is so alarming that Chinese imports and exports are both absolutely collapsing

    China’s monthly trade data shows exports fell in March from a year ago by 14.6% in yuan terms, compared to expectations for a rise of more than 8%.

    Imports meanwhile fell 12.3% in yuan terms compared to forecasts for a fall of more than 11%.

    #8 The number of publicly traded companies in the United States that filed for bankruptcy during the first quarter of 2015 was more than double the number that filed for bankruptcy during the first quarter of 2014.

    #9 New home sales in the United States just declined at their fastest pace in almost two years.

    #10 U.S. manufacturing data has been shockingly weak lately…

    On the heels of weak PMIs from Europe and Asia, Markit’s US Manufacturing PMI plunged to 54.2 in April (from 55.7). Against expectations of a rise to 55.6, this is the biggest miss on record. Of course, this is ‘post-weather’ so talking-heads will need to find another excuse as New Orders declined for the first time since Nov 2014.

    #11 When priced according to “the average blue-collar hourly wage“, U.S. stocks are the most expensive that they have ever been in history right now.  To say that this financial bubble is overdue to burst is a massive understatement.

    For a long time, I have been pointing to 2015 as a major “turning point” for the global financial system, and I still feel that way.

    But for the first four months of this year, things have been surprisingly quiet – at least on the surface.

    So what is going on?

    Well, I believe that what we are experiencing right now is the proverbial “calm before the storm”.  There is all sorts of turmoil brewing just beneath the surface, but for the moment things seem like they are running along just fine to most people.  Unfortunately, this period of quiet is not going to last much longer.

    And those that are “in the know” are already moving their money in anticipation of what is coming.  For example, consider the words of  Snapchat founder and CEO Evan Spiegel

    Fed has created abnormal market conditions by printing money and keeping interest rates low. Investors are looking for growth anywhere they can find it and tech companies are good targets – at these values, however, all tech stocks are expensive – even looking at 5+ years of revenue growth down the road. This means that most value-driven investors have left the market and the remaining 5-10%+ increase in market value will be driven by momentum investors.

    It may not happen next week, or even next month, but big financial trouble is coming.

    And when it finally arrives, it is going to shock the world, even though anyone with any sense can see the coming crisis approaching from a mile away.

    Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.



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      1. Don’t worry because China and it’s gold backed currency will save us all, yay ! 😛


        • I don’t know why Michael Snyder, Mac Slavo,
          OutWest, or anyone else has to tell people
          where the bear shit in the buckwheat.
          If the unbelievers can’t see what’s right
          in front of their face, then they will have
          to take their chances with one foot over
          the cliff and the other on the banana peel.

          • OutWest, how many people have been warning the sheeple about what’s coming and for how many years? I tried talking to some neighbors about prepping right after Katrina and they just looked at me like I just came in from Mars. I never tried talking to anyone about it again. Most people never learn. You can’t fix stupidity.

            • What would you recommend a small family with very little money start doing?

              • I would recommend buying what would keep your family alive, and that is beans, bullets and bandaids, so start with buying some large amounts of staples, like pinto beans, rice, stuff that will keep for a long time, if you cannot afford much of a firearm, see what a used gun,22 rifle and 12 gauge shotgun and some ammo for them, yuo will have to feed and protect your family and minor meds, advil, soap neosporin, tape, etc etc. you’ll think of hundreds of things but start with what you’ll need to survive. hope this helps! there are lots of lists out there just use some good thinking before you buy.

                • That is one of the best replies I’ve ever read.

                  • I was thinking we all need to form our OWN town, carve it out of the raw land by working together (like Amish do?), then circle our wagons. I believe we’ll be given the time needed for such a thing don’t you? I also believe it could be a reality …one only has to believe that it can be (as a child does), and it shall be that way. So simple yet so far away from an adult mindset these days.

                • You have a lot of good advise to look at. Another few things to remember. 1. If you make any preps, you are ahead of 90 odd %. 2. The survival people have said for years. It’s not what you have, or know; it’s your attitude that counts the most, by far. People have survived incredible things simply because they didn’t give up. 3. Start small and grow. Don’t try to prep for the EOTWAWKI. Prep for life’s little issues first.
                  Prep for a few days without light and water, like a big storm, then prep for a little worse. All of your efforts will help in the next step

              • start canning now. Dry can flour and rice etc. keeps 20 years. we pressure canned the beans (already to eat and they have water) mre meals are expensive and they are bad for you. Apache gave you good advice also. Time is short, some is better than none.

                • Sorry… I wasn’t clear. The FishMox site is one place – out of many – to get fish antibiotics. Sorry I wasn’t clear there. But follow Dr. Alton’s advice. He will steer you right. You can also google Patriot Nurse as well – she is great. Sorry for the unclear earlier post.

              • YOU CAN ALWAYS “pray”…Prayer is powerful and it works if you’re sincere and pray in JESUS name.
                He knows the condition of your life as well as the condition of your heart.
                Perhaps try to secure a part time to supplement your income. Get into a good church, and hopefully you’ll have some decent neighbors when the poop hits the fan.

                • This is the best advice that most preppers miss – PEOPLE are going to be your greatest resource – societies are made and maintained by people; establish meaningful realtionships within your locality and work together to achieve goals once the SHTF. Churches are a great place to make meaningful relationships that will increase survival rates in a catastophe.

                • Unfortunately for “wandakate” and her fellow “Christians”, the Savior (whose GOD-GIVEN name is Yeshua, the Hebrew for “he will save” according to God’s instructions to Miryam and Yosef through the angel Gabriel per Matthew 1:21) and his Father actually require something in addition to a plea for help. It’s called OBEDIENCE to ALL of the commandments of both Father and Son (“every word which proceeds from the mouth of God”. And Yeshua prophesies just how ugly things are going to get when those who do NOT keep all of the commandments finally come up against THE Truth:
                  Mat 7:21 “Not everyone who merely calls me ‘Lord’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.
                  Mat 7:22 “MANY (Greek: polus – the majority) will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name cast out demons, and in your name perform many miracles?’
                  Mat 7:23 “And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE TORAH-LESSNESS.’ (Greek: anomia – lawlessness).”
                  NO EXCEPTIONS.
                  And there IS testimony IN THE “NEW TESTAMENT” that IT IS POSSIBLE to keep ALL of the commandments, in LUKE 1:5-6
                  Luk 1:5 In the days of Herod, king of Judea, there was a priest named Zacharias, of the division of Abijah; and he had a wife from the daughters of Aaron, and her name was Elizabeth.
                  Luk 1:6 They were both righteous in the sight of God, walking blamelessly in ALL of the commandments and requirements of YHVH (“the Lord”).
                  Ever heard THAT preached in any church? Probably not.
                  But it IS the truth, for all mankind.

                  • Exodus 20:8. The most important commandment because it contains God’s “Seal”.

                    • I am licensed and ordained (and “called” if you will), and you are correct for all you have written. So, there ARE still ‘the chosen’ out there, though they are few in number. Perhaps because there are so very many who have decided “their” beliefs are superior (even though their beliefs “are written to be blashemy”). I’ll hush…

                  • Bob, “But to the one who does not work, but believes in Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is reckoned as righteousness, just as David also speaks of the blessing upon the man to whom God reckons righteousness apart from works:” Rom 4:5,6

                    • John 14:15

              • Apache is correct. I think the only thing I would add (and I’m sure Apache would agree) is don’t forget water issues, which is utterly critical. Sawyer, Berkey, are a couple names, but do your research, Also google “expedient water filters” which will allow you to make a cheap home made filter – not ideal – to use in a pinch. Brown rice goes rancid, and white rice isn’t ideal, so I went to a Philippino corner store and got PARBOILED rice, the best of both worlds. Rice and beans complement to make a full protein, so those are good to store (just remember, beans will take water!) If you are concerned about meds, see Dr. Joe Alton, at Pick up Where There Is No Doctor and Where There Is No Dentist (google free download for both). Once site is Fish Mox Fish Flex
                71 S. 1380 W. Lindon, UT 84042, but there are others. Dr. Alton will guide you as to what to buy or not. Pick up some pre-1965 silver coins. Fernando Aguirre, at survived the Argentine 2001 meltdown, and is well regarded. Might check him out. The links to the left of this site are a good place to start as well. For firearms, the debate is endless, but .22 and shotgun (e.g., Mossburg 500) are places to start; perhaps a 9 mm handgun + training. And if you have kids, PLEASE store securely!!!

                We don’t know what will occur, so we need to both pray/trust, as well as do our due diligence to prepare. It is unfortunate that the leftists have taken the greatest country in the world and turned it into a cesspool, but we must deal with what is (as well as do all we can to turn it back) May God bless you as you try to care for your family!

              • The other replies here are good. However, often beginner preppers get overwhelmed by the sheer number of items to get, the complexity of planning, the conflicting advice and visions of how things will go down, etc.

                My advice When you go shopping for groceries or anything else that is critical to survival (OTC meds, etc.) just double your buy for anything that will keep a long time, like canned or dry goods. If you don’t have a lot of money you might not be able to completely double your buy, but do what you can, and do it until you don’t have room to put anything else. That will ensure that the things you are buying are things that you will actually use. That’s the simplest, most effective plan I know of.

                If you feel the need to have a firearm and don’t have one, I’d recommend starting with a used .22. They’re cheap and effective for the money. Work your way up to a few thousand rounds and keep at least that many around. Next I’d go with a basic used shotgun. I like pump action, but whatever seems good to you. Only after those two would I look at things like an AR-15 or whatever.

                I live in the north country, so winter heating is something to consider around here. A backup coal or wood stove is an excellent investment and they can be had used off of Craig’s List for a couple hundred dollars most of the time. If you’re lucky you could find one that includes the flue.

                To save money, Craig’s List and similar sites are your friend.

              • Stock up on water, foods with a long shelf life (canned goods, dry beans, rice), toilet tissue, a basic first aid kit

            • You’re a good man Braveheart, you are
              welcome at my campfire anytime my friend.

            • Hello braveheart old friend…

              I learned long ago, if it ain’t on TV, it just didn’t happen, ain’t real, “you made that shit up”, “you’re a real doom and gloomer”, “somebody will think of something”, “dude, we have technology”… all now become classics.
              Yeah, stick to your own knitting, since, well, most of the population of the Earth is doomed anyway… now we know why, there is a cost to being stupid…

              Later man.

              • “#3 McDonald’s has announced that it will be closing 700 “poor performing” restaurants in 2015. Why would McDonald’s be doing this if the economy was actually getting better?”

                I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to statistics. Perhaps Micky D’s is closing restaurants now, because people have recently found out exactly what they put in their food. They’ve been banned from operating in several countries, and in general, Americans are starting to turn away from contaminated and polluted “food” like they serve.

                I just think there is much more to it than this article suggests. McD’s has been hit hard recently by scandals involving what they’ve been passing off as food.

                IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME McD’s WENT UNDER. I always hated that fucking child-molesting clown…

                Good Riddance!

          • The problem is that most of the conventional media is telling everyone how wonderful things are and the data they are pushing is “Suspect”
            Most people are not exposed to the real facts, so how can they know what is coming?

            • Pick up Jim Rickard’s latest book. He has impeccable credentials (google his background for details). That’s place to start. And for Heaven’s sake, turn off the vile, disgusting leftist lamestream media, including their hourly anti-science faux global warming propaganda.

          • Outwest, They have to keep saying it because they’re attempting to reverse generations of brainwashing and dumbing down. No, no, I’m not slamming the human race being stupid. Well, at least not inherently. The simple fact of the matter is that there is a large group of humans that have figured out that enslaving by force is not very efficient. At the same time they have figured out that misdirection, ignorance and dumbing down of people make enslavement almost natural and all it needs is a little nudge from some hyped media and it keeps us all paying taxes and obeying color of law statutes and codes. The chains that are invisible are much more difficult to break than those that are chain you to the wall.

            Keep saying it Mac and everyone. It makes more difference that you know. Sure, man of us here realize it, and fankly, may get a little irritated at times by the repetitive nature of these articles. In the end, the world needs the info and countering the BS over and over is making a difference.

            There is only one word to describe these guys. They are crusaders in a battle of information.

            …and not just Mac and the “offical” bloggers and writers. To all of the comment posters, questioners, complainers, advisors, informers and critics. TPTB *DO* *NOT* want these subjects discussed or debated and that is exactly what we do!

            Keep up the good work. The road to any type of enlightenment is long and difficult, but, I see progress. Keep poking the edges!

            • @Nightranger,

              Couldn’t agree more with your analysis.

              Your Quote, “TPTB *DO* *NOT* want these subjects discussed or debated and that is exactly what we do!”

              That is so true. They indirectly control / occupy our time so as we don’t discuss these topics, and most importantly, so as we don’t physically act.

              Their method of choice….Time Control and tethering.

              For 40 – 60 hours a week, we are involved in work. Even if you don’t work, you are still tethered to your withdrawal.

              For 12 hours a day on Sunday, they have a pretty good idea that the majority of males will be tethered to the TV Sets. Throw 6 hours a night of sleep and one can well see that they have us controlled 73% of the time.

              Now, if you use drugs, drink, etc., that is another form of control. The logic being that when one is involved in the sobering up process, one cannot physically act. Talk a mean game yes, but physically act, no.

              Control, Control, Control….and tethering.

            • @Netranger and @Cellar spider,

              Do not forget the influence of mainstream religion. “Submit to Godly authority” is their creed. They are the Mother of Harlots that rides the Beast, the Harlot named ‘mystery’, and the Beast named Babylon the Great. Most people don’t understand that these are metaphors for the paradigm of Earth.
              They cannot see that we are caught in a matrix of illusion, where the illusion is controlled by the head of gold that makes the rule of gold, that; He who has the gold, makes the rules. That if all the prophecies are looked at properly, through the eyes of Gnosis, they become history.
              The year 2000 was the end of an age, which is two thousand years, right? And nothing much happened… the problem is the Zero point, or the ‘dividing of time’, was done improperly by the Roman Catholics. By Gnostic time, we have another 18 years or so until the end of the age, 2033-35, is the true end of the age. Plenty of time, for madness to creep across the surface of the Earth, plenty of time for the people to lose faith and the age of churches to come to a close, something wicked this way comes. Only those who have eyes that see, may survive.

              Our job, is to save something of civilization, so that we may “pound our swords into plowshares… and neither learn war, anymore”.

            • Thanks, NR. Very perspicacious. And keep up your own good work! 🙂 We have a zillion layers of Edward Bernays propaganda to undo!

          • I wondered why my buckwheat pancakes tasted funny….

            • LOL!!

          • Why? Because some people DO listen. Not many, but some. Many years ago, I bought into the leftist lies. However, people told me the truth and eventually I listened.

            I will continue to speak out to help others. As the New Testament says, God is not willing that any perish. We can do no less. But yes, there will come a time when those who persist in lies (think Hillary, the SPLC, the radical homosexuals, etc.) will have a day where there are no more tomorrows. That, too, is also in Scripture.

            You also forget that there will be many innocent that will be swept away or impacted by the implosion (e.g., the mentally retarded, the very elderly, babies, etc.) I will do what I can, as long as I can, to speak truth and justice. And continue to speak out against the leftist evil infecting this nation.

            • I too, once bought into the leftists lies of socialism. I just didn’t bother doing the math, because it all sounded so warm, fuzzy and kumbaya.

              But just because you can rationalize something, doesn’t mean it actually works that way.

              I’ve learned that there is some good in left and right, but it is the EXTREME left and right where it all goes awry.

              Now, I only look left and right when I cross the road.

          • This story has more lives than the “Rocky” franchise. Rocky made only 6 movies, although there seems to a seventh one coming out this year called “Creed”. But this sad tale (collapse) just won’t die a dignified death. We had the real deal back in 2007-2008, just like the original Rocky in 1976; both major ‘hits’. But at least the subsequent movies were actually about Rocky boxing; these stories of ‘gloom and doom’ have failed to deliver. We had the ‘death-blow’ coming in 2009, then 2010, then 2011, and we’re still hearing about it today in 2015. This beats the Rocky movies by one and it seems that there’s no let up. These poor writers of “Doom” are now grasping at quarters and even months for their predictions. There’s a fine line between hope and pitiful delusion. Maybe next week will be the real collapse-PLEASE!

            • I feel so sorry for you!!!

            • You are also correct. I can remember at least four “end of the world” scenarios in the mid to later half of the 18th century …one led by a woman whose name escapes me. Yet, these things keep coming at us. For one, “One day is as one-thousand years with The Lord.” Well then …that puts us waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down the road now doesn’t it? How many of you are aware that there is excellent evidence that this earth has been “erased” completely at least once in past times? (like stuff such as a spark plug device being found 17 miles down (in a mine) and other “wild but true” discovers. Anyone notice that UFO’s almost always “rise up” from belching volcanoes? (I’ve seen UFOs since I was about 7 years old ..and I DO MEAN I have seen them very close up, close enough to see into the windows and tell I was not looking at a human being – – now what’s with that stuff? In the early 1800’s, two green children (boy and girl), came out of a cave saying they came from deep within the earth where there was a “lighted sky but no sun” and lakes and rivers and such. The girl died of measles inside of a few weeks and I forget what happened to the boy …but it was not a ‘farce’. It is truth (I am from the place where it happened and have been far down into that cave …I tell you “they” (aliens??) are down there (or something “not of us.”) Interesting, but I don’t dwell on it like I used to. Thanks for your input above …interesting reading at this site, I love it.

        • Got guns?

          • Yes I do, but I have a bow too. A concealed pistol is probably the most effective SHTF weapon though.

            • A concealed self is the best “weapon.”

              • The mind is. But the man in gray is good

              • My preference is an unconcealed 12 GA. It will get you out of more trouble than a concealed 357. Problems tend to walk the other way.

                • Paranoid, the mere sight of a shotgun stops trouble before it can ever get started. I’m really impressed with my new Mossberg.

                  • I’ve seen folks walk away from an unconcealed fart.

                • AK-47 underfolder.

                • Paranoid,
                  you have to know what the circumstances are before you can decide what weapon to use, it is ALWAYS what is happening, you are correct most of the time a 12 gauge can be very threating, BUT if the bad guy or guys have already scoped you out and or high on drugs they will just shoot you before you know what happened, so being aware of situations and knowing potentials is the only real way to somewhat effectively handle each situation. and a back-up person with you is even better. keep your eyes open and your powder dry it is coming soon to a theater near you!

                  • No argument, but the issue was if I had my choice. I CCW a .357, with reduced V super hollow points. I don’t want to go in and out, into something I don’t want to shoot. BUT IF I KNEW I WAS IN TROUBLE. F it; I want either a full auto MBR or a riot shotgun. Out where there is no doubt what I do next.

          • Got ammo… and LOTS of it?

          • Acid, lay down the crack pipe.

            • Don’t proposition guys in cowboy bars in Wyo, they will just say yes and leave you hanging.

          • Acid; Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

            • When the “scotus” does mandate by law, that everyone accept gay marriage, in every state; without an outcry by the so-called 75% of USA Christians, by a march on Washington DC; it will be the final nail in the coffin of the US Constitution.

              We will see things escalate into a giant snowball headed for hell.

              God has been patient and kind with His Blessings upon a heathen governmental system in the USA/House of Israel.
              Those blessings will cease as they did upon the Israelite tribes being led by Moses. Ten times the people tempted God until He said that is it, and had it not been for the prayers of Moses, they would have been finished.

              God had finally lost his patience, as I believe He has today.
              He will protect and defend the many tribes of modern day Israelites and some Jews, that reside within the borders of USA, one more time.

              That time is about upon us, as the Gog/Magog armies prepare to invade this country. Russia is amassing large stockpiles of men and equipment as I write this piece.

              Nearly all preachers and so-called theology and escatology scholars teach the battle as being one exclusive to the land of Israel located in the Middle East, so, not hardly anyone is looking to the Arctic just north of Canada and Alaska as a route for invasion.

              God knows and has plans for those armies. It will be the biggest sign of God’s divine intervention into a multitude of lives as compared to the days of Moses. God will prevail and the believers will praise him. We will see it as a sign of the Saviour’s imminent return.

              The naysayers will continue to deny the truth and the love of Almighty God in Heaven. Their demise is as sure as the deaths of the 5/6ths of those that come to take a spoil and invade America, God’s America.

              Not the liberal political war machine America, that has used the American taxpayer’s blood, sweat, and tears for their own, NWO agenda. They are not true Americans nor are they lovers of God’s truth.

              But we all shall see soon, as the events unfold to allow prophecy to unfold just as it was foretold.

              Look up mighty Christians, for our redemption draweth nigh.

              • PWTW:

                What a great, truthful post. Thanks!

                • Well six,

                  I have your number and know your kind, and the way you people think/operate. It is a rationalization to make things fit into your “almost”, liberal mindset.

                  That is OK by me cause everyone has to sail their own ship, and i am the first to stand up and shout to the world that i am a sinner and not worthy of the blessings and knowledge that has been offered to me via the Holy Spirit.

                  Honestly, I had rather be fishing and friggin’ the rest of my days upon earth. Throw in a little huntin’ and huntin’ something to frig. i don’t apologize nor try to hide it, especially from God. You can’t con the Omnipotent Creator, nor can we hide anything. He knows all our thoughts and has a record of them.

                  But, because i love my Heavenly Father, and my Lord and Saviour, more than those earthly/worldly pleasures, I try to share what mine eyes and ears have been opened to. It is my cross to bear, in some ways. Am i always on the mark? hell no, because I am, but human in a flesh body and world. But I try!

                  I will respond to this one part, but, it is not for your benefit, but for the benefit of others that will accept truth, and/or at least do the research to try and dis-prove what is fact.
                  The fact is, when we understand that the modern descendants of Joseph are the people of the United States and Britain, we see that over the past three centuries God has been true to His promises. He has granted the physical birthright blessings of Joseph’s sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, to their modern descendants—the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic people of Britain and the United States. The Anglo-Saxon and Celtic descendants have been the primary founders and shapers of British and American culture.
                  Joseph, nor his father Jacob were Jews, nor practiced Judaism.
                  In fact, Jew nor Judaism existed even in the time of the Patriarch for which it is named, Judah.
                  The Jewish so-called scholars wrote and taught of Noah’s son, Shem, as being jewish; but that is just another false statement and belief.
                  So is the lie that the Jews are God’s chosen peoples….”hogwash”.
                  It was the Caucasian peoples that descended from the Chosen birthright of the tribe of Ephraim, that received the largest of birthright blessings, all the way from Abraham; thus the Abrahamic Covenant manifested upon these Caucasian peoples of North American, which does include Canada along with USSAG.

                  In 1790, nearly 80% of the total population of the United States were of Great Britian ancestry. Nearly 15% were of German/French/Dutch/Swedish ancestry, which at my last determination are/were, primarily….caucasian also.
                  So, without getting in to modern population statistics, we can easily confirm that the major populations of the Caucasian Americans were of Ephriam/Manasseh ancestry till this day also.
                  Therefore, we are as much, and more so, of the true Israelite Tribal Ancestry than even Great Britian today. Especially more than the Jewish state/nation of Israel.

                  According to reports from the US Census, in 2013, nearly 63% of the total population reported themselves to be white/caucasian.
                  According to statusticians and others, that figure is probably closer to 75%.

                  I am of patriarchial English descent, and therfore most likely of the Tribe of Ephraim. I don’t apologize for being of the chosen peoples nor for being caucasian, nor will I ever deny it. I am just plain thankful, and humbled by it.

                  If you are somehow ashamed or apologize for it, if you are caucasian and under the Abrahamic/Jacob birthright covenant, then maybe you would do better under the thumb of Pukin, whom you relish in.


              • It’s a good post PWTW, but fwiw, we might do well to remember that God created THE ENTIRE WORLD AND EVERYTHING ON IT, not just America. We are all His people.

                What you suggest, feeds into the “exceptionalism” ideology, and THAT ideology is what will be our downfall. WE, as a country, are NOT special in God’s eyes. God didn’t create countries, he created mankind.

                We are only PART of His creation. We have no more claim to this world than the next human.

                The idea that Americans are somehow ‘special’ is what is being distorted into the idea that it’s somehow up to us to change the world into our image, even by the use of force and murder. The idea that we are right, and the rest of creation is wrong.

                This is the same ideology that got Lucifer cast down from Heaven.

                This is the same ideology that the Globalist Elites use to justify murdering the majority of the population of the planet, and exploiting the rest for their own benefit.

                THIS IS NOT GOD’S IDEOLOGY. It’s a lie. There is no scripture that classifies people who live in this country as “chosen”, “special” or “exceptional”.

                THAT LIE IS TOLD MY MEN, NOT GOD.

              • I have never been taught that The United States is even remotely mentioned anywhere in The Good Book. “She” will be gone, long gone before the times you are speaking of come to pass. The “good” part is that Christians are very much now “taking the heat” …and for me that is a GOOD thing as it means I am that much closer to being with my loved ones who have passed before me …and death is nothing to be feared, but hallowed as it must be. Times were far better when everyone watched Billy Graham twice yearly were they not? 🙂

          • Acid,

            Have you ever thought about straightening out your life?

            It is possible, you know, but only if you want to.

            As it is, I don’t see you as one of the survivors if anything really major happens because people are going to simply reject association with you after they’ve gotten as much as possible from you if you have anything to give.

            No matter how the media may be playing it, the vast majority of people -worldwide and throughout history- reject what you stand for and will not want to be associated with you. What you keep to yourself usually goes ignored since it is your business but forcing it on someone else makes it his business and it won’t be winning you any friends, it will be making you an enemy.

            This is advice, not criticism.

          • The new AG wants to continue the policy of not allowing the banks to be involved in any business with State Legal marijuana merchants. Interestingly Wachovia Bank did not as the law demanded control $300 and $400 billion (no doubt much of it from cocaine) and received a $160 million dollar fine with no one prosecuted. That is commonly referred to as laundering.

            Yep you have to clamp down on those State Legal marijuana merchants. By all means make it a cash business requiring armed guards and then draw attention to the crime it generates because so much cash is present.

            Regardless of party we deserve better.

        • This site and most of the posters have laughed themselves into the land of psychotic. Not for what is said, but for how and how often.

          • BJ, braveheart in particular is not laughing about anything at this time. Not much to laugh about these days.

            • Braveheart,

              I think BJ is referring to the simple amount of repetition on this site, absolutely nothing new has been said here in years. Let me ask all of you a question, why do YOU care if anybody else listens to you and ” preps” or not? Is it affecting YOU in any way? If the answer is no, then why make such a big deal out of it? Human nature is what it is, when you keep continually telling people the end is near, the end is near, and it doesn’t happen, human nature dictates people stop listening because they’ve heard it many times before and nothing happens. Does this mean nothing ever WILL happen? Of course not, if you wait long enough eventually some type of disaster will occur simply based on mathematics, but to live your life looking for it every day is to live in fear every day, that much is an indisputable fact. Being prudent and having some reserve supplies is always a good idea for the unknown, but there are those who simply refuse to base on their lives on imminent disaster and try to live through every possible scenario at all costs, for those of us, life is far too short to spend it worrying about how it’s all going to end because like it or not, EVERYBODY’S life comes to an end sometime. It becomes a matter on how you choose to LIVE, and as long as you have 2 different people in the world you’ll have 2 different opinions on everything, so why spend time worrying about people who don’t listen to you? It’s pointless and will always be that way, regardless of if your intentions are well meaning or not, that’s just the way it is.

              • JR it may be the same song but I see new people asking
                questions almost every day. Lets help them get started.
                yes there are people that don’t want to listen, but some
                do. Helping people now is one less we may have to bury later. As I write we have people over learning how to can food and sharing tips on prepping. They’re new but want to learn. When SHTF I am going to need other people to help tend the garden, keep perimeter watch etc. We won’t survive long as loners.

              • “why do YOU care if anybody else listens to you and ” preps” or not? Is it affecting YOU in any way?”

                Ask me again after the shtf, and I have had to use deadly force to keep unprepared people from taking my preps by force. For best results, wait until after I’ve had a few nightmares in the aftermath.

                Ask the people who have already suffered shtf, and had their family members murdered, maimed and their stuff stolen, by people who felt they should have it, instead of the rightful owners.

                Ask anyone who has sat on a curb with nothing more than what they could carry, because someone else felt they were somehow entitled to what that person once had.

                Ask anyone who can’t afford to eat lobster, because the govt felt it was only fair to take from them, to give to people who didn’t earn it.

                Your question, Sir, is silly at best.

                • So YOUR paranoia constitutes what reality is? If everybody isn’t a prepper, they’re out to kill YOU and take all your stuff? And somebody NEEDS to have shtf in order to be robbed or killed? I’ve got some really bad news for YOU, you DON’T need any shtf type of event to be robbed or killed, it’s been going on since the dawn of time. I have no clue about your lobster comment or how it ties into my argument, sounds like a desperate reach of twisted logic in an attempt to try and support a point that’s contorted in a way to justify your personal paranoia. I’m not telling you NOT to be a prepper, do whatever the hell you want to, it’s your choice. What I’M saying is not everybody is going to live in fear of the future every day like yourself, and if you find that to be ” silly”, then no problem. I just don’t want to join in to your view that everybody is a potential enemy who’s out to ” get” me and my stuff and live like a frightened animal. Like I’ve previously said, everybody is going to die whether they like it or not, I refuse to spend every day worrying about how and when it’s going to happen, as far as I am concerned, that kind of thinking puts one foot in the grave already, no thank you, I’d rather live to my fullest potential and meet the end when it happens, not spend my life worrying about it, then you’re already half dead.

                  • Read my post again. Apparently, you missed the entire point. Never once did I say anything about what you should think or how you should live.

                    In fact, I never mentioned YOU at all.

                    You asked WHY. I gave you three possible reasons why. Don’t ask me if you don’t want to know, and then get mad when I answer.

                    • For Christ sake grandma, that’s the lamest ass response I’ve seen on this board in MONTHS. If you’ve got no point to your counter argument other than to bitch for the sake of being one, then kindly keep your yap shut.

                    • You’ll have to forgive me if I decline to take orders from you…hell has not frozen over just yet.

                    • No problem, just be advised that if you are unable to make an intelligent counter point to somebody else’s argument and come off like some angry adolescent who simply wants to bitch about somebody else’s point of view you’re going to get called out on it. Your argument was scatter brained and all over the place, out of left field and contained no logic, you simply wanted to show some type of childish disdain for a point of view other than your own and tried a really feeble reply to justify it. Maybe that works on kids, but I’d advise you not to try it again with anybody over the age of 12.

              • I do not think it is the end of the world coming as most think of it being. I believe it is the manner in which those at the top of the heaps are planning to force any and all beneath them, who are foolish/gullible enuff, to fall into their evil intents and then live in somewhat of a living hell until death. Putin isn’t playing any games, and China has melded forces with him ..the USA ‘biggies’ have played their last card and lost – – and now we are going to suffer for it like none has suffered before. Power corrupts, and corruption is the furtherance of more money and more power – a deadly and vicious cycle. “They” will hide in their mountains which are “prepped” beyond belief while they dash the hopes and ideas of modern day preppers as being foolishness. NOT! Once they have all taken refuge we need to ensure they can never come out again (like Cheyennne Mountain facility, or the Virginian mountain – sorry but I forget the name (and many others). I am not saying “do not prep” (because you must). For whatever you cannot do, it will be provided when you need it by the unforeseen. I’ve seen these things happen over and over in many places in the world (firsthand) …thus I believe since what I say is truth. Truth IS God. Lies …well, that’s everything else like Hillary, the feds, etc). (grin)

            • Sure there is brave. We can always laugh at ourselves, Hell, spend a few moments thinking of all the stupid things you have done and are glad most people don’t know. St Peter doesn’t frighten me with the bad things I’ve done; But the stupid ones I’d rather not hear all of them. I just look at the scars and remember.

            • Sure there is brave. We can always laugh at ourselves, Hell, spend a few moments thinking of all the stupid things you have done and are glad most people don’t know. St Peter doesn’t frighten me with the bad things I’ve done; But the stupid ones I’d rather not hear all of them. I just look at the scars and remember.

          • “It may not happen next week, or even next month, but big financial trouble is coming.”

            The markets are reaching new highs as the underlying data has shown declines in corporate earnings and housing with inventory build ups: a complete disconnect.

            The BIG money is exiting the markets while a few individual stocks skew their particular index: a CERTAIN precursor to a major correction or crash.

            Someone here has been saying for years that SHTF would happen in 2015. Who was that masked man?

            Its in the archives folks. I give it another month. 🙁

            • dk

              Anticipating your comment(s)at end of May…2015..


              • I am anticipating the comments at the end of September 2015 myself.

              • Posses ,
                Dk might be on to something , fed moving out of NYC , jade helm , 2 quarter economic report ,
                All pointing to something in that time frame and stepping up the War on Police ( media ) bad actors in the police , one massive Sci-op , notice how the news lately does not have any or very little international news . Baltimore about to explode in violence, people of the Christian Faith are being demonized . , it getting close to critical mass . OBola has a fixation with the Armenian Massacre .
                If you cannot see the trends you are blind . I agree with the poster a concealable handgun is the weapon for SHTF especially if on the move covertly ( magnum Revolver ) , that and a trusty well fitting blade .and a small well made ruck WITH ONLY THE ESSENTIALS . <20 lbs .
                Life goes to the swiftest when ithe EinSatzengruppen are entering your village and begin liquidating your neighbors ..
                This could rapidly devolve into something not seen for 75 years . Obolas plan is not from Marx , Engels or Lenin , its from Mein Kampf . life as we know it is coming to an end .

                And We are going to be the Jews .

                Prepare , keep your friends close and your enemies closer .

                Not by might , nor by power , but by my spirit .

                Semper Fi

              • Posse: Time will tell. Again, the PTB can stretch it out farther if they ratchet it down as they did on October 15th to the 21st of last year; (exactly as I predicted last September) for a ten percent correction.

                The markets are being set up for another correction with certain stocks moving their index up while the other stocks in that index move lower. That could happen any day, or not.

                If not, the pressure will build for a Crash. This could be another “practice run”; but world events could change that. IE the black swan.

                “The best laid plans of mice and men …” 🙂

            • Durango,

              No need to worry about things going south till you see things like McDonald’s and WalMart losing ground big time and no one stepping in to explain the decline as that business just going elsewhere.

              Those two would be the canary in the coal mine, so to speak, since their sales reflect the overall economic condition of the masses of commoners.

              • Monel: Mickey D’s sales may be helped by extending breakfast hours.

                Wally World must be authorized to accept ebt cards for other than grocery items.

                Think guns & ammo! 🙂

            • Durango K,
              you are correct about it coming, i have a friend who is in wallstreet and the scuttle butt is sept, oct. something goiing to happen, they say BIG crash. I know for a fact this person has moved his assets around from what he normally does. i guess we will see!

              • Apache54: I expect markets to move up from these new records for a bit as the latest new high was clearly manipulated and revealed by Zero Hedge.

                Why? Because the PTB always set new highs before a Crash so that they have both a measurement and a goal for the next Bull Run. 🙁

            • Durango kidd is the more financial guru here folks and I can’t believe he is saying financial trouble is coming. IF you are saying that, then it must be getting close. I like to talk about home tactics and realistic defense situations in our homes in around. Remember if you engage a “big enemy” and we all know who that is, don’t draw attention to your home or out of your home if you can. If you have all your supplies and food guns etc stored there, once a radio call is in on that property they will take and secure that area until its been dealt with. Make sure you don’t leave all your eggs at one place etc. IF you can remember most will have level 3+ or higher plates so that means your pistol rounds or even many ar-15 or ak rounds wont penetrate for a few shots. So I suggest close quarter shotgun 12 gauge buckshot to the face or even birdshot like #5-8 close up. Can’t see you can’t shoot. You make a clear shot from a distance at a femur bone and hit the artery they are toast unless they get help rather quickly. Many bad guys will be wearing plates on the quad section. Mainly SWAT teams will wear level 3 in the quads area that stop pistol but not ar-15 rounds. They make tights that are Kevlar that go around the legs and worn like underwear. Im just trying to educate the people that don’t know.

              A lot of us do but you only have a sec or less if you live or die so you don’t have a lot of time to figure out where your going to defend yourself on that person. If it comes down to a collapse start putting in earplugs to help you from flashbangs and loud loud gunshots in your direction. That will affect your focus when the threat happens. Most of us have never been down range with weapons firing at us so it can be very loud and frightening. You have to believe you are the better shot I mean it. I know that sounds stupid but if you don’t believe you can be the better, the shooter on the other end will be. He knows that he’s armored he has backup and knows you will be frightened. Their fear is the unknown of booby traps and unpredictable areas and people.

          • I do feel a bit psycho , lol, the thing is, OH GOD ! , well, it’s coming, we are fricken broken records, but when it hits, we can say WE KNEW IT, and
            hopefully not be caught off guard I know people think crime is up and things are changing, but they do not know how bad it will get, WE DO. it’s coming faster ,, so don’t stop thinking it won’t arrive, WE ARE NEARING THE COLLAPSE. ( hugs) to fellow preppers

            • God bless you, cheri, My thoughts exactly

            • Its coming some time this year!

          • Yes, BJ, we get a little wild sometimes. I like to think of it as fantasizing out loud.

            I have a good friend that has a parkinsons real bad. He doesn’t sleep well and when he is awake during the day he is, well, crazy. But, I’ve learned that you can work with it. If you treat it like a dream and realize you’re part of the dream you can interact with the dream and you can stear it and learn from it. It actually becomes and enjoyable experience. Instead of trying to drag them back to “reality” you actually join them on the trip. You learn things about the world and about yourself.

            I think many people say things for effect. They throw stuff out and see what people say about it. They don’t mean it and they don’t intend for you to take them seriously.

            You speak of credibility? Hehe. Anything is more credible than the LameStream. Good grief! …and probably 70% (and falling) think what they broadcast/publish is truth. Everytime I hear someone talk how this or that happened and someone says how it really happened, etc, I have to laugh outloud.

            I do agree, however, that some people push theories that are impossible a little too far. The best way is to drop into the conversation and rebut it. But! Be careful. They may end up talking you into believing.

            I believe God gives us conscience and all we have to do is ask and he will reveal what things are.

            The fact is, without any hype, the financial world is falling apart. Hype or no hype, we need to be ready.

            • Sometimes I need to step away from the doom porn for a bit. It does get into my head at times and get me anxious if I am not watchful and self controlled. But I don’t stay away long because the normalcy bias is so strong in society that it scares me more than being obsessed with the fear porn. In fact, there isn’t enough ‘fear’ to balance out the normalcy bias.

              I’m using the word ‘fear’ but that isn’t exactly the right word.

        • Yes the deflationary death spiral is what you have to watch out for. Falling oil and commodity prices sound good but they are a very bad indicator. Gail Tverberg (an Actuary) has always been right and has written some pretty scary stuff on this topic at

        • Gold as money is the best idea, open a gold savings account today to create a personal Bretton woods as TX did. I can help anyone to open a free account.

      2. The dog days are over.

        • NAH It’s all sunshine, lollipops,and rainbows.. The Unicorns are pooping Skittles and Chocolate drops. You people are all going to get bad Karma with your opinions.
          Just to be a nice guy and help you all out, I’m making a special one time offer to take all gold, silver, and ammo off your hands to help you improve your mood. I’ll even pay postage. After I get it.

          • Save postage on ammo and send it “air mail.”

          • You preppers need to stop hoarding my food.

        • “The dog days are over.”

          Yep, but just remember that “every dog has his day”, even if he is a son of a bitch. 😉

      3. Kind of like death by staple gun or being staked over bamboo shoots or sticking your head in a 200 degree oven or starving to death. It just drags on forever it seems. Can we just get this shit over with before I die of natural causes lol.

        • It does feel like a slow motion train wreck…

          • Eppe,
            HEY!! i think i see the light at the end of the train tunnel, or was that just the train flipping over again! LOL, i feel like you do, but maybe they will be correct this time for a sept. or later big implosion!

          • A54, wished I had a crystal ball, short the market the night before, and ride it to the bottom.
            I know the minute I do so, all markets would go up another 100 %. Would hate to lose what little I have.
            Strange, but at work, it is going crazy doubling in size next year. Guess all the world wants fiber & wireless.
            Feast or famine…
            Glad it is a feast at this time…

            • Eppe:
              Please give us a, the end of the world as we know it joke, We all could use a good laugh.
              Plus it’s Friday and I’m stuck at work!;-{
              S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

              • What did the cannibal say when eating a Democrat?

                Taste like ass, need garlic…

                • THANKS THAT HELPS!;-}

                  • Reb,here’s one for ya’s:
                    How can you tell when a man has French Asma(spelling?)?
                    He can only breathe in snatches!

                  • One cannibal asked the other if he was having
                    a good time.
                    The other cannibal replied, I’m having a ball.

                    • OutWest, be careful with that one. It might bring acid out of his mommy’s basement.

                    • I see a whole lot of folks here who are off their anti-psychotic meds; Acid Etch and DK are the front runners, but they have a lot of company. Collapse is coming, collapse is coming, we’re all doomed. That old story has been around since at least the 1970’s and had its most recent revival in 2008. And yet we’re all still here, aren’t we. When your Mad Max/Red Dawn fantasy continuously fails to match reality is when you, and you know who you are, really need to get back into therapy and back on your meds before they come for you and take your guns as a precautionary measure.

                    • Dr. Fraud,

                      Perhaps you would be referring to those who wish to serve ” lead nutrients” to the many agencies/organizations that are on a mission to ” get” them?

                • Reb, Heres one that needs repeating:

                  One day a man walks into a sex shop
                  The clerk asks “how can I help you?”
                  Man: “I want a sex doll”
                  Clerk: “do you want a male or female?”
                  Man “I want a female”
                  Clerk:” do you want black or white?”
                  Man: “white please”
                  Clerk: “do you want muslim or christian?”
                  Man: “what difference does that make?”
                  Clerk: The christian doll has a valve here you have to blow into to fill it. The muslim doll blows itself up ” 🙂

                  • Good one Genius, funny how telling a joke is a good thing to get us thru this mess.
                    Bless all here…

                  • Genius:
                    Thanks!;-} now I have to clean the screen off I just spit coffee all over it.
                    S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

                    • what are the 4 kinds of orgasms a woman has?

                      The positive orgasm: oh yes, oh yes

                      The negative orgasm: oh no, oh no

                      The religious orgasm: oh god. oh god

                      The fake orgasm: Oh bama, Oh bama

                    • That’ll teach you to try to read and drink coffee at the same time 🙂

                  • Genius, damn good one. Eppe, looks like you have some competition.

                    • Brave, any joke from anyone is great.

                      Cheri, welcome to the ‘plan’.
                      Us preppers are all crazy until the world turns upside down.
                      Been waiting 2 decades now.
                      Still watching…
                      Bleed all here

                • “What did the cannibal say when eating a Democrat?”

                  Somehow, I expected you to quote Crocodile Dundee when he referred to some plant that he had picked… “tastes like shit, but you can live on it”. 😉

                • Eppe, you mean the cannibal ate a commie and lived to tell about it? Now that IS amazing!

                • Acid was walking down the street with his fag-buddy.
                  They see a dog on the side of the street licking it’s balls.
                  Acid’s fag-buddy says “I wish I could do that”.
                  Acid replies, “ya better pet him first”.

                  • Thanks a lot. Did you ever think if I didn’t have to put up with so much bigotry and hate all the time from your generation, I would be a whole lot nicer? Why do you feel the need to constantly bash gays? Why is it so damn important to you anyway?

                    • Acid; you reap what you sow.

                    • I love ACID.

                    • I only sling it back after it hits me. What have I done to you etch-a-sketch, besides be older than you say you are?

            • Apache,as the song says,the light at the end of the tunnel is just a freight train heading your way!

              • Warchild,
                That was good and I hope NOT true but i guess i will find out soon enough! thanks for the LOL, much appreciated!

            • I just bought sqqq’s with everything I have. Making that commitment to the downside because the market always goes down from the high.

          • I’m a come Lord Jesus man… but the more I read about the tribulation, the more I like the delay we are experiencing…. it’s gonna get bad, a 100 on a ten scale bad.
            Now is the time to network with those who have eye’s to see. Be sure to plan for the massive nuclear attack that appears to be on the near horizon…… better safe than sorry, and fairly easy. Three feet of dirt, two feet of concrete, three to ….. days in seclusion. Don’t ingest any particulate matter after the fact, and keep the particulate matter off you. Down load the material now…. God bless, he’s coming folks, get it together now.

            • Or save all that mess and don’t be at ground zero.

            • Ahhh, eschatology. Pre, post, mid…amillennialism, preterism, dominion theology…..OY VEY! The head spins….

              Live like Christ and we will see.

        • Or waiting for old coach to actually read and be informed before responding to my posts lol.

        • Or being peeked to death by a duck…sorry, couldn’t help myself.

          • PECKED, not peeked. Geez!

      4. Equities with P/E ratios above 100 must be good, because there are so many of them.

        The Fed has managed to inflate the greatest asset bubble in human history with QE.

        Should end well.

        • “The Fed has managed to inflate the greatest asset bubble in human history with QE.”

          That they have, AC. They have confused inflation with growth. We have little to no growth, the economy stinks, employment stinks, wages stink, labor participation rate stinks, exports stink, and somehow we have a stock market that is at or near all time highs. One need not be a rocket scientist to see a H-U-G-E disconnect here, yet the Fed acts as if “all is well and, hey, what’s the problem?”.

          • We need the banks, they made amerika rich:) if not for them we would still be living like slaves on Jefferson ‘s plantation:)

      5. i’m starting to think it would be “best for all” if ‘hitlery clinton’ aka nicknamed by the Zog Secret Service ‘Lucifer’ after she attacked one of them with a whiskey glass when he refused to be her manservant and give her a refill, was elected the next NWO Zog Puppet Prez!

        simply to ‘speed up’ the whole ‘NWO U.N. Agenda21 designed GLOBAL collapse and ONE WORLD GLOBAL ZIONIST GOVERNMENT debt enslavement of society thing’ of once free zog amerika.

        cause this sheeit is getting as boring now as watching paint dry.

        we all know the end game! we know what and why they are doing it! And we all i know it is gonna be a genocidal hell for the 99% of us and all generations hereafter.

        why is there no ‘true leader’ amongst us all to really get organized and take the NWO ZOG down?

        i find the lack of true gentile goy ‘rebellion leaders’ with the brains and balls to do it, very disheartening as of late.


        • Solus, It’s called whack a mole. Stick your head up and you get whacked. It’s going to play out the way it’s going to play out. The ptb have been extremely successful at dividing the goyem and they know it. I don’t need a leader I can lead myself as to what I think needs done. I know it’s frustrating they way this crap is playing out but small groups will be the ones who make or break the outcome (guerilla warfare). If they fail it’s all over but the screaming. Some chinese guy once said “may you live in interesting times”. It doesn’t get more interesting than this (except the waiting). Carry on my friend 🙂

          • IT’S getting close to HONEY BADGER TIME for me!

            if you know what i mean.

        • I worry if a dyed in the wool conservative wins the White House, then we will see the PTB trigger the great collapse that progressives have been engineering for decades. And, they will blame the conservative movement and president for the failure they make happen. All the FED needs do is raise interest rates a 1/4 percent and it all explodes. Then they will use their power to manipulate the economy to strong arm the conservative president to the dark side.

          If the crash comes while Obama is still in the White House, it will only be because it’s so bad, they totally lost control! That would be a very, very, bad sign. TEOTWAWKI!

          If he crash timing looks like a perfect hit on conservatives and constitutionalists it would indicate they have engineered a planned crash? And there will likely be protected islands in society.

          • Let’s all not forget that the elites stacked the govt with republicans now, because they know the repubs are more likely to go for the TTP and more likely to go for a war we don’t need. I think the only way we’d get attacked by Russia or China first, is if it’s a false flag that we didn’t recognize.

            I expect that false flag to happen.

        • Things I trust more than Hillary Clinton:

          * Mexican tap water
          * A rattle snake with a “pet me” sign
          * O,J. Simpson showing me his knife collection
          * A fart when I have diarrhea
          * An elevator ride with Ray Rice
          * Taking pills offered by Bill Cosby
          * Michael Jackson’s doctor
          * An Obama nuclear deal with Iran
          * Gas station sushi
          * A Jimmy Carter economic plan
          * A cigar in Bill Clintons’ hand
          * Brian Williams news reports
          * Loch Ness monster sightings
          * Prayers for peace from Al Sharpton
          * ………….

          • Pog, now that was funny, but true…

          • NAILED IT, hahahaha!!!!!!

          • Of that list, I’m more likely to trust the loch ness monster sightings…

      6. September. Read The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah.

        • You can listen to the audio book of “The Harbinger” on Youtube read by the author.

      7. I keep hearing the same old story, that the sky is falling and it does, but not enough to make that much of a difference. After more that 30 years watching what is going on I have come to the belief that this just might be the mother load of SHTF.
        I’ve gone through the 70’s with high inflation and gas shortages, the late 80’s with stagnation and a market crash and then again in the 90’s and now 2001 market and 2008 market. Now the death of the dollar and the country being over 18 trillion in debt, market so artificially inflated that it looks like an over filled balloon ready to pop.
        Do I think it will shock the world this time, some of it will be shocked maybe 40% the other 45% are so brain dead (Zombies. They will not notice only after there hand outs and there government checks stop and by then they will be dead or dying. The other 10% to 15% will be ready. Like the people that are on this site. We have been watch and getting ready for the sh*& to hit the fan for a long time.
        With everything that is going on now if we make it to November with out anything big happening I be surprised.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

        • First to call a number. DOW JONES 12000 within the next 6 months. There you go. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. May not sound like much, but this is a world of hurt for a but load of people. About to retire, think again. Some of the peeps are about to get hosed.

        • When the sky finally falls im going to break out the celebratory sparkling cider, then go out n pull weeds,
          Same shit different day eh!
          Im actually looking forward to it, nowhere to go but up then…

          • @Kula… I hope that you can hang in there, man. I feel for anyone on an island that survives because of large imports when those imports stop coming. But you seem like a very resourceful guy, so you will be among those who make it through the coming SHTF.

            • Im part of the group considered old school!

          • GTL and Kula:
            I just wish it would get here this waiting for the other shoe to drop is becoming a pain in the A**
            S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

            • Is kinda like Chinese water torture!

        • I’m with you Reb

        • Yep, i read a book recently that said financial collapse was imminent, only weeks away. But the book was written in the 70’s hahahahaha. The author got rich and moved to canada, slaves.

      8. Fed notes…..coming out from the south end of a north bound horse…without Charmin.

      9. #5 ……………..

        Price of coal could also be dropping because of less demand as the U.S. shifts to natural gas to replace it and mandated -mandated because they are expensive- alternative energy sources (such as Bird Blenders and Solar) both here and in Europe reduce the need for new plants.

        It would be interesting to see a total megawatts of production chart for the world, that would be a really strong indicator, but I have no idea where to look for such information.

        • More likely people are watching expenses and turning off lights and appliances to cut electric waste.

          I have to say I did take a bite out of my electric bill by using compact fluorescent and LED bulbs in all my high use light fixtures. As well I have improved efficiency of appliances as old ones break and need replacing. It really is pretty amazing that a 5watt LED bulb can put out as much light as a 45 watt incandescent.

          When I had a ten day power failure a couple years ago and we ran on a 5.5 KW/240 generator I slowly brought up all the critical loads, and then added up lighting needs. To run my house lighting exactly as we did normally, including outside security lighting, was only about 135 watts. This is like ten 13 watt CFL bulbs using less power than two old style 75 watt bulbs. This used only about 2.5% of my generators capacity, so we ran all the lights we normally did without a hitch.

          I have an out of work relative who would never buy a compact fluorescent bulb because they have mercury in them. He’s getting a bag full of LED bulbs for his birthday!

          • I am sorry, but you just fried your brain by accepting those compact fluorescent bulbs. They emit radiation constantly, too. Check it out if you don’t believe me.

            • Fluorescent light cause pimples. Zits are bad, if you have a lot you will need to get acid etched 🙂

            • Everything emits some radiation check it out;)

          • Cutting electrical waste is probably true.

            However, in terms of saving money, it’s a no-win situation…unless you can disconnect from the grid.

            Five years ago, I set about to cut my usage by installing CFLs, putting a small grid-tie online and installing a hot water heater timer to allow my HW heater to come on for only 2 hours a day. I also built a solar HW panel that tied into the water heater with a 12 volt computer cooling pump (for off grid) to circulate in the summer and a coil in my wood-coal furnace to circulate in the winter.

            I got my electric bill down to a low of $36 for one month in this house. Since then, it has steadily increased back to where it was before the changes I made simply because the cocksucking electric company continuously raises their rates to compensate for lower usage.

            Fucked if you do, fucked if you don’t.

            When TSHTF I will be waking up and going to bed when the chickens do.

        • Try CAISO. for California. and yes, the daily MW demand has dropped over the last few years which is good in a way for CA because they don’t have the Gen hydro capacity this year as the reservoirs are all real low.

      10. They keep feeding us shit sandwiches mmmmmmm yum. I don’t have stocks I don’t wanna gamble in the stock market. I look at it like this people think the casino was built to make them rich are they stupid or what. They are being nickel dimed to death

        • And yet, people continue to make money in the stock market. The past 6 years have been a great time to be invested in stocks. That said, I am getting leery of this market too. It seems to have found a top, is bumping along the top around 18k, is looking for the future direction, and isn’t finding it. That almost always comes before a significant market pull-back.

          The past 4 years have been a good time to accumulate gold and silver, however. Prices have been stacker-friendly. Those who measure everything in US$ have been whining about it but those who measure things in ounces are quite happy.

      11. Only one word. WHEN?

        • Three words… no one knows.

          But then, does “WHEN?” really matter? Probably not, if you believe that the S will HTF and that it is better to be prepared for that than not. So, prep and stack as best you can. Don’t waste time. You’ll be more ready than more than 95% of the people out there and that will give you some pretty good odds of making it through whatever comes, whenever it comes.

          • My sweety is only sorta on board, pretty frustrating, so im disguising it as self sufficiency,

            • You know Kula my wife was not on board for many – many years until last year. What turned her one day when she was giving me shit about being all doom and gloom was when I showed her the statistics on the percentage of people who prep. I asked her if she thought 2% of the U.S. population is crazy? I then told her that prepping is my hobby. That hobby thing seemed to make everything OK??? WTF??? Whatever, she no longer bothers me about how much I spend or how much time I use. In fact the other day she asked me if I was sure we had enough water? Again, WTF??


              • Oh, I got a better one…today my husband has his morning info download and He asks me if he can put curtains in his new office and can I come up and help him make it look ‘cool’?

                I truly had no words. None.

            • The wife is on board so long as I keep enough juice going into the teevee so she don’t miss Nancy Grace.


            • Mine too. Kula. I told her a.) that just as she like to make a home (doilies, nice tea cups, etc.) men are similarly wired to protect their family; and b.) every man has a little bit of a McGuyver in him. Both those comments seem to help her process and allow what she would rather not think about. Finally, her family lost her farm as a kid in Ontario, so she does know bad things happen. You might refer back to some time in her past when something unexpected but bad happened. Just some thoughts.

      12. I was crazy when I got here, but I’m all right now.

        • In times of deciet, the truth is a revolutonary thing!

          • You might suspect you are insane when
            you start shooting your neighbors
            elfin lawn ornaments.

            • “O.W”
              I thought that he was putting them out so I could improve my Sniper Skills.
              Are you telling me that the lawn ornaments aren’t for that? Maybe that is why I keep learning new cuss word from him.
              Now what am I going to do for targets? Any advised?

              • gophers, lots of gophers 🙂

                • Sgt. Dale
                  Democrats fly real good out of
                  a clay target thrower. PULL!!

                  • Blacks fly just as good,
                    but they are hard to see
                    against the night sky.
                    Oh!, shame on me.

                    • We Bad, We Bad!!!

              • Benie Baby’s, Nice puff when hit, very sporting at 200yds.

            • Outwest:
              I shot the knome(sp) but I did not shoot his deputy(elf)
              I swear your Honor, he came at me with a pitchfork.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

              • You guys shoot my lawn jockey and I’m gonna be pissed.

                • Overwatch:
                  He will be just fine as long as he does not come at me with a weapon in his hand!!!!
                  S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                  • He only has a little lantern in his hand, my friend.

                    • Is he one of the old black ones?

            • “You might suspect you are insane when you start shooting your neighbors elfin lawn ornaments”.

              That’s just a little crazy. Insane is when you think that they are shooting back! 😉

              • How can you tell when preppers move in next door? They never stop moving stuff inside.

      13. Flamingo’s everywhere, I tell you.

        • Slingshot:
          Flamingo’s, taste like chicken, but a little gamier?
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • They taste like shrimp!

        • I thought those flamingos tasted like plastic. DAMN!

          • Not much meat on em either

            • Genius:
              A little hot sauce goes very well on them. You have to boil them to get them soft. If you fry them they just melt down to what looks like is pink grease!;-}

              • Had a dog, who loved cat turds. Put hot sauce on one he had, he still ate it…
                Makes one wonder????

                • Deep fry them and you might just have something there, Eppe.

                • Eppe:
                  Well you know what they say, Hot sauce can make almost everything taste better, Just ask any Marine or soldier!;-}

                  • I had a rabbit feasting on the wife’s favorite flowers in the front landscaping. I mixed a bit of egg white, water, and a whole lot of hot chili and cyan pepper and sprayed it on the flowers. That damn rabbit started looking for just the plants I sprayed. I figure Obama helped that rabbit cross the border from Central America, and he thought I was making dinner just like mamma did!

                    By the way repelling critters from your garden is a great use for expired “self defense” pepper spray. It’s a bit hotter than what I mixed.

                  • A little bit of sriracha sauce makes the s@it sandwich go down better .
                    Hint stock LOTS of Sriracha sauce .

                    Semper Fi

              • LOL, It looks to me like all you guys live in senior neighborhoods.

      14. The us dollar will eventually lose its status as the worlds reserve currency. And on that day, whatever is said in Washington will not matter to another country because there will be a new king of the hill.

        • “The us dollar will eventually lose its status as the worlds reserve currency.”

          Yes, it will, and I am definitely NOT looking forward to that day. The whining, crying, and finger-pointing in DC will be of epic proportions. The worst of it will be the comments of “who could have seen this coming???”. Who, indeed… other than everyone not suffering from a rectal-cranial inversion. X-[

      15. At this stage the wife and I are chipping away at getting all preps rounded and topped off. We think it is coming soon. Good luck to all friends here.

        • Best of luck in all this SR. It’s great that you have a wife who supports you in this. My wife does as far as food and water go but I cannot convince her that a) silver and gold are REAL money; or 2) that a US$ devaluation and / or collapse is in the works, so those without gold and silver are gonna suck it down sideways. She finds it humorous that I put “money” into buying “metal”. Never mind that these metals ARE money! To her, money is what spends. :-/

          • Just remind her about Congress setting us up to pay for the banks losses in the derivatives markets when the SHTF starts happening.

          • Thankfully, by the grace of God, I got it right with my wife. We have teamed up and pretty much work together to make sure we are as prepped as we can be. Supplies as well as skills. She reminds me of Sixpack, talented and wise. We recenntly got into metals, but I have to admit I do not like paying the premium for the transaction.

          • hubby thinks his 1972 VW bus is precious metal 🙂

            i buy the g & s when he’s not lookin’.

            • Is funny, folks used to scoff at the 70s models, they all wanted the 60s and earlier models, but now your starting to see souped up restored bugs and busses from the 70s,,,
              How times change,
              Still want a baby window though,

          • Would be nice to get hubby on board. I have preps stashed away that he would call me crazy if he knew about.

      16. Was going through some papers the other day and came upon something I had jotted down and left in one of my three ring binders. It begins: “It has always been my firm belief that while in the womb that our ‘life clock’ spring is slowly being wound. Upon birth, the spring of the clock is released and commences to wind down. Everyone to some degree has their spring wound the same as us, less than us, or more than us. Often when faced by someone dear to us that passes, we grieve and with much anguish we ask ‘why’ or ‘what if’ the tragedy. There is no relevance to these questions. To reason so would be like wondering if the last breath was on the ‘tick’ or the ‘tock’.

        “Our Appointed Time”-Author Unknown.

      17. Yawwwwwnn
        Wake me up when we get there k

      18. You can keep your doctor.

      19. FLUSH !

      20. Not sure any of this is going to happen during a US election cycle. Now – mid to late ’16; yeah, that could be some interesting times.

        • Mid to late 2016 is the election cycle up through Nov 8th of that year.

          Things seem to be getting off to an early start, but IMO it’s all just a show to wear people down and think they actually have some sort of choice.

      21. Folks and kind friends on this site: get everything you can now while you still can! The days to get; are now numbered 120 at the most. IMHO.

        Sgt; ran across 54R spam can at $99.00 limit two, picked up 2 cause my Mosin still likes to eat. 880rds. of steel core, you have to love it, so if you don’t have a Mosin get one if you can.

        • “C”
          That is a great price.
          Live my Nagants some much I now have 5 of them! Cost less than one AK for all 5 of them. I see now that the price has gone way up. Maybe time to sell on or two and pick up more AMMO.

        • Stop hoarding my food slaves. But you can have all the old spam you want.

          • Mossins are junk, buy a SCAR 17 that way at least the rifle is worth steeling.

      22. When it does happen,I would like to see the banksters jumping out of the windows at 50 stories high and see them go “splat”. They get what they deserve.

      23. Nepal earthquake: Hundreds die, many feared trapped

        “The 7.8 magnitude quake struck an area between the capital, Kathmandu, and the city of Pokhara, the US Geological Survey said.

        Tremors were felt across the region, with further loss of life in India, Bangladesh, Tibet and on Mount Everest.

        The government has declared a state of emergency in the affected areas.”

        Drudge Report

        • wish Be I were here to update us on this quake !!

        • Sad,, quite serious, Lord help these folks smacked by this

      24. Know what is scary when we are not surprised at the rediculous shit the gov is pulling. I know I’m desensitized. I don’t care and it don’t surprise me either. The media talks about all this but nobody does anything in gov there is no solutions we are fucked plain and simple make your final preparations.

        • What is even more scary is how there are so many people who have no clue at all what is going on in the world beyond their little day to day routine and what shows are on the tele,,,
          Sorta freaks me out.
          Like simple stuff,
          The last tsunami warning, and evacuation, i didnt and dont need to go anywhere, but can see through spotting scope and hear from guys i know who live in evac zone,
          The stores empty in less than half hour, people lined up for miles for gas and to get into the empty stores, fights, theft, etc, and then there is what people who had the evac order took with them, some were on it, but most,
          Lawn chairs, beer and sodas and chips, surf gear,
          Just freakin amazing, if we had a tsunami these people mostly would have been homeless and SOL,,
          One of these days it will happen, its gonna be ugly

      25. Some of you deride progressives. Without progress we are perpetually stuck in this present quagmire. The present two party-one direction tyranny is not interested in progress, only maintaining the status quo. No competition, no innovation is no progress. Be good patriotic citizen’s and vote for Bush, Rubio, Clinton or for that matter any other potential stuck in treason offering. The pressure to choose one is all encompassing. Hoodwinked yet again!

        • You may not be fully understanding the term “progressive”.

          It’s the neolingo for the Marxist/socialist, and doesn’t stand for making progress in anything other than total individual subjugation to the State.

        • Aljamo:

          Lots of difference in the “progress” we wish for and the progressives agenda in America.

          The founders believed that all men are created equal and that they have certain inalienable rights. The main rights were thought to be life and liberty.

          Enter the progressive (liberal, communist) view of the above.

          The progressives rejected these claims as nieve and unhistorical. In their view, human beings are NOT born free. John Dewey, the most thoughtful of the progressives, wrote “That freedom is not something that individuals have as a ready-made possession, it is something to be achieved”. In this view, freedom is not a gift from God, it is a product of human making, a gift from the state.

          Since human beings are NOT naturally free, according to Dewey, there can be no natural rights or natural law.

          Dewey also wrote–“Natural rights and natural laws exist only in the kingdom of mythological social zoology”.

          Communism/liberalism=progressives. They pick and choose winners and losers; has nothing to do with the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

          And most of us are “not in that club”.

          Progress and progressives….entirely different animals.

          • Excellent post. Dewey is now not-so-enjoying his non-reward, I’m afraid, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

      26. Black crime and violence is the most covered up thing in Western countries. The police and security services know the truth: it is off the charts and getting worse.

        They feel emboldened by the president and feel they can just grab the wealth rather than work for it.

        Look at the migrants now flooding into Europe: it is like a fire sale at Walmart.

        This will lead to a showdown sometime soon: will the other communities put up with it? Think of the Mexicans, the Asians, the Russians and Eastern Europeans: are they going to take being stomped on? All these groups work very hard and are net wealth creators. They may not be ‘white’ but they are ambitious and hard-working. Will they want that torn apart by people who like to wreck things?

        • Well said Frank.

      27. Second amendment open carry would solve the problems of robbery, burglary, and assault.

        It’s our natural right of self defense, ya know. Open carry is a deterrent to anyone who would think about doing you harm. Then we could abolish all the police departments and revenuers. Good riddance.

        Fuck all those who would harm us…thug cops and thug blacks alike…

        • Actually a lot of crime goes down in areas where many are already armed as criminals tend to prey upon other criminals. The drug laws created an atmosphere of illegal activity. The St Valentines Day Massacre did not occur between Miller and Coors.

          An armed law abiding civilian population inhibits criminal activity but taking away the incentive is vitally important too.

      28. What Sgt said it’s a matter of when?.

        At least we got the warning a few years ago from that bull Dike Janet napalitano..for head of DHS, about it not a mater of if but when..this is what’s so scary because we are in the when and it’s now longer the if, we are literally in it now..we are literally on the threshold of the “SHTF EVENT HORIZON”..

      29. Hey Wolverine, so people may think your comments are too severe. But I can honestly tell you that you are right on the money..look At the crap that they are doing now and the grocery stores are full and water is coming from the foccet…once the the food and water supply cuts off,and the cabal takes down the grid, those thugs are going to multiply times a 1,000, and it’s going to be a World War Z type of playout….they will be thirsty, hungry and they are coming for us….the apartment complexes, these thugs will destroy all them within 4 days, then they exist, and head for the subdivisions and advance North..based in Houston Texas, and the surrouding cities. The jade helm boys will be so distracted by the 100,000’s of thousands of raging maurading thugs, that Patriots will be the least if their worries, thats at least the way we see things here, those thugs, soldiers, UN, Nato, they are going to have to turn back

        As they run back to base, and tell their Nato captains, what the hell did you get us into..that it I quit.

        My scientists friend laughs at Jade helm. According to him Jade helm soldiers will be dead and gone in 3-4 months..when the shtf kicks in when 300,000,000 pissed off people armed to the teeth suddenly run out of food and water, then the grid gets taken down by the military. Then he looks are me ask me if I read One second after.. his source told him that that book is the one the cabal recommended for their insiders to scientist friend busted out laughing, hah ahaa haha. I have laugh, we are so screwed it not even funny..that’s why I packed up and ran the hell out of town according to him. I almost crapped by pants and lost bladder control after talking to him recently. He says they have noth?g to worry about, they will be running into DUMBS. This is what they told him is coming. We are all sitting around the table with him, asking ourselves, what the hell are we going to do next?

        What can we do as preppers?

        The response from the citizenry will be none the less horrific. We have open Carry now passed in Texas. Red necks and hillie billies advised me on a few things I needed to know.
        The cops tell me a good 12 Guage pump is needed. Gee how comforting, not even the cops will be around to save our azzes.

        Most preppers will need a good reliable pump shot gun, or a Mossburg 500 variety, Remington 870 or the A1, and plenty No-4 and plenty of 00-buck shot..Remington Acu-tips, for more distance of 100 yrs to drop big thugs with body weight in excess of 230-350 hungry pissed of gangster thug, for possible bigger game, etc.

      30. Acid Etch..”The old people shot down medical marijuana in FL last November”. Every “old” person I know voted for it. Actually the corrupt gang of thieves in Tallahassee made a law that 60% of voters had to approve a citizen’s initiative to pass. Forget 50% being a majority, these evil ass elected clowns don’t work for the people of Florida. All of them freaking suck going back a ways, from Jeb the bad joke, to the present on the take senators Rubio and Nelson, to that creepy bald headed Mr. clean Rick Scott. And right on down the line to local yahoos. Don’t forget the greedy tourist feeders, big pharma, big tobacco and the cops, all who stand to have their thievery curbed. The people overwhelminly support not only medical cannabis but recreational use also. It’s not easy fighting all these greedy bastards in the sunshine state.

        • Have you stood up today for anything slaves?

          • YES… My Lord JESUS.

        • It got 58%. As the “Refer Madness” generation passes which I define as those that graduated HS prior to 1960 sanity will overtake propaganda and things will change. My father a mid 90s WWII vet believes, “all dope is dope” and anything out of the ordinary is caused by dope. “Those people in Washington”, “”They’re on dope”. “Lee Harvey Oswald was on dope”. Jobs left the US because, “People are on dope”.

          Do not underestimate the absolute ignorance of those that were so propagandized.

      31. Just last week when I was attending a auction. I met up with a guy I went to school with. I knew he was a commie liberal. He explained to me how the government can keep kicking the can of debt down the road forever. The answer is all the new immigrants will work and pay enough taxes to fund everything. He actually believed it. He better he gets a Social security disability check. Because He is bi polar and cant work? Heck maby Im bi polar also. Some days im more pissed off than I normally am? And all this time I just thought it was just good & bad moods?

        • Ask your friend about the Patriot Act when passed by GW Bush (BAD) and now supported by Obama (GOOD).

          I was talking to a Liberal that supported the recording of all communications because of terrorism in complete violation of both word and intent of the 4th Amendment. When Bush was in such a thing was criminal.

          • Not to mention the majority of REPUBLICANS supporting TPP, the trade act that will destroy the rest of our jobs, with NO recourse.

            Both parties SUCK. and many of you folks are only fooling yourselves and it sounds very hypocritical to us Independents.

            We don’t appreciate the generational war against gen x or millenials either. The gen x war started in 1980.

            It’s called selling out.

            • I’d be just as happy if both sides of the aisle went up in smoke at the same time.

            • It goes like this:

              1. Republicans state they want to abolish protective tariffs and deregulate the financial sector. (GH Bush)

              2. The Democrats supported by organized labor go nuts and the main stream media broadcasts how the evil Republicans will destroy the middle class.

              3. The Democrat contender in the next election states that their against outsourcing / free trade and deregulating the finance sector. (Clinton)

              4. The Democrat wins the election. (Clinton)

              5. The new Democrat President in spite of campaign promises gathers vital Democrat support in the House of Reps to pass Free Trade abolishing the protective tariffs and deregulates the financial sector as the Republican proposed.

              6. Free Trade and Financial Deregulation become law. The middle class is eviscerated.

              7. The Main Stream Media is silent as is organized labor.

              8. The body politic champion their savior Bill Clinton and blame the evil Republicans for both Free Trade and Deregulating the Financial Sector.

          • Friend? hes not a friend just someone I went to school with. I never tipped my hand. he brought up about how all the evil republicans where ruining everything Obama has fixed. Its both partys and it on purpose. voting is futile. No friend If he showed up post SHTF I would kill him in a heart beat.

      32. Im 18 and im unprepared. Very unprepared. Im basically naked compared to other prepers. Can someone tell me what i need? Where to buy cheap guns? I need help

        • listen if you are 18 don’t panic, nobody knows the dates for sure so it does no good to panic about the anticipation of it. 2. Get a pistol with a round and rifle that is a common round like .45acp or more people would have 9mm or ar-15 or ak-47 gun. A shotgun is probably your best move in my opinion. People don’t realize you can prep till your hearts content, but if you don’t have ammo and a gun first you wont have much advantage. Food storage is good but if you are starting off the best thing is start gathering the guns you like to shoot or feel comfortable with. Don’t ask a million people which is better. They all will get the job done so remember that. Focus on keeping in shape, learning as much as you can and biggest thing you can do is get weapons and ammo first.

        • Take a hunters safety course, that way when you put your orange hat on and have your shotgun in the trunk,with your hunting license you will be legal, at least look lots of cheap field rounds for birds, lots of slugs for when you deer hunt, and lots of oo buck shot for geese. Lots of this ammo is available and cheap.

        • Relax I’m 65 and very prepped, I’d rather be 18 AND UNREADY.

      33. The collapse is coming in September.

      34. Hey Traxx.. if your 18 and you are reading this site, you have evolved to the new species, the awake, us. Welcome to the have taken the first step of responsibility. See the previous post and see butttcrackofdoom’s peep list, this will be a start..ruke number one, built a small bug out bag for your car,add a flash light, light, batteries make it and Led of course, pick 3 packs of backpackers reateat from academy, a water bag backpack.. Baseball bat. And assuming your not a felon, you will need a good pump shot gun. Then gradually built up that list to multiple bug out bags then build a long range bug out bag with everything in it for indefinite survival, then sign up for Macs shtf course, buy failure of civility. Once you start the shtf course, you will probably crap you pants in process but it least this is a start, food luck.

      35. Track, at 18 you might not have any extra money for preps. So when you go to ths grocery store, buy an extra can or two of food you usually eat. Buy an extra can of tuna fish or canned chicken or soup. Also buy an extra gal of water each time you shop. In over a month or so you will have accumulated a weeks worth of extra food. Keep in the coolest, darkest place in your home. Basements are best but if not try a closet or under a bed. Keep it simple and add food and water a little at a time.

      36. Soccer Mom; You’d best hone your skills a bit more or you’ll be extremely sick (or dead) from ‘botch'(sp?). You’ll need either iodine or bleach for that water (bleach only lasts for 2 weeks (2 drops per gallon is good enough). The new “electric straws” are the ‘cat’s meow’ for drinking water (unless it has been nuked of course, then we all have 3 to 5 days tops). BUT! IODIDE tablets/injections CAN be used to treat radioactivity effectively …if you can find enough of it and know how to use it. I’m an ex-field medic (military) and lack that knowledge – – I’m old and would rather not fight the inevitable you see? I think either way would kill what’s left of my butt. haha….

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