“The Men Behind The Curtain Are Being Revealed” – CEO Says Real-World Pricing Will Return To Gold, Silver And Commodity Markets

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    Astute observers of financial markets, especially in the precious metals sector, have long argued that small concentrations of major market players have been manipulating asset prices. Last week those suspicions were confirmed when Deutsche Bank, one of the world’s leading financial institutions, not only admitted to regulators that they have been involved in the racket, but that they were prepared to turn over records implicating many of their cohorts in a global scheme to suppress prices.

    In his latest interview with SGT Report, straight-shooting Callinex Mines CEO Max Porterfield explains that now that the men behind the curtain are being revealed, asset prices in precious metals, base metals and other commodities will return to more natural pricing mechanisms based on core supply and demand fundamentals.

    They are being revealed, most certainly… whether anybody actually takes a fall for it is a whole ‘nother discussion in its own right.. It’s good someone is being held accountable in some form or fashion and at least we understand what we’re dealing with.

    … The real world pricing is being seen not only in the precious metals space, but it’s being played out in other base metals as well… Underlying all this manipulation is really the supply demand fundamentals for all these commodities…

    Full Interview Via SGT Report:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    With the genie now out of the bottle, many of the institutions involved in price manipulation and suppression appear to have backed off for fear of multi-billion dollar class action lawsuits from investors. The direct result, as we have seen just in the last couple of weeks, has been upward price movement in gold and silver.

    If you start getting some of the manipulation to come out of the market for fear that people are going to get called out on it, then you can allow the fundamentals to play out.

    And according to Porterfield, those fundamentals bode very well for gold, silver and base metals investors who have thus far been pillaged by paper market conspirators:

    I think this has signified the start of a new bull market… what we’ve been through, these nice gains… I can tell you right now… I travel frequently to investor hubs in North America and Europe as well… the sentiment is improving quite significantly compared to where it was last November when I was in Zurich where people were very, very negative.

    There’s more optimism in the space, particularly in the precious metals space… and in the not-too-distant future in the overall base metals space as well.

    I think investors should be aware and be prepare for pullbacks in any bull market and I think that’s healthy for any kind of bull market you’re in… it is a bumpy road no matter what… but there’s definitely a lot more upside ahead of us.

    We know that during the bear market in gold, silver and other commodities many companies either slowed their operations or completely shut their doors. This reduction in supply, a growing demand for precious metals amid global economic chaos and the official acknowledgment of paper price suppression by at least one major financial institution (and likely many more) suggests that gold and silver prices could rise significantly over coming months and years.

    Learn more about CEO Max Porterfield and his company at the Callinex Mines web site.

    For more interviews, breaking news, and commentary visit the corporate propaganda antidote at SGTreport.com


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      1. It’s about time someone exposed these bastards. It’s not just gold and silver they are manipulating. the whole damn thing has been rigged. There is no way we should be at all time stock market highs, yet here we are. Real-world pricing in most US companies listed on the stock exchanges should be half or LESS than what they are now.

        I’ve seen $50 silver twice in my life… and I expect to see $100 silver before I die.

        What sucks is none of these bastards will go to prison for manipulating and stealing trillions.

        • Death becomes the bastards…

          Same shit, new day.


              • Agreed Mac. Definitely a red flag. I don’t believe that such an event is likely anytime soon, but if they are “prepping” for it, then its a real possibility…. eventually.

                Keep a minimum amount of cash in the bank. Use your credit cards folks for the cash rewards, and pay your balance off at the end of every month.

                Make ’em pay you to use their money. Besides, its an “asset” for the banksters and makes them look solvent. 🙂

              • Mac Your Link was red flagged as a possible hack. Don’t go there. Big Deal, So Goldman Sachs, is now getting into retail. They have run out of other schemes to fleece the rest already. Any dope who puts his saving in a bank or GS, deserves to be fleeced anyway. Just keep enough money in there to pay monthly bills, and the rest, convert half to physical silver holdings, and the other half keep in reserve. Any collapse, or money conversions or even a new dollar, will not be favoring the current soon to be worthless Money Cash holders. I have several friends who just love cash and think it will be around forever, and refuse to trade it in for PM’s. They just don’t understand what a disaster financially, a collapse can do. And most sheeple will be caught off guard when a collapse really does happen or a bail in. Tax Payers already bailed in the Banks in 2008 with TARP. So this is nothing new. And the Banks today like JP Morgan are not passing any stress tests. The scam bubble just keeps growing. To Big to fail was a disaster. Jaime Diamond should be sitting in Prison. So we see how the Justice really works here in the US. Riddled with fraud.


          • Yes, but nothing will actually happen to them. They will just find a new market to corner and rig so that they can harvest wealth from the average person. A few mid level people will probably go to a country club prison for 18 months, but they will be rewarded with a well managed portfolio that “somehow” grew exponentially while they were in prison. Don’t hope for justice and don’t hope for revenge. It will never happen.

        • Hundred dollar silver reflects what a hundred dollars will buy. I’m guessing an ounce of silver will buy as much in real goods when it is at a hundred as when it is at 15.

          Trading spike lags will make short term gains a reality, but it it stays high the value of the dollar will drop to compensate for it and you will end up buying the same amount of real goods as before.

          Oh, yeah ………. you have to sell into the spikes and buy back after them to realize the gains, buy and hold works against you if you’re trying to make money at it.

      2. Sunshine. lollypops, and rainbows are sure to come also, just wait.Anyone here know how to spell gullable?

        • paranoid.

          Have to keep on poking a stick in the eye.

        • Paranoid, it’s G-U-L-L-I-B-L-E.

        • Evidently not. At least not in this post. ?

        • Maybe instead of 325 buyers for an ounce, we could jack that up to,uh, 400 or so. Who knows how high it will go…

      3. Currently the world slowdown is shuttering mines all over the world that can’t compete with the richest, easiest to mine locations.

        Gold and silver are byproducts of copper, zinc, lead etc mines. Thus unintentionally the production of gold and silver is dropping significantly. Shortages will result, they are unavoidable in a recession. If gold and silver demand continues, the upward pressure on prices will be irresistible.

        Even so the FED Bankers and Treasury Dept continue to manipulate PM prices artificially low, to prop up the dollar.

        It’s the old question of what happens when an irresistible force works against an imoveable object.

      4. I’m over 60 years old and commodities have always been manipulated, in one way or another in my life time.
        The major market players have always control the prices on commodities. That has always been that way.
        If you can play it right you can make money on commodities. Buy low, sell high.
        At one time back in the 1930’s you could not legally own silver.
        I too have seen silver at or over $50 an once and at $8 and once. I have seen gas at $5 a gallon and at 20 cents a gallon.
        I have bought silver at $10 an once all the way up to $35 an once. Most of it was bought for under $15 an once. I figured it out and I’m still ahead of the game by $4 an once. So if it goes higher I’ll make even more money. Risk is part of life.
        Be smart, work the system legally, make some money on it. Heck that is the American way to always try to better oneself and make some money at the same it.
        Just because you don’t make a gazillion dollars don’t cry over it, be happy if you make a couple bucks.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Check your facts man…..

          Silver has always been legal to own…..US coins (10,25,50,1.00) we 90% silver until 1965, with some containing less even after…..so at no point in US history has silver been ‘illegal’.

          Gold coin and bullion (except for certain manufacturing purposes) was made ‘illegal’ in 1933, then made ‘legal’ again in the late 70’s.

      5. Even though we aren’t heavily vested in the Silver/Gold PMs, i do keep up with the markets goings and comings, for obvious reasons.
        If things appear to escalate, as eventually they will, we may get real interested in bulking up on silver.

        To align with this informative article, Bill Holter is saying basically the same thing about the PMs. Greg Hunter says…

        “Holter, who is also an expert on gold, goes on to warn, “The world runs on credit, and you going to Walmart or a grocery store each week, the stuff doesn’t appear on shelves, it gets there by several layers of credit. . . . Silver is a teeny tiny domino compared to the whole system, but it will lead to all the dominos coming down. China and Russia know this. It could be two days, two weeks or two months. It could blow before the market opens on Monday morning. You tell me when someone steps up to buy twice as much silver than COMEX can deliver, and that’s it. It is done. This is a seminal moment for the entire Western financial system. . . . It could be any day. The default is coming.”

        Now i don’t know anything about Bill Holter, but i do know about Greg Hunter and his credentials as an investigative reporter. He comes from his humble beginnings in the business as a reporter from one of our local TV stations. His site USA watchdog, has some informative and sometimes eyeopening reports.
        I think he is right on the money with some of the others about what is possibly coming about with PMs, and it’s links to possibly causing a domino effect.

        BTW, I just recently watched an old DVR from last July 29th. and silver was $14.64, gold just under 11 bucks and oil was $47+.
        Sad for us potential buyers, but i think we will not see those lower PM prices for a long time to come.

        Oil? Who knows? My gut tells me it will surpass 50 a barrel by July 29, 2016.

        • Gold under 11?I believe you mean gold under 1100,got in in the 400 range 2004.I have seen huge drops in raw metals for industry at scrap yards and the price of 12/14 gauge home wire,tis very cheap so if planning any electrical work have not seen wire so cheap in a long time.

          Am spending me monies on more boots/clothes/hand tools and updating camping gear.Prices of silver/gold start rising dramatically so will all goods as true inflation kicks in hard.Food stockpiled enuff without more use/rotation and am building a better reload stockpile of primer/powder and have me eye on the Martin Lithium compound bow.I have gotten good enuff with me Diamond thru the years can justify upgrading to new bow and will give Diamond to a friend who is hurting financially.

          • Have an older Mountaineer Compound that is like new, that I will pass on to a person in need as well. Went to a crossbow a few years ago due to Arthritis issues.
            Hunting with a bow will be critical for those in Urban areas when it all goes down.
            Slip in an isolated area with hundreds of people in hollering distance, but they never hear a sound until you slam the tailgate after loading your harvest.

            • Arthrtis sucks!Can first thing in morning feel pain in me finger joints,moving em a lot and finger presses luckily bring em into action but see will if live long enuff become a more challenging issue.

              I have a 10 point crossbow also,love it as draw ropes built into stock/retract but carry spares if needed,makes a great weapon if only around or silence is needed.I would dress game on spot and imagine be rucking it back to where ever I may end up.That said,will see evil in front of me and probably whatever the odds try and stop it,none depending on me,not suicidal but really rather go down trying to stop evil then waiting to fight it another day,would be angry with meself and see no point then in trying to survive,thus,post apocalypse hunting may not be in me future,can live with that(pun intended!).

              • War child
                Google “herbs for arthritis”. There are a lot of them. Hard to have pain and stiff joints.

                • Thanks Rebceca,have done some perusing in that area,working a lot still and on a supply spree more clothes/gear wise but soon hope to have a month off and wilol address this,perhaps can lessen/nip in bud to a degree.

                  You ever get a genny/solar any alt power plans moving forward,remember you talking about it in tyhe past.

                  Oh,and I never use goog,evil empire and all!

                  • Warchild,
                    Definitely Evil Empire! My least favorite Evil One is Monsanto and their front man Bill Gates… and both Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz endorse them… plenty of evil to go around. If you will be online tomorrow I will look for you, if I have your permission.

                  • Warchild
                    I have it all written down but fear my ineptness in mechanical/electrical things gives me a panic attack at the thought. I am a born plant person… and am inhaling my new study of herbs with joy and delight. Trying to fix mechanical stuff makes me want to cry. In Texas I bartered fruits and vegetables with the neighbors for their expertise. Here? No one gardens. I don’t really want people to see my hidden garden. Hard times for sure.
                    I can survive without power, but sure would love to have a freezer.

      6. I’ve always invested my money in storable food, water, water purification items, medical supplies, camping gear, heavy-duty clothing, footwear, guns, ammo, gun cleaning supplies, etc., the things I know will help me to stay alive. I am heavily invested in ‘lead and brass’ to help me keep what I have. Can’t eat gold or silver.

        • Most my metal investments are in steel and copper.
          Some are vintage 1967 ChiCom. Works good.
          SPAM cans are really durable!

          • Rellik, brass and lead are my PMs. Essential in order to protect everything else.

          • relic

            1967 Chicom steel core, copper coat.

            Very, very dirty with lots of smoke. Gets the job done.

            People paying a DOLLAR a ROUND for that stuff. 10ea. on a stripper clip.

            • I paid
              $0.05 cents a round for it.
              with strippers.
              Not to many people here like
              SKS and AK’s

              • But the prior info exposed a few years ago even on msm news and msnbc market tv shows is that each day mon thru fri at about 8:30 A.M…IN…City of London, AT some key office location there, a small group of about 4 men including the top leader guy a Rothschild bankster.

                Are whom and where the Daily gold and silver market prices is set at.

                This is also proven as true facts whenever you watch the market station tv msnbc, and every now or then when gold prices gets too close to the set low or high prices for That particular day…Then the folks at msnbc announce that all gold sellers and buyers has been Halted.

                Then the top of tv screen Gold price section goes to all Yellow and flashes yellow while at very bottom of tv screen veiwers are advised that ALL sales or buys of ALL gold is Halted till further notice.

                I have also noticed this usually seems to happen at around 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM whenever it occures…Not always those time frames but more often them not it seems to be those times or close to it.

                So as long as a few guys in London each morning weekdays are able to in advance set top or low gold prices….Then no matter what large amount buyers or sellers do or wish to do matters not.

                Guy like soros can decide that todays the day hes going to buy $40 Billion in gold bars…..and if prices and sales got Halted ten minits prior to soros decision to buy it…Then he too will get halted and no such manipulationary factors can happen period.

                So it seems once again the “experts” has forgot to include such info and facts in their never ending predictions eh.

                And if that rothschild bankster guy with his three pals can do this to gold daily prices…Then what Else prices can they do it with?…Probably Most any other items or market sold supplies or commodities too.

                So the entire whole fuckin world is probably now fully manipulated by these demons that so Lust for 100% global controls of litterally everything and everybody.

                Must be reasons they never go broke eh. nor ever get jailed!

              • A pity, the SKS and AK’s are serious weapons, everywhere the AK has faced off against the AR the AK has been on the winning side.

                The SKS is actually the superior weapon for most use by civilian side forces, the AK is a bit clunky and eats up too much ammo lending itself to relying on firepower instead of strategy and marksmanship.

                Relying on firepower instead of strategy results in standing fights that get you killed and out of the picture, relying on strategy results in more reasoned fights that leave you alive to fight the next fight as well.

                Shoot once and run away, stay alive to fight another day. Make sure the casualties are theirs not ours.

                I’m talking about fighting a foreign for foreign controlled invader, not each other.

          • rellik

            Sorry about relic. My brain types it out that way and have noticed I have done it more than once.

        • Brave,look up Ed’s red for cleaning/maintaining firearms,can make a gallon for 20 bucks,link with spaced as usual this time ht tp://www.frfrogspad.com/homemade.htm have used for a couple of years and works well,have friends who have used for decades,good copper fouling cleaners there along with other info,a good site to hit.

          • Warchild, thanks for the link and I’ll look into it, although I never use steel or copper.

          • Light weight Mobil One and Kroil.

            Those two cover about any weapon in any situation, aren’t hard to find and don’t cost much.

            Having them around doesn’t call attention to yourself as a gun owner either during a superficial and coincidental observation the way gun oil does.

            • Anonymous

              Kroil Crow Oil, Hahaha.

              Top notch and you have to know your way around in what really works to bring that name to print.

      7. Everything is FINE…. until its not

        Then it is most likely too late!

      8. I suspect people have lots of gear but no skills. Never used the tools they have. It is still in the box.

        • Sad but true. If you don’t test it and/or run it, then you might be dealt a hand all in spades. But not to worry, them boys down at the “home” will fix you up for the viewing real good.

          • PoP

            Going to be cremated. I figure somebody will flush me down the toilet and I will really be in a world of shit. That is one time only compared to being pissed on in your grave multiple times. Or the other. LOL.

            • Same here. Gonna have my ashes spread in the marshes where I used to play, fish and trap muskrat when I was a kid. Gonna become crab and fish food. A little compensation for all I got from there.

          • PO’d Patriot, damn right. I’ve tested and/or run every piece of gear I’ve ever owned. That is vital to know if you can depend on it in an SHTF-type event. Most of my gear passed the test and I’ve kept all of them. The ones that failed I simply threw away. The rule is KNOW THY GEAR AND MAKE SURE IT WILL SAVE YOUR BACON WHEN TSHTF.

            • Good on you Brave. And remember, “two is one and one is none”.

      9. This just sounds like more “BUY GOLD AND SILVER from my sponsors”!!!!

        • DMONIC, isn’t it interesting how every one of these articles on PMs have a sales pitch in them?

      10. I’ve written many times that I think PM’s are only as valuable as their industrial use. All my silver is used for soldering and my gold are crowns of my teeth. But as an investment why do people continue to stash away silver and gold when the values are artificially set by organizations that make money off your hopes?
        It is like gambling at a casino, we all know odds favor the house.
        Unless you are sick, you treat your losses and gains as pure entertainment and unless you are a very talented person playing the right game, you will always come up short.
        That is the same for PMs, stocks, and paper money.
        I recall some Hunt brothers that tried to take over the silver market. Silver was only worth $11 then it is only worth $11 now and will always be worth ~$11, You want to pay $16 in the hopes it goes to $100 knock yourself out.
        I’m buying bullets, that is the future wealth and trade item for America. Black market stuff. If you know how many cartridges you have for each gun, you don’t have enough.

        • Rellik,silver and gold have always stood thru the rise and fall of many empires.The loaves of bread say a ounce of either will buy today same as tomm. if metal rises,a inflation hedge and perhaps make it to the other side a new start in the brave new world.Silver also good for colloidal mix.You have other basics covered would buy some,but,each person them self only knows themselves whether investment affordable and worth it to them.

          • I don’t expect to out last
            an empire. I submit such
            a construct is obsolete.
            The future is control of
            energy and knowledge.

        • Survival is not all guns and bullets and neither is it all silver and gold. Since none of us knows what the future holds, it stands to reason that a little of all of the above may not be a bad thing to have on hand. In all honesty, I hope to never truly need any of it and see it as just a form of insurance against chaotic times. The nice thing about metals is that they are easy to transport and hard to trace, should that ever become a need.

      11. Hi folks me again
        I’ve now had some time to myself and was rereading all my posts and realized 2 things I must apologise for
        1.) I’ve been writing so fast and in such excitement I’ve left out some details
        2.) Being in such a hurry I would quickly scroll straight to the bottom and just type as quickly I could and didn’t see many were indeed asking questions and leaving comments
        I’m willing to an swear any questions anyone may have
        Further I intend to give Mac permission to reprint the posts in chronological order if he wishes. I’ve updated everything in the previous artical. As of now I’m just sitting at my shelter watching the wind blow threw the trees smelling food feeling the contentment around me still making sense of all this. Well more like reflection. I’ll check back before the evening games

        • angry beaver.

          Appreciate you sharing your story.

      12. Cool,but still typing too fast!An swearI?!I believe answer is word you were shooting for!Just keep a personal diary and when you get home share what you wish,tis your journey though glad to be along for the ride as a reader.

        • WC,
          Yes that’s the phone itself. Sorry about that. I have been keeping a written account as much as possible. And when I get home I’ll put it all together. I originally started posting with the intent if maybe passing on a few survival tips but this …. this turned into so so much more.
          I don’t mind sharing any of it.

      13. PM are part of a well rounded portfolio, but not a big part unless you have water, food, and shelter handled. Cash on hand for an emergency. I am making canned turkey and broth today since frozen turkeys were on sale and my canned broth is low. It is at the point where it smells heavenly and tastes heavenly… without salt.
        Since these last a couple years and make everything delicious, maybe I’ll go buy another turkey if they still have them. Takes 24 hours per batch.
        My version of Precious even though they aren’t Metals. The best revenge is to live well… be sure you live well.
        Of course, buy PM if you can, even though it is manipulated like all else.

        • No salt!

          • Kulafarmer,
            No salt. Salt is a crutch for making broth without flavor because it takes time and effort to make a great tasting broth without salt in it. I use these meat/bone broths in beans, soups, stews, even my own version of Rice A Roni, etc. I can them in pint jars and one jar is enough for a pot of beans. I make chicken, beef, and pork, too.

            I grow and dry my own herbs for cooking and teas. Maybe one day I will have more animals, I just have egg layers now. An old hen make better broth than young fryers.

            My husband was on a salt restricted diet and it improved my cooking skills. We need salt but not a fourth of what we use. I use a little salt when cooking.

            • I’ve read enough about salt to not worry one bit about it. Like Rebecca says, you need salt. Yes, your heart will fail without enough of it.
              But you will excrete excess salt thru urination and it will do you no harm (provided you drink water). Salt is an excuse by the medical profession to blame problems on that are related to other things.
              Wife and I salt pretty much everything (with sea salt only)and have zero health issues.
              source is Dr. William Douglass III

              Similarly the evil Sun will give you skin cancer. BS.
              The greater danger is lack of vitamin D. Take all the supplements of D you want, it will NOT be absorbed unless you spend time in the sun.
              Avoid if possible the hours from noon until 4 when it is most damaging.

              • Ketchup
                Big Pharmacy and the medical profession are a lot about money. That is why I am studying herbal remedies. If I have to go to a doctor I will, but I haven’t needed a doctor for years. I grow a wide variety of food and herbs and drink herbal teas in the winter. If it all falls apart for any length of time, we will need whatever skills and knowledge that we have accumulated. Even if it is a standard financial bust with poverty and a few townie riots, I might need that extra skill, and it is all about plants, my favorite. If it substantially worse… any life saving skill will be valuable.
                I think most health problems are caused by diet deficiencies. We are complicated machinery and if a nutrient is missing, we get a breakdown. Right after that are pesticides and toxins. I guess the medical profession might be around 3rd… miles ahead of guns, but they get better press.

        • Rebecca, I wanna marry you. Or at least get some of that turkey.

          • Jackknife,
            Why thank you kind sir. These things used to start over a cup of coffee or a movie, but hey, a serving of turkey is the wave of the future.
            I am serious about living an excellent life every day, who knows how long we have?

      14. Good boots are worth the $. Have a nice quality pair in the box waiting. A pair of rubber boots to slop around in. The things I use daily are what needs to be the best $ can buy. Boots top the list a good folding knife small flashlight and Bic lighter. I figure no matter what happens I can do what I need to do. It is a minimum though. My focus is on training and practicing skills. It’s really not about cool gear. I got using the cast iron Dutch oven down and understand getting the heat to be even all around. got shooting guns down. Gotta practice with the crossbow. Need to pull out the pocket water filter and train the wife to use it. This is huge responsibility if it’s cross contaminated the filtered water will make us all sick. Anyone who is filtering the water needs to do it right and consistent everytime.

        • Ass,be sure to wear the boots a bit and have broken in,have 2 pair I love,one Denners from me granddad,wear em once a month or so hiking to keep up with em.A pair of daily Red Wing that work/hike and all around just a great boot,going to get a second pair as some day a resole will be needed and these are my daily carry boots!

      15. So… I hired a twenty something guy to install grass for me last week. I thought he was professional but he was not. Paid him over 2k for rounding up his buddies and laying 3 pallets which was hard work, but they didn’t show up till afternoon and his buds left him finishing up. He was limping by 6:30. That guy earned his money. Though he tore up the commons and ran over my neighbor’s yard with a CAT he didn’t need to rent.
        The short of it is, that he told me he was going to the casino- ostensibly with the money he made on the job. Hey! He’s free to do that if he wants, but if I had worked that hard I would much rather have bought PMs. The thrill of gambling (with perceived value) but always holding the stuff in your hands. Shoot… beat it into bracelets if it goes down to nothing. At least you have more to show for your labor than empty pockets.

      16. “I do not wish to be shut up in a corral. All agency Indians (i.e., those on the government dole) I have seen are worthless. They are neither red warriors nor white farmers. They are neither wolf nor dog.”
        — Sitting Bull 1830 – 1890

        “I wish it to be remembered that I was the last man of my tribe to surrender my rifle.”
        – Sitting Bull

      17. Just picked up 4 more mags for my pistol,next on shopping list is a 30.06 rifle with scope and or a ar-15 i do have years of food and water i a smart 70yr guy,,,

        • IMHO
          Get a good 308 win AR rather than the ar and 30-06,
          The 308win/7.62×51 AR i have is good for hunting or rapid engage, almost no recoil
          I Have a LWRC with a 20″ barrel but Remington makes a real nice 308 chambered ar style for hunting, R25G2,
          Your shoulder will thank you

          • heres the link, add usual prefix


            • Hey Kula,

              One of the guys I know, was selling his R25 awhile back. We took it to the range and I brought some cheap Cavin mil-surplus stuff. The rifle would not eat that stuff. Kept jamming on the extraction.

              His hand loads worked perfect. He had worked with the gas block, so he could run suppressed. He said that he had changed it back before bringing to the range.

              I passed on it, because I need it to eat McDonalds, not french cuisine. 🙂

              Y’all play nice.

      18. skills, i got them also WISH I WAS YOUNGER!
        SGT USMC 1966-72

        • It’s not the age, but the mileage and terrain…

      19. Like everything else, moderation. My idea of investing in gold consists in purchasing fine jewelry. When a baby is born, female babies get real diamond earrings. This is tradition. Every five years she gets more Jewels. By the time she reaches adulthood, she has a full wardrobe of jewelry with witch to present herself to the world.

        Boys get land, and the lesson that he had better carry on business and be successful. After all, he will have to provide for a very elegant lady and their offspring.

        Life isn’t fair, but it sure is interesting.

        • We also teach the girls to shoot.

          • B from CA

            I bought my own land, but my husband put jewelry on my ears. It all works.

            • A little land, a little jewelry, a garden, dinner on the table, and a good man makes a good life. Never get so freaked out by tptb and their psychopathic behavior that you miss out on your own life.
              prep on.

      20. I suspect gold/silver prices manipulation will go on for an extended period of time. However, this time the big boys may want to manipulate the prices to the upside. The US need an anchor for dollars and gold is the most suitable thing to serve such a purpose.

      21. The world is becoming all to well aware of the international jewish banking system so they are trying to start wars with the likes of Russia to cull the population before they revolt.

        Lead is more important than Gold and Silver during these times but in the short term i can still see metals going down or did you forget that the price is fixed and i think they had more fixing in mind

      22. We have known the system was manipulated for a long time. It may be to late to correct the damage that has been done.

      23. I get the impression that all you guys who are avid to defend yourselves are actually the ones most likely to go ballistic.

        • Razzle.

          What do you people want from us? You come here and harass us for what we believe in. You must think that there are bad things to come or you would not be here. Besides you do benefit from all our experience and knowledge. Yep, all you one liners that only criticize.

          The point to make is. We Don’t Need You!

          Most of us are seasoned vets with a few years under our belts and have faced a world full of troubles that we have overcome.

          The problem here is that we bicker too much and the time that I have been here we should be moving on to bigger and better subjects that have practical substance and not the political B.S. and fear.

          We Get It! We know the problem. Now let us share how to fix it. It doesn’t take much to piss us off verbally.
          Now is the time to prepare. The action will come later.

          • Anon
            I hear ya, but there is the tendency to go rabid dog on here. I have my own skill set to offer, I know how to garden and survive in the backwoods, learning medicinal herbs. I don’t snarl around like a rabid dog. No one needs a rabid dog, they need a team. Yes, I can shoot a gun, grew up in the backwoods. Nope, I am not the almighty veteran you are, but most men in my family are, never heard them get the fat head over it, guess they appreciate other skills, as do I. I share my plant skills without telling anyone that I don’t need them. Perhaps they have different skills complementary to mine. Once you boys go all rabid dog you become worse than the problem you say you wanna fix.
            I am all ears to hear what you have to share about skills and such. Are you 100% able to feed your family with a garden? If not, you have no future. A death machine only brings death.
            Look in the mirror and decide if you have something to offer besides death, because humans kill each other all the time, I guess we’re all capable of killing.

            • Rebecca

              Being part of a team. What Team? Team USA. Team Militia. Team SHTF. We are far from a team. Mostly we are good natured people who exchange ideas who at times would rather slit each others throats. On the subject of death. We are all going to face it. Some are going to dish it out to others while others are going to receive it.

              Are you looking for a person who can operate a M60 or a rotor tiller.

              By the sound of it you are offended that I told Robin that I don’t need him. Then went into the rabid stint.
              I can not count the times I needed something and had either worked around it or done without. Like Kulafarmer I do not give a shit no more. Maybe all I have is a Short Future.

              I detect fear in your words. As for when I look in the mirror I say to myself, Damn I need to shave.

              • Yes, Kula goes into despair… maybe when he gets the paranoid part of smoking a joint. When he is sober he has a lot to offer..
                Creating self-sufficiency like I am is not a despairing act. I believe there is something after a break in society and will prepare for that and defend myself when necessary. Stacking alone is a fearful act, because stacks run out or get stolen. Teams are how people have created everything, from families to trips to outer space.
                Fear creates killer talk, nothing more. Now that you noticed you need a shave, go to it.
                The other thing I wonder about is resiliency… how resilient are you when things are difficult?

                • Rebecca

                  I’m a redneck. Duct Tape, spot ties, bungee cord and Gorilla glue.

                  I thrive on difficult. If you were at Point A and needed a way to Point B, I would get you there. But no complaining on how I do it, and for goodness sake do not get in the way or tell me how to do the job.

                  • Anon
                    I have total respect for rednecks with duct tape and gorilla glue.
                    This is not snark… it can be hard to tell online. I lived in Texas around some awesome redneck guys.

      24. f*cking Bring It.
        I stand to make a small fortune lol.

      25. Babylon is not the enemy. The enemy is the power behind Babylon.

        • Bs
          exactly, Who is behind Babylon is the problem, not the paid help which needs to go to jail with their bosses.

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