The Next Crash Could Be The Big One: “Don’t Be A Refugee In Your Own Country”

by | Jul 19, 2015 | Headline News | 129 comments

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    Though our political leaders maintain that the contagion from Europe and China won’t spread to the United States, our economy is likewise an utter catastrophe. In his latest interview with the Financial Survival Network hard asset investor Daniel Ameduri suggests that given what we know about the coming destruction to financial markets set to take place over the next six months, “maybe the conspiracy guys aren’t completely nuts after all.” When those markets finally collapse, he warns, America could look like the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, but on a massive scale as our currency loses purchasing power, credit markets lock up, and the regular flow of commerce is disrupted.

    With that in mind Ameduri issues an important warning – prepare accordingly and don’t become a refugee in your own country:

    (Watch At Youtube)

    For Americans, when it comes close to home, unfortunately it may be a very sad event… like the event that happened after Hurricane Katrina when you had so many refugees… It’s a big thing… Don’t be a refugee… especially in your own country.

    Even though crisis is on the horizon, many people either don’t realize it, or they simply ignore the warnings and fail to position themselves properly. The end result of such apathy to events happening around us can be seen in Greece, where people waited until the last minute. But by then it was too late as store shelves ran out of food and banks ran out of money.

    For Americans who are watching this, the Greek people have been in crisis for years and years and it’s been very public. The United States has also been in crisis but it’s not as public. It’s more of an undertone.

    You see it in the food stamps, you see it in under-employment… in the dramatic rise of college graduates working in bartending and waiter and waitress jobs… So it’s there. The crisis is there, just like Greece has the crisis.

    Even though they have been in this crisis for five years it took the crisis boiling over just in the past few weeks to see empty store shelves and lines at the ATM’s.

    And though the average American may not be heeding the warnings, it is clear that those in the know are:

    For Americans, we’ve had the ultimate privilege for the last fifty years with the world’s reserve currency and super power status.

    …Things are shifting with the new alternative IMF type bank that the BRIC nations have created, and the physical gold bullion that China and Russia are buying, and the changes we’re seeing in currency transactions not denominated in U.S. dollars.

    …Major powers out there are planning for how they’re going to proceed post U.S. dollar dominance.

    …The next market crash… the next financial crisis could be the big one because there’s really no ammo left… the ammo has been fired… trillions and trillions… we’re paper thin away from the whole thing just cracking.

    Crisis is coming. In fact, we’re likely in the midst of it now, but it remains an undertone as politicians and their mainstream media mouthpieces continue the cover-up.

    But that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and be impoverished during the next leg down. Though Ameduri warns of serious problems in the near future, he is ever the optimist. As he explains, there were more millionaires created during The Great Depression than there were during the gilded age of the Roaring 20’s. Crisis breeds opportunity for those willing to take advantage of it.

    In addition to preparing for disruptions to our commerce and supply systems, Ameduri recommends a number of strategies including hard asset investments, partnerships with successful individuals, and turning your passions into businesses.

    You can ignore the warnings and become a refugee without a home or a way to earn a living when financial disaster strikes, or you can take steps to prepare for it today.

    The choice is fairly simple.

    Watch the full interview at Future Money Trends or Youtube and learn more about Daniel Ameduri’s hard asset investing strategies here.


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      1. if a scenario like the one described here were to come to pass then all bets are off. Refugees is right and there are going to be millions of them leaving their cities looking for jobs, food, somewhere to live.

        Being able to adapt will be key. Get ready as best as you can now with food stores, previous metals and other assets, but keep in mind that your best laid plans could fall apart very quickly. Adapt and identify income streams (cash or barter) all around you. Whether you’re trading seeds, silver or fish makes no difference if you can keep a roof over your head and food in your belly.

        • I agree with most of what you say, but I don’t think refugees will come streaming out of the cities. I think they are more likely to go to the cities, or stay put if already there, looking for a handout.

          People that have learned to be helpless and to rely on others for their way of life aren’t likely to strike out to where few people live looking for free stuff. Predators might, so do watch out, but the great masses of lazy entitled ones are more likely to head towards large groups of people in the cities and demand to be fed and entertained.

          Besides what is there to do out in the country besides work? All the fun activities out here, like hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking, skiing, swimming, and such require effort.

          • Notice how many posters are ignoring yet another “Buy the stuff I am selling” article.

            • Banks reopened in Greece…

              Greeks Get First Look At Their Future: Long Bank Lines And Punishing Taxes

              “Although the details of Greece’s third bailout program have yet to be finalized, Monday marked the beginning of a new dawn for Greeks.

              Last week, PM Alexis Tsipras forced a set of draconian “reforms” through parliament and sacked political rivals, effectively legislating away the country’s sovereignty while condemning the Greek people to a fate of even tougher austerity and ensuring that despite rhetoric out of Athens, “normality” will not return to Greece for a very long time.

              In downtown Athens, people lined up in an orderly fashion as the banks unlocked their doors at 8 a.m., taking a number and reading the paper as they waited for their turn at the till.

              Many restrictions on transactions, including cash withdrawals, remained, however.

              The Greek government kept the daily cash withdrawal limit at 60 euros ($65) but added a weekly limit of 420 euros ($455) that will be available beginning Sunday.

              This means depositors who don’t make it to the bank on Monday to withdraw cash could pull out 120 euros ($130) on Tuesday instead, and so on, so Greeks don’t have to feel they need to visit an ATM every day.

              Bank customers will still not be able to cash checks, only deposit them into their accounts, and they will not be able to get cash abroad with their credit or cash cards, only make purchases. There are also restrictions on opening new accounts or activating dormant ones.”

              “Meanwhile, the VAT hike – one of the most contentious “red lines” from Greece’s negotiations with creditors – kicked in. The tax rose to 23% from 13% on everything from salt to firewood. Restaurants and taxi fares are also affected.”


            • Here’s an Idea John Quit Bitching, If the information Daniel is selling is of No Value to you – Then don’t buy it. If fact, why are you even reading it?? Ohhh, I think I know to see if there is anymore FREE Stuff you can sponge off of other patriot. Should we all reimburse you for the value of your insightful comment? I’ll buy it for a dollar – NOT.

          • Today, families are scattered all over, many refugies will set out in search of family. If the Powers2B cut off communications massive chaos ensues. So get your meet up place set now and think how long it would take to walk it hike it bike it. Get a bike and a bike trailer. I can ride 12 to 15 mph on a Mt Bike no problem.

          • I agree with you. 95% of urban dwellers would become completely immobilized and unable to think or act on their own. Most don’t go more than 10 blocks from where they live. NOW…the remaining 5% could pose a problem – at first they’d stay in urban areas – later on after exhausting whatever resources they’ve managed to steal/capture – then they will meander out to the suburban, more rural areas but would be after a good deal of time. There are quite a few people in the suburban and rural areas that have the same mind set though – that everything is fine and if it goes south – the government will take care of us. Danger really is all around you/me/us.

          • The “Needy and Unprepared” will go into the Cities for help and refuge. The “Prepared” in the Cities will be heading out of the Cities to their secure BOL’s hidey holes. It will be an odd occurance as these 2 groups pass eachother on the trail, road and byways looking and ataring at those going in the other direction. Asking WTF? This is where you set up your beer stand and sell your beer preps for $5 a can. You also give them disinformation. Heck yea!! Free food everywhere and comfi beds to sleep in. Free beer…. tell them you couldn’t carry it all the free beer and thats why you are selling it. Then get the hell out of there.

            • Hey, damn good idea and clever little ruse… who’d a thunk it.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt:

              I would also leave signs “Free Beer” with a big arrow for those that arrive after I’m gone.


              • Or a permanent sign that says ‘FREE BEER TOMORROW’

        • Any time one location starts providing better aid to the needy, people migrate there.

          In the sixties and seventies democrat controlled northern cities funneled money to lucrative welfare programs. Large numbers of rural poor flocked to those cities and became reliable. Democrat voters. They became single party controlled islands with a massive voter blocks they controlled with playoffs.

          It was no accident, it was a well planned out and executed coup that is setting the US up for one party rule. When it didn’t produce enough votes, they just opened up the borders to flood the US with illegals who would be put on the rolls to finish the job.

          Just saying they can move people anywhere they want by making the benefits better here or there.

        • Tip: just get something like the 2 L Platypus Platy Bottle from Amazon for your daypack. Get one with a screw cap not a push pull cap it will leak.

          Hardshell canteens are bullshit it’s unnecessary weight. I’ve been hundreds of miles with softshell canteens in the pack and never had one burst.

          Hydration reservoirs like camelback are bullshit; it’s too much hassle to suck water through a hose when youre winded, and its an unnecessary chance for a leak.

          I keep a daypack and a 35 L technical pack (multiday) next to my bed. I bring the daypack as an EDC and have the technical pack for bugging out or extended excursions.

          • I love my camel back, great for biking and hands free. Thats why we practice with our prep gear to see what works and what doesn’t. Same with back packs, too small, too big, just right. I have a lot of extra gear. Gave some to my nephew who is awake on prepping and why. Get several heavy duty military belts for holding up your pants and concealed weapon in the waist belt. Try After wearing these for a year, I would never want to go back to any other type of belt.

          • “Hydration reservoirs like camelback are bullshit; it’s too much hassle to suck water through a hose when youre winded, and its an unnecessary chance for a leak.”

            Another example of how you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground.

            Camelback hydration systems work very well, particularly if you are moving or have your hands occupied with other tasks.

            The key is not how much water you can carry, but how much water is INSIDE you.

            With a hydration system like a Camelback (other other…mfg is irrelevant), you can hydrate almost continually. Hassle? What hassle? It’s as easy as drinking any beverage through a straw. When the bladder runs out of water, you can stop and refill it from a larger store of water. You can even attach an inline water purification system directly to the bladder, which allows you to use water directly from a stream, lake or other source.

            Any kind of water container that remains in your pack, or even on your belt, is of no use unless you are drinking it. If its in you pack, you have to stop and take off your pack to use it. People tend to not want to be bothered with that. So they wait until they are really thirsty. By then, you are already dehydrated.

            I’ve done extensive mountain biking….long rides in excess of 20 miles or more. Almost no one who was a serious biker used water bottles attached to their bike frames. Virtually everyone used a Camelback or some other type of hydration system. It just flat worked. If people did have water bottles on their bikes, it was just so they could have additional water or they might have some kind of energy drink in the bottle.

            The softshell water bottles like you describe are fine for carrying additional water in your pack. But you need a method for getting water into you continually.

            • A 20 mile bike ride?

              I just came back from a death valley expedition you fucking prick don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about.

              • Profanity is the refuge of the person to stupid to present a good arguement. Yes you

                • too not to

              • yeah…I’m telling you….you don’t know what you’re talking about.

                Maybe if you’d have used a hydration system you wouldn’t have gotten so dehydrated.

                Otherwise….you can just become another Darwin Award candidate.

        • All should go to immediately and watch what pm’s are doing. I am posting this as of 8:56 pm central time….but who knows when it will post with mac’s crazy moderators and moderating system. Gold tanked all the way from $1,133 to $1080 and silver dropped to $14.59

          • I wonder if Chinese investors are having to liquidate gold holdings, and maybe other assets, to cover stock market losses?

            • From what I have seen it was a major seller pushing the prices down, while the dollar is rising. I hope the prices of both silver and gold go a lot lower, and I think they will. Buy some if you can, if you have extra cash, and if you can hold it until SHTF. Do not buy stocks, folks. (You neither BJ. 🙂 )

              Soros has placed another billion dollar bet on a major decline and / or correction. 🙁

              • I read the Chinese were selling gold to help fix the stock market.

              • I am not buying anything, until after the next crash….IF it is a survivable crash and I still have work. Right now it is cash and pm’s and a lot of scripture study and praying.

              • lots of “sell your gold to us NOW! prices are falling!” ads on tv and in the paper in my AO. Question for me is… who wants to buy if they actually think prices are going down..??

          • Remember months back when I said Silver could drop as low as $10. Just look at long term charts. You can see where the bottom support is. The powers are shorting the crap out of Silver on paper so they can get a better price on physical purchase. Smart people buy on the dips like this. Stay away from junk silver and get the stamped 1 Oz rounds in pure .999. They will spend nicely in SHTF Collapse. Bottom feeders will be scrappers.. whats junk silver or silver plated lead? Fake stamps will be placed on junk ripping people off.

            BTW/ When the Soviet Union collapsed in the 1980’s they stopped funding Cuba, which threw that country into a tailspin. They went back to the horse and plow, since no fuel was to be had. Watch for the dependent welfare recipients Israel and other small beggar countries that produce nothing get cut off and slammed when this housw of cards collapses. That the New World Disorder coming..

            • Recently watched show on Cuba, they are in great shape. Russia took away the tit and the Cubans stepped up to the challenge. Everyone has gardens, less fuel so more bike and walk. Average weight loss was 20lbs per adult. Better food and more exercise.

              • Now, yes. they landed on their feet. THEN? It was exactly as WWTI says: disorder and back to basics.

                Here in this country we are so far removed from the basics, it will be a verrrrry long fall for most people.

          • Gold is heading towards 700 and silver to 6.5.

            Maybe much lower than that by next year.

            So buy as much as you can now while prices are high, you will be able to sell it later at a big loss and get a tax write off.

            • Agree. I’m looking for eights. Buying at $800 or $8, whichever one gets there first. I started my coin collect in 1972, most of the silver came right out of circulation. Real estate and cash for now. Dollar will fall after the yen in 10-15 year or soon after WWIII starts. Plenty of signs.

        • Refugees will escape areas occupied by the US Military to avoid risk of being detained for the FEMA Camps. Get far away from Train Tracks or Major Highways, some where remote and not under pressure from any oppressors, thungs gangs, etc. Look how Houston turned into a thug city aftet Hurrican Katrina wiped out New Orleans. Refugees fleed to Houston. Im already at my BOL so I am hardening the parimeter and choke points. I have 6 ft tall barbed wire, 2 locked gates on a dirt road if a private road way in the boonies. No place for any helicopters to land, woods and water is what I see daily. I been working on this since Feb. Nothing comes fast people, no matter how organized you think you are. Yes a comment earlier, have at least 5 pairs of heavy leather gloves and a few pairs of giod leather work boots. Safety is your friend. Get an infection feom a cut or scratch and you are screwed. Tetnous infection like step on a rusty nail can kill you within a week.

        • “Don’t Be A Refugee In Your Own Country”>/i>


      2. Omg ….henny penny the sky is falling !!!

        • Time to drain the swamp and expose the one eyed zog.

          • WTHDTM??

          • Keep your eyes on those Jews tomorrow. There’s no telling what they might pull on a Monday when everyone is still getting over the weekend. Why just today I saw a pack of them bothering people in the park. I ran them off by shooting a half of a ham sandwich at them with my slingshot. I’m pretty sure I hit one of them in the ass with a piece of ham. I’ll bet he washes his butt for hours after that one.

            • What is rather ironic is that every time the REAL shit has hit the fan, it pretty much has occurred during the open and blatant persecution of Jews…and every one of all of your anti-semitic comments just proves the case in point: That extreme SHTF is coming.

              And while I personally don’t agree with a lot of Israeli policy, speaking as a member of an ethnicity that has had their forefathers’ country occupied by foreigners for pretty much the last 800 years, I totally understand why Jews/Israel try to protect themselves so vigorously. It can’t help but be embedded into your DNA = survival.

              However, the people you all identify as “Jews” in our own country tend to be very self-serving (example: the “bankers,” the ones who run Hollywood, and a LOT of Democrats) and are NOT the same “Jews” as the ones in Israel. Even Israel doesn’t much identify with “Hollywood Jews,” as it would be like saying you must be Australian or UK English, even if your families have lived here 200 years and are US citizens, just because everybody came from England.

              • Most of our war mongering neocons are dual citizens of Israel. Many of the elite banksters are dual citizens. Arnon Milchon, Hollywood producer of such epic films as Twelve Years a Slave, is a former Mossad agent. Rahm Emanuel is a former IDF officer. There is very little difference between the Jews in Israel and those in the US. Present day Israel is anything but a holy land.

                • Careful for what you say. Seems everybody has no problems with calling each other names and using the word nigger, but don’t you dare say the word Jew. People here have very soft feelings and are easily offended, you should respect that and stop spreading truth too. Seems to be there is no secret evil class of Israeli’s, because they are Gods chosen ones and can do no wrong. The Bible is 100% fact according to most people here, so you better not screw around on that subject either or you’ll get banned.

            • Commodester, you are hilarious! I’m still laughing about the blimp with the star of David on it spraying your property, last seen heading in the direction of Israel, this stuff is great, keep them coming.

        • More like the Three Little Pigs:
          build your house out of brick, not straw…

          • I was thinking yards and yards of 6000psi concrete and rebar,,,
            Symons concrete forms are your friend!

            • Kula…simple formula for figuring out how many yards of concrete you’ll need…Length X Width divided by 81 for 4″ thickness of concrete.

              • Im so lazy
                I just plug the numbers into my construction master,,,,

          • Here is the real story of the three little pigs. the wolf huffed and puffed and blew down the straw house and that pig fled to the wood house. then he huffed & puffed and blew down the wood house. those two pigs ran to the brick house. and the wolf gathered up all the straw & wood and piled it up around the brick house and set it on fire. the Wolf are roast pigs. The moral is be a smart Wolf not a stupid pig hiding in a bunker.

            • Calm down Old Guy. Nobodys going to eat you, you tough stringy old goat! lol
              But yeah Im in the tall grass watching you

            • Fire is all consuming and very hard to prepare for. Most of these houses we think we will defend are really flammable.

        • The banks will reopen again in Greece today – Monday. Will they be issuing a new currency? See how that bank run goes today. Get all your money out of the banks now, and stock up on preps. Like a year of canned food at todays prices. Food inflation will skyrocket in a collapse.

      3. Should have quit printing “money” years ago. Ask your WDC
        elected low-life’s why they kept on allowing “printing of FED NOTES for too many years!

      4. Attach liens upon WDC supposed representatives.

      5. I don’t know about you all, I’m ready for it to happen. I wish it would just get where already I’m tired of waiting for it.
        I think most of us know that TPTB have cooked the books years and we are about to collapse. So when it happens it will happen, and as far as putting my money, what little I have, some where. It will be put into silver and in a very safe place.
        You don’t really have it if it is not in your hand. That paper that says that you have boo-coo bucks in the bank is just that a piece of paper.
        So everyone keep your powder dry and hang in there.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Money? What money???
          Mine just disappears, farms dont run on thin air!

          • So three guys hit the big lotto and each get 50 million, one’s a lawyer, one a doctor, and one a farmer. When asked what they will do with the money:

            The lawyer says he’s going to buy an apartment on the upper east side, overlooking central park, that he’s always wanted.

            The doctor says that he’s going to buy a this 52 foot, double masted, yacht that he been looking at.

            The farmer says that as long as the money holds out he’ll keep on farming 🙂

            • Ouch! Too much truth in jests.

              God bless good farmers! May they thrive!

              • Obama has been killing farmers, with intent and purpose. Regulation has crushed the farmers.

                The wealthy are buying up the failing farms.

                Coincidences are not, the CIA and Yoda would say!

                • California is a prime example of the rich buying up land for pennies on the dollar…THEN, the smelt and frogs and whatever other reason the water is being withheld, will disappear.

                  They’ll stop spraying chemicals into the clouds and there will be rain on California, but not until the ‘right’ people own it.

                  wait and see. HAARP and chemtrails are real.

            • If you spend 52 million on a 52 Yawl, Ketch, or Schooner, you are an idiot. The farmer is smart, but I’d add an RPG7A and 200- 400 grenades, and live with a fewer acres.

              • Oops 50 million, cut and paste isn’t always your friend.

              • This farmer has his eye on a semi auto Barrett

                • Last one I saw was over $6,300, dead on at 1,500 meters if you can afford to shoot it! I saw one at the Washington Arms collector show in Puyallup WA, he wouldn’t budge in price. I used to be a WAC member. I don’t join HRA because they seem to be too cozy with Oahu Democrats. The Laupa 338 is cheaper, but if you are worried about Maui PD Bearcat the Barrett is the bomb.
                  I have a 3″ Parrot rifle copy( very legal!) in my front yard, That will do enough to back them up a bit, it’s is the reload time that will get me.
                  Prep on Braddah!

                  • Have a single shot bolt unit that pins to a modified AR lower, is fun, blows holes in 3/4 plate at 300 yds,
                    Is easier to get components for that than my 308,

                    • I have a savage .338 laupa and with copper head hornady 250 grain bullets will blow holes thru 3/4 inch steel! Not sure if you were talking about a 50 cal or the .338

                    • Kula,you talking the Beowolf .50,saw em but figured more a gimmik,figure easier to get .308 gear then components for that.That said,when wally world is selling boxes of .50(probably not the best loads but still!),seems the .50 becoming common!

                    • WarChild,
                      Is a SHA 50 single shot bolt upper, dedicated milled single shot lower with a magpul PRS, is fun, break and mercury damper in the buffer tube soak up the recoil,

                  • By the way, could care less about MPD and their bearcat, when my times up its up

                • Two thoughts on Barrett semi-auto .50 BMGs:
                  (1) relatively inaccurate, unconscionable at that price
                  (2) by the time you equip one, you are almost halfway to a MaDeuce (as awful as MG pricing is these days).

                  One thought on Barrett bolt action .50 BMGs:
                  (1) Desert Tech HTI

                  • Got my new crossbow. Look up Ghost385. 385 fps and bolts with 2 inch razor broadheads. Close quiet and stealthy is an asset in SHTF. Anybody out 1500 yards is not a threat to me just yet. My 30-06 is zeroed in at 200 yrds. 3200 ft ps. Look up Hornadys superformance ammo balistics charts. Thats some screaming fast ammo. The faster the ammo the flatter the trajectory and less bullet drop for longer distances. Most of you know this already. Same with arrow bolt drop. Get fast FPS quality in your flying projectiles.

                    • Velocity is far from the whole story. Think “ballistic coefficient.”

                      A better designed projectile that starts at a slower muzzle velocity can display better long range exterior ballistics (less drop, less wind drift) than a low ballistic coefficient projectile that starts at a faster muzzle velocity.

                      Certainly, if you can get more velocity AND a high BC projectile, so much the better.

                      Berger Bullets’ ballistician Bryan Litz has been an articulate proponent of science in marksmanship. Explore some of his work and use his ballistics calculator here:

                • “K”
                  I have my eye on a 300 Win Mag Semi Auto in an AR configuration.

                  • I was saving up for a NEMO, still up in the air between that and a Barrett, honestly at this point i will most likely never drop the coin on either of them and will opt for some new cultivation equipment instead, i think the NEMO is more practical, if you think a huge ass semi auto rigle is needed! LOL but seriously,, for me, i dream about these crazy things then realize, hey, i can buy that rotary spader i was looking at or the strip till plow heads or…… Guns are fun but i get more use out of other stuff, the quest to make my farm into more of an echosystem is more in view these days.

            • My 80 Yr old Uncle who farmed for years said. Farmers are the biggest gamblers on the planet. Like all that work and then a drought strikes or something else.

        • We’ll be in good shape as long as everyone keeps going south or west!! Most won’t survive long in our winter. Water, food, and shelter everywhere but few will know where to look.
          molon labe

          • Yep when SHTF collapse happens, if power is cut, anybody living the Northern climates in the winter us good as dead. Yeah, yeah I know,… the beer says cold with no effort on the back porch. What about heat? Got you a wood burning stove? And a few years if wood? Chain saws and a few years of gas to cut it? Got your axes sharpened to 15degs edge? Got a nice set of metal files to keep them sharp? Sharpen all your tools now. Another half day garage project to get away from the wifey.

            • SHTF scenario you are not going to run and operate a chainsaw or a generator. Less noise a person makes, the less of an outside threat coming to your BL.

        • Reb Me too. im old and tired of waiting. lets get this show on the road. Im tired of all of this dilly dallying. Im gonna vote for Hillary that bitch ought to get it started.

      6. God bless the American farmer.

        • And God bless those who support the fast disappearing American farmer.

        • …what’s left of them, anyway.

      7. I used to have a 401k for a company I worked for a very short time well I got the statement in the other day and my investment of $169 now is worth $1169 I haven’t put a thing in this or even talked with the guy that handles it in 10 years or so. I laughed what a joke how did I get all that $ for hardly any investment. What a scam I looked at my portfolio and it’s heavily into bonds. I don’t know shit about investing. I’m a worker and don’t bother investing in a future retirement anymore. There is no free $ in my opinion ever. As far as I see it I will work till the day I die there will be no retirement in the future. It does not make me depressed at all anymore I’ve accepted it. It’s just the way it is. The company I’m in now has a pension fund that has been raped. When I’m old I will only get 25 percent of what I should have got. There is nothing you can do about it so take it in the ass and love it. The only $ for people like me is hard earned. The stock market is a huge Ponzi scheme and people that are counting on dividends to retire are gonna get burned. Senior citizens are getting burned by the state and nursing homes. Their family will get nothing when they pass. Hoard and hide your$ folks. If you smell them coming for your $ buy a new truck or something you can use.

        • Run from the bonds,
          Anything but the bonds for the next year!

          Gold if you can, blue chip stocks next.

        • Nursing home. Good God, have you seen how much they cost?

          It’s beyond insane. Talk about “popcorn in a movie theater” effect… it’s like it’s so much that mere bankruptcy would look fair by comparison.

          All this for (state sanctioned) sub par abusive care? I say “state sanctioned” because these guys get a free pass on the “elder abuse” thing, much like how public schools get a free pass on the “child abuse” thing.

        • @ Asshat

          After following recommendations from Michael Snyder and others several years ago to get out of intangible personal property, I don’t follow investing as closely as I used to.

          There was a day when the little guy, who didn’t want to spend all his time at it, would do well for himself following Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch’s counsel.

          Your $169 became $1169 over ten years not by magic but by compounding. Letting small sums ride untouched for a long time is how little money becomes big money.

          I had an IRA with a prudently managed mutual fund company. Put a few thou in every year. Small cap equities. Back before corporate annual reports were works of fiction. Over 20 years that grew quite nicely.

          Good thing you are accustomed to work and are skilled. Many people who are neither are going to have a hard awakening when all that intangible “wealth” goes poof.

      8. The Great Depression was ten to fifteen years of Shiite Sandwiches.

        A common description of combat is days even weeks of abject boredom interspersed with moments of absolute terror.

        When the SHTF instead of days and weeks of abject boredom it will be days and weeks of back breaking hard work.

        Make sure you have a couple dozen pairs of work gloves in your preps, you’ll need them!

        Harbor Freight came out with a new heavy duty work-glove, a five pack was about a buck more than the regular. My first pair has well outlasted the regular, will be watching for a sale.

        • Ive got calloused hands, used to hours and hours of hard work, gloves are for pussies,,,,

          • You do not do much wood work do you? I go through band aids and Bag balm, like candy when doing wood work. I only use gloves for plumbing work. Shit is really nasty on open sores.

            • I got splinters that say otherwise bud

            • I do digress though, i use gloves for welding and concrete work,,,so guess im a pussy

              • No one that wears gloves is a pussy ,, the ones sitting on their asses watching or fucking off are the pussies ..and will pay the price when the time comes

                Way out here, our necks are burnt our roads are dirt and our trucks aint clean , and were smart enough to protect whats doing the job of keeping us alive , and that my friend is our HANDS

                • Military impresses infantry soldiers to take care of their feet the way they take care of their rifle. A soldier than can’t walk is a soldier than can’t fight.

                  Washington in the battle of Trenton lost more soldiers to frostbite (frozen feet and hands) than to enemy fire. With medicine the way it was in the 1700’s frostbite was often fatal, unless you survived the amputations!

                  Preps must include the things you’ll need to protect yourself! Don’t put off replacing worn shoes.

                  Have cold weather gear, you may have to wear it indoors?

                  It ain’t about being a pussy it’s about surviving. Things like bloody infected hands or feet will just make life suck, or even end it!

            • You guys need to try k – tape over those bandages.
              It’s designed to stick to skin and stay on 2-3
              Days. You will find it in the athletic dept. In
              Wally world. Tried as and proven method with my
              Carpenter/mechanic/farmer/welder son.

          • Went to a parents day at the great nieces camp, lots of parents there, not a one I couldn’t outrun or take down at a game of steel the stick. Damn I was decades older than most of these folks, and the oldest guy there.

            I’m not tooting my own horn, but damn if these are examples of average Joe Americans , they are so screwed. There weren’t any super fatties their either, I think they knew better than to even show up!

          • We are forced to use gloves at work. I understand what you are saying kula. One thought though. If you get a scratch and have no medical services it could mean a lot of trouble after the shtf.

            • Mike, Doctors won’t have antibiotics. Have lots of antibiotics, penicillin, sulfa, erythromycin, cipro, etc.

        • Plan twice, etc.
          Life is like a Shiite sandwich. The more bread you got, the less Shiite you have to eat.
          When I’m having breakfast, I like my eggs Sunni side up…
          Ok, ok. I’m keeping my day job.

      9. assets- livestock- garden- trees- land
        paper money not worth much when it hits. seeing lots of Northern Va people relocating to country and there seems to be no hiding the reasons why. prepping
        seems as if everyone sfeeling the same impending doom of a market crash and pandemonium that will follow.
        should be interesting to say the least. the last place I would put any money would be on wall street or anything related to it. Tangible assets that sustain or provide lifesource are where it matters most

        • Got lots of popcorn!

      10. Asshat it so right, everything is in bubble territory. Buy real things and forget about the markets.

      11. Things will get out of control as the helpless give me class of people will demand to be fed by the government and major riots will happen. If there is no rule of law at this time the major cities where there are certain types of people that like to riot, will burn the whole city down. If there are no firefighters and you have many many homes on fire they are going to spread and could cause the whole neighborhood to flame up or even a city possibly. Then they will kick in your head and steal whatever you have to survive. It would be a time of complete lawlessness in some of the bigger cities. And gangs of certain people will simply go door to door stealing anything they can. The military and police will simply be way too busy to stop all the crime,. This could cut the population down pretty quick. Then the big banks and politicians will tell the military or anyone in America who has a weapon to have them detained or take their weapons away, and that’s when guns will be outlawed. That is one possible scenario. I hope the military and its good people take control of their country and set the country back to how it used to be and arrest these corrupt tyrants. Just hoping.

      12. I know it’s not a matter of ‘if’, it’s a matter of ‘when’, but still waiting on my Canadian permanent residency/Visa hoping the SHTF after next year so I am there, NOT here in the U.S. when it happens. Born and raised in the U.S. and plan to retain U.S. Citizenship and bring my prep stuff and gear but problem is no guns allowed across the border.

        Always liked the Niagara/Ontario region… visited a few times many years ago and once again more recently. But realistically don’t think I’ll be (Visa) approved before the SHTF here, and even if I am approved before the SHTF, don’t know that I’ll be any safer on the other side of the imaginary line separating the two countries.

        • Meant to say ‘SHTF after this year’, not ‘SHTF after next year.’ I know it’ll be way before that, within the 3 mos – to a year. Either way it’s gonna happen when it happens not when my Visa is approved, if it’s ever even is approved. Very anxious.

          • Canada aint immune to the shit thats commin bud , so running away from it will only leave you tired

            • Enemy of the State – Not running away from it. I lost most of my family, all 3 siblings died young and elderly parents died last year and am alone for the most part.

              The two clueless Gen X nieces and Millenial nephew are to dense to see what’s happening…. too busy updating fuckbook pages and on their iPhones a lot and whatnot. They’ll just drag me down and will be too much of a liability. I have to leave and go somewhere new.

              Everywhere I go here reminds me of one of my deceased family members, a time when I was there with one of them as we did a lot of things together. I have to leave for my peace and sanity. I just thought as a plus it might be safer to be ‘over the border’ since I need to leave the area anyway. Not running away from anything.

        • Niagra region, might as well be in Buffalo when the SHTF the zombies can walk there.

          • Not starting Nov and by May the zombies will be gone

      13. I go all over 4 counties doing phone company construction here in Texas. If this thing finally goes ace duce I don’t think I many are ready at all. You should see the ocean of rooftops in these subdivisions. Weekends the highways are jammed so if anything causes panic, all these folks are screwed. Many have no clue how to live without a/c or stores and restaurants for food. We shall see where this goes…

      14. Wonder if i should pay off my home. I have the funds in the bank to pay off the small balance. If a crash happened at least I’d own it “Well on paper anyway” and would only have to pay property taxes. Hmmmmm

        • Don’t worry. Nothing is going to happen. These lies are being spread by the gold and silver sellers. You gotta wonder if they say buy gold because cash isn’t any good why are they selling gold for cash? hmmm

          • Ben, is that you?

        • Ted,whole thing crashes shoot anyone trying to take your home,game on at that point,hell,have the time then go hunt down some bankers!

        • I’m old enough to remember at least 5-6 times the world was going to end. Usually it doesen’t. Likely it won’t this time. Even if it does; stopping the house payment is a good idea. If you have the money, pay off. Then take part of your monthly payment and get preps, keep the rest in cash until you have a least 6 months of cash. Once you get to that point you will be far ahead of the vast majority. Then think of PM’s and al the rest.

        • Ted – According to the (ambiguous) fine print in the mortgage documents the bank/lender technically owns the house until the mortgage is paid off. So, if it’s a small balance and you have the funds might as well pay it off.

      15. @Asshat~Well spoken. I agree with you.

      16. Governments Worldwide Will Crash the First Week of October … According to 2 Financial Forecasters

        h ttp://

        Armstrong is QUITE controversial to say the least

        so I’m just throwing this out there for you to judge

        personally speaking I am positioning myself for a crash in Sept/Oct of this year
        if it doesn’t happen I’ll just be that much more ahead of the game

        • These two could very well be correct, but the same has been predicted every year since 2008 time and time again.
          As is, the worlds monetary policy is in dire straits and it is not possible to stay this way for eternity. When it collapses, it will be on their terms when they feel it is the right time to impose chaos.
          They don’t even need a financial collapse for them to create their NWO, there is just so many playing cards laying around at their disposal to further their agenda, while we all just sit back and wait and see it unfold in front of us.

      17. Ted I did that paid the house off only have property taxes to pay which I can pay on a lower paying job if needed. No car payment for over 6 yrs I’m beyond the new car crap who cares anyway as long as I can get to work. I live hard on purpose just because I feel I need to go without from time to time. I usually end up realizing I didn’t need certan things anyway. To me the house is the most important thing I have. Wife says I’m like an old man keeping all the screws and hardware from whatever I take apart. I told her it saves me $ if I dont have to buy this shit all over again. I use work gloves call me a pussy whatever I do freight so if I don’t use gloves my hands will be tore up and filthy which invites infection. Would you wear flip flops in a scrap metal yard. No you’d wear boots to protect your feet. I suppose earplugs are for bitches too. You must like your ears ringing. How about a wire splinter in your eye and have to get it drilled out sound fun to you. To me being a bitch would be someone who wines about doing thing all the time most work places are full of these type people. My work has to provide us gloves by contract I don’t get em I go home can’t work without ppe. I grab me an extra pair here and there if you know what I mean. I can throw a rock at harbor freight from where I am. I go there once a month the tools have improved some since this store opened. Had a sawzall that was orange it was shit I would stay away from power tools there. The screwdrivers and wrenches pliers shit like that look alright although I got a pair of vise grips that were shit. Probably stay away from those too.

        • Ass,I to also save screw/nails/nuts /bolts,more important then saving money is a trip to store unnecessary.Harbor freight power(chicago pneumatic)mostly junk.The pittsburgh hand tools ok and lifetime warrantied,the small jewelry tumbler for black powder exccellent,the mini mills good enuff once gears changed out for belt drive.I have aboutr 20 plastic coffee containers of miscellaneous fasteners,love em!

        • I don’t wear gloves or shoes most of the time. I have calloused feet & hands. I can walk on the hot pavement or pick up a metal wrench out in the hot sun. We only have air conditioning in the bedroom. What I worry most about is those who know me. Those who are aquainted and don’t have any preps self reliance or Know How could become a threat. and many are kinfolks. There will be some hard decisions to face.

      18. I don’t now about any of you, but the Financial Crash happen along while back here at this poor farm. Prepared as best as can be and now waiting for the rest to catch up with this old POOR fart.


      19. I just love these coward pussy Zombies, who actually believe we are going to come out of this fascist genocidal NWO nightmare with investments intact and a society still functioning for cowards to make more money and be rich. Do any of you coward pussy Zombies still holding onto to delusions of hope honestly believe that a destructive devastating violent civil war we are heading straight into will lead you to some kind of prosperity?????

        • Ron your correct. I laugh when I hear terms like Reset? What it will become is a no holds barred Root Hawg or die survival of the meanest fittest & craftiest. Not even a reversion to the 1800,s lifestyle but a skyrocket to the stone age. I agree with the prediction that 90% will die.

        • Ron, I gotta agree with you on this one…Just watched the Battle of Gettysburg yesterday, 3 days of fighting 50,000 killed, wounded or captured/missing. I fear that these numbers will PALE compared to what’s coming…TPTB want a race war knowing that the majority of blacks in the cities will be killed. Agenda 21 tells us how the mega cities will be configured. TPTB no longer have any real use for the blacks…ie, Gimme dat, you owe me, Free Shit Army. TPTB achieved their goal by putting in the hope & change guy. Like Lenin who called the students “Useful Idiots”, that’s how the blacks have been used. Put back on the plantation 50 yrs ago by LBJ, they have dutifully voted (D)…Now it’s time to move on…

      20. Yes indeed. This is always one of my favourite artilces. I am trying to make money this month. All my connections are strong and my customer base is still healthy. However i am noticing a sudden slow down. So something dread is on the way. Prep once, prep twice, thanks for the Harbor Fright tip. I need more gloves. I just found out recentlty that gloves are needed for hand protection from possible infected people and for multiple uses for picking up metallic heavey crap, etc. My water filtration is on my list. I have dozens of life straws and need a portable system. The mere sight of lots of water around Houston Bayou’s are comforting. And luckliy the realestate home developers have installed large ponds near most of the Neighbourhoods. We have lots of water, just filthy water. So water filtration is on my list. I carry the life straws because they are light and easy to pack. Unlike the Brukey Filter, its too big to carry if you have to exit you car on the freeway in 103 degrees. My badazz mobile mechanic have seen severa heat related deaths in the streets recently. Then again the fat grotesc office manager door was open next to my office and i got another lecture about how i am so negative and that she over heard my converstation, and that thats why i would never find a wife because thats all i talk about. Well guys, one thing is a certainty, i am meeting up with my scientis friend again this weekend, its all set. Like he told us, all sh……………..t is about unleashed. But you see my shtf-effers, the office mgr lady told me awhile back that i am a loser. So gee, this is how i am defined. She told me that her white daughter that is married to and indian, is much better than me becuase he is a doctor, and i dont make nother near what he makes. HA,,,,HA,,,AS I LAUGH MY azz off, thinging about what was told to us about GROUND ZERO OF SHTF. My scientist buddy literally looked at me and said these words. You see all those arrogant attravtive women that live in the city, that all dress well, acting and behaving like women in movies and Hollywood, They all have one ting in common, they do not live with men, and the ones that do, do not prep. All the single women or women with children living in apartment complexes are really in a lot of trouble. They have no guns, women lack the mens natural killer instinct, and women, healty ones within 2 years will become extinct.

        Let see how losers like us fare in a real calapse, Emp, war, environment, Nibiru, etc. you have been told it before” you dont know sh…t” thats a bunch of crap, oh yea?


        The first stage:

        Water focet shuts off, 3 days of food in the fridge, and its spoiling. Husband is at work, he is metrosexual idiot, ideot. Wife comes home, they have 2 kids, under 12. Husband makes if he is still alive. Lets say that he makes it home. Wife immediatlty gets mad it him. Get us food and water now, she tells him. Wife or boyfriend has no preps, nothing to offer and is clue less. His entire subdivsion is under the same siutation, Air conditioning or heather shuts off. Everyone starts to stand outside their homes on the lawn. They gather and talk and its now day 3, hunger sets in, thirst is getting bad, they drain out all the water from the swimming pools from the neighbourhood pool and neighbous are beggin people with pools for water. The water runs out in 1 week. The food supply is now completely gone. The old and the people on meds die first, The yonger males get guns and launch the attacks on the others for food and resources, civil war breaks and becomes all out war in 3 weeks. The stench of the dead bodies fill the air, the subdivions are no longer habitable, The hunter killers, mauraders prevail. They gather all the crap and resources from eveyones house, they leave, and its only 10-12 of them. All the men, the men, women and children dead from attack from neighbour against beighbour..

        Stage two.

        Preppers ban together and begin to pool resources and all agree that non preppers are a liablity and they they have to clear out. Survining start to find men who prep more attractive, dumb incompetent non preper men, and go after the men like nothing you have every seen, some offering offering sex for food, offering thier children to the men, etc. This is how bad and desperate women become in shtf. This is a real statistic.

        Stage 3, well you know the reast, withing 1 year the population is now under 5,000,000. No need to worry about getting a girfriend post shtf. The fat lady at my office buildings daugher is married to and indian and living close to, get this you guys are going to laugh your asses off, the Houston downtown area. Anyone living in that area in amy major US city is completely screwed and have a ZERO % CHANCE OF SURVIVAL IN ANY CITY AREA, PERIOD. I will be getting over 1,000 women to date or marry during shtf. This time i will pick one the super model types. Then again, what does the government know about calapse. They have spend trillions hoarding food, and underground bases powered by ZERO POINT MODULES AND NUCLEAR DEVICES, last for get this 1000 yrs and 10 generations. But a fat stupid non prepper is going to advice me that i dont know know squat. So there you have it. Stupid retared dumbazz people and stupid women are lecturing and how to set my priorities to stop being a loser and get my head together. haa….ha…..ha……..ahaaaaaaaaaaha……..aha…….As promised, i will keep you all updated with new info.



        Still prepping.

        • Wow, what a long and useless drivel of a post 🙁

          • Anon,

            Mostly we just ignore him, it’s the best thing to do.

      21. “Though our political leaders maintain that the contagion from Europe and China won’t spread to the United States, our economy is likewise an utter catastrophe…” Leaders? Leaders? We don’t have any “leaders”, we have a bunch of corrupt tricksters and gamers; no leaders in the bunch. Obama couldn’t lead a hooker to a cathouse.

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