The “Mu Variant” Is Magically Eradicated!

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    Just like the flu and the common cold, COVID-19 has magically eradicated its own “Mu variant” now.  But don’t worry, you’re still supposed to be in a panicked state of distress over the Delta scariant, and line up for the shot.

    So the “variant” of which we have exactly zero evidence even exists, considering there’s no evidence the original COVID-19 virus exists, has been eradicated. It’s amazing how everything can be eliminated except the things they need you panicking over.

    They Admit It: The Flu Has Disappeared Now That COVID Is Here

    MSM Admits: Flu Has Disappeared!

    The mu variant of the coronavirus, which was heavily feared by scientists months ago, represented no new cases of COVID-19 in recent data, according to data from –Desert News

    We know they aren’t specifically testing for individual variants, especially considering the PCR tests used are only picking up the common cold and the flu anyway. So why use Mu as a “vaccine-resistant” variant? It’s hard to say unless they desperately need people to believe there are variants out there for what’s coming next.

    Of course, there’s a chance the variant could return to the U.S. if someone from outside the U.S. with the variant infects an American. But for now, the mu variant threat seems to have been quelled. –Desert News

    It appears that they want to keep the focus on the Delta variant for now, likely because they already convinced the public that the “vaccines” can handle Delta.  In fact, Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO’s technical lead on COVID-19, said in a video Q&A in early September that the delta variant was “outcompeting and replacing” all other coronavirus variants.“Of those four variants of concern, delta is, by far, the most transmissible,” Van Kerkhove said. “If delta is identified or starts to circulate in a country where there is beta … (delta) has quickly replaced the variant there.”

    But they aren’t testing specifically for Delta, so how do they know how many cases there are? They are guessing after you get a positive COVID test. Is anyone else getting tired of this massive scamdemic hoax yet? It is never-ending.

    Keep asking questions. Keep your alert levels up. Keep honing those critical thinking skills.


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      1. Buncha bullshit.

        The virus exists and is well documented, researched and tested, liars that continue to claim it doesn’t.

        No wonder the media and general public consider the “anti vaxers” to be mental morons and nutcases and dismisses any arguments against the vaccine as the ravings of a lunatic.

        But that’s the purpose of claiming it doesn’t exit. isn’t it?

        A clever ploy by the global leftists to have their opposition dismissed as idiots, and apparently one that is working.

        • What a huge troll you are! How much did you get for this propagandist post from your masters today? There is a billionaire that will give a couple million bucks to any person or company that can prove such fake virus exists. As it is just the common cold modified that is what SARS means a respiratory syndrome which is common.

          The real idiot and Idiots are your globalists, you and your ILK. Natural immunity has been here since the beginning of time. And you seem to think you are smart for yo are a HUGE TROLL and LIAR!

      2. All of this covid variant bullshit reminds of another real? and totally unscripted?event: pro wrestling.
        So, it’s like the Delta “variant”
        is the undisputed world heavyweight champion and the Mu and all these other “variants” cannot take Delta’s place because in order to be the world champ
        you have to beat the
        world champ – Let’s get
        ready to rumble ????

      3. Mu variant wasn’t ‘magically’ eradicated; Mu was simply out-competed for hosts by Delta.

        In a sense we got ‘lucky’ with Delta; the Indian variant. Delta arose from one of the most densely populated and diverse countries in the world. Early on Delta has become the dominant strain of SARS CoV-2, at the high end of SARS CoV-2’s genetic potential for infectiousness.

        SARS Cov-2, Delta, remains no more deadly than the original two Asian and European variants. SARS CoV-2 also has a ceiling to its genetic potential for deadliness, with increased casualties due to more people being infected.

        Some people believe COVID-19 does not exist – but look further and they are also germ theory denialist nutters. COVID denialism has become the dominant alternative media meme, to compliment the MSM scaremongering. The truth is in the middle.

        Vitamins D, C, K and zinc plus B12 are the natural immune system’s best friends, vaxxed or not. Don’t be COVID-1984 roadkill. Excellent nutrition and hygeine saves lives.

        Whatever is being released to kill people, is not at this time also going to endanger oligarchial political elites and their core supporters. They likely aren’t relying on vaccines, but good diet and nutrition.

        The Oscars, full of leading propaganda actors, was completely mask-free and outbreak-free. Fauci let slip as a troll he takes up to 6000 IU of vitamin D3. Leftist Nazis with their Vaccine Passport Aryan Cards aren’t idiots. For now.

        Some worry the vax is like a binary biological weapon. The shot sets you up, then down the line the other shoe may or may not drop.

        • YOU NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          YOU have done your home work!!!!!!!!!!!!

      4. ‘Delta’ did not out-compete other ‘variants’, think straight, ‘variants’ are survivors of the original virus, meaning the original itself had hundreds of ‘variants’, also if cvd19 is a ‘chimera’, that itself means several ‘variants’ can co-exist. finally, different ‘variants’ are only eliminated by anti-biotics and or immune system, not by out-competing each other, and anti-biotics kill bacteria, not viruses.
        cvd19 has never been isolated, proven to exist, and the PCR test, use sars1 (not sars2) as a baseline are 99% false positive, and can’t differentiate between flu, cold or cvd19, let alone cvd19 variants.
        if cvd19 does exist, ‘variants’, strategic mutations, can only be created by the vaccinated – meaning the non-Vaccine is the Delta Variant!!. Since the non-vaccine does not contain cvd19 virus, the ‘delta variant’ is in fact spike proteins, graphene oxide nanoparticles…

      5. Thank you for talking about this. In fact, I do not like how our citizens have become negligent about the precautions for the spread of coronavirus, without looking back at any of its strains. I understand how everyone is tired of living in fear and constantly wearing masks, but nevertheless, when our own life and/or the health of our loved ones depend on it, then it is worth thinking about it and enduring such precautions a little more. Not only your own life depends on this, and it is time to understand it.

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