The New Greyhound: Metal Detectors, Scanners, Pat Downs Introduced at Bus Terminals

by | Dec 2, 2010 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    As we and many others mentioned at the onset of the recent TSA policy changes regarding security at airports, similar measures would soon be introduced at other public venues.

    The Transportation Administration has now begun deploying temporary, rapid response checkpoints at bus stations in Tampa. Dubbed VIPER for Visual Intermodal Protection and Response, the checkpoints are designed to be put into place in the event a terror or other threat arises in the future.

    But, that hasn’t stopped TSA/DHS from deploying the new security measures right now – even with no credible threats:

    From Ethan Huff:

    In other words, there really is no legitimate — or legal — reason for TSA agents be frisking passengers at bus stops, but as long as the cited reasons include “security”, the public is simply supposed to accept the unwarranted checkpoints as a necessary evil for the sake of improved safety.

    “What we’re looking for are threats to national security as well as immigration law violators,” explained Steve McDonald from the U.S. Border Patrol, also trying to legitimize the efforts to the public.

    ABC News Report:

    According to federal security director Gary Milano of TSA, the TSA wants to, “sort of invent the wheel in advance, in case … there ever is specific intelligence requiring us to be here. This way, us and our partners are ready to move in at a moment’s notice.”

    Federal agencies and local police are “teaming up to keep your family safe,” if the ABC news anchor is to be believed.

    Keeping us safe, at what expense?

    Last month it was airports. This month bus stops. Soon it will be trains.

    Perhaps by next year’s Black Friday Running of the Bulls we’ll have scanners and pat downs in malls across the country. And just to be sure that today’s teens, tweens and elementary kids don’t confuse the security of backscatter machines and pat downs with 4th amendment violations, we wouldn’t be surprised to see checkpoints permanently deployed at public schools across the nation.

    All it will take is a single “threat” and you can be assured that the Gary Milanos of the world will be ready to move at a moment’s notice.

    Where does exchanging our freedom for security and safety stop?

    As Simon Black recently pointed out, the airports were just the tip of the spear:

    To be clear, some of the tactics are designed to be scaled back as concessions. It’s like turning up the volume from 0 to 10… everyone starts screaming that it’s too loud, so the government turns it down to 8. People think, “ah, that’s not as bad…” and eventually become accustomed to the noise.

    In time, the government turns it up from 8 to 20. People pour into the streets again, protesting until the government turns it down from 20 to 15. People once again become accustomed to the noise as the new normal.

    As the cycle escalates the sheeple adjust to the loud music, forgetting what it was like when there was silence.

    References: Natural News, Infowars


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      1. Papiere, Bitte

      2. coming to a mall near you next, your grocery store?
        definetly the Train..
        any government building too

      3. Comments….. Post office is probably next since packages are mailed from there. When that happens, I’ll have to put my mailbox back in at the house of get a PO box at the UPS store.  Americans are rolling over – they have use by the cajones.  I’ll walk before I get on the bus.

      4. I really do believe that the guy in the video who states that he feels safer for these security protocols is a cop.

      5. Couldn’t they just have a Greyhound dog sniff us?


        “What we’re looking for are immigration law violators,” explained Steve McDonald

        Does the govt even conceive how ironic this statement is considering 12 countries are suing Arizona for enforcing their immigration laws??


        Hey, steve mcdonald???  go to the border!!!

      8. This is like trying to stop a team from getting a touchdown starting on your own goal line when you should have tried to stop them while they were on their own goal line.
        Its complete BS.
        This is just a power grab.

      9. These lame excuses as to why their doing this are just cover as its obvious that the agenda is to turn the US into a police state.

        The question is …. who’s behind this.
        Who is giving the TSA the impetus to do this. I doubt its the bureaucrat in charge (he probably wouldn’t even scratch his ass without a written directive).

        So what forces are involved here?
        This is serious; our country is changing dramatically for the worse and it is not on account of  boogieman  … ‘terrorist’ .

        The only  ‘terrorist’ we have to fear  are in Washington DC and Wall St.

      10. Is it too late to get off of the bus or even out of the country?  Reminds me of the knuckle heads that don’t mind an x-ray or feelie.  Did the Nazi’s use dogs to intimidate the Jewish people?

      11. its like a noose being tightened around our necks. Next they will outlaw all personal motor vehicles. You want to go to work or to the store then you have to be seached and patted down to board one of their conveyances to get there.

      12. For those who are wondering who or what is behind this here you go…………it’s called globalization, and this is merely one more cog in that machine. Obama said it best a few weeks ago…….””There is going to be a tug-of-war within the US between those who see globalization as a threat and those who accept we live in a open integrated world..” Remember open and integrated does not necessarily mean free as we Americans have previously lived. The rest of the world is now, or never was, free; therefore who will be making the necessary sacrifices in order that globalization may occur??? Correct. You and me……..unless of course we put a stop to this madness before we are totally incapable of fighting back. When the government controls the economy, food supply, health care, energy, dissemination of information, and travel ARE YOU REALLY FREE???? Look at the legislation which has been passed or is being put forward in recent years………..the noose is tightening in all of the above mentioned facets of American life.

      13. This kind of crap is only going to go on for but a brief and very limited time longer. There isn’t enough money left to support this system for very much longer. Many states are either broke or almost broke already. California will have to start issuing IOUs  soon after the first of the year. Numerous states are going to have to seek assistance from the Fed. Govt. in order to pay their pension obligations within the next couple of years.

        The Fed. Govt. is forced to continue creating fiat currency in order to meet its obligations. Given the number of folks out of work currently who don’ have any income to pay tax on, the Federal Reserve is forced to create ever increasing amounts of money out of thin air. Hell, they are the only ones that are still buying T-Notes since the Chinese and Japanese got smart and quit buying.

        I just don’t see the TSA still manning the checkpoints and attempting to clutch at your crotch for very long after their paychecks stop being directly deposited into their bank accounts. Welcome to our world …. hope you enjoy it!!!!

      14. More bull sh*t from our fearless protectors.  I’d like to do a pat down on Obama’s face.

      15. Comments…..Bill said:

        More bull sh*t from our fearless protectors.  I’d like to do a pat down on Obama’s face.
        Oh yesss, he’s got one big fat lip with stitches….LOL!

      16. Comments…..All of this brought to you by those friendly Muslims and their religion of peace and pedophile prophets.

      17. The zionists, israhellis, and jew have joined together to control and occupy our U.S. government and enable it through their ownership of all media, made possible by the jew bank called federal reserve.

        Trying to horn in some bullshit and lies about the great man Adolph Hitler with a comment about the labor camps is typical hasbarat 101 used to foul the blog and mislead readers. These filthy jew creatures cannot be human and in any case worship satan the devil lucifer and hide it right in front of your face with their hooknosed lies and hooknosed so-called ‘journalists’. So I believe most people will see through the typical jew hasbarat lies about many things and not just the HOLOHOAX LIES.

      18. truth teller you are an idiot.

      19. And in what way does this insane rant of yours help others here to prepare themselves to be more independent and safer? People like you are discusting to real decent everyday people who are just trying to sort their lives out and make it through this,you add nothing of intellectual value to the conversation.

      20. I like NetRanger’s six mandatory amendments to be used during chaotic times, and CAN’T survive without them.  

        I am afraid the control freaks will use “FOOD” or some other tactics to get people to turn in their guns.    


      22. I propose a government sponsored study (paid for with Gold/silver Eagles only) is performed in order to substantiate the necessity and productivity of these measures. My proposal is simple; allow me and a few of  my fellow SHTF posters to secure, protect and defend our own resources apart from government oversight, intrusion or manipulation over the next 25 years, and measure our group against a control group (no pun intended) made up of common sheeple. Winners take all.


      24. Look, it’s widely known that non-Americans have three breasts or an extra penis, often both.  This is why pat-downs are the method of choice to determine who is and who is not an illegal alien.

        Fucking liars.

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